Chapter 108


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The three of us lay on Cullen's bed. He had been shopping with his mother all day and had a heavy load which Tomos and I enjoyed taking from him. He is just too damn small and cute to have to carry all of that around with him. His balls will soon hang below his knees if concerted measures are not taken to remove all ECB twice a day, if not more often.
    We were nursing in a triangle arrangement with Cullen doing his best at making sure that Tomos did not start an ECB to quickly. Tomos has amazed me. The little fag boy is a veritable cum fountain with an unending supply. I had him twice in the car then once in the shower, which I shared with Cullen. I fucked Cullen in his Royal ass after he complained of his itch. He was in a hot sixty nine with Tomos who had never had that view before and it turned him on. Tomos and I had to get down while Cullen plowed him then we had our three way. All in all the boy had produced six loads in almost six hours, and he was still hard.
    Tinkly bells filled the house with the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from Puccini's Opera, The Nut Cracker Suite. "I am so going to kill her." Cullen yelled as he grabbed a pair of cotton pants and slipped on a pull over flannel shirt. He had lain out similar clothing for Tomos to wear to dinner when he first came home. I donned the same type of attire, but I was slow because I had to dig in my suitcase for my slippers. We entered the small breakfast area at the edge of the kitchen to find a simple meal of barely soup and cold cuts laid out. Some cold cuts, slices of baked ham and rare roast beef, as well as thin slices of lamb and a mystery meat that I didn't ask about, were arranged on a platter. The cheeses were abundant, but no Wisconsin Cheddar was on the large platter. There were assorted veggies, most of which I could identify and I liked.
    I was hungry and was drooling when El smiled at us. Cullen stalked up to her, "How's my little fairy prince?"
    "Mother, I will never come back here if you keep this up. She has been like this all day long. You should have seen her at Sotheby's. She bleedin' bid a half a million quid on a painting of two boys kissing. She said it reminded her of her little fairy prince. At Selfridges she holds up a pair of real tiny bikini underwear and asked me if I wanted to play Tinker Bell for you. She's bleedin wacko, she is."
    "Tinker bell was a girl fairy," I said to no one in particular.
    "Ah yes, and she was in love with Peter Pan. I believe you once showed us your Peter Pan costume." Cullen ran around the table to pat his dad on the back as the man choked on his food. I guess the image of me wearing nothing, but a pie pan was too much for him while eating. My dear sweet sister had to carry on as she explained to Tomos about my costume at the Halloween party the previous year. Tomos and Cullen had tears running down their sweet faces, well actually all of us did, El is quite a story teller.
    "Okay look, here's the way it is. I am a mother who has high hopes and dreams for her only child. My child did not ask to be a homosexual, how do you yanks say it, gay? Cullen didn't ask for that life. Cullen has shown that part of himself to me since he was nearly four years old. You may think that is a little young, but a mother sees these things. Oh Cullen played with boy toys and played boy games, but he played them a bit differently. Don't ask me to describe it, it was there and I could see it, although I never let on.
    "I guess he was almost eleven when his father and I sat down and discussed it. Of course we worried if we had made our son that way. We had sheltered and pampered him, probably more than we should have, but we knew that when his great grandfather learned of his existence he would be in danger. Should he learn that his great grandson is a fag it would go all the worse. We sought advise and learned that science now believes that homosexuality is a genetic trait from some dormant gene that gets all confused on gender identity."
    I shut her up when I placed my hand over her mouth. "I am rambling, aren't I?"
    "No, you're rationalizing your own inadequacies." Ouch, that hurt her. She glared a hole clean through me as she spun on her heal and ladled up a bowl of soup.
    She dropped the ladle and looked at me. Her eyes softened, "Could dad have carried that gene?" The conversation was getting to be too much for me. I just walked away and went up to Cullen's suite. I filled the large hot tub and set the jets on high. I parked myself down in the extra hot water and tried to melt my body away. I love Eloise, but I have never had anyone talk like that around me. She was trying to lay blame for her brother and her son being gay. I could not, would not listen to her besmirch the name of my father which I only barely knew and she didn't know at all.
    I thought I heard the boys slipping in, but when I looked up Eloise was sitting on the toilet clutching a hanky and dabbing at her eyes. "I am such an old busybody. I am so sorry. My oldest and dearest friend in the whole world is torn apart and completely humiliated by her son and what he has done.
    "I have been sitting with Agnes, daily, for the past three weeks. Ever since Cullen called me to tell me what had happened. He was destroyed by that boy's actions and so was Agnes. I have been trying to rationalize everything for her and it just sort of got under my skin. I have hurt two people that I truly love tonight and I don't know how to ask for forgiveness."
    "Oh I think that you are doing a pretty good job of it."
    "Thanks, now if I can just get Cullen to talk to me."
    "He's young, he'll bounce back quickly."
    "He better, he just took off running up the road. His father and Tomos are out looking for him now."
    "Turn your back, I have to go." I climbed out of the water and grabbed a towel. I threw my clothes on and was down the stairs in a flash. I had no clue which direction to turn. I let instinct or whatever is in me, my boy radar, take over and I began to walk.
    Fifty yards away I passed a short hedgerow. "My mother hates me doesn't she?" I followed the sound of his sniffles and walked over to sit on the cold ground with him. Don't ever let anyone fool you, the wind coming up the cliffs from the North Atlantic in late December are blistering cold. Neither of us had a coat or socks on, plus the fact that I did not take the time to dry off properly. Cullen moved against me for warmth. I needed his warmth more than he needed mine.
    "She doesn't hate you. Everything she said is your fault though."
    He remained silent as he sniffled some more. Several minutes passed by, "I know."
    "No, I don't believe you do. Did you call her and tell her about Cecil?"
    Cullen jumped to his knees, "Is that what this is all about?"
    "I guess Agnes answered and you told her about him then you told your mother. The two women have been crying for three weeks. You destroyed Agnes, Your Royal Hinney. You really showed your own family what an ass hole you can be.
    "Cecil made a mistake, okay, a big mistake. But it was Cecil's to deal with. You have prevented that. You may have put the boy in serious jeopardy. You sure did a number on his mother. Your mother and Agnes have a very long history. What one feels the other feels also.
    "So how are you going to fix it, King ass hole?"
    "You're a heartless sot aren't you?" He put his arms around me. We got up and walked back to the house. Half way there we met Dukey and Tomos.
    "I'm sorry, da. I shouldn't have run off. I had to think. You and mum must hate me to death," he sniffled again.
    Dukey grabbed his son from me and held him face to face, "I will never hate you, son. Your mother is hurt because of what you told her about Cecil. Well, I guess it is the way you told her. It is your mother and Agnes that are having trouble here, not you and me. Your mother has no problem with you either. She has been in a frump for weeks now because Agnes is. I think that you are the only one who can fix that."
    I had my arm around Tomos as father and son led the way back to the house. They went out to the kitchen while Tomos and I went up to bed. A few minutes later Cullen came in with a cart that had a tureen of soup and the platter of cold cuts, along with two kinds of bread, plus condiments. "You need to eat. You have sugar problems and I don't want you sick. I have already done enough damage to my family and I won't let anything happen to you too."
    We opened the heavy drapes and sat by the long wall of doors looking out over the ocean. We sat in silence as we ate our soup and watched the moon play across the waves. "There'll be a storm tomorrow. Those waves are churning high." Tomos knows the area so I did not question him. We left the cart and leftover food and crawled in bed together. Both boys wanted my arm around them so I took the middle, the good spot.

    My wake up call was Tomos humping my hip and shooting his copious load across my groin. I heard Royal giggles as Tomos awakened and realized what he had done. Cullen ran past my line of sight and was back in seconds with a warm rag. He slapped Tomos on the butt and told him to hit the showers the he sat down and washed me up. He kept my package covered and it was then that I awakened to the fact that there was a very young, and very cute guy standing at the foot of my bed. He was wearing the uniform of Foss International Security and bore the badge of the British division. His smile was wide and his eyes were glued to my lower parts, which were now very upright.
    "Communique for you sir, marked MOST URGENT and EYES ONLY. I am to await a reply." I looked at the clock, damn it was eleven in the freaking morning, only four o'clock in Arizona. I wanted to sleep for three more hours, fucking jet lag. I took the sealed folder and followed ten inches of wood to the toilet. Cullen's bath has the toilets in an enclosed room, total privacy, and no gas attacks on anyone foolish enough to enter the bathroom when someone is on the porcelain throne.
    With a towel around my waist I walked back into the bedroom Cullen was in the shower and Tomos was dressing. "You are to await an answer? Who gave that order?"
    "Tom Bradley, sir. He's the station chief."
    "I know Tom. You tell him that I will see him this afternoon." Cullen came into to the room waving his goods to and fro as he walked. The young guard filled out his tight fitting trousers nicely. He looked at me and blushed. "We always like to hire young men who like hot male bodies. You qualify," I told him. He blushed a deeper red.
    "I like them a wee bit older as a rule," he told me.
    My towel accidently fell to the floor. I stepped forward and groped his wooden stick. It had a nice feel to it. "You qualify." He grinned and left.

    "You let me sleep late, thanks," I kissed Cullen good morning.
    "Well I had to mend my fences. That's what Chuck told me that cowboys say when they fuck up."
    "So are all of the holes closed?"
    "I think mum is on the mend and Aggy is gonna come round. Her blighter blew it and she is a bit off her tea right now."
    "Where is Cecil?"
    "He is with his father. I don't know any more than that." I would find out later in the day. I have an appointment with the powerful banker.

    I walked into the kitchen and found El talking with Agnes. Both women seemed in good spirits. El looked up and came to me, "Chris, about last…"
    "It is so cool having a sister to fight with. I never had one before, not that I knew about or was nearby. I think I like making my sister sweat the small shit. We have no problems, least wise not on my part."
    "Nor mine." We embraced in a family type hug. I walked over to Agnes and hugged her.
    "Sir, I am so sorry…"
    "What, did you forget to make my coffee?" She started then looked at me with a smile on her face. She poured me my first cuppa. I took a long drink and looked at everybody in the room. "One time then it is done between us. Cecil is the only one responsible for his actions. I believe that he knows that and has now accepted it. He is going to stay home with you until late summer then we will see how he is doing. Until then we will all go about our lives as usual and quit trying to lay blame, especially on ourselves. Let Cecil accept the blame and don't give him a way out."
    I walked over to the stove and lifted a cover from a skillet full of English sausages. "I'm starved." Agnes quickly broke six eggs in a skillet and fixed breakfast for me and Tomos.

    My brother-in-law offered me the use of his little car again. I declined. I was diplomatic about it as I told him that I did not know my way around London and I like to drive on the wrong side of the road. He saw through that, but accepted it. He took the boys and me to the train and waved us off.
    Phil Russell met us in London. We took the boys to his house in town. He now lives at his own country estate, but he and his family had come to stay in town for the week to shop and see in the new year. I was glad because Cullen could get to see more of his old chums as well as Jason. I also know that Tomos would like to meat several of them, he's a fag after my own heart.
    After we dropped the boys off Phil took me to the bank where we transferred a half a ton of money and stock to one another. After we finished our business I asked Phil if I could speak to the banker alone for a minute. I inquired of Cecil. His father is fit to be tied. I asked him to give the boy some slack. I told him how things had been at the private school where he had sent his son. He confessed that they were the same way when he was a boy there, but he outgrew that part of his life. I asked him if he was sure that Cecil wouldn't also outgrow it. I know he won't, he is a full blown homo, but his dad can hope and I tried to encourage that hope. He agreed that only time would tell. He did want to have a grandson. He had not been a good father, but maybe he could spoil a grandchild properly. We shook hands as we agreed to keep an open mind and watch Cecil. I told him that Cecil would be welcome back at my house the following summer, if all things went well.
    I joined Phil in the reception area and we concluded our business. I was now a major share holder in the Wild Boys. I wanted to hurry home and share their young boi bodies for awhile, but first I had to go see Tom Bradley. He had a car and driver waiting for me outside of the bank. I bid adieu to Phil and promised to be on time for dinner.
    Tom's communications center is, but a shadow of what most FI offices have, but then no one liked the location of our London office. Better facilities were being sought, but were very scarce. We are not worried about the exorbitant rent, but we do have to have a secure location. The current location was located in a well known gay section of town and I am sure that the staff found that little perk to their liking. When I arrived Tom was entertaining a very cute young and hung which he assured me was of the legal age of sixteen. The lad's nuts had not dropped, his skinny four inch cock looked more like a thin cigar and he was totally hairless. I wasn't there to sit in judgement, although I did caution our number one man in the country to exercise caution. He represents our business in the country and we don't need a scandal.
    I was led into a room at the very center of the building. The ceiling was lowered by two feet, which I knew from experience was filled with soundproofing and anti-snooping equipment. The room was so soundproof that I could hear my heart beat. As I sat back and relaxed I could hear Tom's heart beat
    When Tom started the recording that he had for me it was almost deafening. It took a moment for my brain to adjust and then I asked him to start the tape again. I watched the monitors that gave us the signature of the sound and compared it to known voices in our files. I authorized an inquiry at once.
    Raphael had managed to get to a telephone and alert his underlings of his transfer. He informed them that he was going to join Dimitri who everyone thought to be in hiding. He ordered a hit on the Wild Boys with an extra bonus if they could also get Cullen. He was sure that Cullen was hiding with the band as he had been seen in their company more than once.
    The next tape rattled my cage. A voice, that we had yet to identify exactly, had been calling Jason and Phil trying to arrange for the band to play at a private party. Jason had gone so far as to tell the caller that the band had an overseas gig at the same time and would not be available. The overseas gig was to take place the first week of March. I have been doing the preparations work for the band to play at the Grand Canyon that week. I was just glad that Jason did not tell the caller where they were playing.
    Next Tom overlaid the voice print from the person to whom Raphael had been speaking with onto the voice print of the booking agent, they were identical. Tom showed me a set of surveillance photos of the booking agent who was being carefully watched since his first call six months earlier. When Raphael had called the previous evening Tom knew that I would want to know about it. He had sent a courier to me that morning with pictures and a synopsis of the situation. I ordered a constant watch put on the Wild Boys, all of them.
    I ordered around the clock monitoring of the boys' phones. As in America, I could not monitor the home phones without a court order. I knew that I could get Phil's permission for that one. I did. Tom set up monitoring equipment that only listens to a pre-programmed voice pattern. If any of our known adversaries called the house that call would be recorded. No other calls would be listened in on or recorded. All calls to the boys' cell phones would be monitored and checked for known voice prints and all of their calls would be recorded. After careful scrutiny those recordings would be erased if nothing was found that posed a threat to the lads.
    Now we only had to figure out how to keep someone close enough to have an eyeball on them. That was Tom's job and I had other things to do with my holiday trip. I was upset with myself in that I had put these sweet young and hungs in jeopardy in the first place. It was my fault that they were exposed with Cullen the previous Christmas holiday season.
    My mistake was creating extra work for a lot of people. I offered to pay Andy for the service that I had ordered on the boys, but he waved me away. He told me that he wished he could get a piece of Gary and Liam. Well he wouldn't run any of them off, but those two run more to Andy's taste. Kyle was the first boy that I have seen Andy take an interest in, Kyle is so full of steroids that he isn't much of a boy, except in his youthful face.

    Tom had a different driver waiting for me as I left the office. At the curb sat a new 2007 Bentley Carnage Rl. I checked my laptop as we wiggled through the heavy traffic. The car lists out at a mere $263,990, plus options. I was enjoying the option of the soft leather massage seat and the 160 watt Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound, with sub woofer. Dang, I could get to like a car like that. I was almost disappointed when we pulled up to the Russell house. I wanted to just sit back and sleep. That is until Jason and Cullen pulled my car door open and Jason laid a big slobbery kiss on me.
    The boys giggled. They had planned to attack me with their wet kisses, but Jason was the only one to succeed. I was led up to Jason's extra cool music studio in the attic of the house. I marveled at the equipment the boy had. He had a total sound studio with more capability than a lot of professional studios I have seen. It was complete with a twenty five foot echo chamber. That one he would have to explain to me, later.
    He also had the finest decorations of any studio I have ever been in. Gary, Steve, Chris, and a boy named Basil that I had never met, were as bare assed naked as Tomos, and he was hard as a rock. Cullen and Jason quickly stripped down to the bare essentials, the hair they grew themselves. I believe it was the movie star Burt Reynolds that said that after he bared all for a magazine center fold.
    The boys gathered at their instruments and began to play. I am not into their style of music which tends to lend more to what I call techno. I don't know if that is a style or a correct name, but there is no recognizable music that I can sing along with.
    Cullen played a keyboard and was doing a nice job of it. Basil needed to practice with them for awhile to mesh with them better and not try to be the soloist.
    Tomos was on a bass guitar and working hard at it. He had to watch Gary so that he could get the correct cords, but he was quick and the delay was not noticeable to my untrained ear. Cullen and Tomos stepped over in front of me and the band broke out into some of my personal favorites. They did a great job of some of Queens greatest songs.
    Tomos stepped closer as the band backed him up with Freddie Mercury's: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy: released May 20, 1997.
I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things
We can do the tango just for two
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings
Be your valentino just for you

Ooh love - ooh loverboy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy
Set my alarm, turn on my charm
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy

Ooh let me feel your heartbeat (Grow faster, faster)
Ooh ooh can you feel my love heat
Come on and sit on my hot-seat of love
And tell me how do you feel right after-all
I'd like for you and I to go romancing
Say the word - your wish is my command

Ooh love - ooh loverboy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy
Write my letter
Feel much better
And use my fancy patter on the telephone
When I'm not with you
I think of you always
(I miss those long hot summer nights)
I miss you
When I'm not with you
Think of me always
Love you - love you

Hey boy where do you get it from
Hey boy where did you go ?
I learned my passion in the good old
Fashioned school of lover boys

Dining at the Ritz we'll meet at nine precisely
One two three four five six seven eight nine o' clock
I will pay the bill, you taste the wine
Driving back in style, in my saloon will do quite nicely
Just take me back to yours that will be fine (Come on and get it)

Ooh love, (There he goes again just like a good old-fashioned lover boy)
Ooh lover boy
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy
Everything's all right
Just hold on tight
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy
    I can remember the reaction I had to that song the first time I heard it. I was visiting in Bull's dorm room making wild passionate with him. We both stopped and listened to the words. For months afterwards we referred to each other as our Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. I went out the next day and bought the LP vinyl album. I had to leave it with Bull because I played it so much that Charley threatened to shove it up my ass. It was not the right shape.
    This time the reaction I had was even more intense. These boys had just played that song for me, each and every one of them put their hearts into their performance. I was moved to tears. One of those sweet faced British boys that I love so dearly came up to me. "'Ey Gov, I would like to know what a ten inch cock would feel like up me bum. We drew lots and I get to go at ya first." Basil giggled and wiggled a tight bubble butt at me. I knew that no matter what I did I was in for a full night of boy fucking, and here was a boy begging for a ride on my meaty pony.
    Cullen slipped up to me, "It's all okay unc, it's been arranged. We are all staying up here all night long, with the door locked. Pizza and salad will be here at five and Gary fixed us a big cake and they have ice cream to serve later. The fridge is full of soda and Phil bought you your coffee, you just need to show us how to make it." He kissed me and slid the head of my cock in his ass. The boys in the band wanted to see how big his hole was so he bent over and spread his cheeks. Each boy got a very close look.
    With that Steve and Chris said their good nights and walked away. Chris kept his eyes on me all the way across the room. I blew him a kiss and he didn't react as I thought that he would, he winked at me and air kissed me back. I would be up in that boy yet. I just need to bide my time. I wouldn't see him again on this trip, but they will be in the USA in late February.
    I didn't want to ask ages. I know that Jason is very underage. I believe that Gary has just turned sixteen if not his birthday is almost on him. Basil has to be fourteen or so. Phil knows what is going on and from our conversation earlier I don't think he minds too much. He told me that the boys are old enough and smart enough to know what they want. He knew that I would not force them. I wondered if they knew how much money I put into their bank account that morning, maybe this was their way of saying thanks.
    I learned that Basil was the third member of their trio when Jason and Cullen were much younger. I let him lead me over to Gary's bed. Gary and Jason enjoy having sex with other boys in the room. They usually don't mix it up, but they get off watching and being watched. I can identify with that. My boys like to have open, group sex about once a month of so. Gary purchased a fifteen foot long by eight foot wide piece of memory foam twelve inches thick. They had covered it with layers of overlapping sheets and plenty of blankets and pillows. We were in attic in mid winter so I figured that we might get cold after we got through being hot for each other.
    I always introduce myself to a new boy with the same technique and Basil was no different. He had been told what to expect and he fell back on the bed with his hands locked together as he held his thin boy thighs tight to his chest. His anus was just slightly spread more than a virgin pucker hole would be so it was obvious that he had been had before. I dove in for my first taste of the boy and my tongue was sucked up in his hungry ass which was full of cum.
    Tomos giggled, "I was in there earlier. I am liking this new me that you found. I never did it to nobody afore you, but now I know that I am a poof." Gary laughed at him and pulled him over to suck face. In no time at all Tomos had his feet reaching for the ceiling as Gary's ass blurred from his fast motion. I love to watch boys fuck and I got distracted from what I had before me.

    Phil and I sat a the breakfast table enjoying our favorite coffees. His is Kenco Rich Roast, a British coffee. Jason had brought down a fresh pot of Folger's that Cullen had helped him make for me. Phil wanted to know how the trials had ended and what I was going to do now. I told him the first thing that we needed to do was to get the band to the USA and let them perform the concert they had been working on. That is when I learned that there are more members of the band, but that they are away with their families until school starts back on Wednesday of the following week.
    "Yeah, you're gonna love to meat Callum. He can't believe you got such a big…" A look from Phil shut him up. He ducked his head because he knew that he had said too much.
    I had given Phil a stack of forms to fill out after we left the bank. He pushed them across the table to me. I looked through them to be sure that everything had been filled in. There was only one place where Phil had missed putting his initials in the proper place. I wasn't going to take a chance with these forms, we needed them to get the permits to play in a National Park, the Grand Canyon. I had a courier come over and pick the forms up and send them straight back to Arizona where Bull could take care of everything. He earns about a quarter of a million dollars from me each year and he works for every penny of it. He is a great guy. I wonder about the two of us in college. I am doing that more and more. I don't like what ifs, but then I am doing it. Bull and JC were good for each other in their day. Now Bull is happy with Billy, he is a great boy and the two of them deserve the happiness they have. JC has Kenneth Thomas, he is much happier with an older man. Kenneth is seven years his senior, four years older than I am.

    There are a few things that make me anxious, one of them is cruising through le tunnel sous la Manche—also known as the Chunnel, the underwater tunnel between England and France—at fifty clicks and hour.—clicks; slang for kilometers—I had an appointment with an old friend in Calais on the north coast of France. Knowing that I had one hundred a fifty feet of water over my head and I had to traverse twenty three miles of road under that water was not good for my nervous system. I set the seat massage on high and tried to take a nap, but my eyes were glued to the roof of the tunnel seeking any sign of water seeping in. I have no idea what I could do about it if I had seen a leak. My thoughts raced to all of those people that were killed in another French tunnel in the recent past. A truck caught fire deep inside the mountain tunnel and the smoke killed people in their cars.
    I turned on a tape of the boys singing to me the night before. I let the memory of their naked bodies swaying before me as they called me their lover boy lift my spirit. We were through the tunnel and I had a raging erection in my pants with no means of taking matters in hand.

    My driver delivered me dry and safe to the Hotel Meurice. I told him that I would be at least five hours maybe more. He told me that he had family there and had planned to spend what time he could with them. I took his cell phone number and told him to have a good day. I palmed him four fifty pound notes and told him to buy the family lunch somewhere nice.
    I walked up to the front desk and claimed my reservations for a conference suite under the name of Dickerson. I liked that because I like to dick her son, whoever her is, it's her son I want to dick, not her. Like Christopher William Dickerson, yummy. Excuse me, I got off of the subject. I was told that another member of my conference committee had already arrived and was waiting in the suite. I had expected and anticipated that. I had pre-paid the suite at the time I made the reservations and told the booking agent to admit anyone claiming to be with the conference.
    Never the less I was cautious. I had my gun in hand and stepped past the young bell boy to check the room. Athos lay on one of the sofas sound asleep. I turned to the young bell boy and grinned. He was probably twenty four-five, but he was a cute little French boy. I licked my lips and rearranged my crotch. His eyes were with my every move. I groped him and his cock quickly hardened in my hand. I handed him a five pound note with an apology for not having converted my money to Euros. He reached over and fondled me as his eyes widened. I told him that all of it could be seen as soon as he could take a break and get his pants off.
    Athos and I were sitting back in plush easy chairs when someone knocked on the door. The bell boy was back with a younger version of himself. "Please sir, this is my brother Peter. He saw you as you checked in and… well we kind of likes men and we wondered if maybe the two of us…"
    I wasn't sure if this was a setup or not, but Peter was cute as heck. The bell boy's name was Frank. He went over to Athos and the two of them began to kiss and fondle each other. In no time at all Frank was on his knees before Athos giving the old man head. The boy looked as if he was good at what he was doing.
    Well it was a set, up, but a good one. Athos and Frank have a history going back a number of years. Athos had placed the boys' family in Calais after they had some problems in England. Pete had never had sex with anyone, but his brother Frank. He had an opportunity with a school mate, but the fat kid was not all that good looking. He really thought that he would like for a grown man to be his first so that he could learn. Frank had told him how much he had learned with Athos, they had been seeing each other since he was thirteen.
    I looked at Athos. He nodded to me. I know that he had told me that he was caught with underage boys and had to leave England in a hurry. I wonder if Frank was that boy. From the look of the, now naked, old man with the naked boy on top of him in a hot sixty nine I thought it probably was.
    I led Pete over to another sofa and pulled the bed out. Sheets were already in place and Pete ran to the closet for pillows. I knelt and removed Pete's shoes. I stood and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His eyes were glued to mine and he moaned as my hands moved about his young chest and belly. He was firm, not well developed and not skinny, just soft young flesh covering the firm body of youth.
    He was anxious, I was busy molesting him. He opened my pants and held my cock in his hand, "Oh Franky, look at this bad boy." His voice was soft and dreamy. Frank looked over to see what Pete was talking about and he had to get up to come over and see.
    Athos told him, "Wait until you have that up that sweet arse of yours. He used to fuck me with that monster every night. I lived with him in the states when he was, but a lad and I can tell you that he is one good lover." He grabbed Frank and pulled him back to their sofa. I had taken a long look at Frank and he was no teeny weenie. I wonder if little brother has the same genes.
    I opened Pete's pants and pushed the back down to expose his firm butt. I had a globe in each hand as Pete moved forward to kiss me. I later learned that it was his first kiss, with anyone. If that were true he was a natural. The boy moved my soul with that kiss. His tongue is extra long and it snaked its way to places in my mouth that cocks have only touched before. The passion in his kiss raised his body heat to scalding. I pushed him lightly to lay on the bed. With his pants already below the curve of his spectacular butt, I had an easy task withdrawing both garments down his long boy legs.
    His lower legs were covered in a smattering of young boy hair while his thighs were absolutely smooth and devoid of even any peach fuzz. I stared at his amazing endowment. He was another young Christopher. His turgid cock was every bit of seven and a half inches long. His foreskin was slightly retracted showing about half of a huge plumb shaped head. Without fanfare I engulfed the lad's pride. He humped my mouth wildly and I knew he was moving to an end. I wanted to make it so much better for him so I got a finger up his ass and stroked his hardened butt nut. He shoved all of his cock into my mouth and fired a load that would make any boy proud. It sure made me happy.
    The young brothers provided us with extra firm company for a little more than an hour before they had to hurry home to help their mother. Athos and I had business to attend to too. Athos told me that the hotel was not the most secure place to be. I was a bit uneasy with that after having just fucked the living daylights out of a fifteen year old minor in a foreign country. Athos assured me that we were good on that, he had something else to share that we could not take any chances with. He had complete information on the location of the Sheik, his home, his finances, even his make and model of vehicle, with tag numbers.

    I walked hand in hand with the old man as we strolled along the edge of the surf on the white sandy beach of the English Channel. Athos's mind is still very sharp and he had everything I needed to know committed to memory. I memorized everything he told me. We could not chance putting any of this to paper until I was back home and could keep it secure. I hate to leave Andy out of the loop, but this was my project and I had no intention of involving any of my friends in it.
    Athos took offense to that. I told him that he would be better off not knowing the details of my plan. He told me that I could sit in a Turkish prison remembering that he could have protected me. I looked the old man in the eye. I had one ally that I really did need.
    At the time I only had pieces of a plan in my mind. I shared the overall idea with Athos who just stopped and took a deep breath. "My young friend, if you can pull that off you are a master with no equal."
    I had to share a favorite quote from the 17th century poet, John Dryden, "Beware the Fury of a patient man". Athos only nodded and agreed.
    Athos was driving a small French car that I needed a shoe horn to fold my body into. I was glad to get back to the hotel where my driver awaited me. I bid adieu to my friend with a long, warm hug, then slipped into the back seat of my ride back to Phil's house and the boys.

    It was well after dark when we arrived at Phil's. Well, England is a bit further north than Arizona and it was winter time, the sun sets earlier there than at home. I did arrive in time for dinner and I enjoyed the company immensely. The boys had our evening all planned for us.
    Basil had gone home leaving Cullen and Tomos alone with Jason and Gary. Jason had some ideas of his own. He wanted to be with his lover while I stretched his boy hole, long and slow. I was a bit keyed up from my day. Peter had given me some relief, but I am a bit oversexed with more than a constant need. I wanted a cum fix and I wanted more than one. I sat in amazed awe as four horny teenaged boys circled in front of me and perched themselves on their knees as they stroked themselves for my pleasure. Oh sure, they got their pleasure, but I had the view.
    I wanted a piece of Gary so I grabbed him up and stood him before me. The others slowly paced themselves as Gary got his butt nut stroked while he fucked my face with his nice sized British Boi Cock. It didn't take him long to fill my mouth with his sweet ambrosia. Tomos, ever ready, was ready to fire. I grabbed him and let him do so as I squeezed his young melons.
    Ever ready Tomos slipped his still stiff cock up in Cullen as Cullen fucked my face with full force and speed. His royal knees buckled as he fell over me and I suckled every last drop of ball batter from him. Now I was ready for Jayson.
    Jayson was ready for me. He stabbed my mouth and filled me instantly. I just rolled with him and went to my back. I told him that I wanted Gary to lube him up. Gary slipped into his young lover and gave me the show I wanted to watch as Jayson stretched his throat around my meat. He took a few minutes, but by the time he and Gary were ready to release more of their nectar he had all of me down his gullet.
    I spread his legs and cleaned his hole for him as he continued to take me on. Gary and the other boys lay beside us and watched. I had Jason cleaned out and had his ass wide open with three fingers when he choked on my copious load. The other three boys dove in to get a share of my juices as Jason straightened his body and moaned his pleasure. I quickly got him on top of Gary with his sweet ass in the air then I moved in to him in one smooth move.
    He flattened Gary's face and cut off his airway as I pushed all of the way in. Cullen helped him to get his knees under himself for support so that Gary could begin to breathe again then I began a long slow fuck. The boy had just cum twice in fifteen minutes so I took my time and loved him. He was moaning around his lover's cock and raising his ass back to me. By doing this he was also fucking Gary's mouth who he was doing his own moaning.
    Cullen whispered something in Gary's ear then he moved between the boy's legs and began his own fuck. I didn't want to leave Tomos out of our party so I had him stand in front of me and fuck my face. Cullen moved forward and began to lick all over the boy's ass. The five of us finished our love making within seconds of each other with Gary going first. Jayson and Cullen got theirs at about the same instant and Tomos filled my mouth as Jason's ass squeezed me to an finalé. Each of us fell away from the other to learn to breathe once again. I pulled Cullen to me to taste of Gary's deeper parts. Gary wanted to taste of his lover so he began to suck me. Jason rimmed Gary as Tomos sucked Jason.
    We awakened in that position an hour or so later. I took the middle as Jason took my left arm and Gary took his. Cullen was on my right arm with Tomos on his right. We slept soundly in Gary and Jason's large bed and had very pleasant dreams.

    Reluctantly we had to leave. Basil came by to say goodbye and get a bit more loving. The Wild Boys gave up some cum for the road. I will always enjoy the sweet fresh taste of Jason and he does one hell of number on my member. Gary was with Cullen, filling his tank with fresh churned batter, while Tomos and Basil were nursing each other's cocks with love. I hope that the Duke had enough clout to do what he told me he could do for Tomos, he is a very needy boy that I don't want to see go back onto the street.
    I gathered my two fag boys and led them out to the luxury of the Bentley. The nice thing about young boys, they are still small enough to share a seat. They loved the massage they were getting from the comfortable leather seat. They wanted to get naked and ride each other as the car rubbed their backs. Fortunately they were both asleep before that idea took root.I also took the time during the long drive to catch up on the sleep that I had missed after two nights with such cute bed partners.
    We passed the security guard at the gate to the estate of the Duke and Lady _____ and I noticed a police car and another car that I did not recognize sitting in front of the house. Our driver pulled up to the circle drive todeposit us at the front door as the Duke stepped out to take Tomos by the hand and lead him inside. I looked at Cullen and we quickly followed, allowing the staff to carry our luggage upstairs.
    "Mum, what are you doing here?" Tomos exclaimed. Mum? Now Cullen and I were looking at each other. We moved on to the front room, what we would call the living room back home. Seated next to El was a lady I did not know. Both she and El clutched hankies in their hands and were dabbing at their eyes.
    An old friend of mine from many years past stood next to a man wearing his collar backwards and a long black robe, a cassock, I believe it is called. The Scotland Yard Inspector walked over to me to shake hands and shake his head at me. I knew to keep my mouth shut. "You are Chris Dickson? Sir, I am afraid that you have had a minor in your company without his mother's permission."
    My knees wobbled, but Terry winked at me. Athos trained this young policeman in much more than the ways of police procedures. He is a scant ten years, or so, my senior, but I had a part in his training as Athos used me to open the man's world to larger input than he knew existed. Charley and I had spent several months at a castle on an island in the middle of the Rhine river in Germany when I was twenty one. François, the man from whom I had rented the cliff side villa at Saint-Tropez, Franççais, had hosted a boy party that lasted for the entire summer. At least Charley and I stayed that long. I met some of Europe's and Western Asia's most powerful and prolific boy lovers that summer.
    "It seems that this boy was chastened by Father Enrue here and decided to take his revenge in the form of a lie. His Lordship has explained to us how all of you were taken in by the young man's story and I want to tell you how sorry all of us are that your sympathies were played against you. The boy will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. He is a sexual predator and has several young boys of his acquaintance ready to swear charges against him." That shook me, deeply.
    I turned and walked through the house. I barely nodded at Agnes as I went on out to the terrace overlooking the ocean cliffs. In scant seconds Cullen was at my side with Agnes close behind to hand me a cup of coffee. I kissed her cheek and she wiped a tear from mine with the corner of her apron. What a week it had been. Dukey stepped out a few minutes later. "Tomos wants to see you before he leaves." I guess I owe the boy that much so I went back inside.
    "I ain't lying to yer, Chris. That priest over there has been up me bum for three years. I ain't no orphan, I just want away from him and her. She makes me go to him. She tells me it's me duty to take care of the man what brings us salvation. "If 'e didn't bring us grace we would all burn in 'ell fire," she says. I called El and the Duke in to listen to what Tomos had to say. El had to take a chair as her knees gave way. I took Tomos in my arms and held him close as I swore to him that we would investigate his story. I promised him that the man in the cloth would never molest him again.
    As El led him back into the other room I watched Tomos, he had lied to me about being an orphan. I really didn't know what else to believe at that point. I called for the Inspector to come to me. "I want that boy under absolute police protection. I want him kept away from his mother and that man down there. If it takes an act of Parliament I will see that boy protected from them." We both looked at the Duke who nodded to us.
    I turned and walked up to Cullen's room. I picked up my suitcase and other luggage and moved down the hall to another room and locked the door. I moved back out to sit in the icy wind blowing off of the Atlantic. If I were lucky I would catch pneumonia and die. I quickly shook that thought out of my head as Cory's face flashed before my eyes. I have others depending on me too.
    El sidled up to me and sat down. "I am leaving Cullen here with you. I am not protecting him. I exposed him to the press last Christmas. This year I have exposed him to who knows what? If Tomos has been as promiscuous as the policeman says then who knows what disease I have allowed to infect our boy. And what about his young school friends that we spent the last two nights with. I will have to have all of them tested."
    "First of all test Tomos. I don't believe that he is what they say he is. I can read people and he is not like that. His mother is a very weak person who is under the control of a liar in a black robe. She will believe anything he tells her. If Tomos has a disease it had to have come from him.
    "As for my son, our boy, you can not leave him behind. That would kill him." I held up my hand. My mind was made up and I would not back down.

    My driver took me to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß's black airplane which awaited me at the Air Force Base up the coast. As we approached the plane I saw a staff car with the red flags on the front fender, each flag had three gold stars on it. I have never met General Orr, I wonder if he knows that I have fucked his son, several times. The General and Harry came up to meet me. I was introduced to Harry's mother. She is a lady and I was glad to get to meet her. The General wanted to buy me a drink. He had never been able to thank me for making this post available to him and he was grateful to be able to serve in England again. His wife is English by birth and her family home is not very far away from the base, only a two or three hour drive.
    The young Airman that was driving for the General let the two of us out at the officer's club as he drove Harry and his mother on to the General's quarters. I am not much of a drinker, but I took a cold beer. I was not happy with the recent events in my life and even less happy with leaving Cullen behind. I saw a familiar face and went over to speak to the Captain. "Train tracks don't belong there, Major. Is this a result of our last meeting?" He jumped up to salute me. "I am not in the service, you don't salute me Airman." I reached out to shake his hand.
    He was the officer in charge of the Staff Sargents that delivered the classified message on the base so he was summarily demoted for the breech of protocol. I turned to General Orr. "Fix it!!" He smiled at me, "Full reinstatement with back pay. The man knew nothing of your predecessor's actions until I brought it to his attention. He is innocent."
    I turned to the Captain with him and offered my hand and congratulations. He had been the young Lieutenant in charge of the communications room during that previous visit. I was glad to see him on his way up. He is now in G-2, a big step up.
    GIs are known the world over for celebrating with gallons of alcohol and I had to drink my share as the two officers toasted me over and over. I had done less than nothing, but it gave the room full of officers something to take their minds off of the fact that they were three thousand miles away from home on a special holiday weekend. I did my duty to God and Country and the bottlers of spirits that supplied the officer's club.
    Harry and Toby strapped me into my seat and I was asleep as soon as I felt the plane's wheels leave the ground. Sadness overcame me, just about the same time that the beer did. I was out like a light.

    Yeppers, you read it right. That cute little kid that wrote me such a poignant and sad story about being abandoned in an orphanage at the age of four and being molested since he was seven years old was a class A liar.
    His mother sent me a scathing e-mail telling me to stop communicating with her son, or else. I have quit writing to him, but I did contact a few of my friends in England, one who just happens to be with Scotland Yard. I have included that friend in this chapter by way of introduction, but I will be very careful with his identity that you, my readers, never guess who he really is.
    The young man that I called
TOMOS in this story will answer for the e-mails that he sent me. I met him in the chat room of a very popular gay web site.

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