Chapter 139


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Our Saturday night family orgy was joined by an old friend of mine from many years in my past. Todd Henderson brought along his high school suck buddy, Scott Talmidge and his son, Little Todd Talmidge. Todd has been working in England for several years where I ran into him on my trip over in October to install our FOSSEC equipped system.
    Scott married after his graduation from school and had fathered a son, little Todd, named after the father's first love. Todd had not been able to handle Scott's betrayal and fled to the home of his grandfather in England. Scott's wife had left him and he was unable to come to grips with his feelings for his old friend. Todd, ever the lover and caring person, brought his former lover to my house to open up whatever avenues could be opened up in Scott. Little Todd is gay and wanted to show his father his love, but that was not about to happen as his father refused to have any sort of incestuous relationship with his son.
    Little Todd fell right in with the boys and was shown a life that he had only dreamed of. Scott was cautious and reserved, but attentive as he walked about the room and talked to several of the boys. Todd told a group of boys that he had been with me when he was about their age and had longed for another opportunity to be in my bed. The boys told him about the pin then dragged him to me for one of his own. I had promised Todd a little time in the hay when I had seen him in Hereford a month and a half earlier.
    A bed was set in the middle of the room and I appeared for a command performance. Even with an old friend like Todd I don't always do my full presentation, I like smooth skinned, hairless boys for that part of the pin ceremony. I was pleased to look upon a body that was not completely alien to me, but hair is a turn off. Todd had asked a few of the boys if they would open him up, that part was taken care of and he was full of young boy lube which allowed me to enter straight in.
    Scott took up a position where he could watch the show and never removed his eyes from what was happening. Todd was on a trip back through time as he called out things from our past and made the boys giggle and whisper amongst themselves. Todd is thirty one, but in great physical shape, his body was reactive to our love making and he let go of a healthy load of thick cock snot across his belly and lower chest.
    Scott made the man cry when he grabbed Todd and held him afterwards. I slipped away when Scott told his old friend how foolish he was not to let himself go and love the one person in his life that he had always loved. A bit later Scott presented little Todd to me and asked if I would give the boy a pin. I had listened to little Todd as he talked with my boys and knew what he wanted. "I can't do that unless his father is a member of the golden pole pin club." Jimmy looked at me and mouthed, "Club?" I smiled at him.
    I suggested that Scott allow Todd to do the honors of preparing him. Little Todd sat with me as we watched his father and uncle together, he told me that his father was a complete virgin. He told me that his dad had ridden his uncle before he met his mother, but that he had never had Todd in him.
    I had been racking my brain trying to figure if I knew Scott's ex-wife. I knew Todd in high school when he was a freshman and I was a senior. I knew that it was rumored that he and Scott were together and Todd had told me as much at a party one time. Little Todd told me his mother's name and I sat with my mouth open.
    Todd told me that Elaine was his uncle's daughter so I had been trying to connect a Henderson in there. Todd had also told me that Elaine's mother had taken her maiden name after her divorce from Todd's uncle and that she had changed Elaine's name to hers. Elaine's mother is my nemesis, Adelaide Snell. I sat down in the middle of the floor and began to laugh, hysterically.
    Jimmy and Cory took me for a walk to calm me down then I told them what I had just learned. Full of love for my boys, and full of coffee, I returned to the party. I walked up to Scott and planted a kiss on the man that rattled his bones. "I'll make you a deal ex-virgin, I'll give you the ride that you want, here and now, but afterwards I have a huge request. I have heard Todd's take on the last ten years of your life, now I want to hear your side of the story. I am going to sit with your sweet little boy in my lap and molest him in every way while you tell the entire family what has been going on in your life."
    "There is nothing much to tell…"
    "Good, then it won't take long. Get your ass on that sofa." I was impressed with the speed that he lay back and spread his legs. Todd spit in his lover's ass and spit on my cock then he guided me to Scott's nether hole for our mating."

    I did as promised and held a sweet looking boy that is English raised, but American born. I was going to learn if it was genetics or environment that made BBC—British Boy Cock—amongst the best in the world. Daddy began to sing:
    "She called me. After ten long years of hearing nothing, she called me. I looked at the calendar to verify, ten years to the day. A lot of people don't know how to count so I will make it clear. If it is Monday and I say that I will see you in seven days then I will see you on Sunday, count them, seven days. The next day would be ten years and one day, she left me ten years ago.
    "Our son had celebrated his fourth birthday and we had the best party that we could put together for him. One guest that I had not counted on being there was him, my old high school suck buddy. I loved Todd, I really did. We had fought over a toy car on our first day at kindergarten and had been the worst of enemies and the best of friends ever since. By the age of eight we were playing show me yours, I'll show you mine. By the age of eleven we were stroking each other, sucking came along quickly.
    "Todd had a deep itch and I had a long scratcher, that was the beginning of our end. Todd liked to lay on his back and look up at me, he loved to be kissed. By the age of fifteen I was ready to see if girls could be as great as he was. I had a string of girls after that and Todd sort of drifted out of my life.
    "We remained friends, closer than I realized, but we were never alone again until one fateful day long after school was over. I had a baby on the way and a college education to secure so I had left him. He was at Todd's birthday party. Yes, I could never forget the love I had for him so I named my firstborn after my first lover. Why she invited him to our four year old son's birthday party has been a mystery to me for ten years, but there he was.
    "The two of us stole away to one of the guest bedrooms on the second floor and locked ourselves in the bathroom for a long kiss. There was nothing else, we were both twenty one and had other people in our lives, we just had to reaffirm our friendship. Todd rejoined the party then I followed after ten minutes, I needed the time to get my priorities straight in my mind. I had not seen him again since.

    "I'll back up to the morning after my son's birthday, I awakened when Todd kissed me goodbye. She already had two suitcases packed for herself and all of Todd's clothes and toys were loaded in her mini van. By the time I got my pants on she was driving up the street. I tried to figure what had happened.
    "I had one of those dreams. How do I know? She taped it. Sitting by the coffee maker was a tape player, I thought that she may have left a message to explain why she left. She did, I called out his name in my sleep. My verbal account of my dream was very explicit and very graphic; I listened to every word that I said, all recorded for posterity. I burned the tape to a CD a few years later, I like to listen to it as I try to picture in my mind what I had been seeing in that dream that set me off as a recluse for ten long years.
    "Both of us are financially secure because of our wealthy grandparents. I have a few million in cash and real estate holdings about town. The rental income from those properties keep me living in a grand lifestyle. Don't even think that I manage any of those properties, that is what real estate companies love to do, they take in money for doing nothing. I only have four houses, but they have long term leases, the rest of my property consists of five large manufacturing plants, a church, and six small strip shopping centers around town. I only know of one turn over in all of the time that I have owned the property, but the real estate company had that house painted and new carpet put down and a new lessee moved in so quickly that I never lost a dime's rent.
    "Elaine has a ten thousand dollar a month trust fund for life. Her grandmother had the trust modified before she died so that it will go to Todd should my wife pass away. Each month that check comes to my bank account, even after our ten years of separation. After the first year I called her mother to let her know that the check was still coming and to find out about our income tax fillings. Her mother took the message then called me back that evening to tell me that my wife wanted the money to continue to come to me so that I would always have money to buy a pot to piss off in. I was told to never call them again.
    "I had to out talk the old biddy to ask about the taxes. She told me to file a joint return and that I could claim little Todd as a deduction. I told her that my wife would have to sign a joint return so I would file married filing separately. That was fine with her. She told me that I was never to call her again and that she meant it. She said that they had moved and no mail was being forwarded. Next she told me that her phone number was being changed that afternoon to an unlisted number, I called the next morning and the old number was no longer working. I guess that I best not have an emergency or a real need to contact my son.
    "After years of hearing nothing from her Elaine called me on Wednesday, she told me to be home Friday morning and hung up. Friday morning I sat back in my chair and listened to both her telephone message that I had recorded and the CD of my dream while I tried to paste together a scenario of what might be going on. At just past nine I heard noise at my front door so I dashed from the den, still naked as a jay bird. The sight I was met with caused me to stop and stare, the most beautiful fourteen year old boy in the world stood in the doorway. It was his birthday and he barely had on more than his birthday suit. He had two suitcases sitting beside him and his tee shirt was laying over them. He was toeing off his shoes and sliding his jeans over his hips, he was free balling and I was perving.
    "For some reason teenage boys have more pubic hair than men in their twenties and by their thirties most men have even less. Todd had a full bush of light brown pubies that had me drooling, the cock to follow almost caused me to drown on my own spit. 'Dang, I wanted to be naked when you saw me, nice cock there dad.' I had forgotten that I was naked. I quickly put my hands across myself as my old boyfriend stepped through the door with two more suitcases.
    "'All of his personal gear, books, computer and stuff is coming by boat and will be here after the first of the year.' I wasn't listening, I was staring from one Todd to the other, I love my son and I love Todd, but I couldn't let either of them know that. I didn't have to let them know, they had that one figured out for themselves.
    "Todd walked around to Todd and started to remove his clothes. I was still in shock and trying to determine how to refer to the two of them. 'Don't worry dad, I have been taking care of uncle Todd for two years now. He told me that it was nice to keep it in the family. Have I got a big enough dick for you?'
    "'Scott, chill dude, little Todd is all boy and he likes to be with family. He had one of our young cousins riding his ass when Elaine walked in on them two months ago and now she has thrown him out of her house.'
    "'She's a bitch dad, I can't believe that you were actually married to her, but I am here so I guess it was good, huh?'
    "'I am still married to your mother, son, and no, it wasn't all that good, but it would have killed my grandmother to have learned that I was fucking another boy.
    "'Wait a minute, uncle Todd?' I was about to learn a story to which I had been a part, but had never known of. First I was asked to fix breakfast. Little Todd whipped up pancake batter from a boxed mix while I patted out sausage and fried bacon. Big Todd broke eggs into a skillet and poured pancake batter on the griddle. Little Todd set about making coffee and squeezing a can of fresh frozen orange juice into glasses.
    "Breakfast was educational. My life long buddy is my wife's first cousin, but his father is her father's lover. Yeah, they are brothers, but they have been in love with one another all of their lives. I knew that Elaine's mother was divorced, but as we cooked I learned that she had walked in on her husband and her brother-in-law doing the dirty bump and walked out on him. She changed her name and raised Elaine as a single parent using her maiden name, Elaine's name had been legally changed to her mother's.
    "Todd cleared up a ten year old nagging question. When I had my dream Elaine got up and called Todd at his dad's house. She demanded the truth from him, had he ever had sex with me? He told her that we were both young, but when I met her I went straight. He wouldn't tell me all that she said, but she didn't believe that I went straight for a single second. She told him that her father was a queer and that queers never changed. She told him that she was leaving me and taking little Todd so that I would not molest him.
    "'So, daddy, do you have a boyfriend?' I looked at him. His question was innocent enough and it deserved an honest answer.
    "'No, son, I do not. I have only loved two people in all of my life, mother's and grandmother's don't count. Both of those people are sitting at my table eating breakfast with me right now. One of them I loved sexually, one I love with all of my heart and soul. I have not had any sort of sexual encounter with another living being since a week before your fourth birthday. I am still married to your mother and in my mind I would be committing adultery to have sex with anyone, male or female.'
    "'Are you going to have sex with me and uncle Todd?'
    "'You want me to commit adultery and incest? I think not.'
    "'But mom has a boyfriend and she is married, he is too, but I am not supposed to know that. His name is BAHH SULL, Basil Brightmore thinks that his shit don't stink, but he is the biggest gas bag in the whole island, bag pipes don't have as much hot air in them as he does.
    "'I play the pipes, did you know that? I can really blow.'
    "'Amen,' Todd spoke before he caught himself.
    "'Are you having sex with my son?'
    "'Look at him, he looks just like you and he is even more sexy than you were at fourteen.'
    "'Please shut the fuck up. This is my son that you are talking about. I may not be a saint, but damn it man, I am protective of my son.'
    "'I want to go now, uncle Todd. Can we go somewhere else, I can't live here with him.' I died inside. This is going to take a long time to sort out, mainly for me. I have not had a kid to raise for the past ten years, I had this idea of what a father was supposed to be, but my son is different than what I thought he might be, he is just like I was at his age. I will have to get around that.
    "'Look, stay here until after Christmas, both of you. Give me a chance, I don't know how to be a father, or a lover, or even much of a human being. Work with me and train me in the way that I should go, okay?'
    "After a long pregnant stare Todd ran around the table and threw his thin little arms around me, 'Okay, daddy, we'll make a good fag out of you.'

    "I haven't done a damn thing with my life since the day Elaine took my son from my life. My car sits in the garage and gets less than two hundred miles a year added to its speedometer. I have all of my groceries delivered, I pay all of my bills by mail or on-line, I don't wear clothes so I don't need clothes. I have a landscape company come by twice a month to cut and clean the yard, occasionally I will walk outside and watch them at their work. I do nothing. I have no ambition and no desire.
    "I sat back and looked at my two guests, yeah, that is how I was viewing them. They are family and I have to accept that, but I told them that it would take time. I guess that tonight I know that they are family, my family and I know how much I love them. I am not ready or willing to sleep with my son, but if he can find friends like these boys I don't think that he will miss having his old man paw on his bod.
    "I know that if I am to become his dad again then I have to maintain our relationship at that level or he will never respect any correction from me."
    "That depends on the boy and on the dad, my dad is the greatest guy in all of the world and one fucking great fuck," RD spoke up. We had to tell him that RD is my natural born son while all of the other boys are adopted, even little Rod is adopted. Scott studied RD as little Todd wiggled his ass on my cock. I gave that boy such a ride that he knows where and how he got his pin.

    It was orgy night so the boys had to get a move on if they were going to get their organ quota done. I had three very special people in my life come to me and just lay quietly against me. These three boys are my nucleus and my reason for being in the position that I am in. Jimmy was my first special love, sure I had bedded Turner, the Thomas boys, as well as a few others, but when I found Jimmy sitting amongst his clothes behind that truck stop I melted.
    I found Cory hiding behind a trash can and Chrisy was standing in the middle of the highway. I don't know if it is because of how I found them or if it is because there is something extra sweet about them, but I love those three boys over all of the other boys in my house, RD, Roddy, and Cullen excepted. Those three are blood, but I love them deeper than I love the other boys too.
    I have thought about it and if I had to choose I would have seven boys with me, the six I have mentioned and Bryan. That scared little man held on to me for his very life and it took him quite awhile to wean himself from me, I don't feel for him as strongly as I do the six boys, but I have stronger feelings for him then some of the others. I know that all of the boys love me passionately, especially Jay Adams but…well I am beginning to think that maybe I have spread myself too thin.
    A soft voice wafted across the room and I raised myself up to see who was singing so sweetly. Jimmy pointed to Todd. He was singing to Scott, I had to listen to the words, "Roses Are Red, My Love, violets are blue…" The boys snuggled up against me and sang along. When Todd came to the line, "A long, long time ago, on graduation day, I wrote into your book, next to my name, roses are red…" Cory asked, "Do you think that he really did write that in Scott's year book?"
    "I have known Todd since he was fourteen years old, he was a hopeless romantic then. Kind of like Jimmy, and Chrisy, and Coryman." I began to dig at their ribs as we rolled about on the floor. Yeah, I do love those three. I almost quit loving Roddy when he ran to us and jumped right in the middle of our melee. His knee connected where knees should not connect and Chrisy was in pain. I made Roddy kiss it and make it better, for an hour.

    Al came to me, "Dad, you have to talk to Todd. He thinks that he knows how to break the FOSSEC code." I was tired and it was late, I made another offer. Scott and Todd were happy to spend the night with us, in the guest room. Little Todd wanted to find someone to love, and to love him, he slept in the rec room with a group of the boys that were going to sleep down there.

    At breakfast Andy and I listened as Al prodded Todd for more information on his ideas about our chip. I was about to put a sock in Todd Henderson's mouth, the son-of-a-bitch is loud and he was talking about something that he had no business discussing at my breakfast table. Andy was away on business the night before, but Kyle had spent the night with the family. I had called to confirm that he would be over for breakfast, I had to let him hear what Todd had to say for himself.
    Andy held my arm to keep me from throwing something across the table at Todd. I was about to shout at him to shut up when Al turned my way, at last. I had both hands working with my eye signals as I told him to get our guest out of the room and over to my office where it was secure. We have all been working to learn ASL—American Sign Language—and now we use a modified mixture or signing along with our eye signals which gives us a much larger vocabulary.
    The look on Al's face was priceless, he had not considered the secrecy of what he was hearing. He looked around at the boys at the same time that I again scanned the table, none of them appeared to be listening, but these are kids so who can tell?
    I don't know for a fact that all of the boys in my home are able to be cleared for national secrets and I don't want to find out the hard way that they know somebody who has a friend that has this cousin that knows this spy that wants information about me or mine.
    Al told Todd that he wanted to check something on my computer, he looked down the table at me and asked my permission to take Todd into my office and use one of the satellite link ups. I told him that Andy and I would join them so that I could show Andy something. I was going to show Andy something that was scaring me to death, what Todd was discussing is impossible to do, but the fact that he was discussing it was frightening.
    Andy and I reached my office first, I stepped aside for Todd and Al to enter before me. "Hey, Todd, did I hear you say that you can put an external interface on a serial port and then feed it back to the FOSSEC to read the signals in real time?" I asked as innocently as I could.
    "Yeah, it's really simple, I have thought about this and I think that I can do it with off of the shelf parts." He seemed sincere.
    "Todd, I have to ask you how you would feed the signal back into the system, remember what I told you about our tamper resistant features on the unit?"
    "Yeah, that part has me stumped, but I think that after a few tries that I can do it."
    "One attempt and the chip will fry itself, you won't have a second chance. We do not replace units that have been tampered with, Todd and that little chip that I showed you before I put it into the machine sells for six and a half million dollars. In fact Peter signed an agreement that if the system is tampered with then his office will pay us that amount and they will not receive a new unit."
    "Oh," he was deflated.
    I had been typing away on my keyboard when I looked up at Andy, he nodded at me. Randy Hobbs came on the large display. "Hi there, boy. Hope everything's good out there, it's cold as blue balls in winter here. Oh, hi boss, didn't see you there." Andy shut my sound proof door.
    "Randy, we are secure here."
    He looked around then walked off camera, in a moment he was back, "all secure, chief."
    "I have a young man here that has an idea. I am bringing up a screen, use your large display so you can walk through his idea with him." I shifted Randy's image to my desktop and two of the desktops around the room and put the picture of the CPU with attached FOSSEC on the big display.
    "Randy, this is Todd Henderson. He believes that he can access the serial interface to read the code in realtime. I am going to let him explain his thoughts."
    "Chris boy, it can't be done. I know that you don't know jack shit about this stuff but…"
    "Randy, I came up with the MAP switching."
    "Oh, yeah you did. Okay you know shit, but you don't know Jack."
    "Is he cute?"
    "I ain't telling." Todd was studying the image of the chip, I told him that he was on stage so he needed to sing. I had two recorders going with four microphones feeding each one. I hope that with eight tracks I won't miss a single word that is said. Andy has software in our satellite link up that would also record everything that we did, plus the images we used.
    Todd was using his mouse to point at circuits and asking what they were. Randy had a stock answer, "Classified, can't tell you." Todd trudged on. He had Randy's attention as the old man followed closely at every point Todd made. I looked at Al, he was watching the show as he saw the chip, and how it worked, for the first time himself.
    I eye talked Al to get Todd out of the room so that I could talk to Randy. The boy is good, he found a natural opening the asked Todd to go with him to the kitchen, he reminded the man that they did not tell Scott or little Todd that he was going to the office. Andy locked the door behind them as we listened to what Randy had to tell us.
    "He is way off base, the system is secure and will implode before his tap is even hooked up. I do think that the boy shows promise though, do you think that I could get him up here for a few days?" Done! I took Todd aside and asked him if he would like to take a trip to a Top Secret spot to talk face to face with Randy. I told him that his trip would give Scott and little Todd time to bond, he was ready to go.
    I put in a call to Peter Caulfield in Hereford, England and explained that I thought Todd might be a stronger asset then we thought. I told Peter that it was secret stuff, but I felt that Todd may have stumbled on to a major breakthrough that warranted further research. Peter cleared the man for another thirty days and put him on TDY so that he would draw his full salary, plus expenses. I wasn't concerned about getting the man paid, I would be glad to cover his lost wages, but if the government wants to spend a few tax dollars who I am to whine?

    It took us the better part of the month of November to get everything gathered together for the rest of our Christmas giving. Each item to be sent to a shelter or group home was carefully wrapped and clearly labeled for the recipient. Once wrapped individual stacks were assembled for their destination then those were crated for shipping. I worked very closely with a small local shipping firm, of course I had a history with the owner. The company was more than happy to play Santa. They had local delivery drivers pick up our crated goods over a two week period and take them to their docks to be shipped out from there.
    Our first shipment had to go to Mitch Gordon and then we shipped to the smaller towns around the state that would take a day or two to reach. Some of the crates were passed off to other carriers that serviced a particular town, that only served to increase the mystique as to the package's origins.
    All total we shipped nineteen hundred gifts to six hundred kids at a total cost to the family of forty thousand dollars plus change, and shipping. I had my own thing going. Everyone of us feels good inside. I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we would love to be a fly on the wall so we could watch little eyes light up on Christmas morning. There is nothing more heart warming to see then surprised looks on faces of kids from one to a hundred and fifty one when they see gifts with their name on them. It is even more fun when the name tag reads: From Santa.

    I took the call at about five PM Tuesday afternoon the eighteenth of December. The boys were coming in from ball practice and getting their showers and other chores done before dinner time. I insist that all homework be done the moment that the boys get home so the little ones had been pounding their books and were ready to eat. Rod was curled up in my lap as I sat in my office and listened to the caller give his sad news. I sent Rod scampering off in search of Mike.
    Mike came alone, which I was glad of at the moment, I had news to share with him in private. "Mike your grandmother has passed. School will be out at noon Friday and we will head back to Tahlequah. Christmas Day is Tuesday so the funeral will be held on the Friday after Christmas."
    "Why the long delay?" he asked me.
    "I guess it is your mother's idea, she wants you to be there."
    "Yeah, she wants you to be there so that she can make me beg you to give her money." To his credit Mike has never forgiven his mother for trying to force him to extort money from me before.
    Mike's mother was one person that I did not wish to see. I would have to put up with her and Revers, Mike's stepfather. You may recall that it was Revers that put Mike up to his threat to call the police on us in an attempt to extort money from us. Revers and Mike's mother felt that Mike should have some of the money that Chief Steve left to Cory and me. They sent Mike to me with their desire that I should adopt the boy, they thought that as my son he would be entitled to a large piece of what I must be worth. As they had it figured I must be worth several hundred thousand dollars. Mike is worth many times that now, but his mother doesn't know it.
    They had not done their research, neither Mike nor his mother, were of Steven Conway's blood line. Chief Steve was of the royal line of chiefs from his father, Chief Mighty Water. Cory and his son, Christopher Cory, are descendants of that blood line. Steven, Mike, and I are descendants of Chief Mighty Water's half brother, Mike Stevens. His son was Christopher Stevens, our great grandfather.
    "But won't you be taking Cullen to see aunt Eloise for boxing day?" I love the fact that most of the boys refer to my sister as their aunt.
    "Son, this is important to you and I will be there for you, that is all there is too it." I had told El that I would be bringing Cullen home, but I would just have to call her back. I had to take Mike and Steven to the funeral, Mike's grandmother was the sister of both my grandfather and Steven's grandfather. That made her mine and Steven's great aunt. Both of their mothers and mine were first cousins, this lady was the last of the three Choctaw siblings. I am told that they were very close as they grew up.
    Mike got up and left me alone in my thoughts then Rod came to tell me that he was hungry and the food was ready so if I wanted any I better get it in gear. Well, I know when I have been told. Sweet Roddy is related to Chief Steve, he is the great grandson of the great man. My wife Daylight is the daughter of Chief Steve's daughter, Ahwiagina, the sister of Cory's father. That makes Daylight and Cory first cousins so Roddy is Cory's second cousin.

    All throughout dinner I was being stared at by Mike and Cory. Cullen and Harry had their heads together and kept giving me the eye. Andy and Kyle rushed in, Kyle took a seat beside his friends. Andy was pulled into a quick conference by Harry, Cory, and Cullen. I finally told everyone to let me in on their thoughts. The three of them kept looking at me so I knew that I was in for something big. It wasn't all that big, it was great.
    "Okay, 'ere's the plan, maite. We dun talked it up a bit and you got yourself a job to do. You are going to drive the lot of us to those Indian blokes over there then you and 'Arry and me'r gonna go straight away to merry old England. You can pass me off to me mum-n-da then you can fly back to be with Mike, cause Unc, 'e needs ya, 'e does."
    I looked at Cullen cross eyed which caused the whole table full of boys to crack up with laughter. "You make it sound easy but…well I don't know how to do this with everybody. There is no place for all of us to stay, and…"
    "Eat while I take over." Andy told me. "I have a forty five bedroom house where all of you can stay. It is less than an hour's drive from there to where the funeral will be held so we can all get in your bus and drive over Friday morning." Andy knows how I hate the term bus to be applied to any of my Traveler Trio©, but his idea of staying at his house was interesting. I agreed to his invitation. Andy and Kyle excused themselves and left quickly, Andy needed to go to Tulsa to prepare the house for our visit. He wanted to give the house staff a holiday so that they would not be there to see a bunch of naked fag boys going at it on the valuable antique furnishings.

    With one hundred and eighty boys in the family all of the Traveler Trio© had nowhere near the seating capacity that I needed. I put in a call to my favorite coach people and begged then pleaded for two more buses exactly like Travel All©. Their best delivery date would be late March. I would be returning from Cullen's coronation at that time and I would have much of my core family with me; I had already decided that it would be folly to take the entire family so the state boys and the European boys would stay behind for that trip. Only those boys of my family that are really close to Cullen and have been through the hell that he has brought into our lives, and have been recipients of his wonderful laughter and love, will go.
    That was well and good and decided, but at the moment I had other concerns, I had to get the entire bunch of homos to Andy's house for Christmas. I had no plans to take the entire family to the funeral of Mike's grandmother for two reasons. First of all it was a somber rite that deserves all of the dignity that we could afford it. Only the boys that have been with Mike and the family for any time would be offered the chance to go. I know that many of the boys would not want to go to a funeral of any kind.
    My second reason is simple, one hundred and eighty white boys descending on the Indians at one time would seem like an invasion. At least when we had gathered forces for our big fuck fest in the forest in July of 2006 we filtered in slowly.
    With my uncanny ability to foresee the future and to anticipate my needs I had taken delivery of a new and larger Boeing 737 in October. I had purchased a model 900ER custom built to the needs of my boys, closer spaced seating allowed for the longer aircraft to seat two hundred. Boeing's standard seating package would handle one hundred and eighty passengers, but I am so wise that I perceived the need and ordered tighter seat spacing in the back.
    The arrangement was not good for in-flight sex with three seats to each side of the isle, there would always be that third boy that could not get his. Actually that was not a major concern to me. I know it sounds almost alien to what I am all about, but I wanted a way of getting all of my boys from point A to point B in one great lump. The new plane provides for a lump of boys to travel together.
    Not being completely inhuman I had the restrooms enlarged for the boys to get their mile high experience. Since most all of the boys have a golden pole pin I had a special pin made up for those who would fly united, a golden pole pin with tiny wings on the penis head. Every boy was anxious for a pin of his own, even the old married boys.
    Because of my unscrupulous scruples there are a few boys that I have not had any relations with until they are of age. There are also a few other youngsters in the house that I have not been with for reasons between me and them. Not to leave those boys out I had a special mile high pin made just for them. Based very loosely on the pins that certain airline companies pass out to special passengers I had similar wings attached to a small penis head. This particular pin did not need me to participate, it was for the boys themselves. I am not sure which pin the boys coveted the most, but there would be a lot of eager noises taking place in all four onboard restrooms. I will need to talk to my mechanics about directing the aroma from those conjugal moments into the rest of the plane. The boys looked at our old and new phartzalots and I changed my mind, quickly.
    Getting the boys to the plane was a whole different matter. My solution came in the way of an epiphany, actually I had already started the method of our escape quite innocently. My family has become a source of wonder to my neighbors, every move that we make is watched, closely. The boys each wanted to go to the malls to do their Christmas shopping. Beginning on "Black Friday" there been two buses pull up to the house every few hours. I thought that I could use their excursion as a way to throw the neighbors off of our track. By Friday, the twenty first of December, the new school buses were a common sight at the house and nobody paid the least notice to all of the boys getting on a bus. I had brought a truck down on Thursday, the twentieth, to take all of the boys suitcases, packed inside large creates, around to Base A and have them loaded aboard the plane to await our arrival and departure for Tulsa.

    Cory took to the road Thursday as soon as his last class was over. Chrisy and Timmy picked Cory up at school in Traveler Too©. they were going to help him drive across the country with our wives and babies, the girls were going home, for good. Cory and I were both mixed over their decision, but both of us knew how selfish we were being. The girls wanted to be with their mothers and family and…well Cory and I are only occasional visitors at best. We love to go play with our babies, and their mothers, but that only occurred once a week or less.
    Daylight wanted Rodney to ride home with her then he would return with me and only see her on those occasions when he would fly back for a few days. The boy threw such a tantrum that I turned him over my knee in front of his boyfriend, Dane. To add insult to injury I made Dane sleep in with me and Roddy had to sleep alone for the first time since he had come to my house, by eleven o'clock the sad faced boy had cried himself to sleep. I sat in a chair next to Roddy's bed and watched his precious body in slumber, I can not imagine how I could not love the boy. He is every bit a part of me as is Cory Stevens or RD, all three are my sons and they always will be.
    I fell asleep somewhere along there, but I awakened when Roddy crawled up in my lap at one in the morning, "You love me don't you?"
    "Rod, I will always love you, you are my big boy."
    "RD is bigger."
    "So I guess that I should go to his room and love him more." I pretended to rise, but I got a mouth full of boy kisses instantly. I let him hold me and cry softly for a few minutes then took him to bed with me and laid him beside a sleeping Dane. Roddy moved up to his boyfriend who reached out in his sleep and wrapped his arms around the new found friend. I slipped in beside Cory and turned off the light.
    Cory and I made quiet love to one another, he would be away from me as he drove the girls home, but I would see him again Friday night sometime. To tide us over until then we only had oral sex as both of us took on a large supply of the juice of the other to carry us through.

    Cas loaded all of the college boys from βφτ house into one of the new school buses early Friday morning, I allowed Edgar to join us for this trip so that I could watch him, I wanted to see how the boys were going to take to him after his break from our rules. Edgar is still living with Timmy and Chrisy who were not comfortable leaving him at their house alone. I was not comfortable with that either, alone Edgar might quickly revert to his old habits, I had no intention of allowing him that temptation.
    At granite house my senior class of high school boys got onto the bus with Cas and the college crowd then headed for Base A. I followed shortly after with the other half of the high school boys in Travel All© then we headed over to the elementary school for the twenty five little guys.
    The high school let out at noon, Jerry and Pete had two of the large new school buses waiting for the remainder of my boys to be taken to Base A. Edmund and Mitchell were going to escort Blain and Blair home to their father, they locked up the house then an FIS agent drove them to the airport. Edmund was looking forward to two weeks with his family in New York. He was worried sick that Empire Canal was sitting empty and wanted to see that everything was okay. I have a staff there as well as a full staff of security people to watch over the place, but he still called the estate home.

    All of our buses and boys were once again together at Base A and all of the boys were seated aboard the large new airliner. I had asked the captain to allow Pete to sit in the cockpit, you would think that I had given the young man a pot of gold from his reaction. Once we were airborne Pete took the co-pilot's seat and flew the plane, with the automatic pilot on. I am sure that the pilot switched the auto pilot off a few times because I felt the plane change attitude, that is common when the AP is switched if the person at the stick does not have a firm grip on the controls. By the time that we landed Pete had gotten himself three hours of instruction from a licensed instructor. He was told that he has a job with FI's air division as soon as his licensing is completed.
    Andy had lined up four drivers to take all of my buses to Tulsa with Travel All© in the lead. He and I both had made it clear that the speed limits were the maximum speed that they could travel, the school buses are not equipped to run out like the Traveler Trio© is. We know that they can run out pretty well from their performance coming home from the big ball game in Phoenix, but those drivers didn't need to know that.
    The four drivers had family in other parts of the country, I flew them on to spend their holiday with their loved ones. They were given a full two weeks of paid time that would not count against their vacations and were eager and ready to help me. They only had ten days at home before I asked them to return to Tulsa late afternoon the first to pick up the buses and return them to Tucson. After the funeral on Friday the boys and I returned to Andy's house for a celebration there then we flew home on the second of January.
    School took up on the seventh of January and I wanted the week so that we could travel in safety. I informed the teachers of the funeral and had given the staff at BAW an extra few days off. We have forty boys attending the school that are not a part of the family as well as twelve boys that are studying through the virtual classes, they study at their own homes. They were happy for the long holiday.

    Once on the ground at FI's airport office in Tulsa a crew quickly unloaded the boxes and transferred the boys suitcases onto five chartered buses that would carry us to Andy's house. I think that it would be easier to move an army across the world then it was to transport one hundred and eighty horny teenagers at Christmas time.
    I did a little research on that subject and learned that I was moving the equivalent of a company of soldiers. Of course I did not have all of the gear that the army would have to move along with that many men, but I had rambunctious boys to contend with. I still did the job for a half a million dollars less than the army would spend on a move of comparable distance.
    Cory, and our wives, had dropped Timmy off at Andy's house before noon. He and Chrisy had gone on to Tahlequah to leave the girls, the two boys would return to Andy's house later that evening.
    Andy and I set about finding beds and bathrooms for all of the boys then returned to the kitchen for coffee. I was impressed with the food tables that had been set up by a local caterer. I had no knowledge of the area nor did I have any references to work from, I just called around and on my third call I found someone that sounded as if they would like to have my business. I had three hundred appetites inside of one hundred and seventy six two legged eating machines to satisfy.–Edmund, Mitch, and the Crossly brothers weren't with us– I guess that the boys were impressed also, the line was barren in under an hour.
    I was about to get myself a bowl of hot vegetable soup when my Cory man came in. I had to stop for a wholesome serving of tongue. Cory and I sat together and spoon fed the other while the boys giggled at us, but I saw more than just a few of them feeding their significant other also.

    It was only Friday night, but we decided to make it story night to ease everbody into the strange surroundings. Each couple paired off as a box with names of good readers was produced. Jimmy is an excellent reader and all of us love the way he pays attention to the punctuation in what he is reading and makes the story come alive, but I want Jimmy to be able to lay back and listen once in awhile. He argues that point, but I see him relax and I know that he likes to be loved as much as any one else.
    I know that Jimmy and Lew are tight, they are just not sexually tight, Jimmy is a bit too uptight. I have put Jimmy with a therapist friend of mine that has an interest in photography, I don't want Jimmy to feel that he is seeing a shrink, but I am worried about him. I have learned that the boy can see nobody, but me, that bothers me very much. Cory and I have talked about it often and he feels that I should be with Jimmy more often, but I think that that would be the wrong approach, I want him to find someone that he can connect with.
    I read some of Jimmy's notes that he has tacked on to chapters of this story and I was torn apart when I read his quote of a line from one of Rod Stewart's songsWhen the one you love's, In love with someone else, Don't you know it's torture, I mean it's a living hellsee ed's Notes—I love that little man very, very much, but he has to get over the fact that Cory is my main man, I don't want to hurt him, now I am torn up.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the little bugger had rigged the box because it was Jimmy's name that was drawn to read our story for the evening. He had searched through his list of stories and came up with a hottie, which he is noted for. We lay back on the floor and dimmed the lights as he began to read and our partner began his work to enhance our mood. Our story of the evening was entitled Roby and the Cowboy, a super hot story about a young boy growing up on a farm in pre-WWII days. I have no idea where young Jim finds these marvelous tales that he reads, but I always enjoy myself after an evening of listening to his talents, and of course Cory's talents also add to my enjoyment.

    Andy has this neat little feature in his house that I have never seen before, but now I want one in my house. It is called an inglenook. Behind the fireplace in each of the bedrooms is a small area that is accessible through a narrow opening alongside the fireplace. A bench runs from one end of the small area to the other with a slide out to make it into a nice little bed for two. The inglenook in Cory's and my room ran underneath a window with a storm window on the outside of the house and another window in between the two so that all of the heat was kept inside, but we could lay down and look out over Andy's vast terraced gardens and down to a small lake a couple of hundred feet back from the house.
    Kyle told Cory how to open a panel to the fire for an extra cozy night just made for two lovers. For the first time in my life I was glad that there was snow on the ground and I could do the one thing that I always tell of as being the only way to have fun when it is cold. I was content in our little love nest, but Cory wanted to stand out on the balcony and feel the snow under his feet, I was ready to put him in a deep freeze and let him feel all of the cold he wanted. That is until he opened his mouth to sing to me in his rich tenor voice. I was so moved, but then Kyle joined in from Andy's balcony and the boys began to banter back and forth, I went inside and pulled six thick feet of covers over my frozen body and hoped the heck that Cory warmed his feet by the fire before he joined me.

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