Chapter 69


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Clean and Sober Theater, is a local theatrical troupe made up of 13-23 year old recovering youth. These kids provided our entertainment Wednesday night the sixteenth. The troupe members tell their own story of recovery from addiction in an extremely moving and thought provoking theatrical setting. The boys had seen posters about their school and I had been approached through one of my blind philanthropy outlets to donate funds so we checked them out.
    No one can tell a good story unless they have been there. These children had all been there. They told how they stole money from their own mothers. They sold everything they could steal. Even from their family's TV all the way down to the family dog for just one more hit of the drug that controlled their young lives. There were funny moments, but only designed to keep the audience from rushing the stage and hugging the actors to death. Even Ken and Eric decided that it was okay to cry when they saw all of the rest of us in tears throughout most of the play. They were tears of sadness as we saw the destructive life styles. They were tears of joy as we saw them overcome absolute adversity in its strongest setting. These boys and girls were over comers.
    The family had to meet them. We were planning on leaving for Los Angeles the following afternoon, as soon as school was out for the extra long holiday season. We would be able to spend six days in SoCal. and still be home in time to make our trek through the homeless shelters. We had to leave a day later as the entire cast of Clean and Sober Theater met at a local all you can eat restaurant for a special brunch and the presentation of a check from the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. I had the boys donate their money to the club and designate it for the Clean and Sober Theater, then we had one check as I added my donation for a combined total of one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. The kids were overjoyed as their director and producers told us that they hadn't sold enough tickets to finish this single production. We felt that our day's delay to SoCal was worth it as we had already started with our giving.
    We were packed and ready. As soon as our lunch was finished we mounted Traveler© and Traveler Too©. On the road I learned that the boys had made a list of what the troupe had wanted for Christmas. I know that Santa will make a special visit to them before the holiday season is over

    This was really my first time behind the wheel of Traveler Too©. A test drive is just not a good test to know what a vehicle can do. I was super impressed with the big new boy. The manufacturer had used the Kevlar honey comb that I sent to them to insulate the big boy with. This had allowed them to get an extra foot of width inside while remaining within the individual states' restrictions on overall vehicle width. He is a full six feet longer than Traveler© which means that I may be in trouble when I have to tow. I will have to check that out. The added length gave me two more bunk beds and with larger sliders to the four bed areas we were able to increase them to full sized beds. We now had eight full sized beds, one king sized bed, two pull out queen sized sofa beds and by turning the bed's head to the front so that the boys feet pointed to the middle of the coach, we had two queen sized beds squeezed together in the overhead. Twenty six of us could sleep in Traveler Too© as long as everybody showered often and nobody farted. I'm sure that you know who came up with that. Yeah, Mr. Phartzalot himself, formerly known as the mighty midget with the giant widget.
    There were twenty four of us in Traveler Too© and twelve with Cas in Traveler©. Cas was doing very well as he handled the big rig like a pro on the highway. We made an early start of it so that everyone could make a splash in the Pacific. The boys had seen the Mediterranean Sea although three of them didn't enjoy it at all. Fourteen of the boys had seen and swam in the Atlantic Ocean in July. Except for Brad and Jay those boys had been to the beach house just a few weeks before. But none of the others had never seen the Pacific Ocean. We pulled up to Malibu just after three. The boys were through the house and out the back door, naked as jay birds, before I had the brakes on the two large vehicles set and double checked.
    It is only a one day trip from Tucson to L.A, but even at that a certain aroma seems to gather upon one's body that can be offensive to others. Traveler Too© was taking on the odor of older post pubescent males. Younger male's smell is a turn on to me, but man sweat…well, it depends on the man and we have to be alone. Concentrated with others it can be overpowering.
    California has some sort of Park Ranger/Life Guard type dude that rides along the beaches on an ATV. He had the boys in a circle, giving them what for about being on a public beach naked. I came up behind him and listened for several minutes before suggesting that he take a trip to an optometrist as soon as he removed himself from my private property. Before California declared all of the beaches state property someone had laid claim to everything between the center of the highway out front and the edge of the water. Charley bought this property with that clause grand fathered in. I owned this section of the beach. I pointed at four signs, two on each edge of my property stating this fact quite clearly. I have a sign painter that replaces these signs twice a year with freshly painted one. They simply state that this portion of the beach is private, but according to California law they may cross it to get to the next beach over. However they are not to swim or loiter on my property. The sign also includes my state, county, and city license numbers for a private nude beach.
    The life guard called his commander who told him he was trespassing and if I was anything like I had been ten years earlier that he needed to get on his ATV and get out of there before I had him in jail for thirty days, which, he stated, was my right. Without so much as a wave or a farewell the muscle head was gone. The boys had to talk about his firm body and wonder what was hidden in the board shorts that the man wore. Most of them were sure that he had wood. From their angle they could see the rise between the thighs.
    I took Ģer in hand and walked up the beach with him. I did make him slip on a Speedo, but we still walked hand in hand. I had been thinking of the boy a lot lately and shared with him my thoughts. We stopped for a lingering kiss at the high spots of my speech and received several unkind remarks from people nearby. I simply groped the boy which caused an immediate reaction which is very apparent in a Speedo. That really made tongues wag. Ģer still has his boyish looks so everyone was sure that I was a child molester.
    We were talking to a group of young homosexuals who were enjoying an afternoon on the beach when two ranger type life guards rolled up on their four wheeled ATVs. They had reports of child molestation. They needed to see some ID. I slapped my hand over Ģer's mouth before he could say what I knew he would say. One of the rangers let Ģer ride on his ATV to the front door of the house so that Ģer could get his billfold and prove that he was in fact eighteen and legally married to another man. That statement got lots of hoots from our young crowd as he proudly showed off a laminated copy of his marriage licence. A few old women nearby clicked their tongues as some of the young muscle heads made obscene remarks.
    Defeated again the life guards rode away. I told the young gay men that my beach was private, but that I was going to have a cook out in a little bit if they would like to join us. I did warn them though that my beach was a nudes only beach. I made it very clear that the two boys in their group who were obviously underage were not to be put off by the fact that older boys would keep their distance. I told them we were visiting for a few days and not interested in having to return to California each weekend to visit our family members in this state's prisons. They giggled as they grabbed up their stuff and ran to my beach. Some of them taking time to moon the older folks nearby.
    On our return Ģer ran to Luke to tell him of my plan as I headed to my telephone to call an old time boy lover that could help me out right now. Luke and Ģer came up to me as I hung up the phone. Luke hugged me and told me how great I am and how he admires the way that I am always looking out for the boys. He asked if I would let the two of them show me their gratitude in a meatier way so we headed off to my bedroom. It was kind of musty in the house. We had shut it up in June and this was our first visit since then. We opened up all of the windows and doors to let the mild sea breeze sweep through then retreated to the bed.

    I will never tire of Luke's love making techniques. He is a lover's lover and he is good at what he does. I wanted my married duo to love each other, but they would have no part of anything that I was not a part of. I took my position on the bottom as Ģer mounted over me and Luke slipped up in him. Luke was roaring to go so I had no time to orally open Ģer up, but I still had his great boi meat deep in my throat as I got high on the phemerones emitting from his thick pubic bush. I can get so worked up on boi sweat that I am like on a hair trigger.
    As hard as Luke worked Ģer's tight ass I beat them both with two loads before Ģer gave up his first. I was on the edge of three as Ģer gave up his second and Luke let go of his first. We had been at it a little over twenty minutes before Luke got his. He was learning to love his lover. I wanted to taste Ģer's deepest insides so I pulled Luke on top of me. My wilted willy lay there as he put his head on my thigh and pushed it around. Ģer was fast on the recovery and in less than five minutes he was mounting Luke. Luke began to nurse me to erection as Ģer pounded away at him. After two loads in short order Ģer had staying power, but he was going so hard and strong that I knew it wouldn't be any marathon fuck.
    Luke worked his fingers up in me and played my prostate like a fiddle. The three of us fired off to the delight of the recipient then rolled up together for some snogging and snowballing. As our breath abated and our hearts moved back into their permanent spots the doorbell rang. I looked at my clock. Forty seven minutes. Good old Gordo.
    Gordo, which is Spanish slang for fat man, is a chef supreme in teenage food. He runs one of the largest teenage hangouts on the entire coast. His food is healthful, plentiful, and appealing to teenagers. Gordo is a boy lover. I had called him to cater for my boys for the week that we would be in California. He came down personally for this first trip to get my gang fed then he would set up a schedule for his crews to come in four times daily to feed the mob.
    Gordo had the cutest little fourteen year old beach bum with him. He told me that the lad was hiding behind his café one morning. I should have such a café, that place is huge. The boy had been beaten. Gordo belonged to a group of boy lovers that my friend Mitch Gordon also belonged to. They had helped Gordo to get permanent custody of his young boy friend and have his mother and her boyfriend locked away for several years.
    I told Gordo that we were going over to see Mitch the next day and he began to tell me how Mitch had built a huge house and took in both boys and girls. He said that Mitch was still with his boyfriend who by now would probably be about fifteen or sixteen, but he saw the girls on the street, most of them lesbians, and took them in also. That sounds like Mitch.
    Gordo's help had the fire pits out back roaring and he had hamburger patties sizzling their juices into the fire. The smell made me hungry. Gordo had a large case of veggie patties, but that burning cow smelled good. The boys had seen the fires burning and followed their noses up from the beach. The garden hoses were dragged out and both showers were going as boys washed the sand from their wrinkly parts.
    With the ten boys I invited up we had forty six mouths to feed. Gordo and his crew proved themselves up to the task with bowls of baked beans, potato salad, mounds of chips, gallons of soda, and every kind of fixing anyone could ever dream of for a hamburger. I was tickled that not one boy asked for a veggie burger. Not even Ģer.
    I introduced Gordo and his crew to the boys and told them that these people would be here to feed us four times a day for the next five days. We had to leave on the twenty second so that we could do our Santa thing back home. Ģer was as happy as he could be with five days off. I had been unsure because of the way he had just taken over the meals. But let's face it, preparing food for thirty five teenage boys, four times a day can get overwhelming, to anybody.
    One of the older boys came up to me. I hadn't really looked at my guests with all that had been going on down the beach. He had been with me on my two most recent visits to the house. He and Christopher had already renewed their acquaintance. He wanted to know if he could bring his friends around for some special fun before we left. I assured him that most of us would be up for that and those that weren't soon would be. That got a round of laughter from everyone. He found his friends and they joined us Saturday night along with four other boys from the beach. I was right about the two that looked underage. One was thirteen. He was there with his fourteen year old boyfriend who was the brother of another of the group. After that I heard Cory and Pete telling everybody that they were eighteen and to shut up. The two younger boys went to spend the night with each other at home.

    Sunday morning we bid adieu to our guests from the beach as we donned underwear, slacks, socks, and pull over shirts. We left the beach house at seven A.M. Traffic is heavy in California twenty four/seven. It took me almost three hours to get to Mitch's house. He was ready for us with a brunch and a houseful of eager young faces. The girls were cute and even though some leaned toward other girls they still gave my boys a good looking over. I was pleased to see that my boys looked them over as well. They may be gay, but they know beauty when they see it.
    Mitch introduced me to his partner. I was stunned by the beauty of this boy. I learned that Justin Malloy-Gordon was in fact Mitch's nephew. After a court battle Justin was removed from his mother's custody and adopted by Mitch. I hugged them both and gave my most sincere congratulations. I had to introduce Cory to them and tell them of how we learned of our blood relationship. I brought Mike over and told them that he was another red Indian and that we had come for scalps. Both guys put a hand on their head, but Justin also covered his teenage bush.
    I met tiny little Mark, who was, but an infant found abandoned on the front door steps of Mitch's house one night. It took a few weeks, but Mitch finally found out that a boy that had come to him many months earlier, after his own mother raped, him was the father. Sean's mother had forced him into sex with her every day when she found out he was gay, trying to make him straight. She ended up getting pregnant by Sean. Sean's father threw both of them out. After DNA testing it was determined that baby Mark was this boy's son. Apparently the mother abandoned the baby at the home where she knew her son Sean was, in the hope that the baby would get an even break at life. Then she disappeared into the wind.
    I met the miracle boy. A boy by the name of Taz. Taz came to Mitch's house with HIV. He was beginning to suffer the effects of the disease when Mitch researched an experimental treatment being used in England to treat HIV in the intestine. I read some information on the procedure after one of our conversations this past summer when he mentioned Taz's condition to me. Mitch told me that this was the approach that the English doctor was taking. He and Taz talked to the doctor by telephone several times before they decided to send the boy for treatment. Now, before me, stood a very handsome and disease free young teenage boy that had a smile a mile wide.
    We spent a little less than four hours with Mitch and his kids before we decided to get back to the beach house. We invited Mitch to bring the kids over. He looked at me and told me that some of them would like to go then. Several of the kids had already asked Mitch if they could go to the beach. Altogether we had nine boys and three girls that wanted to go. One of the boys and one of the girls were a sexually active couple. I stared at Mitch as I thought about that. It might me educational for some of the little ones.
    We were concerned about over loading the RVs and being stopped by the CHP. Mitch had his driver, Reggie Thomas, use their long limo to take twenty kids, some of mine, some of his. Some of his ended up with me and maybe one or two with Cas. We made much better time going back to the beach. Maybe due to the fact that I followed Reggie. He knew these roads and he took us on different freeways than we had come over on. We were back at the beach by four with plenty of daylight for the kids to get naked in the ocean.
    As I figured, not only the little ones, but some of the older boys took wide eyed interest in the naked forms of the three girls. I was very pleased to see that the girls were comfortable about it and answered the stupid questions that the boys asked.
    I know about stupid questions. The first time I was naked with a girl I was fourteen. I was boned big time. She had two brothers and was used to seeing them naked, but she had never seen them erect. She looked at me and goes, "Ohhh, doesn't that hurt being all stiff like that and all?" I simply told her it was uncomfortable until I did something with it. She wouldn't touch me, but she let me play with her tits for a few minutes before I got turned off and began to think about her cute brothers and jacked off in front of her. We never talked much after that day. But two years later I fucked both of her brothers.
    The straight couple was a boy named Joey and his girlfriend Leah. Leah's brother, Trevor, also came along. Trevor likes older men and he has the house cook as his lover. George had been the manager of a local restaurant when Mitch and his family stopped for dinner. Trevor fell in lust with the man and got him in bed. Mitch offered him a job where he could be with Trevor daily. Trevor kept smiling at me. He could smile all night, he is just my type.

    Gordo already had two of his boys preparing dinner. I had told him that we would be out during lunch and may return with quests. I asked the two cooks if they could handle sixty of us. They had six meat loaves in the ovens. They would simply add more potatoes and side dishes. No one would go hungry. The boys were cute. I found my coffee pot under their stuff and made me a pot of coffee as I sat and talked to them. One of the boys told me that he knew me. I told him to take off his apron and stand up straight. He did better, he dropped his jeans and pulled off his tee shirt. Yep, that did it. "So Murph tell me what has been happening in your life?"
    Kenny Murphy, Murph to his friends, was fourteen when he met Gordo through another friend. Murph had just discovered that he was gay. I stared him down until he said that he had just admitted to himself that he was gay. I smiled at him. He was curious as to what went on so this friend wanted him to see it all and took him to one of Gordo's parties, here at my house. Charley used to let some of his friends come down for their own parties when he was away. I hadn't done that so far. I hadn't been asked and never thought to ask.
    As I thought it over it might be good for Mitch to have use of the house with his bunch and of course Gordo. I could never deny that man anything. He was so gentle and kind. He made a boy feel like he was on the softest clouds in the arms of love. Murph laughed when I said that because that was exactly how he felt. Murph lived with his older brother and their mother. Their mother was on welfare and did very little, but bitch day and night. Murph wanted out of there. He told his mother he was gay. She screamed at him for awhile then his brother came home. The brother got into a fight with him, but even though Murph was two years younger and fifty pounds lighter his wiry little frame was all over his brother. Murph beat him so badly that their mother had to take him to the hospital.
    Two days later, a Monday, Murph went to school. It was all over the school how he had jumped his brother and tried to kill him with a club. The police were looking for him so he split. His home was in southern Orange County. Far south, around San Clemente at a small town called Carlsbad. He hitchhiked north to Malibu and Gordo shared his home and bed. I asked him if he still thought he was gay. In youthful arrogance he puffed out his chest and said, "There's not the cock on a human that I can't swallow to the root or take up my young tight ass and ask for more."
    The boys were drifting into the house about that time and amongst those that heard Murph boasting were Chad and Kyle. They bellied up to the end of the breakfast bar as they boned up. Cory asked Murph if he was willing to prove his boast right there. Murph looked at Cory's nice nine and a half inches and licked his lips, "Sure kid, come here." Cory shook his head and pointed at Chad. Chad stepped away from the bar. We watched as Murph's eyes popped. He wasn't sure about this one. He looked around at the other boys and knew that he had to at least try.
    Chad stepped back, "Then you won't mind taking care of my boyfriend will you?" Kyle swung his dick side to side as he stepped clear so that all of him could be seen. Murph's face twisted up as the tears started and he went to his knees. He took a little time, but he had all of Kyle's meat in his throat. He had a hard time getting his breath as he kept on working the youngster. Kyle finally had mercy on the dude and told him to lie down and pull his legs back. Kyle took it slow and easy, but he gave Murph every inch he had and pounded him into four super orgasms of his own.
    As Murph tried to regain his feet I reminded him of another time that he had let his mouth overload his ass hole when he boasted about his abilities in front of the old Sheik. Suddenly everything around me went black.
    Again I found myself being coddled by my youthful family. Cory was wiping a cold cloth across my brow as soft hands held a cold compress against the back of my neck. Bryan and Eric had each curled up on top of me, well more like to each side of me with their heads on my chest and their eyes locked onto mine. A tall glass of super sugary soda was shoved at me. I sucked the soda through the straw and let my mind go back seventeen years. The old Sheik was the missing piece of the puzzle. Now I could put the questions about Toby to rest. I looked about the room and saw him with Harold. Everything had already been laid out for Monday morning and I would go through with it even if I had all of the answers.

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