Chapter 202


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Blue sky could be seen between the thick leaves of the canopy formed by a ring of cottonwood trees around the grassy slope on which I lay. The lush green grass caressed my naked skin as the sound of a nearby brook babbled softly. I could make out a small pond of about a half an acre in size. I wondered if there were fish in the pond. I was too relaxed to raise up and go see.
    A shadow passed over me, "You have such a long, beautiful cock. May I suck it?" I felt a hand on me, then a sharp pain…

    My surroundings were unfamiliar to me. I was stretched out on a very soft bed that made my body seem to float weightlessly. I rose up and looked about a spartan, utilitarian room of a silver metallic surface. There was no distinction between the floor, walls, or ceiling. I had to approach to close proximity to tell where one ended and the other began. The was no lighting, the walls themselves seemed to emit illumination.
    I spotted a highly reflective surface; it was unlike any mirror that I had ever seen. I moved in front of it and I could see a full three dimensional image of my entire body. I did not have to turn, or even raise my arms, to examine every detail of my form. I was entirely clothed in the same type of material as the room seemed to be made of.
    The garment that I wore covered me from high around my neck and all the way to my wrists. The bodice continued all the way down to cover my feet. I could make out individual toes; the garment seemed to be no more than a film covering my body. Every muscle of, every curve of my body was clearly visible with the exception of that one important part. That was encased in a pouch that was reminiscent of a Shakespearian cod piece. I placed my hands on it and tried to shift it around with no feelings or sensations of any kind.
    The body that was reflected back to me was of an adolescent male of about sixteen. Slim of build, tight muscles, long legs and arms. A full head of teenage hair topped the head and slightly darker eyebrows lay over two deeply penetrating blue eyes. A slim nose sat over a thin mouth that was framed between the nose and a strong chin. I was looking at me at sixteen years of age. Good looking kid, the kind that I could fall in love with.
    An opening appeared before me and a voice commanded to, "Come along." I stepped into a corridor and could see no signs of anyone. I followed a light that seemed to travel along before me, but I became aware of the fact that I was not walking. I seemed to glide along, not flying or floating, just gliding.
    The light that I had followed along behind created a spot on a wall. As I approached an opening appeared which I passed through. The opening closed as quickly as I entered and I found my self standing in mid-space. I was startled and unsure of myself as I tested out my surroundings.
    When I felt sure that I wasn't going to float away into space I began to look about me. I was looking down through a perfectly clear surface and I could see billions of stars below. Looking up I could see that I was inside some sort of a dome of the same clear material that hid none of the perfect universe from my excited eyes. The dome, or half sphere actually, was about one thousand feet wide at the center with the ceiling being a good five hundred feet above my head at the peak.
    In the very middle of the dome was a large object about ten feet high and roughly six feet wide. A voice commanded me to enter. I glided over the surface and turned to look up at the large monolith. Cullen sat atop a giant ebony throne clothed in the same sort of material that adorned my body, only his covering was gold.
    The look on Cullen's face was stern, yet one with a regal bearing to it. He spoke down to me without ever turning his eyes to look at me. "You consider yourself the hero of the universe. You are honored on every planet, in every system, and in every galaxy known to us."
    "Cullen, I don't…"
    "You WILL NOT address me in the familiar. I am the king, the emperor of all that you see around you. Every star out there bows to my majesty." His face had taken on an unfamiliar scowl that distorted his features into someone that I did not recognize.
    "I tire of you. You are of no further use to me or my domain." I found myself being drawn quickly to the passageway through which I had entered. Two lights were waiting for me. I was guided back through the corridor of silvery material with nothing to mark distance or parameters.
    After some time I was guided toward an oval shape sat against the side of the corridor. It was about three feet wide and about six feet tall. As I approached the opening it adjusted in height to around six feet six inches high and I found myself inside.
    I was instantly immobilized. I stood rigid, not even being able to blink my eyes. A bright white light flashed as I began to sense movement forward. The light changed to a dull ultra-violet and proceeded up through the light spectrum to a pale blue. That faded into shades of green and on up the spectrum to yellow then orange. When the red hues began I felt heat. As the lights neared the infra-red range I began to grow uncomfortable. Suddenly I was hit with a mist of cool liquid that touched my body at every point.
    I was at the end of the oval tube and able to move again. Instantly I checked my body, of course you know where my hands went first. All seemed to be intact. I noticed a new found smoothness to my body and looked to see that I was totally nude. I ran my hand over my head and discovered that all of my hair was gone and I was a smooth as a cue ball. I didn't even possess eye lashes.
    I was suddenly thrust forward as a passageway opened. As quickly as I passed through the opening it snapped shut behind me. The walls were close and a touch of panic touched at my mind before a passageway opened and I was thrust through into a large room that smelled foul. The odor of hot blood and decay filled my nostrils as I looked about.
    A dark figure sat atop a stack of bones, hunched over. It seemed to be gnawing on a femur. The figure turned and I could clearly see that it was indeed a femur, the thigh bone of a young boy with a portion of the pelvis still attached and an adolescent penis still attached, still intact.
    The figure stopped its chewing and looked at me for a long moment then grinned broadly. "Ah sweet boy, I weel love you to be my dinner." The figure was Dimitri. I blacked out.

    I felt a weight on me. I opened my eyes and looked into a pair of dark brown eyes, the color of pecans, with flecks of black in them. They seemed to have just awakened. I received a kiss then the weight left my body. I heard Roddy say, "He's awake," then something moist touched my lips. I focused and saw that Roddy held a basting bulb, like one that would be used in basting a roasting piece of meat or a bird. He was dripping a sweet liquid into my mouth. I licked my lips and found them parched. The inside of my mouth was dry and my lips were stuck to my teeth.
    I tried to raise my head. Everything went black.
    I was aware of many hands working my body. I felt as if I was rolled to my side and my ass was wiped. A serious pain passed through my cock. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. Back flat again I opened my eyes and saw only the ceiling. My left leg was lifted and the best foot massage that I had ever received sent tingles all the way through my body. I thought about all of the great massages that I had given to the wonderful boys in my dream. Tears moved through me. Had it all been just a dream? If so, where was I now? Had I never found Jimmy or Cory? Was that Roddy that moistened my lips? My mind was a tangle of thoughts filled with a lot of fears.
    "Please wake up daddy," Roddy's soft voice spoke in my right ear. I was aware of a tiny head lying against mine and an arm resting on my chest.
    In my left ear I heard the deep voice of RD, "Yes dad. Please wake up. We are here. We have not left your side. Fight it dad, please fight it and wake up."

    Something pushed into my ear as a death grip enveloped my left arm. The pressure increased to the point of being painful then it slowly subsided. "The temperature broke about six this morning. The catheter was leaking so I removed that then RD and Rod helped me to wash him up. His blood pressure is stable and his blood sugar is within normal range."
    "Thank you nurse. You have worked wonders. You have a job with me whenever you finish school."
    "Thanks, but I want to be the school nurse and take the temperature of the boys there." I heard the melodic giggle of Theo. I opened my eyes fully and focused. I was in my bedroom and Dr. Tip was looking down at me.
    "Well, good morning sunshine. It is good to see those blues without having to hold your eyelids open." I felt him place his stethoscope on my chest. I tried to speak, but he shushed me as he listened to my heart and lungs.
    "He's awake Cory. His eyes are open and he's looking around. Dr. Tip says that he will be out of it for an hour or so, so you better hurry your ass up and get back here." Roddy was giggling into his cell phone.
    "I want to leave the IV in for another hour or two. I will be back to remove it, Theo. You may remove it, but I will be here when you do. Do you understand me?"
    "Yes, doctor. I hear you doctor. I live to obey."
    "You better obey or you may not live." I chuckled to myself as I wondered what the heck was going on.
    I was becoming more aware of my surroundings. I struggled to rise and found several hands there to assist me. My feet were moved to the side of the bed and I was upright. It felt good to sit up. I was light headed and sick at my stomach, but I was alive after all.
    I mumbled about wanting to go the bathroom to take a shower. "That would be a very good thing. Theo, cover the IV with that waterproof tape. You and RD help to support him, he will be unsure on his feet after this long. Rodney, you push the IV tree and be careful that the lines don't get tangled around his legs and trip him." Dr. Tip was functioning in his element as the family doctor. I smiled at my nurses then almost had to sit back down when I saw the white nurse's cap sitting on top of Theo's blond locks.
    I spoke, but even I could tell that my voice was barely above a whisper. "The nurse's cap design denotes the school from which a nurse graduated. What school did you go to?"
    "The school of hard knocks. You and Stacy been good training for me and I know that this is what I want to do." I reached for him, but wavered on my feet. He moved closer to me as RD placed his hand around my waist to steady me. Very slowly we made the short trek across my room to the ensuite. I headed straight to the toilet and sat down, I was exhausted.
    It felt good to evacuate my body in a normal manner. I sat on the throne for an interminable amount of time, but each minute sitting upright had brought new strength to me. I had fifty or eleven billion questions as I slowly worked my mouth to form words.
    A knock at the door caused Roddy to run away quickly. He returned with a large mug and a straw. He held the straw to my lips and I sipped at warm chicken broth with very mild seasoning. The warmth of the broth did more to revive me than anything else had. Two boys sat cross legged on the floor before the toilet looking up at me, Roddy stayed at my side holding the broth.
    "I am so sorry about Chrisy. Oh boys, he was so vulnerable. I should never have allowed him to go with us. I lost track of Spike early on, but I watched Timmy get beat down. I saw Ted fighting for his life, but I don't know how it worked out for him."
    I was looking at blank stares. The boys sat open mouthed with sideways glances to each other.
    "So what happened to me?" Chrisy rushed in and hugged me. I was so happy to see him that I almost cried.
    Cory slipped in behind him. "You must have had some weird dreams this time, dad. You are going to be okay. The fever broke early this morning and Dr. Tip says that you are not infectious any longer. We are going to keep all of the other boys away from this room until it can be throughly cleaned, we don't want anymore of that flu in this house."
    Flu??? I had the flu? Oh yes, I had a super bug of the flu. (This event occurred a few months before the new HINI—swine flu—was discovered. All I had was a virulent strain of the every day variety flu.) Apparently Stacy had a bug. His father did not survive a bout of the bug that bit his son, Karl, Arty, and me.
    I had collapsed in Jimmy's bed with Cullen and Roddy curled around me. Roddy ran for Cory. Cory put the house into motion and had me carried to our bedroom. He is very quick thinking, he had Karl and Arty stay in their room. He told Cullen and Jimmy that if they moved from Jimmy's room they would both be queens by morning.
    He checked on Stacy and found him in a dead sweat with Theo applying cold compresses to the boy's forehead. Without further hesitation he called Dr. Tip. The doctor arrived and congratulated Cory for his fast response. Dr. Tip called the hospital to check Stacy's blood draw for any virus. Fortunately they were still doing another test on his blood that had been drawn when we arrived in Tucson a few hours before and were able to do the check that the doctor ordered.
    A half an hour later the flu strain had been identified and flu vaccine was rushed to the house. Every boy in the house received a shot before going to bed that night. Karl and Arty were already showing symptoms of the bug so a stepped up treatment was put in place for them from the onset and they were quarantined to their room. It was too late for Stacy and me. Stacy was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and placed in intensive care.
    The general family assumed that I had gone to the hospital to be with Stacy, they were not told that I was ill. I was quarantined in my bedroom. With no patient to look after Theo barged in and took over my care. Cory smiled as he hugged the boy and told him that it was through his skilled hands that I was okay.
    RD and Roddy demanded to be by my side. They convinced Cory that his duty was to keep the house running smoothly and not let anyone know the gravity of my situation. Theo took over as my personal nurse as he trained Roddy and RD how to help me. I smiled at the boys as pride welled up in my heart and gas passed through my system to be amplified by the porcelain seat upon which I sat. The boys grabbed their noses and giggled at me. I think that I blushed.
    I felt stronger and rose to move into the shower. Chrisy and Cory moved to my side to bathe me with their love. I am glad that the shower is very large, there were five of us in there; Theo had moved back to the room to remove the sheets and began an antiseptic wipe down of the area.
    Theo rushed into the bathroom with a Foley bag that was almost full with dark urine. He giggled at me as he dumped the contents into the toilet. I was putting things together in my head. That must have been the sharp pain in my cock earlier. Then I remembered lying on the grass and someone holding me and the pain, was that the insertion of the catheter?

    I was seated on the bench in the shower as Roddy took a straight razor and showed how to carve a turkey properly. He did not nick me as he gave me a professional barbershop quality shave. My hair was washed with my favorite piney shampoo and my body was lathered with thick suds from the piney soap bars held in several hands. Cory slapped hands away from his favorite part and told everyone that I had been down for a week and he would handle anything that might pop up, or out.
    I felt pretty good as I stepped from the shower able to hold up my own weight. I slowly walked back to the freshly made bed as a knock on the door came. Roddy turned from the door with a tray. All of the boys told me to take it slow as I tasted my first cup of hot coffee in several…days? A large bowl of hot cereal steamed before me and I tasted of it. It was perfect. Thin, but not too much, sweet with plenty of butter and a large glass of ice cold milk to wash it down with.
    An orange had been sectioned and cut into smaller pieces then lightly sprinkled with cinnamon. Dr. Tip stepped in to the room and watched me eat. "Does the citric acid or the cinnamon upset your stomach at all?" I shook my head no and he smiled.
    The IV needle was removed from my arm and Theo placed a gauze pad over the wound then taped it. I have no idea how the boy has learned so much, but I am forever grateful to him. As I look back on the events of those days I am filled with dread over the thought of having an outside nurse brought into the house. I am thankful that Cory insisted that I remain at home. I was sick, but not so sick as to require being hospitalized.

    I was treated to the epitome of care. The boys wrapped me in a warm blanket and seated me in a recliner before a fire. I had company at my side every minute for the rest of the day. I listened to what had occurred over the course of six days of my life that I was unconscious. I had peaked on the second day with a fever of one hundred and four. I was packed in ice and cold compresses to bring the fever down as quickly as possible.
    Dr. Will had told Dr. Tip of Cory's remarkable tea and Roddy had dripped that into my mouth several times a day to keep me comfortable and asleep. Both doctors prescribed absolute rest. The room was kept darkened with only the indirect lighting around the top of the ceiling to illuminate the area.
    I was wrapped in sheets and bundled closely for a day then the sheet was removed and I was sponge bathed. I went into shock as my temperature soared once again. I was given a sedative to put me into a deep sleep which broke the fever and I started to revive. More tea was fed to me to keep me quiet for another day. My blood sugar was of a major concern so an IV of glucose was started. Edmund placed a cup full of sugar into a pan and boiled a gallon of water to dissolve it into a simple syrup. That was cooled and Roddy dripped the liquid onto my lips and tongue to keep them moist.
    I was able to place all of those events into my dreams and the boys listened in awe as I shared the nightmares that I had gone through.
    With the knowledge that I had lived through the nightmare of nightmares I began to ask about the boys in the house. My heart was full when Chrisy and Timmy stopped by to prove to me that they were both alive and sassy. I love Chrisy with all of my heart. It would be the most tragic thing in my life if he had been hurt.
    I had Jimmy sit in my lap as I kissed him and told him that I would never be able to find another boy to replace him in my heart. I told him that he had my permission to royally fuck Cullen for even suggesting such a thing to him. He giggled at me and told me that it had already been done. Cullen turned his royal hiney to me as proof of that statement. I told him that it only proved that he was a poof. He giggled as I tickled him with no mercy.
    Karl, Arty, and Stacy came in to see me. All three boys had contacted the flu. Karl and Arty had a tough bout for a day or two, but their youthful immune systems helped them to overcome the bug quite quickly.
    Stacy was another matter. His ruptured spleen created a medical emergency for the boy. One of the primary functions of the organ is to help fight disease. By removing antibody coated bacteria and antibody coated blood cells it allows the body to heal itself. The injury to his spleen had left him vulnerable to the rampaging fever that racked his body from his bout with the flu that had taken the four of us down.
    Stacy was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and it was touch and go for two days as to whether the boy would survive or not. I heard a story that made me sit up and pay attention. I was not really surprised. I have seen something special in Androv. He insisted that he had to go to the hospital to see Stacy. Cas listened to him and drove him over.
    Cas let the boy talk to Dr. Tip through an interpreter provided by Andy. Dr. Tip is a man of faith as well as a man of medicine. He knows of Cas's faith and he has heard of Androv's remarkable knowledge of the Bible. He had no qualms in allowing Androv to lay hands on Stacy.
    Stacy was hard wired to every conceivable device known to modern medicine. He was breathing through a respirator. His lungs were filling with fluid; there was danger of his developing pulmonary edema and drowning on his own bodily fluids.
    Cas stood beside Dr. Tip as they watched the life monitors from the nurse's station in the ICU. Cas told me that at the instant that Androv walked up to Stacy the monitors all returned to normal. The heart rate slowed to a steady rhythm and Stacy's breathing became deep and regular. The O2 level quickly rose to a steady 98% and his temperature dropped from 104 to 98.6.
    Androv called Cas to pray for him as he drew the curtains about Stacy's bed and began to pray in his native Romanian tongue. Cas said that he had never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as strongly as he felt it in that hospital ward. He told me that he could hear the Angels singing as an eerie light emitted from the room where Stacy lay. Cas assured me that he was not the only one that saw the light, everybody did.
    One nurse was sure that there was a short circuit in one of the machines and ran to look inside. Whatever she saw caused her to fall to her knees and begin to pray. She told Cas and Dr. Tip later that she never really believed in God, but she is now a full believer. She did not share what it is that she saw with anyone.
    When Androv stepped out of the room he told the doctor that Stacy was hungry and he wanted something to drink. Stacy was sitting up on the side of his bed in perfect health. But the part that stunned everybody was that there was no sign of the wound where the doctors had operated on his spleen.
    X-rays and CT scans showed no sign of trauma to the boy's body. He was pronounced healthy and allowed to go home the following morning.
    Androv was not finished. He returned to the house and went to see Arty and Karl. He prayed with them, behind closed doors, and when he had finished praying the three boys walked to the kitchen together and cleaned out Edmund's refrigerator.

    Cas asked everybody to leave my room before Cullen and Androv came in. Cullen closed my door and sat facing me as Androv sat in my lap and smiled at me.
    Androv spoke quietly to Cullen. Cullen told me, "Andy says that this is very important for you to hear and that he will only speak in Magyar. The Hungarian language is known as Indo-Altaic to philologists. Its nearest European neighbor is Finnish, and after that Mongolian. It has no relationship at all with any European language." That was the first time that I had learned that Androv's prayer language was the language of his mother, a Hungarian refugee.
    "I could not come to you to heal you, papa. The Lord my God told me that he had something to show you and that he would heal you in His time. You have a mission to perform, but you carry a burden for that which you are not responsible." Cullen was listening very intently to every word that Androv spoke before he translated it for me.
    "'You wielded my sword, yet you suffer. You did what I asked you to do,' says the Lord. 'You must now let go of all of the pain and look upon the joy that you have brought to my children. You must raise them up to know Me and I will know them.'"
    Androv collapsed against my chest and fell asleep. I looked at Cullen and both of us smiled. I felt the entire weight of the world lift from me as my heart grew light and new life seemed to bristle through my body such as it had not done in many years.
    I held Androv close to me as I talked with Cullen. Cullen told me that Androv had been excited all day as he told him that I would be awake and that he wanted to talk to me. Cullen kept those words to himself, not even sharing with Jimmy. He knows that Androv is special in the eyes of the Lord and he cherishes the time that he spends in prayer with the boy.
    Cullen told me that he wants to have Androv more closely involved with the affairs of Munedavia and the throne. I believe that Androv will make a very good spiritual advisor to the throne, and the King that sits upon it.
    Androv stirred and looked up at me. He reached up to kiss me and wrapped his arms around my neck. "You were not supposed to go to Brazil. That was what you wanted, not God. He had to bring you down for a little time so that he could heal you and talk to you. You heard things in your sickness that will slowly come to pass and you will understand the meaning of it. For now God wants you to love his children that he has given to you and help us to become his Army of faithful warriors."
    I held him close as I promised him, and God, that I would obey. The three of us prayed together before Stacy was brought in. He was standing tall and he looked strong. I had not seen him healthy, he is a good looking boy. I stood and surprised myself at how strong I seemed to be. I looked at Androv and thanked God for His healer in our midst.

    I felt stronger than I had felt in several months. I also could smell myself, I had been sitting before a large fire in the fireplace wrapped in a blanket for most of the day. I held out my hand and led Stacy into the shower with me as I had my first opportunity to inspect his body for myself. He is a tall and strong athlete with a firm body. There are no scars or blemishes anywhere on his body, and believe me, I looked.
    I let Stacy tell me what he was feeling. Nothing but love poured out of his mouth. He told me how much he loved Tristin. He told me that he and Tristin had been in bed together for three days and that he was a little sore. Tristin was the first person to ever go up in Stacy and he told me that he has missed out on a good thing. He told me that he always acted in the superior with boys. It was his way of proving his manhood. He said that his father and brothers were so homophobic that he was afraid to allow any intimacy into his life. All of his encounters had been for sexual release, but Tristin had touched his heart.

    I felt strong, but I didn't look strong. I took a long look at myself in the surrounding mirrors of my bathroom and I was not liking what I was seeing. I had involved myself in the logistic planning for a trip that I was never meant to take and I had ignored my body. It had been almost four weeks since I had a good work out. I looked closely and I could plainly see a sagging jaw line, a double chin??? no, I could not have that. I headed out to the greenbelt for a good run.
    I deviated from my regular track as I rounded the final leg of my run. I usually run along the edge of the cliff as it rises along the properties west of my house, but that morning I crossed the street and ran along the curb until I approached the school grounds. Boys were out on the field running and exercising, I joined with a pack running laps and very quickly a race began as everybody wanted to try to beat the old man. I didn't do all that bad, considering that I had just run three blocks short of eight miles. Nobody beat me, but I didn't out distance myself from them the way I am known to do.

    I knew that I had made a promise to Carl Dickson to get better acquainted with the boys in my charge. I also had a commission from God to raise the boys up. The best way that I can help them to be better men for tomorrow is to listen to the boy in them today and learn what they fear and love the most. By building on a boy's basic psyche he is able to respond. It is when someone tries to change the boy into their own idea of what he should be that there is trouble. Boys can be changed, and sometimes they need to be changed. But let the change come slowly so that the boy believes it to be his own idea.
    Such was the case with Mr. Benjamin Hartsock. He was running the track and I invited him over to visit with me as we worked out in the school's exercise room. You may recall that Ben and Zeb straightened out a couple of things between them a few weeks after the new school year began. I had sat down with each of the new boys before they were admitted to the school in order to learn about them, their hopes, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions.
    Ben told me that he could never think about having any sort of sex with a boy. He asserted his masculinity by stating that he had 'lots of girlfriends that he loved to kiss on and feel up.' About four weeks into the first quarter he was singing a new tune.

    Benjamin was checking out the computer classes one day in late November when I had a chance to take him aside and talk to him. He had convinced his parents that he needed to move into the dorm for the total emersion in the school experience. He moved into the cubicle with Zeb Rockfield. Theirs is not a platonic relationship.
    "Okay, so I'm not like gay and all, but if you know little Zeb. That guy can suck a boulder through a straw. I mean he…oh fuck, I get hard just thinking of him. I don't do him though, I ain't like that. Well, I sorta let him lay on top of me and suck me while I stick this one vibrator that he likes up his ass and like fuck him with it and his stuff is right in my face and all and I sorta been thinking about maybe taking a lick, but what if he cums? I can't take that stuff in my mouth that is just too queer."
    "I have seen several pictures of you and Zeb kissing and I saw you sitting in the corner during story time with your tongue deep in his throat."
    "Fuck, that dude is the best kisser in the world. I had this one girlfriend that I loved to kiss. She was better than any girl I had ever kissed and I kissed a bunch of them, but Zeb has her beat to hell. That guy gets me so hot when he kisses me…"
    "I know that you have kissed him after he has been sucking your dick. How do you feel about that?"
    "I mean, like, well, fuck, he is so good with his tongue, either on my cock or in my mouth. He gets me so hot…"
    "Has he licked your asshole yet?"
    "You want to know everything don't you. I see your smile. Like yeah, he did that to me last night and he sorta stuck his finger up my butt and messed around in there while he sucked me off. And yeah, I got the best cum of my life. It really felt good and I sorta know why he likes that vibrator thingy in his ass while he sucks me. He told me that it really turns him on and all."
    "Are you ready to have anal sex?"
    "Me take it or him?"
    "Both. I think that you should take it first, kind of like showing him how much you do care for him."
    "I have heard stories about you. Would you…like…maybe…"

    It had been almost two months since Ben and Zeb began to live together. He had taken Zeb home with him for Christmas dinner with his folks and the two boys proclaimed their undying love for each other over the holiday pies at the end of the afternoon.
    Ben's dad sat down in his favorite chair and did not speak, he only stared at the boys. Ben said that he thought that his dad was going to have a stroke or something. His mother had a fit and worried about what her friends would say. She was sure that her own mother would rise up out of her grave and punish the boys, if God didn't do them in first.
    The boys stood to leave when Ben's father dropped a bomb on them. "Benjy, I am surprised. I had hoped that you would not experiment around like that. I know what it is like to be a hormone driven teenager, but I was happy that you were happy with so many girlfriends. Maybe that should have been my first clue. You were changing girlfriends so fast that your mother and I could not remember their names.
    "I guess you were actually looking for love. I truly hope that your relationship with Zeb here, is just more seeking. I see that there is love between you. It may be your age and your sexual urges may yet level out. Whatever the case I still love you, you are still my son and I am proud of you.
    "Zeb, forgive us if we don't rush to embrace you. This is a major step in our lives. Mrs. Hartsock and I have been looking forward to baby Ben's for many years. There is still time and we still have hope. If it doesn't turn out the way we planned we only hope that it turns out that Benjy is happy. You seem to be a nice boy, even if you are a little bit too queer for my tastes. It is not my decision to make, but the decision of my son. I will support you and hope for the best."
    Ben told me that he loved his father more at that moment then he had ever loved him. He said that they stood together with their arms about each other for a good ten minutes, and both of them cried. I have watched the boys, and their families. Ben is going to be just fine. Zeb will always be a flame, but Ben is taming him down somewhat.

    I returned to my family. The boys had their suspicions about my being sick, but kept it to themselves. I smiled at Cory as I told the boys that I was proud of them for doing as Cory asked. They assured me that they respect Cory and that they will do whatever he asks of them, almost. By the third day they understood that something was wrong. RD and Roddy were not around. Cullen and Jimmy had been locked in Jimmy's bedroom for two days. Karl and Arty were kept separate, but when they all appeared they told of a bout with the flu.
    Tristin had escaped the bug. He was only near Stacy after he boarded FI-2 for the flight home and then he sat in a seat at the front of the cabin, away from where Stacy was strapped into a bed for the trip. Cory watched him closely for any signs of a fever, but he seemed to be doing well. Tristin was given a precautionary flu shot along with the rest of the family. The flu never took hold of any others in the house.
    A call from St. Louis was filled with pain for Stacy. Apparently the flu had started with his father. After the man was arrested and detained for the felony beating of his son he began to show symptoms of an illness. The man was a heavy smoker and his lungs filled up with fluid so quickly that he never had a chance. He died the third day after we left St. Louis. Stacy was told, but he did not want to return for a funeral.
    It was Stacy's return to the family that convinced them that I must be sick. They went about their duties with school and picking up after themselves around the house and generally tried to stay out of trouble so that Cory would have an easier time of it. Cory's chest swelled and tears came to his eyes several time during our discussion. He knows that he is loved, but a person just needs to hear it once in awhile. It never surprises me what a little praise can do for person's ego.

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