Chapter 191


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cullen James is teaching me. I missed more than I knew by letting Ugitsiha remain at home with her mother during the first few months of Cory Stevens's life. I had no idea what a newborn baby was really like. Cullen James? Alright, we are close and I have told you almost everything about my life so I will tell you how that name came to be.
    When RD and I were introduced to Quemela my life took on new meaning. That may not be entirely accurate. I still had a burning desire to find and help abandoned and troubled boys, after that evening I also had a desire to be the father to my own flesh and blood that they deserved. I had been learning to bond with RD and I discovered how important he was to me. I was very close to Roddy, but that evening seemed to make him even more important to me.
    The women had laid out a prophetic arras that depicted my life. An old Choctaw woman, Abedabun, had prepared the ancient tapestry a few years before Cory and I arrived at the ranch belonging to Chief Steve. That arras showed that I would have another son by Ugitsiha. For the rest of the evening I tumbled names around inside my head for the unborn ùdyi wahya—baby wolf. I was never in doubt that I would name my son after two sweet souls that mean so much to my life. I just couldn't decide which name should come first. Either way I chose would hurt the other boy. I did what I do best, diplomacy.
    Shortly after our return to Tucson I slipped into Jimmy and Cullen's room and slipped the boys my meat. As we lay together in perfect bliss I posed a question to them. Their love for each other is deep and pure, they each wanted the other's name to be first. Both of them cried as they told me how honored the felt by my choice of their names, but no decision could be reached.
    At last a simple game of chance was agreed to with the winner's name taking the first position. Only Cory knows how the name was chosen so don't you go blabbing it to the rest of the family. Cullen won paper, scissors, rock, two out of three times. Ever the diplomat the young prince demanded that the winner should be three out of five so once more the boys shook their fists. A fifth try was not needed as Cullen's paper covered rock on the fourth attempt.
    I saw something in both boys that night. Cullen tried to throw the match to Jimmy. On each try he ended with paper. Jimmy is bright enough that I know that he saw what his lover was doing, yet after the first time of coming up with scissors he kept his fist closed for rock the next three tries. I stared at the wide grin on his face and watched his eyes dance with his joy. Jimmy is the type of boy that wants everyone around him to win. He knows that he is a winner, he has shown that to me over and over again. With any contest that we have in the family Jimmy always makes a good showing, but he will fall just short of the mark and let someone else win.
    Jimmy knows that I know that. I always seek some way of letting him know how much I love him. Cullen is no dummy either, he knew what Jimmy did. The difference between the two boys is that, at the time, Jimmy was quicker on his feet than Cullen was. Cullen had not yet developed his mind to anticipate Jimmy's moves. He had intentionally thrown the game. Were we to play that game today both boys would have a match on their hands as each would try to second guess the other in an attempt to throw the game and we would see a real contest.

    I have become a casual visitor to my house. I can usually be found at Cory's house playing with my baby boys. I find a quiet solace in sitting with my baby boy sleeping on my chest. He is tiny, at only four weeks old. He sleeps most of the time, only awakening to let me know that he needs to be changed or to be fed. Both jobs that I find that I love to do.
    I always include little Cory when I tend to his brother. I want the two boys to bond with never a hint of jealousy to arise between them. Little Cory is very good at passing me a wet wipe to clean the baby and he passes me the powder. He giggles as I sprinkle the tiny butt and that always gets him a kiss on the nose. I often want to grab him up and toss him around, but I have to stop and wash my hands first.
    We did purchase some antibacterial hand cleaner that I use as soon as the baby is dressed again. That allows me to turn to Cory even quicker and he eats the attention up. My favorite time is when the boys return from school and Roddy can join us.
    Each evening before dinner I lay down on the bed with Cullen on my chest and let Roddy and little Cory play around me. Roddy is an affectionate boy that loves his kisses. He has taught little Cory that trait. The two boys lean over me and kiss me as we play our little game of, "Ewww, boy germs." The giggles that I hear are the greatest payment that any man could ever receive.
    After dinner I spend a few more minutes with the boys and RD slips in to join us in family bonding time. I feed Cullen and listen to the other boys giggle when he burps and coos. Once he is asleep I turn my attention to little Cory and put him down for the night. The girls have him well on the way to being potty trained, but we still keep him in diapers overnight. Once he is down I carry Roddy home and put him into his bed next to Dane then RD gets some private time with his dad. Or do I get private time with my son? I know that I truly enjoy those few minutes and I will never grow tired of them.
    RD is growing up too quickly and I will not have him around me forever. I watch him and Quemela and I know that it is just a matter of time before I will watch them stand before the altar to vow to one another their undying love. Until that time I will cherish every moment that I am given with my eldest son.
    Regrets are something that we can never rid ourselves of. I did not know about RD for so many years. I have worried myself when I am alone, I wonder how I would have reacted to knowing of him earlier on. I have relived each and every day of my life as I try to place RD into that day and dream of what might have been. A total waste of time? You bet. I am eating myself up over something that never was and never can be. I do wonder what he was like as a baby. I have no one to ask.
    I love Roddy so much and I thank the Lord everyday for the boy. Would RD have been that inquisitive? I believe that he would have been. I have other ten and eleven year old boys around me and they are all the same, yet I would love to have had RD around me then.
    RD is a pure treasure to me. One evening he was not at Cory's as I put the babies to sleep. I missed him, but I knew that he had to have something important to do to keep him away. I have not mentioned my love to you. My Cory was always at the house with his wife and babies like I was. He dotes on his daughter that they named Awinita—Fawn—after Ugitsiha's mother. Chrissy is a few months older than Cory Stevens and he is the center of Cory's world. I love to see my man with his wife and children, it makes me love him even more.
    Cory usually returns home about the same time that I head to my room from RD's room. We don't need to speak as we bask in the glow of our time with our wives and children. We undress each other and sit in the hot tub together, as close as we can get. Our sex life has become even better since the birth of the babies. I guess that we have so much love within us that we let it flow between us.
    The babies were ten days old and RD had left Cory's house right after dinner. I was involved with my new son and didn't notice that RD had been absent until Roddy and I started home. I said nothing and Roddy acted as if nothing was wrong so I let it go. The old rec room is left open now so that traffic can move back and forth from granite house to the tunnel that connects the house to the school.
    When Roddy and I came around the theater from the tunnel he took my hand and led me on across to granite house. It was not late, but I was looking forward to my quiet time with him, he had something else for me that evening.
    All of the boys were gathered about the wine cellar. The two new pianos sat back to back at one side of the large room and a band surrounded them. Banners were strung about the room wishing Andy a happy birthday. I had completely let the big twenty nine slip my mind. I had eaten breakfast with Andy that morning and offered my fond wishes, but I was not aware that the boys had planned a party for him. I should have known that they would, they're teenagers that seek any chance to party.
    I watched Alfred Gan as he had his first look at the amassed gathering of naked boy. He is a classmate of Rod and Dane, the little fellow needed help. He was being raised by his grandmother but her health was worsening. She talked to the school and they recommended that I speak with her. She shared her fears for the boy and what would happen to him when she could no longer take care of him. She dislikes the system almost as much as I do and could not stand the thought of her only grandchild ending up in a foster home full of strangers.
    I was honest and straight forward with her as I explained the type of boys that attend BAW. She blushed then told me that she saw certain signs in Albert that might indicate his leanings. She told me that there was nothing really concrete, just little things. Things such as the way he would throw himself across the bed and cry for no apparent reason. The way he stood, sort of girly like. Many of his mannerisms made her wonder about him.
    I asked her why those points indicated to her that he might be gay. She told me that she had a gay brother that had died of AIDS in 1986. She told me that she had always fought his battles for him when the other boys teased and taunted him. Alfred was about to turn twelve years old and she did not want him to suffer as her brother had.
    I spent several days with the boy, away from the school and the family. I wanted to know where the boy stood on homosexual matters. Alfred felt as if he could be around a bunch of fags, as long as they didn't try to mess with him. I could see a gay boy in the bud just below the surface. I began to believe that the grandmother might be correct so I agreed to allow Alfred to attend BAW as a day student.
    Rod wanted him to spend the night shortly after he started to attend the school, he awakened Rod when he began to suck the sleeping boy's dick. He is now a happy fairy himself. His grandmother had to be moved to a nursing home so Alfred was moved into the house. I still have a problem with boys under the age of fourteen living in the dormitory, but the choice to allow him into the house was met with wide approval.

    He proved himself a worthy member of the family when he joined the boys in giving Andy his cum uppence treatment. Alfred is small, only four foot three inches tall. His cocklet is no larger than our little nine year old mustard seed, Kardal's, but it gives him pleasure. He was stroking along with the big boys as they surrounded the birthday boy to cover him in their juices.
    He had no juice of his own to offer so he bent down and wiped his member in the accumulated glop on Andy's torso and stroked himself to an earthshaking orgasm. The boys near to him enjoyed seeing him enjoy himself and cheered him on. I like to see the boys build the esteem of one another, that is the way a family should work together.

    Also present for the birthday party were two very tough acting and foul talking street thugs. The family teased Timmy because of his ink. Actually it had been Craig that had taken the time each day to renew the indelible ink drawings on Timmy's body. All of us agreed that the work looked like real tattoos and Craig was told that he would always have a vocation to support himself. Craig abhors tattoos as much as most of the rest of us do and he did not think that their remarks were funny. He did finally accept them as compliments to his talents and took a bow.
    Ted and Timmy had undergone four weeks of intense training on how to act and talk like a street fighter. Chrisy had accompanied his husband as he posed as Timmy's bitch. The three boys had pulled off their disguise perfectly as the six trainers never suspected that they were working with plants. Spike had stayed at Ted's side to make sure that the man did not lapse into his British accent. I was told that Ted showed his professionalism and never stepped out of character.
    We had carefully selected six of the worst case offenders from the boys that were currently staying in Rick Carlson's warehouse. I have decided to go into Mexico with Jamie and try to free as many boys from the fight farms there as possible, and maybe put an end to their existence. To accomplish that task I knew that I would need help. I had taken Timmy and Harry with me to Romania, but that was a para-military maneuver. This mission does not need military action as much as good old common street fighting ability.
    With their cover persona in place the next phase would be their fighting skills. Both men are excellent fighters in several forms of hand to hand combat disciplines such as Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Muay Thai Boxer, and Keno, to name only a few. What all of us lacked were the skills needed to survive a fight to the death with nothing but street rules in place. Yes, I would need to train along with them if I planned to survive my task.

    The six trainers had done an excellent job and they had obeyed all of the rules. As a reward to them I sat down before them and disclosed my identity. Lucas Richardson was the only one that knew that I was connected to BAW. The eighteen year old boy had approached me on the street and asked for a chance to better himself with a high school education. Lucas only reads at second grade level and I was willing to help him. He was placed in the school as a freshman, ninth grader, and we will see how he does.
    Nikky Elders, Rodger Wallace, Ronald Harris, Tom Ashton, Nicolas Lamb were placed at the school as ninth grade students. It was explained to them that they had dropped out of school as straight F students and there was no record of them being able to achieve anything better than the failing marks. I told them that I believe in giving everyone a fighting chance and I would be the first to push for their being raised to another grade level once they proved themselves up to the task. Boys love a challenge and the six of them had a goal to work for.
    In addition to their studies I asked them to continue on as trainers. Without telling anyone the reason for my decision the six boys worked with Ted, Timmy, Chrisy, and me each afternoon as we learned the nuances of no rules street fighting. I was not about to allow Chrisy to accompany us as a fag boy without expert fighting skills of his own. That caused the boy to hug my neck and repeat his vow of undying love to me.
    Our training took place behind the locked doors of the wrestling room for two hours each and everyday. I learned from my tussle with Jamie that I needed more work than the boys did if I was going to survive. I have always been lucky when I had to fight. Most of my physical fighting was done to protect myself from a cock sure jock. I have said it here before, most jocks can't fight worth shit. They are good at their sport, but when it comes to fighting…I never lost a bout to any of them.
    Just because I was lucky in high school does not mean that I know how to fight. I had taken a few hours of defensive hand to hand combat techniques when I trained with the SWAT team, that in no way gave me an edge on a trained and skilled fighter. Jamie is a tough trainer and he made sure that the six boys put the four of us though a vigorous training regime.

    The ploy to put Ferdinand Bakos, Samí Oban, and Aladdin together worked out much better than I had ever imagined. The school teacher was not an innocent pawn of the group. We had so many names for the man that meant nothing, they were all titles. When the men were sequestered in their perceived privacy they began to open up and talk a little freer. It wasn't an instant thing, they were suspicious, but after about ten or eleven days things began to happen.
    The first thing that we learned was that the teacher's name is Haji Hikmat Klein—literally: one who made the Muslim pilgrimage; wisdom; small—his father had been a German oil man and his mother was Iranian. He referred to himself simply as Imam—leader—or Basit—one who enlarges.
    A search for Hikmat Klein revealed large cash holdings in Turkish and Swiss banks, but a search for Basil Klein gave up holdings of real estate, cash, cars, and airplanes throughout eastern Europe and central Asia. It was not difficult for Andy and Athos to connect the dots and they all joined at Hikmat Klein—aka: Basil Klein—(Haji and Basit are titles).
    Our fifteenth day of listening had Andy's people in his secure communications center deep underground in New York doing handsprings of joy. The fearful foursome, as they had been dubbed, began to discuss the beginnings of their slavery empire. Pagonis—Weller—was a beginner that only had an inkling of the power that he wielded. He was only in the business for what he could gain financially. He had no ambitions to grow a world wide organization.
    Sure, he had customers world wide, but that was child's play compared to the scope of the organization that Ibrahim, Bakos, and Oban had created under the tutelage of Hikmat, their teacher. Those men were not content to put a boy out on a leash and let him make his master a few dollars. They had organized brothels full of underage prostitutes around the globe and cruise ships that catered to pedophiles to sail the seven seas.
    Houses in Amsterdam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil were their largest money making accounts. Young people were sold like cattle and murder was a quick way of ridding themselves of their excess inventory. The fight clubs in Brazil and Mexico were their favorites. They would take troublesome boys to those clubs and let another boy kill them in the name of sport.
    The part that sickened me was that people actually payed big money to watch two naked boys fight to the death. Who says that the gladiators are only a part of the history books? I shook with anger as I told Andy and Athos that I wanted to revive another ancient Roman game. I wanted to place those four men in an arena and let the wild animals rip them apart.
    I didn't want them to die quickly. I suggested that the animals should do as much damage the men as possible before they were called off. The men would have their wounds treated and allowed to heal for a season before being placed back in the arena for as many times as their systems could take it. I was told that that was cruel and unusual punishment, but I reminded my detractors of the victims that deserved no punishment.
    I began to read up on dog fighting. Did you know that a pit bull has a bite grip of over three hundred pounds and when they bite they don't let go until their prey is dead? Dogs are easier to get and to train than lions and tigers are. There are even dog fighting clubs around the world. Some of our favorite sports figures like to train dogs to fight to the death. I know that I was contemplating murder, again. Andy looks at me as if I am deranged, I may be. All I have to do is to look at some of the boys in my house and I become enraged.
    I almost thought that I should apologize to Seigy, he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

    I make a very thorough search of all of a boy's records before I allow him to be placed in a class at the school. A serious error had been made with Shin Seldon and I don't ever want a repeat of that event again. Shin was one of the first twenty boys to come to me from the state. His paperwork showed him to be a boy of thirteen years of age, born on December the thirty first of nineteen and ninety four.
    Shin was frightened by his new surroundings. He had just been bounced from his latest foster home and placed in my care with no warning of what was about to happen to him. He clung to twelve year old Larry Callahan and kept his mouth shut when class levels were decided on. Somewhere one of my data entry clerks made a mistake with the dates and showed the boy as being twelve years of age. He was automatically assigned to the seventh grade.
    Shin and Larry were allowed to move into the dormitory, but Shin was unhappy. I can be a bastard at times and I had been warned about the whining that the state boys could, and would, do. I didn't listen the only time that Shin tried to complain to me and he let his complaint go until it was time for his birthday last December.
    I had elevated Mitchell and Dell to the virtual high school classes because they had proved themselves worthy student and worthy of the trust I put in them. Edgar was welcomed back into the family with all of his past transgression forgiven him. And we were talking about bringing David back into the family. Shin got up his courage and caught me when I was alone and made me aware of the errors in his situation.
    Shin had been adjudicated by the state as a dangerous sexual predator. His deportment while a student living in my house did not demonstrate that type of behavior. I sat down with the boy in my lap and learned that he had always been fascinated with seeing naked boys and he was taught how to make them feel good by his uncle and his friend when Shin was only six years old. The uncle was a teenager at the time, but Shin didn't know how old he was.
    Shin used his new found knowledge and sought out boys that would let him suck their dicks. He was successful most of the time and by the time he was eleven years old he had a regular circle of boys that wanted his attention directed to their baser needs. Shin had no problem sucking even the largest cocks of the boys in his neighborhood and he even sucked his uncle's dick every time that he saw the man.
    Shin had been told that he would grow big and strong by drinking all of the man milk that he could get, a typical lie told to young boys by pedophiles. Shin blushed when he told me that he would suck ten or more boys each day and drink all of their cum.
    When Shin was eleven and a half, or so, his mother married a man with a thirteen year old son. Shin was happy to have a regular supply of cock living in his house and made his moves on the new stepbrother the first night. The stepbrother was eager and willing to get his crank worked. The virgin boy had only just discovered masturbation and was excited to learn that he had a warm mouth to take over the task for him while he lay on his bed and did nothing but cum.
    Shin was an excellent student that always achieved high marks. The stepbrother was not very bright and had already been set back a grade. The two boys found themselves in the same class at school and the stepbrother's sudden grade improvement surprised his father. After serious questioning by the father his son admitted that Shin was doing his homework and helping him pass his tests at school.
    The father thought that his son was using his brighter stepbrother and began to explain how that was wrong. Feeling as though he was trapped the boy lashed out with whatever ammunition he possessed, he told his father that Shin liked to do his homework for him in exchange for getting to suck his dick. The father drew the story out of his son and learned that Shin was sucking his son's dick every night after the boys went to bed.
    The stepbrother did not stop there however. He went on to tell his father that Shin was sucking several of the boys at school and that after school he went to the city park down the street from their house and sucked several boys there. The father encouraged his son to continue on and the boy fired his big guns. He told his father that Shin especially enjoyed sucking his dick while he let his uncle fuck him in the ass.
    The father had never cared for his nineteen year old brother-in-law and that bit of information only added to his dislike of the man. The police were called and an investigation began. Shin was removed from the house at once, for the protection of his thirteen year old stepbrother. The uncle was charged with continuing child molestation and sentenced to life in prison. Several of the older teenage boys from the city park were charged as sexual predators and sentenced to jail time. Shin was placed into the foster care system where he was moved from house to house before being placed with an older woman with no other children in her house.
    I had sat in stunned silence throughout Shin's story. I only had a part of the story, the part that the state wanted me to know. The part that said that Shin was a sexual predator and that it was not safe for him to be around other boys. I was also made aware of the fact that the boy was an honors student at his old school and had, in fact, completed the ninth grade. I took immediate steps to have Shin elevated to the tenth grade. I determined that he deserved the promotion.
    I yelled so loud that a few heads rolled backwards over that oversight by his state overseers. He was a very happy youngster, but I would not yield to his idea of saying thanks. I told him that I did not accept payment for doing what was right. I have spent time with the young cowboy since then, but on a more level playing field.

    Shin had the distinction of being the only boy to be born on the last day of the year and the students wanted to make it a great day for him. Actually they always seek any opportunity to party and with the New Year's eve festivities that we had planned for that evening they had a reason to start a little early. Upon learning that the boy had been treated wrongly the boys made a special display of celebrating his fifteenth birthday, not his thirteenth.
    Shin has been a model student this year and has received top grades in every class. I have invited him to join the boys in the virtual study group, but at this time he wants to remain in the dormatory where he can be closer to Larry Callahan.

Nicolas Lamb was introduced to the boys in the dormitory and all hell broke loose. I have given up on trying to plan for anything with the boys, it always seems that there are other circumstance, about which I know nothing, that change my plans. Nicolas and Shin Seldon had a history with one another. I invited the two boys to tell their story at our Saturday night story time as all of the boys gather in the wine cellar at granite house.

    When all of the boys from the three houses and from the dormitory were seated Cory stood up and placed his fingers at the corners of his mouth. His rock piercing whistle is guaranteed to awaken the dead two states away. I looked about the room full of silent boys and watched them as some dug in his ears with his finger, some tilted his head and smacked it with the flat of his hand, and others just shook his head as they tried to put off the effects of the loud sound in the enclosed room.
    Now I might remind you that the wine cellar is a thirty five thousand square foot room with one massive column in the middle supporting the twenty five foot high ceiling. The contractors had done a perfect job with the room carved out of solid granite when they added foam insulation and drywall to it. The acoustics are so good that a person can talk in a normal conversational voice and be heard anywhere in the room A loud whistle can really be heard. Even given the great acoustics Nick was given a wireless microphone that wraps around the head. Jimmy was doing a sound check as he told Nick how to adjust the tiny tube in front of his mouth.
    "Now listen up," Cory began. "All of you know that we have an open policy on Saturday nights. Well, it is sort of open. There are many married couples here. Yeah, legally married, as in man and man, life partners, spouses for life sort of married. They were all married by a judge and they have a marriage license and…Oh well, you get the idea.
    "There are also a whole lot of committed couples here. Some of these guys don't want you touching their boyfriend in any way. Except on Saturday night. We sorta like to go at it with some other guy sometimes and, well Saturday night is our family orgy night.
    "First thing that we do is sit back and listen to a story. Tonight we have a live story about two guys that live in the dorm so we are going to get to leer at them while we hear about how they get it on. During our story time we sorta swap roles with our boyfriend/husband. I mean in every couple there is one that more or less is most often the top and the other one likes to be his bottom, if you know what I mean. Well anyway one guy is usually more aggressive than the other, like one is the alpha male." He started to giggle which got everybody in the room to start giggling and it took several minutes for him to get back in control and finish what he had to say.
    I had no idea what he was going to say and if I had known before hand I would have told him that it was a bad idea, but once Cory gets an idea in his head he is going to go through with it. "We sorta of, well we used to have a system in our family where every week dad would draw a name out of a box and that boy got to spend the night with dad and sometimes the winning boy would bring his boyfriend and they would have a ménage à trois, sorta together.
    "So anyway some of us got to talking and there are some of you that want to have dad make love to you like nobody has ever loved you before and our Saturday night orgy is your chance to do it, well one of you at least. I have this box with the names of forty boys over fourteen that have been with the school for more than six months. I am going to draw one name out and that lucky fucker is gonna get his ass fucked so good, er ah, well, that you will remember how much love dad is about for the rest of your life."
    I had been made a piece of meat on display and I wasn't sure that it was a good thing. Okay, there is not a boy in my charge that I would not like to have sex with. I just have this thing about being in charge means no sex with them. I heard a cough and turned to look directly into the eyes of Norman Ellis holding Bobby in his lap. I wondered if he was going to make it with a different boy.

    Nick sat with Shin up against him as he shared a very tender story of young love:
    "I met Shin on the first day of high school. We were both young, green freshman. I was scared to death that the older kids would kill me because I like to look at cute boys. I was pretty sure that I was gay, but I didn't have any personal experience along that line.
    "My primary source for scoping out boys is my computer. When my dad left for Iraq me and mom moved into a one bedroom partment in the same complex where we had lived for several years. Our old partment was a three bedroom unit where I had my own room and my parents had the large room, with a bathroom of their own. We used the extra bedroom as a family room where the computer sat in plain view of my parents. There was no porno surfing with them watching my every keystroke.
    "The new partment was small and there was no room for my computer anywhere but in my room. Mom took the dining area for her bedroom. We stretched a wire across the opening and she hung blankets up to give her some privacy. There was just room for her bureau and a twin bed, but she said that it was all that she needed.
    "My room is cool. I have my full sized bed with the pillow top mattress and lots of blankets and pillows to cover myself in luxury. The computer just had to sit on my desk in the corner next to my bed. It is the perfect place for it because I can lay in bed and look at tons of pictures with no one the wiser to what I am doing.

    "All of the freshmen were required to be at school at eight o'clock for orientation on the first day. I was sitting in a seat on the fourth row, toward the center of the row, in the auditorium. When everybody had pretty much arrived the teachers began to direct those kids that sat at the back of the auditorium to move down to the front and take up the empty seats that were scattered about. I was lucky, there was an empty seat to my left.
    "Shin looked lost so this teacher pointed out the seat next to me and told him to 'scoot his behind in there.' Everybody was laughing at him as he turned to face the kids that were seated and scooted alongsideways to get to the empty seat. His butt kept hitting the kids on the row in front of me and he was stepping on toes of the kids sitting to my right as he worked his way down the row. When he got in front of me we made eye contact and I swear that he grinned at me. I didn't have time to think about that, he stumbled over my feet and fell on top of me.
    "Seriously he was laying flat on me and our noses touched. He blew his hot breath against my open mouth and it smelled like wintergreen. In instinct I had wrapped my arms around him and had my hands on his butt as the kids around us yelled for us to, 'Get a room.'
    "I moved my hands from his ass and placed them against his hips then pushed him up. I was face to crotch with him and I swear that he had the biggest bone in the world in his jeans. He moved on across me and sat down next to me then stuck out his hand to me. 'My name is Shin Seldon. I am sorry for falling on you. Am I forgiven?'
    "I could do nothing but forgive him when I looked into the softest green eyes that seemed to beckon me to kiss him. I have learned from other kids that they call his eyes bedroom eyes cause he looks at people in such a way that make them feel that he wants get it on with them. I know that I wanted to get it on.
    "I was virgin to everything cept my magination and my hands. Yeah, that is hands, as in plural. I can stroke my cock with either hand. Sometimes I turn my hand upside down and stroke away, sometimes I interlock my fingers and use both hands. I suck my thumb, and my fingers. I love the taste of my jizz and I gather every drop of it onto my fingers and lick away.
    "I have seen several pictures on the net of guys sucking their own cock. My cock is too short for that, but I can get a pretty good aim at my mouth and shoot most of my spunk down my throat. I wanted to suck a cock more than anything else. I would pass up a good meal for the opportunity to go down on a hard cock and drink deeply of the cream du jour. I wondered if Shin would let me suck him.
    "Shin and I had the first class together. Well actually we had three classes together, but at the moment I was cited to know that we could walk over to the gym together and dress out for PE. I had been mixed about getting naked in the locker room. I told you that my primary source of cock viewing is on-line. My second, and oldest source of mind candy is the public swimming pool at the park a few blocks from the partment complex where I live.
    "I have been going to that park everyday of my life since I was eight years old. I get a turn on by reading the notices on the restroom walls and wonder if anybody ever does get together to suck a dick. I have parked my bicycle near the different restrooms at the times indicated and watched to see who would show up. I was twelve before I actually saw two guys enter a restroom at the specified time.
    "A kid bout fifteen or sixteen went in, then a few minutes later a man entered. He looked nice and he was young. I wanted to see if he really got his cock sucked. Very quietly I walked over the restroom and entered in. What met my eyes terrified me so badly that I never hung around the restrooms again. The man had the kid against the wall and was placing handcuffs on him.
    "I thought that that was dirty pool. The man entered the restroom to get a blow job, but he was a cop and he busted the kid. The cop looked at me and pushed the kid out of the door as I stood locked to the floor with piss running down my leg and into my left shoe.
    "From that time on I just watched the kids playing different ball games and wondered if any of them would let me suck their cock. My all time favorite place for viewing is the locker room of the swimming pool. The pool opens for the season on the last weekend of May and it closes on the first weekend of September. For three months I am in voyeuristic paradise as I sit in the locker room and check out the naked flesh in there.
    "There are different times for different age groups so I don't hang around all of the time. I don't get a thrill out of the little kids so I wait until after lunch when the teenagers swim. It costs fifty cents to swim and that gets me into the locker room where all of the scenery is. The early afternoon swim session is filled with kids from around ten to sixteen. That is my favorite age group.
    "At four o'clock the pool closes for an hour then it is family swim time. Fathers come with their sons and get naked in front of me. I love to compare the size of the grownup cocks with other men in the room. There are all sizes and colors. The men have hair all over their bodies and it comes in some weird colors. There was one man and his son that had no hair at all on their bodies.
    "The boy was about fifteen or so and he had a big cock. He often saw me watching and he did a little show for me. When he entered the locker room he scoped the room for me then moved to the end of the bench were I was sitting. He would quickly pull his pants and underwear down and show me his cock. He would stand very near to me and remove his shirt while I got a closeup view of the most beautiful thing in the world.
    "His dad would walk up, naked as a newborn baby, and father and son would talk about most anything at all. I was only ten years old by then, but I knew that they were putting on a show for me and I didn't mind it one bit. The kid would usually sit down on the bench next to me to remove his shoes and socks then he would stand up to step out of his pants.
    "Once naked he would turn and bend over with his butt right in my face and pick up his clothes and place them in his small duffle. He would retrieve his swimming trunks and jock strap and pull the strap on. He would then turn back to me and pull the jock strap up and make a show of tucking his large cock into the pouch. I was always disappointed when he pulled up his trunks then walked out of the locker room with his dad's arm around him as they went out to swim.
    "One day toward the end of summer the dad was standing in front of me and his cock seemed much larger than it usually did. The kid was standing there with his pants around his ankles and his cock was growing before my eyes. Up until that time I had no idea that a cock could get bigger and stiff. The father knelt before the kid and untied his shoes for him.
    "The kid's cock was fully hard and was pointing directly at his father's face. The man lifted each foot and removed the kid's shoes and pulled the pants from his leg. The kid lifted his foot again and his dad removed one sock and then the other. What happened next cemented my thoughts and desires for all time. The father looked up into the kid's face and took his cock into his mouth.
    "I was actually seeing someone get a blow job. I had heard the term. I had seen the writing on the wall. The kids at school had their version of what a blow job was. I was able to put an image to the phrase and file it in my deviated brain for eternity.
    "The kid moved his cock in and out of his father's mouth and then he stiffened and grunted as his butt cheeks clenched and unclenched. I saw something white leak out of the father's mouth and hang on his chin. It was thick and didn't drip away as the man continued to suck the kid's cock.
    "When the kid pulled his cock from his father's mouth it was smaller and limp. The end of it was all red and his cock was wet and shiny with his father's spit on it. I wanted to suck on it. We heard a noise and the kid turned to pick up his trunks and pulled them on as his father turned to the bench with his clothes on it and pulled on his trunks. The kid handed me his jockstrap and told me that I could have it. I quickly put it in my bag.
    "At that time the guy that works at the park entered with two policemen. They arrested the man and the kid and put handcuffs on them. I was taken out of the locker room and sat down in the office up front. A lady entered in and she had a badge pinned to the waistband of her skirt. She had a gun in a little holster on her hip. She stood over me looking down at me with a sad face.
    "'What those two did in there was wrong. I am so sorry that you saw that, but they will never be able to hurt another child like that.' Hurt a child? I wasn't hurt, I was happy as hell. I found out that they were not father and son. The boy was a runaway and he lived with the man and they did sex with each other all of the time.
    "My mother came to the pool office and the police lady talked to her for a little bit. My dad came in and he got all mad and stuff, but there was nobody for him to hit on. He always hit on my mom when he got mad so we weren't unhappy when his unit went to Iraq. That was four years ago and he has never come back. My mom doesn't talk about him anymore so I think that they are divorced or something.
    "I had to go talk to these people and tell them what I saw then I had to go to court and tell the judge what I saw and the kid was sitting there crying as he watched me tell everything. Hey, I was only ten years old and I didn't know that I was sending that kid to jail for hundreds of years.
    "I still went to the swimming pool and watched the naked guys, but nobody ever did anything like that again. That didn't stop my fantasies, I would imagine what some guy would look like hard and let my mind think about what it would be like to suck him.

    "That was the extent of my sexual life. It was boring and I wanted a change. When Shin and I stood next to each other in the school's locker room and changed into our gym clothes my lust began to focus on him. Shin had the longest dick that I had ever seen. I wanted to sniff of it there in the locker room.
    "His cock head was the same color as the shaft and was smooth and delicious looking. He had a dark ring around his cock about an inch back from the head. I later learned that that was the scar from when he was circumcised as a baby. He had a sparse amount of pure black hair around the base of his cock and his balls hung down more than an inch below the soft hanging object of my fascination.
    "I was sitting on a bench with my jeans around my knees. I bent over and untied my shoes then slipped my jeans down without sitting up. I reached over beside me and grabbed at my jock strap and shorts and placed the two items over my feet. I quickly pulled my shorts up to the middle of my thighs then I had an idea. I was afraid for Shin to see my hard dick because I was sure that he would laugh at me and tell everybody that I had a chubby so I must be gay. I knew that being gay in high school was a death sentence and I didn't want to go through four years of hell. I pulled my tee shirt on and worked it down over my knees.
    "I raised my ass off of the bench and pulled my jock strap and the shorts up to cover my best parts. Well I think that they are my best parts, but I was not ready to let anybody else have knowledge of them. I am a shy guy. I like to look at others, not show off my body. I stood up and stuck my hand under my shirt and into my jock to arrange my cock in an upright position and tuck it firmly under the elastic of the garment. I was as hard as I had ever been, even harder, if that is possible.
    "The coach blew his whistle and told us to get our butts out onto the gym floor. I quickly tossed my clothes into my locker then ran for the door. Shin was directly in front of me which didn't do my state of hardness any favors. He has the sweetest ass that I had ever seen. I had not noticed his firm bubble shaped glutes, but enshrouded in the thin cotton of gym shorts that were a bit too tight on him it was all that I could look at. I could see the straps of his jock that lay under each globe and seemed to lift each one up and out.
    "I wondered if a jock strap company would do a commercial like the ones I had seen for braziers. I let my mind wonder to the scene on a TV screen of a hard bodied boy with the straps of a jock strap lifting his ass and causing his crack to close up tight in a thin line.
    "I was preoccupied with my thoughts and when Shin stopped suddenly I ran into him and knocked him down. I landed on top of him with my cock directly in the crack of his perfect ass. All of the class laughed at us and someone called out, "You were told to get a room. Can't you two wait to get into some place private before you go at it?"
    "I was mortified. Shin rolled over to his back and smiled at me with his perfect mouth set in his perfect face. His green eyes danced and invited me to take him. I really did want to…what do I do? I had only read about gay sex, I had no idea how to actually do anything.
    "Someone offered me a hand and I stood up as Shin took hold of another boy's hand and stood to his feet next to me. He never broke eye contact with me and his smile never left his face. I was fully in lust with the guy and if I had known what love felt like I would have known that I was on the fast track to falling in love with a boy.
    "Somehow I made it through the class, but I panicked when the coach told us that all of us had to take nude showers. He went on to talk about how our bodies were changing and that we were at an age where our perspiration would be offensive to those around us. I wasn't worried about offending anyone with my body odor, I was worried about offending everybody when I got a hard dick in the shower and they could see that I was queer for their cocks.
    "I didn't have to worry. By the time that I headed to the shower several of the boys had hard cocks. I learned that it natural for a boy my age to get erections all of the time. It is a healthy part of growing up. I thought that it was an unhealthy way to assure that I wouldn't grow up, or even grow to be one day older.
    "I avoided Shin in the shower. I saw him heading toward me and I quickly moved to another shower head and rinsed off before making my way out of the room and back to my locker. I had my towel tightly wrapped around my middle as I concentrated on eating rotten liver with moldy goat cheese. It seemed to work because I didn't get a hard on before I had my drawers on and was pulling my jeans up over them.
    "The rest of the day went by quickly. I had third period English with Shin and he wanted to sit next to me. He sat right up against me at lunch then we had world history together the last period of the day. He asked me to walk home with him. I learned that he lived in the very direction that I had to walk to get home. I did like the kid so I agreed. It would be nice to have someone to talk with on the boring walk home.
    "Actually it wasn't all that far to my house from the school. I had ridden my bike back and forth over the summer as I dreamed about being a grownup kid attending high school. It was only ten blocks and mostly down hill. Walking home was a breeze.
    "We got to Shin's house and he asked me into his room for a few minutes. I wanted to be with him so badly that I would have gone into his room if it was on fire. I know that my gut was on fire. Shin led me through the back door and into a nice room with a neatly made bed and a desk sitting under the window where he could do his studies. He had a bureau and a small table, but nothing else in his room.
    "He told me to sit on the edge of his bed and he sat in the chair from his desk as he bent over and untied his shoes and pulled them off. He pulled his jeans and underwear off together then stood up and pulled his tee shirt over his head. He was naked except for the shirt around his neck and he stood still with his arms reaching toward the ceiling for the longest time as I stared at his perfect cock.
    "He was getting so hard and I was drooling all over myself. I wanted to crawl on my knees over there and suck on him and fuck whatever happened after that. We heard a noise outside and Shin told me that it was his mother coming home and that he was not allowed to have anyone in the house. He grabbed some shorts and led me to the front door and let me out before shutting the door behind me.
    "I walked on home from there with such a hard on that I couldn't see good. I pulled my shirt out of my pants and stuck my hand down inside my underwear to hold on to my cock. I was about to cum just thinking about the most perfect dick on the most perfect boy in the entire world.
    "My mother works so she never gets home before six or six thirty. I ran to my room and locked my bedroom door before throwing off all of my clothes and getting a few good pix on my computer. I stretched out on the bed and didn't even look at the computer as I thought about Shin and his cock and what it would taste like. I pounded my meat and didn't stop until I had cum twice and I was trying to go for a third time, but it got too sore and I had to stop.
    "The next day was almost a perfect replay of the day before. I sat on the bench with my shirt over my knees as I stared at Shin. He watched me as he stripped naked for me. I know that he was putting on a show for me and I liked it. He flipped his cock at me and a drop of liquid danced through the air and landed on my left cheek. I just sat there not knowing what to do. There were twenty other guys around us and I was scared that they were going to see us.
    "After school I walked home with Shin and went to his room. He quickly got naked and stood in front of me as he beat off. He let his cum shoot on my shoes as he stared into my eyes then he quickly put on some shorts and led me to the front door. We just got there when his mother pulled into the driveway so we waited until she got out of the car and headed to the back door before Shin pushed me out of the front door and closed it behind me.
    "I walked to the corner and stopped to kneel down and wipe his cum from the top of my shoe. I sniffed of it and I wanted to taste it, but my shoe was dirty and I didn't want to get sick. I walked home smelling of my finger and wishing that I had been brave enough to suck his cock. I know that he wanted me too, but I was afraid that he would tell on me. I didn't know what to think of him.
    "I lay on my bed and scooped my cum up so that I could taste of it as I thought about Shin. I didn't know him. I didn't know what his game was. Was he trying to come on to me or was he trying to set me up. I had not seen him talk to anyone else at school. In fact he kept to himself when he was not with me. I hid back and watched as he avoided everyone else, but when he saw me he came directly to me and talked to me as if I were his best friend.
    "I decided that the next day I would make my move. We had a field trip the last period of the day and we would be going to my park to see some sort of exhibit that was there. It turned out to be the best field trip of my life. I told Shin that I only lived two blocks away from the park, but if we went through the park then it was less than a block away. I asked him if he wanted to go to my house.
    "We snuck out and ran across the ball park and through the fence that led into the back part of my apartment complex. We were inside my room in a few minutes and I knew what I was going to do. I did a strip tease for Shin. I did the whole thing the same way that he did. I pulled off my shoes then dropped my jeans and drawers together before standing up and pulling my shirt over my head.
    "My cock was already hard as I stood frozen in place and waited. I didn't have to wait but a second when I felt the best feeling of my life. I knew that it had to be Shin's mouth around my cock. My knees shook and my head spun as I pulled my shirt off and looked down at his green eyes staring up at me and my cock completely in his mouth.
    "I backed away and pulled him to his feet then knelt down to pull his pants down. He removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes before stepping out of his pants. He grabbed my hand and helped me up then we moved to my bed and got into a sixty nine position. With no words spoken we sucked each other and swallowed each other's cum, but didn't stop. We nursed on each other and I felt his cock go from soft to hard in my mouth before I started to suck on him again.
    "He was doing the same thing to me, but he did something that I wanted to do, but was afraid. He stuck his finger up my ass. I have done that so many times and it makes me cum like a running river so I did the same thing to him. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth as we finger fucked each other and worked each other's cock in unison. It took a little longer for us to cum, which was fine with me because I was enjoying what we were doing.
    "When we had both cum again we kissed around on each other's legs and balls and stuff before we sat up and looked at each other. 'Thank you. I have wanted to do that since I landed in your lap the other day. I was beginning to think that you were not really gay even though you stared at me with such hunger in your eyes.'
    "'I have wanted to do you so bad, but I was afraid that you were setting me up so that you could kill me for being a queer.'
    "'I would never do that. I love you.'
    "That made me cry. He held me and we hugged each other then he kissed me and I knew that I loved him. He looked at the clock and told me that he had to go. He told me that he is on a very strict curfew and if he wasn't home when his mother got home then he would be in more trouble than I could ever imagine.
    "The next few months were great. Shin and I got together wherever and whenever we could. I learned more about sex than I had ever read about. During Christmas break he got away from his house and came to mine so that we could spend all day together. I knew for a fact that I was in love and when Shin told me that he loved me… I can't talk about that. It hurts too bad because of what happened next.
    "Shin didn't come to school on Valentine's day. He was supposed to come to the dance at school that Friday night and he wasn't there so Saturday morning I went to his house looking for him. His mother got all mad at me for coming around and started yelling at me and calling me a little queer and everything.
    "A neighbor told me that the police had taken Shin away because he molested his mother's grandson. That didn't make sense to me till they told me that Shin was only a foster child that lived with the woman. They told me that there was no blood relationship there. That scared me. I didn't know that Shin was in foster care. I always thought that only bad kids got taken away from their parents and put into a foster home. I knew that Shin was not a bad kid so it had me confused.
    "I decided to ask my mother about foster care and she had some connections that let her check on foster kids and she got all mad and everything. She asked me how long I had known Shin and asked me if we did anything together. I pretended not to know what she was talking about so she told me that Shin was a homosexual and he couldn't be trusted around other boys. She wanted to know if we did anything together.
    "My mother can always tell when I am lying so she didn't believe me when I said no. She didn't let me go to school the next morning because she had made a doctor's appointment for me. After the doctor looked up my ass hole he called my mother in and told her that I had experienced repeated anal intercourse quite recently. I didn't know those words, but I had a good idea what he was talking about. I didn't know that a doctor could tell that just by looking.
    "All of the way home my mother yelled at me. She yelled at me for an hour or two then my dad showed up and he yelled at me. I thought that he was in Iraq, but he wasn't, he lives in town here. He beat me and called me a little faggot. My mother yelled at me and told me that she didn't want me around her. My dad said that he wouldn't take a faggot so I was on my own.
    "That was fine with me. I took off when my mother went to bed and I haven't been back since."

    I asked Nick when all of this had taken place. He told me that it was just after Valentine's the year before. Shin had joined the family in September of 2007 so I asked him where he had been all of that time. He told me that he tried to go to school for a few days, but all of the kids knew about Shin and they were calling him a queer. He told me that he got into three fights and that he hurt one kid pretty badly so he ran away.
    He was a fourteen year old gay boy on the street. Hungry and frightened he knew that he had to be tough to survive. He said that he wouldn't let himself cry. He found other homeless kids and he stole their food and money. I had already been told about that by Terry. Terry knows most of the street kids and he keeps in touch with all of them that come to BAW. He had spotted Nick and he had told a few of his former victims to wait and see how he would act now that he was at the school. He told them that everyone deserves a chance to change their life so they all agreed to leave Nick alone long enough to see if he had changed.
    Nick had only been at the school for two days when we had our meeting in the basement so there had been no time to notice any change in his actions. I had watched the boy for four weeks as he worked very hard to teach all of the tricks of street fighting that he knew to Timmy and Ted. I was impressed by the boy, enough so that I had allowed him to move to the school and into the dorm. Now I had to watch him closely and see if my trust had been misplaced.
    Nick showed more maturity than I have ever seen in a fifteen year old boy before. He kissed Shin and left him sitting as he walked across the room and knelt before Hank Mahone. He still had the microphone on so all of us heard him as he apologized to the boy for stealing his food from him.
    We watched Nick went around the room looking at faces. When he recognized somebody he knelt down and gave great detail of what he had done to them. He apologized, but never asked for forgiveness. He apologized to twelve boys before he stood up again. "There may be more of you that I don't see right now, but I want you to know that I am sorry for what I did to you. I was scared so I acted like a bully and that was wrong. I can't undo what I did, but I want you to know that I am sorry and I will never bully anybody again.
    "I think that I am going to like going to school here. I know that I like the guys that I have met and Mr. Chris is about the best guy that I ever met. I don't know him all that well, but I can pretty much figure a guy out and he is okay in my books. Even if he is a wack." Most of the boys don't know about my venture into the street domain and my disguise as a homeless wack. With Nick's statement I was sure that all of the story would be known to everybody before bedtime.
    I walked over to Nick and took him in my arms. I sat down so that we would be more on an eye to eye level as I told him, "Nick, there is nobody here that has never made a mistake. It takes a big man to admit that he is wrong. You have proven yourself to be a bigger man than most of the men that I know. What you did in the past will remain there. It is what you do from this point on that we will judge you by. You did not ask forgiveness from those that you apologized to so I am going to ask them to forgive you and forget what was done. It will do no one any good to harbor ill feelings about those hard times that all of you went through."
    Nearly twenty boys came and encircled Nick and gave him a hug. All of them fondled him and told him that they would show him how much they really did forgive him when they got him alone in the dorm. Nick told them that he hoped that they would have to ask permission of his boyfriend. Shin was out of his seat and had his arms around Nick in an instant. Somehow harmony remains in the halls of BAW, I often marvel at the wonderful boys that attend there. Don't ever put gay boys down, they are the most caring boys on the planet.
    I was staring into the face of Carmen DeSoto. Cory had led the boy to me to the cheers of his classmates. Carmen had come to live with the family at the time that we were heading to Europe for the coronation of our favorite queeing. I had not had the opportunity to spend anytime with the fifteen year old boy. I recalled his name and remembered that he had celebrated a birthday only four weeks earlier. I made a mental note to make it a point to attend birthday celebrations in the dormitory in he future.

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