Chapter 158


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cory would not be back for another day and I missed him. I had spent the night with two very sweet BBCs, but I missed my well spring. I was into my third cup of Monday morning coffee as I listened to a pair of happy youngsters telling their friends of our night together. They kept looking at me as another pair held hands and giggled like teenage boys in lust. I was anxious to meet those two boys, not for their bodies, but to learn more of a story that I had been told that had nagged at me all night long.
    The boys were in a festive mood, it was spring break and a new holiday for the boys from BAF. All of my kids were sitting about the room happily talking amongst themselves. Well all except my baby and wife, Cory's wife and son, and Brad and Jay. I would need those two boys for our concert.
    Yes, I had already received the call from the office of the President of France. He was going to provide a private train to take all of the boys, their equipment and clothes, to Paris. He had a house for us to stay in that was near the Avenue des Champs Élysées and a short walk to the Académie Nationale de Musique — Théâtre de l'Opéra.
    I asked for the boys' attention then announced that we would perform, as a group, before an audience of two thousand persons, to include the President and most of the nation's governmental heads. A loud cheer went up around the room as the boys quickly got together to work out their small chorales. I sat back and listened and smiled, I love happy boys and when they are naked and happy some of my favorite body parts get happy too.
    I know that a few readers have written too me to tell me that I am a sick old fag to want so many young and hungs running naked around me all of the time. One thing that I told Charley that I wanted when we first set up house together was to have a home equipped with naked hot and cold running boys.
    I get a cheap thrill as I see every kind of boi body imaginable. We have had the little fat boy, the nail biter, the nose picker, and the pizza faced boys come to us, but within a very short time they begin to shape up and turn in to sweet boi meat. The family does not sit still and any boy coming in to the family quickly gets up off of his ass and runs about with the rest of us. All this activity lets me see young cocks at every state and stage every day.
    I have more really young boys than I would like to have, but their little goods move about the same way as their older counter parts. I see cocks completely withdraw into a boy's body or extend to gigantic proportions, and not from sexual excitement, but because that is the way the male body works. Erections occur in a healthy male several times through the day and night, it is the body's way of cleaning out the cavernosus—the two spongy cavities along each side of the penis. This body part fills with blood to achieve erection and sometimes the blood doesn't drain completely, this could cause problems for the body so God designed that an involuntary erection should occur at irregular intervals to clean those fleshy sacks.
    Another body part that is fun to watch is the testes within their scrotum. These little batter makers suck up tight to the body for warmth or drop away to cool down. In my family we have every conceivable size from tiny raisinettes to medium sized hen's eggs. Most of the boys are fourteen to fifteen years of age and their sperm factories are growing from the size of large grapes to large walnuts.
    The boys rest or recreate, sit or play, lay or walk, or just lounge about in front of a video game or TV show. Their nuggets are constantly on the move. Most people would never be in the position to witness these things without being called a perv by the boy being watched, but my kids know that I perv on their bodies and they like to show off for me. My favorite passion is watching the boys in motion as their goods flop up and down, side to side, or any combination of movements. Everyone should have the show that I get daily.

    When seats came available to each side of me they were quickly filled, Bert and Arne to one side and the two boys that they had told me of to the other. I was very pleased to meet Jordy and Léon, but they were more anxious to go upstairs with me than to sit and talk. I looked across the room at two boys with long faces, Oscar and Hank, I will talk with them later and see if they know how to tell if I love them yet.
    Neither of the two boys sitting to either side of me had ever been with anyone that had a cock greater than six and a half to seven inches in length until the family and I had appeared at the school. They had made it a point to spend time with each of the boys with extra endowments and had conquered each of them.
    The family told them that they needed to sleep with four people before we went home and they had suggested an order to follow. They had told them that RD was my blood son and was learning all about the art of loving a boy from me. They told them that Chrisy was a master boy lover that would make them turn to jelly and beg to become his slave for life. Cory was an absolute must fuck, as my lover he knew everything that I knew and he could make any boy happy, gay or straight.
    They had been told that I was the master and that once in bed with me they would forever compare every fuck they ever got with mine. I don't like all of that, I have tried to tell the boys to tone that down many times, even the boys from BAW that have never been with me know the story and want me to be with them. The kind of things that were being said about me made me out to be more than I am. All I have ever done is to serve myself and make use of a young body and all of the juicy moments that it can give to me.
    The worst part of what these boys had heard had come from Bert and Benoît who I had spent a couple of hours with when I had come to the school in October. Okay, so I love to love boys and I do my utmost to make them know their own bodies as never before. If I can't make a boy feel that he is loved and important to me then I have failed and have only succeeded in molesting him.
    I had two boys sitting next to me that couldn't care less about my thoughts on these matters, they wanted the biggest cock they had ever seen in their asses and they were not willing to wait. Kyle is longer than I am and Jeff is much thicker, they told me that they were fun to fuck, but they were here to learn what love felt like. I had my work cut out for me if I was going to live up to the reputation that was in circulation.
    Oh well, I never could say no to a hard dicked boy. I had heard most of the story that these two had to tell me from their traveling companions so I let them get right down to the object of their fascination as quickly as they wanted.

    Two hours later I had Jordy and Léon cooing like doves as they snuggled up to me and told me that they wanted to go wherever I go. I do wish that I could take every boy in the building home to Tucson, but that would be a near impossibility. Oh I could do it, and with blessings, but I can not house them nor care for them in the way that their little gay minds wanted to cared for. As much as it pains me to say it, I had to fuck them and forget them.
    I had two pieces of information that I wanted from the boys and I took my time as I learned everything. Jordy Dyson's mother was dying and had been told that a very expensive operation could save her life. In desperation his father went out and tried to rob a payroll shipment. A guard was killed and he has been sent to prison for life.
    Before he went to trial the surgeon was exposed as a fraud, a con-artist that preyed on the sick and elderly all over the world. Mr. Dyson had killed for no reason. The day before his trial began Mrs. Dyson passed away, Jordy was sent to live with his mother's mother in Paris where she put the boy into the school operated by her local parish.
    Jordy had been twelve at the time and quickly caught the eye of the head master who forced the boys in the school to penitence on their knees as they waited before him naked. When they would lean forward and suck his cock they were allowed to leave and those boys that bent over his desk for him to use received special favors and the highest marks. I felt that that was a misuse of power and authority.
    "Boys, I want to talk to both of you about something very personal and I would like it if you answer me in complete honesty. If you want to talk to me by yourself I will understand, but I am going to talk to you about your sexuality and how you really see yourselves." The boys wanted to stay together, they told me that the had nothing to hide, we'll see.
    "The first thing that I must establish is whether you are actually gay or just being young teenagers full of hormones." I let them move about as they wished as I asked the most personal questions that I could think of. I had to know the truth of their lives.
    You already know about Mr. Dyson and how Jordy came to be in Paris and at the school, what you don't know is what I had to find out. Jordy knew he was sexually attracted to boys for three years. At age eleven he found his best friend watching two older boys having oral sex in a public park. He crawled into the bushes where his friend was watching and the two of them took in everything that they could see.
    Later the two boys talked about what they had seen and ended up naked in and in a sixty nine position in no time at all. The friend had an older brother that they could talk to and they asked him about what they had began to do to each other every day. The brother offered to let the two little one suck his cock so they would know why the older boys had enjoyed it so much. The friend decided that he didn't like doing it and he could not stand the taste, but Jordy made friends with the brother and sucked his dick until the time that his father went to jail.
    The brother introduced Jordy to anal sex when he was twelve and Jordy found something that he enjoyed more than eating. Then he had to go away to live with his grandmother and knew that he would miss his friend's brother. I looked into the sky blue eyes of the rosy cheeked youngster and asked him, quite pointedly, about the priest at the school.
    The evening that Jordy arrived at his grandmother's house she took him to see the school master. He bid her a good evening and took Jordy to his study with the promise to see him home after they had time to get to know one another. I almost wanted to let out a sigh of relief because I could see the direction that the story was taking.
    To summerize, the priest made Jordy strip naked and show off his body. The priest sat on a chair as the boy let him examine every part of him. When Jordy bent over the priest told him that he could tell that he had been used by the devil. Jordy didn't know about all of that, but he enjoyed feeling the man's fingers in his bum.
    Jordy was forced to bend over the man's desk as he exorcized the demons from him. Jordy did not want to let the man have sex on his body, but he was too small to fight him away. He was whipped with a belt and made to kneel for hours and hours before he relented to suck the priest's small cock. Both boys quickly assured me that the man's dick is smaller than almost any of the younger boys in my school.
    Jordy was given a choice, he could swallow the man's load and stay on his knees to do it again later or he could bend over the desk and take the lord's work to heal his sick body. Jordy was hungry and frightened, he bent over. That began a precedent that lasted for almost two years.
    Jordy met Léon in a park near their home and knew that he went to his school. He learned from the other boys that Léon loved to suck cock so he made friends with him. From there you know the story that Bert told us in the last chapter. I had the information that I needed about Jordy and turned to Léon, but the boys needed a love break and I sat back and watched them. They are in deep love with each other.
    Léon Emery doesn't have a past. Athos has put every bird dog on the continent out to sniff around and what I knew I was not about to share with the boy. Léon only knows the school and growing up there, he says that he thinks that someone left him on the doorstep when he was a baby, he has never known any kind of love except what the priests and deacons gave him.
    He told me that the nuns were cold to him and treated him different than most of the other children in the orphanage. He told me that he can remember being in the third grade when a nun washed his bottom for him after his first time with the headmaster. He said that was the only gentle touch that he can ever remember receiving.
    Not all priests are gay. Not all priests molest children. All priests are human beings with human needs and human frailties. Their teaching precludes marriage, but Paul tells us in the Bible that it is better for a man to marry than to burn. Sexual pressure does burn and a person's body, male or female, seeks release.
    A young novice entered the convent and caught the eye of her father confessor. As wrong as that seems it is better, in a way, than molesting children. The priest fathered her child, Léon. The novice gave the baby her family name, which she gave up when she took her vows, and placed the baby in the school's orphanage to grow up.
    Athos learned this story when the priest lay dying and confessed himself to a person that couldn't keep his vows of privileged information. DNA tests have confirmed the story and the mother's identity. Léon's mother is still at the school, but her secret will be kept from the boy and his whereabouts will be kept from her.
    I asked Léon about his life now, "You are free of those people and you do not have to have sex with anybody unless you want to. You might like to meet a few girls and find out if you could love them more than you do boys."
    "Hold on here, I am not leaving for no girl. I may be a Frenchman, but I love the French boys. Okay so Jordy ain't no Frenchie, but I do love him and I want to have sex with him anytime that he will let me."
    I had to be sure that the boys were gay, sometimes boys seek pleasure where they can find it, but that was not the purpose of my time with these two. I wanted to learn if they had been molested and turned to boy sex by their abusers or if they were actually homosexual.
    I had also learned that the two boys had a large amount of money. I explained to them that I was not afraid of anyone stealing the money from them, but that they would be better off if they would put the money into the bank and draw interest on it for a few years.
    They were both fearful, but I held them so that I could see both of them and told them that I did not need to know where the money came from, that would be between them and God. My only desire was to see the money safe where it could work for them. The two boys are not victims of the slavers and the money that I had provided for each of those boys had not been assigned to these two. I needed to work out a plan to put aside money for all of the students in all of my schools. With well over two hundred billion dollars in banks around Europe I was sure that I could find funds for everyone of the boys.

    I hustled my two guests through a shower as I told them that we had a birthday party to attend. I heard beautiful piano music coming from downstairs so I leaned over the banister expecting to see one of the boys at the keys of the grand piano that sits between the twin staircases to the upper floors. It was a boy, but not one of mine. I just melted to the floor as I listened to the most beautiful strains that Mozart ever wrote. Playing the piece was seven year old Bart Miller. I had no idea that the boy is a prodigy, his fathers have never said anything to me about it. As I thought about it I didn't remember there being a piano in their house.
    Bart finished his piece then closed the piano and hopped down from the bench then ran toward the stairs. I quickly rose and went on into the old ballroom, I will talk with the little fellow later, but for now we had to get into the party. It happened that we had four boys that had birthdays that day so I started with the youngest first. My tiny Mustard seed was nine years old and was feeling quite grown up. He is still the youngest member of the family, but now he was nine, like his best friend Hamal.
    I remember how much a number meant to me when I was young and I try to treat all of the boys as if he were grown up beyond what the calendar says, within reason. Kardal had himself a cummy party the night before, but he needed a cake and a few toys. I had to keep the toy part down for two reasons, we had other youngsters with us that had no toys to play with and we had to fly home, weight is a big part of our problem when flying. Boys don't weigh as much as grown ups and freight is heavier than either, but too many toys would take valuable space from the other boys that had their souvenirs to take home.
    I let the party run for a half an hour before I saw that the novelty was waning from Kardal's face. I took him to my lap and whispered to him for a little bit then he turned to tell all of the sperm makers present to get their hands together for another birthday boy.
    We had another party for José Sanchez who was now twelve. We had more balloons and more punch, but this time we had a large cake, or twelve. Edmund had worked up his magic and the French cooks knew some tricks so the cakes became lunch, no sugar and lots of whole grains and fruits were baked into them. Boys will go with sweets anytime over food so we had to plan very carefully.

    I pulled Bart to my lap and tickled his ribs and kissed his nose, he giggled and curled up like a little boy. "Would you like to play the piano for all of us Friday night?" His head began to bobble up and down.
    "Can Britt and me play together?"
    "Is he as good as you are?" Again the bobble head as he told me that they like to play, but they never had two pianos to play on until they came on the trip with us, they have been playing on dual keyboards when the older boys would let them. I asked him where he played the piano at home.
    "We don't got no piano at home so me and Britt play the one at school when we get too." That will be corrected. I put the boy down with a swat at his tiny butt that would fit the palm of my hand twice then reached for my phone. I called all of the Blues club members and told them that their sons would take part in a concert in Paris on Friday evening and asked them to join us. Andy was flying over in FI-1 and would have plenty of room for the seven of them plus Kenneth Thomas. Next I called my wife.

    I heard some discussion going on about our guests attending a bad school; the students from Deutschland had asked for their name to become Bradford Academy Deutschland—BAD. That didn't work for me until Cullen had told me that bad is the German word for bath. I don't know about calling the school a bath, a Deutsche castle keep is most often referred to as a Burg, but the boys wanted a name that would identify their location such as BAF identified the school in Nice.
    All of the European boys have great respect for King Cullen, my family respects the queeing, but only because of who he has shown himself to be, not because of his title. Cullen put an end to the teasing when he told them that bad means bath and if they didn't calm down then he would order the whole lot of them to take a `bain en huile de ebullition—bath in boiling oil.' The room grew silent in an instant, I think that some of the boys thought that Cullen was sincere.
    I was thinking about a smaller castle on an island about a half a mile down the river from BAD, that will be used as an annex until I can decide what I should do with it. Island castles on the Rhine have a problem with flooding during the spring thaws so that would not be useful as a school and I had not taken the time to tour it on this trip.
    We had the rest of the day before two of our BAF boys would celebrate their sixteenth birthdays after dinner. I teetered between being upset and elated. No one had taken the tiny trio shopping, the three boys are not hard to control, although they do have an abundance of energy to run off. Jules had seen to the desires of his little brothers, Britt and Bart. With the aid of Gary Byrd and James Walker those boys had everything that they could find to buy.
    Roddy and Dane had RD under their control and he had dragged Cameron along to help him with the all of the shopping for the younger guys. I decided that it was my responsibility to take Kardal, Khalid, and Hamal out for an afternoon.
    Kardal had informed me that he was now nine years old and he needed a few grown up items for his boutique. I laughed as I wondered what he had in mind, but I was shocked when the boy grabbed my hand and pulled me inside a sex shop. Call me old fashioned, or even a prude, but such shops are not the place for children to habit. I know that laws vary around the world, but I believe that the American standard of sex shops being illegal for anyone under eighteen has a place in a decent society.
    Okay, so there I go again. I have a house full of queers that suck and fuck any and every boy in the house at every opportunity. It is done openly and without regard to whom may be near or the ages of anyone near. There are raucous videos of full contact gay sex playing throughout the house and every type of sex toy ever invented can be found laying about in plain view.
    More than once I have walked in a room to find a group of boys with a toy of some sort and they like to use them on each other. Somewhere a twenty four inch long by six inch around, double headed rubber cock has been procured. The first time I saw that two of the fifteen year olds had fully impaled themselves on it. They had gotten so close together that one boy was sucking both of their dicks, at the same time while he was getting fucked by his boyfriend. The two that were tied together were both being fed the large cocks of two of the Tucson Six while they were also enjoying anal penetration by other members of the family. All of this was being witnessed by an audience that included the very youngest of my family members.
    Sorry, I strayed again. It was a hot scene, but not one for the eyes of prepubescents. That went through my head as Kardal held up a semi-rigid dildo of ten inches in length, it was ribbed and it had a vibrator built in with a head that wiggled in four directions. It might be fun to play with, for an older boy, but Kardal wanted it for himself.
    I heard a childish squeal and looked across the room to see someone that I did not want to see so I stepped to the side to hide myself when suddenly a reason to be seen became obvious.
    "Chreeeess, my little friiieeend. How are you? You look just as beeeuuutiful as you deeed the last time that I seee you tweeeenty years before now. And you haf such beeeuuutiful boyzzz weeth you. I luf such leeetle boyzzzz, you must come and let us play together…"
    "My name is not Chris…," RD started to say. I stepped between the man and RD.
    "You will live longer if you never address my son again. If you see either of these two you will move that tub of lard ass of yours away as fast as you can in any other direction or I will feed you your own nuts, raw and bloody."
    The man did a double take, he had not seen me, but mistook RD for me. "Deees eeees your son, you saaaaay. Heee eeeees looking like you so much. And you saaaaay dat dere eeeees another son?" Roddy ran behind me and held onto my leg.
    "Yes, this little one is my son, my wife is home with their baby brother and we are expecting a fourth son in September." I have no idea why I was telling him that, I guess I just like to brag. I remember the fat man from my first party that I attended when Charley took me to New York for a weekend. The man likes to slobber on children, he likes to be slobbered on by children even more.
    He was not as fat then as now, but I could not bring myself to suck on his pudgy toes and flabby tits. He found other boys to do that for him as he let his own drool run down my crotch, he loved to suck my cock. I suppose it wasn't all bad, he left a check for me with Charley, it was for twenty five thousand dollars. I tore it, but Charley stopped me and taped the small tear together then took me to a bank to deposit it.
    I was feeling ill and was moving away as I hustled my boys along in front of me. Cameron had helped Kardal make his purchase and was moving through the outer door when I heard something that made me look back. I nearly broke RD's shoulder blade with my tight grip, he grabbed my hand and got me out of the store.
    "RD, I am sorry to ask this of you, I hate that man and all that he stands for but…"
    "I saw it, dad. What do you want me to do?"
    "Go find out where he lives and let him believe that you might visit him later."
    Just the sight of a dog leash sends chills throughout my being, but when a boy of no more than eleven or twelve years of age held up a spiked dog collar and a chain before the man I saw red. Then I saw the large medallion under his robes, I honestly believe that had my boys not been with me that I would have killed the SOB, right there, I might yet. I had not seen the medallion when I was up close, but I let RD think that it was the boy with the dog collar and leash that upset me.

    Aimé Caïn lives in a virtual palace of his own in an established part of the old city of Nice. I have checked and no one knows the man's true name, aimée means much loved. All records that I could find showed the sixty year old fat man with that name. I believe that his last name has to be his birth name, nobody would name himself as a treacherous person. The name may be a form of the Biblical name of Cain, but records indicate it as being hundreds of years old and the home where he lived had been in the Caïn family for four hundred years.
    I did not want to face the man, but if what I suspected was so he needed to face me. I used an unlikely ally, the cop that had brought Oscar from his jail cell to me had molested my boy and I let him know that I knew it. I had deep feelings against the young cop because he had used his position of authority in an improper manner, but Oscar assured me that he did not mind the attention.
    The cop is young and looks several years younger. He fondled Oscar several times then when he put him in the cell he told the boy that he needed to strip search him. I had to work it out of Oscar that the man began by speaking in French, but when he realized that the boy was an American he spoke English. That should have been the idiot's first clue as to the innocense of Oscar, but then maybe he thought that an American felt that he could get away with molesting the young ladies of France.
    Whatever his thinking he did his own molesting as he shoved two fingers up Oscar's ass then sucked his cock, afterwards he told the boy to show him what he had learned and he might go free. Oscar knew that I would be charging in at any moment, but he went ahead and gave the cop what he wanted, he told me that for a cop the guy was a nice trick. Oscar has spent too much time on the streets.

    My young cop friend dressed himself like my slave. Those of you that have read this story from the beginning know that I am entirely opposed to bondage, even light role play. I had crossed over that line once with my young British friends when we dressed up then took a tour of Manchester's Gay Village. I also had had one couple in that game sometime back and it seriously bothered me, but when Isaac was killed at the waterfalls Edgar ended that part of his life. Edgar has been a needy boy and was willing to accept anything to feel accepted. I believe that he was not a willing participant, but a submissive victim.
    Bryan had played a mild game of master and slave as he brought Ricky Johnson to grips with reality and that worked well, but I cringed each time I saw Ricky being led about on a chain. If anyone had a right to do that it was Bryan, he knows the humiliation of that treatment, but he did it for a good reason. Ricky is now a very well loved part of our family.
    I dressed casually, but authoritatively. my toy boy was dressed in tight blue jeans, and a tight tee shirt; he wore a leather collar and spiked his hair. When we were admitted to Aimé's home by a near naked youth of about eighteen he fell behind me and kept his head down, never looking directly at me.
    That seemed to please Aimé as we were led into his presence. He sat naked on a divan and was surrounded by six small naked boys crawling over his body licking at his burgeoning breasts and pudgy toes. He is so fat that I was reminded of Jabba the Hutt from the Star Wars movies. I did everything I knew to do to keep my lunch inside my stomach, but the piece of filth had more for me to see. I am not here to tell you of his perversions, but I want you to have a vague idea of what I had to endure.
    "Chreeeees, you came to seeeee meeeee, preeeeeety boy. You haf a preeeeeety boy wif you tooooooo. Heeeee is sweeeeet to seeeeeee and I would like to luff heeeeeeem, if I can." I guess the cop liked what he saw, or something, he opened his jeans and let a nine inch cock loose as he stepped up to the divan where the blob lounged.
    I took the time to look about the room, there were numerous pictures of the person when he had been much younger and a regular at Fire Island. I had to take a second look at a picture of a skinny and sexy young Aimé wearing his tiara and a banner across his cut body proclaiming him Mr Meatrack of 1972.
    There were several pictures of him at various events around the infamous Invasion of the Pines events that were taken over about a fifteen year period, two showed him as the queen in different drag-queen parades on the island. I never went to Fire Island, the people there are too old for me, I like 'em young and hung.
    I continued to look around the room and I saw toys that I could not take. I really wanted to tear them from the walls and shove them someplace not so nice, but I had not learned what I wanted to know. The small boy that had held up the spiked collar in the store came in with it on his neck. He ran to Aimé's divan and hooked a dog leash clip to the collar then sat down on the floor. One of the other boy's said something to him and he knelt in place and spread his cheeks so that the other boys could see his ass hole.
    All of the boys were nodding at each other and commenting when my young cop suddenly backed away and turned his back on the creature that was begging for him to return his cock to his mouth. I looked at my companion and saw that he was crying.
    "Aimé, I came to see you so that I could learn something. When I saw you in that shop you were wearing a crest on a chain around your neck. I believe that it was the ancient symbol of the order of the dragon. Are you a member?" I was beginning to shake.
    "Oh yesssss, my dear, dear freeeend, Pablo Sadduci, introduced meeeeeee to a count that leeeeeeves in Transylvania. He eeeees a member who eeeees now the emperor and wears the beeeuteeeful eeembleem of that honor. I visited heeeeees castle several years before and heeee made meeeee to go to the ritual to beeeeeeeeee an member, I train deeeeeeeeeeeees boooyyyyzz to be meeeembers then sent theeeem to heeeeem."
    I was looking for a place to sit down before I fell down. I had to change the direction of the conversation before he told me about the ritual. "Do you send him many boys?"
    "Oh yesssss, my dear boy, heeee likes for deeeees boys to beeeee good to a man and I make them beeeeee veeerrryyy goood."
    "Where do you find these cute little boys?"
    "Dey are all aroundddd if you know where toooo look for deem."
    "You have boys to send to him now?"
    "I doooo, I seeeeend them to a frieeeeend in Moscow now, heeeeee likes leeeettle ones like deeeeeees."
    Suddenly I was deafened and watched as if in slow motion a stream of blood ran out of a hole in the man's forehead. I turned to the cop with a smoking gun in his hand, "He sent my twin brothers to Moscow, wake him up, I will kill him again." His eyes focused on me and he brought the gun up, I was reaching for my own gun when he fired again, into his own face.

    My emergency beacon works in Europe as well as America, within moments of pressing the button I heard pounding at the outside door. The room was filled with uniformed police officers and soldiers from the French Army as I held six frightened boys in a far corner of the room. The voice of Athos filled my head before I realized that he was talking through my ear bud. I touched the small microphone on my shirt collar and told him that I was alright, but I needed someone to be with six scared kids.
    I stepped outside and found a police car with its motor running and the driver's door standing open, I got in and drove away. I used the klaxon and flashing lights until I was close to BAF before shutting them off. I rolled up to the front steps and parked the car. Dane and Roddy were sucking face behind one of the columns and Roddy looked at me then turned to say something to Dane. I did not wait to hear what he said, I wanted to go hide.
    I started up the stairs to my room when a man stepped up to my side and took my hand. I heard his little feet padding on the marble steps and looked down to see the smiling face of my young son. When we reached my suite of rooms he left me and ran ahead to open my bedroom door. I walked straight to my bed and sat down on the edge in total silence.
    Moments later Rodney knelt before me and removed my shoes and socks. He stood to remove my shirt then opened my pants. He pulled at my arm to stand me up then slid my pants to the floor and helped me to step out of them before he led me to the bathroom where the hot tub was filling. RD came up behind me and helped to stabilize me as I stepped into the hot water.
    Both boys took up a spot to my sides and said nothing as they just hugged me, Rodney had a wash cloth and washed my face and neck. My private bath became a public meeting place as Edmund brought in a cup of hot soup and a tall glass of milk, behind him stood Athos.
    "Laddie, you're gonna be okay. You let your lads take care of ye and forget wha 'appened. I 'ad a man take the car back over there so you just rest a wee bit."
    Roddy called Edmund before he could get away, "Edmund, daddy's shirt is on the floor, it is all covered in blood." That shocked me, I had not looked in a mirror. I should never have come around my boys looking like that.
    "Thank you, young sir, I will take care of it," he stepped out of the room.
    "Lads, your dad don't do nothing bad, he were there when bad men did bad things so don't you worry your little 'eads none."
    "Athos, those boys…"
    "Doon ya worry yer head neither, Chris lad, they is all downstairs and Edmund told me that he would feed them and put them to a bedroom."
    "All six?"
    "We found twenty five boys 'bout the house. They're all in the kitchens."
    "Athos, find those twins!!!" He left us and closed the door behind himself. Rodney jumped out of the water and padded his tiny feet on the floor as he ran over and locked us in.
    "Boys, I won't go into this except to say that a very bad man was killed before me and I feared for my own life as the gunman raised his gun in my direction."
    "Did you kill him, daddy?" Roddy was sitting in my lap so that he could face me.
    "No, darling. He shot himself. Let's not talk about it anymore, okay?"
    After a long soak I began to come back to myself and looked at my sweet sons. They were not about to leave me so I had to give them an incentive. "It should be time for the birthday party, we better get a move on." Both boys waited until I stepped from the water, but I told them to go ahead because I wanted to take a shower before going downstairs. I followed them to the door of bedroom and locked it behind them, but they did not return.

    I found Dr. Saltzman to inquire about the new boys. He had only done a quick evaluation, but he felt that they were in good health. I suggested that they might feel better if they would join the students for the birthday party and he agreed with me.
    I have been very bad for the business that people like Aimé were in. He could not find anyone to take the boys, that were in his house, away. Aimé had a penchant for small boys, but they had to have the equipment of an older boy to give him his thrills. The smallest of the boys was weeks shy of turning fourteen and the oldest boy in the house was fifteen. Aimé shaved the boys and had their skin smoothed, their hair was cut to make them look younger than they were as their training commenced.
    All of the boys were runaways and had come from all over the continent. I learned that most of them were coming to Nice because the word was out about the school, Aimé claimed to be part of the school. I had enough and I wanted to go home to crawl into the cavern under the school and never associate with anyone outside of my family, ever again.

    I watched the boys party, but I was troubled and could not bring myself to participate. I needed Cory badly, I had no one that I could cry with, even Andy was not around me. I thought long and hard about what I should do next. As the party died down I had my decision, right or wrong. This was going to be a major turning point for all that I hold near and dear, but I am not the boss and wanted to hear what the boys wanted out of life.
    I asked for quiet and looked around at the sea of bright faces that I love very dearly. I wasn't sure that it could be done, but all of the boys from BAW, BAF, as well the students and staff from the school in Germany were sitting in the ballroom. I wanted each of them to have a chance to speak their minds as well.
    "I own, outright, six schools around the world and am partners in another in New York," I began. "One of those schools you may not attend as it is for girls only. If any of you want to undergo a surgical procedure to change yourself into a girl you may be well enough to attend that school in another year or two. For the meantime I am going to let you decide, as individuals, what you think is the best of the other schools for you.
    "More than two hundred of you live in my house or in the dormitory of the school known as Bradford Academy West which is located in Tucson, Arizona. Almost two hundred of you attend this school, Bradford Academy Franççais, and sixty of you are attending the new BAD school in Deutschland. I have the property for a school in Greece that will be called BAE, and I have acquired property for a school in the south of England, BAB.
    "I am going to shut up and go away for the rest of the day as each one of you thinks it over and decides for yourself what you feel will be the best place for you to live and attend school. There is only one group here that may have a problem, some of you have been sent to me by the state of Arizona and it will be difficult, but not impossible, for you to leave my school there.
    "Don't come to me to ask for my help in your decision, I am selfish and want you with me, but that is not the best thing for you. After breakfast tomorrow we will get together once more for your decision." I turned and walked away.

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