Chapter Fifty two


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    The boys were milling about on the bus. I watched young Kenny sneaking up on Christopher. I reached over and grabbed him and picked him up off of his feet. "Hey young un, I got a clue for you. Toby you and Frank hear this too. We only have two rules in our house and they are not up for discussion. These are hard and fast and the violation of either one can mean a torturous death to the violator. Number one rule is NO means NO. Whatever you are doing, if the one you are with says no, stop. Period. The number two rule is, you can do anything you want to do as long as you are willing to have the same thing done to you, thirty times. If you really want to give Christopher a wedgie then get ready to have everyone here give you a harder wedgie. That is one thing that no one likes to have done, but they think it is funny to do to someone else." Kenny laughed in my arms.
    "What do you say no to?" He wanted to know.
    "Well, it's really you that says no, or the person you're with. You are very young and very small so if Christopher wanted to stick his dick up your butt it would hurt." He wiggled his butt around in my lap and made a face at me. He understood. "So if you say no to him he has to stop. If he doesn't then all of us consider that rape. No one has to let anyone do anything to his body that he does not want to have done. And…let's say you do something one day because you have never done it before and you want to see what it's like. However you find out that you don't like it and don't want to do it again. You tell the person no. He argues with you, "but we did it yesterday." Fine you did, but you don't like it and don't want to do it again. If he keeps arguing or badgering you then he is wrong and you can report him to any other family member. Every person on this bus loves you and will protect you. We can be cold when we feel that you are wrong, but oh can we love you when you are good." I was looking straight at Mike as I spoke. He ducked his eyes then looked back up with a smile on his face.
    Kenny jumped down and ran down the isle. Mike slipped into his vacated spot in my lap. I have never sat with this boy. He curled up and got comfortable. I got to know my son that evening. He will be all right. He had a slow start, but this boy has it in him to be a good man.

    The next morning I sat with Branden and Kyle. I needed to know where they were and how they felt about their situation. Plus they needed to know what I was doing for them and with them. "Branden how do you feel about what your mother has told me?"
    "You do know that she is not my mother don't you?" This made me pull up reign. "I am the bastard son of her husband. You've seen my mother. Black hair, brown eyes, swarthy skin. She's Greek. Dad married her when he was in Greece with the state department. He had an American secretary that he banged from one continent to another. She messed up on her schedule and didn't take her pill. I'm the result of her mistake. I have heard that story every day of my life.
    "That woman out there loves to tell me how she gave me life because the little blond bimbo was going to get an abortion, but that was illegal in Greece, at least where we were, she says. My dad would have been ruined if it was found out that he had gotten a third national preggers. What's a third national? Anyway my mother offered to save my dad's career if he would marry her and bring her to America. She was in a position where her getting pregnant was okay. I don't understand it and I really think that she used my dad, but he was scared to death and he did it. They hid the secretary away until I was born then he gave her lots of money. He left Greece as soon as my mother had recovered enough for her to travel and we came here.
    "I seldom ever see my dad. He hates me with a passion. He is nice to my face and he buys me stuff, but we don't talk or do stuff together." Ten minutes later I had a blood sample and a DNA swab from the boy's mouth. Something is not right with this story.
    I told him that I had to go overseas for awhile and he was still too weak to travel. I asked him if he would be okay with staying at the Academy until he was well then I would like to ask him to join me to go see the coronation. He perked up with that. He needed something to look forward to. I think that I have stumbled on to the main body of a deep floating ice berg. If what I suspect is true this is the berg that is about to sink the good ship BAG Boys.
    "Kyle, how about you? Will you be okay with staying here for two or three more weeks until you are stronger. I am worried about the difference in foods, the water, all of these things. The two of you are going to have a hard time shitting for awhile. I don't need for you to pick up a bug and get diarrhea in a foreign land where I can't buy the medicines at the corner drug store to help you." The boys giggled at that, but they both understood where I was coming from.
    "Chris, there is just one thing…" Kyle looked down, "You see, I am in love with an old man."
    "Can you tell me about him?"
    "You won't call the police!!!" he jerked up in terror.
    "No, I won't call anybody. I just want to understand you, Kyle."
    "Well there is this guy. He has been so good to me. I can't stand to live without him, but I don't want my dad to know about him. My dad would kill him and he would call the police and my friend would be in jail for the rest of his life. He is sixty years old and jail would kill him and I would never see him again and I love him and I…"
    "Slow down, Kyle. It is alright. I am not going to tell anyone. Tell me what happened," I told him.
    "Two years ago, no three, no two…I was twelve. I had just started to, you know, squirt." He blushed. Even through his bandages and pain he was shy. "I like to go to his house, he has computers everywhere, he is some kind of genius with computers. He always gives me kool-aide or soda and he lets me watch as he works his computers. And his kool aid didn't make me sleepy like the coolaid Chad's dad gave us. So I had been going over to his house since I could walk. One day, when I was twelve, I went over there, I told him I had something for him to see.
    "Oh, let me tell you, he is always naked. He is big, and hairy and he has a big dick. It is hidden under his big belly, but it is huge. So I go over this one day and I stopped in the kitchen where I always take off my clothes. I leave my shoes at the back door with his so that I don't track rocks and dirt in 'cause he goes barefooted and rocks hurt his feet. So I go to the chair where I leave my clothes in case my mother or dad come looking for me and I can get them on in a hurry."
    His story was so cute. I was trying to follow what he was saying in all of his excitement.
    "I turned my back to him and I pulled my shorts off. Then I bent over and rubbed between my toes so he could look right into my ass. I took a long time then I saw he had a hard on and I turned around and let him see me. I was all hard too and he looked at me and he was out of breath and everything. He took me to his work room and I put a DVD that I had swiped from Chad's house, in his computer and it started playing. It showed two boys about my age getting fucked by grown men with big dicks. I know that Chad's dad and some other men were fucking me when they thought I was asleep from the coolaid. I wanted for my friend to fuck me while I was awake. He sat down on his chair and I got on my knees and I sucked his dick." Branden was sitting up in his bed listening to every word, but I could tell by the look on his face that Kyle had already told him this story before.
    "He really liked it. He took me into his bedroom. I had never been there before. He laid down on his bed and pulled me on top of him. He sucked my dick. His is so long I could suck about two inches of it while he sucked me. I had never been sucked. I had watched the DVD and other stuff on the web and I knew how to suck and to sixty nine. I started to cum in his mouth, but I wanted to make him cum. I scooted down so I could suck more of his dick and he started to lick my ass hole. I had read about rimming, but it felt so much better than the stories say. I was going crazy, but I wanted him to cum.
    "In an hour or two he started shooting and he pulled me back so he could suck me again. I kept the head of his dick in my mouth and as soon as he got me in his mouth I started cuming again. We loved it and we did it everyday until I had to move away."
    "Kyle, does Chad or any of the other boys know about this man?"
    "I told Branden and I told Chad one time. I had spent the night with Chad and his dad had given us something that really made us feel good. Some men came over and had sex with us. Later Chad and I were laying in bed and I told him that I liked the sex with my friend better because I was more awake and he really made me feel good. But he never tried to put his dick in my butt. It was just too damn big."
    "What did Chad say."
    "Nothing. He fell asleep. I never said no more to him. I don't know if he heard me or not and I didn't ask."
    "I can't go to Tucson now can I?" He was crest fallen.
    "Of course you can go. You have not done anything wrong. I am just curious as to why you didn't call him when you ran away."
    "Because I love him. Don't you see? If I went back to Tucson my dad would know that we were having sex and he would kill Randy, ooops, I said his name." He really looked scared now. Branden slipped in beside Kyle and held his hand.
    "I promised you that I would not say anything to anyone. Please believe me, Kyle I want to help you." I wanted to hear how this was going to end.
    "I just ran away. I had my ATM card and I had two hundred dollars in the bank so I thought I could find some place to stay and get a job, but I have to be sixteen to work anywhere in this state, or, well wherever I am. I can do little jobs, but I can't work any kind of machine and I can't handle money so I did what I had to. I hid my ATM card inside my sock and kept my shoes on. I only used my money when I had too. When some guy gave me money I put it in the bank and then use my card to buy food and stuff."
    "You were very smart to do that. Do you have any money left?"
    "Yeah, about eighteen hundred dollars." He said looking suspicious.
    "Don't worry, it's yours. I don't want it. I am surprised though that you have that much."
    "Well, I don't eat much. I bought some new jeans and a shirt when mine got too grungy, but I saved all the rest."
    "How did you make the money?"
    "I told you, I sucked men's cocks. I love to suck men. Older men, big men, hairy men. The other boys don't like the fat old men. I could get a hundred dollars for a blow job. If they suck me and eat my ass they pay one hundred. If I suck them and they eat and suck me I get one hundred and fifty. Some of them gave me big tips. One night this big dude in a big Towne Car gave me five hundred dollars to suck me and me suck him then I fucked him. I had never fucked before, 'cept for Chad's dad, and my… The guy in the black Lincoln took me and six of the boys that were on the corner and I bought them all burgers at Chaz's, you know that big all night place down by the freeway?"
    "No, I don't. I'm not from Biloxi, you know, and the hurricane blew everything away." He giggled as he thought of what he had said.
    "So what does Randy do with his computers?" Kyle cringed at the mention of Randy's name. "I promised, Kyle." I held up two fingers in the Boy Scout sign and crossed my heart with my left hand.
    Kyle giggled at me, "he does networks or something. I don't know maybe like television or something."
    "You said one thing more, you told me that you were in love with an old man."
    "I don't want to leave him. He wants to leave the states. He says that his work is dangerous and his love for boys is dangerous. He says it is just a matter of time and he will never be heard of again. He said that they, whoever that is, would take him away in secret and no one would ever see him again. I want to live with him."
    "Can you get in touch with him?"
    "Yeah, I have his phone number. I call him every night from a different pay phone."
    "I would like to talk to him. I have an idea. Don't worry he is very safe. I have an idea and I would like to talk to him. I might have a job for him."
    "At your school?"
    "We'll see." I handed Kyle a simple little cell phone. Kyle called his friend. In a few minutes he handed me the telephone.
    After I talked to Randy I told Kyle that he needed to get some rest. I told him that I would see him later in the day. I kissed him and Branden good bye and went off to do some business. The two boys had their hands wrapped around each other's hard cocks and their tongues wrapped around each other's teeth. With a smile on my face I slipped out of the door.

    At breakfast the next morning Andy told me he had monitored my call. I have three cell phones in the pockets of my suit. The phone I had used is monitored through our secret routing system. Andy already had his people in Tucson at Randy's house and they were helping the old man to load his things up. Andy told me that if what he was hearing from his people then we had just fallen over, not stumbled onto, but fallen over the biggest discovery in communications surveillance ever. He had an idea that we had just found the master key to every backdoor into every system in the world in this old man's computers.

    I had an appointment with Mr. J. W. Dubois. Branden had been told a story, but the entire story was a lie. Of course Branden didn't know this, he had no reason not to believe his own father, did he? His father was never with the state department. The man dealt in white slavery. I know, I almost lost it myself. Andy wanted to go with me, I needed him. We met at a small mom and pop for a cuppa the world's best coffee as we made our plans for Mr. Dubois. The woman the boy knew as mother was his father's mistress and business contact. Dubois had smuggled her out of Turkey along with Branden soon after his birth. Branden's birth mother had long ago disappeared. There are many countries around the world where white blonds, male or female, are very desirable. Branden's one saving grace was his advanced age. That probably wouldn't hold for very much longer and his recent escapade with Frank Rothsfeld had set the stage for his disappearance. I had Andy put two men on young Branden, around the clock.
    Everett Rothsfeld's name kept coming up in connection to J. W. Dubois. Andy's phone rang as we pulled up in front of the Dubois offices. We had more ammunition. I backed out of the parking space and went back to the mom and pop. I called Howard P. Hildebrand and told him to bail his client out and get him over to Dubois's office at once. Andy sent a medic to the barracks for a swab of Frank's mouth. I ordered a piece of lemon meringue pie that was stacked nearly three inches high with rich, sugary meringue. I was in serious need of a sugar fix, Andy felt it too. He had the banana cream pie. We had the waitress leave the coffee pot. What we had stumbled onto was sick.
    It took a little over an hour. I had so much coffee in me that I wanted to order a porta potty, or at least a piss boy with a big bucket. Andy and I put our heads together in prayer, we needed all the help we could get to break this mess up. Andy's medic handed him the lab report as I got into my car then we drove back to the Dubois offices. It was a very impressive complex nestled in the trees and sitting on a small hill overlooking the scenic forests in the valley across the highway.
    The well known name of an international brokerage house was on one side of the door. A world renowned trading company dominated the other side. The list of entities in this building were all well known and if the documents that I held in my hand were factual then none of these business existed except in name only. We could see Hildebrand walking with Rothsfeld just down the hall from us. They entered the twelve foot tall, eight foot wide wooden doors of the glass fronted office at the middle of the building.
    We entered the same door. The three men we expected to see stood there with someone we never thought of. A gun was pointed at my head from behind me. Two men stepped forward and took our briefcases, along with our evidence.

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