Chapter torty seven


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Everybody was whisked back onto the plane and the return trip home. Cullen was taken to a safe house for the night. We had diverted a disaster and the shit would hit the fan over the next several days. Cullen was still in real danger, not as a Crown Prince, but as what he was perceived to be by many people around the world who had gotten hold of the story.
    The following morning the boys all reported for class as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. I need to take a moment and tell you about Andy. This man is, at the time of this incident, just turned twenty six. Naked he looks like a teenager and in bed you would think that he is. WOW, is the only way to describe him. I digress. Andy and I were accompanied by two six foot behemoths. Both of them, and Andy, were dressed in black, you know, the suit, glasses, shoes, the earplug on the curly white cord. The total secret agent thing.
    The three of them surrounded Cullen and me as we walked up to the doors of the school. Most of the students outside at that time had witnessed the proceedings the day before and made wide berth for us. Andy's two men did their jobs well and kept a constant vigilance as the principal opened the door for us. He looked at me. I asked him if we could talk in private. He led us through the school to an unused portion that was undergoing remodeling. He took us to an office in one of the classrooms. where he sat down behind the desk, Cullen and I took seats in front of him.
    Without a word Andy laid twelve pictures on the desk in front of the man. Each one showed different angles of exactly the same scene as the picture that he had seen the previous day except that it was not Cullen on the table. In every picture it was plain to see that a different boy was the subject of attraction. I pulled the picture from my pocket that he had seen the day before. He studied all of the pictures for several minutes then sighed and sat back in his chair. "Sir Cullen is in fact the Crown Prince. His mother brought him to live with me last April when his great grandfather put a half a million dollar bounty on his head. I am, in fact, Cullen's blood uncle. My father is his mother's father.
    "When I saw the picture that these security people brought to me I could see the extreme danger that Cullen was in. I had no idea where or when the pictures might have been taken and my only impulse was to protect all of my kids. We may have over reacted and I am sure that we frightened many people. I do apologize for that.
    "The news out last night that Cullen has a Grand Aunt that will be taking the crown has put all of us at ease. Cullen is still in succession to the throne, but the Grand Aunt is married and has a son of her own that is in front of Cullen. Cullen is by no means out of danger yet. There may still be some out in the world who have not yet gotten word that the bounty is no longer on this lad's tiny head as is it no longer a threat that he should wear a very heavy crown.
    "I do not like for my boys to miss any school unless absolutely necessary. Plus the fact that Cullen and six of my other boys are slated to appear in a music program this weekend in Phoenix. However, I will require that Cullen be under constant guard for several days, maybe weeks, yet. Cullen will be disguised when he appears at the music contest. These two security people will be with Cullen every moment of the day, but they will not enter into the classroom, except in and emergency. As, I am sure you are aware, the State Department takes a major interest when visiting dignitaries are amongst us. While we have seemed lax to this point I believe what you saw yesterday shows that there are people on the job that know what they are doing. I am very grateful to Agent Foss here and his excellent staff."
    What a pile of shit. Now if it just doesn't fall over on top of me. My major worry was that Cullen would break out in his gleeful laughter, which he is very prone to do. The principal ate it up. He was so relieved that the pictures, obviously fakes, were shown to him. His mind was very clear now. He had watched Cullen for the past seven or eight months and knew that the boy was special, but he also knew that he was not a fag.
    He had been pleased when he had seen Cullen lead most of the boys in my family to get behind another remarkable youngster, now in my care, as they founded a club to bring together tolerance for those of different persuasions. Society was changing and the school board wanted no law suits because of bullying or mistreatment of minority students. The man made me sick to my stomach.
    As principal he had been very interested in the Youngman boy. He was very happy that the state had found this lad a secure home. He had a real future as a leader and now, with the proper environment, he was sure to attain his calling. Get me out of here, quick, or get me a garbage can in which to puke. A pager beeped and our meeting was cut short as there were matters of the school to attend. Cullen should come by the office for a pass to his class which had already started. I assured the man that this would happen after I had a word or two with my young charge.
    Alone in the office we waited until we got the all clear from one of the guards. All of us sighed in relief. Cullen had been holding it in and was about to bust a gut. His laughter eased the tension that the rest of us felt. I sent Cullen off to class with an invite for his two escorts to come partake of some boy company this evening. They welcomed that invitation.

    Cory stomped through the front door and huffed down onto the sofa. "It's so not fuckin' fair!" He almost shouted. Christopher, Art, and Jim dragged themselves in. Something was bad wrong with my boys and I had to know what it was.
    "What's not fair?" I said as I sat a platter of fresh vegies, sliced and diced. Each boy grabbed a handful of carrot sticks and started munching. The four of them grabbed one of the little bowls of Gerald's ranch style dressing and lined them around the outside with celery, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, green onions, and dill pickle spears. I poured each boy a tall glass of ice cold sun tea. Jim jumped up and ran to the bathroom.
    "A kid in Jim's class. They got burned out and they have no place to go. It sucks… Donkey dicks… It fucking sucks." Cory doesn't get wound up too often, but when he does it is fun to sit back and watch where he'll go with it.
    "Lot's of folks have fires. It is tragic because they lose a lot of what they have, but they can start again."
    "Not always. Jeff told Christopher that they just got started over after his old man took off. They lost everything they had then and now this."
    Jim came back in wearing the uniform of the day, but little Jim was upset as well and curled up in a tiny curl on top of Jim's nicely growing young balls. Cory and Christopher quickly doffed their duds while Jim took a long drink of his tea. He set the glass down and smiled at me as he walked over to me. He bent down and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big, slobbery kiss. "Hi, dad, I'm home. Thanks for the snacks, I was starving."
    Christopher fell in behind him with a hot kiss as little Christopher dangled before me as if trying to decide whether to arise or not. "Can I…, sorry. May I have some cheddar cheese and crackers? Please, dad?" I swatted his butt and smiled at him. I can't say no to any of my boys, within reason. Christopher ran to the refrigerator where I had a two pound block of extra sharp cheddar cheese already cut into sticks about three eighths of an inch square and three inches long. He removed the plastic wrap then grabbed a sleeve of saltines.
    Cory took his place in my lap. "Yeah, fatty grab some grub," he called after Christopher. He wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me one of his toe jam cleaning kisses, through the mouth. I swear that boy's tongue is growing faster than he is. Of course my cock had to react, which is what Cory was after. He wrapped his sweet hand around it and gave me a squeeze. He picked up a sprig of broccoli. He examined it closely then giggled. He picked up a wide celery stick and slathered it with ranch dressing. By his actions I knew I was in for it. Sure enough he covered the entire head of my cock with the cold salad dressing, much to the enjoyment of his younger brothers.
    Art came in with a big grin on his face. "I feel pounds lighter."
    "Well, I hope you got it all out of your system. You almost suffocated us with those farts coming home." The boys laughed as the little guy grabbed up a pile of vegies for himslef.
    Cory slipped from my lap as I prepared for, what I thought would be, one of his fantastic blow jobs. Instead the little fart stuck the sprig of broccoli into my piss slit then backed up to admire his handy work. "Is he really seventeen?" I asked myself. Suddenly three hot little mouths surrounded my cock and began to lick up the flowing dressing and nibble away at the sprig of green vegetable. A finger went up my ass. Each testicle was taken up by a different hand as the manipulations from hell began. Cory's fingers are now very long and thin. He had encircled my prostate with three of them and was doing a massage as no other I had ever received under similar conditions.
    My first volley of cum shot the tree like vegetable into the air only to be caught in Christopher's teeth by his super quick reflexes. Cory lip locked my cock for the next few shots only to be pushed aside by Jim and then Christopher as each boy got his share. They sat back with huge grins on the faces, very proud of what they had done. I stole their thunder as I reached under the sofa cushion beneath me and held up a small empty bowl like they had their vegies and dressing in. I grabbed the nearest cock which was attached to Christopher and began to stroke as I aimed the meaty morsel at the bowl. All six eyeballs enlarged as did the grins on their faces. Each boy moved into and began to jack off and aim at the bowl.
    As I stroked Christopher I caught a look at the boy for the first time in some weeks. When you see someone everyday you don't always see them. It hit me like a ton of lead. Christopher had a pot belly on his little frame. Cory had teased him about being fat, but it sailed right over my head. I grabbed at the boy and pulled him into my lap. I put him across me and held his head against my right shoulder with his feet dangling off to my left. I let my left hand play around the tiny protruding belly as I began to cry with tears of joy. "It has begun," I told him.
    The front door burst open as the rest of the high schoolers barged in as only teenage boys can enter a room. Silence filled the air as they stopped wide eyed and mouths agape at what was going on in front of them. The first shot of boy jizz came from "hot to trot Jim the cock," a nick name he had won from his admiring brothers. Each of my three were now adding to the increasing volume of vegetable dressing in my bowl as I scooped a carrot stick through the mix and began to eat. Bare asses began to appear as I licked the last few drops of boi cream from their individual spigots then the three of us scooped our vegies into the warm fresh sauce.
    A larger bowl appeared on the small table in front of the sofa as Cullen moved to the forefront and was the first to begin to fill the container. Each boy scooted in to add his offering to the after school snack when our college lads appeared. The five of them refilled my tiny bowl then seventeen horny faggots settled down to their healthy treat using the low cal, high protein dressing that had just been hand made, and was still fresh and warm.
    I still held my little Christopher to me like a small child. He hadn't tried to get down, but he had made eye contact with some of the other boys who were now beginning to look at me and wonder. I kissed Christopher and again told him that it had begun. I made him stand up straight in front of me and turn, slowly. Every eye in the house was on his sweet body, but no one saw what I saw. "Cory, why did you call him fat?"
    "Look at the gut the kid is getting. He's gonna be fat."
    "Oh, no my sweet man child. That is the sign that Christopher has waited for for over five years. Christopher," I was overwhelmed as I pulled him back against me and put my face to his soft little belly, "just before a boy grows and inch or two he puts on a bit of a middle. It is like the body is collecting energy to shoot up. You are going to grow at least an inch in the next few months. I saw it when I had to buy you new shoes a couple of weeks ago and should have realized what is happening. Your body wanted to be able to hold itself up so it lengthened your feet. Now it is ready to shoot upwards so it is bunching up in the middle to launch you to the stars. Baby, it is happening. I am happy for you, but I am going to relish every moment of my mighty midget with the giant widget."
    The boys all gathered around their smallest of brothers and ran their hands over his body. This started us off as our usual routine was met. All of us lay about greeting each other with a deep kiss on each or both ends. We lay and talked about the day's events. I loved to play the advocate as I questioned each of them about his day. Cory still had more to say about Jeff and his family. "I wish I could help them."
    "What would you like to do?"
    "I would give them a place to live so that they can stay in this neighborhood and Jeff can continue to come to our school."
    "You like Jeff, don't you?"
    "He's fucking cute, dad. Ask Jim, he's in love with him." Art kind of looked around. I caught it, but I don't know about the others.
    All eyes turned on Jim as he blushed. It is so much fun sitting with a naked boy when he blushes. The entire body doesn't flush red at once, most of the time. It depends on how deep the emotion runs I suppose. This was one of the times that even his little cock tinged a little red.
    "He has been coming to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß meetings," Turner added.
    "Your lesbo, fag alliance?" I teased.
    "You can be an ass hole sometimes. Jim glared at me. His face softened and he smiled as the room remained deadly silent. "Yes, we held elections. Turner is the president." High fives went around to Turner who's turn it was to blush. "Want the real kicker? Alec is sargent at arms and Tim is vice president." I had not heard this news. It made me proud.
    "So since Jeff Farely comes to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß you think he might be gay?"
    "He doesn't know yet, but he wants to support our cause."
    "Cory, tell us more about you and Jeff."
    "I don't know. He is just so fucking cute. Look at Christopher, Art, or Jim. They have cute written all over them. Trevor is to die for. I want to eat him alive. Alec will never be far from my life and Pete… Daddy, Pete is even more cuter than you. You're to old to be cute. You are just plain fucking handsome. I hope to be half the man you are when I grow up. Jeff is on a whole different plain. He makes cute sound like a bad thing."
    "You would have to see him, dad. He has an aire about him that is just awesome. You can't help, but be attracted to him." This was coming from Jerry who was so fucking buff. He had every boy in the family working to build his own body to look half as good as he did.
    "Cory, why don't you help him?"
    "How, daddy?" I love it, he insists on calling me daddy. He gets upset with the others if they do it. He says they can call me dad because I am more a dad then any of them ever had, but he is adopted and I am legally his daddy. Cullen has to call me uncle, but I made the boys allow him to call me what he is comfortable with. He chooses dad at home, but I hear uncle when we are alone.
    "Cory, Steve left you a lot of money. What are you doing with it?"
    "Oh yeah. But I thought that you…"
    "I invested it for you so that it would grow. It can grow forever, but it is no good until you use it and if you use it for good then it is good. Got it? Good. You're good. You're cute. I love you."
    "You better, old man or I'll have to hurt you, good." Everyone was laughing at our exchange, but I could tell that they were all interested. "So, let's go do it. We can't wait. They need a place right now.
    Kenneth knocked on the front door then opened it and peeked in. "Am I disturbing anything, I hope?"
    "Ken, my man. I need some help here. Cory and a couple of the lads have a job to do and I am going to help them. What are you up to right now?"
    "JC has to work late. A family was burned out and they found evidence of drug use by the mother. He is to meet with them in a half an hour and try to place the boys."
    "Stop! This is too much of a coincidence." I ran to my office for my cell phone with all of my numbers programmed in it. I spoke, Jeremy Combs, the phone repeated, "Jeremy Combs, dialing."
    "JC, Chris here, listen, are you working with a Jeff Farley? It's a long story, yes or no. How old is his brother. They are, at least him? I have a house full of youngsters that is in love with Jeff. Don't go there faggot. Oh yeah, I know you, you not only know how long both of them are, you've probably had em up your butt. Both at once, I'll bet? You're sick, man. Let's do dinner, I'll bring a couple that he'll know."
    I went back to my sofa and warm blooded coverings. It is the first week of September. The days are in the high eighties, but I come to life over ninety five. One hundred to one hundred and three is my forté.
    "I can't take everyone. I am going to meet your young heart throb and appraise him for myself. Do you think that he is hot for you Cory?"
    "Oh yeah."
    "I can tell you he is dad," Jim was on his knees between my own. "Jeff hangs on every word Cory says. I have watched him in our meetings and around the school. He drools over Cory. Everybody has to know that he is gay just because of the way he watches Cory."
    "And you're in love with him."
    "Oh, dad, he is so fucking gorgeous."
    I looked him in the eye, "What about Art?"
    "Daddy, Art's my boy friend. We're the only two of the same age. We like each other, yeah, a lot I mean but, I'm not leaving him."
    "You are all lustful little sex pots. Is there no loyalty. Jerry and Tim are the only two that know real love. But they do like to play around once in awhile. I guess I should shut up or I won't be getting any." They all covered their sweet centers and grinned at me.
    "Let's go see how we can help him. Jeff has a thirteen year old brother who is out and loud." A lot of, "oh, shits" went around the room. None of the boys wanted to be out. If a loud mouth came amongst us would he out the house? We settled on three, Christopher, Jim, and Cory. We headed off to the pizza shop with all of the games in it.
    All of the rest of the boys would go to pizza at a different location. I gave Cas a credit card that we used that had his name on it. I would need to get cards for some of the older boys for just such occasions. Each of the boys had his own card with his own account. This card was on my account so Cas could spend my money. I asked Ken if he would like to go along with the boys and take notes so I would know what happened to them when I visited them in the hospital afterwards. That got me run out of the house.
    I took the Caddy. It was fast becoming my least favorite vehicle. It just didn't hold my family and I don't like splitting them up. I want to be with them all of the time, except when they are in school and I can rejuvenate. I only drive the new party bus when we all want to do somewhere together. Ken took the tribe to another branch of the same pizza company that we headed too, only the one he went to was close to our house. The one where we were headed was closer to the school.
    I was the lucky one. Christopher and Jim didn't miss a lick pointing out enormous baskets and exquisitely chiseled bodies topped by some beautiful fresh faces. JC walked in with two young adonises beside him. I made a quick check of Christopher as he was the only one I could see. He tented his thin shorts in record time. Jim had to clear his throat and a look passed over Cory's face like I had never seen before. The boy was in absolute lust.
    JC brought the boys to my chair and introduced them to me first. I stood to greet them and gave each of them a super hug only to have the stuffings squeezed out of me. Jason, the younger boy, rubbed a super hard cock against me. I was instantly ready to hump the boy on the table in front of me as I pushed him back and smiled at him. To let him know that I wasn't upset I kissed his cheek and then I kissed his hand as I sat down with him on the bench beside me.
    "Lordy boys, you are as cute as all of these guys say. I don't mean to sound rude or uncaring, but I really have a lot to talk to you about. I like to look into the face of whomever I am speaking with so I would like to ask you to sit opposite me." As they rose Jim sucked up to my right side and Cory to my left. The Farley boys looked at them strangely as they moved around the table.
    I asked around about pizza choices then had my three go up to place the order and bring back drinks and salads. I took the opportunity to watch the Farley's watch my boys. They were both gay. They knew where to look and what they wanted. "Jeff, I hear some great things about you. You have made a great impression on all of my hichschoolers. I dare say that my college age boys will enjoy knowing you if half of your praises that have been sung to me this afternoon are true.
    "Yes, you have been the object of our after school patter. Somebody made a comment and I realized that my old friend, Mr. Combs here, may be working with you. I think that I may have a temporary solution for you." Christopher ran up and handed me a receipt and a pen. I signed the tab and he took off. "First of all I want it understood. There will be complete honesty here this afternoon. I don't offer help to any liar, at all. I am not blind and I know what I see and what it means. Jason, you first.
    "How long have you known that you are gay?"
    "I'm no…" I gave him a look. He looked down at his lap. He turned to look at Jeff. My three came up with salads and drinks. I nodded my eyes to Jim who nudged Cory. Cory nodded to the games. I shook my head very slightly, no. Cory announced that he needed a pee break. Three boys took off to the back. "I guess about two years. I always liked to look at boys and I like to go with Jeff to see his friends."
    "How do you see his friends?"
    "When they pee or when we go swimming. Sometimes he has one sleep over and I get to see him when he gets in bed. We have a big bed and a cot in our room so if we have a friend over he sleeps on the cot, sometimes." He looked at his brother who rolled his eyes back.
    "No secrets Jeff. I want to know all. I want to know who this boy is that wants in my son's pants so bad that he creams his pants when he talks to him." Jeff's full body blushed. He had hoped no one had seen. "Oh, yeah. You were seen. I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but I have eleven boys in that high school. Jeff, I know all about you, my little buddy and I love you. Now Jason has a story to finish."
    With courage renewed Jason puffed out his chest and began again. "Where we used to live Jeff had three really close friends. One of them had a dick much bigger than Jeff's. I used to hide where I could watch them play with each other. Jeff really likes to suck their dicks. When they slept over I would start off in bed with Jeff until we were sure that our parents were asleep then I would get on the cot. As we changed beds the sleep over boy was always naked. I would reach around and find his underwear under the covers and smell of it as I pretended to be asleep and watch the two of them suck each other off. Jeff always swallowed their cum, but they never did. Jeff usually just jacked off after I got back in bed. That bothered me. If I had a dick in my mouth I would want to taste the cum. Why wouldn't they do that? I read on line and I realized that they were just using my brother. I loved him so much that one night I got in bed with both of them just as the friend was cumng in Jeff's mouth.
    "He was still sucking Jeff, but he didn't try to make him cum. When he finished I told him to keep his fucking cock in Jeff's mouth or I would tell what he did and I would make it sound like he did it all. I took Jeff's cock in my mouth. It was the first time ever and I loved it. I began to suck him and go up and down like I had seen him do in the garage and on walks in the desert and even there in bed. I went up and down on his cock as hard as I could. I had all of his cock in my mouth. He pushed his friend aside and began to suck me. I made him cum, right in my mouth. I didn't stop or anything. I loved it and I wanted to suck it all night.
    "Jeff was still sucking me, trying to make me cum when his friend pushed him away and began to suck me. I took his dick in my mouth as he climbed up on top of me and really began to pound up and down on my cock. His cock was all the way in my throat. I reached over and grabbed Jeff's cock and stroked him. The friend was going crazy on my cock and pounding his cock right down into my throat. All at once he grabbed Jeff and said, "fuck me," Jeff didn't waste a minute as he got up over my head and pushed his dry cock into the ass hole right in front of my face. I blew my load right there. I never cum so long. I didn't want to stop. I put my arms around the friend and he slow fucked me as Jeff shoved more and more of his cock into the kid's ass. I had another cum that made the first one seem like nothing.
    "I couldn't breathe and was thrashing about. Jeff pulled his cock out then the other kid did too. I pulled his cock back to my mouth and told him to use his knees to hold himself up and I told Jeff to fuck the shit out of our friend because I wanted to get fucked too. Jeff moved back in and I have to tell you, I fell in love with sex right then Everything I always thought I knew about sex was shit. I learned what I like that night.
    "Jeff had forgotten. Dad was out of town and mom was high. It was my eleventh birthday and I got my first sex. I couldn't cum yet, but I had more fun then any one I ever knew.
    "Jeff let our friend fuck him then I fucked both of them and they both fucked me. Our friend ate Jeff's cum out of my ass and then he sucked Jeff and got him off twice while I fucked one then the other. The sun was up and we heard our father drive up. We split up real quick and got in our own beds. We had just gotten our underwear up when dad opened the door to awaken us. He sniffed the air then he pulled our blanket back. We had our underwear on and in place and neither of us was hard. He looked at us and told us to get a move on."
    "So, Jeff, anything to add to this?"
    "Not really. Jay and I only do each other since the old man went to jail and we moved to this school. Mom couldn't afford the other house so we moved here and we don't get to see any of the old gang anymore."

    I believe that I can pretty much read a boy and I was reading a well rehearsed lie. "You were doing some of the others?" I asked Jeff.
    "Yeah for over a year we would get together. With Jay there were five of us. We all decided that we liked to suck cocks and get fucked so everyday we did it somewhere. My friend, Chad, thanks for not saying his name little buddy, had the biggest dick of all of us and we all wanted him to fuck us. He was fucking Jay the first time the little dude squirted and he nearly drowned me. The fucker had so much juice in him that I couldn't take it all."
    "That was the night that we got caught." I watched the boy's faces as they looked at each other and teared up. To break the mood three extra large pizzas were set before us. We bought a meat lover's special for the Farley's and two vegan pizzas for us. The boys had even had one made for me without bell peppers and black olives. There were green olives on it and extra cheese, extra thin crust and easy on the tomato sauce. They always think of me. It made a lump come up, top and bottom.
    "You can talk in front of the boys. I am going to go out on a limb here and out them to you. Everybody at this table loves to suck cock, drink lots of hot cum, get his ass fucked with a huge cock, then have his ass eaten out by a long tongued dude, afterwards." Jeff's eyes locked on Cory. Jim's face dropped to his pizza. Jeff's eyes widened. He looked at Jim. Jim was about to cry. "I think you lust after my son. My dear friend, Jim lusts after you." The dam burst and Jim was a bucket of tears. Jeff ran around the table. He grabbed Jim's hand and they ran, full speed, to the rest room.
    "What happened Jay?"
    "We were at Chad's after school. All of us. Jeff and Mark were sixty nineing while Chad fucked Mark. I was in a sixty nine with Evan and we had our whole hands up each other's ass holes. We fucked so much and our hands were so small that we could fist each other. In fact we could fist everybody, our hands were so small then. I can't get all of my hand up inside Jeff anymore." Jeff was being fairly honest, Jay was evasive and kept tripping over his own story.
    "The garage door went up just as the side door burst open. Mark's dad, Chad's dad and my dad were standing there ready to kill us. They had their belts in their hands and they began to beat us, over and over. We couldn't cover up and there was no place to go because they had closed the big door. They were screaming, "faggots" "queers" "fairies" "perverts" over and over again. Chad's dad reared back his foot and kicked Chad so hard that we heard his ribs break. Mark's dad hit him in the face and broke his nose. Somebody hit Evan and knocked him unconscious.
    "The garage door shot up and their were four police officers and the lady next door. Several neighbors were in the driveway. Chad's mother walked up to his dad and slapped his face so hard we heard his teeth grind. "I want you out of my house now. You are never to come near me or my son again, Exiter Jones."
    I nearly fell out of my seat. Jim was behind me and Cory grabbed for me. I was dizzy. I knew I was about to pass out. Jim lip locked me. He had fresh cum on his lips and in his teeth and on his tongue and I was searching for all of it. We broke away and I wagged a finger at Jeff and pointed to the floor beside me. Jeff came over and rather sheepishly stood beside me. I grabbed him and kissed him and did the tongue dance in his sweet tasting mouth. Yep that was my little Jim's cum alright. I patted his bottom and told him to eat before the pizza got cold. As he grabbed a slice of meat lover's I asked him if he hadn't had enough meat, maybe he needed some vegies. He blushes so sweetly.
    I was trembling inside, that name…I hate that name. There was more to this story than I was being told, I know Emily Jones. "Exiter Jones. Is that the name Chad's mother used?" Jay nodded. I looked at Jeff. He looked at Jay then at me then he nodded. "Is your dad Peter Farley?" They nodded. Everybody returned to eating as Jay continued to spray pizza about as he tried to eat and talk at the same time. I laid a napkin over their pizza as everyone giggled.
    "Well the police hauled all three dad's to jail. They made us go to the hospital, naked. They were as bad as our dad, calling us faggots and everything."
    "I want a police report. I want doctor's reports. I want Bull on this, yesterday." JC nodded. "I'm sorry, Jay, please continue. What happened at the hospital?"
    "We were examined then sent home. Our mother packed our bags and we moved the next day. She got some friends to help her get our things out of the house and moved into our new apartment. Dad is not allowed to see or talk to us until after the trial."
    "What is Mark's last name?"
    "Franklin. His dad is Wilbur Franklin. Evan is Terry Anson's son." Jeff told me. I had reacted badly to Wilbur Franklin, but I kind of softened at Terry Anson. I was actually facing a situation that I detested and had never foreseen being involved with. I looked at the two boys before me and saw blood.
    "Then Sunday that old coot, Paulsen, burned our apartment down. He was cooking french fries and set the pan on fire. The whole kitchen went up. We lived right above him and our kitchen floor started burning. All of our clothes were burned up. We been in a shelter till today when ma went to jail. They found her stash under her bed. Fucking crack shit."
    "Mr. Combs tell me. What is happening now? What do you know of the other three? And what is going down with these two lads?"
    "Well these two were going to go live with their aunt in Arkansas. She has four boys. Two older and two younger. She called me up today to tell me that she got a call from the boy's father telling her that his sons were homosexual. She does not want them near her or her boys. She said to let the devil have them until they can see the light. I will have to find a permanent home for them, but I have given you temporary custody as of an hour ago."
    Peter Farely had forced JC to suck his cock when JC was a fourteen year old freshman, I knew that something was going on and I was watching my old friend as he gave me hand signals that made sense only to the two of us. There was no aunt and Arkansas was another of our code words.
    "Thank you, dog. Go ahead and make it permanent. I will have their male sperm donor's written permission in an hour. Where is he."
    "He has been released on bail. Are you sure. He is a total ass hole."
    "What's the statute of limitations on that new repressed sexual memories law they passed?"
    "Twenty years after the recall, I believe."
    "So if a boy was raped, say in 1995 and he is now, let's say twenty two or three and he just remembers how he was repeatedly made to perform sex acts, over and over for several months. He can go to the police now and bring charges against his molester."
    "Don't be obvious. Is anybody paying any attention to us or can they hear what we are saying."
    Every body looked around the room. "There's nobody near us. It is real slow in here and the only people here are over at the video games."
    "Come close my friends and you shall hear the story of another year. A time when boys shared their bodies and sex, some willing, some not. Exiter Jones was a real prick. I went to school with him. I have so many pictures of him with huge cocks in his mouth and up his ass. He couldn't get enough man juice. We wasn't into boys, he wanted men. He came to Charley's house every day looking for someone to fuck him or feed him. Charley always had a man or two staying over while they were in town.
    Exiter—so named that because he loved it in his exit. Some old queen out from Miami gave him the name after he took on six guys one night when he was fourteen—took twelve year old Terry Anson captive one time. He kept him locked up in the old guest house in back of his huge family place. He fucked the young virgin daily for a week and made the boy like it. Exiter was seventeen and a senior at the time.
    "He told Anson that he would let him go on a list of conditions. One he had to give up his sweet ass to all of Exiter's friends and he had to blow any of them anywhere and anytime. He and his friends, Wilbur Franklin and Peter Farley made Terry suck their cocks on the steps in front of the elementary school one morning. The three of them were hauled off to kiddie jail, which was a joke.
    Terry was just doing Wilbur when the principal and the security guard showed up. Exiter, his name is Richard. I called him dick head, had his cock out and was showing it to the little kids that stood and stared. The teachers and parents were trying to move the little ones away. Dick head, Exiter, was so drunk he didn't even know who he was or where he was, pissed on a little girl that came up for a good look at the big boy's pee pee. She said it was bigger then her daddy's.
    "All three boys were tested and they all had an alcohol level of two point six, or above. They had serious alcohol poisoning. They had their stomachs pumped and the doctors really sweated trying to save their drunken asses. There was a young queer that lived close to the high school who would always buy us booze and would give us all kinds of drugs, if we wanted them. We let him suck our dicks for a twelve pack which he always had plenty of and it was always cold. These three guys had spent the night with this young guy, I think they found out that he was like twenty five or so. He had sucked and fucked all three boys all night. They were smoking crack and drinking tequila. They left his house and Exiter saw Terry going up the steps to his school.
    "The small boy was so scared of the big boys that he did whatever they said because he was sure that they would kill his mom and make him eat her heart. Any time he saw them he just got down on his knees for them. He spent years in therapy. He turned out gay.
    "Wilbur was outed after getting caught with a man at the city park. The man was an undercover cop and he busted Wilbur in a sting operation. Wilbur raped three girls and got them pregnant trying to prove to every body that he wasn't gay. He was still awaiting sentencing when the event with Terry occurred.
    "Wilbur and your dad, Peter, were almost fifteen when they forced Terry to do them. Wilbur had been fifteen when he raped the three girls. The girls had rather bad reputations as being easy so rape was hard to prove. Both boys were sent to Cathlina Mountain Boy's School, just over on the back side of the big mountain right there, I pointed to the mountain on which I lived. They had to stay there until they were eighteen and had to register as sex offenders.
    The gay young man across the street from the elementary school was found guilty on over three hundred counts of sex with a minor. He will die in prison.
    Exiter had not had sex with Terry at the school that morning. He had exposed himself to minors and he had urinated in public, but because of his drunkenness he was found not guilty. He did have to undergo treatment for his drinking problem and did one hundred hours of public service for his public intoxication.
    "Now, the real kicker. Terry Anson married Tiffany Ebers and raised Wilbur's bastard baby boy as his own son without any, but the closest of insiders knowing the truth. Evan Anson is Wilbur Franklin's love child, if you'd call that love. Wilbur Franklin married Sandy Goetz and raised Mark who is the product of that rape, but Mark is his son. The third girl tried to give herself an abortion and died. I loved her. For a girl she was so much fun to hang around with. She had been my beard since I found out that I was gay."
    Jeff and Jason wanted to know what I meant by beard so I told them that it was an old, old term used in Hollywood. "When it was discovered that a big name actor was gay the Hollywood moguls gave him a girlfriend to hide behind. She was called his beard. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent building up their fake romance as they were filmed in all of the right spots and with the right people. Even today, gays will go to great lengths to try to not be outed. Homosexuality is about the worst title anyone could ever want to have put on himself. Being a lesbian is cool, now, but being a fag is death."
    "Guys look here. I'm talking to all of you. Jeff and Jay are going home with us. I am going to squelch any of Peter Farley's plans to hurt you boys. I know enough about him to put him in prison for the rest of his life and he knows it. He is no Mr. Innocent in any of his past. I am going to bury Mr. Richard "Exiter" Jones. I am going to put him away for the rest of his life. Wilbur Franklin and I will have a serious talk, tonight and we will see what happens to him." I had to stop and think for a long, long time.
    No one said a word as I sat and stared into the corner and put my plans together. I got up and walked a few times as I made several phone calls. I sat back down. I was shaking. Cory put his arms around me. I patted his hand and pushed him away, easy. I can't lose my main man. I looked at Jeff and Jay as they stared at me. "How are you two doing?"
    "I'm okay," both boys said together. They looked at each other then again, "we're okay."
    "Do you want to go somewhere safe or do you want to walk into the lions den?" They looked at me. "I'm going to each of the father's, your's too. We are going to get this finished once and for all."
    Bull walked in with a red face and out of breath. "You are a slave driver."
    "You're coming with me to see what I do to errant slaves," I told him.
    I asked Cory to drive the Caddy home and get Christopher and Jim onto their homework and into bed. I said good night to Mr. J. Combs and reminded him of several things that he would need to take care of. Jeff and Jay looked at each other and followed me. "Look boys, it is scary. I can be more effective if you are with me, but if you are afraid I will send you up to my house. Either way boys you are no longer in danger. Believe me when I say that I have enough money to hide you and protect you from any harm for the rest of your lives." They both hugged me as they climbed into the back seat of Bull's Lincoln Towne Car.

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