Chapter 151


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    All preparations had been made for our departure on Sunday, March 2, 2008 of the following week. We spent our last weekend as one large household helping twenty five boys to move over to the dormitory, they were to stay there until the rest of us returned home. I was not a popular man, but I know that it would be difficult for some of the boys to return to Europe and I can not justify taking some and leaving others behind. After our afternoon in the recreation room.
    The coronation was to take place at noon the fifth, which fell on a Wednesday. Of course everyone wanted to attend, but their studies would prevent their making a long visit. I want all of my family to be with us so I made a special dispensation, it's not as if I didn't have the money, but it would be very expensive.
    My first expense was a charter flight for the women. I wanted to have some of the little ones fly with them, but that was quickly argued against, by both the women and the boys. Beulah had a very large wooden spoon in her hand as she crossed her arms and looked me in the eye, "Your wife needs to remain quiet and those children would be running around and keeping her upset." That settled that, of course she spoke in her native Tsalagi, but I have taken the liberty of translating for you.

    My second expense was for my favorite people, I would have to fly the boys over in two groups. My college boys had to be in class Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon Traveleraire©, the new name for the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane, will bring the college boys over then return them home again Thursday morning. It will be a long flight for them, and a tiring one, I am sure. Our plans are for the plane to leave from Tucson International, a closer airfield than Base A, or Marana where our plane is usually berthed. There will be two aerial refuelings, one after passing over New England and the second as they come into range of our base in Liverpool, England. Of course I will be a nervous wreck and will be listening to their progress report over every mile of the trip.
    The high school boys and the younger boys of my core family will accompany me when I fly over with Cullen Sunday morning. Cas will drive us to Marana in Travel All© so that we can board Travelaire©. Monday morning the plane will return to the FI terminal at Tucson International Airport. We will have to bring a crew into TIA to service the plane, but it is only an hour and a half drive via freeway from Marana and we do have facilities at TIA, just no hanger for the large plane. Should a hanger be necessary I am sure that we can rent facilities on a temporary basis.

    Another hurdle was overcome when Louise told us that she wanted to stay behind with Becky. I am fairly certain that only Lou and I know that Becky is a convicted felon and was not able to get herself a passport. When Lou was a sixteen year old high school student her father tried to fuck the lesbian out of his daughter, Becky shoved a pistol up the man's nose and had it not been for Lou she would have killed the bastard.
    Lou's father was convicted of child rape and is serving twenty years in a New York state prison; Becky had just turned eighteen and was convicted of felonious assault with a deadly weapon. She had a very sharp lawyer so she received a suspended sentence and did no jail time. Tony Blake tried to appeal the sentence on the basis of the fact that she served no jail time and was not placed on probation, but was unsuccessful when Lou's family pushed to see the dyke burned at the stake. Time will tell, it has been less than two years since Becky's trial, Tony told me to give it three or four more years and if the girl stays out of trouble then he is sure he can get the charges and conviction dismissed.
    Brad was relieved that Lou would not be with the family, but Jay wanted René to go, and so did her cousin, Brad. Becky convinced everybody that someone with full knowledge of the working of the store needed to remain behind or there would be no store to return too. I talked to Ric Garcia and he would have been glad to fly out to take care of the store for a few days, but with the economy sagging so badly he really couldn't see leaving his stores in Albany.

    I sent the ladies off Friday morning for a flight that would take them to Paris for a weekend of audacious spending. Jay was seeing an empty wallet until I handed the girls their own credit cards, complete with their pictures on them for easy identification. Don't think ill of me, I waited until we on our way to the airport so that Lou would not feel left out of an all expense paid shopping spree in gay Parie.
    My big concern was the two babies, but Pam Hunter came to my rescue with an offer to sit with the boys for the ten days that I expect the women to need for an easy journey. Daylight and Sarah both argued with me until I told them that they could stay home and take care of the little fellows. Let's face it, I am not wild about leaving any of my boys behind, especially my baby, but they would only serve as an encumbrance to their mothers. I pointed out that their shopping and enjoyment of all that Paris had to offer them would be compromised.
    I mentioned that the babies would be better left with someone while the ladies attended the coronation itself, no one wants to hear a crying baby when the queeing gets crowned. My coup de grâce came when I put my arm around Sergé's shoulder and told Ugitsiha that it would kill both of us to have our own child stolen from off of the streets to end up as this little one had. I got a dirty look as the tears began to flow. Sometimes I have to play dirty, but I don't want my son hurt.
    Lou is a perfect mother and I felt good knowing that she would be there with BJ and Jaybee. I know that between her and Pam, Cory Stevens and Christopher Cory are safe as babies in their mothers' arms.

    The fifty five hundred mile trip would have them refuel at St. John's on the Island of Newfoundland, then a non-stop flight into Paris. My 737-900ER doesn't have that kind of range, but I had chartered a Boeing 747 that had not yet been delivered to its purchasing airline. The plane was due for its shakedown flight and I made an offer that the builder could not refuse.
    My readers know that I have my finger on the pulse of petroleum, Light Sweet Crude Oil is my mainstay, but aviation fuel comes from that oil. Only a scant year earlier aviation fuel was selling for less than a dollar and a quarter a gallon. I saw the light and did a little hedging. Each of our bases have five million gallons of stored aviation fuel for use in all of the aircraft in our fleet. I offered to pay for the fuel for the charter flight.
    I chose the 747 because it has fourteen fully reclining seats in the first class seating area, and…the seats forward have a commanding view out of the front windows of the plane as well as the view from the side windows. I waited until the plane had began its taxi run out from the jetway before I pointed that little benefit out to the tiny little wide eyed waifs that watched the women leave for their journey.
    Ita was the first to catch on to what I was saying and he became a million question kid as he wanted to know all about what could be seen from that plane. I had let Dane join us a Roddy saw his mother away, Inagei and Ita were there to see Beulah off and of course RD and Cory were with us. The little ones kept up their non-stop questions all of the way back to our ride, I was about ready to put them in a trunk and ship them on ahead.

    It is fun living with a houseful of fag boys, no one can ever predict what is going to happen next. As quickly as I closed the door on Travel All© clothes began to fly. Inagei began to beg RD and Cory to get naked so that he could see their dicks. Ita sleeps in with the my very little ones, Khalid, Hamal, and Kardal, Inagei has moved to the dorm.
    Living in the dorm keeps the boys away from the actions occurring in the house so poor Inagei has been deprived of any relation with his favorite uncles. Cory's father was the uncle of Inagei and Ita's mother, Cory is the boys' second cousin. RD is way down the line, blood wise. I am, but a fourth cousin to their late mother, also to Cory and my wife, Ugitsiha. That makes RD a sixth cousin to the boys, so far removed as to be insignificant in blood relation. Never the less the youngsters like to call my love and my son edusti—uncle as they call me edoda—father.
    Since it was all in the family the two edusti mounted each of their four young gohusdianadadvni so that each boy got his ass fully fucked, twice. Of course I had to take the long way home so that enough time could be allowed for Cory and RD to recover and go again.
    Knowing the that boys tummies empty faster than their other body parts I assisted that recovery time when I pulled into the Burger Spot. The boys were doing what gay boys do so I went inside, alone. I ordered enough food for an army and the girl that took my order just stared at me. I am a regular customer of that store, they have the best tasting old fashioned hamburgers in town. Cory and RD needed a break and rushed in to assist me with carrying fourteen of the famous six inch cheeseburgers, with everything, seven half pound orders of french fries, seven large orders of onion rings, six thirty two ounce chocolate malts, and one thirty two ounce strawberry milk shake for Dane. He's strange.
    Thirty miles down the freeway is a quiet little canyon that I bought many years ago. It has steep sides with a very narrow roadway that runs along a lazy moving creek. The water comes out of the rocks two miles up the canyon then disappears again a half a mile from the heavy, remote controlled gate at the entrance to the canyon.
    I had discovered the spot on one of my quests for a spot to take boys to park, this spot worked best as a place where I could take a boy out for a week end of camping, au natural. In 1992 I had a bull dozer in the canyon to dig me an old fashioned swimming hole, complete with a tire swing on the large branch of an old cottonwood tree.
    Cory had only been to the canyon once and I don't know why we haven't come out more often, I couldn't bring a lot of boys at one time, maybe twenty of thirty would be possible. Six naked boys joined me for a picnic lunch on the bank of that creek then the little Indian boys decided to shrivel their balls in the cold water before we turned for home.
    Now I realize that two large cheeseburgers, each measuring six inches in diameter with one third of a pound of ground cow, three, four inch square slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, pickles, on a sesame seed bun, sounds like a lot of food for one meal. Actually this was only a snack for teenage boys so they needed the one half of a pound of french fries to fill any void that may be left in their tiny bellies. The full quart of ice-cream and milk, loaded with sugary chocolate, seeped into the tiny spots left over. The end result was a nice pooched out tummy, with the four younger ones being more pronounced that the two older boys; albeit both RD and Cory had more middle than they had a half hour earlier.
    After a short rest and a cold swim we were ready to resume our trip home. Once inside Travel All© the sex began anew. By the ime I pulled Travel All© back into his berth in the lower garage RD and Cory were totally fucked out. The normal forty five minute trip at rush hour turned into a two hour cruise. I really didn't mind as I had never been behind the wheel of the bus and had never driven such a large vehicle with an electric motor, it was so quiet that I could hear dicks slopping in tight boi holes.
    The boys were not through, they virtually dragged me to my room and locked the door for the duration. I had to fuck six boys before I was allowed my freedom in my own house. What a terrific way to die, but by supper time we were able to go see the family to tell them that we had seen the ladies away and that all six boys were over their former feeling of emptiness and would join all of us for story time at eight.

    Fucking burns calories and the seven of us were starved, I mean it had been almost seven hours since we had our picnic lunch by the stream. Edmund entered the small kitchen of my house, he smiled at us with a knowing look when we passed him. He told us that Ģer had saved our dinner for us, the six little ones took off at a dead run for food, I hugged Edmund than sauntered on over to granite house.
    Nearly all of the family was still gathered about the table and were just settling into a large stack of hot cookies and a large serving of chocolate pudding. Actually it is carob, but we don't tell the boys that they are eating healthy food, they would think that it is yucky. Carob is very nutritious, it contains as much Vitamin B1 as asparagus or strawberries; as much niacin as lima beans, lentils, or peas; and more Vitamin A than eggplant, asparagus, and beets. It also contains Vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and the trace minerals iron, manganese, chromium, copper, and nickel. It contains approximately 8 percent protein and is a good source of fiber. Compared to chocolate, carob is three times richer in calcium, has one third less calories and seventeen times less fat. It tastes good too.
    I passed along the table and greeted each boy. I saw fresh meat at the table, but waited until I approached Mitch Evans for an introduction to Rick and Rich Ray. Eighteen year old Rick is now attending the university where Mitch ran across him. The Ray boys both attended Temple High when Mitch was there, Rich is seventeen and is a junior this year, two years behind Rick and Mitch.
    The boys are orphans, but have a lot of money, and the problems that go along with it. Rick had been talking to Mitch who told him about me and my ability to grow money. Mitch had asked me about bringing the boys up to meat the family, he giggled when he told me that they were young, hung, cute, and gay. I asked them to stay for our family evening story time as our special guests. Both boys were eager to stay, and play?

    We had more guests than I had prepared my mind for, I guess that the word had gotten around the school about story time, the entire student body was naked and ready as they had taken any available spot in the wine cellar. That is the only place that is actually large enough for all of our bunch to gather together at one time, the only problem being the large column in the middle of the room which prevents uninterrupted viewing from all angles.
    Jimmy cleared his throat, because of the large size of the wine cellar he was wearing a wireless throat microphone that broadcasts to the speakers about the room. I have an idea that the mic may work better for the boy because he doesn't have to speak so loudly, he has complained of a sore throat in the past from trying to make himself heard.
    "It is my pleasure and my delight to introduce to you tonight the stars of a story entitled The Ray Boys although their story does exist on our favorite story board they would like for all of you to know what has happened to them. Everyone of us here has a story to tell and most of us can tell almost the same story, but I thought that this story is hot, so without further ado grab your partner and get ready for a hot time.

    The boys tears had begun to dry as they clung together, each afraid to let go of the other. What were they to do? It was all over and they knew it. Only an hour ago pandemonium had beset upon them as their father, full of rage, had struck out again and again with his fists, a belt, his feet, anything he could find to inflict pain on his deviant sons lying naked on the floor before him.

    It had been long time coming. The boys crept into the other's bed each night. They waited until they were sure that their parents were sound asleep. Once asleep nothing could awaken their father and their mother…She used more sedatives than the corner drug store. The woman lived to inflict pain on others, but when it came to having so much as a hangnail she would swallow fists full of pills.
    Sex had been a fascination for the brothers for almost six years. Twelve year old Ricky had learned about hard ons and hand jobs during a boy scout camp out. Since then he could not keep his hands away from his cock. At the time Grandma Esilia had taken the center bedroom that now belonged to the youngest of the Ray boys. She was weak and frail and her daughter and family had graciously taken her in where she lived out her last days. By the time she passed Ricky was fifteen with Richy being a rambunctious thirteen year old.
    The separation of the two boys into their own rooms did nothing to deter their desire for sex with each other. The parents, sure that the boys needed and wanted their own space, were quite smug with the ability and resulting decision to provide the boys the extra space and privacy.
    By that time the boys were well aware of their parent's sleeping habits and simply moved between bedrooms with ease. It did usually occur that Richy made the move to Ricky's room because Ricky's room was the farthest from the parent's bedroom. That and the fact that the boys enjoyed laying in Ricky's big bed and looking out of the large expanse of windows into the freedom of the world beyond.
    Richy had received a good education in self manipulation as well as mutual gratification from his older brother. One of the things that Ricky had learned at scout camp was that the hands of another on his most private of places was much more stimulating than his hands alone could ever be. He also, but at first denied it, discovered that he enjoyed the feel and, shhh, the taste, of another boys cock.
    Being the dutiful older brother it was his job, no Ricky's calling, to see to it that ten year old Richy was well versed in the art of masturbation, not his own wee willy, but Ricky's. Richy must be taught to make his brother feel wonderful. The youngster was all too willing to be taught, but within moments of the beginning of his learning cycle the sibling had turned the tables and had the older boy demonstrate the proper technique. In the lad's mind it would have been horrible to have done something wrong. What better way to learn exactly what Ricky wanted than to have him show his brother the precise method of the stimulation he desired.
    As it was, Ricky was not all that reluctant to demonstrate. After enough protestation to assure his brother that this was all in the name of instruction he had taken the wee willy of his sibling on its first oral plunge. Both boys found something that they enjoyed doing together. They had always been close, but age had begun to pull the siblings apart. By taking each other's cock into their mouths, simultaneously, they had found a new way to connect to one another.
    This connection had lasted until this, the eve of young Rich's sixteenth birthday. Yes, as with his older brother, Rick, Rich would drop the child's name and be called by the more grownup man's name of Rich on his birthday. The boys had long awaited this fateful day. They had dreamed and spoken of the day's events as the pinnacle of their sexcapades. They were going to do the nasty on the anniversary date of the sixteenth year of Richard Allen Ray's first breath.
    Unwilling to wait the twenty four hours necessary the boys had decided that Rich was actually born at three o'clock in the morning, a head start of six hours would not be a problem. The boys parents' had already had their requisite evening argument and had slammed their bedroom door several hours earlier. Mom's pills had quickly done their work and dad would pass out the minute his head hit the pillow.
    Rick had purchased a tube of KY jelly at the corner drug store. He had always heard that this was the best thing for anal sex. He read the directions on the tube each time that he had gone into the store and he knew that it was water soluble. He looked that word up and found out that it meant that they could clean it up with water. "Great," both boys had cried. They had played around with vaseline and some hand lotions in the past, but these had been messy and most difficult to clean off of their bodies.
    The boys were terribly in love, one with the other. They had tried to make the acquaintance of others with disastrous results. Rick had been outed to a group of jocks. It was a fluke that the outer was outed by another boy who had been with the big mouth in junior high school. After that word of knowledge was revealed no one believed anything the guy said and Rick was in the clear.
    Rick had tried to make a name for himself with girls. He was turned off to the point of total frustration, but was able to find solace in the arms of his brother at the end of a nerve rattling evening. Rich had covered his ass with a little more success when he was actually seen with his hand under a girl's skirt and her boob in his other hand. He became a hero to the sex starved youth of his high school and the one to look too for all of the worldly knowledge needed for making it with a girl.

    The boys had learned to sixty nine the first evening of their journey together. It was a little less than two years later that Ricky had his first wet orgasm. It was a fluke that at that very moment he did not have his cock in Richy's mouth. Ricky had been studying about the prostate in his sex education class and the boys were trying to see if they could find the gland on each other. When Richy's finger stabbed at the small butt nut of his brother they received the reward of a fountain of young boy ejaculate that covered both of them in copious amounts of thin, almost clear liquid with thicker and whiter globs mixed in.
    Ecstatic with this obvious sign of manhood both boys had to first, try the taste, then to do it again. Rick did manage a second ejaculation, this time into his little brother's sucking mouth. Rich, ever the clever one, shared his sweet reward in a snowball with his older sibling. It was during this exchange that the boys began rubbing their erections against each other and their minds were moved to other, and more erotic directions.
    It needs to be said here for clarification's sake; the Ray family men were not large, I'm talking stature here. Their father could be, and often was, mistaken as a lad himself. His five foot seven, thin build did nothing to reveal to the world a man. Added to this family trait was the lack of hair, facial and body hair to be precise. Mr. Ray had taken to wearing a mustache, which he and his wife hated with a passion. It was this piece of personal expression that tended to make people realize that the person before them might be older than he appeared. Until he opened his mouth, the man's voice had barely progressed above a pubescent timbre. One almost expected to hear the cute cracking of a youngster as they spoke with the man.
    Mr. Ray was a sharp business man and had done well by his family. He owned one of the top producing life insurance brokerages in the state and had built himself a very large client base. He had the ability to staff his office with only top producers and at the time he had eight members on his staff qualified for the million dollar round table, a worthy goal for any agent to seek. His agency was currently producing fifteen to twenty million dollars a year in premium sales, netting an income for the Ray family of just over a million dollars a year in commissions.
    Mr. Ray had learned to program a client's personal needs and fund those needs through innovative options with life insurance as the base. He had three very expert stock brokers and a well qualified commodities broker working with him. Along with the leaders of local banks and other investment opportunities he could virtually guarantee a client a safe and secure financial future.
    Mr. Ray had one major weakness. He had a love affair going. It was a secret affair from almost everyone, but his wife. This was the cause of their evening arguments and his ability to sleep thru a runaway freight train in his living room. His lover was none other than Jack Daniels. Jack was brought into the house by the case. Mrs. Ray was careful to hide the bottles from her sons, the last thing in the world she wanted was for them to find the chink in their father's armor.

    The time had come. It had been two hours since any sounds had been heard throughout the house. The boys were worked into a sexual frenzy. They had sucked and finger fucked each other to the very edge all evening and had held back, not allowing the other to pop his load. They had done two out of three, rock, paper, and scissors. Rich had won with his rock breaks scissors, twice in a row. Rick had prepared his precious brother's ass with all of the love and knowledge that the two boys possessed.
    It started with Rich laying on top of his hero with the larger than life six inch fuck pole of his older brother set solid within the recesses of his mouth. Rich loved to suck the thick cock of Rick and feast on the copious amounts of seminal fluid which poured from the tiny slit in the glans as he raked his finger tips back and forth over the taut butt nut only a couple of inches inside the older boys anal opening.
    With Rich stretched to his full length atop him Rick enjoyed the heat and weight of his brother. He had pushed the boy's legs open wide and had his face buried deep in the hot, sweaty cleft of the tight bubble shaped glutes. His nose was smashed flat as he inhaled the phemerones exuding from the very pores of this sweet youngster. His tongue had become a raging missile as it plunged again and again past the now open rectal guardian, Rich's anal sphincter muscle.
    Rick was in wonderment at the tastes and the sensations his brother shared with him. Rich was in ecstasy as he felt the never ending pleasure brought to him by this harder than steel oral lance that plowed, encircled and laved his nether region with such passion. He was at the edge of his limit as he held back, trying to withhold the climax of climaxes. He had been so close for so long, he had to cum soon or burst. He was not doing his brother any favors, though. He had kept him from ejaculation for just as long.
    Rich looked at the clock radio beside his brother's bed. Eleven ten. It must be now. Without a word being spoken, Rich reached out and picked up the shiny tube of lube as it lay beside the clock on Rick's night stand. He passed the tube to Rick. Rick opened the tube and applied a half inch long line of the clear jell to his forefinger tip. Reluctantly he let his tongue leave his favorite dinner spot with one last long swipe around the entire area. He placed his lube covered finger into the gapping hole that hadn't quite closed all of the way.
    The hole enlarged again as the iris of a camera lens. From his vantage point Rick could see directly into the dark confines of his soon to be cock sheath. A shudder of desire flowed through his body like a wave of warm water. His cock flexed and he gave up his seed. Disappointed, but undaunted Rich swallowed every drop offered to him. Not wanting to miss out, Rick lifted his brother's tiny body so that his seven inch cock swung down and slipped into his own hungry mouth and filled him with the nectar of the ages.
    Yes, tiny, little, in moments to be sixteen years old, Rich was the man of the clan. He stood five foot five and one half inches short. He weighed one hundred and fourteen pounds. His body was rock hard and his cock was the flagpole of the nation as it stood proud at a full seven inches with a huge thickness of five and five eighths inches of circumference. A mouthful in itself, but nothing to compare with the abundance of the creamy concoctions that the young testicles attached to it could produce, time after time after time.
    Knowing that his time would quickly pass, Rick applied more of the lube to his fingers and quickly pushed two of the digits into his brother's still spasming orifice. Reluctantly removing himself from any further cock honey he twisted his body to get into the position necessary for penetration. As he moved from underneath he flipped Rich to his back. In an instant he was between his brother's stretched out legs and had his lube covered fist around his turgid cock. Aligning his still sensitive glans to the still spasming rectal opening.
    Without delay or any preliminaries the boys were joined as one. Rick held his position as he stared into his lover's beautiful face. Rich's eyes opened. The pupils rolled back into view as they returned from their glance into the inside of the boy's head.
    Rich looked up at Rick and smiled, so sweetly, "I love you bro. You have no idea how good this feels. You may make love to me all night long." Tears ran down Rick's face as he felt the love in himself pour out to the man below him. Rich would always be a man to him. He was the strong one. He was the leader. He was the tower of strength between the two. Rick began his menstruations, long and slow was the way they had agreed to start out. They had done their research and read every porno homo story that they could find. The internet was a root of knowledge and information for their exploits.
    All of their training and expectations were nothing to what Rick was experiencing at the moment. The boys had sucked as hard as they could. They had applied pressure to pleasure the other. They had learned to grip and squeeze to the point of pain on the other's penis as they attempted to bring about more and ever more intense pleasure, one for the other. The sphincter muscles gripped Rick's cock at its base with such an intensity that he was sure he would die of pleasure before this session was finished. The velvety softness and extreme warmth of the inside of Rich's opening bathed his shaft and glans in such luxury that their were no words in his vocabulary to describe it.
    He moaned and crooned his love for his young sibling as he continued to ride him, long and slow. Rich was ready to move on to the next level. He had reached such a sexual frenzy within himself that he was becoming a sexual animal. He was hissing at Rick to go harder, go faster. He was getting more and more verbal as passion awakened deep inside his soul. He had never known such feelings could exist. No amount of reading or preparation had revealed the lust that was building within him. He had to have his brother's cock, all of it, more of it, faster, harder, deeper.
    Rich could no longer contain himself, he was at the very edge. His body tensed, his testicles roiled in their velvety sack like home. His toes curled under. His hands tingled. Suddenly he erupted. His juice flew into the air. It went higher than Rick's head then arched back down. Rich moved his head, quickly and caught the first shot directly into his open mouth. He yelled out for his brother to fuck him stupid.
    Rick's face was a chasm of emotions. He was in ecstasy, he was joyful, he was tense, he was excited. His own climax was at hand and he let loose the most intense ejaculation that he could ever recall. His whole body seemed to follow his cock as he plunged into the spread body of the most amazing lover in the world. He was pumping shot after shot into Rich's poop chute as Rich fired load after load between their body's. Rick watched as his brother maintained amazing altitude with his shooting cock even able to shoot two shots into his awaiting mouth. The cum was now leaving streaks of white across the taut torso below him as his own climax began to dribble to an end. The crushing spasm of Rich's anus had ceased and Rick's cock was sliding with ease as he milked the last of his seed deep into the dark recesses of his just fucked lover.
    The bedroom door burst from its hinges then their father stood before them. He had never appeared so large as he looked upon the scene before him. His whole body bulged and turned to a deep shade of red as rage overcame him and he yelled out, "What the fuck are you two faggots doing?"

    As a beating that neither boy ever expected their father to deliver had been dealt out. Their mother entered the fray, she was none too happy with the scene before her. She seemed to hold her rage in check as she dragged her husband from the room. The boys clasped at each other. No matter what they would remain with one another. Would they be kicked out of their home? If so they would go together.
    Rick was of age. He would graduate from high school in two more weeks and he could then be legally on his own. He would take Rich with him. Would the police get involved? The boys didn't know. They were pretty sure that if the police came it would be their dad who would be in trouble. They looked at one another and managed to make it to the bathroom. They both had black eyes and bloody lips. Rich's ribs hurt and there was a large bruise forming on his side.
    Rick stopped to puke blood into the toilet. The boys, bandaged as well as they could, helped each other as they made it back to Rick's room. They found their sleeping shorts and slipped them on. They were holding each other in the darkened room when it was lit up by the flashing of blue and red lights.
    A loud knock at the door frightened the boys. They rose as one and entered the living room as the knock came again. Rick opened the door to two police officers standing there. "Is this the Ray residence?"
    The boys nodded. The officer asked to come in. He asked the boys who they were. They told the man as he asked if they could turn on a light. When the light came on both officers were struck in horror. "What happened to you?" they demanded.
    Rich, always the bold one, "Our dad kicked the shit out of us."
    "Why?" Neither boy answered. The other officer called for the paramedics. After both boys had been checked over the police told the boys why they had come by. The boys parents had gone down the street. Witness said they appeared to be arguing, though no one knew about what. The wife was driving the car as they pulled from the traffic light. An eighteen wheeler was going too fast for the road and ran a red light. His truck had gone over the top of the boy's parent's car killing both of them instantly.
    Rick and his little brother were transported together to the hospital to be checked out. Rick had a ruptured spleen. It was minor enough that surgery was able to repair it. Rich had two broken ribs. The boys had to spend several days in the hospital, but they were allowed to stay in the same room in the pediatrics ward. They steadfastly refused to reveal the cause of the family fight that had led to the boys being beaten. The toxicology reports revealed a blood alcohol level in their dad of two point four, a deadly level.
    The mother's blood showed that she had Darvon and Valium in her system. The boys were questioned at length about their father's drinking habits. Credit card receipts and a statement from the corner drug store showed three to four cases of Jack being delivered to the house each month. A check of the garage revealed several cases of empty bottles. It was assumed by the police to be a family dispute. The drunken father had broken in the bedroom door where his sons had been hiding. He had beaten his family and the wife had dragged him from the house to protect her sons. The boys were silent on the subject.
    Rick was still in a wheelchair when graduation day came around. Rich pushed his brother across the stage to receive his diploma as the entire graduating class, black arm bands in place for their classmates' loss, stood in silent respect.
    Being of legal age and of considerable means, Rick was granted custody of his brother. Grandmother Esilia had left a very large trust fund for the two boys as well as property and other holdings.
    A senior agent took control of their dad's business as the boys tried to decide what to do. The house was paid for, as was their dad's car, by the life insurance that their parents had in place. The trucking company's insurance companies were trying to reach a settlement with the, now orphaned, boys.
    The boys have remained on their own and to themselves. Several relatives have tried to horn in, but they have no legal standing with Rick being of the age of majority. It is our wish that they have a long and very happy life. Oh, and Rick is pregnant……, not.

    I have a problem with taking my boys that are officially wards of the state out of the country. I had applied to the powers that be, but I did not have an answer three hours before time to leave. That left me with seventy five boys of my own, Raven had flown his son's out on a special plane, after family story time.
    With only hours to go I looked over the breakfast table and asked the boys one more time if they had their bags packed. Of course everyone of them told me that they did so they had no problem when I asked for them to place their bags on their bed so that Harry, Toby, Cas, Tyler, and Pete could check everything against a list of things that I had felt that they must have.
    As each boy had his bags checked and closed he carried it out to Travel All© where my special loaders, Alec and Turner, stacked them and tied them down for the short journey to Travelaire©. Our plans called for us to depart at eleven so that we could meet with our airborne refuellers schedules. I had ordered all of the students not going with us to remain at the school, but my heart broke as we drove past the campus to see most all of them lined up along the fence waving good bye to us. I love everyone of my kids and I hate being away from them for any reason.
    Cullen knew that nothing would ever be the same in his life after this trip and was curled up in my lap with his bare feet fondling Cory to erection. The little scamp is a tease, I guess that just makes him that much more lovable. He is so much boy, but he can be a man when he needs to be, I wish that I could stop the process of his becoming a man and keep him a little boy forever. Cory leaned over and wiped away a tear which Cullen licked from his finger then the three of us kissed each other in love. Please tell me how to take all of my boys somewhere to be boys forever. I sometimes wish for Peter Pan's Never Neverland where nobody ever grows up.

    I waited until we were airborne before I held my Cory man close and whispered in his soft ear, "I have a surprise for you, love. Your heart's desire is to be a mechanical engineer, I know your trepidation, the math can be overwhelming, but you can do it. Cory, I have the utmost faith that you can do so much more than you believe yourself capable of, and you can do it well.
    "You are going to continue your underclassmen work via your computer so that you won't loose any time because of this trip."
    "That is great, but you already told me that I could take classes for a few weeks on my computer, so that's no news. Is there more?" If he wasn't so damn cute I would push him off of the plane, but then my heart would be as empty as my arms.
    "The head of the engineering department was my professor of calculus when I was at school. He is one of the smartest mathematicians on the planet and you will excel under his tutelage. Yes, he is gay and he was a visitor at parties thrown by Charley in days past, but he has a heart problem that has seriously retarded his sex life.
    "His tastes run to boys much younger than his students so that has never been a concern; sex with a student could be a disaster for him. He has seen you and he thinks that you are a serious wet dream, but to him that is all you can ever be.
    "I told him about our trip and your desire to attend the engineering school next fall. You still have other courses that the system requires you to complete before you can put your feet on solid ground in that prestigious part of the campus, but I have a solution worked out for you, should you wish to avail yourself."
    "Do you know what I love about you, daddy, you can't speak English worth a fuck." He began to kiss me and I wished that I had allowed for better seats for the plane; these seats were packed so close together that they do not lend themselves to a proper fuck. When I ordered the plane I was more concerned about the number of seats that I could cram into the plane; I never considered a very long flight and what might pop up in route.
    One thing that I did allow was for larger than usual restrooms for those that may want to fly united, Cory and I had to adjourn to the nearest love nest. Jimmy was outside of the door when we came up for air, he passed both of us the new flying GPP as the boys in the plane cheered for us.

    Flying Peter was in the cockpit for his first international flight, he called out over the PA system for a little quiet from the peanut gallery, "After all guys, it's only sex and you know that is what dad is all about." Pete had enough sense to keep the cockpit door locked, the boys had a message for him.
    "Now, what's this surprise, daddy?" Cory wanted to know.
    "The first part of mechanical engineering focuses on quite a bit of architectural engineering, the two fields are closely related and a good engineer needs to be able to build bridges to accomplish his task. You are going to tour some of Europe's major architecture and see some of the most fantastic bridges in the world, and you are going to get credit for it."
    "What about the other guys, is that fair to them?"
    "Well, that is up to them. Cas, Tyler, and Pete are the only ones that have classes that they can not take electronically. Pete has that worked out with his professors and will be able to spend three weeks with us. Cas has to be in his classroom before the end of the day Friday for a test that can not be made up. Tyler can wait until Monday to return, but I don't think that he will be without his Cassy. Brad has to be back Monday and you know that Jay will be right there with him.
    "As for the rest of the college boys they will get the word from their professors tomorrow as they receive special assignments, I don't expect any of them to turn this chance to see Europe aside."
    "Me either. Dad, you are something else. I wish the whole bunch of us could be together."
    "I am mixed about that, my love. Can you imagine trying to keep two hundred boys together? Cory, they could be taken and suffer all over again. It is a sad thing to say, but there are still people in the world that steal children for their sexual perversion. I can't bear the thought of any of my kids being hurt, ever again."

    A tiny red LED, that was recessed into a small hole and aimed so that it could only be seen from my seat, began to flash. I slowly stood and stretched my body and moved to the cockpit door, it was unlocked for me to enter. The radio man moved aside so that I could sit at his console and put on the headphones. As I sat down I checked the clock, it was just past eight o'clock at home, we had six more hours of flight time to go.
    Jeff Howell was running dispatch while Andy was traveling as my front security man. He had news that I had hoped never to hear. An armed raiding party had hit my house at six thirty, just after dark. Nobody was in the house at the time, Cas and Tyler had gone down to have dinner with the boys at βφτ house, Ģer and Luke were at the dormitory.
    Jeff told me that the front wall of my house was destroyed and that there were several people dead, but he was sure that none of my family was injured. I sat back in the chair as Pete turned to look at me, he quietly arose and summoned Cory, but I told them nothing except that some friends had suffered a loss.
    I kept up a brave face, but I had seventy five pairs of eyes looking me over. Edmund stepped from the galley and put a cup of coffee in my hand as Cullen came to sit in my lap. I left four large seats along the front two rows of the plane for those of us with long legs, that allowed me to hold the queeing close. Cullen and I share a kind of insight with each other and I think that he knew that there had been another attempt on his life.

    A royal coronation is magnificent with its pomp and ceremony. Europe had not seen the enthronement of an absolute monarch in many decades and was anxious, and ready, to bestow on the young seventeen year old Crown Head all of the pageantry that befitted such an honor.

    The carriage that took Cullen from his ancestral castle to the national cathedral was a security nightmare. The underside carriage was made of the Kevlar laminate molded in the shape of the large six person carriage. The carriage itself was gutted so that the laminate could be fitted in the shell then the entire unit was overlaid with pure gold leaf on an ivory white body. Of course the upholstery was crimson, as is only befitting a King. I had to almost hog tie the boy to force him to allow me to have a two inch thick dome of clear Lucite set over the passenger compartment, but I was proven correct when bullets struck that dome from three separate angles during the ride through town.
    Four bombs attached to the bottoms of manhole covers had been located along the parade route, and disarmed. One person with a shoulder fired rocket launcher was apprehended as he made his way to the rooftop of a building that commanded a view of the Royal entourage as it entered and exited along the front of the church where Cullen would go to pray before returning to the palace for the official act of instilling him into office.

    There had been undercover security agents infiltrating every segment of society in the small kingdom since before the assassination of queen Anna Regina. There were many under suspicion, but proof against them was needed before anyone could make a final move. A good deal of that proof was provided by two of the shooters working for one top placed minister in the old government. The other shooter was hired by a person of suspect, but one that had almost been dismissed as harmless.
    The bombs were traced back to a faction that had ties to old world ideologies that were opposed to Cullen's ideas of how his country would be reshaped to become part of a twenty first century world. The youngster with the rocket launcher was a religious zealot serving his own agenda.

    Cullen would have it no other way and I did not want to have the boy throw a temper tantrum on the steps of his nation's ancient cathedral so I allowed him to take my arm as I escorted him from his carriage into the ancient monolith followed closely by Lord Philby and Dame Eloise. I faltered in my step as the first strains of music reached my ears and I looked to see all of the boys, old, new, state, and street, from BAW standing in the choir lofts as the Bradford Academy Boys' Choir. My favorite faggot security cop had flown all of the boys over with the complete blessings of our country so that they could sing to their favorite classmate.
    I learned that there was a lot of conspiracy involved in that appearance and I was a most difficult person to keep out of that loop. I was very happy to see them and overwhelmed to hear their beautiful voices as they rang out across the old stone walls of the stately church. My little tiny babes were standing in front of the massed choir singing their little hearts out in sharp, clear soprano voices that rang to the very throne of God.
    The country's cathedral is one of the oldest in Europe and bears all of the classic Gothic architecture. I thought that Cory would enjoy crawling around inside the edifice as he learned about the ancient design of flying buttresses, Roman arches and other features that I was familiar with. Cullen had told me one time that his great grandfather had been responsible for installing the lofts to either side of the long chancel.
    The king felt that the magnificent pipe organ needed the voices of two hundred choristers, my youngsters fit that feature nicely. My young preacher's son, Jerry, was seated at the massive keyboards for the pipe organ and Shane was seated at a grand piano centered between the two rows of boys, behind the area which was normally the home of the lectern, but that day it was prepared as the place where Cullen would kneel before the Pastor for the anointing and blessings of God.
    Because of the limitations of building design and materials three hundred years, or more, earlier the cathedral was long and narrow. The various floors were staggered to give great height to the building which stands more than seventy feet above the street out front. I was surprised at the acoustics of the building, I had expected echos like I had heard when I visited Notre Dame in Paris. I suppose that with more than a thousand people inside that echo was quickly absorbed, but whatever the reason every note that the boys sang was as clear as if they were sitting around the house singing just to me.

    Cullen is not a man to stand on tradition where that tradition stands in opposition to his beliefs and values. A Sabbath keeping pastor placed the crown upon his head as the religious majority of all of Europe stood by, robed in their magnificent trappings, clucking their tongues. The country had traditionally been Catholic, led by clergy, and guided by the papacy, Cullen broke that tradition, wide open.

    After his coronation His Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday, assumed his throne. In a loud clear voice he announced that the first order of business should be the machinery necessary to elect me as president of the USA. I threatened the King with bodily harm, His Hinney had to intercede before I was thrown into chains.
    The first call of business for the young monarch was the formation of his temporary cabinet. There were many people on hand seeking positions and favors from the boy King, he had his own ideas. I have mentioned that there had been undercover agents infiltrating every part of the government for several months, even before the assassination of Queen Anna Regina. Those agents were not only looking for villains, but also for a few good men to serve the new King. Cullen called for people on those lists of names to be present in the grand throne room.

    [The astute reader may recall a signal that the family devised to indicate that all is well, the opposite signal was an alert to eminent danger.]
    I felt like a Secret Service Agent as I stood to the right hand side of HRH Cullen's throne and kept my eyes moving about the crowd, when I saw Wayne give the signal I locked eyes on him. His eyes shifted to the minister next to him and I threw Cullen to the ground then landed on top of him. Two of Cullen's fancy guards in their fluffy legged pantaloons were across the top of me as Cullen giggled, "Couldn't wait to get to the bed chambers uncy? I'm game for a go here."
    I could hear commotion in the room, then the all clear came from Harry; I moved to rise as the two body guards arose from atop me and looked to see the minister being held by Raven's men. Call me an uncouth American with no class, but I feel that so much of the pageantry of European courts is silly and seriously outdated—case in point, the dress of the minister; well all of the ministers in the room were wearing the same ridiculous garb. He wore grey slacks with narrow pin stripes of a shade of light blue, he wore what I have heard called spatz that covered the tops of his shoes, and a long tailed coat with no collar that buttoned to his chin. Around his neck hung the long chain of large square gold segments that denoted his rank and on his left breast was the badge of a knight of the kingdom. Can anyone say pretentious? Oh well, such was their custom, I was dressed in a hand made six thousand dollar wool worsted of navy blue, and wearing my sashes and medallions of knighthood, Cullen insisted.
    I walked the ten feet to where Wayne was standing and he looked down at the floor where I saw, much to my horror, an object that seems to keep coming up in my life. The ball point pen, that I had come to know as a most lethal dart gun, that I had encountered twice before. I bent over and carefully picked it up and glanced at HRH Cullen who was surrounded by his body guards, but a glint of light on steel caught my eye. With no time to react in any other means I pointed the ball point pen at the neck of the guard captain and lifted the clip which sent the two inch plastic dart toward the jugular vein on the right side of the man's neck.
    The sharp point of the dart sank home, causing the captain to start and bring his hand to his neck, upon withdrawing the dart his eyes widened with horror then his legs faltered causing him to fall. Within moments his nervous system began to shut down his extremities so that he was unable to make any voluntary movement. I turned to Raven and asked if any of his men had the antidote with him, Raven slowly looked about the room then told me that he didn't see his man, he thought that he had gone to the restroom.
    A doctor slowly moved forward and examined the guard, I had missed by a fraction of an inch. I was amazed at how deeply the thin little dart had penetrated, instead of the jugular I had sent the dart into the carotid artery. The poison had entered directly into the man's brain, paralyzing it before returning to his heart to flow throughout his body.

    Andy's men were around HRH Cullen and he was at my side with more clarity of thought than I possessed at the time. He asked Wayne what the story was and Wayne told him that the minister was the man of whom he had spoken. That woke me up, Wayne knew something that had not been related to me? Why?
    Wayne only had his suspicions and he had told his King what he thought and was directed to keep it to himself, but to keep his eyes open. I glared at HRH Cullen who only smiled his coy little grin at me. The minister hated Wayne's father for marrying the girl that he loved, he had vowed to get even with the man in a way that would hurt him forever.
    The agonizing captain had been the one that had taken Wayne as the twelve year old boy played in the park near his family's home. He told us that he was stuck with some kind of a needle and in a few seconds he felt like he was in a dream as he was placed inside a large black car and delivered directly to Count Corvin in his apartments at the castle.
    Wayne told us that everything moved in slow motion and that he couldn't even speak as he faced both Minister Theroux and Seigy, as well as the newly enthroned Queen Anna Regina. Minister Theroux was telling the queen how Wayne's father was a dreg on the establishment and a suspected pervert, the queen told her husband that he needed to investigate matters then Wayne lost consciousness.
    He awakened chained to a bed where he was trained as a boy whore along with Dennis Kittiwake and Ezio Beckmeister until Athos's men kicked down the door and took the three of them along with Sergé and Niel to the safety of Athos's villa at St. Tropez where I met him the night before I moved to end the life of his captor and his machine for harming children.
    At that point young Wayne's mother was brought to the boy's side for a warm reunion. The parents had been imprisoned since the day after their son had disappeared and HRH Cullen had instructed Athos to find the family and restore them. Wayne's father had been tortured and died within a few months of his imprisonment. It was necessary for the mother to be kept from the boy's sight until minister Theroux could show his hand as there was no evidence other than Wayne's word as to what had happened to him.

    Before he named a single person to office Cullen informed his countrymen of his desire for a constitutional convention to be convened. He laid out his plans for a constitution for his country. He proclaimed me as Lord High Minister and second in command in all of the land throughout the tedious process of changing his government into a constitutional monarchy, or limited monarchy. We think that Cullen still has some growing up to do, not because of his idea for change, but because of his choice of leadership.
    A constitutional monarchy, or limited monarchy is a form of government established under a constitutional system which acknowledges an elected or hereditary monarch as head of state; as opposed to an absolute monarchy, where the monarch is not bound by a constitution and is the sole source of political power. (The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy even though it does not have an actual written constitution.) The process of government and law within a constitutional monarchy is usually very different from that in an absolute monarchy.

    I had urgent business to attend to at home, but I could not leave Cullen, not on his first night in office. The evening of the coronation was a chance for the young King to meet his people with a grand ball. I had taken very little notice of anything outside of Cullen's immediate vicinity and had completely overlooked the fact that my favorite boy band was providing music for the ball.
    I was almost disappointed when HRH Cullen and I entered the ballroom and I saw the Wild Boys dressed in Tuxedos as they played the national anthem of Cullen's country. I wanted to go to them and personally welcome each of them and thank them for being there, that was not appropriate. Cullen slowly marched along a red carpet to a throne, set high, at one end of the room. He kept telling me to keep up, but I stayed three paces behind him all of the way. Once seated he directed me to sit on a seat provided for me next to his. I told him that it was not proper for me to sit in his presence and he told me to sit before he had me nailed to the seat.
    I had to endure the evening, but I wanted to mingle with my boys and the with the boys in the band. His Royal Hinney excused himself at nine o'clock and we headed to his chambers where he had a party planned for his old school mates. I took him and Cory aside at that point and told them of the events at home, both boys sat up and listened to every word I had to tell them.

    With that fact accomplished I had to think of Cullen's safety and for the safety of the family. During the night I moved the entire family to the Voyageur Marin Deux©—Water Traveler Two. Seigy had commandeered the shell of a new ship being built by late King Muneday's navy and had it made into his own personal yacht. Workers in the ship yard had, in turn, commandeered the ship during her shake down cruise and turned it over to Athos. At the time I was already in the final phase of taking over all of Seigy's assets so Athos ordered the ship painted and re-commissioned with the knowledge that the new King Cullen would finalize the paper work.
    The four hundred and thirty foot yacht has two 2500 horse power oil fired turbine engines capable of propelling the tri-hull ship to speeds of forty knots, faster than most navy or coast guard craft currently in service. He carries a crew of seventy five with cabin space for six hundred. Fully loaded he displaces 4,000 metric tons.
    The Wild Boys had come onboard with my family. Dukey and El, along with Phil and Jane Russell—Gary and Jason's parents—were brought onboard. The four adults were flying to Rome the next morning, they were going to take me to the Rome airport aboard the helicopter that I had bought for the boy band two years earlier then fly on home from there. The boy band wanted to play for the family for a few days.
    Right after the coronation I had all five of my women quietly flown over to Rome. They were taken to the roof of the palace where they boarded a helicopter to take them out of harm's way. They were excited to be able to do more shopping, women are easy when they have a store to go to and money to spend there. I asked Andy to let me use one of our new planes to fly home and return as quickly as I could see to the damages done to my house and school.
    There was no way that I could convince Cory to stay behind, I had to take Cas along with me and Al still hung close to me. That was all I could take, the plane that I planned to use will only seat eight passengers. Cory looked at Al then offered to stay behind, Al told me that if he could spend the night with me so that we could talk then he didn't need to go. I was glad to hear that because I was about to have to get tough and I hate doing that.

    At last I learned what Al's problem was, I almost laughed, but that is never right to do in the face of a lover spurned. Greg has found himself a girlfriend and they have gotten very close. Greg no longer wants sex or personal contact with Al and the boy is beaten. He wants to move into an apartment of his own and forget about school or anything else. That won't do. Okay, I have to think about what the boy's power is, nobody can see through code faster than he can, he is a valuable asset to me, or whomever he works for in the future. He and Greg are a menacing duo when it comes to writing code and I hate to see them separate; sexually, I can live with it, but not professionally.
    Al was in serious need of a good fucking. He had only been familiar with his hand for more than three weeks. That bothered me because he has been at the house, often. I guess that the family felt that he was spoken for. I asked him about our family night story time, he told me that he did everything he could to please Nad, but the boy was impassive as he sat back and let Rocky do as he wanted. That is something that I will have to talk to Greg about real soon.
    I began my regular routine by spreading Al's legs as I ate at the back door diner of his fine, lithe body. During the course of our time together I learned that he had not had that pleasure since he had moved to Tucson, that is something that Nad won't do for him.
    Al wanted to participate and asked me if we could turn opposite of each other, he wanted my cock deep in his throat. I wasn't finished with my dinner so when he turned around I let him nurse me while I continued with my chore. I have to admit that having a boy suck my cock while I eat his ass can be exciting to me as he wiggles and moans through his pleasure.
    Some have questioned the practice of rimming, it is fine, as long as the dinner himself is clean. A diner can get sick as well as grossed out if any scat is involved. Boy dining is best because they are clean, the older the boy the more foreign objects are likely to appear. FFA—fresh fucked ass—is especially sweet when two youngsters take turns as top so that all I have to do is take up a spot down under where I can take on any leftovers.
    Al is still a great partner and I will have to do whatever it takes to help him and Greg through their setback. I did learn one thing that made me think evil thoughts about Greg, he has told Al on more than one occasion that the boy has a little dick. Al is no short comer, with five and three quarter inches of thick boi meat while Greg only sports a five and five eighths inch, extra skinny, uncut cock.
    Greg is also near virginal in that he has only had anal sex with Cory and myself, Al gets very little of that action. The only time that I have been with him was once in a hotel in Akron when he received his pin and I don't believe that Cory has been with him since then. I have watched him at our Saturday night orgies and he seems to float the room letting one boy or another suck him and a few times I have seen him suck those with large cocks. Could he be a size queen? For the time being I just curled up with a hurt boy in my bed and made the most passionate love to him that I knew how to make.

    My first order of business Friday morning was to send the Voyageur Marin Deux ©out to sea with strict orders that Cullen was to stay onboard or I would turn him over my knee in front of his cabinet of ministers, he believed me.
    I had a banker friend to see in Rome at nine, their time; I was proud to introduce Cory to the old reprobate. He is only in his early fifties and flatters himself that he is a gift to the boys of the world, his boyfriend is pushing forty. I told the girls to meet me at his bank at noon then we would leave from there. I worry about what all of this commotion was doing to my poor wife, but I know that she was having fun.
    She would not be able to stretch out on the flight home as she had done on the flight over, but then we would be traveling at more than eighty percent of the speed of sound, about 620 miles per hour. That would put us home in about nine hours of flying time, I felt that she could handle that, if she didn't get too tired from shopping. Stupid, of course she would tire herself out, what was I thinking, and El told me so. I called the pilot of my plane home and asked him to make some foot baths available for the women. He laughed at me, he has a wife born to shop also.
    I am not sure how long it is going to take for the shops in Rome to restock their inventories. I smiled as Betty handed me all of the shipping receipts from one and a half days of a feeding frenzy amongst merchants eager for American dollars, I think the girls felt that I would not yell at Betty for the amount of money they had spent. I scanned the receipts and passed them to a young man that would receive five hundred pounds of purchases and place them alongside the twelve hundred pounds of merchandise that had been procured in Paris. The entire shipment would be loaded on a cargo flight Friday evening and would arrive in Tucson Sunday, no customs or other inspections would take place on any FI aircraft.
    I looked at Beulah and asked her how many guns she had purchased and her eyes widened. "Did you buy a few cases of French wine?" The woman was livid until the girls convinced her that I like to tease and that I knew she had done nothing wrong.
    I did learn that the girls remembered Lou and Becky with several nice dresses and personal items that they were sure the girls would love. I wiggled my eyes at the words personal items and Ugitsiha winked at me, latter I learned that she and Sagi knew some of the toys that Becky and Lou enjoyed and they found items along that line for them. Quemela laughed so hard that Beulah took her out of the store, in her dead serious voice she told everyone that these were nothing for a little girl to be seeing. I looked at Pam's wide smile, she is sweet and I think that I might like her as my daughter-in-law, in five or ten years.
    There is a eight hour time difference between Rome and Tucson, we were airborne by one, Rome time, then landed at home at about half past noon. Cas had to rush so I had an agent drive him to class with lights flashing, he made it through his test with seconds to spare.

    Things were very volatile in and around Cullen's country, thousands of people were out in protest of a known homosexual being set upon the throne. Cullen had announced his plans to abolish the monarchy and establish a democracy, or better yet, a republic, but he first had to assume the throne to give him the power with which to act. That was now a fact, the next effort of the boy King was to convince the people that change is good.
    Cullen had culled ideas from every constitution throughout the world and laid them out before the people in a twenty page newspaper article that was on the street the next morning.
    Jimmy set up a complete studio where H.R. Hinney spent time before the TV cameras each day as he called on his people to become better informed and learn for themselves how to choose their own destiny and become a vibrant part of the world economy. By the end of his first week in office the boy was hailed as a hero to his people and to the world at large. I wish that I could have been there to see it for myself, but the wonder of the age is that all programming can be recorded for later viewing. Cory and I watched with intense interest as the recorded message was streamed to us on our mission to Tucson.

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