Chapter 138


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I turned to Cory and the boys that were near, "No sex, not even a hand job until Doctor Will does his blood work up for them. Cam will tell you why." I rushed over to the kitchen and grabbed the telephone on the wall to call Dr. Will.
    The boys were preparing themselves for Sabbath morning and getting everything ready to go across the street for church services. Smitty and Ad came out of my office, Smitty had tears in his eyes, but both boys were all smiles. "May I hug you?" he asked me.
    "I will always take a hug, buddy."
    His father missed him very much. He had hoped that he could have contact with his son now that he was of legal age and free to make his own choices. Smitty told me that his dad was driving down to see him and that they would make plans for his future. I have known Edward Jacobson for many years. He is with the County Attorney's office in Phoenix, Maricopa county, Az. He had tried to prosecute Keith Hall's boyfriend, Cliff, for child molestation, but had to drop all charges when it was discovered that Keith's victim was in fact eighteen years old.
    Keith has had a lifetime crush on George Polerd and was devastated when he found him again in my house, only to loose him to the murderous plotting of George's wife. My first ever boyfriend, William "Tiny" Rudolph Baker had a long time attraction to Keith, those two became partners while I got Tiny's son, Billy Jr., as a member of my house.
    Now I am looking at the son of Ed Jacobson. I hope that Ed will embrace his son and take him into his home, with his boyfriend, Ad. Confused yet, you should live in my head for an hour or two. The boys had disappeared, but I had to get ready for church so I dashed to my room, when I came back downstairs I met Smitty and Ad dressed in borrowed clothes and ready to go and worship our Lord with us.

    Billy and Cody came to my office, "Daddy, is it true that you know the dude what wrote this kewl roller coaster program? I love this helmet, it makes me feel like I am actually riding a roller coaster that I designed. Turner said that you guys went to see him at Christmas time two years ago, are we going to go see him again this year. I think that it would be neat to give gifts to kids less fortunate than us." Sometimes I just want to tell the boys to slow down and take a breath, I get winded just trying to listen to them.
    "Yes, I have known Mitch Gordon for several years. Yes, he and his fourteen year old boyfriend wrote that program, as well as a few others that are in the family room computers. Yes we went over there two years ago, and lastly, what makes you think that they are less fortunate than you?"
    "Well, they were all rescued from the street and live in a big shelter house."
    "Where do you live?"
    "Here, with all of our brothers and…oh…is this a shelter?"
    "Not in any sense of the word. Neither is Mitch's house. Mitch goes around his town and finds young people that have no home and takes them into his house. He buys them clothes and feeds them, body and mind, he puts them in the finest schools in his area. Does that sound familiar?"
    "Just like you," Cody said.
    "Sorta, your dad brought you to me, Billy's dad brought him to me. I found Cory, and a lot of the others on the street, both here and overseas. Some of the boys were on the streets, some of them just had a miserable home life."
    "Yeah, like Vic and Rusty and Ronnie," Billy piped up.
    "How about Bryan? Then there is Art and Jan and, of course Jeff, Jay Jay, Mark, Evan, and Chad," I added.
    "Daddy, did their fathers really fuck them when they were babies and make movies of it?"
    "Yes, dear, they did."
    "That's sick, you should kill them." That cut clear through to my heart. Cory got in on the tail end of their banter and grabbed them before I could fall apart in front of them. I had been tenacious in my quest to prosecute the parents of my little Tucson Six, so much so that I did not take any precautions to protect their lives. Sure, the jailers had all five of the men on suicide watch, but Emil and Terry were both dead. The official report was suicide, but I learned that Terry Anson's father ordered hits on all of them, including his own son.
    Chad's great uncle Tommy was paid fifty thousand dollars to see to the deaths of all four of the boys' fathers and Emily—Emil Koch—Isaac Koch's cross dressing brother that posed as Richard Jones' wife. It took me more than a year to find someone who would tell the truth about Tommy Simpson, but once she was found many other witnesses fell out of the woodwork. Tommy liked to talk about how he had helped two inmates hang Emil. Both of those inmates are also facing first degree murder charges.
    Richard Jones recognized the man sent to kill him and turned the tables, killing the would be assassin first. Richard got word to Wilbur Franklin that he was marked for death and both men were moved out of state as quickly as possible. Peter Farley was placed in protective custody until his trial and still lives happily, on taxpayer's dole.
    Tiffany Ebers Anson is the real tragedy of the baby fuckers. She was mutilated and murdered by a woman that was serving a life sentence for putting her new born baby into a pot of boiling water. How did she have the right to kill Tiff?
    I thought about my three precious sons that once lived about the lake near BAG Boys. Of course the fathers of those boys are dead, but not by my hand. I may have played a part in putting them where they would be killed and I just might have written letters to someone that lived where those people lived that just may have hastened their deaths, but I didn't kill them, did I?
    Cory came back with a large cup of hot chocolate and a stack of assorted cookies, fresh and hot from the oven. "Please don't let them hurt you, daddy. They are curious and innocent."
    "I know that darling, I know that, but did I cause those people to loose their lives? What they did to their very own children is reprehensible yet they should have the right to rot in prison for their crimes. The people that were around them can not abide by anyone that they believe are worse than they are so they feel it is their duty to kill them.
    "Cory, the man that killed Everett Rothsfeld, Frank's father, was serving two hundred years for child rape of a ten year old girl. He told the police that he couldn't stand faggots.
    "The four men that killed Branden's natural father, and Mr. Dubois, the man that had raised Branden, were victims of those two men. They had been taken from the streets as young boys and forced into sexual slavery, they were the lucky ones that lived through it. Actually Howard Hildebrand is the natural father of both Frank and Branden, but Everett Rothsfeld and Justice Dubois had raised the boys as their sons."
    "What happened to the four men that killed Howard and Everett?" Cory asked me.
    "They never did any such thing," I winked at him. "They served their sentences for minor crimes and are living a good life with families of their own. The monies that were recovered from the slavers has been portioned out to every victim that we could find and they are each trying to heal. Our friend, Athos, and his people are near them and are there to help them at every turn. I think that they are going to be okay, but only time will tell."
    "So Lance and Lester have money?"
    "Yes, and don't forget Rusty and Ronnie and of course Vic. Branden, Frank, and Jace's families had money that I was able to put away for those three. As Seigy's eldest son Jace has billions of dollars, but Bryan, Rusty, Vic, and Ronnie had nothing, their families don't even want them. Of course we did not know about Mr. West and his relationship to Bryan. I portioned a part of the money that has been recovered from their tormentors into large trust funds for each of them and of course that money is being invested for them so that they are amongst the wealthiest boys in the house." Cory batted his eyes at me and I grabbed for a hug and a kiss.
    "I know what you need. You are the happiest when you are helping someone else so why don't we put together a Christmas list."
    "Way ahead of you, my love." I punched my keyboard for the large video array to light up. A few keystrokes and I had two hundred different addresses on the screen with the names of children five to seventeen listed."
    "What's all of that?" Turner looked over the screen. He is very good with databases and helps Jimmy keep track of all of our statistics and other data.
    "That, my boys, is the result of four sleepless nights for our friend Jerrod Combs. JC logged into the state Child Protective Service computers and found us the names and address of every shelter in the state. Of course we had to get him some serious help from a few of our FI friends to cover his tracks, it would not do for him to be discovered in unlawful use of that system. I have been thinking about playing secret Santa to all of those kids."
    I called up another list, "This is every group or organization in town that holds Christmas parties for under privileged children. They are in desperate need of toys, they think. They don't know what the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß has done for them."
    "Come to dinner, we need to talk," Cory was suddenly very serious.

    I walked into dead silence in the granite house. Every boy had his eyes locked on me as I sat down in the middle of the square table. Actually we have set five ten foot long tables to a side to form a square pattern with access to the center for the serving of food. There is barely room to move about in what had at one time been the sanctuary of the old monk's house that now houses my boys. With one hundred and eighty boys we want to sit where we can see each other and share our time together, we believe in a close family. There is no head of the table and I sit in a different seat at nearly every meal so that the boys won't fight over who gets to sit next to me.

    "Sean and baby Mark," Art read from a small card then sat down.
    "Taz," Jan read from his card then sat down.
    "Joey and Leah, and her brother Trevor—Antonio—Danny—Tyler—Andy—little Billy—" And so it went around the room as all thirty six boys that had made the trip to California just before Christmas of 2005 read names of kids that they had met on that trip.
    "All of these are kids from Mitch Gordon's house, right?"
    "Right, dad, and we want to do Christmas for them again this year. We have called Leah and Joey and they have sent us Christmas wish lists for everybody in the house, including Mitch, George, Reggie, and all of the adults that live there and work with the kids. Can we do this, please? Cory says that you have a list of kids here, but we know those kids."
    "Boys look, it is Christmas, do we have to put limits on our giving?"
    "We thought that since Mitch or nobody from out there never called or wrote to us or nothing that maybe you didn't want to do for them no more." Out of the mouths of babes.
    "Hey, half pint, who told you that they never called or wrote? You were not even here then," I asked thirteen year old Dewey. "Look boys, we do not give to be recognized. The greatest gifts are those that come from the heart and without the feeling that we need to get anything in return.
    "I think that your idea of sending gifts out to Mitch and his family is a great idea. I hope you heard me say send, I don't know what we are going to do for the holiday yet, but I would like to spend every second that I can with each of you.
    "As for my list of children here in the state, I will send gifts to them with no mention of where they came from. I do not want anyone to look back at us. We tried working with the homeless and down and out two years in a row and there were some problems. I don't want to leave those people out, but Christmas is for children and JC and I have found over four hundred children that are not living with their own families this year. I have to help them."
    "So what are we going to do for the homeless this year?" That is always on Cory's mind because he lived that life for so long.
    "Whatever you want to do, you tell me." No one had an idea at the time, but if we were going to buy gifts and have them delivered before Christmas we had a lot of work to do. After the family discussed all of our options we decided to have everything delivered to the house then we would have trucks pick the gifts up and deliver them with no return address or mention of us at all, I can live with that.

    I had two coaches ready to bow before me. The boys were playing football as no team had ever played for those two men before. Interest in the school had brought us forty new students that attended classes on the campus plus we had twelve boys that enrolled in the virtual classes. I talked to each of the computer group and found all of them that wanted to play football, five of them made the team and two are stringers. Seven of the other boys made the team which gave us a remarkable amount of talent to draw from. All of these boys had played, or wanted to play football at their old schools, but because they were gay they had not been selected.
    I had the top two coaches in the district and they proved themselves worthy of their titles, neither of them discriminated against anybody. Our starting team had many colors of players and our new cheerleading squad decided that they would use rainbow colored pom poms. Our school colors are royal blue and deep gold with variations of the two color combination for the team uniforms. The boys wear blue pants and gold sweaters or jackets to the games to show their allegiance.
    We don't have the man power for a marching band, but we have a rousing pep band that can really blow away the competition. I am afraid that given the chance they would like to prove how hard they can blow. The band ordered uniforms of glittering gold. The back of the jacket has a sharp V that accents the boys' bodies and points to their bubbling bubble butts. A blue stripe runs down each pant's leg and blue braided cord drapes across their chests. I am sure that somebody who is into clothes and stuff can give you the name for all of the parts, but I am interested in the parts inside the uniforms, not the names of the parts on the outside.
    The three school buses are used to carry the boys and their equipment to the various games around town. Currently we do not have a stadium and have to play on the field of a nearby school We do not have the land to build a proper stadium, our practice field is just barely large enough for the boys to play on.
    By mid-October BAW was 6-0 and we were drawing talent scouts from around the area's colleges. When we went 8-0 Craig, Sean, and a young student by the name of DeShaun, made all-state, the national scouts began to show up. I was as antsy as I could be as I worried about Cullen.
    I was tied to a chair and beaten severally as it was loudly explained to me so that even I could understand it, Cullen wants to play football!! Cullen has the best toe in high school football, the team needed Cullen's talents. At last Cullen played football under his real name, the name of his father, only it was his middle name that was used. Elroy___.
    He wore his black rimmed glasses with plain glass lenses, made of plastic, in them, a pair of false front teeth to give him the ugliest over bite that the world has ever seen, and a red wig. When it was time for him to play he was surrounded by the boys so that nobody could see the wig fall away as the helmet went on. His teeth were left behind so that he could bite the mouth piece and the glasses were left on the bench.
    Mac has a lot of clout with the school board since his return to teaching and he gathered several other coaches to demand that the district's rule of no reporters or photographers on the field was strictly enforced.
    BAW uses armed FIS agents as opposed to off duty police officers. That didn't set well with a few of the policemen that wanted to moonlight until I had a talk with Captain Shawn Howard and told him that Cullen was playing. He understood at once and informed his department heads that we were a private school and would use our own security. They didn't like it, but it was settled.

    Blair fit right in from the first, his grades actually improved, at least that is what Blake told me. I sent Blake the boys' lessons each day so he could see how they were doing. He was very pleased with my report and he talked to his sons each evening on their IM accounts. Blake told me that Blain was wanting me to be the first to welcome him into the family, I have been with both boys, but neither of them has ever been around family to receive their pins. I told Blake that I was not ready to let the boy off of the hook. He told me that he would go by my feelings on that, it was obvious to him that I had more experience with teenage boys, we both laughed at that.
    Blake told me that all charges had been dropped against him. He was afraid that because of his position with the prosecutor's office that he would not have an easy time of it. It was agreed to take the case before a grand jury so that there would be no hint of any impropriety, the grand jury returned a no bill, Blake will not be charged for fending off his son's molester that was caught in the act of anal intercourse with the minor boy. Part of Blain's story was incorrect, his teacher's seamen was found in samples taken by the paramedics in their rape kit and confirmed by the hospital's ER examination.
    Blake told me that the teacher's trial was set for the second week of January so we agreed to leave the boys where they are and then I would send them home when the family starts our Christmas…whatever. I told him that we had no plans in place for the holidays, but I was sure that I would be flying to England with my nephew.
    Blain was happy that his dad was no longer in trouble and he was happy that he could stay the whole month with us. He knuckled down and his grades took a meteoric rise overnight. Blake was very pleased, he knew that Blain has it in him, he just has to be motivated. I motivated him when I told him that I wanted to see an A on everything that he did for two weeks then he would lay before the family to receive his pin. Somehow I didn't expect him to take me up on that, but he is a cock jockey.
    I learned something else quite by accident. Cecil had let it slip to Blair that he had been trying to beat Blain's record for the most fucks in one day. He is supposed to have said that it began when he met the boys during our stay at Empire Canal for the big wedding. I pulled a few of the boys to my bed and did a little pillow talk, they all agree, that was about the time that Cecil had become such a slut, is the word that they used.
    Finally I confronted Cecil with my knowledge. "I know that it was no competition, but I watched Blain go off and bugger his self on nine blokes one afternoon and then everybody talked about what a great fuck he were and how they thought it was cool that his hole was tight and…I want guys to like me."
    "Do you think that they like Blain because he fucks a lot?"
    "I don't know."
    "Do you like Blain because he fucks a lot?"
    "No, he is stupid about it. I knew that he were going to get his self in trouble some day, but I got meself in trouble first."
    "Cecil when I met you, you told me that you had only had one guy do you. You had a friend named Barty that you liked to suck, but he wanted you to fuck him. What changed?"
    "Blain, da. I just saw the other guys and I like it when you does me bum so I just did it, I know that I was wrong. When that bloke tried to bomb me mum and me I got to come to live with you and I saw everybody turn the arse up for someone to bugger him and I thought that was how you yanks did it up."
    "I am sorry about the bombing, that is my fault. I let Cullen and three of his old school mates take me over to Manchester and somebody saw Cullen. I guess that they followed us home because they tried to blow you and your mother up thinking that you were Cullen. You did look a lot alike at that time, but both of you have changed as you have grown up."
    "I never knew why they tried to bomb me, nobody ever said…"
    "It's over and you are safe now."
    "Am I? They tried to do Cullen a few day ago, I guess it was a few weeks, he he he, I lost time there."
    "They tried to kill Cullen because of one man's stupidity. He will never be stupid again."
    "Did you kill him too?" I stopped where I was and stared at the boy. "I didn't mean nothing by it, da, really I didn't."
    "Cecil, I know you didn't I just don't like to talk about any of that, but to answer your question, no. The man is still alive, but he is where he wishes he wasn't." I let it drop and so did Cecil.

    Work on our houses highly exceeded my most fervent desires. With Ron's super magic we had nine rather large bedrooms in what had been a dressing room at βφτ house. At least that is how I had seen the building throughout my life. Mom and dad enjoyed having parties with large numbers of guests and all of those parties centered around our extra large swimming pool. The dressing room had two very large rooms with two extra large shower rooms in it. The shower rooms were large enough that the movie star owner of the house, before dad bought it, had lockers installed so that the guests could lock away their clothing while at the parties.
    The building also contained a decent sized kitchen that opened onto the back yard. My dad was a terrific cook and that was his kitchen, mom was relegated to the kitchen in the house. The house was built in the days before the large roll away propane grills of today were even a minuscule thought, a ten foot long brick barbeque was the major source of food preparation for dad. I have no idea how many burnt cows were sacrificed on that altar, but I am sure that there are a few herds in Texas that have less cows in them because dad burned so many.

    Ron took his little hammer and beat holes in those sacred walls and into my heart. I hold onto too much and am not willing to let anything go. I had a real wrestling match going in my mind as I had to convince myself that my boys came first and I needed bed space. I never conceived of the bed space that Ron's magic hammer would produce.
    At the south end of the dressing room was a large deck sandwiched between that building and the main house. Dad installed sliding glass doors to the family den when I was about four years old. He had a large deck built outside of the den and that is where I could always find him on a warm sunny day. I don't know but what it was dad's love of his drink that has prevented me from consuming much alcohol or not, but my dad could put away a lot of booze. His favorite was rum and coke with a lime twist, I mixed his drinks for him from the time I was large enough to hold the bottle of rum without spilling any of it and I never learned why he called the half lime that I squeezed then dropped into his glass a twist.
    My mother liked vodka, now there is a spirit that requires a hearty spirit to consume it. Let's face it, I don't like alcohol except on rare occasions and then two drinks is four times more than I should have taken.
    The end result of the work that Ron and his crew had achieved was four eleven foot by twenty foot bedrooms, with a shared bath between two, on the ground floor. I was adamant about the deck remaining for Tom to have access to the back yard and the pool.
    Ron did two things for Tim when he reworked that deck; the entire structure was in pretty bad shape after thirty years, but now it sports pressure treated lumber supported by new concrete pylons. The ramp for Tim's use has been lengthened with a more gradual grade that Tim likes, he says that he can maneuver without the strain that the old ramp placed on his body. Beside the ramp Ron installed an electric lift that Tim can use while sitting in his wheel chair or is just too tired to climb the ramp. I never realized just how hard it is on a paraplegic to negotiate a prosthetic, but having to maneuver on two, it would be like trying to jump on a pogo stick while walking on stilts.

    Bill was not about to be out done. His work on the bathroom that spanned the house and the new addition required him to knock down a section of wall to the small powder room that serviced the den so that he could access the sewer lines. He talked to Tim and learned that the boy missed sitting and soaking in a bath tub, it is even hard for him to get down into our pool side spa. Bill had the answer.
    Tim told the family that Al and Greg are hard nuts to deal with. He asked the couple if they would swap rooms with him so that he could have direct access to the deck and not have to walk through their room while they were humping and bumping. Tim is a natural story teller and he had the boys ROTFLTFAO. Tim said that he really wanted that room, he had liked it when I had it converted for Biff, but for one reason or another he did not move into it when Biff left. He likes the larger master suite that he has been sharing with Sandy, but he felt like it was time for a change. When Bill added a walk-in bathtub for his use he had to move, period.
    Tim told Al and Greg that he would have to sit on their bed to remove his prosthesis then crawl into the bathroom. He told us that he had to blow both of them, and they had to watch each other as he did it. He told us that they weren't moved by that because he wouldn't get down on his knees and do it like he should have. He showed them that he only had one knee, but there was only four inches of leg below it that would not support his weight.
    They were a tough crowd, but a little brown nosing made them soften up a little. He said that it was when he put the finger on it that they began to cum around. He pressed hard on the meat of the matter as he stroked their egos with his throat and once he got down to the cream of the matter they were ready to relent to his request. "But that did not end my having to beg them," he told us.
    He has lived in βφτ house for two years and has accumulated a leggy assortment of feet. The Veterans Administration has provided many prosthetics for the boy as they worked to find the perfect working pair that would suit his life style. He was a bit upset with them when they would not make him a pair with flippers on them so that he could swim faster, in fact he was told to keep his legs out of the water and to always keep the joints dry. That is not a good thing to tell a diving champion.
    Tim said that it was when he found one of the few legs that had a foot on it, that the VA could not use for anyone else, that he got his lackeys down to their task. He told us that he kicked ass, he even had to kick start Sandy because he was busy in a sword fight with Greg. He stopped and looked thoughtful for a moment, "I guess they were in a leg fight, but that sounds weird."
    With Tim and Sandy now settled into the den Joey and Specs, Izzy and Josh, and Vinney and Teddy, Marvin and Howard, Adrian and Jessie set up housekeeping in the five bedrooms upstairs over the old pool house. Shane and Borne, Derrick and Darryl are in rooms downstairs while Hector and David are both batching it in rooms by themselves. Hector is lonesome and spends his weekends at granite house, he is the innocent that was hurt by Edgar's drug habit. Nobody is good enough for David and if his drinking doesn't stop pretty quickly I am going to give him the boot, meanwhile he lives, eats, and sleeps alone. Actually that is not good for someone with a drinking problem, but I am not doctor enough to help him.

    John brought in a company that stirred my thought processes. I had to call Andy to come down and see what was going on, but he had a surprise for me. "Hey there, Alonso, how's life beating you?" Andy asked the larger than life man with a laser drill aimed up at the corner between the wall and the ceiling of the wine cellar.
    Life is full of surprises, I had been thinking along the lines of using laser drills to cut a few rocks around my place. Alonso and his team were experts in the kind of work I needed to have done. It was this man and his crew that had built Base A inside a mountain on the far side of the mountain range upon which my property sits. When I shared my idea with him he was more than willing to show his stuff.
    Alonso and his man made short work of drilling a pair of three quarter inch holes through twenty feet of solid granite every twenty feet around the perimeter of the large cavern. John and his crew quickly moved in behind Alonso to feed the plastic hose that would carry the water solution across the wall and up through the house to condition the air for my boys.
    The first result of that brief encounter that I had with Alonso is a ten foot wide, eight foot tall tunnel, leading from the wine cellar to the basement level of my house. I asked for the tunnel to branch off so that the straight line leads up to the stairs of the dormitory and into the main house. A slight turn maintains the ten foot width directly into the recreation room that holds so many memories for me. I had a twelve inch thick steel door set at the entry to the rec room so that we could still use that room as our panic room in the event…With the rock trap door in the floor next to the fountain of granite house lowered, the wine cellar and the tunnel become a secure hideaway in the event of emergencies.
    Should deeper security be needed then doors across the tunnel entrance in the wine cellar, and one into the rec room can be closed, sealing my family in that large room. Anyone caught in the tunnel when those doors close can go on up the stairs next to the dorm room and on into the house.

    My excursion under the little cottage with Chrisy on his anniversary had revealed two rooms that were unknown to me. There was a large room running east to west, parallel to the cliff face and another running north to south between the east wall of the house and the swimming pool. The problem that I was having is that I had forgotten about the large bathrooms sandwiched in between the pool and the east wall of the recreation room. I was in there banging away one afternoon when Chase walked in to ask me a question.
    "That's strange, why do you need a water pressure tank in here, that is the kind that belongs near a well head." I stood up and grabbed the boy and kissed his brains out. I never did learn what it was that had brought him to me, but he had solved so many of my problems with his innocent observation. I don't know anything about water wells, I'm a city boy.
    Bill came down and checked it out, Charley had lain pipe on an angle over to the old well head before he had covered it over with asphalt for our driveway. The actual water pump is on the end of a flexible pipe that runs from the pressure tank to the bottom of the well, or in our case about twenty feet into the deep water reservoir that extends beneath the school. Charley was the one that had designed the rec room as a panic room and he had wanted to have plenty of fresh water in there. Bill had to run several tests to learn that the sewage lines ran under the slab then over to the tower that leads down to the ground from the catwalk. I'll tell you more about that in a minute. For the moment I was super happy with the new discovery.
    Bill helped me to locate a clear place for a doorway to be cut from the rec room for access to the smaller area between the east wall of the property and the swimming pool. I had shelves installed in there then I had them filled them with hundreds of cases of MREs. I am not heartless so I also included a few hundred cases of canned puddings, fruits, and other deserts that would keep for extended periods of time.
    Bill discovered that the water storage tank under Chrisy's old room held solar heated water for heat in the cottage and the rec room, as well as hot water to all of the bathrooms. The pumps for the solar system are also solar powered so we would have water and heat if needed. I had Bill install a low voltage motor for the well head.
    I left a wide enough isle through the storage room to be able to access the doorway next to the water heater under Chrisy's old room. I had another heavy steel door installed there as well as adding ten inches of reinforced concrete to that wall. Chrisy wants to keep anybody from ever knowing about his little hideaway. I had to blow him so that I could have all of RD's furniture moved to one end of the larger room then we had it wrapped carefully.
    As each piece of furniture was brought into the storage area Ģerâld wiped every surface, top and bottom, with a preservative oil then supervised the application of the covering so that each piece was better protected than if it had been in a professional's care. I watched Ģer as he wiped every inch of the old furniture, the boy was crying. He loves antique furniture almost more than he loves Luke.
    The last thing that I did in that room was to set up a big bed and low voltage, solar powered, lighting so that Chrisy would not have to lay on the floor the next time. I had a thumb reader installed for the trap door from Chrisy's bedroom so that only a select few of us have access to the large room. With the water heater for the cottage and the recreation room down there we will have to be able to access the area from time to time.

    Only my hand print can open the thick steel door between the rec room and the theater, nobody has the code that will move the safe hidden behind the wall in the front entry of the house so that staircase leads to nowhere. The only way out of the room when it is sealed is by a thumb print and retina scanner behind a panel on the back wall of the rec room next to the long window that overlooks the city below us. When that scanner is activated a ten foot wide section of the bullet proof window in the cliff face slides open so that the boys can step out onto a three foot wide catwalk that is camouflaged to perfectly match the cliff face.
    The catwalk extends the width of the house and is more than fifty feet above the ground below. The catwalk dead ends at a wall of solid rock, it goes in behind the rock face so that a hidden doorway can not be seen. When the scanner is activated to open the window that door opens. There is a manual override in the recreation room to release the window which must be opened to release the catch that locks the door to the tower leading down to the ground. A five foot wide staircase switching back and forth until it reaches the ground five stories below, and the sewer pipes from the rec room baths are the only thing inside that tower. Lighting in the tower is battery powered red light that won't be easily seen outside at night. At the foot of the steps a door can be opened from the inside to allow escape into the lot around and behind the garage where the Traveler Trio© is garaged.

    I was very impressed with the cutting that the lasers had done for the tunnel. Alonso's crew used mirrors to work their magic as a beam was fired along one edge of their intended cut then again at a ninety degree angle. Because of out size limitations for getting the stones out of the cellar they were only able to cut five foot by two foot by two foot blocks. When the top and both sides were cut one cut was made down the middle of the width. Mirrors were inserted on the end of long poles and after careful alignment the laser was fired at the mirror to make the cut along the back of the stone section to be removed. A final cut along the bottom of the first section and two stones, ready for building my next project, were removed and hoisted to the surface.
    It seemed tedious and awkward to me, but in only nine days there was a tunnel with a glass like smooth floor connecting the two houses. The floor was treated with fire and water so that, while it appeared smooth and shiny, it was not slick, even when wet. The final part of the work in the tunnel was the worst, noisiest, and messiest. A beater worked over the walls to chip away millimeters of the surface to give them a rustic, hand hewn look. Lighting fixtures along the upper corners completed the work for the sixty foot run. Now my urchins don't have to go out into the rain. My confidence level was high and I was prepared for my most ambitious plan, a larger home theater with a tunnel leading all of the way to the school.

    As unbelievable as it seemed BAW's football team beat every team that it played against. Their 12-0 season was not a record for the state, but it was most amazing because the school was not recognized by any of the other schools. In the beginning of the season it had been hard played politics to find opponents for the boys to play against, I had to call for help. Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne is often called the education czar in Arizona, the man is honest, fair, and nice. Late in September he came to Bradford Academy West for a personal inspection of our facilities and curriculum. The result of his visit makes us a fully accredited high school sanctioned by the state's board of education with a fully accredited teachers, team, and coaches, the other schools had to play us or loose their accreditation.
    Superintendent Horne offered to make BAW a charter school, working under the license of the elementary school and virtual high school auspices. I was told that he would send wheelbarrows filled with money our way. I looked at him and asked him if he knew about Bradford Academy for Gay Boys in upstate New York, his eyes widened as he asked if we were associated with them.
    "I own both schools, sir. Every student that you saw sitting in our classrooms is gay. Were I to allow this school to receive a single penny in state funds then I would have to go co-ed. I had to beg on my knees to get an all boys' school past your offices last month and I am not going to compromise these kids, not now, not ever. At the present time I have twenty youngsters from the state's Child Protective Services system. The state pays me a monthly amount for their tuition, room, and board with the full knowledge that this is a boy's school."
    "Do you make enough tuition money to be able to maintain your expenses here?"
    "Sir, our enrollment currently stands at one hundred and seventy four students, only forty of those students are subject to a small subsidized tuition. Ten are student's from a close friend of mine that lives overseas. Fifty nine of the students attend classes through our virtual correspondence, our on-line courses. Minus the twenty boys that the state subsidizes that leaves thirty four youngsters that I pay full tuition for."
    "Why would you pay their tuition?"
    "Because they are all my legally adopted sons. Most of the boys in the virtual classes are also my sons. At the present time I have seventy nine sons, seventy seven of them I have adopted."
    "And you have enough money for all of that."
    "Enough for them and thousands more. Sir, I will give a home and a name to any boy that needs it. These boys are going to receive the chance that life has denied to them, they are going to be outstanding members of society."

    To add insult to injury for the other schools our boys found themselves in the playoff games for the state's championship. Two other school's protested our right to the finals, they were 14-1 and 13-2, both schools having lost game thirteen before playing each other for the finals. The powers that be informed them that we were undefeated, had other schools allowed our challenge in the beginning so that we could play all fifteen games then they would have a legitimate gripe, but both of the challengers had refused to add us to their schedules because we were an unknown school. Sore loosers.
    The championship game had been hard fought and came down to the final seconds. We were up against the school with the 14-1 record and they wanted our blood. Coach Tedford had tried to spare Cullen's appearance in the game because of security fears, but our conversion kick after the third touchdown had been blocked and BAW trailed by one point with forty five seconds left to play.
    Coach Tedford grabbed me and begged me to let Cullen attempt a record breaking field goal, I love the boy, but I love the game of football and my whole family wanted this win. Cullen had been sitting on the bench with his hood pulled close around his head throughout the game. I had the boys surround him as he took out his false teeth so that he could get his mouthpiece in place. I took his fake glasses and helped him don his helmet then he took off for the field.
    The clock was running, the boys had not gained a yard in two downs. The play was at the thirty nine yard line with eleven yards to go for a first down, and only forty five seconds remaining in the game. Cullen took the field to replace our fullback, Mark Franklin. The ball was snapped back to Sean, he grabbed it and held it in place, against all of the rules. Cullen ran at the ball and kicked it. Up it rose as if in slow motion, every head turned as every eye in the area followed its perfect arch through the uprights, clearing the cross bar by seven feet. A perfect field goal…from forty two yards away.
    The crowd stood in deathly silence then broke out in a cheer that knocked the space station rocking in its orbit. BAW had won, 23-21. We are the new state champion football team and one that has proven that fags can play with many different types of balls.

    We had a large number of supporters that wanted to see the game so I had all six of my big vehicles on the road. We had three FIS escort vehicles running with flashing red and blues and I placed the Traveler Trio© in between the school buses. I led the parade in Traveler Too© so that I could push our escort vehicles, behind me was a school bus with the players, followed by Travel All© full of parents and boosters. Next came another of the school buses with the band in it, followed by Traveler©, then the final school bus filled with students. We let the parents that had driven to the game fall into the rocking chair between the last bus and the four FIS vehicles bringing up the rear, their lights flashing all of the way back to the school.
    I stayed in radio contact with Andy who was behind the last bus, but in front of his other three vehicles. I did not want to run off and leave anybody behind. Andy kept me up on the speed and tightness of our convoy as we covered the one hundred and forty miles from the game field to the school in an hour and twenty minutes, without losing a single vehicle.
    We opened up the gym and partied until the last parent dragged their kid off by the ear. I sat high in the bleachers so I could watch as boys, players and non-players alike hugged and kissed each other and had their hands all over each other's crotches. Only one mother walked out, but her husband brought her back inside ten minutes later. Some of the boys disappeared to the locker rooms with other students then returned all smiles.

    November was rushing away from us, we sat down to discuss our Christmas ventures over dinner. "I am pleased to say that the sale of the wine has brought in more than two million dollars and we have only sold less than half of our inventory so far. Bidding has exceeded two thousand dollars a bottle and the bids for the remaining inventory is climbing.
    "Boys I told you when we found the wine, that any proceeds from its sale would go to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. There is more money there than we can work with as a non-profit organization so I have spent a lot of it already. I have contacted six of the largest toy makers and importers in the country. I have been very careful to try and buy American goods where possible, but there are some licensed toys that I had to buy overseas. None of them contain lead or lead paint.
    "I have lined up twenty unmarked trucks to transport these toys to the various Christmas parties and I am going to ask you guys to dress up like elves to pass those toys from those trucks to the organizers of the parties. I do not want any of us passing toys directly to a child, let the people who know the individual kids do that. Each of you will wear elf makeup to disguise your identity so that no one will ever know from whence these toys come. Should you be asked I would hope that you would say that it is from Santa."
    "We can use a squeaky voice so that we sound like elves," Gus told us. That put a hold on my discussion as I listened to a hundred squeaky voices. I have many boys who's voices have moved down into the basement, it was fun listening to them try to speak in a falsetto that didn't work too well.
    "I have a job for some of the older guys," I told them when they calmed down again. "I have two forty foot trailers loaded with blankets, socks and underwear that will need to be delivered to the shelters next week. Those trucks will arrive here on Sunday and I would like to ask you to help sort through the stock so that we can share those items with the men's shelters equally. Now the biggie, boys.
    "Look at this table, look at all of the food, is anyone hungry? There are children in our town that are, they have had precious little to eat for sometime now. I have a list of fifty families that I have had to beg from schools around town. These families have fallen on hard times and they can not even feed their children, we will help. That new parking lot across the street has twenty cars sitting in it. You have no problem going cruising at night and trying to find a little fun. Every night for the rest of this month and through December I would like to ask you to take a couple of the little guys with you for a special program.
    "I want you to go out very late at night to leave boxes of clothing and food on people's doorsteps. These are not food boxes full of beans and rice, they are filled with kid friendly food. Soups, canned spaghetti, beans and weenies, cookies, cakes, pies, candy, and fresh fruit and vegetables, along with normal food like green beans and corn. There is fresh meat for two meals along with all of the trimmings. There is a box of new clothing for each person in the family and shoes for the kids. Believe me, the man hours that have been spent to learn all of the sizes for clothing is astronomical, I am glad that I have a large number of friends that have a good spirit in their hearts that were glad to assist in this work.
    "Boys, this may sound over the top, but I can't stand thinking about anybody going hungry, especially children. Most of you know how it feels to try to sleep when it is cold and you are hungry, now you have, will you help me give?" Boys ran to hug me and one of the first was Sal. Every boy that has come to me from Europe knows hunger, including Bryan, Lance, Lester, Ronnie, Rusty, and Victor, They were the first to speak out on how they could help. One thing that I want to take special care about is that we don't get discovered. We don't need any publicity.
    The boys gathered around to see where each house was so that they could do a driveby in the daylight. After dinner each driver loaded his car and selected his delivery boys. Every boy wants to help and each of them will before we are done. The hardest part of this chore was grocery shopping daily to provide fresh food, bread, and milk. I was really happy that the news media did not get wind of our work until the third week of December. My boys had their routes laid out and were delivering to the back doors of those homes where we found spies laying in wait for them.

    I am glad that the wine cellar and the recreation rooms are joined by the long tunnel, we had two hundred guests in our home for dinner. Edmund was in heaven as he prepared twenty large turkeys and twenty turkey breast rolls. Chrisy and Jerry were in the kitchen of their old cottage whipping up massive mounds of corn bread dressing. I had to chuckle as I watched tiny Hamal gingerly carrying a large container of turkey broth to the chefs. The eight year old boy is, as his name says, a lamb, sweet and soft spoken. The container was sealed and of sturdy plastic so had he dropped it it may have survived in tact, but he wants to be accepted, he is and he is greatly loved by all of us.
    It had also fallen on Chrisy to make my favorite recipe for cranberries; berries boiled until the skins pop then mixed with orange zest, currants, honey, and cinnamon, then cooked over low heat until nice and thick. Chilled over night and I can eat a pound of the stuff in one sitting.
    Çhé Ģerâld busied himself making salads and pies. A total of fifty pumpkin pies, twenty mince pies, fifteen cherry pies, fifteen apple pies, and ten blueberry pies were baked in the three kitchens over a period of three days. Ģer had large molds filled with fruited jello, lime jello with carrots, orange jello with mandarin orange slices, and several bowls of plain cherry jello. I guess my boys feel that eating a cherry, in any form, is good stuff.
    Ģer also took on the task of whipping the cream, he had a houseful of volunteers that offered their assistance, but he told them that one hard cock near his food would find it's way into a spaghetti sauce for their dinner. To bolster his point he laid the largest butcher knife that we have out on the edge of the cabinet, the boys stayed their distance.
    I had a very special treat for Hmcal and Bahir, they got into one rip roaring fights. Bahir ended up with a missing tooth and a black eye while Hmcal needed stitches on his upper lip. I begged the doctor to sew the boy's mouth shut, it is he that starts most of the fights with his smart remarks. I was glad that Bahir's tooth was able to be reinserted, but he didn't like the fact that he had to eat soft foods for two weeks.
    After the fighting duo cleaned up their mess in their room I set them down in front of three hundred pounds of potatoes and showed them how a manual potato peeler works. They kept looking at the big machine that we usually peel spuds in and I kept looking at them. Every time one or the other would smart off to his brother I smacked him in the back of his head. They worked for over three hours and were ready for something to eat. I winked at Edmund who offered them a bowl of hot potato soup, they both grabbed the bowls and inhaled them.

    All of us were uncomfortable with clothing on inside our own house, but it had to be. We had the parents of fifty two students from the academy dine with us. I invited all of my old friends to come up, Jules, Brit, and Bart are always fun to have around and having a holiday with their school mates was an especially good treat for them. James and Gary are good eye candy on any occasion.
    I had cautioned the boys about slipping off for a sex break. Boner—aka; Hamm Bone—came to me with a sad face. He wanted to spend some time with his cousin, RD, and that cute boyfriend of his, Cameron. I led him over to his father and asked Dr. Will if his son could stay over for the night, I told him that the boy was in need of a rectal thermometer, I thought that he was in heat. Will laughed at me, but gave his permission, Boner ran to tell RD that he was going to be the filling in a sandwich between RD and Cameron. Kids; homo kids are more fun.

    (Grab a tissue or two guys, if this one doesn't rip your heart out you are dead.) Tiny little ten year old Tahir wanted to say our dinner time prayer. He proved his name, in Arabic Tahir means pure and pure were his words as he stood before a mass of people in the wine cellar, "Ve who haf come to dis land and to home of dis man, it is ve who are tankful and ve tank the God in de sky dat sent to us our daaddy and who let us to lif in his house. Praise be to Heem, amen." The boy got more hugs than a pillow on a cold night.

    Our guests moved between the wine cellar and the recreation room with wide eyed enthusiasm. We had left the door to the small theater open as well as the staircase from the front entry hall so that people could circulate through the house. That was their first, and for most, their last, time to ever see the inside of our domain. I was anxious, but cautious, the only place that I kept locked was my office. I even went so far as to change the code on the hand print reader so that Cory and I were the only ones who could enter, it would not do for anyone to gain access to that room. I pulled Jimmy aside and apologized to him for not giving him access, he told me that he would forgive me after a good fuck or four, I can get up for that.

    Food was disappearing rapidly and all of us tried to keep food to the lower levels. I hate bugs, I don't have bugs in my house. I don't want bugs in my house. I am a stickler on where I allow anyone to eat outside of the designated dining areas.
    Many of our guest were prowling through the boys' rooms and there were many remarks about the art work on the walls. One man seemed to be a self appointed art critic, but he gave the rooms his sounding approval. When the boys pointed out that every room had been hand painted with blended oil paints he was amazed. I have told you about the walls in Cory's room, Mike also has his picture of a doe and her fawn on the wall of his room. Mike had taken the picture at a different time than the others, but it was so perfect that one would wait to see the animals move.
    Mike led the man out to the family room over the cottage and showed off the pictures that his brothers had taken. He had no idea that he was going to see a floor show as well as look at beautiful pieces of art. Mac Jr., Sean, DeShaun, Craig, and Jack, another football player were dancing and lip synching to an old Village People song a href="" target="_blank">YMCA. A crowd of visitors had gathered around and were encouraging the boys to get it on, Jack surprised everyone when he grabbed DeShaun and kissed him.
    Jack had been taken from his parent's home and was living with his aunt and her husband, they knew that he was gay and were okay with it. His uncle brought the boy to BAW around the middle of November and the three of us talked at length about his sexuality and what he expected from the school. I think that the boy has it in him to exceed his past performances and I welcomed him as a resident student. He is one of the first students that has applied to live in the large dormitory under construction on the campus.
    Thanksgiving day was the first time that he had been with his mother in more than two years and he had been happy, so happy in fact that he never even considered what he was doing. The youngster proved his fortitude when he stood up for what he had done. His mother was screeching like a banshee and asking over and over how he could kiss another boy, on the mouth.
    "Mom, I am gay, so there." That did not set well and the woman kept on until Jack looked at her and told her that he had seen two teenage boys on the morning news program called Good Morning America; NBC. "They were there with their dad who had been given the Congressional Medal of Honor by the President and they told everybody watching TV that they were gay. If they can stand up in front of millions of people and say that then I can stand in front of you and say, I AM GAY." DeShaun grabbed him and hugged him tight, Jack turned and kissed him again. Everybody else nearby was applauding till their hands hurt.

    Pete had a circle of my youngsters, how do I want to refer to the groups of boys in my house? I hate titles with a passion. I love the line that young Ad-Keith Adkins-used when he told us that his father had told him that "titles belong on books, not people." I don't like ethnic titles, but not all of my adopted sons that came to me from my trip to the castle are of the same ethnic origins. I don't mind saying Brit boys, or Frenchies, so why do I hate to say Arabic boys. I hate saying Blacks, or Hispanic, even Oriental bothers me. It is in our cherished Constitution of the United States of America: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.
    Abraham Lincoln said it well when he said that "We are a nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." I do have to say that I have seen many men and some are much more equal that others. ;-)
    Pete had a circle of my Arabic youngsters gathered about himself as he rattled off in their native tongue. The boys had their arms outstretched and were making noises that were obviously their idea of how an airplane would sound. Pete is now certified to fly in all known weather conditions and is working very hard to secure a license to fly the big super jets. I think that he has eyes on my newest baby, the 737. That is one big ass bird.

    Friday afternoon the seventh of December Todd Henderson called me on a throw away number. He wanted to see me and he wanted me to meet Scott Talmidge and his son, little Todd. I arranged for Cory and I to meet them for dinner later that evening. With all of my Secret Santa plans going on I had little time for the men, but I listened as Todd laid out his plan for Scott and his son.
    I looked Scott dead in the eye and asked him if he was still in love with Todd. He hesitated, which was not a good sign to me, then he told me that he had always loved the man, but had hidden that love so deep inside of himself that it was about to destroy him. I had more questions, but I had to find out how the boy felt first.
    I learned that little Todd was a horny teenage boy that didn't much care with whom he got sex from. That scares me and I told him so. I let Cory fill the boy in on the real facts of life. Twenty minutes later little Todd had changed his tune, he wanted a boyfriend, but he wanted the love of his father above all else. Scott was on the ball and grabbed the boy to reassure him that he was loved.
    Now I felt that I could propose a group setting for the trio, I told them that they could join my family the following evening for our family orgy time, but that they should expect nothing, but raw sex everywhere they turned then I assured them that they did not have to partake. I explained the No rule and the your body rule. Of course little Todd wanted to be there and so did big Todd. Big Todd told Scott how he had been to parties at my house before Charley died. I told them that this was not that kind of a party, that this just my family, but I would allow them to visit this one time only. That was fine with them and it was agreed.

    I also got a call from Smitty, he and Ad are both living with Ed Jacobson in Phoenix. The three men are doing well. Smitty is back in school and Ad has been accepted at Arizona State University, I told him that it was a decent school, but he should move down to Tucson and attend the University of Arizona, he told me that they might do that after Smitty graduates high school the next spring.
    Their blood work was clear, a fact that I shared with both boys. With Ad's father and his Uncle Willy both dying from the affects of AIDS I had wanted to be sure. Ad had told Cam and me that he had sex with Willy, which was cause for alarm.

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