Chapter 119


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

A tidy quote from chapter 137
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    July was almost gone and I had plans to wrap up my loose ends. Cory, Chrisy, and Derrick are all in California and if I know those boys they will come home with Darryl stuck in a suitcase or something. Brad and Jay have taken their families home to see their parents. Sarah and Daylight have taken the babies and Rodney home. Six of the younger boys are staying at the home of Jimmy Walker and Tom Byrd. Gus is with Ryan Miller and Bobby Feldman.
    I sat down with Edmund and Mitch to go over my plans to be away on business for two or three weeks. I told them that they would not have any problem with the boys left at the house, but I did worry about the ten boys at my old house. I had Pete and Eddy sit in with us and received assurance that they would keep as a tight reign on things as if I were still there. I only hope and pray that things do go smoothly. I guess I worry too much.

    Some of the boys approached me with a newspaper article offering an alternative to our high school dilemma. The state has approved virtual high school for self motivated high school students. All of my boys do their work without being told and they each have a perfect attendance record so I had no problem with the idea and went to a meeting to learn more. I came away determined to allow the boys to stay home and use their computers; the boys with me in France two years earlier had shown me that they could handle the work and I know that those in the house now can too.
    I have chronicled in these pages some of the people that I have encountered in our school system over the years, but the woman that I met at the information meeting for the virtual high school program was a horse of a different color. I won't go into which end of the horse that I think she was, but what she had to say never came out of a horse's mouth.
    She wanted it known to all within range of her booming voice that any children allowed to stay home and play all day would be useless to society. She espoused the terrible influence of video games and the corruption of young minds that were the victims of them. She wanted all of us to know that we were guilty of the vilest form of child abuse for letting our children have access to these games or worse yet, the computer on which to play them. Computers have corrupted most of the world's minds because people let their machines think for them. There is no longer the incentive to learn anything when the internet has all of the answers at ones' fingertips. The internet is the spawn of the devil and children should never be allowed to ever see anything that comes from its vile bowels.
    Adults that used computers were, to her way of thinking, lazy layabouts that had nothing and never would have anything. I wanted to tell two ton Tillie that she could use the internet to find a diet, the woman weighed a good three hundred pounds, most of it from the neck up. I have seen women who could balance their dinner plate on their bosom, but that woman could park a bus on hers and still have room for a twelve course meal alongside of it.
    When I learned that she was going to be a counselor at Wilson high school I knew that none of my boys would be returning there. I called my old friend Norman Ellis, the principal at Wilson High, I told him that I would not have any children in his school any longer. He wanted to know why and I told him. He let out a long sigh and asked me if he could have the job of private tutor at my house, he does not want to work with the woman either, but his orders come from the school board. I told him that he would have to be naked all of the time and my little dears would do more than brown nose him for a better grade. He wanted to know when he could start.
    I set things in motion with a school that meets my criteria curriculum, I will give the boys one semester, but one B- and they go back to the classroom, period. It was now the first of August so I kissed and hugged all the boys so long and set off for merry old England.

    I needed one more bit of information that only my brother and law and Cecil's father could help me garner. I bid adieu to my family and took a commercial flight to England. What a trip, I have gotten spoiled to flying with FI, but I needed to have my passport stamped with current entry visas for the work ahead of me.
     Dukey met me at the airport with an escort of bobbies on bikes, I really thought that I had offended my brother-in-law with that crack, but as we drove from Heathrow he began to giggle, "Bobbies on bikes, you Yanks have a bit of humor that is hard for me to understand."
    "Us? damn, you should be me and try to watch some of the humor that we are subjected to on BBC. I have to admit that Benny Hill is funny, but some of his jokes just don't go over in America. I guess there is more difference between our two cultures than just the fact that you people continue to use an antiquated, no, dead, language." That got the two of us into each other's face and by the time we arrived at the bank we were both weak from laughing so hard. I really like Dukey, I am so glad that El found him to be the father of my little Crown Prince; I love to crown his little head, often.

    Cecil's father had everything set for our meeting and I was shocked at the number of people that sat about his long board room table. I was introduced as a very important person whose identity needed to be kept private, but the information I had to share, and needed from them was very important.
    I stood up and began. Almost three hours later I was poured into my Bentley with the same FI driver from my last trip at the wheel. I am glad that I do not have to deal with bankers everyday, but these British blokes could teach American bankers a few things in rudeness and curt remarks, I guess they call it staunchness, but it is hard for a blue jeans boy from Tucson to deal with, the fact that I had worn a three piece suit with all of the accompaniments made my day even harder, and my feet hurt.

    I wanted to call Phil and see the Wild Boys for a quicky, but I had an urgent e-mail a few weeks earlier that I needed to tend to. I picked up the car phone and made a call, I was in luck because he answered on the first ring. "Want to go somewhere for awhile?" I could hear the subdued exhilaration in his breathing as I told him that I would be at the meeting spot in ten minutes.
    Fifteen year old Chris Martin dove into the car the moment that I opened the door. He slipped into his seat and fastened his seat belt as his eyes took in his surroundings, "Gaw, gov, this is posh." I held his hand and he squeezed mine in return. The driver pulled inside the gates of an old ivy covered house and up to the front door. We waited until he held the front door open before Chris made a mad dash inside the house then I followed. I told my driver that I would see him the following morning to return the boy home and take me to my plane for a trip over to the mainland and Athos in France.

    Okay, there will be a little sex in this chapter so get the little things stiff and get a grip on yourself. Young Chris has been e-mailing me almost daily since our brief encounter in his briefs that afternoon at the Grand Canyon, the boy was trembling in fear. I put my arms around him, "Chris, we are friends and I will never hurt you or go any further than you want to go. You set the boundaries and I will abide with your limitations," I told him.
    "There ain't no boundaries with me and you, mate. I am scared, but I do know ya and I trusts ya all the way. Just please don't never tell me mates, they would just not ever understand. I would like to have one of them pins, but if they ever saw it…my life would be over, Chris." I grabbed him up and held him tight against me as he began to kiss my face, over and over. Chris is a sex starved straight boy that wants to be taught and learn. He is curious and wants to learn everything, but he doesn't want anyone to know what he knows. He has known Jason Russell almost all of his life and the fact that Jason is gay does not bother him in the least, now he wants to know just how straight he himself is.
    He had talked to me in depth since we had last met and he wants to go all of the way, but he has begged me that it should not be a quicky; he wants an all night love session so that he can experience every aspect of his sexuality and what is available to him. He has never had all the way sex with a girl; with the exception of my sucking his cock and fingering his ass for him that one afternoon, he has never had anyone touch him sexually. He has told me over and over how much he liked holding my cock and tossing me off. He told me that when I wasn't looking that he had licked some of my juice from his hand. I knew that, but I will never tell him that I know. I simply asked him if he found the taste agreeable or repugnant, he told me that he was going to take a mouthful straight out of the head then he would know for sure.
    Maybe I should not be telling you as much as I have, but I will not tell you about our time together in detail. I love the boy and respect him way to much to do that to him. I am pretty sure of where Gary and Jayson are and I know that they would think no different of him if they knew what went on. I am sure that the rest of the boys in the band would be the same way, except for Steve Thelwell. I have my suspicions about him, but only time will bare that out.
    Chris was happy as a fifteen year old boy could be after his first sexual encounter, but he was a little sore. I had my lotion with me to deaden his anus and make him more comfortable so I placed him on the breakfast table and applied a liberal dollop to his reddened anus. He instantly popped to life and I took care of his needs which he wanted to reciprocate. He also wanted one more ride, but I thought it best to wait for that, I did have to get him home shortly and I want him presentable to those whom he might meet on his way to his room where he told me he was going to lay naked all day. I wished that I could stay there with him and not go where I was going, but I had my bridges built, now I needed to burn them. I did ask to keep his underwear then I gave him a pin and told him to wear it on the inside of his underwear's waistband where no one would see it. I will deal with Chrisy and Cory over their not being able to witness this deed in due course.

The Sheik's Demise
Step 2

    As Chris looked back over all of the events it was clear to see that the stinking thinking of a whole lot of very paranoid people set up a series of events that led to their own downfall. Wilson's kidnap attempt ended in his own death. The kidnap attempt made Chris try to figure, "why Branden?" What was so special about this young child that caused the use of armed foreign soldiers on American soil in a military type maneuver? Did the kidnap attempt have any connection to the armed assault on the Academy? Many questions arose in Chris' mind and every answer put him closer to and in direct view of Count Seigy— Sighisoara Abbas al-Hadi-Corvin, aka The Sheik.
    Through carefully examining every piece of data that crossed his path Chris learned that it was never about Branden. Branden was seen by Weller as someone to follow for he was sure to be taken to wherever his own child was. He could not afford to loose his grip on Count Siegy's son, Jason Weller. The identity of that boy was a very close and guarded secret.
    Chris had Frank, Branden, and Jace in his custody. He was going to make them a part of his family and had extensive blood work ups done. These included DNA. Because of familial similarities in genetic sampling the labs made a mistake and identified Jason Weller as the son of Ibrahim and the half brother of Toby Minor. Several months later that was clarified when new tests revealed, proof positive that Branden is actually the son of Sighisoara Abbas al-Hadi, aka, The Sheik. Good for young Jace, financially, to be sure, but the boy doesn't want his parentage known. Chris has tried to show the boy that we can't pick and choose our parents. It was only through a second DNA testing to the deepest levels that Chris learned the truth of the matter. Chris had been satisfied when the first DNA match came back to Ibrahim, that made Jace and Kenny half brothers through a common male ancestor. The second DNA tests revealed that while both boys shared an identical male ancestor, the same one also shared by Toby, Jace had a different paternal grandmother.
    What really stuck in Chris' craw was the fact that Branden Dubois and Frankie Rothsfeld were in actuality Howard Hildebrand's sons. After nearly sixteen years Chris crossed paths with Howie as he strutted around the front of the courtroom with his gleaming smile and his cut figure on display before the court. He was painting a picture of a seriously deranged young teenager that had been a bane to his family with his continued latent homosexuality showing in his every deed and now this. He acted out his deviancy by brutally attacking and raping a tiny little boy, hardly half the size of himself. Chris would like to act out his own deviancy by brutally attacking the man that would talk about his own son in such a manor.

Let Chris tell you this part as it unfolded in chapter 94

    "Happenings inside a harem are never spoken of. Were it not for the ruthlessness of the King's brothers I would have never learned what I needed to know. Toby had the blood needed to get to the King to ask questions. He stepped into the fray with his eyes wide open. With some help Toby was invited to a sandy country where a rich oil man lived. King al-Hadi welcomed his nephew with guarded optimism. Harry knew what to ask and how. Harry was in the dress uniform of Foss International Security, he was introduced as Toby's close personal confident and body guard. When shown evidence of Toby's parentage the king welcomed him as a member of his family. He did not like Ibrahim and Hassan was even less well liked. Hassan was virtually unknown inside the harem so it was a painstaking task to recreate the cretin's life. The two boys laid the foundation for the King's enlightenment about the actions of his brothers.
    "Harry gave evidence to the king of his young brother's world wide activities. The king decided to end the life of Hassan. A trial would only lead to the revelation of his birth and bring about unwanted attention to his throne. In a matter of days Hassan was no longer a problem for anyone. Siegy and Ibrahim were a different matter.
    "I became the king's champion when Harry revealed that Ibrahim was hanging naked and upside down by his ankles in a concrete bunker in a safe place. Harry told the king that I was trying my best to find it within myself to humanely put the piece of garbage away. The king looked long and hard at Harry and finally asked to meet with me.
    "Under deep cover the king was flown to New York. Heavily disguised he was brought to my New York home. He had been allowed to see video files and hear testimony from Everett Rothsfeld's trial. He turned to me and gave me his blessing as he filled in volumes of unknown information for me.
    "As a result of four days of meeting I was able to complete the puzzle of the entire story. Harry and Toby's initial visit ended with Ibrahim's estate and family being eliminated. The amassed wealth that he had accumulated was divided between his son in Chris's care, young Kenny, and half of the man's wealth was given to Toby from Ibrahim's holdings because Hassan had never amassed anything, but bastard progeny. Both boys have hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for them.
    "Siegy's lands and holdings were seized. I asked for a bit of time to put my final plan to work. I secured almost all of the money Siegy had to hold in trust for Jace. I also asked for leniency in the dealings with Siegy's wives and children. I was not happy when I learned how Ibrahim's family had been slaughtered. I explained to the king how I felt that those people were victims and innocent of the crimes of their husbands. After much consideration and hours of a, now solid, friendship, the King gave me the lives of Siegy's wives. I have no idea what to do with these people, but I will do my best to return them to their former homes and their birth families.
    "I turned on Toby. It hurts me to see how Toby seems to have shunned Kenny. He knows now that they are not brothers, but he raised the boy and Toby has been dad to Kenny all of his life. I almost had to force it out of Eric to find out that Kenny does cry himself to sleep sometimes. Kenny is happy for Toby and Harry, but he misses his real big brother. The King turned to his nephew and the two began an exchange in Arabic. I was out of the loop, but Harry shared the highlights with me.
    "The King told Toby that he was a found member of his family and would share in all the family had to offer, IF…Toby was told that Kenny was part of the family also. He told us, in English, how he had been raised in a family with no love from any, but his brothers. He was beginning to understand how much that love had meant to him. He made it plain to Toby that Kenny grew up under the protection of his big brother and suddenly that love was withdrawn. It would be much easier for Kenny to accept Toby's death than to suffer with what was happening."

A tidy ending for the faint of heart.

    When the smoke cleared Wilson Weller was dead. Everett Rothsfeld was dead. Ibrahim Daschle was dead. Hassan Daschle was dead. Dimitri was dead. Fesell was dead. Jacque was dead. Count Seigy Siegfried, aka The Sheik was dead. Howie Hildebrand was dead. Justice Dubois was dead. Queen Anna Regina found her son's headless body in her throne room where she was assassinated. Not a single one of these people died at the hands of the law or in anyway could their deaths be considered humane. Every amount of pain that could accompany the final breath of the soon to depart was brought into play. Every individual knew he was at his end and he knew who had control of the last moments of a very misguided and wasted life.

So what happened to all of the evil players? Let me go down the list.

    I'll start with Dimitri. Chris decided to keep him hanging around until the end, after all he and Ibrahim had been so close for so many years that they deserve to watch each other die, right? Two others that wanted to be together at the end were Fesell and his sissy boyfriend Eion. It was decided that fair was fair so two men that had visited Carl Dickson, and his son Tom, on a lonely winding mountain road one Halloween night were allowed to go along on the fishing trip.
    Athos has a good supply of leaky fishing boats with an interesting trap door in the bow of each of them. Once the boat reaches ten knots of water speed the bow raises slightly which causes that door to spring open and lock. If the speed of the boat should drop then water will flood into the boat causing it to swamp and sink.
    An outboard motor is placed on the back of the boat, but it has no controls except for speed, fast or faster, no one wants to see it stop. The motor is rigid mounted so that it can not turn to steer the boat and it can not be shut off, there are no oars or other steering devices on board. Exactly eighty two ounces of gasoline is placed on board which will propel the boat at a speed of fifteen knots for four hours.
    Daring fishermen using these small ten foot boats enjoy the pleasure of being bound with water soluble tape that takes three hours and ten minutes to dissolve to the breaking point where a person secured by it could break himself free.
    For safety's sake a chase boat accompanies the small fishing boat to avoid any accidents that seem to occur quite often with the craft, however the chase boat only carries enough fuel for a seven hour trip and nearly always has to turn back about three hours out or risk danger to its own crew, thereby leaving the fisherman to enjoy their last hour alone.
    The chase boats have often refueled and returned to the point of last contact with the fishermen, but have never been successful in locating any of them. It is assumed that they continued on at full speed in search of a port to acquire additional fuel supplies.
    Through an interpreter the captain and crew of the chase boat assured Chris that Fesell and Eion were very eager to go fishing one morning in May. They spoke with great animation as they were placed into the boat and slowly taken out about a mile offshore where their small outboard was started for them and they were pointed toward the best fishing grounds of the sea.
    The four men were shouting and moving their bodies about in a way that assured their escort of their eagerness to get out to sea. The captain told Chris that he really did wonder what language they were speaking as he was sure that he heard what may have been French and English, even some Russian words seemed familiar in some way. Someone told the Captain that they forgot to pack the fishermen a lunch so he realized that this is probably what they were shouting to his crew. He rushed back to refuel and returned to where he had last seen the pair, he had a sack lunch for them, but he could not find a single trace of them or their boat.
    Chris said that he hoped they found some really hungry fish to eat or feed. He knows how fishy both men always seemed to be and wanted their happiness most of all.

    Everett Rothsfeld drove his black Bentley across the grass directly at Chris and Harry. It was a very good time for Harry to carry a forty four. A well aimed bullet went directly into the front of the engine block. Engine parts scattered across the ground from the still moving car until the motor locked up putting the two men inside face first into twin air bags. Chris had just arrived on the scene and after an encounter with a rookie cop he had donned a green jacked that had the words, Special Agent in large, gold, block letters across the back then proceeded across the lawn to the Control Post. Evie threw open the driver's door of the Bentley then exited the car with a tiny little .38 spewing bullets. His aim was no good as a round zipped past Chris' head. Chris did a drop and roll and placed a bullet from his own .357 magnum into Evie's hip. Evie will walk with a limp for the rest of his life which was actually not all that long.
    Some very angry men at a federal prison complex had a nice job for Evie. He was allowed to pick up bars of soap dropped by the men in the showers. One time he bent over to pick up the soap and instead of the hard cock that was usually shoved up his ass he felt a fifteen inch piece of sharpened plexiglass cut all the way through into his large intestine.
    The homemade shiv had been tailor made to the job. Its jagged edge tore and cut at the man's gut so that surgery could not help him. He was in the prison hospital ward for two days while he died a most painful and lingering death. I am told that he was a bum fuck and not missed by anyone that matters.
    Mrs. Rothsfeld? Well sadly, she was a pawn. She knew nothing of the whole sordid affair. Evie was a world traveler who had courted her since high school. He returned from one of his many trips with two year old Frankie and a story about how he had met a young lady in Europe and they had gotten carried away. According to Evie the lady married a local and told Evie to raise his son. Mrs. Rothsfeld claims to have believed this, she probably puts her teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy and sets out cookies with milk every Christmas eve; I bet she has an Easter basket collection also.

    Wilson Weller was firing two Uzis before he was out of the passenger's door of Evie's Bentley. He was cut down in a hail of bullets from the responding police department that had encircled the area. This was too easy of a death for the man who started so much pain and suffering for so many youngsters. Police around the world closed their books on the same wanted man with many different names. Names like Pablo Sadduci, Jacob Goldfarb, Jesus Mendoza… All of them appear to have been the same man, one Nicholas Pagonis. At least they all shared the same fingerprints and in the case of Pagonis and Goldfarb, Weller shared the same DNA.

    Howard Hildebrand had not been told that "Evie" is dead.
    Justice Dubois and Howie ended their time above ground together. It was really a shame that the Europeans don't believe in the death penalty. Dubois and Howie were the only two to survive long enough to get to trial in Europe. They were sentenced to hundreds of years in European prisons and the state department nearly had the president declare war as the battle was on to have these two citizens returned to the United States for execution.
    During the political bickering over the two men, they were placed in a prison in the Netherlands. Four young men visited them one evening. Thanks to the effort of Justie and Howie these men had been transplanted from their childhood homes to boy brothels throughout Europe, they had a lot to talk to the men about. The guards were really upset upon finding their two special security watch prisoners still in the visitors center the next morning. Both prisoners were rushed to emergency medical facilities, but they died shortly after arrival. They bled out during the night after having been emasculated; I was so sorry to hear that. I can assure you that Chris was really upset about the lack of security in the world's prisons.

    Theodore Jakes liked calling himself the right reverend. There was nothing right or reverend about this slimy character. He took a plea bargain on federal charges and sang like a canary about the activities of his co-conspirators. It was a sad day for justice when that man was allowed to sit in the witness stand and give testimony that was so sick that every person who heard him wanted him dead.
    The state had already convicted him on seventy six counts of sex crimes against twelve children under ten before the federal trials began. The state's superior court was petitioned by hundreds of signatures to show no mercy against the man who hid behind his cloth and backward collar to torment the extremely young and innocent.
    Each boy had six to eight counts charged against the man that they had trusted. Each charge carried a twenty eight year sentence. The court dealt the maximum sentence of two hundred and twenty four years for each boy, to be served concurrently. Thus setting the man free from that crime after only twenty eight years. Then the judge stacked the single twenty eight year sentence for each victim to be served consecutively making a total of three hundred and eighty eight years. Teddy did serve almost a full week before a freak accident with a sheet of glass falling from a second floor window severed his head from his body. There were many who knew of his crimes that had wanted to make his time better spent. They all grieved at the sudden and untimely death of the wrong reverend.

I don't know how to make it any more plain than this
From this point on is a very descriptive story of the demise of the villains of this story. It is graphic and only meant to inform those readers that have to know that sometimes vengeance does come from a man. This time he metes out his own form of justice. This is morbid and sick so please only read further knowing that.

Again I mention this from chapter 85:
    "Amongst the symbols that Charley used was a most hideous one. Andy actually threw up and I nearly did when we finally deciphered that symbol. Ôæÿ was Charley's symbol for flesh eater. Had this man actually eaten human flesh? Had he eaten a boy? My morbidity demanded that I know. I had a new mission.

    Excavation around Siegy's desert home revealed massive graves. Exhumation commenced revealing almost a hundred bodies of young men, most of them not yet through puberty. Tool marks on the remains suggested that flesh had been removed from them, mostly in the pelvic and upper thigh region. Could the hints of cannibalism from Charley's books be true?
    Many remains of very young girls were found and in almost every case the young ladies bore the tiny skeletal remains of an unborn baby, each at about six to seven months of development. Siegy's death has to be something very severe and fitting of his crimes.

    The time the first week of August 2007, all of the trials were over, the boys were enjoying their youth and all was running smoothly. Timmy was unattached at the present, but he was excited that his little Christopher was soon to be of age and the pair could move in together. He was almost certain that Chrisy had an idea of what was to happen. The boy was never out of Timmy's sight when they were in the same area. Chris smiled at Timmy; he knew and he gave the pair his blessings. Chrisy was always on Chris to speed things along, but Chris just acted the wise old sage and sent the seventeen year old horn dog on his way. Chris would have given his left nut to be with those two on their first night together. He had no way of knowing that Timmy wanted him there and Timmy was sure that Chrisy did too.
    Andy didn't question Chris when he was asked to assign Timmy as his personal body guard. Chris simply told Andy that he needed to set things right with his old friend Athos and he would be overseas for two or three weeks. Harry just happened to walk in at that time, he was bored since he and Toby had returned from Bahrain, he asked Chris if he could go along. Andy is not so dumb, but he knew better than to ask questions that might be answered in ways with which he may not be able to abide.
    Andy was sure that something sinister was afoot when Chris asked Harry and Timmy to meet him in Paris. Chris had business in London then flew over to the mainland to join his friends. In a matter of hours the three men sat with Athos in his villa overlooking the blue green Mediterranean Sea. Athos had a grand meal prepared for his old friend with very sweet youngsters to serve it up. Chris had a thin boy with a thick cock sitting in his lap feeding him exotic fruits and French pastries that would almost melt before touching the tongue.
    Chris smiled when a very sweet lad of about seventeen was brought in by four small urchins carrying his sedan chair on their tiny shoulders. All of the boys in the room bowed in obeisance to the new comer; all except the youngster impaled on Chris at the moment. He bowed, but Chris had to hold him back, the boy nearly broke Chris off at the Y when he bent forward.
    The sedan chair was set before Timmy, the lad stood upright, he was tall and lean, much the kind of man that Timmy seeks. Timmy stands five foot three, this youngster's five foot eight height towered over the anxious security agent. With pomp and ceremony the boy's entourage began to slowly disrobe the beauty of youth standing before the assembled guests of Athos.
    What sprung up next took the very breath from the assemblage. Standing as a third leg from the groin of the youngster before them was a mighty member that Carl Dickson would have bowed too. The newcomers tiny twenty inch waist was hard pressed to support the seven inch thickness of an uncut cock that extended straight up toward the boy's chin at just millimeters shy of fourteen full inches.
    Timmy sat back and let all of the air in his body out in one hard breath, "Stay with me guys. I am going to die trying, but you know I have to try. That is almost too much, but what a time it will be in the attempt." Timmy was led to one of the soft divans set about a huge room draped in curtains hung from the twenty five foot high ceilings. Thick carpets from exotic places about the globe graced the floors. Tiny hairless waifs, years short of puberty, stood at each of several divans and sofas about the room; each youngster was armed with a fan made of Ostrich feathers larger than the lad himself.
    All four men choose a sofa or divan then reclined to be served by more of the tiny set carrying trays of fruit. Drinks of any sort were brought before Athos and his guests, but at the time the men only had one thing on their mind, could Timmy take it?
    They watched as they caressed the youngsters pleasuring their own bodies. Timmy made sweet love to the boy who offered himself to Timmy without abandon. Timmy kissed and laved every square inch of the youngster. With gallant effort Timmy took first seven then nine inches of the massive man meat the boy offered, deep into his hungry mouth. Even the little boys laughed when the cream of the young plow began to cum out of Timmy's nose. The youth was no boy, his nut batter erupted by the cups full. Timmy found himself awash in the hot boi batter which was quickly dispatched by the tongues of the small army of waifs in attendance.
    Wasting no more time Timmy rolled his legs over his shoulders to expose a very used love tunnel. (Poor Chris has problems with such terms about a lad's nether hole. As far as I am concerned he needs to get over it.) Using a mouthful of his own sweet nut batter retrieved from Timmy's mouth the sweet youth lubricated Timmy for entry.
    It was almost anti-climatic to see such a monstrously long tongue dart from the mouth of the youth and into Timmy's eagerly awaiting anus. Within moments the youth had his tongue in places that the average man would never reach. Timmy was on a ride through the universe as his eyes rolled to the far back of their sockets showing only the whitest of their white.
    With little foreplay the youth positioned himself between the outspread legs and made his entry. Timmy's face revealed his discomfort at the obscene thickness of his invader, but he lay still as inch by inch he was further impaled on this tool made by the hand of the sex angels for this one moment.
    Chris was not surprised when the youth was fully inserted inside of Timmy without having to stop along the way. Chris took his sweet lad into his arms and carried him, still mounted on Chris's mighty pony, to Timmy's side. Chris sat beside his future son-in-law and kissed his face as Timmy moaned and expressed his pleasure in quiet whispers to the man that he admired, no loved. He does love Chris as all of those of the man's house do. Timmy looked deep into Chris's eyes as the two locked their tongues around each other. He put his arms about the man that meant so much to him as he began to fuck back at the mighty Clydesdale he was riding.
    At the same time Chris was giving his rider the pony ride of his young life, the boy was drooling on himself and crying out his ecstasy. The youth deep inside Timmy cried out as he found pleasure that had never been his with someone who could take all he had to give. He ran his hands through the hair of his little brother impaled on Chris and the two boys shared the joy with each other in their native tongue.
    Climaxes came that shook the very mountain on which Athos had built his villa overlooking the deep green sea. Two very satisfied youngsters rolled together in a sweet embrace of brotherly love. The youngster was over the youth with the giant man pole of his brother deep in his throat, he sucked every mile of it like a calf on an udder. The youth had his face buried between his young brother's legs as he used his long tongue to lave the tiny youngster's nether hole seeking the deposits left by Chris only moments before.
    Chris was covered in sweet teenage flesh as naked boys sprang from the woodwork to service his body. He was barely able to see Timmy in a similar situation with boys licking and servicing his tight body.

    Drained and completely relaxed the four men soaked in a marble hot tub the size of a backyard swimming pool. Naked boys of all ages from nine to seventeen were at the bodies of the four with soap and loofas, cleansing and massaging months of soil and pain away. Chris began his interrogation of Athos; Chris has a serious problem with small boys being used and Athos knows that. Chris wanted to know why Athos had put on this display; he wished that he had learned to keep his mouth shut sometimes and just go with the flow.

    Raven, formerly known as King Al-Hadi, half brother to Count Seigy Al Hadi, knew Athos from years past. It doesn't take much to learn that Athos is friends with Chris. Now the king saw a way to keep his pledge to Chris. Chris had his body covered in the unwanted sons of no less than Count Sighisoara Abbas Al-Hadi himself. For the most part the mothers had not wanted the off spring of that vile man anywhere near them. Most of the wives set out to make a life on their own; twelve young women had been returned to the homes of their birth by Athos, only two of the women took their children with them. Three pre-school aged boys had gone with the two women to their mothers' families. Nine young girls found legal adoption in the homes of upper elite European society as did four infant boys. Athos had placed many girls in homes about Europe where he would keep an eye on them for Chris.
    Six of the young boys laying their young naked bodies on Chris were outcasts from their own mothers, four of the teenage attendants were also included in that grouping. For the most part the ten boys had been introduced to boy sex with each other, but only after the older boys had been used by their uncle Ibrahim and his friends. They each told Chris that when their father learned of this they would watch him eat their uncle's flesh as he did with errant boys. Chris almost vomited at that statement.

    Chris, Timmy, and Harry were carefully dried and their personal needs attended to as they were led back to the sofas and divan chairs about the large hall. A fire was built in each of three fireplaces that surrounded the room and the doors were closed against the cool evening breezes blowing in from a storm on the sea outside. Chris let go of all his inhibitions; all barriers fell along with any façade the man may have tried to hang onto. He wept, no, he cried, openly and loudly as each of the boys told their stories in turn.
    Each boy spoke in his mother tongue. Each boy had his story translated to the other boys as well as to the three Americans by his brothers and half brothers. The self appointed Count, who also called himself the Sheik, ruled his household with a strictness unknown to those in the west. However, this self proclaimed heir of the famous Vlad Tepes used his ancestor's historical villainy to maintain that strictness.
    A strong looking boy of sixteen or seventeen stepped forward. He had nothing, but high praise for Athos and the man that sent Athos to rescue him, Chris. Chris looked at his old friend, Bobby Gendarmerie. Athos laughs when Chris uses their old love name. He said that he had to tell the boys some story as to why he had come to rescue them and it was the information that Chris had provided that hastened him to his own solution; a solution which came none too soon for this handsome lad.
    Slowly the boy approached Chris and turned his back to the man. The scars were light, but there never the less. The boy told how his father would dress in black robes and stand before the boy holding a large cross in his hand. He would make the boy flail himself with a whip made of long strands of softened horsehide.
    Chris new that Seigy had not wanted the boy to harm his beautiful skin so that he would be worthless on the world's slave market, but he wanted to punish the boy. Chris asked young Alim if he was, as his name meant, wise. Alim giggled like a teenage boy; Chris smiled, boys around the world are still boys. Chris took the youngster in his lap. He played his fingers over the terrible scars and asked Alim why? He told Chris that when he was born he had a wise look on his face. Chris tickled him and told him it was probably a turd stuck sideways. The boy stuck his tongue out, just like a boy anywhere else in the world. Chris hugged him and held him close.
    "Alim, I was asking why the scars. Why did you flagellate yourself?" Alim's look turned to one of terror. Chris held him closer. The boy shook and tears came to his eyes.
    "I was thirteen when my father came to our chambers. One of his men had his…you know, he was doing me, back there. My father went into a rage, I had never seen him like that, but I had heard that he killed people when he was mad like that. My mother took me away then later she took me to my father who sat at a big table with a silver covered plate before him. I stood naked before my father and was handed a small whip with many strands of leather on it. I was told to, then instructed how to, use the whip to hit myself on the back until I was told to stop. It hurt and I cried, I stopped once and my father removed the cover from the plate before him. On the plate was the head of the man who had been in me. His…" he looked at one of the other boys and was told, penis. "His penis was on the plate too. My father told me to keep hitting myself or I would be on the plate." Alim told us that when he began to bleed he was made to stop so that salve could be put on his back.
    All of the older boys showed their backs. The scars were light and hard to see, but there all the same. I am no doctor, but I don't think that the boys broke their skin very often and the few times they did it was not a deep wound or the scars would have been much worse. They punished themselves for being wicked against Allah.
    Alim had been with Harry and he had mounted Timmy in the pool. Chris turned the boy and looked at his extra wide ass hole; the boy was no casual visitor to anal sex. The door of his tight little bubble butt had been well opened, often. "Do you think you are being wicked against Allah, Alim?" Chris asked him.
    "Ibrahim tells us that we are doing the will of Allah when we take a man to our bed. He says that our father has a Western religion that teaches such things as wrong yet the holy men of that religion use young boys for themselves. One time he told us our father takes young boys to his bed, but he is afraid for his western wife to find out so he kills the boy afterwards."
    Every boy in the room suddenly huddled themselves in a tight ball and showed true fright. Chris asked Alim if he thought that this was true. Alim began to cry, Basil, the brave, moved to Chris and held Alim, "It is true sir, only it is worse. He serves the boy to the family for dinner the next day." Chris ended this whole scene right then and there. He told the boys that he never wanted to hear more of this from them. He told them that he believed them, but that this was the most horrendous thing ever. He told them that they should never have seen or ever even heard of these things.
    He got down on the floor and pulled the boys close to him. He made eye contact with each boy as he told them that their bodies were their own. He told them that no one could ever touch them again without their agreement. He told them that sex is a sign of love that one person has for another and to just have sex because their dick was hard was wrong. He told them that if they ever had sex with anybody that did not want them to that he would make them move away, forever.
    That didn't carry much weight with them, they had no home. Chris told them that he had a home for them. He had a place where they could live together for as long as they pleased, even until they were old men, if they desired. He told them that they would never again have to beat themselves or see others beaten. He told them that they would never again have to have anyone stick his dick up their butt or down their mouth. He got some sad looks before he added, "Unless you want him too." That got smiles and giggles.

    Chris asked Athos where all of them could sleep together. Athos was miles ahead of his old boy loving friend. There were rooms made up for anyone who wanted to sleep alone or with another or four. He had one large room prepared with thick mattresses on the floor where as many as wanted to could sleep together. All three Americans were enticed by several pairs of puppy dog eyes to move to the large room with one large bed in it. They found themselves covered in naked boy flesh wanting to service them, but those same boys were willing to be serviced to the heart's content of anyone wanting their youthful bodies.
    A boy so small and so young that his brothers called him Kardal, mustard seed, impaled himself on Chris. The tiny imp covered the man's chest in boy kisses. Chris tried to fight his way from under the mountain of young boi meat only to have one adolescent cock or another shoved in his mouth. The last thing we heard from Chris that night was, "Oh fuck it. When in Rome." From my vantage point I watched Chris drain the balls of almost every boy who had balls big enough to drain. He slept with his ass in the air and his knees pulled up under him as even the tiniest youngsters fit their itsy bitsy cocklets in the man's butt. Chris had one of the older boys impaled on his fingers as he took the boy to his developing hairline to fill himself with the nectar that sustains him.

    Chris is used to being awakened under the weight of several naked, hard cocked boys, but this was very different. When the men had retired the evening before there had been ten sons of Siegy snuggled against their bodies. A quick look showed that there was at least double that number now.
    Many of the new boys held china chamber pots before some of the Arabic boys. Some of the boys were sitting on their tiny thrones others were simply letting their overnight supply of water drain away. A boy of about fourteen came to Chris with a pot held out for him. He was nudged away by Malik, angel. Malik went to his knees and opened his mouth. When Chris did not turn away the beautiful angel of about fifteen took Chris' cock to his mouth. His eyes pled with Chris to let him have his way. Chris was in need of release so he began to urinate. The boy wrapped his arms around Chris and pulled closer. Alim and Kardal were quickly at the boy's side talking rapidly in their native tongue. Alim gave Chris' cock a squeeze, stopping the flow of urine. He quickly pulled Chris to himself as he took over the same service. Moments later Kardal was on the receiving end and Hani, happy, was waiting in line. Chris didn't have enough for Hani, but he let the boy lick him clean.
    The first boy, the one with the chamber pot, was making grunting noises and holding the pot before Chris. Chris new full well what the boy was asking, but Americans are not used to such openness. Finally Alim told the boy that Chris did not need to shit. Another boy nearby translated for the first who looked saddened. Chris grabbed him up and gave him a big hug which caused a big rise. The boy giggled as Chris groped his young goods. With a simple, "Breakfast time," Chris fell back to the bed with the boy and took him on a trip like no other.
    Chris drained five cream filled boys before there were no more waiting for him. He turned to see Harry wipe his chin. "I don't know about hanging around you old man. I am beginning to like this greasy kid stuff." Timmy rubbed his belly and let out a contented sigh.

    The breakfast table was right out of a movie. Absolute mountains of food covered every square inch of the table's surface. Chris knew that no one would eat a bite until he led the way. Chris raised up in his chair and looked about the table, he stood to see to the other side. There were trays covered in fresh fruit of every kind. There were loaves of hot bread and piles of fresh pastry of every description. There were plates piled high with hot sausages. Chris moved about the table to stand next to a blond haired, blue eyed boy that sat before a plate of sausage. The man has his hang up too, I guess. Chris used his fingers to pick up two hard boiled eggs and a long hot sausage.
    He looked down at the youngster's clear skin and sweet smile. He held his food in one hand as he grabbed the boy by the arm and lifted him up. Chris continued to tug at the lad's arm until he caught on to stand up on his chair. Chris held the sausage next to the boy's limp cock. Chris sucked the sausage into his mouth and pushed it in and out. The boy started to stiffen. Chris pushed the boy's long skin back and slid the young meat into his mouth. He moved it in and out then let the turgid member spring upward on its own.
    Chris licked his lips then looked from the sausage to the boy's erection. He smiled at the room where he found every eye glued to him awaiting his next move. Chris laid his food on the boy's plate then lifted the boy's balls. He sniffed around them and let out a contented sigh then quickly licked a large drop of pre-cum that had formed at the boy's cum hole. You can call it a piss slit if you want, I like the thick, white, creamy stuff that cums out of it. Chris picked up one of the eggs and held it against one of the youngster's balls held tight against its protective pouch.
    Chris looked at a wide eyed youngster sitting next to him, he nodded his head for the boy to stand. Chris indicated the egg and the nut. The boy looked as drool collected at the corner of his mouth. Chris offered the boy the egg. He shook his head no. He offered him the nut. The boy opened his mouth and engulfed it. Chris took the hard, dripping cock of the nut's owner into his mouth and shoved his finger against the boy's prostate, almost at once the boy began to ejaculate. His knees wobbled as Chris pushed up on the boy's ass then wiggled his finger against the tight nut inside. The boy screamed as he let loose the largest ejaculation of his young life.
    Chris turned to the other boy and popped the nut from his mouth. Chris pulled the kid to him and locked their lips together, shotgunning his creamy treat to the other youngster. Chris pulled the first boy in and let the quickly wilting dick dribble its last drops over his face and that of the boy he was tongue tied too.
    When the first boy drew a deep breath Chris dropped to his knees and began again on the second boy. Using the same finger still slick from the first boy Chris impaled the new lad. He was rewarded with the second boy grabbing his head and beginning to fuck the tight mouth that held his young attention. Chris finger fucked his latest victim until he again had himself cream sauce for breakfast. He let the boy fall back to his chair in afterglow and picked up his sausage and hard boiled eggs.
    As he returned to his chair he tapped three boys on the head and beckoned them follow him. They followed their hard young cocks as they let those swollen heads follow Chris. Chris asked Athos if he had any real coffee. Without a word Athos motioned to a boy to pour Chris a cup from the pot near him. Chris took the hands of two of the boys before him and placed them on each boy's hard meat. He got through to them and the three of them were masturbating themselves before his eyes. Chris grabbed the boy on the other side of him to join in as he reveled in the perfect view before him.
    The boy that had been compared to sausage and eggs crawled through the legs of the other boys to take Chris's cock deep into his throat. Suddenly the first of the boys stiffened for his climax. Chris pushed the head of the youngster's cock toward his coffee moments before it spouted off its sweet offering. The second boy was ready and Chris held his plate before the boy to collect cream sauce for his quickly cooling sausage. The other two added their cream to the sausage and eggs.
    Chris licked the head of each boy's tender cock for the last drop they had to offer for the moment then stirred his coffee. He was nearing his end, he leaned back and spread his legs. His little cocksucker pushed a finger up Chris's butt. Chris licked the cum off of an egg then shoved the cum covered sausage down his throat while he filled the eager diner's mouth with more jizz than the boy was prepared for, but he had the help of several other hungry lads that licked Chris clean as he sat back and ate his sausage and eggs then licked the platter clean.
    Chris looked at his friends and told them that cold cum was almost disgusting. "It is not the food that makes the meal, but the company. This is a good meal." Chris was surprised when so many of the boys laughed. He did not expect very many of the them to speak English. In moments his joke had been translated and boy laughter filled the room.

    Chris was off that morning to have Siegy's lands and holdings seized. He had the rejects of the monster's pride sitting before him. The children at the table are the result of that man and they deserved a real life of their own. Each of us is given one life to do with as best we can. We can make a mess of it all by ourselves without having a greedy, sex crazed, egotist control it for us. Chris reflected for a moment on how The Sheik had been controlling him for several months. Because of this one person Chris was prepared to rise from this table and personally bloody his hands, permanently and indelibly.

    Athos called in every favor that anyone, anywhere owed him. He scoured the continent seeking children being held in slavery. He was able to set people to action that resulted in freedom for several hundred boys. Chris had to fall back to his chair and stare as the old boy loving cop went on. Chris told me not to list the names of the countries. Most of them are well known to be sources of children of all ages for all perversions so I suppose there is no need to be redundant by listing them here.
    Many children had returned home to their families, but many more had been sold by their families so that their other children could eat. Most of those freed knew no other life and moved to the streets. Those knights that had come to their rescue stayed in contact with them to offer a way out when they were ready. Those in the villa of Athos were those that wanted a better life, but had no home to return to. Athos gathered them together and told them that Chris was going to give all of them a home with lots of food. They would have a warm bed and would always be safe, and they would only have sex when they wanted sex and it could be with men, boys, or women. Athos laughed when he said that; most of the boys rejected that part of the old man's statement. He had thirty five confirmed homosexual boys, including Siegy's boys, sitting around the breakfast table smiling at Chris with their little hearts pounding in their chests; they feared rejection.
    The boys wanted to touch Chris, kiss him, and in many languages tell him that they loved him. That pulled tears from the eyes of the old softy. I know Chris and I know that he didn't feel that he had earned their love yet. He was sure that they were speaking from gratitude. Chris vowed to somehow spend time with each little fellow and show them love, but for now he had a mission and he had a family awaiting his speedy return.
    I am an insider, much closer to Chris than anyone else, except maybe Cory, however Chris is a private person with his thoughts and plans. He patted me on the shoulder and told me he was going down to walk along the beach. French beaches are, more or less, open and non-judgmental, unlike any place in America. Chris felt free and is secure in himself to walk out of the house starkers, as they say over here. I could see the pain in his face and, like I have said, I know what is upcoming. He needed time alone. A half hour after he left he returned carrying a young naked boy in his arms. Athos and Harry immediately set about tending the boy's wounds as Chris told us his story.
    "The serenity and tranquility—that's redundant—of the surf rolling against the sandy beach soothed my soul. The fresh salt air cleared my thoughts as nothing else in quite sometime. I found a large rock standing some fifteen to twenty feet above the water and used it as diving platform into the emerald green waters. I felt as though I could float away and forget everything forever.
    "Then I saw him. What I thought was a pile of old leaves and underbrush moved and a tiny leg bared itself. I swam for the shore and rushed over to pull the brush away. His name is Günther. He was on his father's yacht enjoying a month long cruise about the Mediterranean. They were on the return leg of their journey when he was caught with one of the young galley cooks.
    "Günther watched as his father cut the man's head off and kicked the body overboard then he was thrown overboard without a life vest. His father had just tried to kill his own twelve year old son for being gay. I know the family name and I think that I know how to get in touch with the man. Athos, I think that this is your ball park."
    Athos was rearing to go. This was a clear cut case of attempted murder and based on the boy's testimony, first degree murder had been committed. Murder had been committed at sea, but that little detail would be worked out later, now they had to get to the yacht to search for blood evidence and other witnesses while Chris headed to bed for his rest, with twenty boys following him.

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