Chapter 148


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I will go out of my way to help a person as long as that person is completely up-front and honest with me. It was disconcerting for me when the door bell rang from someone pushing the button outside of the front gate. I checked my display screen from the security cameras aimed at that gate and saw young Pam and Petey huddled together, bundled against the cold, blustering wind.
    I have mentioned the workings of that gate in the past and I won't bore you with a redundant telling of its inherent dangers. It was cold and windy and I was not about to keep the young lady waiting. I slipped into a pair of shorts, shoes, and tee shirt then grabbed a jacket that someone had left hanging on a hook near the door, the sleeves barely passed my elbows.
    I dashed outside and asked Pam to step back a bit and to hold onto Petey, tightly, as I used my cell phone to dial the number that lowered the gate. I briefly explained the dangers of that gate to her which caused her to tighten her grip on the tiny little man next to her.
    I made no apologizes to the young lady as we walked into the house where she could plainly see the high school boys sitting throughout the front room and the large dining room next to it. The boys were deep into their computerized school assignments and only a few looked up, none of them made any move to hide their nakedness.
    "A girl could really enjoy herself in this house," she said softly.
    "A girl would most likely die of frustration in this house. There are a few boys that have tried the other side and a few more that I believe will take themselve's a wife, but for now they are all content with their lives the way they are."

    Edmund was in the kitchen preparing lunch for the high school boys and I asked him to bring hot chocolate to warm my guests, he also brought along some of Ģer's pastries that were left over from the boys' breakfast. I called for RD to step in, then I asked him to violate the sanctity of my little ones and go into their room for something for Petey to occupy himself.
    RD looked at me and I relented to allow Petey to accompany him with the admonition to RD to not let the boy prowl around in the personal belongings of others, but to select one or two toys and no more.

    Pam sat back in a high back chair on the other side of my desk and looked at me, long and hard. "I never met nobody like you. You don't care about my past at all do you?"
    "Pam, I believe that you have me wrong, I do care about your past, very much. I don't care what you did in your past, that cannot be undone, but your past is what has put you together with us for what I hope will be the beginning of your future."
    "See, that's what I mean."
    RD led Petey back into the room, "Mommy, look at his dick, it is the biggest one I ever saw." RD blushed and started to turn away, I looked at him and pointed at the sofa. Petey sat down on the floor and began to run the two trucks that he had chosen around the floor. Not unexpectedly he had chosen a ten inch long, bright red Tonka fire truck and an eight inch tall, yellow Tonka dump truck; I believe those two to be the favorite of Kardal and Hamal.
    "We did not expect you, Pam, most of the time all of us stay, in what we call our uniform when we are in the house. Every member of the house has a nice suit that he was born with and we see no need to cover that up when we are here alone. I am going to ask you to discuss that with Petey. You know your son better than I ever will and I will leave it up to you to explain why things are as they are here."
    "Mr. Chris, please don't worry 'bout it at all. Petey has seen most of the boys naked and he is fine with it. I think that RD is just more than Petey expected, I know that I like what I see."
    "I don't want to burst any dream bubbles that may be developing, but there are two things that you should know. First of all RD is hi 'ya-ak sta 'yv hv 'sga, (my natural son) born of my blood. His mother was an old high school friend that you heard me talk about with your friends, Carla and Darlene, at the mall a few days ago." I was proud of my increasing proficiency with the Tsalagi language.
    "You just called me your wife, dad. I think that you meant hi'ya-a que 'tsi." Oops, and the boy is only just learning the language from Cory and Rodney as they teach Steven and help Mike to improve his skills as well. I blushed, I know I did.
    "Secondly, the other girl that was with us at the mall is his future wife." RD blushed and said no, but I know, it's all down on the old woman's prophetic arras. I smiled at him, causing him to turn a deeper shade of red, but strangely his cock lengthened. Pam was watching and she smiled along with me.
    "I know Quemela, she is a beautiful girl. You are lucky, RD. Do you have an Indian name?"
    RD looked at me, "RD is Cherokee by my blood, but he has no Indian name yet, the name Randy in Tsalagi is Q/d—Qua(ni) di—pronounced Kwan de." The entire tribe is wondering about RD, Cory's grandfather's name meant Over Fox, Under Eagle. The old woman referred to RD as woha'li ahlawitdisgi-eagle flyer, or eagle that flies; that's the way it would be without the T. The T in ahlawiTdigi makes the word mean someone who makes it fly. Chief Steve's name meant flies under eagle, there are some of the elders that believe that my son RD may be the strong man of the clan ani waya, family of wolves.
    "So how do you say Chris in your Indian language?"
    "Oh, that's a hard one, it is pronounced Quis." We all laughed, even Petey who didn't know why, but I love to hear him anyway.
    "Yeah, but you ought to hear his real name that the tribe knows him by, it is Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe."
    "Show me what? I can't say that," Pam giggled at him.
    "You may call me Chris, no mister in front of it either."
    "But I would like to call you by your Indian name, you are more than a Chris to all of us girls." That touched me.
    "I am called called Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, which basically means high-backed wolf, a fearsome, powerful wolf. Tsalagi prophecy says that I am the head of wolf clan who tracks and finds, or travels, aniwaya agateno, and the seeker of truth, duyugodv ayosdi.
    "Within my family I am known by the Turkish name of Yolcu asil yatak Zampara, the royal king of the wolves that travels and conquers, or just plain Zampara. But I don't know your full name."
    "I am Pamela Anderson Hunter, do I look like a movie star? My mother thought that I was cute and she named me, I hated it at school when a teacher called me by both names 'cause all of the other kids laugh at me."
    "Well, the laugh is on them because you are beautiful. Pam, I don't lie and I don't flatter, your years on the street have marred a beauty that will come back, slowly. You need good nutrition and a little TLC, you will be a raving beauty." I watched her carefully and was pleased to see that she has very little vanity. Sure my words moved her, but she didn't do as most teenage girls and gush all over the place.
    "I'm going to do something for you, Pam, but for the time being please keep it between us. I am going to ask Betty to take you to the beauty shop with her one day soon. We will ask Quemela to watch Petey so that you can sit back and let the beauticians work you over, nothing elaborate, please. I only want to give your self esteem a bit of a boost, one that has been hard to maintain living underground." I looked on happily as tears streaked a hardened face that will quickly soften to that of an eighteen year old beauty again.
    "Mr. Chris…Zamp…what?"
    "Zampara—mighty wolf, but please just call me Chris, Miss, Hunter." She giggled at me, but I think that we are beginning to break the ice a bit. "Now, may I ask what brings you here?" I told RD to return to his lessons, he was glad to get away from Pam's penetrating gaze, the boy is just a little too shy around girls, yet he seems bold enough around Quemela.
    "Chris, I have heard something that I want you to know about. You remember that Janice and Toni told you about their pimps. Well, I saw those men downtown yesterday when I went to the sewer to get the rest of Pete's and my stuff. Chris, they're looking for young girls to work the Super Bowl on the third. They are bringing in girls from all over the country, but they want some really young ones and I am afraid that they might try to take some of the girls that are cutting school and hanging out around downtown."
    I am afraid of that as well, I sat back in my chair and pondered her and what she had just told me. How can I use that information without putting my family in jeopardy? I was beginning to think of the girls as a part of my family. No, I have no intention of having the girls come into the house, however a mixer at school might be nice, later, after the coronation.
    Cory, Edgar, and Vadik came in from school, they had Johnny and Kevin Carmichael with them. I was about to ask Cory if he would take Pam home for me when I heard something that stopped me cold, Pam was whimpering. Cory excused himself as he led Petey out of the room. That left me alone with Pam, I sat and watched her.
    "I wish that I had a father like you, I would probably be a better person if he had ever loved me." I know when to shut up and listen. "I remember that is was my birthday and somebody had given my mother an old doll, she wrapped it up and newspaper and put gray tape around it then tossed it too me with the simple word, 'here.' I think that I must have been four because I remember my fifth birthday when my dad spanked me for spilling his beer when the waitress brought me a cupcake with a candle in it." I was near tears as I listened intently to her story.
    "I opened that package with the doll in it and I was so happy, I had never had a baby doll before and I showed it to my dad. Chris, he snatched it from my hand and threw it through the open window and I never saw it again." She began to shed crocodile tears and I moved to sit next to her, she turned to me and cried on my shoulder.
    "What's wrong little one?" I didn't recognize the voice from outside my office door.
    "Mommy's cwying again," Petey told the voice.
    "I'm sorry, she must have something in her eye."
    "No, she cwies a lot and that makes me cwy too."
    "I bet that you can smile real big for me if you try." I put a face to the voice, it was John, Kev's uncle. In a few seconds I heard the melodic laughter of a young boy and my heart lightened a little. I held Pam for a bit longer then she pulled away, I reached across to my desk for a box of tissues and passed them to her.
    "I wish that you were my dad, will you let me call you dad like the boys do?"
    "That would make me happy, Pam." She kissed my cheek.
    I called Cory in and John followed him. He had Petey on his shoulders as he sat down next to Pam. I pulled Cory aside and pointed out the two trucks that Petey had been playing with and asked him to stop by the toy store and buy him any two toys that he wanted. Cory kissed me and told me that I was all about love, I don't know, I had some evil thoughts in my head about what Pam had just told me.
    "I am going to take Pam and Petey home, they live in my direction," John told me. I looked at Cory and had to stop and study the boy for a moment.
    Kev stepped in and looked up at his tall uncle. "John, we have not had the time to talk," I told him. I am going to step over my normal bounds here and ask you to do something for me. I looked at Pam, she was on her knees talking to her son, I picked up the two trucks and set them on the corner of my desk and directed John to look at them.
    In a low voice I told John that I had to be cryptic, I told him that the toys belonged to two of my eight year old sons that were at school, but that Petey enjoyed playing with them. He nodded at me, I led him back to my coffee maker where I could talk a little freer. "John, I asked Cory to take Petey to a toy store and buy him any two trucks in the store that he wanted." John's eyes rounded out and he looked me deep in my eyes.
    "I would buy them for him if I could, but I'm a starving student."
    "Would you buy him two trucks and maybe a baby doll for Pam?" John's smile was huge and it really changed the look that I had always seen about him. His eyes glistened as he looked over toward Pam and Petey and I wondered if I had just done it again. He told me that had he the money he would be happy to buy both of them anything that they wanted as he reached for his billfold. I took the wallet away from him and laid it on the corner of my desk. Cory handed me a credit card from my small safe under the coffee maker.
    "This is an employee's debit card, the name on there is Bradford Academy."
    "Is the picture your school?"
    "The one across the street."
    "I have never looked at it before."
    "You take this card and you buy whatever they want. Would you like to take them to lunch?" His head was bouncing, I had made a match, at least one side of one. I had Cory take John over to the other side of the room to activate the card with his own PIN and to put his signature into the bank's files so that he could sign for purchases. Cory looked back at me and I held up five fingers, he grinned and returned to the keyboard. I tossed Cory a box with a brand new cell phone in it and he quickly activated that for John as well.
    "Pam, John is going to take you home, if you don't mind. Cory just returned from classes and he has a few things to do for me." She smiled and then her smile broadened as she looked up to the broad shouldered boy next to her. I had not spent my time uneventfully all day and I am sure that there may be more that I should know about John, but all that I had learned told me that he was good, and good for Pam.
    "Donadaovi," I said, she crossed her eyes, "goodbye." She smiled, actually the word means; let's see each other again, but I wasn't ready for more word lessons, I was more interested in getting those two young people off on their get acquainted trip.
    John wrapped his arms around me, "Kevin told me what a neat guy you are and I believe him. May I come back later and talk to you?" I had Cory program a number into the phone so that John could speed dial me when he was ready.

    I headed to my computer to contact a few people that could ferret out this latest bit of child slavery, right in my own backyard as Cory slipped into the seat next to me. Kevin stood at the side of my desk looking at me, I held out my hand to him and pulled him into my lap. He sat facing Cory with his head on my right shoulder.
    "Did you and John have a good time at the hotel last night?"
    "He is great, dad. I don't think that he hates me for being queer with that guy, but he don't wanta talk about it though."
    "Are you two going to be friends?"
    "Yeah, he told me that he would take me with him sometimes, he doesn't have a lot of money cause my grandpa won't give him none and he can't find a job, but I told him that we don't need money to go sit and talk someplace. He is really cool."
    "Did you see where he lives?"
    "He tried to take me down there, but some older kid told him that nobody under age was allowed in the building after dark so he said he would take me another time." My mind was running on my own track as I was working on a way to put those two closer together. I don't think that Kevin is gay, sure, he has a morbid curiosity about sex, but that is normal growing up stuff which I believe will pass with time.

    The state's law enforcement offices were gearing up for the influx of prostitutes that follow large events such as the Super Bowl. I went directly to a friend in the governor's office with my information and received a return call five minutes later. I laid out what I knew for him and he let out a low whistle. I got his e-mail addy and sent him a few names and places of people that had been ferreted out from the information that the street girls had shared with us. He only knew one name on the list.
    I connected him to our station chief in Phoenix so that they could coordinate their activities with Harry and his personnel here in Tucson. Harry and I both volunteered Timmy to be a pimp.The Arizona Bureau of Investigation had a nice pimp mobile sitting in their impound yard, it was complete with the fringe around the windshield to match the hot pink color. I cautioned against anything recognizable, but the ABI chief told me that Timmy fit the general description of the man from whom the car had been confiscated when he was arrested entering the state from Las Vegas a year earlier with three underage girls and one boy.
    I worry about my boys, but if Timmy should be hurt then Chrisy would be hurt and I cannot have that. I told Harry to back that man up every way possible. I know that Harry looks on Timmy with as much love as I do and he will use every precaution.

    John Carmichael surprised me when he called just before four o'clock. I guess that I had expected him to wait a few days before calling, but then I figured that he may want to spend more time with his nephew, I hope that those two can get close and be a family, Kevin is lost at the present time. Sure, I have a lot of boys, and now girls, around me that have no family ties, but the only family Kevin knew was snatched from him so quickly and with him never having an opportunity to try to explain. Kevin was a total innocent in the entire affair, but he is the only one left to live with it. I had to hold my thoughts to myself as I wondered how the truth that John knew would affect Kev.
    I told John that the family would gather for dinner at five thirty and I heard the sound that only a hungry college boy can make. I stifled my amusement and told him that he would be welcome to join us, but I had to warn him that everybody in the house would be naked, himself included if he choose to come up. He quickly accepted my invitation, a bit too quickly perhaps? Maybe there is more to learn about the boy than I had thought before.
    I mentioned before that the family blood could be seen between Kevin and John, but naked the similarity seemed to be more apparent. Both boys have light colored hair and golden to brown eyes, both are cut. Kev has a nice boi stick of a fifteen year old that measures a mouth watering five and a half inches. John's cock is almost identical, right down to the slight upward curve that makes their cocks point skyward at a slight angle, John is about six and a half inches, or a little more, and has the thickness of an eighteen year old boy.
    The boys' bodies are in exact proportion to the other with very little difference expect for the physical size of their ages. I studied each boy throughout the time before dinner and then as they sat together opposite of my seat at the dinner table.
    I enjoy watching boys eat and my boys love the fact that they have food, some of them for the first time in their lives. Johnny was eager to consume mass quantities as he rapidly shoveled food into his mouth before it was all taken away. I would have to ask the boys about the college feeding programs, when I was in college the kids in the dorms were allowed to eat as much as they could handle with very little time constraint.

    After dinner Kev told me that he and John wanted to go someplace where the three of us could talk, he whispered to me that John was troubled about something and wanted to talk to me. I kissed my Cory man and led the two boys to my room to sit in the small conversation area before the fireplace.
    I sat facing the wall with the picture of RD and Syl on it with the fireplace to my right side. I smelled something strange and John was blushing, I pointed him to the bathroom and he ran, quickly, Kev followed. I decided to go all out and rose to place a real log into the gas fireplace, there is a space on top of the twin fake logs to lay a real log, should the mood be right. To really enhance to mood I tossed in a few aromatic cedar chips to sweeten the smell John had left behind.
    Kev was back in an instant, "Something crawled up inside that dude and died, twice." He was fanning his nose in a way that reminded me of a time just a few short years ago and what we had suffered through with Chrisy in his growing spurt. When we heard the toilet flush I sent Kev back to his uncle to tell him to take a shower, I heard the boys giggling and I sat back and mellowed as the flame of the fire soothed my soul.
    Two squeaky clean boys came back to their seat by the fire, "I showed him how to use the hose," Kev grinned at me.
    "And who showed you the hose?"
    "Warren, the night that he…" his eyes widened.
    "I have told you about being shy or embarrassed around this house. You told me that you had done that, but you never told me with whom, I knew that it was after Paul and that he never did it, you told me that much."
    "Warren told me about the pin and I want one, but he told me that I had to ride that," he pointed at my semi erect cock sticking up between my legs a little bit. "I had to know if I could do it."
    I looked at John who seemed impassive. I stared at him until he dipped his eyes, "Kev, told me that you can read people's minds. So you know, don't you?"
    "John, why don't you tell Kevin what I know."
    "You know that too?" He began to shake and tears welled up in his eyes.
    "We are a family, John, we love each other and we never condemn, ever." His gaze was locked on me.
    "I don't know why she never told Kev or Capin." I knew the whole story and knew that John was talking about his mother. "Well Capin was too young to understand, but Kev should know. Our dad is the jerk, he could have stood up to her and told them, I loved him, but he was so weak, I wanted to smack him so many times and tell him to show that he had balls. That only made him scold me, he was always afraid that Kev would hear us talking about it." I pointed at Kevin who's eyes were wide open.
    "Kev, I am not your uncle, I'm your brother. Mom was eighteen with another year of high school to finish when I was born; dad was only fourteen and in the eighth grade, so grandma and grandpa took me and raised me. Mom ran away, then she came back and got dad and they moved to California. I never saw her until I was ten years old, when she came in pushing you at grandma. Grandma had a stroke, or something, she got so mad.
    "Grandpa won't ever talk about it, he says it was you that killed grandma and he hates dad so much. The way that I figure it, it is ma that he should hate, she did it all cause she's just in life for herself." Kev was sitting on the edge of his seat with his mouth hanging open.
    "Kev, don't hate me, please, I could never take it if you don't like me. I have always loved you and wanted to be with you, but ma didn't want me. Neither did grandpa, but he had papers that made him responsible for me till I turned eighteen.
    "Dad saved money to put me into college and I wanted to go here and learn to be a counselor for troubled kids. Now I won't be able to go to school because my tuition didn't get paid and I can't go back to class." Kevin moved into his brother's lap. I rose and headed to the door as I told the boys that I needed a cup of coffee.
    I made my way downstairs where Cory was sitting with some of the family. I quickly explained a little bit to Cory and told him to pay Johnny's tuition, but not his room and board. I told him to plan on going with John in the morning to move the boy's personal items up to the house until we could find him a place to live, maybe with Kevin. Cory had to waste time by kissing me, but I can always take some of that. That little kiss sent me back into my bedroom as hard as a rock.
    John leaned forward, "I never had anything that big stuck up in me." He stopped suddenly and looked up at me then to Kev. Kev was full smile.
    I placed my coffee on the small table between the chairs, that the two boys sat in, as I prepared to sit down. Suddenly my bedroom door opened, my first thought was self recrimination for not remembering to lock it, but when I turned to see who was there my heart melted.
    "Da-dadee, you didn't not come to play with me and us today, whyee?" I grabbed Kardal into my arms, and invited Khalid and Hamal to climb into my lap.
    "I am so sorry my babies, I was so busy with everything that time just slipped away from me. Would it be okay if I go lay down with you and tell you a bedtime story then tomorrow we will do something special, just us?"
    Kardal is about the cutest little fellow you ever saw. He looks to be more like six or seven, skinny, maybe forty pounds wet. He barely stands three feet tall, maybe in inch or two more, but one hardly notices when they look into his penetratingly blue eyes under his long brown/black hair. I have tried so many times to cut his hair a little shorter, but he wants it long like his king, Raven. His skin color is the darker color of his father's bloodline so he appears to have the kind of suntan that I wished I could get, but it is even over his entire body with no tan lines, of course.
    His face is sweet childlike innocence, his bad trait is his total trust in me. I don't know if he trusts others to the same degree, but I can do absolutely anything with this boy with never a question, except to forget to sit down and play with him each day. I had tiny boy kisses all over my face with tiny boy giggles singing their melodious notes into my ears, that was their way of letting me know that they loved me and were okay with my slight of them.
    RD poked his head in, "I thought that I would come up and see the little guys, dad." Roddy pushed his way past RD and ran to me to join the fracas in my lap.
    "RD, have you met Kevin's brother, John?" RD's eyes widened as he mouthed, "brother?" at me, I nodded with my eyes at him and directed him to come and shake hands. He giggled slightly as he moved across the room to where we were sitting. Suddenly I had an idea that might make John and Kevin realize that they are not alone in the deceptions and unknown facts of their lives.
    "RD, would you do me a favor, please? Stand by that mural on the wall, facing it if you would please, sir." Without question another boy did my bidding at once as he stepped up to the wall, I asked him to move slightly to his left so we could see the painting and him at the same time.
    John had it much quicker than I would have ever believed, I had truly thought that I would have to explain what I was getting too, but John showed an analytical skill that very few possess.
    "That's you in that picture, isn't it, dude?" I placed the little boys on the floor as I had RD squeeze into the seat next to me. With an arm around his shoulder, and Roddy in our laps, I explained the painting and its meaning for us to the Carmichael brothers. I told them the emptiness that I felt when I first learned that I had had a son as fine as RD for sixteen years, but never knew of his existence and then I told them how wonderful I felt when all was revealed to me.
    John and Kev looked at each other then Kev moved to sit in his brother's lap, "I know what you mean, dad. I never knew that John was my brother and I never really knew him very well cause I didn't get to see him too much, but now that I know who he is I feel as if I have had something missing in my whole life. He is here now, but I would have really liked to have had a big brother when I was little. I loved being Capin's big brother and doing things with him but…" He began to cry, for his loss, or his empty life caused by untold lies and deceptions, I didn't know which, but it was time to let the two brothers have their own time.

    I tucked each of the three tiny ones into their bed then walked over to tickle and tuck Baris and Tahir in as well. "Da-dadee, you come to me pweece?" That tiny request will make me go anywhere, I turned back to the large king sized bed filled with three lads that together weigh less than one of the other boys in my house and sat down on the edge opposite of the side where RD was sitting.
    "Da-dadee, you art a bissy man so we let go you to do your bisseyness. We will let RD speak to us a stowy this night, but da-dadee, we love you."
    "And I love you my sweet, sweet little ones. Dane and Rod are here, may they listen to RD tell you a story?" The boys giggled as one as Rod and Dane got up on the end of their bed, those two had their pillows and a heavy comforter with them. The house is always kept at a very warm seventy eight degrees, but it was the dead of winter and that fact seemed to put a chill into everyone no matter how warm the house.
    I stepped to the door and watched as RD moved around the bed to sit where I had been, making himself more to the middle of all seven boys. What a perfect picture and one that I have burned into my memory banks forever. So shoot me, I love my kids, young and older. Sex is not my motivation, guys. Seeing nearly two hundred boys safe, fed, and warm is all I seek, anything else that cums along is okay, but that is their choice. I do think that once in awhile a boy believes that he owes me and I hope that I can drive that idea from his head.
    Suddenly the thought of a sight that I was spared passed through my mind and I had to close the door and find someplace to fall apart. I have no idea how long Cory had been in the hallway, but my man child saw me and knew that I was having one of those moments. He quickly led me up the stairs and into Roddy and Dane's empty room next to mine and sat me on their bed.
    I wrapped my arms around my life and nearly squeezed the bee jeebers out of him as I began to bawl, loud and openly. Cory said nothing as he cradled me in his loving arms in the same way that I have for him so many, many times in our walk through life.
    "Yeah, I see him struggling to get out of the back of that old police car, what torture that had to be for a ten year old boy." I began to cry again.
    "Manny is always here, my love." He rubbed my chest with his long, strong hand, "maybe you should talk about it. You always tell us that it is good therapy to tell our story so that we can see it in the light and know that it is over and we are safe together with you. I will always be safe and together with you, you are my life and my safety. Won't you let me be your safety now?"
    I looked at Cory, he has grown up way past the point of his eighteen years, way past the point that I want him to be. I can't keep him a little boy forever, he is my lover, my life partner, my life, it was time to talk to him.
    "Billy is so fucking beautiful that it makes me melt inside when I look at him. Cory, he is the identical twin of his father at that age. I loved Tiny with every fiber of my body, I never thought that I would love again after Manny…Randy introduced me to Charley and I discovered sex, from that day on I was fucking Randy as often as I could.
    "Tiny had been my best bud since Manny had…I'm sorry dude, I miss him so much, I just think his name and I get all misty and choked up like this."
    "That just means that somewhere down deep inside, you just may be normal, or close to it," Cory whispered as he held me tight. I had to show him how normal I was by ravishing his tight ass, I love the fact that the boys gather together each morning before our run to warm up and limber their muscles. They do jumping jacks then a set of fifty squat thrusts followed by another fifty, eight count pushups, man their butts are firm and tight.
    Our afterglow was fantastic, I think that Cory knew that I was in a fantasy and not thinking of him, I looked into his eyes and he was not there, had I driven him away? Oh I hope not, I had actually fantasied being young and making out with Tiny. I began my story once again. Cory pressed against me and I knew that he was still with me.
    "I have never had sexual fantasies about Manny, he was a very special childhood friend that I loved before either of us ever had a sex thought cross our innocent minds. Sure, we used to swim naked in the large pool at my house. I can well recall the time that he did a massive belly flop from the three foot board, he smashed his tiny raisins and both of us laughed when my dad put an ice pack on him. My dad told him that he would have iced pee instead of tea that evening.
    "We did all of the nasty things that little boys do, such as seeing who could pee the highest or the farthest. We used to run between his house across the street and mine, bare assed, on our way to or from the swimming pool. Our mother's used to scold us and make the other go home, mothers have some sort of aversion to naked boys running across the street.
    "Manny and I were discovering life together, we were nine years old and we were eager to peel away every layer of the onion called life that we could tear into. Cory, just like an onion, life is full of tears. We think that we know the answers then from out of nowhere the tears come to make us aware that not all in this world is good.
    "I discovered a life lesson that I never, ever want to have any of my sweet family learn, Cory, especially not you. All of us loose grandparents, parents, older family members and friends—that is to be expected because all life ends in death. Cory, when we loose a loved one closer to our age, or someone with whom we have shared our lives, the heart is ripped apart and it is never again the same.
    "Our mothers had kept secret their plans for a big birthday party in my backyard for Manny. I was sent to his house to spend the night, but I had to rush home the next morning. It was Memorial day and we always go out to the cemeteries to lay wreaths at the tombs of fallen soldiers. Manny's mom told him that he could not go because she had plans for his birthday lunch, she was asking him where he would like to go for a special meal as I ran out of the house."
    I fell apart again, I have such a hard time trying to tell this story, but Cory knew that and he held onto me or I would have turned into the contents of a dung basket. "Cory, I never saw Manny alive again." Cory covered me in his kisses, I am so fortunate to have this man in my life, he has given me a thousand new memories each day that we have been together and I really do need to let go of my past, I cannot change one second of it.
    I had to let him know how much I love him. I began with the kisses, there is just a certain way that I can kiss my man and make him meld into my body in total surrender, that was where I began. Next I made every move that Cory has ever expressed special appreciation for.
    Cory was grinding against me, I rolled back with him on top of me. Cory was hard enough to push his cock through the Rock of Gibralter when I wrapped my legs around his waist. He locked his eyes on me and never blinked as he took aim and held that aim with his right hand, I felt the intenseness of his deep love as he slid deeply into me. Both of us felt a passion for the other that we had not had in several weeks, we always love our time together, but so often we don't feel each other, we are just together. I often wonder if Cory and I could make it as a solitary couple, we both have to have as much young male hormone injected into our bodies as we can get on a daily basis, we both suffer from Del's malady that he calls his gimmecum virus.
    We held on to each other, not wanting to ever separate, when tiny little faces with tiny little lips began to kiss us and reminded us that we were not in our own bed. "Daddy, can you change our sheets, you got sweat on my side of the bed," Roddy was giggling at me. Welcome back to reality.
    RD stepped in with Kev and stripped the boys' bed, Cory and I headed to my room and the shower. "I never saw two guys do that before. I am sorry for spying on you, but your little boy, Rod?, came back to tell RD that you were doing it in his bed. I…ah…well I wanted to see what it looked like." John hung his head, I took his hand and led him to the shower.
    Cory and I made a big play out of washing the cum from the legs of the other as John stared at us. I took the hose and shoved it a good eight inches inside Cory's ass and I thought that John would have an attack of some sort. Cory moved to the appliance installed for his very purpose and released the water as I inserted the hose into myself.
    "Have you ever been fucked, John?"
    "NO, well, er, ah, not since…"
    "Larry?" I almost whispered. His eyes flew open and he pulled back. Kev had been about to join us in the shower, but he stepped back out of sight as he continued to listen.
    "I just now told Kev about Larry and you were…"
    "I was in the other room and could not hear you. I have talked to Larry and your grandfather, Bernard Carmichael. Do you know why he and your grandpa Xavier despise each other?" He shook his head at me, "Because Xavier hit Bernard in the mouth after he caught you and your uncle Larry doing the dirty deed.
    "Bernard called your grandpa a hypocrite, but Xavier can not deal with the fact that his junior high school suck buddy had two queer sons, one who fathered two of the sweetest boys to come out of Colorado in many years." I had just filled his mind with new information, but he is quick enough on his feet that he caught my flattery and smiled immediately.
    "Are you saying that grandpa and grandfather…?" he was getting his head around it.
    "Yes, John, they were the very tightest of friends until the end of the tenth grade. Then sixteen year old Xavier met Trudy, who became your grandmother, or grandma as you call her. Bernard always loved your grandpa and they remained friends, but they never were as close as they had been.
    "It took Bernard several years to find someone. As a college student he hooked up with Francine, a girl from his high school that knew of the past that the two men shared, but she loved Bernard with all of her heart and bore him a son, your dad Gary, that both of them idolized.
    "Your mother was a full four years older than your father; she thought that the son of her father's best friend was cute, she had no idea of the history between the two men. Neither of your grandfathers wanted their past known and your mother died never knowing.
    "Another child was never planned, but these things happen, your grandmother Fran, died giving birth to Larry four days before you were born. Trudy had raised you with love, but her stroke made Xavier very bitter. As you grew up he had no idea that you and Bernard's son were classmates and friends. Even when Larry came around to your house Xavier never caught on to who he was.
    "Puberty began to rule your bodies and the two of you began that which most young teen boys enjoy, sex with someone else. All was well until Xavier caught the two of you in the garage with Larry up your butt. He drove Larry home with the idea of informing the boy's father that he had a queer for a son, imagine his surprise when Bernard opened the door.
    "Xavier struck his old friend and began to shout at him. He went to Bernard's work and told them that he had molested him when he was a boy and now his son was a faggot, like his old man. Bernard quietly moved away. It has been hard on you because you loved your grandfather and you loved Larry, but you had no idea where they were. I had our people look him up and you will have the chance to go with Kevin to see the two of them whenever you are ready."
    "You said that grandfather had two gay sons, was dad…"
    "That is what first attracted your mother to him, she wanted to straighten the gay boy out."
    "So did dad know about grandpa and grandfather?"
    "Your father learned the truth when Bernard moved to Phoenix. After Xavier hit Bernard he sat down with your fourteen year old uncle and told him the entire story. Together they decided to move away, but Larry loved your father so they called him to tell him where they were, your dad used to go on business trips by himself so that he could see them; Kevin has never met them."
    "He will, just as soon as we can find a way to go see them."
    "They would like to see you this weekend and you have a credit card with five thousand dollars on it that you can use to buy gas and even take them out to eat." I pulled him close and inserted the hose up his ass for the second time that evening. The water from that hose is a cool ninety five degrees, just low enough to feel cool to the hand, but warm enough to soothe the rectum as it sends a gentle stream of cleansing water up inside. In fact it is much more gentle then the stream that I shot up in my fifteen year old ass when I decided to use my mother's hot water bottle with that funny little tip on the end of the hose, what did I know about douche bags, I was a queer boy?
    Of course John was startled, but the soothing effects of a gut filling with water can feel good, until you are full and about to bust a gut. Kev moved to his brother to massage his belly and loosen anything deep inside then pushed John to the appliance. John sat down on the six inch wide, flat rim and we heard the surge of water expel against the porcelain. Kev turned his brother around and used the hose to wash any residue from the boy's legs then reinserted it. John was still full of shit even though he had been on the can about two hours earlier.
    After the third round of cleansing John's water was clear then Kev handed him the hose and bent over before him. John's eyes brightened as he placed one hand on his brother's butt and gently slid the hose inside the nearly virgin rectum. After a good fifteen minutes of throughly washing each and every part of each and every one of us by each and every one we dried each, and every part, then moved back into my room and my bed.

    "Can I have a pin now?" Kevin has a fixation on that ornament, but I have been reminded so often that the tiny piece of gold, that is only fifteen thirty seconds of an inch long, just shy of one point two millimeters, is a boy's proof that he is a loved member of my family.
    That part bothers me, with a number quickly approaching more than two hundred—actually it is at two hundred and five with John, Andy, Edmund, Biff, and Chuck counted in, plus Brad, Jay, Chrisy and Timmy that live out on their own and David living with Randy and Sven, who am I leaving out—I have yet to sleep with each and every one of them. Then of course I have to wonder if the street boys were going to want a pin for themselves, I have to stop somewhere, don't I? Fuck all of that, tight little boy butt, those healthy balls full of cum with a sweet, hard, built in straw of flesh makes me tingle inside.
    "Kevin, you have not had sex that way before…"
    "Dad, I told you that Paul did…" I shushed him, he looked at me defiantly, "Well, I wanted to know so I got Warren to tell me 'bout you and then I made him show me." That made all of us chuckle as he turned that cute little shade of red. "Well, I have to know if I'm a fruitcake or not."
    "So let me see then," I bent around and took his balls into my mouth, they are the perfect size of a fifteen year old kid's nuts and both of them fit inside my mouth together. His cock stood up to take notice of my efforts and I was ready to show the boy all of the love that I have for him. "Yep, I found the nuts so you might be a fruitcake, is there any cream in here?" I slid down on his cock and his back arched as his ass cleared the bed I let a finger slip against his rosebud.
    He was tight and dry and to penetrate him would have been painful, but Cory waved our bottle of edible lube before my face, I held my hand out to one side for him to smear a dab of the soft gel over the end of a hungry digit. I quickly returned that digit to its target and found the target open as Kev pushed out, Warren had taught the boy well. I quickly found a stiff nut and began to move about it as a flood of boi lube poured forth to prepare us both for what was about to cum.
    Cory had turned Kev to be able to lay on top of me and the boy quickly took his home on the length of my dick. John turned so that Cory could spoon against his back as he moved his face close to the action and watched the devirginizing of his little brother. Okay, so maybe Kev wasn't a true virgin, but I want to believe that Paul didn't count and Warren was only his trainer, I was about to have the honor and the pleasure of widening the boy's world for all time.
    Kev came off of a nut of hot sweet batter that moved me to ecstasy. I pulled John's head close as Cory reached across and aimed Kev's cock at his brother's mouth. John opened his mouth wide and engulfed his baby brother to the hair line. If the convulsions from Kev's body was any indication then he came off of four more shots before he fell back on the bed.
    I quickly pushed his legs back as Cory pulled at John to move away. John exclaimed his disbelief as I began to rim Kev before his eyes, that was something that John had never heard of, let alone considered. I had a lot to teach the brothers before the night was over. I only hoped that they would find togetherness with each other. I am not a huge fan of brotherly love, but brotherly bonding and a willingness to share with one another is tantamount to their relationship.
    I believe that Cas and Lew are actually the only brotherly couple that live in my house that have any sort of long term relationship. I am fairly certain that Toby and Kenny have never had any real sexual experience between them, but I have seen Toby suckle his young sibling on a few occasions. David and Donny never have been together.
    All of you remember the horrible results of Frank and Branden's first joining, but those two have become comfortable with each other's bodies from time to time. Ricky and Raymond have had little to do with each other in a sexual manor since joining the family, but I have learned from Tim O'Connor that boys messed about in concert with Seth. Rusty has a very long history of bending to his brother, Ronnie's, will and I have seen him ask for more of the brotherly love many times.

    Friday night Kevin and John drove up to spend the weekend with their grandfather, Bernard; Kevin had never met him and was excited at the prospect.
    Brad and Jay joined us for our evening meal, much to my delight. Brad was sullen, even mad, I asked him who had yanked his chain. Jay began to laugh, loud and hard, Brad just glared at him, "He got a speeding ticket for doing eighteen miles and hour in a school zone."
    "Brad, we don't ever want to hurt a child, that fifteen miles per hour speed limit is set for a reason, to give a driver time to react and stop in case a child darts out in front of you. I know you better, why did you drive like that?"
    He crossed his arms and huffed at me, "I was on roller skates. I was on the sidewalk, going downhill, where the cop with the radar gun was. I guess he was having a bad day cause he read me the riot act too." It was my turn to join the entire family as we laughed so hard that the tears ran down our cheeks. My sides were cramping because I was laughing so hard.

    "How is that dude in France going to affect our money, dad?" What a question to come from the lips of an innocent like Gus.
    I called the boy to sit with me as we shared our noon meal. "We saw it when the news guy said that some crook stole seven billion dollars from a bank, was that our money?" I had to hug the boy and make him laugh, my boys are getting too involved in the world, but then in face of current events it is probably for their best interest that they do.
    "No, sugar, that wasn't our money. Our money is safe where it won't fall prey to that sort of scam. I never have too much of our family money in any one place so that should something go wrong we won't go hungry or have our lights turned off." That made all of the boys giggle, but I saw some look of relief come across more than just a few faces.
    "Dad, I was searching that story out and the French banks say that they are finding out that it may be more than seventy billion dollars that their man lost with his manipulations of funds. I believe that today's news said that it is now over seventy three and a half billion dollars." I love Warren's manipulation of funds, for a boy with a half year of the eighth grade behind him he is pretty sharp, of course he sat with his father who was all about high finance and wanted his son to learn it all.
    "Do you think that his actions spurred the spike in gold prices yesterday? Gold closed at $921 an ounce, you sold back there at $907 an ounce." [Eds. Note: A lot has happened since this chapter was written and we will update these figures in another chapter.]
    "No, Warren, I don't believe that there is any correlation to the bank's case and gold prices. People the world over are in a panic because of rising prices and the threat of a recession, they are buying gold because they have little faith in the world economy."
    "World's economy." Jimmy interjected.
    "World, singular oh mighty English scholar man. It is not the economy that belongs to the world, but the economies of the world that is bouncing around."
    "Never mind, I will drop it, for now." I know Jimmy and I will have to take him to bed to make my point, maybe that is what he is after, hmmmm.
    "For those of you that would like to research it you will discover that when the stock market is unstable then gold prices go up. The dollar is falling in value against every currency in the world because no one has faith in America at the present time.
    "Oil prices are on the rise, not because of what you might think, but because the oil producing countries want to make all of the money that they can before the world goes belly up, financially. You will discover that this always occurs around the time of elections in this country.
    Jimmy, what happened to oil prices just before the last election?"
    "They went crazy and we got rich."
    "How rich?" I wanted him to share his knowledge so that some of the other boys could gain from his knowledge. Warren is sharp enough that he will be able to help stimulate some excitement in the boys, I think that it is important for children to learn how the world really works when they are young enough not to be cynical.
    Jimmy puffed out his chest and Turner was bouncing in his seat, Cory was to the edge of his chair as he watched Jim, closely. Shane stole Jimmy's thunder, "That was when you sold fifty million gallons of gasoline wasn't it?"
    "He didn't just sell it, he cremated it," Turner screamed out from his enthusiasm.
    "Dad," Jimmy sat back calm and collected, "knows what he is doing. He sold fifty million gallons of gasoline then turned around with the money from that sale and bought two hundred million gallons back. He used the money from the sale to buy back in at a lot less than he sold for. He has been moving that gasoline around and has put over nine hundred million dollars into our bank accounts.
    "Not all of it in gasoline though, when the politicians started playing around back there a year and a half ago oil dropped from sixty three dollars a barrel back down to fifty two dollars a barrel for about nine hours. Dad bought us a ton of oil for almost nothing, that was oil that he sold in November for over one hundred dollars a barrel.
    "Cullen, I love you, babe, but dad is the king around here," Jimmy smiled at me.

    "Yeah, dad is the king, but you are the crown prince, how much money have you made for me with that google stock? We're both rich, dude, and you did that." I smiled at Chrisy, Jim did make him a lot of money, but it was the queeing that spurred the boy to action.
    From the day that Jimmy became a full time member of my house he has had his nose buried in my computer system as he studied commodity and stock trends. Most people can distinguish many different smells—ranging from odoriferous to fragrant—Jimmy smells trends, and he is good at it.
    At that time I had a desk that was cluttered with computer monitors and keyboards. Four bulky CRT monitors sat on a narrow riser that raised them about a foot above my desktop, but they were a little too far away to be able to see clearly. My laptop sat on the pull out slide to the left of the knee hole, but it seems that it sat over the only useful drawer in my desk.
    Cullen has ever been most curious about any and everything. I loved to see those two boys sit together in my large chair and squeal at each other as they spotted first one thing and then another. The moment that Jimmy came home from school that spring day in March of 2005 he checked Cullen from head to toe, and stared at the best part. Then he ran to my office to see what was happening in the world of high finance.
    After Cullen and I had gone to the old attic over the garage—where now sits four large bedrooms, with bathrooms in each—he disappeared. I watched the two boys sitting together, I saw them squeal then kiss one another occasionally, as Chrisy—Will in those days—and I prepared the boys' supper. It was Cullen that convinced Jimmy to make the plunge, of course he was only fourteen and couldn't buy stock, but he had money from his father's insurance that he could invest.
    I have no idea what he smelled or what he thought that he saw, but the boy was all over me one night to buy Google stock. I well remembered the big dot com bust and feared throwing the boy's money away on a shooting star. Jimmy brought in the big guns, together he and Cullen prodded me with their mighty weapons until I relented. Now let me ask you if you think that you could ever resist two very fine young fourteen year olds that only had cum for you? I am just not a strong man and I surrendered after only six or seven hours of non-stop torture pleasure.
    April fool's day fell on a Friday in 2005, but before the boys left for school I placed a 1.653 million dollar purchase order for nine thousand shares, one thousand shares for each of the boys living in my house at the time. By the time the boys returned from school their shares had dropped from where they had bought in at the opening price of one hundred and eighty one dollars a share to one hundred and eighty dollars. I tried to tell them that their stock had climbed to one hundred and ninety four dollars during the day, that didn't help their feeling of loss.
    Jimmy had the day's activities on one of the computer screens and I pointed out that the stock had dropped as low as one hundred and seventy seven dollars before closing up to the price that their investment was worth at that point. All the young teen aged boys could see is that they had each just lost one thousand dollars and that hurt them.
    That week end was an eye opener to me and I vowed never to let the boys know how much of their money was being placed when or where. It had never occurred to the boys that most of them had no money. Chief Steve had passed away two and a half months earlier, he had left Cory well provided for. Chrisy had money from both of his parent's life insurance policies as did Jim. I had recovered quite a bit of money for the Youngman brothers, but my young ghosts from Pennsylvania and the two refugees from Georgia had only the clothes on their backs. Well, Tim and Jerry had the van that had been given to them, but Cas and Lew had nothing but my love for them.
    That fact never entered anyone's mind, as they saw it at the time they had lost a thousand dollars, without ever asking where the one hundred and eighty one thousand dollars to purchase their stock had come from. I suppose that it may have been a good thing as they saw how volatile the stock market can be, I sat still and let them live and learn.
    By the following week seven boys were ready to hang Jim and his accomplice, Cullen. I tried to make light of the situation and make the rest of their life in my house a happy experience. By the end of the month Jim was their hero and each of them worshiped his meat scepter daily. Now the boy is huge in his brothers' eyes as Google stock closed at a seven hundred and six dollars a share on the day that Jim and I moved so much of our oil.
    I smiled at all of my loved ones, as I saw it, all of the boys were talking, that was a good thing. I hope that I have a lot of questions to answer on this subject and from the look on Warren's face he was going to be amongst the first to ask. The Google stock? We sold that, each of the nine investors was handed a check made payable to him for $706,990, a profit of $525,310 over a short span of thirty three months. I have never considered 289% profit a bad thing, I just know that there are better ways to earn more than that a lot quicker than having to wait and worry for thirty three months.
    "Look boys, anyone can enhance the commodity market with profits earned from their efforts in precious metals. Just drink lots of coffee, with sugar, paying for it with money earned from the sale of recycled aluminum cans." I had thought that the boys were finished eating, but they sure found a lot of bread crusts to throw at me. As a matter of self preservation I quickly headed to the sanctity of the family room for our story time.

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