Chapter 205


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    I had pressing business in St. Louis. My last trip through that city had almost been a disaster. That trip had been to purchase the air horns for Traveler Too©, this trip was for business. It was disastrous for two boys that had tried to molest my little cousin, Steven, in front of a cop no less. One of the boys was the son of the police department's watch commander for that district and he was not pleased to learn that his own offspring had tried to force an innocent youngster to perform a sex act in a public restroom.
    I checked into a four star hotel at the center of town. My business required a special level of decorum. However that decorum did not say that I had to sleep alone in a strange town. It was a week of tests for the boys, both those in college and those in high school, none of them could get away to make the trip with me. I have to be careful taking a boy on an overnight trip, I don't want jealousy to rear its head in my family so I was alone.
    Of course you know that I would not stay alone. I had not rented a car, my business would only take me two days and the offices that I needed to visit were only a block away from the hotel where I registered. I don't know much about St. Louis so I just walked out of the front door of the hotel and went in the direction that my feet carried me. I walked for about eight blocks before my nose was assailed with the smell of Hickory smoke. My dad always burned his cow with Hickory and whenever I burn cow at the house we add a liberal amount of Hickory chips to the fire to really give the dead animal flesh a great taste.
    I had pretty much zeroed in on the source of the pleasant fragrance when I spotted a boy begging quarters nearby. "Please sir, I am very hungry. Just a quarter will help."
    "You have chosen a very bad place to beg for quarters. The aroma coming from that restaurant would make any man salivate."
    "I know, sir. That is my favorite place to eat."
    "How many quarters do you have so far?"
    "Only three, sir."
    "That won't buy much in there."
    "No sir. I won't be able to eat there, I will find a vending machine and get a candy bar if I get one more quarter."
    "How is the food in there?"
    "It is the best sir. It is my favorite place to eat."
    "Do you like barbeque?"
    "I like their's the best. It is not sweet like so many of the other places. It is spicy and has a tang to it that makes it fit my stomach very well." I was impressed by the boy's articulation, he was no typical street kid.
    "What is their best dish?"
    "I like the pulled beef, sir. They pile it on a plate and then you choose the sauce that you want. Their hot sauce is especially good with lots of hot peppers and no sweet taste to ruin the meat."
    "I suppose that you had better show me what to order. I am a visitor to your fine city and I don't want to look like a rube from the sticks. Your knowledge of their menu will be a great assist to prevent me from looking stupid." His eyes brightened at the prospect of maybe getting himself a meal from the establishment. I picked up on his body language. "Of course I will be glad to buy you a meal for your time and trouble. I know that you are really looking forward to getting one more quarter for that candy bar, but perhaps a good barbeque dinner will fill you up tonight and you can get that last quarter tomorrow."
    I had a very enthusiastic boy showing me what I should order. The restaurant was set up in a cafeteria style. A long steam table held several varieties of smoked meat. There was chicken and pork, racks of ribs, and trays set down in the steaming hot water that contained pulled pork or beef. I let the boy order and followed his lead. What I sat down to was a plate full of pure ambrosia. Ģer may not approve of all of the animal fat, but I did have two vegetable on my plate.
    The cole slaw is worthy of note. It was coarsely shredded with a very thick coating of a creamy sauce. Most cole slaw that one finds in public eateries is a mound of mush, this was delectable. The baked beans were perfection in themselves. A robust blend of well cooked great northern beans slow baked in a mixture of sorghum and dark molasses to a thick and succulent side dish that could serve a s meal by themselves. I would like for Edmund to have the recipe, he makes mean Boston baked bean, but this was a St. Louis blend that was far different than his beans.
    At least a quarter of the cow was piled in a stack over three inches high that took up more than half of the plate. The boy was correct, the hot sauce was a perfect addition to the slow smoked flavor of the brisket that had taken most of the day to cook. I had also followed the boy's advise and selected three large green onions to go along with the meal. He had chosen the rye bread; all together I sat before a feast that I will long remember. I may have to return to St. Louis often just to savor that meal again.
    I was dining with Karl Forbes. He is lanky and lean. He stands a solid five foot eleven and a half inches tall but could use some meat on his bones, which I could see the outline of through the thin tee shirt he was wearing. I guessed his weight to be around one hundred and twenty pounds. I am tall and very skinny, but I have developed my body mass well so that my skimpy one hundred and forty five pounds don't look bad on me. I believed that Karl could build his body up quite nicely.
    I offered him the use of the pull out sofa in my hotel suite. He didn't hesitate with his acceptance of the offer. Nights in St. Louis in January can be very cold and that night had the promise of a real chiller. I offered Karl the use of the shower and handed him one of the thick terry cloth bath robes that the hotel chain is famous for. He grinned at me and closed the bathroom door. I went to my computer and called home.
    Cullen was telling me about his day when Karl came out of the bathroom. The web cam on my laptop picked him up and Cullen began to giggle, "Uncy's not alone." Karl continued on through to the front room and he pulled my bedroom door shut behind him. I wanted to spend some time with him, but I had family obligations to tend to. It was bedtime for the little ones so Cory took his computer into their room so that we could say good night to one another.
    After that I had a blow by blow of Roddy's day as he blew kisses to me and told me how much he missed me being there to tuck him in. I know that I missed that little benefit of being a father very much right then. He had to tell me about Cullen James. The boy is becoming more alert. He is almost four months old and is learning about the world around him. Cory Stevens is twenty one months old and getting into everything. I never thought how difficult it is to baby proof a house. His little fingers get into places that I would have thought impossible before.
    I finished my call home and felt more lonesome than I had in sometime. I decided to see if Karl was still awake. I quietly opened my door and was pleased with the sight that lay before me. Karl was stretched out naked on top of the sheets. His legs were spread wide and his eyes were shut as he stroked a moderately thick uncut cock with full authority.
    "I could help with that." His eyes popped open and terror filled his face. I may have the boy figured wrong.

    Once the initial shock of discovery passed Karl relaxed and let a huge smile fill his cherub like face. Karl's facial features belie his age. His body is tall and very lean. His skin is perfectly smooth and without a visible blemish. But his face belongs on a preteen or, at best, a young teen. One striking feature of his face that stands out most of all are his full, red lips. they look as if he had just come from having a collagen treatment. Some of the younger boys get that puffy, red look to their lips after sucking the cock of several of the family members at our Saturday night orgies. I had to wonder what Karl had been up too before we met.
    "If you would like to join me in my bed we can find other ways of relieving your ECB," I smiled back at him. He moved from the bed to my bedroom door in three strides of his long legs. I moved aside and pointed him to my bed, which he quickly moved too. There is more to the boy that than I had figured. I would know all of him and all about him by morning.
    Wasting no time with small talk Karl moved to me as soon as my body stretched out beside his on the bed. He had a hungry look in his eyes so I took a chance. I pulled him over to me and kissed him, he kissed back. He kissed back with the passion of a serious lover after a long separation. I returned to him all of the tongue and hand movements that he was giving me. Some boys are kissers, some boys are real kissers. Karl can snake his long tongue across my tonsil scars anytime that he wants to.
    Suddenly I felt bad. I had a street boy in my bed and I was thinking of a future with him. My thoughts quickly passed as Karl showed another talent in his possession. He bent over and took my cock into his throat in one gulp that left me gulping for air. The boy knows how to make a man feel good from the center of his universe and out.
    He was doing a vacuum-bob on my knob and shaft that sent waves of passion throughout my body. I started to protest and ask him to hold back when he moved to get a better line of attack on my cock. He gripped my balls in one hand and pushed the other under my leg to come up between my thighs and linger about my anus.
    I helped him to move the final few inches to me as I placed a finger at his anus and inserted it. At the same time I engulfed his rigid seven uncut inches as I felt him gasp and sink my cock deeper into the tightest mouth on a boy that big that I had ever encountered. His full lips encased a mouth large enough to swallow a tennis ball, but my cock was in contact with every surface of the inside.
    He was a eager to linger as I was. I had me a cocksucker on the line and he wanted it to last as long as possible. When his balls began to travel upward through his scrote he pushed down to stop my fuck actions and let his cock throb at the edge of my throat. I felt him do the same to me as he softly caressed my other body parts with his hands.
    He had a steady pressure applied to my prostate, but when he was ready to begin again I caught him doing something that very few boys will do. He pulled his finger from my ass and sucked on it. Slathered in salvia he pushed it back inside of me then repeated the procedure two more times. I had me an ass hungry cocksucker onboard, I wondered if his ass was hungry for action as well.
    We held off for nearly a half an hour before we flooded each other's mouth with thick, creamy batter. I wasted no time in learning about his ass as I spread his legs and began to eat a dessert that was as sweet as his ball nectar. Karl hunched up and pulled my legs back as he moved his face to my anus and began to rim me with a tongue that passed my sphincter and just touched my prostate. Within minutes we had licked each other to another orgasm which we quickly absorbed from pulsating cocks.
    The boy was winded. I turned to lay beside him and he moved close to lay his head on my chest. I pulled his face to mine and the kissing began all over again. I was getting worked up and was in need of his tool insertion into my special keyhole. You know that I am usually very careful with anal sex with strangers, but I had a feeling about this boy so I took the plunge in the heat of the moment.
    I pulled my legs up and reached down to guide his cock into me. His eyes popped open and formed a question on his youthful face. I placed my heels on his buttocks and drew him forward. Tears formed in his eyes as his cock head broke through my sphincter. I pulled him down for a kiss while at the same time drawing him into me. He pushed inward and grasped my face in his hands and stared into my eyes, "I have…" His tears were real. I pulled his face to mine and deep kissed him.
    Instinct took over as Karl gave me serious fucking that showed great promise. If he was a novice to fucking he had great instincts. I suspected that he was somebody's bottom. I lay back and enjoyed the ride. I thought about Cory, but I knew that he would have some boy to keep him warm so I wrapped myself around my comforter and let him take command of my body.
    I didn't get off. It was not for lack of trying on Karl's part, he did a great job. I kept my mind distant as I encouraged him with the idea in mind of riding his ass for a few hours afterwards. He fell upon me and panted for breath as I rubbed my hands across his sweat covered back and down between his taught globes. His wilted cock rested against my own as I kissed at his neck and nibbled at his ear lobe.
    "I love you."
    "You lust me. We just had the most amazing sex that you have had in a long time and you are confusing the passion of the moment for love. Love takes time to develop, maybe by morning things will look different to you."

    We were laying side by side staring at each other as I started my questions. I wanted to know why an educated, well dressed boy was begging for quarters on a cold winter's night. I asked for his story and I got it. I have heard variations of it so many times before…That is until he told me about Johns.
    Karl was the victim of Johns. The two had known each other since elementary school. Johns was always a bully that liked to tease Karl and debase him in front of the other students. Around the middle of the sixth grade Johns turned twelve and felt himself a man. One day after school he was taunting Karl in his bedroom and he made his friend suck his dick. Both boys liked it.
    During the summer between their seventh and eighth grades Johns got the best of Karl and stuck his dick up the ass of the slight boy. That began an almost daily ritual that took a different turn during the autumn of the boys' junior year. Karl was sick and tired of being bullied. He knew that Johns was mostly talk and he proved it. He beat Johns, severely, then made him bend over for a ride on a real cock.
    Karl held Johns afterward and confessed to him that he liked getting fucked, he just didn't like being forced to do it. He told Johns that if he wanted to keep on fucking him then he would have to take it up his own ass first then he was free to do whatever he wanted for the rest of the night. Karl also told his bully that he liked to suck his cock and that he was going to suck him before he fucked him each time.
    That arrangement seemed to be okay with Johns. He got his cock sucked and was able to cum into his friend's mouth. He got his ass fucked then he was able to fuck Karl, many times more than once through a night. Both boys had everything that they wanted and were happy and content.
    Johns had another problem. He was a big mouth. His bullying did not stop after the beating. Around other kids from school he had to prove his manhood by picking on the weak and smaller boys. All of that came to a head two days before I met Karl.
    "It all started in the locker room. Johns was dancing around and waving his tiny cock at everybody and asking, 'Who wants to suck me off?' He stuck his cock into the face of two or three guys, but they all twirled their towels as if to pop him on the ass. He would quickly dart away and hide behind a locker or behind a larger guy.
    "Then he spotted me. Okay, I knew when it started what was going to happen and I was ready for him. Before he could get to me I grabbed my clothes and headed up a half flight of stairs into the wrestling room. Jacobs and Anderson were sitting on a bench at one side of the room, facing each other. They were both almost naked. Jacobs wore only a jock strap while Anderson only had on a tee shirt, and Jacobs seemed to be crying. I didn't have time to feel sorry for him, I was worried about what I knew was about to happen. I was going to put Johns down. The way I saw it with Anderson and Jacobs sitting there it would be even better.
    "Johns walked in and took a look around. 'I knew that you wanted me baby. Came in here so that you could suck my dick with a little privacy? Come on then, crawl on over here and suck away.'
    "I told you before, I suck you then I fuck you. You have a cock hungry ass that loves to be fucked.
    "Did you guys know that he likes taking my big cock up his ass? I've been fucking him several times a week for most of this school year."
    "'Yeah, I know how much he likes getting fucked. I've been fucking him for more than two years.' That caught me off guard. Anderson stood up and waved the largest hard cock that I had ever seen at us. 'I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll fuck Johns while he fucks you and you can suck Jacobs here. Jacobs wants a blow job or he won't let me fuck him anymore.
    "'Don't worry dude, I know that you been fucking Johns. He tells me all about it when I am up in him. He says you got a baby dick, but I see that he was lying. You're bigger than he is. Jacobs here told me that you had a big dick and that you take as well as give. I don't know whether to be jealous or not, you been fucking both my boys and I ain't got none of your ass.'
    "I could not believe what I was hearing. Anderson? Anderson is the top jock in the school The most popular senior with the best looking girlfriend in the entire school and he was fucking Johns and Jacob, and he wanted to fuck me. I would do almost anything to get a feel or a touch of Anderson's body and that cock… I never wanted anything so bad in all of my life as I wanted to suck that cock.
    "I had to play it cool though. The thought of seeing that cock fuck John's won over my trepidation. We were in school and anybody could catch us. What would happen if a teacher caught us having sex in the wrestling room? I was about to find out.
    "I don't know if you have ever been fucked in the ass while somebody fucks him, but it was the greatest. Johns was moving in my ass like he had never moved before as he nibbled on the back of my neck and kept saying things like, 'Yeah baby, fuck me hard. You know how I like it, fuck me deep and fast. Oh yeah, fuck me. Karl, your ass never felt so good. You are doing a number on my cock. I love this, I want to get fucked while I fuck you from now on.'
    "I was sucking Jacobs and I had two fingers up his ass playing with that little hard nut. He likes ass play when we suck, then he begs me to fuck him after I pop his nuts for him. He is a better fuck than Johns will ever be, but Johns can fuck better than Jacobs can.

    Karl rolled up and looked down on my face, "You are the best fuck that I ever had and I can't wait to feel that monster of yours up in me. Can we stop and fuck now? I promise that I will tell you everything later." I quickly learned how much Johns and Jacob had taught Karl. His ass was eager, but barely used.
    I moved around and spread his legs for my oral preparation of his nether hole. Our evening had brought on a few firsts for Karl. He had never rimmed and he had never been rimmed. He had never fucked face to face and he had only fucked Jacobs and Johns. Jacobs was a virgin when the two boys first fucked at the age of fourteen. Karl noticed that Jacobs hole seemed a little larger and that he fucked back a little more over the past year or two. He never thought that the boy was getting fucked my two other horn dogs.
    He kept up a banter of his sexual history with the two boys as I ate his ass out and stroked his meat stick. He was getting close to his orgasm that I wanted before I widened his world for him forever. When I sensed his end was at hand I engulfed his cock and savored another batch of sweet, thick, baby batter that slipped down my throat.
    I didn't wait. I moved forward and pushed the glans of my cock through his sphincter. His eyes widened as the breath rushed from his body. I held myself in place and watched him. His smile quickly reappeared, but it took several long seconds for his body to give me the signal that I waited for.
    It was almost as if a door was opened to allow entry. His body relaxed and his hole widened, causing me to slip inside a few inches before I caught myself in check. I waited until the door opened wider then I slipped back out, but quickly returned with more than I had left with. Karl was good with that. He is a pony rider and he was liking my big boy pony.
    I bottomed out in his rectum, but met resistance at his colon. I know that most boys only fuck each other with a few inches of cock and think that they are doing great. It is in the muscle enshrouded colon that the real action occurs. However, entry into that domain is hard to reach for most men and boys. The rectum is about four and a half inches deep, add to that the amount of dick between the fucker's crotch and the fuckee's wide spread legs and you have reached the average six inches of most male genitalia. It takes more than seven hard inches to get inside the colon, and then it takes time at first. The sigmoid colon—so named because of the S curve at the top of the rectum—has to be straightened out. That act must be carried out slowly so as not to cause pain or to kink the colon causing a blockage to the shit track.
    Once in the colon the fucking takes on new and greater pleasure for both parties. The colon is a muscular tube that pushes feces down and into the rectum for discharge. It is those muscles that squeeze and work the invading cock with a wrap around sheath. I slowly straightened Karl's ass out as I slid into territory unknown to any before me. Once I was fully inserted our love making began.
    I worked the boy into a fevered pitch as I moved his body to emotions that he had never dreamt of. He was returning my thrusts with a passion of his own that encouraged me to pull out all of the stops and give him the ride of his young life. We rode it out for more than twenty minutes before he came off of a nut that blasted his left eye; the second shot went up his left nostril. His climax was powerful and continued with forceful ejaculations through five strong shots before he dribbled out onto his navel. His cock was rising and falling with each plunge of my cock in his ass and only lost a little of its stiffness before standing tall once again.
    I had fired a load into him with his first climax, but I knew that we both needed at least one more good cum before we quit our joining. I was at full stride as he slapped the bed and called out for more. I gave him all that I had. I wished that I had it in my power to award him a golden pole pin with laurels. He was a classic fuck.
    His last orgasm was strong. Not like the first, but he covered his thin chest with a mixed load of thin and thick nut batter. Of course I had to lick it off of him. I withdrew from him and licked down his torso before engulfing his sensitive cock to glean the very last drops of boi cum from him before we lay side by side once again.
    "That is what I always thought sex should be like. I am feeling so calm, my ass is kinda sore, but your cock is huge, man. I think that I could really get into having that up in me several times a day. Did I tell you that I love you? Well if I did then multiply it by ten billion, 'cause I really do love you now.
    "I guess that I should wake up, you probably got a wife and kids somewhere and I am just a handy fuck, but damn…I can't believe what you have done to me."
    I almost felt sorry for the boy. I know that most boys fall in love with me after our first time together and the rest of them fall in love with me on the second time around. That may sound like I'm bragging, but it really is true. I have told you before that I never had sex with a boy that had any regrets. Tiny had his regrets immediately after our first encounter, but after a shower he was good with it; and still is to this day. I was wondering how I could help this boy without hurting him.

    "So, where were we? Oh yeah, we were fucking in the wrestling room. The door from the hall opened and the coach stepped in with the vice-principal behind him We were so busted. All of us were cuming and Jacobs jerked back to spray my face with his cock slime.
    "Anderson and Johns stood up and their cocks kept on shooting as the vice-principal stood there with his mouth hanging open. Coach blew his whistle at us and told us to hit the showers, on separate sides. He stood at the door and watched us to make sure that we didn't do anything else in the shower. Then he stood and watched us dress before he followed us to the office.
    "Our parents had been called so we were made to wait until they arrived. It wouldn't have been quite so bad if I had just gone in with my mother, but the vice-principal waited until all of our parents were present then he called all of us into his office at the same time.
    "Chris, it was brutal. Much more brutal than it needed to be. It was too graphic. Both men told every detail of what the four of us was doing, even down to Jacobs shooting his jizz on my face. I guess that both of them have better eyesight than I had imagined because they both told how I had three fingers up Jacobs' ass, milking his orgasm from his body. They said that it appeared as if Jacobs enjoyed the invasion and they were sure that had they not interrupted us then Jacobs and Anderson would be taking it up the ass within a few more minutes."
    I agreed that the information given to the boys' parents was over the top. I feel that the boys may have legal recourse against the two educators. I would hold that thought to myself until I had more facts.
    All four boys were expelled from school for the remainder of the year. Anderson was a senior due to graduate at the end of the semester. The other three boys were juniors with another year of school to go. Karl and his mother argued all of the way home. She informed him that he was no longer welcome in her house. He reminded her that it was his trust fund from his father that provided her with the house. She informed him that his father was her husband and that half of the money in the trust fund was hers. But she was sure that when the courts learned what kind of a fag Karl was that there would be no money for him at all.
    Karl had more information for me. His grandfather had passed away when Karl was twelve years old. He left his grandson five million dollars upon graduation from highschool. The father's money would revert to him on his eighteenth birthday which was less than a week away.
    I knew that I could help Karl, but I had no idea about the other three boys. I was in a distant state with different laws. I knew that the age of consent for sexual activities is seventeen in Missouri, but I didn't know about being able to take the boy out of the state.
    It was just past eight o'clock in St. Louis. Bull would still be in his office wrapping up his day's work. I called him and laid out everything that I knew about Karl.
    I joined Karl in the hotel's version of a hot tub. I suppose that it was better than nothing, but I like the way the one in my bedroom is designed for two to sit close together. As I swung my leg over to sit down in the bubbling water Karl reached out and gripped my cock. "That is so fucking big. I can't believe that I had all of that in me. Can we do it again before we go to sleep?"
    "You really like to get fucked?"
    "I thought I did, but now I know that I do. There is something that happens when…I don't know how to say it. You did me on my back. I always wanted to do it that way. Johns did me that way twice and he kissed me while we were doing it. That kind of told me that he was enjoying what we were doing. He acted all big shot and everything afterwards and tried to brush it off. But then Monday night we did it again and he was full of kisses and showed me the best time ever. He even gripped my cock and held it while I shot all over myself.
    "It was the next morning that we got caught at school."
    "That was yesterday?"
    "Yes, Tuesday morning. Now I am homeless and can't get back into school. I don't know what is going to happen to me. I have to get in touch with the attorney that handles my trust fund and make sure that my mother doesn't get it before Monday of week after next."
    "Is that your birthday?"
    "Yes, I will turn eighteen on the second of February."
    "If you can gain control of your trust fund what will you do? Where will you go?"
    "I really don't know. I thought about trying to get a place of my own, but school…I really want to go to school."
    I was holding a terrified boy. His terror was different than that of other boys in my life, but all too real to Karl. I knew that I had a solution for him, but I didn't know if it would be the right one and I didn't know if he would want to accept it. I had to take a chance.
    "Does it matter where you go to school?"
    "Not really. I will miss my friends, if I have any left. I'm sure that the whole school knows that I was sucking cock while taking it up the ass. Most of my friends will never talk to me again."
    "What would you think about moving out of state and starting over in a school somewhere else where nobody knows you?"
    "That would work. I could build a name for myself and start over again."
    "Let's sleep on it and talk it over again in the morning." We settled back in the hot water and snuggled close together until we started to prune up. I carefully caressed his body and kissed him repeatedly before we stepped out and dried each other. Karl is a little too tall for me to pick up and carry so I led him to the bed and asked him what he wanted to do. He quickly took to the middle of the bed and pulled his legs to his chest.
    I had a treat for him. I bent forth and began my torturous drive around his world. He responded in the way that I wanted then filled me with his home churned batter. I took my time and nursed him back to an erection and swallowed another load from him before returning to his empty balls and then further south.
    A freshly cumed out boy will come alive when my tongue hits his anus. I have never met a boy that was too exhausted to relish the art of being rimmed by me. His sphincter was open and moist as he moaned his pleasure before begging for me to enter him. I entered, slow and easy. I gave Karl a long ride as I moved about in every conceivable direction to give him sensations heretofore unknown to him. I kept up the kisses to his face and bent down to suckle at his leaking cock. I then returned to his mouth to feed him his own juices, which he readily accepted and moaned his pleasure at receiving them.

    Morning found me in a rush. St. Louis is two hours ahead of Tucson time and I had not allowed for that time difference with my overnight activities. I awakened at eight, local time and had to hurry through my morning shower and breakfast so that I would be on time for my ten o'clock appointment.
    Room service was setting up a large breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit as I stepped from the bathroom drying my hair. I poured a cup of coffee from one of the two pots that I had ordered. I picked up an apple and a banana as I sat down to eat. I directed Karl to anything that he wanted as I told him that I was a light eater and had about all that I wanted.
    One thing I hate to do is to eat a large meal before a serious meeting. I sometimes get gassy and uncomfortable so I always eat light then have a larger meal afterwards. Karl agreed with that, but he wanted to know what was to become of him. I slipped up beside him and looked into his eyes.
    "Karl, I am not the kind of guy to fuck you and forget you. I am leaving my other clothing and some personal items here in the room so you know that I will return. When I do return we will go out for a big lunch at any place of your choosing then I think that I should have a few answers about your future."

    I had arranged to meet with Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim on Thursday the twenty second of January, 2009. The Minister was in St. Louis on undisclosed business, but had agreed to see me for one hour to discuss something of grave importance to him and his country. I arrived at the offices of our intermediary at fifteen minutes before ten o'clock.
    I was shown into a private office where I sat with Minister Amorim and revealed all of my intel on the underground fight clubs that were thriving in his northern provincial town of Belém, Brazil. There had been a major fight scheduled for the previous week, but I was unable to secure permission from the Brazilian government to conduct a covert operation on their soil. South American governments tend to look at such activities a bit different than the Europeans do.
    Andy had developed solid intel on the cruise ships that were operating out of São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil and there was a fight scheduled there that would crown the world champion. I showed the Minister our intel concerning the fate of the loosers of those events. I presented evidence showing how the participants of those fights were selected.
    I had to get graphic as I described the type of men that we were dealing with. It broke my heart to do it, but I showed him pictures of Salman chained to the wall in Seigy's castle in Romania. The man was speechless. I touched on the subject of cannibalism and overtly suggested that the principals behind the cruise ships—and ultimately the fights—were the same men that had imprisoned hundred of children in Europe.
    Brazil has a problem with street children and is indifferent to their pleas for help. No one ever notices when a few dozen boys disappear. A recent event revealed that various agencies had placed several dozen boys in the hands of a pedophile priest that was running an orphanage and school for street boys. The Brazilian government swept down on the orphanage with full media coverage that made all of the world stand up in rage.
    I pulled no punches. Brazil has instituted several programs to ferret out people who prey on children, in particular pedophiles. I recalled to his mind his government's push to force Google to identify users who post criminal material on the social-networking website Orkut—the Brazilian answer to MySpace and Facebook. I looked him in the eye and asked him what the difference was between a few hundred pedophiles talking it up on-line with the children of his nation and a few hundred of his nation's children being taken off of the streets and forced into sexual servitude.

    A super cold north wind was blowing bits of ice through the air when I exited my meeting place. I have heard about sleet, but I had never experienced it. It was like being hit in the face by tiny pin points. I called the local FI office and asked them to arrange for a rental Cadillac Sedan de Ville, or equivalent. I was told that a vehicle would be at my hotel in ten minutes. I told them that I was afoot in a blinding blizzard, I asked them to make it a half an hour. A car horn beeped beside me and I turned to look into the smiling face of two FI agents in a nice warm SUV. That beat walking through the deep snow drifts that I was sure were beginning to build up before me.
    Once delivered to the warmth and safety of my hotel I called Andy for air transportation back to the land of the thawed. He laughed at me, but he knows how much I despise the cold. I was told that Pete would be available with FI-2 Friday, the following morning. I thought for a minute and asked Andy if he could change the crew for me. I made the day for four boys. Pete is used to flying our family's plane, but this flight would be with a crew of only family.
    Eddie would serve as the radioman while Mike would navigate. Bryan has done well with his lessons as he works diligently to become Pete's co-pilot. While that position is still years away from the boy on a permanent basis a few rules were overlooked to place him in the right seat of honor for the short hop between Tucson and St. Louis, then back again.
    Having that crew meant that my transportation home would be delayed a few more hours. The boys' school work always comes first so the plane could not leave Tucson before three o'clock or later. That would put the plane in St. Louis around seven in the evening. I hoped that Karl would keep me warm for the extra day.

    I found Karl curled up under a heavy blanket watching a movie on TV. I pulled the blanket up and sat down beside him. "Fuck! You're cold as ice."
    "Yeah, and I need your naked body to warm me up. How about a meat treat?"
    "You would turn my meat into a popsicle. Get your clothes off and I will warm you up real quick." That sounded like a deal. Karl wanted to suck me off. I laid back and let him do as he wanted as I tried to find the words to propose what I had in mind.
    The boy knows how to handle my needs. He took his time to show me what he had learned overnight then he began to kiss upwards along my body and to my neck and ears. I pulled him close to me and wrapped my legs around his body, the blanket fell to the floor. He reached for it, but I pulled him into a hot kiss then I just said what I wanted to say.
    "We should get dressed and go to your house to get whatever you would like to take with you to your new school. He pulled his head back and looked me in the eye then began his kisses all over again. The phone interrupted our session, Bull had information for me. I would have no problem leaving the state with Karl. He was of the legal age of consent and was not an enrolled student at the current time.
    I asked Karl if he had contacted his attorney about his trust fund. He told me that the man told him that he would take it under advisement. I asked him to give the attorney's contact information to Bull.

    I love dressing a boy almost as much as I enjoy undressing him. I slapped Karl's hands away several times when he tried to assist me, I had everything under control. I began with his socks. Of course I had trouble getting them over his long, thin toes so I had to suck his toes to get them wet and slippery. That made the cotton garments slip on much easier.
    I forgot to put his underwear on first and when it wouldn't go on correctly over his slacks I had to undress him and begin again. There was a slight delay there though, he had this stiff stick in his middle that I had to take to task. I found that the only way to tame that monster was to give it a good licking. It was easier to lick it into submission when I wrapped my whole mouth around it and licked it from the base to the top a few dozen times. It spit and sputtered at me, but I showed true devotion to my task as I captured every drop that it shot at me, and swallowed it.
    I tried again to place underwear on his body, but they seemed to get caught under his balls so I left them there and pulled up his slacks. They didn't want to go on until the underwear was properly placed so I left them and started with his tee shirt.
    I would never have suspected that a tee shirt would be a problem to put on, but the one that Karl had worn…That thing would not go down over his ears. I tried taking each ear into my mouth and working the tee shirt down, but my face was in the way. I tried rubbing my finger tip around and around inside his ear, but he started to laugh and kept pulling away from me. I was getting pretty perturbed. I sat Karl down on the floor and got over the top of him. I spread the shirt's collar open and slipped it over his head and down over his shoulders. I stepped back to admire my accomplishment, but found that his arms were held against his body.
    Well that took some figuring. I had to find a way to get his arms out of the shirt without removing it once again. Karl tried to offer suggestions from time to time, but I shushed him because I was thinking. I told him that I don't like to think. Thinking uses brain power and I don't have any to spare. Karl waved his fingers at me from the bottom of his shirt and I had an idea. I pushed my arm up under the shirt and dug around in an attempt to find his arm. I guess that I found his tickle bone because when I touched his ribs he began to wiggle and laugh.
    After five or six torturous minutes my hand found his armpit and boy did he laugh at that. I dug and poked at both of his pits until his pants slid back down his thighs. I stepped back and looked him over. He was a sight. Both arms held tight against his body with his pants around his ankles and his underwear hanging at mid-thigh. I told him that somebody dressed him funny.
    He rolled to the floor laughing as tears rolled down his face. I didn't want him to drown on his tears so I took the tail of his shirt and moved it up to wipe his cheeks. When I did that he quickly stuck his arms through the sleeves and the shirt was in place. I was dumbfounded. How easy that was, and I had thought that we would have to remove his shirt and begin again. He offered to remove it and let me try once more, but the house phone rang to inform me that my car had arrived. I didn't get to zip him up and put on his shoes, maybe later.

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