Chapter 84


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Tran and I held Damien through the night. I felt him stir and sit up. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. "Everyone is right, you know. You are fantastic. I am used and damaged. I am no good to anyone. Trany loves me, but I can't be what he wants, not now."
    "You have been raped, Damien. It is not your fault. You are the victim. You did not cause it. You could not prevent it. The part that makes it so bad is that you have been forcibly raped by your own father. The man who should have protected you, used you."
    "How did you know? I talk in my sleep, don't I?"
    "A little, but I guessed about most of it, Damien. Now I guess that I am right. Damey, I know boys. I have held many boys in my arms and I feel their pain. You have so much pain inside you and you have tried to hold it in for way to long. If you don't open up and talk to someone this pain is going to eat you alive.
    "Look into my eyes sweet one. I hope that you see all of the love and respect that I have for you. You are one sweet boy. You are cute as all get out, in a very masculine way. You have a boy body to die for, but you have a heart that is so tender and so very bruised. I hope that you can reach out to someone to help you mend that heart. If you can find it in you to trust me I will do everything I can to help that heart become strong and fill the world with the love that I know is in there." Damien pulled his face to mine and let the tears flow. I was sure that he would dehydrate from the amount of salt water that poured by the buckets full from his gold tinted eyes. I felt his body quake as he held on to me as if life itself would ebb away were he to ever let go. I did the one thing that I am best at in this type of situation. I began to pray as I had not prayed for another since I first held Bryan. I spoke softly into Damien's ear so that no one else could hear, not even Tran who embraced the pair of us in his long, slender arms.
    I petitioned the Lord to take away the hurt that had been caused by others. I asked that the undeserved guilt be swept away. I asked for self confidence and self assuredness, that can only come to the innocent, be a part of his young life. Then I asked that the peace of Jesus my Christ and Savior flow into Damien and fill him to overflowing with all of the Goodness that is God's and God's alone to give.
    Damien's body took on renewed strength. He lay back with an inner glow about him as he relaxed as he had never been able to before. He looked at us with total love and began to tell his story. I almost wished that he hadn't, but I had to know what was happening if I were to help. By him looking directly into my eyes as he spoke I knew that he was placing trust in me. I felt that for the first time since the death of this boy's mother he had found someone in whom he could trust. My soul was at rest.

    Mr. Heart let his lust come to the surface after Oscar found the two boys together in the old camping trailer. He beat Damien and raped him. He told the boy that if he wanted to be queer that was fine with him. He told his own son that he had been without sex since his mother had died on him. He was just as happy to have a ready piece of ass already living in his home. The man had no idea that Damien knew about his other love interest, twenty one year old Peter Heinz.
    Damien told us that his dad had beaten him so badly that his eye was swollen and his lip was cut. He had bruises on every part of his body and he was bleeding from his anus. He could not go to school. His dad locked him in his room. The man feared going to jail if anyone saw what he had done to his own son. Damien hurt so badly that he spent the time sleeping. He had a bottle of aspirin in his bathroom cabinet and he took three or four tablets to help him through the pain so that he could sleep.
    Damien told us that his father had been fucking Peter Heinz for several years. He would hide himself where he could watch and hear the two have sex together since Peter was a young teenage boy. He had fantasized anal sex for many years and was more than willing to have sex with Tran after my first visit.

    I really needed to get on the road to Oklahoma. Damien needed to talk to the police in Albuquerque. I had to send him back. Tran wanted to go with him until I pointed out the fact that by New Mexico law Damien was an adult. Tran is only fourteen. I had to stop and look at the two boys. Something bothered me, bad.
    I sent my two scallywags over to the room to gather their things, and share their things with the sleepy headed youngsters still in bed. The sky was turning gray as another day dawned. I wanted to be on the road as soon as the sun was high enough to not shine into my windshield. I would pull out at about eight thirty. I would like to leave even earlier, but why fight the reflections and risk an accident. Besides that I had a treat for a real neat dude in my mind.
    The boys tell me that I should have a computer surgically implanted. I don't even try to deal with certain things. The computer will have the answer long before I can worry enough to get a gray hair over it. I let out a sigh of relief. New Mexico does not have the two year stipulation concerning sex between consenting minors over thirteen. Damien is twenty seven months older than Tran. However…Damien had slipped in the name of Peter Heinz that checked out and warranted checking out. I sent off a long e-mail to Andy.

    Next I opened an e-mail from Andy. My heart leapt in my chest. I had such a warm fuzzy come over me. I didn't care that it was only six fifteen, I called Andy on the phone. He had put everything in his e-mail, but it so great that I had to hear it again.
    Back in the days…Andy had never known what his father did for a living. He described a bag man to Carl and that is exactly the way that Carl took it. One evening the two of them were lounging together in quiet solitude when a visitor from Andy's past came to the door.
    The man's name was Antonio. He had been Andy's dad's boi toy. The two had been lovers for six years when Andy's mother forced marriage on Herb. Herbert Foss had rescued Antonio from the streets when he was sixteen and educated him. Antonio had a college degree in business from the university in town and had been in business with Herb. Herb had kept him in a fine house and spent several afternoons a week with him. When Andy's mother started drinking Herb would get away and spend many late nights with Antonio.
    Antonio and Herb had an off track betting business going and made big money taking bets on anything that people wanted to lay off a bet on. According to Antonio it was nothing to make fifty, sixty thousand dollars or more a week. He had run the business since Herb was killed by a little back street wannbe. Antonio had made sure that the killer had a very painful life that only lasted for a few weeks after his capture.
    Andy said Antonio wanted to give him half of all the money he had made, he had saved it for when Andy came of age. He had over twenty million in off shore numbered accounts all over the world that belonged to Andy. Andy didn't want it. He told him about everything that his dad had left him. It was finally agreed that the money would stay in the banks. Andy has all of the account numbers.

    Antonio had reappeared at Andy's door the previous evening. He was upset that Andy did not tell him about little Sean Dickson. Sean would be Carl's grandson and therefore Andy's grandson, in a queer way of looking at things. Antonio told Andy that Carl looked and spoke just like his Herb. Carl had taken Andy in and sheltered him and sent him to school the same as Herb had done for him. Therefore it was his decision that whatever he had that was Herbs was Carls. Antonio would not settle for anything less than Sean receiving the entire sixty million dollars that Antonio had put aside. Antonio insisted that this money belonged to Andy. If Andy did not want it then it would stay in the bank and more would be added each week.
    Andy and Carl had checked the man out. His hands were clean. He stayed away from the day to day activities, but he ran with some very bad people that did some very bad things to other people. They also had dealings in certain substances that Andy wanted nothing to do with. After more than an hour of serious discussion it was decided that all of the money belonged to Sean. I was to have immediate control of the money and I was to make Sean a rich little boy. I guess sixty million dollars cash in the bank is not rich to some people. Therefore I was to take that pittance and turn it into serious money.
    The clincher for the deal came when Antonio agreed that the business was now entirely his and that he would no longer set one penny aside for Andy. Antonio cried and had Andy crying as he told the young billionaire how much he had loved Herb. Herb had rescued him from the worst kind of life. He had forced the boy to grow up. He forced him into an education. He had been the best lover a little gay boy could ever have.
    He told Andy that he had taken care of many young gay boys over the years and that he now had a sweet boy of fifteen that had been with him a little more than a year. I asked Andy if he had a picture of Antonio for me. He swept his security tapes until we found several full frontal shots. I sat back and laughed. Antonio is in the twenty three black books as Michelangelo, a Phoenix developer and financier. I had given this man many happy memories in my youth. Andy laughed louder and longer. Yes we would see to it that sweet cocked and bubble butted Sean was financially secure for the rest of his life. I asked Andy to keep it quiet until the two of us could sit down with the boy face to face. He agreed.

    I joined the boys for a big breakfast. I told them that it was just over two hundred miles to Oklahoma City where we would top off our fuel tanks then we would be in Tahlequah for lunch in a teepee. The little darlings believed me. The Cherokee have never used teepees. Well not as their dwelling place. They may have set one or two up for the gullible white tourists who will believe anything. I called on ahead and told Cory's great aunt Beulah that we would be in between one and two o'clock, traffic permitting. I told her that if we were going to be any later then I would call to let her know. She is as sweet as she can be and I have grown to love the old girl. She is Steve's sister and she cooked and cleaned up after my dear ancestor for the last several years of his life.
    There was no traffic. Every highway patrolman was at the other end of the state. The roads belonged to Traveler Too© and he took command. I have a speedometer that actually shows speeds up to two hundred miles per hour. Damien had been surprised back in New Mexico, he nearly wet his pants in Oklahoma. That would have been a trick because all of the boys were au natural. Little things popped up along the way and pants would have been an encumbrance, don't you know.
    We pulled out of Amarillo at eight thirty. Our next stop was the truck stop in Oklahoma City where I found Cas hiding under my RV. I told the boys the story before we got there and they wanted to look around to see where their big brother had first met me. There were no signs or historic memorials posted anywhere that they could find. Cory suggested that maybe if we wrote to the governor's office someone there could help us erect a monument. I looked at his crotch and told him that his monument seemed to be erecting itself. He giggled and climbed onboard. I had intended to let him drive this leg, but quite frankly I was anxious to go spelunking. I had a hot date with a bunch of little books and I was eager.

    We rolled up to Cory's house just past twelve noon. We had made the three hundred and seventy five mile trip in just under four hours and that time included stopping to refuel the big boy. I made the boys do the math, with a pencil and paper. I gathered their papers and then let them speculate. I was impressed. All of them had it pretty much on the money. My heart tugged as I looked at Bryan's paper. He had his answer down to six decimal places without the aid of a calculator. My boy is doing nicely. I can readily see him moving into regular classroom structure in the fall. Oh, you didn't figure it out. You're sitting at your computer. We averaged a bit over 93 mph. Actual travel time brought it up to 107.142857 mph according to Bry. I think he was right on.

    Oklahoma's weather in late February varies day by day. We arrived in a driving wind storm that sent icy cold chills to parts of my body that have never been chilled. My chin quivered and my knees knocked. A herd of young relations pulled us by the hand and led us into the large house to sit us before a roaring fire. The huge fireplace had six foot logs blazing high. The large room was comfortable. Each of us was unburdened of any unnecessary clothing, which was all of it, and led to a large soft seat with a warm hand quilted blanket waiting to be wrapped around us.
    Beulah called for two of the boys to bring in the tray. The tray contained three large pots of hot chocolate and was accompanied by traditional pastries and vegie strips. A cart was pushed in that held a large cast iron pot of venison stew. I watched to see the boys' reactions as each one took a tiny taste then smiled before digging in. Cory had looked forward to Beulah's stew for days and had told the boys how he had shot a deer with a bow and arrow and prepared the meat for the freezer. Of course teenage boys are as silly as teenage girls, especially when alone with no girls around. Remarks about Bambi's father seemed to have no end.
    I was well satisfied and warmed through and through. I had a sweet cousin on each knee and each had a handful of my jewel box as I lay back and soaked up the attention. There was no sexual tension in the room after less than ten minutes as each boy in the room was mouth stroked to complete release. I fell asleep and awakened after dark. I was on the bottom of a pile of boys with Cory sucked up against my left arm and Damien on my right. Tran was on top with Bry making himself a spot beside him. I had to get out from under the pile. I had to pee.
    Cory had a young cousin up in him that heard my cry. He repeated my need to the whole room and I had several volunteers who would see to it that I did not have to get up. Damien was curious about this aspect. No one had ever told him about water sports. He watched as a sixteen year old cousin did a lip lock, but pushed the boy away for a bit of the juice for himself. I looked into his eyes and he seemed okay with what he had done.
    I pulled him back to lay on my arm again as Tran slipped up inside of him. Tran told him that his dick was cold. Damey talked quietly to me as he shared his feelings. I am so happy that he feels good about what is going on. I know that what my family does is way out there for most people. Damey had never had any exposure to this life style. He had never even surfed the net. He had to keep his computer in the dining room and no one that he hung with ever invited him into that part of their lives.
    The cousins were hustled about by Beulah. The sun was long gone and the wind outside sounded fierce. Shortly my boys were led away one by one then Cory and Bryan left Damey and me alone on the floor together. Damey slipped down on my cock. He told me that when Tran pulled out the cold air rushed in. He wanted a butt plug. I was happy to provide his needs.
    We lay there, we weren't having sex. I was keeping the cold air out of his ass. Two cousins laughed. They took our hands and wrapped the heavy quilts around us then led us up the stairs to a large room in the middle of the house. Around the room were the doors to each bedroom, but in the middle was the large room where we had met to deal with young Mike a year earlier. I love Mike. He has come so far and is such a joy to have with the family. My heart tugged as I thought about all of my boys sitting at home without my arms around them.
    All eight of my children lay in a kind of circle in the middle of the room. Their heads all pointed toward the center with their bodies stretched out to the outside. They looked like the spokes of a very large wheel of teenage boys. Each of my boys was attended by two cousins, one on each side. Damien was shown his bed and I was shown to mine. The cousins had placed eight inch thick foam mattresses on the floor and made them up with piles of warm bedding. The blankets and a boy on each side guaranteed that none of us would be cold this evening.
    By morning not only were we not cold, we were hardly able to walk. Those little cousins drained each of us of weeks of male essence. I wanted to go explore my cave so I headed to the shower. I was reminded that I had my cock up an expectant ass. I remembered that these boys enjoyed being cleaned out from their night of fun. I let my morning tensions drain away as I caressed the baby soft skin of a boy no more than fourteen that had impaled himself on me.
    I made it to the shower, but only had to stand in one spot as my body was cleaned as it had not been cleaned since my first visit to this house. As much as I enjoyed the attention I was receiving I was having more enjoyment watching the other boys have their first experience with such luxury.
    As we tried to do our duty to the mountain of food that had been prepared for us I listened to the boys talk. Each of them thought that it would be great to live here and get that kind of treatment everyday. Each of them wanted to get back to their boyfriends and let them have a taste of what they had received. Many things became super straight as the boys talked of the ways that they would like to share their experience with those that they had left behind.

    I asked Beulah to pack a lunch for Cory and myself. I told her that I was going to walk around the mountainside. She smiled at me and put together a back pack with enough food and drink for the two of us for at least four or five days. I had no idea at the time how much I would appreciate the four extra flashlights that she included. I thought that it was just so much extra weight, but she spoke to Cory in their language and he stiffened as he told me that it was no burden. He was the one going to carry the pack. We set out on our trek to the books at nine o'clock.
    The weather couldn't have been more perfect, for someplace away from my desert dwelling place. There was a slight chill on the still morning air. The barren trees stood like skeletons about the thick wooded forest. The carpet of dead wet leaves gave off an aroma that I had never had waft across my nose before. It was not at all unpleasant. Cory and I walked in silence so that we could observe the abundant wildlife in its natural state. I was moved to the point of warm fuzzies throughout my body.
    Cory slightly nudged me then eye talked me to see a family of squirrels darting through the tree tops. A beautiful eight point buck raised his head from his feast of tender young green shoots near a fallen log. Rabbits scurried about the fallen leaves and a few of the more hearty birds called out from their lofty perches.
    Cory and I were in a whole new world as we climbed into the clearing in front of the cabin on the hillside. Without words we went directly to the large logs that Chief Steve had arranged at the edge of the small lake. We sat and looked out across the tree tops to the valley below and well beyond and let our minds fly with dreams, hopes, and aspirations for the future. I told Cory that I would very much like to be in just such a spot with all of my family as we watch the eastern sky for Jesus to return and gather us to Himself for all eternity. Cory pulled himself close to me and we sat there for awhile longer.

    I had never intended to share what was in the shrine? to Steve with anyone. I had wanted this to be his undisturbed resting place forever more. Cory and Sarah plan to spend their wedding night here and I have no problem with that at all. It was what was behind the hidden doorway in the closet that I had kept to myself. "Cory, babe. There is something that I have to share with you that is for you and you alone. Someday you may want to share this with your son, but I ask that you keep it to yourself until such a time.
    "You know that we are here to retrieve address books that Charley left for me." He knew that I had come to find the books because I had told him of them only days before as we lay in bed together. He still had no idea where the books were or how I planned to recover them.
    "On the other side of this mountain and deep under our feet lies Andy's base C. This is the communication center of the entire planet Cory. You have seen parts of Base A and Base B. Base C has no landing fields and no aircraft. On the very top of this mountain, well hidden away, is a helicopter landing pad. Cory, it actually folds up when not in use, and it is very rarely used. This place is so secret that not even the men who work here know where they are. They are brought in from underground some sixty miles away. The route that their busses take twists and turns so that they have no idea what direction they are going. Andy has taken measures to shield the tunnels so that a compass will not work. That is not as hard as it sounds. There are large metal deposits throughout the caves. There are diamonds too. You can pick up the diamonds because they belong to you and me, we own this mountain. But nobody else is allowed to pick up a single stone. I will press charges of theft against them if they do.
    "So, what does this mean to you? Well my young son, come with me on an adventure as I hope you never dreamed of. I truly hope that I can show you things this day that have never entered your wildest imaginations." I took his hand and led him toward the cabin. I was so excited that I felt like a school boy off on an adventure myself. I entered my codes for the door to open. I explained to Cory that his code would open the door, but that he could not get to the other parts of the cabin. I would change that when we come back for his wedding. For now I had a mission and I wanted to keep moving, after a grope and a hug and a deep throat cleaning kiss with the youngster I love. He returned every move I made with love of his own.
    I took hold of the closet door and ran my hand down the door trim. Cory's eyes caught every move. I smiled at him. I made sure to handle the clothes rod in just the right spots then flick my finger on the end of a plain brass coat hook. The back panel of the closet disappeared into the floor causing Cory to jump slightly. I grinned at him. I moved toward a tiny red light and placed my eye against it while I held my hand on the keypad on the heavy steel door. An almost inaudible beep told me that I could enter my code. I began to push buttons. I had to concentrate. I only used thirty two characters for this code because there is no secure place to keep the code hidden in case I forget it.
    Before entering the last six digits I told Cory to get ready. I told him that we would rush through the door and into an awaiting electric cart. I told him that we had seven miles to cover in ten minutes before automatic weapons fire obliterated anything in the cave. I told him to keep his hands inside the cart and keep quiet. The massive door swung open and I ran through. Cory slipped into the seat beside me and held on to the crash bar in front of him. I was already speeding along a very narrow path with dim lights that flashed on ten feet in front of us and switched off as soon as we were past. There were no lights on the cart. I wanted to make sure that the batteries would last the entire trip. There are certain safe zones should the cart fail or I have an accident, but I was not sure if two of us could make it into the small area without getting our foot shot off.
    We came to a low spot in the small roadway and I turned off. I jumped from the cart and grabbed a rock. Under it was a keypad where I entered a six digit code. Then I leaned back and took a breath. Cory was white as a sheet. The lights overhead were still on illuminating our small area. I told him to take a deep breath. I moved to him and put my arm around him then told him to breathe along with me. He did. I pried his fingers from their death grip on the crash bar and let him fall against me. His heart sounded like a freight train.
    A nearby rock spoke to us. "Identify!"
    "This is Papa, level nine, stop eight. I'm going to do some caving and have lunch. Time one hour, over."
    "Very good, Papa. One hour, level nine, stop eight. Enjoy your adventure and please pack out your trash." I had to laugh. Andy was very strict about that one. I told Cory that there would be no spitting or pissing on the rocks. I took a small fanny pack from the cart and told him that it contained plastic bags for our personal wastes. He twisted his nose and followed me as I began to climb over the huge boulders and head up toward a small slit in the wall no bigger than tiny Theodore Haller.

    The boys had wanted a party, but this was way more than I had bargained for. We had over a quarter of a mile along the river cordoned off. Someone had decided on tepees, after all we were on an Indian reservation. I was amazed at the men there. Many had brought boys of their own. The President had his two grandsons who were very sought after. Senators, judges, congressmen, priests, and bankers. Royal heads with hard little heads seemed to crawl from everywhere.
    I watched as two royals made out like bandits in the grass by the river bank. The young prince of Cullen's homeland was taking everything that Cullen had to give as the two boys moaned and slobbered over each other. Cullen fired everything in him up the young man who barely hesitated before he was on top of Cullen returning stroke for stroke what he had received. At his climax the two turned and went to a solemn sixty nine to nurse each other's still stiff members.
    Not to be out done the young prince's father was showing the leader of our country his own in depth diplomatic bargaining power. The second in command was showing the Prime Minister how a vice president ministered to heads of state. Diplomacy took on a whole new meaning amongst this group.
    The young Texas grandsons showed Kenny and Eric that Texas boys really knew how to ride a pony. I enjoy seeing the small boys go at each other. Everything is so new to them, but they are filled with passion and hormones and will seek any device to relieve their pressures.
    I saw nearly every man from the pages of the twenty three black books. All in all I believe that I could see more than two hundred men and over four hundred hard, horny, hungry, homo boys going down on any and everyone. I had some of the finest boi flesh from all corners of the world seeking a ride on me. I was more than pleased to satisfy each one in turn. I was amazed at my own stamina as I know that I was taking on four or five boys an hour and my body knew no limits. I never tired or even faltered as I fucked one youngster after another.
    I had so much cum in my mouth and half that much up my ass that were I a bee or an ant I would be putting out younglings for the next two centuries. The truly amazing part was that boys of no more than twelve or thirteen had huge, hairless cocks with buckets full of cum. I could suck them then fuck them and suck them at the same time. They never shrank away from wanting more. I had several boys that were no more than four and a half feet tall take my entire cock down their tiny throats to my hairline on their first try. They spread their legs before me to show me their very tight, and obviously virgin, anus, but my cock slid in causing them no pain whatsoever. My ears were filled with moans and sounds of pleasure from each and everyone.
    I walked about the ground with one tiny little waif locked onto me. He had no intention of ever letting me remove my cock from his super tight butt. He was hungry so I walked with him over to the fire pit where the old chiefs had three cows burning. Slabs of hot, tender beef were cut for the two of us and I sat at a table with his tiny anus spasming about my cock head. I knew he was about to blow so I leaned back and aimed his red and angry glans at my piece of cow and let him cover it with the sauce of youth. That was the best piece of dead animal meat to ever cross my palate.

    A flashlight shone in my eyes. I could just make out the form of Cory in the dark. "He's awake. He's awake. He's going to be okay."
    Andy stepped into view. I seemed to be laying down. I could feel myself moving and saw deep shadows moving about me. "Hang in there Chris. We'll have you out of here in no time. You are one lucky faggot, dude. That was a hell of a fall. You are lucky that you brought Cory down here with you. We would have never known what happened to you."
    What the hell is he talking about? My head hurt. My left leg hurt like hell. Pain in my gut and a sinking feeling overcame me. I drifted off. "Huh uh, daddy. You have to stay awake. Oh, daddy, please stay awake. I need you. Don't close your eyes, please." Cory was squeezing my hand. I heard the fear in his voice. I had to remember what had happened.
    The last thing I remember was speeding through the maze of tunnels. Cory and I had gone up to the permanent shrine I had built for Steve on the side of Chief Steve's mountain. Hidden within that shrine is a hidden entrance to Base C, one of Andy's secret communications bases. The back wall of the closet hides an eighteen inch thick door that leads down into our communications center. An electric cart sits inside the door, constantly charged and ready for use. I use it to go to the command post. My password and imprint will buy me ten minutes to get that far before an intruder alert is sounded. Ten minutes is a trip to descend seven thousand feet on a path just over four miles long, with hundreds of turns and intersections. A maze of my own design. Someone that did not know the maze would be nice targets for the many automated weapons systems Andy plays with. The books I was after reside a little more than eighteen hundred feet below ground level in a special safe set in solid granite.
    A cave is wet and the rocks are slick. I was telling Cory to watch his step as I led him up to the small grotto where my safe was secreted away. Even the most prying eyes would have difficulty in finding that safe. Cory is now the only other person in the world who even knows of its existence. I helped him to work out the combination. With the moisture at that level I had gone with a old style tumbler lock with a six number combination. This was supposed to be one of the most secure safes in existence.
    Getting that safe to its final home was a serious exercise. The safe is not all that large or it would have never made the trip. It is only eighteen inches3. I had to have the security system shut down as I brought the safe and two blindfolded men into the caverns. I paid each man five thousand dollars in cash for eight hours. I brought them in through the base's main entrance. Only Andy and Cory know of my private entrance. Andy had his people build the cabin, but he has no clue as to how to access that entrance.
    The trip through the maze of passages took us a little more than an hour then we had to lower the safe on ropes slung from block and tackle that I had previously set in place. The climb down and back up was treacherous enough without having to lower the safe by hand. I am thin and can just barely enter the small grotto that I had found. It had taken me several days to hollow out a snug home for the safe to sit. The three of us had to manhandle the unit through the opening. The door had to be open and a rig put inside for the hook from the block and tackle in the grotto to latch onto.
    Six hours later the three of us made our way back out into the sunlight. The safe is face up, embedded in an epoxy cement that comes with a five hundred year guarantee to hold. Now I have always been of the impression that no company could guarantee a product for a period longer than they had been in business. I was not going to argue the point with them. I do not expect to be around for even half of the warranty period. If it keeps that safe securely fastened to the granite around it for my lifetime I won't complain. I will not even complain if it fails to hold after my lifetime. Cory or his heirs can handle that one.
    Getting the door of the safe open is another trick. The door weighs in the area of forty pounds. I set it so that it opens up and to the left. There is no handle on the outside of the door. The frame of the door is four inches wide and three inches thick. It is made of hardened titanium steel. I had the safe company drill me a small hole and tap it so that I can twist a quarter inch left handed bolt with extra fine threads into it. A person would have to know exactly what bolt was needed if he ever could find the safe. I keep this bolt hidden inside Steve's shrine.
    The insertion of the bolt and the piece of heavy twine I had in my pocket then threaded through an innocent looking loop on the wall made pulling the door open fairly simple. Cory sat and laughed at me throughout the whole ordeal. He told me that I was the most paranoid one human being on the planet. I told him that just for that then I would not suck his cock before we started back to the surface. He made sweet talk to me until we had to stop and take matters to task for each other. I must say that sex in the rocks is different. We turned off our lights and did it in the dark. I mean real dark. We both know where each other's best parts are by now so it was a kinky kind of fun.
    I reached for my flash light and knocked it over. I dove for it on the slick rocks and found myself falling. I hit my head on the way down and don't remember landing. I was on the litter and being carried to the surface when I next awakened.
    We were in the anteroom of the base by that time and an ambulance awaited me, along with eight very frightened looking little boys. I made the paramedics wait as I held and kissed each tear stained little face. I had to reassure my boys before anything else. I made Cory stay with the boys. He argued with me. I told him that they needed his strength. Andy would bring them all to the hospital, but since I was conscious then I would not need my next of kin to sign me in. He giggled at that and puffed out his chest. He has had to identify my corpse as my next of kin before. He was glad this was a better set of circumstances.

    As I rode in the ambulance I thought of my dream. What a morbid scene that really was. Just the thought of some of those world leaders in that situation unnerved me. Some of those faces in my dream do have these perversions and have been to boy parties in the past. I fucked many of them in my youth. I have more than just a carnal knowledge of more men in this world than is comfortable. But that knowledge gave me power unsurpassed.
    MY BOOKS. I tried to pat my pockets. I was in restraints. The paramedics were trying to keep me quiet. I was going into a panic. Where were my books? Had I lost them in the fall? Was all of this of no avail because I got frisky with my sweet Cory. I began to cuss my sex drive. I dosed off. The stupid paramedic slipped me a mickey through my IV tube.
    I was in and out as I was rolled from the ambulance. Cory came running to my side. He had one of the books cupped in his hand so that only I could see it. "All twenty three are safe with me," he smiled. I called him to me and we kissed, a deep kiss.
    "Faggots," one of the paramedics stated.
    Andy stepped in front of the man. "You may leave now. The hospital staff can carry on from here." The man started to protest, but Andy cut him short. "Get your paperwork done. By the time you return to the office I will have your final paycheck ready." Andy turned his back to the man and talked to me. I told him that my mission was a success and pointed to a grinning Cory with my eyes. Andy grabbed the boy and hugged the breath out of him.
    "He saved your life, you know." No I didn't know. I don't know anything since I hit my head until Cory shined his light in my face. Cory had his radio/telephone in his pocket. Deep inside the caverns there is no cell service. Cory knew that I had told him about automated weapons coverage throughout the labyrinth and was afraid to move. However, he knew that he had to have help. I had fallen into a narrow space between the rocks and was about thirty feet below him. Without ropes and tackle Cory knew of no way that he could get to me or get out again. He slowly made his way over the rocks in what he hoped was the direction we had come in. He knew if he made a wrong turn that he would be lost underground for the rest of his life and that I would die where I lay.
    Cory simply said, "SOS," into his radio every thirty seconds. He wanted to conserve battery power at all costs. Several days later he had an answer. A voice came back and asked what was wrong. They knew it was Cory's radio signal, but we were so deep that the homing signals had been lost in the rocks. Cory was told to sit down where he was that help was homing in on his phone and would be with him as soon as possible.
    It turned out that Cory had been climbing for nine hours in the dark. He seldom used his flashlight as he felt his way along. He would shine his light at a target he had identified early on. He kept himself on track which was miraculous. The rescue team located him about thirty minutes after his initial radio contact. They called for climbers and a stretcher. They strung rope along in the direction where I lay. When they ran out of rope they left a man behind within voice range.

    I had told the dispatcher that we were at level nine for one hour. When I did not call back a search team was called out. At two hours searchers had located our cart and began a systematic search. The only thing they did not have was a direction in which to search. The cavern at level nine is thirty feet high with many directions to take off in. The rocks are very steep and it does take some skill to climb them. There are literally thousands of openings barely large enough for a man to crawl through.
    Each tiny slit in the rocks had to be explored. Cory and I had left no marks on the rocks. I had made it clear to him that I didn't want scuff marks that someone could find in the future. I was so cautious that it almost cost me my life. It was only through the perseverance of my boy that I am alive today. Almost everyday I find something else to be grateful to that young man for. I am going to have to fight Sarah for his hand. I already have his heart and most of the time I have his cock.
    Once the rescue team located Cory he was able to lead them back to me in only twenty minutes. He was disgusted with himself at having taken so long to climb out. I held him as I thanked him, over and over. I think he did an amazing job with all things considered. He did not know the area. He was in the dark and he was literally working by feel. Cory is my hero for sure. I may have taken him off of the street, but that is because I wanted to fuck his cute little butt. He saved my fag ass from oblivion in the very bowels of the earth.
    The rescue team reached me and lifted me out of the ravine and carried me over the rocks to a level pass. My stretcher was placed on the back of my electric cart. Cory walked beside me on the trek back to the surface. He checked on me every few seconds so he was the first to see me open my eyes.

    I could have been hurt badly, but except for a nasty cut on the back of my head I was okay. My left leg was swollen, but it was from the position in which I had lain all night long. I was in traction, but only to get the leg's circulation going again. My position was almost as effective as a tourniquet in cutting off the blood to that leg. Cory said that it was almost black and the doctors worked feverishly to save the leg.

    It was dinner time and I had made Cory go with Andy and get a good meal. All of the boys had come by to see me, but they were only allowed in two at a time. The hospital told us only immediate family could visit. The boys had to show their ID to prove that four of them were indeed my legal sons and that all of us had the same address. Andy explained that we lived in a group home sitting for battered and abused boys. The doctor told the staff to let them visit, but only two at a time and only fifteen minutes per session. Cory, as next of kin and on my paper work as such, was allowed to stay around the clock. He tried to, but I threatened to have Andy handcuff him and drag him off for a periodic rest periods
    .I asked Andy how he had arrived so quickly. He was in the air when the word came in that I was lost underground. He diverted his plane to Fayetville, Arkansas and had a chopper take him down to xxxx (the town where we are, okay?) He was with the rescue team when they heard Cory's radio call. Cory was way off course, as it turned out. He had taken off sixty degrees north of the path we had come in on. Of course when you are underground and can only get around on your belly through rabbit holes not large enough for a man with a big butt it is hard to know where you are. He had come out in a cave a half a mile north of where we had left the cart. It was only by a miracle that his radio call was heard at all. One of the rescuers radio phones was on the same channel or the call would have gone unnoticed and Cory could have been lost. I shudder when I think about that. I will have to devise a method for getting to that safe that does not involve stopping for sex with a cute boy on the slippery rocks.

    My door opened and a head peeked in. "May I come in. I want to apologize and explain what happened." It was the phobic paramedic. Boy did we read him wrong.
    "I know I have no right to ask this of you, but I am troubled by what happened yesterday when Mr. Foss got upset with me." I asked him to sit down and talk to me. Everyone should have their say, especially if they feel that they have been mis-judged.
    "I know that you were not up to snuff when we brought you in so you may not know what I am going to say. All I can ask is that you please try to remember not what I said, but how I said it."
    Well that required me to put on my thinking cap as I tried to dig through the fog of the last twenty four hours. "All I really heard was someone said the word faggots when my son bent over and kissed me."
    "That was your son? Oh wow!! That is really neat. I didn't know who he was. But again I ask you to try to recall how I said that word."
    "I hadn't thought about it. As near as I can remember I don't think that there was any inflection in the word. It was simply a statement."
    "That's what I want you to know. I merely made an observation, out loud. That may have been wrong, but to see that kiss was such a pleasant thing to me. You see, I am gay. I have a young partner that I love very much. There was so much love in your kiss that my heart leapt for joy. I should have kept my mouth shut and just done my job, but in a small town like this it was refreshing to see that sort of love on display."
    "I'm sorry, what is your name?"
    "I am Samuel Adam Thatcher. My friends call me Sam, some call me SAT."
    I held out my left hand to him. I had an IV in the back of my right hand as it lay on the other side of the bed from Sam. "I am Chris, Sam. How old are you?"
    He is twenty four. I pried into his life and soon discovered that he had a fourteen year old lover. I wanted to hear his story. He was willing to tell it, but his boyfriend was standing in the hallway outside my door waiting to go to dinner with Sam. I asked Sam to invite the boy in so that I could meet him.
    A sweet faced boy walked in with a look of caution on his face. He walked around to stand in front of Sam. I reached down and cupped his tight little basket in last year's blue jeans. He giggled and moved into my hand. I asked if I could see what he was packing. Without a word, or a look at each other, Sam reached around and unbuttoned the boy's jeans. The garment slid from the narrow waist to reveal a very upstanding uncut cock of a hefty five and a half inches. I wrapped my hand around the sweet treat and pushed the skin back so that I could stimulate the boy's glans.
    My mind turned to lust. I had a silly giggle as I looked deep into the sea green eyes of the trusting lad in my grip. In my best Bela Lugosi voice I said, "My name ees Fagula. I haf comb to zuk zee cum from your beeg fatz ballz. Hardon zee cock for me prrrreety boi und cum, cum, cum."

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