Chapter 152


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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   The entire family was in Europe and there had been more attempts on the life of young Cullen, we were in hiding. My house had been attacked with major damage to the structure and there were dead spread over two continents. At the time it was not safe for me to reveal our location, to anyone. We have asked Jimmy to keep your favorite parts entertained with this story.

   Coach was at the locker room door. "Gym clothes today, ladies. Shorts and tees. Yes, jocks, socks, and shoes, Anson." We grouped together in the bleachers. Coach made everyone move down to the front and close in, tight. Something is going on. This is sixth period, we should be out on the practice field. I know it's only Monday, but our homecoming game is Friday and the stupid plays we made last Friday…If we hadn't played the worst fucking school in the whole conference we would have been toast. I guess we deserve an ass chewing, at least a few do. I didn't really understand coach pulling us all in like this. He would normally lay down on the five ass holes that played their own game during our time. Oh well, he's coach, I'm scum. I'm a running back, I scored all three TDs last game. We won by fifteen points. I guess that's not good enough. Coach walked over to the side of the gym and called out to someone then he walked back and sat down on the bench in front of us.
   Tommy walked out on the floor flanked by two men in white doctor type coats. Tommy looked like shit. His eyes were dark and blood shot. His face was drawn. He was shaking. He walked up close to the front row and began to speak very softly. "I have asked the school to let me talk. I thank coach for this time. What I have to say is not going to be easy."
   "Speak up, we can't hear you," somebody behind me yelled out.
   "What I have to say is not easy. It's not going to be easy for you to hear and it dang sure ain't easy for me to say," he was shaking so hard that I thought that he was going to fall. One of the doctor types reached for him. Tommy put his hand on the man's shoulder as the man said something to him. "No. I'm okay. I have to do this. You said I could do it, please." The man stood there and let Tommy hold on to him for support.
   "Guy's…I'm queer." Murmurs and shuffling of feet moved around the class of sixty teenage boys ranging from fourteen to eighteen. "Some of you already knew this. Some of you have had sex with me. One of you has been the best thing I ever had in my life for four years, he is my boyfriend." Dead silence as every one looked at each other.
   "I have been so stupid. I didn't know what a real friend was. I used him. Just like I used all of you. You have been a means to an end for me. I was chosen as the quarterback for this team as a freshman. I was picked for this team when I was only in the eighth grade. I was groomed to be the best quarterback this school has ever had. I stand a good chance at a free ride to any of several universities because of football. Coach has busted my butt for five years and he has made me a champion. I made myself the ass hole I am. Sorry coach, I just have to say it like it is." The school has a very strict no cussing code. That one word could get him expelled for the remainder of the year.
   "I have treated my boyfriend like shit. I have hidden behind the skirts of every girl I could find. I used them to hide what I am, a dick eating, take it up the butt, queer." That really made the class squirm. Come on man some things just needn't be spelled out. It may be nineteen sixty two, but homosexuals are still the scum of the earth, he was signing his own death warrant. "I let my boyfriend chase around, I date every weekend and a few week days, but I always go to his bed after I take the girls home and let him make the most passionate love that can ever be imagined to me." That one made the coach squirm.
   "Look, I'm not here as an advocate for queers, okay? I am here to apologize to all of you I have used as my sex toy and I am here to apologize to the greatest man the world has ever known and beg him to forgive me for what I have done. I am going to explain these two men with me and why I haven't been in school today. This is part of my therapy, so bear with me. Last Friday night my boyfriend made me feel him deep inside of me. Yes, he was doing it to me, I love it. Sorry guys, he is by far the best lay of all of you and many of you have done me and I have done more than a few of you.
   "We lay together afterwards and I compared his kisses to a broad—old time word for girl—that was the wrong thing to do. He was hurt and rightfully so. He wants me to be with him. I have used him since the eighth grade. We became lovers during the ninth grade. We became boyfriends in the tenth grade. Many of you wanted to get together with me again and I blew you off. I am afraid I was rude and a little dicky when I did it. I am sorry. Now you know why I was like that. I wouldn't cheat on him with a guy, but I was all over the girls because it was good for my rep and to keep the rest of you from beating me up for being a fag. I did get with some of you from time to time because I like what we do together. Sometimes I did it for spite because he would piss me off. I pissed him off Friday night.
   "We were laying there talking and I let my mouth overload my ass. He told me to shut up, but I kept on. We argued. He told me we were through. He was tired of my mind games. He is very sensitive and he is strictly a one man guy. Or one person, I have seen him with a girl and he is just as passionate with her as he is with me. I even double dated with him just so I could watch him fuck. That man has the moves. My date thought I should take lessons. I went to his bed after our date and asked him to teach me, well. He tried, I just wouldn't listen. I love to receive and wasn't all that interested in being the top. He wants me to top so that I can be a whole man, I can't do that. He is my man, I am his, whatever." Some of the team members were wanting to leave. Coach told them to shut up and sit down.
   This was going to be bad for Tommy if he ever came back to school. They would beat the shit out of him. Oh, it would be all over the school that he was a fag, no doubt about that, but he would also have to face the fag haters, and there were a bunch of those.

   My mind drifted back to the first time I ever saw this remarkable piece of boy flesh. It was September, nineteen and fifty seven. I attended a combination Jr. Sr. high school. I lived in a very large city with eleven high schools, six of which were combined schools. As new high schools were built the old school was turned into a Jr. High. At the time only the seventh and eighth grades were considered Jr. High and it just wasn't economically sound to have a whole building for only two grades. Good for me. Now, half a century later, there is still no Jr. High in the area of my Alma Mater. Not enough kids, they say. All of the population moved out to the burbs, they say. Urban sprawl, I say.
   On the first dress out day for P.E. during my eighth grade year, I sat on the bench in front of my locker trying to get a fucking knot out of my shoe lace. Tommy had the locker next to me. He was naked in a flash and stood before me, in all of his thirteen year old glory, trying to untangle his jock strap. He looked me in the face and reached down to scratch his balls. Tommy was a good half a head shorter than I was. He was almost skinny, but buff. You know the kind, you can see the ribs, but the beginnings of a body are there, everywhere. His pubes were almost non-existent, as was the case with most of us. I could make out a few whispy blond hairs before I realized that I was staring at him.
   "How the heck does this thing work?"-Cussing was considered crude and crass in that time period.- He was having a real time trying to figure out how to wear a jock strap. I pointed to the other guys in the locker room who were pulling their brand new elastic boulder crushers into place. He looked at me with a blank stare. I took his strap from him and held it by the waist band and opened it for him to step inside. He took the cue and had it on his ankles. I grabbed my knotted shoe lace and the thing untied, all by itself. I hurried to pull my clothes off so that I wouldn't be late.
   I was naked as Tommy turned to me with his cup in his hand. I told him where to put it, he looked at me with a stupid stare on his face. I grabbed the thing and grabbed his jock, I pulled the material out and slipped the cup in. I had to lift his balls to get it in place then I tucked his dick in and let go of him. Electric shocks were racing from my hand to my dick. I looked up to see the widest shit eating grin I had ever seen. He looked like the cat that had gotten the cream. He sat down to pull on his shoes while I was pulling my jock over my knee caps. I had my back to him and quickly stole the moment to sniff the hand that held his balls. Oh, he smelled so good. I stood and turned a bit as I pulled the stubborn elastic up my thighs. He reached out and grabbed my dick and lifted it up then wrapped his hand around it. "That is huge, man." I was thirteen, man, my dick wasn't anything. I had never measured it, but I could see the other monster hangers in the room and looking down at mine…it weren't no big thing. Some of the other guys were like two inch baby dicks, but some of the guys had dicks as thick as a man's thumb and almost as long. Tommy's dick was right in there with them.
   I backed away and got my self tucked in with my cup in place and turned my ass to him to pull up my gym shorts. I felt something like hot breath on my ass. I spun around as he stood up and put his lock on his locker. I hurried to dress and ran to get out on the floor, just making it ahead of several others. Coach wanted to see what we were made of so we started with running from one end of the gym to the other as he and his two assistants watched us. They were pointing at one guy then another and talking back and forth. I saw them point at me two or three times. Now I have to tell you, Webster was putting together a new book called a dictionary. In this book he listed all the words he could find in alphabetical order. Then beside each word he wrote down a definition for that word. There are two words for which I am famous, paranoid and ugly. Both words have my picture beside them. Ugly has my picture, the math symbol (X*210) =, then the picture of the ugly forest.
   The next portion of our interview consisted with the running of the stairs. As I have mentioned, or maybe not, my high school gymnasium was built by the crew of the Santa Maria on a lazy afternoon. Age? What is a little age in a fine old building with so many young minds passing through its halls on their way to the glory of adulthood? Being this ancient it had been built to host teams of raging aborigines on the backs of dinosaurs. That is the only reason I can give for the enormous number of steps in the place. A full three stories high with six sets of stairs to each side of the gym. A total seating capacity of one small state, such as Texas.
   At the sound of the whistle fifty strapping lads shot off to conquer the heights and delights of stair climbing. As I came back down the second row of steps I noticed that fully ten boys were having real difficulty in getting it up—the steps, get your mind out of your pants and on the story. I whipped on down and climbed stairway number three and was on the down stroke of that glorious stairway four. Looking to my right I again saw even more stragglers, heavy breathing as they trudged ever onward and upward.
   I realized that there were only about ten or twelve boys still climbing as I made my way up number five and over to number six and the end? Yeah! Across the floor to the opposite side and up the stairs the flow continued. By now I was only fifth from the front of the pack. As I started down stairway number eight I accidently let my foot slip and I learned something that I love to do to this day. I am blessed with really long feet, thirteens. I can put my foot on the edge of the step and actually slide down the entire way using my right foot as an anchor. I don't know how to explain it, but it is kind of like skiing the steps. I literally skied past the next two boys and at full speed I was up the next set of steps.
   I was really just getting my wind. My old man is a doctor, he was on my ass about me being on my ass all of the time so he got me a paper route. What the old fart didn't know is that I love to run. He usually came in to see me laying back, trying to recover from a long run. At the end of my twelfth year of life I was running six miles a day and I was going for speed. A paper route gave me precisely what I needed. My route was three blocks by two blocks.—Kind of like a double HH, if you can picture it.—Two blocks up thirty first street and two blocks back. One block over to thirtieth. I only had the west side of the street on the cross street, McKinley. The east side was a different route. Anyway up one block on thirtieth to Blackwelder, over to thirty first and back, then on westward on thirtieth to Florida. Only one house on Florida then back and down the other side of thirtieth. Again I covered both sides of Blackwelder then back to thirtieth and over the west side of McKinley to twenty ninth street. Here I cheated a little bit. On the south side of twenty ninth I only had four morning papers to throw, and no afternoon papers, so I crisscrossed the street until I came to my house where I dropped my empty paper bag and then continued the last half of my block, around the next block then back to my house. Only I did this at a full run. Well not really full at first. It took about two months before I could go full out. I measured it out one time on my bike and it was one and one eighth miles long the way I ran the route. A good run with about seventy five pounds of newspapers at the start. As I got my wind I ran from the paper station to the beginning of my route adding another three quarters of a mile. Plus the little more than a half a mile from school to the paper station. My morning route was just over two and a half miles, but my afternoon route, with the start from the school was only about two and a quarter. I could leave from school at three thirty and have my route finished and be sitting at home by four fifteen kicking back with an herb tea or fresh squeezed juice.
   I had the legs and the lungs. I just had a prepubescent body. My dick was growing, I had already found the joy that it could bring. It was the rest of my round shoulder, protruding belly, skinny legs, flat chested body that I hated. My upper jaw had outgrown my lower jaw by a good inch so I had a Bucky Beaver overbite. But to top it off I wore coke bottle bottoms on my face for eyeglasses. I could shoot the tail feather off a crow at a hundred yards with my twenty two single shot rifle, without my glasses. I couldn't read a newspaper without them. Contact lenses were just coming along, the old hard kind that hurt like hell. My vision was 20/5, uncorrected, for distance, but on the eye chart I only got a 20/40, uncorrected. I could see the grouping of my shots from the bullet holes in the bulls eye on a target sheet at one hundred yards, with my naked eye. I couldn't see the door facing in front of me, I had a lot of encounters with those.
   Finished with all eight stair ways I was on my way back across the gym for another lap when the coach yelled at me. "Hey, four eyes, that's enough." I stopped and turned on him. He had just put a handle on me that would grate at my soul for the rest of my life. I was almost sixty when I had the surgery for freedom and was without glasses forever. Oh, how I wish I could have had the surgery then. I see that the military is doing this procedure as routine for our kids going to Iraq. I think this is wonderful. I had such an infection trying to find clean water to wash my contact lenses in Vietnam, I was sure I would never be able to see again.
   I looked to the stands as the first of the boys behind me made it across the top and down the last row of stairs. Coach came up to me and asked my name. I may be small, but I have a big mouth, much bigger than my ass. "Well it sure isn't four eyes." He flinched. I showed him how well I could do twenty push ups while the rest of the class came heaving onto the floor. Many of them fell to their knees or to their butts. I laughed.
   Back in the locker room I wanted to avoid Johnson and his johnson. I hurried to the showers as a coach stood watch to see that everybody went into the water. He checked pits as we came out so if nothing else they, got a good soaping. was already toweling himself off when I got back. I kept my towel on and set down to pull on my socks and pulled up my briefs at the same time. Everybody wore briefs then, only our fathers wore boxers and they only came in white with gapping flies.
   The next Monday, the second week of school, we started field exercises. We were timed as we ran the hundred and fifty yard general use field. There were no markings as everyone used it from the marching band to the girls cheer leading squad. Lunch time saw the heaviest use as we skipped lunch for a rousing game of football. Sweaty and muddy we began the afternoon classes to many complaints from the teachers, girls, and sissy boys.
   Coach had found himself a seat at the side of the field as he watched each boy very carefully. He was also sitting as we played our lunch time game. He called to me as I ran to get my jacket one day after our lunch game. "What was lunch today?" I held up a carrot stick and a tomato. He stopped me, he grilled me as if I were the delinquent of the year.
   I told him that I was a light eater. I usually eat a big breakfast after my run then I eat fruit or vegies for lunch. At dinner I have cereal, usually hot, with cinnamon and honey. He asked about what I drank and I told him raw, whole milk, about a gallon a day. He told me this was an unhealthy diet. I told him that my father would be the one to discuss that with as he and I had developed the diet to my lifestyle. He wanted to know if my dad was qualified. I gave him the name of my dad's clinic and he shut up real quick. My dad is well known for his medical abilities and volunteers as the state's medical know it all.
   My dad made the state quit dumping improperly treated effluent into the river that runs through town. The river runs over a hundred miles down hill into a very large reservoir which supplies the city's drinking water. I guess they had tried running the effluent up hill, but were flooded out at the source. Anyway, my dad showed, conclusively, that hepatitis survived the treatment then given and was contaminating the city's water. I wonder what he would have to say today with the onset of AIDS. I wonder if it is killed in the sewage treatment. I know I won't walk on grass that is watered by treated effluent, or to be politically correct, reclaimed water.
   Coach asked me to see him after school and I told him I couldn't that I had a morning and afternoon paper route. He wanted to know where my route was. I told him, but I felt like I shouldn't have. Sure enough, he was parked alongside my route as I jogged by. I grabbed my papers on my way home from school and folded them as I ran. I have my books in the bottom of my paper bag so I don't have to stop. I run my route and then head home for a snack.
   On this day I was glad that the coach was there. My mother had sewn a pocket to the strap of my paper bag so that I could carry a bottle of household ammonia with me. It was in an old Mennen Deodorant spray bottle that I plucked the tip out of and filled it with the ammonia then put the atomizer tip back in. I had learned to squeeze for a straight shot or a wide spray.
   I had been attacked twice by large dogs and was badly bitten when I was twelve, requiring the Pasteur Treatment of twenty nine shots, over twenty nine days, right into my belly with a four inch needle. The Doberman was in the final stages of rabies and I was lucky to live. Fifty seven stitches lucky, all around my right kidney area. At this time I still had nasty red scars around the right kidney area. So far no one had asked me about it. I guess most of the kids remembered from last year. They sent me cards while I was in the hospital for nine days getting the first of the shots. A passing cop saw the dog trying to eat me and he shot the dog as it lunged for him.
   A large shepherd was hard on my tail as I ran along. I didn't see him until the coach started laying on his horn. Without missing a step I ran backwards and sprayed the dog in the face, took out a paper and porched it, spun around and porched the small apartment down the driveway. The dog was yelping as it ran down the road, crashing into trees and parked cars in its path. Coach pulled alongside of me and asked to talk. I told him I had a schedule, but he could catch me at home in ten minutes. He stayed with me as I wound my way along. He had to turn around as I laughed my head off. I tried to find more ways to make his life miserable as I kept my pace.
   I ran by my house and tossed the now empty paper bag with my books in it at the front door and kept on going. I looked back, I had lost my shadow. I finished my route and ran home to see coach's car in the driveway. My heart sunk, "What the heck does this guy want from me?" I grabbed my books and ran through the house to my room. My mother called to me that I had visitors. I hollered back that I had a lot of homework and headed to the kitchen, I was starved.
   Mom had four fresh bottles of milk from my grandfather's farm west of town. I poured a large glass and pulled out a carrot muffin from the hot tin cooling on top of the stove. I put a glob of papa's fresh honey down the middle of the muffin and turned to go to my room. My mother and coach blocked the way. Mom turned me around and pointed me to the table. I was not allowed to eat in my room, but I thought maybe I could sneak in there and lock the door so that I could avoid this stalker of small boys.
   Coach looked at me for the longest. I looked hard and long at the raisins in my carrot muffin. Mom had outdone herself as she used shredded carrots, oatmeal, raisins, whole wheat flour w/bran, flax seeds, and honey to make these. It was a new recipe that she had tried. I really liked it and I told her so. She nodded and rolled her eyes at coach. I stopped and took a deep breath. I turned and looked at him.
   "Want to see what I see?" I handed him my glasses. Not a good move. He stiffened and glared at me. "I don't like being called names. Four eyes is whateverybody calls me now, thanks to you." My mother jerked back and glared at coach.
   "Can I say I'm sorry? I didn't know your name."
   "So if I was fat you'd have said, "Hey fatty" or lame you'd have called me "Gimpy." I don't like name calling. It really hurts, "Waddle butt"."
   "Do they still call me that?"
   "Yeppers." That got me a smack to the back of the head from my mom.
   "I was All State, on my way to a full ride scholarship. I got called to Korea. A well placed bullet to the glutenous maximus and I am a gimp."
   "Like the name?"
   "Can I say I'm sorry?"
   "You can say the word all day. Does it undo the harm? No. Sorry is just another overused word."
   "What kind of grades do you make?"
   "I haven't learned to make any yet, but I usually earn As unless the teacher doesn't know what they're doing. I have to go show them their error to get it corrected.
   "That happen often."
   "Ye…yes sir," I looked at my mom. She smiled at me.
   "May I see your notebook?" Nosy cuss isn't he. I got up and grabbed my book bag then brought it back to the table. I took out my binder and passed it over. Oh shit!!! I forgot about my doodles. He looked the book over and turned it sideways a few times and smiled at me. "You have a pretty good arm. You always on cue with those papers?" He closed my notebook and put it in my bag then folded the top over. He looked at my mother with a kind of, "Don't go there." look on his face.
   I took him out to our large back yard. The season was over so most of the large vegetable garden was plowed under and the yard had a fine covering of winter grass on it. Fifty feet out was my old swing set with an old tire swinging from a rope. I picked up my football and put it right down the middle. I handed him an old broom stick and told him to swing the tire. I grabbed a bucket of old baseballs and tossed them through the tire, ringing the old service station bell that I scrounged a few year ago, with every toss. He walked over and picked up the football and threw it at me hard and fast. My reflexes are quick and I had the ball tucked. He stood back and crossed his arms as he stared at me. "Want to play ball for me?"
   "Can't. Got a paper route."
   "I don't do that. 'Sides, I promised."
   "Dick. The manager." I quickly added. He looked at me sideways. "He can't keep a boy on this route. He threw it himself till two years ago. My dad told him I could do it. Dick didn't want a quitter. I don't quit."
   "How much money you make?"
   "About four dollars a week."
   "Know anybody that would want to take the route?"
   "Never looked. Never asked."
   "Shall we go look and ask?"
   "Why? I like it. It's good exercise and it's fun."
   "How about when it rains? Or snows?"
   "It gets wet and cold. I'm young. I dry and I get warm." My dad walked out the back door. He and coach walked around the house to coach's car. I went inside to do my homework. Dad called me to the kitchen. Mom was making an eggplant casserole for breakfast. It really looked great. I didn't want to tell them that I was always hungry at night and sometimes couldn't sleep. My stomach growled. Dad looked at me. He felt my belly.
   "How about we eat some of that tonight?" Mom smiled at him and put it in the oven. I set the table and we sat down to a big meal of salad and casserole with warm carrot muffins. Dad made me go to my door facing. He took out a pencil and made a mark over my head. I stepped away and looked. I had grown two inches since school was out last May. "Son, you're at your growth spurt. Your belly has been telling me to get ready. We need to redo your diet a little. You need to eat more often to keep your body full of fuel all of the time." Mom was cleaning the table and we were around the corner. Dad stuck his hand down in my pants and fondled me. "You are growing up. I need to get you in for a physical." He smiled as he tousled my hair.
   I went to bed with a full stomach and a lot of questions. What did it mean? Coach? Dad? Too much. I drifted off to sleep thinking of Tommy's dick waving at me. I want to suck it, so fucking much. I grabbed my dick and got a handful of cum. To heck with it. I just licked it off and fell asleep wishing it was Tommy's cum.
   I mostly avoided Tommy for the next few days then things changed in my life. The school was having a talent show and I got myself in one of those, can't get the hell out of this no way no how, situations. I had this girl friend, no, don't go there. Girl and friend not girlfriend, got it? You think I'm some sort of straight boy? Not for six more years boyo. Pam was sweet, for a girl, but then that's what girls do. She is still my confidant forty five years after graduation. I get e-mails from her weekly and we get together for lunch every time I go home. She married the class dweeb and he still thinks I am the greatest guy the school ever graduated. I married her best friend, but I'll get to that later on.
   Pam and I had the same piano teacher. Pam was late to her lesson so I asked the teacher if I could play his trumpet. I coveted that horn. It was a Bach classic. It was worth a fortune. The tone of that horn was like silk with the right person behind the mouth piece. He was cautious, but he told me I could play for a few minutes and if Pam didn't get there then we would start my lesson. I began to play some Bach, I mean a Bach trumpet warranted a Bach tune, right?
   The piano teacher was impressed and sat down at the piano to accompany me. I played for about five or six minutes. When I stopped Pam was applauding, we didn't know that she came in. Anyway she was just like a girl and badgered me to play in the talent show. We practiced together everyday after my lesson. The third week of school the whole student body turned out for assembly as various students strutted their stuff on the stage. I was fortunate enough to be the last to play. I shook my way on stage as I tried my best to control my knees. It is not easy standing in front of twenty seven hundred and fifty kids, most of whom want to kill you and get the heck out of there.
   Pam hit my opening chord and I played LeRoy Anderson's Trumpter's Lullaby. I received a standing ovation. These people were hungry for entertainment. I took my bows and walked off stage. The din never stopped. Every person in the auditorium was on their feet yelling and applauding and calling for more. The drama coach had sponsored the show. He pushed me back on stage to a rousing round of shouts and applause. I was overwhelmed. I went back to the piano as Pam took her seat. I took my spit rag, any brass instrument player will tell you about it, and wiped my face. I was near tears I was so happy. Pam grabbed me and gave me a kiss and reassured me. I told her our next number. Her eyes grew wide.
   I put my horn to my lips. Yeah, my teacher let me use his Bach. I began the Flight of the Bumble Bee. This is a great song for a spit rag. I was spraying slobbers like rain drops as I nailed the very difficult piece. I have heard it played on many instruments, but I seldom hear it on brass. It is just too much for three fingers, but I love it. The stage was rushed and I was carried on the shoulders of several seniors from the marching band.
   The band director came up to me and told me that he had a very poor trumpet section as all of his trumpeters had graduated the year before. He wanted to know if I would sit in first period band with him for a few days. He got my schedule changed and the next day I was in band instead of P.E. Coach told the counselors about my running of a paper route and they agreed that I had enough exercise.
   Three days later I went to the band room during sixth hour. The director was out and the junior high band was sitting around talking. The trumpet and coronet players were jamming on some jazz. A sax player was in the mix as well as most of the percussionists. I grabbed my horn and started jamming with them. A couple of the cornetists were darn good. They were seventh and eighth graders just like me, but they had the rhythm. We did three or four numbers when someone told us to be quiet. I looked at the doors to the back stage area of the auditorium and the director stood there looking at us.
   He ran the band through a few pieces and asked me if I wanted to sit in. I did, I played third coronet as they didn't have a person for that seat. After school he called the trumpet players up. He asked two of them to play with the high school band the following morning. They had their schedules changed and we became the closest of friends and remain so today. Big John's a priest and Bob is a banker. I had a great time as marching season began, we had to get to school at six each morning to march up and down the practice field in preparation for the big Friday night football games. I arose each morning at four thirty and threw my route then came home to shower and dress, eat breakfast and run to school. I didn't need no fucking P.E.
   I only saw Tommy in the hallways for the remainder of that year. We only nodded as we passed, but I was still fascinated with the guy.

   That summer my granddad offered me a job. I would turn fourteen. At that age I could get a farm to market driver's licence to help out on the farm. Hey what kid would ever turn that down? Two days after school was out I was on a fifty mile train ride out to Papa's farm. He spent the week teaching me to drive every piece of equipment he had, starting with his old John Deere tractor. By the end of the week I could drive the combine, the harvester, the two and a half ton, and the pickup, which was mine. I cried I was so happy. He told me to do a good job and he would give it to me with the insurance paid until I got out of high school.
   Papa took me to the county seat where I took my driver's test. I had never seen a book and didn't know about a written test. Papa had forgotten and he was telling me how sorry he was when the examiner looked at us.
   "You never studied the book?" I shook my head as I looked at how neat my feet looked standing there with the toes pointing toward each other. "Son, how did you get the answers that you wrote down?" I told him that I just kept reading the question until I figured out what the best answer should be. He shook his head. "You missed a question on stopping distance of a car at sixty miles an hour." My shoulders sunk. "You got all of the rest correct. You passed son, with a ninety seven. Now let's see you drive."
   I was on top of the world as I drove home with a brand new driver's licence in my pocket. I bet no one at school has one of these. Yeah, it is only for farm to market, but it beat nothing. Papa wanted me to drive after supplies and to run the deuce and a half alongside of the combine or bailer. I wanted to work and there was no time to run. He had a man get his leg hurt the first day out. He couldn't buck bales and papa had eighty acres of alfalfa to get into the barns before the rains came. I begged him to let me buck. I didn't have a lot of upper body strength at first so I was on the truck, but by the end of the week I was on the ground throwing those bales up onto that truck right alongside of the rest of them.
   The rest of the summer I looked for the most labor intensive part of the work we had to do. I was sad to see harvest come. School had already started, but the wheat had to be brought in. I drove the big trucks. I had the arms to handle them over the ruts in the field and I could put them on a dime at the yard silo where we dumped them. I'm allergic to cotton hulls so I had to leave before that season began, but I didn't want to miss too much school so I said good bye to my grandparents and drove home in my own pickup truck. It was three years old, but it was mine and I was so proud. I took a bale of hay with me when I left. I told papa I had a use for it. I had it in my mind that if I got stopped driving in town I could say that I had to feed after school. I never got stopped so I never had to lie. My dad told me that if I got caught that I was on my own.
   My dad had a philosophy. I was told that I could do anything that I was big enough to suffer the consequences for. He told me that if I wanted to smoke, cigarettes were in the kitchen drawer. He smoked Pall Mall. If I wanted a drink, beer was in the refrigerator. The state was dry so alcohol was scarce and illegal. I knew where it was, but he told me that if I had to drink that I should do it at home so that both of us would not be in jail. I told him we could share a cell together, but that didn't change his mind.
   A nice feature of my farm truck, papa didn't take off the air horns. Two big old chrome plated horns, one twelve inch and one ten inch with a fifty psi compressor alerted everybody within a mile of my presence. The band was filtering out onto the field when I arrived Monday morning. I blasted the horns and pulled into the student parking lot. I got there so early that there were no monitors present. I learned that they would not let me drive if they caught me. I had plans to not get caught.
   I joined the band for marching practice then at first bell I went to the office to get my schedule. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had band first hour, then English, History, Geometry, lunch, drama, P.E. I asked why P.E. "Because you don't have a paper route and coach wants you to play football." I was told.
   "But I didn't sign up for football," I whined as they told me I was late for my first hour. I kicked the lockers and glared holes into the seventh graders that were being escorted to their orientation class. I cussed a few times just for effect and made it back to the band room. I had a really great time in band. We had try outs for chair positions and were asked to choose a piece. I chose the opening bars of LeRoy Anderson's Buglers Holiday, a piece written for three horns, but also available as a solo. The band director looked at me and chose his own piece which was so easy. I still got first chair, first part.

   "Shorts, jocks, shoes, and socks," yelled coach as we came into the locker rooms. Today was weight training. I had been gone all summer and had not trained at all. I knew nothing about the plays or the other players. I was sure that I would not be on the team. This was an error in scheduling. snapped my bare ass with a towel. I had not even seen him since last year. I rolled my towel and raised a welt on his ass as my ass caught fire. Coach was right behind me and got me good with his tennis racket. "Waffle butt!" rose up around the room. I looked around and everybody was pointing at my ass. I looked over my shoulder and could just make out the impression of the racket strings. "Waffle butt" stuck with me for the rest of my days in high school, that and brick head. I'll tell that tale later.
   We lined up around the walls of the wrestling/weight room. Ten benches were set up as well as ten sets of dead weights. I looked and saw various weights of eighty to one hundred and fifty pounds on the dead weights. The benches all appeared to have about the same. As we waited somebody made a big deal out of my cut body. I hadn't really noticed. I was led over to the wall of shame and stared at one buff dude in the mirrors. I was ripped. I explained working on the farm all summer. Several guys whistled and most of them squeezed my biceps. A few ran their hands down my pecs and abs. I did a little coquette and bent my knee, "Oh you guys. You get me all goose bumpy." That got me a lot of cat calls and slaps on the ass.
   Coach walked into the room and came right to where I was. He stopped and stared at me. He walked around me. Somebody said, "Farm boy, all summer." Coach shook his head. "Next summer, all of you, farm boys." Every body moaned and gave me a dirty look. "Let's see what the farm did for you then." I walked over to the one fifty pound dead weight and picked it up, one handed, then set it down. "Don't ever pull a stunt like that in my school again. You will lift properly and with care. I won't have you getting hurt."
   "Coach, a hundred and fifty pounds is less than a bale of hay. I buck three hundred bales a day, one handed, onto a truck five and a half feet tall. These weights are nothing to me." I hoped he wouldn't call me on my lie. Hay, even green alfalfa doesn't weigh near one hundred and fifty pounds, though by the end of the day they feel like a ton each.
   "Do you remember how to do push ups? Let me see a hundred." Okay, so I am and prick. But you know what? If you turn me around I'm an ass hole and I proved it. I did fifty pushes up on my left hand then fifty on my right hand. I did twenty on hand stands then fifty on my thumbs. I was tiring, but I kept on with another thirty regular pushups as I called them off loud and strong. The coach ignored me, but the class was getting a good laugh out of me.
   "Put three hundred pounds on that bar." Coach told two boys. I walked over and started to lift. Coach was in my face. He instructed me on the proper lifting method. I took the weight to lock and set it down, quietly. "Add fifty." I lifted and set. He waved his hand. I felt the burn, but locked and almost set, but dropped the last foot. He made the class back up as he waved for fifty more. I pushed and finally locked then I dropped from about chest high. He patted my back. "Very good, show off. Cool down."
   Before class was over he had me press. I pressed five fifty. He took me to the scales. I had buffed up. Dad had not had me home long enough to do a physical. I was five foot nine and weighed in at one hundred fifty nine pounds, and I was only fourteen. I would be a bull at this rate, I had to slow down. Somebody threw a tape around my right arm. I flexed. Fourteen inches. Lots of whistles. The tape went around my chest. Thirty inches. My waist was twenty five my ass was twenty eight. My shorts and jock went down and I was being stroked. I looked around. Coach had his back turned. I couldn't help it, a fucking junior had a hold on my dick and was stroking me good. I was boned in a minute. The tape came out and down my dick then around. Seven and three quarters by five and three quarters, uncut, was called out. Coach looked at me and smiled.
   Coach worked me stupid and I was put in the line up as a back up wide receiver. I loved the game and though I couldn't play I got a lot of practice time in. I was pretty widely accepted by the team with only a few jealous remarks from some who just couldn't cut it, but blamed everyone else for their tiny peters. I mean anyone could see what a man I was with my long hanging five, soft, and Liberty Bell sized gonads.
   I worked for everything I had. I had to buy my first bicycle when I was six years old. We were on vacation and I had to carry water from the well for ten cents a bucket and haul the garbage over to the pit for a quarter a bag. I managed to earn the five dollars to buy an old bike from a kid in neighborhood and I loved that bike like it was made of gold.
   Any time you earn something it is much more valuable. I have been given nice and expensive gifts by grandparents and other family and friends, but somehow, as much as I love what they gave me, I am more protective of what I bought. My funny uncle bought me a transistor radio. It was about the size of a pack of cigarettes and only picked up AM stations. It had a tiny little speaker that made the sound kind of hissy, but I loved that radio. At that time transistors were brand new and the radio cost over twenty dollars. The big deal was that no body else had one.
   When I was twelve I got into a fight with a kid who tried to steal my radio and stack of brand new comics that I had just bought and was on my way home to read. I nearly killed the kid over the comics never once thinking about the radio. I almost got into trouble for breaking the kids nose and arm. He was almost fourteen and a head taller than me, but he told his mother that I snuck up behind him and cold cocked him for his lunch money. My dad grounded me. A neighbor lady stopped by later to ask how I was, she had seen and heard the entire fight, but couldn't get out of her house before the kid ran away, crying. My dad cried for doubting me and took me out to dinner, with ice cream. I was miserable for three days. To much rich food can ruin your body. The kid got his when my dad took our neighbor to confront him and his mother. She was looking for a lot of money from my rich doctor dad.
   I had already missed two games by staying away at harvest, but coach had me dress out and keep a spot on the bench warm in case some player or another needed an ass burn. No aspirin on this team. It was our ball in third quarter when the running back had his knee cleated. Coach almost called the game he was so mad. It was deliberate and everybody saw it except the blind refs. We were down by sixteen points and didn't stand much of a chance. Coach put me in. I caught the ball on the first pass and made a fifty yard gain putting the ball on the twenty yard line. Coach played a hunch and put Tommy in as QB.
   Tommy called a ridiculous play that I was sure would get him neutered, but he was boss on the field. I ran wide and was at the two yard line as the ball came straight and true to me. I was totally clear as I snapped the ball and crossed the goal line. The coach was actually jumping up and down he was so happy. He left Tommy and me in as we learned to work together. The pair of us played as if we were the only two on the field. We got two more touch downs and won the game. On the way to the lockers Tommy was shoved by the regular quarter back and he busted his knee on the curb.
   I helped Tommy out of his uniform and let him lean on me as we got his nude body on the trainers table to be looked at by the docs. I stood there staring at his perfect dick which had grown to a beautiful fourteen year old boy's sweet meat. It was pulsing as it lay across his beautiful balls. I wanted to run my face around in his sandy colored pubes and suck his dick till it was a nub. Tommy moved and I realized that I was staring. I looked at his face. He was smiling at me. I grabbed a towel and covered his middle up. Tommy grabbed my arm and asked me what I was doing after the game.
   I moved away and went to the showers. I heard that Tommy was going to be okay, but he was going to have to stay off of his leg for a few days. I heard him whining that his folks were out of town and he was going to be home alone. I slipped into the coaches office and asked to use the phone. I walked up to Tommy and looked him in the eye. Oh well, it's now or never, if I ever had a chance…
   "Tommy, I think you know that my dad's a doctor. I just called home and he said that you shouldn't be alone with that knee. He said that you would need somebody to help you get around. If you want you are welcome to come and stay with me this weekend. If you are in too much pain or anything my dad will be there to help you." Tommy had the biggest grin I ever saw on one kid's face.
   Coach came up to me and pulled me aside. He wanted to know how Tommy fell. I looked over at the QB and then at Tommy. I looked at coach and told him I was no snitch. He knew that, but he had already learned the truth,he wanted to hear it from me. I told him that the quarter back called Tommy a faggot and shoved him, making him fall so that his knee hit the curb. Coach asked if Tommy was going to go to my house for the weekend. I told him yes. He asked me if I had a problem with Tommy being a homosexual. I gave myself away as my dick jerked at this news. I tried to play coy and told coach that there were two beds in my room or that we had two empty bed rooms for guests. He did something I have never seen him do, before or since, he rubbed his hands through my hair and told me to hit the showers. I had already showered, but I didn't say anything. I just took off.
   I drove my pickup right up to the locker room doors. All of the boys were envious, here I was, fourteen, with my very own truck and driving it, on school grounds. So many things that none of them could do. Two guys carried Tommy out and put him into the front seat and I drove us home. I backed in to the driveway so that I could put the passenger side door right at the end of the porch. I got out and walked around. I picked Tommy up like he was nothing. Heck the kid only weighed one hundred and twenty five pounds. I carried him inside and down to my bedroom in the remodeled basement. Tommy had his arms around my neck and held on tight as I carried him through the house. As soon as we were in my room he kissed my cheek. I turned my head to look at him and he kissed me on the mouth. I dropped him on the bed.
   I walked over and locked my bed room door. I turned to the bed and pulled Tommy's shoes and socks off. His feet were so beautiful I wanted to eat them. I did kiss one of them, but I don't remember which one. I opened his pants and pulled them off. I bent over and kissed his lips. He reached for me as I stood up. I walked out of the room leaving him laying on the big bed in nothing, but his white briefs and tee. I went up to get us a couple of muffins and some milk. I told dad that he should look at Tommy's leg and tell me what I needed to do. He carried one of the glasses of milk, making an exception to the no eating in my room rule because of Tommy's injury.
   We set the snack down on my desk as dad got on his knees and carefully unwrapped the bandage on Tommy's knee. Dad poked and prodded and twisted then smiled. Tommy yelped in pain several times. Dad began to laugh. "You trying to put the make on my son, Mr. ?" Tommy looked at him. Dad had me sit on the bed. He grabbed Tommy's knee cap and gave it a hard yank. Tommy watched it then a split second later he yelped as if he just remembered that he was supposed to be hurting. Dad smiled at me. I caught on.
   I jumped on Tommy and kissed him, hard right in front of my dad. Tommy was in shock as he tried to pull away. "You big faker. You only pretended that it hurt so you could get in my bed. Coach was right, you are a homo."
   "Look boys, I don't know what is going on here. The only thing that I demand. That is demand, you hear? Is that you don't force anything on each other. I want you to be careful of each other's feelings as well. I will leave now and pretend that I don't know what is happening in my own house with my pubescent son and his raging hormones." Dad got up and left. I pulled Tommy's briefs off and kissed his dick. He fell back on the bed and I began to suck him as he got harder than steel.
   I grabbed his balls and fondled them. I took his dick out of my mouth and kissed down the length of it then rubbed his balls all over my face. I sniffed deeply trying to get all of the smell of Tommy who did not shower after the game. He grabbed my ears and pulled me up to lay beside him then he kissed me. "Get your clothes off. I need you in me." I didn't understand, but I hurried and got my shoes off and my pants down. I sat back on the bed to pull off my socks when he pushed me down and knelt before me to lick and kiss and suck on my feet. I was extremely ticklish on my feet and he had me in stitches, I was laughing so hard. He ate it up. He was a true sadist as he raked his teeth over the bottoms of my feet and licked in between each toe then sucked each toe into his mouth.
   I had to use brut force as I jumped up and grabbed him and threw him on my bed. I picked him up with one hand in his crotch and the other on his shoulder and literally threw him, head down, feet flailing through the air, onto my bed with his head at my side and his feet away from me. He landed on his back and his hard dick just stood there waiting for my mouth. I fell on the bed next to him and gathered his dick into my mouth as I began to give the first blow job of my life. I moved closer for a better grip and got all of his dick into my mouth I tried to get more than he had into me. I had to have his dick
   I realized that he was sucking me. I pulled off and looked down and could see my dick all the way in his mouth and he was bobbing up and down on me as if he were jacking me off with his mouth. It felt so good, but I was going to cum if he did that too long. "Hey man, watch out. I'm about to cum. You better pull off."
   "I want you to cum, baby. I like it. That's why I suck dicks." That blew my mind. He sucks dicks, he wanted me to cum in his mouth. Fuck it, I had tasted mine before, nearly every time, and I like it. I took his dick back in my mouth and started to bob up and down like he was. Suddenly my mouth was very warm, his dick had grown, he was stretching my mouth more then he had at first. My mouth was full, he had cum in my mouth. I started to react when I felt it hit me and I shot, wave after wave after wave. I have never cum like that, it was feeling so good. I was aware that he had something in my ass hole and he was moving it around, it made me feel so good. I swallowed his cum and kept on sucking as I felt more shoot in my mouth, I shot more into his mouth. I couldn't stop cumng, I couldn't get enough of his cum. I felt his body go limp as he fell back to the mattress. I followed him down and kept on sucking. He was pushing me away as I fired off one huge last burst of my juice deep into his throat. Then I felt what he must be feeling. My dick was so sensitive that I couldn't stand to have him touch me. I let his dick go and pulled mine from his mouth as I rolled to my back. I was totally out of breath and sweating like I had been working out for hours. Tommy turned to lay next to me. I pulled him close and he put his head on my left shoulder.
   When I awakened we had a blanket over us and the lights were off. Did Tommy do that? I kissed his forehead and felt his dick twitch as I went back to sleep. A little later I was awakened to the best feeling my fourteen year old body had ever experienced. Tommy was sucking my navel. I lay perfectly still as he licked all over my developing happy trail and groin. He laved my balls with his warm, wet tongue and licked around my dick like an ice cream cone.
   "Feel good?" he asked me. I moaned for him. "Just wait, baby. Can I call you baby? You're my man, but I am so in love with you." That did it. I reached down and grabbed him and pulled him to me and began my own kissing and licking.
   I was bigger and much stronger than he was and I used my weight to help me. He was a wrestler and knew the moves, but I had him where I wanted him and where I wanted him was in my mouth. I licked his neck and down to his pecs. I raised his arms and attacked his arm pits. He was ticklish. Aren't pay backs fun? I had him hysterical as he was screaming that he was going to pee. I have no idea what went through my head right then, but I had his cock in my mouth while my fingers dug at his pits and ribs. He was laughing so hard and trying to buck me off, while complaining that he was about to pee. He finally did and I took every drop of it. I never in my life considered such a thing. I did know that I had read about people using first morning piss to clean the teeth in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries. But to drink it? I wanted all of it, I wanted more.
   He finished peeing and I kept sucking. His cock was growing. I loved the feel of it as it enlarged in my mouth. I wanted to let it grow to its full size deep in my mouth every time, from now on. He was as hard as he could get as I began to bounce on him and suck like I was trying to draw his balls up through his cum tube. I had a thick, warm, reward in mere minutes as he panted for breath beneath me. "Fuck me, now." That totally stopped me. In the dim light coming from the twelve inch high window near the ceiling of the basement wall I stared at his face. "Just get between my legs and push your dick into my ass hole. Come on, I love it. Wait, turn on the light, I want to watch your face. I've never done it on my back. I want to watch as my boyfriend fucks me and makes babies in my butt."
   I turned on the light and tried to argue. He kept up his dialog as he made me get in position. He told me that he loved getting corn holed, he called it. I put my dick head against his ass as he kept insisting that I hurry. "Push it in, babe. I love it. You are so big. Please do me. I need it." I was insane with passion as I felt my dick pop into his brown eye. I never in my life considered such a thing or felt anything better. "Come on now, all of the way. That's it, push in me." Each inch in felt so much better. He was so hot and tight inside. I could feel the slickness of his shitter around my dick and I almost tossed my lunch in his face. I had to put it out of my mind. We had been kinky all night. I had actually sucked his dick and drank his cum. I drank his piss and now I had my dick in his ass hole. What else would we do?
   "Oh, babe, that feels so good. You are so deep inside of me and you are so thick. I love you. Fuck me now, hard and fast, fuck me till I scream." Well, I didn't want him to scream. I didn't want my dad down here finding me with my dick up some guy's butt hole. I did begin to pump in and out as I thought fucking must be done. This is so much better than jacking off. I have to have me a butt to fuck all of the time from now on. I loved it when he sucked me, but his butt…I never wanted this to end. He egged me on, "Harder, faster." I complied, my ass was a blur as I plowed back and forth into the tightest piece of flesh I could have ever imagined. I felt my cum rising, but I didn't want to stop. I slowed down. "Not yet, babe. . . I'm almost there. Hard, harder, long stroke me, faster." I began again only this time I pulled almost all of the way out and rammed in as hard as I could causing his whole body to shake. Over and over, again and again, I fucked like I had seen dogs do in the park. I wondered what we would look like to dogs as I giggled. Then I felt it.
   His body contracted around my dick. He squeezed me so hard I thought he was going to cut me off. I kept pumping as he got so tight that it felt as if I was pushing through solid rock then a cum fountain sprouted up in my face. His first shot crossed my line of vision as it arched up and landed on his chin. I moved my knees back and bent over taking his dick into my mouth as I kept on humping and pumping in his ass. I filled his ass with cum, but the position I was in had taken the edge off of me. I kept on plowing, but I didn't feel as if I were going to cum quite yet. I let go of his dick and bent over to lick the drop of cum off of his face. His eyes were rolled back in his head and he breathed hard. I kept on fucking and slowly built up my pace again until I was pulling all of the way to the edge of my glans and pushing all of the way back in, pushing all of his guts up to his chest.
   He opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around me. "Wow! You are the best… Don't stop… Ride me on down. Oh you are good, I want to go on like this forever. Oh, shit. I am about to cum again. I don't believe it, here it cums." I had his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe it either. I had just sucked his dick, then began to fuck him and fucked out a load and here he goes again. Three times in less than twenty or thirty minutes. He filled my mouth with tons of cum. I sucked at it greedily, but I didn't swallow all of it. I had an evil plan. I kept fucking with all of my power. Being bent in half like that hurt and I knew that I liked this so I was going to have to work out so that I could stay in this position for a long time.
   His orgasm eased and he was heavy breathing again. I stretched out on top of him and gave him a slow fuck as I locked lips with him. I let his cum flow into his mouth. His tongue darted into my mouth as we began to snowball his delectable nectar back and forth between us. He caressed my back and neck as we continued to breathe and rebreathe each other's air. I continued to slide my cock in and out of his ass in the most sensuous way that I could muster. My dick was so full and pumped up. I wanted to cum, but I wasn't ready yet. We lay there in our love making as I kept up our pace and our spit swapping. I realized that I must be drooling into his mouth. When I masturbate the drool runs down my cheek. When I sucked him drool was running down into his pubes and around his balls. I began to giggle. He pushed me away and looked at me. "I love you too, faggot." He pulled my face back in for more of a lip lock.
   I scooted my knees back up under me and began to pump his ass for the finale. He knew it was over as he began to fuck back at me. We were two rooting animals as we fucked back and forth. His rectum clinched again and his juice flowed out on to his belly as I fired off a load that I was sure was going to shoot out the top of his head. I fired again and then a third. I bent over to suck his cock as a fourth and even more intense than the last two shots burst forth. I crammed my dick so hard and fast up in his gut that I knew I could feel it under his skin. I let loose two more horrendous blasts of my ball juice then I was wasted.
   I fell aside of him. Unable to move, I lay flat looking up at the swirling room. My heart was pounding in my chest, my stomach felt as if I had just run a marathon. My lungs ached as they grasped for breath. I became aware of the world around me as Tommy rose up over me. He kissed me, lightly then bent over and began to suck my totally fucked out cock. I pulled him to me and told him to give me his cock. I was so sensitive that it hurt to let him touch me, but there was no way that I was going to stop him. He got on top of me and let his cock down into my mouth then he lay still on top of me and just let my cock lay in his mouth.
   I pushed his balls aside and looked at his ass hole. It was gapping wide and I could see deep inside. I watched as my cum ran out and down between his legs. I knew what else I could do that was even nastier than drinking his piss. He was, after all sucking my cock that had just come out of his ass. I pushed him forward on top me and raised my head and began to lick up my cum from between his legs. It tasted great. I could taste my juice, but I could taste Tommy. He turned me on so big. I put my tongue to his ass hole and began to lick. Within minutes I was lip locked on his ass, not willing that a single drop of the flow should get away. I lay there and licked him clean.
   "You two come on up and have breakfast. Your mother is gone for the day so you can come up naked if you want. I need to examine each of you anyway." My dad smiled at us as he turned and went back up the open staircase. I watched his feet on the wooden treads of the old, unfinished steps and wondered how long he had stood there and how many times had he come down overnight. All kinds of thoughts were going through my mind. I really thought that I knew my father, but this was different than anything I had ever known about him.
   Just for the heck of it Tom and I did go upstairs naked. My dad was at the far end of the table with the light from the window at his back. He was reading his newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. He had fresh biscuits with butter on the table and a big plate of my grand father's home made sausage patties. Dad was different this morning. We seldom ever ate fried foods. I grabbed a biscuit and made me a sandwich, Tommy did the same. Dad had one of his juice concoctions made up which was really quite good. I could taste pineapple and papaya and…orange and something else. Dad finally told me, banana. How the heck did he juice a banana?
   We finished eating and dad came around to the end of the table. He wiggled his finger at Tom who stood and walked around to him. Dad looked him over, closely. He put his hands on Tom's shoulder's and turned him around then pushed him forward to lay the top half of his body on the table. Tom's face was right in front of me as he looked at me with a funny look. I shrugged my shoulders as I watched my dad bend over and look between Tom's legs. "You're pretty bruised and open back here. How do you feel?" Tom said he felt okay. Dad had me bend over. He felt around my ass hole then told us to go into his home office.
   He had Tom get up on his examining table as he pulled up the stirrups. Dad had told me what the stirrups were for and had let me lay there with my legs spread in them before, but I had never seen anyone else in them. Tom looked kind of cute laying there with his soft dick across his light colored pubies and his ass open for all of the world to see. Dad took a small light and shone it up inside Tom's ass, I wanted to see too. What a sight, it was all pink and puffy up inside and I could see little pools of cum drops. Dad took one of his long glass tubes and told Tom not to flinch or move an inch. He laid the thin glass into a drop of my cum and sucked at the end of the tube, pulling cum up about four inches inside the clear glass.
   Dad turned and picked up a glass slide for his microscope then he let the cum run out of the tube onto it. All four inches poured out, but didn't make a whole drop on the slide. Dad turned and put the slide in his microscope and focused it. He had his little counter thingy in his hand. I don't know what to call it. It was about three quarters of an inch thick and two or so inches around. It had a little tab with a flat surface bent at the top so that his thumb could fit. He pushed this tab thing over and over again. A small window had three rows of numbers that counted off each time dad pushed the lever. All total it only went up to 999 as it added up one number at a time.
   Dad sat back. I said I wanted to see. I looked in the microscope and turned the knob to focus to my eyes. I could see little long tailed bug like things laying there. One or two were kind of wiggling, but they mostly just lay still, Tom had to see too. Dad said that this was my sperm. He said that once sperm leaves the body it doesn't live very long and Tom's rectum was not what sperm were designed to swim in so they died really quickly. I looked at dad with a horrified look on my face, "Does that mean that he's not going to have my baby?" That set the mood.
   Dad had Tom get back up on the table. He folded the stirrups down out of the way. He told both of us to get an erection. We looked at him, "Jack each other off if necessary just get them hard for the next part of this." I looked at Tom's cock as it twitched. I reached out to it and wrapped my hand around it. My cock instantly went hard. "Good, we'll start with you then." The next words out of his mouth made me wonder if the old man ain't a bit loose in the wrist himself. Dad said. "Let me measure that." He took out an instrument like one would use in a machine shop. He placed a flat plate at one end against my pubes and slid a pointer down the ruler type markings. "Hummm, I see eighteen point five by…four." He took a cloth tape measure and wrapped it around my dick, "and fourteen. Very nice. Very big for your age. Let's see you are fourteen years, three months, two weeks and…one day old." He patted my butt and turned to measure Tom, who was hard as a rock now.
   "Tom is sixteen by four point two five. You have a thick one going there boy, you're at fourteen point five."
   "Fourteen point five what, dad?" He had to explain inches vs. centimeters. I must ask you to remember, this was the beginning of my ninth grade year which would have been the fall of nineteen fifty eight. I had never heard of the metric system and had no idea at all what a centimeter was. I likened it to an insect such as a centipede.
   "One inch equals two point five four centimeters," we were still lost so dad translated it for us. I am about seven and an eighth inches long by a little more than an inch and a half wide and five and a half inches around. Tommy is a hair over six and a quarter inches long by almost one and three quarter inches wide and five and three quarter inches around. I new he was a mouth full. Dad had to calculate Tom's age. Tom was born on March 23 so he was exactly ninety two days older than I. Old fart.
   He bent over and pulled the steps out of the table and told me to stand on the one that put me in line and to push my cock into Tom's anus. My dad was asking me to fuck Tommy right in front of him? No, he wanted to get a deep sample which would be much more comfortable for Tom if it was taken with my dick then the cold steel probes that he would have to use otherwise. Dad took an alcohol soaked wad of cotton balls and wiped my whole dick clean. He even pulled my foreskin back and wiped all around the head. It was cold and I tried to pull away. He finished then I giggled as I looked Tommy right in the eye and shoved my cock all the way up in his rectal opening with my dad standing to the side where he could witness the entire entry. My dad smiled at me, I looked to his crotch, I was sure he was getting off on this. Curses, dad had on his white lab coat which came down past his hips. I couldn't see his trousers let alone whether or not he was up there with Tom and me.
   Dad told me to withdraw, slowly. I looked down as my dick pulled out of Tom's gapping hole. Dad had a glass sheet on a small tray underneath my balls. Several drops of liquid came out as my cock withdrew, only to be caught on the glass sheet under me. As my glans appeared dad told me to freeze in place. He took a cotton swab on a stick, the doctors form of Q tips, from a container that he had placed on Tom's abs. He carefully wiped the head of my dick then had me pull all of the way out. He told Tom to relax as he put the tray down and came at me with more cotton swabs. He turned to wipe each swab on a slide or on a petri dish so that he could grow a culture, I guess. I had no idea what he was looking for. All I saw was a huge drop of precum standing in the doorway of Tom's cock. I had to give the boy relief so I bent over and licked it off. When I stood up dad handed me a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Seems I just contaminated his culture field.
   Dad had me change places on the table with Tom. I started shaking. I had never…Would it hurt? I didn't want the first time to be here. Dad calmed me down. "I see that you have never been penetrated, is that right? Don't worry. I am testing for disease associated with anal intercourse. If you have never had it done to you then you don't need to be tested." I felt a heck of a lot better. Dad did probe and poke at me. He stuck those long cold steel things in me and they were uncomfortable. Then dad did something that set my world afire. He pushed his finger up in my ass. He hit that spot that I had always heard of, the G spot. I saw stars and my cock went spasmodic. Dad smiled at Tommy. "First time is always so much fun, do you want to feel his prostate?" So that's what it was, but that sadistic Tom moved in with a grin from ear to ear. He shoved his finger in me. Dad told him where to push. He hit the spot and I lurched my hips upward as my dick did a little dance. Tom just massaged over and over at that same place. Dad wiped my cock down with alcohol and held a short, glass beaker under the head of it. In a few minutes I began to cum without even touching myself. Dad and Tom were talking as if this was the most natural thing in the world as I lay there pumping my life's essence into a little glass container for who knows what kind of godless pleasure my dad had it intended for.
   I came to my senses to find that Tom was sucking my cock. Dad had moved away and told Tom that he could clean me up as he wanted. He wanted to lick me clean and he did. Dad had his glass tubes out and was sucking my cum from the beaker into three of them. He then let my juice flow onto a glass slide and put them under the microscope. He had his counter out and was humming a tune as he studied my boi jizz. I pushed Tom's head off of my sensitive cock and slapped his hand as he pulled it out of my butt. He licked his finger, slowly.
   "Hmmm, good. Now you know why I like to be fucked in the butt. It feels so much better even than that did for you. I love it."
   "Yes, they say it can be pleasurable, but it can also be dangerous. There are all kinds of diseases that are transmitted by that action. Want to see live sperm, son? Here your's are. You need to stay away from girls, you are lively." He giggled. I looked in the microscope at hundreds of little bugs, but this time they were swimming all over the slide. I watched with glee as they wiggled this way and that. Tom pushed me aside so that he could see.
   "Ew, are those bugs swimming around in my stomach. I swallowed some."
   "No, they died as soon as they hit your saliva." I laughed at him and told him he had a poison mouth. Dad explained PH balance and all that crap to us and how the sperm were so delicate. They only live to impregnate an egg. I told Tom that he could not eat eggs if we were going to have sex together. Dad gave us the weirdest look. "Okay, Tom. One more for you. We need your sperm now." I offered to suck him, but dad said he needed a clean culture. He asked me if I wanted to give Tom a prostate massage. I grabbed my dick, dad shook his head, he told us either way. Tom wanted my dick too so I stood on the first step as Tom lay on the table and I fucked my new boyfriend as my dad watched and held a glass beaker ready for the offering.
   Tom shot off so hard that he splashed out of the beaker. Dad took a couple of drops and turned away. I bent over and sucked on the sweet teat sticking out of Tom's groin as I fucked his ass as hard as I could. Dad turned around and saw our position. He waited until later, but he said that he had never heard of that position. He admired my flexibility to be able to do that. Tom told him that that is why he wants to marry me. I am the only one that can do that to him. Dad looked like someone had hit him right in the nuts. He glared at Tom and turned to walk out of the room.
   Dad was in the kitchen, leaning over the sink. His shoulders were jerking up and down, my dad was crying. I hurt, I couldn't believe that this was happening. "I am sorry that I said that, Dr. B. It wasn't right and I apologize."
   Dad got down on his knees in front of Tom and pulled his naked body against him. He held his face against Tom as he continued to cry for few more minutes. He turned to me and did the same thing. He took my dick and balls in his hand and fondled them about then kissed the head of my dick. "I love you more than life, my son. I have the hopes and dreams of millions of fathers before me. I want to see my boy grow up to be a strong man. A leader of men. A tower of strength. A father of his own son. What Tom said made me sad because I know the hate and the shit, yes shit, that you will go through because of your decision. That and the fact that I will never have a grandson."
   "Dad, I brought Tom home last night and I fucked him, okay, several times, but we aren't lovers. I do love what we did and I do love Tom, but dad, I still love Cheryl. I am only fourteen. Last night was the first time in my life that I ever had sex, with anyone. I want to fuck Cheryl before I decide who to marry." That got a laugh and a hug. Tom laughed too, but I could tell that he wanted more from me.
   Dad told us that our sperm count was very good. He told us that our testosterone levels were elevated, as they should be with both of us at the height of puberty. He told us that although we appeared to be clean we would not have the results for twenty four hours as the cultures grew on the petri dishes he had placed in his incubator. He told us that he was most concerned about hepatitis. He had seen me eat Tom's ass hole earlier and he told us that hepatitis grows in the intestine. He said that homosexuals have the highest incident rate of hepatitis because of this unnatural and unclean act. He said that as long as we took care of ourselves that we would be okay, but that the disease could be fatal to us. I really had liked eating Tom's ass, but now I was scared.
   Tom and I became friends over the next year or so. We got together for a fuck every once in a while. I found out that I really liked to suck his dick and he did a good job on me too. He always wanted me to fuck him and for some reason that bothered me. I kind of felt like it made him less of a male when we did that. I still had no experience with girls, but in my mind I saw Tom laying there smiling up at me as being very feminine. He was too good to be a fag and it bothered me that I thought that way about him. I tried to keep my distance, but somehow we always found time to get together.

   My whole world turned upside down in the early weeks of the tenth grade. I had a really good buddy, named Buddy Dobbs, that I liked to hang around with. He was a year older and had a kid brother that was five months younger than me so a year behind me in school. We had been cruising in Buddy's newly acquired fifty four Ford four door. We always managed to get some guy to go into a package store and get us a six pack or two. This night we had a whole case. Buddy's brother, Jake was with us. Buddy had an ice cooler in the trunk. He bought a bag of ice and chilled the beer down and drove out to a private hill top over looking the lake where we proceeded to get wasted.
   We were to the touchy feely, I love life, stage of drunk when Jake began to paw on me. He was very into hugging me and snuggling close. He was tenting his pants, big time. I pointed at it and giggled. He groped me and told me I was hard to. Buddy popped his jean's buttons and let his six inches hang out. Jake crawled over me to kiss his brother's cock. Jake opened his jeans and pulled them down to mid thigh. He tugged his briefs down to show off a bigger dick than his brother had. It was maybe seven or a little less. Buddy kissed it for him.
   Buddy put his arm on my shoulder. "Show it hard, man." I opened my pants and let my dick air out. Both boys let out a deep sigh. Jake took my cock deep into his throat as Buddy swallowed his brother. I shot my cum in record time. Jake licked me clean then turned around and sucked his brother off. Both of them got off in each other's mouths then we all laid back on the grass with our dicks still out free and stared at the stars. Buddy sucked me a little later then Jake sucked me again while Buddy fucked his cute young ass.
   Both boys loved to get fucked and I loved to fuck. I was born to fuck so what could be better than two happy brothers that couldn't get enough? Tommy had me up in him at least twice a week and I had the Dobbs brothers all weekend long. Dad thought that I was not treating Tommy right, but I was a lust filled fifteen year old walking talking cock. I had made it with two girls during the summer and one of them spread the word around the school about what a great fuck I was. That was before she figured out that she was pregnant. A little slow on the uptake, that girl was. I fucked her at the fourth of July picnic that the hospital has each summer. It was almost Halloween by the time Julie realized that she was not getting fat.
   My reputation soared as most of the boys in the school patted me on the back. Buddy got in the act and told a few of the jocks that I threw the best fuck up his ass that he had ever had. That hurt Tommy, but I had several guys tell me that they would like to see for themselves what I could do. Over the next six months I fucked nine different guys. It was never a one time thing, I did all of them many times during the year. I even got another girl, but that almost ended my chances of staying with Cheryl. She didn't mind hearing the stories about me fucking some stud jock, but she wouldn't go out with me when she heard I had been with another girl.
   Really, I only fucked three girls, and that was purely for the sake of comparison. I didn't tell them that I was just testing to see whether girl pussy of boy butt was better. Julie even let me fuck her in the butt so that I could get a true comparison. I fucked her butt several times after she learned she was pregnant. The school made her leave. During that time period pregnant students were not allowed to attend classes. I suppose it was sexist because they only made the girls leave school, but then none of the boys that I fucked got big bellies. There were a couple of them that I wished would have my baby, Tommy for one.
   I had a real dilemma with that boy. Over the next year we were together almost all of the time. I told Tom that if he wanted to survive high school then he needed to get a girl to latch onto. The first night that we went out on a date with girls was a major turning point for us, Tommy watched me fuck.
   It was a warm evening and we had gone to a quiet place on this little peninsula at the large city lake. The roadway is a quarter of a mile away and a heavy cable prevents cars from driving out there. The whole spit of land is only about sixty feet wide and extends out into the lake for almost a half a mile. Near the road there is a tree line that completely shields the area from view.
   I had found the place when I was about nine as a good place to fish with my dad and when I was eleven I used to ride my bike out there and sit for hours, alone. It is difficult to see what is there in the daytime, but at night the only way that anything can be seen is from a boat and that would be seen long before it got close enough for anyone in it to see us.
   Tommy and I would go out there and just lay in the grass naked and make love for two or three hours, but until that night I had never taken anyone else to my spot. The moon was full and very bright that night, what they call a harvest moon because it is so big. One thing about that time of life in the world, girls wore skirts, not pants. I had quite a collection of panties—and a few pairs of briefs too.
   The girls that we were with that night were star struck silly little girls that wanted the prestige of going with the two hottest football players in the school. I don't pretend to know how girls think, but I don't believe that they had planned to get fucked. I am absolutely positive that both of them were as virgin as the day they first peeked out of the womb, but by mid-night they knew a thing or two.
   Tommy and I each spread our blankets and began our make out session, Tommy was watching me for directions. He didn't need any, he can make out with me just fine. We have gone to parties with other jocks and spread the cheer with boys more than once, tonight was different. The first hurdle was the bane of man, bra clasps. How the heck do girls fasten those damn things behind their backs when I can't figure how to do them even when looking at them.
   Actually getting the bra undone was nothing as compared to keeping my lunch down when those big tits popped out; let's face it, I am not a tit man. Give me firm pecs any day and I will bury my face in them for as long as I am allowed the pleasure. Tits?? they made me queasy inside. My next chunk hurdler was, what is commonly called, stink finger. The smell that comes from a boy's sweaty balls, or even his funky crack, is an aphrodisiac;, but pussy juice. Can you say hurl, big chunks.
   I knew that if I was going to survive the next two years of high school then I was going to have to make the butterflies in my stomach fall into formation and get through the evening. I also had a boy that I love hanging on my every move, it was not going to do for me to blow this. Of course I could not blow a girl and I wanted to turn to Tom and suck his gorgeous cock in the moonlight, but that wouldn't work, not there, not then.
   I had her blouse open and my face was nestled amongst the firm mounds, but my mind was on another's firm mounds, I wanted to eat his ass. That got me to thinking, I had heard of muff diving and I wondered if I could do it. I had her skirt bunched up around her waist as I let my fingers do a lot of walking in the bush when she broke my mood.
   "I can't get my skirt all wrinkled up or my mother will kill me, take it off." That had promise. I had her skirt off and her blouse open when she told me that she didn't like being naked and me dressed. Hey, I was out to get laid so I had no problem doffing the jeans. When I stood to drop the pants she went to her knees and pulled my briefs down. My cock popped out and she made some cuntish remark. Her girl friend told her that if she would suck it she would do the same for Tommy.
   My first blow job from a girl was anything, but exciting, the stupid cunt didn't know the first thing about cock sucking. I will concede that it may have been her first time, but I doubt it; she was too eager and seemed to know more than I thought that she would. However she didn't know how to get my cock down her throat. She wrapped her hand around it and sucked the head while she jacked me off. I looked at Tommy who was getting the same treatment, but his cunt had less of his cock in her mouth than my girl did.
   Tommy and I turned so that we could look at each other. Even in the dark we knew each other's moves and we blew kisses at one another as the girls labored on their meaty cocksickles. At almost the same time Tommy and I let loose a load of cum that nearly drowned the two fifteen year old girls, but to their credit they swallowed all we had to offer.
   I knew that they had experience and before the evening was over I learned that my girl sucks her brother twice a week. He is an ass hole and I was going to use that news as soon as I could. The kicker came when we learned that the girl with Tommy sucked her dad's cock until her mother caught them and sent the bastard packing.
   Tommy and I both shoot a fairly large load and the girls did not have much of our cocks in their mouths so they got their faces creamed. That sent the two of them to the water's edge to wash the jizz off and Tommy and I had a minute to discuss our next move.
   "Do you think that we should try to eat them?"
   "I have been thinking about it, I'm going to try it." We had the girls on their backs with their legs spread wide as we slowly moved in for the kill. Kill is what almost happened to me. I have heard it said that once you get passed the smell you have it licked, but damn that smell; yesterday's sardine can doesn't smell as bad as that shit. I was not prepared to have my head squeezed into a tube though. When I began my oral assault she clamped her thighs against the side of my head and nearly murdered me in my prime of life.
   Actually the easiest part of the evening was the fucking, I had never seen a rubber outside of the machines that could be found in a lot of service station restrooms and therefor never thought of using one. I poked my cock into her hole and felt it slide in so much easier than it ever went into any boy's butt hole. Her pussy kind of formed around my cock and squeezed the entire length in a way that I had never experienced before, I kind of liked it, but it wasn't Tommy butt.
   I made a decision during the five or six minutes that I fucked her, I was going to make Tommy fuck me so that he could compare. At the time that this occurred Tommy and I were both sixteen, in fact I had just turned sixteen a few day's earlier and had gone for a real driver's license. Tommy had never fucked anybody, we had several buddies that we had been with, but Tommy has the hungriest butt around and was always letting others go up in him.
   We learned a real treat when we learned to sixty nine while Tommy got fucked. In fact we had more than one friend that loved to suck Tommy while I fucked him, both of them. My big cock was legend amongst those in the know. I was going to cut Tommy off until he took my virgin ass, that night.
   Both girls were fifteen and had a nine thirty curfew so we them home at nine fifteen. When we dropped the girls off at the home of my girl her brother was just getting home. "Hey man, you need to teach your sister how to really suck a cock." She giggled at me and he balled up his fists. "Don't sweat it man, she is better than my hand, but man I have had boys that can do it better."
   She was gone by then and did not hear me, but he moved closer, "You know someone who sucks cock? I mean a boy?"
   "I know a few, they all do it better than your sister, but then they know what makes a guy feel good."
   "I will do anything to get a good blow job. I could let a boy do me, I think."
   "But it wouldn't be fair to just let him suck your cock unless you sucked him too." He looked at me with a strange look on his face and then told me that he "wasn't no queer." However, he was at my house Sunday afternoon and we were sucking each other's cock in my basement bedroom. I did put a lock on the door at the top of the stairs, I don't want my dad to see what a slut I really am. The next week end he was with Tommy and me and he got his first piece of ass and he got his ass fucked while he sucked Tommy.
   That night I held Tommy in my arms as he cried and told me that he was forever in love with me. My ass hurt, but it was my first time and it was with him so I lived with it. That school year was different than any other as we couldn't get enough of anything to get our dicks into.
   We fucked girls every weekend and let everybody know it. We fucked so many boys that we were sure that our dicks would wear down to pencil thin. I won't even try to think about how much cum we swallowed, but it would have to be measured by the barrel full.
   It was during that, our junior year, that I fell in love with Cheryl. She would not let me touch her, down there, she was a good girl. I never even got to squeeze her tits until our honeymoon night. Tommy became very jealous, but he always went with the two of us on dates, when he could. A few times he and I took girls out to fuck, but that slowly ended as I did not want to hurt Cheryl.
   By the time school started again in the fall of our senior year the sex that Tommy and I shared had tapered down to about once in a while. I still loved the dude, but I was growing up and I thought often of my dad crying at the kitchen sink when he said that he would never have a grandson. That little detail is very important to my family and Cheryl would make a perfect mother.

   Tommy stood at the railing of the gym floor and looked at me with tears streaming down his face, "Okay, so here is what it boils down to. The most important person in my life got up and walked out of my life in the middle of the night Friday night. I begged him not to leave. I took his clothes from him. He already had his keys in his hand so he got in his car and drove off, naked. My father heard us and what was going on. He threatened me, my mother cussed me. I got in my car and went out to kill myself, I didn't succeed, I was stopped and taken for evaluation. I have been in the hospital all week end. I can not go home, ever again. My parents don't want to ever see me again. I have no place to live so the state is going to put me in a home. Before I go I had to tell him that it was me that fucked up. I know now how much I love him and I am so sorry." He stood and cried as he looked at each boy in the stands. No one had any thing showing on his face, but revulsion.
   "Sounds like situational ethics to me, coach." Coach stood up and turned around. He looked at the class.
   "Who said that? Want to explain what you mean?"
   "Situational ethics. He's not sorry for what he's done, he's sorry that it didn't go right and now he has to pay the price." I could have said nothing that would have hurt him more. He dropped to his knees and started to bawl. I do love him. Fuck I love him with all of my heart, I can't lose him. What can I do?
   The doctors helped Tommy to his feet and were about to lead him away. "Can't you just tell me that you forgive me and still love me?" He looked around the class. As he looked at me I lowered my eye lids and put on a faint smile. He returned our signal and smiled from ear to ear. I stood up and made my way to the isle as coach yelled at me to take my seat. I jumped the railing and walked over to Tom and took him in my arms and kissed him deep and hard. I shoved my tongue down his throat. His arms went around me as his hand roamed my back. I ground my crotch into his then I backed away.
   "What's this shit about having no place to stay. You know for a fact that you can live with me. My father has told you many times that you need to put off all of your pretense and move into my bedroom. We make beautiful music together and I am not going to let you go." He was all smiles. I turned and everybody saw my boner and the exodus began. The stands became a flurry of activity as one boy after another that Tommy and I had been with, some together some by themselves, came to hug us and most of them kissed us, some even on the lips. I looked back in the stands to see only about twelve or so muscle heads still sitting there.
   Finally big old Jerry stood up. He was six foot four of all muscle and ninety percent of it in his head. He shook the stands as he stomped his two hundred and sixty pounds of flesh down the stairs and out on to the floor. He grabbed me and picked me up above his head. "You still gonna shove that nine inch dick of yours up my ass ain't you little buddy?" I nodded at him. He put me down and turned to Tom, "You better love him good or I'll finish what you couldn't do, you fucking queer." He grabbed Tom and kissed him on the lips, everybody laughed.
   Coach blew his whistle and as always he was a foot from my left ear. If I'm not deaf by graduation day it is not because coach didn't try. "Alright ladies, we got a lot to think about. I'm calling it a day. We have a very big game Friday. Central is tied with us at 8 and 0. Are we going to be a team? Think about it and be here tomorrow."

Traveler chapter 152 resumes
    There were nineteen dead, one of them was a sixty three old woman that the boys loved like their grandmother; the little ones took flowers, fruit, and muffins to her when they got home from school each day. Her shift as the afternoon security guard had ended, but she had to fill out an incident report. Some man had demanded to know what the school was because it did not appear on his maps. Roberta was a very sharp woman and had managed to get a video of the man, and a recording of his voice, on her cell phone, as he asked strange questions of her. She put that information into her report and downloaded the pictures from her cell phone into the computer. That man was not amongst the dead.
    After she had completed her paperwork she had left the school grounds when she radioed the dispatcher to tell them that there was a large number of people moving on my house, all dressed in dark clothing. The dispatcher told her to get out of the area, but for some reason her car was in front of my house and her body was found sitting behind the steering wheel.
    Several neighbors had called 911 to report an explosion and automatic weapon's fire at my house, the evening guard at the school also reported it to his dispatcher. FIS was quick to respond, two helicopter gun ships with six men on each one was on the scene in fifteen minutes. The attackers had already blown away the front wall of my house, between the front door and the garage. As far as damage goes that was the one area that hurt the house the least. Every security door in the house had automatically sealed themselves, angering the invasion force. There was a lot of damage from automatic weapons' fire to the interior of the house, but there was not a single loss of life on the friendly side.
    FIS vehicles arrived and began to exchange fire and six of the invaders went down. The rest took refuge inside my house, but ran out when the two gun ships arrived and the rangers repelled into the pool area and rushed through the large gap in the front wall. One eager rookie from the city's police force took a round to his torso, but his flak jacket prevented anything more than a bad bruise to him.
    I have five neighbors that have filled law suits against me. When it was broadcast that the reason for the attack was that I had been harboring King Cullen people came out of the woodwork with law suits in hand.
    Cory and I stayed home for three days to survey the damage and to attend the funeral of grandma. Roberta had no known family so we placed her in a burial site near Carl and Tom Dickson. Except for the staff, the school was empty and I didn't feel comfortable being there so Cory and I slept at Rick's house.

    I didn't tell the girls about the raid until we were on our way across the ocean. René took all of them to her house, even Betty stayed the first night. Lou took the girls to BAG to recover the babies then all of them returned to be at one place together. Each of the three units in the tri-plex has two bedrooms so each lady had a bed to herself. René gave up her bed to Betty and she slept in Jay's bed, she does love that boy.

    I contacted Ron and Bill to rebuild my front wall and the connecting balcony between the east bedrooms and west bedrooms. There are only a few family members that could open the security doors and reprogram them so that my two contractors could gain access to do their work. I felt very thankful that my boys were not home at the time of the attack. I was pleased when I inspected all of my security preparations, had we been home I feel that the boys inside their rooms would be safe. Every bedroom door had been sealed with a solid sheet of one quarter inch thick, hardened steel backed with the Kevlar compostie, that would take a diamond bladed saw to cut through, an ordinary cutting torch wouldn't even burn a pin hole through them. The security doors can be opened from inside each bedroom by hand controls.
    The way it seemed to have happened was that a shaped charge was tossed against the front wall. The security system was instantly activated by the severing of the main power cable to the doors. A piece of cable had to be spliced in the line from the computers in my office to get the house back on line. The ones in danger would have been anyone in the main rooms of the house at the moment of the explosion.
    Jeff Howell and Mark Demone were happy to help with the cable, in fact I had FI people crawling all over the house trying to do what they could. All three back up generators had kicked in when the power went out, but after the FIS agents checked the house they ran extension cords to the large refrigerators in my kitchen Nothing in granite house had been touched, the heavy security door leading into the tunnel was sealed, I don't believe that the raiders knew that the two houses were connected in anyway.

    Sunday afternoon Andy flew in with Tyler and a group of the college boys, Tyler and Cas were glad to find that their bungalow was untouched. The other two bungalows were untouched as well. The small guest house in back was unharmed with the exception of windows that had been shot out by automatic weapon's fire and the walls were pock marked with holes from bullets.
    As near as Andy and I can figure it this was another ill planned attempt by a crazed bunch of people bent on killing Cullen. Their data was incorrect, they didn't know that Cullen had left the country seven hours before they raided my house. I don't know who the man was that had harassed Roberta, but with him and then the raid on my house I am not sure if Cullen will be safe should he return here. Then again will he be safe in one of the schools in Europe? I may have to send him off to Jerrod Bradford in New York, that won't make him happy, or me eitehr because I love the little sot.

    A twinge of…whatever, rushed through me as I looked at the empty garage, I had taken my toys to βφτ house and parked them in the garage. The Caddy was in the garage under the hill, along with Traveler© and Traveler Too©. My Olds 442 was a birthday gift to me from Charley and it would kill me to see so much as a scratch on his pristine paint. The 'vette? I love that 'vette and I take very good care of it, I had parked both of them in a double long bay of the garage at the Koch's house. There is a six car garage, three bays wide double car deep, at βφτ house, but those bays are full with the cars belonging to the boys that live there.
    My boys laugh at me when I wash my babies; I pull the cars down to the end of the driveway, under Luke and Ģerâld's bungalow, so that the water can run off over the cliff. That area is the lowest point on my property with the cliff face eroded away to stand only twenty five feet above the ground behind the Traveler Trio's© garage. The driveway had to be built up almost two feet for access to the new garage, then it sloped off toward the cliff. I ask all of the boys to use that lower area to wash their cars, but nobody loves their cars as I do. They have told me so many times that I would sleep with my cars if I could find away to get them upstairs and into my bed.
    They don't know that there have been many nights when I was still in school that I have slept with my cars. I would drive out into the desert to the top of some remote hill top. With the top down and the tunes playing I would stretch out and enjoy the night sky. There is probably as much cream soaked into those car seats and carpet as the boys have in them. There is little cream from the high school boys that I took for a ride in my car and on my pony, I swallowed as much of that as I could so that it wouldn't stain the covers.

    We returned to Rick's house for the evening. Cory looked at me cross eyed and asked me why we didn't sleep at his house. It is his house, but my wife, and his, live there. Without them there the place doesn't feel right, I would feel like I was violating their space were I to sleep in Ugitsiha's bed. That and I would feel like a hypocrite sleeping in her bed with Cory, the same would be so in Sagi's bed. I wiggled my eyes at Cory and told him that if I was lucky I might get it on with young Terry. Cory knows what a letch I am, but sometimes I think that he is hurt by my off hand remarks about other boys.
    The evening was planned for us, Rick had brought home four really fine looking steaks. Terry had busied himself putting together the most fantastic salad that he could conceive of. I was sure that the Safeway down the street had a depleted produce department after looking at that salad bowl. Terry had also prepared fresh green beans, which he had carefully sliced julienne style, into which he had slivers of almond and, just a touch of finely chopped pimentos. I don't care for pimentos, but I kept my mouth shut about it.
    He had taken the time to mix up hot dinner rolls, using a boxed mix, but for a fourteen year old boy I thought that it was great. Rick has a large bay window in the breakfast nook off of his kitchen in which he grows a complete herb garden. Poor Ģer drools when he sees it, he has searched my house over for a place to have one of his own. Terry had gathered a harvest from that window and amongst the fruits of that gathering was a large bowl of finely chopped chives for our baked potatoes. Sour cream, shredded-extra sharp cheddar cheese, along with sour cream and butter were included as potato toppings.
    Rick has his own secret recipe for his steaks and try as I may he would not tell me what his mix was. He had taken a blend of his herbs and mixed them with a special sauce. He placed the steaks into a vacuum bag then poured the entire mix over the meat before sucking all of the air out so that the marinade would permeate the meat throughout. A half an hour later he rolled the meat into the dry portion of his herb mix and tossed the dead cow onto his fire. Rick learned of my passion for hickory smoke flavored meat and had a large bag of hickory chips near his grill which he liberally sprinkled over the lava rocks for a wood flavored meal.
    During our dining time Rick kept staring at Cory. I can't say that I blame him, the boy is extra fine prime meat, but I did feel a slight pang of jealousy move against my heart. Rick removed that pang with his next remark, "Would you guys be up for a bit of swapping tonight? I know Chris and he would like to spend a whole night with you, my love," he placed his hand over Terry's. The boy looked at me and smiled, broadly.
    "I'll spend the night with you and give you the fucking of the year, for a price." All eyes moved to Cory and all ears were tuned in. "This steak has no salt or pepper and I didn't see any store bought spice mixed into your spice rub, you give dad your secret recipe and I will make you fall in love with me. But I go home with dad tomorrow."
    Rick rose from his seat and walked around to where Cory was seated next to me, Cory turned in his seat and Rick dropped to his knees. He examined Cory's cock up close and personal then sucked on it. "You were sweet enough to give me a couple of courtesy fucks when I first brought Terry home, but I would love to have a whole night alone with you. I have heard that you can fuck all night long and as long as this is I would like a long long ride." By that time Terry was on his knees at my side sucking for man cream for his desert, Cory and I turned together for a kiss then helped clear the dinner dishes away before heading to bed for an early evening and a night of fun.

    Terry has learned a lot from his few weeks with Rick, actually the pair have lived together for a little more that three months, but I could detect a marked improvement in the boy's technique, especially his desire to lay close together in between our very hot sessions. Terry is a hot bottom and it took a little prodding to get him to top me, but I wanted him to have the full experience of our coupling.
    Terry drools when he fucks, our lips were locked together most of the time and I was having difficulty keeping his drool separate from the air going into my lungs. Ah, sweet youth. The boy's breath was as sweet as fresh mountain spring air and I could not get enough of him.
    I have many boys in my house that I love dearly, but somehow this session away from home was one of the most exciting sessions that I have ever shared. I could easily fall in love with Terry, he is needy and I have nothing but praise for Rick and his love of the boy. Rick has helped me to find twenty nine boys, and twelve girls, that lived on the streets of my own home town that I would not have been able to reach except by the efforts of him and the little love bunny in my arms. I only wish that I could find something extra special to do for the couple.
    I awakened at a minute or two past five, Terry was in deep rem sleep. I watched his perfect little face as his eyes danced around behind their closed lids, I wondered what sort of a dream he was having. Nature made an urgent call so I slipped quietly out of bed and moved to empty my bladder. Terry had not moved so I stepped into the shower for a quick wash down.
    I felt the need for a run and I had brought my jogging suit over, along with my favorite shoes for running. I would need a long shower after a run so I only rinsed the heavy part of my night away, I wanted to keep the smell of the boy on me for as long as possible.
    I paused at Rick's door and could hear no movement so I slipped on downstairs. I found Rick's coffee and his machine so I started a pot then took off through his back door and around my familiar path. As I returned to Rick's house I spotted trouble on the hoof. Dody McNee is about two hundred and fifty years old, at least she should be when she starts relating history from the first person perspective. She was shuffling along on her walker toward the pathway through the greenbelt where I was running.
    Before I could say hello to her she pointed a crooked finger at me, "I want to talk to you young man." I begged her forgiveness as I explained my need to cool down a moment so I jogged in place as my body settled down to its normal functioning.
    "I don't like all of the noise up at your house the other night. All of those helicopters and firecrackers, this is a home, not an amusement park. If you do that sort of thing again I will call my barrister and ask to have you removed."
    I have much more clout that she has and I have lived in the neighborhood before the land was leveled to build the house in which she lives with her son and daughter-in-law. I smiled at her and told her that I had taken my whole family to Europe to see the coronation of King Cullen and that nobody was home when someone raided my home in an attempt to do harm to me and mine.
    Her eyes narrowed, "You had that young man living in your house? He could have got me killed in my sleep."
    A cute little man ran up to the old lady with a shawl in his hand and placed it around her shoulders, he was wearing nothing, but a pair of gym shorts that he must have worn two years earlier. "Granny, it's too cold out here for you, come inside, please?" Dody spoke to him then he asked me if I would come in with them. The boy was cute, and hot, I walked behind him and watched perfect little bunns stretch the tight fabric with hopes that the cloth would tear and I could really see the boi butt confined therein.
    Mrs. McNee was at the stove preparing breakfast, she turned and asked me if I would like a cup of coffee then asked her son to bring it to me.
    "Francis is one of your kind and he wants to go to that school of yours." I love old ladies, they don't pull punches. Mrs. McNee and the youngster both reacted with horror.
    "Well, it's true, he told you he wants to go there so he has to be a queer his own sef." I listened to the banter until Mr. McNee came in and kissed his mother and whispered in her ear to shut her mouth, right now.
    "I have to apologize for my mother, she has her own thoughts and wants everybody to hear them. My name is Frank McNee, my wife is Francine, and you know my son, Francis the IV. Yeah, all three of us are named Francis, but none of us care much for the name, Fanny and I decided early on to call our son Fran to avoid confusion.
    "I can see the look on your face, 'why did we name our son Francis?' We really had no choice," he glared at his mother, "it was her grandfather's name, her dad's name, and her son's name. Her father disowned her when she didn't marry a Francis, but a few years later he reconciled with her when she named me after him. I guess that was okay because he left her several million dollars and she has been generous to us."
    What people will do for money confounds me. Of course I should talk, I sucked old men's cocks, but that was fun as well. I looked at the boy, his four inch cock was fully extended beyond the leg opening of his tiny gym shorts. He smiled at me and pushed his crotch forward.
    "Fran, tuck yourself away. I am afraid that my son is a bit forward and I hope he doesn't embarrass you."
    "Sir, I have over two hundred boys in my care and they never embarrass me." Granny got up and shuffled away on her walker, she called at Fran to get ready for school, but he reminded her that it was Saturday. She went on her way mumbling about the worthless kids of today.
    "Ask him father, please?"
    Frank looked at me then at his wife, "Granny said it and I guess Fran has his mind made up. He wants to go to your school, but he wants to live there. I mean, the school is right there across the street, but he wants to live with a bunch of boys."
    I had been studying the boy, he continually winked at me and made signs that he was sure would let me know that he is gay, I was sure when I saw him come out of the back door with the shawl for his grandmother. It might be good to put the boy in the dorm with other boys so that he could get the queer slapped off of the outside and let it nestle into the boy inside. He would face a world of hurt the way he seems to be headed. I saw movement outside and looked up to see Cory walking along the pathway where I run, I asked to be excused so that I could let him know where I was.
    Fran jumped up and ran outside to drag Cory into the house. I introduced him around with the inclusion that he was my life partner. Frank and Francine looked at each other, "But Sarah…"
    "Is Cory's wife, and Daylight is my wife. They are the mother's of our baby sons and they are both pregnant, but Cory and I are lovers."
    "Kewl, see, I told Granny that someday I would give her a Francis five, but I got time to go." He giggled in a perfect little boy giggle that set my hard on fire, Cory squeezed my hand under the table as he sat beside me.
    I learned that Rick was teaching Terry how to make German potato pancakes and that they wanted us to eat at about six thirty. It was five minutes past six so I had a few minutes to ask a few questions. "Francine, tell me what your feelings are with Fran's request."
    She looked at me, hard and long, before turning her eyes to look at her son. "My brother is homosexual, he has never been with, or wanted, a woman. He is forty nine and has been with the same man since college, I guess that they were boyfriends in high school because they were always with each other. I remember how much they were teased and I don't want that for Fran. Chris, kids can be so cruel and my son is so fragile…" The tears took over, "Do what you can for him and love him like I do." She left the room. Frank suggested that we sit out on the patio and talk in private.
    I headed for the door and Frank told Cory to join us as he and Fran followed along behind. Fran ran to sit in my lap then turned to look at Cory, "Is he your boyfriend?" I told him that he is my best friend. "Does he suck your dick?" There was no reaction from his father, Cory looked at me with a smile as he waited to hear my answer.
    "A gentleman never discusses what may, or may not, occur in private times." Frank laughed heartily, I think that the tension had just been broken. "How old are you, Fran?"
    "I am thirteen and I know Gus and Dezi, real good. They told me that everybody in your house likes to suck dicks."
    "Do you suck dicks?"
    "I done it afore." I could discreetly watch his father's reactions as I looked over the boy's head, he didn't flinch.
    "Do you ever talk about this with your father?"
    "Yeah, all the time, he used to suck dicks when he was my age, he says."
    Frank cleared his throat, "I had a close friend that was kind of precocious, but he met my brother-in-law and they are still together."
    "How long were you with him?"
    "About four years, but at sixteen he decided that he wanted to be true to one man."
    "Does your wife know all of this?"
    "That's how we met, through Simon and Earl. I thought that I would never love again when Simmy told me that he wanted Earl. Earl is two years older than me and, well, he was more of a man, if you know what I mean."
    "Simon was a size queen?"
    "Yeah, that's a good word for it."
    "Did that end everything between you and Simon?"
    "No, he still loves me, even through college the three of us used to get together." Fran was giggling, I don't know if his father's confession was new to him or not, but neither father nor son seemed to have any problems with talking frankly.
    "Tell me about Francine's feelings with your relationship with her brother."
    "She didn't know about the sex until I was in the final year of medical school, I had to do my internship here in Tucson because there is no hospital near our home. I didn't want to leave Simmy, I really love him, but he wouldn't leave Earl. By that time the three of us were very close and Fanny had figured things out.
    "I dated her throughout college and nearly always spent the weekend nights at Earl's house. Earl couldn't leave the family business because his dad was ill and not able to handle it. Simmy lived with him and I was at school, down here at the University Medical Center. Earl and Simmy only went to school four years, but I had to go for eight, they were back home and loving each other and I was here and alone.
    "One time I was home for the weekend and Fanny's father had come to Tucson for some medical tests to learn what was happening to his body. Fanny kept me late and she worked me up, so bad. I have known her since I was almost seventeen and she has never dated any other boy. I had never dated other girls and I didn't think that I wanted to, I sort of dated Fanny so my family wouldn't know that I was queer.
    "We talked after we did it and decided that if I was going to be doctor then I should have a wife so we got engaged. I had to do my internship and then my residency before we could marry. I was twenty eight when we had the biggest wedding the town had ever seen, but we waited before having children. When I was settled in a little bit Fanny quit taking the pill and we got the most beautiful boy the world has ever known."
    I was pleased to see how much love there was between the father and son and I had already seen that love in Francine's eyes before she left the room.
    "Are you still queer?" Damn, I am an ass hole. Frank started and his face clouded, he looked at his son who was hanging on every word from his father's lips and wanted to hear the answer. I didn't get a direct answer, but the way he was looking at Cory told me all about him. I didn't have the time to continue talking to him, I wanted to get to his son. I do know that sometime before school starts for the next school year that Frank and Fran will attend a party at my house and we will know all.
    "How are your grades, Fran?"
    "Mostly B's some A's."
    "I insist that all of the students in my school get top marks. If you will work very hard and show me your report card at the end of the school year we will see about placing you at BAW. I can't do more now because all of the boys are in Europe and we won't be home for awhile yet, my house is in really bad shape and I have to have it repaired before I bring my family home."
    Fran wrapped his arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, "I seen that pin, I never done that, but Gus says that it's fun. Dezi says that you do it better than Gus and I am going to let them do me then I get a pin." That damned little piece of gold. Well, the boy has a tight looking ass and I was enjoying holding it as he sat in my lap.

    Cory and I went back to Rick's place for breakfast. As we were eating Terry kept looking at Rick. Finally Rick said, "Well, I guess that I will be the one to tell you the good news. Terry and I stood before a judge last Wednesday and I would like to introduce you to Master Terrence Carlson." Cory and I each welcomed the boy in our own way, with a deep tonsil tickling kiss, then the two boys headed over to my house to see the progress of the work going on there. It had not yet begun, but boys like to see it all.
    Rick and I sat back to visit for little bit, it was still early Saturday morning and neither of us had anything planned. Cory and I will go to church at nine thirty, but for now I wanted to hear about my friend's new son. You may recall what a bastard Terry's father turned out to be when the school called him to tell him that Terry was sucking all cummers in the boy's restroom. Rick is sharp and Bull is sharper, the two teamed up and went after the elder Thompson with pure vengeance on their minds.
    Mr. Thompson was in violation of so many statutes that he could face almost ten years in prison for what he had done to Terry. Bull made him an offer he could not refuse. Paper work was signed and wheels began to move, ninety days, to the day, later the judge brought down his gavel.
    The results included the senior Thompson severing and relinquishing, unequivocally and irrevocably, all parental rights to Terry. A trust fund containing all of the money from the boy's mother's estate was to be set into an irrevocable trust for the boy, payable at his eighteenth birthday. A sum equal to forty percent of the father's current worth was to be deposited in a similar trust for the boy along with all moneys contained in college savings plans.
    Life insurance policies purchased as savings plans for the boy's education and future were turned over to his trust with orders that the father continue premium payments until those policies mature. All life insurance policies in force on the life of the father were examined and those with the beneficiary listed as Terry Thompson were frozen so that they could not be changed and premiums were ordered to be continued until the policy maturity or death of the insured.
    Terry left the courtroom with a new name, a new father, and more than two million dollars, to be held in trust or paid at the death of his birth father. The first stop for the new father and son was at the offices of Foss International Security-Detective Division.
    Terry's mother had died suddenly during a trial separation from her husband. Occurrences before, and after, her death were suspicious, the family doctor, a classmate and close friend of Mr. Thompson, had listed the cause of death as the flu. Records indicate that she had received a flu shot from that same doctor the morning before her death.

    I was happy for Rick and told him so. I know that Terry is extremely happy with the man, but he has told several of my boys that he wishes he could live at our house. I know first hand what it is like to live with an older man and not have twenty four/seven access to boys of similar age. Terry avails himself of all of the boi love that he can assimilate each day before Rick returns home from his work.
    Rick had a favor to ask of me, he had to make a long business trip to the orient. He had been working on a piece of proprietary software for a power damn being built in China. He was needed on-site to tweak his software and set parameters to the actual equipment in use. Rick knew about my trip to Europe, but he was to be gone for at least four, maybe six, weeks until he had his software program running at optimum efficiency. The job was worth several million dollars to his company, a sole-proprietorship, all of the funds belong to him and him alone.
    Bull had pulled a rabbit out of his hat and Rick was in possession of a United States passport in the name of Terrence Carlson, issued the morning that the adoption had been finalized. That is a neat trick because it takes several weeks to process a passport and a birth certificate has to be submitted with the application. Bull has a large herd of rabbits, I believe that should be a brace of rabbits, not herd. Whatever, he has bunnies, bunnies, everywhere.
    Rick wasn't finished. He can make money by his own efforts, but he doesn't know how to invest with any degree of certainty. He asked me if I would serve as executor to Terry's trust fund then he looked at me as he turned solemn and serious.
    "Chris, I am about to travel into a foreign country. China is enjoying good relations with America, but there is always danger. I could meet with an accident because I am going onto one of the world's largest construction projects where almost anything can happen. I have already talked to Bull and he has the paper work awaiting your approval, I want to make you the god-father of my new son. If anything were to happen to me I want you to raise him and not let him fall into the clutches of his natural father." I am honored by his request and I told him so.

.     When I walked in my front door Cory was excited as he dragged me upstairs to, what was left of, the old attic. I had four bedrooms added up there during the fall of 2005, but I learn something new about my house every time I turn around. This past summer I had been looking at enlarging the family recreation area, I went over the blue prints and found wasted space where the contractor that did that work put in false walls. Cory and Ron had found more false walls. The narrow space that we had used as attic storage since the work of 2005 was only ten feet deep and ran the full width of the forty two foot wide garage.
    Cory wants to be a mechanical engineer, to do that he must understand structural design. He took my blue prints to Ron and showed him something that had bothered him for several months. Cory had one of the rooms that had been added over the garage, he had often wondered why there was so much space between this attic room and the rooms that ran along the bridge to the old guest house. Together the pair sleuthed the answer in just a few minutes.
    I believe that I have stated before that there is a lot of dead space in this house, since I pay taxes based on the thirty two hundred total square footage of the main house, not the number of rooms, I am wasting money. Cory's and Jimmy's bedrooms sit side by side. A five foot wide hallway separates their bedrooms from the attic storage area that sits between their rooms and the bedrooms that run down the bridge to the old cottage with the games room upstairs over that. Four and a half feet could be recovered by narrowing the hallway two feet and utilizing the dead space that was hidden. That would be enough space to add two more bedrooms. The new rooms wouldn't be as deep as the four rooms over the garage, but they would be fourteen and a half feet by sixteen feet, and have a private bath and large closet for each.
    Next Cory pointed out the redundancy of having a games room over the old cottage. With the wine cellar it was seldom used, in fact the last time it had been used was at Thanksgiving time when we had an open house. Suddenly I remembered that face. I had to beg myself away from Cory and I ran to my office, my computers were on-line as power had been restored to the house, only the cable for the security system was being re-routed at the time. I pulled up the data from the Thanksgiving open house and the picture from Roberta's cell phone then sent my software on a search.
    Cory came in and stared at me as I concentrated on the large array in front of me. Cory sat down and watched with me, "There, that man talking to Arif, who is he?" I asked.
    Cory was going through the guest book where every visitor had left their name and address, no one but a select few know that each guest had his picture taken and his palm print recorded along with the information that they wrote down. Husband and wife were requested to each enter their own name, but I am sure that not all did.
    The software had the man's picture and his entry in the guest book and in moments we had an FBI profile on the man. A known terrorist from an oil block country that had done business with Ibrahim. That man just keeps popping up on my radar, I always felt that his brother was the dangerous one, but I am learning that Ibrahim had some serious ambitions, he wanted his brother's throne. I was about ready to go to a certain pig farm and put his pieces back together so that King Khaldun could put him on trial.
    The FBI profile listed our visitor only as Ala al-Din—original form of the name Aladdin—he is wanted in nine countries and is considered to be almost magical in the way he appears and disappears. I was on the phone to Raven while Cory crunched everything into a compressed RAR file to send over to the man. I shot a picture of Aladdin on the phone and I watched Raven's face go ashen, the man was in the castle during the coronation. He would have his men on the trail at once. Cory and I sat and stared at one another. Now I want to know what he talked to Arif about. Could Raven's boys have been the man's targets, not Cullen? I had to talk to Raven face to face, as quickly as possible.

    I hugged my love and apologized for running out on him, he told me that I did so with good reason. He had something to say to me and I wanted to know what he was thinking. He is correct, we do not use the games room very often, there are more games and things to do in the wine cellar and he proposed four more bedrooms in its place.
    The old cottage sits at an angle to the back corner of the property. I have already detailed the escape tower that sits to the southeast corner of the property. On top of that tower sits a lone bedroom suite, six feet above the other rooms along the eastside of the house, and above the upper level of the cottage. That room had once been home to Tim and Jerry, but they have moved to βφτ house where they can study with the other college boys and also walk to the campus. Harry and Toby have taken over that room. I have shared with them a secret passage unknown to any other in the house, behind a panel in their entry closet is a steel ladder that can be lowered on rollers through a trap door in the floor allowing escape, from the bedrooms, down that tower.
    The only access to that bedroom is through the games room, but Cory's idea to add four bedrooms overlapping the cottage and south end of bedroom row, as the boys like to call it, would require a hallway for Harry and Toby to get home at night. Cory giggled at me and told me that we could put a door at the end of the hallway to give Harry and Toby even more privacy. I saw nothing in that statement to laugh about, it was a great suggestion.
    Cory had another idea that I partially like, a large room could be built over the new dining room and a private deck could be added to the west end leading out from my bedroom and overlooking the pool. He thought that a slide into the pool would be neat, I vetoed that idea due to the inherent danger of such a toy. I don't want to add anything over the dining room which would block the sun from the windows of the airy living room, the high pitched roof of that room has six foot tall windows facing the south that bring in sunlight to a naturally dark area. At one time I had a deck outside of my bedroom, but I lost that with the new kitchen-dining area. Cory and I would have a private deck to sit on at night without having to climb up to my observation tower on the roof.

    I had to ask Ron for another job for a special member of the family. I told him about our young chef's desire for an herb garden. There is only one small window over the kitchen sink and four narrow windows in the living area where Luke and Ģer can sit and look out over the city below. As a further security measure all of the windows on the outside of my house are either eight inches wide or more than eight feet above the ground.
    The four windows in the bungalows span six feet with a solid concrete wall between each opening, we hope that will make it more difficult for someone to break in. Ģer's room is rife with his antiques, and Luke has a large selection of his collectable toys, the ones that he didn't sell. The boys have a six foot wide deck that they can sit on through most of the year, but I wondered about putting a small green house out there. Ron had the perfect solution and he told me to let him handle it, I trust the man so I left it in his hands.
    Ron told us that his crew could have the six new bedrooms ready in four weeks. He would start with the old games room since it was the easiest then he would do the two between the garage and bedroom row last. I will loose my attic storage, but there is still plenty of room in the vacant segments of the basement around the recreation room. He also told me that the theater should be finished in another week and that the permanent lighting was almost finished in the tunnel to the school. That part makes me feel better for security reasons.

    I had a date with a boy in lock up. I really couldn't see allowing him to stay in the juvenile hall while I was cavorting about Europe so I had him placed in a temporary shelter where he would be made to toe the mark. He had done well and had not caused any trouble so Sunday morning I sat in front of him and asked him to tell me his story.
    Fourteen year old Hugh Murphy looked a lot better than the last time I had seen him. You may recall that this boy is in love with a thirteen year old boy that was on house arrest, the boyfriend, Chet Hunter, had cut his ankle bracelet off and the two were hanging out at the mall when the police found them—that is the same time that Ted Gay was brought to me as my personal body guard.
    Mrs. Murphy had argued with her son about his being gay. Hugh had run away and his friends told her that he had gone to Mexico. Distraught over the loss of the boy she believed his friends and drove to the border town where she hung flyers around with her son's picture on them then returned home. On her trip back home her car left the roadway and hit a tree, killing her instantly. All of the time her son was safe and being a brat. [a true story]
    "You think that I killed mom, don't you?"
    "What do you think, Hugh?"
    "I guess I caused it."
    "What can be done about it?"
    "Nuttin' she's dead ain't she?" He was putting on a hard face, but I know that he cries himself to sleep and it has been more than three weeks.
    "There is something you can do, if you want to." I had his attention. "The Bible says that we should honor our mother and father; that is the fifth commandment, the first commandment of promise. The only way that you can honor her now is to be the very best boy that you can be."
    "I wish I wasn't…like you know…gay, then she wouldn't be dead. I wish I was a model son that she could have been proud of."
    "Hugh, do not wish to be anything, but what you are, and try to be that perfectly." He canted his head to the right and stared at me. "What I am saying is, you can not change who, or what you are. You may not be gay, you are too young to put that kind of a title on yourself. What you can do is to know that you are the only fourteen year old Hugh Murphy sitting in this room and you can be the perfect Hugh Murphy if you don't try to hide from yourself.
    "Love yourself, Hugh. Work to become a good man, get good grades, strive to excel, and one day, very soon, you will be someone that can hold his head up high as other's look up to you. That will do honor to your mother and the way that she raised you."
    "Do you believe that?"
    "I do, and I will help you." The tears bubbled along the bottoms of his eyes as he looked at me for a long moment in time, then he rushed around the table and threw himself into my arms. Hugh is going to be a good boy and I can't wait for the family to meet him.

    I did not share with him that Chet could be released to me. His grandmother can not deal with him, he steals, smokes, and lies, he is only thirteen. I can kick those habits out of him easily enough, I have enough help from two hundred boys that will make him change his ways.

    Electrical power was restored to the house and Cory told me that the only way to really make Hugh feel at home was to take him to our home, he wiggled his eyebrows as he looked at the youngster. Cleaned up and in decent clothes the boy was more like a whole candy shop on two legs. I mentioned that he is fourteen, but there is so much more to tell. Some boys acquire a body that would be worthy of a sculptors attention, some boys are born with such a body. Hugh was the first in line when it came to perfection of the male form, and believe me, I know what a perfect boy should look like.
    All of my aware life I have heard the phrase, "The closer to the bone the sweeter the meat," or how about, "built for speed," Hugh is all of that. Cory sat and stared until I opened the drawer of my night stand and withdrew my trusty tape measure, the one that only goes up to twenty four inches. That tape wrapped around the boy's waist with six inches to spare. We had to get hold of two straight edges for the next measurement, Hugh stood perpendicular to the wall as Cory slid one straight edge tight against the boy's back and I held the other against his tummy. A faint pencil mark on the wall by each of us then the we measured the distance. Sure enough, the boy is only four inches thick, his six and a half inch, cut cock is half again as long as his body thickness, it looked gigantic on his frame.
    We had to go for broke and found him to be five feet four inches tall, auburn hair with lighter colored pubes that were almost red. His feet are the telling sign of his future growth at a size ten, but the one major sign of what he could turn out to be was in his four inch long middle finger that made his hand look tiny, as if they didn't belong together.
    As I had expected, Chet and Hugh had not progressed beyond the suck me suck you stage. Hugh wanted to hold Chet sometimes, but Chet was not ready for that much involvement. Hugh has not had much love in his life and he was hungry for whatever he could get. I had yet to learn about a Mr. Murphy, I wonder if Hugh ever had love from his father. No matter what the story was the boy was needy and clung to me as tightly as he could. I decided to take it to the next level as I began my eye talk with Cory, filling in with a little Tsalagi when I needed to make a specific suggestion.
    "Daddy, I'm horny as can be, we have been so busy since we got back home that you haven't done me up. Let Hugh go play games in the wine cellar while we get it on." Hugh was looking from Cory to me and back again as he waited to see what I would say.
    "Let's be polite to our guest, love, he has been in lock up for a long time, maybe he has needs too. He told me that he likes to suck cock and from the look of his randy dandy meat pole he needs a little attention."
    "Daddy! I need to get fucked, my ass is hungry for your cock." Hugh's eyes were fully rounded out.
    "You know what we're talking about, boy, do you want to go play so we can be alone?" His hang dog look nearly broke my heart, some boys are just so good at that technique. "I guess he could stay and watch if you don't mind, lover man." The emotions running through the little guy's body must have been maddening for him.
    I convinced Cory to fuck me while I sucked Hugh. Cory told me that he thought that Hugh would like to suck me and asked him if he wanted to watch me get fucked from a special angle down under. We took Hugh with us to the shower and let him watch us wash each other's ass out. Cory pointed the hose at Hugh and he backed up to it as he got his first good wash out.
    I couldn't wait and took Hugh down on top of me so that I could eat that tight, virgin butt, damn that boy is sweet dining. Cory spread my legs and ate my ass as Hugh tried to get away from me so that he could see, I rolled my body back and let Cory push my legs up so that Hugh had a clear view. Cory grabbed my cock and pointed it at Hugh, the boy had never dreamed of having such a cocksickle in his mouth, but he did justice to his desire.
    Cory scooted up and put his cock against my sphincter, Hugh paused in his work and watched intently, but once Cory was at work Hugh went back to his job. I had to mentally work myself up so that I could get a good test on what Hugh was all about and I released a load very quickly. Hugh never faltered as he greedily took every morsel that he could catch directly down his gullet.
    I had my finger assault fully engaged and was rewarded with thick boi cum very quickly then I returned to his pulsating pucker, he was ready to fuck, but I was going to let him take the lead.

    On my way home, with young Hugh strapped into the seat next to me, I had made a decision that may come back to haunt me. I left Hugh and Cory in bed together as I put on a nice suit and made myself look professional. It was Sunday morning and I found all, but one family home, after I had interviewed each of the other parents I returned to find the last family home.
    In each case I sat down, alone, with the parents of each of the forty boys that attend BAW, but are not part of the family and don't live in the dormitory. I was surprised at how little work it actually took for me obtain the written permission, birth certificates, and shot records that I needed to have all of the boys join me in Europe for a two week tour.
    I had talked to Bull the evening before, he told me that he had the machine in place to have passports in the hands of each boy by the following weekend. That seemed incredulous to me, but I have seen Bull work wonders, more than once. I asked him about his youngster, Billy. He hesitated then told me that it would be a dream trip for the boy and agreed that he could go as well. Billy is eighteen and working as a burger flipper, Bull and I hope that being around the family the boy may find a spark to do something besides spread his legs every night. I don't want to speak ill of my friend's lover, but the boy has become a dreg and he needs to shape up or walk, that's the way I see it. Bull is a nice guy and there are many boys in the world that would love to love the man.

    I called Cory as I sat in my Caddy trying to decide my next move. Cory expressed his desire to hold me and kiss me as I related my morning. He was a bit apprehensive about my next idea. We actually know little to nothing about the twelve boys that attend the virtual course classes with the family from their own homes. The family has the ability to continue their studies through their own computers, but the time zone difference presents a problem there. These twelve boys were being deprived of the participation of their entire class, but I don't know how they would handle the gay thing.
    The deciding factor against inviting them were the girls enrolled in virtual studies. I will not entertain the idea of dragging innocent girls off amongst more than two hundred horny boys that would be naked at every turn. Sure the boys are gay, but sex is sex and many would like the chance to try the other side, as a means of comparison.

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