Chapter 165


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I knew that I was in for it when the three little blonde haired Germans sidled up to me batting their eyes and doing their lost puppy routine. I will have to admit that the three of them are a sight that would make any old homo go wobbly kneed. Eric is of no blood relation to the other two, but they had been raised together for several years. They look near enough like each other to make most people believe that they may have a common blood tie. They act just like young brothers, full of love for each other and arguments hiding, just waiting for a chance to jump out and start up. So far they have not struck each other, I don't believe that will ever happen with Gus and Eric and I doubt that Gomeric is violent. However he has had to survive in conditions that are foreign to me.
    Gomeric lived with his mother and father. After that he suffered injuries while on active duty in the Air Force Major Chester Fowler moved his family to his hometown of Warrensburg, New York, in the United States of America. Four years later he died of complications from that accident; Gomeric was eight years old at the time of his father's death. Gus's father, Hiederick Heintz, had married Eric's mother when Güstáv, and Gomeric, were six, Eric was almost nine. The young cousins looked up to Eric and went wherever he went and they also included him in all of their playtime.
   Life was perfect for the boys as they played together and learned about life. That idyllic life came to an abrupt end when Gus's father caught Eric sucking his son's dick. The result of that encounter placed Eric in my home and a few months later Gus was part of the family. In the meantime Hiederick Heintz came to Tucson in an attempt to kill me. That endeavor got him sent to prison where he was killed by a young boy with a long history of abuse from his own father.
    I already had a report back on Major Chester Fowler, he was in fact Colonel Martin Fowler's younger brother, Dean's uncle. Gomeric and our Dean are also cousins, a fact that I would share with the boys one afternoon when we could sit down by ourselves. For now I was happy to honor the boys' request. I turned to Cory and he grabbed Benoît and Sergé to him, "Go for it, I have my own young cousins to play with." He took off before I could play with him.
    I pride myself on my ability to recall most events in my life, one event that had nagged me since my afternoon with these three boys in Paris was what Eric had told me on the day that I first met him. Now anyone who has ever tried to communicate with teenagers knows that that is an oxymoron, teenagers don't communicate. I asked the boys if they remembered the first time that they had ever had sex and who it was with.
    Eric and Gus both looked at Gomeric and giggled. Gomeric grinned and all three boys yelled in unison, "Tootsie Roll!"
    "All three of you?"
    "Well, I sucked him for my first time, but he had sucked me and he sorta sucked Eric and we made him do Gus too or we wouldn't never let him do us no more. He liked to suck dicks and all of us boys knew it. I watched him suck this one big brother of a friend of ours and that kid could cum and he grabbed Bobby's head and cummed in his mouth, but Bobby liked it and did him all of the time."
    "You were what, nine? And Gus was nine, so Eric was twelve."
    "No, I was eight and so was Gus."
    "I was eleven," Eric told me, "I never even knew anything about sex, but he made me feel good. Not as good as now, but then. I think the best time ever was…" I wanted to find out something that really was bothering me so I pulled the boy to me for a kiss and a grope of his stiff member then held him as I continued with my questions that I directed to Gomeric.
    "So he sucked you off for a year if he fucked you on your ninth birthday?"
    "No it was about three months that he done us."
    "How is it that he fucked you?"
    "Well, Gus and Eric had gone somewhere and I was alone, it was my birthday, but I went over to Bobby's house and that older boy was there and they was fucking. Bobby told me that I could stay if I would let him do it to me and I did. Then when I went over to Gus's house for my birthday party I told them what I done and they couldn't believe it, but I told them that it sorta felt good and I wanted to go do it again.
    "They wouldn't let Bobby do it to them, but I liked it so one time when that older boy came over to do Bobby he was going to do me and the older boy told him to do me while he did it to Bobby and that's what we did.
    "We kinda did that for another two years and Eric started getting this big dick that Bobby liked, it was bigger than a Tootsie Roll, but not as big as that older boy had, but he had moved away somewheres and Bobby didn't have nobody to do him." The boys were giggling as Gus was checking Eric's cock to see if it was bigger than a Tootsie Roll. Eric told Gus that his cock was bigger than a Tootsie Roll and sweeter too. I was losing control.
    "Eric, did you or Gus ever let him fuck you?"
    "No way." I looked at Gus.
    "Well, that sorta looked gross and I didn't wanta do that, until I came to live with you."
    "So Eric never did it to you?"
    "No, dad, I told you, I only sucked his dick and he sucked mine."
    "Who was the first one to do that to you, Eric?"
    He ducked his head, "Jimmy. But not at first, he did it when we were at Luke's house and you were all like doing it to everybody and I asked Jimmy if he would be careful of me and he made me like it so much and then when I got to that school I wanted to find the biggest dick to do me so that I could do it with you when you came back again and I found Borne and I had to work really hard to get him to do me, but when he did he told me that he never did no tight ass like mine before and I told him that I wanted to get it loose so that I could do you and everything." I had to take a deep breath for him. That was a lot of words all jumbled together without a break.
    "Can we quit talking now and do some fucking. I want you to do me." Anything for my little ones, you know that. Gomeric loves a good pony ride and he was learning that big ponies were extra nice. He hadn't had the opportunity to ride many of the boys yet, but I have learned that he swallowed so much cum from the bigger boys on the airplane that he was not feeling well.
    By now I believe that I have revealed myself to you and you know what I like, I wanted a good time as well as giving those boys what they wanted. What I wanted first was Gomeric cock. I asked Gus to break ground for deep plowing to begin as Gomeric wiggled his body into position on top of me. The boy is a great cock sucker and he had me worked past his diaphragm in seconds. I am always worried about a boy as small as Gomeric is, will my cock actually break through the hiatal sphincter and enter into the stomach? That would be a painful experience.
    Gus bent over and licked at his cousin's rosebud as he prepared it for a grand opening. Gus is growing very quickly and he has nice equipment that can hold its own against any of the boys his age, or even a little older. His technique is not bad either, I was getting the visual stimulation that I needed as his little body made the moves that moved Gomeric to a hard orgasm

    I turned on all six of my special shower heads. In the ceiling of my shower are two large rain heads that make the bather feel as if he is standing in a springtime rain. Four inch square, stainless steel, tiles are arranged to spray water from all four sides at one time, on a short boy the spray would hit him about mid to lower chest. The overall effect is similar to standing under a waterfall.
    I have two pulsating heads that come in high and low, those are the two that I use to clean myself and reinvigorate my body. Then of course there is the hose and the sit down urinal. It is not actually a urinal, but a dump station to evacuate the body of any foreign matter that is loosened by the hose. A small stream of water streams out from the front of that device to wash away that residue as quickly as the body expels it and carries the foul smelling substance away. I have had more than one boy vomit at the smell of their expelled rectal contents, it can be very foul smelling indeed. Sorta smells like shit.
    I was in the shower with Gomeric to teach the boy the proper use of the hose. He is well versed in the use of a bidet and thought that a cursory exterior wash was all that that device was for. I demonstrated it for him. "That is what Dean was trying to tell me. Where is Dean, I ain't seen him since we got home. Eric said he had to go to college, but when does he come home?"
    I learned that I didn't need to tell the boys that they were cousins, Dean recognized his cousin at once and the two boys have been with each other during most of our trip. Gomeric and Dean's fathers are brothers and both career military officers. I never cease to be amazed as these things seem to happen to me more and more often. I am always happy when the boys find extended family, it gives them a better sense of belonging

    I had gone to βφτ house to recover my toys when Randy Koch came out to talk to me. "Hey, buddy, can we talk for awhile?" I will always make time for Randy, we have the longest history between us of anybody that I know. Randy had a look in his eyes that I had not seen since we were children living next door to each other. Without either of us saying a word we headed for his basement where it all began, the home of the Blues Club. My life began in that basement and so very much of it was because of the man beside me.
    Without a word being spoken I locked the door leading downwards after I entered, Randy climbed the steps up to the kitchen of the house and locked the door there then we moved to the bed where we first knew one another one summer night in nineteen eighty eight. Naked in a flash we closed our eyes and held each other as our minds filled with the memories of youth.
    Randy spread his legs and pulled me close to himself, I knew what he wanted and I gave him all of the love that I have held for him for more than twenty years. Our time was special to each of us and the world did not exist as two little boys made love, over and over again.
    Somewhere along the way Randy opened up to me about his time in Iraq. Having never served in the military I can only try to imagine the horror that he described to me. Harry Orr shared a little of his story, but that centered on his love for Thomas Wayne De Long. Randy never had a love life where he served—he had death all about him. I held him close as he told me of the horrors of war as only one who has lived it can ever tell it. He told about how his buddies cried as they laid in their bunks at night. He told me about seeing his friends die and the how nearly every one of them wanted their mothers as their end came upon them.
    The horror that lives behind Randy's eyes spoke to me as his lips told of seeing men that he knew, slept alongside of, ate with, shared letters and the contents of their care packages from home with, hopelessly maimed by senseless battle. Randy could no longer understand what the war was about. It had began and was perpetrated by a lie, there were no WMDs.
    The madman leader was quickly overthrown and had been executed, yet still our forces stayed on and our youth were dying. The latest count was that more than four thousand men and women had given their lives, but Randy can not see that it was 'for their country,' rather he sees it as being for misguided leaders with personal agendas.
    I listened, I cried, I was unashamed as I held my best friend in my arms and felt his body wracked with pain and sorrow and I tried to feel his pain. I will support our troops at every turn with every resource that I have, but I can not believe that this is a war that will bring about any good or world change. Actually what I see on the other side is a growing hate for all non-Muslim religions and a wider rift coming between the factions.
    I never said a word, this was a time for Randy to let his demons go and I can only pray that in some small way I was able to help him release all that he could. At last fatigue set into to his body and he slept quietly as I continued to hold him in my arms and pray to my Lord Jesus to take away the pain and restore my dear friend, whole and clean. The memories that he holds will always be with him until his dying day. My prayer is that he can bury those memories as he creates new and happier, ones

    Isaac Koch had never installed a shower in the basement so Randy and I relived another moment from our past as we used the old green garden hose to rinse each other of signs of our romantic interlude. I don't believe that either of us wanted our afternoon to end, but we had to return to the real world and walked out into the bright sunshine once again.
    Sven was at the end of the driveway talking to Pete when Randy and I once again emerged from our love nest. Pete has known my heart and he could see that Randy and I had something good between us. He smiled at me, I love Pete very much, but I love Cory with all of my heart, I can not do justice to both boys, but I will always hold a special place in my heart for Pete.
    The two men walked up to us and smiled. Randy moved to Sven and gave him a warm kiss then held him tight. He looked back at me, "Chris, we saw that old engine buried in the corner of the shop and Sven wants to ask you about it." I have not looked on that engine since I left my father's home, the two of us used to work on that every evening as he shared with me his dream.
    "I love Corvairs and I believe that engine is one of the rarest," Sven continued
    "I think my dad called it a Yenko, he showed me a Hot Rod magazine article that called it a 'vette eater."
    "That's what it was, the hottest pancake six, air cooled engine that Chevrolet ever built, or any automobile manufacturer of the day, for that matter. Typically the Corvair had a two carburetor configuration that produced about one hundred and ten horsepower, next was a four carburetor model that came in at a whopping one hundred and forty HP.
    "That doesn't sound like much for engines of that time period, but for an opposing six cylinder, air cooled, engine that was the top of the game. Couple that to a light weight uni-body, a car with no frame, and you have a speed ball on wheels.
    "About the most popular engine option was the turbo charged model that really sent the light weight, rear engine car roaring down the highway. In nineteen sixty six Don Yenko convinced GM to let him have one hundred cars that he retro-fitted with his Weber fuel injection system and set the motorcar world on its ear with a car that could beat the production line Corvette.
    "What are you going to do with it?" Sven had the eager look of youth on his face so I led the way into old shop along the back of the garage. I pulled the dusty tarps off of the engine and stood looking at it as my mind raced once more that afternoon. The day had turned out to be a day to remember my youth, Randy reminded me of great times, but that engine reminded me of times working alongside of my father. Suddenly I felt his loss and had to sit down. Randy came to my side, I looked up on the shelf above my father's old work bench and saw a stack of magazines there, I took them down and looked through them.
    I found the old issue about the Yenko and opened it, a pencil drawing fell out, which Sven retrieved. My dad had an idea of making a tricycle out of the old engine. We had the complete engine, transaxle, and the independent rear suspension components. In the corner of the shop was a supply of heavy pipe that he had planned to build the frame with. He also had the handlebars, forks, and front wheel assembly from an old Harley Davidson motorcycle that he planned to weld to the frame. Suddenly I had a desire to see that trike built. Sven shared that dream and he wanted to build it

    Cory returned with Roddy. Cory had driven me down to βφτ house then gone after Roddy at school then stopped for ice cream. When I did not show up at the Dairy Barn they returned to find out what had happened to me. I was nowhere to be seen and Cory guessed that I had stopped to visit. Cory loves to be with Rod as much as I do so the two spent a few hours together at the movies. The smile on Roddy's face told me that it was all good.
    Rod, I will call him by a more grown up name here and you will understand why in a moment, has been very upset since we returned from our trip abroad. The paternal grandparents of Dane Shannon showed up and demanded that the boy be surrendered to them. Rod was heartbroken to see his lover taken away. For the two days that we have been home Rod had clung to Cory and RD for solace, he slept between me and Cory the night before.
    I had a head full of stuff from my afternoon and the best way for me to clear my head is with speed. I looked at Cory then at the 'vette, he smiled then looked at Rod. Rod had a soft mitt on each hand and was busy wiping the dust from the vintage 442. I questioned Cory, he looked at the boy again and nodded at me. Perfect. I picked the tiny nothing up and carried him over to the bright red car then slipped him into the passenger's seat. I handed him the seat belt as I walked around the car and slid behind the wheel. I fired up the engine and let it build up oil pressure before I floored the accelerator then quickly released it, the steel pack mufflers rattled windows for blocks around causing Rod to squeal with glee.
    I backed out of the driveway then straightened the car out to face down the street before laying out two thick streaks of molten black rubber onto the pavement and filling the air with the rancid smoke that made the adrenaline pump through my body. Cory's voice came through my skull as the sound bud glued to the skin behind my ear translated his message to vibrations that I could hear.
    "Nice one, dad, I hope you didn't hit a kid on a bicycle." He was right, I was wrong to do what I had done. I told my love that I would not be home until late. He told me that I should love Rod and perhaps make love to him on the hood of the 'vette as I have done to many boys in the past. Rod has heard those stories and maybe he did need to feel closer to me right then, I would play it by ear.
    I was feeling reckless, but I had to be cautious with my young son strapped into the seat beside me. At a red light I reached across him and made certain that his seat belt was secure and not where it would hurt him in an impact, the boy is short and the shoulder belt could dig into his throat. I reached into the glove box and removed a pair of ear plugs and told Roddy to put them in his ears. Then I touched my lapel mic and speed dialed the FI dispatcher.
    "This is Papa, I am on the prowl. Clearance requested I-19 south, ETA twelve minutes, route south sixty miles. Estimated speed 120 plus, return same."
    "Understood Papa, standby…" I waited an unimaginable amount of time as the adrenaline continued to move me closer to the edge. The on ramp to the southbound freeway was a block away and the traffic light had just changed, I had a straight shot for a quick launch. "Papa, all clear. Local patrol headed for donuts, you are clear for one hour."
    I was cruising at forty miles an hour, about eleven hundred RPMs, I caught second gear and laid smoke and rubber down the thoroughfare as I caught the ramp and sprung to the freedom of the open road. It was about mid-morning so the freeway had very light traffic on I-19 headed toward Mexico. I caught third gear at seventy miles and hour and quickly brought the engine just short of red-line. At ninety miles an hour I speed shifted to fourth and grabbed a quick look at my smiling, but white knuckled, son.
    Okay, so I'm nasty and I play dirty when it suits me, I have enough money to fight anything that anyone wants to throw at me and I don't much care. I touched a concealed panel then pushed the four switches inside, flashing red and blue lights shone, fore and aft, and an ear piecing siren began to warble as the wind whipped past my speeding rocket.
    Ten miles north of the US border with Mexico I slowed down and took an off ramp. I stopped at the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp and looked at Rod, "How are you doing?"
    "I gotta pee." The boy had his hands between his legs and was wiggling his knees. I wasn't going to take time to be cautious, I pulled under the freeway bridge and unfastened the boy's seat belt. He was out of the car faster than a dart and washed down a dead and yellowed bush that was in desperate needs of water.
    Roddy giggled at me as he got back into the car. "Are you ready to go back now?" I was not about to repeat a previous experience that had taken place under that bridge. That is a totally private thing between me and Ricky, I don't believe the boy ever told anyone about that day.
    He lowered his eyes, "Not really, I want to be, you know, just me and you, just a little while, daddy, please?" Of course I was ready to spend time with him, I had chosen this particular off ramp for a reason. The road is even worse than it had been when I was in high school, but I could see my hilltop looming above the desert a mile ahead of us. I drove to the top of that hill and turned the car to look out over the desert below, in particular the only road that crosses the area. We could see for a solid ten miles in either direction.
    The seats in a 'vette are not made for making out. My make out car is the Olds, but I can make do with whatever I have. Rod was out of his seatbelt and struggling into place between me and the steering wheel. With my long legs I had to move the seat all of the way back so there was ample room for an eighty pound love bundle to snuggle against me. "I love you, daddy." The boy was asleep.
    Rod's sleep was fitful and he was awake in ten minutes. He awoke with a start and stared up at me, "Is Dane okay?" I patted his back as he looked around, what had he dreamed?
    "Why don't you love us anymore, daddy?" What a question, I reassured him that I love him and everyone of his brothers. He looked at me so I added that I also loved the boys that we met in Europe very much also. "Then why do you want us to go away?" Something deep was going on and Rodney needed answers. I asked him if he was hungry, of course he was, but he liked the hilltop and wanted to stay there awhile. I told him that I knew a place that was nearby and that we could get something to eat then return, if he still desired.
    It was, but a two mile drive on down toward Mexico to a nice hole in the wall town with a very decent family style restaurant. Rod and I had a nice meal as he sat beside me and asked a million questions, but he still wanted to go back to the hill top. I bought a cheap cooler and stocked it with soda then grabbed some salty snacks and dessert cakes. I called Cory and told him where I was and Rod yelled out that he wanted Cory and RD to come to us. Cory knows of my hilltop retreat so I told him to bring some blankets and stuff for a weenie roast after dark. Rod turned into a big smile.
    At legal speeds it would take Cory at least an hour and a half to join us so I made a few preparations for the evening. I was once a boy scout, but I was not prepared to spend the day showing off, I bought a can of charcoal lighter fluid and a bag of charcoal. I spotted graham crackers and thought that the boys would like smores. Chocolate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, more soda, more ice, sun screen, two pairs of sunglasses, and two Mexican sombreros filled my little red Corvette to the limit as we drove back to the hill top.
    There is a shallow arroyo that runs across the road a half a mile from the hill and I spotted some old driftwood in the bottom of it. Wearing our new sunglasses and sombreros, Rod and I made a hike to the wash and gathered a large supply of wood. I let Rod talk about anything and everything as we went about our preparations and I learned what was on the mind of every boy in the family. No matter how hard I try to put my boys' feelings above all else I blow it. I have said it so many times throughout this story, "teenagers are extremely fragile." Their feelings and emotions are right out there, waiting to be trampled on. Sometimes I wonder if they don't want them trampled on so that they can have an excuse to vent themselves and show their ballz.
    I had made my little speech at BAF then walked away. My poor boys thought that I no longer wanted them. In truth I was afraid for them and their safety. If there are so many people out to kill me for wrongs they believe that I have done to them then my boys, and everyone else around me, is in danger.
    "Rodney, baby, come to me. I don't want to order anybody about. You are my son and you have to do as I ask of you. RD is old enough to make his own choices and all of the other boys have a free will. I want everyone to be happy where he is and I was giving them a choice to decide for themselves where they want to be."
    "That's what Cory said, but nobody 'leived him. We all thought you don't want us no more."
    "I always want you and everyone of the boys in the house. I wish that I could find a place where all of you boys could all live together and just be little boys forever and never ever leave me cause I will never ever, ever, ever leave you."
    Rod put his load of wood down then hugged me. "Rod, if you will think about it you will remember that I made that speech to the boys that night, after you gave me a bath. Honey, I was scared, not for me, but for you and for them." We had just picked up our arms full of bleached driftwood and began our climb up the hill again as Cory and RD pulled up in the 442. That was perfect, I had my boi car and sweet boys on my hilltop, we would watch the sunset in style.
    Roddy ran to Cory and jumped up on him, "Daddy loves us and don't want us to go away." Cory smiled at him and carried him back to me.
    "I told him that, but he didn't believe me. Dad, all of the boys were scared and I tried to calm them down."
    "So tell me the truth, did any of them want to change schools?"
    "Sergé wanted to stay with Benoît, but Benoît told him that you said that he could come to America so if Sergé wanted to stay in France then he would be alone. Morris told us that you wanted to bring Pépin home and he was coming, besides he likes the school here.
    "All of the boys like the school here. Some of the boys from BAF thought about coming to America, but they feel that their life needs to be where they are so that they can help other boys that they can find. Siraj saw a man that he said used to be a priest that fucked him all of the time, the man asked Siraj to go home with him, but he ran away. He never wants to live there again."
    "Do you know that Qays and Siraj were studying Latin over there. Wayne was studying Latin also and his mother would like for him to continue with the language. I have been thinking about asking Cullen to sit up a Latin club and I might hire a teacher, if there is enough interest."
    "Make it a class in Cherokee, dad, the whole school will attend." I looked at RD and laughed.
    What an evening we had, the four of us leaned against the cars and watched the sunset over the desert as we ate roasted hotdogs and dripped molten marshmallows on our chins. We had a wonderful time as we bonded, with our clothes on and no sex. My mind ran to the priest in Nice, I wish that I had been told about that at the time. I wonder if there is a way to locate him and learn if he is part of anything bigger than buggering a few altar boys.

    At almost eight my sound bud startled me, "Dispatch to Papa." I responded. "Sir, do you have a boy in your house by the name of Dane Shannon?" I sat up straight as I was told to meet the police at a local motel as quickly as possible.
    I asked the dispatcher to key on my homing devise and see if there was a police officer of any kind close to my location, there were two within a mile of us on the freeway. I told him to have them meet us at the on ramp for exit fourteen and then escort my two vehicles to town, code red-red.
    I had planned to allow RD to drive the 'vette, but not at the speeds I was going to be driving. The dispatcher had just told me that Dane had been sexually assaulted and I was about to fly, first up the freeway then up the ass of whomever had hurt one of my boys.
    Cory and RD policed the area and made sure that our fire was dead out then all four of us pissed on the smoldering embers. I made sure that Rod was well strapped into his seat with his ear plugs on. I touched the hidden panel on the dash of the Olds and showed Cory the sequence to activate the lights, I told him to leave the siren off, the police escort would provide that and I would have mine on as well. I didn't need to do it, but I am a father so I reminded both boys to buckle the aircraft style seat belts that cross the body, in both directions, very securely.
    Until we got to the freeway I did not set my headlights to flash, I needed to see the roadway. At the top of the on ramp sat a DPS cruiser and a INS officer, they already knew where we were going and fell in, one in front of Cory and one behind; I was in the lead. Cory handled the car well as we never fell below one hundred and ten miles an hour, I held the speed down for the safety of my boys as well as the two official vehicles. Most of the highway patrol vehicles can not maintain the high speeds for a sustained period of time. We covered the fifty miles to the motel in less than a half an hour and found five police cars and six FIS vehicles already waiting for us.
    Dane saw me and ran toward me then he spotted Roddy and turned to him. I rubbed his head and looked at him when Rod asked him, "Your grandfather?" the boy nodded and held on to Roddy. "I dreamed about it and I almost told dad, but I promised that I wouldn't never say nothing." I froze in my tracks. I spun around and saw Dane's grandparents sitting in separate police cars, both of them wearing handcuffs and locked in the caged back seat.
    All of my boys know a special code that can be dialed from any phone in the world that will connect them to the FI dispatcher. Dane waited for his chance and dialed the number then gave his name. That is all the dispatcher needs to find the boy's code and locate his GPS device embedded in his groin, no matter where the boy is, anywhere in the world. Once he knew the general location of the boy he dispatched a car then guided the agents to the signal. By that time he had the name of the motel and had called the police then me.
    The paramedics wanted to take Dane to a hospital, but I told them that I would take him to my doctor. I strapped Dane and Roddy into the back seat of the Olds and told Cory to drive. I had RD drive the 'vette as I sat between the boys in the back seat then we headed home.

    Dane had never told anyone why he had runaway when he was nine years old. His actions and his physical condition indicated a strong sexual background so the simpletons that run the system assumed that he was gay. By not opening up and talking to anyone the Child Protective Services were sure of their assessment and sought a home where the boy could live like a queer and not be any more trouble to them.
    Once in a group home Dane held to himself, but Calvin Eastman saw the boy's enlarged rectum and made jokes about him. He even told the family that 'Dane liked big dicks.' Over time Dane opened up to Roddy and told him the entire story of why he had run away. That night I spent the night with the two little men and learned the whole story and decided that the family needed to hear it. If this has happened to one boy then it most probably has happened to others in my house as well.
    I took the pair to my room and let them soak in the jacuzzi, what I really wanted was to check Dane's ass to be sure that there was no damage. He had been fucked, but he was okay, he giggled when he told me that my finger was bigger than his grandfather's cock

    Wednesday morning I let the two little fellows sleep in. I asked Edmund to serve them a big breakfast in bed, then I asked him if he would pamper the boys for a little bit. I sent all of the rest of the boys over to the school and called for a general assembly of all staff and students.
    "I have always said, and I believe, that I have to learn something new everyday. I learned more than I wanted to learn yesterday, but I hope that I can put that new knowledge to good use. The first thing that I learned is about something that I said to you when we were at BAF.
    "Listen to me and listen well, I LOVE YOU! Did everyone hear that? Does everyone believe it? Boys, I do love each and everyone of you, that is why I gave you a choice of where you can attend school and where you can live. I am responsible for you and I will provide for you, but your happiness is my first concern and if you do not want to be here then I want to know it and I will help you go wherever you want to go."
    I paused and walked back and forth as I thought about how much they need to know. "No names, if you know of whom I am speaking keep it to yourself, I am not here to talk about anyone. I am here to talk about a situation that has occurred that has me seeing red. Boys I am furious and I am going to chop some heads off at the knees and make a lot of people uncomfortable before I am done.
    "When we returned home Monday I had word that a family wanted their boy to return to them. I talked to the boy and he told me that he would go with them. I should be horse whipped for not talking to the boy a little more.
    "This boy ran away from his home when he was nine years old. He was picked up and placed in the system where he stayed for almost three months then he was turned over to me. He became a member of my household, my family, my life. I love him with every fiber of my body, but I would not stand in his way if he wanted to leave.
    "I only learned last night why he had runaway. I am upset with him that he did not feel that he could trust me enough to tell me why he had felt that running away at such a young age was the best for him. He never told the people at the shelter either. The boy was being molested by a family member and was too ashamed to tell anyone. He loves his molester, but he hates what the man was doing to him. By keeping his mouth shut his molester has gone unpunished and when he came and asked for the boy to return to his home nobody thought anything about it.
    "For two days that boy has been molested by that man, but last night he got to a telephone and dialed our special number and got help.
    "Teachers, when you return to your classrooms I want every student to place his name on a piece of paper and write that code number down then turn it in. I want to be absolutely certain that every boy in this theater knows that number and how to use it.
    "Each and everyone of you has a homing capsule embedded under the skin of your groin. When this boy called that special number he only had to give his name and within minutes we knew exactly where he was and sent him help. His molester is in custody today, the boy was only nine when the molestation began so that man will be in prison for the rest of his life and welcome to it.
    "You are probably wondering why I am telling you this in an open assembly. The reason is simple, I believe that there may be more to these stories in this room. Some of you have held your past life very close to your breast, that is not a bad thing, but if there is something in your past that could come back to haunt you I want to help. I don't want another one of you hurt like my little man was hurt this week. Boys, he was hurt, emotionally. Someone he loved hurt him so bad that there is no way to tell what may become of him. Only a lot of love and being around people that he can depend on will help him to overcome this tragedy.
    "I have an open door policy and am here for you at anytime, day or night. The tunnel is completed between this school and my house, there is good lighting down there and it is a safe walk, either alone or with someone to lean on. I will welcome you if you want to come to me, even in the middle of the night."
    "How about if you're in the rack with some dude?" a voice called out.
    "Please have the courtesy to sit down and wait until we're through. We might take you in with us, if you can handle it." The boys began to laugh and I opened the floor to discussion. Roddy had been correct, the boys did have a fear that I was through with them. I can not hug and love each boy everyday, but I will do whatever I can to let each of them know how special he is to me

    The day's events were the topic of discussion over dinner that evening. Pete stood up and looked at me then he left, Eddy ran after him as he hollered back at me to hold my socks. I was naked, I didn't have any socks so I just braced myself for whatever was about to happen.
    My boys are not dainty little eaters that can be satisfied with a two, or even four, inch tart. The kitchen helpers of the day were sitting large three inch deep bowls, six inches around, before each boy. The bowl was lined with a flaky pie crust that had been baked to an even brown then filled with carob pudding and non-dairy topping. The low calorie dessert only gives up ninety calories, but that is fine for growing boys, at least there was no sugar that would have them wired for several hours.
    It had been about ten minutes since Pete and Eddy had left, but they returned in time to get a dessert and they had two boys with them. Pete led a teary eyed Paul Davies to me, I pushed my desert over to him and passed him a spoon. The kitchen helpers set a desert in front of his boyfriend, Richard Kaufman, and another in front of me. I put my arm around Paul and his dam broke.
    The sixteen year old boy is five foot seven and developing a nice, firm body. Nevertheless, he needed to be held and I held him. He wanted to talk to me in private so I led him to my office and a wide, comfortable reclining chair where he could sit in my lap, beside me, or on a sofa nearby. I wanted him comfortable. Cory dashed past with our desserts in his hand and was placing them in the small refrigerator in my office when I arrived. He kissed me and hugged Paul then ran back to granite house to finish his dinner.
    "My name is not Paul Davies, it is Paul Davis Harmon. I am hiding from my father. He killed my twin brother 'cause Phillip told a teacher that dad was fucking us every night. I was coming home from a friend's house and I looked in the window. We both hated to have dad doing us, but I sorta hoped that he was doing Phil then I could get by without having to go through that. What I saw made be throw up all over the side of the house then I ran.
    "Dad, was killing Phil, I mean he had a baseball bat out and he was beating him over the head and blood was flying everywhere. Dad looked at the window where I was, but I stepped back and hid. Dad came out looking for me and I was on top of the garage. He went back inside, but I stayed still until I knew that he was not going to come back then I slipped off of the garage.
    "My brother and I had lots of money that we stashed in our old fort behind the garage and I ran in there and grabbed it. I stuffed it in my pockets and got on my bike and rode as fast as I could. I was shaking so bad and I threw up several times so I went to this all night Dennys and got something to drink. These kids came in and wanted water, but the manager ran them off, he told his help that those kids never bought anything and always made a mess. He made a wisecrack about them being homeless so I wanted to be careful of them.
    "I wasn't hungry, but I ordered a coke to go and left. Those kids were outside looking in the windows of the restaurant. I ran to my bike and took off as fast as I could, but I stopped a block away to see where they went. They all headed back under the freeway toward the downtown area and I followed a block or two behind them. I needed a place to stay and I needed a friend, but I had over three hundred dollars in my pocket and I was scared that they would take it.
    "I followed after these two boys that headed for the railroad tracks and they were about to crawl into this culvert pipe that ran underneath and Oscar saw me. He came to me and asked me why I was following them and I told him that I was in trouble and needed a place to sleep. He let me sleep in with him and this other kid, he had some blankets that he let me use.
    "The next morning the other kid was gone and Oscar told me that he was hungry and had to go find food. I told him that I was scared, but if he would let me stay with him then I would buy him breakfast. He thought that I was teasing him, but I let him see a twenty dollar bill and he led me to a nice restaurant nearby that had a great breakfast for only two dollars each.
    "I told him that I thought that my dad was going to hurt me and that I was never going home so he told me that he knew where I could stay. He got real serious and looked at me and asked me how much money I had. I didn't want to tell him, but he said that he didn't want it, but that I should put it in the bank so nobody would steal it. Then we came out my bike chain was on the ground and my bike was gone, Oscar told me that I needed him.
    "He went with me to a bank and I opened an account, I was only fourteen and they wanted an adult to sign with me, but I told them that I had no one in town. I had my social security card and my school ID so the manager told them to give me an account, but I had to have my parent or guardian stop by to sign a paper for me. I had an ATM card so I didn't care and I never stopped inside again. If I had any money I deposited it in a machine outside and I got money out the same way.
    "Oscar didn't stay with me at the bank, he said that there were cameras in there and that he didn't want his picture taken. I left the bank and I felt better with my money safe. I began to look around, I heard somebody crying, "NO! Please don't." I looked down this alley and these three boys were pushing this little kid around so I ran down to help him. The other kids took off running cause I was yelling over my shoulder that they should follow me. There wasn't anybody with me, but the bullies didn't know that so they ran like chickens.
    "Richard was scared. He had run away that morning when his mother caught him looking at a gay mag as he got his morning rocks. His dad came in and started to beat him then when they left he got dressed for school, but split, his dad had told him that they would finish talking when he got home from work. It was almost lunch time so I took Richard to that same place where Oscar took me for breakfast and we ate lunch together.
    "Richard likes to suck dicks and I don't mind if he does it, but I don't let nobody fuck me. My dad did that and I am not gay. Sometimes I do things for Richard because he has his needs and I do like to hold him and we kiss, but that is all.
    "When I heard about Morris's brother, Pépin, then saw them together after a long time I thought of Phil and I lost it. Pete and Richard led me to my room and they talked to me and they told me that you needed to know about my dad. I was afraid that you would make me go home to him so I didn't say anything then when you talked about that one boy getting raped this morning I started thinking. Pete came over and told me that I was going to talk to you or he was going to tell you. I decided that I better come, if you are going to send me away then I wanted to at least say thank you for all that you have done for me."

    All of you know that I have many monitors, and keyboards, on my desk and that all of them are on pole mounts and can swing around to any angle. I had quietly pulled a keyboard over and was entering data as Paul talked to me. When he sat back I looked at him, he was shaking so I pulled him tight and held him for a few minutes of quiet time, before I turned my chair so that he could see the large video array on the wall.
    His father's booking picture was to the left of the large screens. It was taken in October of 2005, Paul had been on the street for two and a half years before he came into Tomes of Time in late January of 2008. I pointed out to Paul that his father was in prison for the murder of both of his sons. The body of thirteen year old Phil was found in the trunk of the man's car when the police arrived and there was blood and other body fluids around the inside of a bedroom that appeared to have been used by two young boys.
    A wide search was made for the body of the other boy, but it was never found. The boys' father had always maintained his innocence in anything with the other son. Paul looked at me with tears in his eyes. "You want me to go to the police and tell them that he didn't kill me? They'll take me away from you and the school."
    "You won't go anywhere, you are mine, forever. You need to tell the police what you know. The man was not tried for the sexual assaults and the police have no idea what caused him to kill Phil." I flashed another page on the screen that had information from a school counselor that told of an interview on the day of the murder where Phil had told her of continued sexual abuse from his father. Without testimony from Phil or Paul that part of the case was dismissed, without prejudice, which means that if new information develops then charges could be refilled.
    "Would he end up being bent over like Mark's old man is?" I started at that. I wondered who had given him that information.
    Paul asked if he and Richard could sleep with me that night. I know boys and they wanted to fit in, but I had no plans to fit into either of them. They had their own plans. Paul has had no sex with anyone other than Richard in all of the time that they have been in my family. Richard has his rectal itch scratched every few days, but Paul does not even stick around. In my bed he told me that he had not been fair with Richard, he was afraid of anal sex because his dad always hurt him, but he owed his best friend. I asked Richard how much he felt that Paul owed him and he told me that it was the other way around. He owed Paul for all that he had done for him. It promised to be a very good evening.

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