Chapter 95


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was a perfect Sunday afternoon. The June weather is pleasant in Albany. It is a lot more humid than Arizona, that makes the heat a little unbearable. I had a whole new appreciation for our standing joke in Tucson. It is normal for summer temperatures to range from 101° to as high as 115°, or sometimes a little higher. But we have a very low humidity level so the heat is not noticeable to long time residents. You will hear people everywhere in Tucson tell you, "But it's a dry heat." The body can stand dry heat very well. A person does need to drink a lot of water, but I like the fact that I don't sweat. Well I do, but it is so hot that perspiration instantly evaporates and I don't have that muggy wet feeling that I was experiencing in New York.
    The family broke into couples and set out to walk about the grounds. I asked them to slip on shorts if they moved to the opposite side of the trees or wherever somebody could see them from outside the massive stone fence that encircles the estate.
    Steve and Chris had fallen asleep on their sofa so I wanted to play them a bit. I ran over and squeezed in between them. I had my arms around them, holding them so that they couldn't get away. At first they were startled, but then they played my game. They pretended to struggle for appearance sake, but I held tight. "Come on little dudes. I just want to suck your tiny little cocks and fuck your tight little butts. I promise I'll like it. Please?" Between their laughter they protested their undying feelings for the other sex. I teased that they had never even had stink finger or a handful of tit. I could give them the pleasure they really wanted and needed.
    Jason and Gary had come looking for their friends and stood back listening to me. They broke out in laughter. I pulled the two with me in close and kissed each of them on the temple. I thanked them for their great music and told them how proud I was to know them. I hope to see a lot more of these five boys through the years. They work well together and they are great friends.

    Next I went in search of a pair of men to unload my problems on.
    I sat down with Harry and Timmy. My heart was heavy and I needed their council. I told them that what I had to say would be hard to hear, but that it had to be kept between just the three of us. Under no circumstances was Andy to ever know what we would discuss. I asked that Toby and Christopher never even learn that we had a meeting in the first place, let alone what I had to say to my two most trusted allies.
    I pulled the pair close to talk in whispers. My whole body was shaking as I shared my innermost feelings. I told them that I was going to talk about cold blooded, pre-meditated murder. Their listening to me would implicate them. They had, but two choices. Hear me out and keep quiet which would make them guilty by association and foreknowledge. Or they could turn me in to the police, even though no crime had yet been committed. The murder would not take place on American soil which would complicate matters even further.
    It was Timmy who shut me up with a deep kiss and his undying support for all that I stand for. It was decided to seal the bargain with a fuck as Timmy turned his tight ass to me. I turned the table on Harry as I asked to be the meat in the sandwich. Harry has seldom ever been in me, but he loves to have me in him. It was pure sex for sex sake.
    Once our tensions were abated I laid out my tale. Not my tail this time guys. Harry was the first to show his astonishment at what I shared. He could not believe for one second that I would ever doubt his undying support. Of course Harry was going to help. He would have to be nailed to the floor to keep from helping with this mission.
    Timmy was near tears as he looked at me and told me that he was sorry that he had never let me know how much he truly loved me. There was no doubt in his mind at all that he would be right there with me and Harry as we brought the final curtain down on a story that should never have played on the world's stage. The only question either man had was, "When? How soon? Why not today?"
    "In due time," I told them. I have a lot of ground work to lay first.

    We have a lot of new blood in the house that needed to be fit in. The first order of business was our young staff. I had eight over dressed little penguins in their white coats and black pants with shiny shoes stand in a row where the entire family could see them. I made each one of them give his feelings about the house, the family and his job. I told them to try not to repeat what someone else had said, but to be original, and above all, to be truthful. I told them that nobody would hold anything they had to say against them. I made it clear that if there was one little thing that they did not like that this was the time to clear the air.
    Edmund and Mitch moved amongst us. They gave each person a cup of hot soup and a non-dairy cheese spread sandwich. Edmund is learning how to fix our food.

    Specs began. "I am Jonathan Tobias. I was born here in Albany eighteen years and nine months ago. I have to thank all of you for the most fantastic time of my life. I have had my own rough life and I never knew that a group of people could live together like you do and still share so much love. Yes, I am gay. My family wanted nothing to do with me. I grew up in foster homes and have been abused all of my life. Joey here was the only person to ever love me. We met when were fifteen. I had zits from hell all over my face. He called me Specs and the name kind of stuck.
    "I have loved working for you and alongside of you. I love looking at your naked bodies and I wish that I could belong to a family like this where I could have all of the sex I want without any guilt. I wish I could be loved like you are." I was signaling the boys to keep their mouths shut and listen to each story.

    "I am Joey Carver. I am eighteen and six months old. I knew I was gay when I was little. I was put in a foster home when my dad went to prison for bank robbery. We were broke and hungry and he was only trying to feed us. I have gotten over it. Now I know that it was wrong to do, but I hated the man for so long for leaving me.
    Specs was nice to me. He looked like a pizza, but he was cute and friendly. I am so glad to know him. We were really happy when we got this job. We wanted to work together so much. I don't know what we will do now, but I will never forget you guys and your fantastic dad." He smiled at me with shinny white teeth.

    "My name is Solomon Eastman. They call me Izzy. For the life of me I don't know what made me do it. I had walked home from school with a new kid, Josh. He was going to go on to my house with me and shoot some hoops for an hour or two. First we had to stop at his house and let him leave his books and change his clothes.
    "He led me to his room. I kinda didn't want to go in there while he changed, but then I had been having funny feelings all day. I don't know how to describe it. I had like this tightness in my chest and I kind of felt all dizzy like every time I saw him. He had some kind of spell on me. Each time I tried to talk I had to like clear my throat like I had this big fat lump that just like made me feel so funny inside.
    "My gut was tossing and my little man, well he was really acting weird. I like found out during the summer that my little man liked to cum and play, a lot. He and I got to know each other on a whole new level. The only thing was that when he stood up to play I had all of these things in my mind about other guys.
    "I only had faces for a couple of them, but I had clear thoughts of big cocks and what they would feel like in my hand. When I really got my little man feeling good my thoughts turned to the weirdest of all. I figured out that I was like sucking my mouth in. I was thinking about sucking a guy's cock. Is that not just about as gay as can be?
    "So Josh like sits down beside me on his bed and pulls his shoes off. He put one shoe to his face and breathed in real deep. 'Damn, I smell good. Wanna see?' He pushed his shoe at me and I pushed him away. He rolled on top of me and pined me instantly then put his shoe over my mouth and nose. I had to take a breath or die. Instant hard on.
    "My little man popped right up there. 'See, I told you I smell good. He knows what he likes. He gets up just like mine does when he smells that shit.' Josh was rubbing a very big bump in the front of his pants as he stood looking down at me. I wanted to run. I wanted to see what he would do next. I needed to get out of there. I had no strength to do anything, but watch.
    "Josh pulled his jeans down. His eyes never left mine. He reached out his hand for mine and helped me to sit up. He had the biggest cock pushing against the front of his stark white briefs. Mine get kind of dingy and grey and the elastic around the legs gets all saggy. His were all tight and white. They looked like they were brand new.
    "I signed my death warrant in one swift move. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was huge. I never knew a dick could get that big around. Josh turned into me and sat down on my knee. I fished his cock out of his briefs and held the naked flesh in my hand. It was so fucking hot that my hand was on fire.
    "His cock was so stiff, but so soft. I couldn't believe I was sitting there holding it. Josh put his right arm around my shoulders and told me that it felt so good. I know it did. It felt wonderful. My little man never felt that good in my hand. I thought that I was going to look kind of funny walking around with Josh's cock in my hand for the rest of my life, but I had no intention of ever letting it go.
    "Josh used his left hand to grip my hand and make me jack him off. After I got started he let go and hugged me tightly. He moaned and told me that it felt so good. He started telling me to 'go faster, squeeze harder. Faster, I'm going to cum. Don't stop, oh please don't stop.' I had no intention of stopping. My heart was pounding. I was sweating rivers. I was breathing as hard as Josh was. Then it did it. Cum shot all the way up to his shoulder. It was thick and very white. He shot again. I kept on pumping. I knew that it would be murder on him for me to stop. I kept pumping my hand. I wanted to see more cum.
    "He quit shooting and five or six gallons of his thick juice kind of poured out. It covered my hand. It was hot and felt so good. His cock kind of jerked and I knew that I should let go of it. My hand was a mess. I raised it up and looked at it.
    "'That was so intense man. Thanks. That looks good on your hand.'
    "He grabbed my hand and began to lick his cum off of it. 'I'm being a pig. Would you like some?' I stuck out my tongue and took my first taste ever of the nasty stuff.
    "Josh was staring deep into my eyes as I tried to decide what I thought about the taste. He pushed my hand back to his mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked a big drop up that was running down the back of my thumb. I connected with his tongue. He smiled at me. He stood up and squeezed a few more drops of nut batter from his soft cock and wiped the head with his hand. He licked his hand clean then wiped his cock down one more time. Then licked it off. We worked between his fingers and all around.
    "'I'm all out. You got any left?' He took my hand and licked every bit of it clean. He pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them then bent over and picked them up. He pulled the crotch inside out and held it firm to his face and breathed in really deep. 'Fuck I smell good.' He offered the dirty underwear to me and I smelled of him. I liked it. He used the cloth to wipe his cock clean then grabbed a pair of shorts and slipped them on over his naked body.
    "He sat down and put his shoes on then grabbed a tee shirt. 'Come on dude. We got hoops to kill.' Not a word was spoken about what we had done as we walked on to my house. I was shaking so bad I didn't know if I was going to make it or not.
    "I used my key to let us in the back door and led him downstairs to my new bedroom in the basement. I heard Josh lock the door before he came down the stairs. He walked over and sat down on my bed and looked at me with a big grin on his face.
    "'Your turn, Izzy.'
    "I was raised by my grandmother. One of my uncles had helped me fix up a bedroom, of sorts, down in the basement of the old house. I never thought about how sound would travel up through the ceiling, which was the floor upstairs. Grandmother didn't know I was gay until Josh came over. We spent our first time naked with each other doing more than we should have done in an old woman's house. I knew that she had radar ears. She never missed anything anyone said within a half a mile. She could hear a gnat fart in hurricane.
    "Josh and I went to the kitchen for breakfast and grandmother told me that I would have to move out. She had heard everything we did all night. I had turned eighteen the week before and so I could go find someplace. Josh knew of this shelter where he was staying. I'll let him tell you about that. I just want to say that I thank all of you for this week. I had so much fun. I will always love you guys."

    "Well, I'm Josh. I guess I can talk sex now. I have a lot of meat and I get a lot of people wanting me. I ran away when I saw my dad beat my mom up. She hated me, but he had no right to hit her. I was thirteen. I already had a big cock and this dude sucked my dick and told me that I could get rich letting men suck me. He was fifteen and was pretty big himself so we started going where men came to pay us to go down on us. I never did nothing else. I only sucked a few of the boys that lived in the old building with us. I was making two, three hundred dollars every week and was gonna take a plane to California where it is warm.
    "The dude that showed me this stuff turned seventeen and was too old for the pervs to pay anymore. They wanted to fuck him. He had to let them or starve. I watched him get fucked so much, but I knew that would hurt. So like this dude wanted to leave and one morning I woke up and he was gone, with all of my money.
    "The police came and arrested all of us in the building and I was put in this shelter. I went to school everyday, but had to go back at night. I met Izzy at school and he walked me back every afternoon. I introduced Izzy and let him sit in the front room and watch TV while I changed then we would go mess around the neighborhood for a little while, till he had to go home. The lady there liked Izzy. After a few weeks she told me that I could go spend the night at his house.
    "I wanted him so bad. He was all I could think about. So this one afternoon I led him to my room I knew that my roomie was going to stay after school for ball practice and the lady that ran the house was supposed to be grocery shopping. I set the dude up. He wanted me as much as I wanted him, but he didn't know that he was gay yet. So here we are.
    "Oh, I am nineteen, twenty next month. I love it here. I don't want to leave. I wish me and Izzy could stay."

    "Hi, I'm Hector Malvain. I am nineteen. Fuck that's a hot story dudes. I didn't know I was gay. I just liked my dad and his buddies making me feel good, but the doctor gave me a physical for school and he called the police. I was fourteen and I ain't never seen my dad no more. I been in several shelters and they talked bout me going to some school up north, but said I was to old. I want to get a GED and try to get a good job. I am glad to have this one, but there ain't gonna be jobs like this too often."

    "I'm Marvin Fletcher, Marvelous Marv. I ain't never sucked no cock as big as some of you guys got, but I love hard dicks in my mouth spraying cum down me. I would sit on the commode at lunch time and suck cock every day. I got maybe ten or twelve guys before lunch period was over. One day the janitor comes waltzing in and that was it. I was seventeen, but I still had to go to this one shelter for awhile. They told me that I was going to jail for sucking little kids so I don't know. I am waiting for them to arrest me. When I heard about that one guy that couldn't be hired because he had a warrant I just gave thanks that I got the job. I guess I will go to jail, but I go with happy memories of all of you guys."

    "Marvin, I would like for you to meet Mr. Tony Dogg. He is your new attorney. He has already worked with the city's courts and there are no pending charges against you. You need not live in fear of anything in your past. Just watch your ass in the future," I told him. The boy started to cry and came to me for a hug.

    "Me? I don't know how I got so lucky to be here. I have had so much fun. I turned eighteen last Monday then I had this job. I had to see this counselor because I sucked this one kid's dick in the bushes at the park. He wasn't a kid. He was a young cop. I argued that he told me he was sixteen and he let me suck him so they had to drop charges against me. I heard they fired him cause he had sex with me. I am glad. I guess there is nothing they can do to me now so I will go away and find a job. I've been told that we can't use this job to get another one, but I have really liked working here.
    "Oh, I'm Howard Hamilton by the way."

    "Gosh they are a tough act to follow. I'm Vincent Hamilton, no kin to Howard. I am eighteen and two months old. I am virgin, but I got caught with gay porn on my school computer the day before graduation two weeks ago. They sent me to this place for help, but I'm eighteen and they can't do no more to me. So like they told me they had this job and did I want it. And so like I need some money to get started. My mom won't talk to me so I have to find me a home."

    "Any thoughts guys?" I asked. I wanted the boys to get involved.
    "Why are they all dressed?" Bingo, I had an opening.
    "I'm not sure, Art. We all know that the family never wears clothing without reason. They all talk as if they are leaving so I guess they don't feel comfortable enough to be naked. Maybe they don't want to be a part of our family." Eight boys were throwing clothes at the family as taunts to "take it all off" rang out.
    "I was kind of saddened to think that you might want to leave us, but can I take your naked butts as a sign that you would like to continue on here?" I got a resounding yes. "Well then I have some medals for you." I had the eight boys step up on low tables and face the family.
    "We have a reward that has been designed by the boys of this family. They have laid down the criteria for this reward as well. It is with great pleasure that I now turn this part of the ceremony over to Cory." I stepped back and watched as Cory and Christopher explained the golden pole pin to everybody in the room then told the eight new family members that they had unknowingly qualified during their promotion fuck on Wednesday night. They walked down the line pinning the little twenty four carat gold penis shaped pin to the pubic hairs of seven of the boys.
    When they got to Joey they had to stop and turn to the family. "He doesn't have any pubes to pin it on. He is naked so he doesn't have a fly to pin it too. The rules say we have to pin it on him. What should I do?" Cory asked.
    Seventy voices rang out. The loudest cry was picked up by one and all as soon as what was meant by "Tattoo it" was explained. Military tradition calls for certain badges of achievement, such as the wings awarded to a new pilot, be pressed against the skin then hit with the flat of the hand driving the sharp pin into the skin.
    Joey is a tough little guy. He pulled his foreskin out and told Cory, "Pierce me. It will be my pleasure to get my first piercing with that pin. I will forever remember the fuck that the pin signifies."
    I hope it is his only piercing, ever. I hate to see kids that can trip a metal detector from a block away. None of the family has any piercing. Some have tried an earing, but the fad never has caught on in our home.
    I love kids. One never knows what to expect. I spoke out again, "So what should we do with them. Do they work for us or, well what do you want?"
    "I like them as servants."
    "Yeah, servants."
    "Hold it. Who said slave?" Eric waved his hand at me. "Why?"
    "Look at that Dude's fuck stick. I want to order him to shove that in me anytime I want." Theo whispered in his ear, "Yeah Josh. Josh that's his name."
    "But I thought Borne had your meat treat."
    "Borne, is he going to live with us?" Eric ran across the room and jumped in the muscle bound hunk's lap. Those two boys have such ripped bodies. Bodies that beg to be touched.
    "I don't know. Let's hear what Borne has to say."

    Borne was an upper classman and had an obligation to keep order. Two sixteen year old students were making alcohol in a still hidden away in the boiler plant. Borne found out about it and tired to take care of matters his own way. The school has a serious honor code that they are trying to instill in the students as they are being prepared to enter society.
    The two juniors provided alcohol to several other students who were seriously sickened. One freshman required hospitalization for alcohol poisoning. Borne had not followed the school's code. He graduated and is no longer a student at the school so JB asked him to leave. Under other circumstance Borne could have stayed at the school until he found work and a place to live, but this was serious to the school's discipline code.
    I asked him what his plans were. "I don't have any. I want to go to college, but I have to find the money. I love being with you guys, but I know that you are going home in a few more days so I don't know what I will do."
    "Let's see now. Jace, you know Borne pretty well from going to school with him. What do you think he should do?"
    "Dad, Borne should be a teacher. He tutored me in English. He tutored a lot of guys. He is good and he knows how to teach in a way that I could understand. He likes poetry and the classics. He could be a real asset to us. Some of us are pretty bad in English classes. I think that he should stay with us and go to school in Tucson."
    I watched Borne. He was overwhelmed by Jace. He looked at me. I smiled and nodded at him. He was across the room washing me with tears in an instant. "You mean it? I can live with you?"
    "You may have to fuck for your dinner." I squeezed his very thick soft cock.

    "Mommie, feel free to jump in here anytime you want. You may live up on the hill, but you are still the boys' mommy." Pete grinned as his tears became apparent. I had a feeling that he thought himself on the outside now.
    "Daddy, my daddy. My favorite person in the world." He looked at Sven and blushed. Sven held up his hand. He understood. "I love my dad, with all of my heart but…well I got something to say." Pete walked over and pushed Cory aside so that he could sit next to me.
    "I was lost, I mean really lost. All I can think of is awakening from my drunken stupor and looking into your face. I thought that you were God come down to strike me for being queer. I thought that my father would not want a fag son so I hid. You found me again and came roaring up to get me in your bright red chariot. You took me home and fed and fucked me the way I wanted to be fucked. I fell in love with you.
    "I am still deeply in love with you. If you asked me to run away with you and live as one forever I would go, this instant. Eddy knows this and he is resigned to be second in my life. I know that you can never be happy with only one boy and if you had to choose one it would be Cory. I have never seen two people so much in love.
    "You showed me even more love when you brought my father back into my life and healed our pain. What I am saying here, and there is a room full of dudes listening that agree. You will give every swinging dick in this room a home. You will love him and you will make love to him. I want so much to watch you break those two little straight boys over there. I know for a fact that they will squeal their delight and beg for more. I think it is a shame that Phil is taking them back to England tomorrow. I feel they are going home with tight little ass holes that don't know the joy awaiting them."
    I watched the Wild Boys cavort as Jason told them that he had a golden pole pin and they had watched him get it. Steve and Chris were not swayed.

    "Mommie always knows how to stroke daddy just right." The room filled with whistles. "However," I looked at Chris and Steve who were still red faced, "it didn't work. Those two little heteros will probably sleep back to to back with their arms interlocked as they watch each other's ass." More hoots and whistles. I had Vic stand up and tell his story to the family. He was welcomed as a full fledged member. Cory walked over and pinned a golden pole pin to his pubic hairs.
    I introduced Dallas and Zane. Then I asked Sandy to tell his and Tim O'Conner's background. Cory had a pin for Sandy. I had Al and Greg introduce themselves. My final act for the day had everybody cheering. I asked Biff to stand up and tell us his thoughts on the family. Biff walked up straight and tall. He stood as if he never had any problems at all. He faced me as his face grew serious. "All right fag dad. You have saved my life twice. I enjoy getting down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself and thinking that nobody cares about me. You and that homo next to you came to the hospital and talked love to me. You dragged me out of my complacency and made me go home with you. Your little fag boys crawled all over me and tried to make me feel something for the first time since I lost Bubba.
    "Then Tim walked up to me on those steel pipes of his and I thought that I could walk again. I wanted so much to try. I wanted to think that I had found love. I found a lot of lovers and I love being with them, but I want one. I want one to hold and sleep beside every night. Someone who wants only me. So you go and bring me a cowfucker."
    Chuck got up and stood beside him. "Thank you, from the bottom of my hard on, thank you." The two kissed as the family jumped up to hug them. "Now, moo for me." Biff let out a pitiful imitation of a cow. If nothing else Chuck had helped Biff with his diction and grammar. I had never heard the boy speak so well.

    Everybody was feeling good and making out with everybody else when a lone voice spoke above the din. "What about Gus?" I turned to look for the boy. He was curled up against Eric with his thumb in his mouth. I walked over and picked him up. I tickled him and listened to his gleeful laughter. I showed his cute little cocklet to those near me as I sat down with him in my lap.
    A very serious discussion took place with me staying out of it. I sat and listened to what the family had to say. Bull quoted the law. There was nobody in the house that could touch the little guy sexually without serious legal trouble. Not even Eric. No blood link so it would not be incest just plain lust.
    JC told us our alternatives for foster care and the state's possible denial of his staying in Arizona. Blake told us New York's laws. Tony told us that Gus could not go to BAG boys for three more years. Tony had Mic do a deep search and Gus had no blood relations that he could find. His father had a sister that had lived near the family, but she disappeared when Eric came to live with me. Eric's mother had a legal obligation to the boy, but she could sever that by getting a divorce. The little love bundle in my arms was shaking his life away.
    "Don't nobody want me?" he finally cried.
    "I do." I told him. "I will keep you and protect you. I am going to put you where you will be safe and nobody will ever hurt you." He had his skinny little arms around my neck as he sobbed some more. "Curtis said don't nobody want me cause I got a tin whisker. What's a tin whisker?"
    Curtis ducked and buried his face. I looked around the room to see who had caught on to the boy's meaning. Greg smiled knowingly. I asked him to enlighten us.
    "Well I was joking around with Curtis and I told him what I read in my text books at college about tin whiskers being very small. You know the things that destroy electronic gear. Like those satellites that fried in 1988."
    "Oh yeah. That's what it is." Mark, our favorite bell hop spoke. He looked at his husband, Jeff. Jeff was smiling, he had caught on. These two men work in circuit development for Foss International. Of course they should know of the phenomena. They were fighting to work around it with the company's new THZ (tetra hertz) chip design. I asked them if they could explain it to Gus.
    "Well for over fifty years the world has used tin in electronics work. Tin is a very soft metal and very inexpensive. It also helps that it is one of the most abundant metals on the planet. Way back in the 1800s somebody learned how to make tin into cans to keep food from spoiling. The problem with tin cans is that the food would take on the taste of the tin from the can after about a year or so. It was advised that any food bought in tin cans be used within six months or less.
    "Tin is also a very good conductor of electricity. There are other metals that conduct electricity better, but they also cost a lot more than tin. If you look at the printed circuit board on older equipment you will see silver lines running between the components. That is mostly tin with lead at the connections. The metal has been used extensively for many years. But there is a problem with tin. It grows.
    "With the development of the electron microscope back in the early 1950s tiny little hair like fibers could be seen growing on tin objects. These were tiny fiber like hairs that develop all over the metal. They look much like little whiskers. The people that discovered them called them tin whiskers. They are only about a fourth or less of the diameter of a human hair, head hair not cock hair, they're thicker."
    "So what does that have to do with electronics getting destroyed and stuff?" Ah, a discussion began. I sat back and listened to my boys as they taught and learned from each other.
    "Everything in electronics is getting smaller and being built in tighter circuits. A computer chip has millions of tiny transistors on it. Along with transistors there are capacitors and resistors and all of those components are connected by tiny little traces of metal to tie them together in a circuit. Some of those traces are only microns apart. A micron, or micrometer, is a millionth of a meter. That is about a large as a droplet of fog or fine mist.
    "When tin whiskers grow they close the tiny gap between traces on a circuit board or between components causing a short circuit to occur. We have all had something just quit working for no obvious reason. Sometimes you can see a burned spot where the short circuit occurred. That is what a tin whisker does."
    "So when Curtis calls me a tin whisker he is saying I got a tiny dick?" Gus was still clinging to me.
    "Well, Eric calls me BB cause I got small balls," Curtis decried.
    I turned on Eric instantly. I shouldn't have done what I did, but my anger had hold of my brain. "You like calling people names, four eyes?" It was like a slap in the face to the little guy. I stopped the laughter and the taunts from the others. "I can't take this. Name calling only hurts people. You've heard me say it before, sticks and stones can break my bones. BUT YOUR WORDS CUT ME TO THE QUICK! I won't have name calling in my household." I got up and walked to the kitchen.
    By the time I had cooled down and filled a cup with coffee the boys were apologizing to each other for their name calling and they vowed to stop using names as a put down. I love my kids. They wear their feelings on the end of their toes where they are constantly tromped on. I can't be with them always. They are going to get hurt by others. I want to try to stop the hurt within the household. I want the boys to feel free and be comfortable in their home. Is that asking too much?
    The discussion continued as each boy pledged how he would love Gus and help him. They would be careful with sex and only allow that which Gus himself instigated to take place. But to a cock, everyone said no anal sex until he is thirteen and then only when he wants it. I made him look at me and tell me if he agreed. Of course he agreed, but only time will tell if he agreed.

    "Let's cover one more thing while we are together. Housing. We are getting crowded. Mommie is going to come back to part of the family. Mark and Jeff are going to get their house back. Pete is going to have to deal with Two Tims. Tim Mark wants to stay with his husband, DUH. Jerry is a diver as well as a gymnast. Tim O'Conner is a diver. He needs a big pool for exercise. Tim and Sandy want to be together.
    "I am going to open my old family house up to these three couples. The house has five bedrooms with one of those being on the ground floor. That will be Tim and Sandy's room. Jerry and Tim are both eighteen and are through with high school so it is legal for them to live alone. You guys will need them. Both of them are great cooks.
    "Three weeks ago I had pummel horses, parallel bars, and rings installed along with free weights for outdoor work out. I had the pool house cabana reworked as an exercise gym with equipment to help with workouts. I had lots of mirrors installed on the walls and ceilings so you perverts can get off watching yourself work out. You'll probably be fucking most of the time so you see your partners ass as he drills his meat extra deep.
    "I would like to see Biff move down there so that he can use the equipment. I will tear out my father's old den and the TV room for your bedroom. Ray is a free agent, but he would be an asset to the boys were he to go and be their therapist. That leaves two bedrooms upstairs. No one can live there until they are eighteen and have graduated high school.
    Ray spoke up, "Dad, Borne is strong. He could help me with therapy. We kind of were like together again last night and, well we kind of like each other, a lot. Could we live at your old house? We both want to go to college and we could ride a bike to school from there. I want to work out with him so that I can get some of his big muscles too."
    Fuck I'm good. I know that if I dangle the carrot just out of reach they will grab for it. I wasn't sure about those two, but I had seen them all week long.

    "I will tell those of you that don't know. Brad and Jay have bought a house. Jay is still under age, but his mother and I have sat down and agreed to allow him to live with his wife and baby as long as he maintains a B or better grade average. If his grades fall he will back in the house, alone, no Brad and no wife and no baby. He is not here today. He is on his honeymoon, but he will tell you that he has agreed to these conditions, in writing. I know that René will keep him in line. He is a good boy and we all know him to be very dependable and trustworthy.
    "René is going to move to Tucson when the baby is strong enough. That will probably be in August. She will be a senior next school year and will go to school with Jay and you guys. Louise is going to live with Brad and Jay also. She and her partner, Becky want a clean start away from the bigotry and hatred they face here. I don't know if any of you noticed that nobody from her family was here to see Lou get married. She put on a very brave face, but we have talked and she is hurt."
    "So like Brad and Jay are going to be going at it in a house with three girls?" Trevor stated what some of them were thinking.
    "Oh faggot of little faith, listen and learn. The house the boys bought is what is called a triplex. A couple was building it as an investment for their retirement, but there was an accident. The man broke his back when he fell off of a ladder. He doesn't feel that he could watch over rental property now. Brad made the man an offer on the unfinished apartment building and it was accepted. There are three very large two bedroom units in the building. The boys had doors between the units installed so that they can move back and forth to be with their wives and children. The boys will live in the center unit with René and Jaybee in one end. Becky will live with Lou and Beej in the other end unit."
    "So that's how you can have your wife and eat your fag too?" Everybody threw whatever he could grab at Jim.
    "What's the babies names? Bee and Jaybaby?"
    "Jay's daughter is J for his name and B for his boyfriend, Jaybee. Brad's son is B for Brad and Jay for his boyfriend. BJay."
    "Fuck, I wouldn't want my name to be blow job." I knew that was coming, but I let the boys sneer and make jokes. Best to get it out of their system. At least the baby could not hear their taunts and name calling. The little guy is going to be a part of our family for a long, long time.

    "Now Luke and Ģerâld have purchased the old ranch house next door to us. I have had crews in there rebuilding that place for over a month now. I never noticed, but that house is built out of quarried granite. We have all seen the cut marks along the cliff under our house and to the east. The old Bishop that built the place had the Indians cut stone blocks from the cliff to build him a mission house.
    The boys want to use their house as an addition to ours. There will be ten large bedrooms over there with a family room and a small kitchen. Ģerâld wants to continue to prepare our meals and we enjoy eating together. He and Luke will continue to live in their bungalow where they are now.
    "Who is going to live where? I believe at this time that I only have one person who wants to leave the mountainside. Isaac wants to live here with Edgar, excuse me, Ed. Ed has a situation at home where it would be better for him to be in New York. When that is resolved we will see what is going to happen.
    "Dallas and Zane will have to stay here. The best legal minds in the house have looked into it and right now it would be a legal nightmare to take Zane out of the state to live.
    "The eight young men that joined us today will stay here for now. Some of them still have to answer to the courts for past events. Tony is working to clear all of that up. Each of them is a legal adult in every state in the nation. The age of consent in New York is seventeen, but the age of majority is still eighteen. They are all old enough to vote.
    "Al and Greg would be an asset and a joy to us in Tucson, but I have learned something. SUNY A has a series of classes in cryptography. I would like to have them work with Randy Hobbs for a few months. It is felt that these two have minds that are so twisted that they can see messages in gibberish. We want to exploit them. Andy is going to pay for their education and expenses for the upcoming school year. After the spring term is over they may desire to move west and join the house of happy fairies. We'll see. I hope that all of us will be together in Tucson this time next year."

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