Chapter 199


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    A half an hour passed before anyone saw us again. The house was full of joy and mirth as boys chittered away, babies fussed and cried, and women nattered to one another. I was feeling good about having gathered my close loved ones into El and Philby's house for our first Christmas family reunion.
    I was escorted into the large front room and stood with my jaw dragging the floor as I looked up at a twenty five foot tall Christmas tree that was gayly decorated with more lights than a Las Vegas casino. The smell of the fresh cut pine filled the room with the fragrance of a mountain forest. The numerous presents and packages beneath the tree suggested that at least England's economy was not suffering any ill effects of the looming recession that America was feeling.
    El was sitting cross legged on the floor as she talked with the six Indian boys. Rod and Neal were in a window alcove involved in a challenging game of checkers. Alvin was curled up in a blanket with his nose in a book. His gift from santa was the complete nine book set of Sir Author Conan Doyle's; Sherlock Holmes series.
    Quemela was feeding popcorn to RD while he fumbled with a car key that he had found in a box on the foot of his bed from santa. The key was marked with the trademark emblem of BMW. He kept staring at me and smiling, I only shook my head as if I knew not anything at all. Cory and Sagi were playing with Chrissy and three month old Awinita. I crossed the room to sit next to Ugitsiha and our babies as a shout rang out.
    "Gin!!!" shouted Sean as he slapped his cards on the table where he sat with Cecil, Cullen, and Jimmy. The other three boys moaned.
    "That's the third game in a row, uncy. How does he always do it?" I just smiled and accepted my slobbery kisses from Cullen James.
    "Dinner is served, sir," Charles, the old butler/chauffeur announced. That is pronounced Chaw-wells for those of us who are English speaking deprived. Sir Philby and Dame Eloise led the way as everyone filed into the dining room. I had never seen so much food in a private home as was set before us. We enjoyed a remarkable traditional English holiday feast complete with the pudding. I have always wanted to try a pudding. I had my own ideas about what a pudding was and I learned that this is another word that the two countries do not have in common. I mean let's face it, a ball of…whatever wrapped in a cloth and tied with a string??? I'll take a bowl of Jello instant chocolate pudding, thank you.
    We may have been in a private home, but El had gone to great lengths to see to it that everything was properly done. Waiters stood behind each and every one of us and they attended to our every culinary need. The beef wellington was sliced thin and served on its own plate. The steamed vegetables were served piping hot. Bowls filled high with mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy boats were at every other seat. The bread was so light and fluffy that it veritably floated to each person of its own power. There was even cranberry sauce and a turkey for the yanks and Agnes had prepared it perfectly with sage and mushroom seasoned cornbread dressing. I actually felt that I needed to loosen my belt my belly was so full.

    I slept in a bed with my wife and no boys. I have often thought that I hate the seven hour time difference between England and Tucson, but now I have learned to despise it. Babies do not adhere to clocks on the wall, they have their own internal time keeping mechanism and they adamantly refuse to alter their time line for the convenience of those around them.
    I don't know if you have ever tried to reason with a three month old baby, but it doesn't work. Little Cullen seemed to me to be more like his older namesake with every wail that emitted from his mouth. I only thought that my nephew is a spoiled brat, but I am sure that my son is. He would not let us put him down. He would nurse and he would suck on a bottle of formula, then he would cry a little longer. He pooped, he peed and he cried some more.
    Ugitsiha was preparing a bottle of his cereal for him as I stepped out on the wide balcony to let the frigid north wind attempt to numb my senses enough that I could cope. I met Cory in the same predicament. Silently we looked at each other then began to laugh. We drew together and embraced then, with a long kiss, we parted to return to our doom.
    There is something to be said for mothers, they tolerate more than most men will. Ugitsiha awakened with a smile on her face for me—it may have been for the morning, but I have to stroke my ego, it was standing tall and the babies were wanting their breakfast.
     El had thought of everything. Our bathroom was equipped with a small potty chair for little Cory. Part of conditioning him to train includes my sitting on the toilet before him as he sits on his miniature throne and chatters to me. I was pleased with him because he had on a dry diaper when he awakened, but he filed away his business in a most professional manner as he downloaded all of the night's data in one big file dump. Ugitsiha performed the clean up duty with Cullen James.
    Breakfast was a choice of poached eggs or eggs Benedict with a wide selection of pastries, jams, jellies, and marmalade. My system was on Tucson time and I was in no mood for food so I had a few pots of coffee. Rod came and stood before me with his hands on his hips and shook his head at me. He walked over to the sideboard and took a selection of fruit and placed it in a bowl. He dragged a chair up to sit next to me and proceeded to peel, cut, slice, and serve me his choice of my energy giving breakfast foods.
    "I have to take care of you, daddy. You mean too much to too many of us to go getting sick and stuff." I got me the best sugar as I grabbed him up and hugged him tight against me. I looked over his shoulder to see El beaming with a broad smile on her face.

    Our day began in a fashion unknown to any of my family. At nine o'clock, excuse me O nine hundred, we were handed our coats and shown to the door. Awaiting us outside was a long row of horse drawn carriages, each complete with its own driver and a footman to help the ladies climb aboard. The sun was bright and the sky was clear, but the air had a chill that would have made the north pole feel like an oven.
    Cullen was in his place of honor in the lead carriage with his mother and father. I was pleased that he had not insisted on Jimmy riding with him. Ugitsiha and I were in the second carriage with Rodney squeezed in between us trying to stay out of the wind. Our babies were bundled against the weather and we held them in our laps. I had questioned taking them out, but El wanted the world to see them, 'they are so precious.' RD and Quemela rode in the kinder seat in the carriage with me and mine while Sean rode down in the driver's pocket with a good view of the backside of the horse.
    Beulah rode with Cory and Sagi and their babies. Jimmy sat with pride as he sat beside his grandmother in a smaller carriage. All of the boys were in another large carriage behind them. Bringing up the rear were the booty boxes. Okay, so you know that I have no class. Three wagons followed our entourage to take in the presents that the townspeople returned to us, but on the trip out they held large boxes filled with gifts that I had brought for my family to give out.
    The last time that I had been on this trek Cullen had given out a box with a large chocolate in it and the box was wrapped inside of a £50 note. At the then rate of exchange I had made that out to be about eighty dollars, plus the expensive chocolate. I knew that we were not expected to give gifts, but I wanted to share of myself while not seeming pretentious or cheap.
    My investigators had learned that a favorite treat of the area is a German chocolate bar that sells for £2 an ounce. It is very hard to get and most highly prized as a treat for all ages. I folded a £10 note around six ounce bars of the confection and packed them in a box. As we meandered along the meadow lane roads the footmen kept each person in our convoy supplied with the gifts. I asked each person to give one gift to every hand that reached out to them. That should give each man, woman, and child twenty two candy bars and £220 in cash, a tidy sum for sure.
    My sister and brother-in-law had no knowledge of our activities until well into our journey. Cullen was pointing to us and talking to his mother. El turned and smiled and Dukey raised up in his seat and looked at me strangely.
    Once back at the estate I had the boys gather armsful of the candy bars and go through the house to pass out twenty two candy bars wrapped in cash to each of the staff help. There was a case of gifts left over which I gave to the eight drivers and five footmen to divide amongst themselves.
    When I returned to the house I was met with harsh stares from my sister. "I am not believing that you would give…"
    "Am I not allowed to give a little to the community that helped to raise the finest King in decades? You know we say in America that it takes a community to raise a child. A child gets nourishment from everyone that he meets in life, not only his immediate family. The people of this area have shaped our boy into the man that he is becoming and I want to show them how much they mean to me. They may be your serfs and neighbors, but they are the models that have molded HRH." I grinned at her and she rushed to me to give me a hug. Dukey stood by in his typical starched stance that broke when he smiled at me.

    Leave it to a woman to ask about the house. I guess that a house is important to a woman. They need the security of hearth and home as a place to rear their children in a stable atmosphere. Of course I had often wondered about the large estate and knowing what little bit of the British system that I do I knew that there had to be a story behind it. I had no idea of the breadth of the story that I was about to hear.
    Medieval Europe practiced a system of feudalism in which boons and favors were granted to the warrior nobility. A vassal was granted a fife which came to include lands and terrain and the money generated by it in exchange for his pledge to support the lord with arms and manpower for his armies; thus giving mutual protection.
    Lord Philby's ancestor was granted a vassal's fife in return for duty as an officer in service of the young George Hanover, future King of England. He was the first in duty to the new King and fought in the war with the colonialists where he attained the rank of a General. For his services to the crown George III granted him a Dukedom which has passed down through two hundred and thirty five years to the only heir, Philby.
    The family has served the crown faithfully throughout the centuries making the transition through each monarch from the house of Hanover to the house of Windsor with meritorious service. Philby's great grandfather was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1901 for his service to the Crown in the II Boer War. That act enlarged the original fiefdom bestowed on a seventeen year old serf for his eternal pledge to serve the future King George with his life.
    El told the girls that the old house was drafty and damp so she set about to have it redone to modern standards. Rather than remodel a two hundred year old house the couple had it disassembled, stone by stone, and rebuilt. The basic footprint of the house remains the same, but it has all of the conveniences. of a home built in the nineteen eighties—hot and cold running water and flush toilets to name a couple of conveniences that I think are important.
    The house has twelve bedrooms, each with its own ensiute. The are no ballrooms, but the formal dining room can seat one hundred or be cleared to allow three hundred to mingle comfortably. The kitchens can accept twenty five cooks working together and the dishwashing area can handle all of the service of a sit down dinner for two hundred people an hour. That was great information, but it was not what interested me. I had enjoyed the story about how the property was acquired then I lost interest.
    I got up and went for a walk. The winds had abated and the sun had warmed the area so that it was quite pleasant, in a cold sort of way. I spotted Wesley siting in the gazebo where I had my first contact with Harry. I walked up to him and found him crying. I melt at the sight of a boy in pain, but a seventeen year old boy crying rips my heart from my body. I sat down beside him and waited.
    "You think that I am a real loser, don't you."
    "Wesley, I know nothing about you. I have no conclusions to draw either good or bad. Why don't you tell me what you want me to know."
    "I've been expelled from school and can't return, never."
    "What grade were you in?" I knew that he would tell me why he had been expelled in his own good time. For me to jump on that at the time could cause him to clam up on me and I sincerely wanted to help him.
    "Tenth grade. Yeah, I'm a real loser. I should be a senior, but I just blow it all of the time."
    "I…I miss Sagi. Oh, I like Cory and we have some great times together, but my sister has always been my strength. I would stand up and fight for her and I got me some great ass doing it." He blushed as he ducked his head at that statement.
    I let him ramble. He is a troubled boy and I wanted to get to the bottom of his problem and I did not think that it would be best the time to get to his bottom. I learned that the wiry boy had to fight to survive. I don't know much about Wesley and Sagi's father, but what I learned that afternoon made me dislike the man intensely.
    Some men would be better off being sterilized than to ever be allowed to father children. I had to talk to Cory to learn about the man. Wesley hated him with an intensity that was reminiscent of his name, iZl—Anole—badger. A badger burrows after its prey—small rodents, grubs, worms, etc. It can be a tenacious fighter and is known to kill wolves and foxes with a fierceness that belies its size. Once on the kill a badger locks his teeth onto his prey and with powerful jaws it does not let go until it feels the crunch of bone breaking.
    His father was a nasty drunk that beat his wife and children. Sagi escaped most of the beatings, the man had other designs on the pretty young thing. One night in a drunken rage he beat the children's mother then beat Wes severely. He thought that Wes was unconscious as he began to molest his thirteen year old daughter. He had ripped the clothing off of her body and was fondling her as he slobbered drunken kisses on her. Wes gathered his senses and defended his big sister.
    According to Cory's account Wes was a scrawny little kid that weighed less than sixty pounds. He had a reputation as a tough schoolyard fighter, quick and accurate to the kill. He climbed up on his father's back and wrapped his thin arms around the bulky man's neck and wouldn't let go.
    Cory told me that Sagi's account of the events made it sound almost comical to imagine, but it was a fight to the death and only one of the participants would emerge alive. It was told to Cory how Wes looked like a flea on the back of the lumbering behemoth as he hung on with every bit of strength in his tiny body. The man tried everything that he could do to get himself free of the choke hold that was depriving him of air.
    He smashed against the wall causing Wes's leg to break, but still the boy held on until his father fell to the floor and no longer moved. By that time his mother had recovered and together with Sagi they wrested Wes's arms loose from the corpse of his father and held the crying boy until help arrived.
    The neighbors were aware of the fights that went on in the house and when they heard the din that night they swung into action. They kicked in the door to gain access to the carnage, but it was too late. No one held it against Wes for what he had done. The tribal police listed it as a case of self defense and defense of his mother and sister. Their mother's nose was broken and her jaw had to be wired shut for several weeks because of the man's blows to her face. No one mourned the man's passing, least of all his wife and children.
    Wes had just turned eleven years old. He became a different boy. He became sullen and withdrawn. He began to steal money from his mother's purse and stayed out late at night. Sagi tried to bolster her young hero and included him in most of her activities. Her friends accepted the diminutive boy and soon he became a hero to them also. By the time that Cory met the family Wes seemed like a regular guy. No one knew his secret.
    The money that Wes was stealing was to buy beer. The boy would guzzle four or five cans each night. Then he turned to marijuana.
    The non-narcotic variety of the weed is grown for many tribal uses. Strands from its fibrous stalk, called bast, make a strong rope or cord. The fiber can be woven into fabric for the making of clothing, but are commonly blended with other fibers such as flax, cotton, or even silk. A blend of 55%/45% hemp/cotton is ideal for clothing, especially pants which require tough fibers for endurance.
    The oil from the seeds is used to make oil based pigments and paints and as a cooking oil. The seeds contain all of the essential amino acids and fatty acids necessary to maintain a healthy human life. The seeds can be eaten raw, ground into a meal, or made into hemp milk (similar to soy milk). The leaves can be prepared as a tea or used in baking. Fresh leaves can also be eaten in salads. The seed can be ground into a nutritious flour to be made into pancakes and breads. Shelled hemp seeds make a nutritious cereal or ground into nut butter (similar to peanut butter).
    Canvas can be made with the fiber. In fact the word canvas comes from the word cannabis. Bags are made for their strength. Burlap, made of jute fibers, has made its way onto the market, but the tribe continues to make use of their inexpensive hemp crop for most of the tribal uses.
    There are two types of cannabis that often get confused with each other. The tall cannabis sativa L is valuable for all of these listed uses. The shorter C sativa has a high tetrahydocannabinol (THC) content making it the favorite of the drug culture. C sativa is legally grown by the tribe for certain native rights and ceremonies. It is grown alongside of the L variety and the boys of the tribe know how to harvest a few leaves and get themselves a buzz anytime that they want it.
    Alcohol and drug use have taken a toll on Wes's body and mind. He had been cutting classes to get high with his friends. He had been fighting and stealing until the authorities could take it no more. Wes was expelled from high school and will never be allowed to return. The tribal police were ready to incarcerate him for hundreds of years for the petty crimes that they were sure that he was involved in. Sagi intervened and offered to bring Wes to me to see if I could help the boy.
    With the type of boy that I have attending my school since the influx of the street boys I really don't need a stoner. I looked at the boy and saw a wreck waiting to happen. He has no drive, no ambition, and no motivation. I decided to allow Sagi and Cory to attempt to motivate him and give him one more chance.
    I had nearly frozen my gonads off and had led Wes to walk in the sunlight away from the cliff. "Wes, I am going to give you one last chance. You may thank Sagi and Cory because it is for them that I do this. You have not earned any rights with me and honestly…you are the type of boy that I do not want in my school. I am going to take you into my home and watch you like an expectant father. But believe me, one wrong step and I will be all over your ass."
    "I want you to do me."
    "No, that is not what I mean. I did not say that I would be up your ass, I will be on your ass. Like the worst sort of rash that you can imagine. I will ride you until you either break or bend."
    "You are just like Ahkawidisgi said you are." That name struck me. I had not heard it spoken in a long, long time. Cory refers to him as grandfather, I just call him Chief Steve. Ugitsiha calls him Steve when she mentions his name. It took me a long time to learn to pronounce his name. The nuances of the Tsalagi language are difficult for an outsider to learn. There are many accented inflections in each word that change the meaning entirely. The language is guttural, almost Germanic to my ear.
    "What did Chief Steve say about me?"
    "It was just after you and Cory come to the tribe and he and Sagi and me were sitting at Ahkawidisgi's house when he said that you were the first honest and true man that he had ever known. He said that you can be trusted to do what is right and that you will never falter from your chosen path.
    "I will do whatever you want me to do."
    "I want you to be Wesley. I want you to stand up tall, hold your head up high, and put a smile in your heart. I expect you to change into an honorable man that does not lie or steal. I am going to tell you this. If you fail you are out, forever. I am giving you one last chance. I understand that there is a prison cell reserved for you and if you fail me I will deliver you to the judge and stand at your side as he pronounces whatever sentence he chooses upon you.
    "I will weep with you and I will hold your hand, but I will never come to your rescue again."
    "I know what you done for Mike and I will not fail you." The mention of that incident brought an instant reaction from me. "See, that is what I mean. You got tears in your eyes. You cares bout people and you cared bout Mike and helped him, even after he done you dirty."
    "Mike had never had a chance. He was intimidated by his step-father and didn't know any better. You have had many chances and this is your final one. I will not come in and rescue you if you fail me. I believe that you have it in you to do good and I intend to show you that. I plan to ride your back every minute of every day until you show me that you can do it."
    "I will. I will do everything that you ask of me and you can ride me anytime you want." I knew that he had heard stories so I had to clear the air. I asked him straight out what he had heard and from whom.
    "Nolan, and Junior, and Tracy. They all talk bout you. They say that there ain't nobody that can make a guy feel like you do. Last summer when you was at the river for a month I talked to Tracy everyday and he showed me his asshole and it was so big that I coulda put my hand up in there."
    "Did you?"
    "No, I don't do it." That needed qualification. He told me that he was a bottom. Wes, Nolan, and Junior were boys that had come up to the house when Cory and I have stayed there. They spent the night with us in the bunk house across the river from Chief Steve's house and I learned that Wes was their main source of boi butt. Wes had made an impressive showing as the two of us had hot sex together. Each time that I have been to Tahlequah I have spent time in bed with him.
    I also knew that Cory had told me of a challenge that Wes had laid down to a young clerk at an adult book store in town so I questioned him about that. "Well it was sorta just one of those things that happen. I knowed the guy from school and I always seen him in the showers as he perved on everyone. He was an eighteen year old senior and he always chubbed up and I knowed he wasn't as big as me.
    "I ain't got much down there and I don't care 'cause I like to take it moren I like to do it. So when I made the challenge I knew that I had him. I knowed that he wanted to get it and I was up for some virgin ass. I had to show Cory that I weren't no wimp so I screwed the guy on the floor behind the sales counter."
    "Are you telling me that you don't do other guys?"
    "Not often, I like them to do me though." This was a matter of self esteem that I was going to correct if I did nothing else for the boy.
    "In my house you have to give as well as take. Nobody gets his without giving in return. I am going to make a man out of you, and I am going to make a fucker out of you as well." He laughed at that and agreed to do it my way. "Let's go back to the house. Did you get some of those chocolate bars?"
    "Oh no. Those were to be given away and I talked to Mike and Tracy last night and they told me all bout how you are bout honor and truthfulness and all. I would never steal from you." But he had stolen, and from his own mother. I had my work cut out for me.
    "Those are supposed to be the best candy bars around. Did any of the boys get one?"
    "I don't think so. I know that none of them had one when we got back to our room and I never saw nobody eat one."
    "Then let's go find some and eat them together."
    "If you don't mind Chris, I…" He looked out to sea and I saw a wanderlust in his eyes. "It is a clear day and I want to see if steam rises up out of the ocean when the sun sinks into it." He grinned at me. "I would like to watch the sunset with you."
    Wesley and I sat with our arms around each other as we huddled together for warmth in the waning hours of the afternoon. I had never sat in the gazebo and watched a sunset and I was glad that I sat there with Wes. I have a feeling about the boy and I think that he is going to be okay. I know that I have a job ahead of me and it won't be easy with him. I may let Edgar spend some time with him and see if their experiences can help to strengthen the other.

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself at El's house. Ugitsiha and I sat with her and Philby as we talked into the wee hours of the morning. I almost hated to leave, but I had twelve hundred boys waiting for me a few miles to the south. Saturday morning, the twenty seventh of December, I held Wesley's hand as we boarded FI-2 for our flight back to Brighton.
    Cory was just as mixed as I was about leaving the peacefulness that we had enjoyed for the previous thirty six hours, but duty called. Cullen seemed content to leave his father's house. I can never read that boy, he is changing before my eyes, yet he is still a kid.
    The girls wanted to spend New Year's day in England. I was up for that. El welcomed them so it was settled. Cory and I made two more overnight trips to El's house to see our wives. Of course Cecil, Del, Cullen and Jimmy went along as well. I like to see Cullen in interaction with his mother. Cecil and his mother are getting along better than they ever have before. Del is fascinated with his big sister and I know the feeling, I sorta like her myself.

    Boswell was on duty at the guard shack when we returned to BAB. I had to speak to the man and I learned that Paul Walker, our Head of Station-London, had reassigned him to the school during the time that Cullen would be in country. I asked him if he liked the post and he told me that he would gladly work there as long as he could. He likes the sea breeze coming off of the channel and he likes the night life in Brighton. I believe that he may get his wish and be assigned there permanently.

    I had been forty hours without sex and I was boned to the max. The sight of twelve hundred naked boys mucking and fucking about nearly caused me to spout off the instant that I walked into the old château. I had a thirst for boi juice and I was at the perfect spot to get more than I could handle. I wanted to handle everything in sight and drink deeply from their wellspring, but I knew that that much protein in my body wouldn't be good for my health. I had a week to get all that I could and I wanted to stick to the boys from the European schools, I will have other opportunities to ravage the bodies of the boys from home.

    Ted Gay had taken the train to visit with his family for a few days, but before my return to Tucson I had to sit down with my brain trust and go over all of the information that we were gathering on a daily basis. Andy flew over for the meeting. Terry Upbridge came down and of course Athos was sitting at the table with his jovial spirit.
    The largest Palfrey list ever conceived was discovered when Athos and I followed up on a lead that we had developed by listening to the conversations of Bakos and Klein. Every man that had ever contacted the organization that we thought was headed up by Pagonis and Corvin, had his name and personal information recorded. Explicit photos and videos were on file, with audio in most cases. Any and everybody that had ever approached any of the front contacts for that organization was listed and profiled for whatever intentions that may come up at a later time.
    When I had met Herschel Stotman I learned that he was being blackmailed into helping Tom Bradley procure boys to be passed over to Pavel for transport to training farms in France run by Dimitri's twin brother, Toma. It wasn't until Pavel made an attempt on my life that I learned his name and his involvement; Colin had given me the information that rounded out my knowledge.
    My senses were alerted to a need to know how information had been developed about Herschel's tryst with a boy in a private chalet in the Swiss Alps. Tom Bradley had names, dates, and pictures of the man and the boy that he used to force Herschel to do his bidding. I share most of my information with Athos. As an Enquêêteur he has the authority, and the ability, to ferret out information that is hidden to others.
    Of course I share some information with Andy. Andy is more of a domestic cop with little authority overseas. His FOSSEC gives him leverage that has helped us in many cases. But there are some things that I don't share with my friend to protect him from my activities.
    Amongst the information that was in the extensive files was something that made me feel a little bit better, but not by much. An attempt had been made on the Wild Boys on their trip to Japan in 2007. I am glad that the people involved kept good records, it was sad that they didn't have good information. They have been known for their snap judgements that had led to many attempts on me and my boys, this was another boon doggle. They determined that if the Wild Boys were on tour than I would be with them.
    I had been seen in their company during a trip to Manchester at Christmas time in 2005. Everything else from there was sheer stupidity on the part of the inept machine that sought to put an end to my competition into their boy sex market. I don't know if I will share any of the information with Phil Russell. The boys don't need to know and the knowledge could jeopardize the relationship that the two of us had built.

    We began with Samí Oban's lists as we traced through names beginning with persons thought to still be in the captivity of the organization. I was excited when I saw the names of Victor Sharpe and the girl that he had been with. The baby was listed and we discovered that she was sold to a rich merchant in Albania. We tracked the merchant down and investigated him. He was clean and straight. His wife could not conceive and their only hope to have a child was through Klein's organization. The little girl is thriving in the loving care of the middle aged couple and we had no intention of removing her.
    We did contact the couple and told them of the young mother and the circumstances that their baby came into the world. They were told that there was no desire to take their baby away from them and that the mother would just as soon forget that she was raped by her own father and sold as a sex slave. We gave the couple contact information to us in the event that some medical reason necessitated their need for a medical history on either parent then we left them in peace.
    Mary Dunn was only a pretty face. Her mouth was the ugly part about her. She should have listened to me when I told her not to go with Samí, he didn't like her mouth either and had her tongue cut out. She was put out as a common harlot and took her own life two months later.

    Next we learned what kind of a business man Herr Hikmat Klein really is. In 2005 Sir Reginald Fitzwater was an international president of one of the largest banking facilities in the European Common Market. He had connected the dots and discovered that Basil Klein and Hikmat Klein were one and the same person. However he went farther than Athos and I had. We had ended our search there and had been happy to discover a billion and a half dollars in liquid assets.
    Sir Reginald had uncovered hidden accounts in the name of Jalil al-Hajj—exalted; son of; one who made the pilgrimage to Mecca. It would seem that Herr Klein has an ego problem, it is far too big for his persona. His ego could be measured by his greed though. Under the name of al-Hajj he was blackmailing very high born Muslims. I am talking taking money from massive oil rich families and burying it away for himself.
    Sir Reginald had uncovered eight billion dollars in various world currencies secreted in banks across Europe, some of them numbered accounts that are supposed to be secure from such exposure. Hikmat had sought to secure large sums of money in the form of shady loans. He was not willing to put up any of his hidden money and Sir Reginald was suspicious about his motives. Hikmat's own words in his diary convicted him, he was seeking ways to bring down the economy of the west by making huge loans that would break the banks. Sir Reginald denied the loans and confronted Hikmat with his knowledge which he threatened to go public with. That led to his death at the hands of a sadist.
    The files that we had discovered were from Hikmat's own personal diary. He did not journal his personal log, rather he chose to put his feelings of inadequacy into a personal form where he ranted and carried on like a madman. The only analogy that we could draw between those writings and his, more public, journal was that it was like his diary.
    I say public journal meaning that his security measures for the records that we had found were available to his henchmen and business connections whereas the diary was encoded with extra security measures to prevent anyone reading them. He didn't know about cute and sweet Rocky, I'm sure that boy can read Mayan.
    Finding that log answered many questions, including what had happened to the Fitzwater yacht and the family onboard. Hikmat had secreted his own crew aboard the yacht and at a specific place and time the family was overpowered and the yacht capsized. We would have been interested in knowing how that had been achieved, a three masted schooner with a deep keel doesn't just roll over.
    That information was not there. What we did find was a complete record of the fate of the family. A young crewman had involved himself with the Fitzwater sister. He had led her to a secluded spot on the yacht and tied her up. Next the crew went to the master's cabin and secured Sir Reginald and his wife, a baby girl was found asleep in a crib in the cabin.
    Ever the business man Hikmat wanted the young flesh of the twin boys and the seventeen year old sister for other business that enjoyed such fine youngsters. The three children were taken onto a small craft and moved to the mainland where they were sent to their final destinations. I found Garik and Garvin when I visited Russia in July. The sister's location had been a mystery.
    Hikmat's journal cleared up that mystery and we located the girl in a brothel in the Sudan. As can well be imagined she is a wreck. She had been used by the worst sort of men for more than three years. Hikmat had made sure that her mother and father knew of her fate as he spent several hours with the couple during their last hours alive. The baby sister was four years old and living in Hikmat's home in Iran. That presented a problem that took almost a week to work out. I am glad to report that the Fitzwater baby is now living with her big sister in a secret place as both are reacclimated to the western world.
    Sir Reginald had been tied to a chair and forced to watch as his wife was ravished again and again by a long line of men that used her body in terrible ways. She lasted four days, which impressed Hikmat. He had not thought that the dainty lass from England's high society would be so strong.
    Not much is told about Sir Reginald after that except to say that many different types of torture were applied to make the man's final days as miserable as he had made Hikmat with his refusal to help him to put and end to the western decadence of wealth and greed. With eight billion dollars hidden away, even from his partners in crime I wondered what his definition of wealth and greed are.

    I had Paddy take me into Brighton for a few hours. I wanted to have a pint at Herschel Stotman's pub near the beach. I took Herschel to one end of the bar and slipped him a packet of pictures and data. Athos had quietly removed every bit of information that Samí and Hikmat had on the man. He was duped and he has paid dearly for it. He knows that he is responsible for hurting young boys and he has tried to make amends.
    We have twelve sweet boys that Herschel has sent to BAB to start a new life for themselves. Herschel is in a position where he can monitor most of the boys that come into the area seeking sexual favors from men and he has a knack of being able to tell the difference between those that are hustling and those that are trying to survive. It is the survivor that I am interested it and I will do whatever it takes to give them the tools to that end.

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