Chapter 141


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    "Andy, I have something that I have wanted to ask about for a long time, but we always have an audience. Sean has a little sister that would be what, about thirteen? What has become of her?"
    "She lives with their grandmother here in Tulsa, their mother's mother. Tom and Carl both, left plenty of money for the children and I see to it that Heather is provided for. She is healthy and very happy. As good looking as Sean is, she is beautiful. Both of those kids have my Carl's genes in them."
    "Why did Sean end up with you and his sister with her grandmother?"
    "Heather first lived with Tom's youngest sister until she was busted for DUI, the police found a crack pipe in the car, which she swore was not hers. The grandmother proved the girl unfit to raise a child and was awarded full custody of Heather. Sean has told me that his grandmother was always the control freak and tried to run his mother and dad's life all of the time."
    "I didn't see an eleven year old girl at the funeral."
    "She was so distraught over the murder of both her mother and father on the same night that the grandmother did not want the trauma that the funeral would create in the child's life. Chris, you have no idea what a battle it has been with that woman. I have tried to work with her, but she wants to be left alone."
    "Would it be possible for Sean to see her and his little sister?"
    "Let's find out."
    I called Sean down and held him as Andy called the grandmother. He placed the phone on the speaker for Sean to talk and the two of us to hear. "Merry Christmas mee-maw, this is Sean. I am in town and I thought that I would call you." I led Andy out of the room and in a few minutes Sean came out as happy as I have ever seen him.
    "She said that I could come and see Heather and her. I told her that I was bringing my dad. I had to tell her that you were a good friend of dad's and that you had taken me in. She is cool with that."
    Sean and I were invited to lunch at her house. I suggested to Sean that he might want to get a Christmas gift for his sister and one for his grandmother, the boy was up the stairs like a rocket and back in moments all ready to go. I took him back to my favorite department store and parked at the front door again. I can be such an ass when I wish to be.
    Sean had not been in his grandmother's house since he was quite young, his parents had moved to Tucson to get away from her in the first place. He remembered that she had a lot of glass nicknacks about and was always fussing at him not to break them. He also remembered that there were several pictures of birds around the house. I led him straight over to the department where Cullen had found his ship in a bottle. A ten inch eagle made of hand blown clear glass sat on a shelf, its beak and talons were hand painted in gold gilt. The bird had its talons spread and its wings were poised as if it was about to grab a rabbit or a mouse off of the ground. Sean loved it, he remembered his Pap-pa had a picture of eagles lifting fish from a stream hanging over the fireplace in his den.
    Sean told me that Heather loved dolls, I reminded him that she was now thirteen and that he had not seen her in two years, we were nearly bald from pulling our hair out as we searched for something that a thirteen year old girl would like. I feel that a gift card says here, I'm too fucking lazy to shop for you and I really don't care about you enough to learn what you like or might want. Next in line to that is cash. Cash is nice, a gift card may be nice, but a gift should be something warm and personal and returnable.
    Sean saw what he wanted, I agreed instantly. Several people turned and looked after us as Sean carried a three foot tall pink teddy bear through the store. The stuffed animal had a zippered pocket for a little girl to hide her pajamas and diary inside. I grabbed up a diary with a sturdy lock on it and purchased a small lock that would fit on the zipper of the stuffed toy. If grandmother is as Andy and Sean describe her then Heather would need to keep her diary securely hidden away.

    Luncheon was eggs benedict with half inch thick Canadian bacon served with coffee. Mrs. Howell makes the word snobbery need redefining, the woman was able to dust the ceiling with her nose she held it so high. I was surprised that she could walk as she looked down her nose at everything.
    She had the bright lights set out, two large bruisers tied me to a chair as they beat me with rubber hoses, she wanted information and all of it. She softened her tone when I told her that I was in oil, bulk crude oil to be exact. I told her that I was of the neaveux riche having had to earn my two hundred billion dollars through my own efforts.
    Heather was very happy to see her big brother and she thought that he was just too much. I had to brag on my star quarterback and shared many stories of his feats on the gridiron the past season. The little girl was moon struck.
    I pointed to a large house on her block that had belonged to my maternal grandmother. I was more impressed by the fact that Mrs. Howell would live on the same street as an Indian woman. However, she had known my grandmother and after a few minutes she thought that she could remember seeing me when I had visited many years before.
    Suddenly she stood up and walked over to a table covered with small framed pictures. She came back with a picture that blew me away, it was a picture of Sean's mother and me. I was visiting with my grandmother and was about twelve or thirteen at the time. Cheryl was to attend a formal dance at some little girl function and she had invited me to be her escort. I stood beside her, in my grandmother's living room, looking as if I was about to hurl. I had on a nice combed cotton suit and Cheryl had on a lacy dress with a large pink bow at the hip.
    Sean looked at the picture and began to cry. Mrs. Howell blew her image when she knelt to kiss his cheek and told him that he could have the picture, he rose from his chair and kissed her then they drew together for a hug. Both of us were invited back at anytime.
    Heather has an IM account and she has a web cam with a microphone, Sean promised to call her every week or so and I told her that I would send her lots of pictures of my favorite cousin. I had to stop for a moment and explain my relationship to Carl Dickson and subsequent blood tie to Sean. Mrs. Howell called me family and hugged both of us as we left. That was the first time that I had ever seen an ice berg melt, but this one had a pot of gold hidden inside of it.

    Andy could hardly believe his ears. He had been fighting with the lady for twenty six months. It was only Tom's will that allowed him to maintain custody of Sean. Andy had been sure that she would demand that Sean be turned over to her once she knew that the boy was living in my house and not his. Sean was entwined with Lance as they sat together in a chair opposite me and enjoyed the fire, both in the fireplace and in each other.

    Red called Beulah and talked to her about the boys. I had to laugh at the way he told me his story, he had been listening and knew that all of the new comers wanted to see a bunch of red Indians. Red and his crew had planned out a menu for the family and felt that they could transport everything in the cargo area under Travel All©. He told me that those of us that would go on up to the funeral should go and the other boys would be alright down at Cory's big house with Beulah watching over them.

    Andy was relieved when I passed that information on to him Thursday morning. I wonder if he thinks that the boys are tearing up his house. We were catching up on the news of the world, he does not have the hardware that I have, but then he doesn't live in his Tulsa house.
    During my shopping trip to Sach's with Cullen on Sunday I had purchased six, seventy two inch plasma TV sets and had them delivered to the house early Monday morning. Of course the clerk told me that it would be impossible at that time of the season to have delivery on Christmas eve, the store's general manager disagreed.
    I have to know what is going on around the world and, most especially, with my money. I am not really money crazy, with close to two hundred billion dollars in my direct control I can afford to sit back for a few days. None of my money is invested so there is no chance of it being lost. Very little of my money is in tangibles—real property—I prefer to keep most all of it in cash in various banking concerns around the world. I have a few hundred thousand dollars that are controlling more millions, but if that were lost I would not even feel the pain.

    Cory had rounded up every laptop computer in the house. Jimmy and I used their wireless capabilities to network them to my computer so that I could upload my files needed for access to the world. Of course you realize how security conscious I am, I only drag the Crown Prince off to perform in front of hundreds of young gay kids so that his enemies can shoot at him. I uploaded all of my programs into secure folders then I uninstalled those programs before giving the units back to their owners. I was a bit selective as to which computer I uploaded which file, I can trust my boys implicitly, but I have some boys that I can trust in extra severe times.
    On our way home from Mrs. Howell's on Wednesday Sean and I had stopped by an electronics store so that I could grab up a wireless hub and six wireless USB adapters to plug into the television sets. I had Jimmy set us up a secure wireless network from our satellite link up for just that one hub. With the six big screens sitting in a semi-circle before us I began to call up my favorite sites. Jimmy was at two of the keyboards checking over our portfolio while Cory went through the Standard and Poors 500. A nice feature of those large screen TVs is that our computer could do a split screen and display from two to six screens on one set. It was far easier to see six separate pages on the seventy two inch televisions then it was on my sixteen inch lap top monitor.
    Andy turned to the CNN news channel and the headline story stopped all action in the house, well at least around us. Benazir Bhutto killed in gun and bomb attack. Andy sent everybody away and asked Jimmy and Cory to guard the doors as he grabbed his computer to log into FI's system.
    The news was not good, the entire country of Pakistan was in turmoil as everybody pointed at everybody and nobody knew that was happening. Some fifteen minutes elapsed before our first agent came on our screens. He had found a secure location away from the city and was keeping low until he received orders from Andy.
    Now was the time that we really needed Harry, the man is expert on the people and the cultures of that part of the world and he speaks their languages fluently. I needed him where he is, but this was a world wide crisis. I called him at his mother's house and I could see the General in the background. "Code call," I said then watched him move through the house.
    "What's up, dad?"
    "Big trouble in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, I need you to get the boys home right now. I will call them and I will alert the flight crew. I have Andy here to brief you." I passed my phone to Andy as I picked my headset and called El's house using our satellite link up.
    "Hey sis, how'd Boxing day go? Did you have to box any young ears?" I chuckled at the expression on her face. I love the fact that she allowed us to install a video link up so we could talk face to face. Our system is much faster than internet phone services and the picture is stable-not jerky, helter skelter—it is almost like speaking face to face, albeit a split second delay while the signal travels a few hundred miles into space and back.
    "I wish that I could hug you, Sir mister. You are the greatest miracle worker ever. Cecil is a perfect doll and Del…that boy is so wonderful. The three boys do nothing, but talk about you, all of the time. I thought that I would get jealous, but I found out how much I really love you.
    "Fortune smiled on me when I stepped into your house a few years ago, I worried about what you would turn my son into. I am pleased to say that he is more of the kind of man that I would be proud to call a King than I could ever imagine. I worked for fourteen years trying to make a prince out of him, you have made him into the Royal Prince that he is born to be.
    "Cecil is polite and attentive, he is off with his father right now, but he will be home today and the two have fallen in love with each other as a father and son should love and respect each other. Del is polite and helpful, he treats me like a lady, not his big sister that wants to lord it over him."
    "El, I am sorry to cut this short, but I have an emergency and I need the boys to fly home at once. Have you seen the news about Benazir Bhutto this morning? Well I guess it is mid-afternoon over there."
    "Yes, isn't that just the most dreadful thing…"
    "El, I have people over there and I need Harry to go there. Harry has to travel with Cullen so I need them home at once. Get the boys packed up and I will have an armored limo pick them up in two hours. I am sorry to be apothegmatic with you, but this is crucial."
    "I understand, I will call Cecil at once and I will set the other two to cleaning up a bit and get them packed off. Are you going to go to Pakistan?"
    "There is no reason for me to go, I don't speak the language and our people do not know me or of me. Harry is fluent in the language and he placed our key man over there. Said too much, have to go, call you later, love." I clicked off and signed on to our web-site to page the office at John Lennon airport. The new family 737 was ready and would be waiting for the boys in two and a half hours, give or take.
    I called for Chrisy to find Timmy for me. "Did you call my name?" he stepped through the door from the kitchen with a hot roll in his hand, "Ģer just baked up a batch of double fiber hot rolls for lunch, want one?"
    "I'll take one, but I need you in here right now." I explained the problem to him and he was ready to go.
    Ģer poked his head out of the kitchen door, "You want me to bring a few rolls out to you?"
    "Please, with lots of butter and a fresh cup of coffee."

    I looked over the entire family and thought about how unmanageable it has become. The boys are well behaved and we have few problems; tempers flare from time to time and there is a lot of yelling back and forth. Once in awhile that yelling gets a little out of hand as several other boys become involved and begin to choose up sides, that is when we have to step in and step on a few necks as we calm the waters once again. I am very thankful for Harry and Toby, their presence around my young sons of the al-Hadi family is invaluable.
    Edmund has such a way with the boys, old and new, that is almost uncanny. I thought about the time that I had heard the ruckus from my office, it seemed to continue on for a bit longer than usual so I decided to walk across to granite house and break a few heads. As I entered the door Edmund stepped from the kitchen with a large butcher knife in his hand.
    "I have located a stunning recipe for homemade sausages, sir," he said to me.
    "I love sausage, Edmund, can you make it up with a cream sauce?"
    "Well actually sir this is more of a packed sausage, but the recipe calls for the blended meat and spices to be packed in penis skins, it is better with the long skins of an uncircumcised male so that the ends can be tied into knots." Every boy in the area was completely silent as they stared at the man, he moved farther into the room and the boys left like a shot back into their rooms. Edmund is the strong, silent type and the boys aren't sure about him.
    I have long heard it said that the best part of an argument is the making up afterwards. I am amongst the most lucky men around, I get to watch gay boys make up—it does warm the heart, but it hardens other body parts at the same time. I have never heard of Edmund laying a hand on the boys in anger, they say he is most handy where it counts. He is even tempered and soft spoken, those are the kind of men to beware of. Carry a big stick, as it were—or in Edmund's case, a big knife.

    I don't know if it is good or bad, the boys all seem to group themselves together by their…what shall I call it, their order of backgrounds. All of the core family members try to mix with our newer family members, but the new boys seem to stick together. I can well understand the boys from the castle huddling together, those boys were marked for death and they know it. It is the joining with them of the sons of Raven and Qasim that confuses me. I don't know if it is an ethnic bond, a family bond, or what.
    The boys that have come to me from the state are the ones that have me most curious with the bonding and seclusion. Very few of them have intermingled with the other family members. I am very happy with Dezi and Dane and their relations with two of my youngest and sweetest but, with the exception of a short encounter, the others don't seem to seek relationships outside of their circle. I suppose it may be my constant reminder to them that they are being watched by so many outside agencies. I wonder if I have the clout to end that scrutiny of these precious young lives. No one can grow under a microscope, if one has to continually look over their shoulder they are bound to run into an obstacle that can cripple them.

    The entire group of boys was sitting in their groupings around the walls of the large ball room, I walked to the middle of the room and called Mike, Steven, Roddy, and Cory to join me. I turned to the largest group, the al-Hadi family. I asked Toby, Kenny, and Jace to join them for a few minutes.
    "Let me tell you what is going to happen. I have asked Jace, Toby, and Kenny to sit with their blood family. I want all forty of you to turn and look at one another. The blood coursing through your body is related to the person you see. Some of you knew your parent's family, some of you knew and loved your grandmother.
    "You boys that have come to me most recently have known your grandmothers, as do all of you boys that have been with me for so long. Steven, Rodney, Cory, Mike, and I are all related by the blood inside of us. All of us have a common grandmother and a common grandfather somewhere back in the not so distant past.
    "Mike lost his grandmother last week. Steven's grandfather and my grandfather were brothers, Mike's grand mother was their sister, the three of us are second cousins. Cory is like Cullen and Arif, he is the king, he is the heir to the throne of the tribe and is the bloodline chief of the tribe. The Ewf—Tsalagi— elect their chiefs now, but Cory is the one with the blood right for the position.
    "We are going to go to the reservation tomorrow to attend the funeral for Mike's grandmother. I have listened to you and our new cooks have listened as well. We have a place for you to stay over there. We will all load up here right after breakfast so that we can be on the road by seven o'clock. That means that you will get your ass untangled from your boyfriend and get out of bed at four. Get your showers and dress warmly. If you are not going to the funeral itself then wear clothes that you can play outside in.
    "Those that have been to Cory's house over there will tell you that there are a lot of Indian boys that love to fuck white boys and they even like for white boys to fuck them. They are going to get a real treat if there are any camel jockeys that will get down with them." That got me a few taunts.
    "Boys, I won't be coming back here with you tomorrow night. There has been a political assassination over seas and I have to go see to company business. You will come home on the buses and do what you know that you are supposed to do here. I will return sometime Tuesday, if all goes well."

    The funeral went as funerals go. Everybody loved the old woman and a large crowd gathered to say goodbye. There were a lot of non-Indian folk from the nearby towns that came to pay their respects. Mike stayed close to me and away from his mother, he wanted nothing to do with her or his step father.
    All of the mourners were invited to the family home for a dinner, I gathered Cory Stevens and bundled him against the cold as Cory and Sarah did the same with little Chrisy. Some of the boys had attended, but planned to go back to Cory's house to be with the rest of the family and eat there. Steven came to me and told me that he didn't know any of these people and wanted to go see Aunt Beulah, I hugged him and sent him off with the others.

    ufGU—Daylight—rubbed her elbow against mine and nodded toward the hallway, standing back where they could not be seen was a cute little girl of about Roddy's age holding his hand while they talked together. Suddenly and without warning she leaned forward and kissed Roddy, right on the lips. His reaction was priceless and I almost dropped my baby as I bit my tongue so that I wouldn't burst out laughing.
    Roddy looked around to see if anyone had seen them and spotted me looking the other way. He stalked out of the hall and glared at me as he passed by, "Girls, phsssst," he spat. Daylight was holding on to me as she laughed, hard.

    Harry had flown in while the boys and I had been on the road over to Tahlequah. Andy had the Lear Jet standing by for Harry to load his young charges aboard for the short flight over to a small airport nearby. I excused myself to Daylight and led Harry and Timmy to a quiet place so that we could talk, they understood their mission and were prepared to leave.
    It is hard to separate people in love on a holiday, but somehow New Year's eve is a lover's day and one that no one wants to be apart for. Our position was critical and both men are professionals they only had to explain it to their counter part.
    It was drawing late in the day and time was against us in getting the boys back to Andy's safely. I did not want the buses to be on the road if the wether should turn. Cas, Jerry, and Tim were driving the school buses with Pete behind the wheel of Travel All©. I had not seen a need for Travel Too© to make the trip so it was parked safely next to Andy's house.
    I sent Cullen off with Harry and Timmy, ostensibly to retrieve something that he had left on the plane, Harry told RD that they needed him to help them. Timmy wanted Chrisy to go along with them so that he could say goodbye. The problem that I had was distracting Jimmy and Cory. Beulah sent them off to see something down by the river. I stood out front as the boys climbed aboard the buses for the ride back to Tulsa and waved goodbye; they would be back at Andy's before they missed the four boys that I had other plans for.
    Chrisy jumped out of the old chevy station wagon and ran to me to ask where the buses were as RD and Cullen came up to me. Cory and Jimmy came back to the house and just looked at me, but said nothing. I told them that they had missed their ride and if they did not wish to walk back to Tulsa then they should just plan to spend the night.
    I invited a few of the younger relations to spend the night in the big house so that the four boys would not be alone. I told them that Cory and I were going to say goodbye to our wives. They were content and left for the upstairs bedrooms for a night of cowboys and Indians ride the ponies. Cory kept eyeballing me, but he knows that I am sneaky when I want to be so he never said a word.
    Cory and I used the old station wagon that we were shuttling everybody about in and drove down to the house where our wives planned to live together for the next several years. The girls had a plan for Cory and I that was most pleasing. When we entered the house we were confronted with a very large feather bed in the middle of the living room floor. A large fire blazed in the fireplace and the babies were in a crib together on the opposite side of the room.
    Af—Sarah—explained the feather bed to us, no springs so no noise, no springs so no movement to disturb the others that might be asleep near by, she rolled her eyes toward the ceiling so I knew that everything was in order. The girls wanted Cory and I to love them as we lay together. Daylight told us that she knew at her first look at the two of us how much we loved each other, but she also knows that I love her with the same intensity. Sarah has never doubted Cory's love for her, but both women will never deny us the right to love each other. Cory and I, both, determined to show our lovely brides how much we do love them and respect them.
    I have lain alongside Cory as each of us has loved many boys, but our experiences that evening were something that we would talk about for many years to come. If you want to know about that night see if you can locate a fly that might have been around on the frigid night because Cory and I will only talk about the evening when we are alone with each other.

    I was up before the sky had even began to lighten, I had miles to cover and I needed to get a move on. I nearly had to carry Cory into the shower, but he came to life quite quickly then stirred and opened his eyes. I was pleased to see that he still responded to me after I had watched him the night before.
    Roddy came in to join us, "Daddy, I fell asleep in my old bed. I slept so gooder, but I missed Dane." I told him to get bundled up because it was very cold outside. Daylight was happy to make my little man some of the great tea that Cory has fixed for me from time to time, I was not about to exclude Roddy from what I had planned for my favorite sons.

    The station wagon was covered in thick frost and I have never scrapped a windshield in my life, I made a mad dash for the large house only a half a mile away. I needed the run as it were, I had been shut in for eight days. The frigid air cut into my lungs like a thousand knives, I don't ever want to live in that sort of clime.

    Beulah was already cooking breakfast for all of us. Cory took a seat in front of the stove so that he could talk to his great aunt as Roddy climbed up into his lap and wanted to know where Dane was, Cory told him that Dane was at Andy's house. Roddy was upset that he had fallen asleep and didn't get to spend the night with his friend. He knew nothing yet, I had plotted against all six boys.
    I dashed upstairs, taking two steps at a time. The pile of boys, laying across three beds that they had shoved together, was a sight to behold, but I had no time to enjoy the view. I grabbed the first ankle that was available and gave it a tug, it turned out to be Cullen's ankle and he came up with a start. "Hey unc, it's not even light outside."
    "You got that right," I used the crude grammar so prevalent in the family. The word got has such a limited place in the English language, but it is probably the most over used and ill used word ever contrived. The proper word would be have, at the time I was talking to kids so I talked kid talk.
    "I am about to leave, if you don't want to walk you better get your ass in gear. It is a balmy fourteen degrees outside and I can assure you that you will be very cold before you walk all of the way back to Tulsa." There was the expected murmuring, but at least they were doing all that they could to maintain their balance as they each staggered toward the bathroom. I would love to have been able to take another shower just so I could rub a few things up with them.

    One of the relations had the old Chevy wagon warmed up and waiting to take us over to the airfield. Without much conversation the six boys filed on to the same Lear Jet that Harry and Timmy had flown off in the day before. It is almost impossible to orient oneself while sitting inside of an airplane, but an hour into our flight the boys began to look out the window and then at me.
    "Shouldn't we be there by now? Why is the sun in front of us, it should be to our backs." I set back and listened to them.
    The co-pilot walked past me to the small galley in the rear of the plane, "Would you like a cup of coffee, boss?"
    "I will nearly always take a cup of coffee, Tony." The boys were fine on the refreshment end, but their curiosity needed a fill up. "Is the weather going to allow us to land at La Guardia?"
    "Yes sir, we should touch down in just over two hours. If you would like to sleep a bit I will awaken you."
    "I am going to log on for a bit, but I may sleep a little, I have so much to do this morning. What time will we land, I figure that it will be after eleven, local time?"
    "That is about right, sir. There is a huge storm moving across the area a little north of us, we are taking advantage of the winds to drag us along. So far I calculate that we have gained fifteen minutes in the hour and a half that we have been airborne, at that rate we might arrive around ten thirty or earlier."
    "That is good news, and this is good coffee." He went back to the cockpit with a cup of coffee in each hand and I waited for the boys to start. Cory knew that I had to go to New York, but he wasn't sure if I would take him with me. I had six of the most perfect boys in my family looking at me with a near smile on their faces.
    "We don't have any clothes, dad."
    "I have it on good authority that New York City has one or two stores that may have something that will fit you." I grinned at them.

    We were met by an FI car and driver that pulled right alongside of the plane. I had him take us into Manhattan and leave me at my meeting place then I asked him to take the boys somewhere that they could find a barrel or maybe some newspapers to wrap around their naked asses. He grinned at me as he looked at the boys, I had a feeling that he would like to fit them out, personally.
    I asked the boys if they had their credit cards and I made sure that Cullen had his passport. I was taking a big chance letting that boy loose on fifth avenue on the first weekend after Christmas. My driver pointed to another vehicle that had followed us in from the airport, there were four armed guards inside that would be with the boys everywhere they went. I asked Cory to see to clothes for Roddy and told him that I would reimburse him later.

    With everything that has happened to us lately I had tried to be sure that every base was covered. The boys were still in the company of the five FI agents when the SUVs rolled up in front of the office building where I had been. You notice that I said FI agents, not FIS agents, the men on this detail are Federal officers within our organization, not rent-a-cops. Even the President's own body guards, the Secret Service, respect our men.
    There were four armed agents waiting at the front of the hotel when we arrived, they escorted us directly to the special elevator to the upper floors where the private apartments are located. The elevator requires a key to access it, but another key needs to be inserted in the spot where a button for my floor would be. Whenever a key is inserted for my floor a light comes on at the bell captain's station, in the hallway on my floor, and inside my main apartment.
    The guards that are on duty on my floor whenever Cullen is present sit behind a thick sheet of bullet proof glass, but they move around a corner into a percussion dampening chamber until they are certain who will exit the elevator. Andy and I have tried to take every precaution to protect those guards, the last level of protection for Cullen. The walls of the hallway have been reinforced with the new honeycombed Kevlar to make it virtually bomb proof. Each of the apartment doors on the floor that lead from the hall are reinforced honeycombed Kevlar . I hope and pray that the time will never come that those precautions become necessary.
    I hope that I never bring the entire bunch of boys to that hotel at one time, they would drive those poor guards into distraction. I now have a ten year lease on an entire floor near the top so I should have enough bed space for them, but I would not be on very good terms with the staff of the hotel.

    Chrisy looked about the hotel room with tears in his eyes, "I remember a time when it was just you and me and my grandmother visiting here. I stood in that door right there and watched you make love to her. She was so happy, to this day she talks about what a wonderful lover you are," he looked at the other boys and blushed. "Grandmother always told me that I should learn to love my lover like daddy does."
    "You do, sweetness, you can make love to me anytime you please, next to daddy there is nobody that I would rather run away with," Cory is sweetness himself isn't he? "We know what a lover he is, that is why we love him. I never knew that he made love to your grandmother, but don't worry, I will never say anything about it."
    "Well, she talks about it, I think that she had hopes that I would go straight somewhere along the way. She was disappointed when I told her that I was going to live with my Timmikins. I don't know, daddy and Cory have wives and babies, I might meet somebody."
    Cory and I looked at one another and he mouthed, "Timmikins?" I suddenly felt it necessary to pick up Roddy and kiss him.
    "Chrisy man, I don't get to be with you very much anymore. When I first moved to daddy's house you did me all of the time then after my grandmother passed away you made me feel safe and loved. Every time that we do it I can see daddy in your moves. I know at first that daddy was great but, well, he just got better and better after you came into his life.
    "I heard Cory tell daddy one time that he was learning your techniques so that he could be the kind of lover that you are. Cory has learned from both of you and after we got home from that Christmas trip to California in 2005, well daddy did me so good. It was like no other time that we had been together and I asked Cory about it, he told me that daddy was taking lessons from you so that he could improve himself. I never thought he needed improvement, but after you worked him over he is a new man loving machine, grrrrr." The boys all grinned at me. Jimmy is a great proof reader as well as a great poof, but he can use some help with his use of verbalized grammar.

    We all looked from RD to Cullen, this would be their first time with more than just one or two of us. I told Cullen that it was time that he learned to love my family or I would not let him rule over them. He raised his nose in the arrogant manner of royalty, "Lead me to thine bed, serf." He led as I chased. Roddy was squealing with glee as we tossed him about and included him in everything that we did.
    It was too late to do anymore of what I had to do so I pushed my fan club ahead of me and into the master's bedroom. I showed them what I had learned from their attempts to teach me over the past three years. Cullen received his first hand, oops dick, instruction for the next eleven straight hours. The queeing showed me that he was paying attention.
    We did not leave Roddy out of anything, for the most part. He is still a bit small for heavy activity with any of us but Cullen and I wasn't even letting that go very far. I didn't want the boy to get hurt, but I wanted him to have fun. If his laughter and actions can speak anything then he had more fun than if he had stayed home with Dane.

    Sunday was a day for my boys and nothing else. I worried about the biting wind, not because of the boys, but because of me. I bought myself a heavy scarf to wrap around my mouth and nose and led the boys on a private tour of the Empire State Building. Traveling with Cullen limits just how much we can do, but the staff was gracious and provided us with an amiable guide to give the boys a treat. It is not easy touring with six kids and four body guards, but we made the best of it.
    Roddy wanted to see that lady with the torch so that was our next stop. By then I was frozen solid and I asked the boys about lunch with friends where it was warm. They have accustomed themselves to my desert lifestyle and were ready to get in out of the cold. My plans nearly always work out, Blake Crossly had invited us out to the Hamptons for a late lunch.
    I wanted an update face to face over his legal troubles with Blain's assailant and was glad for a chance to return to his beautiful seaside home. It had been almost six whole days since the boys had seen Blain and Blair so they had a lot to catch up on. They went off with the boys as Blake and I moved in front of a roaring fire in his den's fireplace. The small room and the big fire quickly warmed me, but I did allow myself a brandy with my old friend.
    With Blake's position as a public prosecutor the teacher's attorneys had petitioned the court for a change of venue, the trial would begin the tenth of January in a Buffalo court room. Blake was glad to be out of it, he had to appear as a witness and both of his boys would have to be there also, Blair was a witness, Blain was the victim.
    I toyed with a nine inch by seven inch envelope, that was well over a half an inch thick, as Blake poured out his anguish over his son's lifestyle and what had happened to the boy. After my long talk with Cecil prior to Thanksgiving I sat down with Blain and drew him out. I can't tell Blake what I had learned, it would break his heart. I told Blain that he would need to get off somewhere private with his father and tell him what he told me. To reinforce my point I brought Cecil and Blain together and let Cecil tell the boy how his actions had influenced Cecil to the point that he was performing sex acts in places that were almost certain to get him discovered.
    Blain and Cecil became fast friends that afternoon as Blain swore to change his ways and be a better boy, one that his father would be proud of. Blake is proud of his sons, he just has issues with their lifestyle.
    "Chris, I want to say something to you," Blake swirled his sniffter so that the brandy warmed and released its pleasant aroma. "You are a…what do I want to say? You are a miracle worker. You have a way with boys that is most uncanny. I have listened to the boys around you whenever I am in their presence and each of them have nothing, but praise for you. I did not truly appreciate that until my sons returned from your home last weekend.
    "Chris, Blain came to me on the night that he returned and told me about a long talk that the two of you had. I never knew how my children saw me, my eyes have been opened and I swear to you, I am going to change, for them and for their sakes I am going to change.
    "Their mother's death hit me hard, and low. I have often wondered if I did not cause her death. The boys were toddlers, Blain was still in diapers. Blair was in the early stages of potty training and I was a widower with no knowledge whatever of how to be a father, let alone a single dad.
    "I have always had an inclination for a firm young boy's body. I met your Charley in a party just up the beach from here when I was fourteen and I discovered a world that would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. In a moment of weakness I lashed out at my wife and told her that she was a bum fuck, I told her that I did not need her or any woman, that boys were much more attentive to my needs and desires.
    "That bit of news killed her. She rushed from this house at a high rate of speed and an hour later the police came to inform me that she had wrapped her car around a power pole. I shut down inside, I lived with that as I tried to care for two innocents that I had deprived of their mother. I realize now that I never showed them love.
    "When Blain came over to me as I sat in this chair and sat down in my lap I felt pure love. Blain held on to me as he cried out his sad story of never knowing love, never knowing the inner warmth that comes from the knowledge that someone loves him. He told me that he knew that I loved him from all of the things that I had bought for him or done for him, but he looked at me through big tear filled eyes and told me that I had never held him in my lap and just loved him.
    "He told me that he shared every detail of his frustrated life with you and that you held him close so that for the first time in his young life he knew what love should feel like. I guess that there is a boy in your house that confused Blain's actions as a way of finding love and, as an end result, ended up being put out of your family for awhile. I'll tell you this, sir, you define tough love.
    "Both of my boys have returned home to me with a whole new attitude on life in general. These last six days have been like nothing any of us have ever felt in this house before. I believe that you have brought us to a turn in the road and it is now up to me to guide my sons further up that new course as I lead with love in my heart."
    "Blake, there is only one thing that you need to do with your sons, listen to them. Boys are fragile little creatures, they are on the cusp of being a man and they want to know if they are man enough for the job. They are full of doubts and fears, reassure them, praise them, but most of all do not be afraid to love them, openly and with wide displays of affection.
    "They are boys, they will act as if they are embarrassed, but deep down inside they are eating up every dribble of love that they can get from you. It is not going to be an easy ride, they have to test the waters, they need to see how far they can go before you come down on them and don't be afraid to lay into them. The boundaries that you set for them mold their lives forever. I don't want to sound redundant, but the most important part of a father son relationship is that male bonding, love them and don't be afraid to love them and let them love you in return.
    "Blake, you know that sex is not love and that is not what I am talking about. Blain is homosexual and he always will be. Blair might give you grandchildren, let them be who they are." Blake sat with tears in his eyes as he looked at me.
    I felt Cory's arms go around my neck, "That's the way he treats all of us and that is why we love him." I have no idea how long he had been listening, but when I turned I saw all of the boys sitting on the floor in the open doorway.
    "We were wondering about tonight. Roddy is asleep and the rest of us are tired. Can we go back to the hotel now?" Blake wanted us to stay the night and fly in aboard his helicopter the next morning. I have something else that I need to do the next morning and Blake had something else that he needed to do that evening.
    I left Blake and his boys with a warm hug and a hot kiss to each of them. I asked them to be patient with one another and find that the love that they sought has always been there, just out of sight.

    I held on to Roddy as our driver made his way back to the hotel. I thought about what I had told Blake and wondered if he would follow through. I wondered if I was about to do the right thing with a planned visit that I had for the following morning.
    I tucked my little one into bed and sat with the other five boys and listened to what they had to say about their day when the phone rang. Cory passed the phone to me and sat down close to me. "You son of a gun. You left this envelope for me, but why didn't you let me read it while you were here? This is dynamite."
    "Blake, I would not give anything in the world for what we shared this evening. If I had given you that envelope we would have spent the entire time together hashing over the contents. That information is yours to do with as you see fit and there is no need for us to discuss it."
    There is much to be said for an organization such as FI. We have people in higher than high places. With everybody in our organization being gay we can develop information that other agencies would not be able to garner in twice the amount of time. Our investigators are not afraid to ask the questions and our informants are not as reluctant to give up their information to another boy of the blood.
    When I had sat down with young Blain I learned a lot about his teacher. I listened and I took names, I gave those names over to our field people to run with and explore, or exploit, as needed. Twelve young men and teen age boys were more than glad to talk about their experiences with a certain high school teacher that offered his private tutorage to misunderstood youth. I could hear Blake doing hand springs over the telephone.

    I was the only one that had brought a suitcase along with me from Oklahoma. I have a closet full of suits hanging in my New York apartment that I have never worn, the boys quickly learned that the suitcase I carried was not for me.
    I know that there are many that will say that I was exploiting the boy, but he is a wild card and I needed to play him if I were going to be able to help bring about a peaceful solution to the rioting on the streets of Pakistan. Already there was rumor and finger pointing, no one was sure how Ms. Bhutto had died, some said the bomb killed her, some said gunshot wounds. President Pervez Musharraf had released the official version from the Interior Ministry of Pakistan that stated that "Bhutto was killed when she tried to duck back into the vehicle, and the shock waves from the blast knocked her head into a lever attached to the sunroof, fracturing her skull". However, a hospital spokesman stated earlier that she had suffered shrapnel wounds to the head and that this was the cause of her death. Bhutto's aides have also disputed the Interior Ministry's account
    The Al-Qaeda commander Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, also known as Sheikh Saeed, claimed responsibility for the attack, describing Bhutto as "the most precious American asset." The Pakistani government stated that it had proof that al-Qaeda was behind the assassination.

    When the boys had gone shopping Saturday after our arrival in New York City I had told them to buy themselves nice, dark colored suits. An off the rack suit was not good enough for our young Crown Prince and I had his best suit packed away along with his sash and his large medallion of honor, the official badge of his office. I wore a dark blue suit and displayed the sash and three medallions denoting Knighthood from three separate countries. I looked at the boys and told them that the King was going to speak at the United Nations this morning. Cullen stood frozen in shock as he stared at me.

    Three limousines were waiting at the front door of the hotel, they each bore the King's flags on their front fenders. Six motorcycle officers stood at attention as the boys and I made our way through the lobby and into the awaiting motorcade.
    With sirens blaring we were whisked through the streets of New York and out to the United Nations compound where a contingent of dignitaries and of security officers awaited our arrival. I had four FI agents accompany my family as I stayed with the Crown Prince.
    Cullen and I were led into the chamber of the general council and to the main platform to face a room a little more than half occupied. With the holiday season still on us I suppose that many of the ambassadors were still with their families, but a world crisis was at hand.
    I had been briefing Cullen since I had opened my suitcase and the boy showed his Royal blood as he stepped up to speak. For the first time the general counsel heard an admission that Cullen's country had been involved in terrorist activities and had sheltered persons and properties involved in a world wide sex slave racket that was responsible for the kidnaping and probable death of hundreds of young people for over twenty years.
    Prince Cullen vowed to eradicate any such organization within his kingdom and to prosecute, with full diligence, those found to be participants in such activities. He called for an end to the terrorism of the ill structured Al-Qaeda and for their numbers to be sought out and brought before the world courts of justice for once and for all.
    Cullen openly endorsed Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Benazir Bhutto's nineteen year old son, as his choice for the candidacy of the Pakistan People's Party and that country's bid to embrace democratic rule. He further pledged his country's full support to the formation of an autonomous state for the region, one free of the oppression from religious zealots.
    On that same note Cullen vowed to institute democratic rule in his own country thus dissolving the age old tradition of a monarchy. He denounced the communist puppet master that had been his grandfather. He apologized to his people and to the world for the atrocities that all had been made to suffer at the hands of a very evil old man that should have been deposed many years earlier.
    His sincerity was clearly obvious when he told the world that Queen Anastasia Regina Muneday, was in fact his grandfather's love child, and never a rightful heir to the throne of his country. He choked when he told the assemblage of his heartfelt sorrow when he learned or her death and the death of her young son. The boy is good, I was never more proud of him.
    Every person in the room or nearby was on their feet in applause for the brave young man that all knew was under constant death threat. Televison cameras zoomed in on him and flash bulbs popped as everybody tried to get his picture or to speak to him.
    Cullen and I were led to a nearby meeting room where we were met by ambassadors from around the world. My input was sought out even more than was Cullen's, which did not cause him any great concern. Cullen was quick to announce that I was his most trusted advisor and that I spoke for him with full authority.
    The key most questions had to do with Queen Anna and the rapid decline of the country's economy. I yielded to Prince Cullen who had done serious research on that very subject only a year before. He explained in brief, how monies were being diverted from the university, one of the foremost schools on that part of the continent, and into pet projects that built the personal fortune of the queen's husband.
    The country had become an importing nation, spending more on goods coming in than it was earning on exported goods. The GNP of the country had been down by double digits for the past two years. Prince Cullen told us that he had economists that would work with him to rebuild the country's economy and enrich the populous once again.

    We were escorted back to our awaiting motorcade and I had all five of the boys get into one car along with Cullen and me. Cullen was shaking from his first public appearance and I was very happy to see Jimmy embrace him. "You were so brave, I am so proud of you. I never knew that you had balls of steel like that, Cul." He kissed the princeling and held him close. Those two boys could be just what the other needs.
    "I need to ask you right now, it is New Year's eve, we are in New York. I think that I just blew any chance of our having a quiet celebration and, for sure, Times Square is out now. Do we stay at the hotel or go to Tulsa?"
    The boys wanted to go home to be with their brothers. I told the driver to slip away and head to the airport. No one had noticed that the limo in which we were riding did not have Cullen's flags on the fenders. As we moved through the streets of Manhattan another limo, with a pair of flags on display, slipped in behind us and we turned away from the motorcade. Two blocks away our car pulled into a parking garage where the six of us quickly moved into a FI SUV and sped away to our waiting plane.
    Chrisy almost cried when Timmy opened the door for us to exit the armored vehicle. I had been monitoring their traffic and I knew that he and Harry had landed at about the same time that Prince Cullen stood up to make his speech. We were quickly seated on the Lear Jet and left the building, bound for the land of the red man—Oklahoma.
    No sooner had we left the ground than my phone rang with my sister's ring tone. I quickly switched on a computer and answered the call with El's image plastered across the front of the passenger compartment on a fifty inch screen.
    "You devil you, I can't believe that you had my son speak to the UN's general assemblage. Oh, hi honey, I didn't know that you were there. Where are you, are you on an airplane?"
    "El, we are in the air flying home. I am not about to leave our boy in harm's way. You are not the only one that saw him on television. Didn't he do great? I am so proud of him that I want to squeeze him to death."
    "Squeeze him for me too, love. I am so proud of you, Cullen. Your da has been on the phone ever since the telecast, all of Parliament is shouting for you. You are going to be the best King that the world has ever seen."
    "Spoken like a true, queen mother. I am going to switch your call to Cullen's phone and let you embarrass him in private."
    "I never embarrass Cullen." All of us were laughing at that statement as her image disappeared from the big screen only to be replaced by a video game. I turned to my side and took a nap.

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