Chapter 225


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cory sat on Indian row. All of my red skinned brothers sat in a single line with Cory at the end. Roddy was next to him then RD, followed by Wesley, Mike, Steven, Isi, Ita, Inagei, Tequasi, Shikoba, Bodaway, Eknath, Hridayesh, Ilesh, Ilanipi, and Kuruk. Robin and Clayton were sitting there as well. Each of them had an eagle feather sticking up out of his hair. The eagle is an endangered species so it is illegal for anyone except certain Indian tribes to have the feathers. I know that the Chiricahua can have the feathers and I am fairly certain that it is legal for Cory to have them. If Cory was in legal possession of the feather then logic dictates that his Tsalagi brothers could wear one. I wasn't too sure about RD, however he is my natural son and I am one quarter Tsalagi and one quarter Anitsata. I had to shake my head at him.

    The kitchen doors opened once again and every head turned to see what other goodies the Santa elves had cooked for them. I was surprised to see a well sun tanned Edmund push out a three foot tall tier cake lavishly, and decadently, decorated in green holly leaves with red holly berries in the middle of them. Mitchell was behind him with a cart loaded to its limits with cookies and pies.
    Edmund rolled the cake to a spot in front of me and stopped. He reached under the table cloth and came out with a very thick slice of mince meat pie with a half a can of whipped cream on top of it. He sat it before me. I told my guests what it was and offered them a slice, they accepted.
    Edmund cut large pieces of the cake as the kitchen helpers placed them on carts to take around to the tables that they had been serving. I was so full that if I didn't unfasten the top button of my pants they were sure to rip open, but a look at that cake made my eyes enlarge my stomach ten fold. At first I had thought that it was a chocolate and white marble cake. It was much more than that. The white cake was swirled with cinnamon, like a coffee cake, while the chocolate layer was swirled with vanilla pudding. I had to ask for a very thin slice, preferably without the decadent frosting.
    Meanwhile Mitchell was busy slicing pecan pies, mince meat pies, apple pies, and cherry pies. There were even a few pumpkin pies on hand. The kitchen workers were quickly dispatching their confections about the room. My three English guests requested a slice of the pecan pie, but when Mitchell began to add a scoop of French vanilla ice cream to the apple pie they just had to have a piece of that as well. We were majorly stuffed by the time we climbed into the Caddy for a ride to the house and a long nap.

    I showed Philby and El to the guest suite at the far end of the house. They were surprised to find all of their suitcases and personal items from their hotel room already in the suite.

    There is a smaller guest suite with only one bedroom that I offered to Prince William. He looked at the bed and rubbed his belly and accepted the offer.
    I had sent Nolan to the Prince's plane to offer them a place to sleep for the night. They reluctant to leave their aircraft until Nolan informed them that a large Christmas dinner awaited them.
    Nolan's new bunk house isn't as lavish as the main house, or even the dormitories; it is a bunk house. It has beds and a sitting area and plenty of restroom space with hot showers. Grub is served up at three long tables with benches for seating. When the crew of twelve was properly set to their beds the kitchen staff brought in a whole turkey with all of the accompaniments. A twelve pound prime rib roast was also served to them with plenty of hot horseradish.

    Prince William accepted my invitation to go see the upper camp. We sat drinking a late night cup of coffee when El tried to make me spew the hot liquid into the fireplace. "Will the boys be riding their horses in the nude tomorrow?"
    "El, I was going to postpone the boy's outing so that you could have the chance to see the forest and all that it has to offer."
    "Oh pshaw!!"
    "I do not want to expose you to the amorous happenings of four hundred horny teenage homosexuals. You may think that you can handle it and feel that you can go somewhere to escape their antics. I am sitting here now telling you that you will not be able to get away from exposure to them.
    "First of all the camp up there is smaller than this one. It is close, very close. There is a small lake up there where the boys are going to want to swim. They don't have many chances to swim in a woodland lake in the nude.
    "El, I would love to have you with me. I would like to have Prince William and Philby as well. I just know these boys and I don't want to cause any embarrassment to anyone."
    "If I may, Sir Chris. I do not abide by the lifestyle that these boys have, but I will not be the cause for their vacation trip to be delayed, even for one day. I would like to accompany you, and the boys, to this upper camp. If things get to much for us I am sure that we can simply return to this location."
    "There lies the problem, Your Highness. I can not, and will not, leave those boys on that mountain without proper supervision. All of my qualified people that know this mountain will be busy with their own groups. The mountain trail is treacherous, even to someone who knows the way. There are very steep drop offs that have nothing but air between the path and the ground some two hundred feet below.
    Were I to allow you to attempt the trail on your own then I would be a basket case from worry until I know that you are safely down from the lofty heights. I have promised the boys five full days at that camp. They will be taking advantage of the woodland trails as well as the lake. I will be needed in the event that one of the boys should hurt himself, or wonder away from the trail and get himself lost in the woods.
    "I really hope that you can understand."
    "A week of hiking through a virgin forest and swimming in a mountain lake. I am going," Prince William said.
    "I am with you, old chap. I believe that El wants to go as well?"
    "Of course I do. Chris, dear, you treat me as if I some sort of prude. Remember that I spent ten years in and out of the bush country in Africa feeding and bringing medical aide to some of the most impoverished villages that you can imagine. So what if I see a bit of amorous activity. I have seen it before."
    I didn't argue to point any further. I only hoped that they would leave me with good feelings about my schools and my boys.

    Most of the boys were confident on horseback so it was time to start the exploration of the ranch. Each day Cory led fifty boys through the low forest to visit the falls. At the bottom of the falls is a large pond. Under the falls the water pressure is so tremendous that a boy could be held underwater for a long period of time. Cory made it clear to his brood that he would allow them to swim in the icy cold water, but only as long as they stayed twenty feet from the force of the water that fell more than one hundred feet straight down.
    Some of the more inquisitive boys discovered a path with a heavy chain link fence across it and heavy padlocks on the gate. They wanted to climb over the fence to see what was so valuable. Cory stopped that very quickly. He had the boys move down stream away from the falls so that they could look up at the cliff face. The boys could make out a cave some forty feet up the rock face. The water seemed to flow through that cave before falling on to the pond in which they were swimming.
    Cory explained that there were two high voltage turbine generators in that cave that made all of the electricity for the ranch and for the village to the north. He told them that if they even walked up that path and a spark of electricity shot out of one of those generators then they would be fried beans. He had to explain that one to them. The generators are well grounded and such an accident can not occur, but it kept the boys from wanting to 'go see.'

    Nolan led a hundred boys out each morning and again each afternoon for an excursion into a bit of history. Located along the east side of the river is an old settlement that was once home to migrant workers that kept the irrigation ditches clear on the land that is now home to my airstrip. Those workers kept crops of maize and beans. They drew water from the pure depths of the river as they eked out a living from the sparse land.
    The boys quickly recognized the old bell tower that stood amidst the ruins, of what had at one time been, a church. Nolan had the entire area closed off with rope to keep the boys out of the unsafe structure. He explained to the boys that our midnight Christmas service there had shown a need for the church to be restored. He told them that I was going to do just that after all of them went home. They wanted it done now so that they could watch.

    One sad part of Camp Christopher, retreat for boys is that there are no Saguaro cacti on that end of the mountain range. Saguaro grow in a narrow line from northern Mexico and up through Arizona. Their range is spread thick with the tall giant of the desert, but only within their limited growth area. It is as if one plant sprayed its seeds to the wind which carried them across the desert.
    The plant is a magnificent species. From the live plant natives gather the fruit each summer to make cactus jelly, um, um, um, mighty tasty stuff that—especially on flat bread cooked on a stone over a hot fire. I secured a few dozen jars of the home canned jelly to be served with an Indian breakfast on the last morning of the boys' stay.
    The rib of the dead Saguaro plant is used in many of the old construction techniques of the indigenous natives. Most common is for the use of roof support on adobe housing. Nolan showed the boys some of the old buildings that had been built in the old ways. Ocotillo is another useful cactus species for building. Its thorny ribs are often used as fencing. The long, slender, stalks are tied together with thin wire and spaced as close together as possible. This fencing is often used around a private home, usually to keep the goats and pigs inside.
    The boys marveled at the old buildings, especially at the use of plain mud and straw used to make the bricks. The brick wall is then coated with a thin mixture of mud called adobe and left to dry in the sun. The result is a durable dwelling for humans and animals. The adobe needs to be maintained. A crack or chip will allow water to get under the adobe and dissolve the bricks. A simple mix of soil and water makes an adobe patch that can be spread about by hand or with a trowel.

    Nolan approached me with an idea on my return from the upper camp. He felt that the boys would enjoy making adobe bricks for the new church. I almost grabbed him to dance a jig with him. I had wracked my brain trying to come up with activities for the boys. What boy doesn't enjoy playing in the mud? Add to that the chance to play in the mud naked…
    Forms were quickly made and nearly all of the younger boys rushed to join the brick makers. To my surprise many of the older boys joined in as well. The boys started their shift early each morning. By lunchtime fifty boys had three hundred bricks laying in the hot afternoon sun to dry.
    Nolan enlisted the aid of some of the villagers and their pickup trucks to ferry over six tons of clay from the north base of Fire mountain. Each day a new crew of boys mixed sand with the clay then added water to make the mud which was then mixed with the straw and glopped into a wooden form. Most of the mud ended up on the backs and in the hair of other boys, but the nice part about that was that it was fun. It was a simple matter to hose a boy down and the muddy run off water added to the mud bed for more bricks to be made.
    I rode out to see the action one afternoon between my trips up the mountain. I sat atop my horse and belly laughed at the sight. Not only were the boys having the time of their lives, the old men from the village were enjoying a free show.
    One of the men sat on a fence rail smoking a long stemmed pipe that actually appeared to have been made from a hollowed out corn cob. He wore a very old and tattered Stetson hat with a chicken feather stuck in the band. His skin was dark and worn by the harsh sun of southern Arizona. He appeared to have been around for many centuries.
    "Mr. Chris. You have brought life to this place. You will always be a very special man of medicine to our tribe. These boys here are learning the ancient ways of building a home. They are full of joy and of life. All of us that have come to watch them feel their life. They make us feel young again.
    "I don't take much to this life that they live, but they seem to be happy and well adjusted. I have talked to some of them and they are smart. They study their books. I think that they will grow to be very fine men. I hold by your teachings that you are raising men to go out into the world and lead.
    "It is already plain that you have influenced Bodaway, Eknath, Hridayesh, Ilesh, Ilanipi, and Kuruk. You have made them better men. Kuruk is my grandson and we have high hopes for him. The Great Spirit smiles upon you.
    "The boys tell us that you are the great and powerful wolf. The Cheyenne were once our enemies, but we know of the legend of Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. We have such a legend of our own. I have lived to see it come true. On behalf of all of my village I say thank you."
    The laughter that I had as I watched the old men laughing at the antics of the boys was suddenly replaced with humbleness. My great grandmother had given me the Cheyenne name of Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe as I lay in my basinet only moments after my birth. Of course I have no memory of that event, but I have heard the story all of my life.
    I have seen the tapestry that an old woman had began to weave before my father was out of diapers. Now I stood a thousand miles away from the source of that old piece of prophecy and learned that there is a legend known to the Chiricahua Apache that adds confirmation of its contents.

    I enlisted the aid of Tristan and the six Indian boys to lead fifty boys a day up to the hot springs for a swim. Nolan had told me that Tristan was a certified Red Cross lifesaver and that he had also been certified as a senior lifesaver by the YMCA. He was the perfect choice to entrust my precious boys to at the hot springs.
     Each group, Cory's and Tristan's, packed a lunch and made a day of sightseeing and swimming. I took on the job of leading four hundred boys to the high camp for a five day excursion in the tall pines. I believe that I had the most fun. The boys were wide eyed at seeing the forest after spending time on the desert floor.
    Most of the boys rode their saddled horses bare assed. I have learned to enjoy riding bareback. However I do wear the deerskin breeches that Roddy made for a wedding present to me. The extra leather in the seat keeps my tender seat comfortable.
    My British visitors were very impressed with the mountain. I know that it hard to believe that boys can be quiet, but after they saw their first squirrel in the trees they were as slienet at church mice. Some five minutes later we spotted huge buck deer. His antler rack would make some sportsman a nice trophy for his wall. I was thankful that the old boy had chosen to live on my part of the mountain where he would not be shot by some couch potato.
    I am not opposed to hunting for one's food. I am opposed to killing for the sake of killing. At the present time there are plenty of well stocked grocery stores and super markets to supply everyone in this nation with all of the food that they need.
    The boys with me had to rough it all of the way. We had four hundred and five horses and ten mules that needed to be tended to daily. The boys were eager to brush and curry each animal with special attention to the pack mules that we had led up the mountain with our fresh food. The mules needed the most care, their packs dug into the animal so special attention had to be paid to their hides for wounds.
    The stables at the upper camp are located on a downward slope to the west side of the camp where the runoff will not contaminate the swimming hole or the waterfalls. They are also shielded by the mountain itself from the north winds that would blow their fragrant essence into camp. It is hard to sleep in a septic tank.
    The stables had to be mucked out daily. I provided knee high rubber boots for the boys doing the job. They still managed to get themselves into a little shit, but there were plenty of water hoses about to wash everything down with. The big problem with the stables was the water fights. Boys love to play with long hoses and what better place to muck about than in a horse stall?
    I had Roddy with me to teach the boys what plants to stay away from and which plants were beneficial. In the seven weeks that we spent at Camp Christopher we only had one case of poison ivy. I felt sorry for the boy, he should have looked to see what variety of plant he was pulling leaves from to wipe his ass after a dump in the woods.
    The boy is also a great tracker. He led four boys at a time out early each morning in search of game. The idea was to get as close to the game as possible without scaring it away. Roddy knows every picture on the wall of the family room at home and he can tell you where the picture was taken. He has never used a camera, but he gets close enough to some of his quarry that I am sure that he would have a trophy winning photograph of his own. Some of our guests took their little throw away cameras with them on those hikes.
    They were so excited about their great shots that they were ready to leave camp in order to have the pictures developed and printed. I had to gather the boys about and warn them about taking naked shots of each other. American's frown on boy nudity. The boys could be prosecuted for child pornography and never return to their home school.
    I led my special guests on a nature hike. El had a large 35mm film type camera that made so much noise when it wound the film to the next shot that all of the game fled to Texas. She had several lenses for the beast so I asked her to put on a one hundred mm. lens and kept her back far enough so as not to startle our quarry.
    El was as caught up the excitement over the pictures, that she was sure that she had, as the boys were about theirs. I was happy to see that she had captured four nice shots. One of a humming bird, one of a rabbit's den, and one of a trout in the stream. The other shot that had was of a doe feeding on the tender leaves of a bush. The shot was good, good composition, good farming, but slightly out of focus. She was going to frame it anyway. I wouldn't have wanted her to do less.

    El is full of surprises. On the second day the boys were eager for the water. Prince William and Duke Philby appeared at our staging area buff as the day they were born. The boys pointed to Philby and giggled behind their hands until I gave them that look. At the last minute El joined us in a very skimpy two piece swimming suit.

    I would really like to have a diving board on top of the ten foot cliff at the north end of the mountain lake. I won't have one though. I can't take the chance of some young daredevil that knows nothing about diving getting himself hurt.
    Nolan, Tristan, and I had ridden up to the lake during the construction of the upper camp. I had spotted a small shelf atop the cliff near the falls. I wanted to inspect the waters beneath that shelf for safety. I found just about what I expected. We joined the construction workers at lunchtime as we ate the lunch that Nolan had packed for us. I engaged the landscape people in a conversation.
    One of the lead men was a high school diver and wanted to check my find out. He came to the surface with good news. When his crew finished the job they had for the afternoon he procured their bobcat and two men to assist him. A half inch steel cable was formed into a makeshift net and secured around five boulders, the largest two being about two feet in diameter.
    The larger of the stones were dragged near the shore and left in about eight inches of water to serve as seating. The smaller boulders were placed on the shore for some future use. The landscape crew joined me as we tested the waters. I had to show off some of my fancy dives. The cliff is a bit over ten feet at that spot, about the same height as my three meter board at βφτ house. All of us tried to impress the others with our skills.

    I impressed El and the boys with some of my dives. Prince William showed us that he was no stranger to the water as he made a few impressive dives of his own. Then El…that woman never ceases to amaze. I know where Cullen gets his from. El made a double somersault and cut the water like a knife. The boys cheered and patter her on her back.
    The Prince and Philby got into a water fight that ended up with a dunking challenge. Before long many of the boys joined them. I expected the younger Prince to hold his own, but Philby showed that when the shirt came off there was no stuffing in him. He was an all around great guy and the boys loved him.

    We had allowed the boys to sign up as couples for the trip to the mountain camp. Many of the boys have developed serious friendships with boys from other schools so the staff and I decided that a get away with their special friend would only help to cement the schools together. All of the boys names were placed on one long list and then the first four hundred boys made the first trek, then the next four hundred boys went next, and so on.
    I took Robin with me. He is shy. He is trying to find his identity. He likes being around the Tsalagi boys, but he is Anitsata, Shikoba is Choctaw as well and his blood brother, Clayton, was raised in a predominately Choctaw village. They have accepted Robin as one of their own and tried to make him feel comfortable and at home.
    All of my young Indian brothers accepted Robin as a warrior amongst them when he told them how he got the nickname of Switchblade. Sean put the little man on his broad shoulders and carried him throughout the house when he learned that his little sister was interested in the boy. Robin has seen so much hatred in his life that he will take time to adjust to his new life.
    I sat on the grass under a tree with him as we talked quietly. I asked him how I could help him. "I ain't never knowed my dad and I want you to be my dad. I will do anything that you want of me if you will just love me like you love Rodney."
    "Robin, let me clue you in. I do love you. I want to provide a home for you. I want you to go to school and learn everything that the school has to offer you. Other than that there is nothing that you need to do. I can't love you anymore than I already do. I love you just as much as I love Rodney or RD. They are both my sons.
    "Next week you will meet my wife and my two baby boys. I love those little guys more than I love anyone else because they are so young and helpless. You are young and helpless yourself. You are like a fish floundering out of water. Your natural instinct is to swim, but without water around you there is no where to go.
    "I want to give you all of the water you need to be able to swim to a better life. Robin, I promise you this. When we returned from England I gave you a bedroom in my house. You may stay in my house for as long as you wish, even when you are ninety two or older. I want you to know that you have a home with me forever.
    "Do you really want me for a dad? Don't answer that now, think about it until this camp session is finished and we return to my house in Tucson. You need to know that I have located your dad. This will not be easy for you to hear. Your dad is on death row in Texas for the rape and murder of a thirteen year old girl.
    "He committed his crime two years after he disappeared from the home that he shared with your mother and you. You were yet to be born so you have no personal memory of him. You have heard stories from others, but that is only their thoughts and feelings of him. I have been in contact with him through my people.
    "He was asked how he felt about you. Robin, he doesn't know that you exist. He was drunk so often around the time that you were born that his memory of those months are but a blurry dream. He was asked about allowing me to legally adopt you. He doesn't care one way or the other.
    "He didn't ask any questions about you. He was offered pictures of you which he pushed away without turning them over to view them. He said that he didn't want to get attached to someone that he would never see and never meet. He had no qualms about signing the paperwork necessary for me to make you my legal son.
    "I want you to think about this very carefully. This is not something for you to make a snap decision about. When we return to our house you may come to me with your decision." I was looking into the tear filled eyes of a very lonely boy. I could not read the emotions going across his face.
    Suddenly I was knocked over backwards as ninety nine pounds of boy landed on top of me. "You would do that? You will make me your kid and you will be my dad, for reals?"
    "Don't rush into this Robin…"
    "I ain't rushing. I am thanking God for my answered prayer. When you got into Andy's car in Tulsa my heart told me that you would be my father. I have prayed several times a day for that to be true and now God has given me his answer. Can I call myself Robin Dickson?"
    "If that is your choice."
    "It is, dad. Daddy, daddy, oh I love the sound of that. All of the boys here call you dad, but I can say it with a new meaning."
    "Are you aware that I have adopted over eighty boys?"
    "Yeah, Eric told me how happy you made him when you went to his school and told him. Mike too. Mike is such a neat guy, but he told me that he treated you bad 'cause he was an asshole."
    "Mike wasn't an asshole. Mike was being controlled by an asshole that only saw my money and he wanted it. He used Mike. I loved Mike from the first day that I met him, but I had to show him tough love. Still he has come around and, like you say, he is neat guy."
    "So…, dad…can I tell everybody that I am your son?"
    "That is up to you. I do want you to understand one thing though. Your adoption will not take place until we can go before a judge. With everything happening here that won't be possible until the end of January or so."
    His chin dropped and his eyes watered up. I will try to contact the circuit judge that comes around to the village once a month. I held him close to me as we lay back on the grass. Robin was soon in a fitful sleep. He moaned, he cried, he laughed, I always wonder what is going through a boy's head when his dreams cause such a range of emotions. Still sound asleep Robin said, "Thank you for making Mr. Chris my real dad. I will keep my promise to you and always make him proud of me. I will be the best son in the world, Lord. Just see if I won't." With that he turned onto his back and slept on.

    I had much to think about. I quietly rose and walked through the woods. Robin and I had chosen a spot near to a hidden spring fed puddle. The small pool was not as large as the four man spa in my bedroom. It was fed by a warm spring. The water was not very hot, maybe eighty five degrees, but it was relaxing. It had a higher mineral content than any of the other springs that I had located on the mountain and its waters seemed to have a therapeutic quality to them.
    The spring and its pool were located against a sheer bluff some one hundred feet from the trail that we had cleared and paved I had deliberately not made a trail to it, I wanted to keep it to myself. That was not as easy as I had hoped. I suppose with so many inquisitive boys about it was bound to be discovered.
    I heard something like a chant as I neared the warm waters. I pushed a bush aside to look and spotted sixteen year old Keiichi —Kei–first son or blessed one–with his little brothers, Yuji–second son–and Kioshi—quiet–Sato in a ritual of some kind. I was alarmed at their headbands. They wore the white scarf with the rising sun symbol of the ancient Japanese empire.
    I was not even a developing sperm in my daddy's nuts when World War II occurred, but I have learned about the atrocities that took place. I have a real problem with a nation's government that would advocate an unprovoked sneak attack on a sleeping people. But enough ot that, I wanted to know what was going on with the three boys.
    I stepped from behind the bush into plain sight of the boys. Kioshi saw me first and he bowed deeply toward me. Kei and Yuji turned and bowed as well. "Hello, dad, welcome to our annual observance of our grandfather's death."
    To the boys their grandfather was a hero. He was a high ranking officer aboard a Japanese ship that was sunk on the twenty eighth of December in 1941, Just weeks after hostilities between Japan and America commenced. The Sato family practiced the Japanese tradition of honoring their dead on the anniversary of their death. I could find no fault in that.

    I left the boys to their celebration and retreated in the direction that I had come from. Robin was sitting up and rubbing his eyes. I quietly walked up and spoke to him. "Sleep well? my young princeling?"
    He turned and looked at me, "I didn't see you there." I held out my hand to help him up then we walked back to the camp to join the others for lunch. I filled myself a tray and headed toward my special guests with Robin tagging along behind me. Robin looked up at me and I gestured him to a seat. He shook his head and gave me that same questioning look. I told him that it was his choice.
    "Dad is going to adopt me. Will that make you my aunt?"
    El reached across the table and took his small hand into hers, "It certainly will. I am proud to have a nephew as fine as you are." Philby shook his hand and welcomed him into the family as Prince William offered his congratulations.
    Some of the boys nearby had heard Robin and they dragged him over to their table. My heart swelled inside my chest as I watched many boys pat Robin on the back and tell him how lucky he is.
    "He really is a fine boy, Chris. I have not gotten to know many of your adopted sons on a personal level. Cory is more than a son to you isn't he?"
    "Cory's adoption came at the bequest of his late grandfather. As he saw it that was the only way to keep his greedy family from getting at his estate and leaving Cory without his rightful heritage. It took a few years for me to realize that I. love that boy more than anything else in the world.
    "Don't misunderstand me, I love Daylight and our sons. I love young Rodney more than I can ever say. There is no need to qualify my love for RD. My only regret there was that I was denied the knowledge of his existence for so many years. Who knows what I would have become had Sylvia told me that I was the father of her child?"
    "Had you known, it is possible that none of these boys would have the chance that you have given to them. Have you thought about that?"
    "Many times a day and almost every day. El, I would not change a single thing in my life. Every mistake that I have made, every pain that I have endured, every cross word that has been spoken has made me into who I am. Who I am is a very rich man that is able to provide for each of these boys, to see to it that they have all of the best that young life has to offer and to give them an on the ground running head start toward being a leader of men.
    "Cory shares those goals with me. Cory and I have one of the most unique lifestyles that I have ever heard of. We are life partners. We stood before a judge on the beach behind my house in Malibu, California and pledged our lives to one another. Our precious wives stood beside us and gave us away to each other. Our oldest baby sons carried the rings for our union on silk pillows. RD stood up as my best man. How many men do you know of that have half that much?
    "Yet Cory and I are free spirits. We don't have any hangups about sharing ourselves with other members of the family. We are not promiscuous, we keep it all in the family. But when a boy needs special attention he knows that he can come to either one of us and we will show him whatever level of love that he needs. Most of the time he only wants to be held and reassured of his place in the world.
    "Boys are very fragile creatures. Their bodies are changing and so is their mind. They don't understand what is happening to them and they aren't sure where they fit in. Cory has the same knack for leading a boy out and learning of his doubts. Then his instinct takes over as he holds the boy and helps him through the night. Sometimes it has taken more than one night, that is fine if that is what it takes. The boys always come first to us.
    "Our one common desire is that we could somehow be with every boy every night. I don't mean that like it sounds. I mean to be able to be near them when they need an understanding shoulder. We have no one at any of my schools that can provide that sort of one on one counseling. None of the staff is comfortable getting that close to a boy.
    "That is a good thing. I always tell my staff that one can't be friends and be boss. It there is a personal relationship between a staff member and a boy then that staff members is subject to the loss of his authority over that boy, and any of his friends that know of their involvement with each other."
    "Chris, how came you about such great wisdom at such a young age?"
    "William, I am a good study of character. I am blessed with a perfect eidetic memory—photographic memory. I never forget anything that I see or hear. I can quote to you our exact words on our first meeting. It may seem that such a memory would drive one mad. My mentor taught me to structure the knowledge that I garner and direct it toward good. Looking at the happy faces of these boys with us today one would have to admit that his advice has served me well."
    "You don't mention your mentor often. Charley, wasn't that his name?" El asked.
    "Charley awakened in me the knowledge of who I am when I was fifteen years old. I was as hormone driven as these boys here and the boys at the main camp below. I only wanted self gratification. Charley directed me to learn from everybody that I met. He entertained very rich and powerful men from around the globe. I learned something from each and everyone of them.
    "I used that knowledge to create a new me. By the time of Charley's death in 2004 I was a very wealthy individual with over one billion American dollars, cash, in banks around the world. I only needed a direction to use that money.
    "At one of Charley's parties I had met a man by the name of Bradford. He had a dream of creating an all boys schools for homosexual youth. I listened to him and I began to think as he did. When I learned that the state of New York had sent him one hundred boys for a summer work camp I became excited. I sent him a few million dollars to build his school. Over the next few months I became more involved with his school and the rest is history."

    The next few days were spent in peace with nature. I took my guests to the small warm spring pool. The four of us sat back as we enjoyed each other's company. Prince William would have to leave to attend to other duties, but I secured his promise that we would always be friends.
    I told El and Philby that there would be a helicopter waiting to take them to Tucson the day after we returned. I told them that I would put them into a luxury suite at my country club. I asked them if they still planned to join us for a parade on the day of Epiphany. She told me that armed guards could not keep them away. She told me that Agnes was looking forward to it more than Philby was.

    There were many long faces on the morning that we had to leave the camp on the mountain. I told the boys that they would have some great stories to tell the other boys and that they did have pictures to develop. Some of the boys from BAP were amateur photographers and I had sent Andy in search of basic equipment to develop their film. They would only be able to make contact prints for the time being. They could cut their film and have larger prints done when they got back home again.
    Roddy and I led the boys down the ridge of Fire mountain. They were able to see how large the camp was. From its heights one can see all of the airfield and off across to the Indian village to the north. At about half way down the expanse to the south and the main entrance gate can be seen.
    It is difficult to see borders and boundaries in the forest, but I helped the boy work out a geometry problem as they triangulated those boundaries using the two known points of reference that they did have. I was glad that the corner of Camp Christopher is almost square in the woods.

    Cory was as pent up as I was. He had spent five days riding back and forth to the falls with a different brood each day. He told me that he knew how a mother hen must feel as she tries to keep her chicks within her sight. I did my duty to smooth his feathers, but this one large feather kept standing up. I didn't mind working overtime on it, it made feel good waves of emotions flood throughout my body.
    The next day was New Year's eve, the last day of the year. We had a whollopalooza evening planned for the boys. I figured that it was just one day out of the year so a major sugar fix would not do that much harm to the boys. Of course I had carefully gone over each boys medical records to make sure that they could stand the extra sugar fix that they would surely partake of.
     am afraid of diabetes. I am hypo–glycemic and I know how easily I can go to hyper–glycemia, if any single boy had any signs of either form of the disease then other plans would be made
     Finding no one with any health problems I had ten six flavor soft drink dispensers brought in. One hundred tanks of carbonated water were delivered along with three hundred gallons each of Coca Cola syrup, Pepsi Cola syrup, and Dr. Pepper syrup. I had Sprite, Root Beer, and Orange soda delivered. As if that were not enough to cook the young minds of each boy six or seven times over.
    I asked the staff of each of the schools for a list of local sodas that their boys enjoyed. Andy filled an airplane with six hundred cases of soda from France, Germany, Greece, and England. I even had twenty cases of an old hard to find childhood favorite of mine delivered. I loved non carbonated, low sugar and extra good Chocolate Soldier as a boy. Cory wanted to know where his Grapette was. I offered him another brand of grape soda, he wanted Grapette, he got twenty cases.
    Cullen looked at the list and then up at me, "But uncy, where's the pumpkin juice?" I asked Edmund if he would make a few gallons and let it chill in one of the large walk in refrigerators.
    The Grapette and Chocolate Soldier were the first of the sodas to disappear. I had sent one case of each to the house for our personal consumption. We nursed on our sodas for three weeks into the new year.
    Andy let us borrow one of his Sikorskies for the head cooks of each school to make a shopping trip. There were plenty of basics for a gazillion pizzas, but we didn't have many of the special toppings that the European boys enjoyed. I shuddered when I saw the tin cans of anchovies. I was informed that those were for the New York boys. Somehow I couldn't quite get my mind around the case of kippered herring. I had to leave the kitchen when I was shown the main choice for the boys from Parga. The boys from the fishing villages enjoy fresh squid on their pizza.

    I had tried to stock the school with all of the items that I thought that a school for teenagers would want. Nolan led a detail of older boys to stand on ladders and hang six large mirrored balls from the ceiling of the cafeteria. Multi-colored, high intensity, low-voltage spot lights encircled each ball for that real disco ballroom feeling.
    Two young DJs were selected from each school. They each had their selection of music CDs to play for the party. Two young men would play a one hour set before turning over the sound system to another pair from a different school When all six schools had played then they would begin again. I know boys, but twelve hours of pizza, soda, and dancing would find few of them still on their feet.
    The party began at four in the afternoon. Soup and fresh fruit was available, along with tea, coffee, and milk. Hot pizza was brought out every few minutes as the ovens worked overtime to bake the pies. Gigage—fgb and his little brother, Onacona—on, had worked in their family's pizza shop when they were in high school. They knew a few tricks. We only had five double pizza ovens in the kitchen. Gigage secured two dozen, fired clay tiles, about a half of an inch thick, and placed them inside the large regular ovens. The tiles cooked the pizza uniformly to a perfect crispness.

    Ugitsiha had called to inform me that the deerskins for the babies were ready for pickup. I wanted Pete and Bryan to celebrate the new year with the whole family then I asked them to fly to Oklahoma on New Year's day. Cory requested to be able to go along. He wanted Wesley, Tequasi, Isi, Ita, and Inagei to go along. He would not tell me why the six of them needed to go, but he batted his eyes at me and told me that I was going to be so proud. I am always proud of him. I had no idea that he had someone in mind for me to be even more proud of.
    At midnight confetti and long, narrow streamers rained down across the partyers from one hundred, four inch PVC air cannons set high against the ceiling, I had to pity the poor boys that had been selected to clean the room the next day.
    We do that as diplomatically as possible. Each of the six schools provide two boys to take care of any extra duty around the common areas of Camp Christopher. These are boys that are being disciplined for some minor infraction. I do not like to send a boy to the kitchen to serve his punishment. There are always sidewalks that need to be swept, or trash cans to be emptied. Sometimes we have quite a bit of work for them, e.g. after Christmas dinner, or the gift exchange the night before. The cleaning of the large dining room in the cafeteria after our party was going to be a chore.
    Cory had come to be near me as the final seconds of 2009 ticked their way into eternity. At the stroke of midnight we locked into a very stiffening kiss. I don't suppose that I need tell you that everyone at the party was in the buff. That fact became apparent as many of the boys stiffened their resolve as they kissed their boy of the evening to welcome in 2010. My kiss with Cory just lingered longer than many of the boys near us. Someone pointed to the giant result that our kiss was creating and called out with, "Get a room."
    "Hell no, I wanta watch."
    "Me too. Go for it, dudes."
    Cory and I began to chuckle into each other's mouth then broke our bond to laugh out loud at the antics of the boys that had taken a seat on the floor near us. I had not seen Robin standing so close to us. Once I spotted him Cory smiled at me. He took Robin by the hand and drew him closer. He placed Robin's hand into mine and moved my hard to another focal point.
    "Dad, Robin's sexual experience is very limited. Actually he has had no sexual release since you brought him into our home. The two of us talked about it and I know what he wants and needs. You, daddy dear. Robin needs you. There is one quirk to his need, he wants to know how you make love.
    "Kinky? Maybe so, but in the interest of educating a young man I think that we should take him to our bed tonight and let him watch everything that we do. Then after I leave for Oklahoma tomorrow you should take him to your room, alone, and let him know what love really is. I want you to take care of him as only you can take care of a boy. Will you do that for him and for me, please?"
    How could I refuse such an offer. Robin is drop dead gorgeous. I have seen his body in both a relaxed state and in arousal. He is desirable on every level. I pulled him by his hand into me then wrapped my arms around him. The boy is a first class kissing fool. Any stiffness that I had lost during Cory's dissertation suddenly reappeared. I put a handlock grip around a fine pair of firm young testes and let my thumb rub against his frenulum. Copious amounts of seminal fluid flowed down my thumb and his breathing became short and intense.
    I broke away. When Robin cums I want it to be the best damn cum in his memory. Cory might be planning for the boy to simply observe us together, but that would be torturous for him. I would give him the best head that I could, and I would do that several times before Cory left me the next morning.

    The new year started off correctly. I was in bed with two very hot boys. Cory seemed to have gotten younger somehow. He was full of energy and he was more frisky than he had been in some time. Robin was very beautiful as he lay there with a super bone of almost six inches begging to be caressed. I used my finger to gather up his fountaining seminal fluid that never seemed to stop flowing. After one hot and heavy make out session with Cory I had to give the boy a mercy suck.
    With Cory's sweet tasting nut butter fresh on my tongue I took Robin to task. Robin gave me all of the signs that he was ready for more than a quick get off so I tested him. I rose to my hands and knees and knelt beside him as I swallowed his impressive fourteen year old, hand grown man meat as deep as it would go into my mouth. My cock was only a leg's width away from his face as Cory rose to give me a hot ride on his own turgid man pole.
    Robin moved his body around so that he could get under me. He wanted to be able to view what was happening. As Cory aimed his cock for the penetration Robin lifted my scrotum to clear the view. My cock lurched at his grasp which caused him to flinch and drop my balls. Not to be thwarted again he simply took a few inches of my cock into his mouth and let his nose push my balls out of the way. That was what I wanted in the first place you know.
    Cory began to make his long strokes, I duplicated his movements on the sweet treat in my mouth. Robin moaned then began to bob his own head upward on me, taking much more of my phallus into his mouth than I had thought he was capable of receiving. Marv must have taught the boy well, how can I complain about another boy
loving man?
    "Fuck my mouth, Daddy, please. I like to feel your long cock go all of the way down my throat and out again. I can take it, honest I can." I almost lost it right there. I guess that as I age my values change, but I was having a problem with having sex with my fourteen year old son. I have had sex with all of the boys that I have adopted, many times, but somehow I felt queasy with Robin. He is very desirable, but somehow my parental instincts took over and I only wanted to protect him from perverts like me.
    Lust won out. The three of us lay together in loving afterglow until the morning sun announced that it was time to rise and see Cory off on his adventure. I kept Robin by my side and loved him as often as we had the chance for the next three days.
    On one of my early morning exploratory walks during the tear down phase of construction of the old ranch buildings I found a secret. Nolan knew of the boiling hot springs, but old Willie had told him and Festus to keep away, that the water was poison. I am one to test everything and take nothing for granted, least of all hearsay. I dipped my canteen into the roiling waters and filled it. I also lowered a high temperature thermometer into the water where it appeared to come out of the mountainside. The water was two hundred and six degrees, enough to scald the skin right off of anyone foolish enough to get into it.
    The water tested pure. A little high in mineral content, but even lower than the mineral content of the water being supplied to Tucson from the three hundred and thirty six mile Central Arizona Project that brings water across the desert from the Colorado River to mix with our pure ground water. I had found a renewable source of hot water for Camp Christopher.
    I had a geological survey done and found that the spring was stable and in solid granite to a depth of nineteen hundred feet. The hot spring fed swimming hole is only nine hundred feet deep while the warm spring at the upper camp feeds from the same water source, but it has to travel an extra three thousand feet straight up. I had it explained to me how the water can make a vertical climb like that. It had something to do with heat rising and pressure, something akin to a coffee percolator. Bad analogy, I use a drip coffee maker. Maybe because some of my school mates called me a drip. They were the ones dripping as I fucked their virgin butts.
    A thirty foot continuous section of four inch ABS plastic pipe was shot into the spring under high pressure. A gate valve was affixed to the upper end so that the water could be shut off at the source in case maintenance was needed on the line. I needed help from Little John to set a weather tight box at the edge of the spring to secure the valve. He quickly fashioned a form and drove a concrete pumper close enough to the spot that the eighty foot pumper boom could fill the form with concrete.
    Known only to Nolan, Tristan, Cory, and myself I had taken a bobcat into the forest and excavated a small spa. I had more leeway there than at any of the other spring fed water holes. Little John asked me about lining my newly excavated area with concrete. I learned that he had worked as a pool construction gopher for three summers during high school. I agreed.
    He used scrap wood to quickly make up a frame work to which he attached a wide wire mesh to make a large bench seat and two small individual seats. He plumbed in conduit for future air pumps to turn the private pool into a true spa in the woods. The only thing missing were lights. I did not want lights, I wanted to slip out to the quiet area and soak with someone that I loved by starlight.
    He installed eight inch wide, by six inch tall heavy plastic gates, like the locks on a damn's overflow system. When the concrete was set I would excavate a small canal from the cold water stream rushing down from on high as well as a channel to feed the boiling hot water into the spa. An overflow ridge along the end of the spa formed a nice waterfall back into the stream bed. Simple yet very effectively I had a nice temperature control for the private spa.

    I had the owner of a young virgin butt that wanted me to fuck him as much as I wanted to fuck him. I led him into the thick forest as I made sure that we were not followed. I parted very heavy brush and led Robin inside a wooded grotto to a secured steel gate. I dialed the combination on the gate's lock then opened it to allow Robin to enter first. His eyes enlarged as he looked at the swirling water of the hidden spa. We spent Wednesday and Thursday night sleeping under the star filled sky. The wind came up and chilled us, but we simply sat down in the hot water until our skin began to prune a bit and made out like bandits with each other.

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