Chapter twenty seven


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    We were home before Cas returned from the airport with a small copy of himself. He saw Traveler© in the drive and left his brother in his dust as he ran inside to run his tongue over my tonsil scars. I am blessed with so many boys that truly love me. I don't know what I will do when it comes time to have to say goodbye to any of them. Can I have a harem of life partners to grow old with?
    I turned Cas to the little waif in the doorway. My first assessment at the museum had been correct. The boy looked to be no more than twelve. He was tall, around five foot six or seven. He was thin with one hundred and twenty pounds under his form fitting combed black cotton suit. His face was that of a cherub. Smooth frail, and thin. Rosy red cheeks and red pouty lips, topped off with the same brown eyes with flecks of gold in them that Cas has.
    Llewellyn, Lew to you and me, was all boy. Sweet, but boy. He was the youngest sixteen year old I had ever seen. Not to the extreme like fifteen year old Will, but young looking in his own rite. I knew about Lew's endowments from Cas and I was seriously in lust. Some have asked me how could I lust after this or any other boy when I profess to be in love with Cory. I don't know. I know Cory is the most important thing to me next to getting a hot, hard, young cock down my throat. I love boi cum. Period. End of discussion. Finish.
    I hugged Lew and invited him in. He looked around at the four of us standing naked and saw that Cas was quickly shedding his clothes. He blushed and begin to take off his coat. I grabbed him and held his chin as I looked him in the eye, "Don't do what you are uncomfortable with. We are all gay and we all have sex with each other. You take your time. If you don't want to get naked, we understand." He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled close to me. Our lips locked as he put a ton of passion into our embrace. I felt his hot tears on my cheeks as we mashed against each other.
    "I think that you are the most wonderful man on God's earth. I thank you so much for saving my brother and now me. I will do anything you want of me." He squeezed me hard and kissed my cheek. He started to withdraw. I held him in place as I spoke into his ear.
    "There is only one thing I want of you," I felt his erection pushing against mine. I rubbed back, "I want you to feel safe and at home. You owe nobody anything and are under no obligation whatsoever.
    "Now, who's hungry?" I asked the room. Stupid question. I have a very expensive gas fired grill right outside the back door. The food cooked on it tastes like shit. I had Cory pour a pile of charcoal on it and light it up. All of the cancer causing smoke and gases from real charcoal makes the food taste one hell of a lot better. The boys helped as we cooked hamburgers. I whipped up some potato salad using one of my pre-cooked and vacuum sealed, frozen bags of potatoes. A can of pork and beans, garnish, and condiments and we were in pig out city and all staring at a very erect Lew. A new body to share with whomever he wanted to share.
    Bless their hearts, the boys had my night planned. Cory was really up to a night in bed with Tim and Jerry. He proclaimed his undying love for me on bended knee as he kissed my upright cock head and begged it not to get sore, but he wanted to fool around with some new guys his age. I felt a tug at my heart with that statement.
    Cas came to me and held me tight and told me that he had a solution, if I would be willing to accept it. I told him that I loved the solution he ejaculated and I would accept that any time. He rolled his eyes at me as Lew moved to me and docked our dicks. He rolled his foreskin over my glans then rolled mine over both of us, a double dock. It felt good, weird, but good. I have docked uncut guys before, but this…ummmmm. Cas took my hand and the two boys led me to my room.
    I got the chance to double dick Cas. He liked the idea and after we had filled each other's mouths with lots of creamy sauce I suggested another kink. First he wanted each of us to ride him. I took him to the cock to mouth position as Lew mounted his big brother. I was amazed at the difference in sizes of the boys while only fifteen months separated their ages. Lew had learned his brother's lusts well and gave the lad a good fucking.
    He was anxious to take my place and watch me service Cas, this was all new to him. When I unloaded what little spunk I had in me I rolled to my back. Lew was right there to suck me clean. Cas spread his ass over my face and let me dine at his back door. The mixture of both Lew's and my cum was intoxicating.
    Cas said that now we should mix and shoot them together. He squatted over me and impaled himself on about four inches of me. He lay full down on me and sought my tongue with his. Lew moved between our legs and slid his cock against me. Very slowly his cock stretched his brother's anus as he joined me inside of Cas's hot opening. Cas took it with eagerness. Lew and I pushed in together until we were both as far up in Cas as we could go. I told Lew to do the fucking.
    This was by far the most fantastic trip in a long time as I felt the enormous cock of Lew's sliding along the bottom of my cock as we were both gripped by the clenching muscles of Cas's spasming rectum. None of us called for quarter as Cas clenched around us causing Lew to ejaculate along the bottom of my cock. I could feel his cum tube pulse along my length as Cas pumped his boi juice on my belly. I lost control and let my load join into the mix as Lew kept stirring the load. Seconds later Lew let go with another massive load that almost washed my cock out of Cas's ass on a wave of hot thick cum. Not to be outdone my cock decided that it needed to go again and go it did.
    I was totally drained as Lew's wilted cock fell from our fuck tunnel taking my softened member along with it. A round of applause filled the room as three naked and hard cocked boys looked down on us. They had decided that we might like a six way orgy. I assured them that I would be able to nurse all the cock in the house, while I slept. It had been a very hectic couple of days for me and I was not as young as they. I am going to have to have either a second king sized bed put in or better, just have the whole floor padded and have sheets made to cover it. Six horn dogs in one bed made for a lot of fun, but not much room to stretch out and rest. I awakened rested in any event. My cock did not get hard until noon, but I felt great.
    I untangled from the mass of meat and ran to take a leak. The boys looked so good together. I just stood and stared at them. I loved each and every one of them and couldn't even think of what life would be without a single one. My office phone was ringing. I hadn't used that phone in sometime. I dashed to answer it and carried it on to the kitchen as I poured a cup of joe.
    Turner wanted to say hello. He had not heard from me for sometime and he missed me. I told him that I had been traveling, but that I was home for awhile. I told him that I would be down to see him after school. He was excited at that and told me that he would hurry home. I did miss him, and Tyler, I needed to see them. I logged onto their accounts. They were doing good. I moved a half a mill into their profit column as I looked at what was happening.
    As a consumer I did not like to see what unleaded gasoline was doing, but as an investor I was so excited that I could hardly hold my pee. I grabbed four million barrels of unleaded regular gasoline for both the boys and myself. If gasoline prices were going to continue as I thought, we were all going to be very rich.
    Suddenly a thought hit me. I set up an account for each little guy in my bed. I bought each one of them two thousand dollars of unleaded regular gasoline. Now let me clear something up for those of you who don't understand commodities. I did not buy any unleaded regular gasoline. I bought control of eight million and ten thousand barrels of unleaded regular gasoline. I can control two thousand barrels of unleaded regular gasoline for about five hundred dollars. If gas goes up I get all of the profit. If it goes down I loose money. I watch the market daily. I have learned when to buy, when to sell, and when to hold. Stocks, commodities, boys…you have to know your product and your market. Be careful and watchful and you'll never loose.

(A little update before I post this. This story was put to paper when oil was forty dollars a barrel. I held on until the end of the hurricane season of 2005, seven months later, oil was selling for sixty dollars a barrel. I had control of 8.01 mil. barrels at a profit of more than twenty dollars a barrel. All of my boys are multi millionaires as of this posting date.)

    My mail light was flashing. I hadn't planned to check mail this early, but everyone was still asleep. I mean teen age boys do three things and they do it well. They eat, they fuck and they sleep. I was getting mine, I let them alone. The mail was from flying-peter. I couldn't believe what I was reading, Pete was stationed here in Tucson. He was to be an interpreter on a spy plane that flies over the combat area of Iraq listening to radio traffic. He was in trouble and needed to talk to me. He had given me his cell phone number, I called, at once. Pete answered on the first ring. We talked only briefly, he was on his way off base. I told him that I was in town and asked if we could meet. He got excited and asked me if I could come to the base and how long would it take. I told him I could get to the main gate in twenty minutes. He was crying as he asked me if I could come and get him. He guessed he needed a ride to the airport, I told him that I was on my way.
    I dashed upstairs, Cory was taking a leak. As he shook off I spun him around and sucked his last three drops. He giggled, but shut up when I kissed him. I told him that I had an important personal errand to run and I would be back soon. I promised that I would tell him all about it later. I had my pants on and was slipping into a pair of loafers. I pulled a sweater over my head as I grabbed my wallet and keys, then down the stairs I ran.
    The 'vette was against the door. "Perfect, he will get a kick out of that." I put the muscle car through it's paces as I took the winding road, with its tight curves, down the mountain. A perfect road for the suspension of the 'vette. Three hundred and ninety horses roared as I tore though the early morning traffic. "She's real fine, my 409, my 4-0-9." I was at the visitor's center at the main gate just as Pete stepped out of an AF blue pickup. He was in civies and carried a suitcase.
    I walked up to him as he looked around to see where he was. "You beat me here," he said. I shook his hand and grabbed at his suitcase. He took it from me and followed alongside of me to my car. His eyes popped when he saw the classic red beauty. I pushed the seats forward so that we could get the suitcase into the luggage area.
    "You going on Christmas leave?" I asked. He looked down at his lap. Uh oh. Without another word I went to the rainbow room across the street. At this time of morning it would be the best place for privacy. All the restaurants would be packed with breakfast customers. This place would be foot traffic in and out. We could get an egg McMuffin and sit away from everybody. He didn't want to get out. I walked around the car and opened the door. I took his hand and pulled him out.
    Coffee in hand we took a table as far from anything as we could. "How did you get here so fast? What are you doing in town?"
    "I live here. Now you. Nothing else, you. What is going on?" My heart broke. He and his beach buddy got caught the night before he was due to ship out to Tucson for AIT. They were naked in a staff car doing the dirty, a 69. They were already on orders to different bases so they were shipped as charges were prepared. Pete had been told by his Lieutenant that everything was taken care of and that the charges didn't exist. Pete was thrilled. The Lt. knelt down and sucked his dick. The office door opened and a Major stood there with the first sgt. behind him. Pete was discharged as undesirable, at least he still had his name. The Lt. was forced to resign under less than favorable conditions.
    Pete had been on house arrest for the past week while his paper work was processed. He asked for discharge at base as he had been told by his family not to return there. Some nosy busy body claiming to be an Air Force official had called his dad after the ordeal in Biloxi. They told him that Pete was caught in a homosexual relationship and was being drummed out of the service. His dad, a Marine, was not pleased. He told Pete to never call him again.
    I asked Pete where he was going. He had no idea. He was going to go to the airport and take the first plane out. I got up and gently patted his face and told him that was stupid. He had friends. I took his hand and led him to the car. As we drove he told me that he had e-mailed me because he considered me his friend. He just didn't know if I would get back to him in time. He was so happy when I called, but he was afraid to ask me for help on the spur of the moment like this.
    I pulled the 'vette into my garage. Pete and I walked into a kitchen full of naked boys arguing over who was going to cook what. I offered to cook their goose if they didn't shut up and welcome Pete home. Pete stood slack jawed as five naked. kids stripped him. I pulled out twelve packages of homemade frozen pancakes and put them on cookie sheets in the oven.

    I make use of my time at home. I enjoy cooking, I hate cleaning up. When I have time on my hands I will cook. I will fix a turkey, two or three roast sirloins, pancakes, pies, whatever strikes my fancy. I then put these morsels up in vacuum sealed boiling bags for later eating without the last minute prep time. That way I only have one major clean up.
    I put Cory to squeezing three cans of frozen orange juice, I love it fresh. Jerry and Tim got the job of cooking three pounds of sausage patties. Cas knew his way around my kitchen so he and Lew set the table. Pete made a fresh pot of coffee and kept my cup filled as the two of us discussed his future.
    I had an eye on Cas. He had his eyes on Pete and his cock was throbbing. Pete kept Cas in the corner of his eye as we talked. I had a game plan. After breakfast I set Tim and Jerry to cleaning out Traveler©. Cory and Lew set about washing down the decks and cleaning the pool and spa. Cas and Pete changed bedding and did laundry. They seemed to have an affinity for disappearing for ten to twenty minutes at a time and when they showed up they were flushed and giggling. I was really happy with myself.

    I had promised Turner I would be there after school so I took the 442. Turner was just walking up the street to his house as I pulled into the drive. He ran to me and we had a fatherly hug. He led me inside and sucked my toes up through my body. We sat and talked as I thought about what I should do with these two. Tyler came in and we got friendly. They wanted to get frisky. Who was I to turn down sex with my first loves?
    An hour later we lay in a sweaty heap of fucked out flesh as we slobbered all over each other's faces. We still loved each other very much. Tomorrow was a school day for Turner, but Tyler had the day off. I played an idea around in my mind a little too long before Turner caught on. "Okay, give." I laid out my whole sordid trip to the young brother's. I told them about my escapades with each boy at my house and that there were still two more and they were somewhere on route to town. They stared at me in disbelief as they told me that I had really fucked up.
    They were happy for me, but they thought that I was really going to have a time of it. I asked them if they wanted out. I was most convincingly assured that they never wanted out of anything with me. They suggested that maybe they could get in on the mess I had at the house. I told them that that was what I hoped for, and feared the most. We held each other awhile longer. Tyler thought that he should drive up the mountain so that I would not have to get up and bring Turner to school. After a little arguing I relented. I just hate being away from any of my boys. I wish I had pockets big enough to put them in and carry them with me all of the time.
    The house was still standing when we got there, I was happy for that. We all gathered around and I told the whole group the story of my travels. I told them that the youngest two were on their way to town and would be here in the next two weeks or less. Jerry and Tim were excited as they told about the little cock hound, Jim, who was so cute and how much they loved him. They told everybody that he would be the little brother to the whole bunch.
    Not to be outdone, Cory and Cas had to sing Will's praises. They truly loved the little guy with the man's sized extra large dick and the giant sized heart. They told the others how cute he was and how much in love with him they were going to be. I only hoped that this would be the case. I was really having a problem trying to rationalize this whole situation and figure out the logistics of it. For someone who is so good with numbers and money I had sure mixed the numbers when I got homosexually involved with ten sweet boys.
    One night I shared my bed with five horn dogs. That night I had eight. I did not have cum enough for them. I so hated to slight anyone of them, but I know these boys, they will be happy with what they get and never shed a tear.

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