Chapter 89


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    My rental car was parked at the front door of our new house in Albany. I felt as if I was arriving at a palace. The place is huge. I realized that I would have to have a staff to operate the place. That will be fun. How does one go about hiring a staff of domestic help for a houseful of naked teenage boys who want to hump each other in the most unusual places and at the most unusual times?
    As the boys headed to the front door it was opened for them. Standing before us was the chauffeur that had worked for Hillary. A young man of about nineteen or twenty stood nearby. Both men were totally naked and wearing only a smile and a hearty, "Welcome home, sirs."
    First things first. I had questions. Edmund had another idea. The weather was brutal and we had frozen gonads in serious need of defrosting. Mitchell led the way to a large room with plush furnishings and a huge fireplace, complete with a roaring fire. A cart was rolled before us as Mitchell filled cups of hot chocolate for Edmund to serve to each of us. I was asked if I preferred a cup of Folgers coffee instead. I took the hot chocolate with a dollop of real hand whipped cream. Somebody giggled that hand whipped boi cream would be good. Edmund laughed along with us as Mitchell blushed from head to toe. I love to watch a naked boy blush.
    "I was introduced to that recipe only recently, sir." Edmund looked at Mitchell who renewed his blush. Edmund is not a bad looking man. He is fifty two and quite fit. His cock hair is sprinkled with gray, but it surrounds a nice hanger of nearly four inches soft. Mitchell had been a street boy. When he was thirteen. he made his way into the converted livery barn after he had been beaten severally. He hid between the cars that were garaged there. His family had cast him out for being different. He had been making his way on the street for about two weeks by hustling. Two older boys had beaten him and robbed him, they had him naked and were going to rape him when someone entered the alley. Mitchell broke and ran for his little life.
    Somehow the tiny waif found his way onto the estate and into the garage. Hillary found him during her morning walk and had Edmund take the boy to his apartment. Edmund cleaned the boy and put a robe on him. Hillary went in to see him and listened to his story. The old lady has clout as well as class. She had one of her servants go out to purchase clothes for the boy. She arranged for a series of tutors to teach the youngster who was welcomed into Edmund's life and bed.
    I asked Mitchell if he had ever been with anyone else. He giggled as he looked at Edmund. Edmund nodded to him. He told us that he and Edmund liked to go to places where youngsters hang out and bring a boy home to share. I will have to talk to Edmund, privately. In the meantime I had to let Mitchell know who the boss was. I called him over and sucked his dick.
    Edmund thought that this was not appropriate. They were hired help and should not fraternize. I told the boys that we had been too long out of uniform. Clothes filled the air followed by eight hard dicked boys who showed the old man what was appropriate in our family. I loved Mitchell as Edmund showed us how much he loved boys. He was covered in boi juices from head to toe. He had a funny gait as he tried to gather the cups and plates from our snack.
    Mitchell was asleep in my lap, still impaled on me. I was fondling the boy's nice jewel box and enjoying the softness of his smooth flesh. Reluctantly I had to separate from the youth and follow the family as we located our rooms for the week.
    We passed into a new wing adjacent to the main house. A master bedroom suite had been built on the ground level for Hillary. I was not real comfortable sleeping in the old girl's bed. There were five very large guest suites in that wing, those would do nicely.
    I chose a room and sat down on the bed. I called Mitchell to join Edmund and me for a moment. "Mitchell, what is your fondest wish for the evening?" He looked at me. I guess I hadn't phrased that very well. Mitchell took on a silly grin and looked at Edmund.
    "I would like to sleep with you and daddy and get the living shit fucked out of me all night long." At that Edmund took a seat on the bed and tried his dead level best not to have a coronary as he laughed harder than he had laughed in years. I asked him if he would like to share his boy with me for the night. His semi-hard cock answered for him. He told me that he was Mitchell's bottom. He could hardly get it up any more and even then once a week was his best. He is too young and too fit to have that problem. I would have to learn what was wrong. Tonight I had a boy that I wanted in a big way. I also knew that I would have to let Edmund know who the man of the house was. I started by calling him Ed. It was Hillary who had demanded the longer name. Mitch and Ed were their names.

    Time zones can mess a man's system up. The boy's were ready for their dinner. It was only six in the evening at home. The family would be sitting down, without us. My heart hurt. Ed was ready to prepare a full meal. I told him that these were teenage boys. I asked for the number for a nearby pizza delivery place. Mitch gave me a gleeful look. Ed told me to follow him.
    I went to each boys' room to gather them for whatever Ed had for us. I didn't knock, I wanted to catch them and I did. Jace and Frank were showing how much they love one another. Frank was deep into Jace, top and bottom. Jace was impaled in Frank's lap and their tongues were tied together in a knot. Of course I held the door open wide enough that Ed and Mitch could see. I wanted them to know what they had to contend with if they were to remain with us.
    Next we found Tran and Damien asleep in each other's arms. I so hope that Damey can sleep quietly tonight, I wanted to lord it over the hired help. We found the other four in the middle of a king sized bed, each one sucking lovingly on the cock of another. I love circle sucks, I have had some of my best orgasms like that.
    Ed played pied piper as he led his little mice to the huge kitchen. I had only done a cursory walk through the house before I bought it. I had so much to do and very little time. Plus the fact that…well I just couldn't feel comfortable going through Hillary's house. I am afraid that it is going to take me a little time to get over the fact that it was her house. It is now mine, even though I feel as if I stole it. I will make a gift of this house to Ģerâld in few years.
    Mitch pushed me into an alcove where Ed stood before a five foot wide, stone lined pizza and bread oven. He winked at me as he turned to open a preparation bar that could hold any kind of pizza ingredient one could think of. He showed us the very large commercial refrigerator full of several cheeses. A rack nearby had eight different kinds of sausages including, naturally, pepperoni. He had canned sauce and the ingredients to make his own special sauce that, "we would kill to get again and again." But we would have to wait about an hour for him to prepare that properly. "Anything less and the sauce is flat," we were told.
    The boys opted for his sauce if they could have a salad and some bread now. Ed and Mitch swung into motion as we rounded up chairs to sit at the large chef's table in the middle of the kitchen where we could watch. Mitch took a large stainless steel container from the refrigerator and poured the contents into a large aluminum pan. Those will be in the garbage tomorrow. Or better yet they will be melted down and placed in a recycling bin. Aluminum cookware has been proven time and again to be a major cause of Alzheimer's disease. I will have nothing, but heavy duty, triple clad stainless steel in my house. Mitch began to set the table before us as the boys jumped up and asked where things were. They were going to help, even amid the protests of the hired help. I told them to work together or I would fire all of them and go out to eat.
    Mitch was allowed to fill each boys' bowl with salad. He set hot bread about the table so that we did not have to reach across. A bowl of piping hot, homemade Gazpacho soup was set before me. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to foods. I eat what I like and I pass on the rest. I have a very narrow variety in my diet. I had eaten this soup in an Italian restaurant at one time and I loved it. I don't like bell peppers, but these had been cut very small and cooked slowly. One thing I do know is that most tomato based food takes on a much softer flavor after sitting in the refrigerator overnight. The ingredients seem to blend together. Or morph into something else. This soup was great.
    Ed turned to me, "Tell me how to prepare your favorite pizza, sir." I sat still. Ed looked at me. I continued to eat my soup as if nothing had been said. "Sir?"
    "He won't answer to that. His name is Chris, or dad. At your age it better be Chris." The boys cracked up at Bryan. He is a scallywag. Ed laughed too.
    "Well, I just grab a flour tortilla and smear a bit of Ragu on it. I open a bag of sliced pepperoni and another bag of shredded mozzarella. If I feel like taking the time I dig in the refrigerator for a piece of onion and maybe some mushrooms then I throw it directly onto the burner of the electric stove." Ed's eyes were wide as he held his hand to his mouth. The boys were choking on their salad as they tried their best not to laugh.
    Ed looked about the table and began to smile. "That's how I ate until Ģerâld became our official cook," I told him. I told him that I like my pizza with a very, very thin crust that gets really crisp. At home we only have one ingredient, the telephone number of one of several different pizza shops nearby. Ed turned his nose up at me.
    I like the sauce lightly passed over the crust, just barely coloring it. I want a layer of cheeses then the toppings. I like a lot of mozzarella. A hard cheese, such as Parmesan or Romano, is great on pizza. But no string cheese or oily cheddars. He wanted to know what toppings I liked. I told him to fix the boys what they wanted and I would enjoy that. He wouldn't hear of it and neither did anyone else. I started in on my artery clogging concoction. I told him that if he didn't have a particular item I could understand, but I would tell him my ideal pizza recipe.
    I like spicy sausage, crumpled into small pieces. A bit of hamburger beef. A generous scattering of mushrooms with onions over that then another layer of hard cheeses. If available I like Canadian bacon and small bits of pepperoni scattered about. I like it very crisp, more like a cheese crisp. He asked me if I liked cheese crisp. I told him I was from Tucson. Mexican food is a stable there. He said he would try to learn to cook Mexican foods. I told him I knew two women that lived nearby who would make him a master in days.
    The boys wanted the same thing. I know that they always order the thick crust pan pizzas with lots of bread dough. They like that thick crust with cheese rolled inside of it. That night they wanted to try my recipe, although a couple of them didn't want onions and someone else wanted green peppers. Bless his heart Ed went to work and in half an hour we had four twenty four inch pies sitting before us prepared exactly as we had asked, including Canadian Bacon and hot, spicy sausage.
    I made Ed and Mitch sit with us and eat. I asked for more of the soup. The pizza was great, but the soup was a real treat. We had not taken time to make proper introductions. I told Ed that what he was going to hear was not to leave the house. I let him know that I was a Federal agent and that he would most likely overhear confidential conversations. I told him that he would be investigated, throughly. By morning I would know more about him than his mother did. He blanched. I took his hand in mine and looked him in the eye. "Whatever I learn is between us, unless you are a wanted criminal. I have to be sure that you are not one of the people trying kill me and these boys. I have had two major attempts on my life. Young Branden over there was kidnaped by armed soldiers from a hospital in Ticonderoga. Bryan, Lance, and Les,… well let me introduce you to the people that will be in the house with you tonight. And for your information. There are armed guards on the grounds. You will not be allowed to leave here tonight without my say so." That got a frightened look from both of the servants.
    I introduced each boy and briefly told their stories. Ed had been following the news stories of the beak up of an international child slavery cartel. His eyes moistened as he heard how the three boys recovered in France had been chained to the wall and forced to preform sex acts for their daily food. Both men were very visibly shaken by the stories of each boy.

    I learned that Edmund Farraci is Italian. His family owns one of the largest Italian restaurants in the city. He had found Mr. Carpenter when he was but a boy. Mr. Carpenter had a taste for boy meat and he found Italian boi sausage to be his favorite. He kept the boy close to him for several years, with Missy's blessing. Ed used the household staff's nick name for the matron of the house. To them it was a term of endearment. When Edmund turned eighteen he was moved into the apartment where he lives now. He and Mr. Carpenter spent each afternoon setting things straight. Edmund was well provided for and had total freedom to leave at his will, but he had fallen in love with his benefactor at the very beginning. When Mr. Carpenter died he bequeathed Edmund an extremely large amount of money.
    I learned that the man is worth a little more than four million dollars. He has the lifetime use of the apartment which is now lost to him because or the sale of the property. I asked him what it would take to get him to reconsider. He looked at me with a blank stare. I asked again what it would take to get him to stay in the apartment under new ownership. Tears welled up in his tired old eyes. I knew that he needed a hug.

    That is how his nephews found us. The back door opened and two very cute, black haired boys bounced into the room. They froze in place as they saw their naked uncle hugging a naked man and a room full of naked boys looking on. A man of about thirty five or so began to apologize and tried to gather his boys. I stood up and told him to stop. I apologized to the boys for being naked before them and suggested that they may want to go to another room while their dad did his business with Ed. I had to clarify that, Edmund.
    I met Vito the fourth. He is the son of Ed's younger brother. He apologized for barging in. I got in his face. "I want this plainly understood. You and yours are welcome in this house anytime. You must understand that me and my boys are gay and we will more than likely be naked. If that is a problem you may call first and we will meet you properly attired. In the future you may use the front door like family. You don't have to sneak in. You are welcome to come and go as you see fit."
    "There you go boys." Vito said to his two young sons. "They came out to me about three months ago. They are as queer as my uncle. We came by so the boys could talk to Mitch about anal sex. They think they are ready for that. I remember the first time I did it. I was about their age and I did it with someone who only wanted sex. He hurt me and didn't care. I want my boys to do it the right way. Is that wrong of me?"
    It was not wrong. I admire the man for taking the step to help his son's learn. Vito's wife had gone out of town for a few days. She had a sick family member to tend to. Vito told her that he and the boys would stay with Edmund. She knows that the boys have sex together, but she has no say so in it.
    We told the visitors to help us eat the mountain of food that their uncle had prepared. They ran to Vito and whispered in his ear. He told them to get naked. "They looked silly being the only ones dressed." The three of them removed their clothes. Mitch gathered them and left the room with the two boys following him. They were back in a few minutes and full of giggles.
    "Sir, ah, Chris could…would you mind if Antonio and Paulo spent the night with some of your boys?" Ed asked me if he could take a rain check. I nodded at him and smiled as he locked eyes with Vito. The man was one good looking Latin hottie. Too hairy for me, but hot for a bear lover.
    I called the two boys to me. I looked at them very sternly. I learned that they were fourteen and twelve and three quarters years old. They had been sucking each other's cocks since they were nine and ten. They both had other boys that they played around with, but they wanted to have anal sex with each other.
    I examined their equipment. They were mature for their age, but not overly large. Both of them were cut and I so wanted to taste a little Italian sausage with cream. I had them bend over and checked out their tiny openings. I dipped my finger in the bowl of olive oil on the table and pressed it into them. That was their first penetration. I held my finger alongside of their stiff cocks. Each of them was at least two of my fingers wide and just as long. I told them that they were going to hurt, bad.
    Antonio turned to my boys and asked them if they got fucked in the butt. I had to laugh at his boldness. Each of the boys showed them their enlarged ass holes and told him that they fucked and got fucked everyday. Bryan told him that each of them really liked for me to fuck them. Of course I was fully boned. I leaned back so that the two youngsters could get a good look at my cock. They had to handle it and talk about how it would be impossible to get that up their butts. Bryan is not much larger than the smaller boy. He walked over and backed up to me. He pulled my cock down and aimed it at his butt and backed up. I had to lift him up in order to not get hurt from the angle of attack. I lowered Bry all the way down on me. I had a wide eyed boy on his knees to each side of me investigating the point of penetration.
    "If you really want to know how to take it up the ass you should spend the night with our dad. He sleeps with each one of us all of the time. We have all watched him take boys even smaller than you and they love it so much that they cry for him to do them again. Bryan there, gets dad's cock up in him more than any of us do cause he had so much trouble when we were…" Les started to cry. He was surrounded by his brothers in an instant.
    I gave all five of our new friends my famous, "It's your body and no one has the right to touch you." speech.
    Paulo looked at me, "I like you. You're nice. Do you want to fuck me?"
    "I want to suck your cock until your balls are shriveled like raisins and watch your brother take your cherry and you take his." Paulo looked at his brother and they both turned to their dad.
    I looked at Mitch. He told me that I knew where he lives and I could come over anytime. I worried about that. He would be alone. My boys wouldn't stand for that. Branden and Bryan wanted him to sleep in their bed. He began to clear the dishes. Everybody jumped in to help. We all kissed and groped the cook as we thanked him for our marvelous meal. He wanted to know what we wanted for breakfast.
    I looked at the boys. "Tomorrow will be a very rough day for us. We have to be downtown at nine so I think a good breakfast would make our day go better. I asked him if he had any canned biscuits that we could cook quickly. I could have hit him for the impact that statement had. I was told, very frankly that biscuits only take a few minutes to prepare and he would have three dozen ready at seven o'clock. He asked if we were the biscuits and gravy kind. I kissed him for that. I told him that I lived for sausage gravy and hot biscuits. What a breakfast he served us.

    We were wrapping ourselves around that breakfast Monday morning when I got a phone call from Tony Dogg. Court had been canceled for the day. There had been a break in at the prosecutor's office. He would call me later with more details. With full bellies the boys and I wanted to see our new house. Ed was pushed aside as the boys cleaned the kitchen. Mitch was allowed to stay and show them where everything went, but he could not help. Tony called me right back. The defense attorney wanted to interview Frank at noon.
    Ed, Vito, and I drank coffee. Vito asked what line of work I was in. I was dressed in slacks, shirt and tie. My vest and jacket hung by the front door with my attache case on the floor beneath them. I looked at the man and told him, very quietly, that I was a Federal agent and that these boys were under my protection. I asked him if he had encountered guards outside when he came in. He told us he had and that he had to show them ID to be allowed to pass. The guards had talked to his boys where he couldn't hear. They told him afterwards that they were asked who they were and why they were here. They told the guards that they came to spend the evening with their uncle.
    I knew that the force had been on the job, but hearing this report made me feel good. As everyone had gone to their chosen beds I had slipped out to give the watch sgt. my collected specimens. I had told the local commander to allow some leeway with visitors until we got settled in. No one knows where we are, yet, so we could relax and feel the territory out a bit. I was glad that he had his men on the same wave length. I don't want to explain to Vito or any one else why we are here. They can learn that for themselves as the news people smear our names and faces all over the airways.

    We had a free morning. I asked Ed to show us around. Our tour was fun. It took us nearly three hours to go through the house. Of course we did have to stop and make sure that certain beds were comfortable enough for sex. Tony and Paul, yeppers I shortened their names as I lengthened their colons, wanted to fuck each other in one of the rooms. They had watched as Bry grabbed Lance. Lance has tried to pull back into his shell a couple of times in the last twenty four hours and there is not one of us that will allow that to happen. He got the shit fucked out of him before a cheering audience then had his body coated in the thank offering of each one of us. That was his first cum bath and he just lay on the bed and played his fingers around in all fourteen loads of spunk. Yeah, you have to count his massive offering that covered a trail from his chin to his belly button just moments before Bry filled his ass. Bry is one big container of boi cum, which I learned quickly. He is ever ready with another load. As he watched each of us play our meaty fiddles he fiddled his own meat for a load aimed at Lance's mouth and nose.
    Everybody was ready to cover the brothers as they took position. Tony got it first. He lay back and Paul spit and licked for a few minuets. He spit again then lined up and slid in. I told them later that they were still open from me being in them the night before, but they would need to be sure the other was open before trying to penetrate or they would be hurt and not enjoy their union.
    The pair put on a cute show that had all of us wanting to join them After they did their bump and got their cum bath they locked their arms around each other and smeared the cum across both of them. Talk about hot. Then they turned and began to lick each other clean. They made sure that no spot on their young bodies was left unattended. It was less than half an hour before Paul was ready to get his turn. Ed and Vito were cumed out, but they still played their fiddles as they watched the novice homos practice their new knowledge.

    I have never bought anything sight unseen before. I learned that Hillary had not properly represented the house to me. She had claimed that there were thirty eight rooms in the main house, twenty five of them being bedrooms. She also told me that there were six small suites on the fourth floor for live-in servants.
    Our first stop was through the long wall of pocket doors across the back of the large main room. It was not the main room by any sense of the word. The room that I had met Hillary in, where my boys and I had sat the night before the fire drinking hot chocolate, the one I thought was so grand was only the entrance seating area.
    Beside the fireplace, where we had sat, was a set of double opening pocket doors leading to the family dining area. An intimate space with seating for ten or so. The entire east wall was a series of windows and French doors opening to a covered patio. I can envision some pleasant times through the centuries in that room.
    I had thought that it was strange that there was no furniture along the south wall of the main room, there were no pictures or lamps along its length either. It was not a wall. It was a series of the most intricately carved and molded pocket doors that I had ever seen. Each panel slipped back then slid to the west, to be stored under the ornate, grand stairway; that was actually in the center of the room, not offset to one side as I had pictured it. Ed was opening the doors from the sitting area while Mitch and the nephews opened the doors on the other side of the stairway.When those doors were rolled back the largest formal room that I had ever seen was exposed, the formal front room, or parlor. I had thought it strange that a small seating area was situtated under the grand staircase, with the doors secured in their open position that area became very intimate. An area of twelve feet in width and fifteen feet in depth was revealed. Cabinets were set in under the stairs that contained the sound system for the parlor, as well as a large screen television, with surround sound. A very nice place to watch television with no glare from windows and away from the main traffic paterns.
    Ed told me that ten feet of the parlor had been given up for the passageway to the new bedroom wing that Missy had built five years earlier. That still left an impressive fifty foot long room, twenty five feet wide. The floor in that room was pecan, a beautiful wood when cut properly and the most durable for flooring; it is most often found in gymnasium floors. To the east end of the formal room was a high archway leading into the formal dining room with a marble floor of dark blue. That room was fifty feet wide and sixty feet long with a twenty foot high ceiling. A single table was set with service for twelve, but it could easily seat thirty people, to each side. There was room to move that table off center and set another table to the end and then another matched pair beside that. There would still be room for servers to move about with two hundred people dining at one time.
    The palor had three wide, and tall, fireplaces in it. Two graced the back wall and the other was a double fireplace that also serviced the last room on that floor. A very well stocked library with four intimate reading areas set about a twenty by twenty five foot space. Large French doors led from there to the back patio and terraced gardens. Suddenly my mind reeled at the thought of what the heating bill must be for this place.
    To the south of the parlor was the grand ball room. I was overwhelmed as I looked up at thirty foot ceilings. Gold gilt adorned the ornate trim. The ceiling looked like pictures of European church ceilings. The room was a full one hundred and fifty feet long. Windows ran from floor to ceiling with sets of twelve foot tall double doors spaced about ten feet apart. Those opened to a large back patio and terraced gardens. The floor was pink marble. I truly felt as if I were in a palace. The east end of the ball room opened into the dining room through more pocket doors.
    We were directed up the grand stairway to the second level. A long wall ran the length of the hallway with wide doorways set twenty feet apart. Each of the doorways opened to a small balcony looking down into the ball room. There were plush chairs to seat four on each of the eight balconies. At each end of the second floor was a large room with intimate seating areas set about. The room was filled with an abundance of plants, giving the feeling of sitting in a garden. A wide terrace ran the length of the hundred foot, narrow rooms. They weren't that narrow actually. Each room was twenty five feet wide, but the length and the plants made it appear long and narrow.
    The second floor had six guest rooms along the front of the house. I had to hold on to the door facing as we were shown room after room. These were not rooms. They were halls themselves. The smallest room we saw had to be thirty five feet long. Each room was forty five feet deep from the door to the window. Each room had its own seating area with a fireplace and bookshelves. Each room had a monstrously large bathroom with all of the amenities. And each room had a private balcony opening from the three center windows. They commanded an excellent view of the surrounding neighborhood across the wide span of the well kept grounds of the estate.
    Ed showed me the secrets of the house as Mitch led the boys on down to another room. There were secret passages throughout the house. These were used by the staff to move about without encountering the family or their guests. These passages led to large hidden inner rooms where the staff for that floor could kick back for a break. There are seating areas and beds in these rooms. There were shelves for linens and toiletries and various things to keep the rooms of that floor stocked. I asked Ed if there was any hanky panky going on behind the walls of the old castle. He grinned at me. Each passage door could be locked from both sides. I asked him to secure them from inside for the time being. I am not ready to loose a couple of boys in the labyrinth of passages. I will need a roadmap for any search parties that need to be called out.
    I asked him about the heat. He showed me the interior design of one of the fireplaces. Every room in the house had its own fireplace. Central heat was not available in the mid-nineteenth century. Throughout the house three eighths inch copper tubing ran along the baseboards. I had noticed the ornate design of the baseboards, but had not let it stir me to any action. Now I wanted to know more. Originally lead pipe had been installed, about the turn of the twentieth century galvanvanized pipe was put in, that was replaced in the fifties with copper. The most recent renovation had replaced every inch of copper, over three and a half miles of it.
    Placed at the back of the firebox in each fireplace was a finned heat collector. These looked much like an automobile radiator, complete with pressure release cap. The firebox had a heavy stainless steel top with the damper assembly to the back. Along the front, just behind a removable panel in the mantle, lay the collector, laid flush against the thin steel to absorb the maximum heat. Some of the heat was directed into the room from this collector. I had noticed the small slots in panels on the front of each fireplace and had thought about the amount of dust and extra work such a design would create. I had no idea that they were functional. Heat from the fire heated a solution of propylene glycol and water. Ed reminded me that propylene glycol is used as a preservative in some soft drinks, such as Pepsi Cola Products. Ethylene glycol is petroleum based and poisonous. A thermostatically controlled valve mixes this heated solution with the main line to boost water coming from the main heater in the basement.
    The base boards had a design that was functional. Water was passed through an exchanger made of four pieces of tubing in a web of fins to help transfer the heat. What I thought was plain old fancy carving from two centuries past was in fact functional. The open design let cool air come from the floor and cross the thin metal panels then up and out to the room. These heat panels run along the baseboards of the outside walls of the entire house. Each room is now equipped with a more modern thermostatically controlled valve that controls the flow of water through the room. Unneeded hot water is circulated through a system of heavily insulated three quarter inch tubing. When a room calls for heat the thermostat to that room opens to allow the water to move along the baseboard then back into the larger pipe at the other end. I had to see the main boiler.
    The grand stairway ended at the second floor with wide stairs to the side leading on to the third floor landing and another seating area. The family's living and sleeping quarters lay to each side of the hallway. One wide stairway led up from the landing on that level to the fourth floor which was divided into two parts at the stairway. The wide hallway had a wall with an ornate door to the right. To the other direction seven large bedrooms were laid out. Three to each side then across the far end of the house the largest and most grand of them all. I knew in an instant that it had been Hillary's childhood palace. The room was everything that a little girl could ever want. She was high above the family so she was out of the way. The room ran the full width of the house, over one hundred feet long. It was a good fifty feet deep. A five thousand square foot kingdom for a little princess. From the appointments and furnishing I knew that she had been raised as a little princess. I could see her fascination with this old house. The room had been preserved much as it would have been in her early teen years. A few dolls set in places of honor. An ancient doll house complete with tiny furniture mimicking the Victorian era, sat in the corner on display. I was in love with the little girl that had lived there. I was envious of her. I wanted to sit there and dream of what her life must have been. A well appointed bedroom with a private bath was off of the back end. This would have been the nanny's room, nestled in near the child's room.
    I asked Ed if Jerry's mother had occupied that room. He quickly told me that she had not. She was not allowed in the room but one time when she tried to destroy everything in it. He told me that that little girl was the spawn of the devil. She and her brother, had rooms on the third floor where they could be watched. I asked where Hillary and Mr. Carpenter slept, he told me that their room was on the the far end of the third floor, away from the children. Food for thought, I don't picture Hillary as being cruel to her children, but I only know Ģerâld's mother by reputation.

    Through the ornate door at the middle of the hall of the fourth floor were the servant's quarters. I am not sure what I will do with them. They are each large enough for my married family members. In fact they are larger then the bungalows they now live in. However they would need some work to be brought up to the standard of the remainder of the house. I asked Ed to show me the fifth floor. He looked at me then opened a locked door leading from the servant's quarters wing to another stairway.
    The fifth floor was a regular catchall attic as one would expect to find in any home in the world. It was stacked with dusty boxes and unused bits and pieces of furniture. A large area had been cleaned and new draping covered the contents. I asked if that was the furniture that Hillary was storing. It was. We left it alone as we explored a room with a lot of potential. There were twelve large fireplaces that had been covered for many years. There were no bathrooms on that level, but Ed told me that it would be very little problem to add as many as we wanted. He showed me plumbing inside one area and told me that there were many more of these.
    I had already determined that there were twelve bedrooms, with baths, on the third floor. Each bathroom's plumbing seemed to run up the outside wall at about the same location as the plumbing on the fifth floor. Not bad for a modern rebuild decades after the house was originally built.

    The kitchens had five distinct areas, but Missy had counted it as one room. The cozy family dining area was nestled in between the kitchen and the formal dining room. The ball room, formal living room, the library, the entry seating area, as well as the small waiting room that would become my office, made eight rooms on the first floor. I had seen twenty five bedrooms, two solariums, plus the staff rooms. Hillary, Missy, had told me there were thirty eight rooms plus servants quarters. Where did I miss three rooms, or was she counting the landing on the third floor as a room? The foot print of the original house was two hundred and twenty five feet by one hundred and ten feet. Twenty four thousand seven hundred and fifty square feet. One basement and five stories tall made the house more of castle. I don't remember what the property taxes are for this place. I can imagine that they will be quite large.
    Ed came to my rescue. Nestled in between the end of the formal parlor and the passageway to the new wing were two large restrooms. They were decorated in pink or blue, quaint. There was a shower in each restroom should the need arise, but the rooms were mostly utilitarian with one six foot trough style urinal, no privacy there boys. Let it all hang out. The men's room had three commodes. The ladies room was the larger with eight commodes and plenty of well lit lavatories for primping. Sure that we were alone he showed me one room that I want to keep locked at all times. A ten foot wide room spanned the entire twenty five foot width along the north end of the formal parlor. I have been in bars and night clubs around the world that did not have the wide selection of booze on display behind that bar. There was plenty of storage space for cases of very expensive spirits. Almost anything alcoholic could be found in that stock. I have been known to sip at a drink during social functions. But my socializing now is with minors. I did not want any of my boys to find this stash. I have an idea that some of them could develop a weakness if it was available to them.

    The boys were marking each room with boi musk. Someone got fucked on each bed as they ran through the house like animals marking their territory. With them occupied Ed took my arm and led me to a closet door. Naw, don't get excited. An Otis elevator serviced the entire house, from basement to attic. In 1861 Elisha Otis invented the modern breaking system that prevents an elevator falling. The first elevator installed at Empire Canal had been Otis's steam powered system. That was replaced in 1914 when Otis built an elevator using Alexander Miles electric elevator design. Ed told me that the cables were replaced in 1985 and the motor driven parts are replaced every few years as new innovations come about. The elevator is inspected by the state's elevator regulatory department each year.
    The elevator is a true blessing to the household staff. At the ground floor the car opens to the kitchen. On each of the other levels it opened from the other end to the hallway. In the basement and in the attic it opened from either side. The maids carry laundry to the basement, daily. All supplies are carried in the elevator. Ed told me that the unit was being raised by a Westinghouse motor rated at nine hundred pounds so that they could move a grand piano to the attic several years earlier. He told me that we could go to the roof to see the cable room later. For now we were on our way to the basement to see what other surprises lay in wait.
    The main boiler had been replaced with a state of the art, gas fired unit in 2004. One central unit provided water for the heating system as well as domestic hot water. One corner of the basement sported a very large concrete box. That is what it looked like. Inside a well disguised enclosure were five one hundred gallon water tanks. Each tank fed a zone, kitchen, annex bedrooms, each floor's bedrooms, main house, etc. The tanks lay in a bed of a specialty insulation that trapped the heat inside.
    Ed told me that they had tested the system two years earlier. With normal use through the house, hot water was available for sixty three hours without the main boiler being turned on. He told me that under the rise of the terrace behind the house was a solar collector farm with five parabolic units that track the sun from morning to late afternoon. The collectors were set below the level of the house in a niche carved out of the hill. They were sheltered from three side, open only to the southerly exposure. He told me that on a very lightly overcast day with an ambient temperature of thirty degrees the collectors provided 300°, 50/50 propylene/water mixture from about nine till three thirty. That solution was piped through the storage tanks until they shut off at 145°. After the domestic water was heated the system ran the solar heated water throughout the house's heating system.
    Next he showed me a battery farm. Hillary had allowed Ed to play with solar powered photovoltaics. Ed had fifty thousand dollars of his own money in his solar farm. He generated twelve percent more electricity then the house was using. Of course that would change with my family of energy hungry kids. Ed was on the cutting edge as he was working with the local university, SUNY A, to convert sunlight to hydrogen. The boiler was able to run on natural gas or hydrogen at the flick of the computer's control.
    Our final stop was just outside the basement door where three twenty five KW generators lay in wait for the next power failure. Ed told me that Hillary had laid out almost twenty thousand dollars for that system that had never been used. He told me that during the harsh winter storms of 2004 his solar system had provided all of the electricity to run the house. All of the pumps for the heating system, most of the interior lighting and all of the exterior lighting are low voltage systems that run off of the battery farm. Batteries were the chink in the armor. Each battery costs seven hundred dollars and there are thirty of them. They have to be replaced every five to seven years, depending on usage. I need to study that abstract to learn what has been done and when. But not now.
    I heat our water and power most of my lights at the mountainside home in Tucson with solar collectors. This house is a wonder. I stole this house. I know what Hillary wants and I will see to it that Ģerâld is the beneficiary of her desire. In the meantime I am going to love living and learning here. When I am in New York.

    Ed and I entered the kitchen to the freshly scrubbed faces of ten naked boys. I checked them over. There was not a willy wiggle in the lot. I asked them if someone had fucked in every bedroom of the house. I was looked at as if I were crazy. They wanted to know why I only asked about the bedrooms. The boys had found forty rooms plus the kitchen. That they hadn't fucked in there, but would do so later. I was glad that Ed had the servants wing locked. The boys couldn't get in there or up to the attic. However it might be cute to see their body prints in the dust on the floor of the attic. The boys were fucked out. I could have laid odds on the first words out of their mouths. "We're hungry. What's for lunch?"
    Mitch was busy at the stove. Ed gave him a kiss and a butt squeeze before he checked the large ovens. Ed pulled out a large tray of stuffed chicken breasts. I have no idea when he had taken the time to whip those up. He grinned at me and told me that he knew we would need a good lunch if we were not going to be at the courthouse all day.
    Ed dumped the large pan of potatoes he was fixing into the commercial mixer to be mashed. He added salt and pepper along with the butter and milk then let the machine do the rest. He pulled out a large bowl of salad and two large bowls of hot vegetables. The boys were setting the work table in the kitchen for all of us. I poured a cup of coffee and stayed out of the way. There was a well oiled machine at work and I sure didn't want to be the wrench in the gears.

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