Chapter 85


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    I sat in my hospital room with Andy. Two burly guards stood outside my door as we searched through the black books. I know for whom I am looking. What I really want to know is what symbols Charley had put around the man's name. By that time I had a pretty good idea who The Sheik is so I only opened the one book where I thought his name would be.
    Sighisoaraa town in Romania Abbasdescriptive of a lion Alson of Haditruth. What a name he had been handled with. I know for sure that although he might have the name of the son of truth he has no truth in him.
    About the middle of the first half of the book I found Sighisoara Abbas Al Hadi. ÇÚ¤ÆÄÔæÿ§¿‡€, this son of a bitch had a whole new style of alphabet following his name. Andy and I set and about deciphering the code. I almost wished Randy were here, but I just don't want anyone else to see these books.
    Now let me share something with you. I love Andy and I trust him completely. Andy hob nobs and deals with some of the most important people in the world. I just couldn't let him know everything that these books reveal. Tell the truth, if you knew that a person had a perversion wouldn't it shape your thinking about that person? We have all seen the headlines where one public figure after another falls away in flame and shame. Congressmen, preachers, priests, no one is exempt from perversion. You hold a person up in esteem, let's say for an example a world shaking political leader. One day the news breaks that this leader has a certain perversion. Doesn't that change your perception of that person? Honestly don't you feel sickened in your heart? The perversion may be the identical perversion you yourself have, but to know that this world leader is tainted shatters your concept of him.
    That is why I don't want anyone to ever see the names in my books. I have names of people in high and low places. There are names of people that would shake the world off its axis were they to be revealed. What was the name of the famous Hollywood Madam a few years back, Heidi Fleiss? A twenty seven year old prostitute with the names and special likes of hundreds of clients and big mucky mucks that had used her services. Everyone wanted to know who's name was in her books. It wasn't pretty when some of the names were revealed. That information rocked the entire nation as the people saw that those they had looked at were only human, not anything special.
    "Fuck man, I didn't know the dude had a dick or that he ever used it for nothing, but he is out hiring whores to do him." Sick? Yeah, we put those in the public eye on a higher level then the rest of society, ourselves included. I can't ever let Andy, or anyone, know who is in these books. But also, I can't destroy them. They are my insurance. Not for blackmail. No, that is not my style, but I am not above asking for a favor and I had an e-mail ready to send to many of these men asking for just that. I want the people who have been convicted of the horrible sex crimes against my little boys to suffer to the max.

    I have often been impressed by the man that I loved for so long. Charley was a one in a billion type of guy. There is absolutely nothing that man wouldn't do for another. No one even had to ask. If Charley knew that someone had a problem he would move mountains to fix it.
    Another thing about him was his astute character recognition. The man could size up an absolute stranger in moments. He knew who was sincere and who was not. He seldom ever raised his voice to anyone, but me. He would get so frustrated with me and my childhood antics that he would get red faced. Charley actually took a belt to me when I was sixteen. I won't tell you what I did, but I deserved what he gave me. Even worse than the very painful bruises I received, and the face to face apology to the person that I wronged, I had disappointed Charley. I will never forget the look on that man's face. He was near tears. He was hard pressed to believe that I would do something so base. Well my very bruised base convinced my head that I was wrong. It took me forever to regain Charley's trust. That is what hurt the most.

    Charley had categorized every name in each of his little address books in such a way that I was able to know more about the individual then his own family knew. With The Sheik there was much more than I wanted to know. The man has no right to draw breath. He had killed his own father when he was twelve years old and sat with his brother and drank coffee as the man died slowly in front of them. He considered himself a reincarnation of Vlad Tepes. The man immortalized by Bram Stoker in his book about the character Dracula. His very name, Sighisoara, is the name of the city in Transylvania that was the historic man's home.
    Amongst the symbols that Charley used was a most hideous one. Andy actually threw up and I nearly did when we finally deciphered that symbol. Ôæ was Charley's symbol for flesh eater, we knew that ÿ was Charley's symbol for the death of a boy, but tied together with Ôæ? Had this man actually eaten human flesh? Had he eaten a boy? My morbidity demanded that I know. I had a new mission.
    We had all of the books that we could handle and remain sane. I asked the guards to allow Cory to come in. Please don't judge me harshly. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I can let Cory guard these books and he won't look inside them We have talked about them and he knows what they are. But Cory is steadfast in his loyalty and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he would never betray my trust.
    I trust Andy, but seriously, a man in his position with the ammunition that these books afford…I was not about to put my friend in the path of temptation. If he did not have access to the books he would not be tempted to look at them. I asked Cory to secure the books for me. My boy smiled at me and planted a kiss on me that sent me to launch ready position instantly. Andy giggled at the tent pole that had appeared under my bed sheets. Cory knew the level of trust I was placing in him and his chest swelled with pride as his pride tented his pants.

    When Cory left I looked at Andy. "Is this room secure?" Andy nodded. His people had checked it again just before we opened the books. I had to know more about Andy's current trip. He had talked to me the morning before I fell and had not mentioned traveling. "So what does Randy Hobbs have that has you flying over my extreme sports area?"
    He laughed at my flippant referral to my condition. "Randy found a software solution for the new chip." That was great news. I jumped to get out of the bed, but the pain, and the IV tubes in the back of my hand, made me fall back to the pillow.
    "So does that mean that a new era of computers is in sight?."
    "New era, he calls it. Chris what the world calls computers now are not even up to your old standard cracks about having an electric abacus. This new chip relates to computing speed the way the speed of a falling meteorite relates to the speed in a race between snails. Anything operating at speeds faster than the speed of light is almost incomprehensible to the world's current mind set.
    "Our new chip operates at seventy tetrahertz. That is as in one million, million, million." I'm good with numbers, but I still lay there with my mouth open. Andy loves to lord it over me where he can. He got up close to me and looked me in the eye, "One thousand thousand is a million. One thousand million is a billion, one thousand billion is a trillion. Got it? So if a million million is a trillion what is a million times that? I don't know either, but this new design is the culmination of your work, along with Jeff Howell and Eddy Farmer. Of course I had to add my own input to it to make it partly mine." He grinned at me. He kissed my nose then sat back down.
    "Our problem was software. Everything we had is like fueling a race car engine with crude oil. Crude oil won't flow through the fuel lines and will never be able to atomize to burn in an engine. Inputting data with the software of today will not work. We couldn't get our data out any faster than the older designs. The system would take it, but it had to recompile our data so that it would go though the system.
    "Our resident brainiac, Randy Hobbs, cracked the code. He has developed an algorithm that accepts the data as fast as it is input. Now if we can tie that to the encryption algorithm not only will we have the fastest computer chip in the world, but it will be absolutely secure."
    "Is the chip still small?" I wanted to know.
    "Babe, we have an entire computer in one tiny chip no larger than your precious Pro Duo and SD cards that you like so well. This one tiny chip has only one problem, I/O. Eddy and Jeff have an interface to hold the chip that is only three inches square and two inches thick. The thickness is the heat sinks. The chip is so fast that the heat generated dissipates rapidly with the use of that new metal alloy the boys here at Base C developed. Our problem is interfacing to a monitor, printers, keyboard, and a universal storage device. The storage drive that you came up with is great, but how do we get the 200 tetra bytes of data to another system? The case that we now have is nothing more to look at than a box with I/O plugs on all four sides.
    "Before you say anything, USB is not the answer. At present that system is too slow, only serial and parallel ports are fast enough. Serial ports have their own problems, but it is the best that we have come up with so far. Since our little computer is self contained it needs no external connections other than the keyboard and monitor. Off the shelf units there work fine, our problem is transferring data between platforms."
    "I didn't know that this base had a research lab. When did they develop a metal alloy?"
    "All of our facilities have a research division. Wasn't it you who told me that you can learn something from everybody you meet? What if the lady who scrubs the toilets had an idea about how to feed the entire world from one small backyard garden? Wouldn't that be worth while to research? You have always told all of your boys not to stifle creativity. Listen to each other and learn. I listen to you, Chris. I listen to every word you say. Sometimes I get a laugh, but I always find wisdom. I never leave your company without new ideas or knowledge."
    "If you are trying to inflate my ego, buddy, keep stroking. I love you too."
    "Chris, I hope you know that I will always love you. In every way that one person can love another. Sure, you are the greatest lover I ever had. I loved Carl and the things he did to me physically were great, but you, babe, damn, you move my mountains. But you are more than sex. You are my man. Chris, you are my friend."
    That did it. I started to get all mushy and teary eyed. I made Andy come lay down beside me. We held each other close until we were awakened by the doctor clearing his throat. It was the third day of my captivity. I was one horny dude. The doctor decided that my head injury was minor. There was no infection in my leg from the restricted blood circulation. All in all he decided that I was well enough to go home. I had mentioned to a nurse that I had lain there so long that I had almost forgotten how to write a check. Money talks.

    Cory knows what a letch I am. He had Sam and mini-Sam naked at the house that Andy had provided for us. I made Cory pay for his presumption and dragged him off to bed with our guests. Of course I had to take on the little one, he was absolutely precious. His name was Steve, but mini-Sam made him laugh. My weakness, the laughter of a young boy. That and gallons of his nut juice.
    Mini-Sam was gob struck at our dicks. He had never known that a penis could get so large. Sam was a bit excited himself as he begged Cory to give him a ride on his massive meat pony. Mini-Sam had Sam's cock down his throat and the man's balls off to the side so that he could get a clear view of Cory's grand entrance.
    Sam stimulated the boy's young cock and I was not about to be left out of the mix. I had my face buried like a hot dog between two super hot young bunns. Of course I had to shove my tongue into the almost virgin hole inside so that I would not be tossed away as the boy went into convulsions because of my actions.

    Steve—mini-Sam, had taken a page from my sweet boys, Jimmy Watkins and Christopher Dickerson. The boy's parents had been killed in an automobile accident only nine days earlier. To Steve's knowledge he had no known living relatives. His mother's stepsister was awarded the job of caring for the boy while the state took action to find him a permanent home.
    The step-aunt and her family were about to embark on a cross country ski trip before the snow was gone in the high Rockies. They had left the small town of Malden, Missouri on Tuesday morning. They choose to drive west across northern Arkansas and on to Tulsa. They would continue west to Interstate 35 before heading north to Interstate 70 and on to Colorado Springs. A slow route, but the most direct route, if they had not made a wrong turn somewhere. A quick check of my computer showed that they were some twenty five miles south of the road that they should have been on.
    I looked at Cory and we both smiled. Serendipity has moved another boy into my path. We sat back with the family and listened to Steve tell us an all too familiar story with minor variations. The step-aunt had a fifteen year old son, surprise. The step-cousin was a bully and he had a ready made victim in the small, frightened boy now under his control.
    He had his cock down Steve's throat the first night and then had it up Steve's ass the second night. Steve's only regret was that there was no reciprocal action from his rapist. There was a bit of a change to that on the third night that Steve lay with the older boy. The bully did a reach around and stroked Steve to his best ever orgasm. Of course you know the next line, no one had ever touched him before and it felt so great, right? right.
    The family pulled into a small service station to get gas and directions back to the road where they needed to be. The step-cousin was horny, surprise that. He shoved Steve to the rest room and yanked the boy's pants down. He bent Steve over the toilet and shoved his cock up the boy's ass. He finished his needs in record time and backed away. He let Steve suck his cock clean as the youngster sat on the toilet stroking his own hard needs.
    At the moment of climax the restroom door opened and the step-aunt's husband walked in. The step-cousin quickly withdrew and tucked himself away. His father looked down at the boy then at the creature seated on the toilet. "Was he sucking your dick?"
    "Yeah, dad, he likes it. He does it everyday." With that the boy scurried from the restroom. His father stood at the urinal cursing and pounding on the wall.
    "I won't have a faggot in my house. He's no blood to any of us. Fuck him." With that he left. Steve wiped the drippings from his ass and pulled up his pants. He was shaking and very scared about what might happen next. He stepped out of the restroom. The family's car was gone. He stood there in disbelief.

    Sam Thatcher sat at a nearby table where he ate his lunch nearly everyday. His ambulance sat nearby with the door open and the radio on. Sam looked at the small boy and saw the fear then the tears. He walked over to the boy and pulled him close to himself. Steve looked at the uniform and felt that he may be safe with this stranger. He sat down and was offered cold french fries. Sam asked him if he wanted a burger. Steve was famished. The two sat and talked for a half an hour.
    The county Sheriff was not in his office. It was late in the day so Sam took the small boy home with him. He had heard everything that had been said in the restroom. Not only the man, but also the two boys by themselves. Steve is an eager cock sucker and is okay with getting fucked. He had begged the older boy to let him suck his dick while he got himself off. Sam was so hard that he hurt.
    Steve liked the look of the floor and stared at it for several minutes. He filled his tiny body with breath and looked Sam square in the eye, "So, I like to suck cock. Got a problem with that?" Sam fell back in uproarious laughter. The kid had balls. Sam got it out of the boy that he had been virgin only five days earlier. His total knowledge of anything sexual had been learned at the head of his step-cousin's cock. However… He looked at Sam with a gleam in his eye. Sam was not sure how to broach the subject so he just laid it out to see what would come of it.
    Sam had been without any sexual companionship since his junior high school days. He had spent as much time as he could on his knees in front of two boys at school, but one of them beat him up when they were in the tenth grade. He considered himself lucky that the boy never told anyone what they had done for the previous two years. In fear he kept to himself. Now almost ten years later he stood face to face with the cutest boy he had ever been near and his lust factor was through the roof. He looked Steve in the eye and quietly asked him if he would like his first blow job.

    Sam was exhausted at work the following day. He had spent the best night of his life with a kid. But this kid had done things to him and with him that he had only fantasized about for most of his life. He was torn apart inside as he wrestled with what he knew he had to do. He had to call the Sheriff and let the boy go.
    He made his decision and reached for the telephone the very instant that it rang. His hand was already in motion to pick up the receiver so the ring had not yet stopped as he brought the instrument to his ear. He had an emergency run to make at that funny building north of town. No one knew what kind of business went on there. A large building actually melded into the mountain. Each morning a bus would arrive. The large door would open and the bus would pull inside. In the late afternoon the bus would reappear. No one was ever seen outside of the building and only on a rare occasion would there be a car in the parking lot.
    Sam made sure that Steve knew how to fix himself food and showed him how to operate his televison system then he left the boy to do his job. He sped out of town with his lights flashing and his siren blaring. He covered the seven miles along the narrow winding road with caution. There was no safe way to speed on the loose gravel. With no guard rails along the side of the road he did not want to go into a skid. As he climbed the narrow mountain road he would look over the edge. He was only a few hundred feet above the valley below. But he didn't want to go down the fast way.
    At the funny building a guard opened the tall gates to admit him. He was directed to a place to park and wait. Sam tried to talk to the guard, but could only learn that there had been an industrial accident of some kind that the rescue team was attempting to extract the victims. Sam wondered about that. Why was his the only ambulance on the scene if there were victimS?
    Time crept by as the hands of the clock moved on to late afternoon. Two helicopters had landed in the roadway early in the day. They set down, discharged their passengers then left as quickly as they had come. The first two men were dressed in black fatigues, but Sam could make out the Bird and the silver Oak Leaf of Air Force Colonels. The second helicopter had let Mr. Foss out. Sam had seen his boss only once before, but the young man was so distinguishable that Sam would know him anywhere. Mr. Foss had on black fatigues, but he had a badge on his breast. Sam took all of it in and wondered.
    Shortly after six lights came on making the parking lot brighter than daylight. The guard called at him to open his doors, he had a victim to transport. Sam's ambulance was equipped with all of the latest gadgets to save a person's life, but he had no medics with him. He had always met the fire department. Their paramedics would treat and accompany anyone that needed help. He wondered if there would be someone to attend this victim as he had not seen anybody else so far.
    The large door of the building began to roll up. Sam could see a crowd of people approaching him. He saw a team leading a gurney and he could see the red boxes of medical personal. He breathed a sigh of relief, there would be someone to take care of his passenger.
    The first ones to emerge from the building was a group of teenage boys. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that they had been crying. He wondered to himself why the victim's family and friends would be there. None of this made sense to him. A very striking teenage boy was holding the hand of a man on the gurney. Sam thought that this must be his son to have that right. The man had to have some sort of authority. He made the entire group stop as he called the young boys to him. He took his free arm and pulled each boy to him. He kissed their faces and spoke quietly to each of them.
    Sam's gurney was rolled aside as the one with the man already on it was placed in his ambulance. He was told that his would be brought down later. The boys rushed to two very large black SUVs with blacked out windows. Each of the vehicles had red and blue lights that began to flash. The headlights were flashing. These were some kind of emergency vehicles. The two black trucks took the lead and led Sam at a maddening pace back down the mountainside. Sam's vehicle is top heavy and not designed for the road, or the way that he was being forced to drive. He held on to the steering wheel for dear life.
    The trip to the hospital twenty six miles north was quicker than Sam was comfortable with, but everyone arrived alive and he was relieved. As the victim was removed from the back of his ambulance the very handsome boy ran to him. He held his hands before the man then bent over to receive one of the hottest kisses Sam had ever witnessed. There was tongue, lots of tongue. Sam thought of Steve and his heart felt good. Sam quietly breathed out, "faggots."
    "Mr. Foss spun on me and was in my face. I had meant nothing by the remark, but I lost my job because of it. I knew better than to argue the point. I simply drove back to the dispatch office. I was handed my pay check and the door was shut in my face. I went home to Steve. He held me as we both cried most of the night. Neither of us has any place to go and no one to go too."

    Well, that story had me near tears. I had some teary eyed boys around me and one very weepy eyed nymph in my lap. However, I knew that I could make it all right. I called Bull. I'll bet you didn't know that the Doggs of Warr had an office of sharp attorneys in Missouri that worked with them. Bull took down all of the information I had on Steve—mini-Sam. With that I took down mini-Sam and drained an ECB that was beginning to collect. Sam found udder release with Tran and Damien. Sam has taken to pony ridding with zeal.

    I left Arkansas to get back to my roots amongst my people. Well, more like Cory's people. Sure, I'm related, but Cory is a real part of the tribe, and of course Sarah. She is a sweet looking young lady and Cory is quite smitten by her. They make a very beautiful couple and the glow of motherhood fits her perfectly.
    I sat back in a big chair absorbing the heat from the blazing fire that was roaring in the mammoth fireplace of the house where Chief Steve had lived his life. I love hot weather, there is so very much to do to cool off and have fun. When it is cold about the only thing that I like to do is to sit in front of a roaring fireplace, hopefully while embracing someone I love. Such was my lot this cold winter afternoon.
    The weekend was upon us. I had plans to stop in Saint Louis. I had to call and reschedule for Monday. That was no good for them, but they could handle my order if I was at their shop by seven o'clock Tuesday morning. I had four days to sit and fuck boys.
    Cory had an album of family pictures in his lap. Some of the pictures were extremely old. Beulah had asked him to handle them with extreme care because many of the pictures dated back to before the civil war. Cory told her that he knew that. He and Steve had carefully gone through each picture in a painstaking effort as the old man told Cory who each person was and their relationship to him. Cory amazed me that he had retained as much of that knowledge as he had. He would ask Beulah about this person or that, but he would recall Steve's story after she reminded him of the person's name.
    "Cory, you are looking for the picture of the man and the boy on the seventeenth page. That picture is at the top toward the middle of the page." Beulah finally told him. He smiled at her. I asked him why that picture. He smiled and told me that I would see.
    Very carefully he turned the pages until he found what he was looking for. He stared at the page for a long time then looked at me. Beulah came in from the kitchen. She carefully removed the picture from its glue down corners and held it beside my head. Cory beamed. "How did you know?" Cory asked her.
    "I am Indian," she said as she returned the picture to its place.
    Cory showed me the picture of a fairly young man seated in a chair holding a youngster of about ten. Behind him was an older woman, maybe in her late thirties, and a young man in his late teens or early twenties. "The man is Chief Mighty Water. That boy right there is my grandfather, Steve Conway, Chief Mighty Water's, son. The young man is Mighty Water's half brother, Mike Stevens. The old woman is mother to both men. Mike had a different father, but he is your great great grandfather. Mike's son is your great grandfather Christopher Stevens, why don't you ever use your middle name?"
    Quite frankly I forgot I had one. I have not used it or even heard it since I was ten or twelve years old. It appears on none of my old school records. I have never used it on any document, drivers licenses, tax forms. My mother used to call me the pride of the Stevens family. Her family name had been Stevens, Her mother was Sarah Steven's and her dad was my granddad Theron Carnes, but that seemed so long ago.
    "Daddy, Christopher Stevens is Steve Conway's first cousin. Their fathers were half brothers. Christopher Stevens' son is your mother's grandfather. Steve's son is my father." He held up another picture that took the breath from me. He held a picture of my mother holding me as an infant. I have a copy of that picture or one just like it in an old family album in the attic of my house.
    "That is my mother, my grandmother Sarah Joanna, my grandfather Theron, and Steve sitting on the porch of this house, Cory. Is that Steve's wife sitting there?"
    "Yes, that is Beulah's mother. I'll bet you didn't know that Beulah is granddad Steve's daughter." I did know that much. However this is my family and I know very little about most of them. "Your grandmother's name was Sarah? How cool is that?" His face was one wide smile.
    My laptop was on the table. I had set the alarm to alert me when an answer came in. I had sent off an inquiry about our new young friend, Steven Walters. Steve's father was Donald Walters of Joplin, Missouri. His mother was Beatrice Stevens of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I stopped and did a double take. I looked at Cory. He looked at my screen and grinned. I called Beulah to come and look.
    She is a grand old lady. A real pillar of Indian womanhood. "Why didn't you ask before. I know that young un. You know me don't you boy?" Steve nodded his head. He had been in this house many times. His mother is Christopher Stevens's great grand daughter. My mother's first cousin. Steven, mini-Sam, is more closely related to me then Cory is. He and Mike are my second cousins. The three of us are descended from Mike Stevens, but all three of us have grandparents that were children of the same Choctaw mother. Serendipity be damned, this is just too coincidental. These things don't happen.
    Beulah pointed out some more pictures and filled in more holes of my past. "That's your great grandmother Steven's before Christopher died. She married Otis, here, who fathered young Michael's grandmother. That one. That's her there with Mike's mother." Her fingers danced over the picturers with ease. She knew every face and every name. She was a walking encyclopedia of my family's history.
    "You'll be needing that picture, that's Mike's dad holding him next to his mother and her mother." I would need it. My boy Mike has precious little of his dad and even fewer pictures. I sent Cory out to Traveler Too© to start scanning whatever he thought we would want from the family album. What a treat that collection is for all three of my boys and me. I will be adopting young Steven Walters, and quickly.
    Sarah left Cory sitting at my computer inputting dates, names, births and deaths to send up to the attorney in Missouri. She had to go tell the family that Steve, mini-Sam, is Mike's and Cory's cousin. He is a relation. The relations in the house had to drag him back over to a corner and welcome him again, this time as a cousin. I watched with a joyful heart as Steven squealed in glee at his welcome to the family fuck.
    Cory came back in a little later with a broad grin on his youthful face. "Got any wind left in you, daddy? Look at this picture." The picture he showed me was not from the album. Cory had brought it in with him. "Who is that holding the baby?" he asked me.
    What a good looking man Carl Dickson had been. Carl sat in a large living room holding me. My dad sat beside him. Tommy stood between my father's legs while dad had his hand on the boy's shoulder. Tommy appeared to be about four or a little less. My mother was standing to the side smiling at all of us. I had let Andy tell me about the DNA tests. I knew that Carl and I were related back there somewhere. I just stared at Cory. Where had he found that picture? He looked at Andy who had a grin that filled his face.
    That picture was of a side of the family that I knew even less about. They were chromosome contributors to my DNA chain through my dad. Carl was from my dad's family, the Dicksons. My dad and Carl's dad are brothers. Dad and Carl were first cousins. Carl and I were second cousins. I wondered if he knew it. I wondered why we never talked about it. I can see from this one picture that we had known each other for most of my life. Why the silence?
    I had always thought that I had a rich, full life. I didn't know my extended family. I had known my maternal grandparents from a few visits as I grew up, but I never really knew who they were. I suddenly felt a very deep and wide chasm within me. I looked at the boys that were with me. They didn't even have an extended family. They have no idea what their roots are. For the most part they do not exist. I huddled them all togther and promised them that we would start to find out where their roots ran. Jace does not want to know who he is, but I think that I should try to find out. Someday he might change his mind. Kids don't much care for whatever they can't see, taste, or feel, now. That often changes after they have grown up.
Chief Mighty Water Chief Steve Conway
Steve's Son, Cory Sr. Cory
Steve's Daughter, Beulah
Common Ancestor (↑half brothers↓) Steve's Daughter, Fawn
Mike Stevens Christopher Stevens
Chris's Grandmother, Sarah
Grandfather, Theron
Chris's Mother Chris
Chris & Mike's Great Grand Mother 2nd husband, Otis Steven's Grandmother,
Grand Father Lester
Steven's Mother Beatrice Steven
Mike's Grand Mother, Eva Mike's Mother Mike

    I learned more about my family and my past in that one afternoon then I had learned in my entire life. I told Sam that it looked like he was going to be an in-law. Then I asked him where he wanted to live. He looked at me and then about the room. "Chris, I have nothing. I found out what I like with Steve and I…well, I really want him, or that kind of a relationship."
    "You know that is serious prison time, no matter where you go. You need to be among friends that can support you and help you stay below radar. Your small town in Arkansas is a prison cell waiting to happen."
    "I know. The age of consent is sixteen, but homosexual relations are prison at any age. They still enforce the old sodomy laws. I know two old men who have lived together for over forty years. A local church set out after those two and both of them are in jail for three years."
    That sucks. Well, I needed a cum fix so we set about making sleeping arrangements. I was pleased to see the relations refuse to allow Jace and Frank to pair up. It wasn't as if either boy put up any kind of resistance. Frank had been seriously eyeballing a fifteen year old warrior that had a very healthy hatchet looking for something to cleave. I had heard that those two were almost totally monogamous, but when Frankie squealed I knew he was ridding something that he had no experience with.
    Jace was locked up with two boys. The one up his ass was riding his buddy as Jace tried to maintain his lip lock on the sandwich meat. Jace is a cum pig, I have heard of him taking samples from eight or nine guys in one evening while Frankie sits in his lap. Frank once told me that Jace was custom designed just for him. Jace has shot up like a weed sprout. The boy is five foot ten, but still skinny as a rail. He has a long, lean, and mean looking male member that hangs a full five inches soft. His cute little foreskin forms a hook at the end when soft. When hard the boy is fast approaching seven plus inches. I am sure that by the time he turns seventeen this summer he will be a mighty member of the family. So far I have heard no complaints from Frankie about that one. Maybe that is why Frankie took a ride on an Indian pony. He is getting himself in shape for Jace.
    Cory grabbed Sam and Andy and dragged them off through the house, they had a couple of hung relations following along. I really hope that Andy can find someone soon. He is such a special person to me. Speaking of special people I had a giggler staring me down. I looked at him. He had a cat like grin that hid his face behind twin rows of perfect white teeth. "Can I practice for a Golden Pole Pin?" I grabbed him up and took a spot on the piles of blankets in front of the fireplace. This Arizona boy ain't going too far from the best heat source in the house.

    I know that I use Tahlequah as our point of destination. There is a reason for that. It is the only town of size in the area. Our lands are actually north and east of there. We nestle in along the Illinois River which meanders its way down from the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. I took the scenic route north along the river as we pulled up stakes and continued on our journey Monday afternoon.
    The boys were lively and full of piss and vinegar. I guess that they had too many relations with the relations during the past week. Yeah, we had been laid up for over a week. I was thankful for my foresight in allowing myself two weeks for our journey. I always try to allow for the unexpected and my fall inside the cave was definitely unexpected. However, good had come of it.
    I have a weakness for boys. DUHHH, I would like to ask you to turn your eyeballs around and look inside yourself for a moment. I think that most men, straight or gay, that I know have a weakness for puppy dog eyes and whimpers. This is a trait that seems to be inbred in boys. Girls use their feminine wiles to achieve their goals, but boys seem to be much more successful with their puppy dog routine. Young Steven had his act down pat.
    I would never let the little beggar know that I had already planned on taking him with me. He needs to stroke his developing ego also. Sunday afternoon we were making our plans to get on with life. Andy didn't want to delay any longer so he was going to fly on to New York. I promised him a fucked up time if he would join us in Traveler Too©. He smiled and kissed Sam and told me that he was well fucked up for the time being. Oh, I do hope that I am reading that one correctly. I don't know Sam very well, but he seems like he would make a nice companion. Whether he and Andy can become lovers???? only time will tell.
    Sam had to make a report to the local Sheriff back in Lincoln, Arkansas. He had found an abandoned child and the ones that had abandoned him were in custody in, of all places, Wichita, Kansas. I contacted an old acquaintance, the assistant prosecutor that had dealt with Christopher. When she learned of the present case she was aghast. The similarities between Steven and Christopher were hard to miss.
    The prosecutor had not been impressed to get involved with the step-aunt until my call. She assured me that she would have every piece of paper needed ready and waiting with every T crossed and every I dotted. As soon as Arkansas sent for these people she would have them on their way. She confided that if they hung around for very long she might find something to charge them with. Nobody likes people who abandon children.
    I had an attorney ready for Sam. Sam told his story several times until the attorney was happy with its content. We wanted to protect Sam for not involving the police the first night. We had to be sure to cover him for dragging Steve across a state line. Motions had to be filed in Missouri showing me as the nearest related person and capable of taking the boy into my care. When we were sure that all was copasetic we sent Sam into the fray. He had his household to pack up and several loose ends to tie together then he would meet Andy in Tucson at the end of the week.

    We stayed along the river on state highway 10. The boys were disappointed when the river cut back hard to the east and our road continued north. It is a most scenic drive along the tall cliffs carved out of the mountainside by years of swiftly flowing water and I was a little disappointed in coming to the end myself.
    I held my course as the road became US highway 59 and led us across the Grand Lake of the Cherokees and over to Interstate 44. The last little bit of I-44 to Joplin is a toll road, but from Joplin into St. Louis is a good road. I was thankful that I had left with plenty of time as we moved in to serious weather with high winds and blowing snow before we were able to put up for the night.
    I was very thankful for the insulating properties of the kevlar. I did not want to spend the night in a motel and all of the hassle involved with the eleven of us. I wanted to get my horns and move on with no more delays. We had a lot of territory to cover and the trials were due to start the following Monday.

    To be sure I drove past the horny store. It was as I remembered. A large parking lot was less than a block away. I headed there to ask permission to stove up for the night. The manager of the store had no problem with my coming in late, after his business slowed and he would not need the space. A real plus was a restaurant that Charley and I had eaten in when we outfitted Traveler© now advertised as all you can eat. I was sure that eleven hungry guys could damage their inventory.
    Traveler Too© has beds for twenty. Frisky boys can get more than two to a bed so we could conceivably sleep forty or more. Seating is the draw back. I have to have solid seating with seat belts for my precious cargo. I do not want a single one of these boys to get so much as a bump. I have heard of some serious injuries to people moving around inside moving RVs. After a big dinner we found out how warm we could be. We were not too happy with being close. Our dinner gave all of us serious gas and I was worried about us being blown to kingdom come in our sleep. As a fact of nature, boys are gassy without extra stimulation. Phew, it got ripe in there that night.
    I sent the boys onto the same restaurant for the breakfast buffet as I delivered Traveler Too© for his horns. I don't like having boys around me that aren't horny. Hehehehe I joined the boys twenty minutes later and dug in. This trip was not good for my health. I kept asking myself, "What would Ģerâld think about this item or that?" He's been very good for all of us, but I was not heeding his leading as I piled my plate with tons of fat and grease and cholesterol and all manner of bad food.

    "Oy maite, eh da be yer Joey in da loo ya best be 'bout him 'fore he get 'urt." I did a double take as I looked at the messenger. He was Aussie right down to his hat. I looked about the table. Steven was missing. Cory was on the move. Frank and Damien were hot on his heels. As I got to the restroom door I was nearly knocked over by a frightened Steven. I sent him back to the table with the other boys and stepped inside.
    Cory and Frank each had a boy pinned to the wall with a hand around their throats and their feet off of the floor. The door opened and the manager of the restaurant stepped in. Moments later two police officers joined us. It was getting a bit crowded so we moved outside.
    Our Australian friend had told the manager that two boys were raping a smaller boy in his restroom. He then left, but flagged down a passing police patrol car and told them what he had seen. I didn't get to thank him, he was nowhere to be found.
    Steven made the mistake of looking across at the sixteen year old kid at the urinal next to him. The kid had issues as he and his friend pissed on Steven then forced him to suck their cocks. Cory arrived and put his fist in the face of the boy with his cock down Steven's throat. Frank and Damien were right behind him. Damien helped Steven to wash his face off and get out of there as Frank and Cory prepared to murder the young assailants.
    Well, I hadn't been real sure how we were going to pass the time while Traveler Too© was in the shop. I need never worry. There is always something.

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