Chapter 74


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    A vehicle was coming across the tarmac at high speed. I watched its approach. Randy jumped out, breathing hard. "I wanted to catch you before you took off. You need to see this. Andy will meet you at Base A. Have a good flight Oh, and sir. I really want to thank you for finding Laney for me. I don't get to talk to you alone very often so I want to take this time to say how much he means to me. I think that he loves me and is glad to be here with me. I am going to make that boy's life so much better than it ever has been." He shook my hand and left me.
    I didn't find his grandson, Andy did. Andy has spies so deeply entrenched in the scheme of things that a gnat can't squat without his having a written report covering the entire movement. Eww, a gnat's movement? Ain't no big thing I'm sure. An FI vehicle was coming out to the plane so I braced myself for whatever else was about to complicate my life.
    This was one complication that I could handle. Jay rushed from the tall machine and ran to give me an earth moving hug and kiss in plain view of any who were looking. Most of the FI people are gay, but there are a lot of young service men from the U.S. Air Force about the base also. Open homosexual display might be offensive to them. I try not to flaunt my love for my boys in the face of others. I believe that everyone is entitled to his own feelings and judgements. Why should I provoke feelings in them that are contrary to their life's values?
    Brad was a bit more subdued as he came up to give me a big hug. The load master told me that the plane was ready to depart. I hustled the boys to the front of the plane and much more comfortable seating. We were going to fly to Base A onboard a weekly supply run. The plane we flew in from England on was scheduled for a thousand hour tear down so it was going to fly on to the underground facility inside the mountain north of Tucson. Several pallets of boxed supplies occupied the area which had been used for seating on the overseas flight. That broke my heart because we were forced to sit in the load master's private area, with soft, comfortable seating that could turn so that we faced each other. The boys had a lot to talk about. I had prepared myself for this.
    "You knew that René and Lou are pregnant." Jay gets right to the point. I settled back with Brad and Jay at each side of me as they shared their dreams and fears. They were going to be fathers. I had to feel Jay out about his feelings. He does love René. He doesn't like what she did, but he knew in his heart that she did it for him. The baby had not occurred to her. Louise had wanted a baby by Brad with all of her heart, but René never considered the possibility of her getting pregnant on her first time of doing it. Beside that she had just finished her period a week before. Silly girl, she learned that she was at her most vulnerable time then. "I guess it is probably better that you didn't tell us before hand. I was so scared when she stood there with a big belly and told me that I was a daddy. Chris, I wanted to run. I know that if you had told me before we went home that I would not have gone. I had a great time and I would have missed out on that. But still, to find out that I got her pregnant…"
    Both boys wanted to raise their children. The babies would be due in mid-June. They would go home and get married and bring their wives to Tucson. I suggested that they may not want to come to Tucson. That got an open mouth stare from both of them. I told them that they might want to consider being near their families and raise the children in an extended family setting. I got myself a lecture.
    "Dad…, okay, you're the dad of this house and we chose to come and live with you. We love you and look up to you. I found out that you are older than my dad, but younger than Brad's. You are our dad, so shut up. We love you. We don't want the, what did you call it? extended family? influence in our lives.
    "I am a little fag boy who happens to be in love with the biggest fag hunk in all of Albany, New York We want, more than anything in the world to get married to each other when I turn eighteen. That won't happen for another year and a half yet. Brad will be eighteen this summer, but I have another year to go and another year of high school, which I plan to finish. If I move back there I will probably drop out of school We will have problems from old friends who will drive us up the wall. Our families will be all over us trying to tell us how to raise our own kids. We won't be able to see one another like we want. Here we can do that. My mother and I made out quite well by ourselves. Ric and Anita raised this fine piece of boy flesh with a fine piece of boy flesh that was tailor made for my butt and fits my throat equally as well.
    "We have talked it over with the girls and they agree. Louise and Becky have been planning on leaving Albany as soon as Lou graduates this spring. René wants to be near me. She knows that we can never be what she wants us to be so she will take what I will give her. She will move out here."
    "Jay, is that fair to her? She has needs and desires also. She has lusts and emotions that need to be cared for. Are you thinking clearly?"
    "Dad, Brad and I talked about this." He looked around the plane to be sure that no one was listening to us. "We slept with the girls while we were home. I did it four times. I do love René and I had to remember that to do what I did. She loves me even more for what I did."
    I looked at Brad. No one conceived of Brad's reaction to the idea that he was going to be a father. His favorite dream had been to give his Abuela a grandson to bounce on her aged knee. Brad insisted on marrying the mother of his child and giving him a proper name. He wanted to be a father to his child, but he was not about to give up Jay. He had slept with Louise. Becky had the same reaction that Jay did, but the two kids had to find out if there was anything there or if it was just sex. They were satisfied that it was just sex.
    Brad was the one to get jealous when Jay had sex with René four times. He spent a half an hour washing the girl stink off of his man each time. He held me and cried as he told me that he felt betrayed when Jay did it a second time, but four? I had me a crisis to overcome.

    The load master came back to tell us that we were forty five minutes out. He looked at us as we sat entwined in each other's embrace. From his vantage it was probably difficult to distinguish which leg went with which arm and attached to whom. "Pardon me for my boldness, sir. Are you..." I cut him off, abruptly.
    "Yes Sargent, we are."
    "No offense, sir. Please." He looked around and bent towards us, "I'm..." again I stopped him. I put my hand against his mouth.
    "Don't ask and for sure as hell, don't tell, Sargent. I have a wonderful man in my life that was asked to leave the Air Force just before Christmas last year. We have a wonderful relationship, but he is branded and estranged from his career minded Marine father."
    "Well sir, I, uh, we, my friend and I are frightened. We don't know if it can work."
    "What, being together?"
    "Well, yes sir." He sat done with us so we could talk quietly over the roar of the airplane. We were not on a commercial airliner with thousands of pounds of sound proofing. Our transport was a military freight hauler with fold up webbing for seating. "We, uh, well we share our house with our girlfriends."
    "You're bearded. My beard fucked me. Now I'm going to be a daddy." I explained the old Hollywood term used to protect high profile movie stars by putting them in public with beautiful starlets while they lived with their boyfriend in private.
    The Sargent looked at Jay so we gave a quick synopsis of the boys' story. "Bottom line is that they are going to be fathers sometime about June. This little guy is sixteen and this hunk here is seventeen. They have a lot on their plate."
    The Sgt. went on to tell us that he and his boyfriend found two female airmen that were a couple. They decided to cohabit so that they could be together without eyebrows being raised. They have a four bedroom house together and each airman has their own bedroom. Two of those rooms are seldom used. Our Sgt. would soon be eligible for a twenty year retirement. His partner had three more years. They wondered if they could make it in the outside world as a gay couple. I told them, without names of course, of my many gay friends and how some of them even had underage partners. There are some pitfalls, but overall things were working fine for all of them. The big issue for the time was the government's desire to legislate morality and deny civil unions to gays. I told him that I was very close friends with six young men who had just gone to Massachusetts where they were legally married by a judge. That was encouraging news for him.

    Jay and Brad passed out. I was still too troubled to sleep. I asked the Sgt. if he had any coffee left. He had just made a fresh pot. I opened the packet that Randy had given me. My troubles were coming after me. Cullen's antagonists were ruthless. They had positively identified Cullen in Manchester. They were sure that Jason and Gary Russell were the two boys in makeup. The fourth boy had not been identified. A half a million pounds was being offered for the Wild Boys with a two million pound bonus if Cullen were with them when they died. Andy had already thrown a net over the young singers. They were innocent pawns that just happened to have a young friend that The Sheik wanted dead.
    The packet contained a group of photographs. They seemed to be of the same man. Clean shaven, with beard, in a business suit, in rags and towels. I was incorrect, the man was not Occidental, he was dark and swarthy with thick, black hair. He had either lost a hell of a lot of weight or I had a bad memory, but that was his face. That I will never forget. I didn't see a camel, but I saw a limousine. I spilled hot coffee in my lap when the next picture showed a close up of the emblem on the front of the limousine. The next was a third blow up of the limousine to show me the faces of the two people in the back seat. The next few shots showed those two people in an embrace. A note from Andy was stuck on to that picture. "You have this man's name. We have to talk."

    Andy and Sean met our plane in Tucson. Andy had the youthful looking Agent Timmy Tuttle with him. "Hey, old man. You still owe me." He still had the innocent laugh of a pubescent boy. I really did need to spend some time with him. I had watched him on the beach with my boys, he had spent a lot of time with Christopher. I enjoy Christopher's technique and I love the boy, but I have seen him in action with several others and they always want more of the boy. I have been told that Christopher has learned a lot of my love making technique. I know that I truly enjoy getting a fucking from the boy and will never turn him away. Unless of course I am trying to soothe someone else's hurts.
    Actually, as I thought about it Christopher and Timmy were very similar in appearance and size. I wondered if Timmy had been as precocious a youth as Christopher. Timmy told me that he loves to bottom, the two might be right for one another. My problem being that Christopher is only sixteen and I wasn't looking to get rid of him.
    Timmy proved himself. He had told me that he liked big dick. He had ridden Kyle and Chad into the ground. The three had one hot three way that I witnessed as one then the other of the lad's made use of Timmy's eager and insatiably hungry ass. The lad can take, I never saw him give. He does do a good head and I did want a ride on him. I had an obligation to my boys, but my lust level was rising so high that I had that lump in my throat and a throbbing in my jeans. My blood pressure was falling as the red corpuscles gathered at my main member.
    Andy broke my day dream and gave me a big shit eating grin along with some good news. It was just past noon on Friday, Cory and Mike would be the last to arrive at LAX on Sunday morning Cas and Lew were already at the beach with the boys and the lot were having themselves a ball, or two, or more, over and over... Timmy was to return to his office Saturday morning and Andy was sending him over in the Lear Jet™. I was welcome to ride along, if I wished. I leered at Timmy and he wiggled his eyebrows. Jay and Brad climbed into the third seat of the vehicle that Andy had for us. Sean wanted to sit in my lap and talk to me. Andy and Tim sat up front as we made the long drive around the mountain to our houses and my boys.
    Andy turned to look at me. "I am sure that if I had a black book or two I could invite some people in a Limousine to a special party." He stared at me. I have to go to Oklahoma and do some deep caving. I know it is safe down there. I nodded at Andy. No one knows about the cave's contents, but me.
    I was a thousand miles away, in a cave reading black books and nearly forgot the hunk in my lap. He kissed me and I felt a tear run down my cheek. I looked the boy in the eye. "Can I talk to you?" Shit, take a number.

    I was assaulted as I opened the front door, naked bodies were all over me. Brad and Jay were welcomed home My main interest was watching Christopher's reaction and Timmy's response. It was as I had felt, the two have an affinity for one another. Christopher had his hands busily at work pulling the FI tee shirt over Timmy's head without breaking the vacuum seal at their lips. By the time I had my gullet cleaned by my hot little boys, and felt the massive meat that some of them carried, Christopher had Timmy's pants down. The two were humping against each other like dogs in a park.
    "Get a…" I slapped my hand over Jim's mouth and shook my head at the boy. He smiled and went with the other boys to go about their business. Jay and Brad gathered their suitcases to go to their room to unpack.
    "Hey you two, we're not finished talking. Let me say hello then we'll spend the night going over some sticky issues that need to be worked out." Their smiles lit my soul and I am sure the room was brighter. But at least the two troubled youngsters knew that I was still there for them as well as the rest of the family. I always hope that my boys never forget that I genuinely care about them, personally. I am not the head of the household. I am just the oldest fag in the bunch and we are all equal. We are a family that cares for one another.
    I grabbed Sean and gave him a tonsil moving kiss. He was hard as a… well as hard as a fourteen year old boy and very responsive. "Baby, I have been gone all week. I am in demand around here. How about you flying out to Calif. with me tomorrow morning and then come back in Traveler© with the rest of the boys." He liked that idea a lot. Andy smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. I wondered what was wrong. Andy seemed happy with my solution so it must not be too bad. He and Sean shared a quick kiss and left us to return to their house.
    Timmy told me that he was going to go to Christopher's room for a bit. Then he looked at me and tilted his head, "Would you come and join us? Please?" That was the word. I told him that I had to kiss and hug a few boys that I missed, but that I would be up in a little bit. He grabbed my cock and told me that if I got anymore up that I couldn't get up in him. He giggled like one of the boys as he ran his naked ass through the house with Christopher leading the way.
    I had missed the boys. Trevor and Alec were still with their dad at a family reunion. Jay, Jeff, and Art would be in later. They had gone to dinner with their grandpa Farley. Derrick was standing alone with his head down and watching his naked feet leave trails across the carpet as he dragged them back and forth. He looked absolutely naked without his ever present ball cap that seemed to always slide off to the left of his head. I moved to him and squeezed his bunns. "I'm thirsty do you know where I can whip up a high protein drink?" His cock rose to the invite and his crooked smile told me that he was up and ready to help me out. I was going to help him out.
    All of the boys wanted to welcome me home and I didn't want to seem to be playing favorites. I put Derrick out on our new massage table. We had stirrups, like doctors have on their examination tables to use to look up inside your momma, added to this table to make young ass holes easily accessible. I had lots of help as Chad and Lyle raised the devices and helped Derrick get comfortable. Derrick has become an ass leaker. I don't know why, but his ass gets wet. Not offensively and actually it is quite provocative. I launched my tongue into his puckering hole that opened before me of its own accord. I wasted no time in getting the youngster's healthy load of boi juice.
    Derrick was quickly replaced by Kyle. From between the legs Kyle is almost inaccessible. His cock doesn't fit entirely into my throat and I have this passion about having my nose buried deep in a boy's pubic hair so that I can breathe in his precious phemerones. I asked Kyle if he would be offended if I asked him to move to the floor so that I could get over him. There are only a half dozen or so in the house that can take all of the boy's cock to the root and of course he likes to have that done. I really hate to have some half assed cock sucker take the head of my cock in his mouth and then wrap his hand around the shaft to stroke me. There is just a feeling of.what? incomplete? I don't like it anyway.
    Pete and little Pete stood at attention as I lowered myself to my knees. I kissed little Pete and told him that I could use a ride. I know that the man still loves me very much. I am glad that he has Eddy and I sincerely want them to make a go of it. I was on my knees over Kyle and he already had a lip lock on my cock. I pulled Eddy to me by his sweet hanging balls and told him that I was still awaiting a ride on him. I told him he could have a go at me after Pete. Pete offered him first rounds and he would take sloppy seconds. Eddy whispered so that everybody in the room could hear that he had never been in second place and he would kind of like to fuck a butt full of Pete's cum. He said it tasted good and he wondered if it felt good. They kissed as I swallowed a nice twelve inch sword.
    That sword passed the niche that it had formed for itself before. I would have to get the tape out and check my boy. I think that he was no longer a baby with a twelve inch baby dick. For the time being I just let things slide, in and out, in and out. Chad was in my line of sight as he watched Pete slide inside of me. His long hanging cock dropped a large pearl of lubricant into the carpet. I am glad that the carpeting in my house isn't fertile. There is enough young boi juice lurking in its fibers that the whole house would be pregnant. I have wondered what it would smell like if I were to have a cleaning company come up and run live steam through those fibers. The crew better be gay or they would get sick from the smell that would have to cum out.
    I had a sweet pair of boi balls wrapped around my nose. The smell of boi sweat and other fluids from the boy's day made my head reel with excitement. I wanted more. Pete was fucking my ass with more power than I can remember since an afternoon on a beach in Mississippi some eighteen months earlier. Pete just doesn't top me often, but he'll damn sure spread his legs and whimper until I fill his rectum.
    I reached out and pulled Chad by his balls and kept pulling until he knelt before me. I slow stroked his still growing cock. He isn't nearly as thick as Kyle and is a comfortable ride. I wanted to watch him plow. I lifted Kyle's balls and pushed Chat's cock head at the exposed hole beneath them. Kyle took my meaning and lined himself up then pushed home. Kyle and Chad fuck so much that their ass holes just open up before one another. Chad pulled back out and spread some of my slobbers and what butt juice he had gathered up his long shaft then pushed back in.
    Now, I don't know about you, but I was in the most perfect position that I can imagine. I have never seen a movie or had any outside stimuli that touched me as much as where I was at that moment. I had a boy who knew how to suck a cock and was showing how much he knew as he let me pump my pole in and out of his deep deep cock sheath. A good tight throat can be better than a tight boi butt and the reward is that I can take his cock as deeply into my throat as I wish at the same time. To add to that I had a boy that truly loves me working my ass with every move he had ever learned to please me. All of this was capped with the visual stimulation of a flat bellied boy sliding a twelve inch cock the full length, in and out less than an inch from my nose. His flat belly was hitting the top of my head with his hard down strokes adding to my excitement. Each time he withdrew I wanted to abandon the sweet meat I was nursing so that I could lick him clean.
    Pete does know me. He kept me right at the edge, but avoided too much stimulation of my eager prostate. I felt him fill me and I am sure that he made himself feel the fullness of making love. He was in a lip lock with Eddy throughout his endeavors. He moved aside and led Eddy up to my saddle to place his pony in my cum slickened hole. Eddy is no boy in the cock department. I have tried to spend some time with him, but with first one thing and then another I missed that opportunity. I will take the boy off to be alone after the new year settles down.
    Eddy took me to the edge as Kyle hosed down my hiatal sphincter. I was so into the stimulations that I was getting that I didn't withdraw the enormous meat pole to enjoy the creamy offering.

    Pete was kissing me. He pushed air into my lungs as someone was pushing on my chest. I coughed and tried to sit up. The room was spinning. Pete put his strong arms around me and helped me into a sitting position.
    "Silly faggot. You still have to breathe." I looked at Kyle. His cock hung down to the floor as he lay flat on his back drawing deep breaths. Pete was looking at me as he cradled me in his arms like a lover should. "You scared the shit out of us daddy."
    I was so into the sensations I was receiving from the stimulation of my whole body that I had just let Kyle's cock become my only focus. Problem is, with a cock that large down my throat I could not breathe and I passed out. I collapsed on top of Kyle and he couldn't get his breath. It wasn't until the boys lifted me off of Kyle that they realized that he wasn't breathing either. Pete had his military training down pat as he performed CPR on me and Eddy followed his lead to revive Kyle. "I can see the headline already, Pedophile and Fag boy suffocate on giant cocks." Nobody else thought it was funny.
    I was helped to my feet. I grabbed Kyle and gave him a big hug which he returned with a hot kiss. I kissed Pete and then Eddy. Then a tonsil rub to Chad. I grabbed Derrick and squeezed his sweet cheeks as he humped my belly. I turned to go and saw Mark hiding. He wasn't really he was just back away from everybody else. He looked very sad and his little tool lay quietly atop a sweet looking sack of fresh young eggs.
    "I stink like sex. Let's go take a shower." I dragged the giggling boy up to my room and tossed him on my bed. Mark had a flag pole awaiting a salute, but I told him that he didn't have a flag flying today so I would just wash the tall pole down for him. He giggled again. I hate Wilbur Franklin every time I get near one of these six boys. Growth hormones are dangerous. Mark hadn't been getting his shots along with Kyle and Chad. Wilbur had been in prison until Mark was nine and even then he hadn't started using the hormone shots on his own son until the boy turned twelve, but now at fifteen the small statured boy had an enormous cock of over eight inches and very thick.
    I gave him the full treatment of a solid ass eating and ball draining then I carried his weakened, still heaving body, into the shower and soaked him in the spray from six different shower heads. I had square shaped heads about chest high on a teenage boy, they looked like chrome plated tiles on all four sides of the six man shower. The pressure was set so that when I stood under either of the two square rain heads concealed in the ceiling I would get an even spray from all angles. It was as close to standing under a waterfall while not depleting the precious desert water supply that I could provide. I wanted a strong jet in the floor to blast upwards, but the plumber convinced me not to go for that one. I do have a hand held spray hose that I can get a good butt cleaning with though. Most necessary for truly fine dining.

    After a hot shower with a hot boy I felt much better. I started out to see Brad and Jay. I didn't make it to their room. They came down from the east stairway as I came out of my room to the west stairs. They had a craving for one of Gerald's frozen pies. We went to the kitchen. Gerald had made up his own rendition of a Ritz pie. If you have never tried the real thing it tastes just like apple pie without the calories and sugar. Gerald makes his own crackers, without the salt. Brad, Jay and I sat down in the living room to a large thick slice of the reheated pie with some of Gerald's homemade frozen apple yogurt on top. The boy is a genius in the kitchen. I have tried to hire a permanent cook, but he says he had his vacation and he wants to hold on to his job awhile longer.
    The other boys were in the kitchen helping themselves to the other two pies that we had thawed out. Hot apple pie with ice cream, only thing better is boi cock with hand made boi cream. Christopher and Timmy were in there with them. Damn Timmy looks good, what an ass. I have to have some of that.

    Brad and Jay fed each other large bites of ice cream and pie as they aired their thoughts and their love. Jay had thought that he had to prove himself to his family and to René. He knew what he wanted, but he knew what his mother wanted as well. It was when his mother and her childhood friend, Rosa Garcia, René's mother, told their story that Jay decided that he and Brad would be together, forever.
    Jay's mother was raped when she was a thirteen year old baby herself. She and Rosa planned for the baby. Rosa Rojas was four years older than Emily and had taken the younger girl under her wing to mentor her in the ways of the Lord months before she was raped. She was there for Emily constantly.
    Jay's father was sixteen and being teased at school for being a queer. He wanted a son to carry on his family name. It was his method of achieving his desire that was wrong. He decided to fuck sweet little Emily Matson. Every male in his bloodline bore one son. That son was always homosexual and he bore one son. The little thirteen year old girl plotted to end that un-Christian lifestyle. The girls prayed for Rosa to bear a girl and they would see to it that their two kids married.
    Emily's father drove, David, Jay's father away. Two years later David went to Kuwait where he was killed. Jay added softly, by his own men who didn't like faggots Emily and thirty four month old Jay moved in with Rosa. By that time Rosa was married to Carlos Garcia. They had a twenty five month old daughter. When René was born the two women made a pact. They swore before God that they would see their kids married to each other and there would be no more homosexual sons.
    Jay had been a pawn. He had been used by his mother, her best friend, and his girlfriend. I asked him if he still wanted to marry René. He did. He was going to marry her and keep her nearby so that he could be a part of his daughter's life. I looked at him. He grinned. His news had the effect that he had wanted. The girls were well into their third month. The four kids went to a clinic for a sonogram. René was carrying a girl by the name of Jaybee Adams. It will be hard for you to figure out how they derived that name. Louise is carrying tiny Bradley Jayson Garcia. Brad wants to call him Beejay. I told him that the kid would be teased every day of his school life. I suggested Beejee. He liked that.
    Jay had not told Brad of his mother's confession to him. Brad held his boyfriend close as he begged forgiveness. He realized that Jay was only trying his best to be what his mother and mother-in-law, wanted him to be. He was glad that Jay was still his man. Crisis overcome and I didn't have to do anything, but listen to them work it out between themselves. Ain't love grand?

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