Chapter 105


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The boys had gone all out in honor of Cullen. The young queeing, as he is now called by his loving brothers, is well loved and the house of happy fairies wanted to do Halloween up just for him. Cullen is unique amongst the boys, well he and Cecil. Both of them have parents who love and support them. Their parents would like to have them home where they belong, but with Cullen, it is just too dangerous. With Cecil it was lust that brought him here, but I am fairly certain that lust is going to take him home very soon.
    I feel a little guilty. I had lied to Bull, well not a lie just a bit of judicious skirting about the facts. I had told him that the boys wanted to celebrate a Halloween just for their favorite prince, his royal hiney, Cullen. That part was true. I also told him that Halloween was on Monday, of course that was true, a look at the calendar proved that out. Where I skirted the truth was when I told him that the boys wanted to party Saturday night and all day Sunday, I just didn't explain that it would be the Saturday after our American Halloween.
    The British have a tradition from ancient times of celebrating All Hallows 'een, or All Saints Day, on the 5th of November, they call that Bon Fire Night. I had a fright when Gus and Curtis ran in to tell Ģerâld that the firemen were over at his house. Ģerâld jumped up and ran out, putting on a pair of the shorts that he had grabbed from the emergency closet. I donned shorts and shoes and took off after him.
    The Fire Marshall and the local battalion chief had come in response to Luke's request to have a large bon fire. In the center of the courtyard of their new house the pair had placed a permanent pit five foot deep ten feet around. They had to have permission from the fire department to burn fifteen foot long logs of up too eight inches across. The two firemen measured the distance to the buildings. They checked their maps for the location of fire hydrants. The shallow pool held twenty five thousand gallons of water and it was on the property.
    After a few phone calls and careful explanation of the tradition and the reason for it, Cullen and Cecil put on their cutest smiles and puppy dog faces, a permit slip was signed. The property owners would have to go to City Hall, in person, with the signed slip and pay the fees for a special fire permit. There was a restriction of the flammable material being stacked no more than five feet above the mean level of the fire pit. That was fine with me, I remember the heat from the twelve foot tall fire that Dukey had allowed the boys to build. The difference was that his fire was over a quarter of a mile from any structure and the ground in England is always wet. Static electricity can trigger a wild fire in Arizona's dry climate.
    In true tradition every boy in the house was at the side of the fire pit just before dusk Saturday night. The buckets of thinned down, water based, blue pigment were awaiting us. Brushes didn't allow for the application of the paint so bare hands were used. It is a weird sensation to have your goods fondled by a hand covered in cool, thick liquid and knowing that your balls are really blue is a rush too. Every one of us was totally covered in the blue paint, hair and all. The only parts missed was around the eyes and a narrow band around the mouth. I felt like a Celtic warrior.
    My boys never miss a trick. At the west end of the pool was another fire, only this one was built at ground level. A twenty gallon cast iron kettle hung from a wrought iron hook held up by a pair of wrought iron andirons with a rod stretched between them. True old fashioned cooking. The huge kettle contained a lamb stew that was left hanging over the fire. On the nearby table were loves of bread and lots of diluted white grape juice, that served for the kinder wine. Ģerâld and Jim had even come up with a large container of ice cold pumpkin juice, made from Madam Rosmerta's own magical recipe that they had found.
Pumpkin Juice,
a favorite for feasts at Hogwarts that you can now take home with you!

2 cups of pumpkin, chopped up into chunks
2 cups of apple juice
cup of pineapple juice
1 teaspoon of honey (more or less to your liking
Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and/or Allspice (all ground, to taste)

Step 1: Juice the pumpkin pieces by squeezing through a cheesecloth or using a juicer if you have one.
Step 2: Pour the pumpkin juice, apple juice and pineapple juice into a blender.
Step 3: Add the honey (we recommend you start with 1 teaspoon, as you can add some later!) to the juices and blend thoroughly.
Step 4: Add your spices (to taste).
    This might take some experimentation to get right.
Step 5: Chill your pumpkin juice or serve iced and enjoy!
    Naked and painted blue we danced around the fire to drive away the evil spirits of darkness with our noise. I was pretty sure that we drove away neighbors for at least five miles around us, seventy boys can be loud, even when they try to be quiet.
    At exactly nine o'clock Gus and Curtis came scurrying out on two little vinyl headed stick horses, these served as the traditional Hooden Horse that Cullen had described to us. Behind them came Çhé Ģerâld with a large tray of Soul Cakes. To satisfy the sweet tooth of the boys he had bowls full of honey and various jams and preserves that he had put up himself. The boy loves to cook and he is a master. I don't know how he finds the time with all that he is involved in.
    Jim, Turner, and Christopher grabbed up hands full of the soul cake and ran to stand at different points under the over hanging roof that formed a shade around the outside of the house. The other boys that had been with us before broke up and began to move between the three boys with the pastry as they sang the old song that Cullen had taught us:

"A soul, a soul, a soul cake.
Please good missus a soul cake.
An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry,
Any good thing to make us merry.
One for Peter, two for Paul,
Three for Him who made us all.

    Cullen sat down and began to cry. He was overwhelmed by the love that his brothers were sharing, and it was just for him. Sure, they were having fun, but the idea was to give Cullen a taste of his home which none of them had never had. By sharing their love in this manner they were living his life in a world a half a planet away.
    All of the boys picked up on the song and began to circulate about the large, enclosed, courtyard. They each one stopped and sang their song before Jim, Turner, and Christopher, in turn. They were rewarded with a Soul Cakes. Ģerâld and Luke kept the trio's Soul Cakes supply full. Cullen regained himself and joined in the song. His angelic voice filled the area and many boys just stood and listened to him. I hope his voice never changes, he is almost fifteen, maybe…

    The weather had been very mild all season and that evening was especially nice. Between the heat of the fire and the heat of seventy naked boys, the evening was almost balmy. Blankets and pillows appeared as the boys sought out a place to sleep. We ended in a tight circle, close enough to smell the sex between those nearby. It became a night of sharing of ourselves. As a couple lay back from their sexual encounter those around them took up the chore of licking and sucking their bodies of any residue that could be found. It became a challenge as four or more faces dove for that one drop of boi juice that had been missed. Some of those in pursuit became involved and had their own bodies cleaned afterwards. Even my solid couples and married boys were making out with anyone who would make out with them. No one was alone for more than a second or two.
    I broke the moment as I began to talk about the fast approaching holidays. Thanksgiving was less than three weeks away and that meant Christmas was right around the corner. The family had a long talk, with the exception of Jim nobody had anybody in Tucson that they wanted to spend Christmas with.

    I had called and talked to Ken and JC. They were going to take a Christmas cruise on a gay shipping line. Good for them, they are really comfortable with each other. I am as happy for JC as Alec is for his father.
    I really didn't like the idea of Betty being alone for the holiday though and I tried to find something special for her to do. I was invited to dinner at Jay's house, René had the plan that would work. She asked me if she could use the apartment at the hotel in New York where she had spent her honeymoon. She had been talking to Sarah and Daylight and they thought that it would be great fun go shop in Manhattan and spend the entire holiday season being pampered in a four star hotel. The door opened and Betty walked in with both babies in a double stroller. It seems that she has taken to the babies and the girls. She has become their surrogate grandmother. René looked at me then smiled, "Of course Betty is going to make sure that we behave ourselves." It was settled.
    Only one nine year old problem. The tiny terror is my son and he wanted to spend Christmas with his daddy. We talked on the computer so that we could see each other. He had a big drawing of a Turkey being eaten by a wolf. He told me that was me.

    The next few weeks flew by. We had Thanksgiving dinner catered. There are just too many of us to cook for. Of course Çhé Ģerâld baked pies for two or three days. Betty fixed dinner for the Garcia-Adams families. Of course I had to stop by and have dinner with them also. I understand why people say that the holidays make them fat. It is not the days, but the tons of food that has to be consumed at one house then another.
    After leaving the Adams-Garcia's I had to stop by Ryan Miller's house. He had a large portion of the Blues Club to enjoy the day with. I had to see my boys now, didn't I? Hey, we grew up together learning how to suck and fuck.

    Sarah and Daylight bundled up the two boys and flew to Phoenix. Cory and I picked them up in the Caddy and had to laugh. The girls had dressed for the kind of weather we hardly ever see in Arizona. The baby was okay, but Rodney was very uncomfortable. It didn't take the boy, but seconds to take his coat off and throw it on the ground. A stern look from me and he picked it up and apologized to his mother. Cory laughed, I didn't understand enough Tsalagi to know what he said, but Cory told me that he would tell me later. He never did, the silly faggot.
    The next morning the women all flew to New York together, this time leaving on a direct flight from Tucson. Meanwhile the boys loaded up in Traveler Too© and Travel All© for a cross country trip. I was going to leave them with Edmund while I took Cullen and Cecil home, Cecil would not be coming back with us.
    Cecil had become a tramp. I mean my boys love to get fucked, but Cecil was taking chances. He was expelled from school when he was caught by the home education teacher and two of her girls in the linen pantry. Cecil was on top of a pile of table cloths taking all that a young sophomore jock could shove in him. I hear it was quite a bit. The other boy's parents sent their son out of state. I sent Cecil out of the country.

    Cory was merrily singing a Christmas carol in Tsalagi and trying to teach the other boys the words. Mike and Rodney weren't much help, they were too busy laughing at the funny accents. I have an accent for them. Timmy was driving, with Christopher sitting in the seat next to him.
    Rodney came up to me as we rolled through the last vestiges of the city and bent over. "I can take seven inches of cock up my ass and I love it. I want to fuck a big cock for Christmas." I grabbed him and held him as I cried. I wanted the boy to stay innocent for a few more years. He is only having sex because it makes him feel like part of the grown up boys. I took him to the back and lay down with him to talk. I learned all about his school year to date and I learned that there was a girl in his class that thinks he is cute. I can see that. The little dark skinned boy with huge black eyes and a mop of coal black hair is a walking dream.

    We arrived at Empire Canal on Friday the fifteenth. Our trip had been direct and quick. I drove Too with Harry pushing me all of the way. Timmy and Christopher moved to the back bed so they could suck face, amongst other things. They were anxious to get to New York. They had their own plans. I wondered if Betty knows how those two feel about each other. I guess anyone would have to be dead and blind to not know. When the two are near each other it is like an old fashioned love movie. They steal every chance they can get to be alone in a corner somewhere. I have tried to let them know that they are safe within the walls of the house, but they are rightly afraid that one of the boys, especially the younger ones, might let something slip. I thought I was paranoid.

    Edmund had done his Edmund magic again. The man amazes me with his ability to provide everything we need, even when we don't know that we need it. The house was a gala holiday showplace. A tree, that stood over twenty five feet tall. graced the main entry and every square inch of it was heavily decorated. I asked him if he had flying boys decorate it. He told me that his little angels have gossamer wings that carry him to the grandest heights. Decorating a tree was no problems for his little beauties. The man sounded as if he was in love.
    The old man had a large tear begin to roll down his face. Quite suddenly, at least for Edmund because it was so out of character, he grabbed me and pulled me close. His whole body shook. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but I held him tight to me. "Sir, there has never been another like you in all of the world. You are a dream weaver, a man of many mystical, magical charms, and I love you. I have loved young Mitchell for these many years that he has been with me. I loved Missy so much, that grand lady could only be loved. But sir, these boys that you have entrusted to me, I love everyone of them. I am not talking of love as in familial, I am talking pure Eros. Sir, each of these young lads come to me and show me so much love and respect, I am overwhelmed. They come to my bed and…well this is difficult, but I guess you know that I was impotent. I am not. These boys have brought me to life. I get so hard and I get off, excuse me for talking like a street trollop, but I do, I get off at least twice every night of the week. Mitchell has become such a marvelous lover. Sometimes he joins me for a ménage à trois, you taught me that and I love it.
    "I always knew that I was, what you boys call, an ass monkey, but having four of five different boys service me in one evening is more than I ever even fantasized about. Having some of these youngster's monstrous sized cocks fucking into my mouth as they are at, the same time, sucking me and another boy is making my rectum roar with joy… sir, my life is full. I will never want or need more than that which I now have. And, sir, it is all thanks to you." He was looking me dead on eyeball to eyeball, I did the only thing that I could do, I kissed him. Kissing an old man is not all that bad, especially if you love him as much as I have learned to love Edmund. As a boy I kissed a lot of old men, on the mouth and on their just fucked ass holes, it is not a bad thing.

    We took advantage of our time to get to know our brothers at Empire Canal. I had managed to fly in for a night or two during the months between our summer vacation and our current holiday, but the rest of the family did not really know their brothers. Each day and late into the evening we sat, or lay around, together and listened to each boy tell his story. Of course the New York boys were just as anxious to hear about the Arizona boys so all of them had their own story time. I will try to tell you the stories they had to tell as time goes on, but here is one that all of us thought was hot. First of all let me do a bit of a flash back to remind you where we are, remember this from chapter 95?

    "Gosh they are a tough act to follow. I'm Vincent Hamilton, no kin to Howard. I am eighteen and two months old. I am virgin, but I got caught with gay porn on my school computer the day before graduation two weeks ago. They sent me to this place for help, but I'm eighteen and they can't do no more to me. So like they told me they had this job and did I want it. And so like I need some money to get started. My mom won't talk to me so I have to find me a home."

    "Okay, but ya guys are going to hate me cause I lied at ya, er ah, to you. I told ya I was virgin, but I'm not, or I wasn't when I said that. I have been trying to hide what happened when I was sixteen and nearly got caught, by the mother of the cutest guy I had ever seen."
    The boys all made sure that Vinney was forgiven and a part of the family. Nobody really cares what a boy did before he came to live with us, it's how he lives as a part of the family that we judge him by. However we sure as heck like to hear a hot story and Vinney had the cum squirting around the room as everyone of us paid rapt attention to his tale.
    Grab your cum rag or a hot body and cum listen to the story as Vinney told it on a cold winter's eve to eighty four hot, naked boys and young men laying on the floor before the fireplace.

    Three boys feinted blows and exchanged insults about each other's parentage as they walked down the street with their school books shoved into overladen backpacks. The banter was heavy and vulgar, as anyone who has any contact with teenagers can readily attest too. It was quite obvious that these three were good friends. One seemed to be a bit closer to each of the other two who didn't seem to be particularly close.
    A sad fact of life is that two can be friends, but three will argue. Most often two will team up against one which was not the case with these boys. Jonas seemed to be very close to Vinney and showed a bit more touchy feelly than one would expect. By the same token he seemed to be very close to Thedford. Thedford did not seem disturbed when Jonas would grab his ass or shove his own crotch in an obscene jester at the smaller boy.
    The sign on the door of the corner market stated that only two students at any one time were allowed inside. Undeterred the three youth chased after each other and carried their horse play inside. Jonas and Thedford both greeted the clerk at the register. The clerk grinned at them and told them that he was watching.
    "If I catch you stealing from me I'll have your balls for my supper," he teased them.
    "You are always finding ways of getting my balls, Jerry. I'll let you lick them anytime, you sweet thing," Jonas retorted.
    Jerry is gay, but these boys didn't know that and he was not about to jeopardize his entire life to let them find out. Jerry gave a long appraisal of the new boy with Jonas and Thedford. Vinney was one gorgeous piece of boy flesh. Jerry figured him to be about sixteen. Tall at five foot ten. Very thin, but solid looking. Strikingly blue eyes that seemed to beckon him to bed, Jerry would love to bed the boy.
    Vinney wore jeans that were a bit tight, just like Jerry loved to see. He hates the current fashion of baggy pants that will fit two or three of these youngsters at the same time. He often laughed to himself as he thought about a whole new meaning to getting into another boy's pants. He wouldn't mind sharing pants with quite a few of the boys that came in after school.
    Jerry stepped close to the counter as the trio stampeded his register with arms full of boy food. He had a hard on that drew all of the blood from his brain, but he could not let these kids know that. He was dizzy as he perved on their youthful endowments. He almost didn't notice Jonas set a six pack of beer on the counter. He was too busy staring at the taut muscles under the boy's form fitting polo shirt. As he picked up the cold beer he stopped short then shook his head.
    "I can't let you walk out of here with this. I can go to jail, boys."
    "We'll let you suck our dicks. Hell, Thedford here will even suck you." That did not set well with Thedford, the smallest of the three was actually the oldest. He was sixteen years and three months old, but only stood five foot four with no weight on his tiny frame at all. He showed the others that he had balls though. He sat three tall boys on the counter and told Jerry that those would slip into their backpacks and be out of sight.
    Jerry reminded the boys that there were cameras recording every thing that they did in the store. He smiled as he told Thedford that the cameras couldn't see if he was squatting down at the end of the bread row, but that he had to be careful because he would be right beside the window where anyone outside could see him.
    Jerry has been in business long enough to be able to act smooth. He scanned one of the sixteen ounce cans of beer then played to the cameras as he pushed the six pack and the three cans back at the boys and pointed at the cooler.
    Jonas and Thedford picked up the beer and walked back to the cooler by way of the bread isle. Thedford sat two of the cans of beer on the shelf next to the bread as he passed by. While he and Jonas returned the rest of the beer to the cooler Vinney slipped in and shoved one can of the beer from the bread shelf into his back pack then moved on. Jonas returned that way and grabbed up the other can then slipped it into his pack. Thedford walked headlong into the camera as he returned to the check out.
    Jerry smiled at him and he nodded. "I got it, thanks dude. We owe you."
    "You know you do," Jerry pushed the cash register tape for the beer to him as he scanned the chips and candy bars and a large fountain soda.
    Thedford dragged Jonas's purchase over to be scanned, "You pay for all of this and I'll pay for the beer." He nodded toward the camera over head. Thedford flipped his debit card out and scanned it then pushed in his PIN. He picked up his soda and chips as Jonas whipped out his card then Vinney followed suit.
    The three boys headed for the door. "I get off at nine. I'll be home by nine fifteen."
    "Gee, I'm gonna get off long before that," Jonas squeezed Thedford's bubble butt causing the boy to let loose blue air that would curl the ears of a sailor.

    The rest of the walk home was more subdued as the three high school sophomores treated their hunger and thirst. They burst into Thedford's apartment full and reinvigorated. Jonas rushed to the TV and grabbed the game controller. He had Eragon flying through the air firing his arrows as his dragon scorched the earth below them with her fiery breath.
    Thedford took a piss then stepped out to allow Vinney to enter. The boys drank their beer as they played at the Wii for a half an hour before Jonas looked at Thedford. "Come on dude. You know you want me." Thedford flashed his eyes at Vinney as his face blanched white. "Shit man, you been perving on him for months. Here he is. You can do him, second, me first. Got it?" Jonas has a need to be in control. He is no bully, but he is demanding. He thinks himself a leader, most kids just tolerate him.
    Jonas reached over and wrapped his hand around the back of the small boy's head then pulled him face down toward his cock. "Do it, man. I need it bad. I'm about to pop." Thedford looked at Vinney. Vinney had his nose pointed at the TV and was working the controller, waving his arms like a mad man. Thedford hoped that these new straps would hold. He knows a kid that beaned his old man with a fly away controller.
    Jonas pushed his face closer to his crotch. Thedford got a good whiff of the boy and his day's odor, his dick began to throb. With no further thought he opened the buttons on Jonas's jeans and fished out a nice cock of a little more than five inches. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick at the meat treat. He wished so many times that he could find a boy that was uncut as he was. He loves to run his finger around the inside of his foreskin and gather up the day's remains that linger there. He has often wondered if those same flavors would be under another boy's foreskin.
    Jonas pushed Thedford's head down on his cock making the smaller boy feel warm inside. He loves to suck cock, but he wished he could have a lover, not a master. Jonas's jeans were in the way, neither boy was happy with the blow job going on. Jonas raised his ass from the sofa so that Thedford could drag the thick garment down to his knees. Jonas scooted forward so that his cheeks barely lay on the edge of his seat. He spread his legs as far as the jeans would allow. This was no good, Thedford could not get close enough. Any other time Jonas would be spread out naked on his bed and he would have full access to his entire desire. He pushed the jeans to Jonas's ankles and scooted closer for a full course dinner.
    When Thedford tried to stick his finger up his ass Jonas pushed him away. He didn't want to do anything queer in front of his new friend. Vinney was not like other boys, that is what attracted Jonas to him. He is quiet, but forceful, he has perfect grades. He is the fastest running back the school has ever had and he has never missed a field goal attempt. His record kick occurred only a week earlier when he made a thirty six yard field goal to win the game by one point with three seconds on the clock.
    Jonas was in lust for the boy. He had made friends with him the year before, but had never spent any time together with him. He had guided their lunchtime conversation around to sex the day before and both boys declared how horny they were. Vinney concurred that even a blow job from a boy beat jacking off and he seemed eager to get his cock sucked. Jonas assured his new friend that he could get Thedford to suck both of them if they played it cool. Vinney had always liked the way the small boy looked. He was strikingly…okay, yeah, beautiful. Thedford is beautiful. Vinney was having feelings that he had tried to suppress for years and all over a tiny little nothing of a boy.
    Jonas was nothing, he was crass, he was crude, he was just fucking rude. He said what he wanted, when he wanted. He had a body like nothing Vinney had ever seen before. Jonas had seemed to be trying to come on to him in the locker room several times. He would strut around naked with his skinny little cock all shriveled up and hiding under his thick brown bush. Jonas's arms were even and smooth, like a girl's. His chest was puffy with little girl tits. The kid was by no means fat, but if he had any muscle in his body at all it had to be around his mouth because all the kid does is talk.
    It is not nice talk. Jonas is the kind of person who tries to build himself up by putting others down. He only talks trash one on one. He is never outspoken to a person's face, but behind their turned back he likes to point out their weaknesses. Somehow that seems to make him feel good about himself. Under any other circumstances Vinney would never be with Jonas outside of school, but when Jonas assured him that Thedford would suck his dick he believed him. That had sounded as if Jonas had special knowledge.
    Vinney pretended to be heavy into the video game. He was sure that if he wished he could find someone to suck his cock, but he had these feelings for Thedford. He hoped that all would go well and maybe he and Thedford could get together. Vinney was pretty sure that he could suck Thedford's cock if they could just break the ice and become friends. Vinney doesn't make friends. People come to him and want to be his friend. Vinney was going to try to change that if this kid would suck his dick with as much zeal as he was doing the toad next to him. Vinney was about to rip the seams right out of his pants he was so hard. He had rearranged his package and found his jeans were soaked through with his personal lube. He had never been so excited about anything in his entire life.
    Jonas was in his climatic throes. He was humping his cock into the tiny head that he held firmly against his groin. His cum was running out of the corners of Thedford's mouth. Thedford fought for air. He forced his release from Jonas's grip and came up for a long breath. He received a shot of cock snot right across his nose before he dove back on the enraged cocklet he was dining on. Well cocklet might be a little schmoozy, but what Jonas hung belonged on a kid two or three years younger. He wondered if Thedford would even be able to suck his huge cock. He really hoped that the boy would at least try. "If he will only try I will become his best friend and suck his cock and love him forever," he thought to himself.

    Vinney was aware of being watched. He cleared his head and focused his eyes to see both of the others staring at him. "Oh no, he didn't say that aloud did he?"
    "Well Vinney, how about it? Are you ready. He said he'll do you." Vinney looked at Thedford, he was scared and looked as if he were about to cry. Jonas was pushing him toward Vinney's crotch. Vinney pushed Jonas's hand away. He looked down at Jonas's wilted cock and almost laughed out loud. The tiny little thing had curled up and gone inside for awhile.
    "Look man. You don't have to do me. I won't be part of anything forced. Maybe I should just go."
    Thedford looked Vinney in the eyes and Vinney's heart melted. Thedford had such a soft sweet look. It was almost as if Vinney could see Thedford's soul. Thedford reached for Vinney's jeans buttons. He moved forward and rubbed his face over the large wet spot. Vinney's cock came back to life, it had almost slipped off to sleep itself. Thedford had the jeans around Vinney's ankles so quickly that Vinney didn't even feel them go down.
    Thedford was lust filled as he stared at the largest cock he had ever imagined as it strained against the taut white cloth of the bikini briefs. Thick man meat stretched across to Vinney's left side with its thick head sticking up over the low rise waist band. Thedford took a deep breath. The massive meat was more than he had ever hoped for, and it was uncut.

    Jonas led the way out as he and Vinney left Thedford's apartment. Jonas lived in the next building over in the large old subsidized city housing project. Jonas never shut his mouth as they walked along. Jonas talked about what a good cock sucker Teddy was and how he just couldn't get enough cock snot down him. Jonas couldn't figure why the kid didn't grow with all the protein he was feeding him everyday.
    Vinney just wanted to go on home to get away from Jonas, but he had other plans. He was going to make Jonas his bitch. He did not like the way the ass hole treated others. And he especially did not like the way he talked others down. Vinney had watched every move that "Teddy" and Jonas had made. Teddy, that so suited him. He was a Teddy, not a Thedford. From where he sat playing Eragon on the TV he could see a giant blue teddy bear, with a red cap on, sitting on Teddy's bed. He envied that bear, he wanted to sleep next to the small boy every night himself.
    Teddy had tried to put his finger up in Jonas's ass hole as he sucked the scum. Teddy acted as if it was a common practice. Vinney has finger fucked himself during masturbation and he has read about it on line. He had an idea that Jonas probably likes it, a lot. He was just reluctant because of having a third party around.
    Jonas led Vinney past his sleeping mother. She was sprawled out on the sofa with a gin bottle in her out stretched hand. Vinney looked at the filthy house and had a tinge of compassion for Jonas. The boy was an ass hole, but he came by it naturally. Maybe he would try to work with Jonas and change him, maybe.
    Jonas had two locks on his bedroom door. He turned the deadbolt with the same key he had used to open the door then he slid a heavy bolt into place on the inside of the door. Vinney had a plan, he moved straight to the bed and lay down. He began to think of Teddy and the feelings that he had just had. No one had ever touched his dick before and he had loved everything about his new experience.
    As planned his cock pushed against the tight jeans drawing Jonas's attention. Vinney watched Jonas's face closely. He was correct. Jonas is a closet fag that uses others, but today he was going to get used in ways that Vinney was sure he had only dreamed of, but was scared shitless to try.
    Jonas sat down on the edge of the bed. Vinney struck like lightening. He grabbed the boy's package and softly kneaded the stiffening boy flesh under the cover of blue jeans. "You were right, Vinney. Thedford gives terrific head. I hope you are as good as he is. Damn, I see you strut around in the locker room everyday looking me over. I see your stuff as you flop it around in front of me. I am so glad that you brought me over here. Come on, let's get naked and do it."
    Jonas didn't know what to do. He is always the one in charge. He really did want to do Vinney, but he has not sucked a cock in ages. He knows what his mother would do if she found out. Well, that is why he put two locks on his door, he didn't want to ever get caught again. He kicked his shoes off and pulled his shirt over his head. He looked over at Vinney. Vinney had his pants down on his thighs and that eight inch cock of his pointed straight up toward the boy's chin. Jonas began to drool. He wondered if he could get all of that in his mouth. Well, he had just watched Thedford take it and if that little fag could do it so could he.
    Vinney was waving his cock at Jonas, Jonas couldn't move his eyes away. Like a snake drawing in its victim Vinney's cock drew him across the bed. With no thought of anything else Jonas had the entire monolith deeply buried in his throat, he was in heaven. He loved the feel, the non-taste that tasted so good. He was ready for anything. Vinney said the right thing, "Come on, Jonas, get your pants off and get up here so I can play with you too." Jonas was sure he was heaven bound.
    Vinney kicked his shoes off and slipped his legs out of his jeans. He lay there naked from the waist down with a banquet laying in his light brown bush. Jonas had never been so eager for sexual release in his fifteen years as he was right then. He dove for the object of his desire as he scooted his body close for Vinney to use in any way that he chose.
    Vinney grabbed Jonas's cock and fondled the head. He squeezed the shaft and slow stroked the little boy meat. He wasn't trying to be mean, but Jonas talks such a big game when he is nothing and has nothing. Vinney had not seen Teddy's cock, but he was willing to lay odds that Teddy was more of a man then Jonas is. Vinney kept up his stimulations as Jonas proved himself to be a pretty good cock sucker.
    Vinney was getting the second blow job of his life right then. It was not of the quality that he had received from Teddy, but he wasn't ready to push Jonas away and put his pants on either. He also had another hole goal to go. He let his hand slide down to engulf Jonas's balls. Vinney wondered if Jonas had a health problem. His balls were not much larger than peanuts. His skin was smooth and undefined. His cock was small. Maybe his hormones hadn't kicked in yet. Well he didn't want to worry about that now. He was going to make the whore moan and moan for more and then beg for seconds.
    He placed his finger against Jonas's ass hole. Jonas actually pressed down against it. He was right, Jonas has a cock hungry ass. He pushed his finger directly into Jonas's ass with virtually no resistence at all. Jonas fucked back at his finger. Jonas took a shot and pushed two fingers inside Jonas. Jonas moaned around the huge piece of meat in his throat.
    Vinney told Jonas to roll to his back and pull his legs up. Jonas started to protest, but Vinney simply spoke his name with authority. Jonas was on his back with his legs against his shoulders. He held them back with his hands around the back of his thighs. Vinney got to his knees between the boys legs and looked at his target as he lined up. Jonas's ass hole was very enlarged. Jonas has been a bottom boy for somebody for a very long time. There was no bruising or discoloration as Vinney had expected from his on-line studies, he was just open. Vinney surmised that Jonas had not been penetrated in a long time.
    Long time or short, Jonas was loving the fucking he was getting. Vinney had the tool to make this a real pleasure. He had read enough to know how to fuck a dude and he was going to put everything he had read into this one fuck. He was going for a long, slow, deep stimulation. Jonas moaned in approval.
    Jonas began to react and beg for more, he wanted it harder and faster. Vinney obliged. Jonas coated himself with a decent size load of cock snot, but it was almost as clear as water and Vinney could smell a strong aroma from it. He kept on with his assault, however. He was pacing himself so that he would not cum. He is not a hot shot that can get off time and time again. He takes matters in hand once a week or so and he his satisfied. He has tried to go two or three times like some of the stories tell about, but twice in about three or four hours is the best he has ever done. It had only been a half hour since Teddy had sucked him so he knew he could fuck Jonas for at least an hour.
    It wasn't as if Jonas wasn't a bad fuck. Vinney had never really been able to imagine just how good a hot ass hole around his cock would feel. He was thoroughly enjoying the muscle action that Jonas was giving him. He kept up with long slow strokes, but when Jonas showed signs of impending orgasm he sped his pace and pummeled the hot hole engulfing him.
    Jonas was in his own little world as he was receiving stimulations that his young body had not felt in almost five years. He was taken to orgasm after orgasm and with only one person. Even better than that was that his orgasms were now wet. He was actually cumng and he was in tears with his joy.
    Vinney began to tire after an hour of steady fucking. He felt that he could get off again and he wanted release. He wanted to feel himself shoot his cum deep up in Jonas's ass. Jonas tensed, Vinney knew that the boy was about to go for his forth shot of their session. He was in awe of the boy's cumng power, but he had a need of his own. He quickened his pace and began to pump harder, faster, deeper than he had all evening. He put his entire body behind his fuck and felt new emotions and feelings throughout his being.
    Jonas threw his arms around Vinney and pulled the two of them close. Vinney let go and let Jonas kiss him. He kissed back which heightened his sexual lust. His balls drew up and the spiders and ants began their march from his toes. Somehow he knew that this was going to be the climax to compare all others too for the rest of his life. He felt his ass cheeks fold into his crack and his ass hole suck air as he was slammed with the hardest orgasmic impact he had ever imagined. He felt the head of his dick fly off into the deepest recesses of Jonas's nether region. He felt cum ejaculate from parts of his body that he never associated with sex. "He fired all of his guns at once and exploded into space. He was Born to be Wild," thanks Steppenwolf.
    Without hesitation Jonas rolled over to the exhausted form next to him. He bent over and began to suck at Vinney's tender and wilted cock. Vinney was sensitive, but Jonas seemed to know what he was doing and in moments Vinney welcomed the attention. Jonas cleaned his cock and laved his balls then he slowly pulled the foreskin over the sleeping glans and let Vinney rest. He slipped out of bed. He stuffed his under wear between his legs and wrapped a towel around himself. He unlocked his door and peeked outside the slipped out the door to run across the hall to the bathroom
    When Vinney heard the shower he rose and dressed. He looked at Jonas's mother, still passed out on the couch, as he slipped out the front door and walked away into the night. He let the actions of the evening play over in his mind. He had truly enjoyed everything that he had done over the last five hours since school had let out. But what did it mean? "Am I gay?" played over and over in his head.
    He looked inward with a high powered magnifying glass. Vinney had it all, he had a loving family that was totally supportive. His father was a very high priced attorney in criminal law. His mother was the perfect suburbanite. She volunteered for the volunteers committee. She served on every committee in the county. She worked at their church helping gather food and clothing for the needy. That was one area that Vinney loved to help with. He got to carry the food to families and he loved to see the children's face when he reached in his pocket and pulled out some little cheap toy he had picked up along the way. He knew these kids had very little and a new toy, of any kind, made their little eyes beam.
    Vinney entered puberty at twelve years of age. He was frightened by the sudden changes in his body and had gone to his dad for advice, his dad was great. He understood exactly what Vinney was going through and he helped him to cope with his new feelings. His dad would come and hold him when his emotions ran away with him. Vinney felt so foolish when for no reason at all he would find himself crying. His dad just picked him up and held him close. Sometimes they would lay on the bed sometimes his dad would hold him in his lap as they sat in his big chair. If his dad was working in his office he would stop and tend to Vinney.
    Vinney is an honor student. He does not get the high marks that are on his report card because he is naïve or because he does not know how to seek answers. He knows that the treatment that he gets from his family is not the kind of treatment that many other kids receive. Vinney had a younger brother that was sick all of his little life. The boy didn't live to reach school age. Vinney was three years older than Mike. Vinney had been with his brother every day of his life. He had helped mommie change dirty diapers. He felt so grown up as he would sit with Mike in his tiny arms as the baby nursed on his bottle. Vinney was Mike's guardian.
    Mike's disease was degenerative and the baby only grew weaker with time. Vinney was too young to comprehend what was happening then when Mike passed on Vinney was devastated. Vinney cried for weeks. He could sleep in Mike's crib clutching Mike's little plush toys. Finally Vinney's parents sent him to stay with his grandmother for the summer.
    Vinney's mother's brother let the boy see things that as a ten year old he was not ready to see. His uncle was sixteen and gay. He had a series of boyfriends that shared times with his uncle, daily. Vinney witnessed it all. The uncle never touched the boy and neither did his friends, but seeing what he saw made a lasting impression in the boy's psyche.
    As he became aware of his body and recalled the things that his uncle had done in front of him Vinney began to search for knowledge. He could get around any parental lock that his parents could load on the family computer. He was adept at hiding his tracks so completely that a computer expert that his dad hired swore, on oath, that no one had ever used the family computer to access any questionable site.
    Vinney's parents thought that they had a child prodigy of some sort on their hands. They had no idea where he was gaining his knowledge for the insightful questions that he asked. Vinney's dad bought him a computer of his own for his thirteenth birthday. He had proved himself worthy and was allowed to keep the computer in his room and use it with his door locked. As it has been stated, Vinney is sharp. He also knows his parents. He knows that they will check up on him from time to time. His dad had even told him that he knew how a teen age boy thinks because at one time he had been one. That was hard for Vinney to imagine, but he knew that it had to be true.
    Vinney learned at an early age that if you don't want anyone to find anything on your computer then you should never have it on your computer. He learned some of the many ways to access the information he wanted and store it for a better time to study it without it ever going on to his hard drive. He knows enough about computers to know that you can not erase your tracks. Software today keeps track of everything. He knows that imbedded in this very story is everything that his computer knows about him and the software he is using. And he knows how not to use his computer or the software on it to write his story or to read the story of someone else.

    It was very late and many of the boys had fallen asleep. Nearly every body in the room had cum splashes or streaks across his body and everyone was quite relaxed. I asked Vinney if he would continue his story the following evening. I wanted to know how he got caught. He made a deal with me, I guess even a hot fuck story from a kid in my own house deserves its reward. I was not disappointed as Vinney showed me how much he appreciated my reward before we spooned together for a night's well needed sleep.

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