Chapter 154


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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     With construction going on around the house I needed to keep the family out a little longer. Sandy Gozer, Tim O'Connor, Pete Engblahm, and Eddy Dickson are the only college boys that could remain with us, the remainder of the college boys had to return to school on Andy's transports, as space became available for them. Don't even think about it, you know that my Cory man was with me. The rest of the boys were about to get an education such as they had never imagined as the captain moved Voyageur Marin Deux© to Nice, Franççais where we had a berth awaiting us. At top cruising speed my big boy would make the nine hundred mile trip in about twenty two hours. I had to meet Traveleraire©, which was filled with non-family school boys from BAW, Saturday night.
    The boys were excited as they watched the wake from the ship as we cut through the water. Someone asked a crewman how fast we were going and he was told that we were cruising at thirty nine to forty knots. The boys put their heads together and decided that they could water ski at that speed. I laughed and told them that we were moving at more than twice the speed at which they were used to skiing at, that rounded out their eyes.
    It took a lot of talking to convince the boys that they could not ski behind the ship at our present speed. Should they fall off of the tow rope they would be seriously hurt and we would not be able to stop the ship to retrieve them before they would be in serious trouble. They thought that another boat could travel along behind to assist those in the water, but we told them that there are no boats around that could ever keep up with us.
    The Captain finally found a solution when he had his first mate gather the boys in the theater and teach them about the ship and its capabilities. I had a bunch of wide eyed kids as they admired the large ship for the umpteenth time, but this time they were seeing a boat that is faster than almost anything afloat, even United States Coast Guard Cutters.
    I sat back and listened to the mate's words as I recalled that Murat had commandeered the shell of a new ship being built by King Muneday's navy and had it made into his own personal yacht. Before any interior work was begun the workers in the ship yard, in turn, commandeered the ship during her shake down cruise and turned it over to Athos. I was already in the final phase of taking over all of Seigy's assets so Athos ordered the ship painted and re-commissioned with the knowledge that the new King Cullen would finalize the paper work from his new throne.
    The mate told the boys that the four hundred and thirty foot yacht has two 2500 horse power oil fired turbine engines capable of propelling the tri-hull ship to speeds of forty eight knots, faster than navy or coast guard craft currently in service. He carries a crew of seventy five with first class cabin space for six hundred. Fully loaded he displaces 4,000 metric tons.
    Once under my control six inches of polymer composite Kevlar was laminated to the two inch thick armored steel plating that forms the outer skin of the large ship. I was impressed, the combined materials was more than I had ever conceived. I consider two inches of steel armor plating about as good as it gets. The sandwich that the coach company had developed was only an inch thick and it repelled all small arms fire. From that humble beginning I joined in the formation of a new company to manufacture a light weight armor to protect our troops in combat.
    I had attended a demonstration of the strength of the material. A two inch thick sheet five feet long and three feet high was in a frame for the real test. A marksman with a hand held forty five millimeter grenade launcher took aim. The grenade was deflected to explode harmlessly on the ground. A shoulder fired rocket was sent screaming down range to explode with only surface marring, no damage. Nothing fired against the material penetrated the sandwiched layers. The outer skin was scorched and marred with no deep damage. A quick mix of the three polymer components and the damage was repaired to be tested again. A damaged spot was repeatedly hammered each time it was repaired and still no weakness was evident. A shaped charge was attached to the sheet of material. The outer layer was splintered. The first fiber layer took a beating and a hole had been made in the middle layer of composite. The second fiber layer showed the back of the final side of the resin material. But the final layer of composite resin material had no penetration at all.
    The ship's officer had the full attention of the boys as he showed them graphics and a wide selection of cutaways in order to fully demonstrate the protection that surrounded them aboard the ship. The boys were awe struck then their queeing spoke up and said, "Do you really think that our dad would allow us to be in anything that someone could overtake and hurt us? Think about it, he would never allow us to be in that position."
    His little statement made sense to his favorite subjects and all of them bowed before him and pledged their loyalty. He waved his cock at them and told them to prove it, Jimmy stood in front of him and told everybody that they had to go through him to get to the Crown head. I didn't want to tell the boys that the front wall of the house had been blown away and it contained three inches of Kevlar honeycomb, but without the polymer coating. I had other duties, but when I left Jimmy and Cullen were getting the licking of their lives.

    Looking for something to occupy the mind of my horn dogs I suggested that they find a name for the school in Greece. Though nothing was official I had designated the school at Nice, Franççais BAF—Bradford Academy of France. The acronym BAG is already taken as BAG—Bradford School for Girls—and of course there is the original BAG Boys, located in New York.
    Ezio Beckmeister had the answer before anyone could reach for his computer. Ezio's mother is Greek and he told us that we should do just as we were doing for France and call it by the name that the French language calls it, Franççais. Therefore Greece will be Eλλάς—Ellas in Latin lettering. The school at Parga, Eλλάς will be known as BAE—Bradford Academy Ellas.
    So much for occupying their minds, they just turned to the one nearby and occupied his baser thoughts for a few hours.

    Saturday afternoon I moved all of the boys from the ship up to BAF for some rousing international relations. BAF is an impressive looking building that commands an appraising look. The center ell spans one hundred and fifty feet between two massive bedroom blocks. The entire structure stands five stories high and is built of white Italian marble. The high pitched, mansard style, roof adds another two stories to the house and dormers stand out every twenty five feet all the way around the structure.
    "Wow, is that the capitol building?" Dezi wanted to know.
    "Of course not, it has a roof, not a dome on top." Roddy believes himself to be the authority on just about everything, I am beginning to have more trouble with him than I should. I know that he feels that his place as my son affords him certain privileges, but RD and Cory have tried to drive that notion from his head.
    I was pleased to see that the large cat statues that had stood by the front entrance were gone and had been replaced by modestly draped statues of, near nude, young males. The fully nude statues are inside where they won't be offensive to anyone. However the school is in Europe where larger than life statues featuring full frontal male nudity abounds so I shouldn't be so paranoid.

    We just about wore poor Warren out, the boy's leg was on the mend, but he had to stay off of it for at least one more week. He had a terrible time aboard ship as he tried to maneuver along the decks. I made sure that he occupied a cabin on the main deck, he cannot deal with ladders and hatchways. Morris refuses to leave his side and he is the only one that Warren trusts to push him about in his wheelchair. Even with Morris's full attention accidents can occur so I asked the ship's captain to have a double row of lines—ropes—rigged between the railings of the ship so that the boy wouldn't fall overboard if his wheelchair should get out of anyone's control. The captain did my one better and had netting tightly secured to all of the ship's railings.
    We arrived at BAF to a warm welcome of hot looking teenage boys, all naked and eager to meat the Americans. Two precious sweet meats ran up to greet me in my favorite fashion and I was more than willing to welcome Otès and Niels with tight hugs and deep kisses.
    Warren was carried off of the bus and placed in his wheelchair which had been carried in the luggage compartment of the bus. Morris dutifully pushed his boyfriend up to the long staircase leading into the school where two of my muscular football players picked the sweet gimp up, chair and all, to carry him inside. He calls himself the gimp, but we all know that the surgery has corrected his leg and he will be able to run and play with the other boys without any sign of his old limp.
    There are so many times in my life that I wish that I could be in more than one place at the same time and that was one of them. I had the four sons of Qasim al-Hadi lead the way for the introductions of all of the American boys to the one hundred and sixty eight students of that school. I held Sergé Couture's hand and stayed back in the pack a bit until we were close to Benoît Couture, I stepped aside so that the two boys could see one another.
    "Mon Dieu, est que vous?" Exclaimed Benoît.
    "Mon Dieu, it is you!!" Exclaimed Sergé at the same time. The identical looking cousins rushed at each other as everybody in the room stopped to see the family reunion.
    I had met young Benny in October when I had visited the castle—now BAF. When I first saw him I could see young Sergé. I asked François about the boys and he confided a secret to me. The boys are the sons of the old man, François was fifty nine years old the last time he was with a female, that night he was with sixteen year old twin sisters, both of whom bore him sons.
    Sergé's mother died just before the boy was taken by Dimitri and François lost track of him. When Athos told him that Sergé had been found the two plotted together to see the boy raised by me. Benoît had only come to live with François at the end of the old man's life and he wanted to stay in Franççais. I was about to make the boy a better offer.
    All of the boys were cheering for the reunited, look alike, cousins and whistled cat calls at them as Benoît led Sergé up the stairs to his bedroom. As the boys moved aside for the those two to cross the room another reunion was about to take place. Sitting in a wheelchair to one side of the massive throng of boys was a sixteen year old youngster by the name of Pépin-seed of a fruit-Lacrosse.
    Morris spotted Pépin and forgot Warren for the moment as he ran across to kneel before his brother and lay his head in the boy's lap as he cried, uncontrollably. I directed the other boys back to each other as the two brothers cleared the air between them. I had only learned of young Pépin's plight a fortnight earlier and sent Athos to bring the boy to the school. Morris looked around then ran back to Warren and pushed him over to meet his brother as the BAF students quickly took each of the family members by the hand and led them away for some personal introductions.
    Dr. Saltzman stepped forward to shake my hand then he pushed Pépin over to the main lounge where I had last seen my friend François Couture on his deathbed. Morris pushed Warren along behind and asked Cullen to join us, Cory followed along with Jimmy close behind as I learned that Dr. Saltzman has permanently moved to BAF as our own private doctor. I had been very excited when I had learned that the man wished to return to Europe and a warmer climate, we could fare no better than to have the doctor on staff for the boys.
    I had heard a boy scream out as if in pain when Pépin and Morris first saw one another. I looked to see one of the street boys by the name of Paul Davies leaning on Richard Kaufman, another boy from the street. I have seen those two sixteen year old boys huddled close together quite often, but I had never actually seen them at sex with one another. I Watched as Eddy and Pete helped the two boys up the stairs, my two mommies waved at me so I considered that all was well and joined the Lacrosse boys in the front room.

    Mrs. Lacrosse, being poor and proud, had cut herself while chopping firewood. She developed a serious infection, but felt that she could treat herself and not use the precious little money that she had for a doctor. Gangrene set in, by the time Pépin was able to get help to her several days had passed and it was too late.
    Athos had been notified of the woman's health and had gone to see her, but she had died the morning that he arrived. He called me at once and I told him to ask Pépin if he would like to go to the school and await me, I told him to tell the boy that I would bring Morris there to see him. Pépin was anxious to go.
    I was upset, I had set up a fifty thousand dollar account for the family at the bank in the village where the widow lived with her son. Pépin wept when he told me that his mother said that she, 'Rien de cet homosexual de fagot'—nothing from that faggot. She had the money to help herself and help her boy, but had rejected it because of her religious beliefs.
    Pépin speaks absolutely no English, he has lived in a small farming village all of his life and since his accident at the age of nine he has had no education opportunities. I looked at Morris and he told us that their mother did not want his brother to be subjected to ridicule because he had only one leg so she kept him at home. Morris had asked the widow of a rich man in their village if he could have the old man's wheelchair for his brother and the woman was moved to give to him.
    Morris would take Pépin out each day where he could teach his brother all that he had learned in school that day, but reading and some writing was about all that he could teach. Morris learned his English after his capture. I brought Pépin's face to mine and asked him how he felt about homosexual de fagots, the boy blushed. I told him that he had seen nearly two hundred naked boys doing all kinds of unnatural acts for the past twelve days, how did he feel about that?
    He whispered to Morris, "J'ai été avec deux garçons et je l'aime, il goûte très gentil, mais cela l'autre partie me blesse."
    Cullen giggled as he told me that Pépin said, "'I have been with two boys and I like it, it tastes very nice, but that the other part wounds me.' the word blesse literally means wound or hurt so he says that taking it up his butt hurts him. We are going to have to show him how good it can feel, aren't we hunky uncy?" Aw, the crown has not gone to the boy's head, he still loves me.
    Morris was telling his brother what Cullen had said and Pépin's eyes widened, "Mais il est le roi!!" as he suddenly recognized who Cullen was.
    "Cullen LeRoy, to you my friend." Pépin tried to bow from his wheelchair, but Cullen lifted his head and kissed him. Cullen and Pépin talked for a while then he pushed the boy over to his room, but called Jimmy to get his ass in gear that they were going to create a new subject for the kingdom. Yes, the boy may be the Roi, but he is still queeing to me.

    I was called to the front door, the last pair of boys was arriving. The van was just at the front gate so I had a moment to look around the large entry hall. I was pleased to see that all of the cats had been removed. You may recall all of the pictures and statues of pussy that adorned the area the first time that I had seen it, I had thought that I was in a cat house instead of a boys' school. In their place were many well done statues of naked boys some at full staff. I had to do a double take because I recognized some of the statues as being made in the image of boys that I had seen in the castle on my previous visit.
    I had to stop and walk over for a closer look, to each side of the grand stairway was a full life sized image of François's own sons, Sergé and Benny, in full naked glory. They looked as if they would move if I touched them. I had to wrap my hand around the erect cocks to see if the size was as I remembered it as I had been with both boys, at different times. The size felt perfect except for the fact that I could not retract the stone foreskin. The only difference between the two statues was a tattoo over the heart of the copy of Benoît, that had been another clue to me on our first visit. He had the name of his cousin indelibly inked to show the love for the cousin that he thought was lost to him forever.

    I heard the boys talking and snapped back to the present then made my way outside to see Tim O'Connor being lowered from a handicap van as he sat in a wheel chair. Both of his legs were in heavy bandages. The poor boy had tried to do so much as he ran through the woods in Greece. Then the strain as he tried to maneuver the numerous ladder ways aboard the ship. There are elevators on board, but the boys seemed to fear them, I don't think that they could be stuck between decks, but fear is something that each person has to conquer for himself. The boys almost had me shaking the first time I took the elevator below decks, what a place to be trapped if the ship were to sink. Fear is stupid, but real.
    I picked Tim up and held him close to me as I told him how sorry I was that I had not paid more attention to him. He told me that it was his own fault, but his wounds were minor and would heal in a few days. Sandy helped me get the paraplegic back into the wheelchair then I grabbed him for tight family welcome. I had somebody that needed to see Tim so I pushed his chair over to the parlor and stopped him in front of Pépin.
    Pépin looked at the two bandaged stumps with a wide eyed stare. I told him that Tim was a decorated war hero that had lost his legs as he saved the lives of his comrades. Pépin looked puzzled so I explained that a grenade had been thrown into the building that Tim and his platoon was clearing, the man proved his metal. He snatched up the grenade and tossed it from the room, only to have it bounce off of the wall of the narrow hallway. With nothing else to do he dropped to the floor and held the heavy door closed with his feet. He lost both legs, but everyone was alive and they all told the same story about the man who made that possible.
    Pépin began to rattle off to Morris who was translating as quickly as he could. Tim told the boy that he had steel legs and could run as well as walk, but he had worn blisters on his legs and would have to wait to show him how the legs worked. It was only then that Cullen figured out that the boy thought that Tim had only just lost his legs because of the bandages so he began to explain in more detail.
    I was pleased when the young brothers led Tim and Sandy to their room so that they could talk for a little while longer. I will wait a day or two before I ask the boys about returning to college, Tim needs to heal first.

    Feeling really good, I left everyone behind as I stepped outside to meet another dear old friend, Paddy Stotman. You will remember him as my personal driver from Station-London, he had brought my Bentley Carnage Rl through the Chunnel so that I could ride in style. I know Paddy, he just wanted an excuse to come see all of the naked youth at BAF, I was going to allow him to do more than see them, as the boys desire. I know that the old boy won't be going home with any kind of a load to carry, and he damn well should have some great memories.
    The local time was just past seven in the evening and Traveleraire© had landed moments before. The steps were being rolled up to the door as Paddy pulled us close to the end of the ramp. A charter bus pulled in behind us as the door opened, but I was surprised at the first person to step off of the plane. Fourteen year old Jules Feldman ran down the steps and jumped into my arms. I looked at the door of the plane, but saw no one but the boys from BAW disembarking as I asked Jules where his father was.
    Jules informed me that he was a student of BAW and had every right to be on this trip and that his two fathers agreed with him. I had been told by the stiff backed youngster, I hugged him and bade him welcome. A simple phone call to Andy had the boy on the plane and I was glad to see him. I had not asked his dads to let him come because of seven year old Bart Miller and nine year old Britt Miller. I have eight and nine year old boys with the family, but I was reluctant to invite the young children of my old friends on a trip overseas.
    Apparently Ryan Miller did not agree with me. If the fourteen year old son of his lover, Bobby Feldman,was going to see Europe then he wanted his sons to have the same opportunity. The tiny duo came down the steps with older boys holding their tiny hands so that they would not fall. The little ones ran to me for a hug and I welcomed them to Franççais. It would have been unfair for Jules to make the trip without his little brothers so I had not asked him to come. However, it was unfair that he should be the only student in his class at school not to be with us, I was genuinely happy to have all three of them with us. I was also touched by the amount of trust that their fathers were placing in me.
    Thirteen year old Terrence Falon was the next one to hug me and I turned to shake hands with his seventeen year old brother, Murray. All of the students that attend BAW were now boarding the bus that would take them out to the beautiful beach side castle that is home to BAF, the school would be their home for the next week. I suppose it would be more like a base of operations as we would tour through most of France and Germany with the school as our base.

    I was glad to get back to the school, it had been several hours since I had eaten anything. Lunch aboard the ship was plentiful, but I am hypoglycemic and I should not allow myself to skip meals. The new students were hungry after their long flight and I had asked the cooks to prepare dinner for them. Knowing boys as I do I had asked Ģer to whip up a sugarless desert that would attract sugar hungry teens so that everyone could sit down to eat together.
    Cory was awaiting my return and one look at me caused him to link arms with me and lead me to the table, of course I wanted to feed on his kisses, but we both knew that I needed more than love at the minute. Çhé Ģerâld;—I love to use that name as a title to the best damn Chef that I ever knew—had been hard at work with the cooks at BAF. These were French chefs that could cook up fantastic foods that would put a ton of weight on me in a week, the boys burn it off faster than I do.
    Ģer had been sharing recipes with them since dinner time and Edmund was at the stove showing them a few tricks that he knew. The students that sat down with me all live at home with their families where they don't have the same diet that we have at my house so they were not alarmed at the sumptuous meatloaf with bowls of hot potatoes and a wide variety of hot vegetables set before them.
    I kept my mouth shut—no, that would be hard to do as I was so hungry, I just didn't say anything about the food—as I piled my plate high and dug in; so what if the meatloaf was made with beef, veal, lamb, and pork. I have never liked lamb, but in the mix it was palatable, I know from the food bills that I get each month that lamb is common to the table of the school so maybe I can try some prepared by people who know how to cook it correctly.
    As I expected boys began to drift in from everywhere, but Ģer and Edmund had introduced an American desert that was a delight to all comers, a three inch thick apple cobbler sweetened with raisins and finely chopped dates. There was plenty of cinnamon for my delicate taste buds, but not a speck of sugar in the filling. To give the boys the sense that they were getting a sugary treat sugar had been lightly sprinkled over the buttered top crust so that it sparkled in the light.
    One of the school's cooks knew a confectioner that sold frozen yogurt that served as our ala-mode. There was no time for the homemade ice cream that had been mixed up to freeze completely, that would be a good treat for later.
    Niels and Otès, my sweet little bed buddies from my last visit slipped up to me and whispered that they would like to sleep with me again. I told them that I would be staying for about three weeks and that we would have time to get together, but not at that time. I watched their bottom lips droop, but I told them that they should sleep with an American boy all night long and show them how the French make love, that pleased both of them to the point of a wide smile.

    My day was not over yet, a soft tap on my door then a cute face looked inside. The little ones were asleep so I slipped out of bed and walked over to greet Jason Russell. "Look Chris, we are going back home tomorrow, but there is one thing that you promised me." I knew what it was, but I always let the boy lead, Jay is no different, but he is not a member of my family and he had to make the first move.
    Without consulting me the BAF staff has maintained the very large master suite across the front of the house for me. It is on the third level and sits over the main entry way below with the grand staircase ending right across from my door. A nice feature is the four very large sleeping areas off of the main seating room. Very carefully I asked Jay to help me to move Roddy and Dane into the bedroom with the boys under the age of nine. Young Russell was up for bear and he was not about to let anything stand in his way. "Jason, I don't want to hurt you or Gary, you two are so good together and I know how much love there is between the two of you."
    "I thought that you would say something like that," he turned and opened the door where Gary Russell and Cory were waiting wearing nothing, but a wide grin. "Gary's got this thing for your boyfriend so we talked it over and then we talked to Cory so tonight we are going to do something that we ain't never done before. We're going to spend the whole night with somebody else and it is nobody's business, but ours." Gary and Jay kissed each other good night as I kissed Cory. We both giggled in each other's mouths, Cory has told me that he really likes young Gary ever since he took the boy on inside of Traveler Too© at the birthday concert a year earlier. For myself I will always have a very warm spot in my heart for young Jason, the boy has suffered as much as many of the boys in my house. I am glad that Phil and Jane have given the boy their love and shared their son and their home with him. You know I would have done it, in a heart beat.
    I gave the boy something to cry about as he wrapped his body around mine and cried out for me to love him like he was meant to be loved. I know for a fact that Jay and Gary have a deep affectionate love for each other and that no one can ever come between them, but Jay was expressing an animalistic lust that was screaming out to be conquered.
    No one except a true lover can ever conquer that feeling in another and it was not my intention to try to do that. All I wanted to do was to love the boy to a depth that he had never experienced before, and I am not talking about how far up in him I could reach.
    Emotional love is the most elusive expression found in gay sex, Gary gave the youngster all of the emotional love that his little teenage body was capable of, but the only Eros love Gary had ever experienced had been from the boy in my bed. My sincerest hope is that Cory can show Gary a new level of love and that I can show that same level to Jay so that when the two return to each other they will have new horizons to conquer.
    I have given many classes on How to fuck your boyfriend 101. Sweet Jimmy was my assistant when virgin boys Tim and Jerry entered my humble little Traveler©, and into my heart, forever. I hoped that I could teach my current student enough to help him graduate to an A class lover.
    Cory is an exceptional lover, tender and attentive, he loves his partner's heart. I have had the boy with me for three years and six months, give or take a day, he has always given me love, but I am not the one to judge his abilities. My mind is clouded by the fact that I am head over heels in love with Cory. Pete is a fantastic young man that I could stay with forever, but there is something about Cory that makes me want to go to any extreme, face any danger, overcome any foe, just to be near him. I am not the only one that feels that way. Every boy in the family that has ever been in that boy's bed tells me that they would do whatever it would take to have Cory all to themselves. Then they look at me and giggle and tell me that they won't try to take him away from me—but when I get to old…
    I know that Jimmy is my greatest rival. Jimmy loves me with every little cell of his amazing body and he loves Cory just as much. I know that he loves Cullen, but I sometimes wonder if he doesn't love Cullen because of his blood relationship with me. Cullen is a lover of whomever he is with, I don't really believe that the young King can ever truly love. Eloise is loving and carrying, but she raised the boy to be a King and a lot of that sort of rearing quashes emotions.
    From the first day that I saw Cullen and Cecil together I knew that their's was strictly a physical need, not an emotional attachment. Before I sent Cecil home he was all about sex with whomever he could find it with. Delbert and Cecil are showing a more mature love than I believe that either of them has ever known before, but only time will tell, for the present they are hormone driven sex dogs looking for a sperm repository. I have not done any of my family any favors because I enjoy being a sperm repository, I can not ever get filled up with the gooey, greasy kid stuff.
    The boy working his ass off on top of me was more than a sperm source to me, I do love Jason, deeply. Honestly I could lay with him forever, he is attentive to my needs, which surprised me. Every time we have ever been together it was only for sex. When he came to me and asked to spend an entire night with me I was overcome with emotions.

    Since the afternoon in the Grecian grass with Steve and Chris I have spent at least two hours with every youngster in the band of Wild Boys and loved them to the best of my abilities. I managed to get an overnight with both boys, but the rest of the band wanted an audition with me. Callum, Aaron, Ross, and Shane are boys, but after fifteen or twenty minutes alone with me they began to mold into a much better lover. I like to think that they will go forth with a better knowledge of how to seek their partner's needs out and fulfill them. Liam is in a class all by himself, well as far as the Wild Boys go. Actually I put Liam and Jimmy on the same level, affectionate, loving, caring, and sharing.
    Liam has a hard past history, but when Jason Russell walked up to him out of the blue and showed him kindness it opened the boy's heart. I made Jay come off of it and tell me that he has always found Liam eager to please whomever he is with.
    I had a new boy with Alexei and he is a good Russian lover, attentive and responsive. His tender body is made for love and his heart is full of love to share, Keith is a lucky boy to have such a lover at his tender age. On the other hand Alexei is fortunate to have Keith. Keith is a wild boy in bed, one that can give as well as take and he is not afraid to show his emotions.
    The week was strange to me in that I did not get to see these young men in concert with one another, they each one wanted to be alone, just me and him. Jason is the only one that I was able to spend more than two hours with and I loved him in every way that I knew how. I only hope that he returns to Gary with a new found zeal for love and makes his boyfriend happier than he has ever been. And I hope that Cory sends Gary back to Jason with that same, all consuming, zest.
    I was not prepared for what the morning brought. I awakened to see Cory trying to catch the attention of ten pairs of tiny little eyes and lead them from my room. I love my little ones, but I don't think that it is good for them to see me love any boy.
    Roddy was protesting, as usual, as he was literally pushed out of the room. Kardal was laughing at him as he told him that he was jealous. Bart was saying that his daddies make love and he sees them every morning, he only wishes that he had someone to love him that way. Seven years old? I hope he doesn't find that sort of love for many years yet.
    I had not been aware of Gary sitting in a chair at the side of the room until he arose. He came and lay down next to me and leaned across me for a kiss from Jay, then he giggled. "I think that you are as much in love as I am, babe. I am ready to walk across the ocean to be with Cory forever." I was sure that Jay would be crushed by those words until he spoke.
    "My bum is molded to this cock forever, I want to be made into a belt buckle so I can sit atop this bad boy and ride it all of the time."
    Both boys began to giggle then Gary pulled his face to mine and kissed me. I had peter breath, butt breath, and bad breath, but that didn't deter the horn toad in the least. "Good on ya, govnr, you and Cory is two peas alike. He buggered me arse all night long and I still want more."
    "Did you wear your boots?" Jay asked him.
    "Fuck yeah, and he had his. We put them on and rode the range all night long."
    "Two pony express riders, were you?" I asked him.
    "Oh no, I seen movies about those riders, they go hard and fast. We sorta did that, but we took a long time to ride, we were in no hurry, we did go hard though." Both boys began to laugh as Cory joined us on the bed and laughed along. Gary turned to him and gave him a kiss.
    "Look, Cory, you were great and I don't regret a minute of what we did last night, but there is one thing…" he paused and looked at Jason then grinned. "I would rather fuck Jay, I love you fucking me, but man, your ass is nothing compared to my boyfriend."
    "I know what you mean, Chris D. made me fuck him, three times, and it was good, but I love being with you. I don't know, it was strange being over you, but when you was up in me I was at heaven's door. Chris, you can love me anytime, but Gary is me mate and I want him to be with us the next time."
    "Jason, I hope that I never gave you reason to believe that I would want to come between the two of you…"
    "Hold up right there now. I came to you, I love you very much, but I…"
    "You love me, but you are in love with Gary. Babe, that is exactly as it is with me and Cory and that is as it should be with you. I will always have a deep love for you, but when the deed is done I will go back to bed with the one who holds my heart." Right on cue Cory grabbed me and Gary grabbed Jason, we all love each other, but we are all in love with our lover.

    All of us were saddened as we watched the large green machine with the Wild Boys logo emblazoned on its side lift off from the front lawn of BAF. I had the precious smell and taste of every member of the band on me as each one had stood in line to give me a treat to remember him, his BBC. I think that I will go out and buy five million copies of their next album and send them to the top of the charts the first day of release. I know that they would have a best seller if they would bottle up their boi batter for market, but then I don't think that they really want a few million of their babies running around. They could mark the bottles as being for oral consumption only, that would make more than a few of the male population happy.

    The way I had it figured in my thick skull was that boys everywhere speak a common language and we had more than enough boys that were bilingual between the two groups to make up for any deficiencies that may be experienced. What better guides could I ask for?
    I thought that the best thing that I could do for my family was to let them rest for a day or two. With good food, lots of sex, and a comfortable bed that didn't move back and forth on the waves, I knew that they would recover quickly. I was in high demand, but I felt that the boys should be with one another and I kept my ardor close to the vest. I slept with the little ones in my suite, of course Roddy had to be in my bed. I allowed that as long as sex was limited to him and Dane, without me.
    I made Cory sample some good French meat for the first two days, I want him to have a wider appreciation of all that Europe has to offer. Cullen was a different matter, he and Jimmy locked themselves away in a room adjoining mine and I spent time with them each evening. Cullen will always be very special to me and the crown on his head has not changed my nephew one bit.

    I am just as bad as my boys in that I love to explore and I had never toured the large castle that was now a school for gay boys in one of most romantic settings in the world, the French Riviera. I allowed my twin cousins to act as my guide, Benoît was anxious that Sergé should see everything that their father had put into the castle and both boys wanted to share their exploration with me.
    As we moved from the basement to the sixth floor attic area we found many places where we could spend time in a little personal exploration—I was kept up all of the time, but they wanted my full attention so I was allowed to recover as we moved from one private spot to another. Sweet French cream is as tasty as British Boi Batter and I had two batter makers that seemed to have an endless supply of the ambrosiatic elixir.
    As we moved upwards through the school I was introduced to many new boys, most all of them were in the company of one of the family. Each of my meetings resulted in their up close and personal inspection of my attributes and I demanded equal time to inspect everything that they had to offer. I did stipulate that there would be no anal penetration at that point, but we could get up to that at a later time. Every boy that I met was gracious enough to let me check the fit of his wonder meat within my mouth and each of them made my inspection most enjoyable by filling me with their wonder juices.
    I thought that the entire morning was most wonderful, I even had my first taste of a few of the boys that had only just arrived at BAW from the state and I managed to suck on six of the non-family guests that had arrived the evening before. In each and every case I let the boy request any action, I had already determined to avoid any activity with those boys except by personal invitation—I don't want to be accused of any impropriety. I felt almost hypocritical as I deny the staff of the school the pleasure of sharing the joys of those boys, but the sweet young studs did ask me.
    By the time we reached the sixth floor, and had locked the door, I had to sit back and settle down a bit. I had not counted, but I know that I had more sperm in my belly than a houseful of whores near a military camp on payday. It was Sergé's turn and he had mounted himself in my lap then laid his head back on my shoulder, Benoît kneeled before us and took care of his cousin's needy cock.
    Sergé turned his head to me for a deep kiss, "You got big time cum breath, dad." That caused all of us to laugh and Benoît almost choked on the thick cock snot that Sergé was feeding him at the time. There were plenty of old mattresses and bedding stored in the attic and the boys prepared a place for us to lay together as they tried to count the number of boys that I had sucked off through the morning. They finally came up with the number thirty one, I hadn't been counting, but I was sure that they were correct.
    I love to lay with a boy's head resting on each shoulder. To have two almost identical boys that were curled up against me like bookends was a special treat, both of them were softly breathing as they dozed off in sexual bliss. I was not tired, but I wanted to just lay still for a bit; my eyes, however, were taking in my surroundings. Suddenly I was jolted to full alertness, behind a stack of furniture I spotted a four foot tall portrait of myself in a military uniform. As I moved I disturbed the boys.
    The pair of eager teens followed me and helped to move old furniture away so that we could pull the picture out for a clear view of it. Standing before me in full brown tone was a perfect portrait of me wearing a World War I French aviator's uniform with the insignia of a captain. Painted in the background was an old bi-plane flying in the clouds.
    Behind that portrait were three others of even larger size. The boys helped me to move everything around before I sent them off to find Jimmy and Cory, I asked them to have Jimmy bring his laptop along with him. In a few minutes I had a line of young boys standing at my side as we stared at another picture of a man in his fifties, a family portrait of that man with a woman and three boys gathered about their parents in a classic family portrait pose. The youngest boy looked exactly like me at the age of about ten.
    The last picture was the most impressive at six feet wide and four feet tall, it showed an actual photograph of BAF, but only the ell, neither wing at the two ends had yet been built. A brass plate at the bottom of the picture stated "Château de Christophe 1928"—Castle of Christopher.
    Jimmy showed me his laptop screen and the plane in the first portrait was of a French fighter plane, the Spad S.XIII, first introduced in April of 1917. It was built to replace the earlier Spad S.VII, France's most successful war plane.
    Stuck into the lower corner of the frame of the older man's portrait was an envelope addressed to Christopher Stevens Dickson. I opened it, but it was written in French, I passed it to Cullen who read part of it then walked to a chair and sat down. "You better sit down too, uncy."
    The letter was dictated by François and it told such a story that I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. I know very, very little about my father's family. I know that over the last Christmas holiday that Andy had told me that he wished he knew why my dad and Carl would not speak to one another. He told me that there had been a huge family argument and Carl had told him one time that he missed getting together with his entire family very much. The letter that Cullen was reading to me added more to the mystery.
    The man in the three portraits was Andre Christophe the youngest boy was Roul Christophe, my great-grandfather? I took Cullen's advise and sat down. I know that my greatgrandfather's name was Ralph Christopher, but he died before I was old enough to get housebroke.
    Suddenly Sergé shouted out, "Roul, Zampara!!! Wolf, dad, Roul is a French word that means Wolf." I was thunderstruck. Loup is the French word for wolf, but Roul is the old French form of the Scandinavian name, Rolf which means famous wolf. I looked at Sergé, I was amazed that he knew that then I looked at Cory. The wolf plays in my life at every corner that I turn.
    According to the letter from François, Andre Christophe was a decorated hero of the Escadrille Lafayette. He was an eager youngster that had a heart for flying and joined the French army early in the war. He became known as a fantastic flyer to his best friend, Georges Thénault.
    Two Americans flying with the French put together a squadron of other Americans and were successful in forming the Escadrille Américaine. As this name prompted German diplomatic complaints, it was renamed the Escadrille Lafayette, under the leadership of the newly promoted Captain Georges Thénault. Thénault was given some Nieuport 124s and a base at Luxeuil air field. In the spring of 1918 the squadron moved on to Bar-le-Duc, an airfield near Verdun. The Spad S.XIII replaced the older and slower Nieuports and it was in this airplane that Andre showed himself to be an ace flyer.
    After the war the hero was granted money and land, he built for himself the basic structure that now houses my school, BAF. Andre married his childhood sweetheart and they raised three sons in the castle by the sea. The two large wings to each end of the basic ell were added during the prosperous years of the mid to late twenties, giving the family plenty of room to grow and entertain in royal fashion.
    The family had made do with the original ell that contained a four bedroom master suite on the third floor. The fourth and fifth floors were bedrooms and play rooms for the children and their nurses and nannies, and all of that was topped with an attic that ran across the entire span.
    The two large additions gave the family sixty additional guest bedrooms, thirty to each end and six to each floor, each larger than Cullen's suite at El's home. As the children grew their bedrooms were converted into ten large suites. There are other bedrooms on the lower levels for staff quarters.
    The students currently occupy the sixty bedrooms which have been set up as dormitories. I will talk to the staff about breaking some of the rooms down into private bedrooms as time goes on.
    Roul left his family and went to America to seek his fortune just before the days leading to World War II. At twenty two years of age he established himself in Chicago where he met and married an American girl, my great-grandmother, and fathered four sons and two daughters. The second daughter of Roul married and went west where she bore two sons. From there François had no more information about that daughter, but one of her sons would have been my father.
    Charley brought me to the continent when I was twenty one it was there that I met François. The man was enchanted with me from the very beginning, but his letter was only now telling me why. The Castle of Christopher was amongst the properties owned by his wife's father that had passed on to him. When he saw me he recognized me from the pictures that hung about the castle and the Villa de Christophe at St. Tropez. I sat back and stared at Cory and Jimmy as Cullen squeezed my hand. François set out to learn all that he could about me and whatever connection there was between the two. I was going to have to learn for myself so I planned a trip over to St. Tropez for a few days later.
    When I had learned how François had gained control of his money and properties I had insisted that he restore all of it to the rightful owners or heirs. Château de Christophe and Villa de Christophe are part of those properties. The Castle of ChristopherBAF—had been commandeered by the Nazis as a headquarters for the naval command that sailed the Mediterranean Sea. After the war the property deed was in the name of François's wife. François wanted a mountain home overlooking the sea and learned that the family that had once owned the castle also owned a large villa at St. Tropez, he bought that villa outright.
    After I had made my demand François sought out the Christophe family and paid them for the castle and had the deeds cleaned up, the great grandson of Roul's elder brother now lives in Paris and I would have to make a point to meet him before I return home.
    My tour was over and I ruined an afternoon for a few others as Jimmy, Turner, and I sat at our computers trying to research more of my Christophe bloodline. I called Andy and told him what I had just learned then asked for everything that he knew. He told me to go enjoy my vacation that everything that I wanted to know had gone unknown for the first thirty five years of my life and I would get along quite well without that knowledge until I was back home and had nothing else to do. Well, I had to agree with him on parts of his statement so I decided to enjoy what I had while I had it.

    The advent of satellite computer connections makes my life run a lot easier and one of my favorite people in the whole world was a recent beneficiary of the technology. All of the boys in my house are the most important and favorite people in my life and sixteen year old Warren White was as happy as a boy can be when Dr. Saltzman looked at the new sixty inch plasma display monitor that I had installed.
    Athos had contacted Dr. Saltzman to tell him of the new school at Nice and the man flew to the south of Franççais as quickly as he could flap his arms. The man has been forever pardoned any crimes committed, past and future by both governments of France and England. I am to be the beneficiary of that blanket pardon, well my boys are, okay?
    Early Monday morning Warren was taken to the local hospital for a series of x-rays on his leg. Through the magic of satellite link up those images were shot over to Tucson where Warren's surgeon had stayed up to review them. It was almost eight in Nice and one in the morning at home so I owed a lot of doctor's a lot of thanks, but to see the smile on my boy's face made it cheap at a hundred times the price.
    By the time Warren and the doctor returned to BAF the doctor in Tucson had sent his pictures to us so that they could be compared, he had also sent along his recommendation. Warren's surgery was performed the last week of January and he was told to stay completely off of his leg for six weeks to enforce that rule the doctor had put a rigid plaster cast on the boy's leg from his ankle to his groin. Warren could not stand up without the cast digging at his favorite body area, painfully I might add.
    With the help of Morris, and two hundred brothers that love him, he had managed to comply, but he was ready for his freedom once again. Dr. Saltzman told us that he had never had such a large audience during his days in school when he learned to be a doctor. The operating room turned out to be the large entry vestibule so that the boys could gather, the best seats in the house were along the curving staircase that rose up two stories above the front door. Every inch of that banister was home to a curious boy that 'just wanted to see.'
    Of course the skin of the leg was white and withered looking and it was in serious need of a hot bath. The doctor did not allow Warren to walk on it, but he agreed that a bath was in order. Warren was returned to his wheelchair once again, but he smiled as he told us how good it felt to bend his knee and not have that battering ram sticking out before him. Morris laughed and told him that now they couldn't storm anymore castles.
    I insisted that Sean and Craig lift Warren then lower him into the large hot tub of hot water. The jets were carefully aimed so that their flow massaged the tender leg as Warren and Morris settled back for a long soak and other boy fun in a hot tub together.
    Nearly an hour passed before Morris called for his helpers to place Warren back in the chair and take him to the doctor's office for the next step. Due to the nature of Wayne's injury Dr. Will had referred us to an Orthopedic Surgeon. The break was old and the femur bone had grown back, only with a twist that caused Warren's leg to turn in and gave him a very bad limp.
    His father had struck him with the ball bat on the top of his thin boy leg where the muscles could not protect him, but it had made for a clean break. In such injuries it is common for a surgeon to use a steel rod held in place with steel screws and the boy could have been walking on crutches almost at once. After deep consultation with Warren, and the promise from me that I would help, the doctor carefully cut the bone and grafted it back together with no appreciable bone loss. Warren's leg will always be two millimeters shorter than the other, but he has no metal parts inside his body and he has a straight leg. He already had a straight short leg, which is the only other thing straight about the boy.
    When Warren reemerged he had a plastic cast on his thigh and he was trying his best to learn how to maneuver on a pair of crutches, we had our boy back and ready to go see Europe.

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