Chapter 83


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Tran crawled over and sat on his bended legs as he looked me square in the eye and answered me in true sincerity. I had to pull the boy to me and hold him as I apologized for even asking. My health and the health of every boy in my family is of the utmost importance to me and I will not take any chances with them.
    In this world today a person has better odds at playing Russian Roulette with a six shooter with five rounds in the cylinder. At least he would have a one in six chance of survival. Any unprotected sex is almost a guarantee of one STD or another. If a person can dodge the big bullet there are still a thousand more that can get him.
    I asked Tran to undergo a blood test for me and he agreed. I told him that I was sending Damien back to Albuquerque the next morning and I would send his blood with the courier to be tested. Damien broke down at this news. I had not done things properly.
    I grabbed for the boy and calmed him down as eight other boys argued with me. "Please guys, just listen to me for a minute. I have a courier coming in a helicopter to take Damien back home for a few hours. Did you hear me? A few hours. He will be back in our bed getting his cute ass fucked raw tomorrow night. But if all goes well, we will be fucking a high school graduate.
    "Damien was forced to leave school only weeks before he was to graduate. He missed his final examinations. I have talked to the superintendent of the school board as well as the principal of his high school and they are willing to allow him to sit for his finals at nine tomorrow morning. He will leave here at 0700 local time. He will cross a time zone at the state line letting him arrive in Albuquerque at 0750 hrs. He will be met by an FI escort that will take him to his high school and stay with him for any protection he may need. Then they will return him to us as soon as he has finished his tests."
    I suddenly got the best part of a boy as he jumped me and smothered me in his kisses and gratitude. I love a happy boy. I put a raincoat on Tran and told him to show his boyfriend his love as I took Damien to task orally. Tran has grown considerably and it was a true joy to watch as he plowed Damien's furrow deep and hard. Damien gave up a load of nectar that was thicker and sweeter than I had expected. I would have to test this boy for diabetes before we turn off the lights.
    I claimed the honor of cleaning the condom from Tran, but I did have to battle with Damien's tongue as he sought the juice that had caused his current situation to arise in the first place. I fucked both boys until they were jelly then lay and talked to them. Neither of them had any regrets over the way things had worked out. They had missed one another for the last six weeks, but they were together again and could see a bright future ahead.

    I tested Damien's blood and found him to be a little high on his MG/DL readings. I would monitor him at various times over the next few weeks until I could get him back to Tucson and settled into the house. From there I would get him to a doctor for a complete work up. I would take Tran also. I explained to Tran that he had only been fucking around for about five weeks or less and that a blood test at this point would not necessarily show us any positive proof of any diseases he may or may not have contacted. He wanted to talk bluntly.
    Tran held Damien and looked deep into his young lover's eyes. He told him that he had only had anal sex with two people. A father and son had come to him, twice. The boy was thirteen and curious. His father had used his butt for two years. The boy loved it, but wanted to branch out. Tran told us that the father was seriously lacking in the manhood department and that the boy had more cock at thirteen then the father had. Both of them were delighted to have Tran up in them. Tran had allowed the boy to do him one time, but only with protection, which he had used when fucking the two of them.
    Tran said that he made his money by letting men suck his dick. They loved doing his smooth body and would pay him fifty dollars for the privilege when the girls told them that the boy was only fourteen. He said that he could get a hundred if he would jack them off while they sucked him and he made sure that they were well satisfied. He was surprised that none of the men that he had been with were very large. His only experience had been with me and with Damien. He expected all grown men to be much larger than what he was finding. With that he sucked me to the hair line. He told Damien that I had what a cock should be.
    I pulled him up and told him to apologize to Damien. I told him that he was an exception with his large cock. Cory is an exception. Damien has a sweet six and a half inch uncut cock, but he may not, and probably won't, get much larger than he is. If Tran is hung up on size he will loose Damien as a lover. I asked him if that was what he wanted. The two boys clung to each other and cried.

    There was a rustle on the other bed. I had promised this night to Bryan who was very patiently waiting. I had promised him the first few nights of undivided attention. I asked for his understanding as I moved to the other bed and loved my boy. He told me to fuck him while he thought about it. We both needed each other as we melded into one sexual flesh. Of course we had a wide eyed audience. I promised them that they would get their turn before they went down to Tucson.
    As we prepared ourselves for breakfast the boys showed Tran and Damien the Golden Pole Pin that each of them proudly wear on the inside flap of their pants. I would have thought that this would have passed by now, but I was put down as seven boys got in my face, with kisses, to assure me that those pins meant a great deal to them. Some of their friends at school had seen them and questioned about them. I was told that only a very select few knew what the pins represented and those were boys that had already been ridden by other family members and would like to come to a party at the house as soon as we could have another one. That was a very appealing idea.

    I had a little black bag set out and all eyes had checked it out. The boys knew what was coming. I asked Tran if he was ready for a stick. He squinched up his face and turned his ass to me. I bent over and kissed it and told him we didn't have time for that. We had to eat and get Damey out to the airport. He giggled at me.
    I put a tourniquet on his upper arm and told him to look at that huge fly on the ceiling. I stuck the needle in so quickly that the boy didn't react until he looked down and saw the blood filling the test tube. Then he said ouch. I kissed his nose and told him he was a faker. He giggled at me.
    I asked Damien if I could have a bite of his blood too. I told him that I had a very hungry vampire that didn't get his dinner the evening before. He giggled and stuck his ass out to me. I slapped it. He looked at me as he rubbed it. "You were supposed to kiss it," he stuck out his bottom lip. I kissed his ass then kissed his lip. He giggled. I asked him if that was a wasp on the ceiling. He told me to look for myself as he watched the needle go into his taut vein without flinching. I quickly stuck the boy's finger again. I opened a packet and pulled out a swab stick and ran it around the inside of his mouth then put it into a glass tube and sealed it. I had my blood and a DNA swab so I kissed him, hard and deep. I grabbed Tran and cleaned his tonsils for him. I held both boys to me and told them that I was glad to have them in the family. The rest of the boys joined us for a group hug.
    Bryan turned around and stuck his naked tushy out toward me. "Shoot me, daddy." Cas had taken the job of giving the boy his daily B12 shots. We figured it was good practice for a pre-med student and the two boys had bonded as a result. I had to look at Bryan standing there. I love this little scamp so much, but I marveled at how well he was doing. His anemia was under total control with the daily injections and he was growing at a remarkable rate. I have to admit that the parental instinct, as well as the letch, in me had bonded with the boy as I had not bonded with any of the others. A sick child draws the attention of those around him and Bry had been no different. But standing here with his firm butt sticking up was no sickly child. Here was a vivacious youth in his prime. I do so love all of my boys.

    We hurried over to empty out the restaurant's kitchen. Our appetites sated, for at least an hour or two, we stepped outside to await Damien's transportation. Timmy stepped out of the car as the FI driver pulled up to us. I passed off a courier package containing signed documentation, blood samples, and a coffee cup, with hair, to the driver. I already know one result from Damien's blood work. He is diabetic. At his age, I was frightened. His fasting sugar had been 180 MG/DL. I trembled inside as the tears welled in my eyes. We watched Damien ride away to his daily toil. I told the boys that they could go back to bed or whatever and I would join them later.
    Timmy and I headed out to Traveler Too©. He told me that there was trouble afoot. Andy was awaiting my call. I logged on to our network with Andy and our contact man in the Doggs of Warr law offices in New York. Tony Dogg himself was going to be with me in the courtroom. Bull Pitt was on a case that would not finish up until late March or early April then he would join us, if needed. I was glad for the heads up.
    There was a new development that Tony wanted me to know about. Dimitri and Ibrahim had been brought over to the states from France. Athos was furious at the international courts for taking those two from him, but it was pointed out to him that they had not had a trial and were being held illegally. Our attorneys were working with the French police on that one as we spoke.
    Athos came on line and shared some insight from his close association with this slime. All of us were pleased. I told the group that Athos had just confirmed what I knew was going to be revealed. I knew who The Sheik was and I would have his name before them in a matter of three or four days, but I had a delay in Amarillo that would preclude me being back on the road until the following morning.
    Everyone wished me well and we signed off. "Would you be needing to get somewhere else right away?" I asked Timmy.
    "No, I only asked for this assignment to see you. Andy could have phoned you very easily." He was blushing. He is a twenty three year old man with the heart and body of a lustful young teen. He only has one hangup that I am aware of. He is a big cock hungry bottom. Bry had not finished me entirely the previous evening. I was sure that I could find it within me to be with Timmy. We secured Traveler Too©. I set the proximity alarm then we moved up to the master suite. The master planned to be as sweet as he could to his tight assed visitor.
    I don't usually tell of my escapades with adults. I have talked about my first meeting with Harry and I have related a bit about Timmy. That being said let this suffice. Timmy is a man who knows what he wants. He is responsive and he throws as good of a fuck as he takes. I suddenly recognized a unique technique in Timmy that I had experienced at our first meeting in California during our pre-Christmas visit.
    I next experienced this same sexual technique in Cory during our return from my Christmas trip to England. I was realizing that Timmy was the first with whom I experienced this technique of love making. And now each time that I have been with my number one boy he is perfecting the usage with his personal touch to our mutual pleasure. I had chalked it up to Cory's time with Sarah and her brother, but now I was not so sure. I looked into Timmy's eyes.
    "How many times have you fucked young Cory?"
    He blushed. "Cory is one exceptional lover. He has great promise. Christopher has a great deal of love for you and that boy. They wanted me to teach both of them ways for him to make you love them even more than you already do."
    "Do you really think that I could love them more?"
    "Chris, what you do to a guy when he lays with you is magic. You need some magic returned to you. Christopher and Cory both told me that I had the reverse magic in me. They said that as the perfect bottom I give back the same feelings that they get from you as a top. Cory has most of your magic as a top down pat. He wanted to learn to be a better bottom, but only for you. They made me tell them every detail of our relations."
    "Made you? How?"
    "They bit my balls. Each one had a ball in his teeth and the little farts threatened me."
    "Were you afraid of them?"
    "No, but we all love you. I really do want you to get everything that we can give back to you. My heart is so full for you. I look forward to being your son-in-law as soon as Christopher is of age."
    "I knew that was what was happening. You have just made my day, Tim. Anything you want is yours. I hope you know that."
    "Then fuck me for an hour or two longer, please?" Timmy showed me his best side as he fucked me in a way that I had only just began to experience with Cory. He told me that he has taught Christopher to work his ass in the same way and I realized that I have not spent that much time with the boy of late. In fact I have more or less stayed away from Chrisy. The one night that he did come to me our love making was almost mechanical. I had felt as if the boy were holding back on me and I thought it was because of his angst over his seemingly empty love life.
    I pulled out all of the stops and went after Timmy in earth moving passion. He was returning to me, blow for blow, everything I could throw at him. We were making the purest of male to male love. The room began to take on an odor that would have made a high school locker room wince, but we kept at it. We were both covered in things that no polite person would ever mention, but we enjoyed cleaning one another then cleaning the room afterwards.
    I lit incense sticks and emptied the can of floral spray. We considered throwing the sheets away. I was glad that I had double mattress pads on the bed. The top one had almost bled through. I had to chuckle as I watched Timmy walk bowlegged when he took the linen to the coin laundry at the motel, Neither of us believed that my small machine in Traveler Too©'s belly could do justice to that mess.

    I made a pot of coffee and logged online while Timmy was gone. Cory stepped in with a huge smile on his face. "He told you, didn't he?" I grabbed him and kissed him. "I only did it…" I kissed him again.
    "I hope you know that I love you like no other. I love you above all other's. You are my number one boy and I hope you will always be here for me. I am selfish. You showed your love for me so many times, but I have not let you know my heart."
    "Bull fucking shit. You show me your love every time you look at me. The day I looked over the top of a trash can and saw your eyes I saw your soul. Daddy, I can see so deep into you. You don't ever have to say a word to me. I know." He was enmeshed with me as my hands explored every inch of his most perfect body. He is right, I do love him so much that it exudes from my very inner being. I only hope that the other boys in the family don't feel slighted from my love for my first son.
    "Daddy, about Tran…" I put my finger to his lips and pointed at the five inch screen of the security monitor. Tran was outside with his hands shoved down in his pockets as he fought off the cold wintry blast of air that blows like no other across the flat lands of the Texas panhandle.
    "Come on in here Tran. You will freeze those perfect balls of yours off out there." He was inside in an instant. I pulled him to us. He was like ice. I would warm him up, if he wanted. Stupid supposition. Of course he wanted. That was his purpose in being outside instead of in the warm room with six horny teen age boys.
    Timmy ran up and passed me the linens. He told me he would be back tonight for round two then bolted for the FI car coming up behind him. Cory took the linens and headed back to make the bed. He giggled all the way through the big RV. He kept looking over his shoulder at me and petting the sheets with more giggles. He stopped and sniffed the air and giggled some more. He wrinkled his nose at me and fanned his hand in front of his face and broke out in total laughter. I felt myself blush. I turned to look at Tran who had not moved his eyes from me.

    Tran wanted time with me. He had fond memories of a cold night twenty six months earlier. He had been a small boy of twelve. He had wanted to try to take my cock up his ass, but I had refused to hurt him. I had finger fucked the boy into submission, twice. I even let him take his first plunge. He had enjoyed himself so much that night, before I discovered his true age. I had hated myself for what I had done to the boy. I have eaten myself alive in anguish, but with my many responsibilities I had not taken the time to find him and make amends.
    I have no idea what I thought I could do to undo what I had already done. In my mind I envisioned a traumatized youth. A victim of a pedophile, wallowing in his shame, useless and listless. Withdrawn, inattentive. Yeah I pictured the worst. But isn't that the way young victims are painted by prosecutors of the abuser?
    Hundreds of men each year are sent to prison after their juries have been asked to show mercy for the felon. "He was molested and abused in his youth and was only acting out his aggressions when he beat his victim to death and stabbed him eighty two times before shooing him with a fully automatic rifle, pumping six hundreds rounds into the hapless body of his victim. Thus sparking memories of a horrified past in his mind. That was when this innocent man before you today decided to burn then dismember the body, feeding the parts to the wild animals deep in the woods."

    Before me stood a strong healthy teenage boy of five feet and seven inches. He was well fed and weighed about one hundred and thirty five pounds. A firm, muscular build, a budding man. He stood there with his most precious smile showing a mouth full of even, white, healthy teeth, as he looked deep into my eyes.
    I had just listened to Cory. I wondered what this boy saw in me. A tear was gathering at the bottom of his left eye. As it grew another formed itself in his right eye. He began to tremble and his chin began to quaver. "I love you so much. I can't believe that you are really here. I have prayed for you to come back for me for so long. How did you find me?"
    I rose and put my arms around him. "By the grace of God, my friend. I am blessed with serendipity. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the way things work out in my life."
    "Why did you go to Heart's café?"
    I looked at him then I remembered, Damien Heart. His dad's name is Heart. It stands to reason that his business would carry his name. Duhhhh.
    "The boys in the room told me that you were on the freeway headed to New York and you pulled off of the road and drove clear across town. I know that you didn't just pass by. You were looking for me weren't you?" The tears were real now.
    I embraced him. His arms wrapped about me in a bone crushing hug. "Your room is ready now," Cory giggled at us.
    "Then get your naked ass in bed. I think we might have a guest." Tran's eyes widened along with his smile. He turned and rushed toward the back where Cory was. I was hot on his tail. I wanted to unwrap his precious package, slowly and deliberately.

    My first task was to unzip his heavy coat and slip it off of his body. Of course I had to steal as many kisses as I could get by with as I did my work. I had no problem getting the kisses. Tran was as eager to kiss me as I he. Next I slowly unbuttoned his flannel shirt. The boy has lived in this country long enough that he knows how to dress warmly. I was freezing my ass off and I know that the boys had to be cold. We just don't have the kind of clothes we need for this weather.
    I made a mental note that we would need to stop and shop. We have to wait for Damien to return. I would call the FI office for a car to take us to a mall, After I ravish this teenage boy before me. I let my hands play over his soft, tender skin. He is well defined, but very little tone. I could tell that he was not sports minded, or at least he didn't work very hard if he participated at all.
    Tran still had his shirt on. I had my arms up inside and around his back as I held him and let my hands run up and down his spine and over his shoulder blades. I had the boy pulled tight against me. He was moaning into my chest as I just hugged and caressed him. I was not trying to seduce him. I wanted to love him. I looked down and he turned his face up to look into each other's eyes. I kissed his lips with a closed mouth and just lingered there and felt his young heart beat strong against me.
    I saw Cory laying on the bed behind Tran. He was enchanted with what he was watching. His cock stood proud, but unattended as he propped his head up on his right hand. The expression on his face was one of deep thought. I wondered what really was going on in his head.
    I pushed Tran's shirt from his shoulders and let it fall down his back. I had to take each hand and unbutton the long sleeves and withdraw his firm arms. I took my time as I kissed my way from wrist to shoulder then lifted his arm to kiss and rub my face in his lightly haired pits. His boy smell was present and I knew that he had showered before leaving the company of the boys inside. I was being carried away by the phemerones that were emitting from my prey. Lust was beginning to motivate me. I had to slow down. I wanted this union to be as pure as I could make it.
    I guided Tran back to the edge of the bed. I opened his beltless pants and looked in on a very upstanding member of the community. What I saw nestled there in a forest of bushy black hair made my lust level rocket forward again. I ran my hands under the waist band of the denim garment and sought the globes of perfection that I knew to be there. Our time the evening before had been raw sex in the company of other sex crazed perverts. I had not taken time to admire the beauty of my old friend. I was going to enjoy as much as he would let me have right then. Suddenly Damien crossed my mind and I knew that I would be back here this evening with him, one on one.
    My fingers burned as I gripped two of the firmest boy globes around. My boys are all growing up. Tran is a little more than half way between Theo or Ricky, and Cory. He is a bit more developed than Cullen, but on the same plain as the Tucson six. He didn't have the height and steroid altered body of those boys. Actually I realized that he was almost exactly the size and shape of Sean or Jay Jay.
    I pushed the jeans from his ass and let him sit back. I kissed my way down his happy trail to find a fine smattering of hair, so fine it was unseen, but it was beginning, from his inny navel leading on to the gold fields. I bypassed that. I got a good look at a very nice firm boi cock of a good seven and a half inches plus. An ample foreskin covered his glans from view, for which I was glad at the moment. The boy still had too many clothes on. I had to totally disrobe him before I had my lunch.
    I worked my hands over his taut thighs and massaged his firm calves. I was anxious to get my teeth and tongue over what I was sure was going to be smooth boi flesh finely covered in silky black boi hair. Tran had all the ear marks of growing to be a hairy guy. I don't have but just a couple of years to enjoy the boy still left in him. I only hope that he will let me have that time. I am wicked. Sweet Cory lay right behind Tran. He watched every move I made. He is everything I seek in a boy and much more. But here I am lusting after another. What does Cory really think of me?
    Tran's sneakers had seen better days. They had smelled better in their day. They had the boi odor that came from daily wear. It wasn't unpleasant to me then. I was glad of that. Somehow even his foot odor was a turn on to me. I was lustful. I had to be to enjoy myself so much.
    I keep an open box of dryer sheets under the bed at all times. I placed a sheet of the soft tissue into each shoe then I tossed the shoes down the narrow hall way and with them the odor that was beginning to fill the small room. I made time to remove his thick, white socks with feeling, but they soon joined the shoes.
    I was left with a well shaped boy sized ten foot. Slender with a high arch and instep, long thin toes and only a hint of the hair soon to come on the tops of his foot and toes. I had to have his foot run over my face. His foot odor had been in the shoes and was not strong on his skin so I gave myself a boy foot facial. I get such a thrill out of the giggles of a boy with ticklish feet as I rub them over my face. I bite at his arch and at the Achilleas tendon. I love to feel him squirm as he tries to pull away, but push his foot closer for more. They are never willing for me to stop the torture, but they are in a frenzy of near pain that hardens cocks and quite often triggers massive orgasms without ever having touched their throbbing penis.
    My time was not all that abundant. I had six other boys to care for. I slid Tran's jeans down his long legs and admired the beauty exactly as I had envisioned it. I wanted those legs wrapped around me as we joined our bodies into one. I began my trek up the meaty bone crushers to get on to the center of my desire. I was developing such a hunger for boi juice and could wait no longer.

    Tran had not allowed Cory to be a passive by stander, or lay byer, or whatever. He dragged the grinning boy into hot ménage à trois that left us gasping for air an hour and a half later. Fully sated we took great strides in cleaning every part of each other then we showered together. It was past noon and I knew the boys would be starved. At least their tummies were still an hour behind local time, I hoped. Then Cory reminded me that school lunch is at eleven. It was just now time for the boys' systems to be screaming at them.

    I called the local FI office to ask for a van for the ten of us. Well Damien would be back sometime this afternoon. I asked the dispatcher for the location of a large pizza buffet. I was told that there was a Pizza Hut across from a mall where we could buy our clothing. The dispatcher placed me on hold.
    He came back to tell me that the helicopter from Albuquerque was inbound with an ETA of seventeen minutes. I asked if he could transport Damien to the Pizza Hut and also send us transport to the same location. I radioed the room on Cory's radio telephone that he had left there for their use and hustled the boys to get dressed. I looked at two sweet boys snogging each other as warm fuzzies filled my deepest innards. I told them to get their butts in gear and go over to the room to get everyone dressed for the cold. Seven minutes later we were getting onboard a large van for our afternoon's adventures.
    I scanned the street as the boys disembarked and filed into the restaurant with their noses leading the way. At the traffic light a block away I spotted an FI car with its blue and red light bar on top. Damien was being returned to this part of the flock. I stood outside to await him.
    The car was still rolling as Damien jumped out and ran to me. I was enveloped in sweet boy arms and had my cheek kissed until it dripped in boy drool He was grinding his crotch into me as he thanked me, over and over, for making his trip possible. He felt really good about his tests and was certain that he would have a diploma in his hand before the month was over. I had other plans.

    Lunch with a room full of happy, hungry, teenage boys is a very rewarding experience. Damey talked incessantly as he told Trany of the wonderful time he had just had. He had run into several of his old classmates. Most of them had heard why Damien was no longer at school Mr. Heart had seen to it that they knew. Damien was lifted up as all of his friends told him that now that he was gone they would tell everyone to avoid Heart's café.
    He learned that four of his classmates were closeted and were emboldened by Damien's current situation. He was asked to spend the night with each of them, but he had to refuse. He told them that he was moving out of the state to live with a very rich uncle who wanted to see him further his education.
    I called him on that. He ducked his eyes. I asked him if he wanted to continue his education. He told me that his fondest wish had always been to attend a large university and study animal husbandry. Wrong topic in front of eight fag boys. "Eww, you want to fuck animals? You want to marry a cow? I bet you want to jack off a bull to get his semen for your lunch…" I was frantic to end this banter before we were overheard. We had been overheard.
    "I'm studying animal husbandry." A fantastic looking kid of about twenty or so looked down at the boys. "You don't have any idea what it is all about do you? Well, it is one of the most rewarding sciences that there is. The food you are eating is a result of the research done to provide healthier and stronger animals for their meat. Animal Husbandry touches on the field of feed crops which in turn leads to better farm methods which enhance the production of all crops." He let a silly grin sweep across his cute face, "And the sex is abundant and decent."
    I was holding on to the edge of the table. I was laughing so hard that my sides hurt. Every eye in the establishment was on us as our laughter permeated the room. Damien asked Chuck to sit down and talk to him. I ordered Chuck a fresh drink. I asked the waitress for his check. He filled Damien in on many things of which he was unaware. Damien was even more excited about going into the field than ever before.

    Damien froze. I couldn't believe what he said to this stranger. He couldn't believe what he had said. Tran was so red that his natural color took on a strange, but somehow beautiful, hue. Chuck grinned and looked Damien in the eye. "It's okay, dude. I'm gay too. You two are cute. You make a perfect couple." Chuck looked at me with a huge grin then at the other boys who each smiled at him. "All of you?" he swept his hand across. We nodded.
    "No, dude. No animal could ever compare to a real person. I have never had that kind of sex with anyone so I don't know, but I am so sure…"
    "What kind of sex, Chuck?"
    "Well," he looked around. We were the last ones in the place. Lunch hour was over and the staff was cleaning the food line. I had Bry get Chuck one more plate filled with slices. He wanted the desert pizza which was cherry on that day. "I have only sucked cock. I started at about age fourteen. I sucked this kid that lived up the road from me. He let me do him every day til he moved away the next summer.
    "I have sucked several guys, but I have only had one guy suck me. He wouldn't let me cum in him. We sucked each other, but after he would cum he pulled off of me and just jacked me off as I continued to suck him. Most times he would get hard again while he was jacking me off and I would make him cum again. I have never fucked or been fucked like these two guys."
    "You ever think about it?"
    "Yeah, I found this web-site with these pictures on it and then I started reading stories. I just don't know any other gay guys anymore and I don't know how to ask somebody if I can fuck them."
    "There's ten of us here that you could practice your lines on." He giggled. His afternoon was free so he went shopping with us.
    My three New Yorkers knew the weather we were headed for and they knew what to buy. With each of the boys outfitted with five heavy shirts. three pairs of long underwear, and a solid coat capable of keeping a Texas wind away from the skin, we were through with our shopping.
    We walked back through the mall and the boys spotted a twenty screen mega-plex theater. They ran to see what was current. It was not yet three so we could catch a movie before dinner time. They wanted to see the just released Johnny Depp Pirates movie. I sat between Tran and Damien with a head on each of my shoulders and a their hands in my lap.
    Chuck sat with Cory. I could see the two cuddled together and their hands were making obvious moves in each other's laps. Chuck was Shanghaied. He was dragged to our hotel kicking and screaming. Of course he did have to drive his car over so Cory rode with him to be sure that he couldn't get away.
    I headed out to Traveler Too© to allow the boys some fun alone. I needed to work on some reports. I needed to move some of our investments. Gasoline was peaking, but my options would be running out in June and July. I needed to get in touch with my inner senses and decide whether to buy or sell. Of course I wouldn't know until September or so if I made the right decision, but I decided to sell. I put three hundred thousand gallons of unleaded regular gasoline on the market. The oil companies had just announced a forty billion dollar profit for the past quarter. My feeling told me that there was going to be a sell off. An election was looming for the fall. If the politicians stay true to form the price of gasoline would drop sharply for a few months then rebound to an all time high. I was going for that scenario.

    Timmy had news when he came back a little later. Little Curtis Powers' mother was dead. She had gone to Las Vegas to get married on January seventh. Two badly decomposed bodies had been identified as that of Paul Sharpe and Elizabeth Powers. Early coroner's reports said that the pair had been dead forty five to sixty days.
    Paul Sharpe's car had been involved in an accident in Kansas City three weeks earlier. Two men in the vehicle had personal items that had belonged to the couple, including their credit cards, which prompted a search for the pair. Kids on dirt bikes had stumbled across the bodies which had been dumped in a ravine east of the Hoover damn, in Arizona.
    I asked Timmy not to say anything to any of the family. I will have to sit down with Curtis when I get back. For now I was pleased that the bodies would be held until the investigation was complete. I asked Andy to locate Mr. Sharpe's family.
    Timmy gave his apologies as he had to head to the airport. He was on a flight to England. It seems that someone had tried to get to the Wild Boys. I really hope that my association with them had not put them in danger. Cullen and Cecil are safe and as far as I know Eloise and Dukey are alright. They had gone home and joined Agnes to return to a normal life. Normal life, what is that?

    My secure e-mail light started flashing so I logged on. I sat up straight in my chair as my phone rang. Andy had the same e-mail. Someone had just tried to blackmail Jason and Gary, the young boyfriends and founders of Wild Boys. We used our satellite link for a direct line to our Manchester, England branch office. Agent Tom Bradley was on line with us. The Russell family was frightened, but wanted to play this down. They were afraid of the press and the police getting word of a seriously underage Jason and his ongoing incestuous relationship with his half brother, Gary. And of course all with the full knowledge of the parents. This would ruin the family and the band as well as put Gary and the parents into what I like to call poofter prison.
    Tapes of the calls made to Jason and to Gary on their cell phones were played and a voice analysis which showed on my screen. The voice belonged to the booking agent who was being carefully watched since his first call trying to arrange for the band to play at a private party six months earlier.
    Tom and his men had killed the two bag men that came to collect the ransom and the Russell family was satisfied that all was well. Tom told us that one of the bag men liked to sing when a finger was placed in the hole where the bullet had entered his spleen. The dying man's taped confession and the voice print told me that we were about ready for another round with this crowd. Only this time I would hold the high hand.

    My next task was a mixture of bitter sweet and joy. Damien Heart was 80% certain the son of the man raising him. Final DNA would take two to three weeks longer. However Mark Heart was deceased. He had died in infancy. The finger prints from the coffee cup came back to one James T. Heart, an escaped convict from Cook county Illinois serving forty five years for twelve counts of sex with a minor including forcible rape of a minor under fifteen. His whereabouts were unknown since his escape in 1988. I had Andy contact the Illinois state crime lab for DNA samples.
    I called Damien to join me in Traveler Too© and bid the rest of the family good night. I told Damien that I had something to talk with him about and if he wanted Tran to join us afterwards I had no problem. I have to respect my boys' privacy above all else.
    "First of all I have some really bad news for you my young friend. I am fairly certain that you may be diabetic. At your age this could be very serious so I am going to watch you like a hawk. You are going to get so mad at me that you will want to hit me, but I am going to ride you every time you open your mouth to put food into it. I am going to force you to exercise and diet for the next few weeks as we drive across the country. When we get to New York I will have our doctors there do extensive testing on you. Then we will know for sure what is going on." I held out my test kit and asked if I could have a drop of his blood. It had been over three hours since our pizza feed and the boy tested out at 236 mg/dl.
    He saw the look in my eyes and began to cry. I joined him. "This is not a death sentence. This is a warning shot and if you will heed it you can live a very long and healthy life. I won't lie to you, but I will tell you that this may be the result of your recent trauma. You have been a basket case since the holidays with your father and your loss of Tran. We will know when we watch and measure everything you take into your body."
    "Cum too?"
    "I hope that cum is low cal. I know that it is extra sweet in you, but the other boys should have fewer calories in their's. Just don't go eating much of your own for now." He giggled as he told me that he had never tried his own before. I told him that before I was through with him that night he would taste his own in many different ways. He wanted to know what I meant. I told him that he could eat his cum out of my ass after he fucked me. He got really excited as he thought about fucking me, but he wanted me to fuck him first.
    He asked about Tran. I told him that I had something even more serious to talk about first. He was very tense as he worried what could be going on. I told him that I could relieve his tensions first and tell him my news in afterglow or I could lay it out for him now. He looked deep into my eyes and began to tremble.
    "Okay, sweet cheeks. First of all I will tell you that your father's garbage mouth is just that. You are his son. That is almost a dead certain. I had DNA tests run on both of you today. Does that make you feel better?"
    "Not really. I don't think that he is who he says he is. If he is who I think he is I don't want nothing to do with his sorry ass."
    "Who do you think he is?"
    "I don't know for sure, but I was cleaning out the attic one time and I found this box of pictures and stuff. High school year books and awards and all kinds of pictures. They all looked like dad, but his shirt said "Jimmy" on it and the year books had pictures of dad as a boy, but the name was James T. Heart. There was a picture at the prom of him and this smaller boy and it said "Prom Queens." The two boys were holding hands and looking at each other weird. Like Tran looks at me sometimes. I know the guys in the picture were queer, but the one called James looked just like my dad."
    "Your dad's name is James. Was the other boy's name Michael Daniels?"
    "Mickey Daniels, yeah."
    "Damien, are you okay with this? Do you want to know what I know?"
    "What is my old man, a fag?"
    "Worse, babes. Much worse."
    "You better fuck me before you tell me. I want your cock in me so bad, but I don't want to be upset and not enjoy what Cory said you were going to do to me."
    "What did Cory tell you that I was going to do to you?"
    "He told Tran and me that we were going to see stars and galaxies. He said we would praise the power of the universe that we are boys because no woman will ever feel what you are going to make us feel and no man will ever be able to make us feel so good ever again."
    I assured the youngster that Cory had a tendency to exaggerate the facts. I told him that I would try to let him know how much I love him, but I was sure it would not be as spectacular as he had been told. I don't want him to be looking for something that won't happen.
    The boy was hot and ready. He rolled on top of me and began to attack my tonsil scars with vigor. I settled in for a piece of hot boy and let him have his head. Damien knew what he wanted. He was as eager as any boy has ever been as he worked his way down my body, kissing and nibbling any and everything along the way. I managed to work his body around as he moved down so by the time he was in position to admire my cock I was in the position that I love most, looking up between his firm thighs at a sweet pair of low hangers and a beautifully open dining room.
    I spread his legs wider and pushed his body down so that his center gravitated to my hungry diner. I pushed him around until he was more or less sitting on my mouth and let my tongue pass through his open sphincter. He wiggled at all of the right times and settled himself in creating an air tight seal so that I was forced to breathe fresh air through my nose. For a boy with only one young partner his sphincter was enlarged much more than I had expected. Tran is well built, but not enough to have opened this boy as much as he was open.
    My tongue was able to reach all the way to the very edge of his mighty butt nut and I did my exercises on it to the best of my ability. I must have been on target because I could feel every inch of my cock deep into his throat and I only heard him gag two or three times. He was a trooper as he manhandled my man meat to his deepest ability.

    We called for Tran to join us for the remainder of the night. The boys were talking quietly to themselves. I heard Damey tell Trany that he had been to Andromeda. Trany told him that he had only made half of the trip. He told his boyfriend that the rest of the universe was yet to come. Damey started to cry.
    "He robbed me of that. I will never be what you want of me, Trany. I can't be there like that. Never again." His sobs overtook him. Tran was doing his best to console his lover, but nothing he could say or do was making a difference.
    The last thing I heard from them before they quietened down for the evening was Damien's soft statement to Tran. "He raped two other boys before. He is an escaped convict. He could have killed me like he did mom." Tran kissed Damien and held him close. I have some detective work to do.

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