Chapter tifty


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    We only worked a total of two weeks. My boys slowly disappeared from the job site and back to our plane. Our plane had been discovered and the reporters wanted to know who the Friends were. Every boy looked at whomever was near him. They put their arms around each other and simply said, "We are." Andy and I were the last to leave. He had an escort for us right to the stairs into the plane. His men stood guard around the plane. They followed us up as we hopped aboard. The stairs were pulled away and we were airborne in minutes.
    Andy had a big project going in New York. It was only a few miles from BAG Boys. We flew there to throw the reporters off our trail. The project was covered with so many blankets of federal security that no one was able to get anywhere near to find out about the mysterious black plane.
    Kyle was in the hospital in Albany. I went down to see him, Chad was at his side. The two boys had been the best of friends since they had been in the first grade. By middle school they had left all of their friends behind as their cocks seemed to be growing and nobody else's was. Kyle started spending a lot of nights and weekends with Chad. Suddenly the bells went off in my head.
    I ran down the hall to the lobby. The Farley boys had wanted to see their old neighbor, but Kyle could only have two visitors at a time. I told them to follow me as I headed back to Kyle's room. Chad was bending over giving Kyle a tongue washing. I rubbed his pert little ass and told him that he should let the other's visit for awhile. He said so long to his friend and left with me.
    I asked Chad what he was hungry for. He looked at me and kind of stuttered. He was hungry for meatloaf. I did a double take, but there was a mom and pop just up the road. I took him over there and they did have meatloaf on the menu that night. It was made with three meats, veal, beef, and pork. I gagged, but tried to hide it. I went for dead cow, but I had mine in the form of sliced roast beef. We had mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, green beans, and a side salad. Chad had a big glass of milk. I let him eat as I put tiny pieces of a very big puzzle together in my head.
    While Chad waited for his piece of apricot pie to arrive I asked him if Kyle was the boy that used to spend the night with him. The one his dad used to give vitamin shots to, "down there". Chad blushed and looked down at the empty table. "Chad, look at me, babe. It's okay, it's over. I just remember you telling me about your friend. I saw his picture on the front of a movie at your dad's house."
    "He's not my dad. You are. Don't ever call him my dad. He wasn't even nothin, but shit. I don't…I hate…"
    Uh oh. I jumped up and slid in beside him. The waitress was standing there with the pie. I told her to leave it. She wasn't sure about what she was seeing, but she sat our pie down and left. Chad shook and cried, I just held him. When he relaxed I put his pie in front of him. He looked at it then he turned his face up to me. "I know you got a lot of kids. But I really love you and I want to live with you. You said that you were going to dobt me and be my dad forever. Please, I want to be your son."
    "You are. The paper work is under way. You will be my son and you can change your name if you want to. It will just be a matter of time."
    "I knew Emil was different. She used to fuck me after my dad gave me something that made me dizzy. Dad always liked for me to bring Kyle around. He really loved Kyle and he used to tell Kyle that he wished he were his boy. Kyle's dad was a prick. He was an Air Force Sargent and he always yelled at Kyle and any of his friends. I used to watch him hit Kyle. I hated him worse than my old man. At least my old man gave us stuff to make us feel good." I had to end this. I did not want Chad to get upset or become depressed. I really didn't want to compromise the upcoming trial.
    I started teasing with him and getting him to open up and laugh as we finished our dinner. I headed back to the hospital to gather the other two and get them fed. I let Chad slip into Kyle's room to say his good nights while I pulled the nurse away for a heart to heart. I got on the phone to Kyle's doctor and told him what I was thinking about. He listened to me. I was surprised as I was sure that I was going to have to throw some weight to get a series of blood work ups done. The nurse heard the whole story as she stood with the back of her fist in her mouth and sucked air, over and over. It is hard to believe that any one could do these things to children, but their own sons and his friends.
    We walked down to Kyle's room. The nurse had her little rack full of empty test tubes. I looked at the four boys. "Hey, we've been in some nasty stuff down there in that storm mess. We are going to have to be sure that everybody is safe so while we are here I want to get your blood work started." Of course four little teenage boys are going to react, but Jay showed amazing maturity as he walked up and pulled the waist band of his shorts down showing one cute little cheek. "No, we need to get blood, not give a shot. My friend Susan here, is going to have to put a big, big needle into your arm, right where it bends at your elbow. Guess what, it's going to hurt like a mother. But I know you all are tough, I watched you work these past two weeks. So who will go first." Jay looked at me. He was scared. He had that glistening at the bottom of his eyes that told me the tears were there if it did hurt.
    One by one Susan drew four test tubes of blood from each boy. Jeff, always the clown, took the edge off by looking at the four vials of his vital fluid and started staggering around the room with his forearm to his forehead, "Oh, I am weak. They took all of my blood. Everything is going black. It's over. Good bye cruel world."
    "God I'm glad that's over. I wished I had known it was that easy to kill him off. He has got to be the worst cock sucker in the world. Now we are safe at night." His remark startled me, but Susan let it slide right on by. Of course Jeff was up and pounding on Chad for his remark as Kyle tried to avoid dying from the pain of laughter through his wounds. Poor little Jay was on the floor in uproarious laughter.
    Susan put the highlight on it as she picked up her little rack with sixteen vials of dark red liquid and held it to the light. "Well, I guess I have enough for my dinner now. I don't know, with boys this young I am usually hungry again in an hour." With that she closed the door behind her. I was in the chair in the corner laughing as hard and as loud as the boys.
    Jay and Jeff wanted pizza. That came as a total shock. We found a local pie place with video games. I had to out drive, out fight, out fly, and our shoot all three of the boys before we got out of there then it was on to our shelter and into bed.

    Andy supplied us with a military style barracks. We had the downstairs floor which had been designed for forty, thirty inch cots. It was a bit crowded with twenty queen sized beds, but it was cozy. I was impressed with the pairing off of the boys. Only my die hard couples, Trevor-Alec, Gerald-Luke, and Jerry-Tim were together with their lovers. The others paired off in some cute arrangements, My cock was super hard as I walked down the row stopping to hug, fondle, and kiss each young man goodnight. I found Chad laying in my bed, on his back with his knees against his shoulders. What a beautiful sight. I dove in, tongue first and gave the boy a sound licking for his attitude.
    Pete was in the bed next to mine with Lew. When Chad quit flopping around and lay back in peaceful slumber, Pete looked up at me with a wink, "Ya know, it's kind of sad that Cullen won't be King. I could go for a fag on the throne, however I stopped smoking years ago."* Pete made a run for it as Cullen came across the tops of the beds between his and Pete's. Pete wrapped his arms around me as I headed for the door leading outside. I kissed my boy good night and told him I needed to be alone for awhile. I needed to think.

    Right then I wished I were a smoker. I really had a craving for the breath clogging smoke of nicotine ruining my body. I stepped outside to be engulfed in the smoke of the weed. I spun upwind and caught one of the young workers from the project. He was a local boy hired for the job. He was hoping to get a look inside our barracks. He was gay curious and he had heard that there were fifty naked queer boys humping each other's brains out in there. He didn't believe that, but he thought there might be maybe a few naked guys in there he might get to perv on. He had seen some awfully cute boys get off of the bus earlier.
    He wasn't a half bad lad. He had just turned eighteen. He was on his first ever job, first time away from home, lonesome, scared, and about to be deviriganized. Fuck it, you know I'm a letch.
    I sat with him and shared the last inch of his roach and got myself mellow. I don't do this shit often in fact this was a first in seventeen years. I had a lot on my plate and I had to make some serious decisions. Inside were twenty two wonderful people that totally depend on me. The really bad part about it is that they each one love me, deeply. What nobody, but nobody, else knew is that there is some trouble at the school that is really weighing on my mind. I had run into JB at the hospital. He had told me a truly horrible tale. I hadn't told the boy's where we were, but we were less than three miles from the school, on the most secret project that Andy has for our national defense efforts with the world's communications.
    I realized that my young pot smoker had not taken his eyes off of my semi hard cock. I put my hand behind his head and pushed him to where he really wanted to be as I lay back. I toked as my new friend took his first mouthful of hard man meat. I'm a gentle coach and we got through the teeth and past the gagging then settled down for a nice slow blow job. The lad enjoyed what he was doing more than anything he had ever done. One last pull on the roach, which I raised up and shotgunned into the boy's mouth, then I field stripped the butt. I turned and lay down on the cool grass and took a solid seven and a half inches of young cut meat deep inside my hungry throat.
    I opened up his rectum to the fresh air and made him see stars from a whole knew perspective. By the time we had each shot our loads deep into the oral cavities of the other he was begging me to ride him on down. I had my tongue working him into a jellyfish when I finally relented. He rolled to his back as I looked at my favorite view of a tight assed boy. I lined my cock head to the puckering pink doorway of his world then bent over and kissed him. I shoved my tongue deep inside of his mouth at the same time that I let my glans spread his sphincter. He sucked in so much air I was afraid that my lungs would be pulled out of my chest.
    I let him catch up to me. His arms squeezed my neck as his tongue began to dance with mine. I let him have another two feet. He was uncomfortable, but he was determined. In no time at all I had it in him. He was crying like a baby. I looked at him and asked him if I had hurt him he told me no. He wanted the pain. He needed the pain. He deserved the pain. Oops, something is not right here.
    He had been fighting his gay side for several years. In his neighborhood he would be dead meat in a second if he were outed. A fag had moved into the neighborhood a few weeks earlier. He made a pass at one of the home boys. The next day his body was found beaten to death with a ball bat. His jewels were never found. The smoker's kid brother had witnessed the entire beating and could name names. Problem is, the little brother is gay and the murderder's brother is his boyfriend. He was here where he was safe and his brother was back there in fear for his life.
    Tell me, am I just plain lucky or do I look like an easy touch? How the fuck does all of this fall into my lap? Well, I've been down his throat and up his ass I might as well know his name. Eighteen year old Toby Minor has a barely thirteen year old fag brother named Kenny, hiding in fear in a tenement in Hoboken, New Jersey because he saw his boyfriend's brother bash another fag boy to death with a baseball bat. Sounds like a good plot for a movie.
    The sky was getting lighter as morning rushed upon us. I dragged Toby over to a van Andy had provided for me. I took him to the local train stop a few miles down the road. I put Toby on a train for the city. I put a fifty dollar bill in his pocket as well as two return tickets. I gave him a local phone number to call from a throw away cell phone that I had received from Andy. With a deep kiss on the lips and a hard squeeze of his tight ass he was gone.

    I walked into the barracks as if it were business as usual. The boys were stretching and getting up from their beds. Some were really stretched and making a bee line for the latrine to relieve a very pressing matter. I needed to get the boys home and into school. My college lads were already antsy to take off when my satellite phone rang with God Save the Queen. Everyone laughed at Cullen because they knew that this was his mother's ring and it was coming across the scrambler.
    The Duke had an idea, now that the hub bub over his son and heir had settled down. He wanted me and all of the family to visit with him and his at his country place by the sea for a month or so. Then we could attend the coronation together.
    Pete was the only one truly perplexed because the business school had a visiting professor that he had really wanted to learn from. However, a trip to England for a month or two…Gerald, and Luke were freshmen with nothing to loose. Cas hadn't been there for summer training with the football team so he wouldn't be playing this year. Tyler was so so about going back. We burned up the air waves as all five of them withdrew the day before there would have been penalties.
    It was the twentieth of September. School had been in session four weeks. My boys had missed two weeks for humanitarian relief. I wondered if I could get them time off for a first hand geography lesson.
    I called the high school and talked to a very relieved principal. I learned that he was retiring in December and he really would enjoy the reprieve of not having to deal with Cullen and the State Department. I had to laugh. Andy and I had so convinced the man, but in truth, not even the state department knew that Cullen was in the country. That is how sure we had been of the danger that the boy was in.
    Cullen looked over the family with his evil little grin on his elvish face. This kid is so cute, but so full of mischief. I waited for the shoe to drop. He had something for his brothers.
    Pete had to get his points in first. "So like, your father is the Duke and all. When he croaks you become Duke, right? So what are you now, like the Dyke?" I really enjoy my morning runs with Pete and I know that the lad is fast, but I was impressed with how fast Cullen was, and strong. He caught Pete within about one hundred feet and tossed him to the ground with, seemingly, no effort. He was on top of Pete giving the lad a tickling that was pure torture.
    I had a plate piled high with fresh fruit and a large bowl of oatmeal. Evan and Mark came in with large green bandages around the crook of their arms. "Food, give me food. Evan was staggering about as if in a weakened condition. "They took all of my blood. I need meat, not your cock faggot, meat to eat, with eggs and toast and, what? No bacon this morning? I need red meat to replace my blood." He had the place in stitches as Mark quietly filled his plate and sat down to eat. The two were surrounded by boys wanting to know what happened then they mobbed me to see if they would have to undergo the same torture. I told them all that they had been with me long enough that I knew that they only had cocksucker's blood in them. I was checking out the five new boys to be sure we weren't going to get any…" here I whispered, "girl germs." The boys all lept back and pulled away from Mark and Evan and went back to their own food.
    Cullen took off after Andy when breakfast was over. He had his arms around the man and was groping his crotch. I know his begging routine and I know Andy. The two of them would have a couple of things straight very quickly. Andy waved at me as His Hiney curtsied. I giggled, but I had something I needed to do.

    I jumped in my rental, a nice Caddy this time, a full size sedan, with stretch out room, a full surround sound stereo, fifties oldies. Okay so I like the better things in life. My parents grew up in the fifties, but the music from that era was music that you could sing along with, and understand the words that mean something.
    I had the phone's earplug shoved in my ear as I listened to the latest developments being relayed to me from Andy's communications center. I headed straight over to the county Sheriff's office. Talk about a local yokel. This old boy had to know somebody who knew somebody who blew somebody to get him into office. Now I am not trying to put any of my southern friends down, but the stereo typical southern constable one sees on TV or in the movies were Eienstein's tutors compared to this guy. Can you say, "duh huh?" He can and he thinks it's a full sentence. I told him that I was awaiting a client and took a seat by the door.
    I waited about thirty minutes before Franklin Rothsfeld was brought in, handcuffed and wearing his shoes slung over his shoulder, tied together by their laces. This was the young man that I had seen through the open door to his hospital room as JB had pointed him out to me the night before. This boy's room was next to the room in which Kyle still lay. This five foot seven, one hundred and thirty pound lad had just spent ten days recovering from a stomping at the hands, er that should be feet, of his homophobic father.
    A door from the back office opened and a young man in an off the rack fifty dollar suit came in. The man with Franklin was a bit better dressed. I would expect he may have paid upwards of maybe seventy five dollars for the mis-matched suit he had on. Me, as always I was wearing a personally tailored Armani. I listened as the two men bantered.
    Young Mr. Rothsfeld had apparently raped and severely injured a very small boy of fourteen years of age. This was sexual molestation of a minor. The boy had required extensive rectal surgery as his entire colon had to be re-sectioned, and on and on and on. The fifty dollar suiter was ready to go to trial here and now. He was sure of a conviction.
    Now Mr. big bucks had it figured a bit differently. He had personally sat down with the district attorney and the victim. The boys were close friends and the sex had been consensual. The anal sex had been an afterthought and it had been the boys' first time. They had no idea what they were doing and had gotten carried away in the heat of young sexual lust. It was not molestation. It was consensual between two like aged young teenaged boys.
    Well now that brought cheap suit back to arms. He had the birth date of the victim and he was only fourteen years and five months old. Not anywhere near the age of consent for sex in the state of New York. The age of consent in this state is seventeen years old for either heterosexual relations or homosexual relations. And sodomy was still a debated subject.
    Mr. big bucks countered with the facts. His client was within the state's own age guidelines according to statue… on and on. But I did pick up on one fact. The state permits sex between minors when they are both enrolled and attending high school and are less than two years apart in age. Mr. Rothsfeld is in fact sixteen years and four months old. The boys were less than two years different in age. In fact there were only twenty three months and nine days difference in their ages. They were entirely within the scope of the law.
    Now from the look of him Mr. cheap suit has surely been practicing law for at least a month or so since he got out of school I am a fairly good judge of male ages and I didn't expect the youngster to be much more than twenty seven, if that. But he had to have something going for him to land a position with the prosecutor's office at his age. Maybe he knew the same guy the Sheriff knew and he blew him too.
    Not to be caught off guard or overwhelmed by the very intimidating big bucks, cheap suit had been on his cell phone with someone in his office for most of the confrontation. By the look of defeat that finally washed over cheap suit's face I am sure his people told him to stuff it. He made his cursory farewells and hastened toward the same door to the back through which he had entered.
    Big bucks watched as Mr. Rothsfeld sat down to untie the knot in his shoe laces that had been put there by the over zealous deputy that had been keeping the wall against which I was sitting from falling over. The deputy had been leaning against it for the entire time. He looked me over thoroughly and made his customary notes in his little spiral pad which he kept in his shirt pocket with his little penlight flashlight and an assortment of ball point pens. Nerds with badges, what a frightening concept. With matters seemingly finished the mousy little Sheriff beckoned his lackey into his office.
    Big bucks walked the youngster outside and with an off the wall remark about his age making him lucky he left the boy standing as he got in his ten year old car and drove away. I simply stated the boy's name and told him that I had come to take him to Mr. Jason Weller, his other boyfriend. I took the boy to Brad Garcia's cabin on the lake and let him out of the car then left. Of course I had gotten my looks in and had taken my notes.
    Franklin Rothsfeld was a cute kid that was growing faster than his features. He had a really young face with a turned up nose, freckles, blue eyes, and bangs. Yep, bangs. A mop of slightly reddish blond hair in a bowl cut with bangs right down to his eyebrows. He was an awkward size as his feet were bigger than his body. He probably had a size ten or eleven shoe on. His hands were long and thin. His body stood around five foot seven, but it was obvious that it was heading into a growth spurt. He had a puffy belly with a cut chest. His arms had strong definition to them as did his legs. His butt was a sweet bubble. When everything came together, in about six to eight months, this was going to be one super cute kid at the very least an inch and a half, but more like two inches taller. He wasn't bad right now.

    So much for eye candy. I have a mission to accomplish. I drove back up the road then turned into the Academy grounds. I parked the Caddy in the visitor's parking space and headed over to JB's office. I told him my mission. He called for Eric to meet me in the visitor's quarters.
    Eric is such a sweet boy and he does not deserve to be treated as he had. I have had several long talks with his mother and step father. The mother is happy to have a man that will support her and love her. She is ashamed that any child of hers would be homosexual. She wanted nothing more to do with him. Eric's father had been deported many years before and as far as she knew he was in prison or dead or both. I was allowed to talk with the ten year old stepbrother in private. He admitted to me that he had been a willing partner with Eric on the promise that I wouldn't tell his dad. I told him that with the attitude of his dad and his stepmother that it would be wise that they never find out what happened. I warned him that if he was gay that he could see for himself the kind of life that he had ahead of him.
    I took his Bible and wrote a series of thirty numbers down for him. I told him that if he was ever in trouble and needed protection to dial those numbers, in exact order, and I would send help. I warned him not to abuse it when some bully tried to steal his lunch money. This was only if his dad found out that he was gay and was going to hurt him as he had hurt Eric. He looked at me and hugged me. "I bet Eric loves you. You are just like the dad he always tells me he wants."
    Hiederick Heintz was all too anxious to have his wife go to her attorney to sign the paper work I offered to them. I am sure that he was not trying to sell his step-son for the five thousand dollars I offered her for the repair of damage to her house caused when the three hundred and twenty pound tub of lard that she called her husband had knocked the sixty five pound kid into the wall.

    It is advantageous to have lots money and good friend's like Andy. We found the trail of Eric's father at once. He had changed the spelling of his name when he came to this country. He was a convicted child rapist and had fled for his life and freedom in America. The State Department does not like these kinds of people and had discovered his true identity when Eric was only seven years old. Without any word as to why, the man was yanked from his family and deported as an undesirable.
    Once back in his own country he was put into prison where the father of the small boy that had been the victim just happened to be. Eric's father suffered treatment such as he had given to his twelve year old victim for several weeks before he was found hanging in the laundry room one evening after bed check.

    Eric walked into my room through the open door. He called out to whomever had sent for him. I was hiding in the bathroom with the mirrored door set so that I could watch him. I called out in a muffled voice for him to have a seat at the table and I would be right with him. He sat down with all of the curiosity that I had hoped his little thirteen year old brain possessed.
    Lying in full view was an official document with the name of Eric Mikiel von Stubbens in large letters on the first page. He turned it as he looked toward the bathroom door. He raised up in his chair so that he could read it better. He stood up and bent over the paper then he grabbed it up and began to read. His shout of joy filled my heart as he jumped up and down. He looked up and saw me leaning against the door facing staring at him He ran to me as he waved the papers in my face.
    "Does this mean…am I…I am… oohhhhh. I am so fucking happy."
    "I will not have a son of mine using that kind of language."
    He backed up and looked at me then his smile widened to encircle his head as he lept on me and filled my arms with naked boy flesh. My face was covered in kisses as he kept on calling me daddy. I managed to get him settled down and shut the door to the room.
    We sat down to talk. I had not eaten all day and I was feeling the effects. A knock at the door found one of the great rewards for being involved in this school for a boy lover like me. The waiter was fourteen or fifteen, my favorite age. He had a covered tray which I had him sit on the table. His cock was up for attention. I looked at him and asked what kind of tip he liked. He giggled as I ran my fingers across the tip of his dick. I told him that I would like to start my lunch with a large serving of his cream. He giggled. I love these extraordinarily conversant kids.
    I lay him on my bed and knelt beside it. I put his legs on my shoulders and moved into his sweet young ass. His work through the day had allowed a large amount of his boy sweat to collect in the crevice of his tight little buns. I made sure to get every bit of it. I told Eric that he could join in in any way that they agreed on, but the waiter's cock and ass were mine first.
    The boy knew of Eric and he wanted to explore the ass that could actually take Borne's ten inch cock up it. He was envious. He so much wanted to ride a big cock if only once. Well, first things first. I wanted his sweet, almost six incher to unload some ball juice to whet my appetite. He seemed to be up for that as I used my tongue then my fingers on his well fucked little ass. I had zeroed in on his butt nut and was giving it a work out when the kid went ballistic. At least his cock did as it fired intercontinental ballistic sperm missiles at my tonsil scars.
    These boys play with each other so much that a quick shot down a hungry mouth is not enough. He was begging for me to fuck him. I asked Eric if he had any objections. He told me that he wanted to sixty nine the kid so he could see me at work before I did him. I stood up and the kid saw my erect cock for the first time. His eyes grew wide as his hands encircled me. He said that I was bigger than Borne then took the head of my cock into his mouth. He didn't get much down his throat, but I will give him and A+ for trying.
    Eric took my cock from the boy and took it all of the way to the hair line in one move. He slurped on me and made sickening noises as his school mate laughed at the tiny kid. "There you are, it's all wet and slippery for you. Your ass still wet?" The boy rolled back exposing his enlarged ass to me. I knew better than to ask him if he was sure. This was a fag boy from the streets, in a school full of fags that fucked each other constantly. To be able to take my cock up his ass would be a badge of accomplishment for him.
    I met very little resistence as I slid all that I had inside his sweet warm ass. His sweet smile and moans of pleasure made me enjoy bringing him the pleasure he sought. Eric moved over the boy and took his still stiff cock into his mouth as his own cock was sucked in for some hot afternoon fun. I wanted the boy to have a ride to remember as I took long slow strokes on him. I plowed his ass as his juices seemed to pour from his ass. This was an ass aware boy. Some boys need a lot of lube and some flow their butt juices for a natural lube. This boy would make a nice all night fuck and I almost wish that I could do him.
    We all had other matters to attend to so I gave him a memory to carry with him for awhile. It is probably not fair to those who will surely follow after me, but I am the standard by which many subsequent fucks are measured. I have had too many former friends tell me that to no longer believe it.
    Eric had to lick the boy's ass clean for him as the boy wanted to work at getting me down his throat so the three of us lay in a triangle for a bit as we refreshed ourselves. The boys took a quick shower before the waiter had to run back to work. Eric and I ate from the abundant fruit plate that the kitchen had sent up for me. I wish I had known that they had sent up fresh Kiwi-Papaya juice. It is best when taken at once. When allowed to settle it takes on a heavy after taste. A good shaking made it more palatable and I made a convert of Eric. He better get used to it. We hardly ever have sugared drinks in our home any longer and we will never have aspertine® near the property.
    I spent an hour with Eric as I divided his most pressing needs. He left me one happy boy as I told him to gather all that he owned and take it down to the Garcia cabin. I asked him to keep the adoption our secret for a few days and I would explain why later. He kissed me with the kiss from hell as he giggled and ran out the door, my cock begging him to cum again.

    It was time for me to be back amongst my hellions. I had been gone for most of the day with no word to them at all. I found out what Cullen had been up too. He had called his father to make sure that their entire stable would be at the little country place.
    Poor Cullen, he never considered that his mother and I are brother and sister. We are learning to know one another, albeit by telephone, video phone mostly. I have invested heavily in Andy and he has given me a lot of perks that are not available to the general populace. One being several satellite telephones with frequencies on scrambled transponders not available to anyone outside of Andy's company. Not only can each of these transponders carry multiple picture phone conversations simultaneously, but hundreds of regular phone conversations as well.
    El had told me that their little country place by the sea is one hundred and eighty acres of flat, rolling land along the western coast line. The Duke has a stable of some of the finest horses in the country and, being of the old school he truly enjoys a good hunt. I know my nephew, he was going to get the boys on horseback in pursuit of the fox. I wouldn't miss this for anything.
    I grabbed Pete up and asked him if he wanted to run an errand with me. He looked at me almost cross eyed. His face distorted then he moved to me for a warm and overdue embrace. I told him that I had much to share with him and that I would find a private room for just the two of us for the night. I did have to run into town to meet a train. He grabbed a jumpsuit and shoes, then off we went.
    I told Pete what I had been up too all day. He sat with his mouth open in wide eyed amazement. "You are too much, lover. I could never keep up with you."
    "Well you better start learning too, big boy. We are together for life, the way I remember it. I am trying to groom you to share in my business someday. That is why I am so supportive of your class choices at school."
    "Yeah, then I go and blow it so that I can go to England. I need to go home and get down with the books."
    We were at a train station twenty miles further down the line than where I had sent Toby off the night before. I parked the car and turned to Pete, "You need to be with me. Pete, I need you. I have something coming up tomorrow that could close the Academy down forever and send an awful lot of people to prison for a very long time." Pete, look at me. "I can go to prison too if that school goes down like this." Pete's eyes widened as he took in what I said. He moved to me. We shared a quick embrace then I told him that I have two boys to rescue. He loved the idea, but told me I was crazy.

    In my travels I have found some very frightened little boys, but I have never seen the terror that I saw in the eyes of Kenny Minor. The boy was the smallest one yet. A four foot nothing bundle of skin with bones inside. There was barely fifty pounds of boy. What was there was sucked up so tight around his brother's neck that it was hard to determine where one boy started and the other one ended. The best way I could tell was by the different colored clothing.
    Toby tried to tell his little brother that he was safe now. Toby didn't realize that his brother was showing serious signs of shock from what he had seen. Pete got behind Toby and started making faces at the tiny bundle sucked up against his big brother. I grabbed a red cap to get the boys' luggage. Toby handed me a thick folder of paper work from my law firm in Manhattan. He told me that his folks had signed everything. They knew that something was wrong with Kenny, but had no idea what it could have been. When they discovered that both or their sons were gay, and in this neighborhood to boot…They loved their sons and wanted them safe. They gave Toby complete and total custody of his little brother and sent them on their way to me with their thanks and their blessings.
    I heard giggles coming from Toby's right shoulder. Toby smiled as a tear formed in his eye. The giggles continued to increase until they were joined by animated movements. I took Toby's hand and gave him a squeeze then pointed to the rental car with the beeping horn and flashing lights as my remote triggered its location for us.
    Kenny wanted to sit in the back seat, but he wanted Pete to sit back there with him. No problem. We were barely out of the parking lot when the tiny face of the, barely past twelve year old, boy looked at me over the back of my seat. "Did you take my brother's cherry last night? Toby says you got a pee pee as big as my arm and that he sucked it and you stuck it up his number two hole. Why is that called taking a cherry? I sucked my best friends pee pee and he sucked mine. He squirts like Toby does, but not so much. Toby says it didn't hurt to have you love him last night. Are you going to love me?"
    Thankfully we only had about a twenty minute drive back to the lake and the temporary home for these two boys for the night. When Kenny saw Eric naked he ran over to him and got down to look. Jace and Frank were sitting together on the sofa watching the TV. They got up as we came in. Frank stood and stared at me for the longest time. He looked at Pete then back at me.
    "Now I know you. You own this school and all of this lake. Are you the one helping me?" I love kids. We sat down as I tried to help these five boys figure out what was going to happen to them. I asked them if they wanted to go to Europe for a couple of months. Their eyes widened into one monstrous mass as the information bounced around in their heads. I explained, in detail, who Cullen was and what was going on. I explained to them that there were people that still wanted to kill Cullen. Kenny reacted exactly as I had figured and I already had Pete in position to catch the boy and bring him back down.
    Bless his little heart, Eric moved in and pushed Pete away. "I'll take care of you and not let anybody hurt you if you will be my boyfriend." Kenny looked at Eric then at Toby. He turned to Eric and let Eric seal the deal with a kiss and a grope. Kenny got his grope in too. He likes boi cock.
    I sent Eric and Kenny off to get Kenny's stuff put away for the night. I turned to Frank and Jace. Pete looked at me. I had told him what I was going to do. Pete looked at Toby, "So you fucked with my boyfriend last night. Now we have a rule. We fuck around, but we share. Do you share or get your ass kicked?"
    "I don't think that you can kick my ass, but if he's your boyfriend I'll let you fuck me and prove it." Pete dragged Toby up the stairs to find themselves a bed.
    "Frank, I don't know what you know about the court system that we have in this country. First of all a person is accused then the prosecutor has to decide if they are going to press charges or not. Those are the two stages that you have gone through and finished today. You are clear and there will be no more charges or problems for you." Jace was sucked up against his boyfriend like second skin.
    "The next part of our system is after the prosecutor decides to press charges he has to send all of his evidence to a grand jury. This is a group of people that sit in a sealed room and listen to everything that the prosecutor has to say. He has to tell the jury what the law says and what the crime is. The jury then decides if in fact the law has been broken. If it has then they return, what they call, a true bill which the prosecutor takes to a judge and swears that these are the facts and that this person must be arrested.
    "The judge looks at the true bill and the evidence that the prosecutor shows him. He then issues a warrant for the arrest of the person who committed the crime. The police, or Sheriff or constable, whomever, the law, then goes and finds that person and officially places them under arrest.
    "Now all of this is where we are right now with your father." Frank winced. Jace tightened his arms around his boyfriend. "Now in the case of your father the police did not have to go find him. He has been in jail since his attack on you. When the warrant came down they simply took your father from his jail cell and somewhere to be booked for an actual crime.
    "The next part of the process brings the accused into court to stand before a judge. The prosecutor will read all of his charges against the accused, in this case your father. Then your father will have the right to plead guilty or not guilty. If he pleads guilty the judge will schedule a sentencing date. If the plea is not guilty then the judge will set a trial date. This part of the process is called the arraignment. At this arraignment your father makes his plea and then the judge decides whether he should be kept in jail or released with an amount of money, called a bond, which will be given up if he does not return to court. Or the judge can release your father on his word that he will return to face trial.
    "Frank this arraignment for your father is set to occur tomorrow morning at ten a.m. Do you want to go? You do not have to be at this part of the proceedings if you do not want to be."
    "No, I don't ever want to see him, ever again."
    "Frank, if he pleads not guilty then you will have to go to court. You may have to sit in the witness stand and tell the court what he did to you. All the while he will be sitting there staring at you."
    "I don't know what he did. I was unconscious."
    "Okay. You don't have to go tomorrow. I will be there so if you want to know what happens you may ask me. Okay?" Frank was okay with that. I told them that I had a long day and I wanted to go to bed.
    JB tapped on the patio door. I stepped outside to talk with my old friend. I had one more loose end at the academy to finish with. I told JB to have him move his belongings to the cabin early the next morning.
    Pete looked over the balcony. "You said you wanted a private room." He waved his arm around the cabin of our friends. I really do need to go say good night to all of my sons, but I am so tired. Pete brought Toby with him as we took the master bedroom downstairs with the king sized bed.

    JB had arranged for Tony to tutor Frank. They had decided to allow Jace to stay at the cabin with Frank so that he would not be alone. The two boys are the same age and had been in the same class together before Jace began attending the academy the previous year. Tony had come down early and he was at the stove fixing breakfast for all of us. I was impressed with the boy, actually I had something I really wanted to impress into him.

    Mike dragged his trunk up to the door and the boys jumped up to help him get it all inside. I took my coffee and sat with Mike in a quiet place and listened to what my son had to say. Yes, I had gone through with the adoption. I don't care what the boy did, he did not deserve the treatment he would have received at the hands of my family. Somehow, somewhere, I would find a home for this kid. I wanted to grab him up and love him, not sex, just let him know I cared, but something was telling me that this was not right time so I talked with him until I had to hurry off for my day.
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