Chapter 168


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    JC had asked for me to come to his office where I met a case worker from his department. What he had to tell me was to become a challenge as no other had ever been where boys are concerned.
    "Chris, thank you for coming down on a Sunday morning. I know that you want to be with the family, but I have a special case that we need some help with. I have a pair of twin brothers that are exceptional, well that is not the right word. The boys themselves are great kids, but the way they came to be in this world is exceptional.
    "Their mother was gang raped and conceived twin babies from two different men. Both men have been identified and are in prison for the rape, that is no problem; DNA proves their guilt. The mother was weeks short of turning fourteen when the babies were born and the family rejected them. The state has raised them, but for some reason we have never been able to place them. In the beginning the boys had to be together constantly and no one wanted two babies so different in appearance from each other.
    "The difference is that the first born is very dark, swarthy, and blue eyed; his father was a nineteen year old college athlete with dark hair and blue eyes. The second born is pure blond and very light skinned with gray eyes, like his father. That man was a…well what we call a bum. The kid had no ambition outside of a bottle or a needle, He was constantly strung out. Evidence given at the trial of those two was that all four men involved in the rape were using drugs that night and the girl was available. She is the sister of one of the men that raped her.
    "Our problem is that the boys fight all of the time, but when separated they become almost comatose in their withdrawal. We have evidence that both boys are gay. They sleep together, but there has never been anyone to say that they have any kind of sexual relationship. However any other boys in the same house with them become victims very quickly.
    "The boys will turn fourteen this week and…quite frankly we want to rid ourselves of them and put them with someone who can understand them and their problems. Both boys are smart and they can get good grades, when they want to, but as they get older they have become more disruptive in class and the schools can't get a handle on them."
    "Jer, I can't send them off campus to school. If I am going to help them then they will have to live on campus in the dorm and attend classes there."
    "That is no problem, Chris. They are both eligible to graduate to the ninth grade. I know your rules about no one under fourteen living in the dorm so that is why I waited so bring them to you. I have had them tested all of this week to see that they can move on and they are ready. I realize that there is still more than a month of school left but…damn it man we are at our wits end around here."

    The twins shared a small room with a set of bunk beds and a desk in it. Well the bed was one of those kind where the upper and lower bunk sit perpendicular with a desk built in to the foot of the upper bunk. Against the wall next to the door, on the other side of the room, was another desk, this was where I seated myself. I was looking at two fine young specimens of boyhood as they sat on the lower bunk giving me the evil eye. Boys, gotta love 'em.
    "If you could have the chance to do anything that you wanted to do what would you do first?" A loaded question to a youngster, but the answer would be revealing. They looked at each other then scowled at me, but the darker haired boy, Deke, slipped his hand against Zeke's thigh and softly pressed against him. Zeke made an almost imperceptible eye movement to glance at his younger twin. I sighed inside; I didn't want to make any moves any more than they did, but that little motion told me all that I needed to know about the relationship between the two boys.
    "We would like to have a big bed in a room with a lock on the door where we can just talk without anyone barging in on us," Zeke told me.
    "Both of you like to suck cocks, but do you suck each other?"
    "Nuh uh, no way, we don't do that shit…" Deke went defensive.
    "We ain't no queer fags, we don't never touch nobody," was Zeke's reply. I sat back and stared at them as they wiggled in their seats.
    Let me tell you how sneaky I am. JC and I waited until we were sure that the boys were in nothing, but their underwear before I opened their door and walked in. Okay, so there is surveillance in the rooms, it is a group home for troubled youth and somebody has to keep an eye on the little lambs, right?
    I had a recent incident at BAW that made the boys want to see what the cameras had recorded, there are none. The only cameras on the campus are aimed at the grounds. There are five cameras outside, as well as cameras at every entrance to the dorm, every one of them points to the outside. All I am concerned about is who is coming and going. What goes on inside is between the boys themselves and no one else, unless they want to tell me about it and of course I listen, stiffly.

    The door flew open and hit the edge of the desk where I was sitting, "Who's turn is it to suck my giant cock today, I am so fucking horny that I will drown your skinny ass." A nice looking naked boy entered the room, his hair was wet and his back had water drops on it that told me that he was fresh from the shower. He had a towel tossed over his shoulder, but his cock stood out more than anything else in my mind. It was a perfect five and a half inch cock, the kind of cock that belonged on an older fourteen, or young fifteen year old, boy. He has flipping it around as he approached the twins sitting on their bed. Both boys were wide eyed as they stared at him and tried to get him to look behind him to where I was hidden from his view by the bedroom door.
    "Come on, I think it is blondie's turn and I don't mind that none cuz he got tight tonsils that squeeze my cock real nice like."
    "Look behind you dude, we got company." New boy froze and looked back at me.
    "Don't mind me, that's a sweet looking cock that anyone would like to suck, all night long. Zeke, if it is your turn go ahead, I'll just sit here and watch."
    I watched panic on the face of the new boy as he grabbed at the towel, only to drop it causing him to bend over with his ass in my face. I saw something that I liked, big time, a big hole. I suppose that it is inexperience, but for some reason men and boys don't think that anyone can tell when they like to get fucked. There is a marked difference between a virgin hole and an eager hole. Even a boy that only takes it on rare occasions has tell tale signs in the shape of the pucker ring of the sphincter.
    I held out my hand, "Come here boy." Cautiously he moved toward me. I turned him around and told him to bend over. I spread his cheeks and got a close up look, and sniff, then I pulled him back to me and stuck out my tongue.
    "Oh my god, he is licking my shit hole…fuck that feels so good." He was backing into me, I put my arms around him to assist his reverse movements and engulfed his firm little baby batter makers.
    As I kneaded those orbs he moaned louder, I paused for a moment, "Come on Zeke, suck his cock while I have lunch." Somehow I can pull that off, even with scared strangers, and not make them think that I am molesting their little bodies, but I am.
    I learned that the new boy was Indy as Deke kept asking him how it felt to get his ass hole eat out. Deke was told that it was the second best thing to ever happen to his ass. That was my cue. "Come here Deke."
    The boy stepped over to me, "I ain't eatin no shit hole."
    "I didn't ask you too, but you will, and one day real soon. For now I thought that you might like to fuck his ass. Have you ever fucked anybody?" His cock began to twitch as he told me no, but he was dripping, a neat trick for a small youngster.
    I sucked at the growing wet spot then pulled his underwear down to reveal a nice five inch cock, just growing into its man size. I put my hand on his firm little butt and pushed him against Indy, who used his hands to spread his cheeks wide. The boy was eager, and he had a hungry butt. Deke's cock slid in with no opposition and Indy moaned. I rose from my seat and moved around to straddle over Zeke who was heavy into his work. I pulled Indy's face to me and kissed him. He threw his arms about my neck and we began to tongue wrestle as he breathed heavily into my mouth.
    I could feel Indy's body begin to tense and knew that it was his time. Deke was heavy pumping with short strokes and I knew that when Indy tightened up he was going to squeeze the cum right out of the virgin fucker at the back door.
    As both boys tried to hang on in their recovery I moved around to take my seat again. Deke's cock fell free and he wobbled on his feet, I grabbed him and turned him to me then began to suck his cock clean. "Fuck, old man, you're sick, that was just up his butt."
    "Yeah, and he tastes great, so do you. I am getting a lot of your cum as well as what Indy deposited on you. I love a good ATM." I bent Indy over and began to eat his ass again. Poor Zeke hadn't gotten off yet and he stood there with a tent pole in his briefs. "Come on little buddy, I'm sure that Indy is ready for you too." Zeke's eyes got wide as he pulled his pants down.
    I turned Indy around so that he was facing me. I guided Deke to his knees and pulled Indy forward so that Zeke could get up in him and pushed Deke's head toward the soft cock in front of his face. Indy made the first move as he locked his lips to mine and I fed him his own ass juices mixed with young cum.
    Zeke lasted no time at all, but that was expected after what we had just done. I asked Zeke to let me clean him up and he wiggled and giggled as I sucked his sensitive member of all the fruit of the pudding that I could find. I licked up the juice that was running down Indy's leg before bending him over so that I could clean him out again as the twins stood in bewilderment over what had transpired.
    I sent Indy off to the shower and told him to return after I talked to the twins for a bit. "Any problems?"
    "That was wicked cool," Zeke exclaimed. I had already picked up on the fact that he was a bit more bold than his brother.
    "Was that your first piece of boi butt, Deke?"
    "Hell yeah! But I want more."
    "To be fair you need to take it before you do it again."
    "What, let Indy do me?"
    "Or Zeke. It would probably be better if you two do each other. You already know how the other thinks and what he feels, and if I am not mistaken, you know what makes each other feel good." They both looked at each other and giggled.
    "If you would like to leave here with me today, I will give you a big bed in a big room with a lock on the door."
    "For reals?"
    "For real. I have a big house with plenty of room and I think that you two would look cute running around there."
    "How about Indy, will he go too?"
    "You like him, I can see that. Do you think that he would like to go too?" I hate bad English, but I had to talk to the boys on their level at the time. I will work to correct their grammar as time continues on.
    "Yeah, he'll go anywhere to get away from these butt wipes. Nobody likes Indy 'cause he's kinda a bully."
    "Can I come back yet?" Indy poked his head in the door. I told him to come on in. "So did they suck you yet?" He was disappointed that I was still dressed and hadn't gotten sucked.
    "Indy, I want to wait until you and I can do it. I want you to suck me while I suck you then we can take turns fucking each other."
    "I never got to fuck nobody and I don't suck since I got into the system."
    I moved over to the bottom bunk and pulled the boys against me. Somebody's hand went to my cock, but I slapped it away as I told them that we couldn't do that at the time, but if they still wanted too we would get it on a little later at my house. That was the first that Indy had heard of that choice and he perked up.
    Sometimes I want to take someone and just yell in their face, "What the fuck were you thinking?" Parents, especially mothers, get cute with names. Indy was the product of such an ignoramus. His mother was born in Ohio and his father was born in Indiana. They thought it would be cute to name their newborn son after the two states so he became known as Indiana Ohio. Nobody considered the last name, but by the time the boy was nine he was painfully aware that Ash was not a good last name for him to have.
    From infancy he was known by friends and family as Indy, in school his classmates learned that his name was Indiana Ohio. They quickly put together the Indy O. and when he became known as Indy O. Ash, the boy was a goner. By junior high school he began to act out in rebellion, nobody wants to go around being called In-de-ole-ass everyday.
    He was forced to be tough and he stood up to the name callers, but there were too many of them. His parents split up and his father disappeared. His mother couldn't deal with him, she surrendered him to the system where he had fought to survive for two years.
    The state has not branded any of these three boys as homosexual yet, but JC tells me that it is just a matter of time with the twins. JC was surprised when I asked him to let me take Indy to the house. He didn't think the boy was anything, but a bully that beat the other boys down for name calling. He considered the fact that after Indy beat a boy up he got himself a blowjob, but he thought that was the punishment for the name calling.
    Indy had never undergone a physical that included his rectum so no one knew about his other activity. I learned that Indy was a favorite of daddy who liked to sleep in the boy's room several times a week. I discovered that this sort of recreation had began when Indy was about five years old, a fact well kept from his mother.
    JC has now informed the mother and we have learned that the father has his eyes set on little boys. Indy was getting too old for him. The father was found at his sister's house in Indiana with his six year old nephew giving him service. Bye dad, no boys to ride where you're going for the next five hundred years.

    Cas greeted me at the door with good news. The congregation had stayed behind after the boys and I left. There was a pot luck planned, but I didn't feel like staying and all of the boys had left when I did. The dissidents had been the ones to call on Cas while I was at the juvenile shelter meeting the three new boys. They begged Cas to forgive them, even the old lady apologized for her outburst. There had been a lot of bad blood during our overseas trip. It seems that one of the church family had homophobic relatives visit.
    The result of their visit had been to sow discord amongst the church and its members, but when the host family contacted other relatives in the visitors' home town they learned that they had been kicked out of three churches in the area and were bitter. No one wanted to spread tales so we don't know why they were disfellowshipped, and it is none of our business. Cas told me that he had asked his congregation to pray for them and for a closer understanding between them and him. He received a unanimous vote of confidence.

    My phone rang and I listened to Billy talking trash to somebody, "I'm about to cum are you about there?" I checked my phone and he was sending live pictures of a cute youngster pounding his five inch stick with a vengeance. I switched the picture to the large array on the far wall of my office and sat back to see what was going to happen next.
    "You can really suck cock, are you sure that was your first time?"
    "Yeah, I thought that it was queer or something, but you, you are so fucking hot and I like your dick. You won't tell no one will you?" The boy was slowing down on his strokes, so Billy reached out and took over for him.
    "You have a nice dick yourself, can I suck it again?"
    "Sure, and then I can do you."
    "Oh fuck!!!" that came from the doorway and I turned to see Terry Falon standing in the doorway with his mouth hanging open. I motioned for him to come and sit in my lap. "That's Sheldon!!" he exclaimed.
    "The boy that knocked your teeth out?" I knew what was going on, but I still like to see my boys follow through when they learn about a bully, especially one who bullies someone close to the family.
    Billy had taken his phone out of his shirt pocket and placed it on the ground so that we could just make out him on top as he face fucked the snot out of the person under him. We could not see who was sucking Billy off, but we knew from what we had seen moments before.
    Billy is exactly like his father at the same age and I watched the deep dimples of his ass suck in deeper to his body just before he fired his load into the unsuspecting boy beneath him. Billy shoved his cock all the way in and I could just make out the rippling of his muscled ass as he sent a load of jizz deep into Sheldon's throat.
    "Fuck your cum tastes good and you were great. I don't get sucked like that often enough." Billy picked up his phone and we could see the puzzled face of Sheldon.
    "Did, did you, like, cum in my mouth? It tastes funny."
    "Sure, you shot your load in my mouth and you taste real good. You got a nice cock and I like to suck you, a lot." The two boys began to talk about what they had done, but Sheldon was not pulling his pants up. We could tell that the two boys were in one of the large concrete pipes that lay alongside of our private park across the street, I told Terry to grab a bike and ride over there to catch them.
    A very few minutes passed before I saw the front wheel of a bike behind Sheldon then Terry's face bent over the wheel to look inside the pipe. "Hey, you guys sucking cock in there?" The boy has more mouth than ass.
    "Sure, want to join us?" Billy is quick on the run, but I think that some of this was planned a little bit more than I was aware of. Okay, so I told the boys about Sheldon hitting Terry when the little virgin offered to suck him off. That occurred before Terry started school at BAW, but it was a fresh wound on our hearts, Terry has made a real name for himself in the family since his trip with us to BAF.
    "Oh hey, it's you Sheldon. You suck cock now?"
    "Fuck yes he does, and he is good too. He took all of my cock and swallowed every bit of my love juice. His juice is pretty good too. Pull your shorts down and let him suck you so you can see what I mean." Sheldon was about to protest when his face tightened, then he agreed. I hope that Billy didn't threaten him.
    Billy had his phone in his hand and he moved in on Terry sitting back as Sheldon bent over his task like an old experienced cock sucker. Billy moved around so that we could see his hand playing over Sheldon's ass and we could hear a sharp gasp as Billy touched his private spot.
    Terry told his old friend how good he was and that he wanted to do it with him. Billy pulled back so that we could see Sheldon's swollen lips and his cum slick chin. Terry moved forward and licked his chin then kissed him, "Lay down man, I want to suck you while I get fucked." I was not ready for that, but I was glad that I had thought far enough ahead to set the hard drive to capture the entire event.
    Terry was on top of Sheldon as Billy bent forward to eat his tiny butt hole. I have no idea where the phone was, but we were getting a pretty good shot of Terry's wide spread legs and could see Sheldon's head up between them with Terry's cock clearly visible in the boy's face. Billy blocked our view as he moved in to line up then he slid his cock in.
    The camera angle changed so that we could see all three boys. Of course there was little room inside the thirty six inch pipe, but it was clear enough that the crowd that was moving into seats in front of my desk knew who and what was going on.
    Terry was bobbing his head like a bobble headed doll as he worked to bring Sheldon to a full climax. At the same time Billy was plowing his thin little furrow with all of the meat that he had grown since his birth. The cameraman managed a good close up on Sheldon's climax leaking around Terry's tight lips then suddenly the angle pulled back so that we could see Terry taking long, hard, and slow strokes as his orgasm sent spasms through his body to send Billy off on his own trip to ecstacy. Billy's cum was splattering over Sheldon's face with each movement of his stiff member into the hungry ass under his power.
    At last the three boys sat up and Sheldon became aware of more people around him. Terry grabbed him and licked his face clean while Cody moved in to suck his boyfriend's cock clean for him. Someone else had the camera and we had all of the action. I had been watching the main event, but Cory had been answering the phone and setting up more screens. Suddenly we had four distinct angles of the events showing on the large wall display.
    "Thank you so much, Shelly, I still love you, maybe more now." Sheldon was crying, but nobody gave him a break, Terry just held him. After a few minutes Shelly turned and kissed Terry. Terry sat back and let the boy lead then Shelly put his arms around the youngster and pulled closer for a real kiss.
    "I guess that I love you too, Falcon. I am so sorry for what I…"
    Terry put his fingers against his friend's lips. "You called me Falcon, you ain't called me that for more than a year. I love you so much, but I want you to fuck me so that I can show you how much."
    "Don't that shit hurt, dude?"
    "Nah, it did at first, but now I really like it."
    "My dick is all worn out, dude, I just cumed three times here."
    "Yeah, you got all horny watching Billy fuck me and shot two loads, I wasn't ready for the second one and almost got choked on it, you sure cum a lot, for a little kid."
    "Who's little? I'm bigger than you."
    "By what, an inch. I got more cock than you got."
    "Nuh uhh."
    "Bet you a butt fucking, here and now."
    The boys giggled, but I was glad that a phone was close enough for us to hear the next statement. "I'll let you do me, but I want to go someplace where it can be just us."
    "Don't want anybody see you cry when I shove this monster up your ass do you?"
    "I don't want anybody to see how much I love you."

    Billy and Cody came into my office with the grin of the cat that got the cream. "Did you guys get my pictures?" Cory was doing a replay on the wide array and the movie star sat down with his boy at his side. Indy had his arm around my shoulders as he stared at the large screen.
    "I can't believe that Sheldon actually sucked your cock, dude. He is such an ass hole at school." I looked at Abe Thornton and asked him to explain himself. "He goes round school bad mouthing everybody and calling them fags and shit. He got in my face when we first moved here and asked me if I was a cocksucker. He said ain't nobody never come from Phoenix what wasn't no cocksucker."
    "What did you say to him?"
    "Nothing, I just turned to walk away and he like grabbed me so I hit him in the mouth and told him that he was the gay wad." I really like Abe, he is cute and he is quick witted. I didn't touch either one of the boys, but I enjoyed watching them during our evening orgy. The two boys are very good friends with Gus and Dezi and I understand that they were good friends with José Ortéga and Peter Joulson as well.
    I had talked to Gus before I left to go retrieve the twins earlier in the morning and he told me that Pat and Abe had been discussing doing the anal thing and welcomed the instructions that they received from the rest of the family. Gus told me that he and some of the other boys in their class spend a lot of time riding their bicycles around the neighborhood together and nobody ever bothers them. It will be interesting to see how things will work out now that Sheldon has discovered a new source of protein.

    "Do you guys just fuck wherever you are? I mean, I done it in some weird places 'cause I don't got no place to go a lot, but out there where everybody was watchin and all."
    "I didn't see you turn away, you liked to watch." The boys turned around to see to whom I was speaking; I watched their eyes for their reactions to the young and hung.
    "Gentlemen, this is Indy. Sitting on the couch are Deke and Zeke, these boys are here to check us out. They are going to spend the night then tomorrow they are going to tell us what they like and what they dislike about our family of happy fairies. I have explained our house dress and our house rules to them so they know what to expect. I know that all of you want their butts for lunch and I have to tell you that they taste good. However, the twins have asked me for a place where they can be alone for one night. I expect you to honor their desire, but show them our love. Indy will let you know his desires as he sees what is here for him."
    At that mess call sounded over the intercom and boys came out of the woodwork to head over to granite house for dinner. Cody grabbed Indy's hand and dragged him through the door. The last thing I heard was, "My boyfriend got his sex with Sheldon so I need someone with lots of cum for my virus." I would like to have followed them to hear how Cody explained the gimmecum virus. Del didn't bring the malady to us, he just gave it a name, and we all use that name now.

    Doug ran up to me and slipped his hand into mine and squeezed, "Thank you for letting me come to live here." Steven and Chase ran by, Steve wiggled his butt at us, but Chase turned around and ran backwards as he waved his cock at us.
    "Those two will teach you all of the bad things around here."
    "I liked what I learned from them today, my butt feels real good. Do I still get to spend the whole night with you? Chase told me the same thing that Chuck and Biff did."
    "What have you been told, Doug?"
    "That you are the greatest guy that ever was and that you is the best lover that ever was too." I smiled at the boy, I believe that he is going to do well in the family. I don't like for anyone to be told a wild story about me, they may expect more from me than I can deliver. It is always hard to live up, or down, to the image that one forms when listening to the tales of others. I am not a legend and I sure as heck don't want to be a folk hero.

    The boys had begun to settle down and get back into their routine again. Our only real snag was keeping the boys from the dorm in the dorm and the boys from the house in the house. I don't mind if the boys want to mix it up with each other, we are not running a prison. What I do mind is when they are still running back and forth after eight o'clock and not preparing themselves for school the following morning.
    The boys are very good about doing their homework and keeping their areas clean as well as paying attention to their uniforms. The boys in the house only need to step into the shower to get their uniform ready, but those that attend classes on campus do have to iron their trousers and shirts. We do not require the boys to wear their blazers in class; we live in the desert and the heat would be overbearing for them.
    After I threatened to lock the blast doors at both ends of the tunnel, and anyone in the tunnel be left there, the boys settled down. I love all of the boys and I would never hurt them. I hate to resort to threats to make them behave; that really makes me out to be the bad guy.
    I had two boys eyeballing each other as they tried to figure out what I was going to do next. I had told each of them that they could spend the entire night in my bed with me, but they did not want to share me. Cory took my hand and led me upstairs as he motioned for four new boys to follow us. I told the boys to spread out on the bed so that we could talk.
    I did exactly what I said that I would do. I spent the night with four hot boys in Cullen's bed and enjoyed the fact that it was large enough that two boys could sixty nine while I lay on my stomach and dined at the back door. The bed was large enough that my feet did not hang over the edge, whether we lay the correct way or across the bed. I now have a ten foot bed in my bedroom. I had a special mattress made of that memory foam for one continuous, smooth top. I ordered twenty satiny slick sets of sheets to fit it and four sets of flannel sheets for those really cold nights that sometimes occur.
    Cory is a clown at heart and he loves to tease. No, he never teases a boy, he just likes to keep them guessing. "Daddy, I love you. I need you, but you are needed elsewhere tonight." He held my cock and spoke directly at the head, as if speaking into a microphone.
    "I love you, my precious one. Will you forgive me?"
    "Wellll…" He looked at the boys around us. "Deke and Zeke have asked me to stay with them tonight." I wondered how he had worked that one out, the twins told me that they wanted to be alone. "Daddy, they have never spent the night with anybody and they want to know about some of the things that the family does so…"
    "I suppose that I can let you go, only in the interest of training mind you. I have two hot studs here that have never fucked anyone before and I thought that if they were going to hang around the family for any time then they need to learn to give as well as I know they can take."
    The clown went into his act. He grabbed Indy and spread his legs then pushed them back toward his shoulders. He bent over and placed his eyeball directly into the firm valley between two hot buns. "Damn, daddy, this boy's ass is begging to get fucked. You won't do him until he fucks will you?" Before I could answer he was checking out Doug's ass.
    "Here's another one, I know that you are going to be deep into these butts all night long, but these fuck sticks seem to be so…virgin. Damn, daddy, virgin cocks and eager butts. I'll trade places with you."
    I shook my head at him, "I love you babe, you know I do, but I believe that these two need my very special class tonight."
    "You don't mean…"
    "Yes, babe, How To Fuck Your Boyfriend, 101. But look on the bright side, you have two virgin boys to spend the night with. They love to suck cock, but until this morning they had never had their meaty poles surround in hot, soft butt." We locked our lips together and giggled at each other as we tried to get the other one off. Finally we had to break away, we each had a class to teach. I told the twins that Cory was my associate professor that was well versed in How To Fuck Your Boyfriend, 101. Cory led them from the room, but they kept looking back at the crazy man on my bed.
    I grabbed Indy and pulled him to me for a long, hot, tonsil tickling kiss. The boy melted against me. I believe that he was getting his first kiss, but he was into it like a cold drink on a hot day. I love to deep kiss young boys, their mouth is as sweet as the rest of them and whatever the shelter had been feeding Indy agreed with his breath. I had another boy waiting patiently, but I was having a hard time letting go of what I had.
    I put out my arm and drew Doug in and switched mouths, but I pulled Indy back in and mashed his face against ours. I cleaned Doug's esophagus all the way to his diaphragm then began to lick and kiss both boys as we went into a face feeding frenzy.
    "Here's the game plan, dudes. Indy, you told me that you haven't sucked a cock since you got into the system. Tell us about your history."
    "Well, I was always teased about my name and all and I had this one friend that never teased me, but he sorta like loved me a lot and I loved him a lot too so when we was in the sixth grade we spent the night together and we got all naked and everything then we stared at each other's cock and I guess I licked my lips so he goes like, 'you like that don't you? Let's suck each other.' He hada show me how cause I never done that, but he was good and I liked it so we did it all of the time after that.
    "One day after school we was going to his house 'cause his old lady was working and we could be alone when this big dude rode up on his bicycle and looked at my friend and told him that he was horny. I wanted to run away, but my friend told me that I would like this so we went to his bedroom and the older kid pulled his pants down and my friend sucked his cock, but he told me to suck it also so I did and all. My friend showed me how to go up and down on it, it was so long and it hit the back of my throat and all, but he told me to keep going then the older kid said that he was going to come, but he was there already so I didn't know what he meant, but my friend pushed me away and he began to suck that big old dick again and I saw the cum squirting out of his mouth and it was getting all up in the older kids hair and stuff. I didn't know that kids got hair around their dicks, he didn't have a lot cause he was only thirteen, but it was more than I knew about.
    "So me and my friend sucked each other every day and sometimes we would see that older kid and I learned to suck him and I learned that cum didn't taste too bad, but I liked just sucking his big dick, but I didn't want him to cum cause then he would quit and I wanted to do it more. And I did it all summer that year then that older kid went to high school and my friend moved away and my dad moved away and it was just me and my old lady and she was always ragging on me so we was always fighting and stuff so she took me to the shelter and told them that she didn't want me no more."
    I don't believe for one minute that Indy had ever said so much in such a short time. The boy hardly took a breath through his entire story and he spat it out in rapid fire, like a machine gun. I was holding both boys against me as the three of us enjoyed the togetherness. I tried to remain passive, but I was about to burst with laughter; that would have been wrong on so many levels.
    I had a boy on each shoulder and a cock in each hand. The boys had their hands on my cock as they switched places to get to the head of the matter. "Indy, you are going to suck Doug's cock. I am going to watch you and teach you to be a first class cock sucker so get on your knees between his legs and let's begin the first part of our lesson."
    Doug has a very upstanding member that points skyward. His cock head is barely covered with the amount of foreskin that he was left with after the cutting had been done. At least he was fortunate to have some skin left, Indy was cut so tight that his glans was pulled forward. Some of my boys have learned a few skin stretching exercises that may help Indy to have more comfortable erections. He hasn't said anything—I guess that he is used to it—but I hurt looking at his tight cock. He has an amazing start on a full six inches, and he is only fourteen. I wonder if he had looser skin if he would grow faster. Skin is supposed to stretch and grow with the body, but it didn't appear to work that way with Indy.
    Indy held Doug's cock with a look in his eyes that was somewhere between lust and love. I watched a tear form in his eye as he bent forward and kissed the swollen glans then began to kiss the entire cock, shaft and all. He placed the head of the meaty morsel into his mouth and both boys moaned in pleasure. He still had his hand around the shaft; I had my head resting on Doug's tummy so that I could instruct. I instructed Indy to remove his hand and let his mouth do the work. I reminded him of how the twins had taken all of his cock into their sucking mouths and made him feel the complete contact of moist heat on all of his parts.
    When Indy had most of the turgid fuck stick swallowed I suggested that he go for the prostate. He was reluctant but, after a time, did as I said. He was quickly rewarded for his efforts as Doug raised his hips from the bed and began to fuck upwards into the face of his current lover. Indy followed directions and learned that as he moved his finger across Doug's prostate that he was rewarded with fuck lube and the intense feelings of having a young cock fuck in and out of his mouth.
    I grabbed a handful of Indy's shoulder length hair and moved his head up and down. He caught on quickly, whether to save his scalp or because he was into his sucking he began to bob like a true cocksucker. I told him to keep the three fingers that he had in Doug's ass moving and keep a steady suction going as he let the cock move from the very back of his mouth to the edge of his lips.
    Doug was screaming out his appreciation and urging Indy on. One look at his angelic face and I had to go for tongue. I locked lips with the boy and he threw his arms around me as he returned my kiss. His kiss was as hot as any that I have ever received and I believe that our tonsil hockey moved him toward an explosive orgasm. I let him hang on to me as he panted out every breath of his ejaculation. He held his breath through the intense parts then panted for air after they passed. I helped him by blowing into his mouth when he began to pant.
    "That was so kewl. I always want to get sucked that way from now on. I never kissed no dude while I was getting off, but I just cummed more'n I ever did." I turned to look at Indy, he was licking up any left overs that he could find then he did something that I hadn't expected. I planned to teach the two boys the fine art of back door dining, but Indy took it on himself to go for a hole pie.
    "Fuck, this is hot. I thought that you was sick when you ate my shit hole this morning, but this is so fun. Dude, you got good cum and you can cum in my pie hole anytime that you want."
    "You just gave me the best head that I ever got and more. Nobody never got that much of my cock down them before and getting kissed at the same time just blew my mind." The boys had a lot to learn before the sun would rise again. I told Indy to lay back and let Doug demonstrate all that he knew about how to make a boy feel good.
    I was enjoying the new bed with two boys that were eager to learn and enjoy new aspects of their young lives. Doug does know how to pleasure a boy. He needed no instruction as he took his position between Indy's wide spread legs and went down to eat. He had the boy's prostate in play between three fingers as he applied so much suction that I expected to see Indy's chest collapse.
    It took very little time before Indy gave up a load to Doug then both boys returned to my arms as I asked Doug to tell us more of his story. Doug was no novice to boy sex when he went to work for Chuck during spring break.
    Doug spent nearly two months with his grandmother when his mother had suffered a miscarriage of her eight month old fetus. The woman nearly died as the baby tried to come into the world breech almost a full month early. Doug found his mother and called for an ambulance, his father was in the fields and didn't come back to the house until late afternoon. The baby had strangled on her umbilical cord and his mother had hemorrhaged. She was very near death and had to stay in the hospital for several days then she needed total bed rest for a complete recovery.
    It was during his stay at his grandmother's home that he learned about the grown up game of sex. The two eighteen year old cousins had trained all of the younger boys in the family in the art of boi sex and over the course of his stay Doug learned everything that he could about cocksucking. The same day that his grandmother had seen the two oldest boys touching Doug he learned about cornholing. In bed that night his thirteen year old cousin showed him what he knew and Doug became everybody's favorite fuck hole for the next two years.
    There was talk in the family that the mother's nephews were into unnatural sex so she was pleased when Doug asked if he could go to Chuck's ranch for spring break. If she knew what the boy got up too on that trip she would have hemorrhaged again, this time in the brain. She would have blown her cork.
    Doug was proud of the fact that other boys thought that he had a nice ass. He told me that he never felt as if he was worth anything until that part of his life began. I know that Doug is going to need a lot of help, his self image is tarnished and I will do whatever it will take to polish it.
    I decided that Doug needed the most help so I put him on top first. I had Indy turn to a sixty nine position on top of me and guided Doug into a spit slickened hole for his first ever experience on the other side of the coin. The boy was beside himself in his exuberant glee, but was ready to allow Indy the same experience. The rest of the night was one of childhood fantasy and experimentation as both boys tried everything that their minds could conceive.

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