Chapter 126


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cullen was laughing his ass off, everyone in the house heard him coming down from granite house. He entered the house with his cell phone against his ear as he followed his nice erection. I am around the boys on a constant basis so I don't always see the changes that are taking place in their maturing bodies. My sweet Cullen is sixteen and beginning to take on the attributes of manhood with thickening musculature and a deepening voice. I really don't want him to loose his precious soprano vocal range, there is nothing purer to the ear than a boy soprano. I may have said it before, I think it all of the time, a woman soprano borders on screaming. There are women with beautiful voices and range to their voice, but those are far and few between. I almost hate it when a woman stands up to sing at church, especially an older woman whose voice has aged faster than she has. The screeching and caterwauling that echos about the sanctuary is reminiscent of cats fighting.
    Cullen has my father's blood in him, it was through my mother that I received the Choctaw curse of an exceptionally long phallus. I won't run Cullen off because he only has six and a half uncut inches of sweet British boi cock. Oh hell no, I will keep sucking on it as I try to stretch it out a few more feet. He has grown quite a bit in the two and a half years that he has lived with me, I feed him well, he is especially fond of creamy protein and seems to find a lot of that about the house.
    He now stands around five foot seven or eight and carries almost one hundred and thirty pounds on his taut little body. I could eat dinner off of him, I have covered him in honey, and cock honey from multiple donors, then given the boy a good licking. He loves the attention and he giggles and squeals to my ear's delight.
    "Here, Jay wants to talk to you," he told me as he passed me his telephone. He wrapped his arms about me and began to rub his erection up and down against my thigh as I looked at him questioningly. "Jason Russell, unc." I always like to talk to young Jason of the Wild Boys.
    "How's it hanging dudette?" I shouldn't do that to the boy, he is all boy and sweet as candy. He and Eric could pass for twin brothers, there is very little difference in their looks and smiles. Somehow Jason is just a little bit sweeter looking, almost feminine, but I will never tell him that. He is only fifteen and will grow very quickly over the next two or three years. That is a problem with kids, they grow up and become ugly adults.
    "I was just telling the queeing that you love him so much that you would bend over backwards for him. He told me that if you did he would mount you with your saddle horn up his bum. I wanted to know if he would be wearing his cowboy boots and hat like he did when we came over to the Grand Canyon that afternoon. If he does send me some pictures, will you?"
    "It will cost you. If I send you pictures then I expect you to ride my pony wearing something really English when I come over the middle of October. I am bringing the queeing with me on that trip so that he and his dad can handle some business."
    "I'll find me a costume, how 'bout what I wore when we went up to Manchester?"
    "Too many clothes, although you did look good enough to eat that day. Well, you always look good enough to eat, even when you are naked." Cullen had turned on the speaker of his cell phone so that those nearby could hear Jason laughing as hard as Cullen was. I love these kids, well, I love most boys, these are just available.

    With the boys into their routine I wanted to check on the progress at βφτ house. I was impressed, it was almost nine o'clock on the second day of work and the walls were already up and trusses were being built for the roof on top of the old pool house. There was a forecast for rain for the week's end so Ron had his crew humping.
    I walked around the building and found four men putting twenty foot long panels of composite hardboard siding on the exposed frame work. The entire outer skin had been removed from the old building and one long sheet of paneling was covering the structure from ground to top. I looked at the interlocking tongue and groove as one man ran a long bead of something reminiscent of the smell of pickle juice along the tongue edge. When he laid his gun down to help lift the panel in place I picked it up to look at it, 'Twenty five year clear silicon caulking compound,' I guess that will keep the weather out. The area not yet covered by the paneling around the entire building was covered in a clear, heavy plastic, but the walls were solid white.
    "Six inches of spray on foam." I jerked around, I had not heard Ron walk up on me for the din of the construction site. "Six inches in the walls and between the floors with eight inches in the ceiling. We scabbed two by twos on the old two by fours studs to reinforce the building and also to give us thicker walls for the insulation. This building will be insulated to a R-45 value, with triple layer glass windows encasing a Mylar film and argon gas between layers, rated at an R-18, this building will have very little heat loss."
    "In Arizona I don't worry about heat loss as much as heat gain. I hope you have allowed for plenty of fresh air ventilation, I heard about that old boy who ate beans and cabbage asphyxiating himself. These are teenage gas factories that will be living here. What else is going on."
    "I heard about that old boy too, do you think it's a true story?"
    "It's a popular story."
    "Oh, hey, he's here. I want you to meet this man. His name is Gil Sullivan, but please don't mention music."
    A pick up was pulling into the driveway, Sullivan Floors was the name painted on the doors of the old white Ford. Someone had slipped me a dense pill with my breakfast because the man was walking up to me before I made the connection. I almost blew it as he stuck out his hand, Gilbert and Sullivan the composers, duh.
    "I asked Gil down to talk about the floors in here, he's the man that did the floor in that Church you bought."
    I learned that the church floors are not tile, but poured concrete, stamped to look like tile, but with little to no maintenance and no breakage. I liked the idea, but I thought that a poured floor would need to go down before the inner walls went up, they do, but Ron had pulled a fast one on me. The inner walls were only tacked into place so that John's men could lay out the heating lines. John explained that it never failed, whenever they would draw lines where the inner walls were supposed to be they nearly always had a problem. By building the walls before hand and setting them where they would go there were less changes to the final plan. I don't know, I am not a builder, but it sounded like a lot of extra work to me.
    They led me upstairs. A wide balcony hung over the west side of the building with a staircase in the middle, there was only a ladder there at the time, but the steps were being built. John's people were nailing metal work to the floors with a slot to hold the plastic hose for the heated water system. On the opposite side of the wall from the balcony brass manifolds were in place for the flexible hose to attach to. Short wires were hanging off of each manifold. Ron told me that the electricians would run wire from a thermostat on an inside wall of each room to the pigtails to control the heat. Sounds good to me.
    I just have to know so I asked John how a leak would be handled. He told me that the tubing had a fifty year guarantee, should a leak occur then the manufacturer would pay to rip up the floor and repair it. That sounds like a very confident manufacturer to me. Of course the entire system would be checked and rechecked before the first cup full of concrete would be poured. They had about a half an hour to test it before the mix would be arriving. These people work fast.
    Gil pointed out a few areas that he would like to see Ron or John repair. He talked as if he already had the contract, he did, we only needed to sign a piece of paper. As it turned out Gil had a big job for a new high rise apartment complex near the university and the inspectors had put a hold on the work at the last minute. Gill had a truck full of concrete sitting and he could not return it. I got the work done immediately for a third of the cost that he usually charged. Of course John's men spread the concrete, Gil's men were on other jobs.

    The outside wall of the corner bathroom was gone and so was the tub and lavatory. Only the toilet remained, but I was told that Bill was about to remove that. As if on clue Bill's man came in with a strange looking pipe assembly, he lifted the toilet and dropped it out into the back yard, on top of a small pile of debris. A young man was there with a wheel barrow hauling the old material to a large, heavily laden truck.
    The plumber used his hammer to rip up the old floor around the toilet then placed his pipes on the ground and studied them. He looked up at me, "Toilets'll be over on that side of the wall in the new end of the bathroom, four urinals along here. Over there where the tub used to be'll be three sinks and two more on that wall 'hind yer. Yer long shower'll be long there, half in the house and half in the new work out back there." I think I understood him, but I smiled anyway.
    I looked at the stud wall for a narrow hallway between the old and the new. I was glad that we were not losing any floor space in the bedrooms. Bill came up the stairs as we got to the top, "Hey, let me ask you, any chance of enlarging this old bathroom a bit, eight boys live up here and it can get crowded when all of them try to get off to school in the morning."
    Bill stuck his head in and told me to leave it to him. He was in a rush to finish the bathroom that was torn up before the day was done. Ron told both of us that he wanted the new bathroom ready to close up by the end of the day so that he could get a roof on the new work first thing Friday morning. I am really pleased with the devotion that I was getting from all four of the contractors, they will be well paid for that devotion.

    The entire Family gathered for our Friday evening dinner and family time. Family time was different for all of us this week in that we were fully dressed with a total hands off rule in place. We sat with my family and my new acquisitions from Europe as well as the new boys from the state. I am trying so hard to integrate the family into one so that we can, once again, resume a normal life, but I have a morbid fear of these boys from the foster system, especially the very young ones.
    Gus was a little disappointed and I could see it in his little eyes. It is not everyday that a boy turns thirteen and he was looking forward to the type of party that we throw for all of the boys. He didn't know that we were going to have that sort of a party for him, but it would be just family in the old recreation room after the other boys went to bed. I don't like to play games that way, but at the time I was thinking of the safety of my older boys.

    Joining us for the first time was Benjamin Matteu Gould, a young gay Hebrew man that had been ostracized by his family for being gay. Matty is a smooth skinned blonde boy that is so fair as to be feminine. Piercing blue eyes that scream at you to, "love me" grace the cherub face of a twenty three year old, five foot seven inch young man that weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds. Matty has a voice that can charm a savage beast; he sings countertenor, alto is a better range for him. I have engaged him to work with the boys for the weekend to see how they work together as I ponder hiring him for our choir master, aka, music teacher position.
    We discovered that Matty is an accomplished guitarist and could well be a concert pianist. When Luke and Ģer bought the granite house it contained a Steinway upright piano. Ģer loves almost anything old and would not let anyone remove the old instrument. He quickly gathered help and four boys moved the ancient relic from Harry and Toby's bedroom to sit against the wall by the kitchen. Matty proved himself a master of the keys even with a severely out of tune set of ivories.
    I assured Matty that he did not have to play for his dinner, but when he started to play some of the classics the air rang out with the voice from heaven itself as Cullen began to sing Après un Rêve. He sang it in perfect French and only a few of the European boys could understand him. I love to hear him sing, in any language. Music is a universal language, I don't have to understand the words to love the song and if the artist does a good job that makes it even better.
    I caught movement down the length of the table and saw one of the state boys playing an air violin. I quietly laid my hand on Cory's and eye talked him to run to the storeroom over the front of the garage, the old attic space was taken over by the four extra bedrooms added in 2005. In a few minutes he was back with a dusty old violin case which he laid in front of the boy.
    With his young eyes wide in disbelief the boy opened the case and removed the old violin that I had found in the things that Charley had stored in the attic. As I have mentioned in the past, there are many musical instruments in the attic, most all of the wind instruments and guitars are mine, but Charlie had left behind many stringed instruments himself, enough I believe for a small orchestra.
    I heard the boy plinking on the violin as he tuned it. Matty hit middle C and the boy told him that the piano was out of tune so he would do it himself. Luke got up and ran to the piano and lifted the top to pull out a tuning key. He and Matty talked a moment before Luke removed the bottom panel so that he could get to the screwy thingies that tune a piano. Luke lay down as Matty hit a key, Luke asked the boy, named Cal, to play a sustained middle C and in moments I could tell that the two notes were the same.
    Not a lot of time was spent in tuning the piano at the time because everybody wanted to hear some music. We had music, Chrisy and Jerry had each grabbed the keyboards that they usually play for our jam sessions. They set up the Kurzweil SP88X and the Roland RD 700 keyboards then offered Matty his choice. Matty set the Roland to the "Concert hall Grand Piano" mode and began to play again. Jimmy slipped in and plugged a patch cord into the piano and it was then that I learned Jerry had designed acoustically correct speakers into the walls and ceiling of the large room. There was no tinny sound or dead spots as the sound of perfect music filled the air.
    Jimmy was digging in his box of cords and parts and came up with a huge grin as he held up an electric pickup for the violin. I knew that I had one in the attic, but I had not seen it in years, I guess that I should be glad that the boys had dug around and located whatever they had located. I have no secrets from the boys and didn't mind at all, if anything I was hoping that, just maybe, the attic was a bit cleaner and more organized.
    Cas came in with his small practice amplifier and plugged the violin pick up line to it. Cal did not mind having the violin wired as he tuned it to match the keyboard. Within moments we sat back and listened to Mozart's music as Cullen sang his heart out. I, for one, was moved to tears, but I saw many damp eyes about the room as the music lifted all of us in spirit.

    There are eight young French boys in the house now. Fourteen year old Jacob was talking a mile a minute into Matty's ear then he turned to Jim, he was back in a few minutes and hooking up his new synthesizer to the Kurzweil. Jacob, as it turned out, is a cellist. He played both the cello and the string bass parts on his keyboard which added the presence that the music had been lacking.
    Two more French boys, Alexandre and Jourdain, along with two British lads, Brice and Casey, are trained musicians. They were all taken the same week at a contest for boys' choirs from around Europe that were being held in Vienna in the autumn of 2005—the same time that I was in Franççais and found Lance, Les, and Bryan. I would have to learn who it was that had stolen these four boys away. For now I just wanted to hear the small choir that they had quickly put together.
    Once all of the instruments were tuned one to another they begin to play Après un Rêve again, only this time Cullen sang it in English. I learned that the song's title is, After a Dream, and the words were as moving as Cullen's efforts that he put into them. In English the lyrics are:

In a slumber charmed by your image
I dreamed of happiness, ardent mirage;
Your eyes were more tender, your voice pure and clear.
You were radiant like a sky brightened by sunrise;
You were calling me, and I left the earth
To flee with you towards the light;
The skies opened their clouds for us,
Splendors unknown, glimpses of divine light…
Alas! Alas, sad awakening from dreams!
I call to you, oh night, give me back your illusions;
Return, return with your radiance,
Return, oh mysterious night!

Gabriel Faurá (1845-1924)

    There was no competition here, but RD stunned everyone of us when he walked over and asked the orchestra to accompany him in Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" I am a huge fan of the late Pavarotti, but I am sorry to say, the tenor voice that RD belted out that opera piece with was on a level far and above any tenor I have ever heard do the familiar piece.

Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma!
Tu pure, o, Principessa,
nella tua fredda stanza,
guardi le stelle
che tremano d'amore
e di speranza.
Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me,
il nome mio nessun saprà!
No, no, sulla tua bocca lo dirò
quando la luce splenderà!
Ed il mio bacio scioglierà il silenzio
che ti fa mia!
(Il nome suo nessun saprà!…
e noi dovrem, ahime, morir!)
Dilegua, o notte!
Tramontate, stelle!
Tramontate, stelle!
All'alba vincerò!
vincerò, vincerò!
Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini (1858 -1924)

    I sat in stunned silence as the boys whistled and shouted their approval. RD bowed deeply, I arose and walked over to him. I pulled Cullen to us and embraced them both. "That was beautiful boys, but RD, you sang that piece in Italian, do you know what the words are in English?"
    "No, I don't. I heard it on a record and I memorized it, did I sing it right?"
    "You sang it correctly, RD. That piece is from Giacomo Pucinni's—1858-1924—opera Turandot. It is one of the best known tenor arias. In the opera it is sung by the male lead, Calaf, II principe ignoto—the unknown prince—Calaf has challenged the princess to guess his name before morning. If she did she could execute him, if she did not she would have to marry him.
    "Briefly the words translate to:

Nobody shall sleep! …
Nobody shall sleep!
Even you, o Princess,
in your cold room,
watch the stars,
that tremble with love and with hope.
But my secret is hidden within me,
my name no one shall know …

    "You know what? We could do that, I mean you could sing the prince's part and I will do the princess and I will teach you the words in English. We could be a boy and a boy in love, a gay opera. We might do songs from Pucinni's other operas like La bohème or Tosca, Madam Butterfly has some good love songs in it too." Cullen began to giggle in his sweet way, but RD slowly began to laugh with him. It was decided that they would work on the entire opera and choose the love songs that they could do together. This ought to be fun to watch.
    "How about you do "O mio bambino caro"—Oh my dear daddy— from "Gianni Schicchi"," Jourdain asked Cullen. These boys are bringing culture into my house and I love it.
    "Yeah, that is where the girl, Lauretta, pleads with her father to allow her to marry. That is a great soprano piece, I really do good with that as I sing to daddy." The little fag was having fun with this. As long as it is kept in the family I don't mind, but Cullen is now the King and this sort of behavior is just not appropriate.
    "Pietà, Pietà," some of the boys cried out. I know that one, it is Italian for have pity. It was time to move on. A very pleasant hour of music had all of us in a very fine mood, but now it was important to get down to issues. I had promised Cory and the family that we would lay out some ground rules over dinner this evening and now was the time. I choose our young violin virtuoso to start the next part of the evening. I asked Cal to introduce himself and tell us a bit about his life.

    "Okay, so like I guess I am the oldest one here and that makes me their spokesman, right? Well, I don't really mind I guess, but if I gotta get up and here and talk then I gotta say what I gotta say so listen up.
    "My name is Calvin Eastman cause my ma really liked some cartoon strip called "Calvin and Hobbs", she got all these cartoons cut from the paper hanging all over her refrigerator. NO! I do not have a stuffed tiger named Hobbs."
    "What is the name of your stuffed tiger then," Ronnie called out.
    "Big dick, you wanta see it?" That brought down the house and set everybody a bit more at ease.
    "These dudes here had them some sorta meeting t'other night and today they tell me that it is Friday night and we gotta put our good clothes on to sit down and talk to the family, but we don't think that is right at all. When we came here everybody told us that all of you wore a house uniform which ain't wearing nothing at all, but now ya all gotta get dressed. I ain't never got to go naked, I'm surprised that I even got to shower naked cause they all called me a faggot and wouldn't let no other guys near me. They stood guard outside the bathroom door when I was in there so that I couldn't do nothing with no other dude and so I wouldn't come outa there naked or nothing." He was shaking, half in fear, half in anger. The tears on his thin cheeks told me that his emotions were about to break, I let him continue.
    "I guess that I better say I'm sorry, but I have had to sneak around to get anything I ever had for all of my life. I don't remember my ma or paps, the first I ever remember was being moved from this one home where I was always cold and all and put into this place where this old woman yelled at me when I walked in the door. I got beat a lot and always told that I was a fag like my paps, but I don't know him attall so I cain't say if I am or if I ain't, like him that is, I am a fag I spose.
    "I warnt in school yet when I learnt that this one dude would take care o' me if I sucked on his dick and he let me sleep right next to him so that if he woke up with a stiff one then I could suck it and not wake no one else up walking over to his bed. I don't know much about him 'cept when they caught me sucking his cock one morning and he started screaming at me and wanted to know what I was doing in his bed. I told 'em that he asked me to sleep with him and that I been sleeping with him since the first night and he made me suck his dick so the other boys wouldn't beat on me like they did in my old house before.
    "Nobody believed me and I had to sit naked in this cold chair on the back porch while everybody ate their breakfast and I didn't get nothing, but a piece a toast and cold coffee then they threw some clothes at me and told me to get dressed and go with this one lady who dragged me off before I could get my shoes on then I was at this new place where it was a old man what liked to lick my butt hole all day while the other boys was at school and all.
    "I got kicked around like that a lot and I learnt how to listen and how to sneak what I wanted so that I wouldn't be hungry all night long and now I know what to do so that night I listened when those boys came back from that other house over there and I know that from now on the big boys won't never live here no more and we won't never see them naked."

    "Cal, would you come to me, please." The boy ducked his head and wondered over to where I sat at the head of the long table, his fear was apparent to all of us. I put out my hand and lifted his trembling chin so that I could see his tear filled eyes, "Cal, I am not going to send you away, ever. We don't send our boys away except for a very serious problem. You are brand new here so you don't know our rules or who we are so we are going to tell you, all of you, but first I want you to know something, we love you. No one is going to make you have sex with anyone else and no one is going to do anything to you without you saying it is okay.
    "Cal, look at me buddy, your paper work says that you like to suck cock and that you told the psychiatrist that you like for an older guy to fuck you in the ass." He squirmed and looked around the room as if looking for a way out. I am sure that if he could have he would have run away, like he has done at several of his previous homes. "That may be or may not, sometimes we say things to people in authority just to shock them. I know that you were on the street for nine weeks the last time you ran away and I can very well believe that you may have had to suck cock and even let some guys fuck you so that you could get money to survive.
    "We don't care about that. All of us know what it was like for you…Hold it, let me finish, yes we do know. Cal, there are boys right here in this room that have been led around the streets on a dog chain while they were stark naked. They were made to suck old men's dicks while standing on a street corner, in the broad open daylight, where everybody could see them.
    "There are boys here that were chained to the walls at night and made to fuck with men or they could not eat that day. There are boys here who have lived under bridges and in vacant houses and in old building and all of them had to suck dicks or go hungry. Baby we don't care about your past, we love you and we want to be your friend. It is what you do now that you are with us that matters.
    "You said that you heard the boys talking after their meeting. Please tell me what else you heard." He was scared out of his little mind and there was no way that I was going to try to reach out to him at this point, that would only frighten him more. I wanted to hold him, but we will have to have a different set of rules for these boys until they feel comfortable around us.
    "Well I heard someone say that if we new guys had sex with them we would go to prison until we were very old men and we would get fucked by bubba several times a day while we're there. Who's bubba?"
    "Cal, may I hold you in my lap?" The boy jumped across the short space and landed in my lap in an instant. I caught a quick glimpse down the table at a hundred pair of white pearlies smiling at me. I pulled Cal's young head against my shoulder.
    "Is it possible that what you heard went something like, 'if they have sex with them then they could go to prison until they are very old men'?"
    "That's what I said."
    "No, you said it as if you thought that you would go to prison if you had sex with them. Do you have any idea who them could be?"
    "Us new guys, from other foster homes and shit, we have all been told that we should be kilt or put in prison for most a our lives." His fingers were playing with the top button of my shirt as he kept his head hard against my shoulder which was wet from his body heat.
    "So you heard a piece of a conversation about them having sex with you new guys then they could go to prison for the rest of their lives. Let me ask you if maybe the conversation went along the lines of, 'if the new guys have sex with them then they,' meaning them, 'could go to prison for the rest or their lives. Is that possible?"
    "Could it be that you heard what you wanted to hear and they were talking about them going to prison, not you?
    "Will all of them stand up please?" All twenty eight college boys stood up. "Toby, Harry, you two stand up also, Cas, Tyler, Mitchell, Edmund, Gerald, Luke, up and of course I am one of them. What you overheard was the boys talking about why I have moved all of the boys over eighteen out of the house. Harry and Toby are working with our boys that we just rescued from a castle in Europe so they have to stay here in the house. Edmund is your cook and I am not about to make his boyfriend move away, Mitchell and Edmund have been lovers for over six years and they will quit and leave me before they will be separated. Ģerâld is also our cook and he is legally married to Luke over there and I won't come between young love or lovers. Cas and Tyler are also legally married and so are Jerry and Tim down there.
    "I am also over eighteen, but I can't go to jail because I have a get out of jail free card, but if you have sex with me and somebody finds out then it could be bad for the whole house full. As for you and all of you new guys, you are in no danger from any of us and we will fight for you to keep you from going to jail. There is not a boy in this room that will not fight for you if someone is picking on you or calling you names."
    "Protect and serve," Roddy said in his cute little voice. I looked at him, but I had to finish what I was saying.
    "The state has written you off as unrepentant homosexuals who will prey on little boys. I do not believe that. The state thinks that you should be locked up, but I am going to prove them so very wrong. The state does not believe that you can get good grades because you are sexual deviants that can only think about having sex with little boys and can not study. WE are going to prove them wrong.
    "Look around this room Cal, every face you see loves to have a cock in it and loves to have that cock spurt cum all over it, even the new guys that you came here with, even me. I don't know if you were blowing smoke up the ass of the psychiatrist or if you really do like to have cock up your ass, but all of us do. If you do then you are at home with us for as long as you wish, if you don't then you still have a home with us until you are at least eighteen and have graduated high school. I will not let you turn eighteen until you finish high school with grades high enough to get into any college in the world, period. I am a knight in three countries, no make that four, his Royal Hinney is going to Ka-night me also, I can stop you from turning eighteen until I say so, do you understand me?"
    "You mean that don't you?"
    "You bet your ass cock sucker."
    "Up your ass, faggot."
    "Take my cock out of your mouth so that I can understand you, queer." Cal broke out in laughter as all of the other boys in the room did. He looked up at me and I pulled our lips together for a, more than friendly, kiss. The ice was broken, now we had to make friends. However we had to establish the rules.
    I laid out the rules very carefully, this time I am dealing with ten to fifteen year old boys who have known nothing, but absolute misery most all of their life. For the most part these boys never even knew their mothers, let alone their fathers. Cal was removed from his mother at birth, she was a heroin addict and he was born with the drug in his little blood stream. His first homosexual experience, that he had just related to us, took place when he was four years old, the other boy was fifteen.
    I have spent hours on the phone with JB trying to learn how to deal with these boys, but he has not had to work with boys as young as six of mine. All of his boys are fourteen or older I have one ten, two eleven, and four twelve year old boys and four that are thirteen. Eight of the boys are fourteen and Cal is a freshman, barely fifteen years old. Five of the boys are Hispanic, four oriental; three of them the Sato brothers, and eleven are Caucasian.
    I have just brought home twenty seven boys that are sons of Siegy, seventeen from the castle and ten from Athos. Six of those boys have Turkish mothers, four of them the same mother. Athos had thirty boys that came to me. In addition to the ten boys that were sons of Siegy, Athos had three Romanian boys, eight French, three boys from Cullen's country, and six English boys. Each of those boys are in the process of becoming my little dickens, er Dickson's. I have an international household, but I am not sure that the answer is to adopt all of them. I know their circumstances and I understand why they want a name, but I already have twelve little adopted Dickson's, one natural born Dick's son as well as one little, little Dickson who won't live in this house until he is ten years old; longer than that if I can change Daylight's mind, she and Sarah laid down the law to Cory and I that they will raise our sons until their tenth birthday then we can have them. I want my son to have a better life than to live around a bunch of fags, however I have the better part of ten years to find a new life and leave all of these dear children behind me. I have to get them raised up and on their own and not take in any more, period. That is just how it has to be. By that time I will be an old man of forty something and too old to chase boys anyway.
    "Cal, I am amazed at your musical talent, with your life how did you learn to play the violin?"
    "I didn't learn, I just play it. I hear a song and I can play along as I learn the notes then I never forget it."
    "When did you start playing?"
    "When I found a violin at school one day."
    "How old were you?"
    "Bout twelve, I guess, I was in the sixth grade."
    "Did anyone hear you play."
    "Yeah, the dumb old music teacher, so when he started chasing me I ran away then they sent me to some other home when I got found."
    "Did anyone ever talk to you about that, the violin playing I mean."
    "Nobody never knew. I made this one nerdy friend who played the violin and he used to let me play his axe, he called it, but he said that I didn't chop the music up like he did."
    "Were you friends for long?" I knew that he was steady and did well through the seventh and eighth grades then something happened to cause him to run away.
    "Yeah me and Danny was tight. He wanted me to learn him to play the violin so I told him that he had a play the skin flute, two lessons and he could blow me good so I learnt him how to listen to what he called chords. By Christmas time he made the full orchestra and he played a solo last Christmas."
    "Why did you leave that school?"
    "His nine year old brother caught us sucking each other and told their mother, I had a run or they would a beat me again."
    "Did they beat you often?"
    "Only when I sucked cock or got someone to fuck me."
    "Roddy said, 'Protect and serve' a few minutes ago, do you know what he meant?"
    "Roddy, come here son." Roddy came to me. "What did you mean by protect and serve?"
    "All of us serve our brothers anyway we can, but we will kill to protect them from anybody outside of this house." That stabbed me in the heart and he saw it. "Daddy, you kilt to protect all the new boys and you kilt the bad men who hurt Bry and Lance and Les…"
    I pulled him to my other knee, "Who told you that?" Sal slunk down in his chair as did several of the boys. I had hoped that my boys would never learn what I had done, but that was a foolish dream, I know that for sure now.
    "So," Cal put his hand on my cheek and made me look at him, "If I am going to live here will you protect me too?"
    "With my life, little one." I got a slobbery kiss.
    "Can I get a pin?" Cal asked me.
    "Do you know what the pin is?"
    "I seen it on most of these guys' jeans. Does that make me a family member?" Roddy leaned over and began to whisper in Cal's ear and told him how he had to get a pin.
    "Nuh uh, ain't nobody got no dick that big." Roddy was bouncing his head like a bobble headed doll in the back window of a rusty Chevy. "Really?"
    "Dane would like that, he loves big cocks up his ass, don't you faggot?" I didn't have a good angle, but I swatted Cal's thigh as hard as I could and got a reaction.
    "We don't call anybody in this house names, ever." Roddy was down and ran down the table to a boy even smaller than he was. His name is Dane Shannon and he is ten years old. Dane had a split lip and a black eye, I wanted to know who had hit him.
    "Daddy, can we get undressed now, I wanta show you my boyfriend." I looked at Roddy then at Dane.
    "Who hit you little one?" Dane had to look at his tiny toes as the room drew totally silent.
    "I did, daddy." I looked at Rod incredulously. I would never have thought of him getting into a fight, but he did not have a bruise on him when we took a shower together after he came home from school covered in mud. I had not liked his story about how he had gotten muddy and I hoped that I was about to get the truth out of him.
    "Does this black eye and split lip have anything to do with your being muddy after school today?"
    Now Roddy was looking at his toes, I lifted his chin and looked into his tear filled eyes. "He called me Jenny so I hit him." I had to think about that one for a minute then it struck me.
    Rodney's Tsalagi name is Gvnigetsuli, black fox. My new boys called me Zampara-mighty wolf-so it was only natural that my son be called fox, the Tsalagi name was almost impossible for these boys to speak and young Dane wanted to get to be friends with Rod so all that he could pronounce was Jenny.
    Hmcal stood up and informed the family that the Turkish word for fox is Tilki, in his native language Rod would be called Tilki. The name caught on at once and stuck, Roddy is very proud of his new name and now he knows for sure that he is loved by the whole family when they call him Tilki. Even though they had never met my baby at that time Cory Stevens became Kurt-little wolf. At the castle Cory became Ayi—bear—, now a name was needed for his son—young bear—Yonv Anida—. That name has no simple single word Turkish equivalent so a contraction of the Tsalagi became Yonida, which pleased proud papa Cory no end.
    Someone pointed out that there were two more Cherokee boys in the house that should have their Indian names changed, Mike's name of Wahuhi—owl, which is Bayku in Turkish stuck with his Tsalagi name of Wahuhi.
    A small problem occurred with Steven's name, Tlvdatsi'—mountain lion. A mountain lion or Cougar, also known as a Puma, is an American cat with no equivalent in Europe or Asia. The Turkish use the word Puma, Zool, or yenidünyaaslani for panther and leopards. Aslan is the Turkish word for lion and yenidünya basically means mountain wanderer or roamer. Steven choose the name Puma.

    I had been watching one boy who seemed to hang on every word from Cal's lips. I pointed at him, "Tell us your story, my friend."
    "Can I be your friend?" He began to tear up and was quickly engulfed in a group hug by several boys. Wiping his eyes he grinned at me, "My name is Thom Moore and I know that you want more of me. I am fourteen and am in the ninth grade. My name is spelled with an H, which is silent, so it sounds like TOM, but my old man used to say I was full of H 'cause he wouldn't cuss in front of me, he was so religious that people asked him what the Bible said 'cause he knows it so well.
    "He liked the H in my name so that is how it has always been spelled and I like it that way. I love my dad, but he hates me 'cause I like to suck dick and he took me to a shelter when I was twelve and would not let me come home no more I went to court and I heard him tell the judge how homosexuals were going to bring about the judgement of God and how He was going to destroy the earth because of sexual immorality he told the judge to put me in a hospital for girls because I was one hiding inside a boy's body." He paused for a long breath then began again in his rapid fire manner.
    'I don't feel like a girl, I talked to the doctors and I told them that I love being a boy. I like to wrestle and I play football, I can out spit, out piss, and out cuss anybody I ever met before, but …I like to see boys naked and if I can I love to suck their cocks. I only did two guys before, but I did them all the time and we all loved it, though nobody ever did me till last night."
    "What did you do last night?"
    "Well, we were all talking in our room about what Cal heard and I sorta said that I had never had a blow job. The guys all looked at me and before I knew it someone made me feel so good, like I never knew anything could feel before I sucked six guys off and they all sucked on me at the same time, I never had sixty nined before and now I love it I think that everybody in my room sucked me before breakfast this morning and I know that I cumed five times 'cause my dick's a little sore today, but a good kinda sore, you know?" We all know.

    Suddenly the boys near the far end of the table jumped up and ran to stand near the wall as they held their noses and waved their hands in front of their face. Within moments more boys were leaving the table then the smell hit me. I looked down the table to see one very red faced Gilbert sitting alone.
    "He is our new Mr. Phartzalot," Jimmy said as he fanned his hand before his face.
    "I now name you di li, that's the Cherokee name for skunk and you could make a skunk run and hide," Cory told the thirteen year old freckle faced lad. "And if you don't take a long hot shower, with soap tonight I will come and wash you myself and I am not going to do it nicely. You stink, dude."
    I glared at my boy. He looked at me then he said something to Gilbert who walked up to me. The boy did indeed need a shower in the worst way. I like boy sweat, to a point, but this was concentrated from days of build up. I pulled the youngster to me and lifted his little chin so that our eyes met. "Will you tell me why you have not taken a shower, Gil?"
    "I like that name." He looked at me with a small glimmer in his eye, "Gil, my dad used to call me his little gilly weed, you know like Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire? I was growing very fast then but…"
    "Gil, you don't eat, you don't shower, I know that you are sleeping in the corner by the door. What is going on with you, can you tell me?"
    "Them," he looked toward his room mates. All of them made to move toward us, but I waved them back.
    "They're all queers and they want to get my butt."
    "You don't want them to touch you," I stated.
    "Not the way queers do. I had some queers do that to me before and I hurt for a long time afterwards."
    "Gil, are you gay?"
    "Yeah, I guess, I mean I think about sex with guys and I like to look at them, but if they see me look then they will do what those other guys did to me." The younger a boy is the harder it is to learn what is on their minds. I knew that talking to Gil in front of the family was not going to help anything so I decided to wait until we could be alone.
    "Cory, babe, I do not like name calling. Gil does have a BO problem, but I believe that there may be an underlying cause. As for his flatulence he is a close relative of Chrisy." Chrisy and Timmy both cracked up at that, to our benefit Chrisy has outgrown most of his old stomach ills, but he can still clean out a ball stadium if the gas passes. I think that after a week or two eating lots of raw vegetables will clear Gil's flatulence up, it helped—got that, helped—Chrisy, but we found that he had other health issues which are slowly coming under control. One thing that I have had to do with Chrisy is to restrict his dairy intake, especially cheese, which he could live on.
    "I don't mind being called dilly if that is what he wants to call me."
    "The word is Cherokee Indian for a skunk and it pronounced with a space in between, di li," I explained. He smiled and nodded. Boys need to feel accepted and I feel that by getting a new name he felt the closeness he needs.

    "Okay boys, I am going to go out on a limb here. I believe that what I am hearing here is that we have not made our newest family members feel like part of the family because we are not being ourselves around them. I understand that there may still be some trepidation amongst you, especially you older boys, so I will leave this to your call, but those of you that wish to get into uniform should do that now while Gil and I go talk awhile.
    "I do want it made clear, however. Hamal is only eight years old and his brother, Khalid, is nine. Dane is the youngest boy from Arizona at only ten and there are several eleven and twelve year old boys in this room. I will have them respected in every way, Get this and get it good, NO MEANS NO and I won't hesitate to have the family beat the living tar out of anyone who does not respect that."
    Cal moved over and whispered into Gil's ear then he looked at me, "Can I go with you, I like Gil, a lot and I want him to like me." I looked at Gil and saw his smile, he wants a friend, but he is scared and I was about to find out why.

    Gilbert is a massive grower and I am pretty sure that he is going to take another title away from Chrisy. The boy is just past thirteen years of age and well on the way to being a coxman of magnificent proportions. Even Cal was amazed as the unveiling took place in my bedroom.
    I will have to say that Gil is a real stinker and there were signs that it had been sometime since the boy had known soap and water. His tiny body was reminiscent of Cory when I first found him covered with open wounds from being unbathed. I could tell that Gil was in pain, but the boy was not about to let anyone know of his predicament. I learned that he has been locking himself in a toilet stall at school and washing himself down with a washcloth that he had in his backpack.
    Cal is a very sweet bodied boy that I was looking forward to bedding, but one look at Gil showed a young body in development. His young muscles were straining at his skin as they tried to reveal a cut young man about to burst forth. What really attracted the eye was a thick little two inch softie that slowly filled out to a massive seven and a half inch piece of cut boi meat begging for a lot of manual manipulation especially of the oral type, which I excel at.
    I hit the intercom and called for Cory to come to my room. I knew where I had stored the salves and lotions that I had purchased for him when we had met so many months before. I asked him to go out to the garage storage area and locate the bag that I had put them away in, they would be about three years old, but they would work for the present.
    I asked Harry to pick up the phone and talk to me. I asked Harry to pair all of the new boys off with someone of similar age and send the to the showers, it is time for them to learn proper Butt Balls Cock & Pits care. I told him that he could send the younger European boys with the younger new boys, but keep the age range no more than two years different, those boys have had a few weeks of training on how to wash their bodies properly. I had him send some of the boys to the store room to gather each boy a bar of my pine scented soap and a bottle of shampoo for each of them, then as an afterthought I told him that they each needed a new toothbrush and to throw their old ones away. Harry understood precisely what I was getting at, just coming within five feet of some of those boys curled the nose, hairs and all.
    Cory came in with the bag of medicines, one look at Gil and he looked at me, "Did I look that bad when you found me?"
    I nodded at him, "His little crotch is worse than your's was, but he doesn't have the cut up feet from wearing holey shoes. That red rash under his arms has signs of recent bleeding." My heart broke at the sight of him. Cory undressed and joined us in the shower as all three of us very carefully washed the little man with our most tender touches.
    After a hot shower, with multiple creamy deposits toward the drain, I carried Gil to my bed for the application of salves and creams to his tender parts while Cal did his part by licking the youngster's teeth and tongue clean. He may have licked the inside of a toe also judging by Gil's wiggles and fresh boner. With tears running down his cheeks Cory carried the eighty pound boy back out to the family that was enjoying their bath time of discovery with their new family.
    Cory sat a towel wrapped Gil on the table and stood before the family as he began to tell Gil's story. Gil was a sparse eleven year old boy with a five inch cock when he popped wood in the shower at a shelter where he had been taken after his mother was arrested for probation violations. One of the older boys said that a kid that small with a cock that big had to be queer or his cock would not have grown that early. He informed the other boys in the shower that everyone knew that queers liked to have cocks shoved up their ass so five boys made use of the youngster. Of course with five boys swearing their version of their story as opposed to one little fag boy telling an entirely unbelievable version, no one cared to accept the truth, another reason that I have to hate the foster systems in the world.
    It was almost three months before Gil was moved into another home where he had a bedroom with a lock on the door and access to a bathroom with a lock on the door. There he felt safe and was able to take care of himself for almost two years. Two months before Gil came to our house he was yanked up from his safe place and put back into a group home. Gil had sat down with a psychologist and admitted to being homosexual with a strong urge to be with older teens and young men. That meeting resulted in his being assigned to me. I felt almost as if I was his jailer.
    Cory told the family how much Gil feared a repeat of his earlier treatment and how he was afraid to shower in the presence of others, or even to sleep in the same room. Cory coaxed the boy to stand and remove the towel from his inflamed body which caused all of the boys to gasp. Tearfully the boys from his room rushed to the table and swore to Gil that he was their brother and that they would never hurt him. Cal had a real affection for the lad and had sought to be his friend from the first time that they had met, he was now going to make it his life's goal to be a friend to the friendless boy. Friendless by choice, for sure, but with no one in which to confide, Gil needed Cal.

    I made my decision. All of the boys were naked and none of the college boys had gone home, even Chrisy and Timmy had stayed to help to celebrate Gus's birthday so I herded the entire troop off to the basement recreation room which I had opened the door to before I had rejoined the gaiety in the dining room of granite house.
    The boys had to make a dash for the cover of the main house as a typical monsoon rain storm was over the area and rain was falling as hard as piss from a cow onto a flat rock. I was really glad that we were in the well sheltered basement because monsoon thunder storms can be very intense with thousands of lightening strikes per hour. Deep below the street level, with several feet of solid granite and reinforced concrete above us the storm could not even be heard. I did roll up the steel shutters that covered the long windows to the south of the room so that the boys could look across the river at the city twelve hundred feet below the house and watch the light show from the storm as lightening could be seen flashing all across the valley. I even opened the shutters over the swimming pool windows and turned off the pool lights giving a very eerie effect to the lightening playing in the sky overhead.

    Sitting in the middle of the room was a one foot diameter, six tiered cake with each tier being eight inches thick. There were thirteen candles ablaze on the top of it. Each boy would have a two inch slice of the cake, but we would try to save the top tier for another time. Gus' little eyes popped then he sat down in the middle of the floor and began to cry. I sat down beside him and pulled him to my lap.
    "I thought that you forgot," he told me.
    "I will never forget you my sweet boy," I assured him. He threw his arms about me and kissed me, hard. That is not all that was hard.
    Eric and Curtis rolled one of the lounge sofas over to where we were sitting, it was stacked high with wrapped presents for our birthday boy. His little eyes scanned the pile before he whispered to me that it was taller than Tilki's pile had been a few weeks earlier. I whispered back to him that he was older and needed more. I have learned that if I stroke a boy's cock I will have his attention for an hour or so. If I stroke his ego I will have his attention for life.
    Roddy, er uh Tilki, sat cross legged on the floor and stared at the tall cake with a pouty face. I sat down beside him and stared him down. "His cake is bigger than mine was." Boys, gotta love 'em.
    "Well, let's look at this for a minute. There are more boys in the house now than there were for your birthday. We had a large cake with a lot of middle to it so that Edmund could draw the highway on it and cover it with all of the little cars and trucks on top. But there was something missing for your brothers with your cake."
    "What's that, daddy?"
    "Most of the boys got center pieces of cake with no icing on the side. All of you boys love sugar and only a few of you little ones got the outside pieces with lots of icing on them. Ģerâld made this cake tall and Edmund put lots of thick, sugary icing on it so that everyone can have an overdose of sugar tonight. Edmund and Ģer made this a tall cake to show how tall Gus is, after all, it is not everyday that a boy becomes a grownup teenager."
    "Is Gus gwown up now?"
    "Why don't you ask him." Gus was in Edmund's arms thanking him for such a nice cake. He liked the blue icing because it was the color of Dezi's eyes. Another budding romance?

    "Chirp-chirp." Dane called out.
    "Tweet," Tilki replied.
    "Squawk," Tilki yelled across the room.
    "Will you two please stop all of that fowl language," I yelled at them. That sent the rest of the family into uproarious laughter. No one had caught on to the game the two little guys were playing, it had taken me a moment to figure their game out. Tilki came to me to crawl back up into my lap.
    "Why are you so smart? We didn't think no one would get that one, but you did, why?"
    "Because I am dad, dude." That got me a sideways look from my young son and quite a few of the other boys as well.
    "When am I going to gwow up to be as smart as you are?"
    "If growing up was easy it wouldn't take so long, my son." Our family time keeps me on my toes, were I ever to let my guard down for one moment I would be walked all over. With one hundred and forty seven boys and young men watching me for a weakness I am never allowed to slack off.

    Ever observant I watched the boys interact and confirmed what I had thought for several hours. I looked at Jenni and Dane and could see a budding romance. Rod had taken to young Dane like white on rice. I wondered where Gus would be with this situation. Gus seemed to have a strong interest in a young Hispanic boy by the name of Dezi. The two boys could not have been closer if they had shared common organs. With that my decision was made. I watched the young heads nodding by about eleven so I led them up the stairs to Roddy's room where they ran to the bed and paired off for the night.
    Gus and Dezi both had the moniker of ten centimeter peter, there is no shame in ten centimeters, that is nearly four inches which is not bad for a twelve and thirteen year old boy. They took the quest room for their slumber time. Gus was smiling at me, he is in love with Jules Feldman and tries to see him everyday. Bobby Feldman wants me to let his boys come to our school, but Britt and Bart Miller also live in his house, Bart is too young for our school. I do remember a romance budding between Britt and Roddy the past summer though. Britt just turned ten and he would be entering the fifth grade with Roddy. Dane is ten and in the fourth grade, but my other two ten year olds are only in the third grade.
    There are two eight year old boys, one nine year old. two ten year olds, and two eleven year old boys that are all in elementary school classes. Could I possibly stretch things to include seven year old Bart, a second grader? I am afraid of that, I guess that I am afraid of a lot of things, but seven year old kids around fags is scary. I do not have the ability to teach these boys at home. I knew what to do, I just didn't know if I could do it.
    For the most part the boys stuck with their usual partner after taking time to get familiar with the new arrivals. I was pleased with the way the family was accepting each other. I watched young Cal and Gil head off together so I followed RD to my room where we were joined by Cory for an evening of "hi, glad to meat you."

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