Chapter 190


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Shopping with the boys is always an experience, but I suggest that attention be paid to what the little darlings had to eat within the previous forty eight hours. Fifteen year olds Chase Boswell and Doug Hewitt wanted to show their talent for making Texas Hot Chilli.
    All of the boys like chilli and we were eager to try their take on the cowboy staple. Later that evening Edmund sat back and smiled at the two young chefs as he reminded them that he had told them that if they wished to use dried pinto beans that they should be soaked overnight and double rinsed. The cowboys wanted to cook their chilli up the way Red and the old trail cooks fixed it. You may remember that Chuck has an old ranch hand that acts as the cook when there is need for the men to be out on the range overnight. Chase and Doug assured me that Red never soaked his beans, Edmund just shook his head and held his nose.
    The rear end music was almost comical, but the associated smells were not. In fact some of the boys had such bad gas for two days afterwards that we threatened to make them take their meals outside and then they could sleep out there as well.
    I got my fill of their flatulence on the escalator at the mall. I had Dezi, Jonathan, Josť, Kerem, Kioshi, Yuji, and Neal with me. All of those boys, except Neal, were turning thirteen and were entering the seventh grade at BAW. Neal Cline, my youngest cousin, was twelve, but he was also going into the seventh grade. Of course Rod is in the seventh grade this year, but he and I had shopped for his school clothes with RD. Rod likes to be included in anything with his older brother.
    I had let the boys go ahead of me on the escalator then I had let an old lady go before me as we headed up to the boy's department at a large department store in our favorite mall. The old lady let out a gasp about half way up and when I got to that spot I knew why. There was a serious green cloud hanging over the spot where the boys had passed seconds before.
    The boys waited for me at the top of the escalator and they all had their hands over their mouths as they tried to stifle their giggles. The old lady glared at them and turned away. I came to the top of the lift and looked down on them. "I tried to hold it, daddy," Dezi told me, "it just sort of slipped out." The boys could no longer hold it in and began to giggle like young kids. I had to laugh myself and herded the boys on over to select blue jeans and underwear for their school year.
    I am glad that the school board of my junior high agreed with me that blue jeans are a better pant for boys of their age to wear to school. Boys are rough and tumble most of the time and the khaki pants that were the uniform of the previous year just didn't survive more than two or three days of wear.
    We only suffered through one more gas attack while in the store. I have to believe that more than one boy added his essence to that round in the dressing rooms. I was only glad that no one else was in there trying on school clothes at the time. I rolled all of the windows down in the Escalade on the way home and hung my head out of the SUV like a dog traveling in a car. At least the smog thick air was easier to breathe than the thick green fog inside the vehicle.

    I have become rather adept at identifying a starving student. I enjoy taking in the shops along north fourth avenue, north of the center of the city. The shops are an eclectic assortment of varied varieties ranging from used clothing to art stores. Artists from the nearby university, and surrounding neighborhoods, display their works along the streets and sidewalks on the weekend and there are several shops that will give a starving artist space to display and sell their art inside their store.
    A wide variety of food can be found along the street as well. There is an old established Italian restaurant that I am particularly partial too, although parking is almost unavailable near there. An assortment of Mexican restaurants grace the area as well as coffee and tea shops. Sandwich shops of all types fill tiny nooks between their larger neighbors. A favorite spot to relieve the Tucson desert heat is a Dairy Barn with a wide assortment of frozen and frosty treats, as well as a selection of sandwiches ranging from hamburgers to hot dogs. I especially enjoy their BBQ beef sandwich when I am in the mood for dead cow.
    There is a bit of a park like affair that has been built to memorialize a young homosexual whose head was used as a baseball by three young street punks a few years back. You will remember the story of Dickie's cousin Richard J. Heakin. The park was built on a narrow city lot where a gay bar once stood. It was as he left this bar that the nineteen year old gay youth was last seen alive, his battered body was found in the alleyway the following morning.
    A small shrine stands at the spot where his body was found, the bar is only a memory to people who have visited or lived in the area in days long past. I come to the park to remember the pain of bigotry, and of course for the eye candy. I never knew the boy who was killed, but many beautiful young people come and sit under the shade of the tall trees along the street in front or under the roof over the half a dozen tables that now sit around the flower lined pathways.
    I am way to old for the candy that comes here but I always get a warm 'hello' from both boys and girls. A few times I will see a boy looking through a garbage can and I can tell by the look in his eye that he is hungry. Quite often I offer these boys a meal in the very popular restaurant that now occupies the old space once home to the neighborhood grocery store in years gone by that found the building too small for today's expected selection of grocery goods.
    The new restaurant that graces the walls within serves up a very good meal at a reasonable price. The café is actually a large mom and pop operation that caters to the younger crowd that frequents the area. Students sit at the tables with their laptops and their books strewn about as they study while trying to keep body and soul together with a hot, home cooked, meal.
    So far I have never been turned down on my offer of a free meal. I am always asked for the catch and I always assure the boy that I was once a starving student myself and know the unpleasantness of trying to study on an empty stomach. I never give the boy cash, I always accompany him to the table and let him order whatever he wants, without reservation. Quite often I have to coax the boy to order more as they usually seem to be reluctant to overspend. It may be because they are sure that they are going to have to pay for their meal in some unnatural way.
    It is at that point that I tell the boy that I am, if fact, gay and that I do appreciate his youth and good looks. But I am careful to dissuade the boy that he is anyway obligated to me. I most generally drink a cup of coffee and sometimes I will indulge myself in a piece of pie so that I can linger longer in the presence of youthful perfection. This puts most boys at ease and by the time they have finished their meal they have offered me their tight body for my unnatural lusts.
    With a houseful of lusty boys and a school dormitory full across the street from my house I am not in need of sex with the boys that I meet, but I still like to look. I do take a boy up on his offer from time to time, but not always. The afternoon that I sat quietly was one of the rarer times.
    Elias Holden was not the type of boy that I would normally go for, but there was something about the look on his face and the way that he carried himself that screamed at me that he was in trouble. Alright I don't have a particular kind of boy that I go for. As long as he is young, clean, and has a cock I have been known to blow them and more. Elias seemed to meet that criteria.
    Sometimes the approach can frighten a boy away so I have to be very careful. I also have to be wary of the undercover vice squad that likes to entrap homosexuals. I may have a certain amount of immunity, but I am not about to jeopardize my family and my school with a scandal. I was fortunate that I did not have to approach Elias.
    I had made eye contact with the brown haired boy and he didn't let his gaze dart away like most boys do. The afternoon sun had moved so that he was no longer in the shade of the building's shadow that fell across the table where he was seated. I was seated at one of the tables with an umbrella so I offered the boy the use of an open seat across from me. When he sat down I heard all that I needed to hear, his stomach growled, loudly.
    "When was the last time that you fed that hollow spot?" He seemed shocked that I had noticed, but let a smile slowly creep across is face. It was the first smile that I had seen on him and it looked good. "I was just thinking about going across the street for some lunch. I would consider it an honor if you would join me, I hate to eat alone."
    I could see the instant look of apprehension cloud his face, but another guttural growl brought a sheepish grin to his face. "There are no strings attached to my offer. If you will join me for lunch I will buy you anything on the menu and a piece of pie for desert. I might even go for a scoop of ice cream on that pie if you can put that smile back on your face for me."
    Elias did not waste time talking. As soon as our waitress sat a basket of hot rolls before us he had his knife out to slather it with a pat of butter. He was headed to his mouth with the hot bread when his garden salad was set before him which caused him to move the bread to his other hand, after taking a bite of it. He picked up his fork and began to shovel cold vegetables into his mouth as he bent his head down and placed his elbows on the table.
    I quietly buttered a hot roll for myself and watched the boy eat as if he had not eaten a morsel in many days. He hadn't. In fact he was homeless, bedless, and foodless. I sat still and let the boy eat. With his large salad history and the hot bread totally devoured he looked up at me and began to tell me his story. He had only just begun to tell me a tale that is all too familiar to me when our food arrived.
    I had followed his lead and ordered the roast beef plate lunch with sage dressing. I scooped up my abundant pile of meat and transferred it to his plate, placing it atop his own large stack of dead animal. I spooned the gravy from my plate over the dressing and began to enjoy my meal. Our waitress came by with a refill on coffee for me and iced tea for Elias and I asked for a side order of potatoes with gravy to replenish the quickly disappearing vegetable from the boy's plate. I asked him if he wanted more corn or dressing and he grinned at me and shook his head yes. I love to watch a boy eat.
    The waitress had to be used to feeding hungry kids, she was back with the side dishes in mere moments. Elias used his spoon to scoop the contents of the small bowls onto his plate then he used the spoon to feed himself the hot potatoes. My stomach began to cramp as I thought about how fast he was eating.
    I polished off the last of my small salad with a final bite of a piece of hot bread and looked over to see Elias staring me in the eye. "Thanks. I was so hungry. I haven't eaten since breakfast on Monday." I waited for him to continue. He knew that he had opened the way and that he had to explain himself to me. "My dad died and so my tuition didn't get paid so I have been asked to leave the dormitory. I have until the end of the week to pay up or I can't return to class."
    I know that the university is in a tight budget crunch, but to send a boy out onto the street with no food or hopes of attaining either…I spend a lot of money supporting many of the school's programs designed to prevent this from happening, I would be up to speed on the circumstances surrounding Elias's situation before noon the next day. In the meantime I wanted to make certain that he had a place to sleep and access to food until his circumstances changed.
    I hesitated to ask Elias to go home with me. I had promised him that there were no strings attached to his meal and he had not given me any indication that he was gay. I thought about placing him in the vacant apartment that I keep at the condominium complex above Tomes of Time. That unit is reserved as a model for prospective buyers of the condos, but I have used it to house a foundling or two. The last time that it was used was when Jamie and Mikie spent a night of getting to know you with me.
    "Elias, where are you going to go now? Where did you sleep the last two nights? Do you have any place to sleep tonight?" I watched him for signs of reluctance. I know how pride can fill a boy's heart preventing him from doing the correct thing to help himself.
    "I got me a place…"
    "Elias, please be honest with me. I don't want you to sleep on the street or in a vacant building somewhere. You told me that you have not eaten since breakfast Monday. It is now Wednesday afternoon, it is not healthy for anyone to go that long without nourishment. And to be honest with you, you don't have any excess weight to draw on." I smiled at him and he blushed.
    "Well, I have this one friend that says that he knows someplace that I might be able to stay. But he says that it is a school for gays. I don't mind that so much, I need a place to stay."
    "But you're not gay and you don't know about staying in the midst of a group of faggots."
    "You said that, not me. I don't have anything to think about what other people do or don't do…" He was hedging so I hit him again.
    "As long as they don't try anything with you?"
    "Look, you told me that you were gay before you bought me lunch. I didn't expect so much food, but I am prepared to do whatever you want me to do to pay you back. I haven't done anything like that since I was fourteen, but I know what gays do with each other."
    "Let's get one thing clear right now. I told you that I am gay, but I also told you that there were no strings attached to my buying your lunch. I am not a liar and I don't like the fact that you believe that you owe me anything for a few bites of food. I believe that it is wrong for anyone in this country to be hungry. We have the ability to feed the world, we should be able to feed every person within our borders to their fill.
    "I have a serious problem with children going hungry at anytime and for any reason. You are no child, but you were hungry and I did a little bit to satisfy your needs at the moment. Now you have another need and that is one of shelter and tomorrow's food. I think that I have it within my power to provide both to you with no obligation on your part to ever repay me. Not with money or sex, you do not have it available to ever repay me." I had tried to speak in a flat, even voice as I watched Elias for his reaction.
    "I didn't mean nothing by my comment. I just thought that…well nobody does anything for nothing."
    "I do. I do it all of the time. I suppose that is not entirely correct. I do it for the joy of helping another human being. I believe that anybody can find themselves on the bottom and need help at some point in their life, I am simply offering you a helping hand. You can take it or leave it, it's your choice."
    "I…I don't know what to say, I…"
    "Let me help you. Tell me about your experience when you were fourteen. But first let's order that pie that I promised you." His eyes lit up, a boy is always hungry and sweets are always welcome. Our waitress took our choices and served us two very thick pieces of apple pie, his with ice cream on it. I love warm apple pie with lots of cinnamon in it, the café where we were adds just a touch of cloves and nutmeg to their pie, a treat that I really like.
    When Elias was a freshman in high school he had a close friend that was eager to experiment sexually with him. Elias couldn't remember who first suggested that they mess around, it happened during a sleep over at his house. He lived in a split level house in a town two hours east of Tucson. His father was an over the road truck driver that was gone for several days at a time.
    Elias had a large bedroom over the garage of the house while his parents room was situated in the part of the house that was mostly underground. He told me that his room was always hot in the summer and cold in the winter while the lower section of the house always felt comfortable. It was during the extra warm days of late September that two boys spent a night of sexual exploration with each other as they lay naked on top of the bedding staring at the other's goods.
    He blushed as he told me that he really liked doing everything that they did together, but he wanted to get his cock sucked all of the way. I made him explain his statement and he told me that the two of them would turn to suck each other off. When his buddy shot his load he would pester Elias to fuck him. Elias told me that he didn't mind that so much, but he had swallowed his buddy's cum and he wanted to know how that felt.
    He told me that he loved the taste of his friend's cock and cum and he really liked fucking him. He said that his friend would get off while he was being fucked and after Elias got off he would turn to lick up the boy's seed from his belly. He told me that his friend would suck his cock so he would suck him again, but once the other boy grew hard again he wanted to fuck Elias.
    Elias told me that he didn't mind that so much, but that his friend had a very small cock that didn't reach very deep inside of him. He told me that his friend had a very short fuse and, even though he had cum twice already, he would shoot almost at once when he began to fuck.
    The two boys enjoyed their time together until the holidays when his friend went to visit his grandparents. When he returned the two boys spent the night at the friend's house and Elias got an education in sex with a man. His friend had spent two weeks getting fucked by two of his cousins and his grandfather.
    He told Elias that his cousins wouldn't suck cock, but they let him suck them. He told Elias that one of his cousins would fuck his ass while the other fucked his mouth and the grandfather fucked the mouth fucker. I was getting a boner in my Levi's. I am glad that the gaberdine garment is acceptable for public wear in Tucson, they hide a lot of erections amongst my family of happy fairies.
    The final weekend of his stay at his grandparent's house the friend's father joined in the sexual antics. The friend told Elias that everything went as usual until everybody had gotten off then his father fucked him with the largest dick ever. Elias wanted a large cock up his ass and his friend knew it.
    About midnight the bedroom door opened and his friend's dad asked if everything was okay. When the friend told him that it was his dad began to fondle Elias. In no time he had the boy hot and ready and entered into him with the largest cock that ever was.

    Elias and his friend sucked each other's cocks as he got his ass fucked better than he could ever imagine. Elias told me that he shot his load into his friend's mouth and was rewarded with a nice load from his friend in return. It became a regular Friday night thing for Elias to spend the night with his friend while his friend's dad fucked both boys.
    Just before Easter the police came to visit Elias and asked if he knew about any sexual molestation going on at his friend's house. His friend's mother had caught her husband having sex with her son. She told the police that Elias spent the night quite often and she worried about him. Elias lied to the police and told them that he had no idea that anything like that was going on.
    The friend moved away with his mother and the father went to prison. Elias was scared into ending his sexual explorations. His mother and father set him down and talked to him about the vileness of homosexuals and their perverted lifestyle. He assured his parents that he understood and had never done anything like that.
    "And now you think that you may be able to live at a school for gay boys and be able to live your lie."
    "I am eighteen now and my parents are dead."
    "That makes everything better? How?"
    "My mother died drunk when I was sixteen. He insurance money was meant to cover my college expenses above what she and dad had saved for me over the years. I was looking forward to going to college all of my life and now all of that is gone.
    "Dad took sick with cancer and had to quit driving his truck. He told me that he wanted me to go to school and make a good life for myself. He brought me to Tucson and paid my tuition then headed home, but died on the way. I was told that he was dead before the crash so the insurance wouldn't pay anything. The check for my education bounced and now I am out on the street with no hope of ever going back to school."
    "What is the name of your friend that knows of a gay school where you can live?" I have learned that someone in my house knows everybody that I am ever going to meet so I wasn't asking for anything that I was not prepared for.
    Elias looked at me for several seconds before he responded, "Cameron."
    I had not expected that it would be Cam, but then why not? Cam has had his share of failed romances. I wondered if he had his eye on my dinner guest. Cameron had taken Lemuel Swanson to the cabin on Mt. Lemon for a few weeks during the summer. When the family gathered in France Lemmy was not with Cam. I didn't ask why. I learned later what had happened.
    During their stay on the mountain the two boys made several acquaintances. They met Jesse Erickson and his boyfriend, Keith Jacobs while up there and struck up a friendship. The two stars of a favorite family story entitled Jesse were staying at the Erickson cabin as they celebrated their honeymoon. The two boys had been amongst the young and hungs that had married on the beach in front of cliff house in June.
    Keith and Jesse introduced Cameron to a boy by the name of Julio Escarcega, also of the story Jesse. Julio has had a hard life as a gay boy and I was asked to intercede with his father and grandmother to bring the boy to BAW for his final two years of high school, which I was more than happy to do.
    Cameron is getting around and finding new boys for me everywhere. One old boy friend from my high school days came with a fringe benefit. Larry Bereman had been a jock boy that did perfect bend overs before me. He had moved away toward the end of our junior year and I had lost contact with him.
    Cameron is not a shy person and will strike up a conversation with almost anybody. He met Larry and his son at the general store on the mountain and invited the two back to the cabin for a cookout. Well, when you are camping on a mountainside every meal is a cook out, right? Lemmy had shown an interest in the older man. Cam is ever vigilant and picked up on his friend's signals.
    The end result of that meeting is that Lemmy and Larry are now a couple. Larry's sixteen year old son is now a resident student at BAW. And Cameron is alone. My heart bleeds for the boy. He has been unlucky at love all of his life. His relationship with Edgar had ended badly. He and David had never had anything between them. RD was the only highlight in the boy's life, but he knew that RD is hard head over heals in love with Quemela and stepped aside.
    RD tried to keep Cam in his life, but everyone can see where RD's head and heart are. I try to spend as much time with Cam as I can, but with four hundred boys in my care I have little time to share with him. I wanted to feel Elias out and learn more about his friendship with my very special boy.
    "Would that be Cameron Langley?"
    Elias's eyes widened at the mention of the name. "Cameron is a student at the university. He is a sophomore this year studying business management as he hopes to be a Certified Public Accountant. The school that he speaks of is a high school for younger students than you or Cameron."
    I watched the look of defeat cross his face as he took in my words of doom to his hopes. "However, there are boys of college age that live in two houses and it may be that Cameron had one of those houses in mind when he talked to you. We could go see him and find out what he is thinking."
    Hope reappeared on his young face as Elias sat up straight in his chair and told me that we might go see Cameron. As I paid our check he excused himself to go to the restroom. I quickly called Cammy. "Hey big guy, how's tricks? I think that I have a friend of yours with me. I just had lunch with Elias Holden and he tells me that you may know of somewhere he can stay until he finds a job and a permanent home."
    Cam giggled as he told me that the boy is a virgin and scared shitless about homosexuals, but that he is a good guy that needs a break. I asked him why he thought that he could take a scared shitless kid into a houseful of queers and not expect him to freak out. Cam showed me some more of his special gift, "I think that he may be suppressing his real self, dad. I don't want to force anything on him, but I sorta feel…"
    "I feel it too, Cammy. What can we do with him if he isn't gay?"
    "You know that better than I do. He needs a break real bad and I know that you can find a way to help him. He may not be able to go to school and he may not want to live with us, but I think…" Elias was coming across the room so I had to end my call as I told Cam to meet me at the house west of the church where we were in the middle of a training routine for Timmy and Ted. I turned and led Elias up the street to my Caddy. I asked him where his personal belongings were. He told me that they were locked up in a storage area at his old dorm and that he had to get them out of there when he finished his last class on Friday.
    Cam is a very sharp boy with a good head on his shoulders. He has a good little head as well, but it was his quick thinking that impressed me. When Elias and I pulled into the drive of the old farmhouse we saw boys playing a game of touch football in the yard. Cam had been out for a walk down the street and saw his old friend Chrisy. He challenged the boys in training to a game with the idea to make it appear as if that was the place where Elias would be able to stay. I was glad that Elias did not ask to see a bedroom that would have been hard to explain to the trainees. My presence was serious enough.
    Cam excused himself from the game to go talk with his friend from college and led Elias off so that the two of them could talk in private as I took his place in the exciting ball game on the front lawn of the old house. Cam led Elias back to the SUV and both of them got inside. I gave a nod to Timmy and walked away without a word to anyone else. Chrisy told me that they finished their game one man short then went inside for dinner. I only hope that I didn't make undo waves in that program. It was just coming out of the ground and in its first week so I could always keep my fingers crossed.
    "Eli wants to see my room, dad." I drove the two blocks up the street to my house where we were met by scores of my youngest and dearest. Cam escorted Eli inside and when I entered behind them I watched the boy's reaction to the naked flesh ranging in age from ten to twenty that was moving about inside.
    Cam and Eli headed up the stairs to the room that Cam had occupied since rejoining the family at the house of happy fairies. He had occupied that room when he first came to the family in August of 2007 and he had painted a mural of himself skiing down a mountainside across one wall. I am hopeful that the boy that he was taking to that room would be someone with whom he could commit and share his life with for a long time to come.

    Cameron looked happier than any of us had seen him in sometime. The boys were quick to appraise the tight body of a seriously hungry new student as Elias was led to our dinner table in granite house. Elias carries a sparse one hundred and forty pounds on his five foot ten inch body. He has no extra meat anywhere, but has a very taut eight pack of extra firm abdomen. He is no piker when it comes to that special part that every cocksucker in my house had to check out for himself. The boy sports a very stout seven inch uncut cock that appears to be a real mouthful. A quick kiss from Cam told me that he had himself a mouthful of the boy.
    Elias missed no time checking the family's key elements out. His eyes wandered from crotch to crotch and to the observant watcher of boys it was clear that he was more than just interested in what he saw. His gaze lingered at the mid-section of the more abundantly endowed amongst us and I was pleased to see that he wasn't letting his focus remain on me. He is definitely gay, albeit suppressed. That is no problem, not every gay boy comes out at fourteen.

    Warren White has a trader's head on his shoulders. I don't believe that he learned everything he knows from his father, Ted White just wasn't that astute. Warren competes with Jimmy each day as they sit before the computer array in my office and follow the stock tickers. Warren can spot a trend hours, and sometimes days, before it becomes apparent to most people that have been in the business for years.
    Such was the case of Friday, August 29. He told us that he did not like what he was seeing on the European stock market and that it appeared to him to tie to the American International Group. Warren suggested that an immediate sell off of AIG's stock take place from all family port folios.
    I have never known the recently turned seventeen year old boy to be wrong when it comes to stock trends or commodities so I gave my approval; there was no time to consult each boy before the stock market would close. Warren dumped a million and a half shares of the stock and told us to wait for Monday morning to see if he was correct.
    Monday morning showed the value of the stock ebbing down. Over the next two weeks it began to spiral at an increasing rate to eventually loose ninety five percent of its value. Warren had sold the family's shares at seventy dollars per share and by the close of business Monday the fifteenth of September the company's stock was valued at one dollar and twenty five cents. I wondered if our sell off had triggered others to bail out and create a problem for the investment group.
    Warren shared some information with me. AIG suffered a liquidity crisis following the downgrade of its credit rating. Industry practice permits firms with high credit ratings to enter swaps with limited margin. When its credit rating was downgraded, the company was required to post collateral with its trading counter-parties, and this led to a liquidity crisis. AIG's London unit sold credit protection in the form of credit default swaps—CDSs—on collateralized debt obligations—CDOs—that had declined in value.
    As Lehman Brothers (the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history) suffered a major decline in share price, investors began comparing the types of securities held by AIG and Lehman, and found that AIG had valued its Alt-A and sub-prime mortgage-backed securities at 1.7 to 2 times the rates used by Lehman. Warren had warned me about Lehman Brothers during our summer vacation and I had allowed him to follow his nose there.
    Warren had moved all of the family's Lehman Brothers stocks several months before. I don't know how the boy saw it coming, he is uncanny with his ability. AIG was just another of his amazing feats. He had me watching as Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac were bailed out during the summer and he was on alert for the family to pick up some mortgage investments.
    The Federal Reserve has Morgan Stanley to determine if there are systemic risks to a failing AIG, and they asked private entities to supply short-term bridge loans to the company. I suggested that we might reinvest the one hundred million dollars that we had from the sale of our stocks. Warren was adamant against that. I need to keep my nose out of stocks. I can sniff trends in gold, wheat and oil, but I am out of my element with the stock market.
    On September 16, AIG's stock dropped 60 percent at the market's opening. The Federal Reserve continued to meet that day with major Wall Street investment firms to broker a deal to create a $75 billion line of credit to the company. Rating agencies Moody's and Standard and Poor's downgraded their credit ratings on AIG's credit on concerns over continuing losses on mortgage-backed securities, forcing the company to deliver collateral of over $10 billion to certain creditors. The New York Times later reported that talks on Wall Street had broken down and AIG may file for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday, September 17. The family would have been in danger of losing their money if we had as I suggested.
    On the evening of September 16, 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank's Board of Governors announced that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had been authorized to create a 24-month credit-liquidity facility from which AIG may draw up to $85 billion. The loan is collateralized by the assets of AIG, including its non-regulated subsidiaries and the stock of "substantially all" its regulated subsidiaries.
    On sept 20 every stock listed on the S&P dropped in value with the exception of Campbell's foods. On September 22, 2008, AIG was officially removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average. An additional $37.8 billion loan was extended in October. As of October 24, AIG has drawn a total of $90.3 billion from the emergency loan, of a total $122.8 billion. Warren had already sold off most of the family's holdings of stocks and moved their investments to commodities.
    Warren helped us to dodge a high caliber bullet that could have shattered the boys' investments. Boys are fragile creatures and any loss would have troubled them, they think that they should always win. I don't want them to grow up thinking that everything in life will go their way, they need to face the reality of life. They have faced the reality of life and that has brought them to be with me. But the financial world is not a playground and I want them to tread upon it gingerly. They will have to face loses from time to time, but as it were, not then.
    None of this was bad for Warren. Word of his deeds quickly circulated throughout the house and many of the boys came to show their appreciation to him. I do not believe that there is a square millimeter on the boy's body, or a single hair on his body, that was not kissed and loved. I know that he was a little flaccid for several days and he giggled at me as he told me that he needed a boat load of oysters to get himself up again.
    Sixteen year old Morris has grown into a fantastic looking young man with a body to drool for. Morris had shown love and devotion for Warren during the boy's convalescence by pushing his wheelchair and taking care of his lover's personal needs. I could tell that there was a tinge of jealousy in his heart when he saw all of the family fawning over Warren. I did the only thing that I know to do to appease a jealous lover, take both of them to bed with me.
    Okay, so I don't need much encouragement to go down on a boy, but whatever works, right? Morris was leaning against the corner of my desk when Sandy gave his version of a kitty bath to Warren. Warren was flat on the floor with his legs over his head and his ass open before Sandy's long tongue. Sandy learned a lot as a waiter at the restaurant in Albany where we met him. He gives great service, and he is a backdoor diner with a first class rating.
    Warren was deep into the throes of a major orgasm, and he had no outside stimulation to his ejaculating cock. Sandy has the ability to tongue fuck a rectal canal and bring its owner to plateaus that are hard to imagine. Tim O. is an eager bottom, but he tells me that he is like a bowl of pudding when Sandy licks his way into him. I have spent time with Sandy when he first joined the family in Albany so I know first hand what kind of a licking the boy can give.
    Sandy is twenty one and as cute as the day I first saw him in his tight, black cotton slacks and white shirt with the little bow tie that was the uniform of the waiters of the restaurant where he worked. The boys that were with me for that trip to the trial of Everett Rothsfeld had opened the young virgin to a whole new world of joyful experiences. I was the first to dine at his winky hole and he learned his own techniques from there.
    Morris was feeling left out. That would never do. I sidled up to the five foot nine inch boy and put my arm around his muscular shoulder. "A good floor show is fun to watch, but it calls for attention to one's own needs, doesn't it?" Morris looked at me as he tried to decide what I meant. I didn't give him time to speculate as I directed him to the floor in front of the desk.
    My office is not overly large, by design, so Morris was almost against his lover as they lay opposite each other. I moved between his legs, but had to crunch my body in tight as my feet were against the front of the long sofa that sits waiting for naked boi butt to lounge on it daily.
    Warren turned to face Morris's hip and let out a long moan as Sandy slipped down on his spent cock and took his reward of the last vestments of hot cream from the boy. He has transformed from a frustrated twenty year old virgin boy to a master cocksman in nineteen months, and he likes the cream. He was cleaning every drop of splooge from the tight torso as Warren moaned his approval.
    I quickly moved in on Morris, he was the one in need and I needed him. I started laving his firm navel before working through the fine hair of his treasure trail. I hate wiry cock hair in my teeth, but, if done correctly, a toothy tug at the short and curlies can seriously turn on a horny boy. I took as much of his closely trimmed blonde hair as I could grasp between my teeth and pulled at it. By taking a larger amount of hair I spread the pain over two or three inches of his groin which caused him to elicit his own loud moan.
    I only just nibbled at the wide base of his cock, choosing to leave that super pole alone during my torture run. The crease between the groin and the legs is a sensitive place and a place where a boy's personal odors collect rapidly. All of my boys keep themselves clean and they shower frequently so offensive odors don't linger. Running naked all of the time allows body aromas to collect in the creases of the body that are normally absorbed by the clothing. That is why it is so much fun to sniff and chew on a boy's underwear, especially the leg holes and the crotch pocket.
    I love to tackle a boy's ball sack. The scrotum is a sensitive piece of tissue that regulates the temperature of the precious cargo inside it, but it is webbed with a network of nerves that, properly stimulated, can be very erotic to its owner. I nibbled and tugged at the wrinkled skin and drew it away from Morris's body allowing his young testes to hang low between his legs.
    With his eggs loose in their relaxed silk purse I was able to work both of them into my mouth at the same time and give them a good tumble. Morris was beating his clenched fists against the carpet of my office floor. I looked into the eyes of Warren as he leaned across his boyfriend's body to take a close look at what I was doing. I placed a single finger against his lips in warning that he not take part at the present time. Hie eyes smiled at me as he raised up slightly, but remained within good viewing range.
    I allowed one testicle to plop from my mouth with a loud pop, that brought a giggle or two from about the room. I firmly attacked the remaining meaty morsel in my mouth as I kneaded the firm orb to the very edge of pain. I have learned that I enjoy having my own balls tugged and squeezed by a master ball beater like Chrisy or Cory. I try to offer that same pleasure to those under my dominion.
    So as not to have the other testicle feel left out I moved the one in my mouth out and took the other inside to repeat the torturous treatment on it before I moved on to the deeper and darker realm hidden from my view at the moment.
    I had done better work on the nearly hairless scrotum of Morris as it hung a full five inches from his groin. When I spread his legs wider his balls actually covered his rosebud and I toyed with a game that I play sometimes. I don't want to cause a boy any heavy pain so I choose not to push his testicle into his anus at the time. That is something that needs to be done after the sphincter is totally open and relaxed. After a good fucking and covered with cream one testicle or the other can be inserted very carefully. I have never tried to push both testicles inside a boy's butt hole at the same time, that could be very painful to him.
    My next field of battle was a smooth perineum, pink and moist with a slight coat of perspiration. My head was clamped in the vice like clutch of strong teenage thighs as I moved the boy to a height of ecstacy that had him on the edge of sensory overload. I used every technique that I possessed to see to it that Morris would receive the most pleasure that he had enjoyed all day. I wouldn't begin to assume that he had not been moved by Warren, or some other hot cocksucker. We have over four hundred cocksuckers in the school and everyone of them would be more than happy to have a bout with Morris. He is one hot French boy that loves to love and to be loved.
    I love to love and I was doing just that as I worked my way to his hairless anus. Nearly all of the boys keep themselves neatly trimmed of hair. A boy's pubic hair is a badge of his maturity, but in a house full of happy fairies no one is worried about showing off to each other. They simply want to go down on each other and they don't want to stop to pick hair out of their teeth or gag on a short and curly that gets sucked into the throat.
    Most all of the boys keep their scrot and their crack hair free. Some of the new boys have yet to learn to trust a buddy with a razor in those areas and it does take a toughening up period before a depilatory is comfortable to them. Nothing says ouch like a raw crotch.
    Morris's crack didn't even have any stubble as my tongue glided deep in his crevice and circled a nice backdoor eye. All of the boys that have been with the family for six months or more have learned to do the tighten up exercises that keep their winky hole winking. Even boys that come to us that have holes wide enough to have a Volkswagen park inside soon get their sphincter muscles conditioned to close shop when not in business.
    That is not to say that their anus looks like a virgin boy's hole, it is plainly obvious that a boy is taking it. That is just the nature of the species. We have boys that have come to us that could not hold their shit because they had been fucked and had not been able to recover their safety door. We have a salve that acts like an astringent to tighten the muscle and the exercises that the boys have worked out will repair any damage to a large degree in a very short time.
    I had to really give Morris a licking to get him to open up to me. That is part of the fun of being rimmed. A persistent tongue, properly applied, sends pleasure signals throughout the body that put all of the body into ahhhh fuuuccck mode. Another signal that a boy puts off when he is being serviced properly is the wiggle. It is almost impossible to remain still when an experienced tongue works its magic at the backdoor.
    It is when the door opens and allows the diner inside that the moans of pleasure and incoherent uttering begin. An experienced boy can open up and relax enough that most of the boys in the family can get deep inside. Only a handful of the boys have a tongue long enough to touch the edge of the prostate, but those that do have learned the pleasure that they give to their victim and they torture him until he is putty on their tongue.
    I was working the boy into a frenzy and he was very close to ending our session prematurely. It is easy to read the signs and know when a climax is creeping onto the battlefield and that is the time to quickly take a new tack. I go for the balls myself. I engulf one or both, if they are of a size that allow for two at a time, into my mouth and tug on them, stretching the scrotum out once again.
    When a boy's balls draw close to his body he is preparing to fire his missiles and I will control that release, and the target. After all, I am only in it for the cream, and I don't want it going all over the place in a disorganized shooting spree. I had Morris back on wiggle mode as he strained to get his release. I was not ready for him to go yet, not until I had his butt nut engorged.
    I placed a finger at his anus and it was immediately pulled inside. Oh yeah, an eager hole will reach out and grab at whatever is tickling for entry. I am not saying that there is any major distance reaching, only a millimeter or so. The sphincter is only a tiny iris muscle, but it can push out when the boy pushes to allow entry. I had entry. My finger quickly raked across his prostate and his cock began to flow with the lubricant that slickens everything for the ease of moment.
    It was time for me to move up his power tower and avail myself of that lubricant. I was not about to engulf his glans at that point, that would end it for both of us. I simply let my tongue and lips savor the firm shaft as I worked my way up one side and down the other.
    While I was thus involved I let two finger sisters join their middle sister for a prostate massage guaranteed to send any boy off to an ejaculatory euphoria. I let my fingers enter into his deep channel and dance around for a bit. I pushed in and pulled back as I stimulated the sphincter and felt of the velvety smoothness of his colon. I allowed my fingers to rake back and forth across the prostate, but I avoided any over stimulation for the moment.
    I would enjoy staying with Morris for a lot longer than I did. After all, we were on the floor of my office with his boyfriend watching our show while he came down from the stimulation that Sandy had given him. Morris was ready to pop and I was actually cramped in the tight position that I was in. I did the only thing that I could do. I went over the top.
    I took every foot of his six and a half inch cock deep into my throat as he gasped for air in surprise at my action. I pulled back slightly so that I could work my tongue under his foreskin and let my lips drag that skin sheath down so that his glans was naked and ready for an oral assault.
    I moved my fingers to their attack position and let the two outer fingers press against the soft tissue of his colon so that the firm butt nut was better exposed. I let my middle finger begin its stroke against the tiny organ and felt it harden as his cock juices flowed like water from a hose into my mouth.
    I began the old head bob as I made sure that his glans was fully stimulated by my lips and the roof of my mouth. I aimed my tongue for an attack on his sensitive frenulum. The frenulum is the most sensitive spot on a cock, in fact it should be an organ in itself. Many of the boys have rubbed themselves raw when masturbating as they try to get pleasure from that tiny area where the foreskin attaches to the underside of the glans. We have lubes that do not deaden the cock and the boys teach each other how to apply ample amounts of the lube to avoid rubbing a raw spot on an important area.
    Using my tongue to stimulate the juncture is a safe way of creating pleasure for the boy. I have lots of saliva to act as a lubricant. A lot of uncircumcised men and boys don't try to retract their foreskin when engaging in sexual acts. A naked head inserted in any hot, moist orifice will reap the rewards by being rubbed against the hot flesh surrounding it. Nature designed the penis to be inserted in the vagina in such a way that they stimulate the G spot of the other to give maximum sexual pleasure. By knowing how his penis works a boy can find more pleasure from any action he uses to get his rocks.
    I was giving Morris all of the stimulation that he needed. I could feel his balls pulling in close. I could feel the heat of his cock. I kept my finger working on his butt nut and felt his glans swell half again its normal size as he filled my mouth with all of the cream that he had stored away for the event.
    Those people that measure such things and write papers that give statistics and averages say that a man shoots between a half a teaspoon and a full teaspoon full of semen, usually in three to ten spurts. I happen to disagree with that figure. I had a full ounce of cream flowing down my gullet and more was oozing out as I continued to milk his prostate.
    The statistics also say that the average penis is five point one inches long. I guess that they are taking the measurements of children and averaging them with adults to get such small figures. I think that we all enjoyed Rodney's avewages when he surveyed the boys of the household. He learned that cocks cum and come in all sizes and all of them give their owner pleasure. He also proved that our core family is well above the averages of the surveys with a mean size of seven point nine two inches long and five point eight inches around.
    With the number of European boys in the house the uncut cocks far out number the cut and mutilated meat. That doesn't mean that either style is less tasty and less eager to get it on, that is just the figures that Rod uncovered. The new students are cut, for the most part. That seems to be a way of life for most mothers. Yes, I have discussed the issue with many gynecologists and they tell me that their patients believe that a boy can't be kept clean without the knife being applied to his tiny organ shortly after birth.
    Pediatricians on the other hand all tell me that there is no medical reason for the mutilating procedure. Nature protects the young penis quite nicely when it is kept safely inside its sheath. That sensitive skin should never be retracted until the boy begins to be potty trained. A serious infection can develop if the glans is not allowed to mature at a normal pace in the warmth and security that it has been provided.
    I had the naked glans of a sweet boy under the control of my tongue as I laved the last vestiges of his life giving elixir. I was slowly withdrawing my fingers from his rectum when he grabbed my head and pulled me forward for a kiss. "Don't you dare fucking stop now, fuck me. Hard and fast and long and deep, fuck me until tomorrow." Who am I to deny a boy's heartfelt request? I had not gotten off and I had not planned to in the current situation. That suddenly changed.
    I rose to the occasion and placed my raging cock at his wide open entryway then pushed inside in one easy slide. I watched his face for any signs of discomfort, but saw none so I proceeded to do as asked and fucked him hard and fast, long and deep. I didn't know if we could continue until tomorrow because of our location and our position. However long we had to go we were going to make the best of it.
    I took my clues from Morris and I could tell that his eyes were bigger than his ass hole. He wanted an all nighter, but he just wasn't up to it. I gave him a pleasure ride as I took several short cuts. I know what a boy likes and I can tell when he has had enough. Our session lasted only about six minutes, just long enough for me to empty my pent up passion deep inside of him. Then I rolled aside and looked up into a thoughtful face sitting in a chair above me.
    "That's nothing. Remember when dad put twenty one million dollars into wheat futures? Well let me tell you, he made a killing. Dad knows commodities like Warren knows stocks. He can smell a rise or a fall a week in advance."
    Well Jimmy's sentiments were in the right place, but no one is as good as he thinks that I am. He was sitting frog legged at his desk chair watching the show that was going on before him. Jimmy gets on a track and it is difficult to turn his attention to anything else. He had been following the report that Warren had given us and the praise that all of us were giving Warren for saving our investments for us. Jimmy always wants me to be the center of attention and he tries to direct a conversation toward me. His main staff was at full mast and a drop of pearly elixir was gathered at the flower of his tight foreskin. I couldn't let my favorite fellow feel frustrated so I knee walked forward and engulfed his manhood to his obvious delight.
    With his legs folded up along his body in the small desk chair I didn't have much head room for his head job, but I made the most of it. I am thoughtful of the health of my boys so I used my left hand to finger fuck his tight butt. E-coli lives in the intestines of all mammals. In nearly every case of a urinary track infection the bad bug is found. Shit packers have to be careful to cleanse themselves after anal intercourse, a good piss will wash any fecal matter from the urethra. Follow that by a nice hot shower with the one you loved and both of you should be okay.
    I did not want to transfer any of the nasty bug from one boy to the next so I changed hands. Jimmy didn't care which hand or finger I used as he humped himself on the digit in charge and worked his needy cock in and out of my mouth. As I stated, sitting frog legged with his knees tucked against his shoulders, and in the narrow chair, my head was getting reshaped. Jimmy's thighs are strong from his constant swimming and running. The boy is building a man's body, he is growing up along with the rest of my family. I am happy for him, but I love the boy that he is and I will savor every moment that I get to spend with him forever.
    He had been on edge so our session didn't last near long enough, but I had another quart of hot boi cream and from a source that I love to take it from. Jimmy appreciated my efforts in his behalf and had his long fingers rubbing through my hair as he moaned his approval. His approval was interrupted. "Leave you two alone for a few minutes and you're going at it like perverts," the lilting giggle of His Royal Hinney filled the room.
    I sat back on my haunches and looked at my nephew as he stood beside my main man, Cory. Both boys were fresh and clean from a shower and I grinned at them. Cullen looked at me with a smile, "Well uncy, you don't have a stable of horses about and I do need to go for a pony ride every day. Cory has a pony that is worth ridding anytime." I know that about Cory and I wasn't upset. In fact it made me feel good all under as I thought about the two of them doing the dirty bump while I had been acting like the slut on my office floor.

    Cory led me to our room and proceeded to give me the kind of shower that I enjoy. I had given Morris a pony ride, but that had only allowed me one brief release of my tensions. Cory took matters in hand and cleaned me throughly before going to his knees to rock my world with his lips. For some strange reason I was thinking of what Jimmy had said and not what Cory was doing at body central.
    I did put all of the money from a sell off of gold into wheat futures. As it turned out I could have left the gold alone because it went much higher. By the middle of March it peaked at over one thousand dollars an ounce then tell off to a current price of just over seven hundred dollars per ounce.
    Wheat, on the other hand didn't do as well as we had hoped. I got out of the grain market much earlier than I had planned, but it turned out to be for our good. I had bought wheat at $8.75 on January the eleventh, hoping that it would go back to the twelve dollar a bushel target. The grain gained in market value over the following weeks and peaked at twelve dollars on February twentieth. Then it fell sharply.
    I began to watch the screens a little closer over the next few day as the grain leveled off at about eleven dollars a bushel, then it spiked on March twelfth. I lost my nerve and sold at eleven ninety five. That turned out to be a good thing because whet fell all of the way to six and a half dollars by the first of June. Now it is sitting at six seventy five, but the family does not have any money invested in the commodity at this time.
    Oil has always been my favorite and I have made several billion dollars dealing in the slick black liquid. I got a little antsy when I saw the trends in LSCO. I decided to sell off all of the family's holdings and convert everything to cash as we wait to see what the world economy is going to do.
    As it turned out I sold our oil a little too soon also. I sold out on May twenty first when the price of LSCO hit $135 a barrel. On Friday the eighteenth of July LSCO peaked at $147.26 per barrel and the profit taking started. I had foreseen that and I was glad that I was out of the market.
    The spoiling oil prices sent shock waves throughout the world economy and inflation hit an all time peak. The stage was set for the largest recession that the world has seen since the great depression of the thirties. Banks are now failing and the United States government is stepping in and throwing money at them in the hopes of bolstering them up. I can see disaster looming ever closer.
    Well the immediate was not a disaster as I fired a massive load of cock snot deep inside Cory's throat. The man child had been working me as my mind drifted and I had no idea of the length of time that we had been at it. "You were worked up, my love. You didn't last but a split second. Do you have the time to go lay on the bed with me for a little while?" That surprised me, not his offer his statement of the short fuse that I was on. As for his offer I am ever ready to lay down with Cory, even at my busiest time.
    That is what lovers do, they make the time to be together. I see so many of my friends, straight and gay, that grow apart from one another because they are too busy to take a few minutes of delight with one another on the spur of the moment. Love means giving of yourself, not taking, and not controlling. A frustrated lover will leave the bed of the other to lick at their wounds. Over time those wounds can fester and grow so large that the thought of being together becomes painful and a separation occurs. Make the time to love your lover whenever the moment moves either of you.

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