Chapter 144


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Malcolm Turner—aka, the Mauler—was pointing to the large overhead display as Jimmy explained our trading pages to our new friend, Warren White. I quietly stood at the door to my office and listened. Warren impressed me when he began to point out trends and was telling Jimmy that we should buy or sell at different points if we wanted to make money in commodity trading. I nodded at Jimmy to put a half year of LSCO prices on the screen and see what the boy really did know. I slipped on in and sat down to observe.
    "Okay, so look right here on this model, crude oil was selling for a little more than sixty dollars a barrel in the middle of June. It began to rise to peak out at almost eighty dollars right here at the end of July." He was using Jimmy's laser pointer to show the boys what he was talking about. "Now in August prices started back down, but only about ten dollars a barrel lower than at the beginning of the month. If I had been investing I would have sold out right here at the peak and made about fifteen dollars a barrel profit."
    "That is easy to say now, but how about if you had been there doing it at the time?" Jimmy knows his stuff, he was looking at me from the corner of his eye and I nodded for him to continue.
    "By watching trends, see here how it rises and falls as the month goes on?" Warren told him "Careful notations of these highs and lows are indicators of what is about to happen. It would be rare for someone to be alert enough to cash out here at this peak, most investors would cash in over here on this down turn."
    I almost broke out in laughter as I watched Jimmy put up our screen that showed us doing a sell off of two hundred thousand barrels of oil at the very peak that Warren had just mentioned. One thousand dollars controls ten thousand barrels of oil, our little sell off turned a small profit of three million dollars, plus our initial investment of twenty thousand dollars, for the family's portfolios. LSCO suddenly dropped over the next two weeks, as I looked at the graph in retrospect I wondered if our sale might not have caused that rapid decline.
    "Now look how oil started to climb throughout the next five months, if anybody was smart then they could have made a lot of money working this model."
    "That is no model, sharp dude, that is how it happened; this is our page that shows how we did it. Look at this page and at that graph, what did you say about selling at this peak? Our family's investment profits rose by $3,000,000 that day. We turned around and purchased two hundred thousand barrels of oil again at this low point, which is probably why this quick rise here. We had just made three million dollars, but only used two hundred thousand dollars to buy back to our former strength. We had the same amount of oil that we had before this sale, but it was at a higher price than when we first bought it. The new price against whatever sale price we made for those two hundred thousand barrels of oil will be our new profit.
    "We sold a little bit too early right here, but that sell order was placed back over here in August. This one sale made us a profit on our initial investment of one hundred and thirty two percent. Oil took a quick dive after that sale and we quickly placed a put which we converted here on the first of November for a quick short term profit of eight dollars a barrel.
    "The really great sale came on November 27 when we sold three hundred thousand barrels of oil at $112, then only three days ago when oil peaked in London at $101.96 a barrel…" he was pulling up new screens, "we sold two hundred thousand barrels of Light Sweet Crude Oil right there."
    "Damn, how did you guys know to do that?"

    Neither Malcolm nor Warren knew that I was in the room until Roddy came running in, "Daddy, how do you make avewages?" He stood by my desk looking up at me with his hands behind his back with his stiff little nub pointing its way toward me.
    "Do you mean figure averages, in like how do you get an average of some object. Let's say you want to know about how many apples are in a regular bushel…"
    "Or how long most cocks are." The boy was up to something so I lifted him up and sat him down in my lap. He had a piece of paper in his tiny hand which he was ready to show to me. "This says that the avewage penis is five point one inches long. How long is a point? It also says that the avewage penis is one point six inches acwoss." He turned his paper over to show the names of fifty boys along with the size of their erect penis. He had a total at the bottom along with his long division figures laid out in perfect order. I am proud of my baby boy, he works very hard to please me, maybe too hard.
    "Some of these boys are only thirteen or fourteen, but the boys in this column are all sixteen or seventeen. In this collimate their cocks are like anywhere from five or a half inches to six or a half inches. Over here nobody has no dick littler than seven or a half inches. I summed all of those lengths came up with three hundred and fifty four inches. I long divided by fifty boys and came up with six point zero eight inches. Does that mean that cocks in our house are only six inches long?"
    "One small error here, babe. Three hundred and fifty four divided by fifty is seven point zero eight so the average sized cock in our house is seven inches long. If you had included yourself and Dane, and all of the boys living in the house then your figures would be different.
    "That is the problem with averages. For the most part the person doing the survey only takes a small sample of the total available subjects to factor his results. If you had only taken the high school and college boys I think that you would come up with a figure over eight inches long. If you only used the boys under fifteen you would get a figure closer to four inches."
    "Oh, so if I added you then I would get a figure like over a foot long. Can we go get a foot long hot dog for lunch. I want one of those hot dogs with chilli and onions on it. Can I have a chocolate malt with it?" I know when I have been set up. My son and I are having a quiet lunch together today. I feel bad for some of the other small boys so I did ask if they could be included along with Malcolm, Warren, and Jimmy.

    The three older boys were giggling at Roddy's math problem. Jimmy pointed at me, "He is how we knew how to do that."
    Warren looked at me and asked why we weren't buying gold, he had heard on the streets that gold had hit over nine hundred dollars a troy ounce that week. I punched up a screen that Jimmy had never seen, a certain number of banks in a certain mountainous country in central Europe holds one hundred billion dollars worth of gold bullion in a few numbered accounts. "That is money that was recovered from all of the banks in that small country and is being held for the victims and sons of the slavers," I told the wide eyed boys.
    I showed them a sell for twenty four thousand ounces of gold at $907.63 an ounce in a spot sale Friday the eleventh of January, 2008. "One ton of gold was sold off at five thirty five, local time, this morning. I sold it for a tidy little $21,783,120. All of that was pure profit to the family because we did not buy the gold in the first place," I winked at an excited Jimmy. That boy nearly cums all over himself when he is working the screens, he is going to be a great money manager, just like I told Rita in Tulsa.
    I did sell a few hundred pounds of the yellow metal that I was holding for the boys' individual accounts, but there was no need to show that to Warren or the other boys then. "Now, you were talking about knowing when to buy or when to sell, Jimmy put up the current wheat futures."
    "Dad, look, wheat is way down. Dude, I sold my wheat back here last month at over twelve dollars a bushel." He was excited as he was pointing at the screen with his little laser pointer.
    I pulled up a saved page from the news the day before, "Read that, Jimmy."
    He was reading out loud and got louder and louder as he read the page to the other boys. "Dad, if they aren't planting winter wheat this season then that means…" I flashed an update of the family page on the display as Jimmy sat back in his seat.
    "You put all that money from the gold into wheat? That's twenty one million dollars, not even my dad does that kind of deals." If wheat does a repeat of the twelve dollars a bushel by the end of summer then my small investment will net us a one hundred Billion dollar return. The boys sat with their mouths hanging open.
    I was watching Warren and he was watching me watching him. I am pretty sure that I know him, he has only been in the house for one day and I only have a preliminary report on any of the boys, but I am sure that Warren is Ted White's boy. If that is so I was going to come down feet first in the middle of my trades dealer.
    "Nobody puts that kind of money into futures trading. That's crazy," Warren told us. I knew that he was talking with his father's words, Ted is always telling me how stupid I am not to invest in hard stocks, and he is supposed to be the top trades broker in the country?? I don't think so. I have checked his Dunn and Bradstreet and found that he is worth less than a half a million dollars, if he would just put a few hundred dollars into the same trades that he has done for me he would be worth quite a bit more, and I have told him that, more than once.
    "How much are you worth now, daddy?" Jimmy wanted to gloat.
    "The family now controls over five hundred billion dollars in liquid assets. That wheat deal is a new one, even for me. I just have a hunch and I had some loose change laying around." The boys laughed about loose change as I pushed them out the door to go get a foot long hot dog.

    Dezi, Gus, and Dane joined us as we headed over to the local Dairy Barn, for an ice cream joint they serve up one of the best foot long hot dogs in the country. For some reason most places in Tucson think that chilli has to include beans, I am not into beans on my hot dog.
    "How is your dad doing, Warren?"
    "He's a butt hole," the boy's expression went sullen.
    "Warren, I want to be your friend, but I need for you to be straight with me." The four younger boys laughed at my words and I gave them a harsh look. "What is going on between you and Ted."
    Warren perked up and looked at me for a minute or two, "He don't like fags. He beat me and I had to run away or die."
    "You said he beat you, tell me more, did he whip you, use his fists…what happened, Warren."
    "He used everything, he even started hitting me with a ball bat, he broke my leg. If Malcolm hadn't helped me I would be dead." I looked at Malcolm who had tears collecting at the bottoms of his eyes. "Mally saw all of it, he and his dad came to help me, but I hid from them. Mally got on his bike and rode around til he found me hiding under a bridge at the wash.
    "He got some sticks and tied my leg up so that I could walk, but he wanted me to go to the doctor. I knew that if I went anywhere then I would have to go home to that bastard and I hate him so fucking much that I want to kill him." I had to end this in front of the little boys so I sent them back to the counter to get all of us a banana split.
    I reached across the table and lifted Warren's chin, I gained eye contact with him, "You listen to me, you will never have to go back to that man's house. You are going to live in my house until I can get all of this straightened out and you are going to my school. As soon as I have all of the legal angles worked out you will have the choice of moving into the new dormitory or remaining in my house with my family.
    "Warren, you are safe, you are loved, and you are welcome to remain for as long as you wish." He gave me a wain smile and sniffled. I nodded to Malcolm who embraced the youngster, tightly. Our banana splits arrived and I let the table talk return to a lighter subject, but I was not through yet.

    On my desk was the medical report that I had been awaiting. As I looked over the report Cory came in and asked what I had planned for the evening, "I have just learned that Ted White is a child beater and a bigot. I am going to rip his fucking heart out, but first I am going to take his only child to bed and learn everything about the boy that he is willing to share with me." Cory wiggled his eyebrows at me as he left.
    I laid the report aside and sent for Owen to come to me. Dewy led the boy in and asked me if I was going to yell at Owen. I knew in an instant where that question came from and I asked Owen if he would sit in my lap. I let Dewy sit in my large office chair alongside of us as I hugged a very frightened little boy that had spent three days on the street before I met him in the old warehouse.
    "Owen, first of all I want to welcome you to my house. You are safe and you are welcome here, you will never have to leave here until you want to leave. You are not in trouble with me or anyone here and I think that someone here may have some deep feelings for you." I looked down at Dewy who put his tiny little hand over his mouth and giggled, Owen giggled in return.
    "Daddy, Owen got a butt plug," Dewy was bending over to look between the youngster's legs. I lifted Owen up and quickly sat him back down.
    "Owen, somebody has hurt you very badly back there," I nodded at his back. "I have to take you to see a doctor, Owen. He is going to probe around back there and look up inside of you but, baby, he has to do it. You are in trouble and I didn't know it until I got this report. Owen, this should have been brought to my attention yesterday when I took you over to see the doctor, but no one said anything to me.
    "The lady who looked at you and took your blood is the nurse that works the front desk, the regular nurse was helping the doctor in another room. The boys will tell you that our doctor is a real nice guy and all of them love him. He was in with another patient when we were there and this report did not get to him until today. Owen, it is very important that we go to see him right now. Would you like to put your clothes on for me, and is there anybody that you would like to take along with us?"
    "I want Warren to go with me, he takes care of me. Oh, and can Dewy go too? I like Dewy." I led the boys across to granite house so that they could get dressed and looked about for Warren. I took Warren aside and asked him if he knew that Owen was bleeding from his rectum. He told me that he knew about it and tried to help the boy by putting Pam's tampons up the boy's butt. I hugged him and asked him if he would go with Owen to the doctor's office, he ran off to get dressed again.

    Owen is a sparse lad, not much larger than Roddy, his voice is not much louder than the whisper of a spring breeze through the tree tops. It is against the law in so many ways, but I allowed Warren to strap Owen into the front seat alongside of himself so that he could repeat Owen's story for me to hear as I drove down the mountain.
    If I had not had three perfect little boys in my Caddy I would have gone off to commit more Seigyside, I was ready to kill in pure D cold blood. I called Police Detective Howard and asked him to meet me at Dr. Will's office, he told me that he was only a few blocks from there. What I had heard may or may not be in his direct jurisdiction, but he is my friend on the police force and I needed a friend to keep me from committing murder.
    Captain Shawn Howard arrived as I was leading the three boys into Will's clinic. I shook his hand and told him to grab a box of tissues and to check to make sure that his gun was loaded. He looked at me, but followed me anyway. Dr. William Hamm can get a boy out of his clothes faster than I can, I am almost jealous, but then our end purposes are different. I reached into my pocket and handed Shawn a small throw away camera as Owen placed his feet into the stirrups of Will's examining table.
    I asked Owen to repeat the story that he had told me during our drive down the mountain, he began to cry and wanted Warren. I had both Warren and Dewy join us. With a boy to each side of him Owen felt more confident and told us how his mother's boyfriend beat him and sometimes raped him. Shawn's eyes widened as he quickly checked his small pocket recorder to make sure that it was recording every word.
    Owen is so small that any adult would be large to him, but he described the boyfriend as a man mountain, when I saw the man I knew that Owen had been generous in his description, the man was huge. He stood about six foot six and weighed three hundred and sixty five pounds, his hands were so large that Owen had told us that he could wrap one completely around him as he was picked up and thrown across the room.
    A check of hospital records showed four recent ER visits for injuries to the boy that were similar to the parent's account of falling off of his bicycle. I sure wanted to help someone have a nice fall. A court ordered physical examination of the boyfriend confirmed Owen's account of tattoos on the man's body, as well as a heart with the message 'Young love' tattooed on the man's penis. The message could only be read when the man was fully erect which allowed Owen's description of the man's foot long cock to be confirmed.
    Owen's mom had not been able to provide the man with his heroin one evening so while she went out to work for the money needed to acquire the drug, the boyfriend decided to punish her by fucking the shit out of her son. Owen told us that those were the man's exact words to his mother, she kissed Owen and told him to be good and take it like a little man. She told the boy that she would return as quickly as possible.
    When she had not returned by three in the morning Owen slipped out of the house and made his way downtown on his bike, which had disappeared the first night that he was on his own. Warren found Owen hiding behind a dumpster near the manhole cover where he had poked his head out to see what Terry was up to with that old street bum. Warren took Owen down into the sewer and when Terry returned with some old donuts for their breakfast he gave his to the tiny boy. I put my arm around Warren and gave him a big hug.
    Once we had learned all that we needed to learn for the moment Will ran us out of the room, he was going to have to operate on a very sick little boy. Shawn was on his phone to have the mother and the boyfriend picked up, he looked at me and shook his head.
    When he hung up he took me aside to tell me why the mother did not return home, her pusher killed her. I took a deep breath and looked toward the operating room where a lone little lad lay. I had to call JC at once to get the paper work that I would need to keep Owen with me for the time being. I explained the need for the emergency surgery and told him that I would need protection for myself and Will for doing that without proper authorization.
    While Will worked his magic with his scalpel I led the other two boys outside. Will told me that the surgery would take at least two hours and that Owen would be unconscious for about an hour after that. I knew two boys that needed something to take their minds off of their friend so I headed over to a nearby pizza place that had a large room full of arcade games.
    I asked Shawn if he would join me to hear another story. On the way to the Pizza parlor I called Cory and asked him to send, or better yet, come down with Malcolm. Ronnie came along with his boyfriend, I gave Cory five dollars for tokens then sent both of them off to occupy Dewy while Malcolm and Warren talked to me in Shawn's presence.

    Malcolm's parents were getting a divorce and he was outside begging his father not to leave. His mother was standing in the doorway being, 'her bitchy self,' as thirteen year old Malcolm cried his heart out. The following day was Malcolm's birthday and he awakened to find his mother drunk and passed out in the living room and his father gone off for ever. He called his grandfather to come and get him and that was where he lived until he came to live with Ronnie.
    I looked at him and smiled, but I really needed to know about the night that his dad left and what he knew about Warren. Malcolm kinda grinned at me and told us what he knew. Warren and another boy had been caught doing the deed by the other boy's mother. She had called Ted and demanded that he take care of his little pervert. Malcolm looked at Shawn then at me and told me that every boy in the neighborhood knew that the other boy was a queer and that he would let anybody fuck him at anytime.
    I told Malcolm that I needed to help Warren right now, he nodded at me and began again. He was with his dad as he begged the man to stay, he knew what life would be with him gone. "Suddenly," he told us, "the White's front door banged against the wall as Warren ran from the house." He said that Warren was limping as he tried to get away and that Mr. White was standing on his front porch calling the boy the dirtiest names that he had ever heard.
    Malcolm said that he looked at his dad then at his friend and he knew that he had to go help Warren. He told us that he looked everywhere then went back to the house to get his bike and found out that his dad's car was gone. He could only think about helping Warren so he rode around the neighborhood until he found him hiding under the bridge over the wash east of his house.
    Warren was crying and his leg was twisted around almost backwards. Malcolm had been in Boy Scouts and he knew how to put a splint on a broken bone. He searched around until he found two thick sticks about the same length as Warren's thigh and secured them in place with strips that he tore from his tee shirt. I asked him if he had straightened the leg out first.
    Warren walked around from behind me then over to Malcolm, he put his arms around the boy's neck and kissed him on top of the head, "This ass hole hurt me worse than my old man did. He took a holt o' my leg and yanked at it and we both heard it pop. If I coulda run I woulda chased his ass down and yanked his leg. He put those sticks on me and then put his arms 'round my neck and we went to sleep holdin on ta each other.
    "I woke up having to piss so bad so I got up, but I could not walk. I found a old piece of pipe that I could use like a crutch and I wondered down to the other end of the bridge. I looked back at Mally and knew that he was going to get into so much trouble and that there was no way in hell that I was going home. I knew that the road a block north came down into the wash and I could walk up that without a lot of trouble so I made my way off in the dark.
    "I hurt so bad and I cried all along the way, I had no idea where I was going to go, but I just kept going. Some dudes came by in a van and saw me walking and they wanted to know what the sticks was. I told them that my old man beat me with a ball bat and broke my fucking leg.
    "They seemed nice so I never thought nothing of it when they asked me why my old man beat me so I told them that Tweety's mother caught me fucking his faggot ass and called my old man. They all broke out laughing and offered me a ride. I got in the van and this one dude pulled out his cock, 'Your story has me all hard, kid. Let me fuck you in the butt. I told him no that I wasn't like that. He told me that all three of them would fuck me then throw my ass out in the desert if I didn't suck his cock then and there.
    "I never sucked cock before that night, but I was so scared that I did it. I sucked each of them twice and they made me swallow all of it. They drove through McDonald's and got me some breakfast then took me to this old house where they were crashing. They took the sticks off of my leg then pulled my clothes off and this one dude picked me up and put me in the bathtub, I guess when my old man beat me I shit myself and didn't know it, but my pants were a mess.
    "I got all clean like and that kid carried me to a bed and tied the sticks back on my leg again then he started to suck my dick. Fuck that felt so good, when he told me that we could suck each other at the same time I figured that I owed him so we sucked until we fell asleep. I stayed with the three of them then one day the other two came and told us that they liked the way that we sucked cock, but that they were going to California and we were too young to go along.
    "Me and that kid got left off at the bus terminal and he told me that he knew a place where we could eat and get some sleep. He took me to this church that gave us some soup and a sandwich and a apple and some milk. We slept in this old building for several days then we went back one night and the place was all boarded up. That was the night that I met Pam and she took me down to her place."
    "What about the kid? Do you know where he is, what was his name," I kicked Shawn's ankle, he was acting like a cop in front of a kid.
    "I only heared him called smokey 'cause he smoked all of the time. I was scaret that we would get busted when he stole cigarettes from stores around, but we never did. He went to find some smokes when Pam found me and when I went to look for him I never did find his ass again."
    "You like him don't you?"
    "Mr. Chris, he was nice to me. He took care of me. I was little and I was scared I looked like Owen when he found me and I would do anything that he wanted."
    "Warren, look at me and tell me the truth. You fucked Tweety, you sucked Smokey's dick, you sucked the other two dude's dicks. You have been on the street for about three years now and I am sure that you have had to suck a lot of guy's dicks so that you could get money to eat.
    "Now, here is the big question and I want you to think about your answer, do you think that you are gay or are you sucking dick so that you can eat?"
    Warren looked at me and then at Shawn, I told Shawn to go to the can. Warren looked at Malcolm and the tears came in torrents, "You going to hate me, dude?"
    Malcolm hugged the boy and said, "Will it help if I tell you that I am gay first?" Warren turned in his chair to look up at his old friend as Ronnie walked up to the table, "And here is my boyfriend. I love him, Warren, I love him with all of my heart. He and I suck each other's cocks every day and fuck each other's ass as often as we can. Warren I am as queer as they come."
    "I have thought about it, but I don't really know, I sleep with the guys down in the sewer 'cause I don't like to be alone and we sometimes do each other 'cause we get all horny like and all. I don't know if I can love no guy or not, I love Owen 'cause he is so small and needs somebody, but I think that he and that kid over there might be good for one another.
    "I looked around your house, Mr. Chris, and there are some good looking kids there and I saw some of them kiss and a few of them suck on each other's dicks and I think that I want to do that."
    "Warren, you can do it, if you want to. You do not have to, you may want to see if you like it, I want you to find somebody that you can be friends with and maybe the two of you can find out what you like and don't like. But, and this is a big, but Warren, you do not have to do anything to stay at my house. As soon as the new building is finished at the school I will be moving a lot of the boys over there. You can live there, if you wish. In any event I want you to stay as long as you want to stay. I want you to go to school and I want you to get good grades. I want to watch you get your high school diploma and if you would like to go to college I will see to it that you can attend. Is that fair enough?"
    "Oh, Mr. Chris, that is so very fair, but what about my old man? He said that he will kill me other than let me be no queer nut."
    Shawn was walking back to the table and I pointed at him, "You let me and this man right here worry about your dad. Do we have an understanding?" We did and it was time to go back to Will's clinic.

    While the boys talked to Cory and asked him what I was going to do to Mr. White I stepped into Will's office. Will told me that it was a sheer miracle that Owen was able to walk, let alone be alive. The damage that he had found inside the boy suggested that the waif had been in excruciating pain since the time of the attack. I sat down across the desk from him as he looked at me, "That son-of-a-bitch almost killed that boy in there. I don't know how he was able to bear the pain, Chris. His bowel was torn and waste material was getting into the abdominal cavity. I have him on heavy doses of antibiotics as we try to fight the viral infection in his system, but I think that he is going to do well."
    I asked Will why the nurse that had drawn the boys' blood, and supposedly examined them, had not brought his injuries to our attention. Will looked at me and told me that he would find out, but for me to let it go, it was his place, not mine
    I asked Will if he would x-ray Warren's leg for me. When he came back with his picture he sat down with Warren and told him that he would like to cut the leg open and reset the bone. He looked at Malcolm and told him that had he not set the bone as quickly as he had Warren would most likely have lost the leg, but without the proper medical treatment, and a good cast on the leg, it had grown crooked. We could all see that Warren had a bad limp and that his right foot turned out at a strange angle.
    I led Warren in to look at Owen before we headed back home. "Don't ask, there is a nurse that is going to answer for every tear that boy has shed in pain for the last twenty four hours. I swear that to you, my friend," Will informed me.
    I am pretty sure that Owen would want someone to sleep alongside of him, but after such an invasive surgery I knew that should wait. Will assured me that he would keep the boy sedated for the next twenty four hours and possibly he could have someone sleep alongside of him the following evening. I had to let Will tell that to Dewy himself. Dewy's eyes lit up and he wanted to know how long it would be until the following evening.

    I let Dewy ride back home with Cory and I took the three older boys with me. Ronnie sat up front so that Malcolm and Warren could catch up on their lives for the past three years. All of the way back to the house I heard Malcolm and Warren in heavy discussion, several times I heard references to the pin and when we stopped at one traffic light I saw Warren bend forward as the mauler pulled the flap of his fly back to show two pins, one with wings. That sparked another round of discourse that took us all of the way back to the house.
    "Mr. Chris, I want…I need…" Warren threw his arms around me and stood on his toes with his face turned up to me I leaned forward to give him a love peck, but he wanted more. He kissed me full on and probed at my mouth with his tongue. "Thank you for letting me come to live here."
    "I hope that our kiss was not something out of gratitude, I won't accept payment for giving you shelter."
    "No, I mean it's not like that. I mean I am glad that I am here, but I…well you didn't have to do that for Owen. Mally has been telling me how great you are and all day I heard the other boys talk about how they love you and how good you are to everybody and everything and how you just like to help people and…" I touched my fingers to his lips.
    "Mr. Chris, can I go to bed with you…and Mally, I want to know what it is really like to really do it with a guy." Warren has had to suck more than a few dicks to survive and he had fucked a neighbor boy, but his virgin ass was mine, if I wanted it. I turned to look at Ronnie who gave me a thumbs up and ran up the stairs to his room.

    Warren was excited when we joined the family for breakfast, he had to show all of the boys his pin. He was describing his night and what it was like to really get to do it, "and dad has the best smelling soap and shampoo that I ever smelled, it smells like I was walking through a forest of pine trees." The family was giving each other that look.
    I looked across the table at two other youngsters that I had not sat down to talk with. Kevin Carmichael and Stewart Ackerley were hanging onto every word out of Warren's mouth. I wanted to learn why these two youngsters had been living on the street. With the two boys following me I asked Cory to call Rick's house and ask him to come over and to bring Terry with him. Cory looked at the two boys with me and nodded his head.
    "Did you boys get enough to eat?" They both assured me that they had more than enough as they rubbed their bellies, it will take time to bring these boys back from their starvation diet, but I have plenty of time to give them. Kevin seemed as if he were the tougher of the two so I started my questions with him.
    "You're cute, can I kiss you?" Kevin started, but took on an air of resignation, I had that one pegged. "So why are you living in a sewer, Kev, may I call you Kev?"
    "I don't care what you call me." I love a tough nut.
    "You don't like men do you, or is it that you don't like me?" He looked at me long and hard.
    "I like ya well enough, I guess, you gave me a soft warm bed and hot food so I guess you can kiss me."
    "You think that you owe me a kiss since I gave you a soft warm bed and hot food?"
    "Sorta." At least he was honest. I turned to Stewart.
    "Do they call you Stew?"
    "Ma, called me Stewie, but I don't much care no more." His little bottom lip quivered as he looked at his knees.
    I turned his chin up so that we could see each other eye to eye and the boy caught me off guard, "I love you." His arms went around my neck as he climbed over me to sit astride my body, his kisses never ended, neither did his tears. I rubbed his back as I held him until I felt Kev move closer to me, was it jealousy or what was going on with Kev?
    Stewie came up for air and Kev quickly moved in to kiss me, "I'm sorry. I…"
    "Don't apologize, Kev. You don't know me and you should be a little bit scared."
    "I ain't scaret o nothin, got me?" I stared into his eyes. He is pretty good, he maintained his unblinking stare for a good two minutes. "Ain't nobody never out stared me, that's weird." It was time to shut up and listen. Kev wiggled his way under my arm as I guided Stewie under the other one. The boys sat close and I felt their warmth as we just sat together in silence.
    A good three minutes passed before Kev wrapped his hand around my cock and shook it until it began to harden. Stewie leaned his head forward so that he could get a closer look at me. Kev ran the flat of his hand over my glans and licked his palm. He looked up to my eyes and I saw a glint in them, he leaned forward and engulfed the head of my cock.
    I simply sat still and let the boy do as he would, he has to come to grips with whatever was running around inside of his head. "Did you really fuck Warren with this? He don't fuck nobody, never." I smiled and let him wonder, he could doubt or believe as he would, I was not going to help his thinking along. "I been fucked before, I would like to do you, if I could." A challenge?
    Stewie was moving under my right arm. I looked at him and he was crying. I pulled him tight against me, "Stewie, we have two rules in this house that are never broken. Actually the two rules are part of the same rule, our first rule is that No means No!! If someone does something that you don't like or don't want them to do, you can say no, they have to stop at once. The second rule can be a part of the first rule, it simply states that your body is yours and nobody has any right to touch you, in anyway, unless you are okay with their touch. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"
    His eyes were on me and I could see the wheels turning behind his dark browns. "If I don't want nobody to suck my dick I can say no?"
    "That's right."
    "But if I want them to suck my dick?" He was getting there in his own way.
    Rick walked in with Terry, I caught Cory and eye talked him to take Rick away for awhile. I asked Terry to sit down with us and sat back to listen to the boys talk amongst themselves. Terry slipped his pants and shoes off then stood astride me. He slowly lowered himself onto my cock while Kev held it upright.
    Terry settled down on me with a satisfied moan and lay his head on my shoulder, I watched Stewart kiss him. The family was running back and forth through the house as they prepared to head off to church, I was not about to push our three newcomers in any direction with which they were not prepared to go so I sat still.
    Cory had caught my signals, he walked up to me with his coat and tie on, "Are you going to stay here with our friends, daddy?" I loved the way that he stated that question.
    "Yes, baby, I want to talk to these guys and see if they will help Rick and me go find the rest of their friends."
    Kev jerked around and looked at me. "Really, can we go find Macy and Quincey?"
    "And Bolek?" Stewie was at the edge of the couch.
    "Yeah, let's go find Bolek, he is Stew baby's boyfriend," Terry was giggling. Warren was entering the room and he walked over and hit Terry right in the mouth.
    "I told you about that shit, faggot. You don't tease Stew, never, or so help me I will fucking gut you." I moved away from Terry and rose to my full height. I picked Warren up with one hand and carried him across the room with his feet swinging in mid-air. I pushed his nose into a corner and let him slide down the wall.
    "Another rule that we have in this house is that nobody ever hits anybody. You understand me Warren White?" The boy was whimpering and trying to rub his nose, I pushed the back of his head against the wall, flattening his nose to it, and I told him not to move until I told him that he could. It was tough, but I learned with Ricky Johnson that I have to set the rules up front or these boys will walk all over me.
    I grabbed Terry and put him into another corner, "And Warren is correct," I told him, "you will never tease another member of my family as long as you live here. Do both of you understand me?" I received confirmation from both corners then called the boys to stand before me.
    "Terry, apologize to Stewart."
    "I'm sorry, man, I know that you like Bolek and that he really like you too. I guess that I just never had nobody that cared about me before." He looked around for Rick and began to cry.
    "Now, Warren, what do you have to say?"
    "Terry, you know that I do like you, dude, I just don't like nobody to tease my boys. You're kinda new and Stewie's been with us for moren two years. I watch out for him, man, I watch out for all of you and you know it."
    The boys stood looking at each other, I told them to kiss and make up. Terry wrapped his arms around Warren and the two got into one hot kiss.
    I called Rick over to sit down with us as I drew the four boys out. Rick had been told that there were nine boys, we didn't know if that was plus Terry or if it included Terry, and what about Petey? So far we only had five boys and I was determined to bring as many boys off of the street as I could.
    The weather in Tucson was weird, we have never had such a lingering cold spell as we had experienced for the previous three days and the forecast was for more temperatures below forty degrees for the remainder of the weekend. There are those on the street by choice, but I am a firm believer that children can never make that choice, they are forced to be out there by situations in their life that they are not mature enough to deal with.
    I had the four boys dress warmly, as they gathered back in the living room of the main house Cory walked back inside. "You think that you are going boy hunting without me, you are my man and I want to keep an eye on you. Besides, you needed to have the vans pulled around, there are two of them right outside the door." I had to give him the hottest kiss of our morning while the other cheered us on.

    I was fairly certain that I had listened to the boys and knew what to expect so I made one stop before we headed for the downtown area. I wasn't all that pleased when I walked into the same coat factory outlet with six boys and Rick, the store still had the manager that had called the reporters to his store at Christmas time in 2005. Cory walked up to the man and everyone in the store heard him, quite clearly. "We are here to buy coats for homeless children, my dad told you two years ago that he would never come in here again, but I was driving today. We do not want publicity or notoriety and we expect you to honor that, do I make myself perfectly clear to you, sir?" Damn that boy has grown some balls.
    Two ladies quickly helped us as I told them the sizes of the coats that I thought that we would need, I wanted to be prepared for whatever we would find and purchased twenty jackets with removable linings so that they would serve a dual duty for more use. I also had each of the four boys with me pick out coats for themselves. I nodded Cory toward the leathers and he grinned at me.
    "The last time I was in here with my brothers dad bought all of us one of these coats, hey Warren, I think that this one will fit you. Now doesn't that one just say Stewart all over it." I am going to retire and let my Cory man take over the family, he has charm and sex appeal.

    Inflation is everywhere these days, three years earlier I had paid nearly nine thousand dollars for one hundred and forty winter coats, including nice dress leather jackets for each of the eight boys that lived with me at that time. My tab for this trip ran over six thousand dollars for only twenty six winter coats and seven real nice dress leather jackets, yeah, I bought one for Rick and one for myself. I like good leathers and at six hundred and fifty dollars the one I choose for myself was extra nice.

    I sent the boys off in small groups, Cory went with Warren and Stewie. Rick took Terry and Kev with him, I made myself available for a call, if needed. I gave each group one instruction, if they could get the boys to come with them fine, if not I asked them to give the boys a message. Should they change their minds at any time they could go to Tomes of Time and tell any of the ladies that worked there a single word code, BAW.
    I went to Tomes to talk with Alice and the girls on duty, I told them that I was to be called at once should anybody come in with that code word. I explained what it meant and what I was doing, one of the young college girls hugged my neck and told me that that was the nicest thing that she had ever heard of anyone doing. She has a lot of world to see before she becomes cynical.
    Pam walked in the door of Tomes and spotted me sitting with Alice. She led two girls of about fifteen to me and asked if we could go somewhere to talk. I led the three of them to my table in the back corner while I carried Petey and listened to him tell me about his shopping trip to a great big store where he got new shoes and pajamas with a bear on them and a coat to keep warm. I made a big deal out of the coat that the boy was wearing and got my reward, cute giggles.
    I opened the little window into Clara's and asked the waitress to bring water and menus for four. I had to get firm with the three girls as I told them to order themselves food, I looked at Petey and asked him if he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich.
    By the time the food arrived I was ready to go get my shotgun. We had a prostitution ring working minor girls between Tucson and Phoenix. Rick came in with the first of the boys, I told them to sit down and order anything on the menu that they wanted to eat. I was busy talking to the two girls with Pam as I looked at the waitress' arms, she was carrying enough food for twenty boys to a table with only three seated at it.
    By one o'clock we had gathered fifteen boys and four girls, I was not about to push all of these girls off on Betty so I pulled Cory aside and asked about using his house. He had no furniture in the place, the girls could use sleeping bags on the floor for the weekend.
    I called Betty to tell her that I needed Pam to watch over the four new girls and got my ass reamed over the air waves. Betty demanded that the girls be brought to her house at once or she was going to come after me if she had to ride on her broomstick to find me. I called upstairs and awakened Chrisy and Timmy, first I chewed them out for not coming up to the house for breakfast then I told Chrisy to get his ass downstairs to help me. He laughed when I told him what his grandmother had said.
    "You should wait, dad, I always knew that she rode around on a broom at night, maybe we can see her." I tried to be nice because there were ladies present.
    I was looking at everybody in the room and not seeing anyone as I let my mind run over all of my options. Finally Timmy spoke, "Dad, look at me." I was looking at him, but not looking at him. He eye talked me to the apartments upstairs. My lights came back on and I asked Rick to stay with the boys as I checked on something that Timmy had to show me. As quickly as we got into the elevator from the front hall I grabbed Timmy and sucked his tonsils out of his body.
    Cory and Chrisy were banging on the elevator door and it slowly opened to two grinning faces. "Busted!!" I told Timmy, we both giggled. I have a pass key to every vacant apartment in the building. There was one unit on the top floor that we had been using as a model for a four bedroom unit. I wasn't getting any response to a four bedroom condominium on the fourth floor of a building in the heart of the downtown area, but I had maintained it until all of the other units were committed to purchasers.
    Timmy and I turned up the heat and turned on the refrigerator, while Cory and Chrisy ran off to find sheets and towels. I can not take the girls to Betty's, she is too vulnerable, I did the next best thing. I sent in the big guns. Chrisy and Cory took one of the vans with Pam and Petey to bring Betty to me.

    I asked Rick to sit down and talk to me, "I saw a stack of metal cots in the corner of your building the other day. What did you have in mind?"
    "Chris, before I ran into you I had planned to let all of those boys sleep in there."
    I looked at the boys that he and Cory had led in, "And how about now?"
    "There are twenty, thirty inch cots over there, the mattresses are locked inside the freight elevator. I have blankets and pillows for fifty beds. The heat is on, the lights are on, there is hot water. The only thing that I don't have over there is food."
    "These are street kids, do you think that they can find food for the evening?" He grinned at me. "Rick, I don't have room for them right now and I will want to have physicals for all of them before I will allow them near my boys. Maybe we can keep them together for a few days at your place? I don't want it to be too long or they will never get over their street mentality, but for the short term???"
    I let Rick and Terry lead the boys over to the warehouse as I sat with the girls and waited for Betty to arrive. As quickly as they came in I sent Cory and Chrisy back out to buy food for the girls and the two babies. Yeah, one of the new girls had a baby that was not even four months old. My apologies to Petey, he is not a baby, he is a little man, a very little man, I had started to call him bitsy man. As I expected Betty was a bucket of tears as she listened to the girl's stories.
    I led Betty over to the private restroom at Tomes so that she could freshen herself. I wanted to explain myself to her. "You listen to me mister, I know you, I know all about you. I see why you don't want those children in my house. You might be right, they are the type that would steal the gold out of their sleeping mother's teeth. I love you for thinking of me, Chris, I really do. You are a very special man to me and were I only forty years younger I would be chasing you all over town."
    "If you were forty years younger you would still be in diapers," I grinned at her.
    "Flattery will get you everywhere, mister," we both laughed, we needed a bit of comic relief.

    Two armed FIS agents were talking with Timmy and Harry when Betty and I returned to my table. I asked them if they were clear on what we needed from them, they had been briefed. These were Harry's men and I asked him if he would be caught up short somewhere else, he told me that I had my job to do and to let him do his, I bowed before him.
    At the present time there is no one living on the fourth floor so I showed the two FIS agents how to reset the elevator controls. Timmy has a key to the control box which he passed off to the agents, he told them that they should return the key to him alone, or me, and that we would pass it on to their relief. I opened up the large loft apartment at the west end of the fourth floor, the one next to the elevator, so that the two agents could relax and have a bathroom available to them.
    Two more agents arrived in their street clothes, Harry showed them about their duties, they would come on line at midnight and be relieved at 0800. I modified Timmy's orders about the elevator control key so that he would not have to return home for the changing of the guard, he had almost forgotten our plans for the evening.

    Betty went upstairs with us as we showed the girls where they could spend the weekend. I gathered the girls into the apartment and told them the facts of life, "You have come with my friends and told us that you want to get off of the street and return to school. I am more than proud to assist you, however there is a test that you have to take," that got some murmuring from them.
    "I am going out on a limb here and giving you a place to be safe and warm. It is going to get very cold this evening and I don't want to see you out on the streets. I also do not want to learn that you have tried to have anybody up here with you. For the present I am offering my hospitality to the four of you. We will look into finding others that need shelter sometime next week.
    "At four o'clock these two men in uniform will come on duty, they are going to lock this floor off so that nobody can come or go without them knowing it. You may leave, you may stay, but you will have to ask them to operate the elevator for you. There are fire escapes and you can go down any of the four stairways out of the building, once through the door on this floor you will have to exit the building. All of the doors from the fire escape are locked so that nobody can get inside to rob the people that live here. Any attempts to break those doors open will set off an alarm and the police department will respond."
    Cory and Chrisy came in laden with grocery bags full of simple foods. There were diapers for the infant and formula as well. I was proud of the two boys as they stood back and grinned at me. The young mother ran over to get a diaper and we learned that she had a young daughter. Betty was at her elbow to help clean up a nasty mess, I stepped out of the room before I made a big mess on the floor myself. Cory laughed at me. Okay, so I don't do scat, not even baby scat.
    After the dirty work was done I looked at the girls and told them, "I hope that all of you are here when I come down tomorrow morning and I hope that all of you sleep warm and well tonight. You don't know me and have no idea why I would say this to you, but I want you to know that I love you and I want only the very best for you. I will see you tomorrow, good night."
    I told them that they would have to make their own beds and that I expected to find the place in one piece the following morning. Before we left I made sure that the elevator could only be activated with a key entry to the fourth floor and that everything on that floor was secure except for the units that we would be using for the weekend. Televisions were installed so they had basic cable television, not much, but more than they had been used to of late.

    Cory had a surprise for me and I had ignored him. I had to beg his forgiveness for running afield, he tells me that he understands me, but does he always? I am never sure. I had to beg him even harder to tell me what his surprise was, he told me that we needed to go for a walk. I was beginning to worry that something serious had happened, but then my Cory man was smiling and in the top of spirits. Cory led me to a large house on the corner west of me, he used a key to unlock the front door.
    The couple that owned the thirty six hundred square foot house was about to loose everything they owned. They had taken out one of the adjustable rate mortgages that was about to put them into receivership. Cory made them a sweet cash offer for a little more than they had purchased the house for. They had placed a twenty percent cash down payment on the seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar house six years earlier the appreciated value of the home was their only real equity. Cory's bid was about thirty percent below current market value of one million six, but it gave the couple a tidy sum of about three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars to start again somewhere else. The family accepted his offer at once and moved back east to be near their families.

    I turned and looked Cory in the eye, "You told Rick last Thursday that he lived in the house next door to the one that you had just purchased and I blew it off. Cory man, I am so sorry."
    "Well, as I recall you had a sweet little boy in your lap that was giggling as you ran your fingers around his tight little body. Daddy face it, you don't listen too well when your cock is hard." I had to agree with him, but still one would think that I would listen to the best thing that has ever happened to me in my perverted life.
    Cory went on to show me about his house. It is rated as a two bedroom home with a large master suite and a small bedroom at the front of the house. It has a large den located in the very middle of the house and a very large hobby room next to that. The kitchen is on the small side, but adequate for the style of the couple that had lived there.
    Cory was grinning ear to ear as he showed me the satellite photos of the area and the second cavern that ran along the west side of the street between his new house and mine. The cavern is over thirty feet below ground level and just touches the front corner of his house under the garage. He showed me his plans to have a stairway from his hobby room into that cavern, joining that property to my main house. I suggested that he put in a fully enclosed room under his hobby room and garage so that it appears as a basement to the casual observer.
    Next I pointed out that the cavern actually extends just under the edge of Rick's house as well. Cory looked at me as we both discussed the possibility of having an opening from Rick's house into the room beneath Cory's house. We could make sure that any exit from Cory's basement would be secure so that no one could gain access to my house or the school from either one of those properties.
    Cory looked deep into my eyes as we held one another, "What would you think that we would need to do to get our wives to live in this house?" Cory loves Sarah and little Chrisy very intensely, I didn't have an answer for him, but I did like his thoughts on the matter.
    Cory shared with me his plans to have our new cook, Ona and his brother Red, occupy that house for the time being. Currently the four cooks are sandwiched into the small room where Harry and Toby had once lived. They have moved into the room over the little cottage that had once belonged to Brad and Jay. They are welcome to that room, I value Toby's help with his cousins, but those two men deserve their private time. Toby had to drop out of college the first semester because of the hectic pace created in trying to keep the boys in line. Now that they are beginning to assimilate themselves into the family Toby can get some sleep, if Harry will let him.
    I told Cory that I had plans to move all four of the cooks into the new dormitory on the campus across the street as soon as it was ready for occupancy. I am going to move almost all of the new boys across the street and there may be a few of the older family members that would like a chance to get out from under my dominance. Cory kissed me, but I could tell that he was laughing at me. He kept mumbling something about having to run the boys off at gun point because there wasn't a swinging dick in the house that would leave otherwise, I didn't quite understand what he was saying, I was after his body.

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