Chapter thirty one


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Thursday morning the twenty third, I sat up with a start. What an idiot I was. I knew the perfect gift for each of my boys. I only worried that I could get it all together in time. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to my office I grabbed the phone book as I danced about trying to hold my piss. I didn't even take time for the little shit I was so excited. I called the store close to me and talked to the department head. I spelled out my specifications. He sighed. This was going to be tough. A big problem was that he only had three of that model in stock. He told me he would call the other store in town and get what they had.
    An hour later he called to tell me that he had eight units in town, but he located two more in Phoenix. They had a manager driving down that morning and he was going to bring those units along with more hardware. I was ecstatic as Pete and Cory dragged their sleepy heads in to get their morning kiss. I dragged them into Tim and Jerry's room to find the two boys tangled up in their sleep, arm in arm and leg in leg and cock in cock with mouth to mouth. The three of us climbed in bed with them. We were sweaty and stinky from a night of fucking and so were they. They awakened as the phemerones filled the air making the five of us super horny. We fucked every way possible until noon then got up to get the day started. We had a big house to clean and the next day was Christmas eve.
    The boys were fantastic as they dusted, washed windows, scrubbed floors, bathrooms and the kitchen. Beds were changed with linens washed and hung out to air dry. I found out who my chefs were as the five us fixed pies, cakes and homemade bread for our upcoming feast. We peeled and vacuum sealed twenty pounds of potatoes. We made up candied yams ready for the oven. Salad was chopped and sealed in separate bags for mixing at dinner time, don't want flavors too run to far.
    I was ahead of myself so I went ahead and prepared the turkey for the oven. We had a twenty six pound boy that was begging for a good browning and he wanted to be our star dinner guest. I removed the shelves from Traveler's© refrigerator and stored him out there for the next thirty plus hours. By four o'clock we had six deep dish pumpkin pies, four cherry pies, four apple pies, my favorite two minced apple and raisin with pumpkin, and two plain mince meat pies. We had eight loaves of bread ready to pull from freezer to oven. Ten dozen porter house dinner rolls were flash frozen. Then tray after tray of cookies started to appear.
    I believe that I told you up front that I have a chef's kitchen with two double ovens and twelve burners. Only four of the burners are gas, two on each range top. I prefer the slow cooking of electric, but sauces and gravies require quick heat with instant off so I have four gas burners in my custom built stove tops. My favorite expense was my five thousand dollar flash freezer. I can take a twenty pound roast sirloin from the oven and flash freeze it in twelve minutes. This preserves the flavor as well as the texture of the food with no cellular breakdown.

    We were alone in the house again as the other guys were still getting it on with their new found significant others. It appeared that my match making was working. About seven I got a call from Betty. She had a proposition for me. We talked for a bit then I gathered the troops around me and put her on the speaker phone. I liked what she had to offer, but I share my house and any decisions like this were going to be made by all who lived there.
    Betty had cold feet about cooking and cleaning after so many boys. I agreed. Our arrangement had been with only Will, Cory, Cas and me. She was a person of means after selling her house in Sacramento, but she had to avoid capital gains tax by buying a new home within eighteen months. She and Eva had talked about buying Jim's house and putting the money in a trust for his education. The two women would live in the house and let Will and Jim live with me. Oooops.
    I could hear the cheers and alrights from the gang at home and we could hear cheering in the background on the other end of the line also. I had thought that I was getting some space in my house but…Well, fuck it, I do love those two urchins. I told Betty that we would sit down after dinner Saturday and work out the details. I told her that I had a nice investment package already in place for Will and that I was trying to put together something for Jim. This may be the extra money that we needed to really set him up.
    Four boned boys sat around talking about adding two more to our ranks and the various ways that they wanted to have sex with the duo. It never amazes me as I listen to the imaginations of youth. If they could possibly figure a way to physically do some of the things they came up with we could have a circus of weird and unusual, if not unnatural, tricks.

    Friday morning I took off to pick up my gifts for the boys. They all wanted to go to a mall and scope out the boys of the town. I thought that sounded kinky and couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it before. The store I was going to was only a block from the mall so I dropped them off with the agreement that we would meet for lunch across the street from the mall at an all you can eat pizza buffet. You would have thought that I had offered them their weight in gold. I guess to a teenage boy pizza is more valuable than gold.
    I was exceptionally pleased with my choice of gifts. They performed exactly as I had anticipated. I had them gift wrapped in different colored paper for each boy. The store had to purchase additional papers, they only had three basic colors of red, blue, and green. All wrapped I had the gifts placed in a large generic box and loaded into the back of the Caddy. I met the boys for lunch and supplied them with money for game tokens as they set new records on every video game in the store.
    As one could predict the bakers were busy making more pies as the four boys vacuumed their current stock. I did make them eat large helpings of salad. I was going to keep them healthy if I had to kill them to do it. Less than thirty dollars for food and another twenty for games we left with the staff of the pizza shop thanking us for leaving. I left the large box in the back of the Caddy as ten eyes studied it, but no one dared inquire as to its contents.
    I waited until three in the morning to sneak down and play Santa. I was overcome with emotion when I saw the tree. Twelve leather jackets were neatly laid out on twelve cloth jackets. A small name tag was attached to each pair. I don't know when the other six boys had left their coats at my house or who had laid them out so neatly around the tree, but it was perfect. I placed a neatly wrapped package on top of the corresponding jacket under the tree with a card expounding my great and undying love for each of my little friends. I had many packages of clothing items for each boy and I tried to remember something very personal for each one. I hung stockings on the mantle with each boy's name on it and filled it with little trinkets that I felt each one would appreciate as well as fresh fruit and a few nuts to tell them what I thought they were. I lit the fireplace and sat staring at my creation as the tears of love poured from my eyes.
    Pete snuggled up next to me and Cory laid his head in my lap about an hour later. We slept together like that until seven. When I awakened we had been joined by Tim and Jerry. The front door opened, Cas and Lew crept in. They removed their clothes and snuggled in wherever they could as we shared each other's love without sex. It was a joyful Christmas morning.
    I asked about Tyler and Turner and was told that they would be there shortly. They had a special surprise for me. A little after eight Will and Jim climbed over everybody to take up positions on my lap. They gave me a big kiss and wished me a Merry Christmas. I told them that I wanted to read the Christmas story, but they told me to wait, that a very big surprise was coming in.
    I heard giggling and shuffling as, I assumed Tyler and Turner came in. I heard Turner saying, "come on, get your clothes off." I sat there and shut my eyes. The boys moved away from me and suddenly cold flesh replaced their hot little bodies. However there were more than two cold bodies. I opened my eyes and looked square into the smiling face of young Alec. On my other side sat Trevor. Kenneth was standing at my feet. I hugged both boys and wished them a very Merry and asked them what had prompted them to come down.
    They had been in town since Wednesday night, but had kept silent to surprise me. I was surprised. The next words from their mouths took away my joy. Paula had been taken by a bout of pneumonia three months earlier. She had bad lungs to begin with and was stricken with a minor cold, or so they thought. She grew progressively worse until she had to be hospitalized. Kenneth and the boys were devastated. They sold everything they had, loaded up the Arrowstar motor home, and determined to start over. They thought of us and called Tyler. He told them to come on down. He had plenty of room and they were welcome. That was before Cas and Lew moved in, but they were still willing to try and make a go of it. The mood was broken by their news.

    I made the boys dress for dinner. Betty and Eva would be there about ten and I wanted everybody on their very best behavior. The women walked in with a huge bowl and two big boxes. They sent the boys out to the car to retrieve some Christmas gifts for the gang as they were introduced to our guests. The two women moved to the kitchen to fix up a little something as my phone rang.
    Jeremy Combs called with wishes. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was so down. He had to go out the night before to remove two sweet little children from a drunken family. The children were placed in a shelter on Christmas day and it was tearing his heart out. I asked the children's ages. They were twin boys, eight years old. I asked him if he could bring them to my house for dinner. I told him that I didn't have gifts for them, but we would have fun anyway.
    He told me that he had a room full of gifts and would grab several for each boy. I remembered a pair of Valentine teddy bears that I had in one of the guest bedrooms. They were extra large, about the size of a four year old child. He loved that idea. He told us he would be with us in a hour. I informed the gang.
    Betty and Eva had their surprise ready. They had a large bowl of homemade egg nog and a bottle of eighty proof nog for the adults to add in. That was just what I needed. Everybody had a crystal glass cup of egg nog as we toasted a very Merry Christmas to all.

    Jeremy showed up with two of the most mischievous looking little nymphs a boy lover could hope for. They were way too young for anything, but admiring, but they were made to be admired. Rick and Rob stood a whole six foot ten, if one stood on top of the other. I figured forty pounds would be about the most on their little bones. Fiery red hair blazed on their little heads, cascading down to hide their ears and the tops of their hazel colored eyes. The freckles were so thick on their tiny faces that they left very little space in between. Neither boy had his front teeth, but they had a pair of laughs that lit up the whole house.
    Everybody wanted to sit and hold them and hug them. Betty and Eva got the most lap time out of the darling duo. We managed to quieten everyone down as Bull walked in with a huge box of presents. He had talked to Jer so he had a few toys for the moppet twins. Again we were about the tree with eyes enlarged and mouths agape awaiting what goodies there were to be passed around.
    The two little ones and the two women were given the first of the packages. Eva let out a gasp as she saw the coat that Jim had picked out for her. It was very similar to one that she had lost in the hurricane and fire. She held the deep red, fake fur collared, garment against her face as the tears flowed like a river.
    Betty too was overwhelmed with the beautiful blue coat that Will had chosen for her. The coats were a perfect fit for both women and it was the perfect gift. Each of the boys had picked out lacy hankies and boxes of chocolates for the ladies. I made them put the chocolate up at once. The candy was for them, not to give to the boys. The tiny twins did manage to get ahold of a piece though.

    Bull was more in tune than I on sounds for the crowd. He had a wide selection of CDs for them and it seemed that they were all the most current and the most sought after. I don't even listen to the radio. I can not begin to tell you who sings what. Most of what I do hear is a long way from singing. Most current artists can not carry a tune so they sit around with sing song poetry. I know that my sixth grade English teacher, Ms. Lincoln, is tossing and turning in her grave. She used to berate us for reading poetry in sing song. She said, "A rhyme is not a song. It is the words of the heart."
    All of the boys received CD players. Trevor and Alec even got one as Bull made a run out to his car. They weren't wrapped, but what the hey. The boys loved them. I felt sorry for our new comers. I had nothing for them. That would be corrected Monday, but this was Christmas day, this is the day that kids need gifts.
    Jer must have been physic as he handed me his gift for the entire group. All eyes were on the envelope in my hand as I pulled out twenty one hundred and fifty dollar, orchestra seat tickets to something called Hanson. Even Betty and Eva had been around teen age boys long enough to know that this was some sort of music group. The boys were swinging from the rafters. They thought this was absolutely the best thing ever. Jerry found a copy of one of their CDs in the stash that Bull had brought We were so lucky, we got to listen to it. I guess they put up with me so I need to do a little more along their lines of likes and dislikes. They could decide to keep their pants zipped up and let me starve to death.
    Next round the boys each took their individual stacks of presents and began to make short work of the paper that had so eloquently adorned them. They did model their new coats for the room and I promised Trevor and Alec that we would get them coats Monday morning. Of course they told me that I didn't need too and all of that stuff, but I won.
    Jim was the first to open his package from me. He squealed in delight then hugged his new computer to his breast and bawled like a baby. This had been his heart's desire. I done good and didn't know it, duh. There was a frenzy as each youngster tore the wrapping off his unit and opened the box. No one tried to turn them on, they just sat and stared at them.
    For a time everything else seemed to have been forgotten as they looked to see the features of their own Toshiba Satellite Notebook with wide screen, DVD R/RW, dual layer burner, 1 gigabyte ram memory, 120 meg. hd, 256 meg shared video, Microsoft multi media operating system, TV tuner w/ TV out, WiFi, 3.06 MHz Pentium IV chip. They sort of thought that they might have a pretty decent machine until I told them that they would be expected to keep all of their school work on the computer and set up so that I could review it at any time. I am a stickler for grades and they all knew it.

    Piles of presents had materialized for everyone and no one was disappointed. It was time to start the clean up and stack the presents away so that we could have lunch. The door bell rang my old faithful dog, Bull Pitt, answered it. HO, HO, HO, came from the front door as Chief Steve walked in. He was in his usual blue jeans and flannel shirt with a thick flannel jacket over that. His hair was a little more gray as it hung to his waist band in a pony tail. The brightly colored bead band around his head held a small, downy chicken's belly feather.
    Cory yelled, "Grandpa!" The old man was hit by a five foot seven inch freight train. Steve was stronger than he looks and took the blow with ease as Cory wrapped his legs around the old man and kissed him long and deep. Somebody yelled, "get a room," and the two moved apart.
    "Folks, let me introduce to you Cory's blood grandfather and my somewhat removed uncle or cousin or some sort of shit like that. This is Steve and I will tell you what his name means. I may have half Cherokee blood in me, but I can't begin to pronounce his last name. This is Steve "Fly's Over Fox, Under Eagle" Conway. His name means he is smarter and wiser than a fox, but not as swift as an eagle."
    "My turn?" Steve grinned at me, "Cory boy, come here. I want to introduce you to your dad. Folks I give you Cory Dickson." Cory and I both just stood and stared at Steve as the room burst into applause. Steve handed me Cory's birth certificate with my name as father. I showed it to Cory.
    Cory grabbed me and kissed me and held me tight. "I love you, daddy."

    The ladies started serving up lunch as Steve had the blessing then he and Cory and I sat down in my office with a huge plate of food each. There were some problems that needed to be headed off with Sandra. Steve circumvented the fiasco by getting her to sign a paper relinquishing parental rights. I had thought that the courts had made him an emancipated teenager, but somehow she had managed to get that overturned. She had wind that Steve was worth a fortune and she wanted a part of it. With Cory as her son the old man's money would be under her control until Cory turned twenty one. Well that was no problem as Cory and I saw it because Steve was going to live for many more years. I had no idea that he was ninety two.
    The man looked a very young and fit sixty. He had lung cancer and prostate cancer. He was tired. He knew he was at his end. He wanted to be with the one person that he held most dear in this world, his grandson, Cory. Cory was ready to go home with Steve, but Steve had another bomb shell. All of the relations were vultures circling his dying body, waiting to pick the bones of what Steve had left behind. He and Bull had been hard at work for the last four weeks moving everything that Steve owned into Cory's and my names. Yes, the old man loved me and wanted me to have some of his property, the mountain top, the river and the falls. Of course I couldn't own the river, but I did own the land on each side of it for quite a ways back and twenty miles long. I could prevent any of the family from having access to the water by simply fencing it in. The jury was out on that. The family included my mother's people, my blood.
    Cory had the house and the city block of buildings downtown with a nice monthly income from rents. But Steve was not going home. He wanted to die here with us. I talked about his burial. He had a better idea. He had done a complete genealogy and handed me the documentation. I didn't read it; he told us that it showed our ancestry from the sixteen hundreds. He had spent a fortune obtaining old trapper's trading records as they had traipsed across the wilderness in search of furs during the mid to late seventeenth century.
    The records recorded the Indian names of men that the traders bartered with and oft times recorded that this man or that had fathered a new son. Working backward from records like I had been left by my mother he had found old names and records before the Trail Of Tears march. Still searching he began to piece together the picture of a tribe of farmer gathers in an area of North Eastern Georgia near the conjunction of the rivers Tallulah, and Tugaloo. A small town on the Tallulah named aptly, Tallulah Falls, was still home to some of the decedents of the once great nation of Cherokee. Many of the townspeople had direct decent from names listed on the Indian Rolls written down in Arkansas following the fateful winter of the Trail of Tears march.
    Steve had gone to Tallulah Falls and talked to many of these older residents and all were convinced that we were of the same blood line. Steve wanted to go to the land of his fathers. He had everything in order to be cremated and he wanted Cory and I to cast his ashes over the ancestral lands. A task we would willingly do after the turn of the century. We loved Steve and didn't want to think of his leaving us for at least another hundred years. We can't always have it our way. He was ill and in pain. His days were short. We were going to make them happy.

    Bull wasn't through either. The Doggs of the Warr had been on the prowl. Bull had emancipation papers for Jerry Thompson and Tim Mark. Super pressure was brought to bear on Jerry's dad, but he relented as he saw his whole life even more destroyed than he had done by beating his son. Tim's dad was more than glad to sign the papers after a week in the intensive care ward where he had come close to the end of his life. He now knew what a real beating could be.
    Both boys were now free agents at sixteen years of age. But for their protection Bull and Jeremy had made them my wards granting me complete guardianship.
    Lew had a shock. He was now the ward of Emmit Casper, his brother. The parents, at the direction of the church, had agreed to severe their ties to the now excommunicated boy. Neither boy would ever see the light of heaven and would forever roam the earth in torment and hell fire for their heathen life styles and anyone with ties to them could suffer eternal damnation as well. Praise God that we know the Christ, Jesus, a loving, caring and forgiving God.

    Jim and Eva had asked Bull to draw up papers giving me legal guardianship of Jim. Eva was not of the best health and she and Betty had already reached an arrangement about buying Jim's house. I knew the boys would be living with me so Bull had the paper work for Will as well. He had been a busy little puppy.
    Tyler and Turner didn't like living off by themselves and Cas and Lew had already told them that they were going to return to my house after the holidays. With Kenneth here they had come up with a plan to rent him their house.
     Okay, does anyone know a good contractor, we need more bedrooms. Trevor and Alec looked lost. They were new and didn't know anyone but Turner and Tyler, but they really felt at home with us.
    I made everybody try to stay silent for a half an hour. I got a big cup of coffee and told them that I was going to be alone. "When I return," I told them, "I want to see this house spotless. I want all of the wrapping paper and extra boxes in the garage to be compacted. Don't compact them yet until we triple check for bar codes for rebates, warranties, instructions, or anything else that may have been over looked. I want you two women to take a break, take your shoes off and have a cup of tea. I want the kitchen spotless. Leave the pies on the counter with plates and forks." I walked up the stairs. The house was so quite the sound of a freight train rumbling through could almost be heard. Have you ever noticed that the quieter you try to be the more noise you make? "Shhh, he'll hear you." "You made me drop it." "Don't put that in there." Clattering and clanging away was like a symphony to me. I loved it.
    A half an hour later I walked back into the room and poured a fresh cup of coffee. I stuck my finger in the whipped cream and sat down. "Anything else I need to change my life around?" I looked around, Trevor and Alec sat huddled together in the corner; they had been so quiet, they were so cute. They needed something just for them.
    "Yeah, we have a minor change," Kenneth began. "Jer's apartment has been condemned because of a fire last night. He has to move out. I am going to let him move in with me."
    "You're going to let him are you? He is an insatiable bottom, he is into bondage, he wants a master, and he is a cross dresser."
    "I am not!"
    "Want a be?" Kenneth snipped.
    "I have the floor. Irregardless of Jer's better qualities I will not stand for your two sons to be living in a house full of old perverts. They have a right to a normal life. They will move in here with me and all of these young perverts in training." The roof rattled. After the yelling died down I began again. "Will, Jim I want you where I can keep an eye on you. You two will have the bedroom next to mine. Turner, Lew, you are not all that much older that I can let you out of my sight. You will take the bedroom at the end of the hall, across from me. Trevor, Alec you two will be in the north bedroom upstairs. Jerry, Tim I am going out on a limb here. You will take Cas's room downstairs."
    "Cas, it's over. I want you out of the house." I took a drink of my coffee as his young face fell, "I am putting you and Tyler in the guest house. You are both over eighteen and responsible young men. I feel I can trust you. Don't make me regret that decision." The smiles came back brighter than ever. "Kenneth, Jer, the guest house has two large bedrooms if you would prefer to save your money. I can rent the house out for a lot more that you will pay."
    "I think that Tyler and Cas have earned their chance to go it alone. If we were there it might complicate things. Besides that, as your case worker it might not look good if I lived on your property." Jeremy said.
    "Good point. Bull, are you staying?"
    "Oh no. I'm going home. Billy would kill me if I don't get home and soon."
    Billy was fifteen, he had been with Bull for three years, he was with his little sister at her foster home for the day. "Steve, I am going to put you in the back guest room. There is lots of light there and a nice view. You have your own access to the patio, the spa, and pool, and no stairs to climb. That leaves Cory and Pete. What do I do with you two? I guess you could have the other guest room."
    "In a rat's ass. I am staying on the right side of your bed and Pete is staying on the left side. We have to keep an eye on you or you'll be in the little guys' rooms corrupting their morals, you old letch. I love you daddy." I sighed. I have a wonderful family and now I'm going to have a piece of pumpkin pie with a huge pile of whipped cream on top. Merry Christmas.

    Cory slept with Steve through the rest of the man's life. Cory was with him at the end and would not leave the old man that he had grown to love so much. It proved Cory's steadfast faithfulness.
    Steve "Fly's Over Fox, Under Eagle" Conway didn't make it into a third century. He did make it into a new year. He died in his sleep at the age of ninety two on January fifteenth, two thousand and five. The world lost a great leader of men. Cory and I lost a great friend. True to his wishes he was cremated and his ashes fill an earthen jar that his mother made by hand when she was a maiden at her mother's knee. The jar tells the story of our family and its struggle through a world full of hate and bigotry for any one different. Skin color, idealisms, religion, there is a box that everyone should be in and if you are outside of that box the world hates you. They will take all you have, that can be good, but you and your differences are only worthy of disdain or death.
    A beautiful piece of antique Indian pottery adorns my entry way as Chief Fly's Over Fox greets everyone who enters my home. Soon the ancient jar will be mostly empty. I am planning on a trip to New York to see JB's school then I am going to take the boys with me as we put Steve to rest in the sacred grounds of our ancestors. The jar and a part of its contents will forever sit in honor in my home.
    Trevor and Alec fit right in with the rest of my house full of cock suckers. They are very sweet boys. Yes they got their coats and laptops. They got so much they were overwhelmed. They had to meat everybody the first few nights after their arrival and neither of them was walking straight by the time we had the whole house enrolled in school.

    I have told you earlier that Turner attended my alma matter, he now had eight brothers in school with him. Jim, Trevor, and Alec joined Turner in the freshman class. Will was a sophomore. Jerry, Tim, Lew, were juniors. Cory tested out as a senior, but needed two underclass state required credits to graduate. He chose to join his brothers as a junior. I was very pleased. He really needed the social interaction much more than the education from books.
    Turner's Gay and Lesbian club was kicked off with the new semester. There are over sixty members with nine of them being my little faggots. I was asked to be a parent sponsor by the school staff. They had no idea that any of my youngsters were gay. None of them outed themselves at school, but they sure stood up for the rights of those that had. Will was a kick ass kind of guy. I guess the treatment he had received from his stepfather had taught him a lesson. He was always first to champion a boy that was being bullied. The school had adopted a zero tolerance policy so I worried about Will actually throwing a punch. He was cool. Cute, sweet, and cool.
    Tiny Turner was a powerhouse. I didn't know the kid had it in him, but he was an organizer. He had invited me to a special meeting at the high school to talk about the fledgling gay and lesbian club. He was relentless in putting this club together and I had to admire his perseverance. I had encouraged him and I had told him that I would be a parent sponsor. He took me up on that and dragged me off to his meeting. We weren't alone, by any sense of the word. All of his brothers attended the meeting also, even the three college boys went with us. What amazed me the most was what met my eyes as the auditorium doors opened and I walked inside.
    Tuesday night, seven thirty, and the room had over two hundred students, parents, and teachers already in their seats. My crowd mixed in with their friends and quickly took their seats. Two old friends of mine from my high school days, Jimmy Walker and Aaron James, stood in front of the seats talking to each other. Jimmy Walker was the drama coach. He turned to the crowd and called the meeting to order just as the doors opened once again.
    Everyone turned to see who had come in. Bubba and Biff, two of the biggest bullies the school had seen in many years stomped down the isle. Neither lump could be described as a boy. They both stood six feet tall. They were one huge torso from their broad, stooping shoulders to their stumpy little legs showing underneath their long tee shirts. Each lump weighed over two hundred and seventy pounds. They had their hair died orange and red and green with six to eight inch spikes sticking up at weird angles. Their faces had more metal in them than most new cars today. Biff had a sixteen penny nail hanging from his right ear lobe with other nails through his eyebrows. His lips were pierced as was his nose. Bubba had his own metal adornments, his tongue piercing getting my attention as he opened his mouth, "This here the fag's meetin?"
    No one spoke. Ronnie Wieldman aka Bubba, hung his head. Clarence Hooker, aka Biff, put his arm around his friend. "We're not here for no trouble. We're…me and Bubba…" Tears appeared in his eyes. I was in an isle seat about three rows behind where they stood. I got up and walked to them. I shook their hands and pulled them back to a pair of empty seats. Jimmy began again as he welcomed everyone to this planning meeting. He introduced Aaron James, an English teacher who laid out the basic plans of a student led gay, lesbian, transgender, bi-sexual and straight support group. He explained that the school doesn't want to appear to be supporting any one group over another. This group was going to be for anyone who felt threatened or intimidated by the system and those in it. An uneasy chuckle rolled through the room.
    Turner stood up first and made us all proud with his gift of oratory. He was a clear, distinct speaker who made himself heard without shouting. He laid out his ideas. He had many posters and charts that he had made up with data he had downloaded from the web. He had been to the University and their gay alliance club. He presented his ideas for a safe place within the school where kids could meet and talk. He advocated a place where students afraid of their home life could come and seek counsel. He encouraged the parents and teachers to become part of this organization and to plan on being available at all hours to assist a kid in trouble or one that just had questions. His program was so well prepared that everybody in attendance was impressed. Then he told his story.
    Tyler came to his side and stood quietly as Turner told of the horror of seeing his big brother cast out of his home. He told how he was left alone, with no one to turn to and no one to care. He told of his hopelessness as his parents died in grief for what they had done and how he had no emotion for either of them as he only mourned the loss of his brother. Tyler then told his story of trying to come to grips with homosexuality in a home and a school totally against such deviant behavior. He told of his anguish as he tried to talk with those who were supposed to love him and support him. Only to be rejected and ejected by them. He told of his life on the streets and how he made his decision to run away and his salvation in the form of an old pedophile that used him as his sexual play thing until he got too old and again was cast away.
    Jerry stood up and told abut living in the home of a religious zealot who found all correction in the Bible. If the Word didn't do it he literally used the Bible to beat some sense into his son. Tim told about being abused by his own father and the sickness associated with that. A girl told about being used by her mother and sold as a prostitute at ten years of age. Cory told his story of the son of a crack whore mother and being used by men to earn money to buy food and a warm place to sleep for him and his mother.
    I looked about the room. There was not a dry eye in the house.Even Bubba and Biff were in tears. Biff stood up. "Bubba and I are all we got. We get so much shit at home, we come give it to you dudes. We try to hide our fagishness by beating up other fags," with tears in his eyes he continued. "We're sorry, dudes. We got no place to go now. Bubba's ole man shoved a ball bat up his ass tonight and threw us out. I been living there cause my old lady is always drunk and don't even buy food no more. Yeah, we're fags. We been doin each other five years. We sorry what we did to you guys and we wanna try to be better." Several boys called out a welcome, those nearby hugged both of them.
    I asked Bubba about the ball bat. He told me he was still bleeding pretty bad, but he thought he'd be okay by morning. I looked at his seat, there was blood in it. I called for an ambulance. Bobby Feldman was there. He told Biff and Bubba that they could come and live with him and Ryan. There was a one bedroom guest house in back of Ryan and Cindy's house that they could live in. I learned that Cindy had left Ryan and so Bobby was moving in with his cousin to take up where they had left off eight years and two kids before.
               (Editor's note: Confused yet? These characters are out of my past. Their story can be read in Blues)
    Bubba had to be stitched up and his old man went to prison. The boys moved into the guest house as Bobby and Ryan rearranged their lives to try to be good daddies to Bobby's son. Trish had not survived child birth so he had raised the, now eight year old, boy with the aid of his doting and proud parents. Bobby's folks were going to the middle east to work with the state department, leaving Jules with his two dad's. Cindy took her two kids with her and no one knew what was going to happen there.
    I learned that all of the boys from the old Blue Ball Club were still in town. I guess they renamed it the Blues Club. Most of the boys were together as couples with Ryan being the last hold out with a marriage. Randy Koch was still overseas with the Air Force, he was a major and flying an F16 in Iraq. Randy was the friend that had introduced me to Charley and started me on my life to degeneracy. The rest of the Blues Club gang had voiced their support for this club of Turner's and would provide all of the funding needed as their way of giving back to the school that they had all attended.
    All in all it was a most exhilarating meeting and very productive. I asked that all of the Blues Club members come to a party Friday night at the house. They agreed. I wanted my boys to see what they had done with their lives and what the future might hold for some of us.

    Friday night was the biggest gay bash I ever hosted. I had my twelve young horn toads and several of their most trusted friends from school. All of the men from the Blues Club showed up, the exception being Randy Koch who was in the service. Jeremy Combs missed Randy as his family had been the ones to take Jer in after his dad killed himself.
    All together I had thirty horny hard dicks looking for whomever would service them. No one had a problem with age as many of the boys' guests wanted to get it on with us old men from the Blues Club era. Bull and his fifteen year old boyfriend passed around the room. This was the first time I had the opportunity to ravage Bull's little cutey. He approached me as soon as they arrived and offered his ass for my pleasure. Of course I had to start with the cream being the oral slut that I am. He had a great time as Cory came over and taught him the joy of deep throating. My little basement games room was put to the most use it had seen since Charley's last party some three years before. I missed that old man. I looked around the room and could imagine him walking around, groping one boy after another. I would sit up with him and nurse his heartburn after drinking down fifty or more loads of fresh hot boi milk. What a life.

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