Chapter 150


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    There are some sweet romances going on in my family and I wasn't quite sure about how to assign bed space to those involved. Sixteen of my core family members were now bed buddies with others that had recently joined our household. I do not want to split them up, but the number of boys that would remain in the house was still at one hundred and two, plus Cory and me of course.
    I will not let the older men move into the dorm, they deserve their peace. Edmund wanted to remain as the cook in my house and I welcome him. Cas and Tyler are settled in their bungalow and I don't even want to give a second of my thoughts to the horror of moving all of Ģer's antiques back out of his little rock top nest. I will nail Harry and Toby's door shut before I allow them to move out of their new room with a view, it took them a long time to find that room and I know how much they love it. Now if I could only get Chrisy to drag Timmy over to live in his old room, even if it means moving Johnny and Kevin into the living room.

    There were a few major decisions that I was firm on, no one under junior high school age would live in the dormitory, the dorm is for the students attending BAW, period. I was not popular with Roddy at the moment, but I am dad and he better learn that. Of course that decision also required some room shifting, but I tried to make it as painless as possible.
    Regular readers of this series know that there are six original bedrooms located to the west side of my house, three upstairs and three downstairs. I command the large bedroom to the southwest corner of the original house with Roddy and Dane sharing the room next to me.
    The bedroom at the northwest corner is home to Gus and Dezi. Those two were both in the sixth grade and eligible to move to the dorm, but Gus told me that he wants to stay at home with his family, and we want him with us for as long as we can have him.
    I was mixed about the twelve year old boys, Larry Callahan and Shin Seldon, they are both in the sixth grade and qualify for the dorm, but they are so damned small. Both boys have survived the foster home system so I have to let them stand on their own two feet.
    I wasn't in any real need of the bedroom tucked in the downstair's northwest corner so I left it as a guest room for overnight visitors that sometimes come around.
    I was not about to let Raven's boys out of my sight without the King's personal say so, I did let them move about so that they could have rooms with windows in them. Some of my family like the old dorm room under the garage and were anxious to move back down there.
    One move that I made out of pure desperation, I had to separate Hmcal and Bahir. Bahir and Jay Jay are getting along well with one another. The effects of steroids on Jay Jay have caused him to grow rapidly. He is very strong, strong enough that he was able to carry Bahir over the threshold of their new home, Jay Jay's old room overlooking the pool area. Hmcal is in solid with the second eldest son of Qasim. Siraj seems to be a sobering factor in that little hot head's life and I feel that the short distance between the dorm and granite house will help everybody's blood pressure remain level.
    I wasn't short of bed space with forty boys moving from my house and into the dorm, but I am not sure about how many of the one hundred and ten boys that are to remain in the house are going, or should go, to Europe with me.

    Thirty new boys had arrived from the state and I dispersed them amongst the boys that had been with me for the longest. I have no time to train them, but they seemed resigned to their fate and quickly assimilated into their new life, I have talked to them in groups and all of them seem to be happy to be at the school where they can just be themselves. I cautioned them that I am a stickler for grades and class participation, I told them that I would be busy for a few days, but that I would be watching them, closely. So far we have had no incidences, but then they have only been with me two weeks.
    Amongst the new boys that the state sent to me was the little man that had been with Edgar the previous autumn, the one that he was with on the night that he was arrested. I found him leaving one of the rehearsal rooms on the first floor of the dorm, he was on his way upstairs to his cubicle, I followed him as I sought out his story.
    Benny Holt is fourteen years and four months old, and well endowed for his age. He was a precocious child that had developed early and just kept on growing, his body's center was growing before my eyes and I could see that he was more than sweet. His groin was cleanly shaved, he told me that he had not been able to take care of that little matter for the past few weeks when he was in a foster home. He was watching me, closely, and leaned back in his chair to offer up a better view of himself to me.
    "Did you have help shaving your ass?" It was as hairless as his pubic area.
    "Yeah, this one kid named Nathan Burbank was watching me and he offered to help me, I did him too."
    "More than a haircut?"
    He blushed and giggled, "Well, I am here because I love to suck cock." Benny had not been accepted back home after his encounter with Edgar. His father is terminal and his mother is stressed as she tries to make her husband's final days as comfortable as she can. Benny has a twelve year old brother that looks up to him with adoration and everybody concerned thought that the best shot for the family was for Benny to be removed from the house. I determined to help him to regain his family's respect, but it was going to take a lot of work from the boy himself.
    "Benny, I hope that if nothing else comes from your being here that you will learn to take a little caution with your life. Your lust got you the attention of the local police, and you caused a boy from my family to be involved. As it worked out I was able to help Edgar through his problem, but he could have gone to prison for being with you.
    "I have a report about your activities as you have moved through the system for the last few months and you don't seem to care where you are, if there is a cock to suck you have it in your mouth. Benny, you are a very fine looking boy and you have a lot to loose if you don't wise up, and I mean right now.
    "I don't want to seem to be lecturing you, I love you and I want to try to help you be the best kind of man that you can be. If I am going to help you then you are going to have to allow me to guide you and you are going to have to follow that guidance."
    "So does that mean that I can't suck cock no more?"
    "No baby, you can suck all of the cock that you want, in the right place and at the right time. Don't suck some dude's cock while he sits on top of a concrete table at a city park smoking weed. That is a very dangerous practice.
    "Be careful who you suck, you don't want to get with someone who is sick and can give you a disease, or hurt you. There is a world full of guys with hard dicks that will let you suck them off, then they will beat the shit out of you, or kill you."
    "I got beat up before." I looked at him and he was thinking back. He moved to me and sat in my lap. I am a letch so I pulled him close to me, but situated him so that I could stare at his firm cock. "There's this guy that I sucked off a lot. He lived near the park and we would meet there late in the afternoon, when it was getting too dark to be seen.
    "The first few times I did him I sat on the toilet while he pumped my face, but then he wanted to lay back on the table with his pants open. I would get up between his legs and do him, sometimes I got his pants down far enough that I could hold his balls while I sucked his cock.
    "One night he had this other kid with him that was bigger than we were, I think that he was fifteen, but he had a big dick. They told me that I could suck both of them so I did the first kid then the bigger kid told me to get on my knees and he let his pants fall down.
    "I had never seen that much of a guy while I sucked him. At school I see guys naked, but not hard and not up that close, this dude was there and he was mine. I had more fun sucking his cock than any I had ever done. I felt of his ass and ran my hands all over it, I held his balls and I even sucked on them. He fucked my mouth with his long cock and went deeper into my throat than any cock had ever gone before. I had tears running down my face I was so happy.
    "He started to cum and he grabbed my head and pulled me close to him. He shoved all of his cock into my mouth and I couldn't breathe or nothing, I couldn't even taste his cum. He was pounding my face and hurting my nose as he just fucked his load deep into me, I was scared, but happy. Does that make sense? Nobody ever fucked my face like that, ever. I loved it, but then…
    "He backed away and hit me in the mouth, I fell back to the ground. He pulled his pants up as he kicked me in the head. He was yelling at me that I was a faggot and that I was worse than shit. He and the other boy beat me up pretty bad and got on their bikes, I never saw them again."
    "Is that the same park where you met Edgar?"
    "Yeah, I already knew him and he never hurt me. He told me that he really liked me and after I would suck him he would let me have a hit of his dope. I don't like that shit too much, but I liked him so this one time he took a big drag and held it in then he put his hand behind my head and blew the smoke into my mouth while he ran his tongue around my teeth and all."
    "You have a distant look on your face. I think that you liked that kiss, how about the smoke?"
    "The smoke made me feel all funny and I got kinda high, but I loved the kiss and so we kissed a lot. We went over to this grassy place and lay down and we kissed for the longest time. I felt his cock get hard again so I unzipped his pants and sucked him. He told me that he would suck me if I would turn around. He opened my pants up and had me lay on top of him so that we could suck each other.
    "I was late getting home that night and my mother screamed at me, but I was so happy I didn't care. After that I would ride up to that house where Eddy lives and wait for him then we would go and suck each other. I wanted to go inside his house and get in his bed, but he told me that there were a lot of other guys living there and he didn't want them to see us together."
    "There are a lot of boys here that you can get in bed with and most of them will want to spend the whole night with you."
    "I sorta like slept with Nate last night. He don't know shit about nothing, but I guess that is just because of his life. Do you know that his mother locked him out because she had a boyfriend that didn't like him? He lived on the streets, with nothing to eat and no place to sleep. I told him that I would protect him and let him sleep with me forever more."
    "You really like him, huh?"
    "He's nice, he's kind of cute, but he is so skinny. Is he sick?"
    "No, every boy here has had a complete physical. Some of them are very under nourished, but nobody has any disease of any kind." I consider that a very good piece of luck, if you believe in that stuff. These boys have had to do things to survive that is beyond my imagination and how they have stayed as healthy as they are is simply by the blessings of our Lord.

    A naked body flashed by and I yelled out, "Hey, no running." Salman came back and looked in the entry to Benny's cubicle.
    "Daddeeee!" The naked imp ran across to me and flung himself into my arms. Benny slipped aside as Salman began to kiss every part of my face. I ran my hands over his body, it had been six months since I had unlocked the chains holding the tiny boy as he rushed toward death. He still has problems from his, near, starvation, but I could feel firm muscle under his smooth skin and my heart ached with my love for the little love bundle.
    Salman had his hands in my pants as he worked at exposing my cock to the fresh air. Benny's eyes were wide open as he waited to see what would happen next. I have spent no time with Sal, sexually. The little man is such a bundle of love and I enjoy just holding him close to me and feeling his heart beat. Sal often holds my cock in his hand and he has sucked on me before, but today something felt different.
    Salman had my cock at full length and was waving it about, Benny was starring at it and the boy was actually drooling. "How do you happen to be here in the dorm, my little buddy?"
    Sal looked at me with sad eyes and told me that Ricky is an ass hole. That I don't need, I have had problems with Rick in the past and I don't want to have to deal with him now. "What has happened between you and Rick, baby bear?" Okay, so I get mushy with names when I am with such a love bundle, like just about any of my boys.
    "He is, how you say??? selfish, he only wants it for himself. I love Ricky, daddy, but I need…you know, I want him to do me too. He is good to love and he makes me happy, but I need it too." I was amazed as he raised himself and took my cock into his ass in one long push. Benny's eyes were hanging on his cheeks, they had popped out of their sockets, figuratively speaking of course.
    Sal told Benny to pull my pants off, which the boy did at once. He was on his knees between my legs as he worked the garments from my body and his face was right in Sal's groin. Like a good cock sucker he took Sal fully into his mouth as his small hand fondled my balls. He was working Sal's balls and mine together, but his hand was so small that he could not wrap his fingers around both of us. Sal was twisted around so that he could continue to kiss me as he rose and fell on me to fuck himself, Benny was having problems keeping the object of his lust engulfed. I had an idea.
    I don't want to make a habit of fucking boys in the dorm, I know nothing about the thirty new boys and I don't have the time to learn. I know their history and they are much like the first group of twenty boys that the state had sent to me. I don't think that they will have a problem seeing me having sexual relations with the other boys, but I didn't know that for sure.
    "Oh, daddy, you feel so good in me, can you love me? All of the way, can you make love to me?"
    "Maybe Benny doesn't want us to do it here, why don't we go to the house."
    "I want to…please don't go. I have never seen anyone do that. You are so big and he is so little, your cock is as big as his arm is. And I want to suck your dick, please." My lust level was at twenty six, on a scale of one to ten.
    Each cubicle area measures twenty feet by twenty feet square, a set of lockers in the middle of the area serve as a divider to allow for total privacy. The lockers are on rollers for ease in moving them, but the wheels can be locked to prevent accidental movement. Each cubicle contains four super length twin beds. Those single beds can be set beside another bed to form a king size unit. Thus giving each cubilce several options of bed sizes; four singles, two singles and a king, or two kings. Maybe a triple wide and a single or one big assed bed for four horny boys to have a party.
    At the time it was not necessary to move beds, I had a lust filled boy that had my lust filling my unthinking organ. In less time than I can say this, I was naked and had the boys on Benny's bed. Benny had told us that he had never heard of a ménage à trois, but the idea of a sixty nine with Sal intrigued him, he was even more excited when I told him that I would be fucking Sal while he sucked him.
    I don't know which boy was the happiest, but both were all over me when we came up for air. Sal was sucking my cock and Benny watched with a gauntlet of emotion on his face. "That was up your ass, dude, don't it taste like shit?"
    Sal giggled at him, but kept sucking as I filled out once more. I pulled Benny to me and began to suck his cock. Sal moved aside and offered my cock to Ben, the boy is a cock sucker and he had the largest dick that he had ever seen fully inserted in his tight throat in mere seconds. I pulled at Sal's cock and he followed to get over my head for Benny's devirginizing.
    Sal is not only cute as all get out, he is a good fucker. He was gentle with the virgin Benny as he made love to the boy and thought only of giving pleasure. I have heard Ricky talk his love talk to Sal as he tells him that he is the second greatest lover in all of the world then Ricky gives me a look and a smile.
    Under most circumstances that would create jealousy, but the boys in my house all talk that way and no one seems to be offended. I still think that it can be dangerous and as boys grow closer in their relationship with one single boy I draw back. I want my boys to develop their emotions and love is the strongest one that we possess. It should only take two for love, three, or more, creates more problems than it is worth.
    The boys are young and hormone driven so multiple encounters are exciting to them, but they have a tendency to grow up and when they reach adulthood they don't need confusion in their minds. My personal feeling is that most homosexuals, and I include myself here, have never had one close love. Queers seek sex where they can find it and call it love. I had Charley, but he was an old man, I loved him, never mistake that, I also wanted tight boy flesh to hold tight. I enjoy feeling his heartbeat against my chest as we lay together afterwards.
    That is a feeling that I don't get with a full grown man, and the older a boy is the less I feel. Charley was a childhood fascination, he was exciting and he made sure that I had what a boy needs, other boys. We nearly always slept together, the exception was when we had a party or a special friend of his that wanted my boy body for the night.
    I am beginning to feel that I am using my boys for their bodies, how do they really feel about me being with them? I have done all that I can do to keep myself young and attractive to them, but I have to be a realist, my cock is their only attraction. Benny brought that to mind.
    Benny was moaning and making the sounds of pleasure as he rode his first pony. Sal spent himself inside the boy and moved aside. Benny's cock was soft and tender after two discharges, but he was still nursing me like a starving calf. I spread his legs and let my mouth fill with the offering that Sal had left behind for me.
    Benny raised up and turned to me, "Next? I never did that, but I like it and now I want to know if what they say is true." I made him tell me who they are and what they say. "You know, about how you love a guy so much that he sees stars and is happy forever more." Now that was a tall order, but he was sincere, and Sal is no shrimp, he had enlarged the boy quite well and lubed him also.
    Benny wanted to go for the whole routine, he got on top of Sal and tasted his own ass, for the first time in his life. He told me that he tasted good, but not as good as Sal tasted. Benny is going to be a sweet member of the family.
    I still took things slow and easy. Sal has a five and three quarter inch thick cock on his skinny little body and he had spread Benny's sphincter nicely. I have a bit more than six thick inches and I was going to hurt him. There are a lot of boys in the family that have thicker cocks than I do and I am pretty sure that Benny is going to get with them as quickly as he can, I had to be careful not to turn the boy off to the greatest pleasure that one man can give another. A bad fuck in the beginning will prejudice a boy against ever attempting the act again.
    I had done one thing wrong, I had my ass pointed at the doorway of Benny's cubicle and was unaware of the audience that we had attracted until all was polished and put away. As I withdrew from Benny he turned and grabbed me, throwing me to my back and shoving his tongue down my throat.
    "Oh, thank you, thank you. That was so wonderful. I never did that and I was always scared, but I feel safe with you and Sal, you are welcome to do me anytime. Man, you can use that hot cock, Eddy is the only one that I ever sucked before that had that skin, but you have a lot more than he does." Benny is going to have a good life as he discovers the new world that he is now a part of.
    "Stand up dudes." I nearly jumped out of my skin because I had not heard Jimmy come in. I looked up and saw several smiling boys sitting on the other beds of the cubicle and standing around as well. "Sal, Benny, stand up. It is my honor and pleasure to officially make you members of the family of happy fairies with the presentation of this, the Golden Pole Pin." With that he tattooed the tiny pin into the naked groin of both boys.
    Sal had huge tears running down his face. I pulled him to me and asked him if he was hurt. "No, daddy, now I am a member of the family at last."
    I looked at him and realized that this is one thing that we had never done, I was afraid of hurting the youngster that had been so near to death for so long. I looked at the boys gathered around as they cheered and applauded with comments like, "taken like a good fag" "welcome to the family" and other sweet words of welcome to the boys.

    Andy had come to me for a loan, he thought that he had the answer for the transportation of the ladies to the coronation. Our two Lear jets were undersized and out dated, we needed new aircraft. I had been looking at the specification sheets for several business jets from several manufactures. I had settled on the Gulfstream business line, in particular the VC-20, which also has a military version. The Air Force uses this plane and it is widely accepted as being on the cutting edge for small, long range, aircraft. I found out that there was a better one for our needs.
    After a quick test flight to England and back Andy brought two sharp salesmen into see me, we purchased three new aircraft. The G550 GV-SP, or "GV-Special Performance," is powered by two advanced Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, each producing more than 15,000 pounds of thrust. The plane can fly at more than three quarters of the speed of sound while carrying eight passengers, and four crew members, over 6,750 nautical miles—the longest range available in a business jet. The G550 will fly non-stop from New York to Tokyo in 14 hours at altitudes up to 51,000 feet, high above commercial air traffic, at a per unit cost of only $36 million.

    I sat in stunned silence as I hung up the phone. Cory was in my lap with his chin resting on my shoulder, his tears ran down my back and mine ran down to drip on his body. Fawn was the youngest child of the great Chief Steve and the entire tribe would morn her passing.
    My first obligation was to my own two sons. Sure, RD barely knew Fawn, having only two brief conversations with her. Once when we attended the funeral for Mike's grandmother, then another talk with her when we had gone to pick up the girls and bring them to Tucson.
    I felt that the best thing to do would be to take the boys to their favorite eating trough, a pizza buffet. With enough pizza in him Roddy would be easier to talk too. The boy had made three or four trips through the food line then seated himself next to RD so that Cory and I could feed each other when a voice from the past spoke out, "Chris Dickson?"
    I was looking at a true man mountain, that man was HUGE, I don't know how else to state it. Let me see if a physical description can help you see him a little bit better. He still stood the same whopping five foot eight inches tall that he had grown to in school, but his new girth made him appear a bit squatty. That girth, my friends, was a full sixty six inches, that's five and a half feet. For those that are mathematically challenged that translates out to one hundred seventy and one and a half centimeters, or one and two thirds meters.
    Should a man choose to walk around this tub of lard he would need to take a lunch along with him because it would be an all day trek. A boy would need to take along a man to carry him the last part of the journey because he would tire out and not be able to make the trek in one day. I was pretty sure that the only way that he could see his pecker under his dunlop was with a mirror, or two set at angles. Well anyway, I hope you get my idea that the man was really three and a half or four persons in one pair of XXXXX large cotton pants, a whole cotton field on one massive body.
    'Slick' was wearing a tee shirt that bore a picture of some popular personage, I was not looking at the contents of the picture, but rather the size of it. The tee shirt had more material in it then all of the tee shirts in my dresser drawer combined, it hung half way down the man's thighs. The picture itself was a full twenty four inches wide and thirty inches long, I have seen bill boards along the highway that were smaller.
    Okay, I'll get on with the story, as long as you understand that this dude can't get though a normal sized door and I can't imagine what his ride might be. "Damn Chris, you are still the finest looking guy I have ever seen. Your arms and chest are bitchin' in that shirt, how do you keep so slim and tight?"
    "I push away from the table and work out often. I still run eight miles, at least once a day. and I usually eat a vegetarian diet, this pizza trip is for my boys here. I had to come here to tell them that their grandmother passed away and you have just put a smile back on their faces.
    "Oh, excuse me, this is my son Rod and my eldest son RD, my baby is at home with his mother and she has a bunn in the oven," I winked at him.
    He was looking at Cory with that look in his eye that I had seen so many times when the two of us were in high school. I turned Cory's face to mine and gave him a hot kiss. I heard a woman's voice from somewhere in the room as she condemned queers as the ruination of the nation, but that only made Cory kiss me a bit more passionately. I came up for a breath and looked back at Slick, "And this is my boyfriend, if both of us weren't married to beautiful women we would be married to each other."
    "Fuck man, that's hot. But these guys don't look alike at all, the little one is dark skinned with black hair and brown eyes, the older boy looks kinda like you did in high school, but he is a little old to be your real kid ain't he?" Leave it to old friends? to draw out the whole story.
    "Well, I can see where you might feel that way but, face it Slick, you weren't the only one that I was fucking when we were in high school. Oh yeah, I well remember how much you liked my big cock up your tight ass.
    "Do you remember Sylvia Hamm? This is our son."
    "She was a dyke, she was the only girl that ever knocked me on my ass." I had to laugh at that one. Syl was a tough little bitch and she didn't like for boys to grab her huge tits, I have seen her knock more than a few boys flat on their ass and place her foot against their balls. 'How would you like it if I walked up to you and grabbed your raisins, homo?' I could hear her voice as plain as if she was standing before me.
    "The Dyke and the Fag got it on and this sweet boy is the result of that union."
    "I'm sorry man, I just never figured you with a girl, he is a good looking boy and I know that you are proud of him." I could see and hear the sincerity of that statement in his voice and body language, but his eyes rested on Roddy.
    "Rod is my wife's son and I have adopted him. Both of his parents are full blood Cherokee Indian. His father was killed in a hunting accident almost four years ago, I married his mother two years ago and she has given me another fine son and is just a few months along with another baby for me to love."
    "Wow, you have had a great life. I thought that you would always take boys out in your car. I saw that Oldsmobile in the parking lot and I really hoped that it was yours, man do I have some great memories of some times in that car," his smile suggested deep thought on his part.
    I'm an asshole and you know it. I looked at the boys and reminded them of a story that they knew full well, but for the first time they had a face to add to that story. I had been sitting in our school's favorite hang out, the present site of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. I was with a group of my high school buddies when Slick was going on to his buddies about cock size making the man and that only a big muscle man would have a big cock.
    My old Blues buddy, Aaron, called out to him, "What do you consider a big cock?"
    Slick sneered and grabbed his crotch, "I got six and a half inches of thick man meat, faggot. Want a pull on it?"
    The results of that boast ended up with Slick becoming yogurt as he took the ride of his life on my cock that night and many nights thereafter. With a little training I even made a decent cock sucker out of this man standing before me and my boys.
    Slick stood red faced as the boys laughed at the story, "So, do you still suck cock?" Then I got nasty, "It would take a better man than me to get past all of that lard on your ass to give you the thrill that you used to love so well."
    His face went hard, "I got me this gland problem…"
    "Yeah, it's called overeating," RD shot at the man mountain. We were already gathering our garbage as we prepared to leave.
    "Chris, can I see you sometime?"
    "Sure, man, just call me. I have to go now, we have a long drive ahead of us to get to a funeral." I hate to be like that to people, but he caught me at a very awkward time, I will have to look him up and apologize to him. I felt bad all of the way back to the house and more than once I caught Cory studying me. He had just seen something in me that he had never seen before I don't think that he liked what he saw.

    The phone line nearly melted down as plans were made over the next twenty four hours for the proper funeral for my mother-in-law. This was a private family matter that I would only take my little Indians to. Steven, Mike, and RD packed for the journey, little Roddy showed that he did have a heart as he spent most of the day crying for his elRelisi. I know how much the boy hurt, I had cried almost the same way that he was crying when my dear grandmother passed away. I was fourteen when my mother's mother passed on and I hurt, deeply. Roddy is only ten, and a half, years old and had lived with his grandmother for most of his little life.
    Cory showed his love for our son as he carefully helped the boy pack his best suit and other clothes for our week long trip back to see the relations. This death came so quickly on the heels of our trip to Europe that I worried about Ugitsiha's health and whether or not she could make a trip across the country. Of course the point was mute, Ahwiagina was her mother and she had to be at home to lay the woman to rest.
    The trip was the first that anybody had taken in our new G550 jets, it proved to be a good investment. The plane that we used only sat eight, plus a crew of four. There is berthing for five people so that Ugitsiha could lay down and relax for most of the trip. We only needed two crew members for this short hop so RD and I sat up front and the babies were strapped into two rear facing seats across from the mothers. Two and a half hours after leaving Cory's house we landed in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Traveling at barely sub-sonic speed is the only way to fly.

    I had news for Mike as well, but Cory and I conspired to keep it to ourselves and let Mike find out for himself that his dear step-daddy had accidently stepped on a bear trap and it had nearly taken the man's foot off. The infection is terrible and the doctor's are afraid that if Revers won't let them cut the foot off he may die.

    When a ten year old boy is sullen it is a sign of something going on in his head. I could not talk to Rod. Actually I could talk to him, and he would appear to listen, he would not stay still for anybody else. Ugitsiha was so distraught over her mother's sudden death that she was little help with the boy and asked me repeatedly to do something. I didn't know what to do.
    We were cramped for space and time so Dane was not with us, I wondered if that was what was on the little man's mind. He is usually very close to Cory and even RD can have him laughing fairly quickly, but nothing was working and my heart was breaking.
    I had little to do, the tribe had made all of the arrangements. Ahwiagina was well loved by everybody in the tribe except one couple, Mike's parents, I watched closely to see what was going on, but could discover nothing. I had to allow things to progress as they would, but I worried about all of my family. The entire band of Tsalagi that had formed in the area over one hundred and forty years earlier was my family and I felt a kindred spirit to them, but aside from my sons, I also felt very close to the children and grandchildren of old Chief Steve.

    The morning of the funeral arrived and Rod was no where in sight. I wanted to go find him, but I was told, in plain Tsalagi, that my place was at my wife's side and that the boy knew his way around. Grief is a hard thing and each person deals with it in a different way. Ugitsiha was so weak from crying that she could not walk behind the horse drawn hearse, I had a carriage for her to ride in. Quemela carried Aioli Wahya and Sagi carried Yonv Anida as Gowi and I walked between them.
    The ceremony was simple with very little Tsalagi ceremony and a lot of Christian tradition apparent. Most of the tribe are Southern Baptist and the Baptist minister that had married Ugitsiha and me gave the final farewell to an old friend.
    At the word Amen a shot rang out nearby and all heads turned. Revers made to rise, but Mike and Cory stood in front of him. Mike showed the wisdom of his name—Wahuhi, owl—as he told his stepfather that he should feel damn lucky that the shot was not through his head. Everybody was pointing and I stood up to see my little brave walking across the field with a rifle over his shoulder. He walked up to the open grave of his elisi and broke the weapon down then tossed the barrel assembly in the hole followed by the stock and trigger housing.
    "I killed the mother fucker, but I wished that I could kill the owner. That mule ain't never been no better than you are and I am glad that he is gone, for good." Roddy ran to me and jumped in my lap as the tears began to flow.

    At last the story came out, I guess that I was the only one there that did not know what had happened. I knew that Ahwiagina had been kicked in the head by a mule, but the circumstance surrounding her death had been with held from me.
    Roddy had been given a mixed breed German Shepard puppy when he was five year old. His father had told him that they would train the dog to hunt and to protect Gvnigetsuli at all times. Little Black Fox named his puppy Nvgidiganvsadi—beast. A boy and his dog are one of the closest relationships known and Roddy loved his Beast. The boy has gotten next to me and begged me to allow him to bring the dog to Tucson, but we have so many boys and no room for animals. The horse is gone, but the barn door is not closed, after the coronation I may work something out.
    Nvgidiganvsadi had gone out early Sunday morning, Ahwiagina was at her back door feeding the birds when she heard the dog howl, as if in pain. Beulah was having coffee with her when they heard the dog, Ahwiagina told her that she was going to check on the animal. An hour later Beulah went looking for her sister.
    Revers, drunk as usual, was passed out and laying in the grass. That, in itself did not arouse any suspicion, but something attracted Beulah to walk over to check on him, the scene that she walked up on was so gruesome that she fell to the ground.
    She has no idea how long she lay there, but the sun was as high as a mid-morning day when she managed to gather herself and crawl to the body of her younger sister. Ahwiagina's head was split open and she was dead. Revers had his foot in a bear trap next to the whining Nvgidiganvsadi, also in a similar trap.
    Beulah began to call for help. When Revers was revived he told his account of being attacked by Ahwiagina for hurting her sogainisi's gitli—literally; my son's child's dog . By Revers' account, Ahwiagina threw a rock at his head, he dodged and stepped in one of his animal traps that he had set around his moonshine still. When the trap snapped on his leg he screamed, startling the mule, who kicked Ahwiagina in the head, killing her. Revers passed out from the combination of pain and his own, homemade whiskey. Nvgidiganvsadi had his entire hind-quarters crushed and had to be put down.

    Revers had no business being out in the rain that was falling the morning of Ahwiagina's funeral. His leg was swollen so bad that Mike's mother had cut his pants leg so that he could dress. The man looked bad and all of us could tell that he was running a high fever, he kept himself a bottle of his homemade medicine in his pocket from which he partook constantly. Mike was very disappointed the next morning when he learned that his stepfather's infection claimed his life during the night.
    I told Mike that we couldn't stay for the man's funeral. He looked at me and smiled, "Aw gee, dad, that's so sad." Then he helped the ladies and babies into the plane for our flight back home to Tucson.

    Our four cooks, Amadahy, Gynigeyona, Gigage, and Onacona had driven to the funeral for Ahwiagina, she was Ona's and Red's sister-in-law. I obtained written permission from Ona for his son, Isi, to accompany Mike back to Tucson, the boy was going with us to Europe. I have to be careful with whom I let go with us, but Mike has become as wise as the owl that the name Wahuhi represents and he is a very important part of my family.
    Isi had to sit facing his cousins, Sagi and Ugitsiha with his second cousins, Aioli Wahya and Yonv Anida, strapped into their baby seats on each side of him. I told him before we boarded that the other boys had left their boyfriends at home so to be fair he was not able to sit next to Mike. It was that or no trip to Europe and there is no seventeen year old kid that wants to be left out of that kind of a trip, especially in the company of a hundred fag boys. If truth be known I, really don't like for the boys to be making out in front of the girls, especially innocent little Quemela.

    Now counting by the day before the queeing's big day more trauma entered my life. I don't suppose that is fair, but I was not wanting anything new in my life that would distract me from the safety and security of my young nephew, the boy just means too much to me to ever see any harm come to him.
    One of the old cells in the wine cellar is wall to wall with every piece of exercise gear that can be jammed into it and still have room to use it, but a run was still the best form of relaxation for me. I was about my morning run and instead of going down to work out on the machines I had made a second circuit to release my tensions. As I crossed the street below the school I looked up toward the house and saw a taxi pull into the driveway of Cory's house. With renewed vigor I made my way over to see who was visiting, it wasn't visitors.
    Two very cute boys were running full bore at Pam as Beulah directed the taxi driver on the unloading of enough suitcases to suggest that there was more than a weekend visit being planned. I jogged up to the house to be attacked by youngsters that I had seen at Beulah's before, but never had any personal knowledge of, they were very eager to greet me.
    "I want to go see your chicken ranch," Ita—Ethan—told me as his brother Inagei—Forrest—laughed at him. The boys are Quemela's little brothers that have been living with Beulah since the death of their mother. Their grandmother brought the boys with her as she moved in to care for Ugitsiha. Sagi, Ugitsiha, and Quemela are the only family that the old woman has so I couldn't begrudge her being there.
    Of course Rodney is very close to his cousins, Ita and Inagei, and was very glad to see them. Dane is as close as skin to Roddy and he has picked up the Tsalagi language very quickly, as has RD. These boys speak little English when they are together and I often catch them with Steven, Mike, and Cory.
    With eight naked injuns in the house the other boys have to be careful. Steven's boyfriend, Chase, our token cowboy, surprised Cory and me with how quickly he was learning the native tongue.

    Up to that point I had listened to every argument concerning the girls going to the coronation, but now it seemed to be out of my hands, Beulah has spoken. She would accompany us on our trip to Europe to see the boy king claim his rightful title. In a way this helped me to make another decision, Betty loves the little queeing and I know that she would like to see him get his crown, first hand, I would charter a special plane just for the ladies. I wonder if René and Louise will want to go?

    I had boys that wanted to become little Dicksons. I had been pursuing the paper work from Nylan's family for two years and I quickly acted when Bull told me that he had it. Malcolm, Warren, and Owen were orphans and I needed to protect their interests and all of them wanted to be my sons so it worked out well for us. With that detail covered I was clear to take two more boys out of the country with me. Special care would have to be taken for Warren with his cast leg.
    I had made a promise to Jan and I was more than glad to oblige the boy. His brother, Jim was mixed over the whole thing, but it is going to take time for him to come to grips with the fact that he is a mother fucker and the father of his own brother.
    I would need more time with Johnny and Kevin, Johnny may not want me to adopt his little brother, he is of legal age and Kevin could end up living with him at a later date; the Thatcher boys had done it.

    Andy had some important information for me and wanted me to ride with him. We parked in front of Tomes of Time and Andy left his red and blues flashing as he parked behind the city police car already sitting there with its lights on. Andy was close mouthed as he directed me to my table at the rear of the book store then he took up a position beside the adjoining door into Clara's.
    Captain Shawn was seated at the table with a uniformed police officer watching over a small blond boy that was seated at the other side of the table wearing handcuffs. Shawn motioned for me to sit next to the boy then he winked at me. "We took this boy in during a sweep through the mall yesterday," his smile belied the story he was telling me, what bothered me most was that Shawn seemed to be talking a bit loud, as if wanting to be overheard.
    "Chris, I know that you have your finger on everything that happens in this town so I will tell you, right up front. Ted was at the mall, but he was not one of the boys that are mentioned in the paper concerning the mother that was killed." That story had really hit hard, especially when the boys in my house knew the son of the woman killed.
    That fourteen year old boy is gay, my sources at the juvenile shelter told me that he and his mother had argued about his gayness when she found him and his thirteen year old boyfriend going at it full bore. The boy ran away and was gone for three days, the mother was distraught and was searching everywhere for her son. She had information that he had gone to Mexico so she drove down to hang fliers around the border town and along the port of entry that he would have to use. As she drove the interstate highway back to her home, her car left the road and hit a tree, killing her in the process. [I can't make all of this up, guys. This is a true story that actually happened the day that I penned this chapter in February of 2008.]
    JC has already contacted me about taking the boy into my house, but I don't know how I can until I return from Europe. He has no other relatives and nowhere to go, his father is an unknown at this point in time so I am having to work through taking him in. I could leave him at the academy, but I don't know if he would try to run away from there. His thirteen year old boyfriend was on house arrest and had cut his ankle bracelet off to go to the mall. If the boys are that desperate to be together I don't know if I can leave the one behind for the school staff to deal with.

    I looked at the blond boy seated next to me then at Shawn, this was no boy sitting at my side, but I would await Shawn's explanation. It came quickly as Shawn looked at me, "This boy is going to be a part of your family, we can not have his kind running around our streets corrupting our youth." He pushed an open file folder at me, I looked down at the page of charges against the boy then quickly looked at the uniformed officer. He was seated nearby with his eyes glued on the boy.
    "Remove the cuffs, Marcos, Mr. Dickson will take responsibility for Mr. Gay now."
    "If I were you Captain I would lock his sorry ass away forever, I don't like fags in the first place, but he was soliciting at the mall."
    "So you have heard, officer, now just do as I have directed." Shawn arose and looked at me then nodded at the boy next to me before he left. Andy slid into the vacated seat and pushed another file folder over to me. I opened it to find paperwork showing me as the legal guardian of one Ted Gay, a fifteen year old orphan. Also in the folder was a passport for the boy. I looked at Andy who eyed me to keep my mouth shut and go with the flow, I did, until we got back into his secure vehicle.
    I was directed to open the sealed packet inside of the folder that Andy had given me inside the book store. The packet contained a file marked TOP SECRET, but it was from the British government and contained a sticky note from my old friend Peter Caulfield, the British secret agent from six that had rescued my sister and nephew after the most recent attack on the boy's life.
    The note read, "Don't even think about getting out of this, Yank. You are a Knight of the realm and a very important personage. Take this boy and use him however you will." I turned in my seat to look into crystal clear blue eyes sitting atop the rosy cheeks that I see on so many of the British youth, below that was a wide smile that would break a girl's heart, and the hards of quite a few boys in my house as well.
    "Sorry for the subterfuge, Sir Dickson. We had to find a way to get me close to you without anybody getting wise." The packet in my lap told me that I was facing a twenty two year old member of the special division called C-13, England's anti-terrorist branch of MI-5, or somewhere along there. "Our intel is that a serious threat awaits you if you show up for the coronation of your young nephew. There is danger to him also, of course, and he is a subject of the Crown, but you are my responsibility, Sir."
    "First of all fuck the sir shit, and my name is Chris or we can let you out right here and you can make your own way back to England.
    "I take it from the paperwork that I have in my lap that I am stuck with you and that you are going to pose as another of my boys. Have you been made aware that the boys in my household are all gay and that your name is going to give them hours of taunting fun, not to mention the fact that your looks are going to get you a lot of very personal attention?"
    "I have been told that, Sir."
    "Stop the car, Andy, let this dude out." Andy smiled at me and kept going.
    "I am sorry, Chris, I am used to…"
    "The pretentiousness of your caste system? You are in America and we believe that we are who we determine ourselves to be by our own efforts and not because of our blood."
    "I will try to overlook your peculiarities if you will try to bear with me, but as I see it you did make yourself a public figure, wot?"
    "The boys are going to tear you up, gay Ted."
    "I've heard that one a few times before."
    "Have you heard that all of us are naked almost all of the time when we are in the house?"
    "Her Ladyship told me that, your sister, sir."
    I turned in my seat to look at Ted, "You have been to see El?"
    "Actually she came to see us. She worries about you. She told us that she don't worry half as much about her son or young brother because you take great pains to watch about them, but you don't always watch about your own back."
    "That's my job, Ted," Andy spoke for the first time since our trip down the hill earlier.
    "Ted, if you are going to do this then I want you to listen to my boys very closely. You are doing quite well, but every once in awhile you slip into your native vernacular, such 'she don't worry' is a dead give away to someone tuned for such phrases. It would have worked better had you selected a British identity to begin with."
    "That would have been a bit counter-productive, sir. I need to fit in as close as possible to you."
    "Then I am going to immerse you in it, I am going to put you over at the dormitory for a few days to live with the street boys so that you can learn their language of survival."
    Andy pulled up to the front of the house, I led Ted inside and stood aside to watch him take in his surroundings. Andy and I began to remove our clothes under Ted's watchful gaze, "Ted, no one is to know who you are, understand?" I was not even going to tell Cory, I know that I may have a little trouble there because if I was reading this man correctly then the two of us were going to be very close for a few weeks.

    The boys were very quiet after we came home from church. With most all of the al-Hadi, boys and the boys from the state moved into the new dormitory on the school grounds our house was almost tomb like, if having a hundred and ten naked teen age boys running around the house is anything near what a tomb is like. All of them and the college boys were sitting back patting their bellies after the large feast that Ģer had put together for us. The boys had requested one of Çhé Ģerâld's famous meatless casseroles and the boy had outshone himself with a spectacular main dish, well for a hundred and forty hungry mouths it took more than one dish, but even with ten different containers it was still the same dish. Twelve heads of lettuce, a peck of tomatoes, six pounds of carrots, a dozen bunches of radishes, thirty bunches of green onions, and two gallons of an assortment of salad dressings.
    Fifty pounds of potatoes were pealed, boiled, and mashed with nine cans of evaporated milk and four pounds of butter. Three bushels of fresh corn were boiled, five gallons of beans were baked, twenty loaves of bread were consumed and five, three foot by eighteen inch, double layer, white cakes, with icing, disappeared in under a half an hour. I need to buy my own farm and a army of cooks, and that is just at the house, I don't even want to think about what the ninety boys at the school had to eat.

    The boys settled down to their dinner and chatted back and forth amongst themselves. "Daddy, do you think that the world's finances are going to go belly up?" I know Androv's heart and where he was coming from.
    "Hon, you know your Bible as well as I do, or better, what do you think is about to happen in this world?"
    "Well inflation is running wild and there is talk of the world going into a major recession. The religious people are going to blame the saints and begin to persecute them, just like they did to Jesus. People are going to start to blame those that don't worship God the same way that they do, they think that everybody should worship their way and that anything else is wrong. They are already saying that it is the unbelievers that are bringing about all of the world's problems and that God has turned His Face from the world. I think that they don't know the true God of Heaven and Earth and that they will try to make me worship their way or they won't mind killing me."
    "Kind of like our history books teach us? Kill a heretic so that their time of sinning will be shortened? Kill an infidel for the faith? Is that what you mean?"
    "Yeah, I think that true believers are going to suffer at the hands of zealots who only have a form of Godliness, but know not the power of God.
    "It is sad, Androv, but those people believe that they are doing their god's work because they have been lied to and worship a false god. There are churches that call themselves Christian and claim to worship Jesus and the God of Heaven, but they don't know Him, they want to worship the created. They bow down and pray to statues of dead people and call on them to carry their prayers to the Throne of God, those that they call saints are in their graves and can not carry anything anywhere.
    "What really hurts is that those people will not listen to The Truth, they have been deceived by a lie for so long that they truly believe it."
    "Dad, can we uh…well I was thinking that this, fuck, how can I say it? This is important to all of us, we study and we read the Bible like you and Cas tell us too but, dad we don't understand all of it. Can we forget about our Saturday night and study God tonight?"
    "This is a house of free will and free choice. For those of you that would like to study I would like to ask you to bring your Bible down to the recreation room where we will pray and read the Word together. Those that don't want to study with us my go down to the wine cellar to watch TV or play video games or whatever you want to do."
    Someone placed a call to the dormitory and told the boys there that we were going to study the Bible, I didn't do a head count, the boys came in and made themselves comfortable. I asked Androv to lead us in prayer then I opened the floor to the boys for discussion.

    "Dad, I am thinking about what Cas said this morning." Uh oh, bad news when my boys start thinking. I knew that I was in for a full afternoon though because this was Cory thinking and he has a head on his cute shoulders. "If money is going to be worthless in the last days how will people be able to buy food and pay rent?"
    "Well, the Bible tells us that The Lord will provide. That does not mean that we should presume on the Lord. We have each been given gifts and one of mine has been the making of money."
    "But money will be worthless."
    "Ah, let me finish. The money we know will most probably fail. Our current money standard is nothing, but paper and numbers on paper, or computers, that represent more paper. When this country was founded everybody carried gold coins around. Gold coins were minted in ten, twenty, and fifty dollar amounts. There were silver coins and even copper coins for smaller purchases. If you bought something that only cost a half a penny you could cut a penny in half, however there was a half dime, nickles are a late comer in the line up. A lot of people cut their gold coins into smaller pieces to buy something for which neither he nor the seller had change. There was also a coin called a mil, which was worth one, one hundredth of a penny, but few people carried those about, they were used mainly to pay the sales tax of the day.
    "In 1963 the American government did away with the silver certificate and began to issue Federal Reserve Notes, look at any denomination of American currency and that is what you will read on it. The silver certificate, and its predecessor, the gold certificate, were backed by coins of silver or gold. By the 1960s silver was selling for around a dollar and twenty nine cents for a dollar coin. People were cashing in their notes and melting the coinage down for a profit, that depleted the amount of silver in circulation. That induced the government to do away with paper money being tied to precious metals. They also quit making silver coins and began making the clad coins that we have today with a center of copper alloy between two layers of a small amount silver.
    "The same thing is happening right now with copper. The pennies in your pockets are no longer made of pure copper, but of an alloy because copper prices far exceed the value of the penny and millions of copper pennies have been melted down and sold as scrap metal worth many times the value of the pennies used.
    "Copper prices are so high now that people are stealing copper from construction sites. Last night I saw on the news where two men were convicted of stealing the copper wire out of the street lights; they tied the copper cable to the back of their truck and drove off, pulling a mile of copper wire out of the ground. They couldn't explain to the policeman that caught them how that wire got tied to the back of their truck, they will have five years in prison to try to think of a good story.
    "The 1930s had seen legislation striking down gold and forbidding ordinary citizens from having large amounts of gold and the gold certificate fell into oblivion. Gold certificates with values ranging from one dollar to ten thousand dollar face value are still around. They have not been made since 1945 and no longer issued by banks after July 14, 1969. Only Federal Reserve banks can accept any denomination with a face value in excess of one hundred dollars.
    "All current denominations are one dollar, two dollar, five dollar, ten dollar, twenty, fifty and one hundred dollar Federal Reserve Notes. This note is based on the strength of the dollar with no value other than the government's promise to pay. Right now people from other countries are flocking to America to buy all of the bargains, their money is worth more than our money for the first time in the history of this country. If the government fails then the money is worth almost as much as the old Confederate money from the Civil War, nothing.
    "For example, right now in Zimbabwe every citizen is a millionaire because their economy has collapsed and their money is virtually worthless because of inflation. A fifty roll package of toilet paper is selling for 5 million of their dollars—a can of corn is 2 million—tomatoes are selling for 2 million, of their dollars, per pound. A loaf of bread is a half million dollars.
    "The current rate of exchange is ten million of their dollars to two American dollars and even that will not buy a bag of flour. This can, and will, happen in this country and it is going to happen very soon.
    "Our credit cards and bank accounts will be worthless should that happen and people will starve if they can not find a soup kitchen to feed them. By the Biblical accounts it is going to be a very rough time for many, but we have to keep our faith in God and what he has taught us."
    "So what do we know? We have lots of paper showing up on paper statements from the bank, but I can not go down to the bank and see all of my money. If I ask for all of it they will have to call up the Federal Reserve to send over an armored car with bags of paper, but if what Cas says is true then I can start a fire with it and keep warm for a little while." Cory had the attention of every boy in the house, all of them had been thinking about Cas' words.
    "Have I ever told you to diversify, to not put all of your assets in one place? Don't keep all of your eggs in the same basket, so to say? Yes, many times, all of your money is not in the bank. What is your most recent bank statement showing your balance to be?"
    "You always tell us not to keep more than one hundred thousand dollars in any one bank, but there are not enough banks to keep all of our money in at that rate."
    "My dad always said that 'T Bills' was the only safe hedge," Warren expostulated, "but now I am not so sure."
    "Treasury Bills are good as long as America has money to redeem them. Right now the largest purchasers of T Bills are the oil producing countries. Think about it, they take in billions of dollars every year from this country then turn around and use that same money to buy bonds that pay them interest over the term of their loan, they are making money from both ends. If the nation's economy collapses they hold first mortgage on America. Those T Bills will be virtually worthless, but they will have to be paid before other creditors are satisfied.
    "There are other ways of hedging our future, money is only a negotiable medium, it is not the only one though. Stocks and oil certificates are based on paper money so what else is there that you could spend if your credit card or your cash is no good?"
    "Gold, silver, platinum, most metals I suppose and of course diamonds and rubies and emeralds and stuff." I had the boys thinking and I find that to be a good thing, even the younger boys were involved and paying attention.
    "A lot of stuff, but let's start there. Remember when we went to the gem and mineral show several years ago and some of you bought big gaudy stones because they were pretty? Do you remember what I bought?"
    "You were looking at uncut diamonds and I remember you showing me a huge emerald, and oh yeah, you bought a lot of opals." I told the boys to stay put and I walked over to the large safe that sits over the staircase leading down to the recreation room below the house. I had Cory and Turner help me because they were the closest ones to me. I gave each of them a heavy felt bag and told them to lay them on the table. I selected three trays from the safe then closed and locked it I then walked back to take a seat at the table.
    I uncovered a tray that had hundreds of small, soapy looking stones laid out on black velvet. "These are opals, each one of these is worth about twenty to thirty dollars. Most people don't know what they are, let alone their worth. With these we will be able to pay the electric bill and buy food for a short time, but even these will loose their value as people begin to panic because they can not buy food for their family.
    "This tray has rubies on it, they're pretty and people will want them, but I believe that when those times come that one of these stones that is now worth about five hundred dollars won't buy enough to feed one of us a single meal. The same is true of these emeralds, at first people will want them, but the longer things continue on the less they will buy. That is when we bring out these small diamonds. There are one hundred half carat diamonds on this tray, each one worth one thousand dollars. Diamonds are sold by their clarity and the amount of flaws or occlusions in them, this tray has the same weight stone, but they are each worth about two thousand dollars.
    "I have put away, for all of us, diamonds that range on upwards of ten thousand dollars each. But precious stones aren't going to be good everywhere or for very long. People are going to want to be paid in specie-hard coins such as gold." I emptied one of the felt cloth bags onto the table and the boys gathered around to see old silver dollars, some dated back in the 1800s. "This is something that the public can see and touch and know its worth, however there will be serious inflation and just like in Germany before World War II, it will take a wheel barrow full of these coins to buy a loaf of bread.
    "Here are the last of the coins, these are gold coins from around the world. We have old American gold coins, Australian coins, Canadian coins and some from Africa. These coins range from a face value of fifty to one hundred dollars, but each of them contains one troy ounce of pure gold. The price of gold yesterday was at $921 per ounce, each of these coins is worth that much, or one loaf of bread to a hungry man.
    "Now, do we need to worry? Not on your life, so put your fears in the toilet where they belong. Jimmy, you are our record keeper, how much food is in the new tunnel?"
    "Thirty tons, or so."
    "Thirty tons of canned food. Okay so there is no fresh milk or fresh produce, not even soft white bread, but there is canned milk and canned bread and lots of canned produce. We have enough food right here to keep us alive for at least a week, if that lunch we had is any indication." The boys all gave a nervous laugh, but I had their attention. "Base Andy has enough canned and frozen food to supply ten thousand people for six months. There is enough fuel there to fill our airplane to take us to Base Chris or Base Boy. I bet you did not know that each base had a name did you? Base A is on the other side of the mounyain range where Andy and I have our houses. From Base B we could fly onto Europe or better yet, I will bring the boys from those schools to Base B. At Base C there are numerous large caverns that can house fifty thousand people for many years and enough food to last several times that long.
    "I don't want to live in a cave. I believe that when these things begin to happen then it is time for the return of our Lord Jesus and I want to be sitting on a mountain top watching Him come over the horizon. We are well provided for because He taught us what to look for and when to look for it. He told us how to prepare and how to trust in Him. None of you need fear anything that Cas said this morning or anything that you have read or heard. Our Lord Jesus has the answers and we are safe in His name.
    "What we do need to fear is for those that don't know our Lord. We have been given a duty to proclaim to every person we meet the Good News, the Gospel that is The Kingdom of Heaven as taught to us by Christ our Lord and savior, Jesus."
    "Do I have any of those gold coins, daddy?" I guess that ten is a tough time and Roddy reminds me of that, always.
    "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, son, quit looking at created things and look on the Creator." However all of the boys wanted to hold a gold coin in their hand and look at the precious stones. I told them that those stones would be in abundance on the ground in The Christ's Kingdom, they stuck their tongues out at Cullen because his kingdom is poor.
    My young men from Europe wanted to know how big a ten thousand dollar bill is, they think in terms of the large sizes of paper money from their home countries. I was ready for them, I opened my last bag of tricks and pulled out three bundles of paper currency containing twenty five bills each. Every eye was as close to the table as it could get as I showed them first, twenty five, five hundred dollar bills, but when I got to the ten thousand dollar bills their breathing was coming in short pants. To really excite them I let them take the bills and pass them around so that each boy could get a close up look and feel for the old currency.
    "Okay, dad, I know the Bible and I try to teach what I know, but I don't know how the world works very well," Cas was asking questions which had every mouth shut as they waited to hear what he didn't know. "If the world banks close up like they have done in past financial crises then our credit cards will be worthless and we can't get any cash to eat on. Do you have enough of that cash to last us any time at all?"
    "I am going to let you in on a secret because I love each and everyone of you. Cory, I release you from your promise to never tell what you saw at base C. Describe for the family those caverns, please."
    "Well, we had to take an electric cart to drive down this pathway that is in the biggest cave I ever heard of. It was four miles down to where dad had to stop and we had to keep moving fast before the automatic machine guns blasted us away."
    Several of the boys were going, "Nuh uhhh."
    "Cory is telling the truth, the path has to be taken within ten minutes of the time that the last number of the code is entered before automatic machine guns blast anything that moves in the cavern." Every eye was wide awake as Cory continued on.
    "I don't know how big that place is, but I know that the people that work there are brought in on a bus, underground, and the windows are blacked out so that they can not see where they are, the trip underground is over sixty miles long, they say, and it takes them almost two hours to drive down there.
    "Dad fell into a ravine down there and it took me nine hours of climbing in the darkest dark that you can imagine before someone heard me calling for help on my cell phone then it took them two more hours to find me. By the time we got back to dad and got him out of there it was noon the next day."
    "It wasn't all that bad, babe, Andy said that they found you a half an hour after you were first heard. The point is, the caves down there are huge, they are much deeper than any other cave system in the country and not likely to be stumbled upon. Cory and I own the entire mountain so nobody better ever be down there.
    "There is something down there that is just for you guys, all of my family." I flashed a picture on the television screen for the boys to see. The boys had never seen so much money in all of their lives, "That is almost thirteen billion dollars in cold hard cash. There are Euros, Lira, Pounds, and Dollars there, stacked three feet high by twelve feet wide and ten feet deep. That vault is in that cave, boys.
    "Our fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane is constantly fueled and ready to fly within one hour of my call from this house. A landing field has been built on both sides of that mountain so that the plane can land safely and everyone of you can be inside the mountain and safe within three hours of leaving here. There is an escape route being built that will take you from this house to base A, into the plane and over to base C without ever having to go outside until we land over there.
    "We have enough food and money to buy more for several years, if necessary, but I believe all of you know that if we have to flee the city that we will only have a short time to wait on the Lord to appear and then we will never have another worry."
    "Dad, what if we are not saved?" Dane had a look of pure fear on his little face.
    "My precious little boy child, that question shows that you are saved. You fear the Lord enough to know His name. You are young and have not asked to be baptized yet, but Jesus knows your heart and He will not leave you behind. Your belief in Him and your precious prayers to Him count more than you know at this time. You like to study and you are asking questions that show that you know Him, when it is time you may ask to be baptized, but we will not rush it until then.
    "Some of you older boys have not been baptized, but I believe that everyone of you here tonight has made his mind up about your personal stance with the Lord. God does not ask you to be perfect before you are saved, He will make you perfect in the Blood. All you need to do is to believe in Him and live as He taught us to live."
    "But we're queers." So many of the boys from the street have been beat up over their orientation for so long that they believe what they have heard about themselves. I was glad to see Theo embrace Raul and tell him that Jesus loved him.

    It was plainly obvious that I had to bring Ted Gay to the house, to do this I needed a ruse so I had to bring Del into my confidence. Del is a big boy and very strong, his time in jail toughened him up a bit and he assured me that he would not be hurt and that he would not hurt Ted. It crushed me to do it, but this had to look real to the other boys and the blood convinced all of them that they did not want Ted in the dormitory.
    Andy and I are the only others that knew that the fight on the football field was staged. Both boys were superb actors and I may have to write a few letters to get them show business awards. Ted accidently walked in front of Del as Del attempted to kick a football through the uprights. His foot connected with Ted who spun on him and hit him in the nose, the fight was on and both boys have a few bruises, but nothing lasting. I had to lie to Cory when I told him that I was going to spend the night with the two trouble makers and show them how we do things. Cory grinned at me with his knowing grin, can he possibly know about Ted?
    The end result is that Ted is in the house, and sleeping by himself, until he can learn to behave. I suppose that I have to listen to him and Andy, they want to stage a few more incidents that will cause me to keep Ted close at hand during our trip. We have to be careful because the boys will expect me to follow through with my threat to personally take any boy involved in a fight down to juvenile hall, so far I have avoided that because Del was involved and admitted to taking the first swing. I believe that I am expected to leave Del in England when we return home. What a tangled web we weave.
    Ted had a few boys angry, especially my main man, could Cory be jealous? Ted had come to our study, from the moment that he came in he had positioned himself as close to me as he could get and he kept a dreamy eyed look locked on me through the whole meeting. The man is a good actor and he had everybody convinced that he was star struck with me, I hope it was an act.

    Al had sat close to me at lunch and all through our afternoon's discussion. I know what is going on with Ted, he has a job to do, but I was trying to figure what Al was up to. He slid up to me as the other boys moved back to granite house for their evening meal, these boys can eat more than an army on the move.
    "Dad, can I go with you tomorrow. I already checked it out with my professors and I entered my information so that I can participate in classroom activities via my computer."
    There was something that he wasn't telling me. I usually know when a boy is having problems, but I don't always react in time; three recent events proved that one. The death of Isaac was an eye opener and something that I should have foreseen. His boyfriend of choice, Edgar, is a troubled boy that should never have been near Isaac, but then that is hindsight. David…David has been at the very edge from the first day that I met him and I was vain enough to believe that I could help him; I still believe that I can, but I have to do things differently than I have in the past.
    As far as Rocky is concerned I will grant his request and see what is wrong. I had not seen anything, but I noticed that he and Greg did not seem to communicate when they were around me. I would have to talk to the boys from βφτ house and try to ascertain if there is anything happening that I should know about. For the meantime I allowed him to sleep at the house for the night, I learned that he had his bags packed and was ready to go, talk about confidence…

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