Chapter 58


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I get to write this. You'll notice the color. That's not ink, it's blood. It's the blood of my late best friend, the man I always wanted to call dad. His name is mud with most of us now. I mean, it's not like he couldn't have told us what he was going to do. We loved, notice the past tense? We loved him. There is no way we would have told anybody, but he just takes it on himself to go out and get his ass blown to bits and makes me go through the horror of having to look at his charred and crispy fried remains. And all the time he is hiding in the back of a lory, that's what these people call a truck, being taken over the mountains to the French Riviera to lay about in the sun while we sit around holding on to each other crying our eyes out and acting like little children crying for their dead daddy.
    Hehehehe, kind of smart at that, I guess. There's no way we could have acted that sad. Anybody watching us would know it was put up. I mean maybe a few of us are superb actor's, but not all of this lot. Some of these guys have trouble making people think they're not gay. That's not fair. I don't mean that. Nobody thinks any of us are gay. I'm just venting. I know a few pervs that hope some of us are gay. I have had more than a few boys come up to me at school and ask me if I think that this guy or that one would let him suck his dick. I am more than glad to get the two together and watch the dude get his first mouthful of cum. I'm not lying, it has happened, more than just a few times too.

    The police checked each one of our passports. We were all okay except that we did not have an entry visa into their country and had to leave at once. They wanted to question us, but they had some old men that were part of the lawyers for their country that told them we had to leave and then come back legally before we could be questioned. They said that if we were adults then they could hold us, but as children under twenty one years of age by their constitution then we had to leave.
    I'll never ever let the thought cross my mind that Chris Dickson doesn't have it all together. The shrewd dude knew exactly what he was doing. We had no idea how we got into their country. We were on an airplane in England and when we got off the plane it was dark and we were brought to this hotel by a bus. We saw no adults except our dad who told us that we had to get up early to go through customs before the coronation. But then he got a call and had to leave and told us that he would be right back. We were taken to a hotel then a few hours later Andy came and told us that he was dead.

    The new queen, herself, came to the hotel. She told us how sorry she was that we had lost our dad and our brother Cullen, her sweet nephew. Cullen's mother was there and she looked like hell. She had been crying all night. The queen told her policemen that she wanted us to get on our plane and leave so that we could morn in peace. She was a really nice woman and I hope she has a very long reign as queen.
    Cullen's mom kissed every one of us and thanked us for being so nice to her son. She told us that she knew that Cullen loved all of us and she could tell that we really loved him. She told us that she would like to come and see all of us or that we should come and see her again. She told us that funeral plans had not been made yet, but she would try to include us when she and the Duke got themselves together. The Duke came in and shook hands with each of us then said, "Oh bugger this." He got down and hugged everyone of us tightly and told us that he loved us for being such great boys.

    We filed out of the hotel under really heavy guard. There was a canvass tunnel erected from the elevator, through to the front door, then out to the bus so that the press could not get any pictures of any of us. As we passed through the lobby I saw several of Mr. Foss's men in the uniform of the queens army. Each one gave the eye signal that we all knew meant, "You don't know me." They were in there to make sure that no one had a hidden camera. Daddy still protects us from his grave. May the bastard catch a cold in it.
    We were getting quite accomplished at getting on this airplane. We all had our favorite seats and without discussion that is the ones we took. Most of us were still crying. Cas and Tyler were almost carrying Pete. He was so far out of it that Andy had let the doctor give him a shot. All of us were wishing for something to numb the pain we were feeling, but as soon as we got into the air we were given peanut butter sandwiches and milk. We hadn't realized what the pain was, it was hunger. After three peanut butter sandwiches, a piece of chocolate cake, an apple, and two bananas, washed down with four cartons of milk, my pain seemed to lessen, a little.
    We were told to buckle up and we hadn't been in the air thirty minutes. We sure weren't in Kansas. We could smell the sweet smell of the ocean. The air was fresh and very comfortable for November. In fact it was warm and balmy. Andy walked by and touched each boy on the head as he said either, "One, two, three, or four." He had skipped around and had not touched any couples as he went. We watched him as he walked to the front of us and called all of the ones. Trevor, Alec, Jan, and Lew fell out. He put them in a small car with blacked out windows and it drove away.
    Andy looked at his watch as we waited. Finally he said "twos." I got into a car with Pete, Cas, and Tyler then we were driven away. Our driver was a mad man. He raced along winding mountain roads with no regard for our lives. He passed on curves as he blasted his air horns and cars coming toward us blasted theirs. We had so many people shoot the finger at us that I felt well fucked.
    We came into a built up area of little houses amongst the trees and kept climbing up a pretty good sized mountain. Suddenly below us was the most beautiful view of the ocean that I had ever seen. Cas was making Pete look out of the window and he was smiling. We wound around a hill and before us was this huge building that stretched a long way in each direction. A man in a tuxedo coat with tails stepped to the car and opened both passenger side doors. I was in the front, by myself, the other three were in the back seat. We all got out as the man bowed to us and bid us welcome.
    A naked boy of about ten or less, bowed deep to us. The man in the tux told us to follow, Tazzi. The boy led us inside the building, but it was a house. It was bigger than the state capitol I visited with my grandfather, Steve. The whole wall across from where we came in was one set of double doors after another and they were all open. Long curtains hung from the tops of the doors, that had to be over ten feet tall. They blew into the room as fresh sea breezes filled the house. The ceilings were so high up that I couldn't see the paintings on it. Pete was standing tall and smiling. "Come on, I'm hungry," he said and he trotted across the room and through the doors. Sitting on the far side of a wide patio with the four boys from the first car seated around his feet was my daddy.
    He was in a full body cast, only his head and hands were not covered in plaster. The cast ended in a steel tube thingy that was screwed into his head. He lay on a chaise with the sun shining on him. The little boy that showed us inside was holding a large glass with a straw in it for daddy to drink from. We were so relieved that he was alive, but curious as to why we had been told he was dead? We heard boys talking and dad told us to sit down and welcome the next bunch. As each car load of family arrived the boys came and stood around us staring at dad. All together we had ten cars, eight full of boys and two with Andy and his people.
    With all of us gathered around and tears running down our faces, Pete and Andy stuck their hands under the plaster cast and lifted it off. Dad sat there wearing nothing, but a stupid grin. Cas and I were in a dead heat as we ran to him. He stood up and grabbed us both. He lingered and held us tight. The tears turned to tears of joy.
    The man in the tux announced, 'luncheon is served.' Dad hustled us to a huge table of fruit, pastries, and punch. There were bottles of wine in a container of ice. He told us to at least taste the wine. It was sweet with the flavor of many kinds of fruit and no hint of alcohol. Most of us drank only that. When our tummies were full and our hearts overflowing dad sat us down to talk.
    We looked around and couldn't find Cullen. Our first question was, "Where is our brother?" Dad's smile lit up the ocean as a tear rushed down his cheek. He is so proud that we are all one big family and we really care about each other so much. Andy put his fingers to the corner of his mouth and whistled so loud my ears hurt. A security guard that had been at Andy's side since he came in to tell us that dad and Cullen were dead last night came forward. Andy bent forward and whispered something in his ear.
    The guard turned to us and looked around. He pointed at me. I didn't know what he wanted until he smiled. I would know that smile anywhere. I guess he could see it on my face because he began his silly little giggle and he was mobbed. The red mustache was glued on so well that we took skin off with it. The red wig was woven in with his own hair which had a rinse on it. He was wearing padded clothing and lifts to make him almost four inches taller. The make up was so natural that even up close it was hard to find my brother/cousin under it.
    Pete knew part of what was going on. He didn't know details, but dad had told him that a very bad man was after him and was willing to pay five million dollars to anyone who would kill him. He would also match the bounty on Cullen's head making a total of seven million dollars for someone to claim. One of Andy's men claimed the money.

    Dad told us about things that had been going on for the last six weeks that we had no idea of. He had been in a gun battle. He had a man hold a gun against his head. He had been working to set three boys, that we now called brother's, free. He told us about a bunch of bad guys that were stealing boys and selling them as sex slaves all over the world. Jace screamed. He knew it was his dad. Dad was upset that he had upset Jace, He did not want the boys to know that their families were the ones running this gang.
    Dad rushed over to Jace as the boy went white. Dad held Jace as he told him that he had shot Jace's father and that he was dead. Jace wrapped his arms around dad and told him, "Thanks. He was not my dad you know."
    "I know, I have tested your DNA. Do you want to talk about it or do you want to wait until we are alone?"
    "I have to know what you know and I need my family to hold me. I don't love that man, but I want to know who I am."

    Dad told us a story that scared us all. We were not out of danger, but we had a lot of people working to protect us. It is dad they want. He knew that Cullen would be safer with Andy and all of us. He said it is easier to hide a boy in a group of boys than by himself. Dad was hidden in the back of a truck full of produce and smuggled across international borders. The bad men think that we are all boy prostitutes from BAG Boys. Dad is worried for those boys too, but right now he wants to protect us.
    We moved inside and sat on the softest cushions I have ever seen as we talked until dinner time. Dinner was something French. Dad told us to try it, if we liked it eat and don't ask. It was really good. I could see the big mushrooms and strange vegetables in the main course. I didn't recognize a lot of the stuff in the salad, but I just eat what I can find without much care as to what it is. We finished off with a French pastry that melted in our mouths, but it was barely even sweet. Dad likes to watch our sugar so I know that this was something special.
    We got down to where we were and what we were going to do. I want dad to tell you this part, but he says he likes the way I write so here goes.

    Dad told us that we could live in three different places. He said that he could not tell us where because it is a national secret. He said that he and Andy had built three bases around the country where we could live in total security, underground. No fucking way. He told us that we could live near BAG boys or at my house in Oklahoma, Mike did not like that at all. We all wanted Tucson until dad reminded us of Kyle, Chad, Evan, Mark, Jeff and Jay. There are people in Tucson that want to get them out of the picture because of the trials due to start the first week of February. What to do. Dad asked us about splitting the family up for awhile. He would take the Tucson six and Branden, Jace, and Frank somewhere safe.
    I have really grown to love those guys, but I need to have my dad near me. Pete was on my side. Everybody else agreed. The nine new guys did not want to split the family. They felt in their hearts that dad was doing everything he could to protect them and they wanted all of us to stay together. Dad was totally blank, I could not read him on this one. To this day I don't know how he really feels because he won't talk about it.
    Dad asked us about school All five of the college boys are really ready to get back to school. I am a senior as are Tim and Jerry. Brad is with us now and he is a senior. We are all worried about this missed semester. Dad was ready for that one, he has all of our studies on our lap-tops which he has had delivered here for us. We will be attending our regular classes via the internet beginning at six o'clock tonight. When it is night here it is nine hours earlier in Tucson so that will be nine o'clock in the morning and the teachers will be waiting for us. We are going to have to get used to going to school from six o'clock in the afternoon until ten at night. The best part of the day.
    Dad told us that the teachers had discussed this and wanted us to get the experience of our European vacation so they would allow us time out of class if we were up to date with everything the class room was doing. Dad told us that the kids in the class could see and hear us, just as if we were there. The classrooms had a robot sitting in for us with a screen for our faces to be seen. There are microphones on the robot so we can hear what they say. Dad told us that the principal's office and school board was monitoring this system so we were not allowed to let our robots visit the bathroom and our robots were not allowed in the gym dressing rooms, boy's or girl's. Spoil sport.

    Dad looked at Toby. Toby ducked his head. I know that he has had fun and he wants to protect his little brother, but he misses his home and friends. "Tell me, Toby," dad said. "Have you talked to your parents lately?" Toby told him no. He was trying to make a clean break and let things happen as they should. "You do realize, don't you, that the custody papers I have for Kenny are only temporary, only until the state can make its case against the kid that did the murder. Kenny has to be there to testify."
    "They'll kill him," Toby screamed as Kenny ran and crawled up inside of him like he always does when he is scared. Toby hugged the little guy close to him with his arms around him to protect him.
    "Toby," dad was talking very quietly as if speaking only to Toby and to his heart, "if you had called your folks you would know that they don't live in New Jersey any longer. They have bought a large three bedroom apartment in a much newer building with a school for Kenny right across the street. There are a lot of job opportunities in the area for you. Your dad found himself a new job paying almost five times more than he was making and his living expenses are a lot less in the new apartment.
    "Toby, you can take Kenny home anytime you are ready. I know your parents need to be with both of their fine sons for Christmas. Thanksgiving would be a real treat for them."
    "How about Thanksgiving for you guys?"
    "I would like to spend it right here. I want to teach the French how to praise the Lord."
    "I would kind of like to eat a turkey with you."
    "Which one of my turkeys did you have in mind?" He looked around the room at all of us. Toby burst out in laughter. "Let's let Kenny decide."
    "I want my mom." Settled. Dad would fly them home in a day or two. Toby really wanted to stay a little longer. Dad took him to bed and they talked all night, I bet.

    How about that guys? Didn't Cory do a good job with these last two chapters? I am sorry for stringing you along, but not near as sorry as I am for the heartache I caused my young charges. I have to make my enemy think I am dead or he could hurt my boys trying to get to me. We will get back to our story now as I try to find out who is after me and why. I hope that the shit we stepped into in New York has not turned you against this story, but I have to tell you that you have not seen anything yet.
    I did learn something about why Toby is in no hurry to go home. His family is Muslim. He is turning toward Jesus Christ. He had already been at odds with his family over his beliefs and they believe that he is over that part of his life. Of course he is not interested in being with them for Christmas and I am a fool for not seeing it before.

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