Chapter 192


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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     Carmen De Soto was born into money. His father was a very successful businessman that traveled around the world leaving Carmen at home with his mother. Alone most of the time Mrs. De Soto sought companionship from a bottle and killed herself in a traffic accident while under the influence, Carmen was eleven years old. His father provided for the boy by placing him in boarding schools around the country, but Carmen had a dark side to his nature. He was gay.
    Carmen was dismissed from five different schools before he was thirteen. His father could not be bothered with the boy any longer. His father had married a woman in Spain and neither of them wanted to be saddled with a child, especially a homosexual child. Carmen was sent to live with an older woman that had served as his nanny during his youth. He could not handle the woman's constant badgering so he ran away. The fourth time that he took off the state's Child Protective Services stepped in and placed him in the foster care system where his homosexuality posed a serious problem for him and for other boys in the homes where he was placed.
    Carmen's story is very similar from that point on to the story of Shin Seldon. The two boys had never met one another before coming to BAW, but now they are very good friends. Carmen has done very well since his arrival at the school and I was more than proud to grant his desire to get to know me a little better. That may sound crass, I do not have to have sex with a boy except on his terms. I would have been happy to sit down with Carmen and just talk as I learned what his dreams and desires in his life are.
    Carmen's dreams and desires are like those of most any fifteen year old teenage boy, he wants to be rich and famous. He stands just a bit more than five foot six inches tall with a boyish one hundred and thirty four pounds of developing flesh on him. His pride is a sweet six and three quarters of an inch long and nicely rounded out at a fine five and a half inches of uncut girth. His right nut seems to be his low hanger, but that does change from time to time throughout the day with most of us.
    His strong jawline gives his youthful face a mature look. His head is framed in light brown hair offset with blue eyes, under full eyebrows that give him a focused appearance. He enjoys skating at our new skate park and is an avid runner and swimmer. His plans for the future include studies in financial planning and investment and a warm and lasting relationship with a loving male. At his current age he prefers older companions that want to hold him and cuddle close all night long.
    Carmen has been a cocksucker since the age of twelve, always kneeling before anyone willing to hang it out for him. It was only after joining our students and going with them to the coronation that he has learned that sex is better enjoyed with a partner that will return like for like. His first anal experience was with Pépin Lacrosse and his brother Morris. Warren White was still in his wheelchair at the time and that made me wonder about the stout young man that sat curled up in my lap as he ran his long, thin finger around my chest.
    Carmen had always wanted a brother. His older brother lost his life at the tender age of seven when he slipped and fell on the rocks near the family's camp site. Carmen told me that the last time that he saw his brother the boy had both legs in a cast and tubes stuck in his body everywhere. I felt his warm tears roll down my body and I held him tight, letting him lead me where he was comfortable going.
    He told me that when he first saw Warren his heart was stirred, but then Pépin moved in and melted him into a new man. Carmen lives in the dormitory and Pépin is still in the house. I see the boys together but had never really paid close attention to them and what they might be doing. With four hundred homosexuals I have learned that I can go mad watching and leering too much.
    Cullen worked magic with Sergé and Pépin as he taught them English, Carmen was constantly with them as he learned French. As Pépin recovered from the first of his surgeries to straighten his leg Carmen had been there to help the boy as needed. Pépin was surrounded by many boys at that time and I had paid little attention. I didn't realize that I had a relationship that was already in full bloom happening without my catching on.
    Alright, Cory has told me that I am losing touch with the boys. He says that with the school and everything else going on around me that I am more an authority figure than a dad to many of the boys. I thought that he was exaggerating when he said that, but now I am beginning to wonder if he may not be correct. I certainly missed the signs with Carmen and Pépin.
    I asked Carmen if he was ready to move in with Pépin and he reacted as if he had just won the lottery. Both boys had been wanting that to happen for sometime, but with the weddings and the travels they thought that they should not say anything. I can understand Pépin not saying anything. With his tragic home life for the past seven years, and then the loss of his brother, he is not used to the way things are done. He feels that having his brother restored to him was the best that he could ever expect.
    Carmen is new to our lifestyle himself. He was tossed around in the foster home system and learned to keep his mouth shut, except when he could get a cock in it. He saw the boys engaged in anal sex aboard Voyageur Marin Deux and then at the school at BAF, he had to try that out. Alone with Morris, Warren, and Pépin he learned the joy that he had been missing. It took a little coaxing, but I learned that he was the first for Pépin, both to give and take. I can not sit by and let that relationship suffer the boys being separated another day.
    Carmen was excited about his being able to move into the house and live with Pépin, but he had won the luck of the draw and he wanted to spend a few hours in bed with me to learn what real sex with a man can be. I don't like the legend that my boys have turned me into, it is hard to live up to that kind of a reputation. I did my best as I explored all that young Carmen had to offer.
    Most of the boys that first learn of anal sex try to ride every cock in the house and end up being so stretched out that they have trouble keeping their shit inside themselves. Carmen appeared to have been almost virginal. Sure, he was wider than a virgin, but not grotesquely so. Cory is my eyes and ears to the family and he told me that Carmen was careful with whom he had anal sex. He really loves Pépin and did not want to hurt him or cause him hurt. He wanted to remain faithful to his lover so the two of them choose their sex partners as a team effort.
    All of this made me realize that I had never spent any alone time with Pépin. I was dining at the Y and had a hand full of young, hot cock when I told Carmen that I would like to watch him at play with his boyfriend. I told him how much I enjoy being the bottom piece of bread in a boy sex sandwich as two lovers move on each other in the ways that make the two of them happy.
    Carmen grew excited and asked me if Pépin could join us, after he got his grand opening. I had another idea about that. He had made mention of the fact that he did not have a pin. He would like to have one at some point in his life because he thought that the little piece of gold is kewl. I told him that we had to have at least two witnesses to the deed for him to have a pin.
    He moved to touch our noses and asked me if I could just love him first then we could bring in Pépin and another to witness the deed. I asked him if Pépin might want the same consideration. He was sure that he did and he would be happy to leave so that I could show his lover all of the love that they had both heard that I gave during a session. Again with the legend. I suppose that I should make the best of what I have, I am not getting any younger and my favorite wish had always been to have a house full of hot and cold naked boys running about. Make love while there is still strength in the old bones was the thought that went through my head at the moment.
    Our time together had started after our Saturday night family orgy time. I had enjoyed a few tasty cocks that were full of a sweet creamy emission before Cory led Carmen to me. The two of us enjoyed a sensual shower together about two in the morning then he slipped away only to return fifteen minutes later with a very eager Pépin. As it turned out Pépin got his while Carmen lay with his head on the French boy's shoulder.
    All of us have marveled at the great progress Pépin has made since his surgery. The first thing that had to be done was to remove the damaged knee. God smiled down on the youngster and more of his knee was able to remain than the doctor had first thought would be possible. A nylon ball and socket were put in place under Pépin's knee cap as atrophied muscle tissue was cut away to allow healthy and strong tissue to regenerate.
    Many of the nerves were undamaged and were able to be attached to the new muscle tissue and two weeks later the boy left the hospital with a movable knee joint. Therapy followed and Tim O'Conner worked with the boy every day to encourage him and help him to get through the serious pain that he had to have been experiencing. When all of us returned from our summer Pépin received his first artificial leg.
    He is now learning to walk with the leg. It is difficult at the best of times for him, he has been in a wheelchair for more than seven years. When the door opened and Carmen showed his boyfriend into my room my eyes watered. Pépin showed the remarkable improvement that he has made as he walked to my bed wearing only a grin and a wooden leg. He had his prosthetic leg on as well, but I was looking at a remarkable piece of wood that the boy sported, and it was dripping my kind of juice.

    When I had not come down to breakfast by nine o'clock Roddy came looking for me. He quickly summoned his brother and his step mommie to come to my room. Cory is fit to castrate the boy over the step mommie business. I love to see the love that my lover and my sons share with one another. The end result of their joining us was two very happy new pin wearers and full fledged members of my ever growing family.

    It was Chuck's turn. He wanted to study to be a veterinarian since he was a small child. The passing of his father meant that he had to return to his home and take care of the man's large cattle ranch. The only schools nearby did not offer the courses that he needed to complete his dream. He had earned himself a Bachelor of Science degree in pre-med, but he needs many more years of study to get the degree that he seeks. He has turned the operations of his ranch over to Red and Slim and hired extra help for them so that he and Biff could return to Tucson and the family that loves them most.

    My little lambs are growing up and coming into their own. I know that they are not sheep that I can forever pen up, but it still hurts when one decides to strike out on his own. I was torn with mixed feelings when two of my oldest came to me and informed me that they wanted to buy a house of their own.
    Jerry and Tim have lived in βφτ house since it was opened up again in the fall of 2006. The two boys are very good cooks and therefore have a special place in the lives of the college students that live in the house closer to the campus. I knew that they would be missed by the other boys, but it was time for them to spread their wings and live on their own. They have neither one ever had any sort of responsibility and it is their time. So, I am rationalizing.

     While the boys talked with their real estate agent I walked through the house that they had selected to do an inspection tour. I would have Ron crawl all over the place to be sure that it is a sound investment for the boys, but I still had to do my own little look see. I love the houses that are in the neighborhood where this house sits. It is the same neighborhood where βφτ house is located. I had grown up in βφτ house and have a special warm spot for the type of house that it is.
    Jerry's and Tim's selection was similar to βφτ house in that it was a large two story house with a full basement and a large attic. The first thing that I noticed when we headed for the second floor was that there was a full sized stairway leading on up to the attic area.
    βφτ house has a tiny access panel tucked into one of the bedrooms upstairs so access has to be made by moving the boys' collection of boy junk about their closet in order to lower the folding ladder. I was interested in what the attic of this home may look like.
    I climbed the stairs and opened the door to a large unfinished attic space. There was a plywood floor laid down, but the rafters were open and the sub-roofing was visible. I would have Ron check the insulation of the house for sure. I had to use my imagination as I walked around the attic space. It was laid out in an almost identical pattern as that of βφτ house. I had toyed with the idea of raising the roof on my old house in order to accommodate more boys.
    I casually looked out of the louvered insert at the east end gable of the house. I was in instant lust at the very beautiful view that the boys' selected house offered. A very fine male specimen of about fourteen years of age sat naked on the tin roof of a side shed tucked up against the house to the east of the one that I was inspecting. What the boy had in his hand was not the typical meat that one would expect on a boy of his age. He stroked a solid seven inch cut cock with a intensity that made me go weak in the knees as the blood rushed from my head to my little head.
    The blonde haired, brown eyed beauty had a dark bush with the beginnings of a treasure trail that led down to a morsel worthy of abject attention. I watched as the boy spread his legs and arched his body in anticipation of his impending climax. At the very instant of ejaculation he rolled his body backwards and aimed his cock at his face, shooting a large load into his mouth with additional shots covering his smooth skinned face.
    Jerry Thompson is the first boy that I ever knew that can deep throat himself. The first evening that I met with Jerry and Tim we sat in Traveler's living area in the parking lot of a truck stop in Mobile, Alabama. Jimmy and I were amazed as the boy showed what his conditioning as a gymnast had done for his body when he tossed his body over to allow his toes to touch the floor above his head and proceeded to insert his seven inch cock fully into his mouth.
    Since then Jerry has worked with several of us in the family and helped us to get ourselves conditioned to repeat his efforts. I am not big on sucking my own cock, there is just too much fine boy meat available to me. What I do enjoy is kneeling over the head of a boy as he sucks himself while I eat at his fine rear diner. I was hungry for the hot boy on the tin roof below me.
    The boy straightened his legs and lay back as he panted to regain his breath. He used his fingers to gather the spilled milk from his face and licked them clean. I was almost sure that I made eye contact with him as he gleaned all of his nut batter from the sweetest new face that I had seen all day.
    I heard Tim call for me from the floor below and I turned and walked away from the perfect scenery that their choice of houses had to offer. I made a few mental notes about the house, but overall I thought that it was a very good choice. The depressed market had brought the price of the house back to a reasonable figure after the roller coaster climb that had created an indefensible market during the previous three years.
    I took a walk outside to inspect the house and stood in the front yard when I saw the boy from the tin roof staring at me from the yard next door. I saw something that made my heart skip a beat, a sign on the front of his house announced that the house was in foreclosure. I approached the boy and introduced myself.
    I was talking to Ethan Sawyer. Without any preliminary statement I reached out and wiped a large dollop of his man-cream from his upper brow and returned my finger to my mouth. Ethan started then checked himself with a smile. "I thought that I saw somebody up there watching me."
    "You like for someone to watch you?"
    "I never had nobody do it before, but it was kind of a challenge." We talked for a few moments as I slowly drew from him his secret dreams of being caught by a sympathetic voyeur as he masturbates in semi-public places. I asked him where his favorite stroke places were. He blushed as he told me that he sometimes stands between two buildings along a large main street near his house and opens his pants. He said that the place where he hid is actually a niche between the two buildings and is only about ten feet deep. He likes that spot because there is a lot of foot traffic of young men and boys going in and out of a local youth club.
    I asked him if he ever had sex with anyone and he told me that it was all in his mind. I learned that he had a desire to find an older, fit man that would teach him how to love. He likes to read stories on the internet and does not like the idea of learning with a virgin boy. I would like the job as his trainer.
    I kept returning my gaze to the foreclosure notice in the front door of the house and Ethan noticed. His face clouded slightly. "Don't be embarrassed by that Ethan, it is not your fault."
    "So who's fault is it? Poppy is having to support me and he don't got that much money for his own self." The boy broke into tears. My heart went out to him, but I was not sure about embracing him at that point. Sure, you know me, I only hesitated for a split second before I had a sad boy clutched to my chest. I asked him if he would introduce me to his Poppy, he led me inside the house.
    The house was laid out in the same basic floor plan of all of the homes in the neighborhood, but there the similarity ended. The house was cluttered with stacks of junk piled everywhere. There was only a scant pathway through boxes, papers, and an assorted collection of a lifetime of a family's life.
    Poppy was at the breakfast table with his head down and he was asleep. Ethan gently shook the old man and told him that they had company. Poppy looked up in a start then smiled at me. "Come to take the place away from us, have ya?"
    "No Poppy, he ain't from no bank, he is looking to buy the house next door." I had not told him that, in fact I had not told him why I was at the house. I guess that when he saw my Cadillac and watched Jerry and Tim climb out to meet the real estate agent that he just assumed that we were house shopping.
    "Well, what do he want?" I love old men, they get right to the point.
    "I wanted to meet the grandfather of this fine young man and see what I might be able to do for you."
    "Do fer me? What's in it fer you?" He looked at Ethan and then back at me, I could see the wheels turning in his mind, but I kept my composure and pulled a chair out to sit down at the table with him.
    "There's fresh coffee that I just made. Poppy and me was going to have a cup, would you like one too?" I seldom ever turn down a fresh cup of hot coffee so I smiled at the boy as he ran to the sink and washed out an extra cup. He was back in a flash to sit the cups before us then he grabbed the coffee pot and filled them up.
    "My name is Chris Dickson. Two of my boys are buying the house next door to you. I met Ethan in the yard and noticed that your house is in trouble. May I ask about that?"
    "Nosy cuss, ain't ya? Why fore ya want to know my business?"
    "Because I care about people. It is obvious to me that you have lived here for a long time and I don't like to see anybody loose their home in these hard economic times."
    Stubborn? Proud? Broken? Poppy was all of those. It goes with his age. He is used to being in control of his life and suddenly circumstances have taken that away from him. I knew that I was going to buy his house before I left there. I just had to convince the man of that fact.
    Dieter Sawyer was a man on a fast downhill run to a place of lightless oblivion from which he saw no escape and no hope. His only son, Ethan's father and his daughter-in-law, had been amongst the victims of the disastrous tornadoes that had swept through Iowa during late May. Ethan was away from his home when the twister struck and he was spared.
    He was spared to go and live with his only living relatives, his grandparents. Trouble often comes in packets and in the case of this family it came with a one two punch that had devastated the old man. Dieter's wife of sixty years had died of liver cancer during this same period of time. Dieter had mortgaged his house for the current market value of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He had spent every dime of that money as they had sought a miracle to keep his beloved alive.
    I had several problems with his story. There are programs in place that pay senior citizens so that they can stay in their home. But the real question that I had was how he had spent that much money for cancer treatments. Sure, medical costs are high, but medicare will cover much of the cost. What I did not know was weather he had private insurance in place. I asked for more coffee as I began to fish for answers.
    Actually I received an education. The reverse mortgage program for seniors does not give up the total value of the home in cash. A monthly payment is doled out and at the property owners death the house reverts to the lending organization, regardless of the amount of monies received by the senior citizen. The remaining equity in the home is paid to the heirs of the senior citizen.
    As for the cost of the medical treatment I learned that there again is a very narrow minded think set. Medicare will only pay for accepted treatment programs in facilities that it has approved previously. The Sawyers had sought a miracle and had gone to extraordinary lengths in search of cure. I was appalled at some of the things that Dieter told me.
    I don't believe that the economy is the only thing driving the greed of the world today, there are people that are just plain too lazy to work for a living. These people go to unusual and unnatural methods to steal the money from others, without regard to the individual or his circumstances.
    The Sawyers spent over two million dollars seeking cures from around the world. They had spent all of their retirement savings and cashed in their pension plans as well as the money that they had received for their home. Now the large payments for high interest loans were due and there was no money to pay them. The only income that Dieter had was his Social Security benefits that amounted to just over eleven hundred dollars a month.
    While he and Ethan could survive on that amount of money, there wasn't near enough to pay back the loans. Dieter had filed for bankruptcy protection, but that did not give him his home back. Usually in a bankruptcy proceeding the individual is entitled to maintain his home. In this case Dieter had no equity left in his home and he owed much more than the house was worth.
    The house had a special significance to Ethan. His parents had lived in the family home with Dieter and his wife. He had been born in the house when his father was a student at the university. After graduation Ethan's parents moved to Iowa and eventually moved into a place of their own. They had no money and no insurance. Their home was not insured. The couple had signed for a contract for deed with the children of an elderly lady that had owned the home in Waterloo, Iowa. They had been in the house for about nine years and had taken out a small loan for improvements to the property.
    The younger Sawyers had died dirt poor, there was no money to pay the mortgage company off, Dieter and his wife had paid the loan on their son's destroyed home to protect Ethan from the debt. The cost of the funeral for Ethan's parents was also covered by Dieter and his wife. That was the killing blow to the old woman, she only lived a few weeks after she buried her only child.
    Ethan arrived at his grandfather's home with only the clothes on his back and not a penny to his name. The boy had lost everything in the world in that tornado, his parents, his home, and all of his childhood. The neighborhood in which he had grown up was totally destroyed and all of his friends had moved away to find a new life. The neighborhood would rebuild and many of his friends would return, in time. Time is what Ethan did not have. With no one to take care of him Ethan had to leave for Tucson and never look back.
    I knew that it was going to cost me dearly, but it is only money and my heart had been directed to the old man. It is not always about the boys. Sure, Ethan is a knockout looking boy, one that I would bed in a heartbeat. That was not my motivation at the time.
    I had seen a wrong and I wanted to try to make the remaining days of the seventy nine year old Dieter as stress free as possible. The best way to do that was to keep him in the home that he had lived in for over forty years.
    Ethan brought me every scrap of paper that he could find that gave details of the finances of the old man. I was going over the documents when there came a knock on the door. I had deserted Jerry and Tim. When they saw the condition of the inside of Dieter's house they knew that I was involved in something. When they saw Ethan they both grinned at me and told me that they would walk back to βφτ house, it was only a couple of blocks away. I love my boys.
    I decided to retrieve my laptop from the Caddy so I walked the boys out. I had an idea that I was sure that they would be willing to help me with, they readily agreed. I was fairly certain that I was onto something with the lender and I didn't want to waste time by going home then returning later. I had a hunch that I could save the house for the Sawyer's with a few phone calls.
    I had to ask Dieter to allow me to move a few things from the breakfast nook table so that I could spread out my work. I placed my computer on the table and took out a yellow legal pad along with a few pencils, I was about to get down to brass tacks.
    I logged on to the satellite link and began to surf. Ethan was all eyes as he watched me log on. He misses his computer more than anything else that he owned. I would correct that for him before the day was done. Of course I was correct, the lender was a shady subsidiary of a sub-prime lending organization that had taken several thousand people for a ride around the country.
    Dieter had been hit with more punches than any one man should ever have to take. He had been taken for everything that he owned. I was sure that the medical treatments that his wife had received were bogus, but I could see that the lending company was no more than a scam. Sure, he had gotten his money, that was the difference between a straight up con artist and a lender.
    No, the problem lay in the repayment plan and the huge interest payment due up front, it was designed to failure on the borrower's part. If the borrower used the proceeds of the loan for anything at all then he would not be able to make the exorbitant payments. The fine print of the contract made balloon payments look like petty cash. I am not opposed to usury, within reason. I charge the banks to hold my money for me and I expect them to recoup their costs by charging borrowers a reasonable interest rate for the money that it loans to them. I am against loan sharking.
    I consider the payday loan companies loan sharks. Those people can legally charge up to five hundred per cent interest on the money that they advance on a person's paycheck. They are stealing money from the children of people who can least afford to loose a penny. I suppose that there is a place for a payday loan. Everybody has the need of ready cash at one time or another. People with little or no credit history have to borrow somewhere, but to have to pay back one hundred and thirty seven dollars for a one hundred dollar cash advance for one week is too much, period.
    I knew that the lender in Dieter Sawyer's case was under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission as well as the FDIC. I searched for data on the company and learned that the State's Attorney General in four states had filed charges against the company. My path was clear.
    I called the local office and made an offer for the Sawyer mortgage. Properties had been superficially over valued for the past three or four years and the Sawyer house was one that would never support the large amount that it had been mortgaged for. I offered to purchase the paper from the lender for thirty cents on the dollar. The local branch manager laughed at my seventy five thousand dollar offer.
    I let him brow beat me for several minutes before reminding him that the neighborhood would not support such a figure as two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the forty year old house. I pointed out the amount of repairs that the house needed. A new heating system was called for as well as a new roof. The house was in serious need of paint, inside and out. There is a glut of foreclosed homes in the country and if the lender could recoup even twenty five percent of his money he was ahead of the game. I told him that he was correct, thirty percent was ridiculous. I offered him twenty percent.
    Sometimes it just takes the balls to call a man's bluff. I had the low level executive where I wanted him when I told him that I would deal directly with his home office. He told me to go ahead, if I could find them. He let the cat out of the bag with that statement, and he knew it. I showed him that I was not an easy push over when I not only named the parent organization, but also the CEO of the company. I mentioned the company's stressed cash flow situation as well as the parent company's legal entanglement. I was placed on hold.
    Nearly thirty minutes passed before the underling was back on the phone with a counter offer. He was willing to sell me the paper, one investor to another, for twenty five percent. That was a steal on my part, but one that I could live with. One thing that the lender did not want was a white elephant in his inventory. I set up a face to face for two hours out and told him that I would arrive ready to do business.
    As per my normal routine I arrived at one twenty, ten minutes early. I firmly believe in Lombardi time and I thank the old coach for creating the idea. I stepped into the local branch of the lending company wearing a three thousand dollar silk suit that my favorite New York tailors hand make for me. I carried my laptop in a leather shoulder bag and had nothing else with me. I took a seat by the front window and waited my turn.
    When the loan officer working the front finished his business I announced myself. I had sat still and listened as he had given the biggest soft soap sales pitch to a young couple that wanted to refinance their home. I would like to advise that couple to turn his offer down. I was shown into the manager's office and took a seat. The paper work was ready for me to sign so I read every bit of it, in its entirety. If there is one thing that I know it is the world of finance. I have not made my billions by being naïve.
    The offer I had made had been straight forward with no off side deals included. I offered to purchase the paper for a price of twenty five cents on the dollar with no extra fees or hidden costs. That was not the way the manager tried to present the final deal to me. I can make a big show when it suits my purpose. I pulled out a cell phone and called the main headquarters then asked to speak to the CEO. I was quickly interrupted by the manager and I placed my call on hold. I was offered a second set of, already prepared, contracts at my rate and terms.

    I had allowed Andy to listen in, just for the fun of it. The man is no slacker when it comes to the world of finance. My uncle Carl had trained his boyfriend, but in fact Andy was well conditioned in the world of big bucks by his father and grandfather before him. Sure his father had been murdered when Andy was ten years old and his grandfather had passed on a few months before. But they left a legacy instilled in the boy that has carried on into the man and that legacy has helped Andy to control several billion dollars of his own.
     I have said it before, and I believe that it still holds true, Andy actually has more money than I do. I control the assets of the boys in my family and that money totals more than one trillion dollars. My personal wealth is somewhere far short of that amount, around sixty billion dollars at last count.
    I met Andy at one of our favorite lunch spots where we hashed over my latest acquisition. I had just spent sixty two thousand five hundred dollars purchasing the mortgage on a house next door to a house that Tim and Jerry hoped to purchase for one hundred and ninety thousand dollars. The houses are about the same, with the exception that the one the boys want to purchase is not in need of repairs.

    Andy had word for me on the fight clubs being formed in the local high schools. It is a national phenomena brought about by the onslaught of ultimate fighting being shown on many web sites. A popular movie of interest to the boys in my family is entitled "Never Back Down"—staring Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet; Summit Entertainment: 2008. The fast action flick is a teenage boys' dream with intense fight scenes featuring plenty of blood and gore for their young minds. Norm Ellis had told me that Wilson High had a UFC—Ultimate Fight Club—and that most of the area high schools had clubs or were starting them up.
    I am opposed to any boy fighting. I believe that there are other ways to deal with day to day issues. I know that I sound hypocritical when I say this because of the training that I am allowing to occur with a few members of my family. In general I believe that fighting solves very little. Andy grinned at me then told me about new evidence concerning fight clubs in Brazil that are a part of Hikmat Klein's organization. I don't speak Portugese and I don't know anyone that does. I had no plans to go to Sao Palo and I told Andy that. He grinned at me as he stuffed his face with the offerings of the great selections from the salad bar.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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