Chapter 232


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was just past four and the time was growing close to try to separate the boys from the animals at the zoo. I feared for the health of the animals, boys have been known to cause indigestion, you know. I called Bry on his cell phone and he told me that all of the boys had stayed together as a group. He said that they would meet us at the main entrance in ten minutes. When Grigoriy drove into the zoo's parking lot we could see the boys sitting on the bus.
    I mounted the bus steps and gave each of the boys a warm hug. I had really missed being with them. I directed the bus driver to follow Grigoriy in the Werwolf as I sat down with boys surrounding me. Grisha sat in my lap to tell me about the crocodiles. He said that the devil man had teeth that big and if he didn't do sex right then devil man would bite his dick. I flinched.
    The bus was turning off of the road as it followed my car into a large lot filled with RVs and buses. I included Harry in my negotiations as Nikolay kept hammering away my requests to the Russian bus salesman. An hour later all of the boys were stretched out in luxury seats on my newly acquired fifty passenger bus with three heaters and two air conditioners.
    I sent Nikolay on his way with a brand new fifty thousand ruble note in his pocket and told him that he could join us for breakfast the following morning. Grigoriy had another FIS agent drive the Werwolf back to the hotel where we had slept the previous evening then he climbed onto the new bus with the rest of us. Harry was not about to leave my side and Grigoriy had decided that, as an agent of FIS, he should stay with me as well. I considered myself well protected, and horny.
    Toby had retrieved his suitcases from Raven's car and joined us on the bus. I knew that he and Harry would be locked away as soon as we returned to the hotel that we were camping out in. Before we headed for the hotel I had another trip that I wanted to make.

    Some of the boys may have needed closure for their pain and suffering at the hands of the two brothers. I was being fed information on the two throughout the day. I can't believe that I allowed the two men access to the boys, even for a minute. They had been referred to me by a top ФСБ—FSB—offical. I asked him to hire the men on his endorsement. I will never make that mistake again.
    The bus stopped in front of the cold looking warehouse, the boys groaned. I stood in the isle toward the front of the bus and told them, "Boys, we are only stopping here so that you may retrieve your clothing and any personal items that you have here. We will not be staying here. You will never have to fear this place again. I am going to dispose of it. I want you to go through the building and look for anything that may have been left there then we will return to the bus and go to dinner at the restaurant where we dined last night. We are going to have to sleep in the same hotel as last night, but tomorrow I will find a better place for all of you to stay.
    "Today I bought a large hotel that is in disrepair. It will be remodeled and converted into use for your new school. I might mention that there is a very large swimming pool there just for you boys to use to your heart's content." The boys were upbeat once again as they filed off of the bus and entered the cold warehouse. I watched them wrap their arms about themselves and shiver at the coldness of the building.
    The boys scurried about looking over the sleeping area. I told them to lift up the mattresses and debris on the floor to see if something may have found a hiding place under them. They used their toes to lift things away so that they could see under them. I can't blame them, the place is a disease waiting to grab onto a warm body.
    I watched an older boy named Августин—Avgustin. August Abelev was standing near Harry as he looked around to see who might be watching him. Satisfied that no one could see him he moved to a pile of rubble under a window and bent down. It appeared if he was retrieving something. He walked back to a heavy door and looked around. Harry was looking also. Harry spotted me standing near a support pillar. He was too far away for me to eye talk with him so I used simple ASL—American Sign Language. I told him to let the boy show him his secret.
    August opened the door and Harry quickly slipped in behind him then the door shut. I stood my ground and waited. Harry opened the door and motioned for me to join him. I stepped through the door and walked down a stairway into a dark basement. August came to me in tears. "I am sorry to have secrets. The other boys would cry to see this place." Harry had his arm on my shoulder as we stepped around the short wall of an old coal bin. A hole in the floor of the old bin contained many bodies of naked boys in varying stages of decomposition.
    I directed August up the stairs and told Harry to call the police. I rounded up the boys and got them onto the bus before the police arrived. I let Harry lead the officers down to the basement as I told the one that stayed with me that I was going to take the boys away from there and get them some dinner. He was on his radio talking a mile a minute. I could not pick up but a few words. Harry came out and got onto the bus and we headed for a good, hot dinner.
    After dinner at the restaurant from the night before we returned to the same hotel. I had paid for the twelve rooms in advance so the hotel staff had not cleaned them up. I had the boys pick up the dirty towels and all of the trash then I called the front desk to have it removed. Housekeeping came and put out clean towels and cleaned the showers and tub.

    The police set up a room at our hotel to interview each of the boys one at a time. I talked with the boys and told them what was going on. I assured them that they were safe and that they would not be taken away. I insisted on Harry being present as each boy was interviewed. They are my wards and I will protect them if it means going to war for them.
    It was after nine before all of the boys had gone down to see the police. I know boys and I knew that a good evening snack would help them to calm down. Grigoriy had called a local bakery and had two large sheet cakes delivered. He also found four gallons of milk for the boys. Nothing works better than a sugar fix to wrest troubles from a boy's mind.
    Harry and Toby slipped off to a room and locked the door. The rest of us just smiled after them. Mike came to me and asked if he could sleep with August. Grisha had asked me if he could have sex with me a little earlier. I had to talk to the boys. I got talked too.
    "Sir, I do wish not to be wrong with you. Ve are all hometsexies and ve got urge to have sex all times. Ve not have sex yesterday night and ve very sexies today night. Ve saw your пенис and all of us want to be sexies with it," August told me.
    I sat down on the edge of a mattress and talked to all of the boys. "It is not good for any of us to have sex with you boys. In our country anyone of legal age that has sex with young boys can go to prison for many years. We do not want to spend our lives in prison in your country. Also, I am the owner of many schools around Europe and in America. I should never have sex with any of my students. It is not the proper thing for me to do.
    "All of you are very sexy and I would like to have sex with you very much, but I can't. August, you are nineteen and are a legal adult. If you and Mike want to get together that is your business. Mike is his own man and can do whatever he pleases. I will have to wait until all of you are officially made my legal wards before I can have sex with you. That even includes letting you watch me in my personal moments."
    I could see the disappointment on the faces of all of the boys, but I had to stand my grounds. Mike asked Pete if they could get together, Pete said yes. Bryan looked at me and wiggled his eyebrows. I will always get it on with that perfect young man. The rest of the boys paired off and found themselves spots on the mattress covered floor. Bryan and I retreated to my room and locked the door behind us.

    The following morning was the perfect spring day. I asked Grigoriy to get us a weather report, it was forecast to be warm and sunny with no clouds or wind to cope with. I had an idea. We were having breakfast at the American restaurant. I asked the owner if he could provide me with an old fashioned picnic. An hour later we loaded the bus with southern fried chicken, Yankee style potato salad, and two gallons of baked beans. Included for our fare was ten pounds of hotdogs and buns for cooking over an open fire. Of course I had plenty of mustard and ketchup, sweet pickle relish, and chopped onions. Along with four, nine inch apple pies were four packages of marshmallows and two boxes of graham crackers. The owner slipped me two large Hershy bars from his private stash. I was going to treat these boys to a real old fashioned American style day in the great outdoors.
    The boys wanted to get up a game of football. It just so happened that we had two brand new soccer balls still in their boxes aboard the bus. Someone suggested that they should select teams. Pete told them that they could distinguish between teams by one team losing their shirts. That got everything going. We ended up with twenty four remarkable bodied, naked youth. To distinguish teams one group rolled their shirts back over their necks so that just their upper arms and shoulders were covered. That left the good parts viewable to the rest of us.
    I may have told you once before that it is a wonderful sight to watch a young male running and playing while nude. I really get in the swing of things as they flop from side to side. My only concern was for their young ballocks, all of the flopping back and forth could cause some pain. The boys were tough, they struggled through. I believe that all of them were putting on a show for me. Even Pete and Mike seemed to run toward my position more often than I thought necessary. Hey, who am I to complain?
    We ended up staying in the woods until well after dark. We roasted hot dogs and toasted marshmallows, the boys already knew about smores. We didn't have a guitar. I learned that several of the boys played. I would buy them instruments as soon as we had a place for them to live. We sat around the campfire singing songs. The boys were all fans of western movies and had a great repertoire of campfire songs to sing.
    When we loaded the bus to return home I caught something in Grigoriy's rearview mirror. We had four cars parked in the woods around us. I watched as the cars fell in behind the bus and followed us all of the way back to our flop house hotel. The boys were tired and gave no argument to getting their showers and finding someone to love for the night. I sat and watched them as they cuddled together. Most of them had a grip on the other's man stick while a few had their lips locked on for a protein drink before sleep took over. Bry slipped into my lap and cuddled with me as we watched the boys in their innocent play.

    After a breakfast of potato soup or borscht and thick, dark bread we boarded the bus. Harry climbed on board with a large insulated cooler filled with hot coffee. Everyone wanted a cup of the good stuff as we drove to the site of the new school. The boys ran through the old hotel as if they were exploring in the woods. I could hear their shouts from throughout the building as they called to the others about one discovery or another.
    Nikolay came in with a man in worker's clothes. I was informed that the heat was on and that the building would be warm within the hour. I had noticed a radiator hissing in the great lobby. Suddenly the sound of rattling pipes surprised all of us. I called the boys to check every bathroom and to turn the water off. The building had been vacant for nine years. I wasn't sure what the water would be like. The workman led us to the fifth floor. We entered a bathroom there and he turned on the water. It ran rusty for several minutes before it cleared up. He took a cup from his lunch pail and filled it then drank deeply from it.
    Nikolay took the cup from him and filled it for himself. "That is good water. it comes from wells about the property. The pumps seem to be working okay, but you might consider replacing them." I did consider replacing them. I would gut the building of all of electrical wiring and plumbing and replace it with updated materials.

    The boys wanted to spend the night in their new school. We needed bedding. Two rooms on the fifth floor had mattresses from the turn of the century. The boys pulled out several of them for me to inspect for insects and weird stains. We moved twenty five mattresses to the old ballroom that had been converted into a gymnasium. That seemed to be the cleanest and largest room to hold my precious charges. Many hands set about cleaning the floor and cleaning the shower room. In about three hours we had a clean place to sleep, water to drink, and a pot to piss in. Who could ask for more?
    I sent Grigoriy and Pete out to buy pillows, sheets, and blankets. By the time that they returned the room was clean and the beds set about the area. Short work was made to get the sheets and blankets on the bed then we loaded into the bus in search of food. A block away we found a large pizza shop with enough tables for all of us. I let the boys order their own pizzas with the insistence that they also eat a salad. The salad was great. It held a variety of leafy vegetables that I was not familiar with. I found a tangy dressing that I liked and dug in.
    The boys almost emptied the shop of their sodas. I knew that they would be full of piss all night long. But hey, it was a day to celebrate. Now I needed to decide what to do with them while the hotel was being remodeled. While we were on our picnic I had called Petro and asked him to come to give me some advice on restoring the old building and converting it into a school. I also called John Little. What I know about heating will fit on the end of a swizzle stick. I am sure that Russia has the technology to do under floor heating for such a large building, but I wanted John to help me evaluate their contractor's systems.

    As I suspected the boys were so full of energy that no one wanted to sleep. They were excited about the hotel and each boy told how he would like to have it remodeled. Some of their ideas were good. I didn't like the idea of slides down the outside of the building into the pool, however the slide idea had merit. I would see about placing interior slow drop, spiral slides around the outside walls. With a building that large one can never take enough prevention for fire; the boys needed a quick and safe exit from the building.. I yielded to the powers around me to name the school Bradford Academy Moscow. While I was at it I accepted the name for the school at St. Petersburg as BAR.
    I redirected the conversations to a subject that was on my mind. I wanted to know who the boys were. I started with Avgustin since he was the oldest. August had been arrested for stealing an apple when he was ten. His mother was trying to raise five children on her own. His father had been shot as an enemy of the state. August was placed into a jail cell with adults me who used his tiny body for their own needs. Even the local police officers found the boy to their liking.
    August was eleven by the time that he was released and returned home to his family. By that time he had developed a real taste for sex. His older brothers were fourteen and fifteen. He began to have sex with both of them the first night that he returned home. He enjoyed doing both boys at the same time. He had an itch that was insatiable. He would crawl on his knees to his brother's bed and begin to suck him while the other brother would come up behind him. All three boys enjoyed the new game and it would carry on late into the night as the two brothers changed places two or three times before all of them were tired and needed to sleep.
    The brothers took August with them to their swimming hole where four of their friends were waiting for them. All of them made use of the youngster's talents. They didn't know that they were being spied upon. August's thirteen year old sister didn't like the fact that she could not go swimming with the boys. She followed them and hid in the woods where she could see everything. She wanted the attention that August was receiving and walked up on the boys stark naked. All of the boys were glad to actually get it on with a girl, at last.
    The swimming continued on for three more months. Then the sister discovered that she was pregnant. Her mother took her to the town's мар—Mayor. She told about the swimming hole and the six boys that had sex with her everyday. She was sent away to a convent and August was sent out to make it on his own.
    By that time the boy was twelve and strong enough to fend for himself. The people of the town had learned what was happening. They did not blame their sons for having sex with a willing homosexual. They were, after all, just teenage boys learning about life. They ostracized August and denied him food and shelter. He stole supplies from a neighbor's grain barn and hit the road. It was only twenty kilometers to Moscow and he knew that he could find work there.
    He would have been better off going to another village and working on a farm or in a trade. He struggled in Moscow and was close to freezing to death when he met a man that took him in and loved him. Like all boys August grew up. At sixteen he became too old for the man and was replaced by another boy of thirteen. August stayed in the man's house as a servant for another year. The police arrested the man for having sex with the smaller boy. Both of them were sent to jail. The younger boy testified that he had never known of the man having sex with August, he was just a servant boy. August was allowed to move on. The magistrate placed August with Afon.
    We worked around the room letting each boy tell us his story. Their stories paralled the stories of nearly every boy in my schools around Europe and the states. One story rang similar to Bryan West's grand father's visit, and the Johnson brothers suddenly found new wealth. Grigoriy and Grisha had a story to tell.
    Grigoriy and Grisha Grindenko are the sons of a French mother and a Russian Father. The family owned a very large estate on the outskirts of Moscow. The boys were schooled at an impressive Russian academy. The brothers were at school while their parents headed out for a day in the forest near their home. Their father had recently acquired a new Mercedes convertible and they were driving with the top down. They came up on steep hill and met a horse drawn honey wagon going their way. The wagon's tongue broke free from the horse and rolled backwards and into the front end of the car. Both the car and the wagon went off of the road and over a cliff. Both of the boys' parents were killed and the contents of the wagon were spilled over them.
    The boys had always believed that their family was very rich. They knew that both parents owned stock in a large oil company in Moscow. They were told that the stock that their parents owned was worthless and that there was no money for them. Foss International provided security for the oil company and there were agents assigned to the family for their protection. The head of the family detail helped Grigoriy to find a job with the company. Grisha was placed in the school because it was owned by me. I held the boy and apologized for the pain that he had received in my school.
    I had the boys' home opened and located the father's personal papers. Both the mother and father owned thirty percent of the preferred stock making them the major stock holders at sixty percent control of the company. The CEO had tried to issue new preferred stock to make null the stock that the boys' family held. I contacted the law firm that I had on retainer. They started their own investigation and then contacted the Russian equivalent of the American securities commission.
    By the time the dust settled six weeks later the boys owned the company. They are worth billions of Rubles, but they wanted to remain with the school. I was glad to have them.

    Никита—Nikita Gobrosnov had really stared on the soccer field earlier in the day. I was anxious to hear his story.. He loved to run cross country. Running in the woods around the school was the highlight of his day in almost any season. He didn't mind the snow, but on those days that the wind blew and the snow bit into his skin like tiny knives he stayed in the dormitory.
    One especially blustery day he took a western novel with him and went to the large common room to lay before the fireplace and read. As he read in the quietness of the snowy day a classmate came and lay beside him. He and his friend had been having sex with each other for more than three years so it was natural for the two to spoon together after they fell asleep. They were suddenly awakened by the classmate's father and the headmaster of the school.
    Both boys were dismissed from the school for their homosexuality. Nikita was sent to the new school in St. Petersburg, BAR, but his mother wanted him away from her other children and out of her socialite lifestyle. Klementi recommended the new school being put together in Moscow.
    Nikita had arrived at BAM the night before my arrival. He was scared of his new surroundings. They were nothing like his old school and certainly not like BAR. Nikita told me of a ritual that he had to go through on his first night in Moscow. I looked at the other boys and they confirmed that the ritual was met out to all new arrivals at the school.
    Afon explained to the boys that they might not be homosexual, that they might just be curios. In order to prove their sexuality to the others, and to themselves, they had to relent to having sex with every boy in the school. He had to allow every boy there to fuck him in his butt while he sucked another boy off. He told us that he enjoyed it, but that his ass was sore and that the cum was still running down his leg when we walked over to dinner that first day.
    I asked him if he enjoyed it well enough to cum without touching himself. He told me that he got off four times during the course of the action and then he went to bed with Adin and that they sucked each other's cock all night long. He grinned as he told Adin that he was too sore for anal sex then, but that Adin allowed Nikita to unload his tensions up his ass twice that night. He said that the only problem that he had was the cold in the building. He enjoyed sleeping all night with another boy next to him, but that it was so cold that both of them shivered. I told him that I would try to fix it so that none of the boys ever had to sleep in a cold room again.

    Early the next morning I met Petro at Домодедоро—Domodedovo, Moscow's international airport. We waited together for John Little's plane to land. I was able to meet the men at customs. I was immediately recognized by the airport's security; it may have been because of the large number of secret police that followed me inside. As a result the two men were passed through customs with no delays, other than to have their passports stamped for entry into Russia.
    Grigoriy drove the three of us to the hotel where Klementi and Nikolay awaited our arrival. The boys were there and busy at work pulling the boards down that covered walls and doorways. They had a large pile of construction trash building to monestrous heights out in front of the old building. I was proud of them. They took the initiative without anyone requesting they do the work. A warm fuzzy passed through me as I felt that we had a good start on the student body.
    I walked through the hotel with Petro and John and showed them what I wanted to do. They pointed out areas that needed special work. John told me that he was not familiar with Russia's electrical codes, but he didn't think that the substandard wiring added over the years was safe. I agreed. By the mid-afternoon we had a working plan put together. Petro was confident that he could restore the broken marble decorations in the main lobby. He looked forward to restoring the old canopy over the entry drive and restoring the front façade to its former glory. My next problem was with John.
    I asked him if he would be willing to bring his son to Moscow so that the two of them could work with the local plumbing and electrical contractors. I wanted to install underfloor heating throughout the building for a more even heat overall. He looked at me as if I were mad. There were five stories of marble floors to remove. Then the plumbing for the heating would be installed before replacing the marble tiles. I looked at him seriously, "So what do think it will take? Two weeks?"
    I increased Nikolay's retainer and set him to procuring the proper contractors and the permits that would be required. Next I had to decide what to do with twenty boys for six or seven months. My primary concern was the integrity of the school. There is a possibility that sending the boys to St. Petersburg would create problems later on. I needed a neutral ground for the boys. I wanted them to want to return to Moscow. Paris seemed to be the best choice. The school there has a large compound with an abundance of rooms for the boys. The only problem that I foresaw was getting the boys into their books and on the road to a solid education.

    I spent another week in Moscow. I had to sit with the architects to get the final plans drawn up for submission to the permit people. I also used the time to go with the Grindenko brothers to try to locate their father's papers.
    I contacted Rémi Robèrt, the headmaster at BAP. You may remember him as one of the men that came to the old kiddie jail to show me around. I hired him that afternoon, along with his two companions. They have proven to be excellent instructors that are loved by the students. I asked Rémi if he could handle twenty Russian boys for several months. He informed me that he had two instructors on his staff that speak fluent Russian. He told me that they would welcome the chance to lead the innocent minds of the twenty boys to a broader understanding of the world of education.
    The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane was sitting at the airfield near BAE at Parga, λλάς—Greece. I had checked out the possibility of putting the boys on a train and sending them to BAP while the reconstruction work took place at BAM. The train from Moscow to Paris travels at a top speed of forty miles and hour. It would take fifty three hours at a cost of four hundred and twelve dollars per boy, a sleeping compartment was over fourteen hundred dollars. I could just imagine twenty frisky teenage boys sitting sedately on a fifty three hour train trip. NOT! They would be all over, under, and around the train. In my mind I could see the train stopping in some desolate place and discharging them to make their own way to Paris.
    I sent Pete and his crew on to Paris ahead of me. I invited John to go along and spend a few days in the city of lights. He jumped at the chance. I flew down with the boys aboard the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane. It was the first flight that any of them had taken except for Grigoriy and Grisha. Those two boys had flown to Paris with their parents to visit with their mother's family on several occasions. They chided me about the poor stewardess service on the flight.
    When we set down at the FI terminal at Paris one of the American made buses that I had purchased for the school was waiting for us. FI-2 was sitting on the side of the company area. I was told that a driver had taken the crew to see Paris. I rode with the boys through the streets of Paris and answered their questions about the various buildings and statues that we passed. Their faces were glued to the windows. I wondered what the local natives thought about the bus load of funny looking wide eyed fish looking out at them.
    We pulled into the opening under the front building of the school and into the large driveway that encircled the interior. Standing at attention in the middle of the grassy grounds was the amassed student body splendid in their blazers and school ties. The glare off of their highly polished shoes would put a drill Sargent to shame. When the driver opened the doors the melodic sounds of one hundred and ninety boys' voices filled the air. I made sure that all of my new charges were as sharp looking as possible after their journey then led them to stand in a straight line before the students of BAP.
    When the musical tribute was finished I walked through the lines of boys and greeted each one individually. I had arranged for the Muscovites to locate bathrooms and then return to greet their hosts. We were taken, almost literally, to the old sanctuary for lunch.

    Restoration of the old chapel had been completed. The brick work over the west wall had been removed to reveal large windows that had their glass replaced with black panes. I had commissioned a renowned glass artist to turn them into beautiful stained glass windows. The scenes in the glass were of peaceful landscapes and seascapes.
    I sat with the Muscovites as we ate lunch. They looked about for the meat that wasn't there. They seemed to pick at their food until the head cook arrived with a large tray covered with four Beef Wellingtons on it. He personally brought one of the large roasts to the table and carved a thick slice for each boy. The other students had to go to the serving line to get a slice for themselves.
    The chapel in its present use can seat four hundred at one time so there was plenty of empty floor space for us to gather around and sit together. I spoke in my smattering of Française as I introduced my new boys and explained to everyone the reason that they were there. The Parisians made the Muscovites feel welcome. Everyone had to speak in English, that being the common language for all of us. The two Россию speaking instructors greeted the boys and told them that they were looking forward to learning from them. That made the guys look at me. I explained that all of us learn from everybody around us The instructors told them that they had never been to Russia and that they wanted to know everything about the country from natives of the land.
    Pete and his crew arrived with John. They sat down to eat as John looked around at the boys. I think that there is more to John than he wants everyone to believe. I had some politicking to do. I went to the suite that the school maintains for me to shower and change into a three piece suit. Paddy arrived toward the end of our lunch. After he had eaten and refreshed himself we headed out of the school's compound.
    The school provided a car and a driver for John to see the city. Mike and Bryan tagged along. They are now of age and able to see the sights of the city that they had not been able to see on our previous visits. After three days I wrapped up my business. I had met with some of Europe's key banking executives and arranged for all of the schools in Europe to have an almost unlimited access to funds needed for their operations. I am at the point that I need to divest myself of the day to day handling of their funds. At seven the last evening I bid a tearful farewell to two hundred and ten precious boys and headed home aboard FI-2 with John, Harry, and Toby.

    I was home and to my way of thinking my first obligation was to my wife and babies. I sat down to a piece of German Chocolate cake with coconut frosting and a cup of coffee as I let Ugitsiha fill me in on everything that had occurred in her life during my absence. The babies were asleep, but I held them in my arms anyway. Roddy was in school, but I would be able to see him later in the evening.
    At three o'clock I went to my house. The youngest of my boys had just arrived so I headed to their room. They enjoy my being with them and I enjoy our time together. I sat down on the floor and pushed toy cars around as I listened to the innocent chatter of very innocent youth.
    "You're fun," Tiger told me.
    "In what way?" I queried.
    "You play with me. Daddy never played with me. What can I call you? Can I call you dadee like Kardal does? That way I would have a name that means you." Ahh, the innocence of a youngster.
    Roddy led Ivan into the boys' bedroom and sat down on my lap. I placed the toy truck in my hands on the floor and grabbed his ribs in each hand. He giggled and squirmed as he begged me to stop before he peed himself. I told him that if he peed the floor then he would have to clean it up, I let up on him. His impressive twelve year old cock was stiff as a steel rod. I pointed to it and told the other boys present that he came by his name of Rod naturally.
    I pulled Ivan to me and began a rib attack on him. Roddy has a solid six inch uncut cock that is very thick. Ivan has him beat with seven inches of cut meat that is a third as long as his skinny arms. During our tickling session he managed to wrap his legs about me and move in close. The boy has excellent muscle dexterity. He lip locked me and buried his tongue in my mouth. I was a bit shocked because of his reaction to the boys kissing around him before I had gone to Russia.
    He opened his eyes and stared directly into mine as he moaned in my mouth. He was rubbing his cock against mine. I had to break it off. I did want to have sex with this little beauty, but not in front of the sweet and innocents. They have seen more sex than should be allowed to see at their ages. I looked into Ivan's eyes as he tried his very best to bring both eyes together so that he could focus better.
    I had arranged for Ivan to have the eye surgery that he needed to straighten his wandering left his eye. Louie liked to slap the boy on the side of his head. He had actually knocked Ivan's eye out of its socket when the boy was ten. Ivan told me that he has had a problem seeing correctly ever since. We were told that the surgery was a simple process that could be done in the doctor's clinic. He would wear an eyepatch for a few weeks then all would be back to normal for him. I hoped it would be that easy. I had six boys, including Ivan, scheduled to have braces placed on their teeth in the afternoon.
    I carried Ivan out of the boys' bedroom. Roddy followed the two of us to my bedroom and locked my door behind us. Ivan was in sexual heat. I have never seen a boy as young as he was get so anxious for anal sex. Both he and Roddy told me Ivan had only had anal sex once, that was with Roddy two nights before I returned home.

    I cuddled up with Cory at my side and a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. It was very good to be home and in a warm climate. The hot boys around me really warmed me up where I needed it most. The highschool boys were having a cram session for their final exams. I began to pay particular attention when I caught onto what they reviewing. In order to make up for the lost time all four of the upper classes were joined into one large civics class as they studied a subject that should have been covered in ninth grade.
     I listened closely as the boys went through all of the constitutional amendments and told which laws they encompassed. I was laughing my head off as they covered each amendment and what laws it encompassed. All of them wanted to have a new amendment to the Constitution that included fair and equal treatment to gays, complete with marital rights. They wanted to be able to marry their boyfriends as soon as they turned eighteen. I asked them why they wanted to wait. They had to think about that one. The main thing that they came up with was that a boy under eighteen wasn't equipped to make life long decisions. They felt that eighteen gave a boy time to have some worldly knowledge. I was holding my sides as I tired to stifle my laughter.

    The following morning Ivan and I were sitting in our family opthomologist's office at seven thirty. The doctor came in a few minutes later and prepared Ivan for his operation. He showed us the x-rays that he had taken as well as MRIs. They showed the doctor the total extent of the damage to Ivan's left eye and what would have to be done to repair it. The damage was relatively minor, but it would take about an hour to repair. Apparently when Louie knocked the boy's eye out of its socket it was replaced wrong. A control muscle had been twisted.
    The muscle had grown in its new position and would have to be cut and realigned. Simple, right? To me it looked dangerous. The doctor assured me that it was dangerous. He told me that a wrong cut could cause the boy to loose the mobility of the eye. He told me that he had performed this type of surgery several times in the past and that he was confident that Ivan would have the full movement restored. All that would be needed is for the boy to take it easy for a few days and not to do any lifting or bending over. I know that Roddy would take care of him quite well.
    It was a school holiday for the elementary school boys. I had asked Edmund to look in on them from time to time and then I would swing by the house and take them to the mall for lunch. Khalid and Hamal shared the bed that at one time had belonged to Baris and Tahir, those two boys were now in the room next to mine that had at one time belonged to Roddy. Roddy had moved into the room at the end of the upstairs hallway, for the time being Ivan was sharing Roddy's room. Kardal was still in his bed, but now he shared it with Tiger. Tahir and Baris were still in their old room next to Kardal, Khalid, and Hamal.
    I had called the school and asked that the six boys that needed dental work meet me at the house. When I arrived all eleven boys were enjoying a cup of hot chocolate ala Edmund. I had them wipe away their chocolate mustaches and then get into the Caddy. I asked each of them if they had their ATM cards. Each boy proudly displayed his VISA card with his own picture on it.
    I drove to the mall's valet parking booth and turned on my red and blues. The valets in their crisp red waist coats stood up and watched to see what was going on. Nobody approached us. I told the boys to get out and to stand near the booth then I climbed out and motioned for a good looking kid of about nineteen to come and take my ride. I reached in and turned my emergency lights off and told the boy that I was a federal cop. He understood that any damage to my ride would be a federal offense. I have no idea where he got that idea. I palmed him a twenty and told him that there would be more when I returned. I took his business card and made a note of the booth's phone number.
    It was ten thirty, but the sun was hiding away behind thick clouds that threatened rain. The temperature had finally broken seventy degrees, a high of seventy five was predicted for the day. The boys and I moved quickly over the fifty yard span to the south entry into the mall. Once inside we had the multi screen theater to our left and the food court to our right. In front of us was an ATM machine. The boys quickly lined up before it to withdraw money for lunch and a few incidentals.
    Ivan was first in line. He took his cash and ran to the mall's McDonald's. I watched the boys move through the line. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing so I walked away to catch up to Ivan. He was ready to order when I walked up to him. "Whatcha want, dad?" I ruffled his hair and told him that I would order. His lip drooped, "I wanted to buy you lunch, please?" I could never refuse that face, even if I tried. I ordered a fish sandwich, dry, and a large salad, dry. I also asked for a chocolate milk shake.
    Ivan selected a Big Mac, large fries, and a strawberry milkshake. I won in the challenge to carry the tray loaded with food and drinks to a large group of tables. We were quickly joined by the other boys and their food choices from several different shops in the food court. My heart was happy when four of the boys sat down with two large vegetarian pizzas. Each boy had a salad and each of them had a large McDonald's milkshake. I love for my boys to eat healthy.
    Baris and Tahir, as well as the other two older boys came to the table with selections from the Chinese restaurant. They were each drinking hot tea. Roddy sat down with his selections from the Mexican buffet. I looked for the younger four boys, but I couldn't spot them. I did spot a desperate looking boy standing watching the people in line at McDonald's. He looked so hungry that I could feel his pain. I sent Roddy to talk to him.
    Roddy approached the boy, but he turned to face me. He gave me the eye sign for help. I moved quickly as he eye talked me to check the service line. Roddy directed his new friend to the line and placed an order for food. He then seemed to notice Tiger standing there crying. I moved close enough to hear what was being said.
    "What is wrong little fellow?" Roddy asked him.
    "That man won't give me no food. I showed that I had twenty dollars and he told me that I needed to have my mommy order for me." The dam broke and the tears flowed.
    Roddy impressed me with his quick thinking. He looked at the young server and spoke loudly. "His mommy was murder by his daddy. His daddy in now in jail and he lives in my house. He is my foster brother and I love him. He has his own money so why won't you serve him?"
    "It is our policy…"
    "Is it McDonald's policy to turn cash paying children away without allowing them to order?" I asked as I stepped up behind Tiger and placed my hands on his shoulders.
    "No sir, it is not McDonald's policy to distinguish a youngster with cash in his hand as not being able to pay for his food," a young man in a green shirt spoke as he stepped forward.
    "But sir, I don't know if the twenty dollar bill is good or not. He might have stolen it." I gripped Tiger's shoulder so hard that he yelped in pain. I quietly reached for my badge.
    "That is not your decision to make. If you suspect a bill to be a fake you have a marking pen laying on your cash register that will tell you for sure if it is good or bad." The manager was as angry as I was.
    I showed both of them my badge. "I am going to bring a law suit against you, young man. Your statements are slanderous and demeaning to an innocent child."
    The manage stepped up and begged me to forgive the boy. He fired him on the spot and offered Tiger his order for free. "But I wanted to buy Kardy his lunch." The manager took Tiger's order and rang it up then shut the drawer. I pulled Khalid and Hamal over and asked them if they had ordered their food. They shook their heads no then informed me that they wanted pizza. They loudly proclaimed that they didn't like McDonald' no more. The manager gave each of them a hot apple pie and a milkshake. He also placed hot apple pies on Tiger and Kardy's tray. Don't you just love the names that the boys call their lovers and friends by?
    I looked for Roddy and his new friend. I spotted them sitting at the table with the other boys eating their lunch. I went to help Khalid and Hamal with their food. They selected a large cheese pizza and small salad I carried the milkshakes so that they could carry the pie and the salads to the table to join with the rest of the boys.

    Roddy introduced us to Michael James. He was stuffing his face with the apple pie. I asked him if he was still hungry. He nodded his head. I asked him what he would like to have. He looked around the table and told me that he would really like to have some pizza. He was offered slices form the other boys. I thanked them then asked him what he liked on his pizza. He told me that he liked pepperoni and pineapple. I asked him what size he wanted he looked around and pointed to the pie sitting before Hamal. I asked two of the older boys that were finished with their pie to go get Michael his pie. They told me that they still hungry and that they wanted to order another pizza for themselves. I gave them twenty dollars to buy a small P&P pizza for Michael.
    "They call me Red," he said as he pointed to his dark red hair. We all laughed and began to call him Red. I asked him if he would share a little of his story with us. I was surprised when he spoke up at once. He started off with, "Convicts and perverts don't make good daddies." He had my attention for sure. "My dad used to come to my room at night then my mom caught him. He is in prison for twenty eight years and I live alone with my mom."
    "I so fucked up. This morning I sat in the middle of my bed with my feet pulled up and my chin resting on my knees. I have been confined to my bedroom for three weeks awaiting my trial. I snuck out of my house today to try to find something to do. I don't know what is to become of me. I am fourteen and I am no longer allowed to go to school. I am facing four felony counts of assault against a bully that deserved killing. I didn't kill him; I wish that I had then I would at least have that consoling thought during my misery."
    He looked at the boys sitting around the table. Most of them were holding hands with each other. Ivan leaned over and kissed Roddy on the cheek. Even Tiger and Kardal were a little closer than one would expect to see boys their age in public. I watched Red's facial expressions as he took in everything there was to see. I was beginning to form an idea of who he was. I asked him if he had any objections to gays.
    "That's why I get picked on all of the time. I…I did something and now I get it from all of the other boys at school." I told him that he was amongst friends and that no one in our circle would judge him. He sucked in a breath and reached for a slice of the hot pizza that was placed in front of him. Tears began to run down his cheek. He tried to cover his pain as he attacked the hot pizza and sucked on his soda that Roddy got for him. He felt me watching him and ducked his head.
    "I'm queer!" He stated matter of factly. When no one reacted he continued. I was sort of friends with this one kid and one day I went to his house with him. We went into his room so that he could change his clothes. He got naked and stayed that way. He had the first hard on that I had ever seen, 'cept mine. He walked over to me and placed his hand on the back of my head and said, 'It's okay if you want to suck it.' I did. he pushed his dick in and out of my mouth and I loved it.
    "I was afraid of what he would do next. I felt the first cum in my mouth and just wrapped my arms around his butt and let him fuck my mouth till he was done. He pulled out and lifted my chin up. I had his cum on my face. he took his finger and wiped it up then fed it to me. 'Let me go get us some cokes.' he said and ran from the room still naked. I sat there on his desk chair and watched his naked ass move across the room. I was so hard that I hurt, you know.
    "He returned with two cokes and sat them down on his desk. 'That's the best blow job I ever had. You wanna do it again? Pull your pants down and jack off while you suck me.' He reached under his bed and found a dirty sock that was sorta stiff. I figured it was his cum rag. He laid it on the head of my dick and squeezed me. I popped my load at once.
    "I didn't want to quit. I grabbed his balls and pulled him to my face so that I could suck him again. I took hold of my dick and began to beat it furiously as he fucked my face really hard. I was loving it. I ran my hand up the crack of his butt and he pushed his dick deeper into my mouth. I didn't even feel him cum that time because it went right down my throat. I was cuming so hard as I sucked him trying to get all of his cock inside of me. There was nothing I wouldn't have done to get him to keep his dick in my mouth.
    "He reached over and opened his coke and took a long drink and sat down on the edge of his bed. 'You are great. I will let you suck me anytime from now on.' I was in love with him. 'Pull your pants down and let me see your butt.' I stood up and dropped my pants. My cock was right in front of his face and I hoped… He put his hand on my side and made me turn around. He ran his hand over my butt sending goose bumps all over my body.
    "'Let me fuck you. You will really like that.' I had never thought of doing that and I told him so. He told me that he would make love to me and that I would like it. He pushed my pants and underwear down around my ankles and had me get on my knees. I laid my head on the edge of the bed where he had bee sitting. It was still warm and smelled like him. He took his underwear from the floor and turned them so that the pouch that had held his cock all day was on top. He placed them on my mouth and nose then pushed my head down.
    "He put one hand on my shoulder and held his dick with the other hand. I felt him aiming at my hole and was scared. He ran his cock head around my hole and stabbed at me several times. It felt really good. I felt something go inside of my hole, but it was too small to be his cock. When he wiggled his finger around I knew what he was doing, he was finger fucking me. Suddenly his finger was replaced by his cock. I never had so much pain back there in all of my life.
    "He leaned over my back and started to kiss my shoulders and tell me how good I felt to his cock. I realized that the pain was gone and that he was pushing his cock all of the way inside of me. When he started to fuck me I felt waves of pleasure fill me. I wanted to suck him so bad, but I wanted his cock to keep moving in and out of my ass. We had already shot a load twice so he was able to take a long time. My cock went soft then grew hard again. I shot on the floor under his bed. That made him really fuck me as he told me that I was so tight and how much he loved me.
    "He stayed up in me after he had cum again. When he went soft his cock slipped out of my butt. I turned around to look at him. His cock was just hanging there. He lifted it to my lips and pushed it in. I wrapped my hands around his butt and began to suck his soft meat. It slowly grew hard inside of my mouth and he took over fucking me once again. I got to my knees and reached for my cock. I was pounding myself as hard and as fast as he was fucking my face. I got off a weak load on the floor between his feet just as he shoved his cock all of the way in me. I knew that he was cuming again and I knew that we were through for the afternoon.
    "He buttoned my jeans up and cupped my ass in both of his hands as he pulled me close to him. I had my arms around his naked body. He placed his head on my shoulder and spoke quietly into my ear. 'You are terrific I want to do this with you all of the time. Can you spend the night this weekend? We'll get naked and have sex all night long.' My heart was jumping in my chest. I would do all of my chores to the very best of my ability so that my mother would let me stay over.
    "The next day at school two guys walked up to me. 'Hey tight ass. I'll let you suck me while Jonesy here fucks you then you can suck him while I fuck you.' The kid from the day before walked up with a smirk on his face.
    "'You're just to good for me to keep to myself so I decided to share that sweet ass with my buds. Maybe Friday night you can do all of us.' From that point on the taunting started. Even kids that I didn't know came up to me and rubbed my butt and told me that I would love it when they put their dicks in me. Friday morning in gym class the one that started it all stood up on the bleachers and told everybody that I loved cock, in either end. He invited everyone to come to his house that night to get a piece of me for themselves.
    "Later in the locker room he was rubbing his cock over my naked ass. I turned on him and beat the living fuck out of him. I broke his nose and knocked out several teeth. I was told that he might loose the use of his left eye because I hit him so hard. The police came to the principals office and took me away in handcuffs. I was taken before a judge who put me on house arrest and set a trial date for next week. I guess that I am going to jail where everyone is going to fuck me then fuck me up."
    He looked around. The boys had moved their chairs close to him and some of the closer ones had their hands on him. "We know what you must be going through. We're all gay and have suffered at the hands of guys like that for years. We all go to Bradford Academy now where nobody treats anybody like that 'cause we're all gay." I was proud of Freddie for that. I think that that boy is going to turn out to be alright.
    I asked Red to join us as we went to the dentist's office. As the boys gathered their garbage I talked quietly to Red and told him about the school. He was excited to hear about it, but he didn't think that he would go anywhere but jail. I told him that I didn't believe that would happen. I called JC and asked for his help with Red's mother. I called Bull and got him started on a defense for the boy. I called the valet's booth and asked for my SUV to be brought up. We ran for the car through a heavy downpour that quit as soon as we were safe and dry inside.
    JC came to the dentist's office and took notes on Red and his mother. The mother is an atheist, but she is also a queer basher. She wanted to find someway of getting Red away from her. I had the perfect solution. I also learned that she had money, she would be made to pay child support for Red until he turns eighteen. I am a cruel man aren't I?

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