Chapter 143


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    "It was fucking cold," Rick Carlson began as he sat on the sofa with Terry's arms wrapped around his new daddy's muscled bicep, "it was fucking twenty eight degrees, the coldest night of the year, so far. The city was going to open the shelters for the night. It was five thirty in the morning, I guess they opened 'em last night. These kids'll never go there, they're afraid. They know if they show up someone will want a name, an age, children can't stay in the shelter without their parents. If these kids show up they don't get a warm bed, a shower, three meals a day, snacks, and rules, they get hauled off to juvy where they are put into the system. There is more abuse of children in most foster homes than in the kid's own home, who can blame them for not going. At least at home they were being beaten and raped by someone who loved them. I had to act to save at least this bunch.
    "I took my stand at the corner where two alleys come together in a dark and sinister intersection between ten story buildings. There's no light except that that creeps down the alley from the street a half block away. A half a block away were wide, lit, clean streets, the pride of the city. Show the world how clean our town is. Got awards from big magazines, America's Cleanest Cities. Yeah we made the list again this year. Why doesn't someone drag those reporters a hundred feet off of the street and let them see the filthy alleys? Kids and old men eating yesterday's cast offs out of dirty dumpsters, hell of a fucking meal.
    "I heard the heavy manhole cover slide on the pavement, it was time to go to work. I pulled out my pint whiskey bottle, it was only half full. I put the lid in a good pocket without holes. I saw his head look around. I pulled out my long cock and let it dangle as I rested my head on my bent arm on the wall. My right arm dangled at my side, the whisky bottle on the verge of falling to the ground.
    "He was there, he took the whiskey bottle away then sniffed of its contents, he made a crooked face as he looked at me with crossed eyes. He took hold of my cock and squeezed it then shook it dry for me then slowly stroked me as I hardened in his hand. 'That is so fuckin' big, old man. I want it in me. Someday soon we'll find a way,' he told me
    "'I need some cum, boy, give me your spunky wank stick.' I went to my knees, the boy looked around to make sure that no one had entered our alley— we do this every morning, it is our routine. I grabed his pants and yanked them down. Of course he doesn't have underwear on, he was lucky to have the almost new pants on that he was wearing.
    "He felt so lucky when the two of us raided a dumpster the day before and found not only jeans that almost fit him, just a little large, but also a brand new pair of shoes. Some stupid ass wipe had grabbed up a bunch of packing papers with a brand new pair of shoes in the pile and thrown them away. Of course they weren't expensive shoes, the street kids would kill him for a good pair. These shoes had come from a chain discount store and had only cost me forty bucks. The look on this sweet face was worth every penny, that and the fact that he let me blow him again.
    "Now I had his hard cock in my mouth, I knew his story, he is fourteen, he had found out that he was gay at the age of twelve when he took his first slide down his best friend's brother's cock. His best friend had gotten the brother to show them his stuff; when Terry saw the engorged cock he drooled all over himself. The brother told him he could play with it— he told me that it felt so good in his hand. A drop of liquid was laying in the tiny slit at the end of the huge cock of the thirteen year old brother. Without a thought Terry put the cock in his mouth and began to suck. He had never thought of doing anything so nasty, he had never done anything that was so much fun.
    "He sucked the cock clean of the cum that the boy had shot into his mouth then he turned and sucked his friend, he loved to do it. The two brothers took him to another friend of the older boy, Terry sucked his cock as well. His nineteen year old brother walked through naked, save for a towel, as he left the shower Terry ripped the towel away and found out that cocks got bigger. He choked as he tried his best to swallow all of the cum that the older boy had for him.
    "Terry was a confirmed cock sucker. He became one of the most popular boys in his neighborhood, he had ten or more boys that came by for a daily service—some came by two or three times a day. Terry especially liked the older boys with the bigger dicks."
    I was watching Terry as Rick talked about him as if in a third person report, the boy was hanging onto Rick's arm and looking up at the man in total admiration as he listened attentively to his own story. Rick held the youngster close and often bent down to kiss the boy's head, sometimes he kissed the upturned forehead
    "It was when school started back up after the spring break that the shit hit the fan. A teacher walked into the boys' restroom to find a line of boys with their pants open and standing in line while a tiny little seventh grader serviced each of them in turn. He tried to get the teacher to let him have a go on his first ever man cock. Terry was grabbed up and was taken to the principal instead, she was not amused. She called Terry's father at work; Terry's father is a self appointed big shot, he was in a board meeting when the call came in on the speaker phone.
    "He was not satisfied with the principal's insistence that he was needed at the school at once, he wanted to know why. Loud and clear over the speaker phone came the principal's voice as she told him that his son had been found on his knees in the boy's restroom with another boy's penis in his mouth and a line of boys waiting their turn to be next.
    "Terry found his ass black and blue and locked out of his house with nothing, but the clothes he had on his back. He has never returned to his house, he has no idea how his folks might feel now. He found a group of kids who lived in the storm drain tunnels that crisscross the city, by sucking the cocks of every boy in the group he was accepted by the runaway children and allowed to live with them. Now, a half year later, he has grown taller, stronger, and wiser. He can whip any boy that comes at him, then he fucks them and makes them suck his dirty cock."
    "Terry was worth sucking, for a kid just fourteen years and two months old he is a perfect specimen of boyhood. He has a cut body, no fat anywhere, kind of hard to get fat when one might have to go three or four days without a meal. My area of interest was six inches long, extra thick, and uncut."
    The loving couple involved themselves in a kissing session when Theo came to me with a question. Rick and Terry both studied the young and hung with great interest. "Sorry for the interruption, please continue with your story. What happened with you two, I think that you had pulled his pants down and were sucking his cock."
    "Oh, yes, let me finish that part of the story—Terry let loose his first cum of the day, it was warm and thick and sweet, as always, I could suck this cock forever," the two stared into each other's eyes. "Terry was anxious that morning, he pulled away and got in front of me. He is good, he took my nine inches to the hairline the first time he did me, he loves big cock and he wanted me to fuck him. I had told him that I would get a job and a house and he could live with me. He was the lord of his clan and wanted to stay with them, to protect them, and provide for them. He is a champion scrounger, he keeps the clan well fed— I was making sure that they had warm clothes.
    "I'll tell you a little about me and what I had been up to; my beard was driving me crazy, but I was sure that I was almost to the end of my charade. I had worked hard to get my old wool slacks as miserable as possible. I had peed my pants every night for three months then let them dry, I even shit them one night. Gads I couldn't wear them that night, it took me two days to be able to put them on again." Terry was giggling at Rick's story. "I found this old over coat at a rescue mission and I gave the lady a hundred dollars for it. She said I didn't need the coat, she didn't know. I told her to go buy three new ones and walked away. I tore the pockets, I made me a hole so I could put my hand in my pocket and pull my pecker, that always got Terry's attention. I made the coat as ratty as I thought a bum's coat should be.
    "I had a whole wardrobe of old tattered and torn clothing that I wore. I had been after Terry from the day he ran away. I own the company that his dad works for so I can take off and no one misses me. I communicate by phone daily, I have a home office that has me connected to everything in my company. I'm twenty eight years old, and I founded the company when I was fifteen. I sold a program to an on-line search engine that made me rich and now we make some of the finest software in the industry, I am worth billions. Not as many billions as that dude in Washington state, but I'm comfortable. He does licence some of my software for his operations so I get mine.
    "After the phone call in the board room I had gone to Terry's house to make sure that his dad didn't do what he did. When I arrived Terry was running down the street, I followed on foot and tried to figure a way to get him to safety. I put my security chief on the boy's tail with strict orders to tell no one, no written reports, everything to me, face to face. We followed Terry to ground, we have pictures of his bruises from the beatings in the beginning. I have seen to it that the boys that hurt him are in no position to hurt other boys.
    "I have approached Terry several times to come off the streets, but even in the beginning he wanted to stay where he was. I have done some deep digging and found out what an ass hole his father really is. I have checked the man's work out only to discover that he is really not worth his wages, he steals ideas from others and presents them as his own. I have everything documented and I will make it right with those that he has wronged, they have all gotten nice raises on the q.t. I have a rule in my company, your wages are between you me and the bookkeeper, they are not talked about. I pay a person for their performance, I might pay two people sitting side by side, doing the same job hundreds of dollars difference, that's my prerogative. I found that Terrence Thompson Sr. was paroxysmal and his most violent sessions were directed at his family. I set about to, first rescue his son, and second expose the bastard for what he is.
    "I looked down at Terry as he was licking at the last drops of my cum, 'Baby. I love you so much. I think I might have a safe place for all of your clan. You say there are nine of you now? And they are all boys? No girls? That seems strange, but I guess kids are different today than when I was young.
    "He asked me if I was over eighty. I laughed as I told him, 'No, I'm not that old, thank you. Could I give you so much cum if I was that old. I can't wait to get you naked and let you fuck me. Well of course I want you to fuck me,' I told him. 'You want me to fuck that sweet little ass of yours so why wouldn't I let you fuck me too?'
    "I looked at him and said, 'Hey, little buddy, I don't take, but what I give.' He told me that he loved me, 'I love you too, much more than you can possibly know my boy. Now see what you have done? I am hard again, you will have to give me seconds if you are going to take me again.'
    "Terry told me that he knew of a place that we could get naked so that I could fuck him. He had found my spot that I had been preparing for him and his friends. He led me to a vacant warehouse where he found an unlocked window and crawled in. With his discovery of the shelter I knew that things would change a lot. He helped me inside and we got naked, Terry even managed to kiss me through my nasty old beard. He marveled at my youthful body. I was a little worried that he might figure out that I am not what I was trying to appear to be, I had spent too many months getting this boy's trust to blow it then.
    "We lay there on an old blanket on a pile of pallets in the corner. He wanted it straight on, I love that position. I knelt before his naked body in an attitude of worship as I ran my hands over his young firm thighs. I caressed his inner thighs and pressed my hands into the valley between them and his groin. I spread his cheeks apart and looked into his brown eye, It was very brown, 'I will get him cleaned up tomorrow,' I thought to myself. I wanted to eat there, but I would have to chisel away six months of caked on shit first. If I hadn't been in such lust for this kid I might not have been able to fuck him, but he was so sweet laying there, his legs splayed out begging me to enter. I used no lube or any fingers, I decided to fuck him like an old street bum with no couth. I pushed the head of my thick cock at his hole, he resisted my entrance, I pushed as he tried to open for me.
    "I told him that I loved him and smacked his cute thigh with the flat of my hand, hard. He jerked, but his hole opened and I was inside. I bent over and kissed him and apologized for hitting him.
    "He moaned as my dick went deeper and told me he understood. He was begging me to fuck him, I was only half way in. I pulled out a then went in deeper, I did this five or six times until I found my self against his upturned thighs. I could go no deeper, but I could withdraw and come in again.
    "And so it began, the fuck of our lives. I fucked the sweetest piece of ass ever, shit, this kid is tight. He told me that he had wanted me in him since the first day he had seen my cock. He had always wanted a man whom he could love, I want to be that man to him. I fucked him long and slow for over an hour. We were both in lust, he shot load after load as I worked his prostrate with all of the energy I could aim at his tiny fuck nut.
    "He was meeting me stroke for stroke, I let him have two really big loads of cum before my finale. I mustered up the load from hell and let it build, I brought him with me to the brink then slammed his prostate with a full frontal assault at high speed and brain jarring power. He screamed out at his release and squeezed his tight rectal muscles around my invading cock.
    "I spewed a load that was guaranteed to lift a satellite into space. Had I not held on to him as I shot my load he would have been propelled across the room." Terry laughed out loud at that joke, but told me that he felt Rick's cum shoot against his insides like a bullet.
    Rick bent over to kiss the boy and give him a warm embrace. I looked over Rick's shoulders to see our audience of high school boys sitting quietly on the floor as they listened to a very hot love story. Rick began again, "We continued to lay together as the sun lit up the room. I looked around as if it were my first time in this room. I rose up and exclaimed that there was a shower. He looked up, but didn't see it. Of course not, it was behind a wall, but I played the game and led him over to a huge walk in shower with twelve shower heads sticking out of a long wall. I tested the water, it was hot, he smiled at me.
    "Still totally naked and him with massive amounts of cum running down his legs, we walked on into the shower. We got to the middle heads and found decent sized bars of soap in the soap trays. I had only been using a half of the new bars of several different brands in my shower at home for weeks so that I could plant the smaller pieces in this shower room.
    "The hot water felt so good running over our bodies, I knew that Terry was enjoying himself. I happened to know for a fact that this was the first cleansing the boy had gotten since he had run away. I was on my knees washing every part of his body. I cleaned his ass hole and looked it over, I wanted to be sure that I had not hurt him with our fuckathon. He was red and puffy, but he looked fine, he tasted fine too. He had never been rimmed and got to his hands and knees so that I could carry on.
    "I began to talk to him and draw him out, I asked him how he really felt about me. He assured me of his undying love. I asked him point blank if he would hate me if he found out I was somebody he knew. He turned and sat down to let the water pour over him as he stared at me.
    "'I think I do know you. Naked I can see somebody that I know. If you are who I think you are am I in trouble?'
    "'Why would you think that you would be in trouble? Am I not the same person that has been sucking your dick and letting you suck mine for six months now? Even if I am who you think I might be, why would what we have need to change now? Maybe the person you think I am loves you more than he can tell you and wants to be your friend and love you forever.'
    "He had tears in his eyes, 'Are you Mr. Carlson?'
    "'I am Rick. To you I will always be Rick. I love you and I will shelter you and all of your clan. I will feed you and house you. You do not have to leave the streets or do anything you don't want to do. All I hope for is to get to suck your cock everyday.' He got a laugh out of that.
    "I got up and walked over to the opposite wall where there was a row of lavatories and mirrors. I had built this shower room so that one has to pass through the shower area to get to the toilets. The lavatories are on the opposite wall so that one can shave and watch the naked dudes under the water. Letch first class, that's me. "Hey look what I found." I held up a can of shaving cream and a razor.
    "He sat his naked ass on the lavatory next to me. "You put all of this stuff in here didn't you?"
    "'Yeah. I didn't know you would find it, I was so impressed when you brought me here to share it with you. I was going to discover it tonight when we got together. Are you okay with all of this?'
    "'I had to share it with you. I am in love with you, or at least that stinky old bum that sits out in the alley and drinks whiskey and sucks dicks. I will try to remember him as I learn to love Rick even more. Cut that shit off and let me see you.'
    "Terry,…can I take you somewhere? I don't want to cut this beard with a safety razor. It will pull and tug and hurt like hell. I want to go to my club and get a proper haircut and shave. A massage and a good breakfast will make all of it even better, I will treat you to all of the same, except for the shave. I will have them throw in a full face and scalp massage that will make you feel like a new man. You will be served a breakfast like you have never eaten then we will pick up lots of food to bring back to the clan.'
    "Terry was locked onto my body. His legs encircled my waist, his arms encompassed my neck His lips held us in this position as we suctioned each other's mouths, rebreathing each other's air. I led his naked little body to a locked door. It was coded to my hand print and opened for me as I touched a panel in the middle of the door. Inside was a closet of shelves covered in new clothing for all of the boys and a suit or two for me. In a box on the floor were all of my uniforms. 'This is where I came to change each night before taking up my post in the alley,' I told him.
    "I picked out a nice set of clothes for Terry, cotton slacks, polo shirt, white briefs, which I stopped to pull on his body at once. I had to suck his cock to get it to go down so that I could get the underwear on him. I rounded his clothing off with a pair of socks color matched to his pants and an expensive pair of shoes. A good heavy jacket was needed as the air was still chilly outside.
    "I put on white briefs, black socks, a shirt and tie with a black three piece, double breasted suit, and wingtips. I led my little man through a locked door and into a garage area where my Lincoln was parked. I sat the boy in the opulence of the car and had him buckle up. I went around the car and got in, I asked Terry to push the button on the remote and watched his eyes as the wide door rolled upwards so that I could pull out onto the street. Terry pushed the remote's button to shut the door again then we drove to a private and gated office complex in the foothills.
    "I pulled up to the door of one of the shops. A boy of about eighteen or nineteen ran out and opened the doors for us then took the car to be parked. We were met at the door by the concierge. He led us to the salon where our jackets and my tie were taken then we were seated in soft barber's chairs. This was my regular barber he was very glad to cut off all of his months of handy work where he had groomed and bleached me to make me old, gray, and grungy.
    "His first order of business was to shampoo the knotted mess of hair. He then took the wet hair and scissors cut it to a workable length. He trimmed my hair to my usual hair style and then soaked my face with hot towels. By this time Terry had been exposed as being a much cuter boy than had walked in. The hair style his barber had chosen brought out all of the lad's features and framed this beautiful face." I looked at the boys for their reaction, anyone that can not see the love that this man has for his boy is to dead to reckon with.
    "My barber lathered my face and began the tedious task of removing months of facial hair without cutting, nicking, or gouging my face. Terry was given a stool so that he could sit up high enough to see everything that transpired. In very little time I guess the man I was appeared to the lad and he took on a smile that lit up the room. I was returned to an upright position as the barber put the final touches on my haircut then combed me out. He turned my chair to the mirror and I saw myself as a man again and not a homeless old bum.
    "'Sir might I be so bold as to ask why the disguise?' the barber asked me.
    "I did not want to answer that question with Terry sitting there. The boy smiled at me, 'He was on a mission to rescue me from myself and the trap that I let myself fall into.'
    "I got up and hugged the boy tight to me, 'Welcome home, son.'
    "'Is this your son then?'
    "'You are so nosy, you must be a barber. I would not want this to become common knowledge just yet. There are a lot of legal steps that I am going to have to take, but no, he is not my son. He is the abused son of an acquaintance. I took it upon myself to go to the streets where the runaway children are and seek him out.'
    "We have runaway children in our town? No way, sir.'
    "'You live in an ivory tower, come down from the clouds and walk the earth as a man sometime. You may learn that life isn't as bright as it appears.' The man was a snob. He charged seventy five dollars for a haircut and shave that I could get anywhere in town for fifteen dollars, then he expected a large tip. I come to this club for the snobbery of it I suppose so I shouldn't be too harsh, but the man needs a reality check.
    "I took my coat and tie over my arm and led Terry to the gym. My masseur was waiting, he had two tables set up so that we could each be serviced together. I told Terry to strip, he was shy, but I handed him a towel. He followed my lead as we hung our clothes in my locker. Towels in their place around our private place we strolled over to the tables, I had Terry take his position then I took mine. From the sounds the boy made he was having a great time. When he was told to rollover he would not budge. The masseur told him that an erection was normal. He told Terry that he would be more concerned if he didn't have an erection after the hard work that had been done to get him there. That relaxed the boy some, but I had to take the next step.
    "I rolled over to my back even though my masseur was not ready for me to do so. My full blown bore erection stood straight up on display as my towel fell to the floor. Terry's masseur exclaimed, "Oh my, sir." and covered his mouth with his hand. He is never allowed to make personal comments like that about a client.
    "My masseur put my towel in place, I looked at him and winked. He looked at his co-worker, "Mr. Carlson is one of our biggest customers." He smiled at me, I nodded slightly so that he knew I was okay with the exchange. Terry turned over to show his six inch tent pole. His masseur went back to work on his little body. In just a few minutes I heard soft snores as he slipped into a deep, peaceful sleep, I let myself drift off for a while.
    "After a good steam and a long shower with more pampering by a very adept staff we were ready for breakfast. At just past eight o'clock I led young Terry into the main dining room. I made a point of taking the long way around so that Terry would have to be caught up in the aroma coming from the fresh baked pastries on the long table at the back of the room. I stopped at the fruit bar and chose a selection of melon and citrus for a starter then ordered Papaya and Guava for my juice. Terry wasn't sure so he followed my lead.
    "As we ate our meal I asked Terry if he would like to come and live with me. I promised him that he could see his friends everyday and that he could take them food and clothing as he wished. I told him that he could choose whether to tell his friends about me or not and he does not have to tell them that he is living with anyone. Needless to say, he came to my house and we spent the best night of my life in my bed together last night.
    "Yesterday afternoon some of your boys were playing football on the school grounds and Terry went over to watch them. He came home and told me that all of them live here in your house and that your name was Chris. I did not tell him that I know you, rather I waited to approach you this morning and see what would transpire."

    "Terry, I take it that you are gay?" He gave me the sullen teenage nod. "Look at me, boy! Every boy that you have seen in this house is a cocksucker and a butt fucker. Look at me when I talk to you and answer me with your voice, not a nod of your head." That got a look of defiance out of him so I knew that I had his attention. "Come here and sit in my lap so I can talk to you.
    Terry wasted no time moving to my lap, which surprised me a little. I felt of his crotch and he was hard. I did the only thing that I can do, I slipped my hand inside his pants and was impressed by what I felt there. With my left hand I pulled the boy's face to mine and kissed him as I groped a near seven inches of hard boi cock with more beyond my reach. I wondered how much meat he had as I let my chair fully recline so that the boy could lay out on top of me. His tongue made the first entry as he shifted his body for better position.
    I looked past him at Rick, he was all smiles and was rubbing his hand over a very erect cock of his own. "This boy has a need that I would like to handle for him, if you don't mind." Rick nodded then looked up just as a face moved against mine and kissed me.
    "Got a new boy to break in, Daddy?" Cory was back from his morning classes.
    "Yeah, you want to meet his dad, Rick?"
    Cory was already in uniform as he strode over to sit down next to an obviously interested Rick. "I know you, you live in the house next door to the one I just bought." I wasn't interested in their conversation, I was already removing Terry's sweat shirt and inhaling his sweet smelling boi aroma. Once I had the boy at my mercy, his arms over his head and his sweat shirt keeping him from being able to fend me off, I laid into his youthful arm pits. The light covering of fine brown hair was perfect as I ground into him and elicited cute boy giggles. His boi weapon was threatening to rip his pants from his body so I carried the boy over to the breakfast bar.
    Every stitch of clothing that Terry wore was brand new and had not had time to take on his personal aroma, but I still made a show of breathing deeply from each shoe and carefully chewing at the arch of each sock covered foot. His feet were as perfect as the rest of his tight young body. Having been on the street for more than six months the boy had not been able to develop any body fat.
    I suppose he had to have been on the street a bit more than six months if he was found sucking cock in the boy's restroom at school after spring break. It was early January so I guess that Rick had to take time to allow his hair to grow and assume his disguise and did not gain the boy's attention until sometime in late June or early July. I would confirm that later, right now I wanted to confirm Terry's sexual passions.
    I was pleased to see that Terry wore a jock strap as opposed to underwear. I could make a full assault on his tender pucker hole while keeping his main member under wraps until I was ready to release it.

    The boys began to return from school, Rick just sat back in wide eyed amazement, "How many boys live here, Chris?"
    "I told you, I have one hundred and seventy two boys in this house with another twenty eight boys living down at the house where I lived as a boy."
    "Chris, don't take this the wrong way, but everyone of these boys is beautiful."
    I walked over and stood beside him, "You might want to sit your coffee down, Rick." Almost at once the boys came out of their rooms and ran through the house naked as newborns as they made their way to the wine cellar for their after school snacks. I splatted Terry on his pert little ass and told him to follow Cory for snack time.
    "Come on, let me make your tongue so hard that you can't talk." I grabbed Rick's hand and led him down into the tunnel and over to the wine cellar beneath granite house.

    The old cellar is much larger than I thought that it was when I had looked at it as an empty room. There is a column of solid rock twenty five feet across that extends to the ceiling and flares out in a mild gothic cathedral type design as it supports the mass of rock overhead. The over all room is two hundred feet wide and two hundred and seventy five feet deep for a nice sized room with forty one and a quarter thousand feet of floor space.
    Actually the front of the room, toward the street, is chopped up with the staircase and small niches of about twenty feet square. There were the rusted remnants of steel shanks driven into the walls at the narrow door ways into each cell, those shanks appear to have been shaped like an L at one time and we believe that they were hinge pins for heavy doors.
    Mic found a reference in one Monk's diary that talked about feeding the prisoners in the cellar. Another entry in another diary told about spending time with three other Monk's as they were cloistered away in the cellar cells. That entry seems a more accurate scenario, but we have no way of proving or disproving our suppositions at this point.

    We have made the larger portion of the room into a thirty five thousand square foot all around play room for the boys. A single room that is as wide as a football field and three quarters as long.
    One section of the cooler opening into the room is stocked with fresh fruits kept in a high humidity, medium temperature compartment that helps them stay fresh without damaging the fruit itself. The boys have a well stocked supply of cold juices, sodas, and milk available to them and the dumb waiter from the kitchen keeps a steady supply of other foods at their finger tips. There is a bank of six microwave ovens stacked two high and three wide, for the boys to heat their snacks and pop their bags of corn. Pop corn is a favorite of the boys from overseas, that delicacy had been a very rare luxury in their younger lives.
    Affixed to the central column are six large screen televisions for viewing from anywhere in the room. The boys all have their own set of infrared headphones that can be tuned to any one of the TVs, but most of the time the boys have one movie playing on all six screens at the same time.
    Along the back of the large room is a mystery room running the width of the main area and extending back an additional fifty feet. The floor was very rough and the walls show heavy tool markings, as if the room were a work in progress. The ceiling back there is only seven and a half feet above the floor, but at the very back wall the ceiling is ten feet high. I had the floor polished down to perfect smoothness and purchased one hundred arcade type games for the boys. We have four Foosball tables, two air hockey tables and three regulation size pool tables. We already know that we will have to raise the ceiling in there for those pool tables. We believe that the new area was being cut at the time that the cellar was sealed and forgotten.
    In all of his research the only reason that Mic has found for the cellar being forgotten is an entry in the county records of the old Bishop dying and four Monks leaving on the train for San Francisco to take a ship to their new station in the Polynesian Islands. Two years later the church sent five older Monks to the house to tend to the Indian population there, but during the war years the property was totally abandoned and lay empty until the rancher bought it and built his castle high above the valley below.
    During that period between the cellar being sealed—and the subsequent death of the old bishop—and on up to the time that the property was sold there is no mention that has been found in any diaries, or other documents, of the wine or the wine cellar. It is our consensus that the survivors never passed along their knowledge of the vast treasure beneath the small winery that had been their home.

    I would like to see what the valley looked like in those days. There are hundreds of pictures available of the city from the earliest of time all the way up to the present. Nearly all of those pictures focus on the more populated parts of town, but the college boys get a kick out of seeing the University sitting in the dead center of miles of barren wasteland in every direction.
    The major avenue, that still runs along the northern edge of the campus, was a deeply rutted dirt trail in some of the early pictures. I have been asked where I parked my horse at the campus. I guess that is better than my question to my dad when I asked him where he parked his dinosaur while he was in class.

    I watched Rick watch the boys at play, I asked him to let me help him with the boys that had been running with Terry. Rick looked around the room and asked me if they would live in my house. I told him that construction had only started on the large dormitory at the school in early November, but we would make room for them until the new quarters were ready.
    I shared with him my amazement at the speed with which the work was progressing over there, "I have said it before, but I still marvel at the power of money waved in front of the right face. I promised the contractor a large cash bonus for early completion; I reserved the right to have my own inspection though. Quick construction can lead to sloppiness and if I going to house my boys in these dorms then they damn well better be up to my very high standards.
    "I don't expect the buildings to be ready for occupancy much before the end of February or early March, but if we can get those boys off of the street then even that will not be soon enough."
    Rick agreed with me, but he was a little overwhelmed with all that I had going. He told me that he was going to get every boy off of the street and into a home, whether it be mine or a shelter somewhere he was going to do it. He told me that his billions were rusting away in the bank vaults and it was time that he put that money to work instead of letting the bankers get rich from it.
    Rick and Terry left for a little while then they returned before four o'clock dressed in their old street clothes, I almost cried. I could see how Rick would have to help the boy. Rick had his own set of dirty clothes that almost made me upchuck from the smell, they were foul. Rick agreed to help me help any boy that wanted help, they would be able to move into the dormitory as soon as it was ready and we would put them in school at BAW.
    I took Cory and Bryan with us in the Caddy SUV. Rick directed us to a three story building two blocks from Tomes of Time. I had been eyeballing the old building for sometime, the kids in town are in need of a place to meet and to hold their dances, and whatever, this building would be perfect for them. I pulled against the curb to let Rick and Terry out and watched as Rick used his key to walk inside.
    I am not about to share all of my secrets, but I did want to listen in, I let Rick use one of our old style, small, transceivers that had about a ten mile range, he carried that in the pocket of his heavy overcoat and stuck the small earbud into his ear and pulled the ear flaps of his cap down to hide it. I wore a soundbud, as did both of my boys, we could hear everything that was said by bone conduction. I placed the small FI pin that serves as a microphone to the shirt of each boy.

    The street boys were glad to see Terry, he had been gone for two days. They commented on his haircut and wanted to know who the old geezer was. Terry was explaining how he had met the old bum that all of them knew hung around their alley, two of the boys knew that this bum was sucking Terry's cock every morning, they had come up from a different manhole to see what he was doing every morning. I heard a rustling noise and the laughter of pubescent boys so I figured that Terry was wrestling with his friends.
    I had called a nearby pizza shop and had to drive over to pick up the ten extra large pies that I had ordered. Pizza in hand Cory played the part of a delivery boy. He knocked on the door and I could hear the boys inside trying to figure out how to run away. Terry was telling them that it was all good, that he had ordered dinner for them. He went to the door and Cory said, "You the dude what ordered ten pizzas?"
    "Yes, please bring them in." Now I had a picture of what was going on, Cory had his cell phone clipped to his belt. I could hear everything much clearer with the small mic and see what was going on inside as it was displayed on the small seven inch computer monitor in my Caddy. Next it was time to send in Bryan.
    "Hey Cory, dude, you forgot the sodas," he said when Terry opened the door once again.
    "Hey, I couldn't carry all of it you know. 'sides you need to work your mangy ass to keep it tight for my big dick."
    "Shhhh, man I don't like you talking like that, that's private." Cory walked to him and I knew that they were kissing even though I could see nothing because Bryan was against the camera."
    "Fuck that's hot, I ain't never seen two guys kiss before," a voice in the room said. From the sounds I was getting in against my skull that voice was closer to Rick.
    "What you mean, fag, you and Owen are kissing all of the time."
    "Yeah, but I can't see us, I just ain't never seen nobody else do it, that's fucking hot."
    "I can see that you like it, Warren, you pitchin a tent in your pants."
    "It's all for you, bitch, bend over."
    "I don't do that…'less you got a cover," he whispered the last part. I couldn't see who was talking and I wanted to be in on it. I had to prod Rick to speed things up. When I spoke Rick and Cory both heard me. Cory looked at Terry to prod him on.
    "Dudes, listen to me. How many of you would like to go back to school if there were no questions and no cops?"
    "Fuck, what's up? I ain't going to no school, school's for faggots."
    "So you need to go, you could be class president," another voice said.
    "How about if you go to a school full of nothing, but fags. Over a hundred good looking boys that are all gay?"
    "Hey, I heared bout some school up the mountain what's got nothing, but cock suckers in it. I could go there, maybe get me a blow job."
    "Won't nobody blow that tiny thing of yours, it would blow away like a dandylion. 'Sides you'd have to take a bath first 'cause you stink."
    "Didn't you guys use the showers over there?" Terry asked them.
    "We just come in this place a few minutes ago, don't know what's here, Warren just said that he seen ya and that old man crawl through that window last time he seen ya so we thought maybe you might be like dead in here or sumthin."
    "I want you to meet the best man in the whole world. This is Rick and I love him. Show them, Rick." I could see Rick stand up straight and remove his heavy coat then the sound from his radio got hard to hear, but I was getting a good report from the microphones on the boys.
    "Rick is going to give me a place to live and send me to school and he is going to fuck my old man up for what he done to me. He has a friend that own's that school in the mountains and that is where I am going to go, you can go too if you want." At that point Cory walked over and opened the door to let me in. I grabbed him and sucked his lunch out of him as Bryan ran over to me for his, hot as hell, kiss.
    "Fuck you faggots stink, strip and hit those showers," I demanded in my sternest voice. Terry, Cory, and Bryan quickly stripped and Rick joined them as they ran toward the showers. "I didn't stutter, I mean all of you, or so help me I will wash you myself." Four boys stood locked in place as they stared at me. Suddenly they seemed to come to and stripped naked.
    As they ran for the shower I gathered all of their filthy clothes and after a quick check of their pockets I threw the whole mess into a an old oil barrel and threw a match in on top of them. I opened the back door so that the smoke would blow outside then walked over to watch all eight naked males playing around under the hot water. All eyes seemed to be on Rick as the boys tried to figure out just who the hell he was.
    "Alright, let's get a move on in there, this pizza is getting cold," I knew that wouldn't make a difference to these boys for two reasons, teenage boys like cold pizza and these boys were starving, pizza from the dumpster is all they have seen in a long time.
    "Hey, where's our clothes?" I pointed to the smoldering barrel and listened to their cries.
    "I'm hungry and I don't mind eating when I'm naked," Terry told them as he opened a box and took a slice. Cory passed him an icy cold Coke then passed the other boys one for themselves. The boys were looking around at each other and staring down there a bit longer than they normally would.
    "Well, daddy, did I dun good?" Terry asked me.
    "You did very well, son. If you want a reward then cum right in here," I pointed at my mouth and sat down on a stack of old furniture pads.
    "I thought you said your dad…"
    "He's not his father, he's mine and Bry's father. He is our daddy and we love him, just like all one hundred and seventy five of us that live in our house."
    "Go on, one hundred and…whatever cain't live in no house," the boy named Owen said.
    I learned that I was talking with thirteen year old Owen Caulder, sixteen year old Warren White, fifteen year old Kevin Carmichael, and fourteen year old Stewart Ackerley. The boys were busy stuffing pizza in their faces before all of the food in the world disappeared forever. I had brought two cases, forty eight, cans of Coca Cola, the eight of us had already polished off all, but nine cans, I was still on my first can.
    "Hey, where's Pam and Petey?" Terry asked suddenly. I perked up, they had a girl with them? Rick and I exchanged looks.
    "She's trying to find Petey's shoes, he lost them again." Terry grabbed his pants and shoes then charged out of the door before anyone could stop him. Only minutes later he returned carrying a boy of four or five and leading a girl of about eighteen.
    "Nice goods, dudes. You are sweet Owen," Pam said as she took in all of the naked boys in the room.
    "Like I told you, you can show me what the other side has to offer anytime, unless you are afraid to ride this monster." The boy grabbed his four inch cock and swung it at her. Petey was stuffing his face with pizza as Terry passed the box to Pam. She looked around the room then grabbed a slice and tore into as if she had not eaten all day, she probably hadn't.

    When fifteen year old Pam's parents found out that she was pregnant they took her for an abortion. She fought them all of the way, but then the family learned that she was already seven months along, she could not have an abortion. Their answer to that was to lock her out of their house, she had her baby on the street where she has lived ever since. I asked her why she had not gone to a shelter for Petey's sake, she told me that they tried make her do things that she would not do.
    I am ever pertinacious in my search for the truth. The shelter had demanded that she go to school and learn how to support herself. I asked her how that was bad. She was afraid that if she left Petey for only a moment that they would take him away from her, she ran and never looked back. She found the spot in the city's sewer system where she could stay dry. A vent from a nearby building blew warm air down onto the high ledge where she made a home for herself and her baby and there she has stayed.
    There are many predators that would tear a little girl up, I wanted to know how she had been able to fend them off as well as feed both herself and Petey. She looked at the boys around us and took hold of Warren's hand, she said that she has allowed several street boys to come and go from her home and each of them has helped to protect her. She has to turn her own tricks to feed herself and her baby, but that was the cost of her decision and she could not see a way out of that. I could.
    We sat and talked about everything and nothing as I slowly drew each of the kids out and learned part of their stories, which I will share with you, honestly I will, only not right now. None of the boys had finished the seventh grade, but all of them agreed that they would like to go to school if nobody would bully them.
    I looked at Pam and asked her what she wanted to do. She wanted to provide for Petey and be a better mother. Petey needed to have a better place to live with some security and good food. I was holding the little guy and he was seriously under nourished. I made a phone call.
    Terry walked over to a locked door that opened as he touched a panel in the middle of the door. Inside was a closet of shelves covered in new clothing for all of the boys and a suit or two for him. In a box on the floor were all of his uniforms. "This is where I came to change each night before taking up my post in the alley," he told us.

    I have worried about a dear, sweet old lady, Betty. With the girls gone she would be alone in her house, she was cautious, but told me that she would depend on my judgement. I left the boys alone with Rick, Terry, and Cory as Bryan and I drove Pam and Petey down to Betty's house. I had called for Cas to bring one of the vans down to pick up Cory and the boys and to put the boys into a room in granite house for the night.
    Pam warmed up to Betty instantly and Betty, being the softy that she is, was loving little Petey to death. I asked Betty if she would like to take Petey shopping for new shoes, her eyes beamed as her smile lit up her face, I gave her a credit card and told her that there was no limit on it, but I wanted to see Petey and Pam fully dressed out the next day. Betty was feeding the boy cookies and a glass of milk when Bryan and I ducked out to get back up the mountain and see to our newest arrivals.
    Cas was not back with Cory and the new boys by the time that I arrived. I spoke into my microphone and heard Cory moan, "Ohhh, yeah, right there, ohh that feels so good. Daddy this guy is so good, he has me so hot. Here talk to Rick." I realized that Cory was talking into his cell phone when Rick came on the line.
    "Hey, buddy, you know that barber I was telling you about? Well he is eating his words as he cuts each of these boys' hair. Bring that other little fellow of yours over here and let me treat him also, he earned it." I led Bry back to my Caddy without saying a word.
    A valet parked my ride as we were shown to the barbershop, Bry was guided to a chair where he was given the full treatment of a haircut and shampoo. The barber asked him if he would like to have his whispy mustache removed, all of us had to laugh when Bry threw his hands over the symbol of his budding manhood.
    Rick would not take no for an answer, I have a barber that treats me well, but I sat back and enjoyed a shampoo and rigorous scalp massage. We were led back to the men's area of the gym where dividing curtains had been drawn back and nine metal tables drawn into close proximity. There were only four masseurs on duty, but they did a remarkable job on each of us as they moved between tables. I asked Rick why he wasn't joining us and was told that he had his, this was his treat to us.
    Cas told me that he had never enjoyed a massage so much in his life. He told me that he was going to bring Tyler over to receive lessons, he probably will too. I admired five beautiful youngsters that were seated in the back seat of my Caddy. I took them down to see Dr. Will while Rick went back to the house with Cory, Bry, and Cas. Rick told me that he had an asshole to see about.
    Will was still in surgery when we arrived, but he had a nurse waiting to help us. She is an older woman that generally sits behind the desk in the front office when I bring my boys in. I wanted all of the boys to be able to stay together and she gave me some lip, but I stared her down.
    With five little hotties standing together in their tightie whities she began her duties. She gave each boy a very cursory examination as she checked their throats, ears, ass holes, and balls. Owen told her that her fingernail hurt when she made him turn his head and cough. I thought that she could have been a bit softer with her touch when she drew her blood samples and I was going to bite Will's ears off when I told him what I thought of the woman's actions.

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