Chapter 117


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Cory and Christopher are off to see the world through the bright eyes of young men fresh out of high school. Join them as they embark on their journey and Chris takes his journey of all journeys. We will join Chris in the next installment, so beware. Cory resumes the tale of his ROAD TRIP with his brother Chrisy.

    I can not complain for an instant about the sex and the love that Chrisy and I have had on our trip and Darryl is a great lover too; I am sure that he and Derrick will do well together. Chrisy and I were completely relaxed as we both cuddled against dad for a few hours of sleep. Two hours later a small knock at the door found D and D joining us in our bed. All of us got down and watched dad give Darryl his pin. Darryl hugged dad and cried with happiness when Chrisy tattooed the pin into his groin. I looked at Chrisy because we usually just pin it to the pubic hair, but Chrisy smiled and said that Darryl would always remember the day he got his pin.
    Chrisy and I slipped out of bed and took a long shower together then we went downstairs. We decided that we would really celebrate with a burned cow dinner. I know that dad likes a good steak like the ones that he and I had shared with his old friends from the Blues Club a few days before we left on our trip. We took the two quad runners out from under Traveler© and headed up to the supermarket for the makings of a salad and some sour cream for the potatoes. They had a fresh batch of great looking mushrooms and dad loves mushrooms sauteed in butter with garlic, onions, and celery. We also got some extra sharp cheddar cheese and some green onions for the baked potatoes.
    Everyone was still asleep when we returned so Chrisy and I made up the fixings for the salad and put them in separate bowls to keep cold and fresh; we had already taken steaks out of the freezer in the belly underneath Traveler©. With everything done we went out to the patio and stretched out on the chaise lounge chairs to take a nap. We were awakened by D and D giving us each a nice blow job. They wanted to show us how much they loved us for getting them back together. Really I don't think that we did anything. I would not have called dad if Darryl hadn't told us his story. Dad agreed that I should have called, he was angry, he told me that Darryl was raped.
    I ran upstairs to kiss my daddy awake while Chrisy strategically placed charcoal briquets on top of the lava rocks. Dad says that he likes burned cow occasionally, but he doesn't like the flat taste of meat cooked over the open flame without hickory or mesquite chips on them. Chips burn up too quick so we found that by adding a few pieces of charcoal at the beginning then a fist full of wood chips halfway through the cooking that the flavor is much better.
    Dad was awake and he had made a few phone calls. He held me and told me that he had to help a boy then he and Darryl left in Derrick's car. They didn't come back until after three. We put our dinner together and listened to what they had to say. Darryl said that he never had such a rough day. Dad made him tell his attorney everything about the party, where it was, who was there, what they did and with whom. He said that dad took him to the police department and the attorney had him tell the story all over again. He told us that there had been tape machines going and people taking notes and he had to show them his ass and they took pictures. He told us that he hoped that they didn't get a picture of his ass on the TV camera, but we all thought that we would want a copy if they did cause he has a cute ass and I don't mind eating it.
    Dad told all four of us that Darryl was under age and that he could not leave the state of California, for any reason, until he was eighteen. He told us that Darryl would have to be in L.A. County to testify in court about what had happened at the party. He said that the police had been looking for Tyrell's dad for a long time because he had done this to other boys before.
    The real kicker was when dad asked us if we remembered a man by the name of Langley. He said we probably knew his son Cameron. Cory and I both remembered Cameron and his boyfriend Carroll. We used to giggle about how cute Carroll was, I learned that Chrisy did him. I just sat with my jaw hanging. I thought about stories I have heard about dad and how there were very few boys in Wilson High School that he didn't fuck. Now I am wondering if my little brother isn't following in the old man's footsteps. That got a big laugh from all of us, although Darryl really didn't know what he was laughing at.
    Darryl stopped the laughter when he told us that Cameron was at the party and that he was fucking old men while his father was fucking young teens. Darryl said that Mr. Langley fucked him after he begged to be left alone. He said that Cameron held him down then fucked him in the mouth while his dad fucked his ass. I looked at Chrisy, how could he fuck such a kid, but he reminded me that he and Cameron are the same age and that he was fifteen when he and Cameron fucked. I know that Cameron moved away shortly thereafter then his boyfriend, Carroll disappeared about Thanksgiving time.

    Dad likes a veggie platter as an appetizer. We make them up with celery and carrot sticks alongside pickle strips, jicima, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry peppers, green onions, kale, and chard leaves, oh, and cheese sticks make a nice addition also. D and D wanted the salad duty and I thought that Darryl looked good enough to eat with a large carrot hanging out of his ass. Derrick told me that he was going to have that for his appetizer and then showed us another carrot that Darryl was preparing for him. Chrisy and I watched as Derrick bent over to become Darryl's salad bowl. I picked up the cucumber and Chrisy told us that he didn't like them, I offered to put it up his butt and he bent over. I asked what we had to go up my butt as dad moved against me and told me to save something for the salad. I told him to move a little closer and I would make the dressing, five us added to the dressing on that salad. Darryl thinks we are all nuts, but he had to admit that the salad was great, a little salty, but good anyway.
    We had a nice dinner outside in the sea breeze; I could live here forever, but I don't want to ever leave any of my brothers. Dad sat in one of the wider lounges and had Darryl tell him his whole story. Dad plied him for details and I heard more than I wanted to know. Chrisy and I took a long walk down the beach and Derrick asked to join us. Derrick told us that he and dad talked on the way over from Tucson and dad was going to leave it up to Derrick whether or not Darryl would join the family. Dad told him that he would check out the boy's story and see what needed to be done and if everything was okay then he would step aside and let him make the final decision—what a guy.

    Dad rubbed his belly and rose to walk over to the hot tub. He tested the water then told us that the wind would kill us when we got out, we had already learned that lesson. Dad walked inside and then came back out with a set of keys, he unlocked the storage locker by the hot tub and turned on a light inside. We could hear him banging about inside then he came out with a large bundle of canvass. He shook it out and told us that he could use our help, if we would care to help him. I managed to be the first one there and he had me stand beside him. He told me that I was tall enough that I would not need a stool to stand on. He directed the other boys to the folded canvass and told them to unroll it then keep it tight.
    Once the canvass was stretched out he had Derrick bring heavy iron rods of about five feet long each and lay them on the end of the canvass and showed Chrisy and Darryl how to snap the canvass over the rods. Once all of the rods were snapped inside their pockets dad and I hooked the top of the canvass to hooks on the inside of the outside roof rafter. We enclosed the patio in a wall of double layers of canvass which stopped the wind at once, the iron rods held the bottom down so that the canvass did not blow and in no time at all the heat from the hot tub had the whole area nice and toasty. Dad climbed over the top of the tub and sat himself down in the hot water. I hit the timer to constant on and slipped in beside him.
    We lay back in the bubbling hot water and relaxed. Dad had Derrick sit down in his lap, facing him, as he held his cock up for Derrick to slide down onto. Dad put his arms around Derrick and kissed him in a very sensuous embrace that stiffened all of us instantly. Dad slow fucked Derrick and I could tell that he was going for the boy's pleasure, not his own.
    Derrick was fucking himself on dad as he moaned and screamed directly into dad's mouth, dad never let go of his tight body, but held him close as he went through his hot orgasm. Derrick could not stand to rise off of dad so Chrisy and I lifted him up and off. Dad wiggled his finger at Darryl who quickly did the same as he had seen his boyfriend do. Darryl is a loud fuck and he likes it hard, he was pounding himself on dad so hard that I knew dad's nuts had to be taking a beating, but he held his lips locked to the new cock jockey and let him ride the pony ride of his life.
    Derrick and I helped Darryl to get off of dad and then D and D settled in in front of a set of jets to kiss and love one another. Chrisy looked at me and smiled then he moved toward dad. Dad pushed him away and made him sit beside him, he pulled me to his other side as he stretched out his feet and let the water jets move around our bodies. His cock was breaking the water's surface like a periscope and I bent over to tell it that the enemy was in full surrender, I told him that he could do whatever he wished with any survivors that drifted by.
    D and D wanted to take Chrisy and I to bed to show us how much they love us, but dad said that he would be leaving for Tucson the next morning and then the four of us would have the house to ourselves for the rest of the summer. I don't want dad to go, but I do want to keep on with the trip that Chrisy and I have planned for several months.
    The five of us fucked in so many different ways that I can not remember all of them. I know that when we just had to get some sleep we had just had a nice daisy chain with dad behind me and Chrisy in front. We all turned on the bed and took a cock into our mouths and sucked cock tit for the rest of the night. We awakened in the same position the next day, but we all had piss woodies.

    "Well, I guess you guys have your teenage short code working for you, such is the age we live in with text messages and all, but it does fit you guys. So here's the plan man, or men. D and D, I am leaving in the morning and the four of you are on your own. C and C have been planning this get away for several months as they stretch their wings after twelve years of day to day routine in school.
    "Both of you have also just finished twelve years of school and have graduated yourselves. I don't know if you plan to hook up and ride with C and C or if you want to make your own plans. I don't know if C and C want you to go with them, but I know both of them pretty well and I know that they would not say no to you if you do want to ride along. No matter what you decide Darryl is not to cross the state line, for any reason, until August eleventh, I know that your birthday is the tenth, but I want you to be eighteen and a day so that no one can claim that anyone is doing anything improper with you. At midnight on the tenth you can be sitting at the state line ready to cross and one minute after you can go wherever you choose. Of course you are free to leave by yourself before that, but don't go near my house or any of my boys, I guard their safety very jealously and I am not a nice person to cross.
    "You will need to be here for the police to talk to and you might be needed for arraignment, but I doubt that. When the trials start you will have to be present, but they have to make arrests first. By that time you will be of age, but you can fly in as you need to. Darryl I need you to listen to me, don't worry about money. I have no idea what the future may hold for you; I don't know if you will want to live with the family in Tucson, or even if the family would want you there. My family is very open and I don't foresee them not letting you in, but I will never try to speak for them, not even these three. All of my family are individuals and therefore independent thinkers, we have a system where everybody is encouraged to speak out and voice their thoughts.
    "However it goes you will have money to live on and money to get to and from the trials to come. If you desire I will be with you at everyone of those trials as sure as I believe that Derrick will be beside you. I see a real love developing between the two of you; there has been some hurt in the past, from both of you, but I am sure that you will both work around that."
    Darryl did not look around at anybody when he told dad that he understood and that he would do as he asked. He told all of us that he felt more comfortable with us than he had ever felt in his entire life and he would like to get to know all of us better, if we would have him. I know dad, and we will have him, if he does precisely as dad asks him to.
    "Now, as I said, I am leaving in the morning to go back to Tucson, I am going to let you two sleep with each other tonight while I take C and C to my bed to ravage their bony bodies all night long. Nothing against the two of you, but I think that you need to teach and learn from each other. I have a long history with C and C and I want to see how long we can stretch that history out one more time before they go their own way. They just might decide not to come back to me after this trip and I want one more evening with them." With that he stepped over the side of the hot tub and went inside.
    Chrisy and I picked up dirty dishes and D and D helped us. They took over to clean the kitchen and load the dishwasher then told us to go to dad, they said that time was wasting away. I was crying and Chrisy saw it, he put his arm around me and held me tight, "He knows that we would never ever leave him, that is just his way of reassuring himself. Have you never noticed how he needs constant reassurance of our love. He is scared of growing old, but he is more scared of us growing tired and moving away from him. Cory he loves you so much it will kill him when you leave him."
    "He loves you just as much, dude and who says that I will ever leave him. You just hope I do so that you can have him all to yourself." That got us to teasing each other and we chased the other all the way to dad's bed where we attacked him, bodily.
    Chrisy, Chris and I, the three Cs, spent one hell of a night together with very little rest for anyone. I am not going to tell you of our night, but it was almost as hot as a night at Niagara Falls so long ago, but so fresh on my mind and I will marry Chris, my dad, as soon as we can find a way. I wonder if he will want Chrisy to marry us also, I do love that boy to pieces and he and I were both in a million pieces by morning, but I think that dad was in two million pieces.
    All five of us piled in Derrick's car for the ride over to the airport. Uncle Andy had a plane waiting to go to Tucson and we washed it down the runway with our tears. I so hated to see him go, but I wanted this trip and he has a family to care for, I had to let him go. Chrisy and I did talk about turning Traveler© around and going back home. We had to decide if we were grown up or not. We decided that we weren't so we would go on with our childish trip and see what we could see, later. We were in no hurry to get on the road and we wanted to see a bit of southern California while we were there.
    Darryl had nothing and he had never had much of anything, but we didn't care, we had more than we could spend so we took him everywhere. He had never really seen much himself, with the exception of the inside of his church. He was never allowed to go to camp or on any sort of a trip because he had to be in church every Wednesday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. He often went to some youth function, which was heavily chaperoned, on a Friday night and Saturdays were set aside for setting up the church for whatever may be going on Sunday morning.
    When he suggested Magic Mountain we ran to the car. I never rode a roller coaster before and they had a bunch of them. I left my stomach on the first one and it didn't catch up to me until the next day as we headed out to Disneyland. I don't ever want to eat at Magic Mountain again, they use way too much salt in their food. We all got something different, but all of it was so salty that it almost made us sick. Derrick said that they do it so that they can sell more drinks, but we each had water bottles and we refilled them at every water fountain in the park. Darryl wanted sodas all of the time, but we pointed at his zits and none of us have zits. We told him that if he came to live at our house he might as well say goodbye to sugar now.
    I think that that really made him think about what he was getting into, we didn't try to make it easy for him. We told him about every bad thing that we could think of. When we told him how discipline was handled he wiggled in his seat, no one wants to think of at least two swipes of a wide leather belt across his naked ass from eighty or more boys in one setting, that even makes me wiggle in my seat. We told him that we have a lot of fun and now that several of the boys have their own cars we meet around town to just hang or cruise. We told him about some of the guys that were dating and he didn't believe us. He will learn that none of us lie, we just stretch the truth to the limit sometime.

    With five of the biggy parks seen, done, and over with, we decided that we needed to get on with our trip. I wanted to spend as much time as I could at the beach so we looked over the map and decided to follow the coast highway all of the way up to the San Francisco peninsula and then see that grand city. Derrick knew of some great beaches up along the coast where he had been with his dad over the years and we did want him to go along, in a way. Well we invited both of them along.
    We didn't leave until around noon; we had to make sure the house was secure and clean, dad would have our nuts if we left a mess. We had cleared the underbrush and tons of garbage that people throw out of their car windows as they drive along the road. The wind seems to have blown all of it around the house and it was a mess.
    We had decided to follow coast Highway One, that more or less hugs the ocean, for most of the trip. Our first stop over was at a turn off of state highway 1 at Lompoc where we picked up state highway 246 to the small seaside town of Surf, California—you can look it up on a map, but don't try to Google it; all you will get is surfing information and songs—where we could pull Traveler© right out to the edge of the beach. Chrisy was driving and showed great skill as he put the big vehicle close enough that when the steps were lowered we could step directly out onto the sand.
    I busied myself with getting things put in place so that we could change clothes and whatever as Chrisy stepped out to check that the levelers were on solid ground. I heard somebody call out then when Darryl stepped out I heard a lot of shouting. I had to check it out and I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw a kid that we had barely met one time in Tucson.
    Carroll Templeton was talking to Darryl like old friends. I climbed down and walked over to be introduced to him and his boyfriend, Mitch Evans. It turns out that Chrisy knew Carroll a lot better than I knew about so I am going to let him tell the story for awhile.

    Thanks dude, you are so generous. Yeah, I did have more knowledge of Carroll than Cory does, a lot more knowledge. One of the first kids I met when I started at Wilson High was this kid named Cameron Langley. I was dressing out for PE when I saw him staring at my giant widget and you know how much attention my main member likes. I looked around and there was nobody near us so I stepped up to Cameron and wiped my precum on his lips, "You wanta fuck?" I asked him and he just kept staring at me and nodded his head.
    Class started and Cam told the coach that we needed another mat so he led me to this back room with mats stacked along the walls. He took my hand and led me over to this stack about three feet tall and pulled his gym shorts down. He had a cute ass that he stuck up to me as he bent over the stack of mats. He had on shoes, socks and a jock strap with his tee shirt pulled half way up his back. I pulled the front of my gym shorts and jock strap down and stuck my cock up his ass with no lube or anything. He was about as decent of a fuck as I was used to at that time and he seemed to really like it.
    I fucked him two more times that week then he asked me to come by his house. I had to get dad to let me go over there and I fucked him in his bed then we sucked each other until I was up to fuck him again. I had me a real cock jockey that I thought was all mine. It was over a month before I learned that Cam had a boyfriend and he wanted me to show him how I could fuck. Carroll was not too sure, but when he saw my stiffie he went for it. He had never had a big cock up in him and he liked to get fucked, not as much as Cam did, but what the hey, I just like to fuck boy butt.
    Both of those dudes are damn cute and I wanted more of them. I didn't get them though, dad took us New York for July then we went to Georgia to scatter Cory's grandfather's ashes then I got Cory to take me over to see Cam and Carroll. Carroll's dad was home and we talked awhile, but we couldn't get it on so Cory and I had to go. I did Cam at school during lunch two times and one time I caught Cory and he did his ass too, but then we left to go to Mississippi and then on to England. By the time I got back to Tucson Cam and Carroll had both moved. I was surprised when I stepped out of Traveler© and Carroll was standing there.
    Derrick had told us that this was the closest place to dad's cliff house to surf some big waves so we were going to stay. It turned out that Carroll and his new boyfriend had rented a unit with a kitchenette in it and were going to be there all week. They told us that we could use their kitchen and Cory jumped at that. He can fix up a quick lunch for two in Traveler©, but four of us makes things a little harder. Cory and I both like to cook so the larger kitchen area was a good idea. Traveler© has a better equipped kitchen, or galley I am told to call it, but the motel room had lots of space and a big table for all of us to sit at.
    Cory and Carroll got to talking and they were laughing about my nick name, I told Carroll that I would shove my cock so far up his ass that he couldn't get air enough to laugh when he looked at me and said, "Please?" He looked at Mitch and told him that he really would like for me to fuck him again and he wanted Mitch to let me do him too. D and D got in on it and told them that Cory was a fantastic fucker himself and if they wanted to know what it felt like to have someone make love to them that they should go for it. There were two beds in the motel unit so I took one bed and Cory took the other and we got to really know those two boys, well, by morning time.
    Cory has a deep pocket as big as his heart. He asked Carroll and Mitch to teach him how to surf, but when Carroll showed us his board he was embarrassed. He told us that he bought it at a yard sale and that it wasn't very good. We all walked down the road to a pro shop and looked at some really neat boards and Cory got to talking with the owner. Before he was through Cory bought each of us a wet suit to protect us against the chill of the water and he had boards sized for each of us by a professional surfer that knew what we needed.
    We spent the rest of the week surfing all day and then we all shared the room and big beds as everybody fucked and sucked everybody else in every way that we could think of and then we invented some new ways. I never heard anyone complain and everybody was happy to be with whomever they were with— Cory is making me learn to use whom and whomever, ain't that neat? He says what really bugs him is my ending a sentence with a preposition, I understand where he is at— We met this one guy that had gone to school with C and M and he was afraid to come out. Chaz got outed and fucked and he learned how to suck pretty well. He wanted an older man to take care of him and that kind of frosted my balls, but Carroll had an idea.
    One time Derrick and I were talking about our families and he told me that his namesake grandfather was killed in a drag race when a clutch exploded in his car. I told Cory that we should go to one of the country's oldest and most popular drag strips. We sat around the fire until after midnight and came up with a plan. To our relief Chaz couldn't leave, but I had a plan for that. Cory and I wanted to go to San Francisco to see how real queers live. We thought that we might need Derrick's car to get around in the city, but it would take a lot of gasoline to tow it up there.
    Cory loves to show off and if dad has anything to do with whatever he is showing off then he gets all righteous like and starts to sermonize, like a preacher. Cory led each of the boys up to the roof of Traveler© and showed them the solar panels that keep the massive bank of batteries charged for the electric engine and the lights. He told them how the diesel engine also charged the batteries and that that engine runs most of the time to give us the airconditioners and is available for extra power when the big boy needs a boost up a hill or something.
    It all was decided the following morning when Derrick and Darryl treated all of us to breakfast at a truck stop down the road. We all had plates piled high with tons of food from their buffet when Darryl asked for silence. "Guys, I have to thank you for the great time that you have shared with me. I am really looking forward to going up to see the Golden Gate Bridge and all of the great sights of Frisco." That got him booed because only people who have never been there use that name.
    "So anyway I wanted to tell you what me and a Der have decided. Cory, you and Chrisy have planned your coming of age trip for a long time and we have kind of horned in. I have to be in L.A. County week after next and Carroll already told you that he knows for sure that his dad needs him home next week end so here it is. Let's pull Derrick's car behind Traveler© then we will have it to drive around for site seeing. I know that it will be cramped for all six of us, but it is the best bet that we have. Then next Friday Carroll and Mitch can ride back with Derrick and me and you two can go on with your trip. That will work won't it?"
    "That will work," we all agreed and gave Darryl a big hug. We had to hug Derrick also because it was his car. Carroll called his dad to tell him of our plans. Mr. Templeton had no problem with the boys joining us, but he thought that Carroll should leave his car at home. C and M loaded up their car and took Chaz with them. D and D followed them up the road to bring them back.
    Cory and I cleaned everything up and put it away then he drove Traveler© over to Buellton on USA highway 101. We got busy putting the tow dolly together. Dad thinks of everything, he had a tow dolly stored with the ATVs under the back bed area. We didn't have long to wait before Derrick drove up beside us. We strapped his car onto the tow dolly and headed north to San Luis Obispo where we had lunch then moved back over to state highway 1 and headed on up to Big Sur for some championship surfing. We spent the afternoon surfing then stayed over night there so that we could surf early Monday morning.
    From there on up it was wall to wall town. Cory wanted to leave the state highway and cut across to the freeway, but I whispered in his ear about Half Moon Bay. We had talked about going there a few nights earlier and I told him part of Derrick's story, he remembered and just dealt with the traffic and congestion. Once above Santa Cruz the only traffic we had to contend with was people headed to the numerous beaches for a day in the surf and sand.
    It was only about forty miles to Half Moon Bay, but it still took us over an hour to find the old airport turned drag strip from the heyday of drag racing's beginnings. The closer to the town we got it seemed that Derrick started to fall apart. Cory caught my eye and I slipped into the wide front passenger seat to put my arm around him and hold him close. I am not going to be redundant here, but if you want to read about our stop over and what happened to Derrick's grandfather please read the second chapter of Mitch and Carroll.

    As we drove along I had been online checking out hotels near the wharf for our stay. I was seeking a place easy to get in and out of with Traveler© and a place to unhook Derrick's car. I put the directions up on the GPS navigation system and Cory drove through the strange town like an old native.
    The next morning we unhooked Derrick's car and we were pretty sure that we would not need to tow the car anymore and we did not want the dolly to be stolen so Cory and I broke it down and stowed it alongside of the ATVs under the back of Traveler©. C and M were bug eyed as they looked at the big quad runners, we should have used them at the beach, but nobody thought of it.
    We checked into this great hotel and were taken up to a three bedroom suite on the bay side of the hotel where we could see the Golden Gate Bridge. We had a better view of Alcatraz, but we could see the bridge from end to end.
    The six of us had a great time touring and looking at all of the sites. To me the highlight of the trip, as far as sites were concerned, was when we walked over to Market Street. There is this section downtown where street hustlers stand on the street corner like women prostitutes trying to get guys to pick them up. I mean we saw every thing from pure sleaze to pretty cute. I know that there is no way that some of those dudes were even fourteen, a lot of them had kiddie voices. One dude got really hung up on Cory so we both flashed him. It was stupid and dangerous because we could have gone to jail in an instant if we were seen, but that dude went to his knees. We told him that he had to do all six of us, one right after the other or no go. He didn't have a place to go and we weren't paying so he cried as we walked away.
    I loved China Town and I ate so much that I hurt, but by the time the cable car got us back to our hotel we were all hungry again so we ended up in an ice cream store. Oh, I almost forgot, this dude at the hotel let his little brother show us the highlights of the gay community, but he was a drag queen. The kid was just days past sixteen and smooth as a peach. He had no muscles at all and really looked like a girl, we let him blow all of us before we left the hotel parking lot or he wouldn't go anywhere, Gus could teach the kid how to suck cock. He scraped his teeth across my cock twice, I guess I was just to big for him. He wanted Cory to go up in him, but he wanted it bareback, there was no way we would do that with him.
    We were burnt out by Friday morning and wanted to move on so we had one more orgy with C and M and D and D then they went back to southern CA while Cory and I headed north, well okay, north east. Cory had this grandiose idea that I should go to Sacramento to see my great uncle Mickey and his boyfriend, Clay. Cory thought that I would want to see some of my old friends so he headed up I-80. We got across the Bay Bridge before I got through to him that I had nothing and no one in Sacramento.
    I knew that Clay had been beaten to death by a bunch of my old friends. They had been convicted of a hate crime and were in prison for life. My uncle has Aids and I have no desire to see any of them. The only thing that Sacramento had for me now lives in Tucson and she is quite healthy and happy. I did want to talk to her so I called her. It was good to talk to her, but she told me that she saw on the news that we could not have camp fires in Yosemite or even ride the ATVs because of extreme fire danger. I called the state's tourism bureau and found out that all camping was strictly limited. Our trip was turning out to be a bust.
    We found a truck stop and pulled in to sit down and do a rethink. Did we need to making this trip in the first place? Fuel was sky high, sure we had a lot of french fry grease on board and Cory was pretty good at talking up another tank full when we needed it. We still had two full tanks of diesel fuel so we weren't out a lot of money, but we lost interest in our trip. We both thought that maybe we made a mistake when we let Darryl join us, but he needed help and we were glad to help him.
    Maybe we should have left him and Derrick at the cliff house like dad said, but we did have a lot of fun learning to surf and they were a blast to be with in San Francisco. Cory looked at me and we both agreed that we enjoy being around a bunch of faggots too much to go it by ourselves. We called dad to tell him that we were on our way home. Dad had a job for us to do. He wanted us to go to Carroll's house and stay there for awhile.
    Darryl had told us that his dad was a biker and that he ran with a bunch of wild guys who were into all kinds of shit, they were into deep shit. Darryl's old man went off when he learned that one of his own biker buddies had raped his son. He ordered the man killed. Tyrell and Justin were both over eighteen so they were housed in the adult lock up section at county holding during lunch a riot broke out and in the aftermath Mr. Langley, Cam's dad was dead, his throat was slit. Mr. Mc Junkin had a shiv shoved up between his legs and he almost bled out. Tyrell Mc Junkin was completely emasculated and is dead and Justin was castrated and near death.
    Cam has been sent to the Templeton's place to live, Mr. Templeton, Carroll's dad is Cam's godfather and has custody of the boy. Dad has two agents watching the place because Derrick and Darryl are there, but he would like for me and Cory to go so that we could protect all of the boys inside Traveler© in case of more trouble. We couldn't wait to get there. Dad sort of thought that we would feel that way so he had already sent two agents to meet us.
    I looked up and saw two uniformed agents approaching us and one of them was on his radio. We both knew him because he had been with us in France two years earlier. "Your dad says that you are ready to go?" We grabbed our check and I went to pay it while Cory headed out to Traveler©. Cory had the light bars up and flashing as he walked around making sure all of the lights were working. We pulled out of the truck stop behind one FI vehicle as the other one followed us and escorted us down to highway 101 in San Jose and then on south. We were flying down the road and I was sure that we were going to beat the other guys back to Carroll's house.

    Cory had punched up an old song from the old movies as the guys had driven away that morning and now we needed something to let them know that we were back so he had me punch in another oldie called "Happy Days Are Here Again". The door of this little house flew open and five kids came running out. I could see Carroll crying as he jumped up and down and waved at us. He charged the side door and I had to hurry and unlock it before he tore it off. He gave me such a kiss that I sprung wood at once. Suddenly I wondered if we had done the right thing by coming here.
    Mr. Templeton led us back inside the house and let our escort use the restroom. Cory had sodas for them and they told us that they had to go meet the other guards across the road. That got us some wide stares as Derrick said, "Dad is watching over us isn't he?" He knows that dad will always watch his boys to keep them safe from danger. Cory and I had to explain some of the reason that we were there then we put dad on a video connection on Carroll's, or maybe Mitch's, computer. Anyway they had this big twenty two inch LCD monitor with a highspeed connection and Cory logged them into dad's super secure web site.
    Cam already knew that his dad was dead, he just didn't know how. He and Darryl were both glad to hear about Mr. Mc Junkin and Tyrell too. They just sat and stared when dad told them about Justin, but they both agreed that he got his justice, they didn't think that he deserved it so much, but he played a dangerous game and he paid a hell of a price.
    Dad asked Mr. Templeton if there was a problem with the four of us staying there. He said that D and D and me and Cory could go back to Malibu, but he wanted to keep a watch over Cameron and he was afraid that we might be seen by some of Darryl's dad's people if we were at the cliff house. Mr. T asked C and M what they wanted. They wanted all of us to stay together so Mr. T said that was fine with him. Dad told us to always stay together and not go wondering off alone for any reason.
    He made me move over in front of the computer so he could see me better, "I mean that young man, you get all huffy and go stalking off alone and I am going to have you shackled." I do that sometimes, but I promised him that I would stay close and guard my new brother cause I am sure that Darryl is going to be a part of the family now.

    I can tell you that Chrisy and I never planned a trip like this. We could never have imagined such fun. We had planned to go see the sites, not be the sites. We had Mr. Templeton threatening to castrate all of us in only two days. The name of his business is Sea Breeze Marina. He has twenty boats for rent that range from row boats and flat bottom fishing boats to high speed ski boats, as well as jet skis. We wanted to be helpful so we took all of the fast boats out and terrorized the citizens on the lake, only we were nude most of the time. Well we have these allergies and clothing just aggravates the hell out of them. All we wanted to do was to feel the sea breeze through our ball hair, he didn't see the humor in that. If dad were here he would straighten Mr. T out, I have an idea that dad used to do just that when they were kids.
    Derrick told us that on the trip from San Francisco to the lake that Carroll told them that he and Mitch were going to go to school at the University of Arizona in Tucson. That was great news and we knew that dad would let them live with us. When we told them that they were very excited and we made plans to all travel together as we headed home after Cameron and Darryl finished with their first court appearances.

    None of us were allowed to go with Cam and Darryl when they went to the arraignment, but they were safe with the FI guys. They were taken in separate armored SUVs and whisked away before daylight. I fired up my lap top so I could watch the return trip and about two I saw them leave the court house. There were nine SUVs for the return trip and they kept crossing each other's path so that no one would be able to tell who was in which vehicle. Let me tell you, we were all tense as we watched the little dots moving around. I just wished that either of those guys had that homing device that all of the rest of us have under our balls. As it was we had to watch the signals from the FI vehicles and uncle Andy gave dad the code for the homing thingy for the two agents that had been in France with us.
    All of us were on edge as every one of the dots on the screen stopped in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Malibu. There was only one other dot that was moving, but it was a long way off and going the wrong direction. Derrick yelled at us to come and see at about five thirty the dot that had gone up I-5 had swung across state highway 166 to Santa Maria and then doubled back to the south. At Los Olivos it left highway 101 for highway 154 and was heading straight for us. We were all standing outside waiting when a stretch limo pulled in. The guys jumped out then we stampeded them and engulfed them in hugs and kisses.
    There had been a lot of trouble at the court house and they had changed vehicles three times. They said that the whole courthouse complex was surrounded by bikers that followed every vehicle that left the underground garage. The police tried to stop as many as they could find a reason to stop, but still they had four bikers following them. Their driver pulled into a tunnel where another vehicle was waiting with its doors open. The boys jumped over into it while theirs was still rolling. That scared me, but they told us that they had been told exactly what to do.
    The new SUV was white so the people following didn't notice it and continued to follow the other one. They drove to a mall and changed into the limo that had the two FI agents that had left with them in the morning. We learned that it was their dots that we had been watching as the limo took them on the freeway north then doubled back. I asked them why they had to do all of that and we found out that there was one other biker at the party, but he was a friend of Sparky's, Darryl's dad. He is more than likely to be the one who identified all of those who hurt Darryl, now everyone of them is dead. Justin lasted almost three days, but he was cut up so bad that he didn't make it when his bladder leaked back into his body. Ughhh.
    Darryl was now free to leave because he didn't know any of the other molesters, all he could tell the police was that they were at the party, but he did not see them actually do any kids. Cam knew the other six guys from other parties so he would be called back when their trials began, but he could leave the state if he wanted to. Dad wanted him to.
    Darryl turned eighteen the tenth of August and Cam turned eighteen the first week of August. Cam was more than a week past his birthday and we could take him across the state line. Carroll, Mitch, Chrisy, Derrick and I had to get to Tucson so we could get everything we needed for the beginning of the semester so I called dad to see if we could bring everybody home with us.
    Dad told me that with everything going on he was not comfortable with anyone being in a car. He wanted all of us inside of Traveler©. He sent a truck to load both Carroll's and Derrick's cars for transport. He had one SUV follow us as we were told to follow the truck. That frosted me because I wanted to go a hundred miles an hour. If I had known then what I know now I would not have argued with dad. He had enough to worry about, but I am going to wrap this up and let him pick up the next chapter and tell you what he was doing.
    Today's telephones are marvelous and no one really knows where the person they are talking to is at the time. It is even harder with dad and Andy because of the satellite link up, dad was in Romania when he was telling me to be careful. I guess that if I had known where he was or what he did I would have been a basket case, but I am going to tell you right now, I am never going on a trip without him again and I am never going to let him go on a trip without me.
    Thanks for reading Chrisy's and my story about our trip. I am sorry it wasn't more exciting, but we had a lot of fun and we have four new brothers and three of them can't hardly wait to get their own pins, I'm gonna watch.

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