Chapter 254


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Two motorcycle officers stood by with three heavily armed FI agents that had been sent to drive me to see Andy at our airport office. One of the agents asked for Franz to step over, he placed a bullet proof vest on the boy and made sure that it was secure. One of the other agents helped me to secure my own vest then Franz and I were seated in the back of the middle armored SUV. Nothing was said as one of the motorcycle officers pulled out into the street to block the non-existent traffic. The convoy pulled out of my driveway and took off at a high rate of speed. I barely had time to turn in my seat to make sure that the security gate snapped up into place before we were over the hill and flying along. I could see the blue and reds flashing on the lead vehicle and when I turned in my seat to check my security gates I saw the lights flashing on the trailing vehicle as well.
    The two motorcycles took turns racing into intersections to stop traffic from all directions as we approached, letting us race through without breaking our speed. Franz was glued to the window watching everything as it flew past his view. It was his first trip into Tucson and we were traveling so fast that he was getting whiplash as he tried to take it all in. I called Andy and asked him what was going on. He told me that everything would be revealed whenever I arrived at the airport office.
    There was a marked car sitting in front of the office bearing the emblem of the United State's Marshall's office. When I entered the office I had a sense of de ja vu as I remembered meeting Peter Caulfield under similar circumstances. Two men in off the rack suits stood with their hands out for me to shake. I looked back to Franz as he was shown into another office. The agent with him asked him if he liked pancakes and bacon. Andy stepped past me and locked the door. One of the men addressed me, "Sir Chris, we have detected a serious oversight that we are here to correct. Sir you have more power than anyone in our organization, but we have learned that you have had problems when making arrests; it seems that no one knows of your organization. Several defense attorney's have tried to have your arrests thrown out of court causing you to have to defend yourself by revealing your organization to many judges. It would only take one of those judges, or their clerks, to say something in earshot of the wrong person.
    "By order of the Justice Department we are here to make it easier for you to bring the very worst scum of the earth to justice. I would like to torture and kill every person that hurts a child, but I am sworn to serve the law of the land," he said off hand. "You have completed our training and our office was remiss in not presenting you with a badge several years ago. May I see your badge case, sir?"
    I took my badge from my pocket and passed it to him when Andy nodded for me to do it. Okay, so I am a bit paranoid, but my badge is my emblem of authority and I guard it jealously. The Marshall had a similar badge case that he laid next to mine. Making sure that his every move was open and seen he removed my badge with its belt clip and placed it into the slot of the new case. He placed my ID card into its window on the opposite side. Next he took the badge of a senior special deputy marshall and slid its clip into a slot on the back side of my Federal ID card then he slipped my new Marshall's ID card into a window slot on the opposite side of that.
    He passed me both cases so that I could transfer my personal items into the case. I placed my driver's license in the front pocket then my credit and banking cards in behind that. I opened the hidden compartment to remove the five one hundred dollar bills that I keep for unexpected incidentals and placed them into the hidden compartment of the new case. I moved all of my daily cash and other junk then stood up.
    The badge case was pushed toward me and I was told that I could put it away. I looked at the fine leather of the case, it was almost a half an inch thicker. I noticed a new feature on the new case, it no longer had a flimsy chain to hang the case around my neck. In place of the chain was a strong webbed strap that retracted into its pocket inside the wallet.
    The Marshall turned to Andy and asked him if he would give us a minute. I try to include Andy in most of my activities, but when the Marshal began to speak I looked around to be sure that Andy wasn't nearby. The US Marshall's office had developed more information on the camp that Franz was rescued from. The operation was exactly what I had felt that it was, it was a part of a new, and very large, international child sex slave operation.
    I was handed a folder marked TOP SECRET, it was information on a three year investigation called Operation Rescue. I was told that after the first of the year that I would be contacted by MI-6 and agents from Interpol as well as I would have to sit down with the SDECE.
    His next instruction was on a personal note. "Sir Chris, we want to advise you to wear a bullet proof vest at all times. Anyone with you should also wear similar protection. These people are in the woodwork and there is evidence that they are out to get you. Word around is that you are the man that can bring this organization down so you must be stopped at all costs.
    "We have intel that an Al Gobles has information on your current location and how to get to you. We believe that a defrocked priest has offered him a very large sum of money to make sure that you are no longer a threat to his operation. The priest was in custody. but he has vanished,. But we will find him so don't worry." I wasn't worried, I know where Jakes and Al are, but they didn't need that information at the time.
    I stepped outside to see the two Marshall's off. Andy congratulated me, but I know that he would eat my shit to learn what I had just been told. I called Franz to me and we boarded the helicopter that would take us to Camp Christopher. I leaned into Andy, "I love you, you know. There are many things that neither of us can talk about, but in the end everything will be made clear.
    "Remember what you had to endure in the days leading up to the demise of Siegy Corvin. You told me then that you didn't want to know. Andy, I am onto something that is much larger than he was, but it may be part of his old organization." We hugged each other tightly then I turned to the helicopter, Andy shut the door and blew me a kiss. I caught it and placed it in my pocket, he laughed as the pilot lifted off.

    The Epiphany–Day of Jesus–would come on a Thursday in 2011, that meant that I had a very short time to enjoy the boys from around the world that were vacationing at the camp. I had filled my time at the camp with everything except my guests. I had nine days left to show them how much I loved each one of them before their planes would carry them back to their schools in Europe and far Eastern Asia.
    During our return flight to Camp Christopher I tried to think of how I could help Franz out of his dilemma. Actually Franz's problem was simply teenage angst over a what might have been summer fling with Max Sheldon, but the boy was in love. He was only with Max for four days. But the sex that the boys shared had carried him through the terrible times that he endured at the hands of the worlds worst sort of pedophile.
    The law states that anyone that has sexual contact with anyone under the legal age of consent is a pedophile. By definition of the word there are more pedophiles than totally straight people in the world. A parent changing their baby's diaper touches and caressers the genitals of the child, that is not sexual conduct.
    As with all segments of society there are those that are far outside the box. With millions of pedophiles in the world it is those that hurt or force children to do their will. Not all pedophiles are homosexual and not all homosexuals are pedophiles. Most homosexuals won't touch a child, they lean toward men of a legal age. These men find another to love and settle down with in a long term relationship.
    It is the people that prey on children and try to force them to do evil, against the child's will, that I intensely dislike. I have made it the second most important thing in my life's work to protect the child's innocense and to bring justice to those individuals. There is a fine line between the first and second thing that my life encompasses. I started life seeking boys for my sexual pleasure, but I quickly changed that sick motivation as I found boys in serious need.
     Turner and Tyler were at the edge of my narrow mind. I set out to find boys to bed and then move on. All of you know Jimmy and how I found him. Jerry and Tim seemed to be alright so I left to find Cory. That boy changed my life, although I didn't know it at the time. On my way back home I found Cas, but I still had the wanderlust. Cory was as sweet and innocent as a teenage boy can be, but deep down in my heart I had a different connection to him. Chrisy awakened in me my need to have Cory move into my home. Following in quick succession came Lew, Pete, then Trevor and Alec. Jimmy stepped back into my life followed by Tim's and Jerry's move from Alabama to Tucson.
    Now I am looking at Franz and wondering what role he will play in my life. He loves Max, but that romance cannot go anywhere as long as Ian Buchere is in the picture. Franz comes with other baggage that I want to unpack and expose to the courts of the world. I want to shelter and protect Franz, but I want the people that hurt him to pay for their crimes. I learned that the crimes committed against Franz were only the tip of the ice burg, so to speak. Six other boys had arrived from that place in Vermont that had stories to tell.

    I asked Pete to do me a special favor, I had him fly to St. Tropez to bring Marin and Perceval to Camp Christopher for New Year's Eve. I was after two things, I wanted to give the caretaker of my Mediterranean villa a vacation in the wild west, and I wanted them to see the scope of my business. The boys made them feel welcome and I told the few boys that asked that I was alright with them giving the two men a little personal welcome. I can't take all of the boys to the villa, but those that have been there were quick to share the beauty of the seaside getaway with the other boys.
    After Franz and I returned early Monday morning from our short interlude in Tucson I was ready to be with all of the boys and join with them in having fun. I depended on Tristan's and Nolan's assessment of each boys' riding skills before I would let them participate in exercises that could injure them. I know that even the most accomplished rider can befall an accident, but the boys that were only out to have a little fun and didn't learn the proper riding techniques could more easily find themselves with broken bones.
    I have ridden Golden Beauty pretty fast over the past year or so, but I had never raced him against anyone other than Roddy and Lightening Fire. Many of the boys wanted an old fashioned horse race. Nolan had been hard at work restoring the old race track that Willis Mayville had built late in the nineteenth century. The southwestern corner of the track had been broken up when the new stables were built the previous year. Nolan simply reduced the size of the oval track to one mile.
    Nolan and Tristan had moved the bleachers to the south side of the track and set them so that they could be turned to face the corral for a rodeo, or to face the race track. It wasn't as if we were short on hands to move the new aluminum bleachers. I agreed to a series of horse races along the south side of the oval, along the homestretch in front of the bleachers. That was a run of over one quarter of a mile. I would not allow for the use of the starting gates. Those gates take well trained horses and riders and I did not want any injuries, no matter how minor.
    Nolan recruited Kenneth and JC as well as Sven to help him to train the horses to the sound of a starter's pistol shot. Horses spook at simple things, but these horses had been trained for the boys' safety so noise training was to be expected. By Christmas day Nolan declared the horses ready.
    Monday afternoon the races were on. Roddy rode Lightening Fire, bareback. I was not happy with his decision to ride without a saddle, but my son looked at me and stared me down, not an easy task. I relented, but I told him that he would have an unfair advantage over the other's in the race. First Roddy is still a bit small and without the weight and encumbrance of a saddle the horse would move like a fire bolt of lightening. Roddy laughed at me and said, "Good."
    All of the Indian boys showed up with unsaddled ponies. I asked Kuruk if he could ride at the speeds that were needed for the race. He put his hands on his hips and informed me that he was chasing after jack rabbits and coyotes across the desert floor before he was old enough to start to school. I should no better. All of those boys were raised in the Indian traditions, most of my Tsalagi brothers were only just learning to sit a horse. Funny, I didn't worry about them.
    I had the saddle removed from Golden Beauty, I was going to race with Cory. I knew that my chances with Roddy were slim to none and I felt that I would not be able to come close to the speed of the Chiricahua's, but I was going to my man partner a run for the money, and I hoped that I could beat most of the Tsalagi as well. I had to say it, when Clayton rode up on a young paint I looked at him, "I thought that you would be running in the race, not riding."
    He looked at Shikoba and smiled, "Feather wanted to ride me, but I ain't never run that fast and I don't want to hurt him." I hugged the boys and told them that I was only teasing. If Clayton had transformed into a horse and got himself hurt he would change back in front of thousands of eyes that I did not want to see our abilities. I told them that if Clayton didn't change back that there was a strong chance that Nolan would shoot him. Both boys hugged the necks of their ponies.
    I ran four races. I beat all of the Tsalagi and the Chiricahua. It was neck in neck but I pulled ahead of Cory in a nose to nose race. The race that I was really looking forward to was the one against Roddy. Lightening Fire ran like greased lightening, and Roddy stuck to his back like glue. Roddy pulled ahead of me and stood up. I thought that he was going to show off, but my son is all about love. He turned on his horse so that he was racing for the finish line while standing backwards. Just before his horse touched the line Roddy jumped from his horse and landed on mine, facing me. He threw his arms about my neck and kissed me.
    "I don't want to beat you, daddy, you're my hero." We both hugged as we crossed the finish line to the uproarious cheers of all of the boys at the camp.
    I asked that a pee wee race be organized for the smallest of the boys over a two hundred foot length of the track. Yuri beat Kardal and had himself a ball doing it.

    The boys always tease me about my greasy kid stuff comments. They turned the table on me when they threw a gauntlet before me, they challenged the cheesy old guys to a basketball game.
    Sven, Randy, JC, Kenneth, Bud, Simon, the cook from Mobile, Alabama that moved to BAM joined with me to take on boys that are in shape and play the game day after day. When all was over we proved that old age and treachery can defeat youth and vigor quite easily.

    Something that I had not learned the previous year is that we had many fishermen amongst the boys. Tuesday morning I was jogging just after the sky lightened enough to see what I was stumbling over when I saw a long row of boys at the edge of the river. I jogged over that way and saw that each of them had a fishing rod in his hand. The boys were spread apart so that they could cast without sticking a hook into another boy.
    I watched as boys with fly gear place the flies in the best places along the swift flowing river. But the ones that really caught my eye were those boys with spin tackle, especially those with the open faced reels. My dad taught me to fish with a Garcia open faced reel when I was about nine years old. I love the feel of that reel on a six foot fiberglass rod.
    The boys were landing very good sized fish. I knew that it was time for that fish fry that I had promised Roddy a few days before Christmas. I asked dispatch to connect me to a fish market that had a ton of fresh water fish on hand. At first I was connected to the pier at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, that was not what I had asked for. I told the dispatcher that I wanted river trout and river bass. He apologized to me and found me a fish farm in far away Gunnison, Colorado.
    I had the dispatcher arrange to pick up three thousand pounds of large mouth bass, brown trout, and rainbow trout and transport them to Camp Christopher in time for dinner. Simon knew how to cook fish. He let Roddy give him a few pointers as the kitchens went into gear making Jalapeno poppers, hush puppies, onion rings, and french fries. Breaded and fried fish, baked fish, and poached fish were served with salad that Roddy, and the six Apache boys gathered in.
    The cooks from BAG Boys made three large trays of baked beans, that got them booed, but hungry boys ate the farter starters anyway. The two cooks from Bangladesh complained that they had no octopus or eel to curry, they were told to curry some of the smaller crappie, it was good.

    It is my belief that Television weather men sit before their abundance of monitors reading every screen and checking data from every source from satellites and the almanac before they flip a coin then go before the cameras and make their wrong forecasts. I couldn't take a chance with the safety of my boys. I brought in the top meteorologist from Base A. I borrowed a highly recommended Meteorologist from the Colorado Springs Nation Weather Center then I linked into the weather computers from all of the local TV stations.
    I gathered all of the personnel and equipment in the weather office at my private airstrip at the camp and set my chief weatherman in charge of the operation. I had the indigenous field workers running the huge sprinkler system over every inch of the fields in a two mile radius from Camp Christopher. I was about to send forty thousand dollars up in smoke and did not want a wild fire as a result of the carnage.
    Before I left the weather office I heard a call for clearance to land. I was not expecting anyone so I stepped over to the radar operator and looked at his screen. The incoming aircraft was flying so low that it was mowing the grass. The military radar that I have was tracking it, the transponder on the approaching aircraft was reporting that the craft was an FI helicopter. My first thought was that Andy was visiting again. I was talking to one of the men in the office when the radar operator called for me to check out his screen. The transponder signal had changed to flashing red with the code of a special Ops force. I left the office and stepped outside.
    I knew that the approach would be from the SSE and that it was very close, but I could neither see nor hear anything. Suddenly a flat black painted Blackback rose up from the canal along the east side of the airstrip and startled me. I was looking straight in to two twenty seven missile pods and a twenty millimeter machine gun seemed to be pointed directly at my chest. I had a cold chill run through me.
    The chopper rose into the air slightly then turned to parallel the runway and set down, not fifty feet in front of me. Harry was first off of the chopper followed by Timmy then Eddy. Eddy had been called into his office two days earlier and was now returning, I thought. Two of Andy's top technicians pushed a large metal container to the door. Harry and Timmy off loaded it and carried it over to side of the tarmac. Eddy was talking to me at a mile a minute. Suddenly I heard what he was saying and I stopped and listened to him.
    "You just stand out here not knowing for sure who is coming in. Dad, damn it, you were told to always wear a vest. We can't afford to loose you. We love you so much that it hurts. Two thousand boys over there would be crushed and their lives turned upside down if anything were to happen to you." I was embraced by many hands and tight bodies as Eddy, Harry, and Timmy got me into a group hug.
    Timmy had tears in his eyes. "Dad, you, me and Harry have been through a lot together. We know what your enemies can do. Those darts that peppered your car last spring is just a taste of what they are all about. Please protect yourself, for me?" He kissed me. The little man is all man. It is easy to see why my Chrisy loves him as he does, that man is filled with love himself.
    I was asked to call for transportation and to call my core family to me. As we loaded their gear and them into the large electric cart Harry said that we should go to the box canyon where the badgers have made themselves a home. Only Nolan and I know that canyon is the main access to the silver mine.
    I asked Harry, why there? I was told that three high powered rifles were going to be used. I told the group that it was lunch time and that I needed a sugar fix, we went to building A for sustenance. Timmy pulled Chrisy, Cory, and RD off to one side and talked to them. Cory kept looking at me and nodding. RD stood up and said, "Let's do it." He walked to the center of the cafeteria and called for attention.
    "Boys, quickly finish your lunch then return to your space and put on good walking boots and heavy jeans. You might want to wear a long sleeved shirt. We are going to go for a short hike, but there is a lot of brush that can trip you or scraped your skin so dress well." RD came and sat very close to me. Cory was nowhere to be seen.
    "What's going on, Quis?" Ugitsiha had never contacted me with her mind before, I had to adjust my mind to communicate. I asked her what she meant. She told me that Cory had brought all of the younger boys to the house and told them to stay inside for an hour or two. He told the three wives to keep the boys in Yuri's bedroom playing and that they should stay to the center of the house. He had told them that a demonstration with high powered rifles was going to take place and that the little ones might run into the path of a bullet.
    I told her that Eddy and a couple of guys from the office had come out for some type of demonstration. I told her that the rifle fire would be aimed away from the house and on the other side of the ridge leading up to Fire Mountain, but a ricocheting bullet has a mind of its own. She understood and agreed. I didn't understand. Why here? Why did this demonstration have to take place now. Why couldn't we do this once my vacation was over? I decided go to the canyon and find out what was so important.

    Nolan had left the large jeep, the one with three rows of seats as well as a small cargo area in the back, sitting outside for us. The technicians loaded the large metal container into the back end. Eddy opened the container and removed a shirt then closed the box back up. I was asked to sit in the middle seat with Eddy while Harry drove. Timmy took shotgun and Cory sneezed into the seat beside me and watched every move that Eddy made.
    Eddy passed me the shirt. It was very light weight but with a tight weave like I had never seen before. The fibers appeared to be black, or dark blue, or mossy green, or…everyday that I turned the shirt it seemed to be a different color. Eddy told me to tear it. I am a very strong man, but I could not even separate the sleeves from the seamless shirt. I tugged and pulled, I had Cory take hold of one side and we both put all of our strength into putting a rip in the shirt.
    Once everyone was on board Harry started the jeep. We drove past RD, Mike, and Wes as the directed the boys to the trail to the canyon. The boys wanted ride their horses. Roddy stood up on a fence post and yelled out that there was going too be gunfire that could spook the horses, and he didn't want to have to drag a dead horse back to the stables. That put the boys in a happier mood as the laughed and walked across the field.
    Eddy was talking, "You like to read J. R. R. Tolkien. We have named this fiber Mithril after the protective shirt that Frodo was given by Bilbo Baggins. A fiber producing insect, or I suppose it would be an arachnoid, was found in a tunnel at three thousand feet in the old coal mines where Base B sits. On the first encounter with webs made up of this fiber the exploratory team was unable to break through. A high speed, diamond bladed cutter was taken into the tunnel and the fiber was cut from the surrounding rocks.
    "The web amazed everyone that saw it. It was virtually impossible to cut, break, or burn. Some of the arachnoids were captured and brought to the base labs, but by the time they arrived they had laterally exploded. It was learned that there is a high pressure area around their home turf and removing them from that area causes their bodies to act just like an unprotected human body in a vacuum or in space. Harold here is on the team that developed this fiber so let him tell you about it." By that time Harry had pulled the jeep into the canyon's entrance.
    Nolan and Tristan were removing the last few bales of hay from the long trailer and stacking them around the large rock that had fallen into the entrance of the canyon. Cory and I stepped to the side with Harold to hear what he had to say. The other three men set about getting everything ready for their demonstration. The other technician opened the large metal container and lifted out a life sized dummy. Harry and Timmy helped him carry it to the large rock and place it on a heavy tripod support.
    Harry removed a twenty millimeter aircraft machine gun from the large container while Timmy took out a tripod mount and set it on the ground. Harry placed the weapon on the tripod and sighted it in on the dummy. Timmy came up with a long belt of ammo for the large gun while Harry took two rifles from the container and laid them on a blanket behind the machine gun.
    I began a mental search for the family of Badgers that had taken up residence under the rock, they were not there. Inagei was the first to spot them as they carried their young in their mouths while at a dead run up the mountain's ridge.
    The boys arrived and were directed to stand back one hundred feet from the guns. I know boy curiosity so I stepped before them and explained what I knew about what they were going to see. I didn't know at the time that they would watch me get shot.
    All of us got a show that we were not expecting as seven large eagles swept down from the sky and each grabbed a badger in its talons and flew up the mountain. I asked RD where he was taking them. He spoke from behind me and told me to ask Wes. I looked over the boys and could not spot many of the Tsalagi. I reached out to Wes. He told me that when he and Mike had gone to my house a few days earlier that he had spotted the perfect home for the ferocious animals. He showed me a large pile of broken trees and rock set in against the side of the mountain. The eagles set their cargo down and flew back to where we were.
    Only Cory, RD, and myself were aware that they had left. The boys were all talking about seeing the eagles swoop down and kill a bunch of black and white animals that they thought must be skunks. They kept sniffing the air hoping not to smell what they feared to smell.

    All of this time Harold was telling us that a lab was built in the tunnel and the scientists set out to learn what they had discovered. They quickly leaned how to milk the arachnids and discovered their food source. A moth with a six inch wing span flew up from deeper in the tunnel and was trapped by a web. Quickly an arachnid moved to the trapped moth and paralyzed it with a bite. Unlike other species of spiders this one does not engulf its prey in a cocoon of webbing. Instead two or three other spiders come out onto the web and suck the juice from the moth. The carcass is then freed from the web and let fall to the floor.
    The scientists had been studying the dry dust on the tunnel floor, now they knew that it was the remains of the dead moths. Large worms in the ground devoured all recognizable remains of the moth leaving only a fine dust behind. All of this occurred within a time span of under an hour.
    The scientists discovered an enzyme in the moth's system that gives the necessary ingredient to the large spiders to produce their unbreakable web thin fiber. They also learned that the worm slides along on a film of slime, like a snail. That slime was mixed with the web fiber and a few other synthetic fibers to produce what they are now calling Mithril.
    I had a question. If the spiders exploded in the thinner atmospheric pressure above sea level why didn't the fiber do the same. It was explained with an analogy of Superman being born on a planet of denser gravity. In earth's weaker gravity he had super strength. I told him that I was not comfortable with comic book fantasy, not when my life is on the line. Cory hugged his arm about my waist and whispered in my ear, "Amen." Harold tried to explain that since the web was as dense as it is that its tensile strength only increased exponentially as the atmospheric pressure decreased. I had to accept his word for that.

    I asked Harold to explain what was about to happen to the boys, he knew so he could better inform them than I had. He explained that the dummy was a special piece of equipment that mimicked the human body. The skin is made react just like the human body's skin. It is of the same density. It can be cut or penetrated just like a real human body. He told them that the dummy was filled with electronic systems that record every hit and evaluate the damage that would be down to a live person.
    He pointed to the clothing on the dummy and told the boys that it was made of a new fiber that is stronger than an inch of tempered steel, but weighs less than thermal underwear. He told the boys that they were privileged to watch as live ammunition old be fired at the dummy and see for themselves the protective quality of the new material. The boys started talking about bullet proof vests then someone pointed out that it covered the entire dummy, like Superman's suit.
    Tristan drove the tractor that pulled the long trailer off to the side away from the firing line while Nolan moved the jeep next to it. Both of them stepped back to the line with the boys. Cory and I stepped back behind Harry some twenty feet. Timmy knelt beside the machine gun and loaded the belt of very large ammunition into the feeder. The two technicians had their instruments hooked to the dummy and were monitoring the signals coming forth.
    Timmy stood up and faced the boys then with a voice that I did not know that he possessed loudly announced, "The firing line is hot. The firing line is hot. Live ammunition is in use. Stay in your present location until the all clear is sounded. The firing line is hot!" He and Harry both put on their steel helmets then Timmy clamped the cover down over the ammo feed and tapped Harry on the top of his helmet.
    The earth shook as the report from five rounds from the large caliber machine left the barrel. Next Harry picked up a rifle as Timmy announced that it contained armor piercing, Teflon coated thirty ought thirty rounds. Harry took aim and the dummies left leg jerked. Next he used the other rifle that Timmy told us contained ordinary hunting rounds of thirty thirty ammunition. The dummy's right arm snapped back in a painful looking jerk. Harry pulled out his nine mm. side arm and fired at the right knee cap. The leg went slack. Harry removed the clips of ammo from all three of his hand held weapons while Timmy removed the belt of ammo from the machine gun and checked to make sure that the chamber was clear.
    Timmy stood and faced the boys, "All clear on the firing line. All clear on the firing line." Cory and I stepped forward to look at the dummy. There were no holes in the shirt or pants, but large indentations could be seen under them. Harold stepped over and removed the shirt. The boys were allowed to pass by in a single file and look at the dummy. With over two thousand curious boys that took a long time.
    Harold showed us his print outs, "You would not have any penetration from any of those rounds, but you would have some serious bruising from the twenty millimeter rounds and maybe a few broken ribs. The nine millimeter to the knee cap would leave you crippled but we have a solution for that." I was happy that he was so optimistic, we were only talking about my body.
     The second technician came over with a traditional looking bullet proof vest. He handed it to me and helped Harold to lift the dummy off of its mount. I examined the vest with Cory. He hefted it in his hands and remarked about how thin and light it was. I told him that my badge case was heavier. RD leaned into my ear and told me that my badge case was so full of money that it had to be heavy. I turned just in time to hit him on the arm.
    Harold informed us that the vest is made with a honeycomb of the Mithril. It is four hundred times more dense than twice the thicken of Kevlar honeycomb. His partner was placing knee pads on the dummy then he placed the vest on, The final addition was the thin shirt. The boys stopped in line as Harold placed two inflated balloons under the vest then pulled the shirt into place.
    The boys were directed back to their safety line as everyone returned to the business at hand. The technicians gave the all clear. Timmy and Harry loaded the weapons then Timmy stood and made his debarkation. He patted Harry on the top of his helmet and squatted to feed the ammo into the machine gun.
    Harry let loose with fifty quick fired rounds into the dummy. He then took the rifle with the Teflon coated armor piercing ammo and emptied the clip. Next he picked up the hunting rifle and fired five rounds and finished with nine millimeter rounds to each knee.
    As soon as Timmy announced the firing line was clear Harold rushed to the dummy and raised the thin shirt. He held up the two balloons, still intact. By that time the boys had gathered around the dummy and cheered when they saw that dad's boobies weren't shot off.
    I was asked if I was ready to try the body armor. Roddy grabbed my arm and stood in front of me. I went to my knees and hugged him to me. I explained that the body armor was developed to save my life. If I don't try it out then we won't know if it works on real people. I knew that FI product development would have tested it on many volunteers before it was ever shown to me, but my son needed reassurance.
    "But daddy, if you wear that then bad men will shoot at you," he sobbed. This was not like Roddy. His logic was being taken over by his emotions. I was proud of him. He seldom ever shows emotions and the one time that they had the best of him his emotions were for me and my safety.
    "I'll make a deal with you, my beautiful boy. I must try the vest so that I know what to expect. If I get hurt then I will allow you to say that you told me so and you can even ground me." He sniffled and smiled at me. I picked him up and handed him to RD. He quickly buried his face in his big brother's shoulder and began to shake. RD smiled at me and moved back to the safety zone.
    I looked at the boys and many of them were crying. "Please dad, we will keep you safe, don't let uncle Harry shoot you."
    "Boys, none of you can be with me everywhere I go. I have to wear a vest. This one promises to out perform all others that I have worn while live rounds were fired at me. If Harry hurts me I let you guys watch as I kill him." That got my favorite people smiling as they returned behind the safety line.
    I pulled the vest over my head and secured the velcro straps. The vest was surprisingly comfortable. I liked the design that allowed the front and the back fit closely together so that I did not have any vulnerable spots along my sides. The vest was extremely comfortable, I thought that I would be able to wear if for several hours without discomfort.
    I pulled on the thin shirt, it fit like long underwear. I realized that I would have to be sure to wear a tee shirt under it because the fabric was a bit scratchy on my skin. I walked over and stood in front of the dummy, Cory asked which one was the dummy, he was worried. I tried to reassure my true love that I would be fine then I looked at Harry and asked for a blind fold. He pointed his side arm and me and fired.
    I have been shot before while wearing a vest and the impact nearly always leaves a bruise. I felt the impact of Harry's bullet, but I didn't feel any pain. I puffed out my chest and asked, "Is that all you've got, junior." He aimed at my heart and fires again. I took four rounds from his handgun then asked is he was going to use the rifle. I was barely twenty feet away from him when he shot me in the gut. I was moved. The bullet lifted me from my feet and sent me backwards to land on my ass. I got to my feet laughing. I was okay, I have been punched harder than those bullets hit me. I love the vest.

    Our New Year's eve celebration started with a festive dinner where every man, boy, woman, and girl in the camp met in the main cafeteria of building C. At eleven o'clock everybody was directed outside to the street between the coral and the dormitories. Loud speakers were set up so that all could hear the various bands that the boys from around the globe had put together.
    It had been a tough job to select members from each band to be a part of one group that would play Auld Lang Syne as the New Year rolled around. The boys were enjoying themselves as they danced with their loved one, or anyone that would dance with them. Those of us that had our wives at the camp danced with them. El and Philby showed us some class as they danced in the middle of the street on a cool December night.
    Five minutes before the ball dropped on the giant twenty five foot video display set to the east end of the area the band members switched around. Matty and Daniil had worked closely with the technicians in the field and felt that their scores were perfectly timed for the action about to take place. At ten seconds before mid-night the music stopped. All eyes turned to the giant monitor and every voice joined in counting down the seconds remaining in 2010.
    As the ball in New York touched the bottom a loud explosion rattled the widows of every building. Jimmy and Cory were working the coordination of the air horns aboard the Traveler Trio©. At the same instant the eastern sky lit up with a huge Chrysanthemum air burst. The boys ooohhhed in awe as forty thousand dollars of assorted fireworks spiraled skywards to the coordinated music of the live orchestra and the high volume air horns.
    It may have been an expense that many would have forgone, but I had the most up to the second weather information available, I did not want a fire to be started on my mountain or in one of the neighboring fields around my property. I had notified all of the residents of the valley so that they could watch their herds. I didn't want to spook a cow and have it put out buttermilk for a week.
    The Russians started it. They sang out loud and strong. Most of the Americans turned to look at them as the students from both of the French schools joined in the song. Before the first refrain all of the boys were singing America. I stood before the boys and held a salute. My boys from BAW gathered at my side and saluted the other students and held the salute until the song came to a close.
    As the last notes faded away I heard the airborne echo from the mountain. I had not even been aware that they were being played. I soon learned that Adin had asked Harry to take him to the person that played the big silver horns. Harry led the boy that he had gotten to know when we were in Russia to meet Jimmy. Harry had to help with interpretation, but Jimmy understood what was wanted. He quickly downloaded a midi file of the song and cued it to play during the grand finalé of the fireworks display. I had to hug each of the Russian students and thank them for their gift to us.

    An urgent message over my ear bud grabbed my attention. My security people had stopped a Pinal county sheriff's car after it sped through the Indian Village north of the camp. My property lies totally within the borders of Pima county, Pinal county officers had no business on my land except by appointment. I drove the Caddy to the village to see what was going on. When I arrived I was asked if I was the owner of record of the large parcel of land around me, I confirmed the information that I was. I was served with a summons to appear in Pinal County court in Florence, AZ within the hour.
    The officers had a John Doe arrest warrant that they chose not to serve when I showed them my badge as a US Marshall. The older of the two still wanted to serve the warrant so I presented my ID that identifies me as a Federal officer. I told the two men that I would be nice, I would follow them up to Florence and present myself to the courts there. I alerted dispatch then I asked to be connected to Bull. I told Bull what was going on, but I asked him to just stand by until he was needed. I knew that there was nothing that these men could do to me, but I like to have a few aces up my sleeve anyway.
    We drove around my mountain on substandard two lane graveled roads then onto state highway 78 through San Manuel then out to state highway 77. The highway cut back to the southwest through the town Oracle then picked up state highway 79 north to Florence where the state's larger prison complex is located. About fifteen miles south of the town I spotted a boy hitchhiking. I wished him luck, there are large signs posted every half mile or so warning motorists not to stop for hitchhikers. The sign warns that the area is the home of a state prison and the hitchhiker may be an escaped convict. I doubt that statement, but it is not wise to try to hitch a ride through the area.
    Closer to town I spotted a burned field on the west side of the highway. A fire crew was on the scene knocking down any hot spots that they could find. I heard the chirp of s siren and looked into my mirror. The two deputies behind me were waving at the fire fighters, but then they did something strange. They both pointed at me. We were traveling at fifty miles per hour and they were forty feet behind me so I could not really be sure what was going on. I did notice that the fire fighters were clapping their hands.
    As I stepped into the courthouse I declared my two weapons that I always carry, but I refused to surrender them. I asked for a secure locker that is afforded to all law enforcement officers in courthouses around the nation. An even older gentleman walked out leaning on a cane. He led the officers and me to a small area and showed me the secure lockers. They were so secure that a kid with a pin knife could open one of them in under three seconds. I placed my weapons in one of the lockers and placed the key into my pocket. The two deputies placed their weapons in a locker and then followed me back to the security scanner.
    Again the officers tried to place me under arrest and put cuffs on me. I looked them in the eye and asked them which stable they wanted to muck out with their own toothbrush. The younger man didn't catch on, but the older deputy stepped back. I was shown to the door of a courtroom and entered in. I had to stifle a laugh. I had a met the prosecutor in the courtroom when he tried to prosecute me for building on my mountain without permits.
    He lost his seat in Tucson, but he has a cousin of a friend of his wife of a county supervisor in Pinal County, he was appointed to finish out the term of the old prosecutor that left the office suddenly. I stepped over to the defendant's table but listened as my escort told the prosecutor that I had threatened them.
    The judge was an old friend. He had worked with me and the Youngman brothers in 2004 and he had been the judge that had awarded me the adoption of Robin in December of 2009. He looked at me then asked his bailiff to read the charges. I was charged with unlawfully sitting off fireworks in a National Forest without a permit from the county.
    "Sir Chris, for the record would you please identify yourself." He was about to laugh out loud, I was about to join him. I identified myself for the record.
    "May the court ask if you have purchased property in this county?" I told that I had not. He asked about the alleged fireworks. I told him about our ring in of the New Year. He asked me what county my property is located in. I told him that the entire ranch lies within the borders of Pima County, AZ. He looked at the prosecutor and asked him if he wanted to proceed. The prosecutor said no. But he did a have another charge to introduce.
    A man in a fireman's uniform with four stars on the collar came forth. He opened a crumple cardboard box on the prosecutor's table and pulled out a small rocket. The prosecutor introduced the rocket as exhibit A and proclaimed that it had set fire to the Smithfield property south of town. I was asked for my plea.
    "Your honor, I plea not guilty. May I continue?" He nodded at me. I picked up the rocket and held it high. "We had a New Year's celebration with forty thousand dollars worth of mortar fired rounds shot skyward to the SSE on a totally windless night sixty five miles to the southeast of this community. We had no rockets or any small fireworks, only aerial display. This rocket is small, and I do not believe for a moment that it would be able to travel sixty five miles, even in a stiff wind." I sat down.
    Judge Thoms dismissed the charges. The prosecutor was livid. He looked around the faced the judge and told the court that he had another complaint from the arresting officers about a threat that I had made to them.
    "Are you telling me that this Federal officer made threats to your deputies after they arrested him on false charges. Let me see your warrants, officer." The deputy passed the warrants to the bailiff who in turn handed them to them to Judge Thoms. The man that I had known for over six years looked at the warrants and asked who had signed them.
    After a little stuttering the prosecutor admitted that he had signed them. He stated that he was a Justice of the Peace. "You were a Justice of the Peace several years ago and in Pima County. That position is no longer yours to claim. You have violated many Federal and State laws here, sir. Bailiff take the prosecutor into custody pending arraignment."
    He turned to the two deputies and told them that an investigation would follow and that they better have very clean noses. The prosecutor was shouting that the homosexual millionaire was buying his way out of trouble once again and now he has a circuit court judge on the take. From out of nowhere he was surrounded by members of the press. I joined Judge Thoms by filling charges of my own, the judge was going to take every cent that the man had or would ever have before placing him in one of the deepest and darkest prison cells across the road. I pity that mis-guided person, he can look forward to a life of pure hell amongst the many men that he has sent to prison.

    I returned to Camp Christopher. Along the way I spotted the youngster hitchhiking south. I gave him a ride and listened to his story. He needed my help, but he made a bad mistake. "Give me twenty dollars and you can suck my dick. If you don't want to give me the twenty I'll tell the cops that you tried to molest me, I can lie very well, they'll believe me." I showed him my badge and told him that he was under arrest for attempted extortion. He slunk down in the seat and began to cry.
    I pulled off of the highway onto a street that would take us through the center of town. Two blocks east sits a small mom and pop café that serves a mean meal at a low price. I pulled into the parking lot and climbed down from my tall Caddy SUV. Horace Smithfield stepped from the passenger seat and walked to the front of the vehicle. He turned to look at me as he faced the SUV. His eyes widened, "I never saw them lights there afore, ya are some kinda cop ain't ya." I pointed him to the door of the café.
    I held the screen door open for the boy and as he walked past me his stomach growled. Imagine, a hungry boy. It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It makes to difference the age of the man. I wasn't after this boy's heart, I was after his mind. I wanted to learn more about something he had said while driving along the highway.
    Sally Faye greeted me with a cup of coffee and a request to know what my traveling companion would like to drink. He would just drink water. Not happening. I asked Sally Faye what she had on special for the day. It was just past the lunch hour rush but she still had plenty of the braised beef tips with noddles available. She had corn or black eyed peas for side dishes and of course a dinner salad.
    I looked at the boy. He looked at his glass of water. "I am headed on east for a few miles then cutting south. If you are headed into Tucson this is where we will part. It may be a very long time before you can get a meal so please eat something now, it's on me and it's free." He asked if he could have a cheeseburger with everything on it. I asked him if he wanted fries or rings. He perked up and said that he would like to have onion rings. I told him that a malted milk shake would go well with his meal. He had never heard of a malted milk shake. I asked him what flavor he would like. He looked around and his eyes locked on the ice cream counter.
    Sally Faye took the boy's hand and led him over to the counter. "I just want a vanilla milk shake, er, ah, malt." I stepped up to the counter and looked at the wide selection of ice cream. I spotted the French Vanilla and asked for a taste of it. Sally took a very small wooden spoon and scooped up a thimble full of the confection then passed to over to me. She asked the boy if he wanted a taste as well, he nodded his head. I asked for a double malt with the French Vanilla ice cream, my young friend did the same.
    Sally Faye set our malts before us then returned with our lunch. She set a basket with fresh homemade rolls in it before me and put a small bowl containing wrapped pats of butter on the table. She asked if we needed anything else at the time. My friend showed that he has a quick wit. "Could I have a larger stomach so that I can eat more of these rings, they are the best ever." I asked him about his malt, he loved that as well.
    I ordered another basket full of the hot onion rings and when they arrived I stole one. By then I had learned that I dining with Horace Smithfield. I asked him if the field that had been on fire belonged to his family. He was his, when he is old enough. It had been his family's farm, but his folks were dead. I asked what he knew about the fire. He told me, "Nuttin." I looked him in the eye. He blinked, but I continued to stare. A friend of his had bought some fireworks from Nogales, Sonora and slipped them past customs. Horace and two of his buddies went out to the field and shot the rockets into the air then left the field. When they got back to their bikes they turned and saw that the field was on fire. They panicked and ran. Horace was running away from home.
    I learned that he lived with his uncle, his father's kid brother, since the death accidental death of his folks three years earlier. They were living in the large new house that his father had built five years before his death. Horace was happy to stay in that house and in his same bedroom where he felt safe. A few weeks earlier he had purchased a heavy duty dead bolt lock and a friend helped him to install it. I asked why he needed a dead bolt on his bedroom door. He said so that he could get some sleep at night.
    I sat in silence as I waited for him to tell me more. "Well, he comes into my room and takes me over to the prison where he works and lets those kids have sex on me." I gripped the table without him seeing me do so.
    Horace is fourteen. He has known that he is gay for over a year. He has sucked the dick of his best friend twice, but the friend doesn't want Horace to be a queer wad and has tried to get him a girlfriend.
    His uncle had been watching Horace for several months and had decided that the kid was a sissy boy. He heard the boys talking outside the barn one afternoon and knew what he wanted to do. C.O. Smithfield is a guard in the unit that is called Boot Camp. That is the place where young first time offenders are sent to try to correct their stinking thinking and turn them into useful citizens of society. C.O. Smithfield had been smuggling drugs into the cell block for about three years. Recently two young homosexuals had come to the run and he had befriended them.
    The father of one of the youngsters–a name given to young first time offenders in the system–was a long term inmate on the run where Smithfield had worked before. The father had some serious connections and he provided the Corrections Officer with a very lucrative side business. The crooked cop wanted to do whatever he could to make the father send more business his way. He decided to provide the son and his friend with a young kid for their sexual enjoyment.
    His uncle went to Horace's room at bedtime on night three weeks earlier. Horace was wearing nothing but the gym shorts and tee shirt that he slept in. His uncle told him that they were going for a drive. Without question the two able to enter the cell block and go into a medical examining room. The uncle left his nephew for a few minutes and returned with the two eighteen year old homosexual inmates. He told all three boys to enjoy themselves, but to keep the noise down then left them alone.
    Horace was curious, but he was unprepared for all that happened to him that first night. The taller Hispanic boy took Horace into his arms and kissed him while he slipped his hand inside the thin short and took hold of a young, tender virgin boy for his first time of being touched.
    The sandy haired boyfriend had removed all of his lover's clothes and his own. He moved against Horace's back and rubbed himself against the boy's soft, smooth skin while his firm manhood slid up and down in the virgin crack in front of him. The Hispanic boy slipped down to his knees and engulfed Horace's five and a half in cock to the boy's groin and fondled the firm balls that hung below it. In seconds Horace fired the best load of his life into the sucking mouth and moaned with pleasure.
    Quickly standing up the Hispanic boy named Chico spun Horace around and bent him over so that his face was in the crotch of sandy haired Blade. Chico had Horace's legs spread wide as he licked and tongue fucked his first virgin boy. Horace loved it so much that he opened his mouth and took the seven inch cock of Blade into his mouth. Blade was much larger down there than his best friend was, but he was determined to suck his cock. When Chico's cockhead entered into Horace's virgin pucker he swallowed all of the cock in his mouth until there was no more to swallow.
    Chico was gentle as he slow fucked the virgin rectum and showed Horace a new feeling that he never wanted to ever end. He knew that whatever was going to happen he was going to get his friend to fuck him as often as he could. He began to bob his head up and down on Blade's cock in the same way that he knew pleased his young friend. He was anxious to taste another boy's cum to compare the flavor with his and his friend's juicy offering.
    Chico placed his hands on the boys hips and shoved his cock all of the way into the boy. At the same time Blade pushed against the back of Horace's head, forcing his lengthy cock deep into the boys hungry throat. Horace felt both of the men cum inside of his body at the same moment. Horace was so hard that he thought that he was about to burst, but both men removed their cock from his body.
    Horace was bodily lifted and sat upon the examination table. Chico got on the bed and guided Horace to get over him in a sixty nine position with his ass up in the air. Horace looked at the largest cock on the earth and question weather if he should suck the eight inch wonder. After all it had just been inside of his butt. Blade answered the question for him as he pushed his cock inside of the dripping hole of the non-virgin boy.
    Horace swallowed hard and took more of Chico's cock in his mouth than he thought was possible. Blade began a hard fuck that sent the best sensations ever through the young boy's body. The three boys were sucking and fucking with abandon when the uncle quietly opened the door and peeked inside. He began to count the zeros after the dollar sign as he smiled and walked away with his phone camera in his hand.
    Horace looked around the room and then told me that he loved it and that his uncle took him back to the cell block every night for two weeks. On a Saturday morning his uncle had the weekend duty. Horace's best friend had come over to see him and they sat on his bed talking. Horace told his friend everything. He asked his friend to fuck him. He told him that they could fuck all day long because he really loved it. The friend freaked out. He was screaming at Horace that queers in prison had AIDS and that he probably had it now as well. The friend stood up and moved across the room and told Horace to never touch him again.
    Horace began to cry and said that his uncle would come to get him to take him back to those two guys that night. The friend took him to the hardware store to purchase a dead bolt lock for his door then helped him to put it on. The uncle banged on the door and threatened to have Horace sent to Juvie, but he calmed down. The next week was tense between the two and then when Horace set the field on fire he was sure that his uncle would have him locked up. He ran away.
    "Them two right there sheriff. That perverts talking real nasty sex with that little boy there," an older woman's voice proclaimed from behind me. I did not turn around. I pulled my badge case from my jacket pocket where I had left it after showing it to Horace in the SUV and laid it, open, on the table.
    "Well Sir Chris, want to tell her or should I?"
    I slid from my seat in the booth and stood up. The five foot two inch tall woman bent her head back to look up at me. I held my case open so she could see the Federal ID card and told her that I was interviewing a young victim of sexual abuse and that she could continue on without fear of my molesting him. She snuffed and spun around. She grabbed the hand of a boy of about twelve and dragged him to the door. The boy winked at Horace.
    I had not seen the two enter the restaurant and set behind me. Sally Faye stepped over to re-fill my coffee and ask Horace if he wanted something else to drink, he asked for a Coke. Sally Faye told me, "That old biddy thinks that the world is hers to control. She live in that big house across the alley behind here and she just walks through the kitchen when she pleases. She has even told my cooks how to prepare the food. It is about time that somebody put her in her place."
    That did not excuse the fact that I had allowed her to hear a private conversation. Horace's rights had been violated, by me. I placed a twenty dollar bill under the check laying on the table and asked Horace if he was ready to leave. We got outside and he told me that he had no place to go. I had to make a decision. I told him that the law was such that I needed to take him into protective custody and place him somewhere that he would be safe until an investigation was completed. I told him about the camp, he ran to the passenger's side door and waited for me to unlock it.

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