Chapter 114


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Roddy climbed up into the Caddy and threw his box of toy soldiers to the floor. "Fucking zero tolerance eats shit!" he was mad. He buckled himself in as I stared into his tear streaked face. I would let him steam a little longer, he will tell me what is going on in his own time. I know enough about boys that if I started in, as so many parents do, that he would lock his jaw tighter than a clam.
    "Look what that queen bitch did, daddy." He unbuckled his seat belt. I threw my arm across him and told him to sit back and stay buckled up until we were parked. "That fucking whore is such a bitch." That did it. I saw my outlet in the next block. I put on my turn signal and maneuvered to the nearest parking space, at the far end of the small strip shopping center. I helped Roddy down from the tall vehicle and I picked up his box of plastic Army men and weapons.
    My cell phone rang and I answered, "I see you parked, is everything okay?" Cory was taking the junior high school boys home, his route passed right by my location. I told him to park and join us as I led Roddy in to the ice cream store where he could choose his favorite sugar fix for the day. Before our time to be served came up we were joined by five more eager young faces. Gus put his arm around Roddy and he pulled away. If ice cream hadn't solved the problem then something was terribly wrong with my nine year old.
    Everyone had a sundae or a banana split as we headed to the table. The boys stared at my concoction, I happen to like cherry ice cream, with large black and red cherry halves, and covered with hot fudge sauce and lots of maraschino cherries. Okay, so I am a cherry lover, this is the one way I can assure myself that my cream is cherry.
    Roddy huffed down in the chair next to me. I turned and picked him up and sat his tiny ass on the table, facing me. "What's up bitsy man?"
    "That bitch…"
(bitch=someone that fucks everybody—as opposed to cunt=fucks everybody, but you)
    "I have heard enough of that. Now without the cussing tell me what is wrong."
    He reached for his toy box and opened it up. He pulled out one soldier after another and held them up. Gus took out a tank and cried out, "What did you do to my tank? The gun is missing." Roddy pointed at the stubs of the guns on the soldiers. Every boy in the ice cream store stared in disbelief as Roddy told us that the principal took a pair of scissors and cut the guns off of all of his toys because of the school district's zero tolerance program against guns on school property. Now that had gone too far and I got mad.
    All of us were so hot that our ice cream didn't stand a chance, it melted the minute it hit our mouths. Several boys from grade schoolers to college boys came over to look at the toys and they got mad. Several parents expressed their distaste for the principal's actions. We finished our ice cream and headed to our vehicles. The Caddy was gone.
    I remember pushing my remote to set the alarm and I could remember the horn beeping to signal that it was set. It was clear in my mind because a youngster was riding her bike along the side walk when the horn honked and it startled her. I waved at her and she glowered at me as she kept on going. Never the less my ride was not in the empty parking space where I had left it.
    "Andy, where is my Caddy at this instant?" I asked my cell phone.
    "About four blocks west of your cell phone signal and moving fast, much more than the speed limit. Disable?"
    "Yes. I am not driving it. Disable at once."
    "Already done. It is stopped at Fourth Avenue and Speedway. The police have been notified. I have an agent on the scene and he reports two in custody." Damn that was quick. I wish all car thieves could be stopped as easily. Tucson's proximity to the Mexican border makes it the city with the highest auto theft rate in the nation. Car thieves steal anything that they can get to take south where the cheaper cars are used to run drugs back into the U.S. Or more the case lately, smuggle people into the country. People smuggling is the most lucrative business going at present. One recent case had the INS in custody of a GEO Tracker with fourteen people stacked inside like cordwood layered on their bellies four deep.
    They loose many lives that way by suffocating the poor people on the bottom, I read about that one nearly every month. But to the people smugglers it is all about money and the more people they can bring across the border at one time the more money they can make. The whining snivelers in power don't think that we have a border problem. I think that prisons should be built every one hundred miles along the border and instead of flying these illegal crossers home they should let them stay, in a prison cell, with all windows looking back to the south. However we do need to make it easier for these people to legally come to America to find better jobs and help their impoverished families. We have become a nation with to many stupid laws that only benefit a small percentage of the people.
    I was on a tangent over this subject one evening when Roddy reminded me that Superman is an illegal alien. "He snuck in in a rocket daddy, should they deport him?" Kids, gotta love 'em.
    Cory pulled up behind a police car sitting behind my Caddy. A cop got nasty with us as he told Cory to move on. I got out and placed my badge case in my pocket and asked the youngster why he was yelling at my son. I told him that I was a Federal Agent and that I was the owner of the Caddy. He got a bit weak kneed as he told Cory that he needed to pull in between my vehicle and his police car. Cory backed up, the cop moved his car back so that Cory could park in between. I had the boys get out of the van and sit on the grass at the side of the road where they would be safer.
    Car thieves have gone high tech. This pair was sitting in the parking lot of a large international hotel next door to the ice cream store waiting for a prime vehicle to steal. When I pressed my alarm's remote they had a link up to clone my signal. They had a ring of master keys for Cadillacs and it was a simple, get in and drive away, operation.
    The police commander on the scene was a Lieutenant. I asked him to have the two sixteen year old car thieves brought to the front of the Caddy. I pointed to the Federal ID Emblem on the dashboard and told them that they would have to face Federal charges for stealing this vehicle. One of the boys pissed his pants. Two young cops laughed at the boy's embarrassment as his pants darkened and a yellow puddle spread out from his left shoe. At least we knew that the boy dressed left. His buddy moved away from him with a curse in Spanish.
    Twenty minutes of paper work and I was allowed to take my Caddy and my boys on home, but I will follow up on the young car thieves.

    I was late for a very important meeting. I was supposed to be sitting with a friend from my very distant past, Ryan Miller. I asked Andy to call Ryan in for a visit. It was more than a visit, but I didn't want Ryan to know that until Andy had a chance to feel him out. The whole incident with my Caddy being stolen had thrown off my schedule. I had to let Cory take Rod on home as I rushed across town to Andy's offices. I took my brief case from its secret locked compartment in the rear door panel and rushed to my meeting.
    We introduced you to Foss International's new computer in a postage stamp size, well a little bit larger. We needed the expertise of a mainstream programer. Randy Hobbs can do wonders with work arounds and back doors. He knows security systems inside out. Mark and Jeff, the two bellmen from the hotel, in NYC are terrific with algorithms, but we were in need of someone who knows system software and how to put everything else we had into one neat little compact package. I believe that Ryan is the man for the job.
    I showed him our computer and watched him drool on himself. Ryan was eager to come on board.

    George Polerd was not going to survive his wife's poisoning. The police needed less than ten minutes in the house before they knew the source of the arsenic. Mrs. Polerd had mixed one part of the poison to ten parts of the sweetener so that the effects would build up over several years. She had become alarmed that her plot was not working and her last batch had been mixed at the rate of 1:6. At one or two teaspoons full each day even that ratio would have been slow, but in his agitated state George was ingesting more of the poison than she had planned for.
    The build up in his body had affected his kidneys and liver to the point that they were almost non-functional. By slipping into a coma he had prolonged his life by a few days, but his brain slowly died and it was only the machines that kept him alive. The police asked the hospital to withhold the announcement of his death until they could locate the ex-wife. George was placed on life support, but once Mrs. Polerd was located the plug was pulled.
    Cody stood at his father's bedside and held his hand as he gasped for his last breath of air from sheer reflex. Cody bent over and kissed his father goodbye then turned to me and asked me to carry him out of the room. I carried him all of the way to my car where a number of the boys waited for word. With Billy on one side of me and Cory to the other I held a solemn youngster in my lap as Harry drove us back up the mountain.
    We laid George next to his young son to rest until the return of Christ our Lord and our resurrection to life eternal in His Glory. Cody is now a permanent part of my ever growing family, much to the disdain of some. The state wanted to put Cody into the system, but his father's last will and testament precluded their hopes and aspirations. Within a week Bull had the mother's signature, as well as George's will, laying on a judge's bench seeking adoption proceedings. An hour later I had a new son to add to my family and CPS had new frown wrinkles on their faces.

    I asked Bull to look into the young big mouth that had told the police about Keith's boyfriend, Cliff. Keith had Bill deadset on moving to Tempe with him and I wanted to make sure that my two old friends were not walking into a fire storm. Bull learned that the very young looking eighteen year old boy had set up six other men and was pulling down nearly three hundred dollars a week in hush money. It took some hard work on Bull's part because the law still stipulates that even consensual sex with a minor is a felony. Justin was not a minor and the police could not prove that anyone believed he was. With the help of his little sixteen year old boyfriend, Scotty, Bull managed to twist the charges onto the older boy as a rape charge. Scotty swore that his friend mounted Cliff as he slept, but that he did not have sex with the man. He told the police that he had been having sex with the older kid thinking that they were the same age, even though the older boy was a junior and he was only a sophomore.
    At last charges were dropped against Cliff because the CA could not put together a clear case, but Keith had been hurt and would not take his long time lover back. Cliff still wanted Scotty and the two of them left the state, with Scotty's parent's blessing, for parts unknown.
    Keith stayed in Tucson to be close to George. He and Bill kept close company as they shared Tiny's apartment so that they would be closer to the hospital. A relationship was growing between my old friends. I had a bad feeling about George so I hoped that Keith could find solace in Bill's arms. I love Tiny to this day, but I love his boy for sex, see how I am?
    It was particularly hard on Keith to loose George twice. He had wanted very much to renew the love that they had shared as boys, but that was just not to be. He asked Tiny to carry on the love that their fathers had shared and Bill was up for that in an instant. Bill knew the hurt that Keith had in his heart, but he felt as if he could somehow fill the void. One thing that he knew for sure, he could not build that relationship with young Billy in the picture. I also have the son of my first long term sex partner running naked around my house seeking a cock to ride on or nurse from, or both. What a life.

    The family gathered to celebrate a very special day in our household, Memorial Day. The work force has changed the day of observance to the last Monday of the Month of May, but we still observe the 30th of May, the official date of the holiday. I lost my little brother, Manny, on this date in 1982. It was his tenth birthday and his mother sent him out to play so that she could prepare the house for his surprise birthday party. We never saw my Manny alive again. He found himself locked inside a heavy steel cage for prisoners in the back seat of an old police car. There were no crank handles on the windows and the doors were locked with no way to open them from the back. Had Manny been able to somehow reach the lock release button there was no battery in the old car. The son of the man who lived where the car was stored had moved out of state and the old car sat out in back of the large lot overgrown with grass and weeds. What an adventure for a boy to be able to get into the back of a police car like a bad guy. What a horrible place to be in the hot summer sun with all of the windows rolled up and no way of being heard or seeking help.
    The police told Manny's mother that the temperature inside a closed up car in the kind of heat being experienced then could reach two hundred and fifty degrees. The heat had more than likely destroyed Manny's brain within a half an hour or so then it would begin to work on his body. He was probably dead within an hour. I always get melancholy on this date and my boys gather around to hear me tell of my friend.
    Robby Koch and Stevie Long had come up and Tiny and Billy sat with us. Robby was younger than Manny or me, but he played along with Randy, Tiny, and me as the four of us found any trouble that four eight to ten year old boys could find to get into. My mind was drifting as Tiny tried to keep my spirits alive with stories of how the two of us would do whatever we could to get the best of him, Randy and Robby. What I couldn't think of Manny could and we loved to lord it over the younger boys. Tiny was only a few months younger than Manny and I was a few months older. Pecking order dictated that the older had to lead the others and I always enjoyed leading.

    Because of the significance of the day we had a lot of the old crowd up as burgers, dogs, and steaks burned on the grill. I love watching boys at play and I had a wealth of eye candy. Gary Byrd and James Walker were there with their dads and Jules Feldman led his little brothers into everything that one can think of as Ryan and Bobby talked with old friends.
    Boner was parading around until Jeff called him to a match. Jeff had a quarter of an inch on him and nearly that much in girth, but he beat the boy out in the two areas that a boy can not stand to be beat. Not only did Jeff piss farther, he shot a load of cum a good three and a half feet. Ten minutes later they went for another contest of who had the most cum, Jeff had double the volume of boi juice. Bone had to drink both loads, cold while Jeff rode him. Bone likes a ride, but he is not used to anyone his size riding him.
    Jules came running up to me with a piece of paper in his hand. Someone had let him use his computer and the boy had something to share with the family. A quick read and I agreed and I read it out loud for all to hear. The article informed us that a recent study revealed that teenage birth rate was down significantly. My boys roared with laughter as they informed us that they were doing their part to prevent teenage pregnancy.
    Ricky sat down in a huff, "You promised me a baby Bryan."
    "Well come on big boy, let's get to work and see what we can do, you can top this time." Faggots, so much fun.

    Bobby's boy, Jules, was busy training his brother, Ryan's oldest boy, nine year old Britt, how to sixty nine with Roddy. Roddy told me that he had a boyfriend and he was in love forever. That disclosure helped me to resolve a serious problem. I was certain when I watched Jules and Gus making out like the horny gay boys the rest of the family is.
    I was planning a trip a couple of months later and I asked Ryan and Bobby to host my two youngest problems. My older boys will be fine on their own, but those two need constant supervision. I was surprised when Jimmy Walker piped in with another idea. They asked if Theo, Kenny, Curtis, Cody, Billy, and Eric could spend a month or two with them. Curtis and Theo would both be entering the ninth grade and the other four boys were going on to the tenth grade. The four sophomores had been part of Jimmy's young and aspiring debate team and interested in the drama club. He thought that maybe Theo and Curtis would like to join with the older boys and put together a play that he had been working on. I will talk it over with the boys, but that would really make my summer plans work out well.

    Zane led a sweet young thing of his own over to meet me—M-E-E-T this time, pervs. Jared Massey was wearing the briefest of white briefs with Barnum and Bailey's tent pole holding them away from his skinny teenaged body. Jared and Zane are class mates and Jared is just learning of his developing sexuality by swapping blow jobs with Zane in the arts supply closet. Zane giggled as Jared blushed at the news that Jared swallowed and wanted more.
    "Did you enjoy yourself, Jared?" The boy's body turned crimson as he giggled in a perfect teenage boy way.
    "We were kind of like talking about jacking off and blow jobs and shit and he got all huffy and said, 'Silly faggot, dicks is for chicks.' That made him my target so I told him that if he ever had a chance to get his cock sucked he would love it so much more than jacking off." He went into a fit of hysteria that Jared joined into. I guess it was a private joke, but to sit and watch the two as they laughed and slapped each other on the back was a real treat. I love to just observe young pubescents in their childish patter.
    "So I guess you showed him?" More laughter was followed by some serious groping which ended in a most predictable way. First Zane had Jared's tighty whities tucked under the boy's balls and his mouth full of sweet young teen cock. As soon as the shock from the effrontery of the situation left Jared he turned and began to suck Zane in return. Gus and Eric slipped over and removed the boys' underwear so that they were as naked as everyone else in the family.
    Jared enjoyed himself immensely and proved it by sucking Zane's balls and pubic hairs for any stray remains of the sweet nectar. Zane lay back and watched with an evil glint in his eye. He looked at me and winked, he had something on his young mind.
    When Jared came up for air his face turned multiple shades of red. Zane did the right thing immediately, he kissed the boy, long and hard. Young cocks responded at once and begged for more attention. In a whisper to his lover Zane spoke where only those of us very close to the pair could hear, "You want some more cream kitty? I can give you twice the amount that you just had." Jared was in the most lustful mood that he had ever been in.
    Zane stood up and pulled Jared to his feet with him. Zane move to me with that devilish grin on his face and looked at my dick. I wasn't exactly sure what he had in mind, but I scooted forward in my seat so that I was unobstructedly pointed at the ceiling. Zane turned and kissed Jared, who's eyes were saucer sized and staring at my man meat. Zane backed up, drawing Jared with him, then he held my cock as he slowly lowered his dry, unlubed, ass down on me with great pain to himself.
    He raised himself up and started down again as Jan, who was seated next to me with my arms around him, bent over and sucked my cock to get it wet. He left a large loogie on the head of my cock that he helped Zane to spread about his narrow opening. Jared had moved around so that he could see the grand opening and his eyes got ever larger than before.
    As my glans popped through the boy's sphincter Zane cried out. He grabbed Jared and told him to kiss him or die. The two were lip locked in an instant as Zane slowly worked my cock in and out of himself, using his own ass juice to slicken my shaft and help it to go deeper. Even with his tongue in tiny Jared's throat Zane was able to let us know how he felt with a long, satisfied, moan. Once bottomed out he wiggled his butt about and settled down for a moment of pain changing to pure pleasure.
    "Get on your knees and open your mouth. You can put your hands on my hips, but don't get to close or I will smash your face. I am going to fuck your mouth as I fuck myself with this telephone pole so get ready baby, I am going to give off so much cum that you will think that you are drinking it from an endless fountain." True to his word Zane began to fuck himself with full strokes as I just sat back and enjoyed the sounds coming from both boys.
    I grabbed Jan up and sucked his tonsils out, but as Zane moved me to another plain of pleasure I had the boy's sweet cock move to my face. Jan has grown into one impressive boy with a very impressive piece of man meat. I had Jan stand over me with his feet on both sides of me. He tried to balance himself on the soft, deep, cushions of the sofa as I demanded him to long fuck my face.
    I was awash in sweet boi juice as my own juices filled a tight ass riding me for all he was worth. Zane's rectal muscles contracted up and down the length of my dick as he ejaculated his ball batter into the eager mouth of a sweet bodied boy eager to please his new friend in a way that had seemed so foreign to him only the day before.
    The first thing that Jared did when Zane rose from my turgid cock was to inspect the enlarged ass hole of his best friend ever. He was awed at the size of the gapping hole totally exposed to him as Zane turned around and sucked himself, and the remnants of my passion, from my cock. This had been my first encounter with the smallish boy and he had taken the initiative himself. His next request was for an all nighter with just him and Jared.
    Jared was in ecstacy as he dipped his finger into Zane's ass hole and licked it clean. I asked him if he wanted to spend the night in my bed. I told him that he would probably get his own ass fucked before morning. He looked about the room and there were three or four couples up in each other. He nodded at me and asked me not to hurt him. I had to grab him and soothe his fear with a lingering kiss that left him swooning. His kiss tasted like fresh fucked butt hole so I took my time to savor the flavor.
    Jared is quite a celebrity at his school. He wrote an award winning essay about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I never really knew the reason for the armed guards that stand before the tomb in all kinds of weather day and night. Jared is an authority on the Tomb and he educated us.
    The military has a tradition of No man left behind. When at all possible the bodies of fallen soldiers are returned to their families for burial. Only in the very worst of conditions would a body of a comrade be left behind. Medals have been awarded to soldiers who have carried the body of a fallen man to the peril of his own safety.
    I have attended military funerals and noticed that a soldier stands by the grave at each funeral until the grave is filled in? They will not leave a comrade unprotected until he is safely at rest. That is why they guard the Tomb of the Unknowns 24 hours a day. Those buried in the Tombs of the Unknowns have not been returned to their families and their remains well forever be guarded by armed, uniformed men until such time that they can be identified and returned to their families for final burial.
    Absolute silence filled the house. Cas approached Harry and pulled him up to join with Tim O'Connor as they stood before the room, then he led us in a prayer for our armed forces in harms way around the world. The middle east is a hotbed of death for both sides in the ongoing dispute. This forum is not the place to discuss the politics of who is right and who is wrong. We will pray for the lives of all people involved, combatants and non-combatants. Our prayers especially go out to the innocents, the children and those not directly involved that are wounded, maimed and even killed, when they are not directly involved in the conflict. May the Lord protect them and gather them to His bosom. It does not matter if He is Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, or called by any other name. The person that worships Him can call Him as their conscience dictates. I pray to Jesus to protect them and show them the Truth.
    Wow, I got another sermon in there. I hadn't intended to do that, but Jared got me going. He is such a cute thing with a row of freckles that would take a bottle of ink to connect together. One time earlier Lester had the misfortune to fall asleep while the little ones were drawing. When he awakened his face looked like a road map. I could just see Jared's face, he has so many freckles across his nose and forehead that he would look as if he were wearing a mask. Think Zorro, or the Lone Ranger.
'Tomb of the Unknowns'
is poignantly explained
By Jared Masek
Special to the Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 05.27.2007
   My grandpa is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. He was a soldier for 30 years. He was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed on Dec. 7, 1941. He fought in World War II, Korea and in Vietnam. In war movies you see soldiers who have been through horrific things and you wonder if those things happened in real life. I can tell you right now that the stuff that happens in the movies really did happen in real life because my grandpa lived through much of it. He fought in the Battle of Anzio, which was just like the opening scenes from the movie "Saving Private Ryan."
   My mom said that one of her earliest memories is standing at the Tomb of the Unknowns, also called the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, with her dad, my grandpa. She was no more than 5, and Grandpa taught her about the soldiers buried there. He said she must always remember these soldiers and she must teach others about them. My mom has taught me about the Tomb of the Unknowns and now I would like to teach you. To understand the significance of this tomb, you must first understand about soldiers in war.
   Grandpa always said that one of the most important things during a war is that no man is left behind. A soldier depends on other soldiers for his very life. They all need each other, to live through a battle and be able to return home. Every soldier dreams of going back home and being with his
family. A soldier trusts the other soldiers. If something happens, his comrades will make sure that his body goes home and returns to family.
   One time my grandpa was in a small two-seater airplane that was shot down 10 miles into enemy territory. Grandpa got out of the plane, but he saw the pilot was unconscious and the plane was burning. Grandpa was already hurt, but he went back into the burning plane and pulled the other man out. Grandpa saw his friend was dead, so he put the man on his shoulders and carried him 10 miles through the woods, hiding from the enemy. This might seem too dangerous, and it would have been so much easier for Grandpa if he had gone back to his camp alone. But you see, to a soldier, it is important that all soldiers come home to their families, dead or alive.
   Grandpa taught my mom, and I will teach you: Sometimes soldiers are so badly hurt and maimed, they cannot be recognized. The army does not know where to send them home. These soldiers do not get buried by their families. They do not have family members who can visit their graves and remember them. So we must be their family; we must remember that they gave their lives to help protect each of us, and we must visit them and thank them. My mom said that when she grew up, she went to several funerals at Arlington. Each year they visited the graves of friends and they always visited the Tomb
of the Unknowns, just as if these soldiers were family, too.
   Did you know that at a funeral at Arlington, a soldier stands by the grave at each funeral until the grave is filled in? They will not leave a comrade unprotected until he is safely at rest. That is why they guard the Tomb of the Unknowns 24 hours a day. These soldiers were never returned to their families, so the Honor Guard watches over them, protecting their final resting place. These unknown soldiers represent all the soldiers who died and were not identified. It is not for show; it is done out of deep respect and gratitude.
   When I go to Arlington National Cemetery, I do not go as a tourist. I go to visit my grandpa. I go to remember family friends my mom grew up with. When I visit the Tomb of the Unknowns, again, I am not a tourist, but I am their "family," remembering what these soldiers have sacrificed and in some small way, making sure they are not forgotten. I hope you too will never forget.

Jared Masek, 14, wrote this essay for his social studies class. He was one of four students chosen to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers during a one-week trip to Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New York with his Junior High school.

    June was ebbing to a close and of course that meant another birthday for me. I don't want or need birthdays to remind me that I am getting older and will soon begin to slow down. I want to stay young and keep up with my boys. My boys know my fears and they remember that I have often referred to my old age as I sit in a rocking chair with their forty year old naked asses still living in the house. I will give you a guess as to what I got for a birthday present.
    Of course my boys have to have their joke and a rocking chair was not the big insult. The cane and the walker hurt my feelings, but I really hated the large box of Depends. I guess old age beats the alternative, but I don't ever want to see my boys loose their youth, not because I will be older, but teenagers are beautiful creatures. Age makes us ugly, no matter how much we try to maintain ourselves.

    I had promised Cory and Christopher a chance to spread their wings. Cory had wanted to wait until after my birthday to see how I liked the Depends™. He is going to be the one needing them after the fucking I gave him as a going away present, of course Christopher got his young ass reamed too, but even at my young age there is just so much fucking left in me.
    I told the two boys that I did not want them on the road in Jimmy's old Winnebago. On cue both boys' bottom lip dropped and tears of defeat welled their way to the forefront. I don't ever want to hurt these boys so I quickly told them that they could take Traveler©. They were aware that I had taken the RV to be serviced that week, what they didn't know is that I also stocked it with all of their favorite foods. Teenagers will live on junk so I got healthy junk for them. They paid me with healthy boy bodies all weekend. My birthday fell on a Saturday, but the rest of the family did not see my depleted body until Monday morning.
    Without fanfare Cory and Christopher pulled out at seven o'clock Monday morning. It was the dead of summer and most of the boys were still examining the inside of their eyelids. No one even missed the pair until dinner time then it was just a passing question. It was the following day, as we made plans for our fourth of July celebration, that the boys began to ask where the two were. I looked at the boys and simply told them that they had taken a trip as a graduation present to each other.
    Christopher finished school at the end of the first semester, but he still wanted to walk across the stage with his family to gather his diploma with his own two hands. Jay and René Adams announced to their class that they were married a year earlier and Jay had little Jaybee strapped into a baby carrier on his chest. Although stunned at first the kids got a rousing ovation from their classmates and many friends.
    Derrick was the fourth family member to graduate this year, the party for the three boys lasted two days. Jay wanted René to join in and she did for a little bit, but she smiled at him and told him that watching him and Brad suck and fuck each other was almost too much for her, but she could not take seeing so many boys going after each other without abandon. I had already scolded several of them for their escapades in front of her and they had apologized. I have to admit it was a bit much for a sweet young girl to face.

    Derrick approached me holding a spray bottle and wearing a wide grin. "I think I have it, try this." I sprayed a liquid into the palm of my hand and had to grab control of myself to keep from retching. The odor was reminiscent of plain, pure shit.
    (FYI: Tim and I were talking about something I had found on the web. I told him that everything is on the web today. I told him that I was sure that I could find SHIT on the web. Sure enough it was there, but I learned something. Very early on manure was discovered to be a good fertilizer. Dried manure was loaded onto boats and shipped to ports for the use on fields. All ships and boats take on water, one of the first machines to appear on ships was a bilge pump to keep the water level down so as not to sink the ship.
    This bilge got into the manure and when wet the manure put off methane gas. A crewman would enter a hold with a lighted candle or lantern and blow the ship up. It took some number of years before someone discovered why the ships were disappearing as few, if any, survived to tell the tale. Steps were immediately taken to keep the manure above the water level. An acronym was stamped on every bundle of manure that read S.H.I.T. This simply stood for Ship High In Transit. So when somebody says shit to you they are telling you to keep your shit high and dry. Lesson taught for this chapter
    Derrick told me that he hadn't expected me to spray so much and get my nose so close. He ran to take a tee shirt from the stack of clothing in the cabinet by the door. He squirted one quick spritz of his concoction onto the shirt and held it out for me to smell. Absorbed into the fabric what I smelled made my cock grow hard instantly. Derrick loves chemistry and he made straight A+ on every test and assignment as well as on his report cards.
    The boy has a complete chemistry lab in his room I suppose that is why he sleeps in the dormitory with Ricky and they don't use his room. Derrick has captured the smell of young boy crotch with just a hint of shit smell. That smell is overpowering when straight out of the bottle, but on the cloth I could swear that I was smelling a pair of just removed underwear from a boy's hard day. The family gathered around and within a few minutes each one had a tee shirt to his nose as his cock was stroked, very few stroked their own. ;)
    "Derrick why didn't you take a trip to celebrate your graduation?"
    "I didn't know that Cory and Christopher were going and 'sides that they wouldn't want me along. I don't really have any place to go to anyway."
    "You could go out to California and see all of your old friends. How about Darryl, he was your fuck buddy for years wasn't he? Don't you want to see him? You just bought yourself a brand new car and you can go anywhere you like."
    "I want to see Darryl, but he doesn't want to see me, he has somebody else now. I called over there a few weeks ago and his mother says that he has a whole new group of friends that he is hanging around with and that he has never been so happy in all of his life. I am not going to try to muscle in on that."
    "Even if he wants you?" Derrick looked at me as if I had just made the dumbest statement ever. "Okay, here it is. Darryl is with Cory and Chrisy right this moment. Darryl is in trouble, but he wants to see you. He does love you and he told me that he has an awful lot to make up to you. We can get on a plane tomorrow morning and fly over to the cliff house on the beach or…" He moved to the edge of the sofa and looked me in the eye.
    "We could drive over and I could stay with him for awhile. But where would we stay, his mother doesn't want me around him and my dad is dead…" that put him near tears as he recalled what his stepmother had done to his father. She went all over town telling everyone that Derrick was a queer boy and that they should keep their sons away from him lest he fornicate with them. I told him to go pack several sets of clothes and a suit because I was sure that he would want to stay at the cliff house with Darryl for a few weeks at least. Even a seventeen year old boy looks great when he runs through the house naked with his cock swinging to and fro and his tight tushy bobbing along behind. I took another sniff of the tee shirt in my lap that had his invention spritzed in it.

    Darryl was in trouble. I briefed Derrick as we drove across to the beach in the middle of the night. We couldn't get out of the house before ten o'clock, but night driving across the desert is much easier on the car's cooling system anyway. I wanted to wait and let Darryl fill Derrick in on what was going on in his life and I am going to make you wait until you read what Cory and Chrisy have to tell you in their story entitled Road Trip.
    Derrick knows his way around the L.A. freeway system and I was glad of that. We pulled into Riverside county at the height of rush hour and he told me that it only got worse as the day drew on. At least with two of us in the car we were able to use the car pool lane, people in California know less about speed limit laws than I do. I can drive a hundred miles an hour, or even ride in any of the Travelers© at high speeds, but sitting down close to the ground in a car was different. I was holding on to whatever I could find to grip, most of the time it was Derrick's knee, sometimes his short leg, but that was dangerous. He nearly lost control on the long drive across the desert floor when he covered my hand in his ball batter so I kept my hands off of that for the remainder of the trip.
    (True story: An old girlfriend's sixteen year old brother was killed in a single car crash in April of 1989. When the coroner cleaned up his body they found the severed cock of his twenty seven year old boyfriend in his mouth, along with semen. The official death notice states that apparently the boy was performing fellatio on the man. When the man climaxed he lost control of the car causing it to flip and roll, killing both of them. The impact of the accident caused the boy to bite the older man's penis off about two inches below the glans. Ouch!)
    When we arrived we were both tired and the three boys at cliff house took us straight to bed. I had to say hello to my Cory man, whom I had not seen in four whole days. We made Chrisy lay beside us and watch as we caught up on a few things. Darryl begged his way in so that he could learn better ways to show Derrick how much he did love him, but when I watched Derrick lay with the boy and fuck him face to face I knew that they were going to do just fine. Darryl did a pretty could return fuck and he even cleaned Derrick up with his tongue before I fell asleep.
    Cory had taken five, sixteen ounce top sirloin steaks out of Traveler's© freezer and had a cook out ready when I awakened. I took my morning shower with Darryl and Derrick. Darryl shocked both of us when he begged from his knees like a puppy for twin golden streams to play across his face and body. He lip locked my cock and took a large amount of my first urine of the day then he locked onto Derrick and stayed their until he was drained out. That had me on the rise and he turned to take me back into his mouth. He gagged several times, but Cory had come to see if we were up and stood by the shower door to coach Darryl. Cory told me that Darryl wanted me to make him a pin bearer above anything else. Darryl wrapped his arms around me and pulled my entire length into himself and I could tell that he was crying.
    We took our shower without climax. I told Darryl that if wanted to do this that I would only do it the right way. I will not do anything to rush matters or take away the experience for a boy's first time with me. I was overjoyed to watch him and Derrick renew their old relationship and I cried along with both of them as he told us what had happened to him and why he wanted to leave California forever. I was going to contact a few friends that I had made on the local police force before I left. I would have to do some serious talking with Darryl about pressing charges, I don't care where he was or what the circumstances, what he told me was pure rape and I learned that he wouldn't turn eighteen for another two weeks. California takes a very dim view of men having any kind of sex with a minor, but this group had gone way over the line.

    The bug eyed boys took up positions on the bed, they expected a show and I suppose that I wanted to give them one. Derrick took up position next to Darryl, but he was receiving multiple instructions from C and C about what he could do and could not do. D and D laughed at the daunting duo, but there was a bit of nervousness apparent in Darryl's laugh. Derrick reached over and fondled Darryl's balls only to get his hand slapped, hard, by Chrisy who told him that one more infraction of the rules he would find his hands taped behind his back for a solid week.
    "The rules of the golden pole pin society are simple. At least two full members of the family have to be present throughout the entire procedure as witness to the initiate being able to complete the task before him. That includes total penetration until climax of both parties and a total deep throat to climax by both parties. During anal intercourse there can be no touching, in any form, of the phallus of the initiate. A boyfriend is encouraged to be present, but he can not help his boyfriend to get off. The initiate's climax must come about by anal stimulation only and the penetration will continue until that orgasm is achieved. At the discretion of the participants the penetration can continue on for multiple orgasms by either one or both participants, but each must achieve at least one.
    "A boyfriend, or other observer may use his mouth or hands to absorb and or/or remove any ejaculate deposited on the initiate's body, but only after the orgasm that caused said ejaculation to be emitted. Kissing, cuddling, pillow talk, etc. are encouraged between the initiate and his boyfriend, or any stand in family member should a boyfriend not be present." Chrisy's presentation had all of us clutching our sides as we laughed at his stiff delivery. I had to take delivery from his stiffness to show him who was actually in control. He was more than happy to relent a creamy treat to prepare me for battle. Cory offered up a treat of his own which I quickly accepted, but I let Derrick give his offering to his newly discovered cock sucking buddy.
    Darryl has not sucked Derrick in several years. He learned that sex between two men would put him straight into hell and he did not want to go there. The first time that Derrick had put his dick inside his young friend the boys were only twelve years old. They had sucked each other and finger fucked the other's ass several times in one afternoon and then Darryl had asked to be dick fucked. That evening Darryl learned that what they had done was a sin so he would not allow it to happen again.
    When the boys were about fourteen Darryl allowed that if he bent over or got on his knees then Derrick could make him feel good and that would not be "lying with a man as a woman," as the Epistles of Paul tells us in the Bible. He had eagerly sought Derrick's attention to his anus for the next few years and was lost when Derrick ran away and came to live in our house. During the year and a half that Derrick has been away Darryl has learned that he is gay and that he needs more than a butt scratching from a boy, he needs cum to grow on. He was just unlucky in his choice of boy partners and ended up being hurt. Fortunately for him it was emotional and not seriously physical, although the physical part was pretty bad. Gus and Roddy are the only ones that I have ever allowed to fist me and that was a fluke. I better shut up and let you read Cory's account or you will learn it all here and not want to read their account in the next three chapters. (Yeah, I decided to publish here instead of a stand alone story.)
    Darryl was laid out like a lamb for the slaughter. He was shaking and I needed to calm him down. He had spent three days getting his young ass fucked by two of the best, but he wanted the coveted pin. He is a sweet kid and I was going to reward him. He is approaching the age where a boy is not exciting for me, unless I have known him since his youth, but I had known Darryl, sort of. He had been one of the first boys I met when I set out on my own in April of 2004. I had come to the cliff house with Turner and Tyler, the Youngman brothers, and they had dragged Derrick and Darryl, along with two of their friends, up to the house. I fed them and fucked them, all that is except Darryl. He set his pole in my mouth long enough for Derrick to plow his ass then he had gone home to accompany his mother to church that evening and I had never had the chance to be with him before this time.
    I had three years of fucking to give the boy so that he wouldn't feel as if he missed out on anything. My first endeavor had to be the boy's nerves. I pulled him to his side and held him close as I began to kiss his face and neck. He loved to have me kiss and chew on his ear lobes and by the time I started using his prominent Adam's apple as a punching bag for my tongue he was giggling, not shaking from nervousness.
    I started to move down his soft body as I rolled him to his back. Darryl is wide open to boy love and he is full of passions yet undiscovered, I hoped that Derrick was paying attention and was reading the signs that his old friend was putting off. I didn't know at that time what the two boys were going to do, but if I have ever read a boy I knew that Darryl was dead set on moving into Derrick's bed and life forever. I was receiving the similar vibes from Derrick, but not overly strong ones. Darryl had withheld his love from Derrick for so many years and Derrick has found love at our house, his most recent love being Ricky Johnson.
    By the time I had moved to Darryl's navel the two boys were in a lip lock with their moans emitted in two part harmony. Derrick is a young tenor, but Darryl's voice is a solid baritone. The boy is small and whispy, but his Adam's apple gave me clue to how he would sound and of course his balls were certainly those of a man. I continued down and around his pubic hairs using my finger nails as well as my teeth to send goose flesh and tingles throughout his body. As is my routine I bypassed his trophy sized six inch uncut cock and moved down his left leg.
    Surprisingly the boy's legs are very smooth and almost devoid of hair. His calves have a very light dusting of fine light brown hair. His feet are very narrow with long, finger like toes. I had to laugh as I remembered Roddy's comment about Cory's long toes. I had a feast on each super long digit, but could not find myself comparing them to shrimp. I did get a whole new frequency of moan out of the boy when I used my teeth to rake at his instep and down the soles of his feet. I was getting super turned on with the thoughts of how he would react when I got to the money tree in the middle of his young world.
    I worked my way back up the back of his leg and settled on that area in the crook of his knee. I almost met with a horse kick as I bit at the taut tendon, but Chrisy's quick reaction caught Darryl's leg in the nick of time. I renewed my efforts to drive my young victim insane with passion and moved up to his back door. I bypassed the areas where he wanted attention and attacked his perineum with a vengeance. His body came clear off of the bed as he felt sensations as he had never experienced and surely never expected.
    I heard him whimper into the sucking mouth of his long lost lover as I started down the thigh of his other leg. A quick look at his cock showed a veritable river of precum flowing from the glans and I knew that I needed to hurry along with my efforts if I was to get the fresh cream of his first discharge. I gave his foot as much attention as I had the other one, but moved right along on his sweet leg.
    I throughly laved each egg sized testes then licked his massive shaft clean of his flowing juices. I avoided anything more than a good licking to his enraged glans before moving back across his scrotum and past his perineum to begin a good ass chewing. His crack had a mild build up of boy sweat, sweet and not strong smelling. Fresh on the boy I realized how similar it was to Derrick's invention and I can't wait to get his product on the market. As I located a slightly reddened rose bud I wondered how many federal agencies we would have to appease to get boi scent on the market. "Yes sir, this little bottle smells just like a boy's sweat after a day of having his young gonads encased in multiple folds of underwear and pants. The phemerones contained in this little bottle is sure to give the inhaler a super erection and enhance his masturbatory fantasy thus giving him a greater ejaculation." Will the Surgeon General have to add a warning label to the bottle?
    Poor Darryl was now at my mercy as I laved his most sensitive outlet. I enjoyed his flavor as well as his scent before I sent two fingers on an exploratory mission of his nether hole. He bucked his hips and moaned his rapt approval as he yelled at me to fuck him, long and hard. Our three spectators were mirthful as they put their faces close to mine to watch me up close and personal. Each of them has been in the same position that Darryl was finding himself and they wanted to be there then, but I only have equipment enough for one boy at a time, durn it.
    I felt a drop of moisture hit my forehead and I looked up the towering shaft above my face to see that the precum was in full flow. I allowed three fingers to enter into play and moved upwards and over the sweet throat filler of a very horny teenager. I took his cock all of the way down my throat as I gave his quickly hardening butt nut a good rub, the time was near and I was in position to catch a home run. A homer it was as his juice sailed over the fence and the freeway beyond. The boy knew how to hit a load out of the park, but I was prepared and never dropped a bit of sweet teen nectar, the ambrosia of life. Darryl is a cummer and he kept on cumng for a long time.
    I stayed in place to savor every morsel until I was sure that he was finished. I had already moved into position and as I withdrew my fingers I inserted my cock. The boy barely flinched as I slowly filled him with more meat than I thought he had ever taken. He reached for me and pulled himself up to kiss me in a tonsil rattling tongue hockey match that set me on fire. I began my movements which caused him to fall back to the bed and let his eyes roll back in his head. Less than three minutes after entering his rectum he gave up a large load of juice that rivaled what I had inside my gut from mere seconds before the round began.
    As he fired round after round across his body he was yelling at me to fuck him harder and faster. Derrick moved down to lick the hot white offering up then he turned to me and let me lick the inside of his mouth for a share of boi ball batter. Cory and Chrisy had taken matters in hand then they moved together to feed their own offering to the other. Derrick stood up and fed himself to me as he fucked my face. When finished he knelt down over Darryl's face so that the boy could dine at Derrick's Y. Darryl's cannon fired again, spattering Derrick with even more of his juice as I filled his rectum to the very top with my own love juice.
    Darryl was all over me, washing me with kisses and his sweaty body. He would not relinquish my body to any of the others, but they all got their licks in wherever they could. An hour later we all walked out for a moonlight swim in the surf then ran back inside. I had forgotten how cold it gets in southern California in July and August. At least it was only late June so it didn't get too bad, but still a seventy degree breeze off of the water can bite your nads off when you are wet from a midnight swim.

    I hung around until late Saturday morning then flew home, leaving four very happy boys to enjoy their summer. I don't know what they will end up doing, but I have an idea that Cory and Chrisy will probably go on alone, as they have planned for so long. I told Darryl that after his birthday I would welcome his visit to the house and we would see what we would see from that point. I would not promise the boy a place in the family until I knew that he wanted more than, and not just, a place to hide. Derrick is a sweet kid and he has missed his old fuck buddy, but he has moved on. He told me that he is going to study chemistry at the university and try to become a chemical engineer. He has cut himself a tough course, but he can do it if he will put forth the effort.

    David was again on the move, he is a welcome return to the family. The previous summer he had found himself a man with whom he had tried to make a home. David's man was the house father of the ΔΛΦ fraternity house at. David has issues with authority, The two of us have knocked heads from time to time and I am easy and not too demanding. The object of his love was a thirty something swish. I am sorry, but I have a hard time with effeminate fags. I know that they have a right to their own life, but I like for a man to act like a man, even if he likes to take a hard fucking up his ass or drink the wonderful offering from deep inside a maturing cock.
    The man tried to run David's life to the point of telling him where he could go and with whom. When he tried to tell David that he had dinner plans on Donny's birthday I had a tear filled twenty one year old youngster begging for a place to stay. Currently David is floating with no love interest, but in a house like we live in he isn't in need of anyone to share a few hours of sex with. I was glad to have him back, he would be a big help in maintaining order in the house while I take my little trip planned for August.

    July fourth was nowhere near as exciting to the boys as our previous year. The lot of us gathered in Travel All© and headed out to a large water sports park, not that kind of water sports pervert. The park's big claim to fame is their tidal wave. They pump water into a large trough then dump it all at once which creates a wave about two feet high on a regular rotation schedule. Patrons try to surf these waves on small body boards, but my boys had to try to stand up. Some of the smaller boys did manage to get up, but the taller boys could not balance on the small boards.
    Fireworks are completely illegal anywhere in the state of Arizona because of the fire danger. Organized displays take place around the state and in Tucson there are five major displays to choose from. The one at the air force base is closed to military personnel only and one at the large country club is for members only. There is a small display after the baseball game, but they have a fireworks show after every Friday night game throughout the summer.
    The city of Tucson has a decent display from the top of the four hundred and ten foot high Sentinel Peak, locally known as A Mountain. That show is synchronized to music from one of the local FM radio stations but…well quite frankly, once you have seen it, it becomes old hat and boring. The water park where we were is actually in a small bedroom community that is a suburb of Tucson and they had a great display. They also offered free hot dogs and cheap soda. Beer is available in select areas and may not be taken out of those areas where minors might have access to it, smart thinking on their part.
    The boys made a day of it and I am sure that they had fun, but I am also sure that they missed the kind of experience we had shared in the years past. With everything that I had on my mind I just could not organize a trip for them and I regretted that much more than the boys did.

    The following day Jay and Brad set off on their summer exodus. I knew of their plans and I encouraged them to go. They took their wives and their babies home to see their parents and spend the rest of the month at the cool mountain lake cabin where I had first met them. That was an exciting fourth and one that I will remember fondly forever. However the trip to the lake and Academy the following year will go down as a banner year and the benchmark for all our excursions to that area. As I think back on the past three summers the summer of 2007 is a bust. I have to think of something special for the special people in my life that have blessed me so very much.
    With the Garcias and Adams leaving for a month or so that left Sarah and Daylight hanging. We discussed their going to stay at Betty's house, but the girls decided that they needed to take Cory Stevens back to be blessed by the tribe. I said a silent thank you to the powers above, but I knew in my heart that it was going to be hell to make Rodney go with them. He and Britt Miller have become an item, but they are way to young for the kind of item that they have become. I wanted my son to go with his mother and it was only the promise of a window seat on the airplane that convinced the nine year old homo to go.
    Somehow standing at the window and watching the airplane take off tore at my heart. Honestly none of those five family members of mine on that plane should be around the lifestyle that takes place in my humble abode, least of all Rodney. I am saddened each time I think of the example that we are setting for the youngster, but then I have listened to what Daylight tells me about his promiscuity with the boys of the tribe. Where does a nine year old child learn about sex? The answer, of course, is from someone older and I strongly dislike that someone who would mess up a small mind with such grown up thinking. It is bad enough for young teens, but for the most part they have gotten into sex on their own without anyone teaching them. Listening to my boys, with a few exceptions, Cory being one and the Tucson six, and the three from France…well, most of the others instigated their own sexuality by playing around with other boys and ended up as outcasts in their own families.
    I determined that now was the time to take care of few very bad men that used and abused, and killed, hundreds of youngsters. May they never again see the light of day, is my most fervent hope.
    I am going to leave you for awhile. Cory and Chrisy have been sending their story to Jimmy and he promises to send it on to you while I am away. For my part I will let my author, Carl Dickson, tell you what is happening. He is getting sicker as he gets older so this may be his last trip. I am saddened when I think what kind of trip it is going to be. I only hope that I can find a lot of good things for Carl to do, he is the very cause of my existense in the first place so he deserves everything I have and am.

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