Chapter 145


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The holidays were over and the boys still had cum enough to spare. The way anybody saw it only a party would do. I invited all of the old Blues Club and asked them to bring their boys. I needed to introduce all of them to my newest family members and to welcome Terry into Rick's life. Todd Henderson had spent an entire week with Randy Hobbs and his staff at Base B so I invited him to come and to bring Scott and little Todd along.
    I allowed David to come with Randy and Sven. David has been a good boy for the four days that he has been back and I was very happy that he had met with a friend of mine to start himself on a twelve step program, the first step to his recovery.

    I had to resort to bribery, but it was for a good cause. I live in constant fear for the life of my little ones, especially now. Cullen's appearance at the UN was creating ripples around the world and I fear that it is only a matter of time before some zealot will come after him in my house. It is too late to send the boy away, his life is too closely entwined with mine. I reasoned that if Mr. West, Bryan's grandfather, could drive up to my front door that a few hundred terrorists could drop by almost any day. Of course I think about how Pavel had used Pytor to draw me out, these people have no shame in the pursuit of their ends.
    I had each of my boys that had their implants take charge of our youngest little ones. Needles terrify children of all ages, but for my smallest and most innocent I wanted to make their necessity as easy as possible. My friends have allowed their sons more open contact with us, and of course they were also vulnerable. I wanted to kiss Gus to death when I watched him take little Bart and hold him in his lap as the corpsmen showed the boys the syringe that they would use. I have to admit that that was one huge fucking ass needle.
    The entire procedure was explained and I had everyone that could speak with my family make sure that each boy understood exactly what we were doing to their body. I almost lost it when my most studious lad raised his hand, "Is that the mark of the beast that will let the devil know who can buy or sell?" I had never thought of our security measure in that way.
    I picked up Androv and held him very close to me as I cried. Androv was raised in a strict Roman Catholic family and had learned to read by sneaking himself a Bible at the age of seven. The boy has a thirst for the Word of God that amazes all of us, Androv and Cas spend an hour every afternoon in deep study and discussion. I don't know if Androv has always had this thirst or it is in some way associated with his disfigurement by Dimitri.
    I can not, and will not, let the boy know how much I hurt for him when I see his little headless cock hanging limp over the scar tissue of his mutilated scrotum. Androv is receiving controlled injections of growth hormones to compensate for the loss of his testes and he is beginning to put on height and muscle mass.

    I called on Roddy to show off, his favorite activity. Jimmy put Roddy's code into the computer and I pointed to the large television screen in the family room where all of the boys sat against the wall awaiting their injection. Our GPS system can pinpoint a person to about three feet of his exact location so I asked Roddy to run around the room. Roddy seldom misses a chance to show off, but when he is invited to appear at stage center he is johnny on the spot.
    Once the boys realized that the red dot on the TV was Roddy I had the boy run all through both houses, that eased the tensions in the other boys greatly. I sat Androv in my lap so that he was facing me as I explained that the little capsule that we were going to place in his groin was only for me to know where he was in case we should become separated.
    Edgar began to bounce up and down as he waved his hand so I let him share how I had been able to send a car to bring him home then I pointed to Eric and explained that he had been kidnaped and taken to a bad man's house where he was raped. I told the boys that we were able to find him very quickly because of the little signal device.
    Jules stood up and walked up to the first corpsman and stuck his groin forward, he almost chickened out when he was told that a small patch of his brand new pubic hair would have to be cut away.
    As I had expected the eight and ten year old boys all cried, but that is why I had one of the older boys hold them in their laps. When everyone had a device injected, and the signal was verified, I sent all of the boys over to a treat that Ona and Edmund had prepared for them, a triple layer chocolate cake with extra thick icing and a large bowl of chocolate ice cream. The pain of the needle was totally forgotten.
    I walked over to where my newest family members stood together, I was already thinking of them as a part of my family, not just students for the school. "Do you three understand what we are doing?"
    "Yeah, you want to know where all of your boys are in case something happens to them."
    "Hold on there little man, I want to know where my boys are in case something happens to any of you. Or do you not consider yourself members of my family?"
    "You don't want…"
    "Security, I have three gate crashers here that don't want to be a part of the party," I spoke at the wall behind them.
    "You mean that we can, I mean all three of us, we can…"
    "I thought that I told you that you can live with me for a long as you want to. You are always welcome in my family, Warren. Stewart, you're going to stay aren't you?" I got attacked very quickly. I looked at Kevin.
    "Me too? I am part of your family, but we ain't had no sex yet."
    "Kev, we didn't get to finish talking this morning, but baby you don't ever have to have sex with anybody to be welcome in this house. The only thing that we ask is that you obey the rules and go to school, we love you whether we get to play with that cute cock of yours or not." He stuck his crotch out at me so I engulfed his goods with my hand. I felt him stiffen a bit, but then any healthy boy will do that when someone has a hold on his best parts.

    I have tiny innocents living in my home. It may come as a surprise to some that kids living amongst full blown cock sucking, butt fucking faggots day after day can maintain any modicum of innocense, but I have tried to see to it that these little ones have as little exposure to the sexual aspect of the family's lifestyle as possible.
    Nine year old Khalid keeps eight year old Hamal and Kardal close to himself at all times. I love to see the three boys at play, I am talking little boy play with toys and a very healthy fantasy life. I moved those three boys into a room under mine as quickly as I could make the shift.
    I wanted them upstairs, but I had more than one thing to overcome; first of all was of course Roddy and Dane, those ten year old boys need constant observation to stop their sexual proclivity from being emulated by the younger boys in my care. I am watching over ten year old Baris and Tahir as well. Hamal, Baris, and Kardal were smuggled away from the castle by Kamal.
    Hold on a minute and get a good grip on yourself, I am going to tell that boy's story in just a few more paragraphs so you have time to check your supply of Kleenex for that tear jerker. I have told you many times that I write from my journal and do a cut and paste to put all the pieces of my life into a well flowing story. I wrote the story that I am about to tell you of Kamal and his heroic efforts before I found these notes. The story of my little ones needed to be inserted here so…oh well, just read, okay???
    I never played with kids younger than myself. Played butt wipe, not had sex with, okay? I always had friends my age until I met Charley then I began to mess around with boys as much as three years younger than myself as I introduced them to the joys of boi sex. It became a passion of mine to take young teenage boys across that threshold and now I find myself with more than a houseful of sweet young and hung youngsters.
    I have also found myself providing a home to five innocent little boys who's only crime in life was the fact that their father no longer wanted anything to do with their mothers, Kardal being the exception. Seigy had taken many of his own sons to his castle for termination. Sadly the younger boys' life expectancy was much shorter than that of the older boys. Without going into much detail let me phrase it thus, Seigy had an appetite for boy flesh.
    I have slowly began to get a count of the number of boys that had been taken to the castle, the seventeen that I found there are the fortunate ones. Seigy had not yet killed any of the older boys, but Salman was well on his last breath. Had I not arrived when I did…
    I can't tell you if it is because of their tragic past or because they are so much fun to be with, but I make time each day to sit in the middle of the floor with three tiny little waifs and play cars with them. I love to listen to their giggles and their pretend games as they act out movie or TV show scenes with enough tiny wheeled toys to move Mr. Everest down through Tibet and across China.
    I am proud of my grown up Roddy, he knows that I will spend time with him, I most often spend a little bit of that time with him when I pick him up from school as well as the time when he goes to bed at night. I also spend time with all of the elementary aged boys because I feel that they are the ones in most need of a male role model in their lives. I have explained to the entire family that I want to be with the little boys as I try to keep them away from the sexual activities that they are too young to be involved in.
    My heart ached and my sensibilities were shaken to the root when tiny Kardal approached me when I visited the villa belong to Athos in August. When I found that the tiny mustard seed was to be a part of my household I vowed to protect him from all forms of sexual activities until he was old enough to know what his little heart desires. I was struggling with that decision when I took the boys on a horseback ride at Chuck's cattle ranch and it was upon my return from that trip that I put the boys into their own room.
    As with most of what I do, I had madness as my motive when I selected the largest room in my house to be the home of the little ones. I had the furniture removed from the room. I had one queen sized bed and one king sized bed set up for the five youngsters. Khalid, Hamal, and Kardal sleep closely entwined to each other as they depend on the others for their security. I have not seen or heard of any sexual activity between them and that is well and good.
    Ten year olds Baris and Tahir share the smaller bed, so far neither of them have shown any interest in sexual activities so I feel comfortable allowing them to share the large room. I love to slip into the room at night too tuck all five of them in and just watch as they hold one another in their sweet dreams. The size of the room was not my only deciding factor, the room —that had been the final home of Cory's grandfather, Chief Steve —has a complete enclosed patio where the boys can leave their toys outside and they can play out there without having to be watched over every minute. I do have four CCTV cameras on the area, but we don't watch over them, much. Every swinging dick in the family looks at those boys as their little brothers and Heaven will have to have pity on whoever hurts one of them because my family won't have pity or show mercy.
    If you think back to chapter one hundred and eleven you may remember my telling you that I decorate my refrigerator with Roddy's handiwork as well as a timely cartoon. You may even remember our gathering together at Brad's family cottage on the lake upstate before our trip to England. Kenny and Eric got down with crayon and paper to make themselves a poster. They were going to go into business as HANDICOCK. Their idea was to go to where old men were, parks, nursing homes, wherever, and give the old men a hand job, for a fee. For a larger fee they would whip up a personal high protein shake, hand made to order while the customer watched. That poster has a place of prominence on one of my twin Zero Cold refrigerators.
    Both of those refrigerators have twin three foot wide doors that stand fifty eight inches tall to give me fifty eight square feet of display area, that is a lot of room for refrigerator art. I also mentioned the need to purchase two more refrigerators just to keep soft drinks for the family on hand. Well, I have turned all of that door space over to the advancement of the arts. Kenny and Eric have their work as the shining center piece sitting in a nice protective frame amidst the work of each of my young ones. The best part about a gallery such as this is that the art on display seems to mysteriously change on an almost daily basis. I do have to seek out certain favorites of mine and file them away to embarrass the children with when they become old men.

    The remainder of our guests gathered in the late afternoon on Saturday the twelfth. The weather had finally relinquished its hold on our Tucson standard and blew up cloudy and cold the entire week. I had caused an entire herd of prime beef to be slaughtered and chopped into little pieces then put through a grinder to become heart stopping, artery clogging, globs of congealed animal fat formed into concentrated cholesterol patties. I had a hundred pounds of cancer causing, flavor enhancing charcoal briquets with gallons of stinking, atmosphere polluting, lighter fluid set out to make burnt offerings of the dead cows. A few brave souls endured all and cooked away as if nothing really mattered.
    We ended up with a real down home backyard barbeque with truck loads of Boston baked beans that I know was going to cause a famine in America's northeast for at least two maybe three hours to come. Idaho was stripped of every potato that could be found as Kraft sent its workers into overtime to supply our cooking staff with the lake full of mayonnaise that was used to coat the spuds.
    I have no idea where Heintz was able to find enough pickle relish plants; the produce produced to grace the gelatinous meat patties had to have filled a two mile long train all of the way from the Mexican farm lands. And then there were the buns. Piles and piles of soft steamy hot buns that had to leave the wheat fields of Kansas and Iowa a veritable waste land. But everybody was happy as they stuffed their faces until their bellies bulged and their hearts choked for one more drop of blood to pump to its dying brain, that happiness made it all worthwhile.
    Ron brought his nephew, Norman, with him, those two have learned that their love for one another was much deeper than either of them ever realized. Cas and Tyler had a surprise for John Little, my red head loving cock sucking straight contractor. His son Little John was well known around the campus as a cum dump. The twenty one year old boy was not little where it counted, but he was a catcher, not a pitcher.
    John looked at his son, "But you're married."
    "And like you aren't." The two stood and laughed until tears ran down their faces. I was glad to see a father and son come clean with one another and bond as they were doing. Bill had declined my invitation, I asked him if it was because we were gay and there would most probably be open displays of gay sex going on. He assured me that he had been working around my house long enough to know that the boys liked to mess around with each other and that he had no problem with what they did. I let it drop, but there is something that he was not saying that made those little bells in my head jingle.
    I had another man that I needed to work with about his son's homosexuality. Petro can do things with stone that border on the amazing, but I know nothing of his sexuality. I brought the man into the country to supervise the building of my school's dormitory. Petro had helped several boys escape from the castle and he was present for the end of the life of that castle's owner. He had seen many of the boys sexually involved with one another and I am sure that he saw me kiss more than a few of the innocent lads. He did not hesitate to accept my invitation.

    Jeff Farley dragged a grinning Will Hamm Jr. up to me with a proposition for their happiness. I know that the two boys have known each other since the first grade. Dr. Will and I have talked about it many times he shares his relief that his son was not subjected to the abuse that Jeff and the other five members of my Tucson Six were forced to endure.
    Dr. Will came over and sat down beside me as Boner explained why it would be better for him to move into my house so that he could live with his baby, Jeffy. I wiggled my finger at Aaron James when the boy started telling me that he wanted his father and his school teacher to have more privacy. He was sure that they wanted to make out on the kitchen table more than once during his lifetime, but they felt that they should show restraint in front of him. Boner looked at all of us with a straight face and told us that he only wanted to make the move so that his two dads could be happy.
    With much effort on our parts we maintained our own straight face as we each told the boy that his hard was in the right place. Several minutes later he came back and asked us if we meant heart, in unison we each shook our heads, no, at him. I told Dr. Will that I wondered how long it would be before Gary and James came to me with some wild plan to be able to move into my house. I hope that doesn't happen too soon, their father's are working very had at making up for the many years of not being in the lives of their sons. The party was in full swing when I heard something that made my heart stop.
    "Did you know that President Bush said that 'We have news for those people who wear their laundry in public. We are on our way and we are bringing the Maytag.' Fucking ragheads, ain't nothing, but a bunch of sick camel jockeys." The party near us stopped as all eyes turned to look at Rick Carlson, Harry stood up ready to deck the bastard.
    "I guess that you are now a world hero. I read about your being made a Knight of England and France and several European countries for single handedly locating and breaking up a world wide child sex slavery ring. I find it hard to believe that such a ring actually existed in the world today, maybe a hundred years ago, but not now."
    "Mister, you're dumb as shit," Bryan ran from the room absolutely furious, Hani was quick to follow him.
    "I guess that you are a guest in our house so I won't tell you what I think of you, but you suck. I found that little boy on the street in St. Tropez, France. He was stark naked, wearing only a dog collar. He was on his knees sucking a fat old man's cock that he had hung out of his open flies, right out in plain sight, in broad daylight. Another man was holding the end of a dog leash attached to Bryan's collar and every time Bry tried to take a breath that bastard hit him with the chain.
    "I yelled for my dad to help me and he knocked that fat faggot with the chain on his ass, the other man took off running when I started yelling. You don't even know what goes on in the world around you. Bry was snatched up right off of the streets of New York and taken over there to be a slave.
    "That boy that followed him out of here spent his nights chained to the same bed with Bryan and they shared what little food either of them had with the other."
    Tim walked over and held a very upset Cory. "You see this cute little guy," he took Lester's hand, "That tattoo on his right ass cheek says love because that is all this boy is. I knew Les from when I was a kid in Mobile, Alabama and I was shocked to see him on a nude beach in France. I talked to him and found out that he and that bright eyed red head over there, were being made to work the beach as prostitutes, they had to make a certain amount of money or they would be beaten and not be allowed to eat that night."
    "You ignorant ass wipe, my name is Victor. My girlfriend's dad sold us to a priest and we were taken to Morocco and forced to have sex with men. My girlfriend was pregnant, but I never saw the baby, those bastards took him away." Vic was shaking as Branden wrapped his arms around his boy and pulled him against him.
    "Rick, I will not apologize for what my boys have said to you. You spoke in ignorance and without thinking, these boys know the truth and they will not sit still while their brothers are present. I do not like the fact that I have gained notoriety from a duty that hundreds of other people should have taken up. I found myself in the possession of information about this company of child slavers and I took action. When I spoke to our own government and other world police agencies about this group I was told that there was nothing that could be done, it was outside of their jurisdiction. Those boys right there are American citizens, kidnaped from the streets of America and my government told me that it was outside of their jurisdiction.
    "There was something that could be done, but the bureaucrats tried to tell me that they did not know the principals involved, but they were going to begin an investigation. Rick, these people had been doing business for over twenty years, that I know of. I have no idea how many boys they used and how many boys they killed. Yes, they killed boys. It is the passion of many sick men in this world to literally fuck a boy to death. I have learned that when a boy got too old to be of any more use to this bunch they killed him rather than take a chance of him growing up and coming back against them later on.
    "I have known you for ten or twelve years and I never would have thought of you as being this narrow minded. I am disappointed in you. I have no more to say." Cory came to my side and together, we walked to my office and sat down on the leather sofa. He was shaking as bad as I was.
    I heard Harry behind me, "I was with Sir Chris over there mister. I too am now a knight for what we did to those people that hurt my little brothers over there. You are standing in the middle of a bull pen wearing red and there is a hornet's nest over your head. You better duck and cover yankee."
    Cory shut my office door, but Terry pushed by him and climbed up in my lap, "Thank you for saving those boys. I think that you are so neat."
    "I do too, Chris." Rick hung his head as he looked in at me. " I can see that I was so wrong. I look at life as a flower bed, never realizing that beneath the pretty flowers are leaves, stems and dirt, and quite often thorns. I believe that all is well, but you have opened my eyes and now I feel as bad as this young man tried to make me feel. I don't know what made me say those things, I needed a reality check, how can I make amends?"
    "Look in my lap, I am holding someone who is more precious to you than your own life. You found him in conditions that most people do not believe exist. What was it you told me that your barber said, oh yeah, he said that there was no way that we had runaway children in our town. You told me that you said to him that he lived in an ivory tower. Guess what, you live next door to him in your own ivory tower, only I think that you have pulled the shades down.
    "Rick, I smell alcohol on you, I do not allow anyone around my boys that have been drinking and I think that maybe it is time for you to go home." Terry giggled as he told me that he had put whiskey in Rick's aftershave lotion bottle and Rick had gone ahead and worn it as a joke between him and Terry. I smelled of his breath and there was a little alcohol there, I don't like being lied to. I stared at Rick so that he knew that I knew.
    Terry pulled his arms tighter around me and I turned to kiss his sweet lips, "You can make amends for your words today by loving my boys and helping me to go visit everyone of the boys that Terry has met on the street. You and I are going to take every boy that will come to us and give him a home and send him to school. We are going to start right here in our town and make that barber's words come true, we will have no runaway boys on the streets in our town.
    "I will also tell you this one time, you are never to come near my house or a single one of my boys when you have been drinking. Rick, I enjoy a drink once in awhile, but what you said tonight was hurtful to so many of my family and I believe that it was the false courage and stupidity that comes from alcohol speaking. Don't, never again, don't," I stared at him.
    Rick readily agreed then he rushed out to find Les and Lance. He got down on his knees before Vic and asked to be taken to see Bry. The rest of the evening Rick and Terry heard the story that each boy had to tell. Terry cried for most of the evening as boy after boy held him and told their stories once again. I don't really like rehashing their stories, but we have been told by the boys' doctors that it is good therapy for them to tell others so that the truth of the world be known. I suppose that is so. It was also necessary for Rick to hear for himself what these boys had been subjected too.
    Randy and Sven sat next to me through most of the evening, it was the first time that they had heard of these boys' plight. Randy put his arm around my shoulder and I could feel his emotions as the boys told their stories. Sven asked me over and over if these things really happened. Rick had tears running down his face, it was then that I knew what I needed to do. I called for all of my family to gather around and sit down. My children and my friends have a right to know why I have so many beautiful young boys in my house. I love boys, but there is more to life than just sex.

    With the exception of the six boys that had been with me in New York twelve days earlier no one had ever seen my fine jewelry along with their bright red sashes. England doesn't have a sash, they gave me this real heavy gold necklace to wear to formal affairs. So I had to stick their big medallion to my body as best as I could. It is written somewhere that a person can not hold such honors as had been bestowed upon me from more than one country. The honor of a Knighthood, by sheer definition, bespeaks the honoree's loyalty and service to that nation. My own government passed a law granting me special dispensation to receive the honors, it is illegal for a citizen of the United States to hold such an honor from any foreign power.
The Constitution for the united States, in Article, I Section 9, clause 8 states:
"No Title of nobility shall be granted by the united States; and no Person holding any Office or Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State."

    I stood in the middle of the room wearing only those decorations as Harry and Timmy stood beside me holding their badges of honor that have to be pinned onto clothing, our uniform of the day has no place where a pin can fit comfortably. We slowly turned in unison so that everybody was able to get a clear view of our trophies then my two friends left me and sat down.
    "Les boules!" fifteen year old Sergé exclaimed. He looked at me with huge eyes and tears on his face, "excusez le mot!"
    I looked at the boy as Siraj explained the outburst. "Sergé said a dirty word and then apologized." The two boys began to talk to each other.
    "C'est pas grave, c'est la vie," he turned to his boyfriend, Imad, for a kiss.
    I knelt before the boy, "What's life, my young son? Do these ribbons and medals bother you."
    "Oui, pap-pa', the one from Françaises, elle est si jolie—eet ees so preetty," he translated. His eyes were filled with tears as they locked onto the piece of pewter. I lifted the sash over my head and slipped it onto the boy's shoulder. He looked up at me, "Le Rápublique françaises!" he kissed the large medal and removed the sash then handed it back to me. There is another young man that I must make the time to be with. He has been in my house for five months and I still know so very little about him or his brothers in arms.
    Once again I stood and opened my mouth to speak when my eye caught Kamal sitting in the midst of the family. I walked over to him and picked him up and gave him a great big hug. His body melted against mine and we sorta got carried away, I have not been with the youngster before and determined to rectify that after our meeting.
    I turned Kamal around as every man and boy in the room looked at him and wondered what the crazy old fag was up to now. "Gentlemen, this is a true hero. All of us have our idea of what a hero is, many of you think of sports heros, or warriors–past and present, or the ordinary citizen that rushes in to help an absolute stranger. Some of you believe that these trinkets that I wear make me some sort of a hero.
    "Let me give you a definition of a hero as I have come to see him. Kamal is the son of a brave immigrant to Romania from Hungary." I beaconed Petro to rise and bow, "Beautiful helped his father to build the castle of horror from whence I gathered our loving brothers seated here. Beautiful played in every area of the castle and knew his way around better than his father and the rest of his crew that was building it.
    "When Murat, some of you know him by his assumed name of Seigy, came to the castle he saw Beautiful at play and was enchanted by the youngster. Beautiful was accepted as a permanent part of the castle and when Murat began to move his sons in the young man child was accepted as one of the family. By that time Beautiful was twelve years old and about the same age as the boys coming to his playground. Beautiful had learned much of the new boys' language and quickly became fluent, those that met him believed him to be one of Murat's sons.
    "Boys, I am ignorant of many of the ways of the world. Our young queeing has tried to teach me," I asked Cullen to take a bow so that our guests could know of whom I spoke. "I have learned that Beautiful's dad's name is not Petro, it is Tamas. Petro is the family name, to our western language he would be Tamas Petro instead of the Hungarian, Petro Tamas. His son here is Petro Camlo, which means beautiful in their native Hungarian language, Kamal is the Arabic form of the word beautiful and thus his name changed, I still call him beautiful.
    "Don't go shooting cum all over the floor, but look at this body, look at this face, he is wonderful to look at and I hear that he is wonderful to know." That sent the boys to their wolf whistles. "But we all know that beauty is only skin deep, real beauty is on the inside.
    "As a youngster, Camlo had not learned the true nature of his father's patron and he enjoyed being near the man. It was when the sons began to arrive that Camlo learned things that hurt him badly. It was his inner beauty that shined through.
    "Murat was not one to move around the castle, he was content to stay to his rooms or sit on his large throne before a massive fireplace in the great hall. Suspended from the high ceiling over his ornate wooden throne chair was a twenty foot tall dragon, its wings extended and hanging on a cross. That was the ancient emblem of the Order of the Dragon. To each side of the massive fireplace were two battle flags. One was deep crimson with the same figure of a dragon with its wings extended, as it hung on a cross. The other flag was the ancient battle flag of the mid 15th century King Sigismund of Hungary.
    "Murat likened himself to a famous warrior from that king's army that called themselves, and fought under the name of, the Order of the Dragon. That warrior's name is the notorious Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, you know the story of Dracula, that story is loosely based on Vlad Tepes by an author known as Bram Stoker. Murat enjoyed impaling his enemies as Vlad Dracul III was known to do. Names take different shapes in the mountainous country of Transylvania, Tepes—pronounced tse-pesh—means impaler, Dracul means Dragon, at the time that the actual character lived surnames were not in common use. You might hear of John the son of the smitty—John Smith. Or John the son of the baker and so on.
    "The point of the story is that Camlo discovered that Murat was a very evil man. When he began to talk to the boys he learned just how evil a person can be.
    "Beautiful—Camlo—Kamal was pure innocense, he had allowed Murat to have sex with him from the time that he had first met the man as a tiny boy, no older than Kardal, over there. When the boys came and huddled together in fear at the sight of their father Camlo had to learn why.
    "Boys hold on to each other, some of you know this, some have heard of it, some have not.
    "Camlo cried along with his new friends when he learned that if Murat caught his own sons having gay sex that he would cut of their dicks and make the boys eat it. He has cut off the cheeks from a boy's butt and cooked it in the oven for the rest of the boys to eat." I heard the crying and turned so see my young cooks huddled together as they cried. "Boys these young chefs have been forced to cook rump roast and the thighs of young boys." I knelt with them and held them close.
    "It was not their fault, they knew that they had to cook or be cooked."
    "My baby brother, he was not to cook the ass of a little bitty boy that had sucked on a dick. I had to cook my brother…" The whole room wailed in lamentation for Fakhir and his baby brother.
    "Camlo talked to his father and plotted a way to smuggle the boys out of the castle. Tamas knows our friend, Inspector General Athos, of Interpol, together they worked a plan to get the boys out of the country and over to the coast where Athos could help them."
    I walked through the gathered boys and touched each one on his head as I called out his name, "Alim, Baris, Basil, Habit, Hani, Kerem, Khalid, and Malik were helped to escape over a period of a few years. Camlo learned that Murat had planned to kill his older sons so that they would not plot to overthrow him and take his rightful place as heir to his brother Khaldun's throne. We have no proof, but there is evidence that Murat planned to kill his brother in a coup.
    "Murat saw Kardal when he visited with one of his henchmen. We was taken with the boy's beauty and innocense and had the boy moved to his home. Kardal would not go without this sweet looking dude, his brother, Arman. Androv was a friend of theirs and that henchman did not like him, he was sent off with the two brothers.
    "When they came to live in the castle Camlo acted at once, he did not want this tiny mustard seed to suffer as he had from the vile man that he had began to hate," Kardal giggled at me. "Camlo met with Athos in person when he led these three little guys across the mountain with the aid of our twin brothers, Hmcal and Bahir. Camlo told Athos that it was getting worse at the castle and that boys were beginning to die. He told Athos about Salman that day and Athos called me at once.
    "I had been making plans for several months and I had been to France to discuss those plans with my old friend, Athos, as we walked along the beaches of Calais while I plotted the death of a man that I consider to be on par with the most vile in all of the world's history. When I learned that Murat was starving boys to death while they were chained to the walls in dark dungeons I grabbed two dear friends and flew off as quickly as I could." I smiled at Harry and Timmy, everyone turned to look at them again.
    "I know that you are wondering why I am telling you all of this now. I have been listening to you, I hear your innocent talk and questions. You have heard pieces of the story and you have questions and doubts. I hope that none of you ever feels that he is in danger of any kind around me. I was asked recently if I was going to kill somebody that had hurt some of you boys. I pray that I will never do that ever again. I did not have to kill Murat. I talked to many people that make the laws and enforce those laws in many different countries. In almost any country except the United States Murat would not be put to death for what he has done to nearly every boy in this room.
    "Some of you lived under the terror that he wielded as he lorded himself over you. Some of you were kidnaped and turned out as slaves. He deserved death. I acted as judge, jury, and executioner and I killed the man, and his helpers. I acted alone, with the malice of forethought, I had two men along to protect my back, but I did the deed.
    "Boys, by the laws of civilized society I am more guilty than he. I plotted and planned his murder. Were we able to get him to a country that has a death sentence he would have languished for years before he would die a quick and painless death.
    "My discovery of Frank, Branden, and Jace set Andy's mind in the direction that discovered a plot that was bigger than anybody ever believed. I won't bore you with the story of the high placed security agent, or of the priest, that were selling boys to Murat or the failed attack on BAG Boys, there are plenty of boys here that can tell you those stories. I knew that someone was trying to kill Prince Cullen, when I learned that it was the man known only to me as the Sheik I wavered. When an attempt was made on my life, along with Cullen, Andy decided to find out who was behind it.
    "My sweet Bryan first allowed me to see what Murat was, I kept this boy at my side for weeks and I listened to him cry and I listened to his nightmares. I bet that if we asked Donny he would tell us that Bry still has those nightmares, but that is nobody's business and I will bust the ass of anybody who does ask.
    "When I met Lance and Lester I heard the same stories from them that I heard from Bry. I knew that I was going to hurt Murat for every tear that those three boys shed. Victor was freed and returned home to people that have no right to even sniff his farts. He is pure yet, those people want to lay blame on him for doing what he had to do to live. Lance and Lester found that same bigotry from their own mothers. I have a hard time understanding those people. I kept looking over what Andy was digging up then I knew that I had to visit a mountaintop castle.
    "I had planned to walk into that castle and put Murat up on a pike the same way that he had put his own father on one many years before. A strong difference in Murat and King Khaldun is that Murat was the one that impaled their father, and he enjoyed it. Khaldun was horrified as his father had gone through his harem and slashed his mother and many others to death, along with their babies. I do not hold him guilty for watching his father die.
    "I thought about the brutality of a death by impaling. The body rests at the top of a blunt pole as its weight slowly compresses the internal organs, a very slow and painful death. There are many people in this country that have a serious problem with the death penalty and want it abolished. Others feel that a death sentence should be carried out as painlessly as possible.
    "Nearly every state in our nation that has a death penalty on their law books uses the method of lethal injection. There are those that say that method causes undue pain and is therefore cruel and unusual. There is a case being presented to the Supreme Court to decide this very question.
    "Let me ask you this, did they make sure that their victim did not suffer undue pain? I will not apologize for my stand on this, I read my Bible and that Book of Books makes it clear that certain crimes should be punished by death. However, the popular form of execution in Biblical times was stoning, that is painful.
    "Now all of you know why I killed, it is never right to kill another without due process of law, I am as guilty as Murat, maybe worse. The nations of the world have forgiven me and given me amnesty for my crimes, at least most of them. The Muslim world is slowly learning what I have done and why. The fundamentalists there feel that Murat was only hurting infidels, they have not learned what he was doing to his own blood. Those religious few now want my death."

    I reached out and took Camlo's hand and led him off to my room. I learned that I had another huge fan that had only counted the hours as he waited for a chance to be with me. I stayed with the boy until Cory came to tell me that some of our friends were leaving for their homes.

    I asked all of the boys to put on a white shirt and wear the blue and gold striped tie that we had adapted for our school uniform. Each of the jr. and sr. high school boys wore their dark blue blazers tan slacks with black leather belts and wing tipped dress shoes. Mondays are difficult for a lot of people, but school children hate the day most passionately, my boys seemed to hate it more than most. None of them liked the confining clothing that I was asking them to wear, but one look at me and they didn't argue for very long.
    My ten little guys were dressed in similar attire with the exception that each of them wore a heavy knit blue sweater with the school crest over the left breast. I especially like the crest that our web-master bones had designed for us, both BAG Boys and BAW had the identical crest. I drove the young ones to the elementary school myself so that I could get my promised fees paid.
    I had finally learned that Rita Skeeter was Gwen Capin, she had been a long time reporter for the Associated Press. She was waiting for me as I pulled my Caddy into a reserved parking space in front of the administration building. My newest business partner ran out to greet me with the news that there was a team of reporters wanting access to the school and I introduced her to Gwen.
    I shooed the boys off to their classes and told them to learn a lot. Roddy looked up at me and held out his arms, I picked him up and kissed his nose. "I love you, daddy." I put him down and swatted his tiny butt.
    Gwen was looking at me, "Daddy?"
    "Yes, he is the son of my wife. His own father is dead and I adopted him."
    "But I thought…"
    "You shouldn't do that, Gwen, I am told that it can lead to confusion." She laughed as she began her reporter duty of asking a thousand questions. I only thought that my boys had a lot of questions in their heads, this woman was a professional, well duhhh.
    I led Gwen and her cameraman around the campus with a reminder that they were not to take pictures of the school's name, the school's crest, or of the faces of any student or of me. The first bell rang and the children ran to their classrooms. I let Gwen step inside for a look at the students as they sat in class then I led her over to the high school classes and let her look on there.
    She was eager to know about the computer link-up to the students that studied from their home computers so we lingered in the classroom of the sophomores. The teacher there is by far my favorite of all of the teachers in the program and my boys that have her for their instructor tell me that they are learning more from her class than they have ever learned.
    Actually she teaches all of the boys at their grade level, her main subject are the maths and I find her instruction to be very concise and complete. She only has four hours of math courses so she uses the first two hours of the day to teach my all time favorite subject, World History. Mac Tedford, the head football coach at BAW, had been my tenth grade World History teacher and he was great, I understand from the boys that they love his class also.
    Gwen rode up the mountain with me as her camera man followed. She had so many questions about me and my relation to Cullen that I could not answer. I owed her, big time, for the dirt that she had dug up on Ms. Snell and Ms Farnsworth, that plus the fact that she has kept her word to not mention Cullen in any of her articles, today was the time to repay her a little bit of what I owe her.
    At BAW the boys were perfect angels as I showed Gwen into each classroom. The boys that normally study at home with their computers were sitting amongst the other students and paying attention as if they were regular attendees of that class. I was proud of each and everyone of them.
    I excused myself for interrupting and asked for Cullen to join me, I had already informed the staff of what was going on so that nobody would be rattled by the extra students or by my leading people through their classrooms. I led Gwen and her man to the staff break room and sat Cullen down in front of her so that he could answer a few of her questions. I was pleased that the only questions she had to ask the young Crown Prince had to do with his speech to the UN and she asked him to elaborate on some of the statements that he had made.
    Cullen is a sharp little guy and I know that he is going to make a great world leader, he laid out his plans to bring about the end of his job as quickly as possible and to establish a democratic government with free elections as quickly as it could be brought about. I sat back with my cup of coffee and listened, there was no need for me to be involved, Cullen was doing quite nicely.
    The school's attendance clerk stepped in with a message for me, I quickly read it and asked him if the police were already there, he nodded. "Gwen, I am sorry, the interview is over. Cullen return to class, at once."
    I stepped over to the school's PA system and set it for a general announcement, "Attention all students and staff, will everyone please report to the cafeteria at once. I repeat, everyone report to the cafeteria as quickly and as quietly as possible." I turned to Gwen and told her that she may wish to come along, but that there would be no more interview for the time being.
    I could tell that she was frustrated, but she showed her professionalism as she followed me out of the break room. She looked over the uniformed police officers present as well as the other people that stood by in wait for the students to assemble.
    I was shaking so badly that I could hardly make my way down the hallway to stand before the boys. I asked that the freshman class move down to a small area in front of me and told the boys sitting there to move back into their vacated seats. The boys could see me shaking as I picked up the microphone and Jimmy rushed to my side. I needed his strong shoulder at the minute.
    "Faculty and students, it is my grave displeasure to inform you that young José Ortéga was struck and killed by a car on his way to school this morning." A collective gasp went up in the room as the freshmen class grabbed for each other and everyone began to cry, I was crying also.
    José is a young fourteen year old boy that lives down the hill from the school and rides his bicycle to and from school each day, rain or shine. The boy has the most winning smile that glistens with the tons of metal work inside his sweet mouth. The boy has come by after school often to share snacks with the family and do his homework with his classmates.
    I have met his young mother as she struggles to feed José and his two little sisters while the father is serving his duty protecting our country from bad guys aboard an aircraft carrier somewhere in one of the world's deep blue seas.
    I could not stand there any longer so I introduced a police Sargent that was trained in dealing with this kind of trauma where school children were concerned. We learned that José was riding his bike along the wide shoulder of the road as he made his way up the hill. About a mile down the hill from the school and my house the road narrows from four lanes to two. A woman had passed several vehicles on the right at a high rate of speed. She continued passing on the dirt shoulder on the right after her lane had ended. A good quarter of a mile from the end of her lane she struck José from the rear and sent him crashing into another of our students, Peter Joulson. Young Peter was in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, José had been pronounced dead at the scene.
    Trauma specialists and counselors were present to sit down with the boys as they needed, either as a group or one on one. I know that this sort of thing would take time for the boys to work out and that there would be problems for many of them for sometime to come. I can not and will not allow these people to come into my house to counsel any of the boys, but then I have to think of the boys and get them the help that they may need.

    I know that Gus and Dezi were very close to José Ortéga, I listened to them each day as Gus tried very hard to learn to speak Spanish. We sat at our evening dinner table recently when Gus proclaimed, "éste es mi gran novio—this is my great boyfriend." He looked up at me and gave me his sweet smile.
    Not to be outdone our little eleven year old José Sanchez put his small arm around Kerem and said, "So what, this is mi Guapo."
    I looked at the boys and laughed. "Hey little one, I thought that you were Hispanic, don't you know that Guapo means lady's man, are you his lady?" José blushed as the family began to tell us how the boy liked to ride on Kerem's big dick. I must say that for an eleven year old Kerem does have a sweet cocklet on the grow. I ran my fingers through Kerem's hair as I told José, "I think that you meant to say guapa which means handsome." José stuck his tongue out at the other boys. I love these kids.
    Cory had seen the police cars at the school and rushed up to me. I had him sit down and listen. Afterwards I led Cory and Cullen out to talk with Gwen for a little longer. She was pleased with her interview and saddened by the news that we had received about one of our students. She asked if she could meet Mrs. Ortéga, I told her that I would call her a little later and let her know, for the time being I wanted to let the lady have time to deal with her loss.
    I did take Gus and Dezi down to the Ortéga home after school that day. I know that the boys have been in her home many times and they love her dearly. I was sure that she was going to be in shock over the event, but she was calm. I told her that I had already spoken with her husband and offered him a direct flight home, she hugged my neck. My little badge can be quite handy when I need for it to be, of course I had no one to show the badge to, but a name dropped here or there is quite effective also.
    Sven, Randy, Harry and Tim O'Connor met Chief Petty Officer Ortéga wearing their uniforms, with salad bars. Okay, so the men are no longer active duty, but I have the clout to get them off if trouble were to arise, I wanted CPO Ortéga to know that he was amongst his peers in a time of need.

    Cory brought me a piece of hot apple pie, he felt that I needed some comfort food. I needed him to comfort me, I held him close as he told me that he understood my feelings for the youngster. The news had reported that the woman that hit young José was charged with second degree murder and that she was out on seventy five thousand dollars bond. I was looking at the daily police logs and showed Cory that the woman had a blood alcohol level of 1.5, almost double the legal limit to be behind the wheel of a car. I would offer the Ortéga family all of the legal help available to me in their pursuit of whatever action they deemed necessary to take for the loss of their precious child.
    I suppose the part that bothered me the most about this situation is that it wasn't new to our city. It had not been, but a few months earlier that a fourteen year old boy on his bike was killed when someone backed out of their driveway into the boy's path. Only days before that another boy had been struck and killed by a motorist as he rode his bike home from school.
    People are not paying attention to their driving and they are not looking out for children on bicycles. Tucson has some of the toughest laws anywhere concerning automobile / bicycle courtesy. The law plainly give bikes the right of way all of the time, except at traffic control devices such as stop signs or traffic lights. Drivers of motor vehicles can be cited with huge fines for not allowing a minimum of five feet of space between their vehicle and a bicyclist. These laws still don't seem to be saving the lives of the most precious commodity our nation has, our children.
    Bicycles are not the only targets of stupid motorists. Tucson has taken the lead with one super tough law, pedestrians have the right of way at every intersection or marked cross walk, traffic lights observed. A one thousand dollar fine is levied against any driver that does not come to a complete stop and wait until a pedestrian is completely across the street and up on the curb to the opposite side of the street. I see idiots that take off like a scared rabbit as soon as a pedestrian's ass clears the front of their vehicle. Those are the kind of drivers that I would like to give the opportunity to serve as my hood ornament for a full day in heavy traffic.

    We turned the TV on in time to catch the afternoon news. I am ready to grab my boys up and move them into the large cavern that has been discovered under the school grounds. The lead story pushed the news about young José down in priority.
    A school bus from a nearby elementary school, about three miles west of our school, had been struck by the car of a speeding driver. At present there is no report as to why the man hit the bus, but his car struck the right rear corner of the bus then continued along the right side of the bus, directly into a line of children waiting to board the bus for their day at school. Five little ones have serious, but non-life threatening, injuries, all of the children are suffering from broken bones. How can we protect our children short of locking them away in a deep cave for the rest of their little lives?

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