Chapter 180


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    With billions of dollars of his own to command Jace wanted a wedding that would surpass anything anybody else had. He created a fag boy wedding of world class proportions. He brought in a famous boy band and dressed them in the tiniest thong swim wear that the California law would allow. He had them on a stage set at eye level, there was a barrier placed around the stage so that no one could touch the sweet meat.
    The beach patrol was going out of their minds as they tried to control the large throngs of people. Everyone wanted to see what was going on behind the twenty foot tall canvas barricade that we had erected. Publicity was not wanted, for one thing Jace made it clear that he wanted Cullen to be there and he would not expose the young King to the world media as having attended a gay wedding, in the nude.
    Jace and Frankie are close friends with Jay and Brad. They sat with their friends and swore that they were not trying to best the double wedding at Empire Canal. Jay giggled at them and told them that maybe they should speak directly into their smarter parts for an hour or two. I know from experience that both Frank and Jace hum a very good tune.

    Jace is an absolutely hopeless romantic. The day that the news broke that same sex unions would be legal in California he and his partner set out to bribe me to allow them their fondest wish. I had no intention of denying them anything, but I sure did like the benefits that came my way when they thought that I needed more prodding. Horny teens are fun at anytime, but when they know that they can use someone else's sexual perversions to get what they want it is even more fun. I was their goal, at least what I had they wanted, and they were not above doing whatever it would take to have it.
    Frank has the tough young body of a high school athlete. He excels at most sports, but watching him move down the field in a rousing football game is a super treat. He is an excellent swimmer that seems to glide through the water. He stands five foot nine inches tall and carries one hundred and sixty pounds of solid muscle on his sturdy frame.
    I was surprised one morning after he and Jace had been a part of the family for several months. We have a tradition in our family where I draw the name of a boy from a box then spend the night with that boy doing whatever he wishes to do. Quite often the boy will ask that his boyfriend join us, but on one night Frank came to my bed with a request that the two of us lock the door and seek new and different ways to please one another. I have learned hundreds of ways to pleasure the one in my bed, but the boys are only just beginning.
    Even in an environment such as we enjoy within our family, living in totally nudity, we seldom see each other in a totally non-aroused state. Frank's cock is a hair length over six and a half inches long and it is very thick in proportion. His foreskin is always retracted well back of the glans ridge and I always thought that he was cut. I need to pay closer attention to the object of my desire, he is definitely not cut. He has a cute little rose that only blossoms when he is totally relaxed and withdrawn to about two and a half inches long. I have never seen him running about naked when he was less than four inches and retracted.
    Jace is at a genetic loss when it comes to bodies. He is built exactly like his biological father, tall, skinny, and frail. He works out daily. He runs alongside of the rest of us, his body just won't take a muscle on itself. We have never learned anything about his mother. There are no records of her to be found. It is our guess that in his rage Seigy destroyed all records that may have existed. Raven has shared with us the beauty that the young lady had. He looks at Jace and tells us that the boy favors his mother in his facial features, hair color, and softness of manner.
    At the time of his wedding he was just two weeks shy of his nineteenth birthday. He had grown to a full six foot three inches tall with a sparse one hundred and forty six pounds of flesh on his bones. He has a cute little flower at the tip of his six inch cock that is only five and a half inches around. Don't worry, that boy knows how to use that weapon and he assaulted me with it daily until I told him that his wish was my command.
    I respect the couples in my family and I never seek to involve myself with them. When boys come to my room together I try to take the down under and let them put on a show for my hungry eyes. Most often the boys will each seek a ride on me. All of them seem to feel that this is their payment to me. I hope that I have that notion well removed from the minds of those still in my house. I am working at dispelling that feeling from the boys at the dorm.

    The boys wanted to cruise to Hawaii aboard the one hundred and thirty foot Voyager Marin. Who am I to stand in the way of a boy's dream? The six deck yacht was anchored a half mile off shore during the wedding. I had to beg a birth in Malibu's yacht basin to have the old boy fueled and provisioned for the long trip, but I have enough money that doors seem to open before me with little trouble.
    The plans had been for Jace and Frankie to sail with the sunset, but, like most plans, things change. Voyager Marin was moved at the end of the day and sent to anchor off shore from Sur where the family had more plans for other couples in our midst. But more about that in a minute, let us return to the weddings of the day at cliff house.

    The two younger Sato brothers, Kioshi and Yuji, played pan flutes as they led our youngest ones dressed as wood sprites from opposite sides of the stage. The brides were carried in sedan chairs to the alter on the shoulders of their brothers. Jace and Frank stood before the judge to recite their own vows that had been very carefully thought out. When the judge pronounced them lawful spouses for life the two turned together for a super hot kiss that caused them both to rise before our eyes and cause our raising in return.
    Frank has a few hundred million dollars of his own to spend and he wanted to make a statement to the family. He said that he and Jace were taking the biggest plunge of their lives and he spent a few hundred thousand dollars to do that the right way.
    Seventy feet from shore the water drops off to over thirty feet in depth. Frank had a twenty foot high, floating diving platform erected. Neither boy is any kind of a diver but they are not afraid of anything, After they were officially declared spouse and spouse they climbed the ladder to the wide board and jumped into the ocean 'feet first and eyes wide open,' what a statement.

    Walking in the sand is very difficult for Tim, he is a much loved member of the family and Frank suggested that he and Sandy should use the sedan chairs. Tim did not want to take away from the other boys, but the family threatened to tie him to the chair and send him out to sea.
    After their vows were stated I had my own little gift for the pair. A helicopter came in and a man on a rescue cable hovered over the stage. The boys helped secure Tim into a harness then he was lifted up and placed on top of the diving platform, without his legs. Sandy had already swam out to the platform and I was on top with two of the other boys to help Tim fulfill a fantasy that he never thought that he would live to see. I stood beside him as he moved to the end of the wide board with Sandy on his other side.
    Tim asked me for a kiss as he stiffened himself and made the most perfect dive of his life into the thirty foot depth of blue sea. Sandy jumped to one side of him so that they would not collide in the air on the way down. I dove right alongside of him as we tried to match our aerial somersaults. Tim did a perfect four flips before he hit the water. I cheated, I had my legs to carry me through five complete flips before I let my body knife through the water. I went deep so that the boys in the water could get to Tim and help him onto a boat with a platform set at water level across the back.
    By the time I swam back to shore Sandy had Tim's legs on him. Tim was crying with his happiness and begged me to come and get another kiss. Who am I to refuse an offer like that? I told Tim that the helicopter and platform would be available for as long as he wished to use them. He held me close and told me that another dive would be anticlimactic.

    We learned that Dean had proposed to Ray as they sat on a park bench looking up at the Eiffel Tower. They could not marry in the city of lights so we sat and watched the young lovers stand facing each other as they heard those favorite words, "I pronounce you lawful spouses, for life."

    Our morning was rounded out with Derrick and Darryl as they stood on the beach where they had first met Tyler and Turner. They said their vows before the entire gathered family that loves them, deeply. A major concern for those two boys was the prospect of some of their old friends from their past invading the procedure. The security that surrounded my family precluded any outsiders from gaining access to the enclosed area.

    We had more weddings to get too, but we moved to the houses for food and pee breaks. I carried Cory from the beach to the house and up to my room for some much needed rest and relaxation. Roddy poked his head in a half an hour later and found us in the shower together. I asked him to locate his mother and his aunt then return with them and his two brothers for some family quiet time.
    Cory and I sat side by side as we held our wives against us with our four sons dispersed about the bed in one large family way. I looked at everyone and asked for their feeling about having Quemela join us. All of us feel that she is family so RD bounded from the bed in a flash then returned with her.
    RD stood facing her and told her that we would like for her to join the family. She blushed, but she understood what he was saying. The girl has the beautiful body of a sixteen year old girl and that day was the first time that Cory and I had ever seen it. I am almost certain that Roddy had never seen her before, but that did not matter. She joined us on the bed as we talked about nothing for another hour

    A little past one we returned to the rest of the family and guests to see more weddings amongst those that we loved. I cried alligator tears as I stood beside my tiny midget with the mighty widget. My boy was leaving the nest. I will always have a very fond spot for Chrisy and I know that Timmy loves him and will be with him for years to come. But my Chrisy, my poor little lonesome boy that I will always picture standing in shock in the middle of nowhere, is a grownup, married man.
    Chrisy brought the family to their feet when he turned from Timmy's first married kiss and tackled me for a very stiffening kiss. Timmy smiled at us as he awaited his turn.

    Toby and Harry and Pete and Eddy wanted to have a double ceremony. The four men stood in pairs before the judge and looked deeply into each other's eyes. What fond memories I have there. Pete had come to me the evening before and asked me to join him in our little grotto. I love Pete very deeply and he loves me, but we have moved away from each other. That is not true. Pete stepped aside. He knows what Cory means to me and he knows that he could never have me for his one and only. I am a sex crazed letch with a wandering eye and I do not deserve a man like Pete.
    Cory is more than Pete will ever be for me, but he has the same wanderlust that I have. We understand each other. Pete needs the stability of one man in his life that can be faithful and monogamous.
    Harry is another one person man. He is a good guy with a love that runs deep. I was overjoyed when I learned that he and Toby were in love. Toby was a wild fuck and I love the man, I am just not in love with him. Eddy, is Eddy. I have never had much interaction with Eddy except when he and Pete come to me together.

    Brad and Jay wanted to make public their love. They had left their wives at home, to my strong protests. The two boys are deeply in love with one another and I fear that they may both end up with a divorce so that they can be together as they want to be. René is a sweet child that does not deserve that. She has gone well beyond what is right and proper to see that the man that she loves has the man that he loves in his life.
    Jay is a good father that loves and dotes on his daughter, but he does not take care of the creature needs of his bride. Brad does not take care of Lou either, but she does not want him in that way. She got what she wanted, a baby for her and Becky to share.
    Ric Garcia had flown out to be at his son's side for his day. I don't know how to read that man. He and his brother Carlos, have a frustrated love relationship that is also strange to me.

    Cas and Tyler renewed their vows before the entire family. Luke and Gerald also choose to renew their vows. Their commitment to their respected spouses is as strong as ever, but they felt that a public display of affection was the order if the day.
    Jerry and Tim did not think that anything could have been better then their commitment ceremony in Chicopee, but they stood up in support of their brothers and beamed with pride as the love between the couples filled the surrounding beach with a peace that permeated the very sand and sea.

    To end a very perfect day two very pregnant women led two men to stand before the judge as two tiny rug rats each held a cushion in his hands with a single wedding band laid in the middle. Roddy served as Cory's attendant and RD was at my side as our wives placed our hands together and offered their love to us, forever. We did not have a marriage license and we could not be pronounced lawful spouses, but we could be pronounced loving life partners for eternity.
    We were on an open beach surrounded by four hundred of our family members and closest friends. The noise level of the cheering should have been heard all of the way down to Orange County, thirty miles south of cliff house.

    We were going to move up to Sur and to the lake where Carroll Templeton and Mitch Evans have plans for a large wedding in front of their parents on Friday. For the meantime we sat back and enjoyed the beach and the family and let things go where they may.
    The boys all wanted to head for Carroll's home in California, the forests all around there were on fire and they knew that they could be of help. Of course no one under eighteen was allowed on the fire lines but the fire fighters would need food and lots of water to drink.
    Tornadoes had ravaged America's bread basket so the old fŗĩęñďş Çłųß 737 had been loaded with supplies for those hard hit. We were able to secure the water and supplies that we needed for the fire locally. The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane would have been in the way under the circumstances. Besides that, the services and equipment that we are able to provide with that plane were needed where it was.

    The Templetons went all out for Mitch and Carroll's union. The community had come to know and respect the boys as they had worked to build a city from the ground up. Not only their family, but their old classmates and people of the community had missed seeing them as they attend school in Tucson so it was like a grand coming home party combined with a wedding for the ages. I was impressed that there were no picketers or homophobes about. The wedding went along smoothly for them and for their brothers that wanted to tie the knot at the lake instead of cliff house.

    Edmund and Mitchell surprised the family. The couple worked with Andy to fly in, unannounced. They brought the Jeftichews and young Garth along with them to witness their wedding. The couple was a welcome sight and many of the boys shed huge tears as Edmund and Mitchell faced one another and recited a poem of their vows that they had written over a period of many years.
    I suppose that one could call it a November - June union. Edmund is fifty four years old and Mitchell had just turned twenty. Edmund is by no means old, his work with the family has added years to his life and filled him with youth and vigor. I tell him that it is the young protein drink that he enjoys, and the boys really enjoy pumping up a shot for him, quite often. I have seen four boys corner Edmund during his break in the kitchen and he always has the grin of the cat who got the cream when the boys leave him. Don't think that the boys are using him. Edmund encourages their visits, he has even tried to offer them sweet treats after their visit, but they refuse his offer and tell him that they love him and just want to give him what he desires most. We do live in a house of happy fairies that love each other and will do whatever to make another family member happy.
    That love is spreading amongst the boys that live in the dormitory. Many of those boys are cautious and, well, afraid. They each come from a different background, often one of violence. Some of them are not gay, but they took to their knees in order to fill their bellies, or find a warm, dry bed. So far I have no reports of any boy taking offense from the gay activities that go on in plain view of everyone in the dorm. I only know of a few that quietly walk away and stay to themselves. However...they are boys and need their release so from time to time they get together with a good buddy for some down time.

    Adrian and Jessie had applied for their marriage license so with the document in hand they stepped up before the judge to seal their union for all time. I know that they have been a solid couple since their reunion at Empire Canal, I only hope that their love will blossom and not make a mockery of their wedding.
    I was happy to see that Fedor and Garth were getting along well with one another. I suppose that biological needs pit couples together, but I worry about Garth. I have a lot to tell that boy about who he is, I will just have to wait for a better time than the joyful time of the wedding. I also want time to prepare Shane for the shock before I spring the news on Garth, and of course his brother Garric.

    Al and Greg asked Edgar to stand up with them as they took their vows. Edgar is a study. He has come a long way since his trouble with the law. Of course all of that was swept away and there is no criminal record of him on any books or disks, he and I just remember his transgression. I don't hold any of it against him. He was a lost boy that had been abused by his own father and shared amongst the man's friends, that would take a toll on anyone.

    Edgar was amongst the loudest cheerers when David and Jeff Taylor stepped before the judge. David has had a hard life raising his little brother Donny and trying to balance his love life. His trip to Florida seems to have been the key that turned him around. He has remained clean and sober since his return to Tucson. I kept him at bay, away from the family, until his life course could be determined. When he showed up in Nice, France with Jeff on his arm I breathed a sigh of relief.
    Jeff and I have a long history dating back to high school. I hated to see him divorce Sue Ellen, but a fag boy is only fooling himself trying to play the straight game. Sure, there are thousands of fags and closet fags in marriages. Those men usually make good fathers and provide for their family well. They are frustrated in the love department. They try to get through the act with their private fantasies, but the need for the closeness of a male body is ever present with them, and that causes marital problems. Most closeted married men won't admit that there are problems with his marriage, but they are there; hiding under many guises.

    Biff and Chuck wanted a wild west wedding so they had brought two of the finest looking horses from their stables along with them. Picture, if you will, two handsome young men sitting on the bare back of a beautiful Golden Palomino, while they were both bareback. The horse's manes and tails were a creamy white and the soft breeze up from the sea created a special scene as the horse hair danced about the boys' bodies. We were lucky that neither horse dropped any road apples during the ceremony.

    Bless Andy's heart, he is a super romantic. I had told him the story of his cargo master and the man's love for another Airman. The cargo master was eligible for retirement but wanted to stay in the Air Force so that he and his boyfriend could stay together. Andy and I talked about that and we convinced the man to go to work for FI and travel the world overseeing our ever growing freight business. It was this man that discovered an illegal cargo of counterfeit electronics gear on a plane being loaded in England and bound for New York.
    Andy arranged for the boyfriend to be permanently assigned to FI so that the two men could be together. The two had sat down with Andy and told them of their desire to marry, Andy told them that they worked for him and that no one need know about their domestic life, the two have been living together since shortly after I returned home from England after Christmas of 2006.
    Now the two men stood hand in hand as our friend, the judge, officiated over their legal marriage. Andy and I held hands and sniffled, weddings make him cry, There were so many wedding of my favorite people that weekend that I was just plain fucking bawling.

    A surprise was in store for all of us. Carl Dickson introduced us to Jesse Erickson and Keith Jacobs from the story Jesse. The two handsome young men were an encouragement to the family, by way of example. Their relationship had survived high school and grew stronger with time as the boys matured. All of us were happy to meet them and to be able to witness their vows in a permanent union.
    I counted it as credit to my boys that they stayed by to witness each couple that was able state their vows before the judge. Don't think for a minute that the judge was a good guy that wanted to spread cheer to the queers. He is a closet fag, but he was with us that day in an official capacity. I had made sure that he would be with us all day as I placed ten thousand dollars, cash, in his hands early in the day. He drew his pay as a civil servant. He took his accolades as a public spirited official upholding the laws of the land. And he fondled the crisp new hundred dollar bills in his pocket. I have a working history with the man, but I don't have to like him, do I?
    There were some anxious couples that wanted to begin their honeymoon, but their sense of family obligation kept them amongst us until the very last couple was legally married
    After Keith and Jesse's ceremony the boys started to break up and leave for their honeymoons. Brad and Jay had a helicopter on standby to ferry them to the local airstrip for a flight to San Francisco. They had long wanted to see for themselves how the gay life actually is in the city by the bay. They offered to shuttle Jace and Frankie out to Voyager Marin where they shared a quite repast before the yacht set sail and the boys had to leave for their flight to the City by the Bay.
    Dean and Ray planned to see the Golden Gate themselves, but they were going to drive. Neither of them had ever taken a trip to anywhere, Dean told us that moving around as an Army brat did not count. I didn't remind him that his father was Air Force, but I knew what he meant.
    Al and Greg took their honeymoon at the Grand Canyon where they witnessed a nineteen year old tourist from Ontario, Canada playing around on a rocky outcropping. The boy's foot slipped and he fell two hundred and fifty feet to his death. (August 9, 2008)
    Cas and Tyler had cut their time in France short because of their study schedule. I had a treat for them, I sent the two boys to Europe as a graduation/wedding present.
    Biff and Chuck were of legal age and they wanted to spend their honeymoon on the Las Vegas strip. Someone had told them where they could find a gay floor show that would blow them away. They both giggled and said they did that to each other every night.
    Sandy and Tim wanted go to Albany to see their extended families. They called Pytor Jeftichew to ask if they could stay at Empire Canal for a month, they were more than welcome.
    Cameron asked me for a special treat. Lemuel Swanson has moved in and out around the family since his final release from prison and he has shown himself a man to be trusted. He is not dead or blind and has been seen to admire the beauty of the boys around him, but he has never made an improper remark or move on any of the family.
    Cameron is the only one that has actually spent any serious time with Lemmy, but he had to admit to me that he was not sure if the young man is gay or not. Cam batted his eyes at me and asked if he might be able to take Lemmy on a trip to the mountain cabin where he and I had shared a great weekend the past Thanksgiving. I am more than happy to play the matchmaker to a friend. I have a great deal of affection for Cam and was eager to see him find a solid love interest.
    Cam and RD had been close for several months and RD was exactly what Cam needed during his transition period into a new life. After the death of his abusive father Cam had no direction. He was thrust into a relationship of convenience with David in the beginning, that turned to a disaster with David's drinking. Cam moved into the house where he and RD found solace for a season. RD spends so much time with Quemela that Cam was the one available to give the boy release when he came home with blue balls.
    RD is a floater, no particular sex partner in the family. He would sleep in my bed each night, if I would allow it, but I believe that he needs the socialization and chase him away. Cam has not let it show, but I am sure that he wants someone that he can cling too that also wants to draw on his strengths. I was very happy to give Cam the keys to the cabin.

    The Santa Anna winds whipped up a fire storm that threatened to destroy most of Southern California's forests. The boys wanted to do what they could to assist the fire effort. There were many volunteer agencies that welcomed the help of so many able bodied young people. Feeding those that work on the fire lines is a monumental undertaking and the family dove right in to help wherever they could. Filling water containers with ice and fresh water occupied the smallest boys while the older boys helped to serve up the hot meals that the firefighters received each time they rotated to the rear areas.
    The boys had a special treat when a bear and her cub ran ahead of the fire directly into the area where the little guys were sitting up their break station. The boys were terrified but a nearby fireman rushed to their aide. Craig and Jan helped to corral the bear so that she, and her cub could be transported to a new area away from the fire danger.
    We ended up staying for another week before the civil defense people asked us to vacate the area. The extra time had allowed for me to put my plans in order for the large body of boys to head for France and the halls of BAF for a month of unfettered mayhem.

    I had a honeymoon of my own that I planned to attend but I had a royal nephew that wanted to spend time with mum and da. I found out that I do a pretty good puppy dog act myself as Andy melted before me and booked a special flight to transport a Royal personage out of the country, along with a small army of security staff.
    Harry invited Pete, Eddy, Timmy and Chrisy to join him and Toby at his father's place in England. Pete was going to fly them over, but he did not have a certified flight crew. Pete is certified to fly Travelaire© as well as FI-2, he wants a private crew of only family members. Eddie is an electronics wiz kid and has been working for Andy for several years. He had no problems passing the exams to be the radio operator but his skills as a navigator were a bit short.
    Andy could list the flight however he wanted too and no one would ever be the wiser. The six men begged Andy as a personal favor, but asked me to back them up. Andy is a softy when I stroke him deep and wide, at least he gets a softy after a half an hour or so. Andy had two men with families in England, one just happened to be a licensed co-pilot, the other a certified navigator. What luck.
    I was happy to watch all six newlyweds leave on their honeymoon to merry old England with the King of Munedavia safely tucked in their midst with his boyfriend at his side. I know that Jimmy will take care of anything that the young monarch pops up with.

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