Chapter thirty three


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     I made good on my promise to Christopher. The boys gathered around to find out how the trial had gone and I watched their faces drop as Christopher told them of our trip to New York City. I really felt as if I had left my little ones out of something important. I had let them down. I guess that I am transparent as suddenly I was smothered by boy flesh assuring me that they understood and were glad that I had gotten the chance to work on some of my investments. Yeah! Right! These are teenage boys and I could read their disappointment, not only in their voices, but in their faces and more than that, in their body language. The next words out of my mouth could very easily make or break our entire relationship.
    "A slight, a very strong slight, has been brought to my attention and I need to rectify it, here and now. Trevor, Alec, Lew, Tyler, Jerry, Tim, sit at my feet, now." I had twelve eager eyes looking at me. I looked as deeply into each pair as I dared and still the tears formed in my own.
    "Gentlemen, a major oversight has occurred and I am so guilty. I must beg your forgiveness. I have spent no one on one time with any of the six of you. Each of the other boys have their stories of our time together and how we hooked up, but you have never had solo time with me nor I with you. I have missed out, I would like to have time with each of you. I know that Jerry and Tim are a couple as are Trevor and Alec. I have never wanted to come between those relationships. Now all of you have partners and I do not intend to try to break any of those couplings apart. But…I have it on good authority that some of you would like to spend some quite time, just the two of us." Eager responses came, not only from the six, but from the room. Little Christopher had been right, I was a bastard.
    "If that is a fact gentlemen I would like to rectify it. The only way that I can see to correct this problem is by secret ballot. On the desk in my office is a small box. Beside it is a pad of two by two inch note papers. I am going to ask that each one of you go into my office, one at a time. If you in fact, would like to spend an entire night with me then write your name on a piece of that paper and put it into the box.
    "I will enter the office, in full sight of all of you and draw out one piece of paper. I will spend the entire evening with the name on that piece of paper. The box will be sealed until the following week when I will draw out another name. If I do the one boy a week then I won't cause any serious down time between you and your significant other and our time will seem more special. We will make Thursdays our queer for the old man day. Each Thursday I will draw a name, if there be any. No one is under obligation and I completely understand if you don't want to participate."
    There was a rush to my office door by six naked boy bodies. It could be for show, you know, for the sake of the others. My paranoia…I went to the office and picked up the box. I held it above my head and retrieved one piece of paper. I placed it in my mouth as I put the lid on the box. I brought the box down to chest level and picked up a candle burning nearby. I melted wax over the edge of the box and had Tyler, who was nearest me, press his thumb into the hot wax making a seal. I read the name on the paper. I stared into the eyes of Trevor, he lit up like a spotlight was on him.
    Pete and Cory took care of young Alec's needs as Trevor and I headed for the spare room previously occupied by Chief Steve. I asked to make sure that Trevor had no hangups about the room then showed him into my newly redecorated bridal suite. I had managed to get it done while the boys were in school the day after Christopher pointed out my oversight. It is amazing, even to me, what a large amount of money can get done and how fast it can get done. The room was perfect, right down to the chocolates on the pillows.
    Trevor is still a bit small for fifteen and was no burden as I stopped at the control pad to enter the code so that we could enter the room. I pulled him into a tight kiss and groped his entire body. His tent pole stabbed me in the crotch as I pulled us together and let him grind into me with all of the energy that he wanted to expend. I simply acted as a guide and let him do what felt good to him. I picked him up and carried him through the doorway, I laid him on the bed then crawled on top of him.
    Our lips locked. Our bodies melded as to one. I let him push for all he was worth then I rolled to my back and let him do his best. He was a good lover, the boy made the moves on me that pushed all of my buttons. I have been a very aggressive top for several years now, but I wanted this to be special. I owed these six boys, big time. I wanted them to do everything that their fantasies could conjure.
    Trevor had some fantasies. He got between my legs and began with my toes, he ate me and licked me, exactly the way that I liked to molest my young victims. He had been comparing notes with the other boys, there was no other way that he could have done to me exactly what I did to others had he not been well versed. He had me squirming like a fish out of water by the time he started to lick behind my knees. He had my legs pushed all the way back over my head with my ass open for the whole world to see as he licked and nibbled on the backs of my thighs and the tender skin behind my knee caps.
    He continued to work his way up to the center of my life and buried his face in my upturned ass. His tongue was long and wet and its hardness penetrated deep into my anus as I turned to jelly in his total control. He laved and probed at my nether region for several minutes before working his way to my pulsating testes. He got both of my balls into his mouth and began to hum a mambo. At least that is the feelings I had as the vibrations from his deep tenor, almost baritone, voice sent spikes of pleasure deep inside of me.
    By then he had managed to get his fingers deep inside my rectum and was making whoopie on my prostate. His fingers were like magic as he worked them in and out and around inside of me. My cock was dripping like a split water hose as his young mouth engulfed me. He spent time as he worked on getting all of me into his throat. He achieved his task as he bent his precious body in half and shoved his six inch cock into my, now well open, ass. I have fucked many a boy then bent over to suck him as I did so, but never have I tried to penetrate while I was sucking. He was limber and more than able to perform this task and I was the recipient of his efforts. I have to admit that it felt damn good.
    I felt cheated because I am first and foremost a cocksucker and I wanted several loads of his boi juice before we got to the nasty part, but Trevor had me on such a high at this point that I could care less. His cock had grown during the nine months since we first met. He was a solid six inches with change and his girth had enlarged as well. He fit my ass very well and he knew how to work with what he had. He wasn't able to get deep in me from his angle, but what was there was doing me well. His glans was making a short trip back and forth over my prostate, maybe an inch and a half in each direction. The ridge of his solid flesh had me on the very edge as it kept its steady rhythm back and forth over that little fluid maker of mine.
    In no time at all I filled his mouth with as much cum as I have ever been able to shoot in a single load. My prostate simply turned inside out as my balls pumped all of their nectar to intermingle with the fluid of its efforts. Trevor never missed a lick as he kept up his assault on me. I don't believe that he lost a single drop as his lips locked tight around the base of my cock and he sucked as if sucking on a huge straw. Drained, my body fell back on the bed. Trevor crawled up on top of me and began to hump against me again. I realized that he had not gotten off.
    I turned him around and took his cock into my mouth. He immediately sank my cock back into his mouth. I placed my fingers against his sphincter. Meeting minimum resistance I shoved two inside. I found his prostate, hard and waiting. I added a third finger so that I could squeeze the sensitive organ and stroke it at the same time. I got a huge load of boi batter in short order as I kept up my assault. Before I let go of him he fed me two distinct and separate loads of really sweet ambrosia, the kind that makes cock suckers out of all of us.
    Trevor collapsed on top of me as I held him in place. In a short amount of time he was asleep, his softened organ dangling in my hungry mouth. I held him close and let my love flow for this beautiful youngster as I drifted off on the arms of the sand man.
    I awakened as Trevor tried to get off of me. I knew he had to pee, I pulled him tight to me and began to add suction. He wiggled around, but soon figured out what I wanted. He relaxed and let his flow start. With the exception of Cory, this was the best piss I had ever tasted. I don't really like the taste all that much, but I enjoy doing it with a boy at least once. Jim, Christopher, and Cory were boys that I really enjoyed and now Trevor seemed to top them all.
    Trevor turned on me and put my cock to his ass then sat down the full length of me in one solid push. He locked his lips to mine and began to search my mouth for traces of his urine. He told me that he had never drank urine before, but he and Cory had talked about it. He wanted to try it, but was afraid that Alec wouldn't do it. I told him that I would drink Alec's piss and let him know. Trevor wanted to know if he and Alec could spend a night with me in a three way. I told him that we would. He did agree that Alec and I should go it one on one first though so that I could break the boy in. Trevor said that Alec had some hang ups that he couldn't get through. I did not want to know what they were. I take on each boy as a new challenge and I bring them to my way of thinking. Even if it is only for one night.
    Trevor was a top and only bottomed when we were in an orgy setting. He wanted Alec to top him, but Alec was too shy and played the passive role. I fucked the boy raw and let him fuck me two more times before morning. We sucked gallons of cum from each other and fed each other our urine several times that evening. I managed to fill Trevor's ass with my hot piss before getting out of bed the following morning and laughed as he duck walked to the can to let go of everything up in him.
    When we went in to breakfast I grabbed Alec and sucked his reddened dick to climax and thanked him for letting me spend the night with his boyfriend. He kissed me deeply then he and Trevor lip locked. Trevor fed Alec his breakfast, one spoonful at a time. He even dipped my dick into Alec's oatmeal and made him lick me clean. Cory liked that idea and began to eat his oatmeal from my crotch. He got as much cock hair as he got oatmeal, but we had fun anyway.

    The boys were off to school and I settled in at the breakfast table, it was a little too cool to be sitting outside in the buff that morning. I was having a hot cup of coffee with my morning newspaper in hand when a banner story from the City Life section struck a nerve. A small, single person operation, a book store in the downtown area, was closing due to lack of business. The store occupied the east middle quarter of an old time drug store and variety store chain that had ceased doing business all around the country. I drifted back to a time barely ten years earlier when word came that the Woolworth's store was closing.
    The loss of the chain store had been a blow to me. In my youth I had to catch a bus to school which took me into the downtown area then transfer to another bus to take me on to my school. That chain store had become a haven for students, especially after school. One could say I have a streak of misoneism in my personality, but there are some things that I just hate to see change.
    The store had an old fashioned lunch counter, though it wasn't old fashioned in its day. Students would gather on their way home for a cold drink and maybe a burger and always lots of interaction with other students from the city's many different schools. We never had any trouble, but we did have lots of good times. I remember the sense of loss when I heard it was closing. I parked my Cadillac El Dorado, my wheels at the time, and took a bus downtown. The city had built a large transit center across the street from the old store. I disembarked amongst the myriad of buses and took a trip along nostalgia's highway as I found my feet moving toward the doorway through which I had passed so many times before.
    I took a seat at the old chrome and vinyl lunch counter. The round top stool on which I sat had seen better days, its red vinyl was cut and thread bare. The stool no longer turned freely as I recalled hours of sneaking up behind young girls and spinning them round and round. I looked at the worn away laminate of the counter top to see the pattern gone forever and the black substrate polished bright and shining through. The old juke box selector boxes were gone. In their stead was piped in music from speakers high in the ceiling playing nondescript music of familiar tunes that no one could demand royalty payments from.
    A xeroxed sheet of paper comprised the daily menu that had once been printed on large, oversized, laminated tablets. Or earlier still, type written pages in plastic protector sheets in a plastic protector booklet cover. I was fighting tears as I remembered what I had lost.
    I ordered the old standby, a cheeseburger basket with a cherry phosphate. Without a flick of an eye the waitress darted away. In moments she shoved the icy drink in front of me in the old familiar conical shaped pedestal based glass. The proverbial straw sticking up from the middle. I took a drink. Instantly I was transported back fifteen years to my grammar school days and on into junior high school.
    A paper lined basket with a burger, half wrapped in paper with a toothpick in its center, a dill pickle slice impaled on it as adornment, appeared before me. French fries cooked to a light golden color steamed alongside this age old concoction of concentrated cholesterol and saturated fat. A bottle of Heinz catsup sat between the salt and pepper shakers and the napkin dispenser. The catsup would not pour, remember? I pounded the bottom of the bottle, even though I knew the results and I knew full well there is a better way to get catsup from a bottle. Predictably the catsup glopped from the bottle, completely dowsing the french fries and spattering the burger and the counter top beyond. A sheepish grin at the waitress brought a knowing smile in return. She had been here, she knew.
    Several ounces of salt crusted over my french fries as I rushed to clog my arteries for perhaps the last time. I could feel the salt assailing my blood pressure. My arteries were shutting down as the fat oozed its way through the rapidly narrowing passageways. My stomach was doing all the dances of my youth as it embraced this blast from the past. A feel good warmth encompassed me as I drifted back, back, to a better place and time. The waitress brought me from my revelry when she laid before me the bill for that day's fare. A meal fit for a prince fifteen years earlier cost sixty cents, that day it had a kingly price of nine dollars and ninety five cents.

    The city absorbed the loss of another downtown store and carried on. With time a young, starry eyed young lady came along with a box of old books. Not any old books, rare, antique poetry, classics, the masters, treasures, adventures, love stories, high drama, fiction. The kind of books that chase away a rainy afternoon or lift a heavy heart. Escapism, dreams, fantasies.
    She opened a shop, second in from the corner. To either side of her were the emptiness of that long ago yesteryear memory of Woolworth's five and dime and their old lunch counter. Business was slow. She persevered. The city went on around her. Few people found her, those that did found the world they so longed for amongst the plain, unpainted boards, nailed to the wall with spindly legs of unpainted yellow pine one by twos to hold the sagging weight of books upon their long lengths.
    The times caught her. Utilities, always on the rise. Landlords with dreams of larger rent bases to increase their bottom line. Slow foot traffic. Excessive parking restrictions. Little return business was keeping her alive. She had declared her end.
    I could not let this small oasis disappear without one epic battle. I had to jump into the fray and try one last frontal assault. When in Rome…so I dressed as a Roman. I put on an old pair of tan cotton pants with a pull over cashmere sweater, pale yellow of course. A pair of brown loafers, without socks, an old meerschaum pipe, unlit, with a half a bowl of charred Cherry Blend tobacco in it, I have no idea who left it behind or how long it had been in the drawer by the front door, but it would serve a purpose. Beside the pipe lay the coup de grâce, a pair of heavy black framed reading glasses on a neck strap, thankfully they were not of a thick prescription, I could read through them. Looking the absolute nerd about town I drove my vintage 'vette downtown and parked directly in front of the book shop. Lucky break.
    I walked in with the aire of a snob. I exuded all of the arrogance I could conjure. It worked. The proprietress was homed in on me in an instant. She was good. She knew how to draw her customers out. She wanted me to talk about myself, my likes, my dreams. She had a book for everything except, I'm sure, on bedding boys.
    I looked about the place with disdain. "You have no seating available and no refreshment?"
    She took on a blank stare as I gazed down my nose at her from my full six foot two height. She backed away, I won. I pulled a copy of C. S. Lewis's: Screwtape Letters; MACMILLIAN Co 1976, from the shelf. "Strange little man, Lewis." She started to tell me his history, and his friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien, which I know well. I pointed to the dedication page in her paperback copy of the classic book to show that Lewis had dedicated this work to Tolkien. I have an autographed, first edition hard back copy in the library in my Manhattan apartment.
    "I see from the morning paper that you are going to abandon your shop in three more weeks." I had her interest now. "I would like to buy you one more year. Would you like to hear me out?" She found a pot of coffee in the back and a folding chair behind the register. I laid out my idea.
     It was Friday afternoon, but I knew what I needed to do and Monday morning would be the time to start. I made a deal out of firing up my fully restored 1961, bright red Corvette. I let the old steel packs roar as I pulled away from the curb. The deep throated roar of the 409 cubic inch engine with the straight through exhaust system echoed off of the tall buildings of the downtown area causing many heads to turn with admiration and envy on their faces. I let myself get caught at two of the traffic lights, which is not easy to do. All of the lights are set to exactly twenty five miles an hour and with that speed maintained one needs never to stop when traveling east to west. When the final light turned green I had a six block run to the freeway. I kicked the progressive linkage so that the big throated four barrel Carter E-series carburetor opened wide. The deep roar of vacuum sucking gasoline into the large bore engine is like music to my ears. I was pushed back into my seat a I neared two Gs of acceleration, as close to lift off as I would ever get.

     I arrived at the house in time to prepare snacks for my youngsters. I made up fruit cups with blueberries, bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi fruit and chopped cashews. A very nutritious and healthy snack. I made a full two cup serving for each boy and placed it back in the refrigerator. I make sure that they get one cup of each of the five colors of fruit and vegetables daily, the nuts provide protien and good cholesterol. I made up a big pitcher of green tea with gensing and cinnamon sweetened with just a touch of raw, local honey. I put out a bowl of fresh honeycomb for the boys. The desert was beginning to bloom and several of the boys were showing signs of allergies. The best allergy medication is raw, local, honeycomb. I have a friend that keeps bees and he is more than glad to supply me with comb each season.
     Kenneth and JC came up for dinner that evening. I had no idea that my ass was on the line again until after a long, uncomfortable silence. Jimmy got up and made his speech. "I guess everybody is here so here it is," he began. "Last night you informed us that you were going to make amends to those that felt that they had been slighted. Well, I am here to tell you, old man, nobody here is slighted. I, for one, am glad for last night's announcement because that means that sometime, real soon, I will have the opportunity to spend a night with you. Just like we did down in Georgia, just you and me.
     "However, there is something else that all of us would like to do. Daddy we all love you and want to be with you for the rest of our lives. We also love each other. Since Christmas we have been paired off. We want to branch out and be with each other sometimes. I love Will, er `scuse me, Christopher with all of my heart, but I really liked fucking and sucking Jerry and Tim last summer. I want to spend the night with Cas and Alec, and Lew and…well everybody. We would like to have one night a week where we can swap off." He sat down.
     "Why just one night?" I asked. "Nothing says that you and Christopher are permanent. You are all young and full of cum. I know that you would like to be with others. I have no problem with that. Some of you may be a couple and not want to swap off, but we have had many group orgies and I am not aware of anybody not participating. If I understand what you are saying, Jim. You would like to spend the whole night in someone else's arms. Kind of share the wealth." That was exactly what all of the boys wanted. Fuck, I am such a bastard. These boys believe that I am trying to control who they sleep with.
     I tried very hard to explain that I had no control or desire to control any of them. I wanted them at my house, under my wing, for my pleasure and that was wrong in so many ways. First and foremost I wanted my boys to flex their wings and find who they were and be with whom the wanted to be with. I told them that I was surprised that none of them had brought boys home from school or stayed over at a school mate's house. I found out that two of the boys were looking at some of their school mates and were biding their time before making a move.
     Again I had a surprise coming. Some of the boys wanted to make it with Ken and Jer, even Bull and especially have Billy over for me to bugger till his eyes turned milky. Alec walked over to his dad and sat in his lap. "Daddy, why don't you ever try to do anything to me? You let Trey and me fuck you in the forest last year. Sometimes you come in and lay down in our bed together, even knowing that we were sucking each other or that Trey was fucking me. Yet you never tried to anything to either of us when we know that you want too."
     "I am your father and I don't want to make you uncomfortable by getting incestuous with you."
     "How about if we want you to do us once in awhile? Daddy, I love you and I would like to show my love in a sexual way sometimes." There was a lot of food for thought with his idea so an agreement was reached. Saturday nights would be our family orgy night where anything goes between any two, or more, consenting partners. I love the way my boys think. I love my boys, oh how I do love them, and love them, and love them, and make love to them.
     Friday nights were our Bible study nights and Saturday morning we had an in depth study of the Word in a type of church service. I had taken the boys to a local Sabbath keeping church, but we did not feel the openness and warmth that we sought in a church so we worshiped together, at home.
     One final request brought our gathering to an end. "Dad, could we get a piano or a good keyboard?" Jerry asked. I looked around the room. I don't know a thing about my boys and I have been fucking their tight asses for almost a year. I found out that all of the boys played instruments, other than the skin flute, when they could. I lined the boys up at the door to the attic storage and let Cas and Pete dig out a vast array of musical instruments.
    Tyler freaked when he saw a complete six piece trap set from Pearl. He had to dig for the five different cymbal sets and top hat sets. I had a Kurzweil SP88X with a Kurzweil synthesizer and a Roland RD 700 keyboards. An acoustic Gibson guitar, a Fender electric, and a Yamaha five string bass. There was a wide variety of Conn wind instruments that we would gather later, if needed. I knew that my old trumpet was there and an alto and tenor sax. I am pretty sure that I had a clarinet and probably a French horn. I could play the wind instruments. I play brass better than reed, but I had this hope that we would just stay with strings and drums.
    By the time I got the dust washed off of my body and got back to the main room we had a band going. Jerry was on the Roland and Christopher on the Kurzweil. Tyler had the drums assembled and was tuning the heads. Cas had the old Gibson acoustic while Lew was tuning the Fender. Jim was on the Bass. I had Cory, Trevor, and Alec help me get the huge speakers from the back of the garage and hook them up to the control board and amps. I knew that there would not be a happy neighbor for miles around when the thousand watts of power pumped through the twenty four inch Crate speaker system. Pete knew his way around the Tascam twenty four channel mixer board, but had never used one with a built in hard drive recorder. He knew this was going to be sweet. I sent Turner and Tim off to retrieve the microphones from the equipment room of the in house theater as Cory and I dug for the mic stands and had Trevor and Alec wash them down.
    I knew that Alec and Trevor had wonderful voices and so did Turner. I have only heard Cory sing a little in the shower, but I thought that he could pull it off, if he wanted too. It turned out that the four boys made a beautiful quartet of pubescent boy voices. I couldn't have been happier. I determined that we would set the equipment up in the theater on a more or less permanent basis. But I had to find a part for Tim. Tim had the mis-fortune of being from a family of poor white trash and had never accomplished much outside of fishing the bayous of the backwaters of the Alabama coast line. I had to find a niche for him and quickly. His teenage ego is too fragile for even a moments hesitation.
    "Now, lets see. I have four people with no instruments. What do you guys want to do?
    "I wail a mean licorice stick and I love the Soprano sax," Tim said. I stopped, mid-stride. Again, I know nothing about these boys.
    "I play sax and Trevor plays a mean horn. We used to jam all of the time. Dad did we bring our horns with us?" Ken told him that the horns were down at the house and we could go get them. I told them that I had a Connstellation Trumpet, a real classic and the Connstellation series alto and tenor saxes and clarinet. Back to the attic they ran and returned in moments with their axes. I told Tim that we could go buy a soprano sax the next morning. Tim said he would play the clarinet and Trevor could play the alto sax. Trevor chose the more mellow tones of the tenor sax which was alright with me.
    Finding decent reeds for the saxes and clarinet was the hard part, but we were finally able to get three of them soft enough for the boys to get through this first session. But Cory, would he sing solo? Oh hell yes, he was a lead singer, and what a singer he was. The boys started in with "Change My heart Oh God"; Eddie Espinosa, Vineyard Music, 1996. with Cory singing lead and the other boys singing along. I was impressed at how well they picked up on each other's voices and were able to put together some nice harmony. They did a rendition of an old favorite, "This Ole House" followed with "Champion of Love". Both songs performed by a quartet called the Cathedrals on their album "Symphony of Praise" Benson Company, 1987. After six solid hours of sweet music played by sweet boys I was jelly. My mind began to race as I considered a musical program at one of the churches that we had attended.

    We ended up making a very long night of it as the boys played with true teenage exuberance. I was impressed that they stayed mostly to gospel and contemporary Christian type music and didn't go off on the popular songs of the day. It was unspoken, but every song seemed to end up being uplifting and to the heart. About two thirty I managed to get myself up the stairs to my bed. I found two lost little souls in my bed. Trevor and Alec had chosen to sleep with me for the weekend. I later learned that Pete ended up in bed with Tim while Cory spent the night with Jim. JC had a night with Christopher that he will always remember while Lew and Turner worked things out. Ken and Cas teamed up leaving Jerry to be with Tyler. After breakfast the pairings changed off. Mostly because Ken had to work and JC needed to go to his office. Trevor and Alec kept me in bed nearly all day as we worked on some issues that Alec needed to settle in his little head.
    I suspect that young Alec may well be straight. I have no doubts that his love for Trevor is genuine, but the sex is too mechanical. He will do whatever he is told, but he has no imagination or inclination to initiate any sexual play. I learned that he has never performed anal sex. He will let others do him, but he is passive about it. He has never rimmed and Trey is the only boy he has ever kissed. I liked their little names for each other. I had only heard the name Trey uttered between the two of them in relative solitude. Trevor called Alec, Allie. There is no doubt that Trey is totally in love with Allie, but I needed to watch and see how far that love extended.
    Trey acted as the conductor as he orchestrated our sexual activities. I had not wanted to get with him and Alec until they had spent time after Trevor and I made it the night before, but here we were and who am I to kick a cum filled hard cocked boy out of my bed when he is willing to feed me his male essence, joyfully or not. My first area of endeavor with sweet little Allie was a full on oral assault.
    Full, frontal assault it was. I carried fifteen year old Alec to my bed as I kissed and caressed every part of his body that I could reach. Once on the bed the boy was at my mercy. I buried my tongue so far down his throat I could taste what he had eaten two days earlier. I let my hands run over his face and head as I put all of the sensuality I could muster into that one kiss.
    Alec suddenly melted, it was visible and physical. I was watching him as his eyes rolled back into his head and his whole body relaxed. He began to respond to my kiss. His young turgidity rose to mesh into mine. He began the pelvic thrusts of a male in heat. I continued to kiss and to stroke his young, smooth skinned face.
    He became more and more animated as we continued. I moved away and began to kiss his whole face. I kissed his eyes, ears and chin. I enclosed his nose with my mouth and lightly chewed on it. He moaned as passion tore through his body. I began to kiss his neck. His head tossed back and forth. His moans became louder and his breathing heavy. His pelvic thrusts were becoming harder and stronger and I knew that the boy was about to blow. As much as I love boi juice I was not about to break his mood. I kept at my chore, ever increasing the pace and intensity. In moments he was past the point of no return and he covered our bellies with gobs of cock snot.
    I let him down easily. His breath was coming in gasps. His orgasm had come from deep inside and from his actions it was his first ever deep cum. I rolled to my side, taking him with me. He was like a canker on my ass as he rolled with me. He was no more interested in ending our union than I was. I placed my hands on his firm gluteus globes and pulled him tight as I continued on to my back. I never let up on the kisses as we moved. I had his left ear in my mouth and I chewed on it like a leather toy.
    Alec liked it rough. Trey, with all of his good intentions, had never discovered that fact. Trey is a lover, he was soft and caring, while Alec needed to be dominated. He went along with most of the things Trey wanted as a way of satisfying his cousin's needs, but he really liked being dominated as the passive lover and he could respond.
    I continued to let my hands squeeze his extra firm melons as my tongue and lips moved about his head. He responded positively as his breath and body came under his control. His stiffness had never left him, his thrusts into me had never ceased, but now they became bolder and faster, he was going for the gold. Suddenly he shocked me and Trey. He raised his body and put my cock at his sphincter. He backed himself down and impaled himself on a solid six inches before stopping.
    My eyes were on his face. I watched as pleasure and satisfaction shaped his features. The boy truly enjoyed what he was doing. He locked his lips to mine and began a tongue wrestle that rivaled any match I have ever fought. His young pelvis began to hump further down on my man meat as he fucked himself, long and hard. He had all of me inside himself and his ass was like a blur. He never missed a lick as he kept his tongue action going on my tonsil scars.
    His body tensed and his back arched. He pushed himself high and let loose of one massive load of boi juice that shot clear over the top of my head. He began to take fast short thrusts of my cock into his ass as his eyes rolled to white. He was in deep orgasm once again and he was not going to let it pass him by.
    As his orgasm eased his thrusts became longer. He was sliding the entire length of me in and out of him at a rapid pace. He opened his eyes and looked down at me. I have seen that look in the face of many boys, but it looked so good on Alec. I almost cried as I stared into his tear filled eyes. "I love you. I love you with all of my heart. Don't ever make me leave you. Let Trey and me stay with you forever. We will do anything you want, just let me love you." It was from the heart. Deep, pure, sexual lust. I would take it, it was a first sign. Alec fell on top of me and passed out.
    My cock softened and slipped out of his cummy hole. I told Trey to get a wash cloth and clean his boyfriend up. He grinned at me and moved his face in to lick his lover clean. I dozed as Trey cleaned both Alec and me. I knew that Trey was about to bust a gut. As my strength returned I pulled him to me and tasted Alec's butt from the inside of Trey's mouth.
    Alec stirred, he looked at us and smiled a wide, toothy smile. "Horny baby?" He asked Trey. Trey responded by turning on me and taking my semi soft cock to the pubic hairs. I pulled the boy on around and locked my lips on his throbbing pole.
    Alec had another surprise for us. He spread Trey's butt cheeks and looked down into my eyes. I pushed Trey's scrotum aside so that I could watch Alec take his first dive into nether land. He plunged in full speed. Most times a boy has to test the waters, as it were. Alec had been rimmed and seen others rim often enough. He was ready to take the plunge and he did. His tongue laved the entire area around Trey's tiny hole. Trey loved to get fucked, but he didn't do it much in deference to his lover. Trey's love for Alec ran deep. He genuinely cared for and cared about Alec. Above all he would protect Alec's feelings. I only hoped that by the time the sun rose Sunday morning Alec would know that, and maybe even return that love.
    Satisfied for the moment, Alec pulled away. My eyes widened as I watched this cute little guy scoot up on his knees and line his almost six inch long, cut cock up to his lover's ass. He moved forward and penetrated Trey. Trey moaned as he felt Alec move inside him. I really wished that I could see the look on Alec's face as he made this first step to a new dimension. I could hear his gasp as he felt the tightness and warmth of his first anal sheath. He pushed, but just seemed to hang there. He was dry.
    I put both of my hands against Trey's predominant pelvic bone and pushed him up until his cock slipped from my mouth. "Alec, baby, your cock is dry. Put it in my mouth and let me get it wet so that you can slide in easier." He giggled. He knew that, but this being his first time it hadn't occurred to him. He withdrew his cock and aimed it at my mouth. I helped him to fuck my face for a few minutes, but tried not to stimulate him. I wanted, no needed, for him to finish what he had started and I could tell from the motions of his lover on top of me that this was also his desire.
    Alec pulled his cock from my mouth then bent over and licked and kissed Trey's now slightly larger hole. I watched as his tongue went up inside. Trey enjoyed what was happening to him as he wiggled around to give Alec better access. Alec licked then locked his lips on Trey's opening. I watched his cheeks hollow then puff out as he sucked then blew into Trey. I steeled myself for the impending out rush of air, but it never came. Alec spit on his boy's butt and got a lot of moisture at the opening. He moved back and put his cock back into my mouth and fucked me with gusto. I almost lost it as his cock moved in and out of my mouth. I love to be mouth fucked and Alec, well Trey too for that matter, had the perfect size cock to really fuck my mouth. Not long enough to choke me, but long enough and thick enough to really fill my mouth with boi cock.
    Satisfied that he was wet enough Alec withdrew. He moved in again and lined his cock up. I reached up and held it for him as he pushed forward. As his cock disappeared slowly inside of Trey's hungry hole Trey's cock slipped back into my empty mouth. I moved Trey's balls to one side of my nose so that I could clearly see the anal onslaught about to take place before my eyes. Alec reached the end of his movements and sighed. Trey moaned around my dick. He raised up a bit, "Oh babe, you feel so good in there. Fuck me. Long and hard and stay all day." He sank back down on my cock as Alec began his thrusts.
    Alec was a slow hand. He long, slow stroked Trey and put both of them into sexual overdrive. Trey didn't last, but a few minutes before he filled my mouth with sweet, creamy batter. I pushed his pelvis up again so that I could taste every drop and swallow, then I let him down again. He never lost any of his stiffness. He was humping into my mouth with long slow strokes as he met every thrust of Alec into him.
    Maybe ten minutes passed and Trey let me savor another of his delectable loads. This climax stirred something in Alec, he began to thrust harder and harder. His ass became a fucking machine as his cock moved in and out in a blur in front of my eyes. Trey was pumping up some serious ass juice and it was splattering down on my forehead and eyes. I had to shut my eyes to protect them and therefore missed the really great show going on in my face. Hollywood would have a blockbuster if they put this scene on the big screen. Fags the world over would flock to watch two teenage boys go at it from this angle.
    Trey tensed up as his third orgasm of the session overtook him. Alec stiffened as he too had reached an ending point in his effort. I could feel every pulse of cock snot as Trey fired into my mouth. I watched his balls move in their silky home and could see his muscles contract. With each contraction of Trey's rectum Alec had a contraction of his own. I watched his balls, now drawn up tight to the base of his cock, as they sent their pent up love potion down the hot shaft into the eager and waiting confines of Trey's long empty ass.
    As we separated I moved to get off of the bed to the protests of my young companions. Once they got a look at my face they broke into laughter and let me go. I stepped into the shower, but stole a glance into the mirror before I did. I guess it was kind of comical, but I am not really ready to wear ass juice on my forehead. I was quickly joined by two eager young teens who had every intention of throughly cleaning every part of our bodies. I stood back and let them go at their pace.
    I spent the rest of the day and Saturday night with the duo from California. Some of the other boys swapped around as everybody wanted to get one on one time with other people. It was refreshing. I mean, we had all done each other, but always as a group type thing. This was different. Everyone found out what kind of lover they really were as they tried to find ways of making sweet love to someone different. From the comments I heard Sunday afternoon, it was a great success and something that all of us wanted to repeat in the future. We love our mates, but we are cocksuckers, foremost and forever.

     Monday found me back at my latest venture. I was going to do all in my power to save the little used book store. I spent several days at city hall arguing with the city fathers about tax breaks; you know all of the good stuff that cities go out of their way to throw at mega-corporations to get them into town. When it comes to helping some small business owner they are so deaf. I lessened my frustrations by going back to the little book store and finding a well lit corner, a cup of coffee, and a good book. I noticed that a tall lanky lad came in around one each afternoon. By about the third day he had began to draw my interest.
    Now I must beg you, my dear reader, not to read anything into my description of the boy. I have a difficult time trying to express my feelings without seeming to be judging or prejudiced. The boy had Mongoloid features. His chubby little face, the bulging eyes, the blank stare, drool on his chin…I don't really know how to talk to young people like that. I had the impression that Alice, the owner of the book store, may be his mother. However, if she was I wanted to knock her face off. She treated the boy badly. She kept scolding him and telling him to stop drooling. To stop acting like an idiot, etc. As if he could control himself. He was mentally impaired. By her actions, she was too.
    The boy had a really bad tick. I had noticed it the first time I saw him, but I had thought that it was on the left side of his face. One day he brought me a cup of coffee. He had a wide grin on his face, but the tick was on the right side of his face and it seemed to be more pronounced. His eye lid nearly turned itself inside out as his jaw twitched and his head jerked, violently. I was amazed that with his physical handicaps he had managed to hand me a cup of coffee from a completely steady right hand, without spilling a drop. "I see that the bailiff, Jakoff, is seated on the box." I looked at him then to my book. I was reading Tolstoy's; A Boy, the first chapter, the Slow Journey, has that line at its beginning. I watched as the boy dragged his foot behind him to stand beside his mother.

    The day dawned on her three week notice to her landlord with the opening of an enlarged store front. The area to the east of her had the old floor to ceiling windows of the variety store still in place. They were now draped in home style curtains with heavy dark linings blocking out most of the light pollution. Setting in groups of two or three about the room were second hand overstuffed chairs with a reading lamp at its side. Plain black coffee with paper packages of sugar, sugar substitutes, and creamers sat at a small table in the back.
    A new sign in the window advertised free WiFi, one half hour limit. The store was packed to the fire marshal's limit until closing time. For the first time ever she had customers until that closing time of ten pm. Sales were in excess of her previous six months total. The college students we hired were fantastic at helping people locate their selections and the time that my new partner and I had spent in the city's numerous used book shops reaped large returns.
    I have a reading room and a friend. Cas is a reader and has dragged Pete and Tyler with him several times. I was stunned to hear Jim spouting Joyce. The wonders of books. The wonders of life.
    It was late in the evening a week into her new operation that I ended up taking five of the boys down to find new books. Cas, Tyler and Pete wanted to find books on sports heros while Turner and Cory wanted to see if they could find some books on American history.
    I was mortified when Cory walked in and saw the boy. "You lamo, retard. Why don't you get a life?" I was ready to throttle the kid when I saw the boy, looking quite normal, laughing his ass off. I stepped behind a book rack to watch. The boy's name was Sid, short for Sydney. He was seventeen and in fact he is Alice's nephew. He was a clown that had perfected a routine of being Mongoloid for a part that he was playing in a movie being filmed in our town. He liked to practice his routine, trying to perfect himself before his closeup shots started. At present they had been shooting scenes of him at the park, running and participating in a special needs student ball game scene.
    Cory saw me watching and dragged Sid over to me. Sid cracked up as he stood before me, straight faced for once. His eyes were actually sunken. His jaw quite angular and his cheeks rather hollow. He pulled out some balloons and shoved them in his cheeks and took a deep breath to make his eyes pop. His tick was the hard part as he had to maintain the eyes and the tick without going unconscious from not breathing.
    I felt offended, as if he had been making fun of people less fortunate than himself. Then again I was offended that he had tried to fool me and toy with my emotions. He begged me to allow him to go up to the house for the weekend. He was good friends with most of the boys and assured us that he would fit right in. I gave Cory the benefit of the doubt, feeling by now that he should have developed a sense of character recognition and know who he was bringing into a house full of cock sucking fags.
    Tyler was our chauffeur for the evening. I, by virtue of my rank, took the front seat while Cory dragged Sid and Turner to the third seat for top secret, whispered, conversations. Tyler dropped us off at the front door then pulled his van around to the side where it would be closer to the guest house where he and Cas had their own private love nest.
    I went straight to the coffee pot. I am getting bad about the amount of coffee I drink. Cup in hand I turned around to be confronted by a super skinny six foot bean pole. He looked anemic and totally emaciated. His light strawberry hair looked patchy on his thin frame. His cock was pencil thin and long, at least six or more inches long and hanging soft across almost non-existent balls. I did a double take as I looked into his dark, recessed eyes that seemed so haunted and empty. This couldn't be the same boy. Had we picked up someone else on the way home?
    Suddenly Sid took a deep breath and the skinny body before me took on breadth and color. He held on to the counter top as he gasped for several deep breaths. He grabbed his package and pulled his balls from between his legs. The whole tribe was standing around cheering and laughing as Sid took on the look of a real human being.
    "Come on, do it." Jerry and Tim were both badgering him. "Show us. Please??" Sid looked at me and said something to Cory. Cory laughed and told him it was all cool Then he asked me to assume the uniform of the house. I had many hands assist me as I made the transition. Naked, at last, I was led over to my chair as the boys took seats around Sid.
    Sid sat on a stool from the kitchen bar. He pulled his feet up to one of the runners with his legs spread wide. The pool door slid open as Cas, Tyler, and Pete slipped in. Great lover I am. I had not even realized that my true love was not in the house. He slipped into my lap and gave me a toe curling kiss. Cory shushed everyone as all eyes returned to Sid.
    Sid was shaking now. He looked about the room. His eyes watered. "Ar…are, are, you all gay?" He was beginning to shake. Cory put his arm around him as Jerry and Tim moved in. They talked quietly for a moment then sat back down. Sid, with a new resolve, steeled himself and relaxed. He pointed at his extremely thin and long dick. Without any signs of erection it rose up to stand straight out from his body.
    He lowered his finger and his dick lay back, long and limp. He wiggled his finger and pointed up and his dick followed. He held it straight out for several seconds then again let it lay back down. He looked around the room with a melancholy that melted through my soul. The boys started to cheer when I held my hand up. Every eye was on me as I looked at Sid. The boy had something on his mind and I wanted to let him feel free to speak.
    "I have never had sex. I have never even played with myself. I have heard about jacking off and fucking girls and about fags, sorry. I don't mean you guys…" He lost it and started to cry. Cory lay his head on the boy's feet and kissed them, lightly. Sid looked down at Cory. "I don't have to do those things, but it makes me lonesome. I have gone to The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß meetings a couple of times and I have seen all of you there." He let his eyes move around the room."Are like all of you…you know…"
    "Gay? We are all homosexual," I stated.
    "It is great that you let them all come here to be together, I think."
    "We all live here. These are all my sons, or foster sons, or wards. I have custody of each and every one of them and this is their house and their home."
    "Wow…I like to show off for guys. I like to have them look at me. Sometime I think that maybe I want to do something, but I get scared and I just shoot and its over."
    "You said that you don't jack off." I was puzzled.
    "I don't…just watch, I've never let anybody see this. Can I have a towel or something." A towel appeared and Sid slipped into his trance like state again. The room was deathly silent and every eye watched to see what was to come next. Sid raised his finger and simply said, "Hard." His cock pumped out in record speed to a full ten inches of really thick man meat. "Shoot!!" Cum exploded from the head of his cock as he tried to get the towel in front of the erupting head. Cory pushed his hands away and engulfed the turgid cock, getting all of the nectar. Sid swooned as Jerry grabbed him and held him from falling from his stool.
    Sid was shaking, violently. He pointed at his cock, still in Cory's sucking mouth. "Soft." Nothing happened. That shook Sid. "Stop! Please stop." Cory pulled back. Sid relaxed and said again, "Soft." his cock drooped, but did not return to its previous softness. Sid wanted off of the stool. He wanted to lay down. The boys surrounded him with a hundred questions each. I quietly rose from my seat and walked to the wall and my secret button. Satisfied that I was not being watched I pushed it. A panel opened and I began to punch in the one hundred and twenty eight digits of the combination. The wall slid back into the bathroom behind it revealing the hidden staircase to the playroom.
    Sid was the center of everyone's attention. He begged our promise to keep his story between us. When he was satisfied and comfortable he told us an almost unbelievable tale. His parents traveled the Orient. They were both heavy into Zen. Sid had been trained by Zen monks from the day of his birth. He was in total touch and control with his body. When he was fourteen his family returned to the U.S. One afternoon they sat on a hill in Golden Gate Park, stark naked. Sid and his dad had needs to discharge and both of them caused erections to come on themselves and ejaculations to fly through the air.
    America has different views to this sort of thing than what Sid had ever experienced before. Someone nearby had a video camera on and they were on their cell phone to the police. His parents were convicted of sexual crimes against a minor and are guests of the state of California for the next twenty five years. Sid came to Tucson to live with his mother's sister, Alice.
    Sid was terribly afraid to have any kind of relationship with anyone. He thought that he might in fact be gay as he had never had any desires or thoughts about women. He did think about hard cocks and had dreamed about them. He would awaken in a nervous state and simply point himself off then go back to sleep. Some of the guys were feeling each other up and most of us had kissed our lovers as he told his tale. I suggested that maybe he would like to experience masturbation. He wanted someone else to do him and he them. He wasn't sure what to do or how, but he had a morbid fascination growing in his heart.
    I offered Cory as his trainer. Sid looked around the room and with a blush he told me that he liked men. All eyes went to me. For once in my life I can honestly say that I did not want to be the boy's first. I wanted him to have a peer to peer experience. Cory, Jerry, Tim, even Cas or Pete would be perfect for him. No, he wanted to have sex for the first time in his life and he wanted it to be with me.
    I moved over to him and lay down beside him. I held his trembling body and stroked his naked flesh with as soft of a touch as I could manage. The boys caught on to my eye signals and they began to make out with each other. Pete and Cory paired up as the other's paired off with their true loves. I made sure that Sid saw each boy as he sucked the cock before him and drank deeply of the cum offered him. I moved him so that he could get a close up view of a hard cock being pressed into service as a back door entry was prepared for it.
    He looked on the distorted faces as the boys got their asses plowed hard and fast. He watched with fascination as the looks changed to sheer delight as orgasm swept through their young bodies. He reached out and caught a handful of cum as Trevor fucked Alec into quivering, ejaculating, lump of flesh. He took his handful of sweet reward to his nose and sniffed it then stuck out his tongue for his first tentative taste. Instantly he licked his hand clean and sought out another spasming cock.
    All through this education phase I had held him and caressed him. I kissed his body, his face, and once or twice his lips. He was so anxious to see what was going on around him that he would pull away when he heard a soft moan or sigh nearby. Finally every boy was laying in quiet peace with his partner and it was Sid's turn. I kissed him, he didn't pull back, but stayed glued to my lips. I probed at his lips and his mouth opened. My tongue entered slowly and with love as I probed my way around and into his virgin oral cavity.
    I was quietly fondling his cock to a natural erection as I kept his mind directed elsewhere. He was a handful. I really enjoyed silently stroking him and letting him experience real life from an abnormal faggot's point of view. Sid lay back and let the new pleasure surge through his totally virgin body. In my own mind I could not comprehend the emotions that he must be feeling as he was carried to new and unknown heights. I sensed his impending climax and slowly lowered my mouth over his turgid man stick. I was well rewarded for my efforts, but damn near drowned in the process.
    Sid lay there with his eyes rolled back and his mouth open as he sucked air into his lungs. He smiled at me. "I have been missing that? I had no idea." I asked him what he felt when he commanded himself to ejaculate. He told me that it was nothing in comparison. He simply ejaculated and he felt a peace and comfort come over his body A sort of euphoria, was what he described. He looked into my eyes then at my cock. I put my hand on his chest and told him that he needed to experience his own pleasures for this evening.
    Someone dragged out pillows and blankets. It had been decided that we would all spend the night together in the games room. I found out that Sid's pleasures consisted of feeling a cock in his throat for the first time. He did a decent job. He had to, he had a whole room full of coaches telling him what to do. I drew the line at taking his cherry. I finally got him hooked up with Cory while he and I practiced our cock sucking techniques on each other.
    Sid came up to the house every day for a week or so as we tried to get into the mood for our annual springtime activities around town.

    By that time the fifty first annual Tucson Gem and Mineral show was already in full swing, having begun with smaller shows the week before. The grand re-opening of the book store came at the best time, for both Alice and me.
    The boys wanted to go see what all of the hoopla over a rock show was about. I knew better than to drive into the mess that confronted us, but the show is actually made up of hundreds of vendors from all over the world. They come to Tucson the first of February every year. There are many smaller shows encompassed under the main banner line title. These shows are stretched all over the city. Thousands of people come to these shows, adding to our miserable traffic conditions on streets that were designed for ox carts and horses. There is a saying in Tucson when trying to tell people how to locate a particular destination, "You can't get there from here." It is meant as tongue in cheek, but the traffic snarls and the lack of proper planning by generations past make it seem all too true. I did the next best thing.
    I laid out a complete itinerary that would take three days of afternoon travel. I arranged for all of the boys to skip their schools' afternoon classes for those three days and then I hired a limo. There is no way I am going to drive on streets crowded with thousands of people who have no idea where they're going or how to get there. My limo driver thanked me for my thoughtlessness in thinking of him. I assured him that it was pure pay back for his years of unworthy service. He was grateful for all of the work, and with only one customer. He knew that I paid and tipped very well. He owned the car and this time of year can make or break a small company such as his.
    Now all I have to do is to find a place to put the many tons of rocks the boys just had to buy. Like, I live on a mountain made of rocks, but I now have rocks from Russia, Tibet, Australia, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Canada. I have my own United Nations represented in rocks. Okay, they are gemstones, raw. You can see the beautiful green of the emeralds, or the precious opals. We have a nice raw ruby and of course a diamond or four. The boys were taken away with the geodes and other crystal structures. I barely made it home without a seven hundred pound, six foot round, geode half that "would be perfect as a table if we just add a glass top." They were only asking seven thousand dollars for the rock.
    The small book store was the real winner from the annual show. We had a sign in the front window that we bought books. We had hundreds of new volumes added to our inventory. We also did a trade of three to one, select titles only. Many of the older townspeople gave us books. They loved the reading room, its location, and ambiance. Our winter visitors for the gem show were pleased to find good reading material for the long evenings in the hotel rooms.

    I had the opportunity to meet with Aaron James for lunch one afternoon. You'll remember him as the English teacher and teacher sponsor of Turner's gay club. I needed to find out what the name of that club was. We met in a hole in the wall café a block from the high school. The place had been a major hang out for the kids at school in my day, but it was virtually empty now. The building it was in was mostly vacant with a tattoo parlor on the corner being the only other occupant. Two store fronts between that and the café stood vacant with very old banner signs advertising their availability for lease. I looked at Aaron, "You didn't want a free lunch, what's on your mind?" He looked around the room then back at me.
    "You remember all of the fun we used to have in this place?" he asked.
    "I remember a very brave and foolish young couple who made a very daring move in this very booth." He grinned at me.
    He well remembered the Friday night that we had packed the place with kids from the school. Some smart ass jock was going on about cock size making the man and that only a big muscle man would have a big cock. Aaron and Tom Byrd were sitting in that very booth, with him right where he was now, in the corner. Aaron yelled out, "What do you consider a big cock?"
    The jock spun on him. Aaron was sixteen, he stood a whopping five foot seven inches tall and weighed one hundred and twelve pounds. The jock sneered and grabbed his crotch, "I got six and a half inches of thick man meat, faggot. Want a pull on it?"
    Aaron waved his hand, dismissively, "Go home and grow up, little boy." The room went dead silent. The jock's face turned crimson. I could swear that I saw steam come from under his shirt collar. He clenched his fists and got right in Aaron's face.
    "You do any better?"
    "I know many who do better. I have you beat by two inches. Chris, there has over nine inches. You're tiny, boy." Then emphasis on boy did the trick. The jock was challenged and he wanted blood.
    "Show it, hard, faggot."
    "What's in it for me? I'm not dropping trou for some low life to perv on my sweet body. You must be the fag."
    The shit was in the fan. The jock was ready to kill. His buddies grabbed him and held him back. They were talking in his ear. "You say you got two inches on me," he looked at his buddy who whispered to him, "show me eight and a half and I'll let you suck me." He was all smiles as his cronies high fived around the circle.
    "No, shit head, you got it wrong, as expected. Your friend did the math for you, but you screwed up the punch line. I show you eight and a half and you suck me. Here, now, in front of everybody."
    The jock reeled back. He didn't like that at all. He turned to walk away when one of his buddies goaded him over the edge. "You gonna let that faggot bluff you, man? You ain't the shit you claim." Jock boy heeled up and spun around.
    "You say he got nine and a half?" Aaron nodded. "Prove it, you first." He put his fist right up to Aaron's nose.
    "So you gonna suck my cock?" Jock boy faltered. His buddies drew back. His name was on the line. If he backed down he lost his power over them. If he had to suck cock he would be branded a fag, for sure. I remembered him from Junior high. He had a fag boyfriend. They got caught behind thehedges of his friend's house next door to my house. I was only eleven at the time and had been hiding where I could watch the two of them suck each other's cocks every day. I was fascinated at the huge size of them. The friend was sent away then jock boy and his mother moved away a few weeks later.
    Jock boy headed for the door. In front of him stood Bobby Feldman and another huge jock. "You turning pussy and running, boy?" The big jock asked. Jock boy was shaking. "You made a bet, man. Have the balls to pay up or don't ever show your face around me again." He crossed his arms and looked jock boy in the eye.
    Jock boy went back to the corner table and with his head down he simply said, "Okay." He tried to hide what was going on, but the crowd shouted for Aaron to stand up in the booth. Aaron stood in his seat and opened his Levi's buttons. He flopped out a huge erection in front of the frightened jock's face. When the jock made no move someone pushed him. Aaron ran his cock all over the boy's face as tears poured from his eyes. Aaron pushed his cock head against the boy's lips. Someone hit the jock in the side. He opened his mouth and Aaron shoved his cock all of the way inside. He fucked in and out of the mouth for a few minutes then withdrew.
    As he tucked his super hard cock back in his pants he looked over at me, "Okay, Chris. Show him what a real man can expect." I stood on my seat and pulled the waist band of my elastic shorts under my balls. My fully engorged cock stood out to its full glory, and the sounds of many voices sucking air. Jock boy stood transfixed to the floor. I tugged my cock back into my pants when a strong grip took hold of my wrist. The big jock pulled my shorts all of the way down and pulled jock boy over to me by the back of his head. He pushed his face into my crotch. Jock boy opened his mouth. He gagged as he tried to get all of me in his mouth. His cronies laughed. One of the laughers was pushed forward and was told to show how it was done. He backed away. Jock boy tried again. After a few attempts he got it all of the way in then the laugher was pushed up again and made to deep throat me himself.
    The owner of the place came over and told us that he didn't want to lose his licence. He told us this was not a sex club for underage deviants. I smiled at him, he loved boi cock. He'd done me, often. Jock boy walked home, alone. I saw him down the road and gave him a lift. I told him that I remembered him and my neighbor. He began to cry, quietly. I took him way out to the desert and laid him on the hood of my 442. I gave him the best blow job he ever had and then I fucked his virgin ass. He begged for more. I fucked him many times the rest of the year. He graduated the next spring, but he was labeled by the small minded amongst the student body. He and I got even with all of his friends from that night. We took everyone of them to our beds and fucked their cherry holes, and took pictures.
    "That was some night, wasn't it." I said.
    "I got a lot of cock to suck because of that night. I had everyone of his buddies try to suck my cock and I sucked them." I looked at him strangely.
    "Me too." I told him. We both cracked up over that bit of knowledge.
    "It's a shame that they are going to close this place down." I looked at him and he smiled at me. "You did say that we should have an off campus place for the kids to meet. This place is close to two junior high schools, the college and our campus. It could be an oasis for our kids." He had set me up.
    I made him come off of the story. The building was up for sale. The owner wouldn't put any money in it and he couldn't keep it rented. There were twelve slum type apartments upstairs that had the dregs of the world living in them. The owner was getting older and just wanted out from under it. I made a deal on the building and bought it for pennies on the dollar for what the land alone was worth.
    I talked to the owner of the burger bar and asked him if he could return to making burgers that tasted like the old fashioned kind that he used to sell. He told me his problems of trying to get good meat and produce at a decent price and be able to make a living. He was buying prepackaged, frozen patties and non-dairy cheese. He was using ice milk for his shakes and was bombarded by the soda companies to sell their product over another. I made him and offer he couldn't refuse.
    John wanted to retire, that wasn't an option so he recapitulated when I offered to build him his dream kitchen. I started with the tattoo parlor, which I despise anyway, and worked my way through the building. I gutted the place leaving his little café alone until the end. I had my new business partner with me every step of the way. He had his kitchen with a new set of baker's ovens, as well as two pizza ovens that could each hold four pies at a time. He had always wanted to get into the pie and donut business, we gave him a lunch counter set up on the street side corner with exposure from two sides. We included parking in front for walk in business for his donut counter and homemade pie counter sales. In the back we had lots of well lighted parking with security guards, twenty four seven. Of course it was Carl's men from the newly formed, FI—Foss International Security company.
    He opened his donut and coffee shop the weekend that spring break began. My crew gutted his old place and put the finishing touches on the new, fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. I finally learned the name that the kids had chosen and I loved it. On the kid's side of the restaurant was a serving counter with old style counter seating and a working soda bar. Burgers and fries could be ordered. The burgers were made from home ground fresh sirloin and the fries from hand peeled fresh potatoes. We hired four kids to work different days, after school. They peeled the potatoes and ground the meat to make hand shaped quarter pound patties. They made different flavored syrups for the soda bar and I even taught them how to make onion rings like I had to make when I worked there after school and one summer.
    The far end of the building, where our old haunt had been, had a fireplace on the wall. The room was set up in cozy little seating groups where kids could come and sit at a table and have a snack and visit. There was a sound proof room across the back, where the old kitchen had been. In this room we had a bank of ten telephones that were maned twenty four seven as a hot line for kids in trouble. The city coughed up an enormous amount of money for that room and we applied for Federal funds also.
    The kids had their off campus gay center open to all comers. The security was quite present, but at a safe distance so that the kids knew they were there for their protection, not to hassle them.

    My first tenant for the renovated apartments was a nineteen year old senior named Jack Stryker. The lad bore no resemblance to a boy. He was six two, gaunt and drawn, he looked like a man ten years older than he was. He hadn't been eating right. He was under terrible duress from his family. He and Sid had become a couple and Jack's parents were none too keen on the idea of their only heir being gay. Turner and Cory had kept in touch with Sid and learned of the couple's story. I put the two boys in the apartment directly over the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. I had reduced the number of units to four large two and three bedroom units. I had a special person in mind for the other two bedroom unit.
    I had followed young Curtis and his mother with great interest. The boy was frightened, and rightfully so. His dad was finally located in mid-March. Curtis and his mother remained in a place provided by an anonymous private donation to the shelter. With the father in custody the pair wanted to get back into life amongst the living. I let Cory and Pete make the contact, they brought the two to see the apartment. The mother had not been able to find work to support them while in hiding, she was afraid of her husband finding them. He had threatened their lives, he had the mis-guided idea that if they were dead there would be no one to testify against him.
    Pete has a good head on his shoulders. He had drawn Beth, short for Elizabeth, out and got her feelings about gay life. She had a gay brother and two cousins were gay. She had suffered separation from her family because of her husband's bigotry. She was rather certain that Curtis had tendencies, even at his young age of twelve. Armed with that information I met her at the apartments.
    She had telemarketing experience and had been a call center manager before her problems began. She couldn't work the call center hours and take care of Curtis. I made sure that she was completely sold on the apartment. Curtis had his room laid out the way he wanted it. He had his plans for the living room. They didn't have much furniture left and it was kind of old, but he figured that they could put some sheets over it for now.
    I explained the operation of the hot-line and our need for a person to oversee the operators. The position would also include general bookkeeping and supply ordering for the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß lounge. The position paid more than double what she had ever earned before, but there was a condition. The person filling that job would need to live on the premises and be able to closely monitor the phone room to see to it that all of the phones were maned at all times.
    Curtis caught on pretty quick and I had me a lap full of boy with lots of hugs and kisses. I took the opportunity to get down with Curtis. "There are going to be homosexual young people living in these apartments and coming and going from the club downstairs. Are you comfortable with that?" He looked at me and cocked his head. He looked at his mother then got up close to my ear.
    "I'm gay, you know."
    "I didn't know," I whispered back at him. He laughed that darling laugh of a pre-pubescent boy as he looked at his mother.
    "She does. She has thought so for over a year. Mother's are scary." His wisdom was cute. His mother smiled. I told him that it was entirely out of the question for him to even think of having any kind of sex with anyone in the club. I explained the legal consequences for the older kids. He told me that he was over twelve, nearly thirteen. He knew who he could be with and how to protect them. I promised him that if he was caught in any activity that would cause any of these club members trouble with the police he could expect bigger trouble with me. He kissed my cheek and wrapped his little arms around me.
    I sent a large truck to pick up all of their belongings then had Tim get lost as he drove the family back to the apartments in his and Jerry's van. When Beth and Curtis arrived their boxes of clothes were being carried up the stairs to the apartment. All of the furniture was already off of the truck and only a very few things remained. Beth thanked me profusely and offered herself to me. I embarrassed her when I told her that Cory and Pete were my lovers. Curtis thought it was so kewl.
    Curtis needed the bathroom. He charged up the stairs and let out a yell when he got to his apartment. Beth and I went up to see what was wrong. Their furniture was not there. The place was filled with brand new furniture, "just like I told Jimmy and Willy I wanted." I cringed when I heard him call my boy Willy, but said nothing. I smiled at Beth and gathered my boys to head for home and bed.
     Beth asked me to let Jim spend the night. I explained that Jim was gay and that she might not be ready for her suspicions about Curtis to be confirmed. She assured me that she was. She knew what she had to face and she wanted to be sure that the first time Curtis had sex it would be with someone that would not hurt him. I tried to tell her that this was not a parent's place. As nobble as it sounds, our kids have to pick their own partners.
     As we talked she had walked over to the bathroom door and pushed it open revealing Curtis on his knees giving the first blow job of his life to Jim. Jim grinned at me. I let him stay the night after strong cautions against anal sex with such a small youngster. The next morning I got a blow by blow account of the previous evening's account. Not from Jim, from Curtis. He had just enjoyed 'the bestest day of his whole livelong life.'
     I had him brought up to the house to swim in the heated pool and have lunch with the boys. He was well fondled and enjoyed by all of us, but sex remained between him and Jim. I will admit that Curtis looks cute with a mouth full of cock and he seemed to have it full most of the day. He really wants to try anal sex and he watched from a sixty nine position as Christopher opened Jim up for him. Jim let Curtis fuck him and the boy is hooked, but I fear that tiny little ass of his getting too much to fast.

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