Chapter 123


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The boys have made friends that will be with them forever. I just can't pull them away from the only home that they now know and put them anywhere else. I listened to David as he told his story and it really sunk into my thick skull that none of the Tucson boys would be as happy as they were right then. Then it hit me.
    Two more that we would have to say goodbye to would be Brad and Jayson. Twenty three of my boys are native Tucsonans with deep roots and ties to the area. Thirty three boys, and Edmund, are from the Albany area of New York, but with the exception of Brad and Jayson none of them have anything that they wish to return to New York to. Brad had promised his father that he would run the family business and he was going to honor that commitment no matter what the cost. I admire that devotion. I believe that the thought of leaving those two boys behind was the most difficult part of my decision making process and looking back at it now I know that they were the reason that I made the decision that I made.

    Orientation at the university began on Monday the 27 of August. With Carroll and Mitch joining the family I have quite a houseful of boys intent on a higher education. Darryl and Cameron would join Cory and Derrick as freshmen, Chrisy is out of the house, but he too is a freshman. All together I have Thirty one college boys, but Harry and Toby would remain in my house to help with the boys of Seigy's family. Timmy is, of course, holed up with Chrisy, or if you want the truth of it, Chrisy is holed in Timmy.
    Friday afternoon I had to make an appearance at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. Through very careful selection by a select panel, the club is sponsoring full ride scholarships to deserving gay and lesbian students. Though I do have final approval of each of the recipients, I do sign the checks after all. I had not taken part in the selection of a single student. I sort of suggested to Cory that our two friends from California should have their expenses paid, but of course I had nothing to do with their being accepted by the college's admission board.
    Mitch and Carroll were both overcome with the news that they qualified for the scholarships and would not have to find jobs to assist their parents with the tuition. They had already expressed their gratitude for being allowed to live with my family in so many great ways. It goes without saying that I was covering Darryl and Cameron's expenses and had invested everything that I had been able to recover from their familys' funds in their names to give each of them a large income.
    We had allocated one hundred scholarships per semester, but for our first year we had found ourselves with one hundred and two. As far as the boys that had come out from Albany I had already made it clear to them that their education expenses were covered as long as they maintained a three point five grade average and stayed out of trouble. Any run in with the law for anything more than a minor traffic ticket will put them out of the house and out of school.
    We had a full house in the club house as ten of the boys and girls attending the university here gathered to meet those responsible for their tuition and books being paid. Room and board was paid on a semester by semester basis with a full report to come to the club officers as to the deportment of each youngster. So many kids get away from home and take that as a license to live it up. I want them to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, no booze and no drugs. They're all gay so sex, within limits, is expected.
    We are paying tuition and board at twenty nine colleges from Hawaii to New Mexico. Twelve of those schools are in southern California and one in Sacramento, there is one school in Spokane, Washington with two students on our scholarship. I have only met one of the out of state recipients, a boy in Hawaii. His parents have roots in Tucson and had come to town before school started to see her mother, they called the club and asked if they could tour our facility. The club is Turner's baby so I had him give the tour, but when he learned that the woman was an alumni of Wilson High he called for me to come down. I knew her from the halls, but with the exception of having a few common friends we had never met.
    Our evening with the ten kids at the U of A was a lot of fun. Mitch and Carroll are the only ones not from Arizona, I do not have legal guardianship of them, I was able to meet the state requirement for in state tuition which makes our funds stretch further for the next year. I do not have legal guardianship of Cameron or Darryl, but I was able to show that they were under eighteen when they became a part of my family, thanks to the Doggs of War law firm.

    Saturday is our day of worship. I am so amazed at my boys from Europe, they are always anxious for church or Bible study. I sat down with them the second day after we came home with them; I needed to know all about them and their backgrounds. I know that their country is on the Caspian sea, bordered by Iran and East Azerbaijan. The language of their country is mainly Farsi, the language of Iran, but Arabic and Turkish is also spoken by almost all of the populous.
    They told me that they are all taught by Sunni Imam or other Sunni Muslims that can lead them to the path of enlightenment. The Sunni are the largest denomination of Islam are called Ahl ul-Sunna, the folks of the tradition. I turned to Toby, the boys' translator when needed, I knew that he and Kenny had been raised by his Sunni mother and step father. Several of the boys were talking a mile a minute to Alim and Toby; Alim turned to me, "Dada, we are here now and our uncle king told us that we should learn ways of your Christian God, we always will go church when you go so we can be teached the Truth that our brother Cas told us is your God." It's a start.
    Even though they were raised in America I have to include Jace, Frank, Branden, Kenny, and Toby with the boys from the castle. All of them are sons of the al-Hadi brothers and are therefore related by blood to one another. Kenny is constantly around Jace since the two of them now know that they are first cousins. All of this was revealed to the boys when their uncle Raven visited them at the double wedding of the young Garcia and Adams families. Somehow their standing side by side in front of Seigy had made their relationship a reality and they have become like brothers. Toby and Kenny have repaired any rift between them and are now even closer to one another than before. I may be a mass murderer, but the fruits of my efforts are gathered about me and the love between them knows no bounds.

    "Daddy, what's a bale?" I can count on Roddy to ask the best questions. As we gathered for our dinner the boys had been discussing what they would do for the following two weeks before school would start. Actually public school would start the following week, but there was a lot of work to do before the new property that we now owned would be ready for classes.
    "Well son, there are two words pronounced bail in the English language so it depends on which one you are asking about."
    "Gee, English is hard to learn."
    "You think that it is hard to learn you should be one of these new boys. Amongst them are several different languages and now they are each struggling to learn how to talk to you so that you can communicate.
    "In answer to your question I will start with the most common word b-a-i-l. A bail is the handle of kettle or pail, most often made of a heavy gauge wire. You can bail out of an airplane using a parachute or you can put up bail money to get a prisoner out of jail.
    "A b-a-l-e is a large bundle or package. You might think of the alfalfa that you have seen baled in the fields around your home to be used as animal feed."
    "That's what it is, a buck a bale."
    "What do you mean, Rod?"
    "Well this kid was talking at church and he said that his grandpa was going to pay him fifty cents to a buck a bale." I looked about the table and saw dozens of pairs of eyes waiting for me to explain this, seemingly, conflicting dichotomy. My mind went into high gear. I have six developing fourteen year old boys in the house that could gain a substantial education by bucking bales for a week or two.
    "I believe that what he may have said is that his grandpa was going to pay him to buck bales at the rate of fifty cents per bale. Who was it that told you this?"
    "That kid called Dawson, he said that he would be gone for two weeks." Of course I know young Dawson Farrell so I called his dad. I had Mr. Farrell's father on the phone with us in a conference call as we worked out the details. The two elder men had been talking of ways to introduce young Dawson to a bit of physical labor as the boy was quite overweight. Bucking bales is hard work that can help a boy to build confidence, as well as muscle, in a short time. Two weeks would not develop a large body, but it might trigger a desire within the boy to work on his own physical development.
    The elder Farrell knew several small farmers in his area that only had ten to twenty acres of alfalfa which was not cost efficient for the use of self loading combines, I offered him an alternative. Two hours later I not only had a job for my six boys—Theo, Kenny, Curtis, Cody, Billy, and Eric—but also a way to introduce forty seven newcomers to the way American farms worked. The only thing that I asked of the farmers was food and housing for all fifty three boys, along with Timmy and Toby to serve as translators, Toby jumped at the chance because he was raised in New York City and had never actually been to a farm. I was overruled in that the farmers would benefit from the boys' efforts and therefore they would each be paid at the rate of fifty cents per bale. This was a ridiculously low rate of pay, but it was not the money that I was after, it was the instilling of the work ethic and the educational advantage.
    As a precaution I called a few other people for additional opportunities. I have twenty eight boys off to college beginning Monday, but one hundred and twelve boys would not be starting school for two more weeks. Two of my boys plus nine of the boys that I brought home from both Athos's house and Siegy's houses were too young for the kind of work involved. I drew the line at age fourteen which would leave me with eleven boys to occupy for the time that the older boys would be on their day of discovery.
    A problem with southern Arizona is that there is a lack of nearby farms like could be found in other parts of the country. I wanted to give the boys a real first hand taste of rural life so I decided on a road trip of my own. A real farm setting would require a drive of several hundred miles so I asked Harry if he would be up to going along. He was a military brat and had little exposure to the simple life, he agreed, for the good of the family.
    It wasn't so much the family that I needed Harry and Timmy for. I called the two of them into my office then I led Cullen inside and shut the door. I lay the fear of God at the boy's feet as the three of us stared him down. I was going to trust him to listen to my two very best friends or suffer our wrath. He was looking forward to working on a harvest, and for sure, he did not want to go with the little boys, wherever they were going.

    Six o'clock Wednesday morning found our house in turmoil as boys scattered to find their transportation to the work assignment that they had drawn. I tore Mitchell and Edmund away to go with me, Harry would drive Travel All© to the hay fields and I would take Traveler Too©, along with my young charges, to a real cowboy ranch. Chuck and Biff were excited for the opportunity to show the foreigners the fun of a working cattle ranch and I was looking forward to riding a horse across the wide Texas prairie as I sought out a sunset to ride off into forever.
    I had eleven little guys to chase after for the week, I was glad that it took us most of a day to drive to the ranch and it would take that long again to drive home. That meant less time to put up with what I had come across Thursday afternoon.
    Chuck had lost his father, but gained a nephew. Let me tell you that story. Chase Boswell is the son of Chuck's father's brother. Chase's father was killed by a kick in the head from an irritated horse when Chase was nine years old and the boy has been a pain in the ass to his poor mother ever since. His mother has always been in poor health and has gotten much worse since the death of her husband and the boy is much more than she can deal with.
    When Chuck returned to run his father's properties his aunt asked him to let Chase live with him and learn the value of hard work. It has been hard work for Chuck since the boy walked up on him and Biff in a tight embrace a week after he moved to the ranch. Chuck and Biff were only hugging each other, but the boy pointed out that they both had hard ons so that automatically made them queer. Living in the Texas panhandle Chase knew all about queers and what total slime they were. His preacher and all of his friends always talked about how queers were ruining the country and that God was going to come down and kill all of them.
    Being a fourteen year old kid meant that Chase always popped an erection of his own and without warning or in the wrong place or time. Biff and Chuck used that little event to their advantage and always pointed at the boy and teased him, usually with words along the line of how cute that cow's butt must look to a horn dog. That talk only served to enrage an already angry young teen.
    Even after spending the entire day Wednesday on the road the little guys were up and ready at the crack of dawn to go see the horses. I suppose it may have been because they were cooped up inside Traveler Too© with nowhere to vent their abundant energy that they were up, but whatever the reason I awakened to a naked Gus sitting on my chest with his main member hovering over my face. I did the only thing that I could do under the circumstances, I sucked the meaty morsel then I sucked Roddy too.
    For realism I had asked Chuck to let the boys sleep in the old bunkhouse near the barns, of course that meant that I had spent the night out there with them, but Chuck had been nice to me and provided me with a nice soft queen sized bed so that I could have boi covers to keep me warm all night. The other boys awakened to the sounds of Roddy getting his dry nut in my mouth as I fingered his tiny prostate.
    With the exception of Kardal I had not had sex with these little guys from my summer trip, all of that quickly changed. I gave each boy a very special blow job and was quickly rewarded with their dry nut before I took on the two English boys that Athos had rescued from one of Dimitri's boy farms. I'll share more about that business a little later in the story.
    Since my first taste of Cullen I have had a passion for the juice of a young British boy. I have Cecil and Del to give me a British fix regularly and I have tasted all of the Wild Boys, with the exception of fifteen year old Steve Thelwell. I spent a glorious time with Tomos, I really regret that he was such a liar, I would have brought that boy into my household in an instant, no matter his age, but he lied to me and that I will not abide.
    After sweet thin loads from young Casey Montgomery and Joshua Pillowby I left for my shower. I was surrounded by soft boy flesh so I sat down on the floor and washed every inch of each of them. Casey and Kardal were the last to be washed and I noticed that Casey's cock was red and still slightly swollen. I tasted of him and found the tart taste of butt juice. I turned the tiny little mustard seed, Kardal, around and checked his butt, he was oozing fresh cum. I know how that eight year old boy loves to be fucked so I held my tongue by sticking it through his sphincter and lapping at the honey slowly working its way back out of him.

    As we turned off the water and began to dry ourselves we heard the welcome sound of the dinner bell. Edmund had gone all out in preparing a real county breakfast with extra thick buttermilk biscuits and rich gravy made from fresh whole milk. The butter was churned from the cream from Chuck's cows. The eggs had been gathered the day before from the hens that scratched their meals about the ground of Chuck's yard. The sausage was hand packed by his dad before his death. The honey came from a field of bee hives west of the house, down in the middle of the apple and peach orchards. The coffee was fresh from a can filled at the Folgers canning plant somewhere in America, I hope.
    Fat and full Chuck put all of us to work. I was a bit surprised when we entered the barns, there were two men in their late thirties or very early forties waiting with Biff and Chase, all of them were naked. The boys broke off with either Biff, Chuck, or one of the men and watched as the cows were hooked up to the milking machine. Each boy got a squirt of hot cow's milk "to get a taste of the work that they were about." That sent up many different reactions from the boys.
    While the machines did their work Biff led the boys to gather eggs, he promised them a nut buster for every egg they broke. I had to lean against the door post and watch Biff. He has never looked so good in all of the times I have known him. I thought back to a Tuesday night a couple of years before when a six foot, disastrous looking, two hundred and seventy pound, pimple faced boy stood with his arm around his young boyfriend and told the group gathered for the first fŗĩęñďş Çłųß meeting that the two of them were gay.
    Now I saw a six foot man of about one hundred and sixty pounds with rippled muscles moving as his body walked. Biff stood tall and straight, his eyes were clear and shone with purpose. There are two things that have turned this boy into a man in only a few short months, Chuck and this ranch.
    "I could not get Chase to remove his clothes this morning, I was sure that we would have trouble from him. When he returned from the bunk house he was all smiles, he ran to his room and was back in moments and wearing nothing, but a very cute hard on." Chuck had his arm around my waist and his head on my shoulder, I gave him a kiss and a grope.
    "You lusting after your nephew?"
    "No, not ever, well…not right away at least. I just like the way he seems comfortable around the other boys." I soon learned his comfort level.
    Around ten Chuck had seven horses and three ponies saddled for us. The boys were too short in the britches to reach the stirrups so they could not ride by themselves. Chuck's two hired men would ride along with us and all seven grownups would take a boy with him. Our thirteen year old boys Casey and Josh were tall enough to reach the stirrups on the ponies so they could ride alone. Gus was only days shy of thirteen and he was tall enough so he got a pony of his own.
    Eleven year old Kerem—noble, kind—stood up and told us that he was a master horseman and that he had a horse of his own, a perfect specimen, not a mixed breed like these sows. He almost got fed to the sows that were suckling their young. A sow with suckling piglets is about the meanest animal on a farm and they have been known to kill, and eat, those who would threaten her or her's.
    Kerem told us that he would be twelve years old the following week and therefore he was a man, not a boy to ride with anyone else. I have not checked on birthdays for these boys and I was glad for the outburst in that it did warn me of a near oversight that could be disastrous. Another pony was saddled which allowed Edmund to ride alone. Edmund did not want to go on the ride, but I know that it was only his fear speaking. I convinced him to go so that he could heat our soup and make our sandwiches when we stopped along the river for our mid-day meal.
    Each of us were wearing a jock strap with a cup in it. The boys had protested until I reminded them of scenes from many western movies that they had watched and how the cowboy always bounced up and down when the horse began to trot. I asked them if they wanted to bounce up and down on their tender balls, they all wore the protective gear and I made them wear heavy socks and boots. I told them that they didn't want to jump off of their horse into a pile of cow shit, or a patch of stickers. I always get my way.
    Chase had seemed most anxious to have Kardal ride with him. Chuck smiled at me, we both thought the boy might be coming out of his shell. A half hour into the ride I found what else Chase was cumng out of. I noticed that he was lagging way back so I spun my horse around and rode back to see what the hold up was. Chase was doing his best to get Kardal turned around to face forward, but had not yet succeeded when I got back to them.
    "Wow, daddy, they're doing it on a horse," leave it Roddy to state the obvious. Chuck rode up with eight year old Hamal–lamb, the youngest brother of my friend, Alim–wise, from Athos's villa. Their other brother, nine year old Khalid—eternal was riding with Biff.
    "Are you okay my little mustard seed?" I asked the tiniest of all of the boys.
    "Oh, yes, daddy, he pee pee not big, but feel good when horsey go up and down. He make me feel much finer."
    "I want to ride you, daddy," what the fuck are these boys going to get me into. I looked at Roddy then at Chuck, by now all of the group had gathered back around us and Kardal was telling his brothers how good he felt, all of them wanted to ride backwards. I had to look at the two hired hands, their cocks were pushing at their jockstraps. They told me that they had only done each other since high school where they had been very close friends.
    Ten year old Baris—peaceful—was riding with Slim while eleven year old Habit—firm—was on the horse with Red. Mitchell had ten year old Tahir–clean, pure–reaching into his jockstrap to fondle the saddle horn he was ready to ride. It was easier for Edmund to dismount and collect the boys' jock straps, the men simply removed their cups and passed them over to be put into the saddle bags on Red's horse. Red told us that he may never clean those saddle bags out again, he wants to savor the smell that would be left there for the rest of his life.
    The horses were more tame than I would have thought, they simply stood with their necks bent to the ground and fed on the tall grass of the open field as our boys lay back on those necks and let their man impale them then drag their bodies in close, only to have the boys wrap their legs around their pony and prepare for a new kind of ride. We did get static from the four on four legged ponies, I told them that they thought themselves to old to ride with someone so they would have to take matters in hand or ride each other when we stopped for lunch. They moved back and forth so that they could watch the action as they handled their own business for the next forty five minutes of our morning ride.
    I carefully inspected every boy butt for damage before lunch was served. I paid special attention to those four that had ridden alone, they each required me to taste test them while I held their manhandle so that I could be sure that everything worked as well as it could. I tasted their young spunk and told them that I thought that it was even tastier than it had been before breakfast, that made their little chests swell.
    All of us tested the waters of Chuck's childhood swimming hole. The swimming hole was a closely held family secret that had been passed down from Chuck's grandfather so only about six or seven hundred boys in the area had ever been swimming there. I felt honored to be allowed to the old site that had kept so many hot boys cool during the hot summer days of searing Texas heat.
    While we ate a great meal of Texas home style chilli and cold cut sandwiches Chuck shared a bit of the history of the place with Biff and me. He pointed out a large log that was burned severely and lay over on its side. He told us how lightening had brought the tree to the end of its life when he was fourteen. The thick trunk told its extreme age and the bark confirmed Chuck's claim that it had once been a mighty oak with branches that extended out over the water to allow his father and grandfather to swing out on a rope to the very edge of the swift water fifteen feet from the bank where we now sat.
    Chuck told us that he had first swung out on a rope from that limb when he was, but eight years old and had enjoyed playing there every summer. Tornadoes and driving wind had swept the prairie one long night and the next morning he had ridden with his dad to check the ranch for damage and any dead or injured livestock. Chuck pressed his dad to check on the swimming hole where they found the only damage to the entire ranch. The tree was still smoldering and most of its top was burned away. That afternoon the two returned in their truck and with a chainsaw and lay the tree down where it lays today.
    Chuck grinned at me as he told me that this fallen tree was where he sucked every dick that he had ever sucked until the day that he met my boys and me at the Pizza Palace. I remembered him telling me that he had never had a blow job so I thought I would play with him. I learned that he would bring his friends to the river for a swim and he would get them to lay on the large log to dry off in the sun. He told me that he would make remarks about their long cocks and inevitably they would get a hard on. He grinned at me and said that once a naked boy gets a hard on it is easy to go down on him. I told him to show me.
    I gave Chuck his first blow job on that tree. I teased Biff for not taking care of his lover himself, but he told me that Chuck had never told him about the tree. He said that they had been so busy since they arrived at the ranch from Tucson that they had only been to the swimming hole once, but that they did fuck under the shade of two smaller oak trees nearby. Chuck told me that he was horny from having Hamal's tight ass around his cock for over an hour and needed a good fucking of his own. I thought that he meant Biff, but he whispered to me that he wanted Chase to see him ride my big cock then he wanted me to break his little cousin in to become the fag he was sure he was.
    Chase is a miniature version of his hunky cousin and I would like to break the virgin boy's cocky ass in. Word quickly spread around the area that Chuck was going on a pony ride, at first Red and Slim missed the boys' meaning and the entire premise was lost on Chase. Biff spread the blanket that he had brought along under the young oaks and had the little guys sit on the edges to keep the wind from blowing it into the river.
    I decided to go the whole way with Chuck, our time in the motel had been brief and I had never completely taken Chuck on. When I questioned him he told me that he did not have a pin, but he figured that was only for younger boys than him. That hit my heart and I threw him to the ground for a long hot kiss as I made love to the young man as I should have done months before.
    Chuck and I both cried as I loved him and apologized for never having shown him how much he meant to me. He cried as he told me how much he loved what I did for the boys and how much Biff meant to him, he was content with his lot, but he had always wanted to be where he was. I wanted to make this another loving moment for him to remember as I took his left ear in my mouth and bit on it until he moaned and his cock throbbed against my belly.
    Slowly I worked him over. I moved about his body as he learned how certain intense stimulation to his body felt. Biff was learning things about his man that he did not know and I hoped that he was taking notes. I took the man all the way to the very edge before I worked down one leg then up the other before turning him over and repeating my actions in the reverse order. I sat on his tight thighs and worked his hard muscled shoulders with my hands before rolling him over again and locking my lips to his.
    Chuck was out of breath with his passion. I licked down his chest and went straight down his dark treasure trail to the gold. I pushed my hand between his legs and shoved two fingers into his dry ass, that caused his cock to pop out of the bottom of my left foot, but I kept on manipulating his butt gland as I began to bob on his nob. I felt his nut go tight so I increased the suction on his tumescent cock and was quickly rewarded with another load of his farm fresh cream. At the first sign of his wilting I moved forward and impaled him in one long thrust. Red and Slim moaned and I looked to see them holding each other's cocks in a tight grip. In less time than it takes to tell it Chuck lay three long lines of sweet cream across his lower chest and belly.
    I grabbed Chase behind the neck and pushed his face against his cousin's belly and slipped behind him to eat his young virgin butt. I was rubbing his face in the hot cum before Chuck took over and made the boy wear every drop. Chase was yelling at us to stop, but he was also giggling. I had a young queer on the end of my tongue. I flipped the boy over and took his cock into my mouth.
    Chase's blue eyes were locked on what I was doing for him. I felt around his ass hole then put my finger to his mouth and told him to get it wet. He sucked it for a moment and I pushed it up his ass. He reacted to his first entry, but he wiggled himself around and took it like a fag in training. I wondered why he did not react to the fact that he had seen that same finger up Chuck's ass, but I had more evil intended for the boy. I removed my finger from his ass and put it back to his lips along with my middle finger, which had also been up Chuck's butt. He licked and slurped on both fingers and soaked them throughly, welcome to the world of fags, boy.
    I had other intentions for this boy's ass, when I ride him he is going to beg for more and I am going to give it to him. I rubbed his tight little nut as I worked his five inch cock in and out of my mouth. I was pleased with the reward that he gave me, it was as sweet as the elder Boswell that I had just tasted.
    Time had passed quickly and it was safe for the boys to go back into the water while I helped Edmund and Mitchell clean up our lunch mess. Red and Slim came up and told us that this was their job and for us to get into the water before they had to throw us in. Slim whispered to me that I had the kind of cock that he had always dreamed of and if I wanted to I could ride him anytime. Red grabbed him and they quickly went to work, but I could hear them arguing as I jumped in the water to send a wave over the boys below.

    Back at the barn we left our horses to Red and Slim. Kerem showed that he was a horseman and demanded the right to curry his pony after a long workout. All of the boys wanted to brush their horses down so I took the chance to prepare a little love nest. I took some horse blankets and spread them over a short stack of bales of hay. When Chase slapped the flanks of his horse and sent him out of the barn I took his hand and led him to our temporary bed. He looked deep into my eyes and I knew that he was ready. Quietly Chuck and Biff sat down behind us so that Chase could not see them as I pulled the boy in for his first kiss. I had hold of his goods and felt his firm nuts move in the palm of my hand.
    The boy returned the kiss like a seasoned pro while digging his body into mine. I lay back on the hay and pulled him on top of me. He lay his body on mine as he continued with his passionate kiss. I let my fingers part his firm little globes and knead each of them to the boy's pleasure. He was lightly grinding his cock against me and I feared that he would finish before I was ready for him.
    "Is it going to hurt bad?" he asked me.
    "We don't have to do that."
    "Yes we do. I think that I want to be just like you. I saw how much Chuck loves you and I want to love somebody."
    "Sex is not love, little one."
    "No it's not, but it is a good way to show someone how much you love them." This boy is much deeper than he appears. I looked up to see Chuck's wide smile.
    I was already working his little body with my tongue and hands. He reached behind himself and tried to feed my cock to his virgin ass. "Baby, please wait, you have never had anything go in before and it is going to hurt so very bad if we don't do it right. Let me love you slowly and prepare you, if you still want it then I will do it with you, but I have to go slow." He tightened his arms around my neck as he shoved his tongue down my throat.
    "I want to suck that dude of yours. I ain't never sucked cock so you will have to help me." I told him to turn around while he remained on top of me and we would suck each other at the same time. He did not need any coaxing as he was in position and doing his best to get my cock in his mouth. I had to lift him in place so that I could suck his sweetness again. When it comes to their cocks Chase and Chuck have little family similarity. Chuck sports a very neat uncut six inch cock of about five and a half inches in girth. Chase is fourteen and already has his cousin topped out by a full half inch and a tad more thickness. I let my tongue run around under his foreskin as he wiggled his body and tried to get more of me inside his mouth.
    I heard Roddy giving directions to Chase, "Everyone in our family can get all of that in their mouth, just relax and act like you are swallowing. He likes for you to play with his nuts and stick your hand up his butt while you suck him." I heard a soft smack of skin on skin and Roddy yelped then I heard Mitchell tell him to get over to the bunk house and wash the river water off of him before the fish eggs hatched between his legs. I let my eyes roll back and could no longer see Chuck or Biff, I was alone with my lunch.
    What a lunch it was, Chase had his nose against my pubic hairs and was beginning to bob his head. He was still gagging quite a bit, but he never stopped what he was doing. I lifted his tight little body so that I could bob a little for myself, but the boy was at the edge as he instantly flooded my mouth with a thick treat. He never broke his stride as he worked me to my own release, but he shoved his cock deep in my throat in slow deliberate moves until his climax ran its course.
    When I felt him flinch I lifted him so that his cock slipped from my mouth then I lay him down with his legs spread wide and I began to dine at his y. He was loving my attention and I was loving his. His cock stiffened again in mere moments and I felt his sphincter tighten. I quickly inserted two fingers and took his cock back into my mouth. I released a full load of my jizz into his mouth and he took my cock all the way down his throat so that I was cumng directly into his esophagus, he was pumping out another load for me.
    I kept up my assault on his spasming prostate even though I knew that it could be a bit too much for him on his first time. It wasn't too much it moved him to where I wanted to take him much quicker than I had thought that it would. He was ready and anxious. Without a word being spoken I lay him aside of me and turned to get between his legs. Instinctively he pulled his legs to his chest and slipped his arms into the crooks of his knees spreading his cheeks wide and exposing his virgin hole to me.
    I bent forward and licked at him again and inserted three fingers into him. He growled at me like a dog in serious heat, "Use your cock, NOW!" I guess I know when I have been told, I raised up and slowly inserted myself deep inside him. He screamed as if I had cut him wide open. I stopped and let him acclimate himself to the invader in his butt then slowly entered bit by bit.
    I was just over five inches inside of him when he locked his heels into my sides and placed his hands on my ass, with one quick move he pulled himself fully onto me. His eyes widened and tears began to flow, "Fuck, that makes me feel like I am full of shit."
    "I always knew that you were, little cuz, but I am proud of the way you took that. Now relax and in a minute you are going to feel so great, just like I felt this afternoon. I want to ride that cock for the rest of my life." He turned to Biff and pulled him close, "I am sorry, love, I never knew that getting fucked could feel so special. I will let you do me all of the time now."
    "I will do you sometimes, you are still my favorite pony ride. I just wish that I knew what that big cock really feels like, maybe we can learn to love each other better."
    "I know, Cory told me that he learned how to make love by letting dad love him. He said that anyone can learn from him."
    "Okay, like shut up now and let me learn. Go away, this is my first fuck and I want to love it," Chase told them.
    Chase was very happy, but bowlegged when we went up to the house. I learned that I had an audience after all. The eleven little guys were perched all around the barn as they each got their eyes filled with my scrawny ass pumping a tight assed virgin boy.
    As Chase and I showered together I asked him why he thought that he could fuck eight year old Kardal. He told me that he had come to tell us that breakfast was almost ready and walked in on Casey fucking the little boy. He watched in fascination and wondered what it would feel like to fuck some dude in the ass. As they were riding he asked Kardal if he liked what Casey did and was told that he did and that he could do it, if he wanted.
    Chase said that he nearly fell off of his horse as he tried to get up inside the forty five pound boy, he told me that once he was inside he decided that maybe being queer wasn't a bad thing. He grinned at me and told me that when he watched me fuck his cousin he knew that he was going to do it all before bedtime, he just had to know. I asked him what he knew, he knelt before me and began to suck my cock, when it grew hard he turned around and offered me his ass again. I knelt down and ate it, I told him that the next time we had sex it would be after he showed me how his cock would fit my ass. That got me a tight hug and a sexy kiss.

    The boys were exhausted from their day and turned in just after sunset, there is much to be said for a country way of life. Chase had disappeared also which gave Chuck time to express his desire. Chase is more than he or Biff are ready to handle. Chase's mother is in poor health. Chuck told her about the school that I have and how I take in stray boys faster than he could ever find stray calves. They talked about Chase coming to live in my house and go to school. I told Chuck that I would have to have documentation from her giving me absolute guardianship and power to care for the boy while he was with me, he already had that, notarized and signed by a judge.
    Both of them were curious about Kardal, I had to tell them the boy's story, but I had to stress to them that I was about to tell them things that the family as a whole did not know and I would like for them to never know. They agreed.
    "This is the story about three Romanian boys from the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. You know that I went to Europe to see my old friend Athos last month." Both boys grinned at me, I am not sure if they know the whole story of my trip or not.
    I continued my story, "Androv is the sixteen year old instigator that started a series of events that tore two families apart. Eight year old Kardal—mustard seed—climbed up on me the first night I was there and told me that he, `love big penis in his poopy hole.' His fifteen year old brother, Arman—desire-hope—came to me to explain that the boy had a normal little boy's fancy for naked people. At the age of four he saw a teenage boy pissing on a tree. He stood and stared at the older boy's big dick. Androv turned so that the little guy could see the pee coming out and the lad was fascinated. Kardal moved to the teenager who let the boy touch him, that was the magic switch that triggered a new faggot to the world. Androv had his first blow job from a four year old kid whose arm was not as thick or much longer than the older boy's dick. Kardal loved the taste and feel of the large cock.
    "The next day the two brothers were at the city's market square when four year old Kardal saw the teenager, Androv. The boy knew no better when he grabbed his brother and shouted out that that was the boy that he had told him about the night before. When Androv got closer he heard the four year old boy tell his father and brother that the he had let Kardal suck on his wee wee and he got a drink of man milk.
    "The father hit Androv in the face and knocked him out. Androv's father saw the blow and came to aid his son, but quickly changed sides as he listened to what triggered the attack. A crowd had gathered about as both fathers made it clear that they did not want she boys in their homes. Our old friend Jacque was in the crowd, I don't know if you two know who he is or not, but he took the two fathers aside. My little informer didn't know how much was paid, but Dimitri, Jacque boss, came and gave the two men a large amount of cash and the three boys were taken to live in a room where they were kept chained to their bed posts at night. The four year old Kardal grew up on man milk. He serviced every boy in the room each night. His brother told me that there were nearly always ten to twelve boys in that one room
    "In the meantime Arman and the teenage boy that had started the whole mess were trained in taking man cock in their poop holes by Jacque, Fesell, and Dimitri. Those are the three men responsible for kidnaping all three of the boys that I brought home from France in 2005. Nearly starving to death the boys were eager to go out on the street to earn their food for that evening. I asked him if he knew what became of the Androv. He ducked his head and cried. Another boy about a year older held my young friend and told me he was Androv, the rapist of the little lad. He moved his legs apart to show me a headless cock and no balls. Dimitri had sought to kill him when he vomited on a fat African dignitary that had come to buy boys to be servants in his home.
    "Arman and Kardal are exceptionally cute and caught the eye of Seigy. Dimitri had the two boys with him when he met with his boss on business. The upstart of that encounter was the two boys being taken into Seigy's castle. Seigy loved the little Kardal and the fact that the boy could give so much pleasure to him. He traveled with six year old Kardal wherever he went causing many people to believe that the boy was Seigy's son, even Raven believed him to be one of his nephews by Seigy.
    "Fearing for his little brother Arman begged Kamal to help the little one to escape, Kamal proved himself most helpful as he led both boys across the mountain path to his father's home where they were sent on to Athos and I met them.
    "Young Kamal is the true hero of my whole adventure, he helped a total of twelve boys to escape from Seigy's castle and arranged for Athos to get them down to his place on the southern coast of France. Athos brought all of them to me in England before I returned home three weeks ago and they now live with us in Tucson."
    "Wow, they are lucky boys to have found you and your love. I envy all of your family."
    I looked at Biff, he had a very sad look on his face. "I am sorry, I never thought that you would want sex with me after all that you went through. Am I wrong?"
    "No, you were right, then, but not now." We talked awhile and both boys assured me that they would be honored if I would teach them to make love. Jerry and Tim have told the whole family about Jim and I giving them a class in How to fuck your boyfriend, 101. They wanted to enroll in the class. I looked at the young couple and saw a great love between them and I would be honored to share a bit of that.
    "Let me ask you something else, about the pin neither of you has a pin, do you want one?"
    "That silly pin is what makes a boy a member of your family and of course we wanted one, but we were a little too old for you."
    "Bull shit. Take that down to your barn and put it where it belongs. I have to have two witnesses who are pin wearing family members so we will wait until tomorrow, Gus and Roddy can witness you getting your ass fucked, for the record. Today's fuck by the river does not have to count, unless you want it too."
    "I want it to count to my loving you, but I would like to go again tomorrow and then next day and the day after that."
    "You didn't like that did you?"
    "I liked it better than a rare steak cooked on a fire on the open range. I liked it better than curling up before a warm fire on a starlit night. I liked it better than seeing home after riding herd for two solid weeks. Chris I saw my home in the stars as the warmth of multitudes of fires filled my soul. Yes, I liked it, no, I loved it. I want Biff to know that feeling for himself, but I want it again."
    I made them an offer that they could not refuse, I went to their bedroom with them for a walk through of the class that I would be teaching, How to Fuck Your Boy Friend, 101.
    It was past eleven when I got to the bunkhouse. I slipped into bed and found it full of hot boy bodies. Chase was asleep on one side and Gus and Roddy were curled up together on the other. Chase awakened and wrapped his arms around me. I pulled him close and fell asleep.

    Friday morning an FI vehicle pulled into the Boswell ranch. Red took off to hide in the loft of the barn, Slim peered through the curtains of the living room window. I strolled outside completely nude. A captain stepped out of the car with a package in his hand, I knew him, he was the man that had brought Damien to me after the boy returned from his trip to Albuquerque. We talked for a few minutes as he told me that he was surprised when he was told to deliver his package to the Boswell ranch. He had no idea that I was even in the state.
    I asked why he was surprised to be coming to the ranch. He told me that there was an old hired hand that worked here that had a little sex with the local sheriff's young son several years before. He told me that the man still thinks that the sheriff is coming to put him in jail. I asked about the incident, the statute of limitations had long since run its course and the sheriff did not blame Red because he knew that his son was a fairy. The sheriff had sent the boy out of state to a military school and he ended up as an officer in the army during the Bosnian business.
    I asked the captain if he knew young Chuck, he did, but mainly by reputation. He told me that the boy was highly liked in the community and that he had a solid head on his shoulders. I told him that Chuck was a special friend of mine and that he had another special person living with him. I wanted the local FI team to keep an eye on the ranch for me. He told me that he would schedule it for a drive by four times daily. I asked him to always knock on the door each morning, but that he should be prepared to laugh as Red ran to the barn. That sent him on his way laughing.
    The boys were sitting around the breakfast table nursing their milk while Edmund cleared away the dishes. I took a dish rag and washed one end of the table off then took Biff by the hand. "You pointed out a grievous error on my part last night. Let's make it right. It is tradition for me to take a young man on his first ride as he lays flat on his back on the kitchen cabinet. Number one, you are to big for the narrow cabinets here and number two I think that you need to be surrounded by boys who love you and want to watch, up close." I pushed him back on the table and began with his left nipple.
    In only twenty minutes Biff felt himself to be a part of the family. I opened the envelope that the captain had just delivered and took out one gold pin. I passed it to Gus, his eyes lit up as I told him that he was the oldest pin wearing family member there and that it was his responsibility to make the presentation. His little face glowed as he exposed the sharp point of the pin. Biff tensed as Gus placed the pin to the left of his pubic bush and then tattooed it home with a quick smack of his hand. Biff jerked up from the pain then he grabbed Gus and hugged him close.
    I offered to let Gus reward Chuck with a pin, but he told me that a fuck in the woods was not the same as a fuck on the kitchen table so he wanted to make his membership official. Roddy was washing my cock with warm water so we were ready to begin.
    Next I took out a pin for Chase. The boys had been telling him what the pin meant and he could not believe that I would make him an official member of the family. He wanted an official ride, but he told us that he could fit on the cabinet. Chuck and Biff quickly began to remove canisters and appliances from the small surface area while I sat with a cup of Edmund's fresh coffee. I don't even like the thought of oysters, but if this keeps up then I may need something to help keep me up. A half an hour later I was up to snuff and up Chase's butt.
    I looked at Slim, "I guess that the two of you have not only done each other since high school, there is the sheriff's son." Red turned beet red. "You told me that you would like to ride me so after lunch I will make your world expand." Red glared at him, but he smiled at me. I told Chuck about the sheriff's boy and we had a good laugh about it. He didn't know why the man had taken to hiding every time he saw a police car in the area. He told me that it had started around nineteen ninety eight. He said that he might not tell the codger that no one was looking for him until it worked to his advantage. Chuck is getting wise.
    The boys were given chores to do around the ranch and we made sure that they were kept very busy. I want them to know that a ranch is no holiday, but that there is a lot of hard work to be done in running one. I had to let Casey and Josh have a golden pole pin, their little eyes had lit up when they saw them and I know that they have seen the family members wear theirs. I took my time with them and gave them such a thrill as they had never had. Both of them enjoyed anything to do with sex, which is only normal at their age, I only hope that in later life they have no regrets for their youthful indulgences.
    I slept with an extremely tired Roddy and Gus most of the week as they told me that they thought a buck a bale was not enough, neither boy could lift a bale of hay, even together. I reminded him that this entire trip had come about from his question, he promised me that he would never ask me anything again. I will not hold him to that promise.
    By Sunday morning my boys were ready for the mountainside and the swimming pool so we took our leave and turned Traveler Too© back toward Tucson. I left four men with their own pins and good feelings about our visit as we rode off into the sunset for home. The college boys were happy to have us home, but the rest of the adventurers would not return until Friday night.

    I awakened Monday morning with a headache that should belong to King Kong. I managed to get down the stairs, but I held on to the hand rail the entire trip. I dragged myself onto a bar stool and looked at Edmund. He dutifully handed me a cup of coffee, but he was in eye contact with Cory. Cory took my hand and pricked my finger as the college boys looked on, "sixty two, old man, time to eat." I could not even think of food at that point, but I knew that I had to have something, I took an orange from the fruit bowl that Mitchell was preparing and started to peel it. Cory took over for me and passed me fruit sections which I slowly downed.
    Like a true father I wanted to know why the boys were not at school Cory pointed to the clock on the kitchen wall, it was only three minutes past six, his first class is at eight thirty. I smiled at him and I thought that my head would burst. Cas grabbed me and almost carried me as he and Luke took me back to bed. They stretched me out on the bed and covered me with a sheet.
    A few minutes later I felt a hot body move beside me. I opened my eyes to see Chase staring at me, "Don't go getting sick of me already, I just got here and I want to stay awhile." I rubbed his head and smiled, as best as I could, I really thought that dying would hurt much less. "Mr. Ed said that you have to drink this."
    "Don't let him hear you call him that, Mr. Ed was a horse." I held his hand as he helped me to sit up. I looked at the clock and it was already ten till eight, I guess that Cory and the others have gone on to school. Cory takes the little guys down the hill to the elementary school which started that morning. The other boys won't start school until the new building is finished. They are scheduled to start the Tuesday after Labor Day, one week away.
    I took a drink of the tea that Chase handed me, it tasted like shit sweetened with honey and cinnamon. Chase told me that the doctor said that I was to drink every drop. I asked which doctor and he told me, "Dr. Will. Cory called him and he will be here before he goes to do his rounds at the hospital." Well, if Dr. Will said to drink it then I best drink it or he will put it in a syringe and inject it into me.
    Suddenly I had to upchuck, I made a mad dash for the throne room and wrapped my arms around the porcelain fixture just as the orange, the coffee, and whatever was in that cup of shit came flooding out. I heaved as if there was no end in sight. I felt a warm cloth being run over my back and up my ass crack. I got my guts emptied and fell back against the wall and stared into Chase's face as he wiped my face with a very hot wash cloth. He wiped my body down, he even lifted my arms and wiped my pits. He rose to rinse out two wash cloths then turned and washed my crotch and feet.
    Edmund came into the bathroom and looked at me. He stepped over me as he ran Chase off. Mitchell stepped in and took one arm as Edmund took the other, I have never felt so weak in my life. I thought back at all of the times that I have passed out and this was worse than the worst one I could recall. That was when I passed out in England and awakened in a bed at my sister's house.
    I was half dragged, half carried, to the seldom used sauna located above my office. The sauna was a favorite spot of Charley's so that he could sweat out his demons, I just never cared for the heat myself. There is a nice steam room inside the cabana out by the pool and I like to sit in there, but I was not the one in control at the time. Edmund told Chase that I was to drink every drop in the cup that he held in his hand and then he was to cover me up, he told the boy to stay with me. Chase was told to wipe my body often, but to not raise the blanket and give me a chill, he wanted me to sweat for a half an hour.
    I recognized the second cup of tea the instant that I took a sniff. I took a big drink, my whole body was assailed with a feeling of warmth and comfort. I felt every muscle in me relax as warmth radiated from my stomach. I must have smiled as I remembered Cory holding me when he said, `It's granddad's herbal tea mix. It really relaxes you, but it makes you so horny.'
    I handed the empty cup to Chase and lay back on the bench. He set the cup down then turned back to me and his eyes froze on my cock, "Gowr, that things gotten huge." He wrapped his hand around it as I reached for the blanket, he quickly remembered what he was told to do and covered me up. He crawled under the blanket to lay beside me and hold my cock.

    The next thing I knew a piece of ice was on me. I opened my eyes to see Dr. Will holding his stethoscope against my chest, I swear that the little black bag that doctors carry is really a portable refrigeration unit whose sole design is to chill stethoscopes to sub zero temperatures.
    Chase was sitting beside me with his wash cloth and slowly running it across my brow. I looked at him, but he would not look at me, there were tears on his face.
    "Well my friend, you seem to be okay. I see that Cory's tea still works its magic on you, I might have to try that stuff out, he told me that you will remain erect for an hour or more, even after sex. I guess your young man here proved that, right son?"
    Chase let the tears flow, "He was asleep and I molested him." I grabbed him and pulled him to me and his little dam burst to flood both of us with tears.
    "Well, I know Chris and I can see that you are okay with him. As for you Chris, I want you to take it slow today, but you have to eat something. I believe that Edmund has some navy bean soup on the stove, I would recommend you eat as much of that as you can, at least drink the broth, but try to get some solid in you.
    "I will have your blood work when I come back this evening. Then we need to sit down and talk, I have something that you should have known a long time ago." He left without another word. I wanted to ask him what he needed to tell me, but I had a crying boy in my arms that took precedent at the time. I did get permission to leave the sauna, I like heat, but one hundred and sixty five degrees is a bit much. I know enough that it is not healthy to stay in that kind of heat for a prolonged period of time.
    "I wanted you in me again, I love that up in me and I saw you all hard and I just sat on you and you were asleep and I just did it and it was wrong of me. Please don't hate me, but you can send me home if you have too."
    "I don't think sending you home is the answer to what happened here, but I do think that you deserve something for what you did. Let me ask you though, did you like it this time? Did you get off?"
    "I didn't like it as well as when you did it to me. I didn't get off, I almost did and I was almost there when you began to fuck up in me and I felt your hot sperms in me and I knew that what I was doing was wrong…"
    "Listen to me, Chase. Yes, you should not molest someone when they are asleep unless you know that they want you to feel free with their body. When the family returns this Friday you will make a lot of new friends and you can ask them if they mind if you suck them or even fuck yourself on them as they sleep. Most of them will say it is okay, but they will have to get to know you first.
    "You will find a boyfriend that you will sleep with every night, you will like to wake up with his cock up your ass or your's up his. That is what boyfriends do. As for what you did to me I think that you need to be punished so I want you to mount me anyway you please and get yourself a real feel for a good early morning fucking."
    "On my back with you over me and kissing me while you fuck the living shit out of my sorry ass for molesting a sick, sleeping man." What can I say, he had it cumng.
    Cory's tea mixture had me feeling good. I was in no hurry to finish the boy so I let him ride as long as he wanted. I finally sensed his exhaustion and I withdrew from him. He had flooded his belly with his young juices and we had smeared them between us in our lustful passion. I leaned down to roll my face on his belly and lick up what I could, he wanted his too so we turned to give each other a good licking before I chased him into the shower.
    I wanted to make sure he was clean so I sucked his cock while I ran the hot water up into his stretched sphincter. He reacted as I thought he would and I knew that he would be sore for awhile. I dried him off and lay him out on the bathroom vanity so that I could coat his ass with a fine film of our ass soothing cream. This is a very soothing salve that Charley always kept around, he often had me use it on him after we had one of our two hour fucks. That man showed me how to make love all night long.
    I led my newest house member down to have some lunch and found that the college boys were already coming home. Cory's last class is over at twelve thirty so I would have time to eat something then I could molest his young ass for mixing up his tea for me.

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