Chapter 206


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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"titles belong on books, not people" ©Carl Dickson—2007

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    One of the FI agents that had delivered me from a cold, wintry grave awaited me at the front door of the hotel. A black Cadillac four door Sedan de Ville was parked at the VIP spot with the other FI agent from earlier standing by the driver's door. Their company SUV was parked behind the Caddy. I directed Karl to the car as I dashed around to the driver's door as quickly as possible.
    The FI vehicle fell in behind us as we pulled out onto the street. When Karl had told me all that he wanted to get from his house I had requested a vehicle to haul everything to the plane. We drove for more than half an hour before arriving in a neighborhood of large, stately homes. Karl directed me into the circle drive of a three story house set back from the street more than one hundred feet. The lawn was well cared for with large trees around its perimeter and a large pond in its center with a fountain in the center of that.
    Karl asked me to accompany him into the house. As we approached the front door a tall, thin woman opened it. "I told you that you are no longer welcome here. Who's this?"
    I simply reached to my inside breast pocket and withdrew my badge case. The two uniformed agents stepped up behind me and the woman's face went ashen. "These officers have come to assist me in getting my personal items out of my house." The woman flinched at the way Karl emphasized myhouse and she stepped aside.
    "This way gentlemen," Karl spoke with authority as he led the three of us up the grand staircase to the second floor. We entered a room that obviously belonged to a teenaged boy. There were sports mementos on shelves about the room. There were old toys that I suspect were favorites of his a few short years in the past. The room was very neat and clean, but its contents spoke of the occupant.
    There were no posters of pictures on the walls, only shelving that encircled three walls around the queen sized bed. The closet was impressive with three rods filled with boy sized clothing, all neatly hung by type—shirts together, pants all together, jackets and suits were hung in neat order. Along the back wall of the closet were more shelves with several pairs of shoes ranging from sports shoes and trainers to expensive looking dress shoes. Three different types of boots were on the bottom shelf.
    "I don't know what I can take, how much room will I have?"
    "Karl, these are your things, take any and all, it is of no concern. You will have all of the room that you need. It may be a few weeks before you have the opportunity to visit here again so take whatever will put you at ease."
    "You mean that I can come back here?"
    "This is your home. You may return here as often as you wish. You may not like the school that I am going to show you, if that is so then you have to have other options."
    "I thought that you said…"
    "I did. However I will not dictate to you where you will live or attend school. You have your choice of two schools here in the States, one in England, one in Greece, one in Germany, and two in France. I am planning more schools, but those are the seven schools that I currently own that are in full operation."
    "You own seven schools. That's a laugh. Maybe you are on some school board or…"
    I turned on the woman. "I am sorry, we were not introduced. I am Sir Christopher Dickson, and you are…?" I looked past her and down the wide hallway and saw a picture that took me by surprise. A three foot sepatone portrait was hung in a well lit frame. It portrayed two girls about twenty years of age.
    "Pardon me, I just noticed that portrait. Is that you and Gwen Capin?"
    "Yes, Gwen is my baby sister. That portrait was taken by our father when she graduated from high school."
    "It is terrific photograph. Was your father a photographer?"
    "Yes, he won two Pulitzer Prizes for his pictures of the Vietnam war. I know your name, Gwen speaks well of you. You are going to give my boy a chance to attend your schools?"
    "I have offered him that option. It is completely his choice." With that Mrs. Forbes moved into the room and began to help Karl gather what he wanted and place them on the bed where the FI agents picked them up and carried them out to their SUV. I assured Karl and his mother that everything would be folded and boxed up for the flight out and that they had no need to worry.
    Karl had a very wide assortment of books ranging from adventure books for young boys up to an impressive selection of non-fiction history books. He had many fiction titles of who-done-it type novels as well as war time and spy novels. I looked, but could find no science fiction. He opened a door that was nestled in between his bed and the wide window overlooking the back gardens and stepped inside. His mother followed him.
    "Don't worry, Karl. They will all be here for you. You may not have room for this many books at your new school, and they are perfectly safe here in your little private library."
    I had to see. I stepped over to the door and was blown away. Karl had a little library. The small room was twelve feet wide down the middle of book shelves that went from floor to ceiling along each fifteen foot long wall. A long unused fireplace sat at the center of one wall facing a large window, complete with a wide, upholstered window seat. A very comfortable looking chair set before the window facing the fireplace. I was in the presence of a boy such as I had never encountered before.

    Mrs. Forbes acted more the loving mother as we carried the last of Karl's possessions to the SUV. She proved that by embarrassing Karl with a tight hug and a kiss. I acted as if I had not seen anything and walked on to the vehicle with my box of things.
    As I started to get into the car I saw a boy walking up the driveway toward the house. Karl saw him about the same time and told me that it was Johns. He asked if he had time to say goodbye to his friend. Of course he did. What am I, some sort of ogre?
    The wind was blowing cold and the leaves from the trees were blowing about, a scene that I had only seen in movies and on TV. I moved to sit in the car and I told the two boys that they were welcome to sit inside, out of the wind. They both moved to the back seat.
    I was moved to near tears by what I heard from the back seat. It was so very typical, but with a twist of sorts. I had noticed that he had a very swollen lip and the beginnings of a black eye. He had other bruises about his face and seemed to favor his left arm. I turned in my seat to look at the boy and nearly lost it. He had been beaten, and very severely.
    I listened to part of his story and made a snap decision. I asked if he would like to go back to the hotel with Karl and me. He did want to, but he had left a despondent Anderson sitting in a nearby city park. He had gone to Karl's house to recruit his aide in comforting the boy before he did harm to himself. That was all I needed to hear. I started the car and sped over to the park where we found a very cute and buff jock crying like a baby.
    One look at his face told me why he was crying. His wounds made Johns' injuries look like nothing. Anderson had a large gash under his right eye that needed immediate medical attention. He was holding his side and spit up more blood than I was comfortable with. He needed to get to a hospital at once, but after hearing what he had to say about his injuries I called for an ambulance.

    At the hospital I asked that Johns be examined as well. He had two broken ribs under the very clear boot shaped bruise on his side. I asked for an orthodontist to work on his loose teeth so that he would not loose them. The rest of his wounds were superficial and were cleansed and dressed.
    Two of St. Louis's finest were called to interview the boys. I had met one of them at a sub-station two years earlier, he remembered me. Johns was an adult and was able to make his own decisions. He looked at Karl and then at me and asked me what he should do. I told him that I could not advise him, but could only state my own feelings. I do not like parents that beat their children, for whatever reason. Johns pressed for misdemeanor charges of domestic violence against his father.

    A nurse informed us that Anderson was being taken into surgery to repair a ruptured spleen and that if the police wanted to interview him then they had about fifteen minutes. I was invited to listen in on the interview. Stacy Anderson was attacked by his father and two older brothers. They had long suspected that the boy was homosexual because he was always seen in the company of younger boys, but never a girl.
    The three men beat Stacy for more than twenty minutes. His injuries included a ruptured spleen and four broken ribs. He had a bruised liver that would require him to remain quiet for several days. His front teeth were missing and there was no way of recovering them. His face required nine stitches for two deep wounds with butterfly bandages holding the more minor skin breaks closed. Both of his eyes would be black and there was concern about a loss of eyesight.
    I had to ask about his genitalia. Stacy told me to pull his sheet back and tell him if everything was still there. What I saw was a seriously bruised groin, but no abnormal swelling. He told me that he had no money and that he was sure that his father wouldn't be paying his hospital bills. I held his hand as I told him that he was not to worry about anything. I smiled at him and told him that he only had one thing to do and that was to get well.
    I was a stranger to him and he had no way of knowing what I could do for him. I had to put him at ease as I tried to figure the best way of helping him. I can't take everybody to Tucson, can I?

    I walked out to meet with Johns and Karl. They were sitting together quietly talking, but looked up when I entered the waiting room. Karl called me over to sit with them and asked for a report on Anderson. I briefly told the boys of his injuries and that he was being taken into surgery. Both of them wanted to wait until he was in recovery before leaving. I told the boys that it was lunch time and that we should go somewhere more private.
    Hospital food is probably the worst food around and a hospital cafeteria is no better. I asked the boys if there was an independent mom and pop café nearby. The lunch rush had ended and the restaurant that they led me to was almost empty. We took a booth at the far corner, away from ears and eyes so that I could learn Johns' version of the events that led to his beating.
    The first thing that I learned was that his name is Arthur "Arty" Johns. He thinks that Arthur is a pussy name, but like most jocks goes by his last name around school. He was timid and afraid to tell his story until Karl took his hand and told him that I already knew what happened and only wanted to hear his version of the events. Arty looked at me with a clear tear in the bottom of his left eye and began his story.
    "Me and Forbes and Jacobs and Anderson got caught having sex in the wrestling room during school hours. It was the coach and the vice principal that caught us and we got expelled for the remainder of the school year. I just turned eighteen so that means that after repeating the eleventh grade then doing my senior year I will be twenty before I graduate.
    "My old man blew a fit and punched me out for being queer on the school grounds. He knows that I fuck some of the boys and he thinks that is better than I fuck the girls and get them fat and all. But he blew his stack that I got caught and branded a fag. He knows that I ain't no fag, I just get horned and a boy's butt beats jacking off anytime."
    I placed my fork on my plate and sat back to stare the boy down. His gaze quickly diverted from me and turned to his plate. He looked out of the top of his eyes at me then quickly looked back down. My stare never left him and he knew it. He looked back at me with tears beginning to run down his cheeks.
    "Look Arty, I don't care if you like boys or not. I only ask that you not lie to yourself. I believe that you are confused about your sexuality and that is fine. It is not an easy thing to come to grips with, but it is easier now than it was a few years ago.
    "Maybe your father knows you better than you think that he does and he really was mad because you were caught in the act. Did you ever stop to think that he may love you, even if you are gay?"
    "My old man don't love nobody. He is an ass hole that only wants me to go to college on a football ride so he don't got to pay for me. He told me once that he didn't care if I got into some college on a tap dancing ticket as long as it was free to him."
    "I believe that that statement should tell you something. A tap dancing ticket? It sounds as if he knows more than you think that he does.
    "I think that he sees what I see. You love Karl don't you?"
    "I didn't know that until he told me that he is leaving. I don't want him to go nowhere. I can't live without him."
    "Sure you can. You may not want to, but you can do it, if you have too.
    "Do you have anyplace to go tonight?" I watched his face as he looked at Karl. Oh yeah, the boy is in love.
    "No, I ain't got nowhere to go to."
    "You do now. Let's go back to the hospital. It is about time for Stacy to be out of surgery and he might be awake by now. I will try to get the two of you in to see him for a few minutes then we will go to my hotel and talk a while longer." Both boys were ready to go see their friend. I paid our check and drove back to the hospital and learned that Stacy was being moved into a private room with a police guard on him. His father had been contacted and had made some serious threats. The sort of threats that invoke the hate law charges.
    I contacted the head of station-St. Louis and asked for an around the clock surveillance on the Anderson family and for two men to assist the police with guarding a very hurt boy in recovery in the hospital.

    Karl was more shocked than Arty was at the sight that met our eyes inside Stacy's hospital room. Stacy was connected to an EKG monitor and had an oxygen sensor probe on the forefinger of his right hand. His left arm was in a cast to his wrist and IV tubes ran into a catheter stuck into the back of his left hand. A Foley bag with an ample amount of urine in it hung on the side of the bed with a large diameter tube running up and under the sheet. He had an oxygen tube inserted under his nose and both eyes were black. His face was bruised and his open mouth showed his missing teeth.
    "Hi guys, sorry that I can't get it up for you," he tried to laugh at his joke and quickly awakened to his pain.
    "Don't try to talk, dude. We just came by to see you, but we'll come back later, after you get better." Arty was showing real concern.
    "I'm thinking about Jacobs. He is so small and soft. He can't take a beating like me and you got, Johns."
    "He won't get a beating. He's my cousin, sorta and I know his step-mom won't hit him," Karl assured him.
    "Can you check? I don't want him to get hurt." Stacy was really worried about the boy named Jacobs. I nodded at the other two and they told him that they would find out if Jacobs was okay.
    We stayed about ten minutes with Stacy before we left to let him rest. On the way to the car Karl said that he wished he had brought his cell phone so that he could call Jacobs. I passed him mine. He smiled and gripped my hand as he dialed the number.
    As Karl returned my phone to me he said that Jacobs was okay and that his mother wanted to see me. Karl had told Stacy that Jacobs was his cousin and I had learned that Karl's mother was the older sister of Gwen Capin, could it be possible?
    I drove to another large house in another large neighborhood and pulled up in the front drive. A boy of about sixteen ran from the house and embraced Karl and Arty. He was softer looking than the other two boys, but he was all boy. His light brown hair hung well below his ears and well down onto his nose. He kept flipping his head in order to be able to see. His long nose divided a pair of deep blue/green eyes and sat over a small mouth with thin lips that begged to be kissed. At least I wanted to kiss them. The boy looked good enough to eat.
    I checked out his ass and it looked lunchable as well. "Hello, Sir Chris," he held out his hand to me. I knew then that my life is a tidy little book where all of the characters that I meet are all connected. However I was wrong with this one.
    Mrs. Jacobs met us at the door and it wasn't Gwen. Mrs. Jacobs is the sister of Karl's late father. She had married the boy's father when he was four years old. His own mother had died in the childbirth of a sibling to the boy. I learned his name, he is sixteen year old Tristin Jacobs, a junior in high school and an honor roll student.
    We were led into a formal front room where a butler served us drinks and cakes. Mrs. Jacobs cleared the air for us.
    "Celia called me. She is just sick about the way that she treated Karl and she wanted to be sure that I didn't say or do anything to hurt Tristin. We talked for awhile then she called her sister Gwen. Gwen told us all about you, Sir Chris, and what a wonderful man you are. She told us about your schools around the world and of the great things that you are doing for boys.
    "Sir Chris, Tristin's father was taken from us a year ago and he is lost without that man in his life. I can understand how he might seek the company of these boys as a replacement for his father. I know that Tristin is soft and frail and I worried that he may be the victim of these boys, but I know Karl and I don't think that he would ever hurt his cousin.
    "I can see how close Tristin seems to be with Mr. Johns and that puts my mind at ease. Celia tells me that you are going to take Karl to one of your schools and Gwen says that I could do no better for Tristin than to allow him to attend there also. I don't care how much it costs, I will pay anything to help my son get his feet on the ground and get a solid education.
    "Gwen told me that you have a very important world figure at you school and I am dying to know who that may be."
    I looked at the woman and saw a status seeker. I decided to keep her out of the loop as far as identifying Cullen to her. She seemed to me to be the sort of woman that would tell everyone that her son was going to school with a king. "There are several crown princes attending the schools that I own around the world. I cannot reveal their identities for their security. I will never place those boys in harm's way."
    "Gwen seems to have a lot of information on that young King from that place in the Mediterranean, does he go to your school?"
    "Ma'am I can not comment."
    I asked to speak with Tristin alone. I told his step-mother that I wanted to see if the boy wanted to go to one of my schools. Tristin led the three of us to his bedroom and locked the door behind us. I was led into another room filled with toys from days long past. They were strewn about as if they were still played with. Tristin blushed and scooted some of them aside as he pointed me to a heavy wooden box where we could sit together.
    "Tristin, I am going to lay it all on the line for you. My time is valuable and I need to be moving on so here it is. My schools are schools for gay youth. All of the boys in all seven of my schools are take it up the ass, cock sucking faggots that will eat you alive. You are one beautiful boy and I know that you have been involved with Arty and Karl for sometime. I know that you are sucking their dicks and that you are letting them fuck you in your ass. I also know that you are fucking Karl in his ass.
    "Are you doing these things because you enjoy it or because you were forced to and are afraid to stop for fear of whatever they may do to you?"
    He fidgeted and looked at the toys on the floor. I lifted his chin and stared into his beautiful eyes. "I like it. I had this one friend that moved away that I used to suck with all of the time when we were in junior high school. I told Karl about him and Karl told me that he wanted to get his dick sucked and that he would suck me if I would suck him. That is what began us together 'bout two years back. Then one night we spent the weekend at his house and he told me that I could fuck him if he could fuck me. I sorta wanted to know how it felt and to get the chance to do it to him made me go for it.
    "I guess that I really like it and hearing 'bout those boys at your school that will want to do me got me all hard and all." I placed my hand on his crotch and he was very hard. I asked him if I could see his cock. He rose quickly and opened his pants before me.
    A very stiff six inch cock winked at me through a tightly drawn up foreskin that did not retract. I looked at the tightly spread opening at the end of his thick cock and pulled him to me. Tristin was loaded for bear and fired a large load of thin, watery boi cum into my mouth with a minimum of movement on my part. I tried to work my tongue under his foreskin only to meet resistence and sounds of discomfort from the boy.
    "I can't pull that skin back when I'm hard and all." That is something that can be addressed. "I would like to go to your school. It sounds like fun. I can't go back to school here and my mom isn't too sure about me being all like gay and everything. She hasn't said nothing, but she just acts all different since we came home from the office the other day.
    "She called aunt Celia and they talked and I thought that I was gonna get kicked out of my dad's house too. She can't kick me out 'cause I am not old enough, but since she talked to aunt Gwen she wants me to go to your school."
    "She wants you to go. You said that you would like to go, how much of that is you and how much of that is your wanting to go anywhere to get away from your new home relationship?"
    "Is it a good school? I mean can I learn there? I really want to get good grades. Will I get bullied there if all of the other kids are like gay? I get bullied a lot here and it is hard to learn with trying to hide from the fag haters and all."
    "There is no bullying at any of my schools. That is something that we do not tolerate, ever. All of the boys are gay, many are soft. Some are coercive, but all of the boys pull for each other and stand up for one another. I won't tell you that there aren't any fights. Boys' tempers flare from time to time. I come down hard on any boy that hits another boy and will remove that boy from the school, forever.
    "Most of the boys have a boyfriend and some of them are in serious love with each other. You will be safe and will be able to choose with whom you have sex, or don't."
    "I wish that…" he looked across the room at nothing. I turned his head to me and looked him in the eye and asked him what he wished. "I sort of love this one dude and I want to be with him." It takes a few minutes to pick a story out of a boy, but I was not all that surprised when I learned that Tristin was in love with Stacy. Stacy is a boy that I had to think about, a little bit.
    I told Tristin that I would call for him the following morning. I told him that I had several loose ends that I needed to tie up before I could leave St. Louis, but that he should pack his clothes and whatever he wanted to take with him to the school. I pointed out his computer and skateboard. He asked if he could take his racing bicycle. I smiled at him and told him that we would have it crated up and delivered within the week.
    I asked him not to discuss the school or his attending there with Karl and Arty. I told him that I had to talk to them first and see what direction they wanted to take with their lives. He looked at me and started to say something, I smiled at him and gave him a tender kiss then left him in his playroom.
    We left without saying goodbye to Mrs. Jacobs. I was not in the mood for social climbing. I had the feeling that she didn't care who's back she climbed on or over as long as she could rise to the top. She did not impress me as a person that I wanted to deal with. Maybe I judged her a bit harshly, but her own words still rang in my head.

    I pulled under the canopy of my hotel and allowed a valet to park my car. I followed the boys into the lobby as I watched Arty take in his surroundings. I guided the boys to the smaller coffee shop where I sought a few dozen cups of the hot liquid. I told the boys to order whatever they wanted as I sat opposite them and watched them. My mind was full of the day's events and I wondered if I was doing the right thing by taking four boys out of the state and transplanting them fifteen hundred miles away in a school full of horny fag boys.
    I decided to see exactly where Arty was. He had played the part of a bully with Karl, but something about the way that he acted around me told me that there was a deep connection there, even if neither of them knew it. I dropped a bomb in the middle of the afternoon, "Arty, Karl is going to leave with me tomorrow and go to the school that Mrs. Jacobs spoke of. I am going to take Tristin with us as well. I feel that maybe you may like to spend some time with Karl tonight. It could well be the last time that you see him for awhile."
    The reaction was perfect, as if I had planned it. Both boys turned to one another as tears rose up in their eyes. I suggested that we head up to my room before they kissed each other in public. Karl was upset, but Arty was beside himself with the thought that he was about to have to say goodbye to Karl. I kept out of it and observed.
    I showed the boys to the bedroom then left them. I went to the ensuite safe and retrieved my laptop then moved to the table between the windows and logged into the secure access provided by FI and called home. The bell rang as a bellman brought in a pot of coffee and prepared another pot for me in the small kitchenette then left.
    My call was anticipated. Cory and RD sat together and listened to the story of my day. I laid everything out to them, including my anxieties. Both boys listened to me before telling me that I had found another small nest of boys that needed my help. They wanted me to bring all four boys home and they promised to love them and help them to adjust to a new life. I was sure that they would. I can always count on my family to support me, even when I may be in over my head.
    The bedroom door opened and Karl called out to me. Cory asked to meet the boys. I asked Karl to bring Arty in to talk to my husband. His eyes widened as Arty poked his head around the door and looked at me. I pointed to the computer screen and motioned for them to come on over. I seated them before the computer as I refilled my cup then stood behind them.
    Cory was teasing them and told them to show him their cocks, which both boys did at once. Cory told them that I would probably suck all of the cum out of them before morning and that they would be too weak to speak. RD poked his head into the picture and told them that he wouldn't mind doing it for me, if he were there. The boys were laughing and seemed to be full at ease then Cullen appeared on the screen.
    "Did uncy fuck you yet? I bet he did and you love him so I love you too. I grant you a royal pardon for fucking with a knight of the realm as I remind you that he is ours and you can only use him for a little time." I had to think about what Cullen was saying. He didn't sound the same to me. Cory told me that I should not worry, he would explain everything to me when I returned home. I began to worry.
    I put the computer away and looked at the two boys. "That was that King that aunt Gwen writes about wasn't it? I have seen his pictures. You didn't tell aunt Ester about him, but he lives with you?" I confirmed that Cullen is my nephew and that he lives with me. Both boys were awe struck.
    I did an appraisal of Arty's tight body as he stood before me. I liked what I saw, but I was especially enchanted by his bedroom eyes. The boy was looking at me with a come hither look that undeniably spoke his thoughts. I reached out to stroke his square jaw line and felt his body shiver as he moved a bit closer to me. His steely blue eyes showed absolute hunger as he licked his lips several times. I knew how to keep his lips moist. I pulled him to me for a kiss.
    Arty's kiss wasn't as great as Karl's, but it was full of as much passion as I felt the boy was capable of at the time. His cock showed his passion as it quickly rose to the occasion. I pulled him tight against me and let him grind a nice six and a half inch sex stick against my thigh.
    I ran my hand over his short cut hair and listened to his moans as my lust level burst through the top of the chart. Arty weighs almost as much as I do, but his five foot eight inch height made him fit my arms just right as I scooped him up and carried him to the bedroom. I marveled at his smooth skin with a tightness of muscle mass just below the surface. With little work the boy will be a ripped dude that will turn many family heads, upper and lower.
    I caressed and kissed the boy's body as I made oral love to every part of him except his power center, which was standing tall and anxious. I avoided any contact with that part of him and any of its associated parts, including his winky hole. He had a heavy sweat odor about him—he had been out of his house for two days, sleeping who knows where. Boy sweat is a turn on to me and I intended to capture as much of it as I could as I gave the boy a kitty bath from head to toe. I wanted to get to his ball sweat, but I had another idea in mind. Arty played his part leading to that idea with a question.
    "Forbes says you got a ten inch cock. Will you fuck me? I want a ride on a big un."
    "You sound like a size queen. Do you know how big a ten inch cock really is? I guarantee you that you will hurt."
    "Forbes says that you did him and he says it felt great. I can take it, please?"
    "Arty you told me that you love Karl, yet you don't seem to show that love to him. Are you only lip service or can you back up your words with actions?" Karl had sat cross legged beside Arty as he watched and listened to us. Arty looked up at the boy and I saw his feelings in his eyes. I also saw what I had thought to be the problem, his machismo. Arty was afraid to show affection.
    I was still clothed in my shirt, pants, and socks as I lay on the bed between the two boys and pulled them up to me so that they were on their sides and looking at each other across my body. "Arty, you kissed Karl with some passion as he fucked you last Friday and again Monday. Yet you don't kiss him at any other time. You kissed me in the front room a few minutes ago, but that kiss lacked any feeling, it was mechanical.
    "When you love someone your kiss is the best method of showing that love. I know that Karl longs to hold you close to him and kiss you in a way that will curl your toenails and stiffen your cock harder than it has ever been before. Do you want the master kisser to teach you?"
    Both boys looked at me, but I pointed to Karl. Karl blushed and Arty reached across me to lay his hand on the red faced boy. That was the first sign of true affection that I had seen from Arty. The boys leaned across me and touched their lips together. I had my arms under each of them so I pulled them on top of me as they connected.
    Within seconds the pair was grinding themselves against the other as I hugged them tight. I was relishing their first real kiss as much as they were. As their ardor heated up I carefully slipped from under them and let them get into the other to show their true feelings.
    "Fuck me, Forbes!" Arty commanded.
    "I don't think that I will, not yet. I want you to suck my dick." I was proud of Karl, he was standing up for his rights. Alright, he was lying down, but he still showed his moxy.
    "I don't think that I can." Arty was hard to read as he seemed to take on a whole new persona. I had watched him come out of a sort of shell as the two boys kissed, but as he lay facing Karl's middle his body seemed to shake. I saw signs of abuse. Arty had been abused in the past. I stepped in to talk to him and try to help him.
    Arty was holding Karl's cock in his hands, but his face was riddled with terror and tears filled his eyes. "He makes me do him. I hate that. I love him, 'cept when he does that shit to me."
    "Who is he, Arty?"
    "My dad. When Forbes and me were 'bout twelve I busted him to suck my cock and my dad saw me. He never said nothing to Forbes, but he came to me later and whipped my ass with a belt and told me that I was a fag assed bully. He told me that I had to suck his cock 'cause I liked to do that shit.
    "Forby, that is why I ain't never done nothing to you. I think 'bout it some, but then I get that vision of my old man shoving his hairy cock in and out of my mouth and I get all sick inside. I'm sorry 'cause I do love you and I want to… Forby, I want us to be together forever. I can't stand the thought of you leaving, never."
    "Can you stand the thought of going with him?"
    Both boys eyes widened. "You mean like go to that fag school with him?" Arty was full of life again. "I would go anywhere to be with him. I need to protect him 'cause he's so soft and cuddly and I will kill anybody that makes a move on his sweet ass."
    "That kind of talk could get my offer withdrawn. I do not allow fighting amongst the boys. There will be many that will hit on both of you. Face it bud, you are hot yourself and I know about four hundred hunks that would love to get a piece of you. I am not just talking about your prize looking ass, you have a nice cock that is just begging to be sucked and your lips demand to be kissed. Every inch of your body drives a self respecting gay boy crazy with lust."
    "Okay, I won't hurt nobody. But I will be watching out."
    "Both of you might find somebody else. Or you might want to get it on with somebody else together. You liked doing it with Tristin and Stacy. Group sex can be a real turn on. Afterwards it is always just the two of you that get into bed together and sleep in each other's arms."
    "You mean that we can like share a bed together, all the time?"
    "As long it is what both of you want."
    "I guess I better learn to suck his cock then 'cause I sure as hell want to go." With that he bent over and took Karl's cock into his mouth. He was a terrible cock sucker and Karl yelped in pain several times as he told him to watch the teeth. I removed all of my outer clothing and lay beside the boys with only my briefs on.
    I coached Arty along. I had him remove his hand and coaxed him to swallow as he sucked. He gagged and spit, but he kept on trying until he had all of the thick seven inch cock in his mouth. I told him how to roll the foreskin back with his tongue and how to lick around the glans, paying special attention to the frenulum on the underside of that sensitive organ. He took to applying suction to the mighty meat as he slowly let the head slide back and forth in the deepest part of his mouth, at the opening of his throat.
    It took a little more coaxing to get him to fondle the soft sack of balls and even more to get him to probe at Karl's anus. Karl helped by sticking two fingers into Arty's butt and playing with his prostate. I had to hold Karl back several times; I wasn't ready for Arty to get off, not yet.
    When Karl showed signs of nearing his end I encouraged Arty to begin to fuck his mouth with the largest meat stick that he had ever seen before. Later he told Karl that he had the biggest cock ever and that he only called it a baby dick to cover his own feelings of inadequacy. I knew that, but I was pleased to hear him admit it. I could tell that Arty was awakening to who he really was. Now if the next part of my evening would go as well I would be taking a couple with me to Tucson.
    A shot in the mouth was more than Arty was ready for. He seemed to be afraid to let go of Karl's ass as he pulled the boy into him and buried his face tight against Karl's groin. I was afraid of his actually drowning on the abundant amount of cum that I know Karl to give up.
    Arty was coughing around his dinner treat and semen was coming out of his nostrils as I pulled his head back so that he could breathe. He swallowed and his eyes widened before he once again swallowed the massive cock into his throat. He bobbed his head a few times and let the ejaculating phallus empty into his mouth before he pulled back to swallow once again.
    Arty lapped and licked at every drop of the thick cream until Karl pushed his head away from his sensitive cock. Arty wrapped his hands around Karl's hips and pulled him close, resting his head tight against the boy as tears poured down his face.
    "That is so good, man. I never liked the taste of my dad, it tastes like old tobacco and stale beer. I was afraid of doing that 'cause his shit is nasty tasting. I have to suck his dick almost every night that I am at home alone and I hate it."
    Ongoing sexual abuse of a minor is a crime in almost any society. I held Arty close as he and Karl shared more of his life of misery since his mother had walked out on them when Arty was nine years old. Karl held his friend and cried with him as he began to understand things about him that had never come up before. Karl asked him if that was the reason that he always wanted to sleep over at his house and Arty admitted that it was. The boy was trying to get away from a very abusive home situation.
    I can not abide with anybody that forces a child to do anything, except eat his vegetables. I tried to hold myself together as I arose and left the boys cuddled together and went in search of a cup of hot coffee. I looked at the clock and it was not yet five. I wondered who the Doggs of Warr had on staff in St. Louis.
    I couldn't let it go. Stacy was severely beaten and could have lost his life. Arty was being systematically molested and both boys were suffering at the hands of those that should be protecting them from such things. I called my old and dear friend, Bull. I poured my heart and thoughts out to him before he placed me on hold. When he came back on the line he had a colleague on conference call with us.
    I told the attorneys that I would not make any decisions, it is the place of the victims to decide how to proceed. I was reminded that Arty had been the victim of ongoing sexual molestation for more than six years and that is a crime everywhere. Still I had to let the boy decide if he wanted to bring charges against his father. That is a big step in anybody's life. I had no idea if anyone knew, or suspected what was going on in that house. It would be Arty's word against his father's, a pretty good case for most courts.
    Arty placed his hands around my shoulders and asked what he would need to do. I seated him next to me and invited Karl to pull up a chair as Arty listened to the local attorney and offered more information to him. The abuse went deeper than he had shared with Karl and me in the bedroom. The beating that he had received because of the events at school on Tuesday was only one of many over the years.
    Arty was a rough and tumble boy that enjoyed physical activity and no one ever questioned his cuts, bruises, and scrapes. He had never suffered any broken bones and had only required stitches one time when he was ten. That fact had protected his father from prosecution for several years. Arty was of the belief that he would never be believed about the sex so he locked it deep inside of him. Karl pulled him over to share the chair that he was sitting on and held him close.
    Arty wanted to meet with the attorney and start proceedings as soon as possible. He told the attorney that he was going to move out of the state and go to one of my schools, neither boy knew where that was at that point. The attorney had to be in court the following morning on a case that might take most of the day. He asked if he could meet with Arty then. I invited him to come to my hotel. He agreed and he would bring along a stenographer to transcribe everything that Arty had to tell him.
    The boys only had the clothes on their backs. Karl's clothes were being boxed up for shipment to Tucson. I called the concierge and asked him to secure dress slacks and pull over shirts for the two boys, along with fresh under garments, socks, and shoes.
    I ordered a buffet of prime rib with a lemon cake to be brought up to the room. I asked for a larger table for five of us to sit at to eat and work together. Then I herded the two boys to the hot tub and shower. Arty was amazed at the size of my cock. He watched as Karl showed him how easily it could slide down his throat. We were not in the water to enjoy sex with one another, we were there to get ourselves clean and decent looking. I promised Arty an evening as he had never dreamed of, after the business was completed.
    The local attorney was not as old as Bull or even me. His stenographer was a twenty something fresh from grade school that was so deliciously edible that I salivated when he removed his heavy coat and stood before me. He saw my reaction and smiled at me. "I am Frank's boyfriend, but we sometimes mess around, only not with clients." I assured him that I was not a client, the boys were. I winked at Frank Lawrence who returned a smile.
    The deposition took over two hours to complete. Arty was asked several times about having Karl and me present. The information was privileged and needed to held in the strictest confidence. Arty held Karl's hand and told Frank that he wanted his boyfriend to know everything with nothing held back.
    At the close of our business I offered up the lemon cake and coffee. The boys asked for milk, a good sign. Milk actually sounded good to all of us so I called the kitchen and ordered a full gallon of the moo juice. A little after nine we concluded our business and bid goodnight to Frank and his boyfriend. I received a grope and looked at Arty's upturned, eager face.

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