Chapter 211


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I received a call that no parent wants to receive. One of Tyler's duties is to gather the attendance reports from each class and fill out the records in the office. He called me with the disturbing news, "Dad, Ron Shepherd is not in class today. A search of the dormitory and around the school has failed to turn him up." I told him that I would take care of it then thanked him for the message.
    I quickly acquired the codes for the youngster and entered them into my computer tracking system. The little red dot that represented Ron Shepherd's GPS device appeared to be moving south through the city. I hesitated to call for an FIS agent, I felt that I should take care of the situation personally. I sent the code to my GPS monitor in my Caddy SUV and left the house.
    Before I left my driveway Ron's signal stopped. I checked the location. The signal was emitting from a small neighborhood park on the far south side of town. I drove directly there and parked the Caddy. I set the GPS code on my Verizon Droid and moved across the park. The signal seemed to be coming from a restroom at one side of the park, but there were two bicycle patrol officers headed in that direction. I quickly removed my badge case from my pocket and opened the compartment to let out the chain.
    I had my badge hanging about my neck as I entered the restroom. My eyes were filled with a horrible sight. Ron was bending over the lavatory with his pants around his ankles. A young man of about nineteen or twenty was being pulled away from the boy by the two police officers. It was still plain to see that he had been involved in anal sex with Ron.
    A police officer tried to send me away. I held up my badge as Ron turned around and simply said, "Dad?" I walked to the boy and helped him pull his pants up. I held him close to me as the police gathered their information from the older boy. I wanted to knock the older boy out, but I let the police do their work. They talked to Ron. He had a story that made rage rise up in me. I try to protect all of my boys, I guess that I have been too protective.
    Ron is a butt hungry eleven year old boy that likes to be with older boys and young men. He does not feel accepted at BAW, that is something that I will have to deal with. He had met the older boy in a park restroom more than a month earlier and the two had been having sex in various places around town. On the morning that this event took place Ron had awakened especially horny. He called Ephim Conners to pick him up west of the school at about seven in the morning.
    The two boys had gone to breakfast at a nearby mom and pop restaurant as Ron told Ephim how unhappy he was. He wanted to run away and live with the nineteen year old boy. Ephim was living with his sister's family. He had no job and no money of his own. He did enjoy sex with the youngster and tried to figure a way to keep the boy nearby. With hormones raging the two boys stopped to engage in their favorite activity. This time they were caught.
    I met with Ephim several times prior to his trial. I had thought to try an help him, but the police detectives uncovered another victim. He had been sexually involved with his young nephew for more than three years. Sue Ellen wanted him burned at the stake. Ephim has been confined to prison for the rest of his natural life. If he is ever paroled he will enter and hospital for repetitive sex offenders and never be allowed his freedom again.
    The police wanted to detain Ron as a juvenile prostitute. I trumped them. Ron has been awarded to me by the state of Arizona as a hopeless homosexual juvenile. His case has been adjudicated in juvenile court and his records are sealed. I offered to have my attorney present evidence of my statement, but the police officers on the scene were familiar with me and accepted my word. I gathered Ron to me and turned to walk away.

    The twenty something year old bicycle patrol police officer that had tried to send me away in the beginning walked over to me after the police had gathered all of their evidence. "You're Sir Chris Dickson aren't you? You own Bradford Academy? I have a young cousin that attends there. His name is Mikie Mahan."
    "I don't have a student by that name at the school. Could you mean Mikie Mahone?"
    "Probably, he never did know his father's name. My aunt was a slut that had a steady string of men in her life. She didn't care who was in her bed, until she got caught with a fifteen year old boy. She is serving four consecutive twenty eight year sentences at Perryville prison for women."
    "Officer Mahan, may I ask how you know about Mikie and why you have not come forth before this?"
    "Aunt Faye loves the little man. She asked me to watch out for him and make sure that he is okay. I used to go visit him at his different homes. That is how I learned that you had taken custody of him. I figured that he was in the best place that he could ever be. I didn't want to ruin his chance at growing up in a safe place so I stayed away."
    "You may have created some harm for the boy. I have spent a year trying to learn who he is. He has a right to know. He has a right to know his mother. That is his choice. Did you ever consider what his actual needs are, or did you just decide that all was well and left him alone? Don't answer that, it is rhetorical. I am angry, officer. I have a wonderful, loving boy in my charge that has no idea who he is. I believe that he deserves some closure to his past."
    The man understood where I was coming from. He asked me what he could do. I told him that the first thing that needed to be done was to verify his position. I asked him to submit to DNA testing while I confirmed Mikie's mother's position.

    Ron was shaking with fright all of the way back to the house. I talked softly to the boy, but he had little to no history with me. He equated me to other authority figures in his young life and was sure that he was going to get a spanking. If a spanking was all that he feared then he was truly innocent in his naïvete.
    When I pulled up to the front door of the house I asked Ron to slide across the center console and sit in my lap for a minute. I wiped his tears from his tiny face and assured him that he was not going to get a spanking. I told him that I was disappointed with him for leaving the school, but I felt that punishment should be dealt out by the family.
    That seriously frightened him. He had heard about the black marble box and the wide belt. I held him close and told him that that sort of punishment was not warranted in this incident. I told him that at the worst he would probably get to wash the pots and pans in the kitchen, with a toothbrush. He grinned at me as he began to realize that I was not upset with him. I pulled him tight and kissed the end of his nose. "Happy birthday, Ron. Today is your twelfth birthday and you almost missed your party."
    "Ain't gonna be no party for me, nobody likes me."
    "I like you. In fact I love you. I have asked around and nobody knows what you want for your birthday."
    "I want one of them Golden Pole Pins." I was surprised that he used the full name. Most boys say they want a pin, not a golden pole pin. I asked why he used the full name and why he wanted one.
    "'Cause that would show the other boys that I's a man that can take it and that I am a part of your family."
    "But you are a part of our family."
    "I want to be a part of your family. I want a pin like all of your boys got."
    "Ron, talk to me. Who do you love?"
    He ducked his head and looked at me from the top of his eyes as he sheepishly spoke, "Rod and Neal."
    "Baby, Rod is my son. I am married to his mother. Neal is my aunt's son, he his my cousin. They are my blood family. Rod has a boyfriend, but Neal is single. Do you want to be his boyfriend and become part of my blood family through him?" I was trying to think like a twelve year old boy so I was grasping at anything that might make sense.
    "If Neal could be my boyfriend then I would be your cousin by him. That would be so kewl."
    "Do you think that Neal wants to be your boyfriend?"
    "He sorta hangs 'round me, but he don't say much. I guess he's just shy."
    "Do you talk to him."
    "No, I am waiting for him to talk to me." Boys!!! Prepubescent boys! Shy is not the word for them. They are so frightened of rejection that they hold their emotions inside. They always wait for the other one to break the ice, so to speak. Once a dialogue is begun they will never shut up. It is just getting that first word in there.
    Cory was listening to our conversation as he herded all of the boys into the wine cellar for a big birthday bash. He told me that everyone was in position. I climbed out of the SUV while still holding Ron in my arms. He had his arms wrapped around my neck as he showed the first real affection that I had seen from him since he first came to the family.

    Ron was led by the hand when we made a sweep of the streets in January, just after our return from England and our Christmas bash there. I asked Marty Wilmes about the boy, but he just told me that he found him standing in an alley and he looked hungry. A thorough background check on Ron Shepard revealed a seriously disturbed homosexual boy of eleven years of age.
    We learned that he had been used sexually by those from whom he should have been sheltered and protected. His father was a 'drunken bum' from the description that we got from his incarcerated mother. She was in jail for the first degree murder of her ex-husband whom she found in bed with ten year old Ron. She had thrown the ex out and let her boyfriends take over the job of keeping 'the little faggot happy,' but the boy's father wanted to spend time with his young son.
    He had slipped into the house and crawled into bed with Ron. It was some hours later that Ron's mother returned to find her ex balls deep in her ten year old son's ass. She had her boyfriend drag the ex into the backyard where she split his head open with an axe. She told the boyfriend to go keep her faggot son happy while she disposed of the body of her ex-husband. Sometimes I wish that I had the power to mete out punishment to fit the crime.
    Ron was placed in an abusive foster home where he was allowed to wonder the streets at all hours of the day and night. He knew of several places where he could find men that would fuck him for money. At the foster home the thirteen and fourteen year old boys fucked him for fun, then made fun of him. Ron's self esteem hung in the balance.
    Marty only knew that Ron was brazen and that he would walk up to a man and ask him if he wanted to fuck his ass. Marty is only thirteen, but he knows that that sort of behavior could get the boy hurt…or killed. He grabbed him by the hand and led him over to Tomes of Time and up to me. He placed Ron's hand in mine and turned to go stand with the other boys that had come to the book store seeking safety from their street life.
    Ron wouldn't talk to any of us. He was defiant when it came to his desires. He wanted to get away from the foster home and we did that for him that evening. He wanted to go to school so that he could learn to be a smart man someday. That was happily granted to him. He wanted to live in the dormitory. I allowed that for two reasons, he had been on the street so I figured that he was street wise. Also I took into consideration the fact that he had lived in an abusive situation in a foster home so I thought that the dorm setting would be more comforting to him. I need to stop thinking and follow my own rules about no one under the age of twelve living in the dorms.
    I carried the small boy through the house and down the stairs to the tunnel that led to the wine cellar. Upon entering that large area our eyes were met with the sight of every boy from the dormitory and from both of the houses. There were also several of the college boys that had come up from βφτ house to join in the celebration. Twelve is a milestone in a boy's life and very few of the boys in my charge had ever had the opportunity to celebrate the day with a party of their own.
    Three large banners proclaimed the day as being Ron Shepard's birthday and a four foot tall cake, festooned with toy trucks and cars, sat before the drink coolers in the corner of the cellar. There were balloons and streamers decorating the room and every boy had on a party hat, and nothing else.
    At our entry the boys shouted out a 'surprise' in unison and began to blow on their horns and noise makers. I had to smile at Cory, he had gone a little overboard with the celebration, but he had been listening to Ron and I talk so he knew the hurt that the boy felt. I suppose that it was more rejection than hurt. Ron felt that nobody loved him.
    Some of the boys take my admonition to not touch the boys under twelve a little too much to heart. There are no boys under twelve living in the dorm so the boys that live there don't exactly know what their limitations are. The underage boys that live in the house with me are loved by all of the family. They are looked on as everyone's little brother. Ron had been denied that closeness, mostly because of my trying to second guess his desires.
    I had carried Ron through the house fully clothed. I wanted him to know the full effects of a birthday party for a member of the house of happy fairies. The little ones were quick to assume the duty of dis-robing the over dressed boy. Every inch of his body was kissed and licked as each portion of his clothing was removed. The older boys stood by awaiting their turn at showing the boy what life in the family is all about.
    There was not a square millimeter of skin on Ron's body that was not covered in boi jizz. With over four hundred horny cock swingers stroking over the boy it would stand to reason that he would be a creamy delight in a very short time.
    Ron was giggling and trying to protect his eyes from the stinging solution, but he moved his open mouth in close to catch many of the boys' offerings. His own cock was stiff throughout the ceremony. The boy had nothing to be ashamed of there, he was more than well hung for twelve years of age. A tape measure was produced and the results were announced, "Five and one quarter inches, by four and three quarter inches. A real keeper on a real cutie." I had to smile at Jimmy for his comments, he knows how to brace up the feelings of a insecure boy.
    The little ones had wash cloths and pans of warm water to clean Ron's body. I was happy to see that Neal had a wash cloth in his hand and that he was holding on to Ron's pride with loving care and attention. I stepped up to the end of the table on which Ron was stretched out, "Ron wants a Pin for his birthday present."
    "NOOOO!!!!" Rang out from around the room, but mainly from the peanut gallery. I picked Kardal up and asked him why. "Dadee, he too small than me. He is not to haf dat pin till he is bigger."
    "But baby, he is more than two years older than you are, and he is a little taller…"
    "Dadee, he is not to live in the house with us? He should live here with us so that he is safe and then when he is big then he can have a pin"
    "You care for him don't you?"
    He ducked his head and looked sideways at Ron. "I like him, but Neal love him, he don't want Ron to get hurt." I looked at Neal, he was blushing, full body. I smiled as I saw that Neal was holding Ron's hand.
    "Neal, do you think that Ron should have a pin?" He shook his head and looked down. "Why?"
    "'Cause I love him…" Neal blushed again and pulled his hand away from Ron's. Ron sat up and looked at the boy then smiled. He pulled Neal to himself and ran his hand over the boy's face.
    "And I love you too. Could we be friends?"
    "Like boyfriends?"
    "If you want."
    "Could you live with me?"
    "You live in the dorm don't you?" Chipmunk has not matured much. At the time of this event he was a little more than a month from his own fifteenth birthday. He identifies with his younger cousin, Rodney, and shies away from his older brother, Alvin. Cory and I have often talked of ways to draw the boy out of his shell and help him to grow up, the two of us smiled at each other as we hoped that a boyfriend might do the awakening.
    Ron didn't get his pin for his birthday. He found that he had lots of loving brothers and that all of his fears had been unfounded. Neal and Ron were moved into the main house and given their own room. From the way that the boys walked and the way that they looked at each other the next few days Cory and I are sure that we have a new loving couple in our family. I grabbed Ron up and told him that he was officially my cousin-in-law, his smile lit up my life.

    A search of DNA data bases had failed to turn up any close match to Mikie Mahone. He is a complete unknown. When I found him on the streets he was running from an abusive home life ruled by the new husband of his step-mother. He had been bounced around from one family situation to another so often that he had no idea who he was. He knew that his birth father died when he was five. His mother remarried a man that Mikie lived with for six years.
    During those six years his mother had been arrested and sent to prison for having sex with a minor, her step-son. A few years later the step-father remarried then he was killed by an escaping thief from a convenience store robbery. The new step-mother remarried a man that was abusive to Mikie. She showed the boy no love, he was nothing to her but extra baggage. I had no problem getting her permission to move Mikie to BAW.
    Mikie did not know his father's last name for sure, but he thought that it was Mahone. A search for a birth certificate under that name failed to turn up a match. A search for a woman in the prison system by the names that Mikie gave us were unfruitful. Bull had to do a lot of work to make the boy my ward. Mikie has proven himself to be a worthy student at BAW with good grades and excellent deportment. Nobody has a problem with him.
    My chance encounter with the young police officer in the park shed new light on Mikie's situation. The officer had let Ron go, but he had arrested Ephim Connors. Before Ephim's case came up in court Officer Mahan had submitted to DNA testing. It was learned that he was the first cousin of Mikie. I set up a quiet dinner for Mikie and his cousin was well as officer Mahan's father and mother.
    Mr. and Mrs. Mahan were cold to the idea of meeting Mikie. They had listened to stories that Mr. Mahan's sister had told of the boy, not realizing that 'the boy' she was talking about was her fifteen year old stepson, the one with whom she was sent to prison for having ongoing sexual relations with. Some people are just so hard headed that they don't want to listen to the truth because it goes against those things in which they believe. Shad Mahan and I had our work cut out for us when we set out to clear Mikie's name and reputation. It almost backfired on Mikie.
    Once the elder Mahan's accepted the truth, and then met Mikie, they wanted to take the boy into their house and raise him themselves. Mikie was in a stable setting. He had been a student at BAW for a year and he was doing very well there. I felt that to remove him from the first stable home that he had known since he was nine years old would be a great setback for the boy.
    Fortunately the elder Mr. Mahan put everything into prospective. "We will see that you get the right sort of education and get them queer thoughts of yours put clean outta yer head bone. We knows this group of parents what got fags in their house and they all treated them so that now they's all married and got kids that is not queer. We're family, Mikie. We loves ya and we'll help ya to heal and be a better person that the world will like better."
    Mikie looked at me then rushed to stand beside me. "I like the school and I want to go there. I have friends there and nobody puts me down. Can't I continue to go to school?"
    "Sure, ya can go to school. We knows a nice school that knows how to help kids like you. You'll like life better after a year or two there."
    Mikie was shaking, his bottom lip was quivering, and tears were forming along the bottom of his eyes. I put my arm around the boy's waist and pulled him close to me. "Mikie, you will be able to remain in school at the Academy for as long as you wish to attend there."
    "You ain't got no rights in this, mister. We's his family. We's all that he's got. We talked to our friends at the school and they tell us that the courts will give him to us, if you want to fight us. We got lots of money to fight you and you can't win." That sounded like a challenge.
    The best way to fight a fire is to never let a hot spot erupt in the first place. JC and another top investigator with Child Protective Services made a trip to the Mahan house for a surprise inspection. Drugs were found in plain sight. Empty alcohol containers were strewn about two large chairs set before the television in the front room. Mr. Mahan was nude and Mrs. Mahan wore only a flimsy housecoat.
    There were dirty dishes, that had to have been more than a week old, sitting in a sink of cold, mold covered water. Old bug infested food was all around the kitchen and animal feces was on all of the floors of the house. Of course everything was video recorded with audio input from both inspectors. When a vermin infested basement was discovered the health department was called in to inspect the house.
    The property was condemned and the Mahan's were removed, they were not allowed to take anything from the house. Without clothes or personal possessions they appealed to their friends at their school. Acknowledgment of their claims as to the nature of the school were denied and eventually the school officials denied knowing the Mahans themselves.
    A shyster lawyer was secured, but he turned tail and ran when he learned that Mikie was represented by Bull. The family tried to put their case before the public and were completely laughed out of town. I love the power of the internet. The boys can do so much good, and sometimes bad, when they post flattering pictures across the web. Even the four news networks picked up pictures of the Mahan's lifestyle. Most citizens do not want rat infested homes in their neighborhood.
    It was sad really. Mikie never got to know his aunt and uncle. He did get to know Shad though. Shad is a good kid that overcame his family and built a life for himself. I was proud to sit in on an awards and promotion ceremony to see him receive his corporal stripes. He wants to remain with the bicycle patrol for a few more years, he "Is strong and healthy and…who knows, he just might help another child out of danger." I hope that he does.

    BAE was rebuilt and ready for occupancy as a new school. It had taken a lot to convert that property into suitable quarters for the boys that would be housed there. The plumbing was disastrous and the building itself had been battered by the salt air from the Mediterranean sea storms that ravage that part of the coast. I decided that our summer holiday would be spent doing the Greek thing.
    Andy had helped me to ship fifty thousand pieces of my beautiful mountain to Parga. With those stones as a starting point four massive three hundred foot long buildings were erected that looked out across the blue waters of the Metatherian sea. The beaches of Eλλάς had an abundance of boys that needed, and wanted, a place to live and to learn. I was pleased when we received accreditation as a full term college with the high school sitting on the site of the original building.
    I did the only thing that I could do to christen the new school. I hauled four hundred horny homos half way around the world and had them join up with four hundred more horny homos from the four schools in England, Franççais, and Düutschland. Travelaire© delivered the students from BAG Boys. I was almost sure that we had enough cum factories on site to perform a proper dowsing of all of the buildings and most of the school's grounds during the twelve weeks that we intended to stay there.
    To make certain that everything would be covered I had invited four mid-western boys to join us. Bryn Elders accompanied his new foster brothers, Mic and Mel Collins on our trip. Mic's boyfriend, Scott Traffen, joined the Collins boys, 'to see how real gay boys lived.' I wasn't sure that the students were any sort of representation of real gay boy life, but I do know that my boys get down and have fun.
    Mitch loaded up his four boys before dawn in Iowa on the morning of our departure for Western Europe and Andy flew them to Tucson. When the buses arrived at the planes deep inside the mountain of Base A they were waiting for us. I ushered them aboard the large Travelaire Too for the long overseas flight. Their eyes were wide at the size of the plane's interior and at the many different sizes of naked cocks that quickly followed boys seeking seats near them. I told them that they would be very uncomfortable wearing so much clothing on the long flight. I was joined by several boys nearby when I informed our guests that the uniform of the day was nothing, nothing at all. Four buff boys quickly doffed their duds as the family helped them to stow the articles of clothing into the overhead luggage area. I had to take time to admire the four boys' attributes. I wouldn't mind getting to know each of them on a personal level. I had twelve weeks, that was something to look forward too.
    A fire bell kept going off in engine number two. That does not create a strong feeling of security when one is flying at forty thousand feet above the Atlantic ocean. The queeing and others of my immediate family were with me aboard FI-2 when I received word of the alarm bells sounding aboard the large plane. I had pressed a second cargo plane into service to carry the boys' gear and equipment for the new school. I ordered all three planes to sit down at Liverpool. American computer equipment is difficult to obtain in parts of Europe and the software that we use at the school is not available overseas. I had six hundred computers and servers onboard the cargo plane, as well as software for all of the systems.
    I also had clothing, including the new School Blazers, along with shoes, socks, underwear, and ties onboard. I wanted to have all bases covered for the first day of school in late August. I had my armored Caddy SUV and Cullen's armored stretch limo onboard the second plane as well. I know that there are many fine auto companies that make excellent armored vehicles in Greece, but I was used to the two vehicles that I already owned. I didn't want to have to be learning the peculiarities of a new vehicle when I was under fire.
    Travelaire© landed at Liverpool for a refueling stop. When I was satisfied that I would not need the use of the two armored vehicles I sent the cargo plane on with that flight to Parga. I went aboard Travelaire Too to reassure the boys onboard that plane. Four former virgins were brought to me sporting new gold mile high pins.
    This pin is a variation of the GPP in that it sports a pair of wings to the sides of the small penis to symbolize those boys whom have flown united on one of my aircraft. I looked at their smiling faces as I waited for the inevitable question, "Can I have a Golden Pole Pin? I told each of them that I would be honored to participate in the ceremony leading to the award of the pin as soon after landing in Greece would allow. My pecker fluttered as I looked at the cute asses on four near virgins. I wondered if they would be so eager to receive the pin after they saw what they had to ride to receive it.

    We landed at Parga just before dawn on Monday June first, 2009. The new school buses were lined up at the fence awaiting our arrival so the boys were quickly taken to the campus. They quickly filed into their assigned dorm and found the students from BAG Boys enjoying a large breakfast. Bags were dropped on the spot as hungry bellies quickly moved through the food lines to get whatever they could before it was all gone.

    When in Greece…so the boys did as the Grecians do, they got naked and welcomed the sunrise. I'm not sure that the Grecian sun ever rose on the sort of activity that was presented on the western slopes of that country, but the boys sure were having their fun.
    Voyageur Marin Deux© was in port and the boys from BAF disembarked a little past eight. Travelaire Too returned about five with the boys from BAP and BAD onboard. The boys from BAB would arrive the morning of the second. The enrollment of those four schools had grown by two hundred and sixty new boys. Of course BAB had the largest increase, it was the newest school.
    BAP had seen an increase of fifty new students and BAF had forty new boys. That was not so surprising as the word had reached throughout Europe that the school at Nice was a haven for homosexual youth. The part that did surprise me was the fact that the student body of BAD had grown by sixty new boys. I sat down with the headmasters of those schools and asked if they knew the reason why the sudden growth.
    Parts of Europe are held sway by the influence of the Catholic Church. Much of France has turned to a more protestant form of religion while England is dominated by the Angelican church. Germany has remained more Catholic and is heavily ruled by priests that have their own little countryside to rule over. Some of those priests do more harm than good. Not all of them are pederasts, but there are more than a few.
    I was ready to don my battle gear and go hunting by the time the schoolmasters finished their reports. The saddest case came from the headmaster of BAD. I had to meet the fourteen year old boy and ask him to tell me his story in person. It was just as tragic as the headmaster had told it, but with a personal twist.
    The castle that BAD now occupies was built in the late seventeenth century to watch over the river for several miles in each direction. The watchers of the keep would spot a boat on the river and go down to collect a tariff from the operators for safe passage. The castle also operated the only ferry crossings for several miles in either direction. All of that meant income for the castle.
    From its vantage point on the cusp of a mountainside outcrop a wide field of vision is still available. The current watchers of the keep, the staff of BAD, are able to see anyone approaching the school long before they reach the doors. One morning the staff watched a small boy walk up the long, steep roadway as he was followed by a man and a woman. The boy told the headmaster of the school that he wished to attend school there. It was the story that he told that gained him admittance to the school.
    Fourteen year old Franz lived in fear of their Parish Priest. Two years earlier his fifteen year old brother was outed by their priest. The man came to the boys' home one evening with news that the fifteen year old son had made improper advances on the person of the priest to avoid punishment for an incident in the church school with a younger boy.
    Hans denied the accusation. The priest told his parents that it was normal for the boy to lie to try to get himself out of his sin before God and man. The priest was revered in the parish and his word was deemed to be just and true. The parents were aghast that their son would be so base. The boy was known to be quite the little womanizer with a string of girlfriends that saw the whole world in the boy's life.
    Hans was too young to date, but he kept all of the girls a twitter with his smooth talk and his perfect charm. It was almost in disbelief that the parents listened to the priest's charges. The priest was very convincing with his charges. He would not name the other boy, choosing to protect the innocent. He held fast to his story and offered to exorcize the demons of homosexuality from the wayward boy.
    The parents felt that they had no choice. In order to save the soul of their eldest all measures needed to be undertaken, at once. Without consulting anyone else the exorcism commenced at once. Hans was taken into another room where the priest acted in solo. By the churches rules an exorcism is always performed by two or more priests, for the protection of the priest from the demons that are to be exorcized.
    After an hour of noises of excruciating pain emitting from the mouth of their young son the room grew strangely silent. When the parents entered the room the sight that met their eyes was straight from a horror movie. There was blood everywhere in the room. The boy's chest appeared to have been carved open, by the crucifix that the priest held in his hand. The boy lay in a heap against the far corner of the room, his neck was broken.
    The police were called to investigate. They reported that Hans died by torture. Franz told his parents that the priest had made homosexual advances to Hans. Hans had told the old pervert where he could put it. Franz told his parents that the priest had been molesting him for more than four years, since he was ten.
    Other boys in the parish were located and they each told of similar abuse and advances by the priest. The old cleric had threatened to excommunicate their families if the boys did not submit. Fear of being cut off from the holy church is ingrained into all of the children from a very young age. The boys did not want to see their families suffer from their misdeeds and relented, for the most part.
    Hans' best friend was questioned about what he knew of the priest's actions. He was sullen, but finally told the police that he had been with Hans when the priest approached him. Hans went into a small room with the priest and when he came out he was very mad. He told his friend what the old pervert wanted and his friend told him that he should do as he was asked.
    That made Hans even madder. He told his friend that their bodies were the Temple of God and that no one had the right to touch them without their permission. The friend told Hans that he gave his permission in order to save his father from excommunication. Hans told his friend that he would rather be cast out of church that protected perverts than to have his body defied in opposition to the teaching of the Christ.
    The body of the friend was found hanging from a rope in the church belfry the following Friday morning. Two other boys were accidently run over by honey wagons that week. It was becoming difficult to find any witnesses to the priest's sins.
    Franz took to his bedroom and hid out. He refused to go to the parish school. His parents pled with him to come out of his room, but they supported his not returning to the church or the church school. They heard about the school at St Goarshausen and decided to make the trek across the country to the school. They were poor farmers, or vintners, that had a few dozen acres of grapes alongside a rock mountainside. Their income was meager. A small truck garden provided most of the family's produce.
    An old cow provided the family with milk, butter, and cheese, but she was old and drying up. The family had no motorized transportation so they made the two hundred mile trek through the mountains on foot. I held Hans on my lap and asked him for his fondest wish. He looked at me and told me that he wished that his mother and father did not have to work so hard to live.
    With both sons gone from home then his father would have to work very hard and his health was not good. I sent Paddy to visit the family the next morning. He found a neat farm that was falling down around the ears of the family that worked their living from the land. He offered the family twenty five thousand Marks to help with their bills. They refused the money.
    Paddy called me in perplexity. I asked him to offer the couple jobs at BAD. Hans' father was happy to tend to the massive vegetable gardens of the school and his mother was overwhelmed at the opportunity to prepare those vegetables for the boys there. A buyer was located that wanted their old farm. A top price was paid for the aging cow and the half acre garden's fifty bushel yield was bid for at a price twenty times over market value for a crop of its projected size. Of course the overall size of the crop was more like three or four bushels. The couple was driven back to the school and would be hard at work by the time the boys returned after their summer vacation.
    The story that Hans told was by far the worst of the stories that I heard, but it had a familiar ring that was repeated several times by the new students coming to the schools. Germany had the largest incident of similar stories, but France had its share as well.
    For the most part the boys that had shown up at BAB were ostracized from their homes by family and peer pressure. There were several stories of religious leaders involving themselves in the lives of the boys and in a few cases the school officials had put their noses where they didn't belong. I have a very good team of barristers on retainer in England and they have found that they have plenty of work to do for a few months as they set about with legal action against the gay bashers.

    We have boys from four continents living in the houses in Tucson. Add to that number the boys from two continents represented by the schools of Europe and one would have an international representation of a large segment of the world.
    A lesson quickly learned was one of linguistics. As boys from Greece arrived at the school it was quickly understood that a need for language classes needed to be undertaken. Many of the boys from England, and a few of the more affluent students from France and Munedavia are conversant in Greek. Only Cullen is well versed in classic Greek, but that is not the language of the present day.
    There was a lot of interest in garnering the exposure to a new language, until…Well, the language of sex really knows no international boundaries. Grunts, moans, and groans—with an occasional yelp of pain—transcend all language barriers and since the primary purpose of the linguistic classes was solely for the purpose of obtaining sex from other boys the needs for the lessons fell apart.
    It was quickly learned that a flick of the eyebrow and a twitch of the thumb, a few simple hand gestures and a come hither look, achieved more than a few hundred words could produce, and in less time. I often recall a sick joke that I heard as a boy. The punch line made me laugh to myself as I walked about the large campus of BAE.
    The joke refers to the color of the ground at Custer's last stand at the Little Big Horn. The joke says that the ground was white because the Indians just kept cuming and cuming. With more than a thousand horn dogs fucking behind every rock and bush on the campus I expect the ground to be running knee deep with the pungent elixir of life before the summer is finished.
    The boys had more fun than I believe that they have had on any subsequent trip that we have taken. We had no agenda, no itinerary, nothing to do but to have sex. All of us had plenty of that to satisfy us. The staff members of the other academies were taken aside and informed that any student that was not a student at his academy was available. The only rule was that NO meant no. Most of the staff members have their own boyfriends that live at their school with them, but they are all boy lovers and they all took to the fields for some judicious harvesting.
    There were three hundred new Golden Pole Pins awarded during the twelve weeks. Jimmy complained that he was worn to a frazzle trying to get all of the new boys' names recorded. I made him suck my sore and swollen dick. He did the job with relish and offered to take on the task each day thereafter.
    The first awards ceremony occurred the third day in Greece. I pulled the four boys that were sent to me by Mitch Collins aside and laid their butts out for the amassed assemblage to see. I had learned that Bryn Elders did not believe himself capable of cuming by just being fucked. I have known some boys like that, but I wanted to give the boy the ride of his life.
    I know that many men and boys tell me that the fucking that they get from me is the benchmark by which every fuck that they ever receive again is measured. I believe that Bryn will always measure our time together against every love making session for the rest of his life.
    The boy shot so much cum, so hard and so far, that it landed a full four feet beyond his head and the table on which he ly. He raised his head to allow most of his ejaculate to make its way into his mouth. He was so happy that tears of joy streamed down his cheeks. He put his arms around me and did not want to let go as he thanked me over and over for the best love making session of his life. Bryn is sixteen, but I know that he had been having sex with his foster brothers, Mel and Mic, for two years. He has even had sex with Mic's boyfriend, Scott, on several occasions. I like to see a family that fucks together.
    The selection for the pin ceremony was simple, I choose those boys with the largest puppy dog eyes and the longest bottom lips first. I was proud of the boys from BAW, they waited until the final days of our vacation to come forward with their requests. They knew that I was with them most of the time, but that I didn't get together with the boys from the other schools very often. They acted like perfect gentlemen as they held their butt cheeks together and awaited their turn.

    Our return to Tucson took place on the twenty first of August. Each of the other schools took their leave on the afternoon of the twentieth so we were the last to leave. It is always sad when we have to say goodbye. Many of the boys had renewed acquaintances with boys that they had met on previous trips to Europe. There were many new boys for everyone to get to know, and of course there were one hundred and fifty boys arriving at BAE that had their first taste of American meat.

    As we jetted our way home I looked about the cabin at my reason for living. Yes, I have had to ask myself many times since my near death experience with the flu back there in January, "Why am I here?" I am more fortunate than many others, I simply have to look around me to see the answer.
    Jimmy and Cullen were spooned against each other in the seat at the front of the cabin. RD and Cory shared a seat across the isle from me as they talked quietly. I looked in my lap and knew at once why I live. Rod was curled up with his head on my thigh. He had his thumb stuck into his mouth as he dreamed the dreams of the innocent.
    I was drawn at once to open my case and look at a brochure that the headmaster of BAP had given me. He wanted my approval on a new school motto. I think it should be the creed of all of my schools. The line reads: l\'enfance se mesure en sons, en odeurs et en images, avant d\'être obscurcie par l\'âge de raison. Translated from the French it simplistically states: "Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows." Sir John Betjeman, CBE 28 August 1906 - 19 May 1984. I would wish that my child would never find that dark hour. I know that he will, but I will protect him with my very life to prolong that discovery.

    School in Tucson would not take up again until Tuesday the seventh of September. Labor Day would be on Monday the sixth with school resuming the following day. That allowed for almost two weeks for us to get the boys settled in and calmed down.
    Our four visitors from Iowa were saddened to depart from us. They looked forward to returning home, but they had come to meet many new friends and they had loved the freedom that the family displayed. I know that Mitch was looking forward to having his boys at home with him. It had been a long summer for all of them and they had much to share with one another.
    I allowed the four boys to spend one weekend at the house so that they could see the school and the lifestyle that we enjoy in the desert southwest. I tentatively promised the four a chance to visit later on, maybe the holidays or spring break. I didn't know what Andy had planned.

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