Chapter 255


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I had started my day enjoying breakfast with my young sons. Petey would be headed for his home with his mother and new father a few hours later so there was a bit of sadness between the two boys. I kept reminding Petey of all the fun that he could have with his own daddy living in the house with him and his mommy. He knocked the wind out of me when he said, "But he can't turn into no wolf and let me ride him, and I won't get to play with no bobcat anymore.
    I reminded the boy that he had promised to never tell anybody about Yuri changing so that he could come to our house and play from time to time. He looked at Yuri and asked him to go live with him. Yuri made me pop a few buttons on my pullover shirt when he said that he should go learn to love his daddy as much as he loved his. He told Petey that he was "never ever gonna leave my house for nothing".

    I took a cup of coffee and walked out of the house then just seconds later I received the call about the Pinal County deputies on my land. I said nothing to anybody. I got in my Caddy and headed off to a new adventure. Cory was able to reach me when I was about twelve miles away, I told him what I was doing, but that was before I had talked with the deputies. I got so involved that I never let him know what I was up to until I sat with young Horace in a caf&;#233; eating a late lunch. I had allowed Cory to listen to some of the boy's story, but not the actual sex part. That is privilege information that is kept very confidential. If you tell anyone about what Horace said then the police will come and snatch you up in the middle of the night and stick hot toothpicks into your breakfast bar.
    When I drove up to the front of the house with Horace at my side I found a very mad boy standing there waiting for me. Yuri had his hands on his hips. His bottom lip was quivering and tears had streaked down his tiny face. I knelt before him and reached out to hold him, he backed away from me. "You got shooted the day before today and you didn't take me to see. Why daddy? I thought that you loved me." I had to think fast.
    "Sugar bear, I had to protect Petey. You know how he wants to get into everything. He might have run right into the line of fire and gotten himself hurt by a bullet. I also wanted to have your level head to keep Kardal and Tiger here. Tiger runs around a lot too. Can you understand how hurt I would be if any you boys got hurt?
    "Look here," I pulled my jacket off then raised my shirt so that he could see the Mithral shirt, then I let him see my new bullet proof vest. "I was wearing this and Uncle Harry shot me and I didn't feel it at all."
    He giggled, "Slow down, daddy. You're talking all funny." He was laughing and smiling, I felt as if I had done what I needed to do. I picked him up and turned him upside down and backwards over my shoulder. "Who're you. I never seen you before," he asked.
    I turned around to face Horace, "Yuri, this is my friend Horace. Horace this is my son Yuri. Where are you, son?"
    "Turn around daddy, I can't see him."
    I turned around then looked in front of me. I spun around again and looked at Horace, he was laughing. "I've lost my son, have you see him?" Horace pointed to my shoulder as Yuri fought me to put him down. I grabbed his waist and lifted him to my face. "There you are, why did you hide from me?" Yuri grabbed my face and pulled in for a kiss. I put him on the ground and let him lead us into the house.

    Ugitsiha had the boys ready to go for a walk. I walked over to her and swept her from her feet with a back bending kiss. My sons ran to me for a buicy. I lfted each of them up and tossed them into the air, I was rewarded with a very juicy kiss that my boys call a buicy. I hugged them close to me.I smiled at Horace and told him, "This is my main family, and I love them with all of my heart."
    Cory and RD came in the back door. I called them over to me and told Horace that the good looking one that looked just like me was my eldest son and that he was a newlywed with a baby to come along the next fall.
    I grabbed Cory and gave him a very stiffening kiss while I ran my hands down the inside of his pant's waist band so that I could get both hands on the tight ass that I love the most. I pulled Horace over to my side so that he could see everything and told him that Cory was my wedded husband that made my life go around.
    Sagi stepped up, "He's my husband too and I married him first."
    That got us into our favorite banter. "I loved him first. I made love to him first." I stuck my tongue out at her.
    "You did make him into a passionate lover. If I had a dick to stick up his ass I would steal him away from you."
    "If you had a dick you would have some stiff competition, babe." All of the boys were laughing, they love to see their daddies play around with their mommies.
    "Who wants a dick, uncy?" Cullen and Jimmy entered the room with their arms around each other. They both had the after glow of post sex on their faces.
    Cullen came to me for a kiss. I pulled away from our embrace and licked my lips, "Umm, Jimmy cum. Come here you sexy thing. Let me see if you still have some royal cream on your teeth." As I kissed Jimmy Horace was trying to wrap his mind around all of it.

    I took Horace with me to find JC. The man is a supervisor of the State's Child Protective Service and I knew that he could get me temporary custody of the boy. I found him and Kenneth in one of the empty classroom having a little role play. Kenneth was the school master that was dealing out his punishment to a bad boy. I cleared my throat and apologized for the intrusion. I led JC and Horace to a staff office and locked the door behind us. Within the hour I had the legal rights that I needed to give shelter to Horace Smithfield. I took him to building A and found him a bed. Next we headed downstairs to join all of the boys in the main cafeteria in building C.

    I felt the back of my neck burning under the penetrating stare of someone behind me. I casually looked around the room and spotted Horse as he quickly averted his gaze to another direction. That movement was a bit too obvious. I made it a point to watch him watch me. I asked Roddy to tell me what the boy was doing behind my back. Roddy reported that the small boy seemed to be troubled and that he was watching me. I needed something to break the ice with the boy so that I could learn what was troubling him. I excused myself after telling Cory that I had to take care of some business. Roddy whispered in his ear and looked over to Horse. Cory smiled at me and kissed me good night. It will be a good night after I finish with the boy and get into bed with my hot lover man.

    I sent for Anthony Eaton Beaton to come to my office in the main classroom building. A small knock on my door caused me to invite whomever to step inside. I sat back as the door opened and watched a timid boy that barely stands five feet tall enter in. I looked him over. His dark red hair is beginning to grow back out since his relase from the camp where he had been held captive along with Franz and many other children.
    I had yet to learn if the seventy pound boy standing before my desk had ever carried any more weight, or if he was naturally underdeveloped. His records show that he was born on August fifteenth of nineteen ninety six so he would be fourteen; a kid would say that he was fourteen and a half. His skin was totally smooth with not a hair or a hint of fuzz on his arms. His nose was hidden by a fine line of freckles that swept under both eyes like a mask.
    Outside of the dormitory the boy calls himself Horse. He always wears his jeans, boots, and cowboy hat. I have learned that no one at the school has ever seen him naked, he always wears long board shorts when he moves from his cubicle to the showers. Even when the boys are gathered in the common areas in their all together Horse is in his jeans or his shorts. I wanted to know if this was trauma brought on by his confinement or if it was something else.
    I moved to the sofa and talked softly to him. In a very few minutes the boy was sitting next to me telling me a horror story like I had never heard before. Horse was anxious for me to see him naked. I expected something on the order of Yuri or Petey to be about all that the frail boy would have between his legs. Boy, I need to stop trying to guess what a boy hangs. Horse had aptly named himself. His small frame made him appear to be hung like a horse, a full grown horse.

    Horse began to develop at around ten and a half. All of his friends thought that it was cool that he had such a large penis. By the time he was eleven he was sporting a full man sized six incher that only continued to grow. His pubes came in a dark red. He attracted the attention of his best friend's older brother and the two of them discovered that they loved sex in any form.

    His friend's brother graduated from high school and moved into a frat house at the state college in their town. It was not uncommon for the brother to take Horse to his room and give the boy what they both loved the best, anal sex. Two of the brother's frat brothers caught on to what the two were doing and they both made use of the eager butts of the boy and the brother.
    One weekend in April the two older frat brothers invited the eighteen year old bother and thirteen year old Horse to join them at a motel at the edge of town where they had sex with six older men. Somewhere through the evening Horse told me that whatever he was drinking made him loose his ability to fight back. When he awakened he was in a new place with a fat man that he didn't recognize.
    Horse quickly realized that he was a prisoner and that he was in serious trouble. He wanted to get dressed and go home, but the fat man in his bed was replaced by a man that was so old that his bones creaked. It sounded funny, but Horse was telling me of an ordeal that no one should have to go through.
    By the end of the first day Horse had serviced six men of various ages, weights, and colors. He had been fed well and allowed to shower. He ducked his eyes as he told me that all of his hair was gone, even his eyebrows and his new pubies. He said that some of the men wanted to shower with him so that they could wash every inch of his smooth boy like body. Horse told me that he had always liked the fact that he was a small, young looking boy. At the time of his suffering he realized that it was a curse, many men wanted very young boys. His being as well endowed as he was made him even more desirable to those men.
    Horse likes anal sex, but with teenaged boys and very young adults. He wanted me. I told him that I was much older than he thought that I was. He told me that I was very good looking and that age doesn't make the man. I had to lead him back to his story, I wanted to know how he ended up in that camp.
    Horse told me that he was taken to a large house where five other boys were living. He told me that he quickly learned that he was in a boy whore house where he was left alone as long as he took care of any man that wanted his body for an hour, or the night. He told me about what happened to boys that refused to go with a particular man. He told me that he actually saw one boy beaten to death.
    He told me that the first time that a boy refused a man's attention he was strapped to a wall and whipped with a narrow leather strap. The next time that a boy refused to service a man the boy disappeared. He thought that the boy may have been killed, but after two or three weeks one of them returned to the house and was eager to be with any man that entered the house.
    When a group of men reserved the house for some sort of convention the boys knew that they were going to be in trouble. The men did unmentionable things to the boys. Three men would get with one boy at one time. Horse found out that all man sex was not fun when he had two very large dicks shoved up his ass at one time and another dick that was larger than his arm shoved down his throat.
    After a confrontation with the manager of the house Horse and three other boys were shackled and put in a van. Horse told me that he worried about the two boys that remained in the house by themselves. The boys that were taken away were drugged and when Horse awakened he was in a hole deep in the ground. He received his food and water via a bucket that was lowered through a trap door in the ceiling. He was removed from the hole and taken to a place where he was tied to a hook on the wall and subjected to electric shock and whippings. He was never told to do anything, but he was told that he needed to learn his place and needed to be punished for his insubordination.
    Horse was sure that he was not in the place where the pits were for more than two, maybe three days before a man dressed in SWAT gear lowered himself into his hole in the ground and rescued him. Horse told me that he saw the other two boys that had been left behind at the house when he was in the hospital. They each had both of their legs broken as well as both arms were in casts. They told him that they burned the house to the ground and were almost beaten to death when the firemen pulled the man that ran the house off of them.

     I had six seriously abused young men to interview. A meeting was scheduled in New York City for a group of local, state, and Federal, agents that have made it their life's goal to locate and free every child held in bondage by people that claim to be able to cure homosexuality. Most of those programs are no more than torture mills and I wanted to get all of the information that I could gather since I was the key note speaker on the program.
    I sat down with each of the six boys that had come from the hospital in Albany. I had a plate filled with fried pies, small cakes, as well as a bowl of candy for them to feed their cavity filled teeth, there was also a wide variety of cold sodas in my office refrigerator. I had a full pot of coffee for myself. Byron Poletek was the first to be interviewed.
    Byron is a large, strong looking boy, but he is very frightened. I took over forty five minutes with him trying to convince him that he is now amongst friends that will never hurt him. I wanted him to know that every boy in the camp had suffered some form of abuse and that they would never inflict any of that on him. He began to cry.

    To make the boys more comfortable I had a large fireplace built in my office. Before that hearth sits two large, very overstuffed, chairs that one can sink into and look up at their feet—a slight exaggeration that, but you get my meaning that the chairs were soft and comfortable. I sat back in my chair enjoying the warmth from the fire burning and waited for the boy to gain control of himself. After two or three minutes he was still crying, but he kept looking at me. I held out my hands with open arms. As quick as a flash he was out of his chair and settling in next to me in my chair.
     Byron had been broken. The sixteen year old boy had played JV football at his former high school. He was popular with the girls and guys. He was a natural leader and his teachers had great expectations for him. His mother's ex-husband number three told his mother that Byron was queer and that she should do something about it before he got too old to help.
    Byron really likes girls. He dreamed about them every time he took matters in hand. He kept magazine pages of girl models hidden in his house. But Byron was virgin to girls. His best bud was his stroke buddy. The two boys had been jacking off in front of each other since they first discovered the pleasure that it brought about. By the age of twelve they had moved on to taking the other to task then one night at a sleep over the bud lapped up the creamy evidence.
    Within day the two boys were into oral sex with each other. It was their secret, after all they were only helping their best friend out of his tenser moments. That's what good buddies are for, right?
    The ex-husband blamed Byron for his failed marriage to the woman of his dreams. He never wanted a kid, especially a goody two shoes like Byron. Sophomore class president, top of the honor roll, award winning debater, and the best jock in the school were attributes that the ex hated. He planted gay pix in Byron's room and led the mother in to see what the kid was hiding. Like so many teenage boys Bryon had a cum rag under his bed. When the ex showed the rag to his mother it was wet with a recently expelled load of boi juice. Under a shoe box next to the rag the ex produced twenty pictures of boys in many unnatural sex acts with each other. The mother was mortified.
    Byron denied the pix were his or that he had ever seen them before. The ex poo pooed that denial and told his mother that it was typical of a queer boy to pretend that nothing belonged to him. The ex new a priest that could help the boy find the true path. The mother thought that he was talking about curing her son of his unspeakable sin so she signed the papers which allow Father Jakes to take her boy to a place where he would learn to love having sex with many men.
    Byron was in the camp for more than a year then he was moved to the house in town. He met Horse there as well as Jake. Horace was gone when Jake and Byron decided to burn the house down with the old faggots asleep in their beds. I am fighting the charges of attempted first degree murder that hangs over the heads of both boys. By the law Bryon and Jake are not allowed out of the state of New York. However the prosecutor wanted the boys in a safe place so he sent them to BAG Boys which just happened to be on their Christmas vacation in Arizona.
    I called Blake Crossly. I wanted to know if he was the prosecutor in this case. Of course we had to go through the niceties of discussing how his two sons were enjoying their vacation on the ranch. I told him that he should come out, I was sure that he would find many ponies to ride. He told me that he had not sat a horse in many years, then he caught my double entendre and blushed. I saw the glow over the phone.
    Blake told me that the case had been assigned to him. He said that Anthony Dogg himself would serve as the defense council since it was a federal matter. The fire and the camp were both in the state of Vermont, but most of the boys at the camp were from the state of New York. I wanted to know the disposition of the rest of the freed boys. Blake told me that we would have to have a face to face conversation to discuss that. He wanted to know if Silky had attended the camp this year, I told him that he was riding as many ponies as Blain was. Blake hung up mumbling, "That boy. That dear, sweet boy, he is going to get a disease…"
    I talked to Byron for a little bit longer. He wants to return to his old high school. He has no family other than his mother and he wants nothing more to do with her. Since he doesn't want to return to his childhood home he has no place to live. I told him that as soon as his trial had been adjudicated that I would help him to be emancipated and set him up in an apartment of his own. He hugged me and kissed me. He blushed, "Well, that place sorta made me like some men, like you."
    I asked him if he liked men enough to have sex with them. He told me that it wasn't all bad, as long as he could have a girlfriend and one day get married. I ruffled his hair and slapped his butt as I sent him on his way.

    I wanted to hear Jake Sam's story next. Jake gives off the impression that he is all queer. He is swishy, soft spoken, soft, and hates sports, but he likes the tight bodied jocks. He told me that he learned about sucking cocks when he was six. Some of the older neighborhood boys used the small boy's mouth every day. Jake said that he would suck at least two boys and sometimes four every day.
    When he was ten one of the boys from the neighborhood told him that he was going to show him something that he would love. The fifteen year old boy fucked Jake each day after school and took him to his house when his mother was at work on Saturday so that they could get naked. Every Saturday Jake was fucked at least three times and once in awhile one of the other boys would join them.
    At first Jake only sucked the second boy while he got his ass plowed by the other one. After three weeks of their sex play the second boy wanted to fuck Jake. The young boy showed that he had balls of brass when he told the second boy that he would have to suck him while the first boy fucked him then he could fuck him next. The boys had no problem sucking the ten year old with the dick of a gnat, they knew that he couldn't cum. They were surprised at the intense orgasm that Jake had when he was sucked an fucked at the same time. That made them want to do him all the more.
    The Saturday fuck-a-thon continued into Jake's jr. high school days. It carried over to the summer and the boys had many sleep overs and a few camping trips to the creek that ran along behind Jake's house about a half of a mile away. The two older boys had started to suck each other while Jake took turns fucking each of them. The thirteenth summer of Jake's life made all three boys know who and what they were.
    Jake was in a hard sixty nine with the first boy when he shot his first wet load into the boy's mouth. At the same time boy number two fired a load up number one's ass that showed both boys that sex was more than they had ever dreamed. Jake spread the legs of boy number one and began to felch the load from his fresh fucked ass. The boy was hard in an instant. He wanted to fuck his buddy.
    The two boys changed positions with each other. Jake remained on the bottom as he took the second boy's cock ATM. The first boy was as hot as a recently fired pistol. He began a power fuck on his buddy that caused second boy's cock to go deep into Jake's throat. Jake loved feeling the super hard cock moving in and out of his tight throat. He was so turned on that when he fired the second load of his young life it was a gusher.
    Not wanting to miss a drop second boy began to bury Jake's cock deep into his own throat as he thrust his ass upwards and back for the first boy to fuck him harder. He didn't know at the time that the first boy had already shot a large load into his ass and stayed in the saddle to fire two more loads after it. Second boy had another load for Jake and Jake gave him a dribble in thanks.
    During their last interlude in the tent by the creek a hunter and two police officers looked inside. Jake was only thirteen, the other two boys were seventeen and eighteen. Both of the older boys were tried as adults and convicted of ongoing sexual molestation and sent to prison for twenty five years. Jake's parents sent him to Father Jake's. Jake remained in the house where Horse and Byron were until Horse was sent away to be re-trained. Jake turned fifteen then he and Bryon set the house on fire so that they could kill the man that beat them everyday.
    I asked the name of the man that beat them. He said that all of the boys called him stinky breath because he ate so much sauerkraut. He was pretty sure that the man's name was Adalbrecht Bertram. He is a blonde haired Kaiser man. I asked him what kind of a man that was. "You know, a kraut, a neo-nazi wannabe, a German." My blood turned to ice water. Could it be, I kept asking myself. I hope not.

    Fifteen year old Khleo Kasch is a cute as a bug little tan skinned boy with a smile that begs one to love him. He has known that he is gay since he was in elementary school. He had learned where to go to seek sex from other boys and young men. One night a good looking youngster drove up to where Khleo was working his section of the street and offered him two hundred dollars for the entire night. Khelo awakened in a dirt hole in the ground where he remained for three weeks.
    His alcoholic mother reported him missing after three days because he hadn't brought her any money for her booze. The time line showed that the boy had only been missing nineteen days. His mother was charged as an unfit parent and Khleo was to be sent to BAG Boys. I wanted to know what Khelo wanted.
    He wants to play football. I grinned at him and told him that he was small and that his skin color is the same as a football, wouldn't he be afraid that he would get thrown around. The boy is quick witted and came back with, "I don't care of a strong jock makes a pass out of me, or at me. I will go to ground and let him cover me with his firm body parts." Khleo does not want to return to New York. He said that the boys from Tucson are better looking, and so tan. I love the boy's toothy smile.

    I sat looking at Miguel Castro. He is a strong boy that eludes jock from his every follicle of hair and mass of muscle on his tight body. He has two loves football and the hard bodied boys in the locker room after a practice or a game. He is gay for boys his own age and he doesn't care who knows it. He was out at his high school and received all of the teasing and bullying that the other students could dish out. Miguel is a fighter and didn't let any bully get one over on him.
    Miguel and his close friend were in their secret fort at a large city park when two men stepped through the bushes and held a rag with some sort of chemical on it over their mouths and noses. When the two boys awakened they were being bodily pulled from a van. They tried to protest and were hit repeatedly every time that they opened their mouths.
    The two sixteen year old boys had been taken as they stopped on their way home from an after party to celebrate their huge win over an opponent on the grid iron. They both had a little tension in their jeans so they stopped to take the protein that each had to offer. They had their pants around their ankles as they took each other to task on the cold November night. With their pants down they were unable to fight their assailants off. Miguel told me that he had no idea what had happened to Nate, he had not seen him since that night.

    "Tyler, bring our guest in, please," I spoke into the intercom sitting on the edge of my desk. The door opened as Fritz Allenrod and Joseph Jefferies pushed Nate Davidson's wheelchair into the room. Nate had taken a serious beating in the three weeks that he was at the camp. He tried to fight back at his captors and was severely beaten for his efforts. Both of his legs were in thigh to ankle casts.
    Nate wanted to go to school wherever Miguel was. He wants to play football as soon as his legs heal. I knew how to fix his legs for him very quickly. Nate told all of us that Miguel is his sun and his moon and the ground beneath his feet. He told Miguel that he loved him with all of his heart and that he wants to grow old and wrinkly with the love of his life.
    Miguel countered with a secret that the two boys held between them. They both want to get married as soon as it is legal. I didn't tell the boys what I knew, but there is a strong movement in New York to legalize same sex marriage for those of legal age. I think that by the middle of the summer they will live in a state where they can join in a permanent state of matrimony.

    Allenrod and Jefferies had told me that they wanted to return to New York to play football at BAG Boys, several of the boys that attend that school had already told them that the football program there sucked. I had an idea that would settle the matter once and for all.

BG, on his cell phone and Brad had just as many of BJ to show off.

    Now I was sitting in my office with all ten boys from New York. Cory had joined me and I had asked for JB to bring Tony with him. I introduced my husband to the boys and JB stood up and introduced Tony as his legally wedded husband.
    The invisible boy was sitting next to Horse and Franz. I looked at the file on the sixth boy that had come from the hospital. He was a very good looking boy of fifteen, in his pictures. Sitting before me was a mummy. His head was wrapped with yards and yards of gauze bandaging. His left arm was in a cast and his right hand was wrapped up against the cast that protected his chest and held his shoulder in place.

    As I looked at his x-rays I called for Tyler to come in. He opened the door and was joined by Cas, Jamie, and Mikie. Cedric Temblor, the mummy boy began to cough. Spike proved his agility as he jumped over feet and legs to land in front of the boy and held a tissue to his mouth for him. I rose up and sat down next to Cedric, pushing Franz to the side. I placed my hands on the boy's head and learned more than his medical charts had told me. I called for Wes.
    Cory walked over to the window and opened it to a bright yellow meadowlark. The bird circled the room and touched my mind. He agreed with me that Cedric was in serious trouble. I looked at the boys and told them that they were about to see some very ancient Indian magic. I told them that Wes is a very powerful Cherokee Medicine Man and that he needed to talk to all of them. When he flew to the floor then changed into his normal form the new boys jerked back in reaction. I kept my eyes on JB. He was in the wrong spot at the right time. I will have to deal with him later. He is still talking about seeing whatever he thinks that he saw before Ajay's snake form frightened the crap out of him.
    "Cedric, you have a severely damaged kidney that must be removed within the next day or so. Your spleen is torn and will have to come out and your liver is damaged." I read from Cedric's medical records. The hospital knew of his injuries and knew that the boy had a very short time to live. His family is indigent and there was no money to treat him. A decision was made that it was just another queer that the world would be better off without.
    I knelt before Cedric and looked deep into his his one blue eye, "Cedric, you are about to become a very rich boy. When my attorneys finish with that hospital you will have more money than Midas."
    "Tyler, tell all of us why Spike and Mikey are here."
    "Well dad, you are so busy with all of the boys that are here and I saw Cedric and knew that he would need around the clock care. I called my loving husband to come and take a look at him and he agreed that the boy should never be left alone for an instant. Cas knows all about sport's injuries and he told all of us what to do. Spike and Mikey wanted to help so they sit with Cedric and feed him and bathe him and see to all of his needs.
    I turned to Nate. "Your left knee cap has been destroyed. You face years of knee replacement surgery and you will never play football again. You may not even be able to walk without the aid of a crutch or a walker.
    "Byron, you have been hiding your injuries. Your kidneys are both weak and you are going to need to start on dialysis at once. Without treatment you will turn yellow and die within two or three weeks. You have already been experiencing the lethargic feelings, fatigue, and headaches that is what to much acid in your blood brings about.
    "Miguel you have a very old head injury caused by an untreated concussion in the past. You have a tumor growing in your brain that is causing the dizzy spells and nausea that you suffer from.

    "I am very proud of all of you boys. JB you will have yourself a great new football team this next year when these boys are healed." With that I showed JB and Tony out of my office. I had an idea about what to do with those two. I returned to the boys in my office and thanked Tyler, Cas, Jamie, and Mikie for all that they had done for Cedric. I told them that now I was going to see to his injuries and that they could see their young friend at dinner time. They were confused, but they left the office just the same. I had to trust them not to mention that Wes had flown into the room and changed before their eyes.
    I reached out to ask Roddy to bring Lightening Fire and one other horse to drag two wounded boys to the hot springs. "Daddy, it's cold up there today." I spun around and saw Roddy sitting naked on my desk.
    "You little cock roach, how did you…when did you?" His mouth and eyes were in a big smile as he nodded his head vigorously. He pointed to a very large cock roach on the desk beside him. The roach transformed into Ajay. All of the boys were speechless.
    "We have heard mom say that cock roaches can get into anything so we tried it. We just avoided the Roach Motels." He and Ajay cracked up at their little joke. If these boys can turn themselves into insects then I will have to be very careful. But then again…I have oftenr wished that I was a fly on the wall to know what was going on when I am not around.
    Roddy had Lightening Fire waiting by the front of the building. Standing next to the magnificent stallion was Clayton with a skid tied to him. He smiled into my mind and told me that the cargo that needed to go to the hot springs is a very fragile boy and that he would take him safely to his healing. As we walked along the path to the spring fed spa I tried to prepare the boys for what they were about to see. They didn't believe a word that I said. That is until we arrived.
    Sitting around the spa were all of the Tsalagi except for Cory, I had sent him on a mission. It was cold, but we got all of the boys into the hot water. Mike had brought a snorkel with a nose clip for Cedric and one for Miguel. Very carefully Wes and I removed all of the bandages from Cedric and we cut the casts off of Nate's legs.
    Wes added his oils to the water. Mike sprinkled his herbs into the water. I made sure that Miguel and Cedric had their heads under the healing waters and that the snorkels were above the surface before I bid farewell to my brothers and ran through the woods as fast as my four legs could carry me.
    I met up with Cory at the door to JB's office. I checked inside to see who was there, I was pleased that only Tony and JB were sitting on the sofa making out with one another. I knocked on the door and was invited in. Cory followed me with a tray of a lemon chiffon cake and a pot of tea. JB loves lemon cake and I knew that he would feel no pain from the tea that Cory had brewed just for him and his husband.
    I served up large slices of the cake so that the two victims would be extra thirsty for the hot tea. We were halfway through the cake when Cory lifted the lid to his tea pot and stirred it, "I believe that the tea is ready," he stated as he poured two small cups of the powerful liquid. Cory is very good with his slight of hand movements. None of us realized that he was pouring tea for JB and Tony and coffee for me and himself.
    I reached over and took JB's plate and fork from him as he fell back against the sofa dead to the world. Tony looked at him then joined him in the most restful slumber that either of them had enjoyed in several weeks. I probed the minds of the two men. I was careful to only go to the events that had occurred at Camp Christopher. Tony had heard a rumor about a boy that had changed into a mean cat. That was pretty well out there, but I cleaned his memory up so that he knew what I had shared with all of the boys there about Indian magic. Next I had to dispel the stories that JB had told him after being scared half out of his mind by Ajay's rattlesnake transformation.
    JB had told Tony that he saw bears and wolves sitting around a pool with an eagle and hawks and owls. I had to let both of them share JB's emotional dream. JB had been so worked up that he didn't know what he saw and the his confrontation with a large rattlesnake had spooked the man no end. I placed images of birds and butterflies and naked boys frolicing in the sunshine into both men's minds. I had the boys changing into birds and flying away only to lite on a window sill and change back again.
    When the two men awakened the cake was gone from their empty plates and their tea cups were empty. Cory checked the tea pot and told us that we had finished all of the tea, but he had coffee, did anyone want another piece of cake? I had planted an idea into the minds of both men and followed up on it.
    "Please let me know as soon as you can contact your coaches. I will send my coaches with a few boys to bring out all of the pads and gear that we will need to get up a good game of old fashioned football on Sunday afternoon." JB looked puzzled, but he agreed. He sort of knew what I was talking about, but his mind wasn't quite clear on how we had come to decide on a game between his school and mine.
    Once Cory and I were away from the door he sat his tray on a small table and we did it. We transformed into tiny houseflies and slipped between the bottom of the door and the floor. I had scanned the office to make sure that JB did not have any fly traps of bug zappers about. Cory and I settled on the ceiling above the two men. We listened as JB talked his head coach into coming out to Tucson for a few day in the sun and fresh air. From JB's end of the conversation the coach was fed up with this job.
    Tony moved close and wrapped his arms around JB. "I wish that we could live the carefree life that Chris lives. That man has no worries and more money than any three of the richest people in the world."
    "Oh Chris has a lot on his plate that you don't know about puddin'. He just has a way of turning his life into a field of naked boys and butterflies."
    "It's strange that you should say that. I remember a dream that I had recently about boys changing into birds and butterflies. I saw a wolf sleeping against the stomach of a huge tiger and there was a bear with birds resting on it."
    "That is what I saw that day that I went looking for Chris. I guess that it was just a dream. You had that same dream? I must be loosing it if I can't tell the difference between a dream and reality."

    Cory and I went to the roof of the classroom building and did the bird thing. Wes and Inagei were right, a hawk is the only way to fly. We circled about the hot spring spa and watched the boys there as they tried to get their heads around everything that was going on. Cory let out a loud screech as we flew down to the ground. Every eye was on us as we changed to our natural form.
    I got into the water and looked at the un-marred face of Cedric. I searched through his body. Wes joined with me and we both pronounced the boy as healthy as a high school athlete. Next I checked Miguel and found that the damage from his concussion was healed and that there was no trace of his tumor. Wes was excited as he showed me Byron's fully functional kidneys. He led the boy from the water to a dying bush to show off the natural functioin of those two organs. Nate's legs were also healed and his knee was whole and well.
    Byron was still watering the bush when he looked over his shoulder, "To hell with Coca Cola, this is the pause that refreshes. I spell relief P-I-S-S. I have not been able to pee like this for weeks now. Thanks guys, for whatever you did."
    I directed all of the other boys from New York to enter the water as Mike and Wes sprinkled their herbs over the surface of the water. It was a bit crowded, but all of us got close in the water and soaked up the heat and the healing herbs. Each one of us had both hands full of hard cock as we sat and talked. I told the boys that the hot springs had no healing powers of its own. It was Indian magic with herbs and oils that was healing each of their bodies of everything that was not supposed to be there from nature.
    Suddenly a few of the boys moaned and filled the water with their creamy ball batter. "See what I mean. The waters are removing all of your tensions." Roddy stood up and fired a hot load across the water to the bank of the spa. He smiled and sat back down. Yuri stood up and I know that he had a very intense boigasm as his body shuddred and his jaw fell slack. All of the boys cheered the little man on.
    I began to laugh at the image that I was getting. When everyone looked at me I pointed to the sky. Struggling with his heavy load RD was trying his best to make a soft landing near to us. He had a large bale of heavy blankets for all of us to ward off the chill in the air.

    Bag Boys coaches arrived late Saturday afternoon. They went to work with their team and the eight new boys that wanted to play ball for the school in New York. Cory, Cullen, Jimmy, and I sat high in the bleachers as we watched the coaches try to get their boys to listen to them. I am not any kind of expert on the game, but I could see why the school did not have a winning team. The coaches were too interested in the tight boy butts and not in the boys that play the game. I would have to talk to JB to find out why he had hired the two men. One young student assistant coach seemed to know more about the plays then the coaches did.
    Byron clopped up the bleacher steps with his cleats on and his helmet in his hand. "I would never be able to play ball for that school The coaches know nothing about anything. The team is so disorganized that it will take two or three seasons to get them in shape. I just talked to Jake and Miguel and they feel the same way."
    "Wait and see how the game goes tomorrow before you rule them out. You are going to return to your old high school, but maybe you helping out with this game will spark some of the other boys to want to play better."
    "I can't go back to my old school." He fished under his Jersey and pulled out a letter from his mother. She had enclosed a copy of the school's newsletter as well as a letter from the school board of Bryon's hometown. Sense it has become common knowledge that Bryon is gay he will not be accepted back into a school with decent kids. That is the sort of blatant prejudice that the Doggs of Warr like to fight.
    The newsletter hurt the boy the most. It was filled with hate from many of his schoolmates and his former girlfriend. Her quote said what the other students said. "I can't believe that I actually allowed that freak to touch me. I thought that I was in love with him, but how can one love a queer. Can you imagine what he would do to his children? I hope that no girl ever allows him near her."
    Byron's mother and her ex-husband are going through their town telling everbody that the boy is a dangerous sexual preditor and warning to sit down with their sons and learn if Byron had molested them. Byron just sat on the seat in front of me and kept his head down between his knees. I let him cry for a few minutes before I took his hand and led him to the cafeteria for a bowl of ice cream.

    The football game was fun to watch. Our overseas visitors did not know that the game sucked, they just enjoyed watching the crazy Americans throwing each other to the ground as they tried to take the ball away. Cullen was wiggling in his seat. I caught the eye of coach Tedford and he called Cullen in to play. Cullen could not have been happier if he had won the Nobel Peace prize. He showed that he still had a good eye and an sharp toe as he made amazing field goals for BAW. We won forty two zip.

    I had all six of the boys from the training camp sleep in one staff room together. I had Franz join them. I informed them that we would be flying to New York City at seven the next morning. Pete had his crew up and ready when I sat down to breakfast with my wife and babies.
    Philby had informed me that matters concerning the Kingdom needed his personal attention. He and El had to fly home to merry old England. They had already arranged with Andy to fly them from New York to Liverpool. Cullen was to join us, but he would return with us and fly home later in the week with the boys from BAB.
    Pete sat us down at our airport office at La Guardia Airport in New York. As the boys made their way to an awaiting helicopter I walked with my sister and brother-in-law to their plane. I had allowed Roddy and Yuri to go with us to New York. It was Yuri's first time there and Roddy was so young that he didn't remember all that he didn't see. I love the way that kids word things.
    Cory and Jimmy stood with Cullen as they watched the plane taxi off into the land of a thousand planes and disappear. Pete called out of his window to tell us that El's plane would be passing by in a moment or two. We all looked to the sky to see the Gulfstream, with the FI markings on its side, fly off to the east.
    I got onto the helicopter that would carry us across the river to my apartments and a hot lunch for the boys. A call from security at the lower elevator brought me to attention. Kostja's father wanted to come up to prepare the young King for a public appearance. I had not seen the man in a few years, but I know that he feels that a gentleman needs a gentlerman's gentleman. Got that? Good. I told security to send the man up.
    Mr. Waldhar bowed before Cullen then he bowed before me as he entered my apartment. He wanted to know where his Higness kept his wardrobe. Cullen led him to the room that he shared with Jimmy. After fifteen minutes Mr. Waldhar opened the door and told me that he was ready for me. I looked at the other boys and made my way to my room. Once inside I found that one of my black suits was laid out on the bed. All of my medals were in their place on the left breast of the suit jacket. My trousers were pressed and waiting for me to put them on. He even had long black socks lying next to my highly polished dress shoes.
    Jimmy opened the door and took my jacket. He carefully hung it in a heavy leather garment bag and carried it out of the room. Fed, showered, and dressed in clothes befitting the weather in New York we all made our way back to the helipad on the roof and off to a meeting that I hoped would make a difference in this country. Cory, Pete, Mike, and Bryan had their hands full as the boys wanted to see everything around them. I wanted them in their seats and quiet so that the meeting could called to order and get the heck out of there.
    I walked onto the stage with Cullen at my side. Both of us wore our full dress suits with all of our jewelry affixed to them. I directed Cullen to a seat on the stage and made my way around the men and women gathered there. I looked out at the large audience at a sea of very young faces sitting in the center rows of the large auditorium. I quickly spotted my young companions sitting in the tenth row from the front. A lady told me that there were three hundred children in attendance as well as one hundred and fifty law enforcement officers from all over the north east. I reflected on the fact that there were no southern boys or westerners in the crowd.
    The host brought the meeting to order then introduced me as the keynote speaker.I started my speech with a warning that some of the slides that I was about to present were very graphic. I talked to the children that were there. "Boys and girls, I know that many of these slides will upset you, but I want you to know that your suffering is over. The places in these slide no longer exist. The people that hurt you there are in jail awaiting the courts to decide how long they should remain in prison.
    "I have asked that each of you be present so that these officers can see that you are real kids with a full life before you. I want the world to see what kind of sick minds some people have when they try to change the way another person thinks. It is wrong at every turn to try to force the will of a few onto others. I feel that if this is allowed to continue then we will find that our laws will seek to enforce morality as a few people see it. It will always be wrong to legislate morality. That will lead to the loss of our basic rights as American Citizens and the loss of our freedom of expression, our freedom of the press. the freedom to worship as each individual sees fit. All of these right are being set up to fall, and fall fast."
    I turned to step off of the stage as Anthony Dogg stood up from his seat. The host took the microphone and introduced Tony as the next speaker so we barely had a moment to shake each other's hand. I took a seat next to Cullen and we both listened to what Tony had to say. Tony made many promises about me riding the world of scum that preys on innocent children. He told the audience present and on television that I had the full power of the Federal Government and many foreign nations behind me. He looked at me and said that all of my work was most secret, but the world could expect to see results very soon.
    His Royal Highness had a few words to say. He reached into the inside breast pocket of his jacket and removed a fold of papers. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have here secret comminque from the heads of many nations around Europe." He held up documents one at a time, "Queen Elizabeth, President Sarkozy, The Prime Minister of Germany, and leaders and Prime Ministers of Italy, Austria, Greece, even Georgia and Serbia, have written to me to tell me that they will support Sir Christopher Dickson with money, material, and troops to rid their countries of any places like these that you are seeing on the overhead screens. I personally know over two thousand boys from around the world that have suffered at the hands of these people and I want them to rot in the coldest, deepest, dankest, dampest, stinking dungeon cell there is, just like they put these children before us today through."
    Cullen turned to me and handed the papers over then bowed before me. I bowed to him and then we took our seats to listen to the other speakers.
    Two more speakers said their piece then the meeting was adjourned. I shook many hands and listened to the people on stage vent their rage over what they had seen on the screens. They had no idea...That's a problem with the world, it has no idea!!
    I headed all of my traveling compaions toward the door and out to our awaiting helicopter. As we stepped away from the building young man stepped from the crowd and fired four rounds at point blank range direcetly into my chest. As I reeled backwards I watched the shooter turn and fire at Cullen.

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