Chapter 216


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Monday morning is a morning of planning for the ongoing systems around my piece of the world. I started with breakfast and a quick inspection of the school's cafeteria. I suppose that one of the most frustrating people that I encounter is what I call wuzgonnas. I hate to ask someone to do something then return later to find it not done. When questioned about the reason for its not being done I get the statement, 'I was gonna do that.'
    Sometimes a large amount of time has passed, but he 'was gonna' do it. Don't make excuses just do it. To paraphrase a popular line, "Excuses are like ass holes, everybody has one." I believe that it is easier to do the chore instead of having to explain reasons for not having it done at a later time. Oh well, that's just me.
    So what brought this on? I had just had an encounter with some of the kitchen staff at the school. I found several boxes of food stuffs in a back corner of the basement storage room and had told the staff that I wanted it removed before a health inspector showed up and gigged us for it. It didn't get done for four days. I always try to follow up on details so of course I found the boxes still sitting on the shelves.
    Gigage-fgb is a good manager and I trust him with the feeding of my boys. I had to go to him and complain about the staff person that did not get the work done. Sure, I have the authority to fire an employee, but Gigage is the man on the job and I let him take care of his people. I didn't want to fire anyone, I just wanted the job done.
    When Gigage asked the young man why he had not moved the boxes he used the same line that he had used with me, "I was gonna do that." Gigage went redder in the face than normal and I thought for sure that he was about to have a stroke. I placed my hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. The employee was sent home, without pay, for the rest of the day so that he could; think about what he had done. Someone else moved the boxes. It was a good thing that they were moved because that afternoon a health inspector showed up for his inspection.

    I had to attend our regular business meeting with the department heads at Foss International. Good fortune smiled on me, Mavis's attorney had his offices four blocks from FI's headquarters in downtown Tucson. I swung by his office to meet with him and Bull so that I could sign a few hundred pages of legal paperwork. I left the office with the deed to West Highland in my pocket. I let Bull gather copies of all of the documentation and I rushed to meet with Andy and the team.
    Andy hit me with a request that I was glad to fulfill. You may remember that the Captain of the Voyageur Marin Deux© had told me that the draft of that ship was so shallow that it was not sea worthy. That had hit me rather hard because then I could only use the ship close in to shore on calm seas. I thought.
    Andy asked Randy Hobbs to share some information with me. I was thinking of Cullen when I acquired the ship from Athos and had the outer hull wrapped in the polymer Kevlar to add an edge to the armor plating that the ship already carried. After two years we had the ship placed in dry dock to inspect the ship's outer hull for any damage. There was none. The hull did not even need a repaint at that time.
    That was three months ago. Randy had been toying with an idea and he had visited the ship in dry dock for his own inspection. He told me that either the Captain was misinformed or that he blatantly misrepresented the facts to me. The ship does have a shallow draft that will allow it to get closer to shore than any other ship of its size. Because of the Kevlar super coating the ship is invisible to radar. Relatively minor steps can be taken to make the ship difficult for Sonar to detect it.
    The bottom line is that Andy needs the ship to deploy to the South China Seas to be used as a listening post for the CIA. I don't know who he's kidding, he wants to listen in on the activities of North Korea and China so that he knows what is going on over there.
    I have no problem with the idea so I signed off on it at once. I did ask about other stealth ships. I was given a sideways look as they shook their heads at me like I was the dumb step-child. The ship is on its way to have the superstructure reworked and covered in the polymer Kevlar coating.

    I had promised Mavis Mayville that I would arrange for her to meet Ugitsiha and Chrisy. Cory cleared his last free afternoon before college classes started the next day so that he and Sagi could join us. I used one of the FI Sikorsky's to make the flight over to the Christopher William Dickerson Center. All four of the little ones were secured in their seats when RD arrived with Quemela and Rodney. RD and Quemela were glowing with excitement and Roddy could barely keep his mouth closed.
    Once we were airborne I looked to RD for an explanation. "Dad, you said that there are tall pines and cool meadows on this ranch? Well Pam and I would like to wait until we can all sit down together without all of this motor noise from the helicopter. We have great news to share with you."
    Daylight and I looked at one another with knowing smiles. Cory and Sarah were holding each other's hands and each had a big smile on their face. Roddy was going bananas trying to sit still and keep his mouth shut. I felt a strong wave of fatherly pride wash over me. I hoped that this was the big news that we four adults had been praying for.

    The chopper sat down away from the house. We could see Mavis sitting in her favorite rocking chair on her front porch. Nolan was driving out to pick us up in a large electric golf cart with Eknath following close behind with a second, but smaller, cart. Nolan's cart could carry twelve people while the cart that Eknath drove could carry eight. They had us covered so that nobody had to walk in the hot afternoon heat.
    Remarks were made about how much cooler it was at the ranch. It is still southern Arizona in early September and the temperature was in the mid nineties, it had been one hundred and two at the school when we lifted off.
    I introduced my wife and my four children to Mavis first, then I introduced Cory and his family. Mavis looked Chrisy over and smiled. "You look better than I expected after Mr. Chris told me how you two first met."
    There was laughter around the group that ended when I pulled Cory up to my side. I told Mavis about finding Cory hiding naked behind a garbage can in an all night laundromat. Then I told her that he was my life partner. The old lady looked at Daylight and Sarah and smiled. "You two ladies are very lucky to have found yourselves men with so much love inside of them. You are both very special women. You have beautiful children and very handsome husbands. You are both blessed. As for you Randy? is it? You and Pam make a beautiful couple, when are you getting married?"
    Roddy howled like a little fox in heat and beat on his chest. "Okay, so I guess that it is time for us to make our announcement," RD said.
    "Hold that thought a moment." Mavis nodded to her young brood of boys to come forward. Each carried a tray laden with refreshments. The most welcome trays were set before Ugitsiha and Sagi by Ilanipi and Kuruk. They each had a porcelain bowl filled with warm water and a stack of wash cloths for refreshing the babies, and their mothers. Quemela helped to change and wash the babies. The women each washed their faces and arms. Women are strange, they don't like the smell of honest sweat.
    Bodaway, Hridayesh, and Ilesh served each of us cold glasses of lemonade and offered us our choice from a tray of pastries. Mavis is clearly a lady of culture, even on a southern Arizona ranch. She has the charm and grace of a socialite. I believe that in her youth she served many ladies of distinction pastries and lemonade.
    Roddy, Kuruk and Eknath sat cross legged on the floor and talked about their tribes. The other boys joined them after they had served is with drinks.
    RD downed his lemonade and rose to stand behind Quemela's chair. He looked as if he was about to shake himself to death. I smiled at him. He is a man about to take his first step as a man, he had to go it alone. I wanted to help, but it is not right for a father to meddle in a boy's right to passage. Quemela placed her hand on her left shoulder, on top of RD's hand. She quietly told him that she loved him. That gave my son the strength to find his voice.
    "Mom, dad, aunt Sagi, and uncle Gowi, and oh, you too uncle Chrisy. I have asked Quemela to marry me and she said yes." His knees were wobbling so bad that he almost fell. I stood and took his hand, giving him something to lean on. He mouthed his silent thanks to me and pulled me into a tight hug. His whole body was shaking. I know that it was not the tears of joy that were streaming down my face that was getting my right shoulder wet. Both of us sniffled together as Ugitsiha gave each of us a wet washcloth to 'wipe the sweat' from our brow.
    RD held Ugitsiha in a tight hug as they talked in Tsalagi. Sagi and Cory joined them in a circle and offered their praise in the native American Tribe's language.
    Mavis held out her hand to me. I sat down next to her. "He is your natural son. I can see it. He favors you. I see that he is going to be a great man. He has a great man as a father and a guide. I know some about Indians and I see greatness in you and Cory. Your little one, Rodney? is going to be very great too. He does not have your blood? He is of your tribe, but he is not your son."
    "His tribal name is Gvnigetsuli which means Black Fox. His father was killed in a hunting accident in 2004. Ugitsiha and I married in 2006 and we could not be any happier."
    "All of you seem to have Indian names. What's yours?"
    "Officially I am known as Quis."
    "There is a legend about him. He was named Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe by his Choctaw grandmother when he was an infant. His name means high-backed wolf, a fearsome, powerful wolf. He is a fighter for the rights of the down trodden." Cory had his arm around me as Chrisy stood to my other side.
    The six young Chiricahua boys were on their knees where they could hear every word that was said. Tears were rolling down Mavis's face, she dabbed at them with her lace hanky. "Mr. Chris, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this ranch belongs to you. Please use it to help all of the boys that you can. Will you help my boys?" She looked at her house boys.
    "Mavis, I promise you that they will always have a home with me. If they want to stay on the ranch, so be it. If they wish to move into town and go to my school there, it will be done. This ranch is an answer to a very fond dream that I have harbored for sometime now. I love Arizona and I would like to stay here. I have been quietly eyeing large properties all around the world in search of a place where I can house a few thousand boys. You have provided that.
    "I saw your attorney for a few minutes this morning. He gave me the deed and the abstract for this land. I also did some searching for nearby property. I have a few very large airplanes. There is no place nearby that I can land my little Travelaire Too©. I did some research on line last night and found a one hundred square mile piece of land on your east property line that would suit me as a landing strip. As we flew in today we circled in from the east so that I could see what that land looks like. I am going to make a cash offer for the property tomorrow.
    "With a landing strip large enough to handle my 777 and two 737s, as well as my personal jet then I can ferry boys from my schools around Europe and bring them here for visit this Christmas."
    "This Christmas? That's three months from now. How many boys are you talking about?"
    "Between all eight schools there are over two thousand boys at this time."
    "Where will they sleep, and eat, and clean themselves?"
    "They will get a wild west adventure. They can sleep in sleeping bags under the stars and eat from food cooked over an open fire. They will have to dig latrines and learn to wash in a porcelain pan." I nodded at the pans of cold, dirty water sitting on the nearby table.
    "Nuh uhhh. Daddy you won't do that. Will you?"
    I rubbed Roddy's head, "My little Tilki won't let me tease you." I saw the question in her eyes. "I have twenty or more boys that speak Turkish. They had a hard time with English, but almost gave up on Cherokee. We told them what animal our names represented and they named this fellow Tilki, which is Turkish for fox."
    "So then you are a wolf, what is that in Turkish?"
    "Chris, if you want to show your family around then we need to start right away. Mavis needs to take a nap so now would be a good time to," Nolan told me. I felt bad. I don't know anything about old ladies, especially one hundred and four year old old ladies.

    The girls had thought that regular car seats were too dangerous for the helicopter. I Asked them if they wanted to stay home. The car seats were perfect for our tour. We were able to strap the two baby's seats so that the two infants could lay down for their nap. The two toddlers were too hyper to take a nap, but their car seats could be secured to keep them inside of the cart safely.
    We used the twelve passenger cart so that we could all ride together. All except one. Roddy found out that there were horses to ride and he was bareback on a beautiful charcoal mare as he and the Chiricahua boys rode alongside. "I wish that I hadn't cut my hair off. I don't look like no real Indian like they do."
    "You look every inch and Indian, son. Be proud of what you have and what you are, not what you wish that you had."

    Nolan took us up the trail to the hot spring fed pond that I had swam in the day before. All of the male members of our tour had to go for a swim. The cart was pulled as close as safety allowed to the water so that the sleeping babies would be near to their mothers. Little Chrisy and Cory Stevens were allowed to go skinny dipping at the edge heated pond while their mothers soaked their feet in the warm water.
    Cory and I told them that we were all family so they should bare all and enjoy life. There were strangers with us. None of the ladies would raise her skirt tail above her knees in front of Nolan. Women, I just can't get the hang of their thought processes.

    I had six little witnesses that had lived on the ranch for several years help me to describe the rough camp higher up the mountain. I knew that all of them would like to see it, but our time did not permit it. It was much too late in the day to make the trek by horseback and motorized vehicles are not part of my plans for the pristine area.
    Everyone was excited when I told them of my thoughts and plans for the ranch. I told them that we would add six more rustic barracks to the upper camp. A larger and more modern kitchen would be the first building to be erected and finished. An extra large latrine would be built, complete with communal showers and flush style toilets.
    A large septic system would be installed, away from the creek to deal with all of the sewage waste. I anticipated housing for five hundred boys plus staff. The big obstacle would be the fact that I would allow no trucks on the mountain. Roddy was skeptical. Cory reminded him that I was dad and that I could do anything.
    Nolan drove us along the ridge on our return from our tour of the forest and our refreshing swim. I asked him to stop when we reached the best view of the ranch house and building complex. I pointed to the semi-circle of buildings to the east of the large house. One long building faced off away from us so I told my tour group that this was the stables and pointed to the fenced corral attached to it.
    To either side of the stables building, and, set at and oblique angle, were two very long buildings, each two stories tall. Set to the ends of those, and again at an oblique angle, were two single story structures. Those five buildings formed a semi-circle around a low and long building. I started with my description of that building first. That was the Chuck House where all of the daily meals were prepared for the ranch hands and the guests of the ranch.
    The single story building to the north contained a very well stocked dispensary with ten emergency beds. Ugitsiha asked what kind of emergencies occurred. Nolan told her that during round up each year that there had been many broken bones and minor injuries, especially amongst the younger boys. I waited for it, but it never came. I suppose that RD, and maybe Chrisy, were the only ones not actually used to seeing young boys tending to live stock. At least no one questioned the practice. I wondered how the state was going to react to that fact. The rest of that building was taken up with offices for the administration of the business end of the ranch, a job which Mavis had long taken upon herself.
    The single story building to the south housed ten private sleeping quarters for the adults that came to work, not play. There were three school teachers that worked the ranch every spring and fall to educate the youngsters. The upper floors of the two story buildings provided housing space for sixty boys each—classrooms were located on the first floor of those buildings.
    I had not discussed with Nolan any of my plans for the ranch when I was there the day before with Paul, Phil, and Luke. He sat twisted in the driver's seat of the cart as he listened to me. He would often give a low whistle, which Roddy quickly emulated. Before long the two of them were trying to see who could bring the most boulders down off of the mountain with there loudest whistle.
    Cory wanted to do a quick walkthrough the taller of the buildings to see if they were structurally sound enough to do what I wanted. I was pleased to have the engineer in him take on a challenge in my presence—it also gave us a few moments for us to get into some serious tonsil hockey away from everyone else. Not that anyone would mind. Chrisy was the only true single one amongst us, Roddy doesn't count there because of his age.

    There was an ambulance backed up to the front of the house when we returned. Bodaway stepped up to me with tears in his eyes as he told me that Miz. May wouldn't wake up after her nap. Nolan returned to bid us farewell. He told us that Mavis did not look well. He told me that he was needed inside to protect her desire to not leave the ranch. She wanted to die in her own bed. I looked at him…he nodded. I said a silent prayer for my new benefactor and once we were airborne all us joined hands and praised Our Lord for her long and fruitful life.
    As everyone stepped off of the helicopter Andy came up to me with a smile on his face and a leer on his lips. "Is there something between you and Cory?" he asked me. Cory looked at him with a questioning look.
    "Well, if you must know…I kinda push him away with ten and a half inches of hot meat, but he is closing the gap with his impressive nine and a quarter incher. Why do you ask?" I responded.
    "This note was found on the floor under the table where we held the planning meeting over lunch today." He handed me a small piece of paper with this neatly printed lines of verse on it: "Peter, Peter, my sweet peter eater. Sucks my cock 'til it is dry. When he can get no more he begins to cry. Peter, Peter, my sweet peter eater; I'll love him until the day that I die."
    "Do you still carry a torch for Mr. Engblom?"
    "Andy, I will always love Pete. He is the first man that I found after Charley died. I hold that man in the highest esteem, but it is my core man that has my heart. Cory and I are life partners, that means forever. We both love our wives and our children fill our hearts with love at the very thought of them. I have so much love in me that a little spills out on all of my boys and my friends. But I did not write that poem."
    Andy giggled at me as we stopped to think who had been at our power lunch. Randy Hobbs and Todd Henderson had dazzled us with a brilliant adaption of a program that Ryan Miller had written for our FOSSEC powered machines in use around the world.
    Eddy Dickson had been seated across the table from me. A quick check of some of his written work and it was determined that the neat hand that had penned the love note belonged to our love struck young electrical engineer. There is always something happening in fairyland.

    Jordan Medvescek and Ellis Cogan were waiting by the gate with two new boys to the school. Jordan told me that Keith had come to him during lunch and asked personal questions about the rumors that he and Ellis were gay. After a half hour of lunch and questions Keith knew what he should do.
    The name Keith Hall struck a cord with me. Keith Hall is the name of the man that is making love to Tiny. I asked and learned that what my instincts were telling me was true. Keith is the son of the elder Keith Hall's brother; he is the nephew of the lover of my first love. Tiny and I only had our torrid love affair for a few weeks when we were fifteen years old. He came back into my life and brought his look alike son with him.
    Billy is a beautiful boy. He is a great student and a friend to the entire family. I wondered if this young man would be as great as his uncle's lover's son.
    Jordan had told me that Josh Wade and Keith Hall had only recently discovered one another and that they were already getting sharp looks from the other kids at their school. I interviewed the two boys Thursday after school.
    I listened to their story and could quickly see how much in love the two of them are. I asked them to set up an interview time with their parents so we could discuss their attending the school. Josh lives alone with his divorced mother and felt that he needed to stay with her to protect her.
    After my interview with Mrs. Nash, Josh's mother, I had a different feeling from what Josh wanted and what she wanted. Mrs. Nash loves her husband. Her husband's sons molested Josh for several years when he was very small and she sent the man packing. The two sons are in prison for their actions and Mr. Nash wants his wife to return to him. She will not do it as long as Josh is living with her. She has put her life on hold to protect her son.
    I had her and Josh hold hands as I looked her in the eye and asked her if she knew that Josh was safe and out of harms way would she return to life with her husband. Of course she cried and told Josh that she only wanted what was best for him. It did get a little mushy, but in the end Josh felt that living in the dormitory at school would give his mother the freedom that she deserved. He told her that he had never realized the sacrifice that she was making for him. After hugs all around Josh was enrolled as a boarding student at BAW.
    It was no major decision for Keith to make, he has to be wherever his precious Joshy is. He is an only child and lives at home with his mother and father. They are very supporting of their football playing hero. They had hoped to see Keith develop his skills on the gridiron. When I shared with the three of them BAW's impressive football record all of them were anxious for him to attend my school.

    Two other little fellows were waiting with their fathers in the parking lot of the school standing with them was Nate Burbank. Dwane Wern is quite a story teller himself. He has carried a torch for Alex Smith and it was only recently that he learned that fantasies do come true. Alex loved him too.
    It is a small world, sometimes I can't believe how small it actually is. It seems to be even smaller in the homosexual world of the boys of my area. Young Nate had come to us when we returned from our honeymoons and summer trips the year before. He had tried life on the streets, but nearly starved to death. He had walked into Tomes of Time with the last bit of his strength. Clara told me that the frail boy had eaten two cheeseburger, with fries, and had two re-fills on his large coke. I helped him with his sugar spike by having Clara serve us each a slice of fresh, hot apple pie ala mode.
    Dwane was telling all of those gathered around to greet the new boys about how he and Nate had been the best of buds when they grew up across the street from one another. Then Dwane got sad and told Nate how much he had missed him when he moved away. Dwane is going to be a real challenge to our teachers at the school. If you have read What Movies then you know that this boy "don't talk so good". His grammar is horrid, and his grasp of basics in communication are in need of… direction?
    Nate's parents had gotten a divorce and his mother moved away. Nate tried to make it living alone with his father, but the boy's action caused the dad to suspect that his son was gay. They argued and Nate found himself sitting on the front step of his mother's apartment. She had a boyfriend that did not care for the prissy sissy and told him so. The final straw came when Nate went with the boyfriend into a public restroom at the mall where they were shopping with Nate's mother. Nate not only leaned forward to check out the boyfriend's goods, but he also was caught looking at other men and boys.
    Nate did the only thing that a scared thirteen year old boy can think of doing, he ran away. I shared with him about the school then went with him to talk to his parents. His mother wanted nothing to do with a queer that likes to look at boys pissing.
    I tried to arrange a meeting with Mr. Burbank. He had no comment. However, he did sign all of the papers allowing Nate to attend BAW. He also relinquished all parental rights. I was hurt for the boy. It is a tale that I hear all too often. Sometimes I think that parents should be made to raise a robot child before they are allowed to parent a real kid. When a parent can not love their child unconditionally then there is something wrong with the parent.

    Monday evening my listed telephone rang in my office. I was lining up my ducks and eggs, but I had anticipated, and dreaded, the call. Mavis passed at six thirty eight on the seventh day of September, 2009. The comfort came in knowing that the lady had lived a very full life. She had done as she pleased. She was proud and respected. I will be forever grateful to her for her generosity and I will honor her legacy. I will see that her six little boys are kept well, fed well, and educated to the best of my ability.

    Tuesday morning Ron Cook sat down at the table to join the early risers in a hot breakfast. He had to drop his new son off for school, but I had called him Monday night and asked him and Normy to take a trip to my new ranch. Normy was excited to be taking his first flight and it was going to be on a helicopter.
    Cory walked in with Roddy on his shoulders. That is no easy feat any longer. The boy is growing very fast, He turned twelve in July and now weighs a hefty ninety two pounds. Both of my Indian boys were dressed in deer skin pants with hard sole moccasins that Roddy had made for them. I asked Roddy why he wasn't dressed for school.
    "Cause, daddy, I am going to that mountain camp with you and uncle Cory."
    "Cory, this is the first day of school. You have classes today."
    "Yes, but this is Tuesday. My first class isn't until one and it is a lab. We are supposed to lay out our plans for the semester. Like you told me one time, "The first part of mechanical engineering focuses on quite a bit of architectural engineering, the two fields are closely related and a good engineer needs to be able to build bridges to accomplish his task. So I called Professor Palmer last night and told him that I had a chance to get in on the ground floor of a large construction project that would give me a better sense of architectural engineering aspects. Old man Palmer was happy to allow me to skip today's class so that I could start at once on my project for this semester."
    "I see. You want to go horseback riding in the mountains and decided to use my new pet project as a vehicle to get you out of a sweltering classroom for the day. If you play your cards right you might be able to miss several classes as you do field work for your lab." Cory was laughing as I pulled him to me for a tight hug followed by a kiss.
    "Now for you, young man…"
    "Daddy, I have to go with you to protect you from those six savages," Roddy reasoned.
    "Rod, those boys are Chiricahua Apache. That tribal group is noted as having the most brutal and fierce warriors ever."
    "Yeah, see? You realize that you need a real fighter to protect you." I can't argue with his logic and I did look forward to riding through the forest with my little naturist. Who knows what kind of wild food he will find?"

    At seven sharp we lifted off with Ron's favorite architect and two surveyors on board. We circled the ranch so that the men could see the camp high up the mountain. None of them had ever repelled before and starting them from a chopper was not a good idea. A few gigabytes were locked into five digital cameras as we tried to get aerial pictures from every angle possible.
    We landed near the housing area and stables. Nolan had six little boys all pressed and dressed and turned out for their trip to town and a new school and way of life. I gathered them about me and told them that I could use their help for a few hours then we would all fly to the school together. They seemed a little disappointed because they wanted to fly in the large black helicopter with the large FI painted on its side. I told them I needed them as guides to show the men with me the mountain camp.
    Nolan knows men. While I talked to the boys he led the group to a table laid out with donuts and coffee then led them off for a quick tour of the buildings. The boys made a mad dash to their luggage to put on jeans and boots for a ride up the mountain. I quickly poured myself a cup of coffee and ask where the donuts came from. Nolan told me that the boys were excellent cooks. There are not very many amenities available so far out of town. I looked at six naked boi butts as they removed their school clothes and put on boots and jeans. 'These boys are a rare treasure,' I thought to myself. Six more horses were brought out, all sans saddle. Our transportation was ready for us when the men returned.
    I rode to the rear as Nolan led our convoy up the trail to the mountain retreat. I had to chuckle to myself several times as I stared at the architect sitting his horse in front of me. The man carried a good eighty pounds of extra weight around his middle. He was having difficulty with breathing at this medium altitude, but none of that was funny. What I did find humourous was the way that he waddled back and forth and from side to side. He seemed in no danger of falling from his steed as he put on a show for me and the boys that rode close to me.
    Once we reached the cliff everyone relaxed. It is a fairly steep climb to that point and sometimes the trail seems to disappear into a nothingness. We sat atop our horses as we drank deeply from our canteens. One of the best benefits of the ranch so far is my discovery of the pure water. Nolan and Festus had laid a pipeline down from a cold water spring above the main house. Over the years that line has been replaced with a two inch ID PVC line that feeds the six buildings and kitchen as well as the house.

    Nolan skirted the camp and rode directly up the trail to the old swimming hole. It was not yet ten o'clock, but the summer heat was not letting up in the least. While it is much cooler on the mountain than back at the house, it was still hot enough for a swim. :-)
    OMG!! don't catch the glare off of a pale, pasty white ass of a fat man when you are in the middle of a dive off of a rock cliff. I lost my breath and almost wasn't able to get back to the surface of the water before I drowned. Of course I was also laughing very hard which didn't help matters.
    We refilled our canteens at one of the fresh water springs from the cliffs on the eastside that feed the small lake then remounted our horses. "Gvnigetsuli says that you are an Indian chief. Your hair is like the sun, how can that be?"
    "I am of the bloodline of the chiefs. Yonv Gadoga is the next in line to be chief."
    "His hair is the color of the mouse." When the boys join my household we will have time to do a genealogy work up, for the time being I tried to communicate on the level of teenager.
    "It is also the color of a brown bear. His name means standing bear. You know that when a bear stands tall it is ready to fight. Yonv Gadoga is a strong warrior and he will lead his people with power and strength." The boys seemed to be impressed. They went into the own language as they seemed to study Cory.
    I wanted to point out the waterfall to the guys. None of them could actually do the work that I had in mind, but I wanted to run my idea across their brains for a reaction.
    They all agreed that my idea was sound in principal, but I would need a very good engineer to work out the logistics of setting a water turbine in the flow of water to generate enough electricity to power the entire ranch. I squeezed Cory's hand. He gripped mine and turned to look me in the eye.
    "There's your project for the rest of your days in college. You might even use this as a basis for your Master's of Science degree." He turned to hug me. I love my Cory man very much.
    We spent the rest of the day crawling through the barracks then we returned to the barracks below. Their final opinion coincided with mine. We would have to tear the wooden barracks at the camp down and start from scratch. The buildings could never conform to the present code standards to house anyone, let alone students.
    The lower barracks needed to be gutted and completely redone with plumbing and electric service to national code. Fat architect told me that the stables would have to be moved away from the housing block, too much danger of the nasty horses making the boys sick. I would see about that one.
    The other three buildings are history. They did not lend themselves to any model to remodel. I need more bed space and a place to feed my students so that was a no brainer.
    We managed to return home before dinner time. Cory and Roddy introduced our six new students then they had to share all that they had seen with the other boys—who of course envied them. I sat back and fielded four hundred questions from each of the boys.

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