Chapter 116


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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New Characters will be introduced to the story. These boys come from the story: Mitch and Carroll

Chrisy resumes the tale of his ROAD TRIP with his brother Cory.

    I had to take Cory for a long walk on the beach. I enjoyed the full moon and the ocean breeze. I told Darryl to give us a little time that we were going to fuck him until his eyes rolled back in his head. He liked that idea and stayed to himself as my boy and I walked hand in hand in the ankle deep water close to the water's edge. Cory stands almost six foot tall, almost a half a head taller than me. He is so skinny yet so toned. His body makes me feel so horny. I love to be around him and with him. I was so happy that I cried when dad said that we could take Traveler© and go wherever we wanted to go, but he wanted us to stay in touch with him. We both have plenty of money, more than we can ever spend and it is all because dad gave us money then invested it for us.
    Okay, so I had quite a bit of money from that trucker fucker who killed my mother, but it wasn't his fault, his mechanic should be licking my ass after each time I take a shit. He is the one I should blame for setting me free from the shrew. My mother was wicked, but when Cory tells me what his old lady did to him… I don't ever want nothing to do with a woman at all. I don't need a son. I for sure as heck don't want to continue my family blood line. I talked to my grandmother about that and she kind of laughed and told me that once she got to know my granddad she sort of felt the same way, but then she got to know me and was so glad that she never crossed her legs to that big cocked son of a bitch.
    We let Darryl walk along with us until Cory got horny and he wanted to fuck in the surf. He was going to turn his ass up and let Darryl show us what he had. Darryl knows the ocean and he pulled Cory's skin back and made him feel of the sand under there. He asked me if I wanted to eat sand. Cory took some sea water and washed his cock off then Darryl pointed out that he still had sand under there. Cory and I aren't from anywhere near the ocean and didn't realize that the water is full of sand up near the shore. I for one don't want sand up my ass or down my throat so we moved back toward the house. I have to admit that it would have been fun.
    Cory remembered dad's and Pete's little alcove. We grabbed a quick shower at the outside shower head and cleaned each other well. Cory filled two gallon jugs with water as I grabbed a few blankets and we headed for the tiny opening. Darryl has spent most every day on this beach since he could ride his bike out of sight of his house. He never knew that the large interior space existed. He had never really noticed the narrow slot in the rocks because they were pointed more toward the house and the wall of the cliff face that formed it. It can not be seen from above because the tops of the rocks that form it are skinny and so far apart they are not safe to walk across plus the fact that they are within the fenced off area of dad's house.


    Well, I guess I sorta left off at a bad place last time, but I was so mad I was ready to hurt the dude. He didn't know what he said and it wasn't his fault anyway. He was telling us a story of something that had happened more than three years earlier and he just couldn't remember everything, could he? I knew what he wanted and as a peace offering for hitting him in the mouth I asked him if I could fuck him first.
    "You told me that you don't fuck very well, but if you want to show me how you loved Will, er Chrisy I will let you do that till dawn then we will have to move inside cause it gets damned cold out here when the morning winds come up off of the water." I shoved my tongue down his throat only to have his arms squeeze the breath out of me. I lined my cock to his ass and he dug his heels into my hips and pulled himself down on me. I guess he did need a fuck.
    I could wait to hear the rest of his story cause that guy's ass was tighter than anything I can recall being up in in months. My cock was getting its own squeezing and I was loving it. Chrisy just lay there watching, but I told him that I could use his oral prowess. He giggled at me and moved between my legs. He tried to suck on my ass hole, but he told me that if I didn't stay still he couldn't do much. He said that he only had one nose and I almost broke it for him. I let him digitize me. He used dad's three finger method that really turns a guy on. He was squeezing my butt nut and stroking it at the same time and I was humping away on Darryl who was telling the stars in the sky how much in love he was.
    I wanted to move out of the saddle so that Chrisy could move in. I don't know how much Darryl could take, but I wanted him to have a shot at both of us. I grabbed Chrisy's cock and checked under the hood for sand. I pulled him to the corner of our grotto and poured some water over him as I manipulated him to remove the sand. He told me that if I kept manipulating him that he would cum in my hand and not in Darryl's ass. I got the message as he ran back to an eager teenage butt.
    I love watching Chrisy fuck and the moon was very bright so I could see everything. I had my head right up where the action was, but I was surprised when I felt Darryl pull my cock into his mouth. He sucked me like an old hand at cock sucking as Chrisy bent over and kissed at him and our connection. Darryl pulled off of me and returned the kisses then returned to sucking me off. I was getting hot all over again.
    Darryl told Chrisy not to stop that he was almost there. Chrisy rolled up on his knees for his famous power fuck position and pummeled the kid. I moved over so that I could catch Darryl's load and was quickly rewarded with sweet young tasting boi juice. Dad has made a cum connoisseur out of me. At some of our family orgies he will pull ten or twelve boys over and tell them not to cum except in his mouth. Dad could almost live on the stuff, I think. A boy will shout out that he is ready and dad and I will rush to him. Dad will take a few shots then let me have some. We will roll it around on our tongues as if tasting wine or something. Sometimes I get first shot and he takes seconds. We share our love and the boys.
    Sometimes dad will draw a name of a boy that I know really needs some daddy time. I go down to the dorm room and share all of the boys down there. Dad did not intend for that room to house as many as it does, but when we left there were thirty queen sized beds down there in a space that dad had laid out for twenty. Sixty boys call the dorm their room and there are rooms empty upstairs. We are a loving family that love to love together and often. I have had ten different boys from tiny Gus to stretcher Jeff up in me in one night and at least that many cum in my mouth. Of course I do good to give three or four of them a load, but they know they can get some from someone else.
    I usually start my night with them by having them choose one couple for me to fuck. I do them then we suck each other as the partner fucks me and it goes on from there. I heard a few of you ask who is my favorite. I don't really have one favorite. I love each and every one of them with the exception of what I told you in the last chapter. Of course I have a very close affinity to Chrisy. We are very close and I think that is because of the time we spent when dad came back to get me. I was jealous that he had another boy with him, but he took both of us to bed and by morning I was in love with both of them.
    We spent a few days together in Kansas until it was safe for Chrisy to go home. By that time we had met Cas then we all went to California to take Chrisy home. Chrisy and I became just what dad asked if we wanted to be, brothers. Dad was holding me and he dragged Chrisy up to us and he asked me if I wanted a little brother. I never had anybody till I met dad and then I had a dad, a granddad and a brother. I never loved anyone more. Chrisy and I stand toe to toe and nose to nose sometimes, but we stand back to back when anybody picks on the other one. That is what family is.

    My head was being pummeled as Chrisy power fucked Darryl and I got a large load of his juice just seconds after the first. Chrisy was slamming his butt and banging me in the head as he pumped his own juice deep inside our new friend's ass. Suddenly the air was filled with the howl of a wild animal that echoed about the walls of our small enclosure. I have only known Chrisy to howl like that on one other occasion and that was the first time he plowed Timmy. "Does that mean that you just enjoyed yourself, big fellow?"
    "The mighty midgt and my giant widget found a virgin boy that can fuck and fuck some more. Just wait till you get that meat pole of yours in here and you will howl yourself." I had to laugh at him.
    "That's it, midget with a giant widget, yeah and you guys also called him fart some or the other. I remember now." Darryl was laughing so hard that he could not get his breath. I helped him to sit up.
    "When he was younger he had a bad gut and he was always full of gas, we called him phartzalot." Darryl started laughing again and I joined him. Chrisy feigned displeasure, but quickly joined us in our glee. One thing that I can say about Chrisy that has always been true, he does not lie. If he were to tell me that the sky was falling I would seek shelter. Darryl is very fine in bed, I know because after I took him in the grotto we took him to bed and the three of us took each other in every conceivable way for the rest of the night. We even managed to sleep late the next morning and decided to stay over.

    By lunch time the three of us were dragging, but we had learned the rest of Darryl's story and now we have to make a big decision. First I better let you in on what he had to tell us.

    "Now I knew that I really had to have a cock up my ass as often as I could get it. I stayed with Derrick though cause I was not going to do anything that would put me in hell's doorway. Derrick was fine with that and we found a way to do it before school every day then we had a real neat place where we could go at lunch time and neither of us could wait to get home and up in my attic so we could get naked and lay down. My favorite place is on the cliffs up the road. That is state land and hardly anybody ever goes up there. The road is blocked by big boulders and heavy chains so that no one can drive up there. Derrick and I have been riding our bikes up to our look out where we can see way out over the ocean. We like to go up there after dark and I lay over our rock and let him move in and out of my butt for hours then I go home and jack off three or four times while I feel of my ass and the cum he left up there.
    "I needed it more than I think Derrick did and I didn't mind just pulling my pants down and bending over for him. I was so open by then that he would have me spit on his dick and then just push it up in me. I would sit in class and feel his stuff in me and feel good. I learned real quick to hide my underwear so that my mother wouldn't see the mess in them then I started pushing a wad of tissue up my ass. I didn't mind doing my own laundry so that I wouldn't have to worry about my mom and her prying eyes and she glowed and bragged to her friends how grown up I was.
    "When Derrick's step mom went off on him he disappeared. I had no idea where he went and then I found out that she actually killed his father I was afraid that she killed him too. He called me up one night and we did the weirdest thing, we jacked off together while he talked dirty to me. He told me that he wished I had my stick and then I could dream that he was there with me. The next day I told Joel what had happened and that he had gone to live with the man that owned this house and Turner and all of his brothers.
    "Joel thought that was so cool and he wished that he could live with guys that he could fuck anytime he wanted. He asked me who was going to fuck me. I thought about it for a few minutes and I knew that I needed it so bad. Joel's dick isn't quite as big as Derricks, but I let him fuck me that first day here in this house so I told him that it was just me and him so I guess we would become a little closer. He was so happy and he showed me how good he could be. I have to tell you, Joel made me feel good. I have not felt like that except with you two. I love what we did last night and I want to do that all of the time and only with you."
    "We're both spoken for Darryl. We both have boyfriends that we love very much. We are on this trip to just get away and see the country. We are very close and we love each other, like brothers, but we don't want a steady time with any one boy." Chrisy was doing his best to make our position clear.
    "I know and it was wrong of me to say that, but when you hear what Joel did to me you will know why I want one boyfriend and anywhere, but here. Last fall our school played an away game up the road about sixty miles or so. Joel and I went along and we were down at the restroom when he saw these guys that he knew. Justin was one of them. He was there with his boyfriend Cameron. They introduced us to their two friends, Mitch and Carroll. I learned that they were from Tucson.
    "Joel just blurted it out that I was his boyfriend and that I had a sweet ass. He told me that Justin and Cameron were boyfriends and that Cameron used to be Carroll's boyfriend. I was just looking for a place to hide when Joel squeezed my ass and told them that they should be so lucky to have a boy that had only had one other lover and he had a tiny dick. That made me mad and I walked away. I joined the kids from my school and stuck close to them until the game ended. We got beaten twenty eight to three. I didn't speak to Joel all the way back to town.
    "We only saw each other at school for the next week and I had nothing to say to him then he came to me on Monday before Thanksgiving and told me that he was moving. I didn't much care. I kept to myself until after the holidays and then the first day of the new semester I walked into home room and there was Justin. His dad took a job here. I didn't know what to think.
    "Justin was nice. He asked me to show him around and within a few days we were pretty tight. He is easy to talk to and he is cute. Several of the girls hit on him, but he told them that he didn't have his feet on the ground yet and when he was ready he would come to them and let them know. I could barely contain myself, if I ever did that I would so get my face slapped, but he pulled it off so smooth.
    "After he had been here about a week he told me that he really wished he could find a nice high spot where he could look out over the ocean yet be all alone. He told me that he liked to just sit and listen to the waves crash against the rocks far below and listen to nature. I told him that I have a favorite spot, but it was a long walk from any road. He said that sounded nice, but he wanted to know if many people went up there. I told him that I had been going up there for over eight years and I had never seen anybody at all. He asked me if I would mind taking him to see it.
    "Saturday morning he picked me up in his Impala Super Sport that his dad had kept in their garage for him until he was old enough to drive. That ride is so sweet, 427, four on the floor, bucket seats, air conditioning and a rag top to boot. He has a kick ass sound system that his dad paid to have installed the right way. He told me that sound in convertible is a bitch, but it sounded cool to me and I have to say that I was beginning to think that he was cool.
    "We parked the car in the state lot and walked up the hill and around to a path that leads to the very top. About half way up Joel put his hand on my ass and held it there. It felt good to be touched by somebody, Joel had been gone for almost two months. I needed someone to be close, alright I needed a fuck, my ass was begging for it. The climb up is not bad and Justin was right up against me, he put his hand down the back of my pants and lightly squeezed my butt. I was as hard as I have ever been.
    "'You have a nice ass and I know that you like to fuck, can I make use of you, you can do me too.' My heart leapt in my chest, here was the cutest guy that I had ever known and he wanted to do me and he offered himself to me. I was going to go for it. When we got to the top he put his arm around me and we stared out over the vast expanse of ocean below us. I don't know why, but I wanted him so much. I turned to him and moved forward, he moved to me and we kissed. Not a long sexy kiss, just a kiss, but it set me on fire.
    "His hands went to my pants and he had them open in seconds. He pulled me against him and placed both hands on my ass as he pulled me close and stared into my eyes. I leaned closer and closed my eyes and I got my first kiss with tongue, ever. I was so hot that the entire ocean did not have enough water in it to put out the flame. My hands worked their way between our bodies and I opened his pants. He was commando and I had a hold of the largest cock I had seen since I had been with Chrisy the past Christmas a year earlier.
    "Justin turned me around and bent me over. He put a wet finger up in me and I almost creamed the ground right then. He had one hand on my back and I felt him place his cock against my ass then he was inside of me. It hurt so bad, but I wanted it so bad and I just let it happen. Justin knows how to fuck a guy, he waited until I relaxed then be put his arms around me and told me that he really liked me and he hoped that we could become the very best of friends.
    "His fuck was so different than Joel or even Derrick. What you two did for me tonight was what he was doing and I wanted to howl at the moon. I wanted to shout from the highest mountain top that I was in love with him. I stayed hard all of the way through, which is something I hardly ever did with Joel. I had to leave myself alone for three or four days so that I could get off while Joel was doing me. I liked the feeling that Joel gave me, it just didn't get me off. Is that weird?"

    Chrisy and I have both been there. We call it a courtesy fuck. We let the guy get his rocks, but he can't fuck worth a shit or we just plain don't want to do it at the time. I haven't done any courtesy fucks outside of the family since daddy and Chrisy came to get me on a cold November day in 2004. I am no slut, but I love my brothers, but sometimes I am just to tired to react to them, however I won't turn away from them until they are through.
    Let Darryl finish his sad tale. "Justin sat on my rock and removed his shoes. He removed his pants then he picked me up and set me on the rock. He removed my shoes and sucked my toes. He bent over and sucked my cock and wiggled his fingers in my ass filled with his cum. He sucked his fingers clean then he got them all dirty again and held them out to me. I did it, I actually sucked his cum and my ass from his fingers and wanted more.
    "He spread his jeans out on the ground then he put mine opposite his so that the legs were intertwined. He lay down on his back and pulled his legs back to his chest and I saw his ass the same way I had seen Derrick's seven years earlier. He looked up at me and smiled as he told me it was my turn to fuck him.
    "Guys, I didn't waste time thinking about sin or anything else. I got down on my knees and pushed my cock into his ass and I loved it. I actually loved it more than anything in the whole wide world. I fucked him and watched his cum shoot clear over his head. I was so keyed up that I came almost at once, but he told me not to stop that he had to go again. I didn't know how he could because I could feel his cum rolling down my legs and then it was on my balls. He had just shot a load while I fucked him and he wanted to go again.
    "It was almost noon when his ass squeezed at my cock and I felt his body convulse as he shot a load that almost hit his chin. Seeing him cum put me over the top and I got my second load. I started to pull away, but he grabbed me and pulled me too him and we kissed. I was short of breath, but we breathed in and out of each other's mouth as he rolled with me to our sides. He pushed himself down so that my soft cock slid back into his ass and he increased his kiss as he put his tongue all of the way down my throat. I knew then that I was in love, but I wanted him in me again.
    "We lay there on that point stark naked in the middle of the day and held each other. After an hour or so he turned and began to suck me, I took his cock into my mouth and we sucked each other. We were both almost soft and I think that made it all that much better. We sucked for the longest time and we did something that I had only heard of, we peed into each other's mouths. I was sure that it would be nasty, but if it was from Justin I wanted it and guess what, I liked it.
    "The sun was getting low and I knew that it was about five, but I had to have him in me one more time before I let him take me home. He wanted me too. For the first time in my life I looked into the eyes of someone who loved me and was loving me. I had never fucked from that angle and it felt so much better. His cock was rubbing back and forth across my butt gland that I never even knew about six months before, but he let me know what it was for. He bent over and kissed me as he piston fucked me. I was so horny that I knew I was going to get off while I was taking it. I had never had such a great cum in all of my life, it was so much better than my old stick because it was real live soft flesh and attached to someone who wanted me.
    "I started staying at his house overnight. He told me that his dad traveled and that they lived alone. I didn't care what the reason, I wanted to be in his bed. It was never one over the other with Justin, he wanted it as often as I did and we did it often. I truly felt like I was in love and I thought that he loved me.
    "I got my mind set straight about five weeks later. Our school is laid out over several acres and out past the main class rooms are what the school calls overflow rooms. These are classrooms that are used for special classes or if a class is so large that they have to break it up into two, whatever. Last semester they were not in use so no one goes back there very often. I had to take a wicked piss so I ran to the nearest boy's can and I learned more than I wanted to know.
    "Tyrell McJunkin is the biggest kid in school. He is nineteen and the meanest tackle in the county. He stands six foot one and weighs two hundred and thirty pounds. I have seen him in the locker room many times and he is solid muscle. I watched him lift many times when I went in to work out on the weight pile. I tried to spot for him one time, but that dude is lifting weights heavier than I am. I sat in amazement as he pressed two hundred pounds over his head for twenty reps one time.
    "And his cock…nearly all guys get a little hard in the showers. It is funny to watch some of them cover up and try to will themselves soft, only to loose the battle, big time. Tyrell nearly always hangs about eight or nine inches soft and I see him get semi hard and stretch out to over ten inches. One time I thought that he had a baby's leg sticking out of his groin when he and two other team mates were grab assing and all of them rock hard. Tyrell had a good twelve inch rod that was so thick no condom in the world would go over it.
    "When I walked into that pisser he wasn't wearing a condom, he was wearing Justin. Justin was bent over taking a ride on a full blown stallion. Both of them looked up at me as I stood gapping at them. Then Justin goes like, 'Hey dude, come here let me suck you while Ty fucks me.' I told him that I had to piss, bad. He said, 'Outa sight. I need a drink, dude.' I was close enough by then that Justin grabbed me and yanked my pants down. He lip locked my cock and gabbed my balls.
    "I could not hold my pee any longer and I let it go. I know that Justin likes my pee and I kinda like his, but I had a lot in me that day and I just couldn't stop going. I swear to you that he never lost a drop. He had his face all the way up against my belly and my cock deep down his throat, swallowing every drop as fast as it came out of my piss slit. He worked his finger up my ass and was pressing against my prostate which made me pee harder and then I got harder. He never pulled off.
    "I lengthened in his mouth and when I was fully hard he began to work me. He had two fingers up my ass and was working my nut the way I love. I was where I could see Tyrell pounding Justin's ass with long strokes. I saw the head of his cock several times as he pulled all the out then plowed right back in the full length of his cock. I couldn't imagine how Justin was able to take the terrible beating he was getting. It looked as if he was getting plowed with a black ball bat, but he was moaning around my dick as he gave me one fantastic blow job. Then Tyrell and I both got off at the same time and filled Justin with cum. Cum was splashing up into Tyrell's short and curlies with each thrust in and his slick black cock was covered in slime and cum on each draw out.
    I was cumng so hard that my knees wobbled. I was almost sick at the sight of my man getting plowed by another, but somehow it was so fucking hot. 'Hey white boy, you got a good looking cock there. You want a piece of black ass. I don't give it up often, but Jus here says you are a mean fuck. Show me.' He was down on his knees with his ass pointed up at me in a second. My cock was still hard so I just pushed it in. His ass was tight and he yelped when I entered so quickly, but he told me that he liked it rough and he wanted a hard, tough fuck. I fucked him just the same way as he had fucked my man. I got my stride and went after his black ass with as long and hard of strokes as I could do.
    "Now both of you have had a close and personal look at my cock and it ain't no big thang, but I did my best with what I have and Tyrell was telling me how much he loved big white cock up his ass. I lost my stride when we heard Justin farting as he sat on the john. He walked bow legged from the throne to the shower in the corner. It is a tiled area about three foot square with a shower head and a faucet. A short piece of garden hose is attached to the faucet and Justin turned on the water and shoved that hose up his ass. That fucking did it to me again and I began to use my longest strokes ever. I pulled all of the way out of Tyrell's ass then plowed back in. I was slamming into his ass so hard that he had to put his hands against the wall to keep from moving.
    "Justin washed his ass out three times then he came over to us and lay down on the floor. He scooted up to the front of Tyrell and sucked his cock while I kept on fucking. That was my first three way and I wanted it so bad. I wanted to fuck and suck at the same time. I will forever owe you two guys for doing that for me. It was fun doing a three way with someone you love and I do feel that…" He got all quiet and Chrisy and I made a man meat sandwich out of him. When he calmed down he began again.
    "I got my rocks off as Tyrell squeezed my cock with his own ejaculation. I was exhausted, two cums in twenty minutes and all of the effort I had put into the fuck left me with no strength. Justin crawled around and began to eat my cum out of Tyrell's ass then Tyrell pushed him away and headed for the can. He had his pants around his ankles, as did I, Justin was only wearing his socks and shoes. Justin turned and sucked my limp dick clean as he began to fist his cock.
    "I grabbed his ears and pulled him upright. I held on to one ear lobe as I dragged him to a toilet where I sat down before I fell down. I took his stiff cock down my throat and gave him head while I shoved four fingers up his ass. He was so loose that I think that I could have shoved my whole hand up there. I wish that I had never had that thought.
    "Tyrell slapped me on the back and told me that I was okay, for a white dude. He told me that he would go up in me in a few days, but if I kept on fucking like I just fucked him he could wait. Then he told Justin to, 'bring me along tonight.' I didn't know then that I should have run faster than I have ever run.

    "Have you guys ever heard of mamblo? or something like that? Justin and his dad took me to a meeting where there were boys as small as kindergarten and old men with big fat stomachs and everything in between. I saw one other kid from my school, I think he is a freshman. He was sucking this huge fat man with the man's rotund belly laying on his head. At the same time a big black man, that I learned was Tyrell's dad, was fuckin him with a cock bigger than Tyrell's.
    "I was scared, but Justin's dad put his arm around me and told me that nobody there would hurt me. I saw one little kid that couldn't be no more than five or six taking a man's cock up his ass while another man kissed and licked his little face and told him what a good boy he was. I swear that if I could have found a gun I would have killed those ass holes. That kid wasn't old enough to wipe his own ass and they were shoving cocks up in him.
    "Justin's dad took me over to where Justin and Tyrell were fucking. Justin told me to lay down beside him and kiss him as his dad got between my legs and started to lick my ass. That wasn't so bad, but I was too stupid to realize that he was going to fuck me. I mean one look around told me what kind of shit I was in, and it was deep." Darryl was crying and I wanted to calm him down, but he told us that he had to tell and get it over with. I guess I needed to hear his story, but damn if I wanted to.
    "Tyrell's dad walked up and waved a huge cock over my face. If I had thought for one second that Tyrell had a big cock then I was wrong. Tyrell's cock is puny next to his dad's meat. It was all black; Tyrell's cock has a light colored head and pink skin under the foreskin. His dad's is an even black from root to head, "Ever had a fourteen inch cock up in you boy?" He rubbed the head all over my face and it was stinking like ass hole.
    "I know the kid he was fucking, but he wasn't my lover or nothing and I didn't want his shit in my face, but I got it, I got that dirty cock head shoved right down my throat. Justin's dad fucked into me, but it wasn't as bad as what I had in my mouth. Justin's old man has a tiny dick compared to what was being forced into me; he has a tiny dick compared to Justin too.
    "I felt him cum in my ass and thought that it was over, but Tyrell's dad moved around and fucked me so hard that I bled for two days. The kid from school came over and he stuck his hand up in my butt and played around in there as if it was the thing to do. He wanted to suck my cock so he got up on me and pushed his cock down my throat and started to suck me, but he put his hand back up inside of me as a group of men stood around and cheered.
    "As soon as I could I found my pants and told Justin that I had to go take a shit. He giggled at me and told me that he knew the feeling. The back door was chained, but I am pretty good with locks so I quickly picked the padlock and slipped out of the building.
    "I ran, a little late, but I ran, and I have been running ever since. I hurt so bad that I was sick. There was blood on my bed the next morning and then blood in the toilet. My dad busted down the bathroom door and stood there in his colors with Tyrell's dad right behind him wearing the club colors. 'So, you're a little fag boy, huh. You old lady is pissed, she did everything she could to make you go all Jesus and shit, but you like cock up your ass. Well, you got it fag. I want you out of my house. You can go with Blackie here. He says he broke you so you are his bike buddy. I won't ride when you're there fucking my boys, you can put that thought out of your queer ass mind right now. I don't mind a piece of fag boy from time to time, but I ain't fucking no kid with the same name as mine. Go put on some jeans and your boots then git the fuck out.
    "He left and I washed my ass as quick as I could; I wasn't sure if he would let me take a shower or not, but I took a chance. I quietly slipped into my room and threw some clothes into my gym bag and dropped it out of my window then I followed it. I jumped on my old bike and rode as quick as I could, using the narrow paths and moving in between houses that I have used since I was a kid. I know a place where I could hide and that is where I spent the next two nights. I was walking up the beach to go find food when I saw you guys the other day. I hit a rock and broke my bike so I am walking now. I heard you say that you were going to Gordo's for dinner so I got all cleaned up and went there looking for you. I hope you don't mind, but I need a friend and if you can help me I need a place to live."

    Uncle Andy and dad have taught us a private language that we can communicate with other's in the family, or even in FI. We use our face, mostly our eyes, but there are some needs of simple mouth movements. Nose wiggling or mouth movements are noticeable by others so those bits are very subtle and there are very few. The hardest part was leaning to wiggle one ear at a time. There are eight ear movements, but so far only five or six of us can do it. Dad is really good at it and I think that he invented it. Chrisy and I were eye talking like crazy as he held Darryl close to him. I slipped out of bed and grabbed my cell phone.
    I slipped downstairs and out to the patio to call dad. I told him about some group that I heard about at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß; they call themselves something like man boy love group or something. I hated to call, he would think that we couldn't do anything without him, this time we couldn't. I do think that he was happy to hear me, but he got very quiet as I told him about that man boy love association and I could hear him steaming up. He hates anyone who messes with small children and I knew that if got into this someone or a bunch of someones were going to jail and knowing dad everybody in the jail would know why they were there. Before dad gets here they better go buy thick iron underpants.
    A guy that I used to know went to those meetings when I was a sophomore then and what he told me about that bunch was awful. Of course dad knew who they were and he told me that he wanted to talk to Darryl. I took the phone back up stairs and handed it to Darryl. He looked at me with a question on his face, but I told him that it was dad so he took it. He talked for awhile and told dad what he had told Chrisy and me. He was crying when he handed the phone to Chrisy.
    Chrisy was so happy to talk to dad too. He smiled at me and told dad that he was keeping me well drained. I heard him tell dad that an ECB was dangerous on the highway so he would drain me every hour or so. He jumped up on his knees and got real excited then he said good bye.


    "Dad will be here tomorrow." I grabbed Darryl and kissed him then I went after Cory; he crossed his knees and put his hands over his mouth.
    "You think that you are going to get me to lay with you once an hour, do you? I am cutting you off for the duration of our trip." He was giggling his perfect giggle that I know drives dad crazy. I think that had Cory and I met in any other circumstances we would be together forever. I really do love him. I am so confused. I love Cory, I love dad, but he has too many people to look after and I really, really love Timmy. What is a boy to do?
    Cory and I did everything that we could think of to make Darryl happy all night long. I don't think that he had ever done a lot of what we did to him, but I know that he enjoyed himself, a lot. His dick was so limp the next morning that I felt sorry for him. Cory and I made a manwich out of him in the shower and pissed up in him, on him and down in him. We washed his hair with our golden piss and of course he was adding his own stream to our mix. It really stank in the shower and I don't want to do that very often, but somehow we all felt better for having done it.
    We decided to go down the hill to a breakfast buffet that Darryl told us about and Cory grinned at me as he left a note on the kitchen bulletin board. It was almost nine when we returned to the house and the note was still there. I saw that Cory had told dad where we were so that he could join us. We were changing into nothing as we heard a car pull up out front. Cory started toward the door when it opened and there was dad with Derrick beside him. If we had thought about it it couldn't have been any better, but seeing Derrick with no warning was perfect.
    Darryl stood glued to the floor as Derrick walked over to him and grabbed him for a toe jamming kiss. "Now that is the boy that I fell in love with five years ago. Where has he been?"
    "Learning how much I love you. I do you know. I am yours in anyway that you will take me. Derrick, I am so sorry for all of the time we lost and if you will let me, I would like to make it up to you. I know that you have a boyfriend now, but maybe we can, like, you know, just like old times, only this time I will lay on my back and look at your beautiful face."
    "I am afraid that I have something to tell you; I hope that you don't take this the wrong way but, well, I don't have a boyfriend. I have this real cool fuck buddy that loves everything that I love and we fuck and suck each other in every way that you can think of, but Darryl, you have always been very special to me and I would like to spend sometime alone with just the two of us to learn what we do have."

    The five of us headed upstairs. Dad and Derrick had been on the road all night long and they were sleepy. Derrick had driven the whole way and dad pushed his feet through the floor board on the passenger side as he tried to make new brake pedals over there. Derrick said that he had to get new arm rests and have his dash board replaced because dad left his impression deep in them.
    I know that you know nothing about my dad so you think that he went up to bed and fell right to sleep. Let me clue you in, homo. He had been stuck at home with only sixty or seventy gay boys—I loose count—wanting a piece of his cock. Cory and I have been on the road for four days with only each other and Darryl to fuck with. We had to get it on. Cory can't stand for dad to close the bathroom door, he has to be able to see him at all times; these four days away from him was making a basket case of my man. I don't know if we will complete our trip or not at this point.

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